How to create linked (associated) automatically updated form fields in GAE Django
How to serve url to audio in the gae blobstore
Variable is not used in Android Calculator
I've overridden twig exceptions page but it only shows on dev pages, not prod
clearTimeout on Mouse Exit
Formatting a table in Prolog
add class to $(this) parent only jquery
Upload a file from a remote computer fail for file over 3MB
ReSharper auto-complete behavior with anonymous types in a lambda expression
adding all digits up to 10 in MIPS
Java sending TCP package broadcast from the server
How do I make changes to the repository at the same time as someone else?
Load Data From Server While Scrolling a Div to Bottom
Disjoint-Set forests in Python alternate implementation
SQL Server connectivity issues even with valid connection string
Apple Mail and its Webview Component
Convert Groovy map implementing an interface back to a map
Field Validation in Repeater Control
Parameter bq modify facet counts using grouping
Default keyboard in android
Flex 3 Referencing old files, will not compile updates to code
RawCap error:鈥淯nable to enter promiscuous mode (RCVALL_ON), using RCVALL_SOCKETLEVELONLY.鈥�
CakePHP: Model Associates [closed]
fclose() seg fault
Use directory path of target in list of prerequisites in Makefile
Bison & rec2c: Get Current line number
Google App Engine deploys incorrect application
Performance for multiple searches ordered by random
Nsurlconnection cancels when iPhone screen locked
Extracting values from OWL Classes
Create a permanent window in place but changes have increased
sqlite InterfaceError: Error binding parameter 0 - probably unsupported type
Reader returning 5 rows, data table has 1
Heroku deploy errors
Animation of UI elements in modal view
Type of application for Symbian native app
Rendering TIF image with JAI
Yii assertTextPresent not working
Multiple defintion of test fixtures in google test
ASP.NET DataPager view all records
Smarty 3.1.1 kills newlines
NSMutableSet contains Duplicates
Youtube HTML5 Video Player Fallback with Player API (v2)
launch an app or redirect to a web page using QR code
Zend app using sass/compass generated css
XCode not accepting changes in the code
Expand/collapse, update icon class
Waking up individual threads instead of busy wait in pthreads
Should I provide parent resource name in URL or not in RESTful WS?
How can I make a simple, login, register page [closed]
how do i update progressbar in ObjectListView or XPTable?
Implementing reflection: How to find a parent of a class
MonoTouch: Flurry Analytics
HTC Sense/EVO not respecting EditText color when writing
virtual function const vs virtual function non-const
How to Fix This CSS3 Validation Error
DOMSubtreeModified doesn't fire on $.hide() and $.show()
鈥�1.#IND鈥�returned on 64-bit Windows (C++) with fmod operation when denominator is not 0
What does (anObject *) do before a statement? [duplicate]
FullCalendar, how do I allow users to edit/delete events and remove them from the database?
Compare integer to value inputted in TextView
Java - write obenglobish method
How to determine if a Couchbase bucket exists using .NET client?
Get operation data using javassist
Automatic static display of excel spreadsheet in webpage after uploading XLS to the appropriate htdoc directory
How to refer to a Cell in a ASP.NET GridView without using its index?
Viewing local dev sites built in Visual Studio on Virtual Box via Mac browsers
In C++11 Lambdas, what happens if I capture a local variable by reference, and it goes out of scope?
Richfaces Calendar with year part in 20th or 21st century
Android: Show Media Volume Slider on the UI
jQuery AJAX request resends after abort on long requests
custom parameter when launching android test from command line
Facebook like notification or ajax calling?
Binding to a Runtime Defined User Control's Dependency Property
java inlining final immutable constants
PhoneGap Build & ChildBrowser plugin
Hibernate + MSSQL + Fulltext Search via Contains
Status bar in Java
jquery find a div which does not have a span as the first child
Finding execution time for multicore code in Java
How can I set a minimum password length when using the built-in Django auth module?
connection of Pyside QPushButton and matplotlib
Mirror Body built with vertexes in box2d and libgdx
Change Look and Feel of JFrame?
Is it possible to create a user interface in an XLL add-in with Visual Studio 2010 Express? [duplicate]
Where can I find a good google task api tutorial?
Is it possible to create a user interface in an XLL add-in with Visual Studio 2010 Express? [duplicate]
Where can I find a good google task api tutorial?
EXTJS4: Approch to take for multiple Grids showing data from same store but each grid having different records
Plot a Histogram with Log scale in Mathematica 8
Weird issue with jquery versions, ajax, and Internet Explorer
How to check if an element is the body?
Oracle database has virtual data?
How do i do a case insensitive search based on this url
advice / brainstorm on rewriting and cleaning up expand/collapsed box
How does one add a conditional inside of a link in jade?
Creating an msi containing windows service and other dll files
try/catch 鈥渋n the middle鈥�of C++ class constructor [duplicate]
magento - shipping to multiple addresses but keeping payment to one charge
PowerShell: Update Scheduled Task username and password?
MSMQ calls over HTTP not reaching destination queue
How do I set the name of an email sender via PHP
Create multiple instances of the same control with different visual properties via code-behind in WPF
jquery div & radiobutton viewstate
Sencha Touch - setactiveitem to top level on nested list
Graph API - How long two users are friends
Submit status to web services dynamically without having any prior knowledge of them
.htaccess simulate directories
CSS pseudo class for when a user is touching an element in iOS Safari?
What's the simplest way to convert array keys with parenthesis to key -> subkey in php?
MySQL query to return number 'zero' if no results
JQuery .load() Issue
iOS exception in pushViewController
SQL - How can I query for all objects who have COUNT(0) of related objects in a reverse relationship?
Ajax Jquery Success Message on a Label
Using ShareKit without ActionSheet
How do I get the value inside a <td> tag with xpath/htmlwebunit
How to create database object in java?
