WordPress coding standards in emacs
When using UIScrollView, how do I make the viewed ends to be complete, not partial
Repopulate html.passwordFor
Access doctrine from authentication failure handler in Symfony2
鈥渨hen I start an Intent, Android pops up a 鈥滳omplete Action Using鈥�dialog.鈥�[closed]
How do I prepopulate from a previous object in rails?
How can I concatenate in a PHP Function?
visual basic syllable count
Is this how one method calls another method?
Sockets Blocking :( How do i get out?
Google chrome ignored target frame
javascript with buttons
Javascript, value=true when clicking inside an iframe.
Best way to 鈥渢oggle鈥�between two UserControls on a panel?
How can I get a strict accumArray?
Can a function return *just* an rgba value?
Exit out of a cURL fetch
OpenGL Directional Lighting + Positioning
How should I determine which are the references that has to be 鈥渃opied locally鈥�
Push an array into an array using Jquery (from a CONSTANT)
Oddness of UILable on customized table cell
Trouble localizing iOS application, clarification needed
app_code files not found by the project
Akka 2.1 clustering design choices
Why can't I change the time for a date for less than ~29 minutes and why is the PHP time() and date() combo return a time that's ~27 minutes off?
How to Connect two variables that are the same but in different classes?
Allegro: Why wait for an event or until 60 milliseconds is up?
Perlin Fractal noise jump for just one unit between values
Creating an image quiz game
How to get a value from second element of a class with jquery?
How to make several JQuery elements together
Select elements from jQuery selection
Secure client-side couchApp / couchDB user authentication
Determine if instance of UIViewController subclass exists
How to format the date on jquery.date_input.pack from Jon Leighton?
Getting serialized json for a POST request
Iterate Large XML File and Copy Select Nodes
Containers that can hold H264 encoded video
Refused to display document because display forbidden by X-Frame-Options
Using XML Schema how do Idefine an attribute and restrict text?
Rails postgresql DB connection fails
Magento index and cache. Do I need both?
Mouse position on a canvas
Freebase MQL to list out all commons types for a given word?
Python configparser will not accept keys without values
How to write/update session data before a request end in Perl Catalyst MVC Framework
refactor calls to a bunch of constructors that all take the same args
Crowd sourcing API documentation?
Really simple XLS from XML datasource - Jasper
Spring MVC, @SessionAttribute and scalability
Codeigniter is removing '+' plus signs from my form inputs (text areas). I need them to stay
Signed script to do cross-domain queries
Java - Convert File[] item to BufferedImage [closed]
Android Programming Setting Text from string variables
Why isn't the UITextField refreshing every time I press the button?
Saving a nested hash in Ruby on Rails
Is there a file sharing module for BigBlueButton?
Insufficient Data For An Image (PDF File Generation)
Why Isnt The Session Being Inserted Into Database?
if statement with integers
Why do I get 鈥渟tack level too deep鈥�from method_missing in irb 1.9.3?
Struts2 token interceptor always fails
JASIG CAS: How do I change where log files are written to?
Java Server Non Blocking Query
how to use facebook API getting friend's list in javascript
Sequential Loading fadeIn Effect with Javascript and jQuery
Get rid of broken image in foreach loop?
FullCalendar, how do I change the date format?
Area routes being ignored?
Cygwin wants to downgrade my Perl [closed]
Python array management C++ equivalent
Does inclusion of {} matter in C string initialization?
Android - OpenGl es with min3d some textures draw and some dont
display dql Result with join in twig
Getting errors with remote actor deployment in Akka 2.0 RC2
Does any one know what's wrong in this program?
When WebGL decide to update the display?
Where does an object reference live and what happens when you pass an object reference by reference?
SetTimeout function on a photoslide
Why does Clojure not have an any? or any-pred? function?
UINavigationBar background from an image
extract last argument from url using php
In need for imaging details
How can I parse this json array? It seems to be an object
Small gaps appear when combining arcs and rectangles
User controls (listview, gridview etc) or Usecustom made tables or lists
Remove order from ActiveRecord scope
Create a custom move_up route and move_down actions/route Rails
Counting characters in a string with SSE Intrinsics
Using google analytics to track open requests in email
Nancy web framework for Java [duplicate]
Explode or split a utf-8 string but keep delimiters attached to string
CSS 3 Columns Unordered List
Issue with Robots.txt file verification
Where are the Web Service Interfaces?
Why does loading an NSArray from pList turn my array into an NSDictionary?
Regex: full path into Java package
Disable specific jQuery draggable out of many after that specific item has been dropped
What is [DllImport(鈥淨Call鈥�]?
How to ignore repeated sequential values in a database query
Flexible height table view cells over certain string lengths
Attribute query methods for ActiveRecord associations
How can I create XML Schema documentation that will appear in Eclipse' tooltips?
Preventing Excel VBA compile errors due to users having an older version of MS Office (MS Outlook) installed?
How do I properly set my PATH variable in my .bash_profile? to use adb on Lion?
Ignoring the year in SQL Query with date range
Is there a way to dynamically copy controls and their event handlers on a form?
Cannot find SameTime Local Server with port 59449
How to increment a child model value in Rails?
Catching errors inside window.onerror?
Prototypal OO with Object.create and named constructors
Unable to cast object of Sytem.String to type
How can I deselect a button after 2 buttons have been selected JToggleButton
Pushing and tagging cloned repositories into my git server
custom application_start code for umbraco website
Extracting z-scores from factor.scores using the ltm package?
Java Getter Methods - Best Practices
int getting set to null despite being initialized
How can I know what part of RTF syntax is wrong
Is this SSO implementation secure?
PHP category tree recursion
Flex Custom ItemEditor appears in wrong cell when rows are deleted
Service Restarted with START_NOT_STICKY
Start an event at specific time
using color on input overwrites css placeholder color
Should i worry about sandboxd deny file-write-data'
Salesforce stuck in Organization Administration Locked state after using Apex Test Execution
GAE-ready asynchronous operations in Python?
