Inserting line breaks before numbers in a text
Query not attempting to insert into identity column but getting error : Cannot insert explicit 鈥�identity column 鈥�when Identity_Insert is off
Serializing Complex Objects on Android (Java)
regex pattern java symbols
Is it possible to pass data as part of NSNotifications?
Certain Characters Deleted When Submitted Through POST
How can I cleanly write abstractions for interacting with RESTful resources?
How to: Load hdpi resource into mdpi system
Mutually referential fields in Play
jQuery HTML Content Slide Plugin
Inconsistent escaping behavior of single quote string
Viewing / Retrieving Attributes
locationServicesEnabled == YES, but [[CLLocationMagager alloc] init] returns nil
Horizontal line filling the space between TextView and parent
UpdateObject of Wcf data service Entities
TFS2010: Prevent check-in if code analysis warning exists
How to make Ruby model find, select return integer for integer columns?
Binary search algorithm in python
Schedule children DynamicActivity loaded from external XAML with parameters
Rails3 - Adding default values to associated table after_create
sharepoint 2010 create list from template
TWiki, Mail and Proxies & gmail
Cocoa, binding using Collection Operators and To-Many relationship properties
PHP Error parsing XML (simpleXML)
MySQL: query to return the row offset only
iOS UITableViewCell Optimization
Entity Framework data insertion bad performance for a database with 750 tables
PROCEDURE can't return a result set in the given context
Java NIO. An effective solution for simulating a basic download application or not?
Why is smoothScrollToPosition not registering as onScrollStateChanged event
WebSphere 7.0 run configuration for eclipse 3.7 (no plugin)
How to determine whether it is an entire series modification from the GetItem response?
esper and update listener concurrency
Protected/Public Variables Vs. Closures in F#
parse_url returning empty string for url: ''
GIT marks whole functions as modified after Eclipse file reformat
Multi-threaded processing in Python 3 on Windows
Serving relative images using assetic
How can I print the bash output of the java stack-trace to a file in Linux?
iOS Objective C: Display RTF document
sending a post from iOS app to php script not working鈥�Simple solution is likey
Read stream twice
Form submit using jquery
HttpClient:HttpGet Method failed: HTTP/1.0 503 Service Unavailable
CAKEPHP foreign key restraint - Debug shows correct values
filter javascript object
mail() not working
Search files from various sites and list them
MVC: Calling action methods from other areas in my controller to my view beginform
Extracting the first number in a field
How are components removed with Castle 3.0?
User Input data - Insert into a SQL database [closed]
Menu bar menu entries get disabled after period of time
Thoughts on highest performance method regarding LINQ
ev.h C header missing
Encoding gets lost while exporting database
Add SimpleXML node to SimpleXML
Get Results from XP_CMDSHELL
How to match an element whose type's namespace is xsd:string
At what time in the week is the Internet traffic low?
Jquery validate/jquery form requires 2 clicks to submit
How to scalably implement something like Google alerts?
Why does this string comparison does not work?
How can I build Unittests with check?
Starting of bash script
How to fire 鈥渟crollsToTop鈥�after tapping the status bar programmatically?
IntentService STICKY and sensor monitoring stops when it shouldn't in Android
How to get Lantronix XPort IP address programmatically
Checking for placeholder text using Selenium Webdriver
Check Facebook Permissions on iOS
Ruby on Rails : Autotest-notification on Ubuntu 10.04
Booleans have two possible values. Are there types that have three possible values? [duplicate]
Asset Pipeline doesn't find precompiled assets
How is it possible to call URI module in Ruby
True Type font coloring
Spring MVC Homepage Controller
4clojure exercise 2
How can I prevent IE form auto-fill from filling in a honeypot field?
What are Android Certificates? [closed]
Accessing cookies in tornado over ajax calls in flask
magento inability to log in with admin account
How to use read a comma delimited text file using split() in java/jsp to seperate each element
Is there a special way to declare/define C++ constructors (and destructors)
Activator.CreateInstance(鈥� is not finding parameterized constructor
inverting the list of items in a UITableView
SQL multiple outer joins (converting t-sql joins to ANSI format)
Setting a folder type with Exchange Web Service API
How to conditionally delete rows from data frame
WebBrowser control navigate
Two way communication in two android emulators
Blackberry: unable to access current PhoneCall info inside PhoneListener.callDisconnected()
How to convert byte[] array to IntPtr? [duplicate]
NETSNMP does not update the EngineTime after 鈥淪NMP Not In Time Window鈥�error, how to manually reset the internal NETSNMP SSL structures?
Old project running slowly on iOS 5
how to flush jenkins violations history
./ Operation not permitted
WP7 browser control won't invoke javascript Error 80020101
I need to convert the file path in windows say from c: abc efg mmm.txt to c: abc mm.txt?
Exercise with vector code snippet, includes for loop
Sending Image in AS3
ASP.NET MVC 4 Remember page index
Understanding GIT workflow a little better
Is it possible to change the Hybrid maptype as an StyledMapType?
Casting a custom type from VB6 to a List<> in C#?
Python: Read and write namespaced XML using ElementTree
multiple dependent drop down jsp
Magento- How to roll back all the database changes when extension is uninstalled
Cannot create an object from a active x component
Java code generation and execution at runtime, java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Interaction between fancy-settings options and popup.html
Git: How to avoid merging / fetching a wrong remote in a branch?
Draw a circle or square around a number in a table cell
operator() overloading for structure
Magento Related Products
Better way to initialize UIImageView with non-zero origin
How to deal with stale persisted subscriptions?
Editing framework-res.apk
null column change datatype
PHP best CAPTCHA choice [closed]
mpdf no output and php errors in mpdf.php
Where can I find a ByteUtils implementation to do String operations (indexOf, split, etc.) on a byte array?
iOS CAKeyFrameAnimation Scaling Flickers at animation end
ResolveEventArgs.RequestingAssembly is Null
what is wrong with a relational DB and why would you switch to mongoDB [closed]
Setting up CCNET security
Create an email link with area shape
SelectionChanged Event for ListBox in panorama.ItemTemplate for Windows Phone?
