Assigning package name after changing the folder structure
SQL Import wizard unable to map tinyint
HTML layout - making dimensions of cells in separate tables match
converting numerical values into decimal numbers
JAXB(MOXy) -mapping one model object to different schemas
Git: Recover from failed rebase
how to set session timeout programatically in a gwt based java web app
How to call from one call back function to other call back function
How to run iOS .app package within Simulator?
how to select parent div with jquery and close all siblings
Getting the last Monday of the current month using T-sql
Enable an input textbox then focus it - jQuery Mobile
Using Edge CSS3 animations seperately on the same website
python script using sed groups
How to make an array in shell?
Is memory defragmentation still relevant on 64 bit systems [closed]
Cloud servers monitoring service with alerts?
VB - Difference between 2 dates
What are correct SublimeVideo settings using it with Heroku and Rails?
How to create arguments for a Dapper query dynamically
how manage background rendering?
Open PDF file from an iOS Application [duplicate]
SQL query to check whether the values are same in two tables
native-activity sample project won't compile if I change file exteension to .cpp
stuck writing recursive function that prints to the screen [closed]
CUDA-Kernel supposed to be dynamic crashes depending upon block size
Create trigger sytax error in sybase
Actionscript Object vs Javascript Object
skip tabindex for iframe
What are the main differences between EnhancedPatternLayout and PatternLayout?
How to bind a tree to a model in qooxdoo? and what format the that should have?
How does Spring-JPA EntityManager handle 鈥渂roken鈥�connections?
rails 3.1.3 / cucumber / database_cleaner / mongo_mapper
what is file: in sdcard AVD creation
rails 3.1.3 / cucumber / database_cleaner / mongo_mapper
what is file: in sdcard AVD creation
MySQL remote access via SSH Tunnel error
Website wont run certain queries after changing servers
Different names for XAMPP virtual hosts
adding 1000 images in the scrollview of ios app
Running a Form in Windows Logon Screen C#
EF ObjectQuery<T> Context, Parameters, Connection properties equivalent on DbSet<T>
Navigationbar button frame not set when i open app from background
utf8_encode post-variables if it contains special characters (忙酶氓)
basic trigger lock issue
CSS Styling lists that contain links
How do I view my play site off a web server?
Enable event logging MS Office 2010
Sencha 2.x MVC: Get element by id
SQL Select with joins across two databases. Confusing :-s
In a list of images which are in a grid, how to know which image is clicked?
How do I swap two arraylist in JAVA?
How to do shipment to custom shipping carrier?
Programatically change display of the sort icon in datagrid column header
MPI collective communications
Hector vs Astyanax for Cassandra [closed]
Abort ajaxcall if it is not null
Oracle DBMS_LOB.INSTR and CONTAINS performance
Updating a div with ajax, depending on the return value of PHP
$(this).hide() not working on option elements in IE8
Create session in gridview cell
Checking for javascript exceptions with selenium?
JAVA Synchronisation
Implement History Table
I Cannot get rewriterule to work
txt file that I download is empty
ASP.NET MVC Unobtrusive validation - why form context is needed?
Remove persistent zombie process from the command line
Register app to open image files
Xcode not predicting
Getting all Gtalk contacts's status unavailable
How to get a (Ruby) DataMapper custom type to work?
Code that changes frequently [closed]
deploying EJB over JBoss 7.1
AppFabric Cache Server replication
Understanding how D3.js binds data to nodes
Adding event listeners to metro style grid application?
How to extract the URL from this XML string using C#
jQuery .click(): get attribute from DIVs with the same class
Fixing memory leak for below code
Drag And Drop a Button to a specific position in Android [closed]
Cannot connect Delphi App to mySQL database
JavaScript click event for any google maps markers?
Remove many instances of the same character (C#)
How to dynamically set selector to image in android?
Delete a value from Php Comma seperated value array saved in MySQL
NSException kills the app if raised in background
ToggleButton Group with zero or one toggle button checked
jQuery mouseover hover mouseout remove set variables
Inserting data into Google spreadsheet with Google Spreadsheet Java API
How to horizontal center a form using BootStrap?
c# write log from various objects (classes)
Magento Block Override - Call to a member function error
Quicksilver Large Type in XCode
Cannot use mouse to select text of a text box when the text box is embedded in a SplitContainer
Database Connection in Zend View Helper
How can I get the public IP using python2.7?
Android app not getting installed in the emulator after it shows installation success on the console
Dynamically get Object's attribute
Redmine doesn't show related issues
How to get the Return key on android keyboard?
