Blackberry plugin in eclipse on Macbook
Drawing UITableViewCells for fast scrolling, but what about links?
Debugging SOAP Transmission
Applet not painting
Strange behavior of os.walk() in Python?
Selecting specific entities to model in EF
Phpactiverecord, updating NOW() for an object
Perl class naming convention
Can I let clients override classes?
Replace fractions with fractions regular expressions, numbers with numbers regular expression
What is the downside of putting your entire website inside an iframe of the main landing page?
App Engine upload issues.
C# Reading data in html tags
Compute Network Latency on Multiple Connected Adapters
Activity switching not working android
SQL Query for avoiding any repetition for a specific column terms
.Net 4.5 Websocket Push Technology?
How to determine in C++ typeof of template<class T> for deserialize data?
SOLR schema design and searching
What namespace does the JDK use to generate a UUID with nameUUIDFromBytes?
Mobile friendly template
Javascript is copying my target text to the wrong box?
Android: How do I dynamically show/hide an element in a ListView item depending on the Array value?
Questions on Process Map
how to convert Token data type of my access token into String data type
EhCache POM is misbehaving
Number type and bitwise operations
XML with HTML and XSLT transformation
How display / set image for printing, in size cm what i want?
How can I stop my app from logging people out of their session in Safari?
C# cross referencing generic classes
What's the simplest way to define a transition that switches the locale and returns to the current view-state?
Incorrect product of two INT_MAX numbes in C/C++
Javascript DOM vs. XSLT Transformation performance-wise?
Selecting an element inside Div for CSS decoration
Variable pointer to interface between C# and C++
dynamic table building
Performance issue in backbone template
Pass different class name
Getting iframe content's height while iframe is hosting an EXTERNAL website whose code CAN'T be accessed [duplicate]
My custom devise views aren't displaying
Another twist on Type Providers
Haskell: What is the difference between (+1) and ( x->x+1)?
Rails 3.2 association methods crashes server & console
How to start video-suite in MeeGo / Nokia N9 from Qt code?
Application that lists all builds made from hudson
Fading in input field, displacing the rest of the website
How can i put array of custom class fromajaxto mvc controller
BitmapSource as source to Image Control
compression algorithm for bitmap images
Running jQuery on a static HTML file from Bash
AS3 - Button titles
Find a olap web-interface like Excel (chart and grid)
jQuery Validator Plug In - trigger from within a function
Android game development - Java or flash development or flash animation?
Why does the this arithmetic equal 10 and not 0 with a mod in Java
Django - disable model editing
Django from JSON format
Controlling a TextBox's scroll position from the ViewModel?
Running Git command from Expect script fails
Microsoft Reporting Services not showing multiple sections
Convert string into Date type on Python
MVC3 Remote Validation of a field within an IEnumerable
Sending credentials with JavaScript XMLHttpRequest is not working
Zach KLT : suspend tracking
Swizzling a single instance, not a class
鈥淣o Transport鈥�error in JQuery ajax crm 2011
Drupal 7 Views and custom Modules?
How to report progress while processing large file?
Java apache commons FTPClient fails allocating space for destination mainframe file
is jcop is only way to install applet in java card?
Regex help for a list of domains
A Sane and Simple Image Button for WPF With Triggers?
Data structures - Queue
what exactly document-ready means in jquery
Parser Error in Web Application after deploying
The ObjectContext instance has been disposed and can no longer be used for operations that require a connection
Creating a control IN FRONT of an OpenGL view
Twig addFilter using Silex?
App is force closing when i run it? Unable to start activity?
php switch based off of folder domain name
binding in xaml, xaml parse exception
How do you use GAE traffic splitting for multivariate testing?
Delaying my script with setTimeout
Cast object in a call with performSelectorOnMainThread iOS
Database connectivity in ASP.NET
cocoa get sheet state
Passing Variables from JavaScript to PHP?
Need to make NSPopover appear during awakeFromNib?
change image background in a moreNavigationController navigationBar ios 5
Placing grid tables in R
Checkbox Using 鈥渇ieldname[ ]鈥�breaks jquery validation
mysql update int column from 2 other int columns where result is a negative
Capybara Webkit runtime warning: Class is implemented in both
character encoding for SQL Server to Oracle linked server
Using CALayer as a background for other NSViews
How can I control the flow of messages in WCF?
How to renice a PID dynamically?
How to read the string 鈥�00 600鈥�to store two separate variables with values 500 and 600 in C?
Pickling exposed classes when there are multiple Boost.Python Modules
C#: Events & Thread Safe GUI Updates
UIViewController Container subcontroller animations
Is it possible to convert project with ARC to MRC?
Cannot deploy project in MyEclipse for Spring 10
When using jQuery Mobile, how do I handle styling when JavaScript is disabled?
Document location on clicking on iframe
Is there a symetrical design pattern so member classes can have pointers to eachother?
Having trouble passing in a dependent object to a Javascript Module
How to graphically represent a UML use case extension point?
HTML5 pushState using History.js. Trouble retrieving data from
Wrapping C++ Library in Python, handling custom types
fill_parent is not filling entire screen in LinearLayout
Online Face Recognition using OpenCV
How to export bloopsaphone tunes to MP3? [closed]
Positioning win-forms track-bar / resizing
Are measurable performance gains possible from using VC++'s __assume?
uploading a file server side
Using PHP-Data (Objects) in JavaScript/JQuery
css elements not showing up in chrome and IE9
Specifying the error message on validation-error of a dynamic var?
Avoiding Spaces in Keywords
can facebook open graph objects be created dynamically?
Variable assignments inside for and then if loops
How do I parse XFBML tags when rendering a EmberJS view?
Graph api in ruby on rails for add to timeline
c# read DataSet Child tables
Unknown Column in 'field list'
How do you verify a certificate chains to a specific CA?
How to configure Hibernate to do not insert data into database during test phase
HTML form insert in SQL DB and also pass posted vars to page
How do I debug Google App Engine servlets?
Managing API endpoints as constants
Serialize a C# class to XML with attributes and a single value for the class
Why does Html.DropDownListFor need a viewdata item?
