LightSpeed and multi-tenant databases
How to define asymmetric + operator
FullCalendar: On mouseover, how do I tell top left corner of event hovered over?
Javascript not working with PHP echo statements
Update fails with namespaced model
Exporting a SQL query to a CSV file
Orchard Direct Links on Azure
Linked List in C Trouble with Strings
JNI: How can I pass a TreeMap from Java to C++
Deleting the versions of every file in an Amazon S3 bucket older than X days
Passing sessionId obtained from one response to the next request
How Do I Get Total 1 Time for Multiple Rows
Trying to Call an Update method in Button Click event
GUI Threading in Java (and SwingUtilities)
Android BackupRestore example not working on Android 2.3 Nexus One
Is it possible to connect Selenium-IDE to ChromeDriver
How to Update numeric rows of Data in Oracle with use of a Trigger
custom Tomcat RPM with native libraries installed (apr) in one package
Creating a BIRT Data Set with Dynamic Data - ORA-01722
Why won't my C# app execute on a different machine?
SQL Insert from Powershell: null values inserted as 鈥渂lank鈥�
JQuery UI and event handling
Select only of MIN values in ORACLE SQL
Reference files local to the service executable by default
IIS URL rewrite exception
Vector of pointers to instances of a templated class
datetime from string in Python, best-guessing string format
.htaccess deny from all
DatePicker's maximum range in Android device-specific?
Call contentsOfURL in didExit/didEnter region
Why am I getting a NameError out of the box with rails SimpleRecord?
deque pop numerous elements Python
Pivot Integer Bitwise Values in SQL
Copy constructor with default parameters never gets called
Replacement for <pre> and/or <code> tags?
Facebook oauth dialog shows 鈥淎n error occurred. Please try again later.鈥�
Why does a call to my List<Point>.Clear() throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException?
How do I remove a class from the entire document
Why can't I open yahoo's dapper (
Use php imap function to get all emails from Microsoft Exchange Server
Is it possible to prevent a multi line HeaderText in a DataGridView?
Pass array as argument
Get Desktop Size from Windows Service?
Can the contents of 'around' advice be executed from a separate function?
when to use require and when to use define
Cannot access private member declared in class 'QReadWriteLock'Error 1 error C2248: 'QReadWriteLock::QReadWriteLock'
Why is my stdout interfering with my webpage in python?
Mockito / Spring MVC - (annotation-driven) request mapping dynamic verification
Android stream multiple bitmap tiles to single jpeg file
Parent / Child Click Tab
Jersey, ContainerRequestFilters and DELETE
What is the difference between Culture and UICulture?
MongoDB chunks selection to move
How can I get Carrier and IP Address and Dev谋ce Id on J2ME?
Get System.Web.UI.Page object (readonly) in ASP.Net MVC3
Validator inside Server control
Loading animation not showing in ajax post request
Removing duplicate subtrees from binary tree
IE9 with Google Chrome Frame window.Open issue
Android: requestLocationUpdates updates location at most every 45 seconds
CSS - text-overflow: ellipsis causes <li>'s number to dissapear
JS Variable Events? Like onChange?
OpenCV DescriptorMatcher radiusMatch and knnMatch result format
filtering collection from backbone with attributes
jQuery animate() sliding up and down uncontrollably and randomly
Is it possible to embed an existing SWF into an Air for iOS app?
Resque: How to calculate how many workers I can spin up on a machine?
java JOGL and similar resources
Won't add navigation item to navigation bar in x code
Using ViewBinder to update an image in a `ListView` row
FileSystemWatcher with specifying a datetime?
python - advise library like requests
monodroid exception while loading assemblies -> Could not load assembly System.Net
Make a package work as just one import
Can't launch a WebMap Activity(NullPointerException)
SharePoint 2010 Webpart Chrome
Mapping colors to an interval
.htaccess mod_rewrite error on 鈥淕oDaddy鈥�
JSON evel() error: missing] after element list
Easy way to transfer schema from SQL Server database to SQL Server CE database?
Block JS with Firefox Addon
Django: How to destroy user session after a password reset/change?
curl is not showing captcha
isAuthorized redirect URL cakephp
What does Oracle JDK 7 and JRE 7 Certified System Configurations really mean?
How to override stylesheets - Joomla
@EJB injection not working from JAX-RS service on Websphere AS 8
Newbie to databases
Could not find a base address that matches scheme net.tcp for the endpoint with binding NetTcpBinding
jQuery ajax load a page with an automatic download
How not to grab default value of inputbox
Solving Recurrence using Master Method
How do nullable types handle null values with comparison operators?
Empty Form on Select Option Click
Prevent hyperlink auto-creation
Using regular expressions in findstr
Putting Backbone.js in javascript anonymous closures
Codeigniter redirect appends to the last URL
passing data using hyperlink in PHP
Sorting nested form fields in rails
How do I correctly get a URL for a resource on the classpath in WebSphere 6.1?
Javascript - Randomized Prim's algorithm problemRandomized Prim's algorithm
Access Front MySql Back Runtime Error 7878
Anyway to redirect to previous URL after registration in Joomla?
Parsing JSON returned by URLLoader
Android: HorizontalScrollView and image wrapping
sql exception, missing parameterized query
PHP form automatically refreshes whenever data is entered
Set Resource drawable to BitmapDrawable
Java, throwing an exception versus using try/catch? [closed]
Reason for no simple way to determine 3D coordinate of screen coordinate in Open GL ES 2.0 Android
onCheckedChanged changes LinearLayout setVisibility reverses ListView items order
Axis2 Code Generator Wizard - Eclipse Indigo installation
how to make a set of jquery effects run in sequence
equalization 2 divs height only with css
Reference parent table alias in Fluent NHibernate ClassMap Formula?