Form POST arrays: IIS vs Apache
A Form/DataSheet using filtered data, can new records default the filtered data?
Vector of vector pointer memory allocation
Android - GridView - GestureDetector doesn't work
Twitter stream using OAuth in Python behaving differently on two equally configured machines
How to set local enviroment variables in Linux from Java?
grails project not running without internet connection
How do I know when DOM 鈥渂ody鈥�element is available?
Can you send emails from localhost with PHPmailer?
Centos ignores path while starting program
Best web Development Frameworks for content driven website
HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() throws WebException
How do I receive data in a C++ client's main loop without closing the server socket?
Change Display Resolution from Windows Service (Windows 7)
rspec-1.3.2 fails with wrong number of arguments with Rails 2.3.14
Persistant database state strategies
iPhone Change App Name
International shipping calculation with Paypal?
XNA Depth Map Overlapping Areas Color
C++ Managing Processes
operation with Less
c++ different basics types during converting variables
what is the best cloud computing platform for a game server? [closed]
Why is this object being prematurely deallocated under ARC?
How to store user profile images privately so that it is only accessible to profile owner?
MySQL delete from table or update table column to mark it as deleted?
How do one only submit click event (div), when using jquery live function?
Deleting nodes from a 2d binary search tree
nodejs - How to use node-captcha module?
figuring out Maximum ID in table
Get this week's data using SQLite
Why is Safari flipping my SVG background patterns?
how can I get all comments from a url in facebook? [closed]
Nested projects under version control, will this break?
Some More Program Logic Assistance Requested
'search database using multiple checkboxes'
How to deal with many nested if statements for mouse clicking logic?
Why can't I override the default copy constructor and assignment operator with template versions in C++
Parsing XML with Python
Read the Android Inbox From Desktop Application
set innerHTML to variable [closed]
Android EventListener
Set scroll focus on DataGrid edit mode
How to execute current opened ruby file in IntelliJ?
App Inventor IDE: Build Error
Add objects to NSDictionary
How do I make a mouseover stick for a longer period of time?
SSIS split XML text
Collisions in SDL & C++
How do MediaWiki templates work?
How to serve different css files to different ajax pages?
Swing repainting issue
How to prevent Firefox from switching to the new tab when starting a web app in Visual Studio?
Set Global Variables Codeigniter
ZSH: Command Not Found: rails
How to open a new browser window and disabling back window
Storing YouTube references - URL or Video ID?
Azure service management api change configuration
Name of type pattern: R a b = Q (a -> (R a b,b))
Decoding compressed response (Libcurl)
recover the onNavigatedTo variable with MVVM
TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD event not firing on my Galaxy Nexus ICS 4.0.2
Common test result formats
Bind DependencyProperty to Property in another class
load resource as byte array programmaticaly
How to build a method with unspecified amount of params en C#
How does PHP interacts with MySQL
Maven project cannot find junit
How does PHP interacts with MySQL
Maven project cannot find junit
Overlap Drop Shadow Effect
SQL to update linked server table with a where clause
null pointer exception even before calling other method
鈥淩edirect鈥�class member functions?
how do I rebuild data frame based on columns identified in a numeric vector?
Redirecting input from file to exec()
How can I use the YouTube API to support HTML5 and iOS devices?
Updating values of SQL column with values from the same column
Bitwise comparision of two directories(files) in Perl
Update Ajax Toolkit Slider extender with Jquery
postgresql hstore key/value vs traditional SQL performance
Importing modules with gm2
Method return type in Dimension class of java.awt
jTweetsAnywhere tweetFilters and searchParams
PostgreSQL format lag column
Facebook access tokens obtained without single sing-on cannot be extended using iOS SDK
File uploads in HTML5 offline applications
I need to create an Android APK with web link
bool(false) Uploading a file
sql query with a count
Inner While Loop only run once
sharepoint 2010, exception handling httpmodule not working
How do you add two Quad words in assembly using NASM?
Scroll multiple DIVs using Javascript Scrollbars
Force jquery to use css3 for its effects
StreamCorruptedException at ObjectOutputStream::writeObject
SimpleForm 2 : input tags inside a wrapper
What are the use cases for TPL Dataflow over Reactive Extentions (Rx)
How to identify whether a received packet is using TCP or UDP, in java using jpcap?
Does the destructor get called automatically
Can you handle compile time errors in c++?
How to Test Resource files?
Organizing Javascript w/ jQuery
Windows limitation on number of simultaneously opened sockets/connections per machine
undefined method 鈥�for class (NoMethodError)
Cannot use Cloudflare's Rocket Loader in manual mode with wp_enqueue_script
Waiting for an event to happen?
Close child popup fire jQuery code on parent page
How does YouTube get its player embedded as iframe in the Facebook wall?
Hotmail doesn't accept custom server mail [closed]
android: custom intent is triggered first
upgrading sql query join
Add replicate column to end of matrix
How does RailsCasts do partial page ajax?
Invalid MySQL Query when passing in value from external select box
About pthread_kill() behavior
How to query Active Directory for all groups and group members?
How to access Blackberry native calendar to save timezone
JSON vs HTML Ajax response
SQL Server - JOIN in UPDATE statement
the import android could not be resolved
Multi-threaded Oracle Update in Java
How do I manage database evolutions when I'm using JPA?
Does onsubmit executes before submitting data to database?
how to make the previous and next buttons invisible for ajax slideshow
Variable caching in JavaScript vs. other languages
What does 鈥�gt;鈥�mean in CSS? [duplicate]
create validation rule in cakephp ,which can use as core validation rules
Rails 3 ActiveAdmin. How to set a default sort order for an associated record?
Why browser is asking for a cached file?
How to deserialize polymorphic LinkedList with Jackson JSON and JAVA?
Floating DIVs like on
Prevent an AppleScript script from changing its own modification date when using passed arguments
Start program at windows 7 startup(Autostart)
Struts2: Malformed OGNL expression
ListView Virtualization value repeating in Recycling Mode
NSTimer, Threads. How to create a threaded NSTimer?