Watchdog (osx) not notifying on remote network changes
MySQL query that grabs information from a table, and gets a count of a related table. Not including all records
Microsoft Access 2002 Built In Query Logic Broken
Reading A stream through stream.read instead of using a StreamReader
Rendering a scene in 3d
Google RSS Reader wrapper [closed]
Lead Trigger before insert not returning lead.Id
Browse a Windows directory GUI using Python 2.7
minimize drawing size of gglot plots by ignoring zero-length variables
versioning UIDocument with NSFileVersion
The background image of my button won't display in simulator (x code)
Can you use .valueOf () to build better ifString function? [closed]
Performance issues with .net application running from network share
jstl custom tag questions - ignore of c:out, tag parameters and reduce code
Searching for line of one text file in another text file, faster
Can't build static boost-filesystem
Extraneous Checkboxes? Not sure where they came from
Static Variable and textbox between 2 forms
adobe flex static function reference control
Tuckey urlRewriteFilter use-query-string=鈥渢rue鈥�not working?
How to Create a Simple If Else Statement in Eclipse, PhoneGap
Declare variables on the fly using for loop
Can someone explain to use .change on select elements? [closed]
Can someone explain the bytecode modification performed to prevent this bytecode from being directly decompiled? [closed]
Eclipse project can not reference a file using relative paths
How to change font size of segmented control and prevent it from changing back to default size after changing segment
Overload resolution in C#
Returning Json results without property names
C# accessing middle class members - not base
Printing a richedit with background colour
Google Maps API v3 - Geocoder results issue with bounds
Using named queries
php paypal sandbox dynamic list
Pan + Zoom HTML5 canvas grid with pinned first column
Boost Library function to convert JSON formatted property tree to a dot seperated string?
C2DM Broadcast receiver stops being called after some time
How is 鈥渄ynamic鈥�programming different than 鈥渘ormal鈥�programming?
emacs error cannot save customizations
Jumping to the next page in iTextSharp PdfPtable when creating one for a PdfPDocument document
php - create assciative array while loop
Using several key aliases with Android Maven Plugin and Jarsigner
Creating Tables
h:inputText double whitespace
UIWebView: how to hide part of the content of a webpage?
Modeling a form with an Auto-Suggest Lookup in Backbone.js
dateformat not as expected
Designer collaboration with RTC
Window is not recognizing an application resource
Is this legal C++ code?
Inheritance/design advice in Objective-C
asp.net - TypeLoadException when calling Profile.GetProfile(user.UserName) for MySQLProfileProvider
Why does my unmarshaller wait until it has the following start element to return using XMLStreamReader?
Sending and receiving data
Scroll the other window in VIM Split
How do I get one distinct record per IP Address Per Day?
DataContractSerializer and Initialization
Dns server couldn't take the ip address from server So cause exception?
Closing Userform Excel VBA
Emoticon keyboard
Why is awk not printing out newlines?
Permanent variable in Rails
Self signed cert validation using X509TrustManager:checkServerTrusted
Switching embedded youtube video playback with Images
changing font colour when a condition is met
Margin and padding using em
In Hibernate when using CascadeType.ALL saving top entity causes uneccssary updates to related entities
Where is best place for asp.net mvc layouts logic
How does page.content works?
CUDA - cutil.h: No such file error Tried make file
c3p0/Hibernate/Tomcat: Failure to launch Tomcat
How to loop a string as key value pairs
Java + unicode + HttpServletResponse = fail
Rails: Partial Rendering with Ajax not working - Commenting System Like FB
<ToggleButton> Change functions of other buttons
Macintosh and Windows pull-down menus [closed]
What are the restrictions on an ALSA PCM callback?
Should a view use dispatch or fire events?
jquery clone not showing up where I expected
How do you define a variable in one function and change it in another with the first function recognizing it
Storing different data types in java (android)
Two JPanels in a JFrame
How can I get an OpenGraph action approved if it's very difficult to achieve?
I have 10 UIView with setTags how to work with a given UIView at a given tag?
jQuery changing contents of an iFrame
How to change a <select> value from JavaScript
Can someone explain why this Block leaks?
Able to Ping Remote Server, Yet Unable to Connect
play pause button issue?
Heroku push rejected, railties dependency conflict? Ruby on Rails Tutorial Section 1.4.2
Rails 3 - validation rule with redirecting to own URL
python - del statement executing early
jQuery if() issues
Is wget or similar programs always available on POSIX systems?
Data modeling for comments for posts
size_of returning wrong answer
auto submit a form on an asp.net page
How do i get permission to view and download user photos
The message received was unexpected or badly formatted
iframe js issues
Query to return only actual duplicates
How to pass query values from a ASP.NET page to a WPF page contained in an iframe?
Reading Values from optional XML node in huge xml file
JavaScript document.getElementById() Not Working
List of Ruby Metaprogramming methods?
runtime error in merge sort algorithm
How do I match a word that has non-word characters?
Prevent XmlHttpRequest redirect response in .Net MVC WS-Federation Site
PHP and Javascript interaction
鈥淔ATAL EXCEPTION: main鈥�upon app launch
JFileChooser causes AccessControlException when invoked through JS, works when called through applet
iPad Screen Video Recording from within the iPad
iphone automate app installations and interactions
How to make Javascript MVC model to be accessible only by certain controllers?
Parse json tree structure
Rails 3 / Passenger - uninitialized constant Bundler
DOM update followed by a big loop doesn't render in time
jstl - display resultset in jsp
Uploadify succeeds in IE/Firefox/Safari but fails in Chrome
Android intent filter custom data scheme doesn't allow queryIntentActivities
Histogram in Pylab when mu is large
PHP Subsituting FOREACH with EACH in a die() loop
Limit which menu/nav items appear based on User Agent / Device in Wordpress.. possible?
nginx: redirect some port to port 22
AdSense on Android
top shows high user-space CPU utilization but all the process show 0
ghci - eager compilation in interactive mode?
jQuery detect if on ipad/iphone (mobile safari) and use jQuery touch dialog instead of regular jquery ui dialog
T-SQL Is there an abbreviated version of CASE WHEN..?