UIWebView inside UIScrollView does not display content properly?
check for last div with a specific id on a page
Simplify iterating dimensions in MATLAB
Developing with XNA [closed]
IE 9 pushes sidebar inside content section
::SysFreeString() crashing in WINDOWS2008 only
How can i set click event for a child menuitem without raise parent event?
Custom Data label for Flex 4 Pie Chart
Inheriting class from Object
bitbucket stripped git revisions
c++ sizeof operator - pointer to double
Low memory / app getting crash?
How to access the query string value pass to a modal popup by an href by using coldfusion
I am getting memory leak in my appliaction
How to replace R.drawable.鈥渟omeString鈥�
Jquery ui weird behaviour with .clone(true,true) + .remove()
Why isn't string.Replace working as I expected?
Capital letter in package folder under target folder
Converting a German date to Y-m-d does not work?
How to read project file .csproj to compile only those .cs which includes in project [closed]
How do I show results one at a time using XSLT (e.g. XML included)
Enabling triple/three slash XML comments in Visual Studio 2010 for C#
Handle webview response in ios
cython / numpy type of an array
Monodroid - Monodevelop wipes user data while deploying to device
How to generate HTML tags by copy/paste into textarea
How to compile GnuTLS for every posix operating system
strange cakePHP layout issue (ajax)
Why is the Sitecore keepalive task set to 1 hour by default?
Device Fission Intel CPU
Myth about the behavior of HAVING clause
How to use Ringtone picker from within any 鈥渘ot Activity鈥�(without Activity)
Set margin in style and apply that style to TextView programmatically
sed substitution with backslash in pattern?
What is this exception in Log4j when shutting down tomcat?
Failing to get videos from Youtube feeds
Codeigniter Email not sending in particular case
Tomcat - Assign roles based on client ip address in my custom realm
Dapper MultiQueries and naming conventions
ruby 1.8 to 1.9 ruby -v shows ruby 1.9.2p0
Intermittent 鈥淣o Default Instance defined for PluginFamily鈥�exceptions using StructureMap with OpenRasta
Signature Invalid/Configured Certificate Mismatch for SSO with SFDC
TreeView SelectedItem return type
Math and Java - find an available index from a scale value
[pickerView reloadAllComponents]; doesn't update UIPickerView component width
Request.ServerVariables(鈥淟OGON USER鈥� returns empty
Magento: How can I allow tiered price of 0 multiview issue with Safari
Redirect to login page instead of index page in Yii
How to set GUI values after its creation?
add a scrollView to Textview
c++03: default constructor for build-in types in std::map
Two LinkedHashMap Join on same key with different generic
CodeIgniter Facebook open graph action code error
UITextView contentoffset update not working
How safe is it to use `//` (schema-less) links? [duplicate]
PHP Multidimensional Array 鈥�Resorting array
django urlib2 call
Zend Framework - Doctrine2 - Repository Query Caching
Using pcre in a c program on windows
how to create multiple markers on google map using actionscript for flex mobile project
Retrieving Latitude&Longitude from Google GeoCoding API
How can i get a .net webservices with JavaScript?
trouble in making a game questions?
Creating a custom route in ASP.NET MVC 4 beta
action script 3 - is it possible to simulate pressure on mouse down
How to get the selected text in android webview
How to set value from tableview for a static cell (or get it from the table view upon init)
box2d body rotation
ruby chaining commands inline for a TCL programmer
How to get the 4 monday of a month with js?
i want to retrieve images from imagepaths stored in db in jsp
Access to sharepoint ws
Loading forms with .load kills the submit button in Firefox
input box taking numeric value in firefox
Paypal Digital Goods with no floating box but redirect to paypal site
how to catch all the errors in any scalatra action?
SqlMembership on both Azure and Standalone SQL Server
Exposing Property as Variant in .NET for Interop
Unix Scripting to read CSV file then change format
Datatype for fibonacci numbers
How to find number of days in the current month [duplicate]
Rotate image *without* resizing it
POST a form in Facebook iFrame application does not work
Jsf Haning Request
How can i implement slider with two knobs in gwt
JBoss 7 throwing Entity is not mapped when using @PersistenceContext
django url regex - how to interprete this?
