Use `reload` instead of `restart` for Unicorn?
use of equals() method in comparator interface?
dojo rest target remote url
How can we improve the below line of code? [closed]
Why Entity Framework services are not running when publishing?
How to start implementing JMS in this simple scenario?
Array 1st value as a key on new array and second as its values
Android OGLES 2: shaders pointer for color
Deploy website from a Windows XP Desktop
How to split a comma delimited string with embedded quoted strings?
Removing a default Double or int
Python - Indentation error while using IDLE and if - else block, works fine on command line
JPEG encoder - set quality from command line
Rails Multi Table Inheritance and Polymorphic Associations
How to clear ImageView correctly?
How to install/add jconsole to my JDK?
Using CSS sprite on two images both
How can I open a new Form from a Thread?
NSFetchedResultsController issue on iOS4
how to retain an object in java servlets as long as server works?
Java Desktop-App design - MVC with Hibernate
Can't find the mistaks in my program
.htaccess skip rewrite if url equals/contains some words
Efficient way to match a point against regions
Ignore Records where a field has NULL value
Installing Sphinx on Mac OS with XAMPP
Android gallery scrolling issue (custom images)
DAO and DTO in struts 2 framework
Why bool variable can not be set to 0, in addition to the direct assignment of 0?
Extract particular data from multiple files in UNIX
convert datetime to yyyy/MM/dd
Validation fired but Red Border does not appear with User Control in Silverlight 4
Swing - scroll JFrame content without using scrollbars
Calling unmanaged methods from managed code
Create 100 variables in php with autoincrement
Solr Did you mean (Spell check component)
C# - Start Function After Closing Form
How should I code to resist 鈥渙ne-click piracy鈥�
How to display images from model in Django?
Custom views with Storyboard
django/commerce/paypal: keeping track of user transactions
Pager for parent node in drupal
MVC3 ASP.NET Objects within viewmodels? [closed]
PostgreSQL connection limit exceeded for non-superusers
IME Keycode Next not working
Setting bounds for a JPA merge()
my-install.sql is not working
ghostscript command line arguments output file name change
Is there an AJAX framework that does this? [closed]
C++11 constexpr to obsolete template meta-programming?
Grid not displaying in window - ext js
JAVA server and .Net client programming
VBA: Documenting the Limitations of Excel [closed]
How many requests can handle a port at 'a' time
DIV wrapper with 3 floating divs inside [duplicate]
ActiveRecord: count with groups
Generic Interface with TDelegate as an event?
Design phase of a bluetooth chat app for Android [closed]
How to show a Singleton relationship in a class diagram
Simple way to format date
I want to throttle video capture frame rate in AVCapture framework
Calculate size of a package(datacontract) that goes over WCF?
How do I assign a readonly member variable in an object initializer?
html background color issue
How to automatically format NOW() in to a string that that displays YYYY-MM-DD?
JAX-B class generation from schema compound by multiple files
ResolveMultisampleFramebufferAPPLE generates INVALID_OPERATION
Comments on .pro file; Qt Creator;
Does system broadcasts any intents during factory reset and system updates?
How to simply track flash views with Google Analytics?
Menu with 2 levels disapear the background
How to buy (and activate!) a Mac/iOS Developer Program without paying VAT? [closed]
Create an specific index
Magento Store sharing database with another website
How to backup from .mdf database that created by VS
Order of events triggerd by Backbone.Router when using navigate
Stepping MVC Mini Profiler without nested usings
wkHTMLtoPDF memory corruption and AccessViolationException
How can I disable remembering of password inputs by the browser
Selecting option in a list not working in IE
Speeding up encryption?
CActiveForm and virtual attributes
Scala Lift - Stream an image from server
D-Bus: Export object without ObjectManager
Export and Import all MySQL databases at one time
Very simple jquery post() (trying to send html to another page)
UISearchDisplayController鈥攚hy does my search result view contain empty cells?
Saving fragmentstate with savedInstanceState
PHP format split number into separate html tags
How to remove double spaces in
INSERT INTO syntax seems correct but still fails
Generating a wanted number by bitwise OR
how to change driver class in HIbernate Configuration file (cfg.xml)
Binary file reading
How do I ask git, which commits are not on a branch?
cakephp Model array index issue
is it ok to store all types of values as image data type in sql?
accessing wcf from mvc view trough js
Are there any libraries to create uml diagrams programaticaly
zip folder in makefile mac
Store HTML code in a string in javascript
Database connection in VS2010
How can I send a keystroke to a hidden window?
How to divide categories in rows of three columns
Draw Line Graph using Paint Component
How to get a value from a form with Greasemonkey and write it into a local file?
How to minify and combine Javascript and CSS
WebView shows a white page but events are working
Why <span> tag is named so [duplicate]
How to set a background image for android Webview?
Android and video streaming - How can do it?
How to start linux systems & device drivers programming
how to run VBA macro from perl code
Objective-C:How to define CELL_CONTENT_WIDTH for both iPhone and iPad?
Could not Create Services for JIRA
hg doesn't connect to bitbucket using a custom key
Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded, JavaScript
Google Guice, Interceptors and PrivateModules
Limit scrolling in excel 2003 vba
鈥淎bstract鈥�methods in Yii Behaviors
iPhone:Adding multiple nsdictionaries into NSArray
Android: What Intent Flag to use so undestroyed Activity will not automatically show upon Notification
Images in a mobile adapted website?
Refresh tab name from result of getName()
Mysql Updating a record with a value from the previous record
Fullscreen: AVPlayerLayer is not resized when resizing its parent view
Overlapping VideoViews
Simulink performance with S-Function
spring - difference between request.setATTribute and model.addAttribute?
prevent php from parsing floats as floats in json_decode
FIREMONKEY - load alternative font
iOS Core Data - Relationships
Difference between a Pure Abstract class and an Interface [closed]
How to set guage value for component art control
C# and ISO 8583 - 1987
How to convert time from 24 hour format to 12 hour format using javascript?
