Is it a good practice to use global constants, types and functions inside VBA classes?
Know free memory in WP7
cant understand meaning of following lines in haml file
Facebook comments widget
iOS 5 Create a custom view
fetch data from multiple table by sending only one request
Is there a way to get all dependencies of the project via sbt plugin?
Casting my Class to Int64, Double etc
Which type of Key Format is better for AES 256
How to checkout remote svn branch locally?
how to convert string to mysql date format using
Table view's layer seems to be affecting sibling layers
When to use synchronized in Java
getting updated data from inserted and deleted
disable touch interaction in UITableView
different XML types
Using python-twitter behind a proxy
Calculating the trace of a matrix to the power k
Threading trouble with windows forms
subscribe to charger connected event in wp7
How to implement last active time in web application
Legacy MySQL database mapping to a good .NET ORM for system migration
how to get cpc and volume from google adwords toolkit?and we want to store it into our database.How is it possible?
How to keep the values of checkboxes after postback in
Are updates within an entity group always visible to reads within the group after commit returns?
How to parse one or more complex object list in one response by ksoap2
Club Update query with group by based on two attributes //postgres
xml rpc client java without wsdl
Can't override jquery mobile
Get oracle output parameter using OracleCommand
Saving an application's state in database
iPad DatePicker Phonegap Plugin not working
How to set url map routing for all pages?
How can kernel execution time increase with better occupancy?
MySQL Connection Error on Apache Port 8080
Parameterize shared example with rspec2
Android: how to change images in a imageview, with varying intervals?
what does the --enable-threads=LIB when compiling gcc/g++/libstdc++ means?
Writing a Dictionary to Excel in C#
x86 assembly practice about graphics
what is accessTokenValue, tokenSecretValue in linkedin-j?
Database in Android phone?
android - how to open the embed url's using webview
RESTful api call
Html landing page in
Where is Derby database stored when I create it from Netbeans?
MICROS 3700 ResPosApiWeb API client configuration record
How to get down 'foreach' to display 3 results from each category in PHP?
Error Installing RedMine on shared Hosting
get numeric values from an ENUM column's issue
network interface route gateway information in freebsd
how do i assert for values taken from past records
why docking not correctly working for existing groupboxes in win forms
How to Split string value in sqlserver
How to build a SystemTray app for Windows?
Referencing a resource in a ResourceDictionary from a different ResourceDictionary in Silverlight
List the items having tags <li><ui> of the XML file using xslt
NodeJS - Local scope has already been closed (fatal error)
change POST url on the fly during HTTP request in Firefox
Can we send private messages to friends of a user with offline_access permission?
ios game make a mask layer effect
MATLAB/Simulink - programatically supply multiple external inputs
How to get connection string from another project in LINQ to SQL?
#EXTINF - field in apple hls playlist has decimal placed duration - generated by mediafilesegmenter
how to detect if --quiet option is specified with rake
Android database from website
Does python 3.1.3 support unicode in csv module?
how to create a key in HKLM using TRegistry
Archive the uiview controls (uiimageview,uiscrollview,uitableview,uibutton)
How to Avoid ANR response in Android when there is a Time delay in Server?
Remove a Key from Dictionary by key name
Itext in Eclipse
Change Request URI in Filter Java EE
what ways are there for mobile web design?
CSS Layout Text Flooding Into Navigatio [closed]
How can i get Culture by LCID
Python Construct - consume data for optional field
how to set automatically screen resolution to fit in the client window [closed]
how to get card information after swapping in android
Gain control over scroll view
How to use Session in Asp.Net MVC3
<text area> background color on android
extjs: passing variable to FormPanel
How to add easing on ScrollTO
What is the difference in versions of Joomla CMS i.e. Joomla 1.7 and joomla 2.5?
C++ select() not waiting for timeout period
Trouble in downloading and installing Sitecore CMS
Efficient functional style (C++11 ok)
Efficient functional style (C++11 ok) chat based on callbacks
How to configure oracle database in codeigniterconfig php
Native DLL Resolve for P/Invoke and User Expectations
Rhino mock AAA ExpectationViolationException
is it possible to invoke an independent thread from Servlets?
Why is functional programming good? [closed]
鈥淓xpress Checkout PayerID is missing鈥�issue
PHP and AJAX - make ajax call on load of a document
How to know the size of a frame or image
AS2 Parent - Child swf communication
Communications strategy: Linux to .Net over SSL
What is 鈥淣ew transaction is not allowed鈥�error in PHP and SQLSRV driver for?
Building list of daily new user count in Django
Storing IP Addresses for Users
Installation of hibernate tools in Eclipse
How to specify position of an image in a grid through code?
Python registry values using settings = QSettings()
How to decode the video file to upload to server?
if (($strUsers == 鈥溾�) && false) ? what the false is referring to?
Synchronizing the UI Thread with a Method Called on another Thread
Calling a JavaScript function in PHP for Google Map
Low virtual memory on Sony Ericsson Xperia
PhP SQL comment system
ListView maintain state using Tag?
will a generated REST client proxy fail if the service is updated with additional fields in response?
How can I know which email is a reply to another email, in C#?
REST + Java + Status 500 Internal Error
coding language customization
Looking for a ruby on rails wiki application
Dynamic change the tab content
Emma is not creating the file
can multiple clients access same list concurrently without getting blocked in Redis?
Dynamic id with two variables
What is your favorite disassembler tool in Mac OS X?
CodeIgniter Extending Multiple Controllers?
Get an error bitrate tolerance too small for bitrate when recording using opencv
Rails: undefined method 'paginates_per'
How do I solve an error in php related to sessions?
Run script on install ( and Python)
Displaying Arabic on Device J2ME
Backbone.js frontend with RESTful Rails backend?
pEntity already has a parent
Button value is not posted to Controller while Form Submit?