What is the most efficient way to concatenate and store long bit-strings?
How to focus on input with top margin
opencart php custom page without using the 鈥渋nformation鈥�feature
Effect of <Script> use
change existing database name and application name in Rails
split IO and computation
yui 2 to yui-2-in-3
If Element is over another Element with specific class
how to locate the file in ftp using php
Using SimpleHTMLDom to get Image from website
Embedding Windows Form in an ASP.net webpage
Can I use on ServiceConnection for several Services
Conditional has_many foreign_key in Rails?
ORM: Pattern for filtering a lazy collection on an entity
Memory Management of a Variable Passed as a Parameter
Pros and cons of externalizing datasource configuration
Monitor control property
How can I import a module into main() from a sub function?
Java Server Sockets: Find an open port NOT blocked by a firewall
Variable Not Getting Pulled From config File?
Make Popen wait for first command to finish then start next
Trouble - Same Layout in Different Densities
How to use sockets netlink with a new netlink family
real image or drawing in UIView for movement with touches?
Confusion about parsing dates with odd characters
How to find which facebook friends use iPhone / iPod?
php mysql echo ordering
Wordpress two Loops on Index
Drop Down Box Contains Empty Spaces/Values
PHP Statement Should return Multiple objects but only returns one
Rails modal form - updating popup with content from html.erb file after unsuccessful form submission
Is having std::vector of a class as an attribute the same class a good design choice?
initializing static const member from data file
Fast 2-dimensional array (matrix) in Python without C extensions
How to complete a HTTP post in iOS app
Display x words from html encoded text
Working with loops in Expression Engine Templates
Segmentation fault while using array of function pointers in C [closed]
How can I inform the Gallery about the touch event happening in ScrollView?
Extending the kernel and installing on real Android devices
How to get settings/properties into a Flex/FlashBuilder application?
What's the cleanest/ quickest way to get an attribute of object if it exists?
How to maintain persistent data throughout android app lifetime?
Silverlight 5.0 ColorAnimation of SolidColorBrush fails with 鈥淐annot resolve TargetName鈥�
Call to a member function result() using CodeIgniter
CUDA 2D Arrays - Accounting for pitch prior to allocation?
Bizarre enum.TryParse behavior
CV_CAP_OPENNI doesn't work with me
How do I display Arabic text?
Comma-Separated string
Why don't more/all of Unicode's right and left arrows match (in particular the 鈥淏lack鈥�arrows)?
Inject property into autowired class
Maven 2.0.8 or later on Redhat Enterprise Linux
Castle Windsor Logging Facility NLog - callsite info
bash how to print for loop output into one line?
Will 鈥淒iscrete Mathematics for Computing鈥�be appropriate reading to cover the Discrete Maths needed for Introduction to Algorithms (CLRS) [closed]
Does tearDown get called if test case throws exception? (JUnit) [closed]
What is Apple Restriction on using user contact data to create user registration in an app
How do I speeding up a click notification from GridView inside a Fragment to an Activity Listener?
How can i create an array if it doesn't exist and run a jquery function after it creates an array?
GRAILS: passing an object to every view?
When would you use the new dynamic GORM methods findOrSaveBy/Where?
Trying to evaluate user input and use it as a variable in python
PHP IBM SQL DB2 statement only updating only partially with no error messages
Any way to control the order in which the .NET XmlSerializer outputs attributes?
Graphics on top of a Panel
Why is postgreSQL storing a decimal field as a BigDecimal hash?
Can SQLiteOpenHelper load table scripts from external files?
a design issue on a java class definition
Detect <embed> tag failing to load video
android where to create application data directories
cakephp only one model get validates
Register and unregister a DLL in a Windows Setup Project
jQuery Mobile List With Search
fortran multi processor
Does the standard .NET library depend on any unmanaged DLL-s?
Converting a 4 channel matrix to 1 channel in Android using OpenCV
Can you set more then one variable to one value
Using Integer.parseInt() Properly
c++ 鈥渆rror: invalid conversion from 鈥榗onst char*鈥�to 鈥榗har*鈥欌�
JQuery complex Drag n Drop - how to add similar captioned column values in different tables
Java: wait() limits the fps to 64
Youtube embeds not working correctly on mobile safari. Can anyone figure this out?
Webservice returns a SoapPrimitive containing escaped XML
Exclude a folder name from Eclipse file search
How to create a generic class using CodeDOM whose generic parameter is a type that I created?
How can I get the average (mean) of selected columns
Invalid column name when trying to add an entity to a database using DbContext
The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'System.String', but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'JFS.Data.Model.Address'
Combined plot of ggplot2 (Not in a single Plot), using par() or layout() function?
Link to accordion content visible
How to combine results from two rather different YQL SELECTs (not a subselect)?
WinDDK : Running My First Driver
MonoTouch: 鈥渇ile too small for architecture i386鈥�鈥�FlurryAnalytics.dll
AJAX call to web service reports 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
Conditional settings for a specific domain in .htaccess?
Ruby's Unary * Operator [duplicate]
Ctrl+Alt key modifier behavior with Qt on windows when a textbox has focus
scala, Jackson and @JsonTypeInfo
on duplicate key update fails with error 鈥淐annot add or update a child row鈥�
How to obtain DefragAnalysis using C#
SSIS throwing Unspecified Error when trying to edit Excel Columns in BIDS
Ruby Shoes: using .click on an image cannot tell left from right click
Read file names to compare to 'keywords' in a text box
jQuery function to change background color not working
Your key with fingerprint (鈥� is not authorized to access <yourapp>
When should I call save() on an instance of a domain object in Grails?
JQuery FadeOut() callback timing
Classes within a class, instantiated as a single object
std::async won't spawn a new thread when return value is not stored
equivalent command for gnumake (for鈥o, if exist,del)
PHP/MySQL Checking for null
dbunit in phpunit is not truncating the tables
Applying CSS3 Transformations based on Window Width and Height
Mongos Connection Slows Down When A Shard Gets Busy
How to get a better Lucene/Solr score if word queried was at the beginning of the indexed field?