CakePHP REST custom routes for parameters
Select Query Not retrieving data from tables?
How to extract a public/private key from a PKCS12 file with openSSL for later use in SSH-PK-Authentification?
Recursion Javascript
Duck typing in Delphi 2007?
Is there a standard .NET enum containing name for Location HTTP header?
RSS loop for importing images suddenly breaks down
XPATH selecting the root element
Listening capacity of port
listview adapter
How to trigger KDB from kernel code?
Is there a way to increase performance to suppress rows in Excel using Excel Add-in and C#
Update DataSet structure in Visual Studio to match new SQL Database Structure
Two Events in forward and backward navigations in panorama
Combine two android projects with one login
Change browser address bar URL with jQuery
AS3 Scaling an MC with the mouse working鈥�sort of
From where does the ldd command retrieve dependency information?
MIUI vs android widgets
Slow compilation of a ASP.NET Web Deployment Project in Visual Studio 2010
Send object via TCP/IP
Facebook permission to moderate comment
Regular expression in Perl for email splitting
Coredata and NSOrderedSet - how is the order of the set defined?
Getting rid of strange code
How to keep the selected value in the DropDownList to be shown all the time?
How to draw a horizontal line on right side of Label vertical centred
Disabling SessionStateModule
getRequestDispatcher() to another context
why does menu option does not appear
Styling issue with a telerik control on published page
Cannot read property 'chromeExOAuthConfig' of null in Google Chrome Extension
edit text in uiwebview
How to load events in FullCalendar from XML?
Multiple scheduling policies usage
Adding penalty to cell generating letters
Javascript recursion: Maximum call stack size exceeded
Is it possible to send push notification request from device to server?
Emacs, R, Sweave: UTF-8 encoding is not recognized when launching Sweave through Emacs
Android Honeycomb - Changing the Actionbar style
No such file to load 鈥�ftools (LoadError)
How to pass dynamic data into a Google Analytics Event Tracking script with jQuery
How to find maximum capacity available in overlapping time periods SQL Server 2008
getting back z value from contourf with x,y coordinates
App gets stuck when typing in UITextField in a modally presented controller in Simulator
Are there any desktop application usage tracking systems that target VB6?
Connecting user to database with username and password
saving json to external memory now not working
How to compile Corkscrew using Cygwin
face book share functaionality in
How to put 鈥溾� and 鈥樷� in
Flex delete the error icon of a validated textInput
writing Unicode-aware one-liners in Perl
How do I explicitly set available languages in an AIR for iOS app?
wait gif on export
How do interruption technique help to implement multithreading?
Jitter buffer implementation in Java
From which library to include inline List creation?
Event for Select All: WPF Datagrid
Float div with child div
Trying to call stored proc using VB ASPX
How to extract a string in csh?
Dataset returns no Rows when it is in another Application as a reference
Get HTML source code as a string
Displaying 3 histograms on 1 axis in a legible way - matplotlib
Twice dequeued JMS messages using ActiveMq and Atomikos
How does really work the requestLocationUpdates of LocationManager in Android?
Google Maps JavaScript API V3 - API Key and clientId
How to set correct index for this MySql query?
Add a custom attribute to a feed via php
Do I have to transfer Customer's Information manually from My Code to google Checkout?
How to change the direction of cometchat
jquery json ie8 and lower not updating script
Error in Visual Studio while debugging 鈥減arameter 'basepath' cannot have zero length鈥�
How to hide the page on load indicating in
Chrome padding bug
Qt OpenGL framebuffer to image
Google Maps APIv3 Multiple Markers/Multiple Info Windows
Stretch a video without keeping its aspect ratio in C#
Date function is not working with Mysql 5.1
How to do a 鈥渄iff鈥�of an entire directory tree ? Is there a software available?
How to create 303 Response in
Transient Attribute in CoreData
Complicated sql date logic: How can I schedule my reports?
How can I get exception code in C#?
Grauman & Darrells pyramid match kernel - can actual matching be done?
Orchard Taxonomy Terms variations
Most efficient multi-threaded object duplicate filtering (using custom key)?
Redis store (or any database?) lock mechanism (NodeJS)
JPA 2.0: Batch query, safe and performant?
Reading and returning multiple bin files
Customize Calendar control
What does -200px mean?
Track HTTP requests in Websphere
Add Data to Child List from Parent List form in SP 2010
Simulate UITextField touch by UIButton
How to select a row(object) based on max of a field Entity Framework 4.1
How to interpret windows APPCRASH mysterious log?
select records After top 1000 rows
How to convert Yaw, Pitch, Roll and Acceleration value to cartesian system?
making exe file from python that uses command line arguments
ddply lag with multiple subsets
Multiple sub queries
Grey background colors in views although white background defined and working first
Slideshow effect
How do I cleanly shutdown mongodb from node.js?
Upgrade from richfaces 3.3 to 4.2 and primefaces from 1.1 to 2.2.1
What is wrong with this c++ code?
Jquery mobile checkboxes text turns to blue
Generic type for Arraylist of Arraylists
R&OS PDF in PHP (name of pdf)
Is there a difference between these 2 left joins in Oracle SQL? and why
Android:PDF Editor library
How can I tell Axis WSDL2Java to take WSDLs from a JAR?