Best open source database for inserting 10000 records/min simultanously [closed]
GitHub for Mac Issue - Pushed to HEAD branch then switched
How can i send a message from android application to specified MSISDN number
User permission and software security
## operator in c
Facebook API - search people refined by company name
converting the input string as a hexa number representation
Using git, how do I add a common framework (also under git) to the root directory?
JQuery event not fired when using 鈥渙n鈥�
Switch Authentication Handler in Authentication Manager
How can I set shortkey for menus?
A single Validation across whole application
stored procedure to insert join query
Subquery is having more than one record
play downloaded Gif image in android
Android Expandable ListView with TextBox
Database Connection is Not Ending
Use of True, False, and None as return values in python functions
Adding form information into single SQL Server database row
ICU vs Boost Locale in C++
Having trouble with saving rows in database using stored procedures in ASP.NET
Passing parameter to IN SQL statement
How to create binary file in Perl?
Cant install 64 bit mysql on mac os x 10.6
What's the difference between the implements & extends keywords in Java [closed]
Jquery Mobile set cache to expire
Regex. How can I tell processor to start match from the first symbol only ?
regular expression for single quote mark in mongodb
How can I improve my data access classes in ASP.NET
Prevent caching of select List selected items on Mozilla 10.0.2
Linq query to join against list in a struct
MySQL Query optimizer with index
pass a function pointer to a template class
AVD manager throws 'the last location provider was disabled' error
Caching Data in HashMap (Connection, ResultSet, and Statement is opened after getting Data from it and put in the Map)
Steps to Build and deploy a WCF Service on IIS using PowerShell scripting
How can we load audio files from asset folder by using a loop?
Is Selenium Grid2 really capable to run tests in parallel on its own?
git-svn rebase error
how to not allow user select past date in datepicker?
Stripping 's (apostrophe s) from a string
Writing to console with System.out and PrintWriter
Exposing mimimum password lengths
macport most recently installed packages
Strange, IPhone performSelector on sub-thread doesn't work.
How do I create an Editor widget inside a modal Dialog?
Get rid of all back slashes in php
expand macros in makefile
how to animate a UIView same as the working of presentModalViewController ( ie [self presentModalViewController:child animated:YES];)
How to use mysql_real_escape_string for an array?
Copying files from HDFS to local file system with JAVA
Alarmmanager with pending Intent
LINQ to XML to read Hierarchal XML Document
Jquery drag and drop and snap to grid in kineticJS
Add the 'HttpOnly' attribute to all session cookies
Jquery drag and drop and snap to grid in kineticJS
Add the 'HttpOnly' attribute to all session cookies
trace keyboard inputs
jquery how to get the pasted content
how to autofill foreach loop in visual studio 2010
how is the code for uploading the parsed data to the tableview?
Using regex to get passage between two strings in Python
How to convert string to dateTimePicker format in C#?
Sorting of XML file by XMLElement's InnerText
How to combine this two javascript lines in just one line
Passing a time stamp between C++ and .NET
Can PicoContainer caching be thread-safe?
How to change PHP file webserver location
Get the array chunk in PHP
Orientation of Custom Tab-bar
BZ2 compression in C++ with bzlib.h
Buttons in Horizontal Line Without Float:Left
How to give endpoint address in standardendpoint element tag in wcf?
Open Source SIP client for Iphone
How to write the java interpreter/lexical analyzer
Changing PSPDFKit view mode
android custom list view position and click event issue(list getting dynamic data from server)
curosr points to middle of text area instead of start
Can we add new module in Orchard CMS?
Something to know about socket and multithreading in java
Mongo query to get children
My pass-by-reference isn't doing what it should be doing
Handling received messages iphone
JQueryTools 鈥渁pple鈥�effect Overlay from within an Iframe
Slow javascript execution in chrome, profiler yields (program)
Pointer and array confusion
java: can't rethrow exception: Unhandled exception type Exception
jQuery automatically converting <button> tag to jquery UI themed button
hide scrollview stick android
How do I profile a Codeigniter Web App with XDebug?
How to link MySQL to html
C++ Class Inheritance
Reading Data From PDF File And Write It Into Word File?
Cake php, set flash message in current page without losing the form contents
i am trying to provide client side validation for password using jquery, but the form gets submitted without validating. i am ew to jquery as well
How to test with spec with factory_girl in ruby
Does Xcode4 have automatic implementation creation feature?
AS3 - how to put links into the app that google can index?
How to get the output from the sap soap wsdl from wsclient++ in android
how to start couchdb lucene and integrate it with bigcouch
Monkeypatch across Engines in Rails
Under Linux, How C++ source code becomes executable files or static/dynamic libraries. And how a program get loaded into memory when it runs
How to define non-reserved key words with antlr
How to pass an object from Java to JavaScript using Rhino
How to send a notification from php server to android app [closed]
Move an object on on a B茅zier curve path
Rails 3.0 form_tag w/ remote incorrect Accept: header
Jquery UI button gets autoselected
Error when Committing in SVN using subclipse
Syncronize javascript calls
DataInputStream from socket
JSON data from server could not be parsed
Socket - Read as much as possible with timeout
How to draw point to a QGraphicsView at run time without clearing the previous drawn points?
Nuget packages that are really exe commands?
Regex to allow only set of HTML Tags and Attributes
Google Visualization API ChartWrapper method
Should Application.UseWaitCursor be used?
iOS animate scroll view
Column level vs table level constraints in sql server?
Data not coming to ListBox after query
Encountered the symbol 鈥淚S鈥�when expecting one of the following
Apache crashes every other time PHP script is ran鈥indows
my '.png' image not work for resize image code in php
How can a service detect when windows has started completely?
JNI : speex encoding data Error
how to inlcude this slider navigation menu in jquery mobile theme?