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting T_STRING or [closed]
Obtain IP address of wifi connected system
How to make a Digital clock in delphi7?
Is it possible to disable the IE Lync add-on with a script
If I use another domain name to serve my JavaScript, and that JavaScript sets a cookie, does that count as a third-party cookie?
How to build an chrome extension like Google Hangouts
GLKit TextureLoader leak and allocation
How do I transform between datetimes and chart coordinates in Highcharts Renderer?
mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 40 seconds
Do we need to declare global for a variable if we only read it? [duplicate]
Mutually recursive F# functions, typing issue
How to store output of os.urandom(8) in CouchDB?
Return a node class
What converts vbscript to machine code?
Enumeration and mapping with Scala 2.10
How to change text inside span with jQuery, leaving other span contained nodes intact?
Filter a php array from JSON with PHP
How to get the MIME-type of oddly-named files?
Updating a Spreadsheet in Google Docs
Jquery cross fade height jump issue
UISegmentedControl - Changing Colors and Size - Not working Right
python remove element from list while traversing it
Generate a QR Code in an Android Application
Images Being Squashed When Viewed In IE8
Template in ansi C?
Refresh page after update looping.. div better?
Why Sqlite Error: cannot create INSTEAD OF trigger on table?
animated scroll in div with overflow scroll
What is the meaning of this AS (Action Script code)
List of fields that can be updated through real-time updates functionality?
c++ dynamic allocated variables , what is the flow of execution?
CoreBluetooth Issue on Mac
How to uninstall JavaFx from Windows machine if previously deleted Oracle install directory? [closed]
Binding to DependencyProperty in UserControl
Issues with dropdown menu using css
Can I detect browser resize events?
Is there a means of telling a movieclip to tile/stretch to cover a a whole window
rectangle vs image performance during animations
Each start-job fails
Translate boolean to bool after Ajax call
Rails Many - Many Search
using PowerShell to create automated systens
Store android run/debug configuration IntelliJ idea and svn
Inserting XML documents into SQL Server 2008 database
Getting 401.2 when certificate authentication is enabled
Where can I find a good ByteArrayMap implementation? (fast with low gc)
presenting View Controller from AppDelgate
Using this pointer to point to a bit field within a class
shell escape backslash in variable
Send and receive POST request in Playframework
function causes enq- DX contention
GLib for embedded Linux?
Custom validation error message location
Android Native OGLES2: esLoadProgram not declared
Installing RubyGems on a CentOs 5.5
Animating cells while UITableView is scrolling
HTML 5 Panotour Pro implementation
How can I design a ColdFusion page to update an Array of data across requests without using the SESSION scope?
Why doesn't Html.LabelFor work in a partial view?
Ruby grep - searching an array for parts of a string
Java -need logic to add and delete from hashmap comparing values rather than matching keys
Example Bing API doesn't work
hierarchical structure in one DB table
Unexpected line-break behaviour / text alignment issue
Resolve type without creating object
ArgumentNullException was unhandled
Android remote server authentication using HttpUrlConnection not sending login/password parameters
Start an Activity not from an Intent
Rails ActiveAdmin - after creating a post I wish to render an action
How to convert a string[] into string?
Android Heap Fragmentation Strategy?
Writing a list append function in OCaml
what's the 鈥渃orrect鈥�practive for designing the interface for this REST web service?
Extract all links from Web page(Web crawler)
What is the maximum number of characters that can be displayed in Android push notification?
Graph API - How long using facebook?
wordpress site with asp subdomain?
Web crawler dealing with 鈥淪ign up or log in to read full content鈥�
caught segfault in [R] function
Sinitra haml : span tag doesn't seem to be working well
Message: Undefined variable: in View page
Using as3Crypto to encrypt/decrypt with only URL Query save chars
Can't get SessionContext on EJB
Check if user can write on a friend's Wall
Why getElementsByClassName doesn't work on xhr reponseXML
Sprite rendering performance issue on WP7 device
Multidimensinal array handing in PHP
MySQL How do I create a UNION and check results from both selects?
python beginner: try two things before exception?
How can I change a dataframe of factors so that the dataframe can be boxplotted?
helloworld.c fails to compile with 100+ errors
Changing number of threads in Pooling connection manager in java at runtime
Should I make a wrapper class for Environment.TickCount? [duplicate]
Geo tagging in application involving the standard iOS UIImagePickerController
single or split tables to hold this records in database?
Where does the iOS Simulator save screen shots?
Select an element based on its html value in jQuery
Insert instructions into component event
what's the risk of disabling TCP nagle behavior?
Is there any way of loading and manipulating a external url?
octopress the first commit
Two Foci on X Windows
Protecting the rest of the world from system headers
Apache Commons Configuration Plist parser on Android - No validating SAXParser implementation available
Python convert html ascii encoded text to utf8
using matlab gui how to save video
Make a Button look like an Ellipse and then Bind the Color of it
cURL fails to acknowledge function argument
Filtering out keys while iterating through a map
Hitting Java web service: curl or URLConnection
Selenium does not enable a button
How to find nested html element without ID in prototype
Create a list of objects with unique FK and most recent timestamp using Django
Compare IP to list of host/network address
how to add a custom button(for inserting image) in the toolbar of HtmlEditorExtender
position in PagerAdapter not work correctly
synchronized static methods
SQLite DELETE not working
Looking for working Flex (or Flash) websocket client
Javascript tag wont close inside php loop
asp:imagebutton, change image from javascript / jquery
Getting row information after a doubleclick
How to view the log of all commands?
Disable autoscaling in AS3
In SAML 2.0, what's the difference between IdP and IdP Lite (light) as well as SP and SP Lite?
Vertical Align DIV content
Reverse text file writing in QT
Embed image in list
What is the relationship between delegates and events?