C++ Binding: How to bind a c++ object to JS
Loading Google Maps API with wp_enqueue_script
linking vs including a file
5[鈥渁bcdef鈥漖; is it correct in c? [duplicate]
Delete GridView Row
Want to keep sound from playing when view loads
Find column index for column with smallest sum in Matlab
append/populating values in combobox using javascript
Handling an absence of Twitter in iOS
virtual assignment
How do you initialize (trough initializer lists) a multidimensional std::array in C++11?
Trouble changing input value in Facebox with .val
How to run maven project two times in single execution request along with this, I want to instantiate bean based on maven config
How do I sort an associative array by field?
How to pass an argument when calling a view file?
How can I turn an anonymous object into key/value pairs or HTML attributes?
IE8 says prototype's Form class is undefined
Getting error message 402, level 16, state 1
Is it possible to inject code into a https webview
Show/Hide or Toggle a Dojo Grid
Dependency and parameter to constructor
Check that any directory exists inside given one
MVC mismatch between controller output and View properties
MySQL: Can't update existing NULL value
Why multitasking back to my app makes it muted sometimes?
server connect server using serversocket and socket
An alternative to XMLHttpRequest?
UIImagePickerController displays wrong camera device every second startup
How To Retrieve data from Bundle data in target activity Passed from source activity
Dictionary representation of a Django template
JQUERY - Make both elements of a select-slider show
slideUp/slideDown for mobile
Small Jquery Issue
WCF Data Services (OData) Vs ASP.NET Web API
implement mail server not dependent on mail queue with php and swift-mailer
Flex Mobile: Strange behavior in IconItemRenderer List
javascript overriding a loop
Facebook ThumbnailCreation
How to access a function's data inside an array using Jquery
DDD - Implementing database focusing on domain isolation
How to organize a Backbone model used by multiple views?
Is it possible to change ASP.NET MVC 3 route constraints such that they return 400 Bad Request with JSON bodies?
VS2010 Report Design: CountDistinct function with qualifying parameter?
What's the purpose of the sBIT chunk in the PNG file?
Custom PerfCounter: no data in WADPerformanceCountersTable
Need drawLayer to draw 3 PDF files to 3 different UIViews
Differences between instances
jquery validation: required dependency, multiple select options
Can you push application user (keychain) data to iOS?
Change the displayed Group Name in the Data Veiw Web Part
JIRA REST API 4.4 How to add a comment to an issue with HTTParty post
How do I make a python script wait for sometime?
The VS2010 SQL Connection Dialog
Tracking a Swipe
C# .NET 3.5 not copying stream when using basic examples
How does the value of this simulated function-static-variable is kept during callings? [duplicate]
SELECT DISTINCT: control priority when there are accents?
SELECT DISTINCT: control priority when there are accents?
ActiveRecord belongs_to reverse mapping. Getting symbol associated with foreign key
Include local files
Inserting records in many to many relationship table
eclipse wont let me create a dynamic web project
How to create a text box that user can input a large amount of text into
How Can I change the Orientation for a div?
Javascript not loading properly using rails 3.1
java connection pool, how many max connections in a multithreaded batch?
Spring annotation validation - Check for unique on update vs add
Making the TreeView.ItemsPanel a Canvas
Is there anyway to edit the actual theme of the Eclipse IDE?
Is there a way to specify subdomains that a cookie should be saved to? (rather than one, or all)
How can I delete multiple tasks from an App Engine Pull queue with a single request using the REST API?
Searching mySQL column for specific content
How do you reference a textfield and enter it into a mutable array
Get the representation value of an enumeration type in Ada
Method to create end of month date from date variable in [r] data frame
CGContextDrawPDFPage crashing without ever producing a memory warning
Are string resources (.resx) properties kept in memory?
Retrieve Source for a Tag with PHP DOMElement Object
Best way to handle errors when opening file
Is it possible to associate file extensions without a special permission from Microsoft?
How to find which table is scrolled with multiple UITableViews on UIScrollView
How to tell the length a unit vector needs to be in order to pass another
Android make sdk fails with error cannot find -lz
Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking and the _link() method
Incorrect appearance in internet explorer
fire onload event when open a DIV page inside android phonegap application
How do i display 2 or more objects in openGL (model - view - projection matrices and shaders)
HAML - syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure
How to keep a photoshop plugin from being unloaded?
std::vector::resize in gcc4.2
Get 鈥渇at header鈥�background color in Swing
VBA UpdateListItems SharePoint WebService
difference between WCF Services and Web Services and REST Service
Add icon to p:panel?
HTML5 structure of site title and page title
How can I determine the area currently visible in a scrollview and determine the center?
Nexus 2.0 not caching remote artifacts
How to pass a list of object to childwindow
UIWebView in modalviewcontroller
Find all points of a grid within a circle, ordered by norm
Dynamically allocate a stdlib stack?
How to get ErrorStream for large Big Runtime.Exec operations
SVN: Get diff for files that do not exist in those revisions (added or deleted)
Simple.Data Many-to-many Issues
PHP Script execution time - IE issue
jQuery DataTables mouseover issue
ReadResponse() failed: When uploading large amounts of data
How can I, when hovering over a link, have the background color span the whole of the frame it is in?
Can I check the validity of a single DataMapper property?
Doctrine 2 Versionable on INSERT
Arduino Firmware Recommendation Needed
Declare a variable type using a string
Different objects to the same webgrid control
Binding doesn't work after setting the property value to null
App Crashes when Button is Clicked
Joda time's DateTime converted to java.util.Date strange issue
How difficult it is to redirect broken links based on keyword matching?
What are the variables inn my cucumber feature for
ruby: Struggling with recursion
CoreData expects a string when returning an array and NSData when returning a string
Awking out lines after match with getline
How can I use a map for calculations?
Use Flow3 on webhosting w/o shell
Header Issues with Crystal to SSRS Conversion
ASP.NET 4.0 WebForms Routing Javascript not works
c# development, what type of files store resources (for localization)?