Haskell flatten a list of lists
2 html pages with jquery effect
Build Error Ambiguous Reference WCF
steps to setup cURL in windows
warning: Semantic Issue: Incompatible pointer types initializing 'char *' with an expression of type 'NSString *'
Exception in thread upon client disconnect
How to hold off a waitable timer indefinitely
Use Node.js command line debugger on child process?
Network delays & computer freezing
Monitor web pages access
rails 2.3.5 require_role 'admin' and uninitialized constant NameError in
Is there a better way to call a Stored Procedure with SqlParameters in VB?
Azure Table Storage Database Diagramming
Text to speech library
How to make a recursive insert for a binary tree more effective (efficient)?
Multi-threading in a VMWarevirtual machine environment
encoding and decoding a binary guid in PHP
All custom dialogs have a background
Java: Extra space in AbsoluteLayout
Rails best practices - where should this code go?
Linq query with multiple conditions
Use jQuery cookie to remember menu position
Is it possible to call a Given step from a When step in cucumber?
Loading a HTML5 video to use with canvas
Printing a 2D array in ARM
.NET 4.5 CustomReflectionContext: what is it useful for?
KeyPress event only fires on certain keys in MonoDroid
why visual c++ 2010 does not show me heap[i].left and heap[i].right options?
Live Thread in iOS like Thread in Java
Do I need to define a table variable in MSQL stored procudre if I want to call a stored procedure from excel VBA
How can I hide user_id from URL using yii framework?
CKEDITOR: how to I convert ALL html entities
Calculating whether a result falls within 2 percentage variables PHP [closed]
Retrieving python script output when connected to a Diginet device via ssh using jsch
Textwrapping issu for a UserControl inside Popup
JSON.stringify differently than the example
Spring MVC or Wicket?
How do you prevent the user from seeking over adverts introduced in HLS using the EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY tag?
How to set the names of NIB items in Xcode 4's Interface Builder?
Optimize MySQL query to not use filesort
max-width using em
Android market application autoupdate
How to wake up a sleeping thread in mac
difference between byChunk() and chunks() in D
fix x-axis ordering in ggplot2
I've seen some grow/shrink jQuery animations, how does one do this?
Why keydown listener doesn't work in IE
Two date columns, one date. How can I get the data?
php mail() failing on localhost setup
Class with memory leaks in instruments
Notification not showing up on some phones
JSF2 Facelets Exceptions
Can OpenSSL on Windows use the system certificate store?
phonegap Google Analytics plugin for android returns class not found when i call one of the methods
How to define insert function of tree in correct manner in C++?
JQuery datepicker beforeShowDay sends in an invalid date
Sequential output of files in python
DataGridView: ComboBox Column using Enum. A way to setup from designer?
python regex re.compile match
List Operation in the most efficient way possible
JFrame vs JPanel
Doctrine 2 unknown column type requested
Linking actual website to github
How can I prevent one from being able to right click on flash embed
typeerror python [closed]
IE8 issue with PNG images (rotation and reflection) [closed]
how can I fix a redirect loop when using Devise with SSL on staging server?
Android App development what is better browser based or pure java based [closed]
Running vcvars32.bat before compiling in Code::Blocks?
How best to make a web app with multiple pages?
Create text fields in Flash CS5
link_to alphabetical search
Transform Embedded Video
Clarification of BlackBerry Messenger QRCode format.
Images in fluid layout do not return to original width (webkit only)
Visual Studio 2010 does not open .sql file
Is the time step related to sampling frequency in my program? MatLab
ClearCase: how to list all the delivery activities between 2 baselines?
Updating ObservableCollections in WPF MVVM Applications
CSS: nav sprite image alignment problems
Concerning the open() function鈥�file does not exist
Using dropbox as local Git working repo
Setting Java value
Hidining Badge option in Settings --> Notification for IOS 5.0
What is the property 鈥渞ange delta鈥�for a hard drive?
Python - Tkinter saved PS images - can't open them
handling refresh using pushState or PJAX like github
Parsing a clojure map of items -> categories-vectors into categorized lists
How can I get Scalatest to give me one stats summary when testing in a loop
Alternatives to Oracle partitioning
How to get view count for Facebook post
Cannot call ShellExecute 鈥渞unas鈥�from ClickOnce application
interrupts to notify events in linux
Why SRV res_query always returns -1?
parsing NSData object for information
Windbg vs Immunity
Telerik MVC Grid. How to change grid edit mode on client side?
Open a panel in a firefox extension using javascript
Loading offline resources into UIWebView or alternative solution
Layout not readjusting properly to orientation change
Javascript regex grouping
How do I dynamically generate objects in iOS? [closed]
How to get Twitter's Impression and Reach with R twitteR package?
How to create queries for different quantities?
How to prevent updates to a table, with an exception for one situation
How to get css3 ribbon on both sides of element
Passing by reference to a constructor
custom icons in jqgrid treegrid
Download Spring API docmentation
Convert IList to array in C#
Trying to understand the SQL hibernate generates when adding an entity to a collection in another entity
How to convert CCSprite to CCTexture2d
Does my application missing app tier?
How to Make a Blogger Widget that depend on post category or a custom input
Jcarousel plugin modification to add extra nav controls
Need to figure which pixels are (completely) transparent
CMS database design, modules?
Tweepy filter isn't functioning
Crystal Reports - Select Current YYMM
Check the audio player's current playback time every 0.1 seconds
Unable to import java class from a non android java project to android project
I want to extend an object but I want to have one table
Biztalk set WCF MessageHeaders in Biztalk message assignment
textBox losing values on postback?
App is force closing when i run it? Unable to start app activity
Run Windows Program While Not Logged In
How can I re-use a surfaceHolder with camera.startPreview after I've already taken a picture? [closed]
How can I reload my table from a different class?
How to use your pointer as a writing pen in a page?
How to use Cursor? The row failed, so back out the new row accounting from allocRowSlot
Using properties vs. methods for calculating changing values
How can I see a git status showing renames?
c# object/design fundamentals
How to find databases which accessible to me in Sql server?
android: Locker Screen application not working properly
Is it possible to do a raw query on Android's media meta sqlite database?