Scala continuations: many shifts in sequence
FragmentWindow, fragment inside a window
FragmentWindow, fragment inside a window
difference in AppNexus and Admelds business area? [closed]
Passing binary data as arguments in bash
How can I use template specialization in c++ classes, and why this doesn't compile?
Quickly see if set A subset of set B? (general)
Is it possible to automatically serialize object knowing the .class files
How to rearrange items in FMDB?
Efficient way of rereading file contents in c++
Maven is not copying jar file correctly to .m2 folder
Implementing Google Analytics in native BlackBerry Application
Trying to impliment SignalR with Knockout ViewModel
Push Notification to HTML5/Phonegap app?
R: modify xts matrix for each day series
OpenGL quads overlapping
Is there a PHP editor that could do intellisense of your own variables? [closed]
How to remove https:// from URL and insert http:// instead of it in string in PHP?
AS3 datagrid freeze pane / always show column in scrollable datagrid
How to do batch insert with an autonumber in JDBC?
Can a thread be used repeatedly in Android?
mod_rewrite - set _GET var from path
Animated Image with Javascript
Windows Batch scripting: Get PID of just started process
Cakephp as a backend for mobile website
PeopleSoft - Cannot process SOAP fault messages after consuming web service
Jquery Datatables:set the class on the filter input field
Remove zombie processes using parallel package
Bash Last Carriage character, newline character stripping
Best way to find is my custom ethernet device is online and what IP it has got for iOS?
PAPERCLIP: How to list only users who have a image attached?
Get the ID of the last clicked - jQuery
Font doesn't exist and crashes the .NET application, need to check for or install the font
C#: Generics, Polymorphism And Specialization
Increase price on iOS app subscription [closed]
Visual Studio 2008 Custom Controls in .NETCF 3.5 Not Showing all properties
Render many elements to DrawingVisual
webkitEnterFullscreen() using external button works in Chrome and Safari but not iOS
TextBox AutoComplete Not working properly
include or project setting in msvc for uint8_t and similar types?
Drupal: How to show results in another page (PHP)
ListView, prevent adding new items
Google charts not showing axis labels
JBPM workflow deployment into alfresco error
How to get a full res image from an amazon zoom window
Embed Flash to Work with IOS as Well
Get 鈥渞eal鈥�date and time [closed]
form component duplication in php
Json parsing with jquery
Change single-image upload into batch upload? (help please!)
Why this code doesn't output anything to label?
How to mock a javax.mail.Address?
Can't install Subversion 1.6.17 on Mac OSX
How do I access a list element I've added with the cons (:) operator?
the type or namespace name could not be found (Reference present)
pydev breakpoints not working
MySQL database resultset with values as close to a number 鈥渪鈥�as possible
affect html a on a:hover from same div
Ruby: Translating a string into a 2 dimensional array
Close JavaScript Alert Using VBA Automation
Issue with OAuth and Flickr - cannot request token
How do I locate an element which is not visible in source?
WADL Generation Tool
TRying to replicate a cool dropdown content
How to check dependency to a class by other classes
RegEx performance in Objective-C vs Python
DotNetOpenAuth and OAuth2 [closed]
base64_decode in Free Word Press theme
How to auto save when using TinyMCE editor
How do I write this regex in Java?
Case insensitive Charfield in django models
how can i read JSESSIONID with javascript?
jQuery UI Resizable Simple Fixed Footer?
Portable way in c++ to get the routing table
What's the best way to install a standalone djangopypi?
How can filter a join in subclass?
Where is the connect tab within eclipse?
Silverlight: Web Service Call JSON Error
Rails3 Active Admin: How to display only Open status records when first click on Shipments tag?
Android 4.x issue: Notification disappears after a period of time has elapsed
Why first query is faster than second?
apns running php script in distribution mode on live server
MySQL Update one table, but use data from two other tables as part of the update
How to choose multiple items in a GTK combobox in python controls to avoid when developing for mobile phones
OOo: UNO (Java) TrackedChanges: How to accept (or hide) Tracked Changes when Document is hidden?
鈥淩esolved鈥�Written file with blanks at the end
Web API, API Controller and how to update a model?
IE dropping 鈥�鈥�from dimensions when appending html string
What's the CoreText equivalent to AppKit's NSObliquenessAttributeName?
Why are methods so slow?
Need to instrument Javascript: function calls / args - ANTLR?
Cygwin hangs on Perl script: Nothing seems to fix
Assigning a value to multiple Id's in database schema
sending email from vmware sandbox using tomcat
fetch all the class attributes with jquery
How to create a string with x numbers of the same character without looping in PHP
Return string if multiple values, if count = 1 return column value
Real Time Graph Drawing (Waveform)
How to make facebook type share? [closed]
returning a list of objects with HttpResponseRedirect
svn bugtraq copies properties to branches
Input a data file .txt and output specific data to a new .txt file using Python
Writing large files with Node.js
Would it be conceivably possible to write an Android emulator for iPad (or vice versa?) [closed]
Cannot Load My Custom WebEvent Provider
Django: filtering on an annotated datetime?
Magento Go - jQuery works only on product details page
How to get to retrieve Bytes[] from VARCHAR in Ado.Net?
Adding a Term Count based on how many records and date
DTS Package sql job
Delphi/Builder/VCL, Override WM_PAINT of form without losing double-buffering?
How to send direct 鈥淩equests from friends鈥�to user from app?
Javascript how to store predefined function (with arguments) [duplicate]
Test data for neo4j
.NET 4.0 Process execution pauses for several seconds, concides with Full GC, caused by swap file activity?
Problems with static variables in Android Calculator code?
Disable double click selection in a JTextComponent
How to parse a BigDecimal in a Grails Controller considering the current user Locale?