Creating application compatibility shims for Windows [duplicate]
Converting char into NSString
Sql Notification Supported Isolation Levels for Transactions
jQuery tabs within tabs not showing correctly
XSLT Adding parameters in IE?
Apache mod_rewrite by status code not url
I need to add content at the end of each page
WebSphere MQ Acknowledgement and Reply-To Queue
uTypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'str' and 'str'
multiple conditions on same column
Strange timeout behaviour using php soap client
In MVC3, I get a 鈥淐onditional compilation is turned off鈥�warning when outputting Model variable into JavaScript
restoring email messages from Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 with VBA
Dynamically allocating array of objects
htaccess for multiple optional parameters
going through categories and posts does not work as expected
Download image issue in C#. Downloads html instead [closed]
For android library projects, is <uses-sdk> meaningful in manifest?
Why is WCF generating a different proxy?
Compiling CUDA SDK V4.1.28 For Linux?
Why Isn't the jQuery .index() function behaving like I expect here?
How to get nullable DateTime out of the database
Using forms to connect to Facebook in Android?
NET-enabling start-tag requires SHORTTAG YES
Which method should i inject javascript? (stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString)
SQL how to select from 2 tables and match them
MVC3 + Datepicker + UK Date
Bank holidays schema in database
What are some opportunities improve performance / concurrency in the following Scala + Akka code?
Suggested Layout Design for Simple Scheduler App for Blackberry
Redirecting multiple IIS sites sharing the same codebase in IIS7
Best Image Size for different layout sizes in Android
Detect USB device and show contents
MySQL double type comparation fails
how can I add another function with on datepicker
Access a user control from another control
OR Logic with Attribute Filters in Sphinx
Add toolbox icon from the class I derive
ACCES:insert select with an iterate where condition
Best way to deploy EXE shared among several applications
Selenium Click on a button in a new opened window
Create link from page title and add .pdf to the end
Find common lines in multiple files according to specific value and columns
Path Class Loader Error When Starting App
Proper table structure for creating groups and inviting users
Qt & OpenGL - rendering off-screen : QGLFrameBufferObject?
How can I kick out the longest inactive user from a remote machine using powershell 1?
GWT last browser
Creating an executable jar of selenium test from a maven project
Export blob properties from Datastore as binary files
Error with VC++ 2005 with winsock2
Linq to SQl Inserting Data to The database is not working Because of Database Path
Android: Not receiving SMS delivered confirmation in emulator
Testing a commandline application with cucumber/aruba/timecop: How to inject the context
Using ASP.NET MVC3 code inside a static-html CMS
Load library from MemoryClassLoader?
How do I write to a file?
Android get file path from email attachment for your app WITHOUT saving to sd card
Replace Unicode numeral subscript or superscript with plain numeral
Android webview performance, what am I missing?
How to let JSF render conform XHTML 1.0 strict?
PDF content displays in Firefox but not in IE
Ruby: substring to a certain length and also to last whitespace within substring
Generate dynamic data to pdf from web application
visual studio - iis7 - setting up?
Can an OpenGL ES fragment shader change the depth value of a fragment?
IB Connections in Xcode crashing
Analytics and legality issues
How can I make Visual Studio validate my MVC3 code as HTML5 instead of XHTML 1.0 Transitional?
Is there any way to catch an exception thrown while constructing a static/global?
How can you enhance a TabControl to dock and float TabItems or documents?
How to put some constraint on jquery events?
Dictionaries and DotLiquid
Dynamic Databinding in WPF
How do I return unique results from a knowledge base in Prolog?
Cucumber throwing syntax error when not run via guard
How to invert numpy.where (np.where) function
mvc3 partial views for search, validate, submit final results
jQuery Add object to dynamic parent
Geolocation: Mapping and POI with OpenStreetMap
FileUpload Component not working, FileUploadEvent not fired
Show 404 error page after [Authorize] failure
What is the purpose of AgentRestart.dat
JSON is working but can't get JSONP to work
Newlines in JEditorPane
How to change the value of a hidden type input field with javascript
Is there a way to find a reverse iterator for the first element in a std::map less than a given key?
Listview with textview, image, checkboxes, and buttons
A better alternative to Jersey/Jackson for building JSON REST APIs?
math.h compilation error: expected declaration specifiers or '鈥� before '('
鈥淚ndex was out of range鈥︹� error
scheme macro produces unexpected result
Equation Parsing Library C++ [closed]
Mapping Entities for nHIbernate Fluenty
Use C# to grab text from an HTML table
How do I write a JS function to do something and then return once that process is done?
how can i access my system resources without the operating system intermediation?
Is it possible to override the ItemsPresenter to use a Virtualizing StackPanel instead of a regular stack panel?
Output a floating point value with a constant number of characters in C++
FileNotFoundException when loading dll
PHP in between javascript
How to keep the music player consistent in wordpress?
opencv displaying variable on video
Need to change the function name in JS, trying to keep it from breaking
jQuery cycle - bug if the pointer is over the rotator area on loading?
Parsing JSON data in RAILS 3.0.6 received from HTTP POST with content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Trac - How do I access Custom Ticket Fields in ITicketChangeListener?
Receiving syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting keyword_when for code
Move Images in the same axis Xcode-IOS
UIImagePicker Camera view not fullscreen Ipad2
Ruby hash of hash
I'm trying to match all fractions in a string, but using my regular expression I get this error
How to upload custom app image (tab_image) for Timeline Page tabs via API?
How to interpret the following C (includes bit fields and a struct)
Google Docs API - Impersonate User File Download
Has many :through association not found
How to you invoke a particular email client in android?
How to use canvas to change opacity of a context's arc?
Jquery submit form without clicking submit button
PHP check if visitor liked my FB page
Make a chat for iOS with 2 UITableViews and a NSTimer to refresh them
Is this an inefficient way to compare data across multiple tables?
How can I animate grass growing in Cocos2d?
Why is Jackson serializing numeric fields to Strings?
Can logging to catalina.yyyy-mm-dd.out be disabled?