Get colors from double values
google maps upload photos as markers
How to add a superscript while plotting a measurement unit in R?
drag drop in android error - missing metrics?
How to dynamically include jsp files in Java EE
How to fill a 2-dimensional array in Java, adding the current row index to the previous row's integer items?
Generate same password hash using PHPass
How do I Retrieve and Display the Internet History Information in Python?
Two Layer Binding in Textbox is not writing
Communicating between legacy tcp IP server and WCF application
What are the possible error codes that will cause sharing/access denied on file ops (ReadFile/WriteFile) in windows?
Ninject Pass Delegate into WithConstructorArgument
Unable to use egit to clone a repository with ssh
Linux outgoing packet rate
image compression by size - iPhone SDK
Are there character collections for all international full stop punctuations?
C++ generate function body containing switch/map from template argument types
customizing HttpBuilder for my webservice
Aptana Studio 3: Keyboard Shortcuts for Compare?
jQuery ButtonSet() Hover State Override
What is the parallelization mechanism in QNetworkAccessManager?
Jquery checked and printing on div
Jquery live not firing on success
Using python PIL to turn a RGB image into a pure black and white image
Can Filezilla truly do FTPS?
CSS3 @font-face Not Rendering Font in Opera 11.x
Get a float of seconds since minimum in C#
nodejs MySQL connection with SQLite Failover
How to import maven project to JIdea when maven project file is named other than pom.xml?
Using javascript to call an eBay API but can't get the information I want to display
Add Column to end of CSV file using 'awk' in BASH script
What's differential evolution and how does it compare to a genetic algorithm?
coldfusion IIF statement with parameters
XPath: Get root node of a node-set from a specified node
Why do my float values lose precision and drop decimals? Example code below
Send a Base64 encoded image through HTTP Post Request from Android
AmazonWebservices Soap issue
While-language interpreter OCaml [closed]
Recursion in Java program repeating same answer and not changing the value of 鈥渒鈥�
How quickly is the deauthorize callback pinged?
jQuery fetching a file each time toggle() is called error
FormsAuthentication.RedirectToLoginPage() not working
ProgressDialog using AsyncTask producing constructor undefined error
Makefile generation in MonoDevelop
Getting data from textfield and determining if yes or cancel was pressed
HTML Template (Custom) Tag
displaying a browser page element by using Javascript alert() fails if after AJAX .load of element from server
My modal view does not rotate
bash - compare string against keys of an associative array
Routing not working when using dash in the url
What's the best way to handle different single quotes (鈥� and (') using jQuery/Perl/Mechanize?
JQuery Mobile Rendering Hierarchies of Elements
Open form results in new resized window
Can I get a stack trace for un-handled (Objective) C++ exceptions?
TDS error's occuring constantly (50mb log files in the space of 20secs)
php in insert data to table
detaching a subdirectory of a repo and making it a branch ofanother repo?
Return elements of the Groebner Basis as they are found
How to use two different database with relation in one mvc c# application
Cannot figure out the google maps api key
How are codeigniter's session system seprated with PHP's built in $_SESSION?
Customize Windows 7 Logon [closed]
How can I setup a source to host data for an iOS app
Multiple inheritance and a heterogeneous collection
C pointing char** to another starting position?
HTML5 seekBar not updating after clicked despite updating its value
why do i keep getting a failed when trying to make a .cer for testing?
In processing, is there matrix stack for common attributes?
track a redirect page with google analytics
tinyMCE ajaxfilemanager import any file
Calculate (sha1) 鈥減ieces鈥�when creating torrent file
JAXB Bindings to schemas in a JAR
Thread safe collection that supports removing items
Event listener on select field in Symfony 1.4
IE 8 and below incorrectly sizing iframe contents on browser zoom
What hd graphics really are
How to add event handlers to HTML buttons from within javascript code
Select Primary Key Value Without Knowing Field Name
Codeigniter session only works if NOT 'sess_use_database'
Understanding HQL queries on collection objects
Grails - Hibernate.LONG in session.createSQLQuery
How to lookup an index in Yahoo's stock API
Sending an Email from a Firefox Extension with an Attachment
Changing iOS Identifier Name Creates Core Data Error?
How can I modify permissions on columns in an Excel table populated by a TFS query?
How do I get link to show HTML source?
PHP ODATA XML parsing with SimpleXMLElement
How to gray out a menu item in Qt
Pythonic way to make a key/value pair a dictionary
Console input redirect
How to pass data from model to view(or to controller)
Java Servlet - need to use session tracking and generics
How to add a new device to a team provisioning profile
What harm can a C/asm program do to Linux when run by an unprivileged user?
Sharing a link to Facebook directly with an intent?
Why does <table border=鈥�鈥�gt; not work?
Parse image src with HTML Agilty Pack
qtextedit - resize to fit
Regex Help and Guidance [closed]
convert scientific notation bash script
C++ MSVS2010 Debugger Multiple Environment Variables
Protecting a method in CakePHP using POST rather than GET
how to run the HelloWorld Application on my android device(HTC desire)
Accessing Database Schema Information from Groovy
SSIS 2008 Flat File Source Deployment
XSLT How to Transform XML into new element groups and attributes
ajax window doesnt work when tag is deeply nested in the DOM
Drag File Warning Extension VS 2010?
how to make jquery effects immediately after webpage opens
Trouble Adding Web Service to VS2010 for SSRS CLR Stored Proc mvc publish doesn't overwrite cshtml files
sort 2d array based on another array
What is the equivalent of Mathematica's ToExpression in Racket?