Turning off the JIT Compiler
How to create 2D arrays in Python
Can I keep on same jQuery tab on page refresh or when I have navigated away from the page?
onOffline / offline called twice when server goes down
Facebook Like button: Post on wall without adding comments
MVC3 multi-tenant applications
How to serialize property of type Object with XmlSerializer
How to open a Excel through C# and give the Excel focus
Zend Framework 2: how to inject configured Zend Translator Adapter Gettext into Zend View Helper Translator
How to slice excel values based on row values
how to change variable into a clause
jQuery access DOM that's just been added
Connection close not returning
Cannot debug a plugin for ReSharper made with SDK
How can I set the 鈥楽ecureCustomProperties鈥�property in the 鈥楶roperty Table鈥�of an MSI using Visual Studio?
How would I sum a multi-dimensional array in the most succinct python?
Do the Android NDK toolchain binaries build with or without exceptions by default?
what to choose for primary key in table?
SQL Server Tuning: Database Engine Tuning Advisor
jquery weekcalendar resize/drop variables current div
Revert Back Modified Record
CSS columns vertical alignment in Chrome
Dynamic environment variables in Linux?
How to run the Tesseract Android tools code from the Google?
Widget with content provider; impossible to use ReadPermission?
Accessing class created in Module
Adding a Silverlight UI to normal .NET program?
Automatically rewrite c++11 auto keyword into derived types
Regular expression parsing issue
Creating ID for businesses
ffmpeg: sws_scale returning wrong values in plane V during RGB to YUV420 conversion
Sqlite binding function in prepared statement
I can't get EditText to work in a class that isn't an activity
programming language independent random number generator
ExtJS 4: Change data in combobox (celleditor)
Is there a c# wrapper available for the Salesforce REST Api?
validating form in MVC3 using javascript
Parsing a HTML Page? [closed]
How to upgrade a running Elasticsearch older instance to a newer version?
android create internal storage folder without _app prefix
DevExpress Code Indent Guidelines 11.2
CG Gradient Crash
netbeans ide 6.9.1 didnt recognize jar [closed]
Store Variable Type in Java
How can one implement a forking try-catch in Haskell?
how is the code for Tableview uploading NSMutableArray items?
GROUP_CONCAT pulling out empty result with delimiters
TextMate - use same icon as *.html.erb for *.html.haml
Ruby check if variable has length
How to insert the record with MySQL NOW() function in MySQLi with bind_param?
Why does the jQuery source use the comma operator for variable assignment so much?
Seeking clarification to weird POST behavior (Django, Django server, AJAX, Chrome)
how to insert and view the data to sqlite database programmatically in iPhone
Likes implemented with OG is not showing on Timelines
Is there a program similar to Spy++ for .NET applications?
Nhibernate Filter in a Join table
Amarino Bluetooth Connectivity
Setting the width of TableColumns dynamically
Validating parameters in a provided callback function in Actionscript
How do I change a static variables value in PHP?
TabList control not displaying correctly
System.BadImageFormatException when using Coherence and Moq
Is there any application for design physics for coccos2d game development?
Simple HTML DOM Parser - Send post variables
Which Perl module should I use to generate a validating CRUD webform?
document.getElementById works, but $ is throwing an error
How to reflect the updating of the status of the submitted suggestion immediately?
cannot cast expression of type 'System.Xml.Linq.XElement to type XXX
A single Validation across whole application Revised
sending chunks of data using webob
define static string variable in c++ class
How to downsample images within PDF file?
Type 'Project1.DTO.MailDTO' does not have a default constructor
How do I make an array of classes in R?
custom Options Menu bar issue in android
Tomcat:How can I configure server.xml dynamically?
Insert datatable into a database table from a stored procedure
Java TimerTask , wont stop when cancel is called
Getting DecisionTableParseException in drools
object is not a function error
Non-Serializable Attributes in LogicalViewMap
C++/CLI managed VS. unmanaged short
Ant build Error: when I try to run This error will generate
How to get mobile login page when using facebook graph api
if statement based on UserName, .NET vb
How to update UI when data has changed? on port 8888 and webserver on port 80 - can't combine the two
How node.js works?
how to clean dict values ( u'variables') in python?
MVC 3 Remote Validation jQuery error on submit
How to get sum of counted rows
Dynamic button value updated every second
Add sprite icon to a label . Is there a way to set width / height just for the sprite and a second w/h to the label?
Generating data objects in Zend Framework
Error:Could not find installable ISAM
Requesting a view with it's controller from another view/controller - Kohana 3.2
OpenLayers click event on iPhone with PhoneGap
rspec ignores skip_before_filter?
Better way to inject runtime value
Sed script to remove first two lines of file if they are empty
How to use Flyway when working with feature branches
CSS FontFamily for Spark FormItems
IOS ShareKit Twitter
Getting error while using Jquery Slider?
An ActionMethodSelectorAttribute that applied to all actions?
htaccess for own php mvc framework
Android and IOS game engine
Should I use 鈥減age鈥�or 鈥渟creen鈥�word in Toast messages? [closed]
Crossbrowser platform independent http image upload library ( mac / linux / windows / ipad )
Eclipse c++ MakeFile
Jquery AJAX and PHP - multiple image upload - where to start?
Event-driven payment solution like Gym Pact uses?
Button, Panel and ListBox moving on the form during runtime
jquery - $(鈥�myElement鈥�.load(url) is not working when being inserted to a table row
What's the best solution for creating a help page?
Getting a dom node by its text
Connecting mouse events with ViewModel via MouseBinding
how to get text from edit text which is in scroll view?
Firefox directory
Preload next image in Fancybox2 gallery
Graphalgorithm execution in Graphdatabases
Unable to Plot NSdate along X-axis of CorePlot
confirmation box before closing page
Drupal node_save speed up
How to modify the value of variable in XSL?
Django - Showing the data in templates
Disable Application Icon
ASP.NET Web Site projects, Mercurial/Git, deployment - a simple way?