MySQL ERROR: 1005 Can't create table 'myTable' (errno : 150)
Prevent Javascript decoding encoded HTML
Is there any way to post events to Google Analytics via server-side API?
Bash's echo statement makes it impossible to capture command output of a subsequent statement
Any good looking 3D Game or Techdemo that makes use of deferred rendering?
Producer Methods vs Named Classes
Replace Hyperlinks with Plain-Text followed by URL in Brackets using C#
Maintain size of div on various platforms (e.g. smart phones, tablets)
Similar open source project to bootstrap twitter?
PHP PDF writing with multiple queries and data arrays
Having basic issue with java on ms sql server connection
Custom LINK share URL for Facebook and G+
Match internal ending set of characters in string using regular expression
How to use a redirect when using Scala Process Methods
How to combine these MySQL queries and then access the data correctly
Why does backspace stop working if I set TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_NO_SUGGESTIONS on my AutocompleteTextView?
Is it possible to use PHP validation before a form has been submitted and the page refreshed?
how to get output from curl request to a file even if status code is 400?
Is there any way to obfuscate API keys in a R package?
how is a network analysis of a cloud different from a normal network analysis?
Mysql and Python on Mac
OpenMPI hangs with three nodes
Adding, removing and updating related entities
wifi power management
How to not restart the server everytime when working with Flask or Express?
Adding string to Structures in C
How to get all Parents of a node in tree structure ? (Linq to Entity)
Optimize django query
Modifying cufon sub menu items
How does AJAX Chat Servers like PHPFreeChat work?
Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 0
Script# - How do I access the document's style sheet infomation?
JPA - How to get any produced sql code programmatically?
Django south and django-admin-tools conflict
Converting JavaScriptObject to Java object fails in GWT
How to set a return intent for an activity?
how to launch a executable in python without blocking the python execution
Capistrano gives DNS spoofing warning even though I can SSH just fine
Log4j filter in Grails Log4j DSL configuration
Strange Java Class-Path/Class-Loader behaviour
Symfony2: how to set the host/base url in CLI scripts
Encrpyt/Decrypt Password in Android Application
bool function will not properly compare arrays
How can I include a perl command in sed?
How to set size of custom surfaceview
Backbone.js won't route to same URL as current one
Strange behaviour overriding QWidget::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent* event)
What are the limitations of calculated fields in SSRS?
How to initialize distanceFilter to, say 500m? [closed]
pagination breaks when i + 1
Creating environment variables with a script for make
Trigger something to open from an external link
GNU Make Including source files from target-specific variables
How to store the different timers in a dict or array in a plist to load each view [closed]
Is it possible to use 鈥渆xe installers鈥�with pip?
Using a Citrix server to host an Access database frontend allowing faster access for geographically separated users
How to install SVN on Eclipse Indigo
Cyclic references using POCO entities and Silverlight services
posting xml with dashed elements using restsharp
Any decent virtual world/avatar creation engines? [closed]
How do I resignFirstResponder when I click outside of a UITextField onto a UITableView
SSRS 2008: Make detail groupings wrap (horizonal table?)
Updating or changing authors in Subversion repository
change a line with awk
Setting argv[0] in Haskell?
How to extract a user's group membership in OpenLDAP using c / c++
Android OpenGL: GLbyte LoadShader conversion
fadeIn and fadeOut cross browser
Increment variable
When does jQuery Mobile reload a page when browsing back and forth?
Dynamically Created Checkboxes in GridView Retain Old Values
How to convert a string to Date class in javascript?
How to import SystemVerilog macros?
c# Regular Expression for Number Range Decimal
Android Test Project - Reading assets file to test plain java object
Email 2 or more Excel Workbooks with Vba
C++ - passing parameter by reference in a function which returns int
JAXB in maven multi module
sizeof a static array in C
How do I use INetFw interfaces for multiple network connections?
How do I move the cursor to the end the content in the RadEditor?
Improved performance with move semantics and rvalue references
JSP don麓t load data when it is inside another JSP with <s:include>
Opening external workbook
Use a PHP webapp as a data source for Outlook contacts
Why does return debugger fail in javascript?
javascript setTimeout not doing what I expect
.net sql exception handling - how to get the sp parameter/values
How do I select the first of a number of rows sharing a single field in common using SQL Server 2005
Identifying gradient filled region
How to transition between different body backgrounds onClick? (Attempt 2)
AWS and Linode server for web application
How I can fix this script php with joomla?
MSBuild task could not be loaded error
Hide navigationBar resize view when main view is UIScrollView but not UIView
How do I select an alternative member function implementation, depending on a template argument?
Getting 鈥淕enerate serialization assembly鈥�to work
Is it possible to prevent MSBuild printing colourized output
Google App engine - External image/video counts bandwidth?
NSString wont output newline character in NSTextField..
Pinvoke SetFocus to a particular control
Draw a Bucket with multiple liquids
What can cause Tomcat to ignore a web application
Deleting rows in a table with Linq to SQL
tnamserv: can we get more logs?
Changing default username/password in RockMongo
Changing default username/password in RockMongo
Cannot delete file Java
.Net RegEx specific example
Within a Grid, how to set a textblock's width
Stop Pingdom counting Social Media in website speed report
How to create partition on hdd using IOCTL_DISK_SET_DRIVE_LAYOUT on C#
.NET WebBrowser - FireBug Style Inspect HTML Element
Entity Framework slower than LinqToSql
Some basic questions about javax vs java packages
android sdk for api 14 and 15 system image wrong size
Concurrency - does jquery handler preserve queue?
Strikethrough text in Adobe Flex 4
C# windows form listbox totaling
New paperclip fingerprint after modifying style?
.htaccess, cannot get first part of a URL in rewrite condition
Android: how to get a faster onDraw()
Calling Custom Options menu when webview is running
Assigning full file path to an array in bash
Trying to assign a value from a listbox to a textbox
Why does my Chrome Profiler doesn't show proper retaining paths for my objects and my objects never released?
Why does my table appear to be clearing vertical space within a cell?
Access object array using pointer
Double-dispatch and alternatives
replacing older digits by newone after increment
How to Target the current frame in Silverlight using C#?