C++ Active Object
Wordpress Custom Featured image size?
How do you show table data on tab control?
jQuery Widget Plugin: Calling an optional function gives 鈥渃annot read property of undefined鈥�
Need help to understand :source_type option of has_one/has_many through of Rails
svn: 'pre-commit' hook failed with error output:
TextToSpeech Quality
Combining two match patterns in one
OpenGL texture colors are wrong
JPA and selective ManyToOne relationship
Compiler error - msgfmt command not found when compiling git on a shared hosting
How can I exclude another value from a column in joined table SQL
getprocaddress acting different from a dll and an exe
Frequency count all words in a single column in a a table using php
rails css compass grid with 100% width? calendar control. Date selectable after 2 days from the current
How can I get this effect (on height) with jquery?
Get numeric countryCode using MKPlacemark?
How last thrown Exception contains previously thrown Exception?
Yii and Mod Rewrite: redirect to user language translated url
string (from substr) conversion to unsigned int
What is the Preferred Method to having multiple websites share checkout sessions
add LinearLayout via addContentView(). Sliding drawer now beneath the last added Content
No column name returned - is there way to return a column name?
If I change a WSDL's targetNamespace, will it break existing consumers?
How do I read this complex declaration in C [duplicate]
Whitescreen issue in IE9 - Removing iframe
How to convert rows to columns in indexed view?
jquery/ajax + django
Xcode linker flag -force_load for static library which is built in project [duplicate]
php header, content type png doesn't work
jquery onclick handler not called for the first click, then works
How to display an image in a given position
How to get and send files from an application to another machine or Windows Explorer but not another application?
Data grid view in win form does not re size with its content
Minimalistic geospatial searching solution for Python
How to add callback function in js?
OpenEdge ABL / Progress 4GL Query
can't connect to mysql remote
2 consecutive for loops will not run
Make List Of Divs Sortable & Clickable
UDP Server Windows Service and dependencies
Installing counterclockwise plugin manually
How to set default keyboard for EditText
jQuery adding/removing DOM elements: Scrollbar issue
gdb: how to set a breakpoint in a file with spaces
python suds and socksipy
android taking picture by MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE - specifying image size
checking if text is entered. Could not find error
Failing to fetch CategorizedFacebookType
How to compile a custom folder structure with ndk-build?
how to insert an image into a div with jquery
drawing framework in java
Subselect in ORDER BY? Valid SQL?
Implementing own quicksort on dynamic array
How does C# handle operator overloading
EasyMock 3 with a class:
getLatLngBounds returns weird bounds
JS: detect right click without jQuery (inline)
Get checked radio button when migrate to JQM 1.1 RC1 not working
Where constraint on Generic Type with Double Typeparam - boxing/unboxing?
How to use copyfile when there are spaces in the directory name?
Extract text from pdf to c#
group a validation
overloading the < operator inside a class
Invalid cookie header : Unable to parse expires attribute when expires attribute is empty
How to commit non-session objects using Hibernate session [duplicate]
iOS: Method 25 times slower testing on device versus simulator
Django - CheckboxSelectMultiple without 鈥�-----鈥�choice
C# Regex with words including asterisks
SQL-query to filter on two fields in combination
Android EditText value not showing up, getText returns a value
Static function in fsharp on usual classes
How do I get data back from Paypal so I can alter my MySQL database accordingly?
Strange Redraw behavior in Android
What is the first global.asax event that Session is accessible assuming the context handler is IRequiresSessionState or IReadOnlySessionState?
error in fortran program
how to deal with the onclick event when two view overlapping
Windows Media Player's media sharing is stopping
Where can I get some source code for the earth/globe to integrate into my android application? [closed]
Using Multiple Emulators for the same Project
Connecting Pyside with Matplotlib using QtDesigner - using pushButton to draw
WebView URL Filtering Android
Microsoft wceload tool kills all runing processes
How to get element's attribute set in CSS class
matlab: get all permutations for a specific logical matrix
Sharing identical controller code between areas in ASP.NET MVC
iphone game light effects with cocos2d
editing git patch gives 鈥淵our edited hunk does not apply鈥�
how to get my current longitude and latitude from my android device
EF4: Why does proxy creation have to be enabled when lazy loading is enabled?
Run a command in erlang with a parameter
Local Activity manager issue in android
Python SUDS - Interrogating the WSDL for MinOccurs and MaxOccurs values
not able to see application sandbox on Mac OSX Lion (10.7.2)
Import upsell products for another product in magento from CSV
temporary file name generation
Dynamic Columns using Coalesce with PHP & SQL
how to change a specific field in the record by searching with a string and replacing the value using linux from another file
serversocket java sending msg to a set destination
Does an empty value pack expansion match a type pack or optional type parameter?
WCF and SQL error
Single image with GWT 2.4 requires an ImageResource?
Is it possible to use X-AppEngine-Country within an application
Populate Table From Radio Button
Apache not serving django admin static files
jQuery load and callback problems
Updating database on __destruct()?
Test SQL Db Connection
Non-parser example for `Control.Applicative.optional`
Visual C++ 10.0 bug in std::reference_wrapper?
Does Jasmine's toThrow matcher require the argument to be wrapped in an anonymous function?
Google maps api v3 infowindow position in custom image
Google maps api v3 infowindow position in custom image
How should I use @CachePut and @CacheEvict annotations with ehCache (ehCache 2.4.4, Spring 3.1.1)
Path of assets in CSS files in Symfony 2
x,y point shifts when the width is reduced below 200 in QGraphicsScene
Button that responds to UIControlEventTouchUpInside and touches methods
Change existing MySQL table inside NetBeans
Transparent window application to overlay in Windows
How to layout a VideoView next to TextView with scrolling list underneath
Difference between PowerShell / SQL Server snap in's / tools?