PsExec With Tfs Build
Best Search Engine Optimized Wordpress theme? [closed]
Tomcat hangs during webapp startup
CorePlot touch recognition scrolling
Jquery - fix hyperlinks inside of a toggled element
How to tell maven to copy a certain project jar to the EAR lib?
Unknown type error
Different content in Footer from the ItemTemplate result
Why is GKPlayerAuthenticationDidChangeNotificationName an 鈥渦ndeclared identifier鈥�
Schedule jobs without access to SM36 in SAP
RavenDB -Patch API: How do I fetch all the document IDs for a given Type in preparation for a large PatchCommand
Display results in terms of category in PHP?
How do I find the string 'NULL' in a string?
How to display a particular word in bold using jquery?
How can Iinvoke SAP SOAP webservices in Android Without Ksoap2?
make: Adding function for 鈥渘o rule鈥�targets
Jenkins: Display last console output on project page
Pinching for zoomin and zoomout of an image
Keyboard hooking alt-tab causing strange behavior?
iPhone:Error of misconfiguration for facebook integration occurs [duplicate]
Use Custom Font in Application Issue
Releasing a (nonatomic, retain) synthetized property
No return value after second+ iteration
Yii - Eliminate default controller ID for a module from URL
write matrix to file in eigen?
iphone application crash on replacing the video files
Replacing the string in android?
Websphere: log soap requests & responses
How to open new page and send to it POST data?
Removing a Partial View in MVC
PHP average time from an array
DB2 STORED PROCEDURE : How to return appropriate error code when an insert fails?
Drawing an image in C#
Go to next record from MVC details view
Carry extra info in error reponse
Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver() does not exist error
Hibernate query Left join
how to create a generic class or type for these three classes in C#
Bugzilla installation issue in Solaris 10
How do I implement Search in my List in LWUIT? [closed]
Ruby on Rails with Globalize3: find by translated field makes record readonly
VBA: Creating session persistent objects (hash) in Excel
IList<T>.AsReadOnly extension method Not working for Reference type Collection
products not showing in frontend magento
Must I remove TestFlight before submitting to App Store?
MVC Telerik Grid
Jquery Mobile Navbar issue
Cannot extending both ListActivity and AsyncTask
mysql search for 's' ending should return the same without 's' ending
how to use custom Scrollbar in firefox?
Restricting IP address access in lighttp with a Django project with fastcgi
Encode unicode special character (symbol) in Python?
Generic initalization of multidimensional array
How to achieve scalability in a simple web service
ORDER BY Variable issues
.NET Socket Send & Receive Not Matching
How to correctly use undefined environment variables in .vimrc?
iPhone:How to implement 鈥渕ove and scale鈥�functionality for image fetched from photo library
images are not being displayed
Wrap custom webpart with a css class
Menuitem without menu
How to fire uibarbuttonitem click event programmatically
Permission denied to access property 'Arbiter' when using HTTPS
Redirect immediately and continue background processing
casting PyCFunctionWithKeywords in PyMethodDef
Android ImageView slow, is there a easy way to speed it up?
Is there a way to edit a Google spreadsheet row in a form style view?
MDX: will filter a crossjoin create an arbitrary shape?
ReflectionMethod get method source and parameters
Jasper report to html not displaying background color
Can I pass parameters to googletest test function
PHP get variable's name of class instance?
How to parallel to serial in MATLAB/Simulink
Outlook Hangs when running Firebird SQL Statement in Delphi application
Fast scroll behavior on earlier android versions
How to solve action argument type mismatch?
CI_Session creating two session_id when logging in
How to implement own DataType property for UserControl
Can I add a title to gallery?
How to revoke an openssl certificate when you don't have the certificate
customer says emails are bouncing back any reasons for this to be with php
Are /news and /news/ two different pages? [closed]
Fancybox not firing
How to delete comment after publishing review?
overlapping labels in flot pie chart
php preg_replace issue while replacing several words
Where can I download Visual Studio 2012 RC and Windows 8 Customer Preview? [closed]
Apache FOP usage of 鈥�param鈥�
How to disable the onListItemClick() action if the gestureDetector action happend
why is logcat being spammed with GC information?
Is there a way to lock directory (the way files are locked when in use)?
extra zero as output
Js-sdk work troubleless but Php-sdk 3.1.1 getUser() function return 0 sometimes
Passing image from one view to another
Reset checkbox style to default
android internal storage folders when running simulator
Assign value to method parameter
Creating wrapper for C++ dll functions which can be used for C# callbacks
Using Watir-webdriver : Getting the text of h1 tag
Global instances of a class in Objective C
semicolons at end of method implementations
Selenium Grid :Could not start Selenium Session:Error forwarding the new session Empty pool of VM for setup
Checking how long iPhone App has been in background when coming into foreground
What does this RegExp pattern /(?:^,:,,)(?: s* [)+/g mean in Javascript?
Change the base image attribute in magento by phpmyadmin
SlickUpload asynchronous upload
Wait for a variable to change value
Fetching Data From Wikipedia API
sql which is better to insert row if not exist before
Multiple Asynchronous HTTP Requests in Background iPhone
Java error Native Library already loaded in another classloader
How to create a map of the United States and free to fill color of each state? [closed]
PHP associative array's keys (indexes) limitations?
Silverlight ListBox Grouping using MVVM
Are the 25 secs running time for a Windows Phone PeriodicTask real time or cpu time?
How to get Images from RSS Feeds
c++: how to shuffle a dynamic array of pointers?