How to iterate/parse Tweepy get_user object
How do I round to 1, 1.5, 2 etc instead of 1, 2 or 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 in R?
How to provide Vertica user with read-only access to certain specified system tables?
How Can I log exception stacktrace via custom junit runner?
How to turn off visibility of X button and disable alt + F4 function
Java - Calling methods in a nested class, specifically an ActionListener
Bookmarking LMS, Moodle SCORM
django-avatar combined with django-notification gives an error
How to embed the contents from a link on a mobile website
How to separate the local configs and the online configs : mvc app
what is wrong with this method of animating a jpg background that dynamically changes with buttons
How to enter a value several times on ASP.NET Webpage?
Representing Trees in SQL Server?
TimePickerDialog for a length - Android
What are the chances a singleton's 'instance' variable becomes null in an android app while switching between Activities?
ExtJS-Parsing json data and display in view
Facebook share button not working for users not logged in to facebook
Java 1.6 java.sql try/catch/finally crazy coding
Add / Remove header and footer dynamically
Creating a database connection class java
LINQ - Method vs Query Syntax Difference
Htaccess ModRewrite: remove www and change a directory name
using nested try statement in java
Adding EditorAttribute at Run-time (Dynamically) to an Object's special Property
Maintaining a list of Panels containing controls. Losing Event Handlers
Long URL string with ignored encoded string
Does a dynamic allocation of characters using new require for the compiler to initialize them to zero
Spring MVC - how not to lose field values when binding to a form partially
An Ektron form in a dropzone doesn't submit when logged out (8.0.1 SP1)
How do you apply light sources using OpenGL ES 2.0?
Multiple BPEL/ Mediator payloads how to store in DB using DB adapter
How to use unit testing to test that a button launches the correct Activity
Trying to re-open a closed dialog doesn't work
Standalone Tomcat protection against rogue domains pointing to its IP
Running cmd as Administrator in PHP
State of CheckBox can no more be checked after mail merge
ntpstat from c++ program
mysql Like issue [closed]
android canvas click failure T_T
Timeout in a Remote Powershell WMI Query
How can I get the PageInstance from the BackStack?
SHA1 encoding in Haskell
Datagridview like control for
Backbone.js: trigger an event on a view after the render
jQuery UI Selectable: how to get mouse coordinates on 'stop' event?
Achieving safe dereference in jQuery?
Errors with ContentObserver for Contacts
Generate a Random Starting Index With jQuery
Zend Framework - Modules - Only Bootstrap Current Module
ERROR Android app not installed on device?
List files in a directory having more than one space
Tomcat 7.0 Maven Plugin - configuration in settings.xml
Howto detect if iframe is fully expanded or not?
Database Locking JPA2 Hibernate Spring accross mutiple VMs
Why does this extern 鈥淐鈥�function not work using python ctypes?
CakePHP Making Child Models for different types of Comments
multiple mysqli multi_query
Masking CGContext with a CGPathRef?
subversion: equivalent of forcing a tag in cvs
IBM Java J9 v6 hard and soft limits for number of threads under Windows 64 bit?
Debug MATLAB functions called from a JAVA program
Accessing Control/Form-Objects through Classes leads to reinitialization
App crashing鈥bjc_exception_throw
Twig render a template inside template
Flash is ignoring my most of my tags in a HTML TextField
permissions preventing UpdateListItems from running properly, using SPServices
Infinite jquery plugin doesn't work
Extract Numeric Value using SAS
Possible to throw new errors from Ajax success event?
DataTemplate to generate Menu with MVVM
OutputStream won't save all updates on a file
Mac OSX-Lion Python-LDAP Unrecognized Symbol: _ber_pvt_opt_on
StatET in Eclipse and R
Rails Devise roots, what's the difference between namespace and authenticated?
Google Analytics Reg Ex isn't tracking goal URL
Google Analytics Reg Ex isn't tracking goal URL
jQuery - datepicker fails to activate on element inserted after page load
How do I exclude classes from being instrumented by the maven-emma plugin?
Underline StyleConstant in a different colour with AttributeSet
sybase update trigger - check multiple rows for update
LINQ to SQL Add CASE STATEMENT then original field NOT FOUND
XDocument binding Elements and Attributes
How can I set the default picture style in Outlook 2007
ScaPy and Python 3.2
Disguising Image Files In Java
SlidesJS slider is slow and jumpy on iOS
css: howto underline a block, but not the parts where it has text
jQuery load external JavaScript with $(document).ready fails
Embedded relation with symfony 1.4
How to URL Redirect 鈥渨ww.example1.com鈥�& 鈥渨ww.example2.com鈥�& 鈥渆xample2.com鈥�to 鈥渆xample1.com鈥�in IIS7
Ajax Calls in Phone Gap Fails in IOS
Django to share login session with Jasperserver
Pyramid ignores my logging configuration
Does the .visible property affect performance?
Error compiling C++ file using g++
Sorting entries inside a ListView
jQuery on submit validation, with modal dialog at the end?
Insert Group And Content in OpenAceess
How to receive events for any notifications appearing on notitication bar in Android
CSS Positioning for mobile devices
Entity Framework cascade delete parent row in self-referenced table
How to convert an image from color to black and white (grayscale) in Java
How to access values of .txt file in XML format?
This is very likely to create a memory leak in tomcat 7.0.x
PhoneGap catch 'Go' pressed event for iPhone
Caching: wrong paths and pages are not expired
How to get contact information when creating a contact from TEL URI
Using 'property' as the name of a method in a python class
WCF Service or Web API
Generate repeaters according to user inputs
Run texi2pdf without calling bibtex
Exception on EntityManager only after compiling code on Netbeans 7.1 and GlassFish Server 3.1
Is there a way to check which activity started the new activity on screen?
Shell script to export environment variables in make
Angled headings in CSS
EasyPHP 5.3.9 - can't run php from windows console
How to know time spent on each test when using unittest?