Upload multiple files using HttpFileCollectionBase issue with C# and MVC3
Rewriting MySQL date functions for SQLite
Strange, double click/mouse dragging will trigger key event 鈥淐TRL-C鈥�
how to sort results in google places api
How to get the row position in a listview when a button is clicked inside it
Solaris and Java contiguous memory clarification needed
Netbeans plugin: get Project of currently open dialogue
ASP.NET Web API Ninject constructor injected custom filter and attributes
Why is my presentModalViewController not working from inside AppDelegate?
Is it possible to override Android PackageManager::clearAllApplicationUserData?
Make Node's 鈥渇orever鈥�log to syslog
Creating a custom form type in symfony2: can't overwrite buildView()
Eclipse editor doesn't recognize Scipy content
Print in JavaCC
Chinese Django Admin not working
NSIS uninstaller RMDir from appdata folder
flickr API commercial application
Does getComputedStyle, in IE9, always return pixel values?
Store data on WP7?
Display horizontal rows vertically sql server 2005
NHibernate API documentation
Is there a way to permanently attach the console window to the main XCode window?
Second order functions in GLSL?
(Why) Should I choose Unity 3 or Cocos2d (or something third) for my app?
Could not find RubyGem railties
Install parent POM without building Child modules
For n00b:Sending numeric data to plus another data then save summary Data in different View NSUserDefault [closed]
How to keep changed status of CheckBoxList?
split 1 big form into several sub forms
Javascript get all tags with the same name
WPF vs XNA for Imagerendering for Surface 2.0
How to use spotify Image Class?
Actionscript works when tested in flash, but not on html page?
jquery value insertion to table
java sockets programming
How does method over riding work in case where method signature remains same but generic parameters differ?
Cancel sharepoint workflow
IIS 7.5 MVC3 Speed Issues [closed]
How to get a list of folders that I can remove?
Google map location displayed in historic real time
How (if possible) can I set the duration of a CGAffineTransformRotate
udp packet not coming through
Apache Axis - Java WS Client Code and SoapUI giving different responses
Microdata: including <span> as a child of <figure>
Chrome Extension: retrieve AD credentials from session to auto-login on Wordpress
How I Render A Html/JavaScript In Grails Controller?
Calling superclass from within subclass
site name or in page title? [closed]
How to get substring from given character?
template match - how to specify OR conditon
Best place to create global object in ASP.NET MVC
FileMaker PHP API Connection Issue
unresolved external symbol - Error using Matlab API
Why are Mercurial backouts in one branch affecting other branches?
Android WebView not refreshed after webview content has been modified by JavaScript
What is the regular expression to find 鈥�name鈥�from 鈥渁bc $name,efg鈥�in Ruby code?
How to add new form using envDTE
How to call a php template from a twig template
Has the -TargetDatabase flag been renamed in EF 4.3 Migrations?
Why is my Python regular expression not extracting relative URL's from links?
Building a parameter string from XML in PHP - where to add the 鈥�amp;鈥�symbol
How can I add an interface with delegate implementations to a class?
Do I need to dispose of a MessageBox or will it take care of itself?
MySQL query - Date format?
Does google analytics track all folders?
Accessing a MidiDevice in Java
Does TYPO3 has any advanced API to handle FlexForms manipulations?
Eclipse CVS client: 鈥渃annot add file to non-branch tag鈥�
ADB is not working and failed to initialize the monitor thread error occoured in the ddms in android
sql upgrade 2008 -> 2008R2 [closed]
How to implement something like Try to get a value, if null then sleep a little without using Thread.sleep?
login from one domain and after that getting facebook object in another domain using php sdk 3.1.1
converting mysql insert statement to sql server insert statement?
wx controls using a different background colour than they specify
how to make click function in jquery?
Facebook Connect - I always have to click logout before I can log in?
troubles trying to parse an html string with DOMParser
How to join an ActiveRecord result with select_all result by a column ?
How to minify and combine commented out css files
getting dreamweaver hotspots to work in emails
Better to have one or two databases?
How to exclude jars from ear
How to count the number of sub string from a split in java
Access C++ function from QML
How can i manually determine the most general types for the following functions? textbox changed event
EditText cursor position
Rails 3 Devise adding field to registartion form
Simulate ajax-request on facebook using python
Why is my application not able to reach core i7 920 peak FP performance
local variable, optimisation and ARC
local variable, optimisation and ARC
Jquery knowing which class triggered the event?
How can I replace static ObservableCollection so it accesable on all windows in the MVVM way
Facebook events from me and friends [duplicate]
Codeigniter - link
Fixing pry under Ubuntu
Linking errors: <LNK1120> <LNK2020> Implement one serialization data class in C++
IE 8 - Scripts not always load
Async Send to multiple clients and correct usage of FromAsync?
memory allocation in Base *p = new Derived()
javascript_include_tag and stylesheet_link_tag
Coding Style: How to Make Obvious Determination of Parameter's Type We Have To Pass To a Function?
jQuery hover effect image preview going out of the browser's window
Case or If, What to choose in SQL
Override default-lazy-init=true for Spring bean definitions
How can I redirect ant exec task output to both a file and stdout?
Unable to access 'Build Action' property for .cs files
Ajax program form username validation in java
Chained calls of member functions - order of calls
After TFS Database Restore, all functions stopped working
Python open() unicode filename behaviour different across OSes
log4j-Jboss-size based - RollingAppender
How to set UIVIewController to RootViewController?
How to call function with infinite-loop?
JPQL: SIZE function causing strange exceptions on EclipseLink
Where clause based on the current week
Execute querys to DBF files on SQL Server
Python Logging Multiple Files
Creating a JFrame / JLabel using Jython syntax
Django and SaaS. How to use separate database for each Django site?