How to convert String of bytecode to the element from ASCII table?
API to get Crystal RPT version
netlogo in java
LINQ to XML with subsets
Parsing and chopping a long string in Python
BOOL / VARIANT_BOOL OLE Interface error on Visual Studio 2010
What am I doing wrong with the Drupal 7 Exif module?
Java - unparseable date, need format to match 鈥淕MT-0400鈥�
Cannot load minizip code into Android JNI. failed to link libminizip.so
How to dynamically crop/scale images in a website
Javascript module pattern, ajax functions callbacks
How can I get the Total Memory and the Free Memory from OSX so that I can use it from a PHP program?
Queue-like data structure with random access element removal
How do I stream an MP3 over HTTP in the background?
With Backbone.js & Rails, how do I correctly bind multiple collection updates to a view that renders updated select options?
Auto delete nested objects in ORMLite
Twitter Bootstrap Carousel IE Issues
Instantiate class with or without parentheses? [duplicate]
JSON.Net - Change $type field to another name?
QT/QML/PHP/oracle database not performing delete and update
how to make my image clickable
How to automatically hide all slug fields in ModelForm based forms in Django
display none clears the textarea value
Updating a DateTime to a Label in WPF
Pass through QueuManager in JMS API
How to handle collection of sounds for a game?
Getting Specific Content of a Webpage
Node.js file upload not working
MVC 3 Razor. Partial View validation is not working
isKindOfClass test in isEqual method with inheritance
Carrierwave + File Uploader
Combine two or more functions
refresh activity from listadapter onclicklistener in android app
Is there any chance to sign Windows EXE file with digital certificate under FreeBSD?
Ranking notices ties but does not skip appropriate ranks afterwards
jQuery toggle open/close symbols
Adding functionality to UIToolbar Items in IB
How to prevent pages from reloading?
Objective-c Line breaks every 10 characters (Keeping words in tact)
How to Get the Module.Function Caller
php paypal button by using sandbox account
programatically lock the screen and or keyboard
Why I'm unable to get alert?
DynamicResource for Style BasedOn
Pass JSON data from a .NET WebHandler to redraw Pie Highcharts with new series data
Stored Procedure to return specific rows
Django app won't show up in admin
HTML Anchors scrolling parent frame
How to provide images for iPad 2x Version of app in iOS 5
How can I open the scripts/links into a new window?
preg_replace regex change
Automatically close iOS Simulator when application is stopped in Xcode
C# regular expressions .Replace
Passing two-dimensional arrays of varying size in c++
Mocking frameworks for .NET on Monotouch?
phpbb3 and Wordpress
How do I rescue a method when there is nil user?
Getting the tokens from NSTokenField
Optimizing A* pathfinding for multipe targets
Ordering position on Model during update
How to get the view specific history of the file in clearcase
Alternative Rails to Validation Framework
MonoDroid OnConfigurationChanged Not Firing
Javascript Regex Ensure Last 3 characters are digits?
How to set a values for a dynamic array of objects in c++?
AJAX with protoypjs, multiple targets?
Communicate with COM port in a WPF application
Returning data from php to objective c
How to get scroll position for RichTextBox?
Pass Selected Value to Child Window
How come I'm not receiving validation errors through ActiveResource
How to generate date for MySQL DATETIME type with PHP?
Zipcode validation that shows an error for particular states
Spring 3.0.5 Webapp runs great in tomcat鈥�will not start in JBoss EAP 5.1
Qt Passing 鈥渢his鈥�as a parent when building a QObject that is moved to a thread
How can I generically cast an enum?
trouble getting declared namespaces to work
svn merge doesn't merge
Multiple-area selection in OPENROWSET when importing Excel files to SQL Database
Show/Hide issue when page loads or refreshed
ASP.NET Web Api - Authorise from querystring values and API security
Java SQL prepared statement for unsigned int
HtmlPurifier: how to whitelist img src?
Child window created by CreateEx() overlapped by sibling windows
Segmentation Fault, can't figure out why
To compress or not to compress?
JSF and Tomcat: getSession and getRequestedSessionId return null
First partial view the jquery selector.attrib('id') is undefined
Sweave bugs (?): removes document options and inserts empty lines
')' expected error when formatting a string
Open window on mouse co-ordinates
Event Kit Change Calendar?
how do I enable POJO-mapping programatically in Jersey using Grizzly2?
Could not find i18n-0.6.0 in any of the sources
Is there a significant inherent cost of object instantiation in C++?
Reducing capabilities of markdown in python
Google Maps determine distance along Line
IIS 7.5 application pool uses wrong %APPDATA% for custom user as identity
Getting XQuery to work on PHP [duplicate]
How can you insert an iframe into XML?
Is the change between kernel/user mode done by hardware or software?
In what situation(s) would a reference point to an object that was queued for garbage collection?
Unwanted namespace declaration in lxml XPath
Order by record count on sub collection
How to have my java program print newlines when outputting to a text file
frustumM / setLookAtM in OpenGL ES 2.0 on Android
Keypress events in Dojo's on module
NSMutableData Save to a File
After running rake assets:precompile jquery hide/show snippet breaks
Using PHP in command line to read staged files in git
AWS SNS webservice subscription - express issue, sinatra example
High score system from my iphone game
T-SQL use linked server query result to populate a local table
Why substring slicing index out of range works in Python?
Shell scripting and using backslashes with back-ticks?
Why does this modulo bit operation work?
Parsing XML not working
Chrome using wrong border color on left on tall objects with border-radius set
Executing mvc views in a separate appdomain
Open GL - ES 2.0 : Dynamically Changing the color
Rails Tutorial 3 Chapter 8: Sign up - Validations not working
Is DotNetopenAuth good to get user credentials?