Android permissions to access media store
How do I do a Login query? [closed]
variable in sed
Passing arg 2 of `memset' makes integer from pointer without a cast
Java write a file to windows directory with supplied credentials
jdpicker error: Uncaught Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [date=29/02/2012]
DataContract Serialization of IEnumerable<> backed by 'yield return' statements
PHP tag replacement method
jquery .makeEditable selector
How to determine the last time when records have been inserted, updated or deleted for a table? [duplicate]
Python if block executes if the condition expression evaluates to -1
Rails 3.2.1 nested attributes generating wrong output
Difference between Python 2.6.4 and Python 3.1.2 integer handling
Minus 2 value in
gcc compilation error, works fine in Visual studio 2008 C++
Local branch of public repository
payment gateway integration avoiding PCI Compliance
Get drag shadow position on android
how to create Eclipse virtual file resource
need to add managed module to IIS at the server level, but it does not show up in the drop down
symfony 1.4 how to turn off csrf protection for one registration form?
To customize the content type of basic page of Drupal 7
Silverlight 4 Render to WriteableBitmap returns empty bitmap
jQuery slideUp() content when clicked for a second time
Farseer ConvertUnits?
XHR, possible to force new connection?
Dangerous Request values withISO Latin-1 codes?
Oracle Homework - SQL Statement error - Again
What is the Controls's parent for?
Finding the pixel color in a specific coordinate from a sampler2D using GLSL
How to redirect after a successful AJAX form submission (Rails 3.2)
Why can I not debug JavaScript and .NET4 code at the same time with Visual Studio 2010?
Fastest way to sort each row of a large matrix in R
Python subprocess call returns 鈥渃ommand not found鈥� Terminal executes correctly
qtcreator can only build all not each single targets for cmake projects
Mvc Action Link not using correct route
When is a Java subroutine not a method?
Set cell link at run time for Forms Check Box
Configure Jenkins PMD to promote status from Stable to Failed
MongoDB - Is it possible to query by associative array key?
Why I can't access NSMutable Array in my method?
Javascript Menu on hover event
How to create conditional build in Xcode Project? Either using Macro or setting global bool variable
Android: Better control of when UI is updated
Excel AddIn - Keeping windows form always visible while w/in Excel
Android: How come my ListView style gets removed when List Item is scrolled off screen
Parse such a String into a object structure using Java (GWT)
How to list files with special (norwegian) characters
Stream being passed as SOAP response
Null navigation properties using OData/Entity Framework
How would RDF, N3, 3stores, and SPARQL handle an additional timestamp field?
Javascript inside of iframe. Scraping with watir
The right way to print a QCView
Crash at [self.window makeKeyAndVisible];
ASP.NET MVC3 RAZOR Helpers returning plain text
Boost library simple compilation with tuples
How to invoke a system call via sysenter in inline assembly (x86/amd64 linux)?
drawing charts with the help of javascript and HTML5 in android
How to load fixtures using Minitest and Rails 3.0.10?
How to gzip @font-face example?
Flex 4: detect unsupported glyphs (non-embedded fonts)
JAVA: Runtime Exception (I think that's what i need to use)
Font changes and 鈥�鈥�(vertical bars) disappear under images
How to add a portable database to an MVC application?
How to filter connection in DB2 as Oracle does?
constructor initialization lists. Order of initialization [duplicate]
Sencha Touch - Carousel inside a Container
Changing TabView default colours and search bar default colours
public boolean equals(Object other)
How do I hotlink email addresses in reporting services?
PayPal: How to sanitize field values for dynamically created Encrypted Website Payments buttons?
How to prevent IIS from sending cache headers with ASHX files
Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0000142)
Should a class name reflect the class itself or instances of the class?
TLS-SRP support in Bouncy Castle
Sharing Python virtualenv environments
Assitance with css on ruby on rails
Internal links with wkhtmltopdf?
Wordpress Form Builder Plugin [closed]
Open div on element click , close on body OR element click Mootools
GestureListener select bad item when scroll moves
Storing Primitive Types vs. Object Types in Cassandra
CakePHP 2 - Facebook integration
Perl wsdl webservice call
Debugging and Testing a Web Application Efficiently
Archiving a huge database(oracle) without impacting processes that inserts records to it
Using a Coldfusion cfc how do you format return data for jqgrid dependent selects in the edit form?
Sparse matrix linear and nonlinear equation solver
Pausing javascript processing?
Using gson to parse JSON file, something odd is going on
Looking for API similar to Spell checker in java
Date is interpreted as being in a different format
java pattern to obtain the pagename with extension
Could not load inherited class for aspx page
Android How to handle touch event and key event simultaneously?
Append a dynamic class to a view having a static class
Way to get around subdomain vs subfolder in terms of SEO?
My phone app is suddenly crashing because of the main.m file
How to exit a while loop with a keystroke in C?
javascript /jQuery - For Loop
Issues with Migrating .Net Remoting from Framework 2 to 4
MVC 3 How to make a form with Post Redirect Get method while maintaining views
Hadoop: Chaining jobs in 0.20.203
SWT listener for JavaScript window.resizeTo?
Github API - create branch?
Application Wrapper must end in .app. for submitting my app
MIPS32 - Deallocate memory
Unusual Hadoop error - tasks get killed on their own
Polymorphic signature for non-polymorphic function: why not?
How can I do a LEFT OUTER JOIN select
jQuery / JS: looping function load
debugging mpi java
regarding this keyword (java)
Conditional formatting in mvc
Sidebar gets moved below content after adding <?php the_content(); ?>
.net mvc and jquery $.ajax on IE9
adding eventlistener to movieClips created by a class
Determine if JavaScript syntax is valid in change handler of ACE
SWF is not a loadable module when compiling from flash builder 4.6 but not 4.0
How to guess minimum perl version a particular script is written for?
How do I specify the default button of a TextBox that is referred to by AcceptsReturn?
Netty - Framing
How do i broadcast video from my webcam with Html5? [closed]
Absolute url in ActionMailer view
What is the difference between these two ways of saving data in CakePHP
Zip/Map Lists of Lists in Python
New Facebook Pages Timeline API
What is the difference between dojo's .ready and jQuery $(document).ready
Rails: Comment Pagination Issue, Total_Pages Error
Getting LNK2005, I don't see what I can do to fix this
Adding negative NSNumber value to a NSDictionary
Apache on Ubuntu and default website w/ VirtualHost [closed]
One button selected at a time in listbox (background color)
Animations missing from android.R.anim?