Running SCHTasks overs a large period of time gives strange results
Listing files of a folder present in the http server
Problems with isset() and $_SESSION variables
How to hide obj folder from WPF project
SSRS matrix report and dynamic column
Lightswitch grid with complicated relationship
run multiple instances of node.js in parallel
Input of a 2D array via button and .txt file Processing Java
Find which season a particular date belongs to
Joomla 1.7 JRequest in k2 search plugin
Math operations on multiple tables
Post on Friends' Wall(s) via Facebook Actionscript 3 SDK
No Writing posible: SSL / TLS with AsyncSocket for iOS
Converting a LEFT OUTER JOIN to Entity Framework
Correlation coefficient for use with nonlinear finite sets
how to list the files on the server [duplicate]
Where is the default ruby installed directory in Ubuntu?
Huge memory leak / bloat after Upgrading from Rails 3.0 to Rails 3.2 (Ruby 1.9.3 + Passenger)
Measure and Arrange a WPF control to use up available space
utilize/saturate the CPUs with multiple processes so that processes still can run properly
utilize/saturate the CPUs with multiple processes so that processes still can run properly
random function in DrRacket
rails3 routes.rb
How to label points on a scatterplot with R?
Constructor Vibrator() is not visible
Classic ASP Integrated Security in connection string
How to vertically center images within an LI element?
Logging to 2 log files using 2 loggers is duplicating the logs (using log4j)
Is it usual practice to combine and minify external JS libraries and css files
Multiple method calling using single servlet
Facebook stream Publish with attachment
Access object within foreach loop
Query list of sub documents with RavenDB
Theming an MVC3 ActionLink so that all links have a consistent width
ASP MVC 4 Web API interface( WSDL)
OpenCV , Face Detection , command understanding : stage_sum += classifier->alpha[sum >= t]
Unit test application including database is too slow
How to modify some data inside textbox area
DataContract and custom set/get to set a DateTime from a string
JavaMail with tomcat6 server
CSS replacement for <div align=鈥渃enter鈥�gt;
Intergrating AspDotNetStorefront with a custom application
Offline maps on PhoneGap using OpenLayers and TileCache
Date issue when using Hibernate Annotated Java Class in Grails
running .net code written in vs 2005 in vs 2010
Setting a form_validation custom message like in callback
Queue object in ASP.NET web app
How to get redirect url on blackberry
How to change the application menu name in PyQt4 on OS X
IOS > Open URL in Safari with POST
Jquery select all elements that have $
Save a DataSet to a database
MS SQL Server with management studio - how to script a table with its data (as insert statements)? [duplicate]
java swing components: binding properties such as font and background color
Self invoking function via setTimeout within object
Maven Checkstyle Plugin creates empty report
Once published my website javascript can't start
sprintf or itoa or memcpy for IPC
Script for renaming files with logical
UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext value pass to CGContextRef is not working?
CakePhp Contain Model Cache
PDFs look differnet when exported by Jasper Reports on Windows and on Linux (Debian)
Having a weird character appear in my layout for a dropdown navigation bar
Checking existing 'wired up' methods
Parse xml from internet (
How to get the word below cursor and update it in Python Gedit plugin
is it possible to play audio instead of video from Youtube video link?
How can I mark a property as deprecated in delphi?
Need to place labels on flot bar chart.
Download a file into my working directory
rootViewController magic
ruby - Dragonfly - Force CMYK to RGB conversion when doing thumbnails
jquery action on loading page
getting image from email
It is possible to known when the screen orientation is changed but with portrait mode forced on manifest?
How to handle System.AccessViolationException?
Name a case expression?
How to Read String from NSUserDefaults
Mobile Browser emulator where Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice=True?
How to draw a curve (path) from a set of points in ios
Drupal 7 function ajax responder
Googlebot checks my comments every 7 seconds
Dynamically getting value for a single DataGrid column
How can i perform Print on a pdf which i have cretaed [closed]
Magento API - Get Product Names from specific Category
MySQL queries cause: SEVERE: Cannot load JDBC driver class 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver'
node.js serialport module event types
Regex for validating alphabetics and numbers in the localized string
Synchronise/update sqlite databases
Sublime Text 2 code snippet
Phone arguments on Blackberry OS 4.5
Heading within a div, within a section
Collecting data which wasn't predicted when the system was designed
Access vba inserted data not found in database but can be retrieved temporarily
IN c# how to get file names starting with a prefix from resource folder
including file without ob_start
Android : How do i pass the Payment details?
How to install gevent on Windows?
How to genearte JSON on the client
PHP IntlDateFormatter format returns wrong date
Extjs 4: Time Stacked Bar Chart, possible?
English translation of */**
jQuery deferred AJAX calls: possible scope issue
onBackPressed() behaviour with ActivityGroups
How to define multiple media queries in one stylus file?
Why I could not get albums from my facebook account?
Trying to style apply a css style on a input boxelement which is generated dynamically in a javascript function
How to speed up opening .png bitmaps on Android?
Alert for apple push notification certificate expiration
using database in swing project
jqtransform dynamic select option?
Single controller with multiple GET methods in ASP.NET Web API
How can I use the data contract serializer for app settings?
how to bind events to data loaded via ajax and still work
Multiple Actions per View consisting of partial views bound to models
NullPointerException when launching a 鈥淲ebMap鈥�Activity
How do I classify this value using a decision tree
font alignment for hebrew language in html
PHP String Calculation [closed]
Send value to function doesnt work if it is LONGTEXT in database?
Send value to function doesnt work if it is LONGTEXT in database?
inner loops, procedure call confusion
Listview custom Row - not high enough
Using Wifi in my application on windows phone 7?
ErrorDocument and error 301
Entity many to many check if relation exists
return true not returning or my else statment isn't working?
How does PNRP find other peers on the internet?