I want to insert datarow filter value to dataset new row
Async Postback Control And Update Progress
The picture can't upload directly to album
How do i avoid the redundant 鈥渕aven-update鈥�in eclipse if i have 2 maven projects while one needs the other as a library
Getting error on Paging programatically in Gridview
QuartzCore library and CA::Transaction::create() frame memory leak
How to use images for check boxes using CSS or may be Javascript?
Filtering MySQL results between two dates
Dealing with large numbers of HTML checkboxes
How to reading file properties in Webphere
Agregate Functions MAX and AVG are not working with DATEDIFF in Hibernate HQL
Unable to play video from raw folder
Twitter bootstrap: Why .row or .row-fluid does not have height?
Why does my Unit Test work from Visual Studio 2010 and not with Jenkins?
How to implement a Java WS-Client that is able to handle differently styled WSDLs?
disable browser cache for a specific list of domain names
Cannot access struts action data from nested JSP
Using both Arquillian and PowerMock in the same JUnit test
jQuery hoverover image works fine one direction, jumpy the other
Python datetime subtracting date oddity
XML if statement not calling my function
how to access skydrive other users shared folders and files using C# WP7
how to write below sql query with all mentioned conditions?
Monodevelop curly braces (or brackets) and ALT keypad numbers
Test default values and expressions of Mojos using Maven Plugin Testing Harness:
SSRS report export to excel and give a sheet name issue
What's a good 鈥渧isual design pattern鈥�for links that contain icons?
Adding link local address
MVC3 nested partial views submitt. how does it work?
Overriding model save() causes error in Django Admin
Migrate to Razor
Struts 2 + Waffle: User principal is always null
PHP code to determine if a user was 301 redirected to my site
vbscript server side validation
save the path of camera image into SQLite table and retrieve it
How get data from table with NHibernate by where?
BNF grammar mimicking Java method declarations
How can i call java script function(in .cs) in the OnClientClick of the link button?
Visualforce Page in Account Page Blank For Some Users
Opening SMS messaging and Address book from HTML (iOS and Android)
Load a remote XML into a web page and access its content via JavaScript
Heroku: delayed job sending email multiple times
Multiple Receivers with PGP in C# (BouncyCastle Framework)
In SIP, why the Contact header field MUST be present in the Invite request
How to give ripple effect on touch on a view in ipad application
get collapsible panel using javascript and jquery
how to determine file size before fetch using php curl
List<Type> Remove
Can anyone explain me this regular expression [closed]
Downloading and zipping files from amazon
Limitations & penalties for using old OpenCV-1.x style C API's, on latest release 2.3.1
Web browser hangs upon Drag And Drop Keyword for robot framework
Encryption of video files?
Saving Tab names and ConqueShells along with Vim sessions
how to connect and insert the ASP with sql server 2005?
jQuery - use existing handler for new elements
Stop form submit after page refresh
Best UI pattern to use for a Windows Mobile 6.5 application
exception handling in jsf - to print error message in the new page
Can I get elements by attribute selector when querySelectorAll is not available without uing libraries?
Multi Threading in Java About start()
Pass value to NLog custom LayoutRenderer
reading pdf file programatically is giving error
Executing tasks with exception handling while updating GUI during tasks
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError org.springframework.core.annotation.AnnotationUtils.getAnnotation
Cast System.Windows.Rect to System.Windows.Point
Understanding callback part in a URL
Git - ssh server - files do not appear on server
SQL Server Performances Issue
gcc double printf precision - wrong output
How to find previous month in vb6 or in vba?
Codeigniter database reconnect not working
How to post image to server using urlread() in MATLAB
CustomControl inherited from DataGridColumn: problems with styling
Paste images from clipboard to word document
Jquery Map function with TD and Input
border image with pure css
What are the limitations of silverlight?
Is it OK to use classes as dictionary keys in python?
How to set dynamically the height of iFrame according to the website in jQuery
Pick a Number and Name From Contacts List in android app
Why node.js memory leak when restart redis
Avoiding duplicate browser tabs or windows (
Restricting applications that access the internet on android
Perform selector
Using JS to respond to list item event
Can resources from MS Visual Studio be used with Eclipse & Cygwin?
Overriding virtual methods in PyGObject
using <%= tag %>
bootstrap-typeahead.js add a listener on select event
How to return multiple object form the js function
sql Server remove value after point
FILTER AlphaImageLoader for Chrome and FF
Android Market making substantial changes to apk after upload?
Android Market making substantial changes to apk after upload?
Archiving millions of 5KB records
Enumerate MAC addresses using only Java 6, or using only WMIC
What is the use of LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS?
Google Apps async-fetch for 100 req/sec
newbie: issues with updating / redirect profile and friendly_id
Bind to grid by selecting data from tow different tables?
Not adding object to NSMutableArray
What is the difference between an API and SOA
Why doesn't web api controllers derive from IController
C4430 error when using templates in VC++
iPad UIActionSheet not showing
Creating/Editing keyboard shortucts in IBM Rhapsody 7.x
why is visual studio 2010 running very slow in debug mode
Creating multiple files dynamically and storing different message in each file
css - wrapper positioning issue
Is it possible to prevent copy/move(drag and drop on web application) image across the web application?
Extracting all values of a subject attribute in a certificate
TFS CommitCheckin event is not firing
Does .jss feature is not supported in Titanium mobile SDK
UrlRewriteFilter ERROR
SQL 2005 Replication Primary Keys and Store Procedures
how to upending the NSMutableArray data items to the tableview?
How to PHPUnit Zend_Test&Doctrine2 in Zend Studio
convert DOM to String in android?
Navigation, highlight current page
Php, should i use json instead of mysql?