LINQ: Grouping By and Selecting from a List of objects based on max value
Dealing with Projectile Misses and trajectory
Why are there more scopes to accept in WP7 Live SKD than set?
xdt transforms for configuration files other than web.config
Is There a way to customize the IN/Company link for LinkedIn
How to code a scrollable list that works correctly on Android browsers? (HTML)
data-scope=鈥渆mail鈥�not returning email
Oracle Homework - SQL Statement error
Auto select based on option value
Media queries and background images
XCode 4.2 warns 鈥淔ailed to save <projname>.xcodeproj鈥� while opening project
Is it possible to force PowerShell script to throw if a required parameter is omitted?
jQuery Isotope Animation Delay
How to get previous record and next record values in ruby on rails
Wordpress: Change Slider to Page
How can I hide a CSS div using php when the div has no information in it?
ffmpeg install on CentOS 64-bit 'install with -fPIC' error
Set site's /image folder to be protected [closed]
Multiple Key-Value pairs in a Hash in Ruby
javascript-events鈥�'mouseup' not firing after mousemove
Sql Server: How to display all master record for every child record?
Dynamic partial - viewdata null reference error
App doesn't run. Getting error window
Keep data when iPhone app is updated (Monotouch)
PHP - SQL select first column with no data
Drawing in drawRect is always called but doesn't always produce anything
Efficiency of vector index access vs iterator access
How to ouptut results from a single select statement as one row in sql server 2005 [duplicate]
Incorrect JSON data format
visualization for high-dimensional points in R to Gridview
Tables inside a div? IE7 compatability issue - looking for a resource to expand knowledge on how to deal with IE7 problems
Applying the JQUERY effects to AJAX ModelPopUpExtender
ios using global navigation controller
Regex to match certain digit pattern
Stage only those files containing a specific change in Git
The scope of names defined in class block doesn't extend to the methods' blocks. Why is that?
Float Div keep its Width when there is no content
jQueryUI show/hide animation issue with child nodes
clang error: linker command failed, XCode 4.2 command-line app
Python write newline to file gives 啜嶄竴鎰�磤鏀�鋭�垁鐞�鐚�悁啻�rather than newline
checking if a user scrolls to top or bottom
Setting bundle parameter in security.yml in Symfony2
coinitialize() and static confusion
CAXL Cisco XMPP chat persistence
Omit NA values from prcomp() in rpy2?
Authorization request (add to roster) using strophe.js
html toggle 2 background images
LED Flashlight does not work on Samsung Galaxy Nexus
External JS file not finding controls, but work with quickwatch
How to organize project for open-source release
Assigning values to an array (Bash script error)
php JavaBridge vs Zend Java Bridge configuration
Populate mysql table with random data in python
Adding a background image to monotouch.dialog view
Web design arc circle effect
Pointers vs References [duplicate]
how to save files on MongoDB using PHP?
Stack corruption
Combobox refferencing access 2010 query
Scheduling Algorithm for Scheduling Life
What's passenger-common for passenger-nginx installation on ubuntu 10.04 LTS?
How to access ASPNETDB in C# ASP.NET MVC
Is there an easy to set individual cell background color in the rally provided table API?
How to prevent layout from stretching when running on qHD (540x960)?
App Engine alternative for PHP/MySQL
jquery ui dialog is not a function when re-calling it
Align a Series of Images Together in Matlab
Android: Using Switch Preference pre API level 14
PHP imap check automated reply
Conditional command line arguments in Python using argparse
Java - Can't read in special characters from a text file
java - string return method is called before any value is assigned to string
Bluetooth inquiry - possibility to receive inquiry responses on more than one sensor
error in implementation of interval heap
JQuery problems with .each() and creating a decision tree
HTML5 canvas lines are drawn with some offset
What kind of tasks Node.js is not suitable for?
java resultset jquery (mobile) ajax json performance
consuming wcf from mvc with js, service works from console, need from js
Shortest distance between two degree marks on a circle?
Opening up project from server in Visual Studio 2005
CPU caching when multithreading behaviour
Workaround for javac compilation order bug in maven
Google analytics: Traffic from Mobiles not tracked
Issue with sine wave in JavaScript
R: how to get row and column names of the true elements of a matrix?
How to empty a table from DataNucleus' JDO implementation?
SQL Items in a linked range
Sharepoint Document Library with metadata pulled from a joined list- is it possible without coding?
1px of the link isn't being underlined or hovered over
Building Subversion on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010
My First Python Web App
getting line-numbers that were changed
Displaying top two results in Java
How to tweak this code for alert box and confirmation box to appear when uploading files
restrict the maximum number of selections in zend multiselect
Bitmap does not work
jQuery Dialog Close Event not working as expected
Javascript: Earliest moment to add event listener to document object
create shapes layer in cocos2D
How to get value of PATH environment variable programatically in Android?
Box2d body rotation not working
get id of button in button handler javascript
How to select Parents rows and Child rows with only specific columns
Setting Image ROI to a shape other an rectangle in EMGU CV鈥�
Zend Framework query issue
ASP.NET Chart control doesn't render with DatabindXY
Adobe ActiveX loads blank thumbnailed PDF's
How to Create Associative array in JS
UIBarButtonItem with UIButton as CustomView - from UIButton, how to access the UIBarButtonItem its in?
Creating a dynamic frame/ Adding a panel to a frame during runtime
iPhone opengl es: Error in the vertex shader
SQL delete column with Foreign key
Summing a column via relationship with core data
Detect if Debugger is Attached in VB6
Separate Page Button Ajax Functionality
Javascript control like iOS indexed table view?