Get twitter status message by id
bulk sms gsm modem
Spring REST 3 and JacksonMapper for JSON
Modify suds request to target SOAP
vertical scroller html app webos
To kill particular java application [closed]
The reverse process of stemming
Convert http live streaming to rtsp live streaming
Calling Rest webservice using JQuery Ajax call , web service is returning JSON string
How to communicate with a project on another server from a GWT project
xcode 4 - Date picker
NSCode: encoder and decoder for primitive types
Inherit Parent MsBuild file
EKErrorDomain Code=1 in EventKit in ios5.0
Using button event in user control from main window
What is a Kernel thread?
Linq orderyby boolean
Reading and Writing sd card in three text files and updating the files
Using RJB to call scala code from Ruby
Using APNs in a messaging app
how to debug a Type Provider in fsharp?
Unhide certain function with same name and different signature from base class in derived
Can I get the raw querystring in a django middleware?
android layout xml properties and positioning鈥�
onClick appears to work on all but my iphone
Get the type/name of the current workflow from within an activity
addCategoryFilter doesn't work at all in Magento
Have Excel QueryTable row numbers start at 1
How do I change a table background color on click
c linux stat param points to uninitialised bytes?
Encoding video files
How to navigate back to home button from my last page
Objective-c: Is it possible to popup a UIScrollView when I hold a key for a few second
canvas not drawing anything?
Entity Framework - Make Category field not required
Nested attributes and XML deserialization
Using鈥� in Android crashes
Sending mdm payload
T-SQL: How to select one column or in alternative another one?
Can one package name be used for apps targeting different versions of Android?
geting a negative value on md5
Return browser chrome with javascript for iphone
Android TableLayout Error
changing CSS class for object sender control
jquery - leaving the hover state
Why can't I parse this SOAP response with SimpleXML?
Which browsers support HTML SHORTTAGs?
How highlight and save selected text in UIwebview using Coregraphics
Google Line Chart with varying data points
AS3 Shoutcast stream doesn't work on server
C++: can't get std::tr1::unordered_map to compile
Reqular expression for alpha numeric and empty spaces
Some textures are not displayed and game crashes without error
use one macro in different excel files
Youtube API: allow users comment on youtube videos from my wordpress website
Webbrowser control is not displaying the entire page?
Percent based CSS layout
Best practice of keeping application configuration in plist file
edittext get filled automatically in android application
Get response from asynchronous web service in ASP.NET
display the body of a mail after image
Parsing out content from HTML using regex?
Issues building MySQL Connector/C++ with MinGW
'Connection Refused' EXCEPT filezilla
Create Signature for Flickr Authentication (Android SDK)
single quote in database values breaks import
show available choice MYSQL query
How to integrate extJs with zend framework?
Azure Table Storage: questions regarding the structure of objects in a table
POST a multidimensional array 鈥�Unable to see contents
Euro symbol in PHP ereg_replace
How to get results from an Adobe Captivate 5.5 quiz (using javascript - or anything really)
Make Emacs ignore system keyboard layout
Alternatives for Translation Layer in SOA: WCF
Uncheck radiobutton
Project not committing correctly?
maven downloading jars freezing
bool value for a double pointer (exists/empty or not)
paired t-test crashes apply-loop (edited)
Array to Hash : words count
SQL to get values
Django Social Auth Debug HTTP Error 400: Bad Request (linkedin)
How do I tag a project with Subversive programmatically?
SQLite, erro when inserting a row after deletion of another row?
Use Tomcat to stream media
How do I call the base class implementation TextBox::OnKeyDown() in my override?
How to stop activity indicator view?
JAVA OCR API open-source on eclipse [closed]
Stuck while call webservices
ExtJs 4 local store issue while deleting a record
How to use css to crop parts of an image
image preview in javascript
Moving of buttons
validation is not working in cake php if retrieve data from other model
validation is not working in cake php if retrieve data from other model
Use different site maps in an EXT TreePanel
displaying pdf using google docs viewer in fancybox
keypress not working in ie7/8
Is definition necessary in classes that have pure virtual functions AND regular functions?
jQuery : Select previous checkbox which is selected
convert 鈥淢FC Extension DLL鈥�into 鈥淩egular DLL with MFC statically linked鈥�in a hurry
How to write the select query for matched row ID?
How to get stacktrace for all threads running in a process?
SQLite : Adding a row only if results in unique rows
resize fancybox when I click the fancybox
matlab parfor leads to larger execution time than a for loop
Benefits of mysql trigger to workaround Innodb lack of Fulltext search
Loading Hbase table with Pig. Float gives FIELD_DISCARDED_TYPE_CONVERSION_FAILED
populating gridview using layout inflator
How to obtain index of element from predicate passed to some STL algorithm?
C++ calling super class
Canvas editing mode in Umbraco 5. Where is it?