Swfupload issue, can't use it's method addPostParam
Is Boost Thread's boost::unique_lock a scoped lock?
mysql datetime format change using java for JasperReports generation
How to delete a archieved artifact in jenkins?
Why do 'Unexpected value NaN parsing y attribute.' warning is displayed while drawing pie chart using ExtJS?
In joomla instead of Domain Name, IP address shows in address bar(URL rewrite rules)!
Refactor simple rails code for specifying active li on navigation
Update model with data from 鈥渄ifferent鈥�view - MVC
Accessing a Class property without using dot operator
Type Initializer
Scaling option while taking picture with camera
Inject dependencies into mongodb entities
getting exception from windows app in release mode after running it successfully 10 hours , how detected what went wrong?
How to Export pdf to OutputStream with wkhtmltopdf in java
Send mail to different customer on their birthday
How to manage a repository for bootstrap code?
Java fraction addition
How to test paperclip validation with this relationship?
Tables are not getting refreshed
How to set text size of textview dynamically for diffrent screens
Storing rounded doubles results in un-intuitive results [duplicate]
Error in attaching image, low memory
How to create loading image on page redirect on the time in
iphone Data Matrix BarCode
ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception on executing linux sh file
Scala interactive interpreter (REPL) - how to redirect the output to a text file?
Any idea why this css isn't working? I'm stuck [closed]
calling function or procedure within same package
calling function or procedure within same package
Symfony2 datetime queryBuilder
Record audio iOS
How to trigger Facebook like button from custom button?
save audio file in raw or assets folder to sdcard android
HTTPS in PAC file
Java to Scala conversion
Android - Activity rendering issue
Android : Overcome (Stop) the reloading data always鈥he big headache
Getting error in debugging my post.(Error parsing input URL, no data was scraped)
How to make wallpaper image for android tablets
Xcode 4: Trying to build MailCore.Framework for OSX
Continuous JavaScript Testing
Game loop crashing my browser
Redirect to a html page when site opens in non flash browser
Converting Canvas element to Image and storing in database
Convert TSQL to HSQL
XMLNodeType.Attribute not reading attribute in an XML
I want to do refactoring on my bad smell code using polymorphism. it's a removing 'if' statements issue
ReferenceError: Can't find variable: jQuery
CoreData save/revert unsaved changes
Memory Leak in JNI layer for unsigned char array
Double-escaping XML entities
Sessions in Zappa (node.js)
Android : Not Getting Unique Device_id on Samsung Galaxy Tab
Menu Faded on Document Load
OAuthException 3502 even when posting correct object type to facebook graph
C++11: Why is assigning rvalues allowed?
gmail html email background color
Why does this C code compile? C struct typdef
How to test my paid app for Google TV
How to filter the year, rank, artist, and title of a text file that has top billboard songs?
jQuery 1 form to lookup, Ajax post to lookup, second form to add if not found
Examples of JS hierarchical tree with mixed canvas/DIV approach
Rails 3 ActiveRecord method chaining, under the hood
Send Email Only when radio option is Selected
How to get the loaded image path in flex?
disable zend layout by javascript call
How to send lots of POST requests QUICKLY
Connecting to a server using UDP
Allow entering the application only if at least one location provicer is enabled in Android
How to staggering Wordpress articles into Core data via UITableView?
How to write and read data into the file base on different language
How do I pass php variables and textarea values using a href?
Javascript sticky menu issue
How to pass a javascript variable on a jsp to a servlet
NanoHttpd server cannot stream large videos on android
How to debug in Ms cobol 2.20
Android, How to put an image over another image?
given an array, find out the next minimum element for each element
How to pass shipping address value in paypal email?
Is there StartsWith or Contains in t sql with variables?
Motion Capture with OpenGL on Atom Board
400 Bad Request while publishing the Entity Framework WCF Services in another system?
FileNotFoundException while reading RSS in Android
Using NodeJS for a big project
Conceptual design of a JavascriptMVC application
NSView 'window' is deprecated XCode 4
Android Java connect to online database
Facebook Real-time Updates is not posting data
Rails: Nested form with carrierwave
Whats wrong with my code and why dosen't it replace eplace 鈥淓VERY INSTANCE鈥�of the capital letter G with Gb,
Getting list of all entries in the Firefox chrome registry
How to ensure a method is using a single instance at a time
how do i download doc from google insight in java [closed]
How to include a file in PHP that is above the public_html directory?
GNU GPL license terms open source softwares
What query to obtain the following on MySQL?
Unable to access the base variables in the derrived class
How to write trigger for multiple row update?
how to remove already defined pending intent
Can't set property in prepareForSegue:sender:
iPad app fails to install in new device added to Ad Hoc provisioning profile
Youtube login using c#
multiple inheritance and polymorphism
PS: Launch an app and open chm
jsoup get values based on div tag id
How initialize dropdown (<select/>) with preselected value and then change it?
How to set the request body on the client side
Compare password with last three months passwords
Android send message from my android application to mobile MSISDN
cocos2d-android (github version) How do I keep a 'player' sprite centered on the screen while moving the background layer?
How to open new page by URL with sending POST query?
Simple form POST from HTML to ASP.NET page fails
How do you reload UIViewController's view from a XIB after a memory warning blows it away?
Difference between text() and string()
Wordpress database update - suddenly stopped working
Lost EVERYTHING in my Android app in Eclipse?
IntentService fails to run in certain situations
Load variables into async JS?
Mysql Using Result of Subquery in Main Query
jruby&rails 3.2 very slow compiling scss in development
StyleCop ignoring settings
Day scheduler calender for Mobile
iOS NSNumber intValue EXC_BAD_ACCESS
C++ Abstract Class - Add needed data member, or just define methods to act on it?