How to set proxies like this 鈥渦ser:pass@鈥�in FirefoxDriver of Selenium 2?
My Firefox extension to inject CSS wont work
how to add slash after removing html extension
Parse ksoap response
Attributes.add url in same browser window
How to do object recognition with OpenCV?
Is there a way to keep entire projects WITHOUT ARC whilst using ARC on new projects
Example of Silverlight 5 RIA services authentication with active directory [closed]
Insert a node to existing XDocument through code
Python SQL function, query to group dates by minutes
android open sharedPreference xml file
How do I restrict Apache/GIT access to specific users (ldap/file-based authentication)?
Loading images with javascript doesn't update on image change
Why application shows low memory warning during heap shot analysis?
IBMRestServlet vs ServletContainer
Entity Framework 4.3 - TPH mapping and migration error
How to create a bitmap with RGB_565?
Configuring Apache HttpClient to access service through proxy/load-balancer (overriding Host header)
Adding items to a list using JQuery Mobile
Validation on route change in Backbone.js
Invalid Storyboard setting: Your app specifies the UIMainStoryBoardFile key for storyboard, when sending my app to the Apple Store
Warning building a kernel module that uses exported symbols
Handling UITableView delegates when the UITableview is a subview of a Custom UIView
Adding constraints in phpMyAdmin
MongoDb Hot backup - copy data/db VS replicaset with fsyncLock
Preparing views when routing to initial route
Sort data using sort function or sort as retrieved from database?
Is a X509 certificate in DER format ASN1 encoded?
Can we use Reflection to read COM object properties info?
jquery ui :window resizable
Retain client timezone when converting from JDateTime to timestamp
monotouch DialogViewController change order of elements
Using jQuery UI Accordion with program-generated HTML
error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'secret' after Android ndk-build
Always get memory warning when with a UIImagePicker for camera
Android database closed exception
Android Thread Concurrent running threads notify between them
Game play at multiple layers simultaneously in cocos2d
Morphia. How to clone query with different collection(kind)
sort data coming from my sql
How can I list numbers?
MySQL PHP insert and update [closed]
MySQL PHP insert and update [closed]
A PostgreSQL trigger fires on UPDATE not on INSERT
Android app crashes on load - classNotFoundException
Android: JSONObject cannot be converted to JSONArray
validating card expiry date in playframework
Change Context Menu Icon
Propel: orderby with the column in useTableQuery
strange Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class paradox [duplicate]
Validating bad imported data in MS Access
Android Packaging: Error generating final archive resources.ap_
How to add aditional attributes to validator in jsr 303?
Function Templates in C++ Troubles
How to represent invisible name-value pair data associated with HTML table row?
JERSEY: How to retrieve the calling IP or URI using injection annotation?
How to apply css transform on iOS without using -webkit-transform?
association in rails 3 associate 1 survey to 1 user
Non-project files in Xcode git repository
Hover on one element causes hovering effect on other element with jQuery
Coffeescript, nodejs, mongoDB and JasperReports, is it possible?
dynamic timer in
JTable remote application [duplicate]
Save XML To Database using Javascript
Text wrapping at hyphen in IE7 and below
Knowing resulting URL for jquery ajax request?
Can we perform an action on the element selected by the 'not selector' in jQuery
No repository found error in Installing ADT in eclipse Indigo
how to compare the Java Byte[] array?
Encrypting a folder for an Android app?
Place a div on the right side [closed]
setting different imageview of expandableListview
How does RSpec work with Rails?
Plugin is not creating object. Showing object state undefined
鈥淪tream Closed鈥�Error caused apparently by multiple submits
How to make a JXTreeTable sort its top elements
Lotus Notes document to PDF
Non-Zero Exit Status Code, yet application exits normally
Titanium: How to check Table is exists or not in Database?
Apply same function over different dimensions of an multiple dimension vector
Testing Rails application with plenty of seed data
IText 2 + Flying Saucer: how to avoid that the images appears broken between two pdf's pages?
Getting 'this' object in javascript without using the word 'this'
iPhone: Line connectors attached to shapes
Problems of multiple threads sharing/accessing the same data
jquery easyui tree drag drop & enter
handling dropdown list
Layout grid with images, labels, scrollview
SQL Server Best match query with update (T-SQL)
Python in Filemaker Pro
Connecting SQlite3 to UITextview
How to start a batch file minimized in a Windows CE device (using another batch or shortcut)?
How can i make a chrome extension if there is no API is in offer?
How to display class canvas in a class which does not extend midlet?
make a single row of divs with horizontal scroll bars
DataContractSerialize error
Handling TestNG asserts in selenium
iconv() Vs. utf8_encode()
Removing a class in PHP
Is there a way to print an Armadillo matrix in gdb?
Run several methods decorated with AssemblyInitialize possible?
Django Integration with SOLR and NUTCH
How to create phpfox plugin
blur to close select box do not work in chrome?
Throttling connections to ASMX Web Service from the client side
Convert normal links to Ajax dynamically
Can the Spotify App framework cope with playing two things at once?
MATLAB receipt print random values issue
iOS how to remove back button?
Android button with image background and text and stateful functionality
Powerpoint macro to appear on all new documents
Can not bind View to ViewModel
DateTimeOffset proper usage
OpenGL ES 2.0 iPhone - glClear on frame buffer does nothing
Three20 TTLauncherItem in a custom position
How to create excel file and folder at rumtime based on city
App crashes when you click several times
How can I efficiently use an R prediction model from Java?