Adding 'serial' to existing column in Postgres
Java Array list contains and set value
How to set ASP.NET control property through IIf statement
Sphinx - loading pickled environment鈥�failed: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
spaces not accepting in ListQuery while querying a list in Google spreadsheet
Web based large scale graph drawing library
Confusion in implementing _TIFFVGetField when adding a custom TAG
iOS Core Data Migration happens on every app launch
jQuery Hide and Show Divs
nhibernate and CRLF in an oracle database
mainframe practice on Mac machine
SQL Statement using a JSP session
Is there a way to create a triangular button on Android?
polymorphism c++, when making a change to one object all objects change
Android tablet doesn't fire KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN
Inconsistent cluster state when creating column families programatically in Cassandra
Hide/Show Back Button
ASP Request method not showing hidden line feed and tab characters
Divide and conquer algorithm to sort a list where each element is root(n) away from its sorted position
jQuery Sliders, how can i exclude 1 slider from a jQuery('.slider').each(function()
ODP Oracle.DataAccess.DLL reference 32/64 bit
Show an alert when running background audio
How to use Paypal API for Preapproval payment on android?
jQuery: Is there some generic global event fired on AJAX start and complete that can be listened to?
Cant figure out XMLNamespace in my Linq to XML query
li:hover issue in Explorer
On hover, hide image show div
Odd JAVA compile error?
How can I display an array of strings in a certain way inside a TextBox?
FreeBSD: network interface address: dhcp or static
What to Do When HTML5 Spellcheck is Not Implemented in Certain Browsers?
css, html show long words
IIS 7 courtesy trailing slash appears to clash with my URL Rewrite rule
jqGrid custom edit rule function using Ajax displays 鈥淐ustom Function should return array!鈥�
Number changes when converting Double to Numerics.BigInteger
UIScrollView scrolling to the bottom on load. Not scrollable after
CakePHP form not rendering correctly in element
LESS CSS - Setting variable within mixin
How to insert data to database from a button in the gridview footer using link to entities? 鈥淒oes not allow typing鈥�
Loading CSS with Javascript Safari
Scroll UITableView frame problems to see UITextField in cell?
Binding components to wixlib in VS2010 + Wix 3.6
Select all IDs from the same group as a given ID [closed]
Android In-app donations
Java + unicode + (console and/or SQL) = fail?
Uploading of file is broken
C# get thread classes to communicate back to the main class
Java Thread.sleep() Cant Works Properly ,Why?
WebBrowser Refresh - Internet Explorer needs to resend the information
Initiating blur/focus on some property change
touching a sprite in cocos2D crashs my app
Structuring javascript / jQuery
AWS Elastic Map Reduce Hive running v0.5? missing functions: 'str_to_map' , 'reflect'
Custom Cursor - Trouble With Hover State
Text in argument on perl code with CIDR ip addresses
Drupal 7 Editing user profile page
How to get Date in proper Format
PHP filter_input_array for $_FILES?
RIA Services Library not creating expected folder
Transpose with multiple variables and more than one metrics in R
How to turn Ruby script into a web app
How to move mysql database easiest & fastest way? [closed]
Selectively disable asset.digest in Rails 3, so external site can include stylesheet
c++ using pointers to read in struct data (song playlist program)
Xcode repeated build error code
Mix two video together?
Trouble mapping a javascript object to vb.net structure
Can imagettfbbox use URL's?
JavaScript DOM object to jQuery object
Android: How to determine which fragment the view with focus resides in
鈥渇orce鈥�content into div using jQuery .html (or .append)
When is finalize called on singletons when a classloader is released?
Easiest way to split an unordered list into two columns
Can I get a column formula for a fusion table from the API
Using DojoToolkit parser and JSPDoj
Architecture for MVC web project / usage of different types of model
ActiveRecord: Name already in use within the application, where?
Linq expressions with Linq to Entities
Catmull-rom curve with no cusps and no self-intersections
c++ map doesn't return end() even though it should
Rails search functionality
Typecasting and foreach
Get raw text from html
How to remove the calendar control from TrueDBGrid
Increase Autoincrement in Existing SQL Table
Android Dialog: Where do I return after dismissing the dialog?
WebSocket + Django python WebService
How do I load a texture into a shader (DirectX11/SlimDX)
Android API - disable right landscape?
Why does gem persist in installing to ~/.rvm after I've moved to rbenv?
MySQL, after migrating Latin1 to UTF8, LIKE searches no longer work. Tried all UTF8 collations
Pathfinding using Bitmap
Parsing XML strings in MATLAB
Rails request object contains wrong protocol
Determine if a deployed Sharepoint 2010 solution had output target set to debug
Missing BEGIN and END? [closed]
PDO in class not executing
Codeigniter index page
NUnit doesn麓t run my new Tests
Get a json object after retrieving a json array in JQuery Ajax
Extract just the required functions froma C code project?
How to send Email notifications (user registered, import completed) using Spring
Alignment problems in the Extension Library Application Layout Placebar in IE but not Firefox
Is that valid to write page method in user control?
Check for empty TextBox controls in VB.NET
How to make this code locate frame from previous directory?
Updating a matplotlib bar graph?
apple xcode portrait and landscape views stretching incorrectly in xcode 4.2 ipad and ipod
Return user to previous page after login (Rails)
Godaddy wildcard certificate not working on AppHarbor [closed]
Unable to access a post's insights for someone else's page
Wrapping any API Function
App Crashing with NSMutableArray
Trying to merge two branches (one is very old, trying to pull master code) but there are conflicts in every file
.split() not working as expected in IE8
Role based security in ASP.NET
How to create ListMenu dynamically?
On app startup, before logon, I want a few 'pages' to be okay to goto
Realtime messaging with NodeJS across multiple processes
SQLite Database Reopen in Android
How would I go about outputting the output from ALL of the above code?
SpEL templates mixing expressions and literals
MongoDB created files
Is calling a function on a NULL pointer undefined? [duplicate]
javascript in spam email; what's it trying to do?
How to set an empty object vector in c++?
How can I Join two paragraphs to display inline together without jusitified text moving around?