Detect device and accordingly loads UI
Consume WCF Service with jQuery
Select statement, table sample, equal distribution
AutoResetEvent - two set calls quickly doesn't guarantee thread release - why?
how to go to application's stack in android?
TableLayout Android java set to full right?
tabBarController:shouldSelectViewController: not being called when delegate is set
Can you change a python descriptor's __get__ method at runtime?
Is there a better way to pass 鈥渢his鈥�object to a callback function?
I can't correctly access cached images while offline
What does the //= assignment operator do in Python
Fork github repo with submodules?
Sort order with Hadoop MapRed
jom hangs while building on Qt Creator - MSVC 2008 Express
Error with GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP and vertex array
Facebook iOS SDK - How to build static library for Xcode 4.3?
Difference of Sizes of Various Fields Between Object File and Executable File
How to make Glass Button ignore form's gradient?
how to make two layer ssh tunnel for browsing
Why does the Task Parallel Library have a 'hidden' 1 second timeout for scheduling tasks under certain conditions?
What is the best way to forward (spoof) a production URL (port 80) on local rack development (port 5000)?
Android Canvas.drawTextOnPath does not look correct when paint is set to Stroke
How to test a value under a condition during 1 minutes in java [closed]
How to crop only certain area using HTML5 + Javascript or server side language?
How do I input values into a mysql table using php when there is a restriction?
Designing an Enum
Rails: Comment Pagination under a Micropost
How to compile a c++ program into shared library, and load it from a c program?
How to get the order of JQGrid Columns displayed?
XML serialization of array of classes
jQuery Functions On AJAX Loaded Content
Run JavaScript When New Images are Loaded
How should I go about making game menus that I want to fit inside a container?
NSOperation dealloc not called when cancel operation
Local Co-ordinate of Image view w.r.t to the root View
Optimizing app background for orientation change?
How to add points in QGraphicsView?
jQuery Form Plugin not responding well with FireFox
Configuring Johnny Cache
Catch touch events anywhere onscreen in certain views?
Type mismatch when assigning a value from javascript to a vbscript variable
Display own records in grid view
How to change the value of id or name?
Comparing 2D arrays
Regarding Augmented Reality
android camera intent with external camera app, return to original activity?
iterating a php object
mysql data inline command
Send multiple checkbox data to PHP via jQuery ajax()
MySQLdb not running on Mac 10.7
Do signal handlers run in kernel or user space?
How to Convert the Value of a Column When Copying a Table
block read error
Can I get a list of the decorators applied to a function?
How to do client-side on-the-fly field validation on proxy entities?
Android print this to the left?
Looking for RPAREN correctly (to enable fast parsing)
Better Handling of getting data from server in iPhone
Django Assigning BoundField Value
Extract a variable length number using regex in python
MPRIS + Python (dbus): reading and writing properties
Creating a EditorTemplate MVC3
Find text of a <li> in a dynamic <ul> on button click Jquery
EL conditional statment in an input value results in Illegal Syntax for Set Operation
Weird CSS Column behavior with Twitter Bootstrap
How to Change Default search provider of IE 9 by registry Editing through C++ program?
How can I animate a circle with PlayN?
How to create static pages programmatically from app on App Engine?
Ruby Sinatra: Can I update a view template multiple times within one client request
Is LINQ to NHibernate susceptible to SQL injection and other security risk afflicting raw sql
Java script how to write an if condition passed to a $.modal()
ruby stringing with text
Rails: Routing Issue, Button to Bring up partial
Highlighting string at multiple occurences
rich:dataScroller not working properly when application is deployed in glassfish 3.0.1
PHP Ajax Form Validation [closed]
Emulator doesn't show itself
Sorting a map by values rather than keys
Different between Task (System.Threading.Task) and Thread
Javascript code for parsing the xml document
Layout with css float no shifting when resizing the container division
What exactly do these 3 lines of C code do?
Create Parallel Workflow activities
How to define const as an object in Excel VBA?
PHP - Why it shows code content after the greater than >
get facebook users data of his reads in washington post or yahoo reader
NSString - Truncate everything after decimal point in a double
static header with dynamic list view troubles
SSRS report Display monthwise
Storing of duplicate inputs in as distinct in Perl
How will i use Crystal Reports on Executive Summary(and other summaries) & Letters?
On Android how would I be able to execute some code for a few seconds after a user either quits or uses another app and then comes back?
How to make detail view scrollable in master detail app
Updating a control on another form with the results of a dialog box
How can I step through jetty's source to see how it processes a typical servlet request?
Get all Django records created since last login
How can I combine these looped MySQL queries?
How to implement UIView that performs inverse of contentStretch?
BadTokenException when populating Spinner inside Fragment
POSTGRES - How to create a select query that would join two databases?
find and replace using grep inside jpg files
Issues with pdftk on bluehost
uva 10189 Minesweeper
Handling 2 sets of radio buttons using the attribute checked and unchecked
Recursion complexity
VB.NET Group Radio Buttons across different Panels
NSUrlConnection to connect REST API - XCode 4.2 targetting iOS4 and iOS 5
I want to load data in R
horizontal slider container positions up when page is called from url hash
Best method for managing Jython packages
Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//)
where an iOS app 'weather live' information get? [duplicate]
EF Code First and IIS recycling
Display in a toast array list
Loading json array from text file
Javascript (jQuery) test for array in json object and return value
When clicking on a button a new contentView is made
What is code for upload the NSMutableArray data to TableView? [closed]
PDF Annotation property not changing properly
Perform asynchronous call before calling function
iphone mail: table doesn't stretch to 100% because of an anchor tag?
How to install Bugzilla in Solaris 10 server?
Postgres: creating a username
PyQt: Trying to understand graphics scene/view
how to add html code in jquery or javascript [closed]
Dropdown within a DetailsView: show text based on stored value
Populating combobox with filtered contents of a store
chdir() to home directory
Compile Warnings in OpenCV and no output
Ruby on Rails using HTTP streaming and non-blocking I/O [closed]
how can i update SimpleCursorAdapter list view from Service class?