Google App Engine: Backends not responding
Contributing to Python: edit git/cloned code or installed code? [closed]
What is the idea behind private attribute access inside main? Java x C++
Setting up production on a virtual web server for Mac, Apache, PHP and MySql
Hex string to int array conversion
accessing php array in js using json_encode
Entity Framwork:Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key
Koordinate undeclared error
How do I obtain the last value generated in a primary key field using T-SQL
RSpec and Machinist error: Too many open files
Trace egg-info from renamed reallocated python package
Magento using addVisibleInCatalogFilterToCollection returns nothing when it shouldn't
Is there any table containing IATA codes for all countries in Microsoft Dynamics 2009
accessing and updating tfs 2010 build parameters programmatically from .net 3.5
Mupad Greek symbols and text formatting in graphics
In JavaScript, How to Convert a date time value from one format to the other?
open a modal window in jsp
Does Windows phones have some kind of special sound processing?
PHP Symfony 1.4 - best way to pass data from action to a component?
SQL Server - returning multiple distinct values
How to get the profile photo of facebook user who is registered my site with facebook registration application(not using mvc)
How to create add - edit functionality using just a single zend form?
how to make rest webservices without using any framework
iPhone: UITableView sections
ajax request fail condition
How to make multiple requests MYSQL
Highlighting UIImageView with grey color
Magento Admin Category tree
jQuery end() issue
Estimate textwidth to adjust divs without javascript
Actionscript 3: Sending Images via socket
database insertion working well on android emulator but not on device
why delete in vector of instances subsitution?
Chasing up 鈥淥RA-01084: invalid argument in OCI call鈥�
Tumblr API for creating new page
Mongoid : saving the parent model does not save has_one instance
Updated pyximport?
How to know that a particular kernel is linux based or not?
Corona SDK Continuous Integration
Trouble in putting checkmark to cell
RegularExpression for getting the link inside particular tag
Using Google OAuth2 with Flask
specifying a specific processor with openMP
Play Framework - Checkbox processing
Catch any touch in the screen in a service
Android: how to open new intent from ListView, hosted in TabHost, inside same FrameLayout?
Reading .wav file in Matlab Coder
Loading different content into a div
Error in training data in Google Prediction API using PHP
How to group number of rows per day also in no-row days in MySQL?
how to apply the background image and text color for cell in the tableview? [closed]
OpenCMS: how to access from modules to VFS /sites/default/ HTML file
Managing subwindows in QT
Flash mute button in Actionscript 3.0 doesn't unmute
how to DNS configure Android Emulator in Mac IOS?
Testing recurring payments in PayPal sandbox
Postgresql : Merge 2 similar databases
Jquery fade in if exists right after element?
Application Health Dashboard - what's hot
Downloading files using DCC
LOCATION_CHANGE not fired for 302 redirect from Adobe AIR 3.0 HTML component
How to propagate an exception in java
Silverlight combobox null item height
Is it possible to get phonegap functionality on a mobile website just by embedding the js file?
Ajax validation is doing partially validation in Yii
How to open automatically downloaded Word document in the browser?
Error in SSIS Data Flow when using Fast Load
haml remove whitespace before dot after adding rails link_to, mail_to
C2DM Behavior over Wifi and 3G
issues to split the string in flex?
QCView fails to load quartz composition from file
multiply servlets sessions cookies
Enqueue and TryDequeue in ConcurrentQueue
Boot up Broadcast Issue?
How to properly redirect to another site without breaking the browser back button?
Rhino mock unit testing (Parent class does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments)
Can I set relative path for execution in ant build script?
vim automaticaly formatting html files with tidy and <script> tag with Jsbeautifull
Location permission only for the ad platforms: Is it worth it?
ListView doesn't stop on finger up?
force android tests to run on different emulators from command line batch file
Make UI Tabs rotate
Rewrite Rule Redirection on .htaccess
Given a python 2.7.2 type is there anyway I can construct a class instance programmatically?
Using non ASCII characters when updating values in AWS SimpleDB returns SignatureDoesNotMatch error
Error while trying to access class attributes
Strange BAD_ACCESS error
Forcing single-thread access to a resource
Getting all Wifi-Connections and their details in tableView
Storing uni code characters in PostgreSQL 8.4 table
Adding words to query phrase should filter results in Lucene
Jqgrid - How to display information in a textbox by row selected on a grid
How to play G726 ADPCM buffer?
Why simple wxPython application looks broken on the start?
How do I write a class that behaves like a numpy.ndarray without subclassing numpy.ndarray?
gnuplot: set palette labels with smallest numbers on top
IPhone build failed on using Aviary SDK
how to operate the mathematical data on the first fields and assign the varibale linux
An array value empty although previously populated
filled with zeros
Get focus on powershell created outlook message
ASP.NET MVC 3 Parse JSon object and display data
Could we use extern 鈥淐鈥�in C file without #ifdef __cplusplus
Integer Vector element comparison using subscript operator fails, but succeeds using at function
Javascript replace 鈥�' 鈥�with 鈥�'' 鈥�
Generating uniform random integers with a certain maximum
Get exe output by embeddable languages
NullPointerException - What to do?
How to refresh access_token in OAuth 2.0 in salesforce
How to limit rows in SELECT with TRANSBASE membership password security
Writing an Android library - Using its own custom Application class (getApplication)
ExecuteNonQuery returning value of 0 when succesfully deleting a record
CSS template 3 columns overlap wrapper / header / footer
Where does the TODO convention come from?
How to print a var using echo o print in a NDK-build file to debug compilation?
How to parameterize the range argument of a function using another cell's value
Windows phone 7 - Displaying duplicate columns repeatedly in GridView
Delphi Rave Report 7.7.0 can Parametersbe used to make multiple lines in a report?
Getting mysql field data when a link is clicked?
jQuery mobile form losing styling
CodeIgniter add URI Segments
How catch system call in JAVA?
Forwarding variable arguments in functions in D
Jquery append() doesn't work on new <a>Add</a>
Java regular expression for negative numbers?
springDM Configuration Admin bulk properties change
how many triggers can a single instance of SchedulerFactory have?
How can I use Linq to extract this data from a List?