Cannot get unique values in card array
How to make a pure css triangle which has a white center
Spring MVC object passed with model attribute is empty
How to stop multiple selections with multiple StyledText widgets
Best way to extract the relevant info from String?
Given a large tree structure, is there an efficient algorithm to do querying or filtering on the tree?
jQuery swap Next/Previous image, images in array
send a number by zeromq pyzmq
How to pass STRUCT - OR - JSON to Coldfusion CFC Method
How do I query a join table in EF Code First?
Load a jar BEFORE a system jar
Need help on creating int range
Binding a Command inside a Style
Android Memory Leak? Bitmap exceeds VM budget error with MapView
How can I redirect ports on an android device?
How do you get a new Core Data Entity attribute to be reflected in the NSManagedObject for that Entity?
Eclipse SDL build error: 鈥淭he program specified in the launch configuration does not exist鈥�
Facebook like button doesn't apear
What tool to use for finding duplicated Ada code due to copy&paste
API response format for date+time (iso thing?)
Is there a way to access a containing div from an <a> link in Javascript?
need rails like form_for tag in Rhodes
Exporting Hive Table to a S3 bucket
Custom deleting model and associated model via OneToOneField
Java: run method based on user input?
Support for Sybase UDFs in Rapid SQL 7.7
Using Instruments to Know What Activity Occurs at a Given Time
How do I make a mouseover stick until a page refresh?
How can I combine CakePHP's Auth helper with a second authentication method?
imagecreatefrompng() and size limitation
Published project files ignored
Android : no such file name or directory
IDE like system - Database or Filesystem for Storage
HSV values using openCV or javaCV
java - cannot assign value in invokeAndWait to global string variable
Simple encode decode function for Javascript and VBScript .ASP
Is 鈥淐ount++鈥�the only way to use count?
No SB_LINEDOWN when scrollbar position is zero
Can't launch hierarchy viewer from android adb shell
Android listfragment onItemClick not working ?
Why does getenv(鈥淨UERY_STRING鈥� return null in a FastCGI C++ program?
How to repaint JTree which I have implemented using TreeModel interface
How to print a PDF to something other than the default printer
Building dependent projects using Jenkins
Accessing elements in a static array using pointer(arithmetic) in C
Get all paths to files in the Content folder in ASP.NET MVC
(MEF) Does composition have to happen at startup?
initializing a Guava ImmutableMap
CSS - div positioning issue
is there a way to prevent developers from creating any branches in git?
Putting SQL information into a HTML/PHP form
Real Time priority in .Net
jquery/php like button issue
Error executing sql query
How to drag selected OnItemLongClick from one ViewPager item to another
What is the following sql statement giving an error?
Call to undefined function
How to prevent LATEX-labels in MATLAB GUI to become blurry?
Audio Metering levels with AVPlayer
How can I make sure the embeded browser control uses Internet Explorer 9?
Is there a way to dynamically change the class of a single header in slick-grid 1.4.3?
setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_GB.UTF8') not working on windows
How to move the sprite(vehicles ) on slope image in chipmunk Spacemanager
XSL adding attribute to parent based on child
XSL adding attribute to parent based on child
Java - Arrays and Method Parameters
Implementing a Preferences NSWindow
NetMsmqBinding WAS service fails to read messages from remote MSMQ queue in a workgroup
Set number of options shown in JComboBox when used as JTable RowFilter
.htaccess rewrite rule to remove extensions
Large select list options?
How can i run Android app with eclipse with Webview on local website
Total number of rows in UITableView with multiple sections
UINavigationBar tint color flashing in iOS 4
UISplitViewController Master View frame size in viewDidAppear
How save Facebook user display picture to the disk or use it without saving?
Resize video using FFmpeg C API
Jenkins build fails occasionally during maven install (or update) on slave executor
Few lines from app.py script I don't understand
can spring do this guice-like override of bindings?
How do I search then parse results on a webpage with Ruby?
Arbor Js - Node Onclick?
NSDateComponents wrapping
Deploy pre-compiled Razor view and remove Views folder?
Javascript object literal notation, using functions
Is it OK to pass a stream around to multiple methods?
How to handle daylight savings when scheduling future events?
How do I get Windows Authentication Username via IIS 7.5 and ASP.NET
Naming convention: Why Array#delete has no exclamation mark at the end?
Closing Infobox fires click event on map, immediately reopening infobox
PHP variable being reset when run from command line
DirectoryIterator::getBasename vs DirectoryIterator::getFilename
Jquery Create New Image after dragging images
Drawing a line using Overlay in Google Map API for Android with user inputs?
Developing an application against a database with changing schema
What is difference between jquery parse and jquery load ? Isn't load and parse same thing?
How to redirect to a Facebook fanpage with ID of fanpage?
how can I query for unicode characters in mongodb using Ruby?
Long PHP script - how long until the browser times out?
EXT GWT SimpleComboBox Select not updating
Reading small int with scanf
QTip2: Why does viewport not work with absolute positioning?
How do I transfer one of my Android Apps to another Android Developer account (not mine)
HTML number field not getting posted in Rails 2.3.14
How to get CodeCoverage in a custom build activity
Unexpected Output in JavaScript 2D Array Population
Cluster failover-safe NServiceBus subscriptions
How can I print the large dataGridView/Form on multiple pages?
Difference between JsonResult & ajax.BeginForm
Index out of range exception
Can mysql take -e option and an input SQL script from command line at the same time?
Is there a way to embed a relational view of Database tables into MySQL
UITabBarController disappear in Three20 TTThumbsViewController
Automatic type casting of vanilla objects to Ember objects
Class linking best practices in C#
Send unique value to $ get('page.asp?postId=' from links?
Problems using #include <boost/algorithm/string.hpp> [closed]
Core Data: when is NSManagedObject inserted into a context and saved?
I need help formulating two simple triggers utilizing two different tables
NSFileManager fileExistsAtPath:isDirectory issue
HTML5 editor (contentEditable) with pages like Google Docs
org.apache.axiom.om.impl.llom.OMTextImpl cannot be cast to java.lang.String
Unexpected Operator .sh file
How do I send email from Google App Engine with a random sender?