CUDA installation on linux
Is there a way to redirect the stdin to the 鈥渢ype鈥�command in windows terminal(cmd.exe)?
python find number of attacks per day
Launching Twitter intent on Android not always new tweet
Capistrano deploying wrong version of my app
How to better solve the issue of having an entity with service dependencies on an API-like system?
Select identifier and show the row/rank from it [duplicate]
Modal form changing color when clicked on parent
.NET Support DELETE request method in VS2010 Built In Server
Interface options between WCF/REST web service, Entity Framework, and a WebForms front end: what are my options?
How can I specify the locale as a URI segment?
Styling DateElement in Monotouch.Dialog
JwPlayer - Show video screenshot before playing
Artifactory - partial repository sync
Python: How to prepend the string 'ub' to every pronounced vowel in a string?
VB.NET and Excel table formatting
JPEG Image from Serial Camera not loading with C# BitmapImage
Downside to serving fonts from /public directory in Rails?
setting up UIWebView scrollView delegate causes an error
null pointer exeption, creating an intent
In SoapUI is there a way to override the default behavior of the WSDL required fields for a single test case?
A virtual machine for C++ for optimizing performance
Zend_Session where is the cookie?
Cropping video on iOS
How to secure the request body
ASP.NET/MVC UIX Frameworks?
Virtual hosts on apache with URL's like subfolders
What format should I pass values to a Checkbox Set, in FileMaker Pro from PHP?
Voice command, Speech Recognition using .NET [closed]
webassets + jinja2 bundle error
Compare 2 XML Files
c# client to connect to rtd server (comfyJ)
How to display highchart y axis with constistant data
How can i change the one particular dropdown option according to another dropdown option selection?
Using JQUERY UI Dialog as LOGIN tool in page
NSTimer Issue with my Stopwatch
Animation (may be flip animation) on button image change on tab
Rails: Two different Ajax features not working together on same button
Stop Silverlight 5 from throwing WebExceptions for non-200 status codes?
Scalatra 2.1 Akka Futures Example
How does one iterate over form params with variable keys in Sinatra and Dust.js?
nokogiri multiple elements from xml to an array
Confusion between clone method, copy constructor and getter method when inheriting
Update Panels work fine in development, do nothing when published
Best Language for cross-platform screen recording and streaming?
Using SSIS Expression Builder to Retrieve File with the oldest datetime?
kohana uri confusion
Z-index doesn't seem to change anything
iOS set text color in a view's drawrect
Starting Doc/View application hidden
Thoughts on data model
Application.Current.MainWindow.Close vs Application.Current.Shutdown
Slow loading time for rails 3.2 - debug shows rails loading twice
Replacing rgb from multiple lines with a one line version
C# Rotating JPG without losing too much quality
How to find list of databases from Security Logins?
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread encountered
Links not clickable in any browser
Manual input not saved in Android's DatePicker(Dialog)
Trouble parsing Twitter API JSON output for User profile data with Python
MVC 3 Controller Action Not Accepting Values from JQuery .POST
PHP Guest Access to Website
selenium webdriver is clearing out fields after sendKeys had previously populated them
Get xml children without replacing html entities in PHP
Fluently map assemblies/entities at run time
retriving data from SD card in multiple text boxes
Switching Listviews with templates in app.xaml?
Extjs MVC - setting up store events in controller
Closed jquery UI tabs are shown again when new ones are created
Mapping x2: Using threads to do work
Display a programmable field several times on the screen
Why does the incremental counter of a NodeJS-hosted page vary on refresh?
The javax.comm package
The javax.comm package
Array, memory management
How to post images directly to s3 on a heroku app from a json request?
Embedded SQL server setup up with Visual Studio Express 2010 (or even 2008)?
Tomcat, Hibernate, JPA and Flushing
Split string into strings of repeating elements
Is it possible to make a specific element not cause scroll bars in it's parent?
Formatting Request Header Values
What is your alternative name for ID variable in Objective-C?
Floating Point Modulo Operation
matchMedia flakey in Firefox?
Rails passing authorization token to Android app
Eclipse - Generating PDF in java through Android
Identify points in Scatterplot (qplot)
Find links with certain class and add javascript to link
Is there a processing library that allows for form elements?
How to bind an IValueConverter in Linq to convert the properties
Flowplayer: Using ipad mode with multiple video sources
UINavigation bar reload/refresh button code
How can I install, or run, a Mac-version of MATLAB on Parallels' virtual Windows platform?
Can a .m be exported from an iPhone app? [closed]
javamail error, connection refused
unable to determine if a string is currently an integer or not
git insert historic changes of subdirectory
jQuery which selector for sub-elements?
loading image from Employees table of Northwind database
How to call a method on an object in a nested form in Ruby on Rails 3?
ASP.NET session variable is wrong after multiple click event fast
Call Fancybox within .on() click function while maintaining the gallery feature
Data after formatting a floppy disk
data object in jquery is undefined after replaceWith
How to test jQuery with Jasmine for $(鈥�element-id鈥� if used as $(this)
Activating/Adding a button to tinyMCE
Scriptaculous highlight effect on php print
How to save data as BlobProperty instead of multiple ListProperties?
R: how to do RAII (or similar resource management)
append value into dropdown-list
Entity framework 4 : Why are related entites loaded even though there is no Include statement?
beginner: python namespace collision?
Firebug Lite makes my site work in IE
Uploadify on OS X
How can I redirect links to an old home.asp file to a new index.php?
Formatting the current date
Where can I find this .NET WinForms control (if it exists)?
Extract part of a string between point A and B
Namespace reflection in PHP
Storyboarding: How to keep Navigation Controller from defaulting to Table View Controller
return 2dimentional array to view from controller in Asp.Net MVC 3
copying sqlite3 db while being read
Java method call in constructor chaining
MS Chart Width 100%
nameerror python
Amazon FPS Return URL Validation with verifySignature PHP api returning 鈥淚nvalidSignature鈥�
OSGi headless deployment on Linux
If a class depends on a class from another package, does it depend on all other classes in that package?