Show Tiff format image in Android
Change REST Method Response XML Node name in MVC 4
Contract-First SOA: Designing Business Domain: WCF
Logging into a website using c#
How to initialize a CCTMXTiledMap manually?
Backbone.js: calling custom events inside a View?
How I Resolve 鈥淧arameter is not valid.鈥�Error In My Code?
Why is my test application in an endless redirect loop?
How to avoid race conditions when setting class variables on each request in Ruby on Rails
Change default font dialog in c#
Resolution of the dependency failed, type, Currently composing another batch
Select cell in dataGridView by header text
How to enable the GridView paging after showing 12 elements?
QGraphicsView for 2D RPG
Looping through Active Directory to get managers and direct reports
SDL with g++ on OSX Lion
How to return an image as the response in ASP.NET
Load grails action in jQuery-Tabs via AJAX
Objective C - Accessing files in zip without extracting zip
OpenCV installlation error ubuntu
Highlighting newly appended data
Allegro 5: Image won't load
favicon causing problems
Adding 1,15,30 or 45 minutes to currentTimeMillis()
Can't include file on remote server
How to filter child tables with EF4?
about 鈥渂inary鈥�datatypes
isolate a cpu in code without sudo?
How is TeamViewer so fast?
HTTParty returning a string
How do the C streams system works?
HABTM Relationship With Self?
How to create excel in Vb.Net using DocumentFormat.OpenXml?
Is there a way to change the windows phone 7 emulator orientation in runtime
private pub - publish from controller never works
Exception: 100 using Comment Facebook social plugin in a Facebook application (response code : 206)
To verify whether the deployed dll is latest against the dll in TFS
Simpler way to ignore cases in python?
php/mysql:what's the idea to active/inactive a code from being executed
How to check if an ip-address is reachable in C for linux [closed]
Posting to a controller with ajax in CakePHP 2.0
Getting specific objects from a selected list
C# WCF return request to self hosting server
Image is not fit into QuickContactBadge
error in table reading :鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object.鈥�
Image masking algorithms
Zend Studio Font-Color Scheme For Netbeans 7?
uploading image on web: getting html source code as response
Don't understand USING syntax in MySQL
Google SpreadSheet - handling MM:SS.sss time formats
iPhone viewForHeaderInSection
GDataXMLDocument Memory Increase
String Array doesn't show the expected value
If Push Notification is disabled and Push Messages are sent, when are they get recived?
Rearranging sql query results to display appropriately
How to know height of softkeyboard [duplicate]
Override annotaion and JDK 1.5
Dynamically adding views To Horizontal LinearLayout goes out of the screen
Floating point accuracy in Clojure
How to add dots for ViewPager in android
How to find Percentage in java my code giving error?
How to perform a similar operation as AffineTransformOp.filter on Android?
Boost.Iterator Facade with an incomplete Value argument
OCaml insert an element in list
Copy files to another folder in a Windows Forms application
Why parent element is undefined in Firefox only when onerror event of IMG tag is called?
A thread that stops another one in C
Monorail - Any C# build tools similar to rails 3 asset pipeline?
How come too many html tags in a single html file exists?
How to access this in Jquery each
How to open an album in Gallery app using an intent
AJAX: stops running at readyState = 1
android read/write user preferences
Google Maps API v3 not working in Firefox
iOS: draw editable Graphs in iPad App, using html5
Checking condition which table to Insert
How to save a authenticated webpage for offline using webview?
Removing '#include <algorithm>' doesn't break the code
Remove GtkScrolledWindow frame border in C
how to equate two objects in java
How to get the class name which is calling another class static funcaion [duplicate]
WinRT and Win32 Interoperability
Resize popup.html in chrome extension
CakePHP - Sorting a model's records by a serialized array of ids stored in another model to which the first array belongs to
magento 1.6.1 - one page checkout - paypal payments pro - stuck on step 5
One-to-One: Undefined method build
Progress Bar - gif for php file upload
Count occurrences of a couple of specific words
How to dragscroll X and Y?
Local itemType Ref - Microdata
How to export vtkVolume data to XTK as MIP rendering
How to set inoremap/nnoremap to 鈥渃ommand key鈥�on Vim?
Javascript Regex or Jquery to parse html strings?
ARC: Setting compiler flags to -fno-objc-arc and build errors
How to create Interactive Jasper Reports?
Print and execute a string
EF Code first use for local database and production on hosting
Should value object hold reference to entity?
Load and switch html content to div using load() problems
SQL Concat Values from second table into one column
open a new window inside same page in a small size
submit form when input text is change jquery
What is wrong with my code that inserts two variables into one table field?
open files using file paths in c
Create a Wordpress demo site for plugins showcase
How can I force HTTP Handler to be handled before IIS Rewrites
Not getting the visible tr's in a div with jquery 1.7.1
Getting DataList selected item in a text box
How to update a table with composite keys using Massive ORM?
Moq context.server.transfer
UTF-8 trouble in rails app when passing to production
Trigger/Prevent page event by using asynchronous webmethod return value in JavaScript
How to create a shortcut that points to default.aspx page from MSI Factory
Why we call a simple java class a bean class when it is used to hold the bussiness logic in jsp file
Setting module for Zend Form ViewScript decorator
Retaining column ordering in jqGrid across session
cakephp pass dropdown value in ajax
Creating a cached property that stores/returns an join of lists
Combine a group of shapes into an image
Dotnetnuke site settings form loads inproperly default skin & container dropdown lists
not entering in Jquery function
Non-consumable in app purchases in iOS. Do I need a server?
How to convert depth to color in Qt?
Unexpected behavior with switch statements on LLVM 3.0
Get Magento attribute names instead of ID numbers?
Hibernate newbie help in netbeans
Input 10 Strings, print the largest One
accessing json data ( array of strings) in javascript
Why XmlPullParser don't read empty strings on android
import html file for specific block of the webpage
How to Increase speed of data transfer from iPhone to custom network device?