How do I apply a regex on a Parenthesized Substring Matches
How to load a html page in a jquery dialogbox.?
c++ type erasure / type encapsulation? discover type
Zoom/Scale Fragment
Float Bug on Square Root Function Python
Does JavaScript support percentage unit?
Media Query triggering but elements do not become fluid
Fetching remote connections count
Comparison Method violates its general contract in Java 7
Use find to count files by date
Unsupported compiler 'GCC 4.2' selected for architecture 'i386'
DialogBox in Static Function
What exactly is this type? [duplicate]
C++ Undefined Behavior or Not? (again)
proximity search google map
BindingSource.ResetBindings not working unless 鈥渢rue鈥�passed
Stopwatch issue in Xcode
dx fails with RoboGuice
What should be used to store data in GAE?
Unable to understand the behavior of following program ( Using java collection)
BlackBerry Webworks Signing Failed
python override built-in classes, in particular, dictionary class
How to link to a new model instance creation page related to the currently viewed instance
.htaccess remove subdirectories from URL
JQuery request to get more than 10 RSS feeds
C++ object model transformation?
Data not going to url through Ajax Request
How can I check if a list of patterns is not there in my list of filenames?
Finding if a circle is inside another circle
detect sequences of numbers with a margin of error [closed]
Handling attachment events in an outlook add-in
How to observe adding element to array
Arc between two 3d vectors
Having problems with CSS cross browser look and feel
How do you signal an update to a readonly @property which is dependant on children properties?
Entity Framework VB Join
How to properly set JSESSIONID cookie path behind reverse proxy
Group By Having and Count as LINQ query with multiply nested tables
Problems with Code::Blocks builds
SOAP exception at service.Fetch
Optimizing sqlite query
autoreleased with no pool warnning?
SVN Error (Can't set file)
Android - Creating a moveable non-rectangular bitmap
Windows CE Hive Registy flushing of subkey
tinyMCE (jquery version) grayed out and not working
Inserting rows with inputs in a table dynamically
Android Development - What device are the best and Why? [closed]
Reading XML attributes from a SOAP request to a WCF service
Finish threads in the order in wich they were started
add image to div in code behind
Transparent window above OpenGL
i couldn't get more of 5000 rows i get Error, sql 2005 and pocket pc
Making sense of IEnumerable in .Net COM Interop
TrueType Fonts in libGDX
How do I check for a Rails session in node-http-proxy?
HTML download linking
bootstrap Glyphicons
ChromeDriver and Fullscreen Mode
Can I download the Phpmyadmin Database? error after migrating GAE app to Python 2.7
How to know if a module is defined in Rails?
MATLAB: errors using rdivide; matrix division
browser position.address.postalCode always null
.htaccess: allow iframe from subdir to be view only from root dir [closed]
why java RMI can't get return value by reference
how to get referencial data using odata
Possible to resize iFrame after loading contents from a different domain?
KeyboardInterrupt - is it safe for copied data
Why do scrollbars appear when Height, Margins and Padding add up to 100%?
How to assign specific class according to number of elements using jQuery
Clean deleted R. Cant run any of my codeI
Jinja2: Change the value of a variable inside a loop
Where does directshow get image dimensions from?
.htaccess Require valid-user [except from localhost]
.NET coding practices and code maintenance
How to click on Toolbar element with Sahi for Test Automation?
How can I control PhantomJS to skip download some kind of resource?
Facebook graph api. Get photos from albums
ListView with ImageView and TextView doesn't show anything
Why can't C compilers rearrange struct members to eliminate alignment padding? [duplicate]
Can I find a filename from a filehandle in Tcl?
Check PhoneGap.exec service exists?
Extend Image server control to specify image dimensions automatically
Passing PHP form variables from one page to other
ASP.NET MVC: How to obtain assembly information from HtmlHelper instance?
Select and button elements mess up the table
How can I get the user name who invoked the method of COM server?
Is it OK to execute code when a module imports?
Maintaining Attributes on Vectors
Alternating table color
$facebook->getUser when user is using FB as a page
Get File From an Assembly
Using jQuery and webkitEnterFullscreen()
PHP readline() when STDIN other than keyboard
EF Code First Map 1 to 0 w/ inheritance
How to remove anything that is not a number from a raw string input in SQL Server 2005 or 2008
Deleting top 5% and bottom 5% of all records
Connection Pooling clear time鈥�I don't really know what to call it :)
Zend_Log_Writer_Db - Call to undefined method Zend_Config::insert()
Error creating zip file by refid
Does anyone know of a good JSON time server?
How can I export a large Perforce repository into a different version control system without losing the history?
PHPEXCEL to store entries in an array and display
Escaping html element in PHP string to prevent invalid output to browser?
Cannot check out maven projects in Netbeans
With Devise, how do I force the redirect location after sign in?
How to use custom properties in a ControlTemplate trigger
CodeIgniter: how to return data from a form validation callback
RubyGems Installation - gettingruby: No such file or directory 鈥�setup.rb (LoadError)
How can i group a large amount of POIs in Mapquest for Actionscript?
Check if PHP is installed on Apache or IIS Server?
Dynamically change to bold and italic in listview android
How Do I implement Get Satisfaction on Adobe Business Catalyst?
Node.js and - client not handshaken client should reconnect
Spring.NET Load a spring context relative to the directory of the assembly
Edit MainPage title in Silverlight 5
Can you send a dummy SMS to your own android device?
Using elementwise operation and element indexing together in Matlab
iFrame cookie only being read after page refresh
Error in Web Service created by Eclipse
Bootstrap - could anyone give me any example, how to set up JS buttons?
Why doesn't this if statement work?