Android notification manager update percentage
How to Remove Stop Words from a string using Visual Basic?
Static classes and 鈥渢his鈥�keyword
In Excel VBA, how do I save / restore a user-defined filter?
Javascript pagination (next project / previous project) with jQuery?
Do you need Adobe PDF installed on server to work with iTextSharp?
ConsoleKeyInfo, the Question Mark and Portability
Access denied - mysql_connect() [closed]
View calculated fields in Project 2010
GDAL appears to ignore NoDataValue
I want to export a jsp table of search results to an MS-Excel '.xlsx' format file
Default NSRecessedBezelStyle NSButton visual bug?
How do you repeat a test in PHPUnit?
How to split a huge csv file based on content of first column?
Android Service-Activity 2 way communication
2dim Array with different sized second dimensions
duplicate primary key in return table created by select union
Rails update PUT with same URL
Understanding 鈥渕edian of medians鈥�algorithm
Is it possible to ack nagios alerts from the terminal?
Updating my HUD class through a SceneManager class
CakePHP app is really slow after it is transfered for different host
DataGrid SelectionUnit=Cell disables all support for a selected row?
How to attach request parameters to current Android HttpUrlConnection call
Doing a Templated Mail Merge in Java
Many-To-Many issue (MVC3 + EF4.1)
GAE Django webapp2 template render
IO program doesn't run from console, but it does from Eclipse (Java)
Add message to formtastic semantic error block
svn:ignore is locally to a computer?
How to know the row from the whole tableview selected in a search of my Search Display Controller?
Error bar ticks ,--o--, don't draw for more then three conditions in dotplot
Custom AlertDialog.Builder adding custom button event click
Android how to use 鈥�amp;鈥�in the application Title name, i.e. in the xml file
Convert string to integer(s)
Generate XML feeds or auto export files in SAP?
Website flickers when navigating on pages with the same bg - FFX & IE
Specifying the location of Java communication libraries
How to save data with a delay?
Specifying the location of Java communication libraries
How to save data with a delay?
How to get the href from LiteralControl?
Importing processing.webgl for 3d canvas when using processing.js in pure javascript
How to select HTML elements in a Web Browser using .NET Framework?
gnuplot-py can't build chart with date-time axis
How to convert a multi-stop css3 gradient into an image?
multiple input fields add into another input field that controls progress of a loading bar
Setting up Apache Tomcat in Cygwin
Zend_Db_Table_Abstract and Zend_Db_Expr
ServiceStack: Newbie Deserializing Json
How to select for something that begins with a string but doesn't end with a different string in jQuery?
Fill area under curve in matlibplot python on log scale
How to use ampersands in PHP GET URL variable (or function argument)?
as3 - COMPILER ERROR 1120: Access of undefined property * 7
Identify source for traffic drops in Linux / Ubuntu? [closed]
h5py causing deadlock when used together with another HDF5 module
What makes Guice unable to run on Android except as Guice-no-aop?
How do I produce just the names from this array?
Insert contents of href into a URL parameter
Where is this encryption/decryption algorithm going wrong?
PHP array_diff error
Openssl password to key?
IIS rewrite rule for basic auth on the querystring
Sharing the same message contract for two actions
which is the suitable xml parser in iOS?
MySQL request count from many tables
Solved: MySQL update script throws PDOException [closed]
Creating strings of X length based on array
Constructor assignment on prototypal inheritance
Change protocol to https in all rails helpers
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich JNI jclass arg has wrong type
SQLite very weird 鈥渆rror鈥�
What does a function prototype mean with an ampersand in it?[duplicate]
How do I switch views from within a view?
How do I integrate the Wordpress loop in 960.gs / Bootstrap nested grids?
Non-positive width or height in function cvCreateMatHeader in opencv
Saving any kind of object in relational database
django redirect() with parameters
Sending Information from a Servlet to a JSP
Is it possible to disable the Controls:HoverButton?
getElementById works in one environment, but not in another
Global favicon.ico and iOS icons
setting data types in MS ACCESS SQL Insert queries
Rails 3 Autocomplete - Suggesting Alternatives?
Lines not displaying in QCView, but are shown in Quartz Composer Viewer
Easy maintainance of database-based CMS sites (WordPress鈥�?
using mod_rewrite to redirect variables to a php file?
cakephp order by another model field in association
Printing by executing a process in a Windows Service
Why do you use underscore when coding and when? [closed]
Selecting window of entries
Javascript To Paste First X Lines From Clipboard and Copy The Rest Back To Clipboard [closed]
Issue Contacting ADFS Endpoint When on Server
AsyncFileUpload, can't refresh page after upload is completed
Youtube API html5 video
Java Generics in Method Declaration
string represents date, and reformat it
How to open to a certain page on a PDF document from a link?
Java - JList.getSelectedValuesList() not working in jar file
MEF only loading Exports from local assembly
express-resource mapping elements relationship
Use javascript to handle links within pdf
qt/pyqt how to make spinbox-signal only for user action/event?
How to append a control character to a string in c#?
Border with border-radius specified refusing to print in Opera?
Onchange not updating image source with value
IEnumerable to gridView
Comparing two files using perl md5
MySQL - Select 3 highest values and sort alphabetically
How does this work in ruby?
C# Formatting DateTime giving me wrong result
Where does the unhandled SQLException I get comes from?
adobe flex app located in div
mod_rewrite redirect non-numeric IDs only when a directory isn't found?
set focus on a particular form in Access 2007
Check if there is sufficient disk space to save a file; reserve it
string.h and <string>
Connecting to Remote Server MySQL Issue
Updating SVG elements on the page via JavaScript
datagridview not allowing user to delete row
Select next column to right mysql?
How can I get the MainActivity TextView from an public AsyncTask?
Excel: Regex to find second, third, etc word in between 鈥�鈥�characters
Is there a way to load mutiple ModelDriven models for one action class in Struts2?