Navigation bar that doesn't reload
C# XNA Xbox, in this case optional parameters are not optional
Apple Push Notification Response IP address
JQGRID Should not refresh after post back
Replace a Javascript alert pop up with a fancy box alert
Symfony 2 - Validate a field with NotBlank & Type constraints
How can I determine variable scope in this C# Webforms example?
IIS 6 - Classic ASP - Set *.asp response header's content-type to 鈥渢ext/html;charset=UTF-8鈥�
IIS 6 - Classic ASP - Set *.asp response header's content-type to 鈥渢ext/html;charset=UTF-8鈥�
EPiServer Dynamic Properties null / not updated
Reading unicode from console
How to handle leap year in sql queries
C++ searching for biggest numbers in array
create variables from CSV header row in Ruby
Referencing Sharepoint 2010 bin folder
How to resolve pronoun in english language(MY PROJECT IS IN JAVA)? Is there any predefined method which says dependency of pronoun with proper noun..? [closed]
unique values in array count
Removing duplicate interaction pairs in python sets
CSS Z-Index not affecting relatively positioned images
How to identify deltas of changes between two strings?
zodb: when PersistentDict, when Folder?
Updating and join on multiple rows, which row's value is used?
validations in MVC2/MVC3 with out DataAnnotations
Wicket encoding issue on Google App Engine
is protocol buffers suitable for long term serialization?
How can I cast an object as parameter of Function1[Array[_], Unit] inScala
Qt4: Making 鈥淪imple Dom Model鈥�editable; inserting rows
Qt Creator and external libraries fail to link (HALCON)
Cannot stop Tomcat6 installed via Macports in Mac OS X 10.7.3
Jboss Maven plugin takes too long to deploy
How to make an introduction page with Doxygen
Any way to get the type of Tuple<> item(s)
The identity certificate for could not be found?
Locate Tray Icon
AJAX (XmlHttpRequest) timeout length by browser
Colorbox ajax data - jScrollPane initialises first time correct but after .destroy reinitialise not working, empty colorbox
TFS - .Net api to build, merge, associate workitems and more
Migrating from v1 to v3 - Can't find or automatically infer mapping model for migration
Special OutputStream to work into memory and file depending on the amount of input data
getting class attr in jquery
Zoom and Pan in
Rails reading in and rendering seperate html doc, need <base> to only apply to the read in html
Leaked DB Connection
Programmatically determine VGA or DVI on a primary monitor using Windows API?
How to suppress stylecop/fxcop/visual studio code analysis for auto generated file?
What javascript method to target descendants?
Improve performance of XmlSerializer
Secure Hosting Environment
Redis Log says Connection Reseted by Peer
ADB missing in Ubuntu for HTC Desire S?
How to use STL to do a case insensitive binary search for a string
Xcode/iPad animateWithDuration background/foreground
Creating main menu for DOS program
Xcode Updating a table from another method
Call to a member function - Codeigniter
Avoiding shared_ptr redirection
Is it safe to left task unreferenced
How do you get a fresh checkout every build in CruiseControl.NET?
libQGLViewer installation on MacOS 10.7.2: Asking for Qt3 Support?
Interpreting sys.dm_db_missing_index_group_stats, especially inequality_columns in SQL Server
Add Build Action for ANTLR in Visual Studio
CAS authentication - UrlRewriteFilter nullifies request.getRemoteUser()
Changing QWidget with QGlWidget in Qt 4.8.0
How to create ASP.NET Web API Url?
In ASP.Net MVC3 how do I let .Net assign the ID of a table html element?
how to get stack trace c++ functions names in android
Javascript (Jquery) Loop not working
Rails doesn't map my url correctly with url_for
Concurrency and Multi-threading in Firefox Extensions
Last command in same terminal
In SQL Server, how can I lock a single row in a way similar to Oracle's 鈥淪ELECT FOR UPDATE WAIT鈥�
Storing data into array of hashes
Different watermark image depending on size of original image
Inlining and reflection, do methods disappear when they shouldn't? [duplicate]
segmentation fault when deleting a map with struct being the keys
Showing/Hiding Divs with the same class name - Javascript
Datatables server-side automatic row id
How Do I Remove Display Objects in External Functions with Corona SDK Storyboard API?
Thread 1:EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=2, address=0xbf7ffffc)
monotouch DialogViewController select one or more elements
Android Inflater Add View
Different Behaviour Unwinding Stack in x64 and x32
generators that defer to sub-generators
Is it okay for a mixed-framework NuGet package to have a dependency on a .NET 4-only NuGet package?
Sort a list of interface objects
How to add padding-left on a UILabel created programmatically?
mutating method sent to immutable object error when using mutable array functions
Eclipse Indigo Update from SR1 to SR2
Could not retrieve data in a sql query. Works in sql server but fails in Visual studio
how to write to csv with a leading zero?
Place values inside bars of chart (Reporting Services 2008)
solr sort query to sort based on field values
Redirect from /index.html
Provide embedded block for another site [closed]
Compiling UFFI dependent programs on ECL
ANT Umlauts within discription attribute
Join two tables, only use latest value of right table
Facebook: Get friended fans of page
sfValidatorRegex with multiple patterns in symfony
android - how to define touchable areas inside a circle
How do I specialize this template member function?
How to serialize to xml using Linq
Has anyone tried using feedzilla to display mysql queries?
Python: why is __dict__ attribute not in built-in class instances
using my custom font in other android apps
How do I change the color of inactive fields in Informatica's edit windows?
How to program a button made in code
Firing JPA listeners on collection field change
UDP broadcast, difference between XP and Vista
Import CSV file into sqlite3 using Ruby script
Can I publish Open Graph Actions from my Facebook app to a user's news feed in addition to their timeline?
How to execute a shell command securely as a web service [closed]
.NET WCF Exception
How to Filter foreignkey in gridPanel
concurrency issues with granite ds , flex
sed delete whole line NOT containing given string
Catch Exception thrown by a SwingWorker located in a different class
Issue with og:image and Facebook Recommendations
main function - what is the point of a return value? [duplicate]
Should I use intent service?
How can I add a unique count of a specific field to my report?