IIS Self-signed certificate trouble - 'The Parameter is incorrect'
How to add annotations to UIImageview iPhone programming
Jquery mobile listview - check initialization is complete
PetaPoco - PostgreSQL interval and .NET Timepan conversion issues
Android chat box type thing
Is the Phoenix compiler tools project still alive?
A good sorting algorithm for mostly-sorted data that doesn't all fit into memory? [closed]
ios 鈥淒ata Loading鈥�Notification with transparent background
cURL POST Request to API in PHP not returning any values
Byte Extraction , which is the better method of the two
Tracking a Chrome extension's version with Google Analytics custom variables
Javascript/Jquery using mysql for initial config
How do I ignore multiple newlines in perl?
Migrate .NET website without access to IIS Server 1
Setting an 'expiry' time of a GPS Location
How can I link my Facebook App Profile Page to a Facebook Page? [closed]
Display content based on date with PHP
Python sqlite3 select from statement returns empty list when fetched
Staggered and stacked geom_bar in the same figure?
starting rmiregistry wont work
JSF SelectItem exception
storing input from a seperate class
exporting database and wordpress theme not functioning properly
Send SMS successfully but not received
Select last li within ul
Can't start firefox with Hudson
When launching ddms from the cli OS X (10.7.3) I get an error: 鈥淔ailed to get the adb version鈥︹�
hover mouse over separate div and re-open another faded out div
How to have a simple array as column data?
By what mechanism is a third-party cookie placed, and how does it have access to, say, what you just searched for?
Editing an Excel document with Macros in
Use node.js+redis to store average request time
Stumped by a simple regex
Strategy to modify permutation algorithm to prevent duplicate printouts
How can one increment a global variable?
Interpreting basic Python program
How to delete whole Row in SQlite in android
http request and http response in android?
Why are my MovieClips duplicating?
Javacript and check all check boxes
Python - How do you run a .py file?
Eclipse: Is it possible to publish Javascript edits to an external Tomcat instance
Correct SQL to convert mySQL tables to SQL Server tables
Updating app widget on orientation change
how to add file in current dir to an array
Can XStream be used to serialise/deserialize XML in iOS for iPhone/iPad app development?
maven release plugin cvs commit failed
How can I get external jars added to the classpath of a executable jar created by GroovyWrapper
Multiple remote git repo in local directory with same directory structure
Map Bounding Box with Annotations
Counting numbers within a range
ExtJS 4, store loading, but store.first() method returning undefined
SSHParamiko is giving unknown error when calling the 鈥渕ain connection鈥�in two different functions
Minimize lock contention c++ std::map
Building Sencha App for iOS error
Targeting individual platforms with Visual Studio
Qt UIThreadWidget
Debugging CakePHP in Netbeans always stops on index.php
Remote Subversion Repository
How to overcome OutOfMemoryError for java heap space?
printing out floating point value
Start a float with a number of different numbers
How does do their anchor based hyperlinks?
How to attack CSRF to JSF application
Runtime error: 鈥淐annot find the library鈥�(browser)
Should I choose Hiberlite for integrating SQLite into my Win/iOS application?
C# plugins, are Assembly.LoadFrom()鈥�classes slower?
How to Make Simple OpenGl C++ program using xcode
Best Charting/Graphing Library [closed]
Tabbed View Controller, changing text in another view
How do I make returns back to the main method?
Displaying 2 UISplitViewControllers interchangeably
Best way to define the values for a column in a database
How to use # as part of CoffeeScript heregex?
How to use ExecutorService with Android AsyncTask?
How do you listen for clicks on POI using Google Maps API?
animated text input in a form field for demo
An issue when I want to get Sunday of this week
SymPy - Arbitrary number of Symbols
Search-Engine Friendly URLs with IIS
zoom image within set bounds
How to call a 鈥渇ile鈥�function of Text.BibTeX.Parse?
Calling mapview from non extending mapview class
Hook_boot and user access
Get Date Object from Date in FullCalendar
how to get values out of NSData object
Can't display multiple tinymce editors on one page
Android ICS action bar buttons with text AND icon
How to Set correct HTTP Header and Body
Putting HTML in JSON
Twitter boostrap nav-collapse: multiple items on one line?
What is the proper syntax for initializing an array of hashtables in C++?
Returning the paths of top level of directories in Python: Comparing two solutions
scala - Confusing 鈥渄iverging implicit expansion鈥�error when using 鈥渟ortBy鈥�
How do I randomize a list of strings with random.seed?
How to support multiple devices with non-renewing In-App Purchase?
Python, Ubuntu 11.10: Can't open QtConsole
Android Eclipse: Class File Editor - Source not found
Modifying the default hash value
How do you counter a rotated camera?
jQuery Adding in <tr> elements after other <tr> elements
Using jquery plugin in MVC3
Is it possible to grab the value of the primary key upon creation of row? [duplicate]
How to load multiple external files with PHP - fast?
What is the best way to transfer images from a server to an iPhone app?
Console Window Host, always use quotes?
CSS Error that is driving me wild
How to assign a word(number) from a listbox to a textbox
How to I keep track of changes in FLA file (via version control)
Fast way to compute pairwise distances and the nearest neighbours in Matlab?
Selectively displaying pages
Does codemirror provide Cut, Copy and Paste API?
Trouble setting styles for nested elements
how to change the display language in eclipse
Rails: Sqlite with PG gem
How do I setup Rails Associations with Devise and scaffold generated models?
What is the the most straightforward way of using all Html Verbs in a Restful ASP.NET MVC app?
Exceptions in the doInBackground method
Oracle data types: advice on choosing NUMBER versus BINARY DOUBLE?