HTML not loading CSS file
how the validation is undertaken when inserting data to two tables using one form?
meaninig of tag of struts.xml file of a Java EE projects using struts 2 spring 3 and hibernate
Set border image for Textbox on focus
SPWorkflowTaskProperties.AssignedTo and 鈥�;#Alice Jackson鈥�format
Hibernate First Level Cache
openCV Android: knnMatcher returns only matches for 1 descriptor
loading my library
Get the examples at to work?
Get relationship (friend, friend of friend) between two Facebook ids by facebook api
Internal server error while decoding a json file
Jira + Liferay Integration through OAuth
What variable should I place in this form to edit a comment (Rails)?
Which event are triggered in JQueryMobile when a page is loaded from cache
BHO installation and not loading with IE, not connecting to desktop through socket
How to create a service that check message has come from server in Android?
Binding menu action in PyQT
Dos Batches: write to files without a line ending
Understanding date processing with strtotime
htaccess configure rewrite rules for local, wip domain and prodution domain in the same file
How to implement 鈥淥pen With鈥�contextual menu in OS X
how to store input values into data base?
showing line errors in visual studio
ExpandableListActivity make childItems unclickable
jqgrid treegrid custom css-class for each tree-level
Symfony 2 - Assetic Javascript compression causing errors
JQ Grid Compilation Error
How to read compiled xml files
DropDownList SelectedIndexChanged not getting fired [duplicate]
GWT module: how to use the EntryPoint only in the test folder?
Using an external Template in KnockoutJS
Why does JSLint complain about 鈥淯nexpected 'else' after 'return'鈥�
Using an external Template in KnockoutJS
Why does JSLint complain about 鈥淯nexpected 'else' after 'return'鈥�
Change outgoing IP address using Curl
No View in JSP Example
What type are 鈥淐-style strings鈥�and what's its relationship with std::string
Development setup for small team: handling assets
POST hook on Bitbucket
ReflectionPermission problems when using Ninject 2.2, Fluent NHibernate in a Medium Trust environment
Django Password Generator
How to pass an object to a unittest Class
Is there a 鈥渁dd to homescreen鈥�webapp on Android (like in iOS)
How to insert n number of records in a table in a single command
How to get variable from parent url or parent iframe?
Encoding array of bytes from string (Polish fonts)
Need to run 3 different ruby files from one single file
Different ways to instantiate an object
how to get the rating value on click on stars
Warbler complains about fastercsv
What is the relation between the number of Support Vectors and training data and classifiers performance?
Silex form validation without translation
sqlalchemy unicode issue
Should the wsdlDirectory setting in maven have an effect?
Convert r,g,b value to one pixel value
jQuery setting attr IE8 error
XSD File and Export
Alternative to outline property for IE 6 / 7
What does this define do?
Reading and Writing sd card in three text files and updating the files, diff data will store
Timer control memory consumption
j2me drawChar abnormal character spacing?
Spring 3, reference .xml from dependency
MouseHover, MouseEnter function precedence
find inode number of a file using C code
Where to write test case for this file in initializers in rails?
Can't Delete Document in Domino Xpage Application
Xcode4 derived/build/intermediate products data path: must it really be defined in user settings?
Linux commands (cp, rm) are not executed in a perl script. Some works. But no error are returned
jQuery: HTML DropDown list works, but ASP Control DropDown list does not
Update ViewFlipper next view
Checking if username and password is correct
How to make JS hide out smoothly and change px to %?
Select only specific dates in jQuery UI datepicker (date list comes from AJAX)
ASP.NET MVC - what's the equivalent of ViewState
Require specific gem version in SASS & Compass
CSS perspective not working
VS2010 doesn't 鈥渟ee鈥�any of the tests in a new test class
How to read a Microsoft Excel file which is already opened
Unwanted scroll on click on last item in ItemsControl
@ManyToOne mapping fails to save parent ID
ASP.NET: About storing Objects in ViewState
IDE support for extjs apps
Tools for analyse objective c coding standard and Naming Convention? [closed]
Dynamically creating ImageButtons and adding them to layout with OnClickListeners
Install PHP-CGI with LAMP Tasksel
No Java node in Categories pane in netbeans
std with arry index (not iterator) gives segmentation fault
context menu for List view inside dialog box android
Cannot filter rows in the SSRS Report
Can I use django-nonrel and a custom auth backend?
Android and respondsToSelector:
Codeigniter: Add a class to link if current_url() == href
Android: Save date normally to sqlite but sort by date considering month and day
Facebook IN clause in FQL query
How to get a footer just above a Scrollviewer?