AJAX issues with IE9
How can I tell the compiler that my generics will definitely allow 鈥�=鈥�or casting to int?
UIColor and Graphics Context
PHP populated button onclick issue
Use of __autoreleasing in code snippet example
htaccess category structure
facelets insert/define with value binding expression
dynamic properties with decorators
How to save automatically specific content of a website to my Mysql database using php
Parse SOAP Response using Simple XML PHP
Following a Twitter Authorization Dialogue with an Alert in iOS5
Is this a correct way to delete an object with the delegate?
Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Compiler Error Message: CS1513: } expected
Twisted: How can I identify protocol on initial connection, then delegate to appropriate Protocol implementation?
Adding a current/active state to a jQuery scroller/Side Menu
Code to match data held in an sql database
How to shorten long code but still keep in the philosphy of Zend framework
Tridion: Errors when setting a page's metadata schema in the event system
Should I learn JavaScript before CoffeeScript? [closed]
If I used gzipped JavaScript files, I get illegal character/token errors in both Chrome and Firefox
How to avoid a 502.3 error (due to unknown HTTP header) when web app is behind a reverse proxy?
Configuration Error when taking project from local host to server
Flash syntax error
Mac: auto connect to IOBluetoothDevice
jquery slideToggle() not 鈥渟liding鈥�in but out
WP7 - Detect incomming text message
Error Binding a property of a user control wp7
How exactly can I use MITK through Qt?
'80040154 Class not registered' with interop from ASP.NET
Drawing a GraphicsItem inside a GraphicsPolygon
Formula to find the +/- sign of the angle between two points?
.htaccess rewrite folder exception
Wordpress shortcode not generating markup properly
Parsing svg using .NET XLinq - 'xlink' is an undeclared prefix
Defining a property within a class
Linux kernel sendpage function
Asp.Net MVC - Check for a route value in the Url
Asp.Net MVC - Check for a route value in the Url
ggplot scale_y_log10() issue
Scripted drive info to text file works in win7 and server2008 but not working in XP
MVC3 Model Data Separation
Adobe AIR to iPhone stage size
Lightweight alternatives to firebug lite
Spring integration request/reply correlation over TCP/IP - NO JMS
Chrome does not display images with clip, opacity, translateZ set
How can i give the same layout both in portrait and landscape mode with onConfigurationChange()?
External script debugger in IE9 (32bit) does not open and debugging JS with VS2010
Magento Collection/Grid - Rename field/column values
Navigation from one Place to another in GWT
Java Displaying different objects
Using QtRuby with DBus signals
return what type of data?
Is there any .net compiler releasing soon to make linq faster than foreach?
SMS DELIVERED listener - get recipient address
Coalesce in Dynamic Linq
Analyzing and profiling multi-threaded application
Increment a variable in InstallAware
Delete link text with jQuery
jsf locales 1 step behind, with htmlpanelgrid (not updated because auf restore view)
Run jQuery AJAX call when previous AJAX call fail due to connection was unexpactly closed
Enable Put Command on lightTPD
ReflectionClass::getDefaultProperties() and class constants
Opera security and sites that resolve to both public and private IPs
calling ant task in my plugin and redirect the output to the console
Why does grails-2.0.1 fail to create User, Role and UserRole domain objects in the BootStrap class init method?
Wall content on my website
jQuery selector for links to images which tolerates query strings
Monitor a change in property
Handling large String values in database VARCHAR2 columns
How can a step in an SSIS package check for the time?
Change Twitter Bootstrap Tooltip content on click
Drupal+Ubercart: Get product list
Sending Entity Framework entities over WCF: how to prevent serialization of navigation fields?
How to programmatically replace an HyperLinkField in a ASP.NET GridView
ImportError After Install of lxml on OS X 10.6.8
Using a lot of hardcoded strings in code
jQuery/JavaScript Selector OR ,, [duplicate]
MDN javascript docs for offline use Winform -Multiple forms show & hide
pass contents of ViewModel to Details page from Index in MVC3
How to center align logo image and right align navigation ul
Biztalk The part 'part' of message '<MessageName>' contains zero bytes of data
Cannot be accessed. The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read-only
invite friends to created event using Graph API javascript
Access textbox value in a header in a master page to .aspx.vb page
Entity Framework 4.3 Migration Strategy for Database Used by Multiple Applications
If user photo not present then display generic image
Font-face doesn't work for me in FF 10.0.1
blinking in custom drag/tap implementation
Regex without r n and not entirely space
Contain script function within body of html
How validate number fields with validateRegex in a JSF-Page?
IOS - Phonegap - barcodescanner
Client side templating and search engine referencing
Is there a consistent way to use associative arrays in Cake Session Component methods?
How to Pass innerHTML Argument? [duplicate]
about override run() method of GUI in main method
RestKit: Map 2-Dimensional Array (Collection in Collection)
ORACLE 10g : How to import without foreign key constraint error?
Not concatenating content with classes in jQuery
Enumeration type as return value in soapcpp2
Redefinition error (C2365) in C++/CLI caused by Babel Obfuscator
Concept: Using WCF Service VS. Sockets VS.? MVC client validation, no client validation with sub-items?
Pagedown using class attribute instead of id
ormlite: Dealing with a default Value of 鈥�000-00-00鈥�for a Date column in Mysql
check whether a table exists in ms access through jdbc
Creating an AsyncTask class on its own seperate
Fail to create a PDF once deployed on heroku
clearInterval not working
Fatal error when calling git from bash script in Jenkins
autoload data to extjs window
Why I received an 鈥淣o such property鈥�on dbm-update with grails dbm-migration plugin?
Firefox/Gecko adding spacing around inline-block divs?
SQL query optimization (Pervasive)
Xcode 4.2: How to import .h file from subproject
java fx:How can we position shapes inside a pane?
looking for file extension filter for both desktop and Android java app
php submitting multipart and xml together to web service
Set font to bold in one cell, when row is selected. Jqgrid
How to change column names of a dataframe using rpy2
IE9 Float32Array error, while Firefox and Chrome are OK
How extract a picture from a dll file with MEF
Playing base64 midi files in IE9
Getting the rendered output of a Spring 3.1 MVC View
Android networkonmainthreadexception from non main thread
How to avoid a Win32 exception when accessing Process.MainModule.FileName in C#?