Convert date to XMLGregorianCalendar
I want to implement group permissions in my rails app. What is the most efficient way? page not posting back, while the button click event is still firing
Text color of link with 鈥渁ctive鈥�class
How to use custom button for Google Friend Connect API login button?
How i reset an URL connection
JSON & Rest to ListBox - No Information
How can I determine size of a type in Haskell?
TextToSpeech.setEngineByPackageName() triggers NullPointerException
Using intptr_t instead of void*?
javascript Regex trim up to 'space' AND 'dash' or match
SharpPCap Keeps Printing Out 鈥淚s an IP Packet鈥�
How best to extract xml tags in java without using xml-specific tools?
I need to know how to fill an arrays indexes with other arrays
Stopping a non-looping Java thread
Smallest touch point that can be accurately detected on a smartphone screen?
Magento crop image?
Unknown Byte Received
how to not show default locale in url for rails 3.0.11 app using translate_routes gem
Swiffy Object Alignment in Table
div positioning is messed up
Definition fl.controls:Label could not be found
What is a good way to base the enabled state of the OK button in a dialog on valid control entries
How do you indent your HTML? [duplicate]
Use long or Long to map a 鈥淣UMBER鈥�column in oracle?
Very Unusual User Login PHP Session Issue
Error registering client scrip block when using master page in an ASP.NET application
C# Bitmap.Save path
Using wildcards in Selenium IDE
Path issue when registering Zend view helper path in application.ini (ZF 1.11)
How to integrate SQL Server CE with Enterprise Library 5 DatabaseFactory?
VIM CINO not working as expected
How can I split a text into sentences using the Stanford parser?
Call to undefined function that isn't undefined?
Codeigniter URL Redirect WITHOUT adding index.php
How to create UI elements programmatically
border-radius working in all browsers, except IE9
Can't get RadioButton state
Reading the results of me/accounts
How to config vim to open a filename which contains line and column number?
creating new request using reviewboard API
Visual Studio Watch window not taking into account usings
ASP.NET session has expired or could not be found -> Because the Session.SessionID changes (Reporting Services)
How to select a node in HtmlAgilityPack alter the nodetext using xpath function and return the node with the modifiied string
AS3 Is comboBox empty?
how to SPLIT and COUNT by GROUP BY
java stack reading from an array
Can I use enum values as field values inside UiBinder template?
To add IMDB rating to my android application
Matching multiple classes with dapper
having a global variable persist after crashes in Nodejs [closed]
Color Changing Sprites Cocos2d
Insert from a list
IPhone - Removing the 'currentLocation' blue dot from an MKMapView
does pthread_cond_wait put the thread in wait state
How do I multiply more than 2 matrices in one function? PERL
Ruby DSL Initialization of Variables
How to loop through an array that is nested within an object?
Sorting and randomising a matrix according to a particular constraint
trying to find out places located within list
Android devices: asura, eagle, and ka
Capturing changes to a log file
POST variables with NSURLConnection aren't showing in PHP script
Pass temporary object with standard constructor
Is it InstallShield Express 4 or Windows 7 causing me issues when I install a VB6 application
ProgressBar displaying as Block style instead of Marquee style
How do I determine what elements are under a fixed div?
WHERE IN sql query using Zend_Db
Shared library and localizable.strings
Customise toolbar above iPad keyboard adding a single line textfield aka SMS style
What will happen if two references try to add data exactly same time in List<T> colletion
C Random Number Generation (pure C code, no libraries or funcations)
Replace duplicates in a text file with PHP?
get physical hdd's list in c
Where should I implement the Android onTouchListener?
How to parse flash cookies (.SOL files) with JAVA
Windows Phone 7 - passing selected item (listbox databound to ObservableCollection) to 鈥渦pdate鈥�page
Refresh folder dynamically at runtime
module compiling : asm/linkage.h file not found
Differences with element tree and xpath
Aptana 3 does not creates new project
How to do something the instant all threads are complete?
Prevent floating divs from dropping to next line
very simple 鈥�how do i setup a subdomain with 1&1 domain provider + hostgator hosting?
Sending emoticons from iPhone to CakePHP but received blank value
Weird segfault in CodeBlocks with c++11 [closed]
Keeping the FlowDocument cursor centered vertically in the RichTextBox
Why doesn't else if work?
Java Scanner(File) misbehaving, but Scanner(FIleInputStream) always works with the same file
Getting Request in
Argument in message expression is an uninitialized value
Object grouping with linq or lamda expression
Self-executing function syntax and callback sytnax explained
Using masked numpy arrays with rpy2
Performance of Orderby Linq
Qt when calling connect gives me an error
How do I create a Social reader for my blog?
Check that a *type* of file exists in Python
Speeding up jQuery AutoComplete (Unavoidably long lists)
RadioGroup inside an AlertDialog : only single RadioButton shown
How to prevent Nokogiri from encoding entities in HTML fragments
Creating an 鈥渋nvisible鈥�windows program in C/C++
How to set up folder structure of a website to create using Codeigniter?
NSLayoutConstraint.constant ignoring animation
Accessing javascript from watch window in visual studio?
In Ubuntu, Check for existence of file, then鈥�(not server)
Can't access Enum<?>.valueOf(String) method for generic type (or how to get .class of generic argument)?
copying a nested dictionary
Encrypt json data
Need help using Moq
Inline comments for ConfigParser
mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource? [duplicate]
What does this LogCat error mean?
Some questions about PBKDF2
PHP To Vote No More Then Once, How Do I Code This Within My Code?
Jquery fadeOut on hover
How can I read from a corrupted tar.bz2 file in Python?
Sencha Touch Nestedlist cannot run getDetailCard
How to omit base name in find output?
Add Object Collection to another Object Collection without iterating
How to capture a signal in QML?