How do you convert from scientific notation in Oracle SQL?
JApplet works in applet viewer, not in HTML page
jQuery stops working after ajax request that adds fields to a form in Drupal 7
GPS not working
Zombie reports: message sent to deallocated instance
Mysql extracting array in Php
android httpclient hangs on second request to the server (connection timed out)
How to force sequential execution on BackgroundWorker
How to extract data from a WAV file for use in an FFT
PHP - curl_exec taking 100ms
Any examples of currency name variations based on location on top of language? [closed]
Hide a div inside a hidden div?
How to link to the root of an area?
Adobe Cirrus Android App Help TypeError: Error #1007
How to automatically expose and decorate function versions of methods in Python?
NodeJS listen to signal from bash script on some event
PHPMailer HTML not rendering
VS 2010 watch window configuration
Best practice - Hold reference or instantiate each time?
what graphic does FB grab? [duplicate]
Is there a way to make a facebook tab visible only to admin?
WPF Error Missing key value on object
WebView too long. Android
In processing, is there a property akin to zorder in matplotlib?
Sharing a Logger Between Threads of the Same Class
How to add New Div in Particullar Magento Block [closed]
ics file issues
Software design: 3D simulation with multiples physical and optional render engine [closed]
D language - Thread vs spawn
Cross-platform compiling with Visual Studio Projects files
Is String#pluralize idempotent?
Referencing a Variable with a Param Name and Value (Php and Mysql)
Include a header in a parent folder and getting problems with links
How can I get the alert box to show total from dropdown selections?
R/ggplot2: smooth on entire dataset while enforcing a ylim cap
Display More or Less Info on Screen Depending on Device Ice Cream Sandwich
Static files not loaded in a Bottle application when the trailing slash is omitted
Crystal Reports formula to add formatting if the string is not null?
if/else statement in for loop for R - want if statement to include multiple possible values
Sorting List leads to conversion 'void' error
Any ways to add custom/debug message to details of failed test method of python/django unittest.TestCase?
Concate string to variable in mysql query
Javascript link with the ability to open in new tab/window
Java: Time Format Precison
how to share constants (enums) between classes?
how to share constants (enums) between classes?
how to retrieve all cookies in c#?
ASP.Net MVC: Client side validation
Embed Background Audio in Android >= 2.3 Browser
Check if an iterator is valid for a QT container
reset css (img)
Is iPhone framework Nimbus ready for prime time yet?
Regarding finding memory leak in a running process
How to allow the user to select a UIImagePickerController's source type?
Google Analytic Tracking using rack-google-analytic gem can not load GA.js from
Caching Codeigniter's pagination with results
Join two lines in vim without moving cursor
Parsing/formatting data from serial port - C#
jQuery tabs using an ID from URL
CRM Custom Contextual report
ASP.Net Web service, can it be nested?
php Post limited to 1000 variables
Dynamically generate LINQ queries
iOS Development: How can I animate the addition/removal of form controls in a view?
Converting a line of code to be compatible with storyboards in XCode 4.2
How to display javascript tooltip when mouseover on scrollbar?
rspec test not passing. use of dynamic data
Using Nimbus to create a view of photo thumbnails?
Filtering then Iterating through nested django models
Follow twitter users with spring-social and grails
How to make an element fake position:fixed so it acts fixed until a certain scroll height, then attaches?
Accessing C++ template variables in GDB
UI Virtualization stop when I use template for listview
How does one declare a global variable in actionscript
How do I check if the mouse is over a certain circle without overlap?
C++, how to share data between processes or threads
fortran_free_source interrupts comment syntax coloring in vim
Git Merge conflict in submodule. I just want to commit with their version. How?
Find end of the line in regular expression using notepad++
CakePHP 1.3 - json REST call not displaying correctly
Creating delegates dynamically with parameter names
Update current activity view behind/while showing loading dialog
How do I format the data for insert_batch in Codeigniter?
USB getting data from a device
missing characters with xmlpullparser
How to push a file to Heroku that isn't in your version control?
Animating items added to a databound ListBox
Proper way to add an image file inside a PDF document generated with Reportlab on AppEngine Python
Recreate Git Ref after Fatal Error
git merge from master not bringing everything - need to create a git patch from diff between branches to apply
What is wrong with my custom devise login form?
XSLT Transformation to validate rules in XML document
Replace a line in text file
how to print a file on a template page in django?
SQL - Updating rows based on reference data in lookup table
how to print a file on a template page in django?
SQL - Updating rows based on reference data in lookup table
Can I recolor Visual Studio 11?
Insert non-duplicated rows into one table and duplicated rows into anther table in one SQL statement?
How do you configure FastExport to NOT export Floats in scientific notation?
Using XML Parser to get recent youtube videos from a user
Resetting password where User set up to have hashed_password
How to make a search function for sql database , and how to get time when info from a table was edited?
How to set my application as a default messaging application for SMS and MMS
New image() .src pass variable to PHP
Byte[] and java.lang.OutOfMemoryError reading file by bits
Address of de-referenced pointer?
Convert bibtex entry to another data type
Knowing what file to use with mysqlbinlog
How to get IP address of other mobile device?
Repeat NUnit inconclusive tests until it either passes or fail
Creating a Test and Prod CAB for my Windows Mobile 6 application
Javascript call from inside Flash, within a Facebook Canvas App
How to determine if child was clicked in Jquery
Viewing pageviews for customvar in analytics
Batch Spidering Problems
@property NSArray in didSelectRowAtIndexPath's Tesseract object using incorrect path for OCR files
Best way to interact between 2 clients in an application
Trying to select the segmentIndex in my UISegmentController via code
Null Exception error while retrieving array of child views
Is 'Starting up datebase 'xxx' every few minutes normal in a SQL Server 2008 log?
Adding Spinner View in Android without using an XML layout
What are the best practices to add jquery to
Creating a backup of mapped drives on Windows XP
How can I programatically change the gravity for a LinearLayout?