How to get the domain name from anchor href attribute?
PHP/MySQL form not posting data to database
Background keyboard shortcuts that do not propagate to windows
Concurrent operations on Windows Azure Table Storage
How to concatenate .pdf files with VBA?
Syntax for inserting multiple records into a table with one insert command?
JQuery Modal Dialog does not open or display
Minimal requirements for Corona SDK
Get photos from Address book in iphone Application
how to make 52-week participation bar graphs like Github has done?
MultipleChoiceField not showing stored values in Django Admin
How to test a service method that hides the test data
How to create custom alarm in Windows Phone 7
jQuery: How to listen for DOM changes?
Audio Framework feature
Gestures using MVVM light toolkit
Cancel webclient Async request
how to change keyboard language programmatically
How to set the cursor position on the screen?
How to stock PID of lockfile command in Linux
How to send sms to windows phone from your android app?
log4j DailyRollingFileAppender switching to new file and also continues to write in the previous day file
AS3 stagesized Bitmap and update regions
jquery paste into input - buggy if done more than once
how to use phpmyadmin with Amazon RDS
Bank transactions table - can this be done better?
Roundoff in generating a certain type of random image
鈥淭ype comparisons鈥�in Python
Find headings and then modify them
getView returning null when fragment has been created from an activity
Using a calendar in Xcode 4.2 iPhone
Adding bits in the same position (or rank or level) in an array of numbers
Shared memory mutex with CUDA - adding to a list of items
MS Access - Force Drop Down After Requery
Display collection value using their attributes name
Why does passing a KinectJS object from Client to NodeJS through a function cause loss of class?
What is the fastest XML Parser available for Delphi?
Node.js, Session with infinite loop
Interface and Abstract class Polymorphism [closed]
Capturing print output from shared library called from python with ctypes module
unload event in js with jquery
鈥淐annot not transform LINQ鈥�error when trying to do a Join?
Extremely dynamic queries with MyBatis for remote grid filtering/pagination/sorting
How to handle merges/conflicts in my git based wiki?
Counting stable discs in Othello
jQuery change and Ajax methods intermittently fail on IE and Firefox on Windows
How to make div align=鈥渃enter鈥�via DOM?
Distinguish between two instances of the same class Objective-c?
Crash鈥ot able to trace because of inconsistency
Good starting point for DOCTYPE to use schema.org
Is a good idea use template function in my site that retrieve HTML generated with PHP Smarty and display with ajax response?
Can boost iostreams read and compress gzipped files on the fly?
Dynamic TextViews wrapping to next row/line in Linear layout
Drupal View 's path. how to make drupal view's node link back to view's page rather than node type
Why is my cfgrid showing extra space to the right?
Methods: params string[] with one parameter and single string
how to assign asp.net label using JavaScript and Ajax
bytes to friendly NSString format with MB or KB [duplicate]
CurrentBsonType is String, not when CurrentBsonType is ObjectId
MSBuild Web service package deployment with separate web.config files
Observation info was leaked
Override single UI in Swing Look and Feel
How to implement hiding and showing radiobuttons using javascript
parent.document IE8 does not work
How to use a select query inside an insert query in values in SQL Server 2005
parent.document IE8 does not work
How to use a select query inside an insert query in values in SQL Server 2005
Code Building Process and Embedded Functions
Applying patch files using perl?
MYSQL PHP Where query error
Quickbooks online access using QBXML
How to make a simple Hello World 鈥渋nvisible鈥�in Windows (C/C++)
Can I use ORM (EF or nHibernate) in Client side application without hampering performance
How can I get the difference in hours between two dates?
Unit testing advice on an object with many properties
JavaScript Event Handler Scope
How can I refresh parent page when a pop up is close?
Programmatically measure DHTML total transfer size
give a function as parameter [duplicate]
Excel - Only show multiples of 10 in axis, regardless of min and max
increasing buffer numbers when streaming with OpenAL
Surround Embedded Coffeescript in ECO in VIM
Multiple Background Images in Internet Explorer
Is there a way to enter multiple lines of text (stored as a String) as Java code without formatting it?
List<? extends Base> VS List<Base>
Mingw32 strange linker warning
Creating modules/types visible only to F# projects
Where is my log file?
HttpCacheability.Private Not working as expected
How do I use copy mode when checking out multiple git repositories in buildbot
jQuery UI Sortable stop event after drag and drop
User gets randomly logged out, strange url shown, user can't login until cache cleared or reboots
Web service error serialize member
How does :_* convert ordered collections into variable arg lists?
How to create a trigger to insert new users details to another table?
When to use Kd-Trees? [closed]
Continue Rake after failure
Why is there a tiny margin appearing to the right of my DIV?
How to write scala matcher for class?
Need to add where clause to a table adapter
Facebook iPhone App Opens App Store App Instead of Web Page When Link In Post Is Tapped
jQuery effect returning undefined
Magento can't recognize memcached php sessions
Weka clustering using word frequency csv file
Solr date field format
Share button (feed) with Direct URL opens entire facebook page
Populating jqGrid with JSON return data and getting Uncaught TypeError Cannot read property '0' of undefined
mysql connection timeout, inactivity
What's a good practice to manage resources, especially images
How can I select rows that do not match corresponding rows in the same table?
FLTK Modal Windows
Attach Excel file to a Report Created in SSRS 2008
Selected attribute depending on params value with Rails
NullReference Exception: when try to check a check box field in gridview
Windows C IDE which gives hints regarding errors while editing code
Clojure macro for calling Java setters based on a map?
SIGABRT Xcode 4.2 issue
multiple frame animation loop with jquery
Log4j - blocking a particular class
Conditional operator and Comparison Delegate
Android Facebook CheckIn getting null
Java PopUp Menu & Floating BOX on the Top
How can I get a single item from an Array?
How to allow Google Doc to display hotlinked files?
patch datetime in varchar column
Animations in Android
Jquery .post() html code
Mocking jQuery to test basic use