Java: Immutability of Composite Objects
cms and multilanguage
OpenRDF Sesame - 404 error
Changing from an auto_incrementing index in MySQL
Emgu CV blob detection in gray image
doctrine persist php class which inherit doctrine entity
How can I enable/disable unobtrusive validation on show/hide via jquery?
TFS Build email alerts to the [Requested By] user
In Rails, can't add new methods to Array::Class in development env (works in test env)
MFMailComposeViewController image attachment broken icon and rotation
c++ next_permutation algorithm
Making a unit test (c#) in Visual Studio 2010. What I'm doing wrong? The test fails always
Does a string from mySQL match the same string specified manually?
Why does Visual Studio 2010 keep adding a 鈥渞eference to self鈥�in my class library?
WCF rest large json error
Multiple pages on a same machine (Linode)
how do i add items to a queue then start sending them one after one?
strange error with tables - Ruby on Rails
Restrict asmx access to local
Javascript documentation on getParameterByName?
An example how to apply xsl transformation to a single XmlNode in C#
opinions needed for saving data
Handle 鈥減ress enter key鈥�on android
ftp doesn't download the file properly in java?
Order List - Background Image to include list-style decimal
A custom magento display of products
a way to avoid to rename the file to open when using document function (XSLT)?
how enable requests async mode?
Error when trying to use the SQLite wrapper FMDatabase
Why care about trailing commas in Node.js?
converting a UTF-8 character to an ASCII 7 bit with even parity byte in Java
Hiding HTML5 Javascript [duplicate]
Mysql - Most efficient way to handle table of vendor/venue pairs
Performance counter CPU usage for current process is more than 100
XML + SQL: Any free standalone tool capable of injecting results of SQL queries into XML?
How to select parent rows that doesn't have child and child that has parent rows
jtable - how to set gap between columns
Eliminate Portion of String in VB.NET
Using PHP to change file encoding generates newlines
Setting min/max years on x-axis using matplotlib
Error binding type variables in instance of typeclass
drawing on rotated canvas (set diry regions)
django: grappelli: routing fails
Magento - Added Tab gives Option menu to include closing ul and div
Firefox console Error: attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope
Enumerating and Switching Wireless Profiles in WM6 without using OpenNetCF
SimpleCov with multiple apps - or in short, how does Simplecov work?
How to perform calculations on nested form items?
ignore Field File with jquery validation
Ioc/DI - Why do I have to reference all layers/assemblies in entry application?
Can the subdomain URL segment be used as a class in Codeigniter?
How to set a text of label in javascript by using the text of dynamically generated label's?
How to change the order of elements in a matched jQuery set
How to get the 7 days in a week with a currentDate in javascript?
How to search references with Eclipse IDE in spring xml files?
Apache passenger configuration for my rails3 application
Rotate an object in SVG
NoMethodError undefined method `fields' for nil:NilClass
iOS Core Plot: Adjust y axis padding to label size
Running a Javascript file (Adsense) after page load
Retrieve mySQL Data On Radio Button Click
Apache doesn't use all bandwith
How to write a function that has a boost::Range as parameter?
How to return a value from from a TWRequestHandler completion handler in iOS?
Ruby open returning a string instead of a file?
ItemsControl groups in tabs
Run process under current user
Compression algorithm that produces url safe data
How to integrate, run or combine a Flash game with my Titanium Appcelerator app?
How can I make an Android app communicate with a web server over the internet?
Is there a way to write javascript interface requirements?
Undefined Index when variable is present
How to communicate between code-behind file and ViewModel
How could I replicating the template T's argument list like make_shared<T>()
Can IIS6.0 host two SSL certificates?
How can I move my cursor to the bottom line displayed in the current window?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java.rmi.server.UID is a restricted class
What is the Difference B/W TCB(Thread control block) & PCB(Process)
Reset PHP Error before running included script
how to implement 2 different ads to appear to the bottom
How to use column value as column header?
jQuery UI Position to set 鈥渞ight鈥�and 鈥渂ottom鈥�instead of 鈥渓eft鈥�and 鈥渢op鈥�
Java: ArrayList initializing (difference between 2 code lines)
Caching web page and the NO-CACHE meta tag
Encode a String into a BigInteger then decode back to String
creating and sending a XML document in jQuery
What are alternatives to OpenSplice and RTI DDS implementations?
Changing contents of an xul element
Facebook access token 鈥淵ou are using an incompatible web browser鈥�with php
Java to NPAPI for Chrome Extension
Stacking floated Divs
Which approach should I take for my mobile application?
EF returning proxy class instead of actual entity
Yahoo UI Compressor error The attribute 鈥淚nclude鈥�in element <CssFiles> is unrecognized
New Timeline look landing tab / page
Ruby file copy produces different file
Stop Google Analytics Realtime tracking on Adobe AIR app after closing?
Rails button_to: how to specify the controller?
Delphi XE: class constructor doesn't get called in a class using generics
What is the parameter 鈥渄istance鈥�when using search fql?
JSF2.0 + Primefaces 3.0.1 + jquery 1.6.4 + p:commandLink + IE8 throws Unexpected call to method or property
Linq optimization of query and foreach
Generics in C# - Cannot convert 'classname' to 'TGenericClass'
Inherting data from other models?
What T4 file is used to generate an EDMX from database via 鈥淯pdate Model From Database鈥�
ClickOnce .application timing out with unknown subtype
did the git submodule behavior change?
Custom transaction level in Delphi DBX firebird
Getting Database Connection using Quartz
Delay changing innerHTML text using jQuery
Redirecting to another view controller
I want to Obtain Twitter Follower and Following List in android But getting NullPointer
Disable fancybox within viewports in Media Queries
Arabic text defaulting to default font
Using Random.Next() in a collection/object initializer
How to create a blog using php or xml [closed]
MailboxProcessor.PostAndReply design choice