HTMLPurifier addElement syntax
JRuby UTF-8 templates and Mongo
Sorting by a dictionary key with NSFetchedResultsController
Remove eventListener not working on buttons AS3 - Flash
Graph-Traversal: How do I query for 鈥渇riends and friends of friends鈥�using Gremlin
Writing a makefile for an project with some arranged folders
Prevent touchmove default on parent but not child
Obtain low and high order nybbles from byte within Java ByteBuffer
C# reinvoke current method
Magento filter products by items that have this item in their related products
Changing Bar colors using VBA based on category label
Attribute not Backed by Database not Updating
SQL Alchemy ORM returning a single column, how to avoid common post processing
Facebook Canvas Page Like/Non-Like Content
Update multiple installations of WordPress with Git
Easily update table in Joomla 1.6
Trello API - Get Organization's Boards with ID
ER diagram for Grading system
Calling Rspec with syntax like ruby -I
Changing value on a label with UISlider control in WePopoverControler
How to remove 鈥渙ctocat/Spoon-Knife鈥�from my feed in Git?
Clicking a checkbox in a link causes the link to the followed 鈥�how can I avoid this?
Java Keystore - Where to store the 'Master Password'?
changing Rails check_box_tag to 鈥渃hecked鈥�with Jquery
Hibernate query composite key
Getting input constantly using python multithreading
existing project in the same solution but can't debug it
Sending PHP Variable within a JavaScript Alert / Confirm Box
Loading an external properties file in sibling directory
Json iteration over multidimensional array gives undefined error
Java. Drag & Drop ImageIcon from JLabel on panel 1, to JLabel on panel 2.Add Counter function
how to find out rows based on a column where duplicate data exist
Javascript not working on a Visual Force page when new line character is encountered in a String
Looking for a plugin to create vCards in Grails
How can i share a sound file, to facebook or Twitter in iphone
graph reachability check
A Template-Tag Perplexity
a simple one 鈥�JPA @OneToMany is generating SQL for table that does not exist
PlayN: One can't read fonts in HTML5
In python is there something like updated that is to update what sorted is to sort?
How to mock ConfigurationManager.AppSettings with moq
Is there function to parse an IP address into 4 integers in iOS?
Correct use of pdist in Matlab
GAMens package for one predictor case
Motion Blur direction identification DirectX
.NET Task/TPL testing and mocking? (or incorrect usage?)
C# ASP.Net Consolidated DB with Membership Provider configured with aspnet_regsql.exe
how to find the difference between time stamp in oracle?
make fail building application for Android NDK
iPhone: UITextField End Editing event doesn't hide keyboard
Using EasyNetQ with RabbitMQ to publish and receive messages
Avoiding to repeatedly test for nulls on the same properties
how to select all divs with the same class
.switchClass on .$(鈥�xxx鈥�.hover: how can I stop the transition when the mouse leave #xxx?
How to create separate Fancybox galleries on the same page?
How can I multiply a float and a generic type?
Jquery mobile using gmap v3 plugin - REFRESH MARKERS
How to set ASP.Net MVC Routing parameter
How to implement Async method calls in Java?
How to implement Async method calls in Java?
Is there a way to comment out a large block of code in TextMate?
assigning to the base part of a derived class
Calling Partial Methods in C#
is it possible to dynamically include scripts via .gwt.xml?
Fade elements in when parent style = X
JasperReport load font extension
How to click on Toolbar Item with selenium?
CAKEPHP - Change default path to webroot
Extracting the text inside a docx file
Pivot/Cross tab results on PHP/SQL query
Disk usage of files whose names match a regex, in Linux?
how to trigger a rake:db:prepare that it also migrates an external database connection
why does a4j:poll just work one time when I use it in my jsf page which is ui:defined with a template .xhtml
JSTL create a new row every 5th fieldset in a loop
Copying MySQL Database Speed up?
jQuery Tools tabs 鈥�changing background color
Does Python Have Anything Like Capybara?
Creating tables in Oracle database by JDBC
Calculate the unit in the last place (ULP) for doubles
Continuous Queries vs Storing and Recalling Data
CakePHP copy file to new directory
How do I register a controller that has been created in an AREA
Using as3Crypto to encrypt/decrypt without ampersands
Adding new columns to viewer in wireshark
JSF lot of GET - Parameters how should i submit them and get them without f:viewparam
How to connect to sql database on website/or other pc
How to execute NUnit test using NUnit.Runners package and psake?
hover hyperlink colour not working when rolled over
Overloading spark view engine bindings
dynamically created list of link buttons, link buttons not posting back
Parsing XML to typed values: xsd2scala?
is there any kind of performance gain while using .pyc files in python?
jQuery scroll event inside an iframe
mysql concat_ws without duplicates
calling javascript function when combobox have only one value
Calling C++ dll from Java
Biztalk message properties visible across applications?
Include files from context differents How do I include an HTML file in my JSP file when the HTML file is located within a different servlet context?
Getting attachment image from forward email
Divide a String in Half Without Cutting An Element Off
Class 'My_Form_Login' not found (Zend Framework)鈥�why?
Twitter Intent: Related account doesn't show up in Tweet
SQL Server 2005 - Counter in a select query
XmlSerializer loading wrong assembly
Moving images in Java
How can I point Spring MVC to our database for security?
How to find latest version of a documment?
Regexp: Identify a string with Name Sourname
How do I convert date to Day/Month/Year (20/Jan/2012) in python
Delphi compiler bug or my mistake?
Using Try Catch to find Boolean value
Html5 Canvas working in WebView of Main Activity but stops working in WebView of Activity called using an intent in the same application
Android NFC read Tags issue. Activity starts each time on data received
Capture the countdown timer in different activities
GridLayout of Buttons to Output a Checkerboard
css with object tag
java vs C# web service clients
Distributed version control repository structure with public / private parts
Maven Copy jar with dependencies into another project
newbie: append serialized integers into database column and retrieve them back
expire_action from model
Event for Dynamically created Controls in ASP.Net
Session state SQLServer mode
How to pass value from left frame to right frame in frameset
Perl, pattern matching and metacharacters
Convert quadratic curve to cubic curve
The equivalent to a content script in a Firefox extension?