Raise real time event at audio sample rate
How to Check if the browser supports HTML5?
Asynchronous NSURLConnection on separate thread fails to call delegate methods
How to debug the installation of a custom Windows service?
On change the text field alert and not on click of button
Drools 5.1 memory issues
reference to UITextField now working?
TranslateAnimation like a curve way in android
JavaScript regular expression to match hyphenated words?
Object at URL 鈥渕y website鈥�of type 'website' is invalid because the given value 鈥渁pp id鈥�for property 'fb:app_id' could not be parsed as type 'fbid'
BundleTable error with new ASP.NET MVC 4 project
&Array() - Final Row prefixed with ampersand after Updating Array
How to change names of files in String[]
&Array() - Final Row prefixed with ampersand after Updating Array
How to change names of files in String[]
how to save file from server that has no extension?
Start data downloading in background mode
Unit testing parts of the application that use Thread Local
I need to run XCode 4.3 project twice in order to launch the cocos2d application
Retrieve password of current user from spring-security [duplicate]
SSIS job including SQL which creates temporary table
Puzzled by generics, covariance, contravariance, et al
Force close on small screen android device while works well on other devices
How to search in jQuery DataTable column?
Why are C++11 type traits not alias templates?
android notification manager
plugin is not calling in jQuery
static storage with pthread functions
Android: cannot see app name in data data
SQL Query coming up with no results
Using R with in command bash terminal
Unique id of page request in sharepoint
How to make div visible and not visible
How to use StringArray type Parameter in Pentaho CDA?
sfValidatorCallback depending on a tainted value symfony 1.4
C# - Read in a large (150MB) text file into a Rich Text Box
Why does the Microsoft C library function strrev modify the input string?
How to share instance the same instance in multiple Maven plugin Mojos?
Send UIImageView back to 1 layer down
LINQ Grouping: Is there a cleaner way to do this without a for loop
iFrame doesn't work in Chrome (works fine in FF, IE and Safari)
Spring Android Rest Template with Maven and Android 3.0 or highest
symfony form : how to show the parameter in the view, 鈥渧ariable does not exist鈥︹�
Swing, Java and multithreading, and coloring buttons
android - simple way to extract a key-value pair from a json string?
OS X Avatar system
How delete a pointer of classes which has pointer members?
C++ Rvalue references and move semantics
How to tell Django staticfiles to not collect user uploaded media directory files?
Making a game where people battle robots by compiling them into dlls, how do I set up the groundwork?
retrieve data from mysql db through ksoap2
view is undefine, loading combo box issue in 4.07
spltting the row data with cursor and insert data into different columns
Reading and modifying xmlNodes without affecting their children
Eliminating quotes in prepared statement in mysql n java
How hide xAxis milliseconds in highchart with codeigniter
How to delete only duplicate rows?
variable name not coming properly in the generated code(MATLAB 2011b)
Unreliable sockets behavior on iOS
@interface and multiple class names Objective-c
Python, solr and massive amounts of queries: need some suggestions
Custom Context Menu
How to change jquery UIslider value With input Radio
How to set Extjs.grid.CheckColumn to disabled for read only?
Encrypt individual rows in database table with different passwords
How to make OpenGL pick the nearest larger mipmap?
Send image to server Ajax
CAST(0x00009F0900000000 AS DateTime) with Ruby or MySql
List Items Background anchor link
Why this code is not restricted to an OU?
Using 鈥�Is NULL/not NULL鈥�in LINQ To SQL
Permission denied in cron jobs comand [closed]
Java Script in a visual webpart of Sharepoint 2010 site
Appcelerator Android app starts crashing when Internet is turned Off
Use NAudio to get Ulaw samples for RTP
How to keep the XCode 4 pbxproj file in sync in a CMake-controlled project?
PHPUnit - how to turn an error for calling a method on a non-set object into a failing test instead of an error
Cake Php, get database acess and 'Configure' method inside vendors folder
cURL in PHP While Loop only runs once
Received fatal alert: handshake_failure
how to specify alignment of columns using latex in R hmisc
PHP not reporting specific error (double opening php tag)
how to get facebook app to show up on my main fb page
Commented out HTML
Behavior of DateTime.AddYears on leap year
Openedge 11 Microsoft SQL Server Dataserver performance
Regexp for scanning substring with tags inside another tag
Automapper, mapping to a complex object
Google analytics and Facebook pages/apps
How to view the Folder and Files in GAC?
Get Field Value of DataRow that was right clicked
java.sql.SQLException: No data found
in drupal, how to control when to show the delete's link in the view according to user 's identity
Issue with mailto link in email address containing ampersand?
add input text into html table td when double clicked
Wordpress Permalink Redirection working - but still 404 Error - Object not found
Android Tablet(9.7 inch) Emulator API for Eclipse
PHP code for filling a select box not working [closed]
Permission error when trying to add or edit addresses (e.g. Customer Address)
How to debug 500 error in Ajax response
How to store and manage large files
div word-wrap styling
Delete file from Pull Request on GitHub
Deserializing JSON strings using GSON in Android
bash script collecting filenames seems to get confused by spaces
How can I add text to my rowheaders in a datagridview, C#?
Fetching Android MSISDN value
Is conversion from unsigned to signed undefined?
Removing hover event for click, then binding it again
jQuery validation for form with AJAX
CSS dynamic text alignment depending on the length of the text
Counterpart to JPA @PostPersist in NHibernate
Customizing 鈥淎 potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected鈥�error page
double free or corruption error c++
Google currency is not working when I change to an another currency
VersionCode and Name Android
undefined method for nil:NilClass - Controller
iPhone full screen webpage headache
Get absolute screen bounds of a DOM element from a Firefox extension
Visual Studio 2010 source annotation keywords cause name clashes
convert json to pojo using jquery/spring/jackson
jQuery cycle IE6/7 links not working?