Senchatouch localstorage and phonegap
php debugging in eclipse: xdebug watch expressions are <uninitialized>
Avoiding OutOfMemory exception when making large network requests from Android application
Mono, mysql, fluent nhibernate and a TdsInternalException
Zombie in mixed ARC code
Connection to MS SQL Server 2005 database (using Server.MapPath)
iframe opens in new tab
Zend Framework transactions (Zend_db_adapter)
Tab order problems with RadioButton-based component
how to use link_to with ajax in rails 3.2.1
Two-dimensional array with .Add in C#
Can't add Maven Dependency to Source tab of Remote Debugging Configurations
Toggling zooming and panning ability on Google Maps.
Apache OpenJPA - ManyToMany mapping with 3 tables
Is there any function in c# like 'int system(鈥渃md鈥�' <stdlib.h> in c++ for executing command in cmd prompt?
Deleting a file in eclipse using java
cannot find syslog.h on windows
jQuery Progress Bars
Application Launch Error in iphone simulator [closed]
Installing Perl Module in Apache Tomcat Server
Unable to get divs sorted properly [closed]
how to check values if it has a like/same key in a dict in python?
Define a rectangular bookmark area/container in a Word 2010 template?
Build firebreath plugin with XCode
How to remove top shade on tab content
Change CSS class programmatically on load?
Android client doesn't connect to Tomcat with a self-signed certificate
Simulate touchmove inertia with javascript
Protocol Buffer over socket in C++
Mac load commands corruption
The More link for fetching other results in PHP?
Initialize values of an array that is within a struct
Google Analytics on Ajax based website
how to integrate Tank auth on a website?
NineOldAndroids: set view pivot
How are DataTextField and DataValueFields evaluated
AVCaptureSession and AudioQueue
Devise signin and redirect
Determine the speed on internet programmatically
How do I save a recorded video with a .3gp extension in asterisk?
Is transactional task dequeuing supported?
ListActivity CustomAdapter error, onListItemClick never works
Cross-Domain ajax to REST server with jQuery
A feature in EasyMock that is not there in Mockito
MYSQL Multiple Key, Value, Between Query
How can i get the attribute value of HtmlGenericControl?
iOS : ARC, not freeing memory
Imported ebookdroid android app failed generate
Query on filters selected by the user
what is the best way to achieve this layout?
How can I create a dynamically sized array of linked lists?
Beginner: Multiview app doesn't switch views correctly
Alternative of replication in internet disconnection period of time
Regex global without collection c#
Get twitter Follower in IOS 5
GroupBy, then order another list based on group in C#
+ operator overloading in C++
CQRS Event Sourcing: Validate UserName uniqueness
Explode a MySQL result set in PHP
linux 鈥渕ake oldconfig鈥�discards an entry CONFIG_K8_NB
Alert if form is empty
Image server security HTTP Handler
Why use do { } while (0) in macro definition? [duplicate]
How to avoid unsafe cast warnings with Java Generics
Scan all classes for a given custom attribute
Using CakePHP FormHelper with Bootstrap Forms
How to implement associative array (not dictionary) in Python?
Weird issue with saving to SQL database
WPF Data binding C# in xaml
Calling java method from c++ code, without passing any JavaVm
How do i know if keyframe is blank or not with actionscript 3
getting error while adding class to iphone project
What is the different between {$hello}, ${hello} & $hello when use double quotes?
Java Trie Optimization
Continous integration, easy_install and download problems
IOException caught client-side on http error code returns
How do I update mysql database using php for a specific row
App Testing Strange
FixedDocument page size
How does rake db:migrate work on Heroku?
Use lightweight Bzr checkout from Emacs offline
c++ how to handle with generic exception object all types of exceptions?
Why I got Oracle error when I subtract one year from current date?
Android: Phone isn't recognized by ADT after upgrading
Cloning a Java object
Why is the open type Predicate<T> slower than its counterpart
Change div content on character count
error while installing jruby using rvm
trigger function after returning HttpResponse from django view
JQuery click event target / button opens two dialogs object reference message after moving to another computer
Load Local Data Infile with a condition in MYSQL 5.0
PHP MYSQL query - Strip away columns from response
Hosting a tornado/websocket application
GoogleMap V3 Hybrid MapType show as Label under Satellite
Downgrade Amazon RDS Multi AZ deployment to Standard Deployment
Can anyone explain me this regex meaning
Cant archive ios app
Basic authentication with Camel Jetty
How to prevent g++ from optimizing a loop?
Keep JDBC references outside web.xml to deploy in Jetty, like in tomcat
Android Async Task on Splashscreen
Creating an array of objects containing references
given an array, for each element, find out the total number of elements lesser than it, which appear to the right of it
Make Insert statement in Javascript Using ADODB.Recordset
Styling list with images
Implementing Udi's Fetching Strategy - How do I search?
sizing html elements with borders
Trac Single Signon not working as mentioned in the cookbook
How to call .ashx handler from WPF Application?
Database mirroring on Rackspace or Xeround
ActiveRecord: Accessing owner association after building record
django tastypie only fetch a particular field of a particular object
Javascript method crashes - I just dont understand why
Isolation level in Sql Transaction
PHP try/catch statement not working on different tabs/same browser
Query that returns duplicate record frequencies
CodeContracts unproven in ServiceBase
PHP: How to send message to more that one specific Android clients
jquery: how to tell if a mouseup is going to be followed by a click event?
Doctrine Console program
Multiple browsers for single test in selenium RC with java
Rewriting URLs in ASP.NET/C#
Accessing the facebook details without opening the Facebook Dialog in iPhone
Check a radio button using ExtJS
how to make apache server public
Can't log into SQL server after changing computer name
Error message about Biostrings
C++: References to parameters
Applications Installed Listener and Suspending internet/3G connections
Reverse each string in a structure of strings
Is there a class or way that find strings in nsstring?