Soap content length
How to select first list box item by default?
Assign a reportDocument object to a ReportViewer on run time and show it (ASPX,Crystal): update: visibility:hidden
Generating integer within range from unique string in ruby
SAS: PROC SGPLOT BY GROUP auto file names
Looking to change order of stats shown
How do I add leading zeroes to String.Format parameters?
Cannot reorder an NSOrderedSet relationship in Core Data
Mixing HTML5 Canvas and Python
CheckBox in HeaderTemplate to Select All CheckBoxes in ItemTemplate
Better way to sort an array with unusual value
My usercontrol (.dll) not displaying in the toolbox of webproject
Can you control how Selenium IDE references elements?
Build error in Visual C#
using curve fitting to determine complexity class of o-notation
PushViewController doesn't do anything
HTML5 File API with Remote File
IE8 text-shadow issue with Google Font
Netbeans displays files as ignored, but they're not in gitignore
git-svn clone with weird svn tags organization
A case in which both test -n and test -z are true
Parse XML and concatenate divided URL with SimpleXML and XPath
how to off this error in php [duplicate]
Add base classes to 鈥淣ew C++ Class鈥�dialog
How do I add a model binder in mvc from a method called by Application_Start? [closed]
Editor or way to print plist in a clean way without Xcode
Can we have multiple itemprop's on single element for microdata tagging
NullReferenceException at Object.Equals(Object, Object)
How to calculate and store Lat/Long data for real time web app?
C++ Winsock communication between Server->Client and vice versa
set ID value for another field
ASP.NET MVC2 - Can I use session to store user login status
Setupterm could not find terminal, in Python program using curses
Rails Craiglist like list of items
Trying to understand HttpPost in MVC3 [duplicate]
Implicitly call parent constructors
Visually truncating text without causing data problems
UIGestureRecognizer in InterfaceBuilder target/action
How to generate two models form relationship Django Admin?
Parse joda-time
Getting date as a String from android
Constant and high sampling rate for pen position on Tablet PC
Stop img tags from flickering when re-rendering with JavaScript
How can make a file `VERSION` contains version number every time the repository is exported?
Ruby class << self variable, accessing from another class
Optimization of C program with SLAB-like technologies
Substracting value from the string with a regular expression
SVG - Get font-size of a TextElement
How to toggle bold on/off for a UILabel IBOutlet?
finding sequences in AS3 array
what orm BLToolkit is not more popular?
MS Sans Serif can't display Unicode text in XP but can in Win7
Find files with lines changed in the specified commits
Fixed Header and Rows height in GWT cellTable
Depth feed from Kinect not updating
Will this regex for email work for all emails?
Output correct 鈥渄atetime鈥�<time> attribute (Umbraco/Razor)
Getting the parent node attributes in XSL
Excel & EPPlus .NET library: How can you create dynamic lists from another sheet?
Jquery how to add onclick in href
Can I use smartphone accelerometer data as a weighing scale?
How do I ensure index on first element of an array in MongoDB for faster querying?
Is there a complete list of variables that can be used in form_div_layout.html.twig?
What does 鈥渘etwork: Cache entry not found [url: 鈥鈥�mean exactly?
Android Development 鈥�Input Methods
HSQLDB: .data file access denied
Content using all available space with jQuery Mobile
How can I tell whether a 'font-family' request was honoured so that I can substitute an image if necessary?
What .NET 4.5 features are unavailable for applications developed for Windows 7 (aside from the Metro APIs)?
Unity finding closest transform when collided
How do I get the buttons in an Ext.FormPanel?
unauthorized response when trying to connect to a website with username and password
Ignore Wikipedia Redirects with mwlib
Reducing duplicates in Python list of lists
How should I use the Back Stack to allow usage of the back button?
Read PHP string from a MySql row with Codeigniter
draw method implementation in graphics2D class
Can't set picture size when capturing image with AVFoundation
Yii. HTML in controller.?
Unit testing: private methods and how to refactor
JSON stringify to C# Webservice
Visual Studio 2008 Professional missing build action property
Visual Studio 2008 Professional missing build action property
Firefox 10 DOM issues with jQuery?
PowerShell not triggering SharePoint workflow
red5 vs wowza vs FMS
Convert input of BigDecimal locale dependent?
Ruby Email Send Undisclosed Recipients
What characters are permitted for a slug in noir?
403 error after rails app deploy (apache + passenger)
dynamic jquery header
CSS floats, change order on mobile layout?
Parsing Twitter using DomDocument in C#
PHP code in SQL displayed in page
Can Web API convert XML into Json?
Associate Adwords info with Contacts / Conversions on my website
XSLT 2.0: Overriding nodes with grandchild nodes
Android - Reading arrays.xml
How use tinymce richtext as transparent api?
DirectoryInfo.GetFiles method not returning any files
Failed to install PyTables
Method to find available devices from 255 ip address
What's wrong with this simple MYSQL bash script?
Can a shared method be multithreaded?
MySQL Simple Nested Select Statement
Overlay absolute positioned, appropriately sized DIV to all blog post images?
Waiting values from child window
Early NoSuchMethodError whished by call of loader.loadClass()
Accessing Scala nested objects through reflection
Web View menu displaying at wrong time
Modify the source code of contacts application on an Android
When should I use 鈥渘ew鈥� [duplicate]
iPhone: Hide an accessory button in UITableViewCell CORRECTLY based on storyboard
How to iterate a JSON array using Mustache
Auto size column width for Flexigrid
Using DIV's to replace tables 鈥�filling width of page without knowing width of left or right cell
Python: how to build a dict from plain list of keys and values
FullCalendar fetching JSON shows different results between browsers
Validation Expression to allow email or 10 digit number
Dynatree .sortChildren
Ideal way to organize Java constants
why do i get variable 鈥�is being used without being initialized error?