Is it possible that a form does not recognize values entered through selenium automation
String Parameter in AjaxOption null on Submit but showing in Response
python- Evaluating large floating point number against its rounded equivilent
Is this possible to extract the human readable content from html src?
How do I create a new DB table for each CSV a user uploads in Rails 3?
has any way to direct create a menuitem by coding in android
octopress cannot route public
Select the record with the MIN(DATE)
Datatype DataAnnotation
Using WCF Discovery to discover non-WCF Windows Services across a domain
Compress array of boolean arrays to send over the web
How to use jQuery selector to filter jQuery isotope items case-insensitive (search)
Rails: How does the respond_to block work?
Using Slice With Array Created By Knockout's Mapping Plugin
xampp - mysite.local redirects to xampp folder
How to Acces Button In TDBNavigator (exe build with Delphi) using pyWinAuto
Linux Shell Script Illegal number
Vim: How to indent to an open paren or bracket when hitting enter?
Why inner join with a filtered table more slowly than that without filtering?
Using return a post request and do further processing after the response
Moving widgets on fly using GWT?
UIViewController come up blank with no functionality
When does onCreateOptionsMenu happen in an ActionBar enabled activity?
Storing users and admin users together in mongodb
Are books or online help for software development is better [closed]
ctags in sublime text
Indexes and nested joins
C# spliting string with three pieces
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING 鈥溾� [closed]
Is it possible for a Facebook app to post a 鈥減rivate鈥�Wall post that only the posting user and his/her friend can see?
Hiding and disabling user interaction on a MapKit pin?
jQuery ajax event success handling
globally unique location id
Resources$NotFoundException when Resource exists
Modeling an Amazon like metastore with Products from many Merchants in mongodb
Sql to select row from each day of a month
How do you correctly set the PYTHONPATH variable on Windows?
Repeating tablix header on each page, but want to change heading on repeated rows second page
Animate and remove a div - jquery
load a page into an iframe with passed parameters 鈥�jQuery or javascript
Netbeans and sorting lines, any way to do it?
Switching the Source of a QDeclarativeView
How to create sensible error plots in mathematica?
Can I import reports from another projects
How do I efficiently modify captured bytes from the camera?
Dynamic Application per user鈥�(PHP MySQL) [closed]
How do I save/restore an object's location in the DOM tree?
Understanding Encoding Type
How do I utilize a config file with my Java program?
How can I get a mail address from HTML code with Nokogiri?
HttpservletRequest and response in Spring JMS listener
How to validate several mcq questions using JavaScript?
Render a string in HTML and preserve spaces and newlines
Jython to Python
I'm unable to get items in a list from a webpage using BeautifulSoup
Android Geolocation not working on 3G mode, but working on Wifi mode?
iPhone - How can I get NSLog deep output custom class indented as it does for NSArrays or NSDictionaries?
PDF pages show up blank after Deflate compression
Facebook Connect Using C#
External WebBrowser control browsing?
Trouble plotting matlabFunction(dsolve())
Find previous/next rows with order by when querying for a specific id
Inject multiple Spring beans, that inherit from shared interface, into an array within a service
Sizing issue with scrollable JTextField
How do I implement an SNMP 'getSubtree' PDU type, and support in an SNMP agent for it?
What is this Magento open_basedir issue all about?
How to design a table need to be queried on every field?
Should I use SSL to secure CMS backend?
Javascript - If pop-up (by name) is open?
WP7: How to debug application when it is started by Secondary Tile of phone's start page?
Which software is this diagram image created by?
gwt pushbutton works in IE not firefox chrome
Error calling method on NPObject! in uploadify
Django categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories
Finding current page from page tab using js
How to show database in app_data when developing for azure with entity framework code first?
Ehcache non-blocking clear / refresh?
How to programmatically mount WebDAV on Ubuntu without installing davfs2?
Facebook Facepile - Get the number of friends in the list
Android alternative to setVisibility to Display images onscreen
How to compute app widget bitmap size?
How to compute app widget bitmap size?
How to rotate an ATL::CImage object
Data attributes in jQuery/Coffee script
Why do TryParse methods uses an out parameter and not a ref
How to use the Rect.intersect method.
HTML lang Attributes For Multilingual Site
Linux/Ubuntu - Speech Synthesis from Java without using FreeTTS
quadrant sectioned map
Why Would you catch Throwable and do nothing but print a stack trace?
Should I use NSFileWrappers in UIManagedDocument?
How to check if my ODBC Data Source exist in PHP?
working with hash keys and values
Changing parameter of javascript function
Is it possible to restrict an API to only one web interface/app?
Contextual Help System in C# with all topics stored in one file
Task menu android
How am I misusing generics with commons beanutils?
Automatic Pointer Swizzling by Java?
Can TFS do 鈥渇avorites鈥�or user-defined groupings of team projects?
Regular expression to select entire word except first letter, including words such as 鈥淛ack's鈥�and 鈥渕erry-go-round鈥�
How to fix this infinite loop?
Rails, number_field_tag direct goto record
Haskell Tree to List - preorder traversal
Scale sprite error
Grails 2.0.0 JUnit test @RunWith annotation equivalent
Play framework app 'cannot find template' while deployed on heroku
Unable to start Stanford's CS106A Eclipse version - 鈥淯nable to access jarfile startup.jar鈥�on Mac 10.6
How are the TI operating systems coded not to have floating point error?
Is there a way to connect jung to a save/write to a database?
AWS-SES rails gems
wcf OperationContextScope dispose
Moving a finger out from a UIButton not de-selecting the button
Frame labels & function parameters
Is there a Ruby equivalent of XMLUnit?
Loop through list and 鈥渞eturn鈥�only if no matches
how to programmatically register Word instance in running object table?
How can I use HTML5's application cache (appcache) to cache dynamic pages?