Setting user roles based on some kind of ownership in Spring Security
pymssql 1.9.908 error when querying
Android Google Maps - getLastKnownLocation returns inaccurate latitude and longitude
Custom UI Integration in iOS
AS2 getURL to open video file via the user default application
Android strange exception
How to keep Visual Studio's add-ins enabled despite Shift key is held at startup?
Form submit and HttpServletRequest
How do I add comments to Json.NET output?
How implement Parallax screen in SuperJUmper Game?
Custom Action with regsvr
How to create facebook mobile application navigation bar?
no return statement in function returning non-void
How to keep file's directory (or nearest .git directory) when running :sh :shell
google-api-java-client setup for Android
Using custom ports for SSL [closed]
Skipping the output of identical values in subsequent rows [closed]
how to create a Json String in blackberry
The font is not being displayed at the bottom of the container?
public and private key files (.pkr,.skr)
Objectify BATCH delete has no effect
Chart Type on jqPlot
How can we make a nested directory in resource folder to put the xmls with same name?
What does $? mean in Ruby?
Claim based multiplattform (single sign on)
How to get theme essentials with custom content
Undefined references while compiling mono on CentOS 6.0
How to load a website into div tag in jquery
How to format category IDs as a string in my db
how to display image to popup window
Why use CakePHP's JsHelper?
How can I bind the position of a line to the transforming position of an Ellipse in XAML
Coming back from Android Market does not show app again
Android SDK - alarm clock
Render camera to .obj or generated opengl surface
SQL Trigger on Insert into one table, copy into another multiple times
How to upload file in silverlight
Selenium: Is there any JS (JavaScript) code coverage tool which we can integrate with Selenium Server/RC
Best way or algorithm to near duplicate check against huge list of files?
How to pass in a Range parameter for VLookup function?
Added View in MasterViewController is not visible until the UITableView is loaded with data
crm advanced developer tools in conjunction with WCF not working
Using jquery draggable UI with kineticJs to make elements snap to grid?
Exit Conflicts in Java GUI
Midi library for Python on Mac
Thrust: How to create device_vector from host array?
Configuring svn client on mac for eclipse for android development
How to equalize spaces between buttons?
How to pass multiple file in Response.AppendHeader()
How to get current stack level
List items to behave like links when cursor hovers
Copy embedded file content from Excel
How do I scan text for multiple strings?
Fetching the url of previous page in html?
show popovers on uilabel touch in iphone
Android Rigntone play method froze activity if started in main thread
Generated C code (from Pro*C) contains absolute path
How do you deal with the fact, that URLs are case sensitive in xPages?
How connect nhibernate to local SQLEXPRESS?
How to render js rails 3
javascript's equivalent of java's Map.getKey()
PHP - Email notification whenever a remote file changes
get value from Linq and put it in the tex box
Application's data folder in Mac
sqlite fetching on ios device slow but fast on simulator
Newly installed theme on sugarcrm tabs not functioning
Means to implement full page cache with dynamic placeholders
How to have persistent variable in android module?
Use what private c++ function return type for hooking using mobilesubstrate
Resize image at run time php
Warning: array_unshift() expects parameter 1 to be array [duplicate]
Testing a specific struct data member with std::equal_to, etc
Accessing the image in HTTP server from a seperate image DB server
Error while configuring FLOW3
How to make a component invisible, without changing the location of other elements
Handling notifications request from Facebook after successful subscription
Local file plays with AVAudioPlayer but not with AVPlayer?
How to draw two CGMutablePaths with different colors?
Error in installing pymssql 1.0.2 on Windows 2003 x64
How to get Event from Application in GStreamer?
Programmatically add toolbar and their contents in c#
How to retrieve deleted files in Linux CentOS
Unable to get value of the property 'length': object is null or undefined - Javascript Error
Exporting Crystal Report into PDF freeze - Vb.Net2003
TableView doesn't not scrolling and cells is not enabled
load text into textarea from code behind in using C#
Error when adding variable
Regex for matching a text htmltag text htmltag pattern [closed]
Core plot disable y axes scaling, scrolling
label displaying null if string not giving any value 鈥�want to display nothing if no value given by string
Downloading Indication
IP addresses and hostnames using python or any other HLL
What are possible use scenarios for Traits in PHP? [duplicate]
Synchronize script method with the help of another method
how to comment a jquery code block which has a line with php code in jquery
Running 2 application which executes own Apache server, side by side
Adapter Unable to fill data in dataset: Exception thrown
Jsf: what bean scope for a two page master-detail?
Initialize a Struts 1 ActionForm with Data from HttpSession Object
Consuming Teamcity REST API using WCF
ExtJS 4: Make Portal Columns Splitting
Facebook Like Button not page specific. Workaround or alternatives?
Upload photo from iphone to restful wcf
alfresco - show issues list on to site page
How to create and write into text file in Lisp
NSData absurd Length error
How to play a video from Byte array?
GUI threading in java
expand overflow or whatever IMG inside DIV
Arrow key navigation in treeview [closed]
Record Sound And play Modulated Sound In Android? [closed]
Facebook Timeline Aggregations Filters not working
addressbook implementation in iphone
java issue adding / removing panel onclick
navigate between multiple windows in titanium
How to detect/ensure use of multiple cores in multicore R lost focus in chrome and IE7
Create library in j2me
How to prevent exporting 鈥�amp;amp;鈥�from a GridView?
Error to open Dreamweaver using wine
Encoding XML & PHP(DOM) - ISO 8859-15 (accented characters)
Add class to active links in cakephp
Regex to match the URL last part with JavaScript
erlang:now to timestamp and back again
Weird Exception at wpf with
How to install a non bundle of Liferay?
ms sql rounding issue in 3 to Nth decimal places
javascript and fusion tables
iOS dropdown menu from top with horizontal scroll view
Should I use CodeIgniter html or form helper class?
stdout is missing?