Using ADO.NET MySQL Provider in MVC3 (Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed.)
Cover breaking nav TOC in InDesign EPUB export
Throw exception without halting execution?
Generate XML with Collection of a Collections
How would I create a custom GWT CellTable class?
CakePHP Contains not working with Recursive
Call to a member function kayitmodel() on a non-object
How to stop Main from being auto-generated in WPF?
Android CDT: Possible to use ndk-build without bash (Eclipse in Windows)?
Shell script to append string to the end of all CSV fields in 2nd column
NDB Async API and get_or_insert_async
Ext JS 4.0.7 Multiple check columns within grid panel
Displaying rich text with images from database
history.length & history.GoBack() JS
Converting VIM text file to .doc or .docx
three20 pain points
strtotime() not able to handle 02/29?
Infinite loop -> Need to show the main screen with Qt
Sending Email with PHP and ensuring it doesn't get blocked
Django CBV inheritance: Overriding attributes
KeyListener events apparently not firing in java applet
JS_NewPropertyIterator vs JS_Enumerate
How to clean up the program when exiting javafx program?
how to search videos using you tube api that could be playable on mobiles
Hexadecimal Slide Numbers in PowerPoint
Notifications send using FBML do not work if app is not installed
How to create HSQLDB database that only exists during JVM lifetime?
Ignoring tests until called for in Maven/Junit?
How do I find the matching partial-class in C# & Visual Studio 2010 in a XAML file?
git commit sha differs in git diff
Splitting Phone numbers
Pinterest 鈥淧in it鈥�button is not working
Can I loop through 2 Data Grid Views in 1 Button Click Event and Perform an Update?
Twitter BootStrap TopBar and DropDown Menu
Inputing data from java gui to existing excel spreadsheet
How to see unicode values in GAE Development Console Datastore Viewer?
New timeline application tab width and logo
How to view the SQL error message in a Delphi's DBX transaction?
Styles for elements that contain elements [duplicate]
using a counter variable in Perl hash key names
command copy (cp) in shell
How to Create A Delegate to Listen to All Text Boxes on a Form
Truncated incoming socket message
Drupal 7: how to hide link to secondary tab?
Are primary keys pass茅?
move page content to another position?
鈥渓ike box鈥�doesnt display content unless visitor is logged in to facebook
Select the first matching row
Send button causes error
Android Testing Tools - Youtube
convert array of variants to std::tuple
c# Retrieving information from a control in a dynamic created tab
Write multiple kernels or a Single kernel
AndroidRuntimeException while trying to start activity in custom ListView Adapter
Node.JS Multipart upload to facebook graph
Loading JPA Entity from external Jar file
SSRS 2008 鈥淯nknown Collection Member鈥�Error
What are some of the best IIS log analysis tools out there? [closed]
Execute UserControl readonly ICommand from ViewModel
Software Trial - Limit number of usage times
Debug native Android Applications
Exception in thread
鈥渃annot open input file odbc32.lib鈥�error in 64-bit Win 7 when compiling a Qt application in VS 2008
Using variables within a SQL*Plus connect string and Express getting an error 鈥渉as no method socket鈥�
apply css after reload page
TPC inheritance throws an exception on inserts
Is there anyway to programmatically fetch a zipball of private github repo?
SQL Server: Return list of columns shared by a group of database tables
Unable to switch between segments for UISegment Control
GWT.log output to file
Get input, populate spreadsheet, output formula results to the web
Sum Value from a Text String
Qt Desktop Development [closed]
Does PhantomJS support cookies?
How can I configure execution start between dependent jobs?
Error initializing the debugger: Mono.Debugging.Soft.DisconnectedException
how to set gem dependencies without having to declare them on the Gemfile that uses it?
File descriptors in C
StrLComp vs AnsiStrLComp when called with Unicode strings
How do I prevent Resharper's error in solution window from showing CSS/javascript errors?
Getting non-const type in template
Why when using TPC inheritance is Select query using left outer join?
Fixed Length Text File to SQL Data Table
How to hide the x/x display from ProgressDialog?
topviewcontroller for uitabbar
VS2010 鈥淟ook at these file types鈥�option keeps resetting to previous value
php mysql join exists
Entity Framework Database First for a Poorly Written Database
Getting IP addresses of the PC's available on wifi network in android
Use hindi in android
Details about StreamWriter
rails 3 show from related tables
Display Mysql Results Alphabetically from two queries
DevExpress VerticalGrid Validate event and behavior with RadioButton cell editors
servlet filter does not work on mobile browsers
javascript FB object not ready when I call FB.Canvas.setSize in Opera
Manager application for ec2
How do you do indexing on Crm 2011?
Unable to switch activity
WPF Units and Code-Behind
Convert SQL Server varbinary(max) into a set of primary keys of type int
Trap function by passing arguments?
How can i implement customized columns to full calendar
Android: Tiled game and interaction between player and other objects
Get the text of the next attribute
Pack an HTML5 app and deploy it on the desktop
rails styling a loop
Passing vector to function (pointers/addresses)
Search a user in the OU Active directory
Haskell datatype to Java(OO)
Evaluate multiple variables in one 'if' statement?
Set default sort order for initial header click on gwt cell table
mod_rewrite remove query string on top of a rewrite rule
Read XML file into vector of objects using XStream
Powershell - Getting a directory to output a file at a time
Programmatically create columns in a View
Trying to read someone's code re cookies
Bug Hunt alternatives?
change css variables based on values in mysql database
In django models for mysql, do we lose information when using IntegerField for int(1)
How much information does a geotagged picture contain ? or specifically can contain? [closed]
Can I use Spring Security 3.0.7 with Spring 3.0.2? [closed]
Should I free char* initialized using string-literals?
Carousel with Drag support
Overriding methods with actions as parameters
How can I max value and min value for a number data type in the creation of a table in oracle