How can I 鈥渦nwrap鈥�a control in WPF?
Making filename remain from path in boost [closed]
Why doesn't multisampling work?
鈥淪VN Repositories鈥�always comes up blank when you switch workspaces Is there a plugin to get Eclipse to remember them?
Using fixed position with a grid layout framework
What is the best way to represent a dungeon in JavaScript and then populate it with monsters?
Android: what to do with application/smil MIME type
R close `menu` window (tcltk)? (equivalent to for tcltk?)
Cross browser inconsistencies with margins?
.htaccess redirect traffic hitting .html links to TLD homepage
Custom overflow detection
Measure floating-point error?
How to resolve a collection modified error when threading seems to involved or the cause?
How does this shorthand statement actually work? 鈥渪 = ( typeof x != 'undefined' && x instanceof Array ) ? x : [];鈥�
Displaying text stream in swing
Function to determine if a set is subset of another one
Eigenvalue update for small change in data
Telerik MVC Grid ClientTemplate Issue
How to Add Tables to RichTextBoxes in Visual Basic 2010
Calculating a daily average (or: how many Mondays are in a date range?)
Sharing code in C# between projects without making classes public
Can we generate WSDL file in Java which accepts 2-dimensional array as parameter?
Awesomium screen capture multi thread?
The timing of C++ template instantiation
How can I validate my CSS3 document?
jQuery UI Slider reset animation
Running application in XP Mode and Outlook
Views not being dumped by mysqldump
New to Linear Algebra and OpenGL. Once you have a matrix of transformations, how do you draw them using openGL?
Registry.GetValue always return null
How to replace an object in python
Why does a cross domain request work in Chrome but fail in Firefox when requesting from a Node (Express) server?
When passing data from parent to child with, why do I get 'Cannot read property 'elements' of undefined'?
Java outputStream not Printing Correctly
Getting 'A reference-tracked object changed reference during deserialization' exception
Threads deadlocking
I need to do a mobile redirect in lighttpd
Find all duplicate documents in a MongoDB collection by a key field
How check and filter emails in android?
How to get a collection out of Spring config using ApplicationContext
Cast BindingSource Current into DataRow
Quadruple Precision Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors and Matrix Logarithms
How do I use Apache tomcat 7 built in Host Manager gui?
How can I correctly implement parse in a Backbone model to include collections?
Image upload script to start other tasks to free up UI
transfer data between activites [duplicate]
Android SoundPool left / right volume
how are C# object references represented in memory / at runtime (in the CLR)?
Is there a list of characters that look similar to English letters?
Allow links in tinymce
how to load files on hadoop cluster using apache pig?
csv to array in d3.js
How to make DiffGitCached work with 鈥渁utochdir鈥�set in vimrc?
Workflow does not execute properly, but no exception is thrown
How to refresh a button in a header with jQueryMobile?
How to parse a SQL query return in javascript?
NSManagedObjectContext: how to save certain entity properties without firing change notifications?
java charset decode issue
CodeIgniter Query to Array wrong Result in REST Controller
jQuery Colorbox css issue
Magento - Onclick View.php Methods?
Cannot convert Boost path iterators to strings
Reflection is not allowed on private Throwable
Convert Unsigned Long to an string in ascii [closed]
How to access entries in Web Config from Silverlight Application
Trying to validate a contact form
Perl trying to read pdf file with # in name
Crm 4.0 Unknown error updating Workflow assembly
Fatal error: Uncaught OAuthException: (#294)
How are libstdc++ dependencies determined?
Azure Blob Service REST API returns 403 error: 鈥淩equest date header not specified鈥�
Separate databases for login information and mission-critical information?
jQuery / JSON sort results
Node.js & express.js: generate .sh file
What would T[, ,] mean in C#
MonoTouch: uncaughtExceptionHandler?
Android - Access xml resources dynamically
centering subviews in UIView
When displaying users computer name locally works fine but not on the web server
onPrepareOptionsMenu Duplicates item in ActionBar
Can not load Opencv libraries in necessitas
How to store all this pre-created data?
Load static Html file in MVC View
Jquery input changes with select box not firing event?
Multiple 鈥渟creens鈥�
When taking picture with camera and sending to server-side, losing picture quality
Send all incoming URL request's through 1 file, getting Path Parameters for PHP
MVC 3 Custom Validation Attribute for Multiple Checkboxes
Use script tags for cross-domain ajax
Push to in windows using git
grep or find and sed to replace string
Using inheritance with nested master pages
git pull fatal error server repo
How do find transmission delay of a network?
Displaying a tooltip on mouse hover of an HTML submit button
In Java, how do I parse a string bigger than int size
Why does Behat fail when running a Mink test to an HTTPS-based login service?
How do I add rulers to my x code workspace
Why does write() print before printf() in output redirection?
symfony2 forms with add row button
JPA 2 CriteriaQuery order by index
How do I call a php script from Grails?
saving to external memory android
jQuery URL split and grab
Saving worksheets to CSV with Excel Formulas intact
less.js guards and conditionals
Entity Framework 4.3 DbContext SaveChanges updates more records than expected
Pharo/Squeak - How do I quickly browse the implementation of a given method in a given class?
got an exception to decompress a file using SharpCompress
Adding primary key changes column type
Custom User and Roles with ASP.NET MVC3
CakePHP 2.x: date input with empty option/values
libphonenumber php usage
C# get username from string. split
Accessing the Evernote API through Ruby
RabbitMQ rollback transaction and re route message
While loop not stopping with given criteria
TFS build duration report by agent
Swipe animation when switching layouts android
C# Dice Roll Program With Images
Good open source projects using Netty framework
Error when I run the SPDisposeChecker tool
Do UTF-8 characters cover all encodings of ISO8859-xx and windows-12xx?
Setting the span attribute in multi-column xslfo using XEP processor?