Any way to filter a GridView on the fly via text input?
ssh without password two computers same network [closed]
Interesting Computing stuff in designing User Interfaces
NHibernate update POCO from differrent session
how to parse body of the message in android? [closed]
urllib2 HTTPPasswordMgr not working - Credentials not sent error
MVC route with default action and parameter, several actions by controller
How message can be decoded into form as given
What is the best algorithm and the best method to collect data to recognize hand-drawn geometrical figures?
Close all threads except main one
How to know if a user is logged in to Play Framework?
create dictionary from list of variables
Why isn't my .exe from a Makefile printing from my second file?
flex 4 - keeping an element/component always on top
User and Admin Logout with Devise and Testing it via RSPEC
How to send an xml document created using JDOM api to a client?
Stack Trace, GuideAlreadyVisibleException
Writing char array to binary file with specific encoding
What exactly is shared between two NSOpenGLContexts?
Are multiple indexes involving the same column useful or not?
Eclipse : Importing web application
.Next count no. clients connected to the server
NSNotificaion for power Button pressed
How do I do push notifications in Corona SDK for Android?
Block with non ARC, memory leak issue
Any css or javascript techniques to display a 'slice' of a circle image?
Interface of vim to other programs
Way to Lexicographic order for Dictionary Key/value pairs?
how do you find the non-computed css width with JQuery
Unexpected border around a borderless NSWindow with custom graphics
Changing Visiblity on a DataGridTemplateColumn works only the first time
I have an image which has sections and I want to make each section clickable
Twitter widget or tools displayed feeds that I follow? [closed]
Build multiple setups (different languages) in one step?
Possible to Create 64-bit Add-in for VBA IDE using IDTExtensibility2?
How do you handle memory limitations & performance improvements of a process.
Sharing validation between two models with fluent validaition
Sending JSON objects through JMS?
Different NullExceptionHandling between parsing ints and doubles
update dynamically created textbox in c# and
How to detect whether a file is modified in iOS?
Webview throws error when press power button
GZIPOutputStream not properly compressing a String for HTTP Response
Final Fields Semantics in Threads
JIRA JQL: How to search on issues closed before a time in the day?
Perl: Matching a file with a format given by another file
how to provide printing feature in Android application
Emgu CV Face Recognition: How to Improve the accuracy
Javascript: calling javaScript function from flash (swfObject)?
Zend Url and module name case-sensitivity
footer and header is not adding in android ListView - a bug fix
How to open an Activity on click of a RadioButton from a GridView
What is the different between assigning a null to a valuable or not assign anything in java?
Android lifecycle - should I use a service?
How to get the handlers' name/address for some signals (e.g. SIGINT) in Postgres?
Web view : webpage is not available
What do empty curly brackets/braces mean in Java?
XSD - I'm experiencing a strange behavior when using the abstract mechanism with substitution group from other namespaces
How to set a field unique in Entity Framework 4.1 code first? No annotation attibrute?
Creating flexible UILabel
How to set a field unique in Entity Framework 4.1 code first? No annotation attibrute?
Creating flexible UILabel
Getting Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL鈥�But thru browser it works fine?
Ruby equivalent of C++ istream operator?
object as member variable
get mongodb fields in particular order in php
Related set of GenericForeignKey in Django
Difference between normal cookies and Zend_http_cookies in PHP
Bind Window to Another Window and always on Top
Hide div through jQuery
Want to trigger an event when user navigate from 3rd item to 4th item in the panorama
I need a program logic to store array elements into new position [closed]
How to make page reload with Javascript, or Ruby on rails
[solved]How to replace some path in a conf file using Vim?
Where I can put the .stop() in this animite
How to get float value from modulus in PHP? [closed]
Date subtraction in javascript
Does EJB container reside in all application servers. EJB container in depth
Read Text from Image with Android
Linking Wordpress index.php to single.php
playframework model not saved properly
MiniMagick Image.create method giving an ArgumentError
Wha's special in using StringBuilder insted of StringBuffer [duplicate]
Get type of form element with jQuery
Implement binding extension on a property
unable to call custom methods on backbone model
What's wrong with this Java code? Android?
Indenting code in Sublime text 2?
how to make a word in a complete text view clickable android(not url link)
Octal escape sequence out of range
Django mysql when saving a object got warnning
How to add extension(.asp) to ASP.Net development Server
Diagnose connection pool leak sourse
Is possible that Ext.util.JSON.encode return an undefined value?
Generate XSLT to map source value structures to destination field depending on source content
How to format jquery ui autocomplete with function that returns json?
What part of AsyncSocket/GCDAsyncSocketis is about being asynchronous?
Custom Listview with check box in Android SDK
Difference between ApiController and Controller in ASP.NET MVC
grant system permissions to an app in the android emulator
Local EJB LookUP, deployed in WebLogic
Quartz scheduler -HELP NEEDED
regular expression validation errors
Howto Config mod_dav_svn locale under apache2?
addarray keys with span tags
Like button and og:type=article
Dynamically create wrapper for unmanaged assembly?
session login control
Set facebook canvas app height equal to the height of the Facebook sidebar
Compiler gcc required when installing perl modules for Bugzilla
disable address bar and back and forward button of browser
Why does Custom UITableViewCell causes an NSInvalidArgumentException?
call function in application from preloader as code
can't import NumPy Mac OS X Lion
using electric fence in a c++ program
Handle query parameters recursively using htaccess
PHP code is just comment on my html
(Obviously) Not possible to append to tuple. Why does django userena test do it?
Facebook extending user access token
Unloading a dll file in mef
Mapping a key in VIM