How can we compare the number was less than
why the addview doesn't fit in the width
copy a xml document with attributes
Android - Characters such as 氓,盲,枚 do not render correctly in WebView
How to post to a friends wall from PHP script?
Bash String extraction
Why is CATransform3D not working when triggered from viewWillAppear?
Getting user likes and friends likes by category
Android: Activity is not destroyed using the command 'finishActivity(999)'
calculate the number of simultaneous Passenger instances
Open a folder in finder/explorer from a webpage?
Update if exists, else insert new record, all based on checkboxes
How to get Sharepoint Meeting Workspace Lists Items via Web Services?
jQuery cross domain request response headers
Design Pattern, Qt Model/View and multiple threads
write a program which runs in background and perform actions every hour
Autowiring does not happen if there is another bean of the same class with property set manually
After Upgrading from Xcode 4.2 to Xcode 4.3, instruments command line fails
Number of New Products Displayed in Magento Home CMS Page
Force orientation change in container view controller
Simplest way to truncate string w/jQuery
Test destroy action with capybara and rspec
keyboards hide entering text
Is there a direct correlation between dll and pdb size?
removing an appended element using javascript/closure?
How do you serve a page as html while prompting with a download dialog
session_start gives notice that its already started.
Javascript - setTimeout Closure Issue
Given a regex, how can I know from the pattern what the largest number of fields there are that could be matched?
PHP function compatibilty issue
CWinAppEx CleanState - Reset Layout
Can you inject variables into the text when using Zend_Translate in plural mode
Adding foreign key relationship with Entity Framework
Running `$log = new Application Log();` calls Application Log::log(); for some reason
Htaccess redirect a specific subdirectory
Sending email using EWS
Address Space Layout Randomization( ALSR ) and mmap
Drawing shapes and lines with HTML5 Canvas and jQuery
Ring level shift in Win NT based OS
Conceptual multithreading with semaphores and pseudo random numbers
Remove default routes only for default module in Zend Framework
Do a random position for a sprite in cocos 2D
Trouble connecting to mysql because it is looking in the wrong location
C# optimal IDictionary usage for lookup with possibility of not found
Reopening class which includes Mongoid::Document
Split id and add to array
QTableWidget with stylesheet don鈥檛 scroll items
Joining tables but displaying all the values of a look up table
Converting a ansi blob data in utf8 db to utf8 characterset
CalendarExtender not updating values
JPA when the database is modified externally
How to combine AreaChart and LineChart with gwt-visualizations
How do I resize an existing image (not create a new copy
MYSQL - Sort by first letter
How to collect accelerometer data while the phone is in the idle state
Trying to store multiple values from a SELECT to use in a DELETE
How to build an index search for a read-only database table?
www::curl - how to upload (post) large files
PHP Phone Number Replace Regex
How do I create a mirror for Eclipse Indigo SR2 (3.7.2)?
Missing something in 鈥淒elete鈥�post method in MVC (EF 4.1)
How to pass UserID or UserName into another page in membership feature using Query String?
High performance approach to greatest-n-per-group SQL query
How to get a subdirectory in the path of a URL?
Android Screen Type Targetting for 7 + Devices
java. Method return Null. What exception I must generated?
Datagrid WPF - LINQ to SQL Classes - Multiple Tables
How to deserialize xml using Linq?
Application update removes settings
Is this a MapView Bug?
Deleting NSURLCredential permanently?
Image Preview on Hover
Python Standard Library not installed?
How to recycle app pool on a specific time during work days?
Detect first page load with jQuery?
Separate ASCII from binary in a socket transmission
How do i read just a single whitespace only from stdin/cin in C++?
PHP Regex for matching a UNC path
Excluding the child element from RenderTransform
JavaScript - 鈥渧ariable undefined鈥�in one part of loop, working in a different part
XMLRPC showing -32601 error (using PHP)
Gem Command not found
NSDate 24h format: delete first '0' from hours
Invoke routine in class from other class (not activity) in JAVA for Android
What's the most scale-friendly way to allow one node process to communicate between its own modules?
git update submodule via windows batch file
DropDownList Client Side Validation is validating when it should not be. (MVC3, Razor)
Knowing the interface orientation of an iPad at application start
Concrete5 - Powerslider Lightbox
Reduction from Atm to A (of my choice) , and from A to Atm
Returning Iterator vs Loose Coupling
Pannable layout for custom view
How do you return login form errors to the same page using PHP?
VB script BOM UTF-8 Encoded File Remove BOM
Why Converting a string to RTF text is adding extra carriage returns?
Make Aptana studio 3 use existing Rails project not import
Javascript - XMLHttpRequest failing in Internet Explorer
Blocking IO in Akka
get possible house numbers for a postcode
Are using the Mobile Express Checkout Library or Mobile Payment Libraries PCI Complaint
Grails/GORM simple many-to-many join query not working?
Hibernate Lazy loads when it does not make sense
Copy values from one sheet to another when column contents match
how to get the user id in signed_request?
Comparing to void pointers whose actual type is known
Simple FTP Client authentication?
Oracle 11g - What would be the equivalent to ordsys.timeseries from Oracle 8?
JavaScript if statment don't work
How to create multiple filter query in solr?
How do I selectively import few tables from a mysqldump
I can't see what went wrong with this WinJS.xhr call
Add a MenuItem to Other applications Option/Action menu (Android)
Conditional partials in Handlebars
Azure web role trouble accessing external web service
Rendering my world according to my model
Marquee style ProgressBar not supported in Win7?
Sharing Functions between Chrome Extensions
PyroCMS - form_validation e callback
Java - Binary Image Pixel Index
Spring AfterReturningAdvice firing before transaction commits
AudioSession - want to stop everything being played in background?
Populate Combobox when Form Loads VB.NET
Ant documentation integration for Eclipse
How to cut a part of image in C# [duplicate]