How can I tell the Closure Compiler not to rename an inner function using SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS?
Shell multiple choices list fails
removing jRadioButton automatically in java
How I can update a contact item in Exchange Web Api
How to place Textfile in Systray (Win7)?
Change animation transition
Delete surrounding whitespace in vim
How to set labels for items of a KDChart pie diagram?
How to deal with released common libs in .NET?
Change the axis of rotation when using UIViewAnimationOptionTransitionFlipFromRight
How to calculate a persons age at a given date [duplicate]
Imageshack API almost working
How to display a model decoration in the view?
Python - specifying lengths of strings, mostly
Error while binding database data to jtable
I need to use 鈥渟ingleInstance鈥�in main activity, and also i need bring another activity to the top
How to create a Login/Password dialog using Delphi 2010
android listview getting the position of the view
Develop same c++ project, multiple machines, different visual studio versions
Best way to check the type of a variable
How can I keep this toolbar and text field above the keyboard?
How do I center align my view in a custom Layout?
Fact Table Design Suggestions
Convert factor to integer in a data frame
Cocoa, binding across 'To-Many' relationships
can't use a UIKit code in Cocos2D
Difference in List definition in fsharp
Send SMS from an app with no UI
jBPM 5 Human Task
Show JQuery JDialog after 5 seconds and autoclose
Selecting data by names/values in R
Error converting data type varchar to float
Theming a Drupal 6.x image upload button
How to update the status of one value in the GridView using the DropDownList?
w3c validator give error on image mapping for HTML 4.01 Strict
How to update the status of one value in the GridView using the DropDownList?
w3c validator give error on image mapping for HTML 4.01 Strict
django orphp curl posting xml data
to schedule java programs by taking program names from derby database
Entity framework SaveChanges problems
How do I know if a url returns an image PHP?
How to like a specific article on a page where there is several articles?
Dynamic text fields in iPhone are possible or not?
Hibernate Projections.min() returned multiple rows
Security protected for my video and pdf files?
how to remove code behind CSS using jquery?
How to set the Tab Order in Swing Java?
string and option value comparison
regexp - combine two classes
matching multiple patterns multiple times a record with awk
Getting a 鈥済ood鈥�unsat-core with z3 (logic QF_BV)
how can i replace content of text area by PHP script in below mentioned code
Resources for learning to use javascript with 3 and cshtml (razor)
How to use @SQLInsert with ResultCheckStyle.NONE in Grails to achieve Postgres partitioning
Localize dates in twigs using Symfony 2
How do I load data to textbox from mysql
Lua multiple concurrent processes
undefined method `edit_comment_path' (Rails)?
Execute a console application remotely from C# web app, perfomance-wise
Default value 0 to prevent suppression of sub-report
Deserialize an XML file - an error in xml document (1,2)
onBeforeUnload with ajax does not work with IE
Download function not showing total size of file, while downloading
Binding a class to another class's Property
Update ASCX from ASPX using delegates
How to make a dictionary in java? [closed]
CSS Gradient in BODY but not full length with fallback
Deploying Web APP (Client side) as Desktop Client
Dynamically switch the configuration file (web or app config)
Creating class encapsulating handlers in C# and .NET. Good practice?
PDE plugin for Eclipse - which repository to install from? [closed]
how to make facebook comments or like in my site appear at my facebook wall?
Flex 4.5 List - ensureIndexIsVisible error
PHP - extending PHP Data Object to add new functionality
AS3 How do you declare a global variable?
Multiple search criteria using JDBC
How to configure multiple sitemaps with asp:menu control
Load variables from while loop
Display default map(world map) using jquery leaflet map
Checking if array element is a key
Parsing text on Rails
opencv circle detection with video
Analysis on Memory Management
Transfer Image from a harware module to an Android phone over WiFi
asp .net button column command
Out of memory on resource loading for Android game
PHP RESTful Web Service for an iPhone
close open submenu when hover over another menu
Cannot open Excel generated using poi-3.0-alpha1-20050704.jar
Store Cookie in iPhone LocalStorage
Tomcat 7 is not found
how to handle Unknown scheme, doing nothing for webview?
Timer to check for specified times
filling a toolStripDropDownButton
connecting dvd drive to an android device
Content-Range header - allowed units?
Items collection cannot be modified when the DataSource property is set
NHibernate and Group by to another class
Read an XML node in namespace using Linq
Autofac + MVC3 + Html.Action
assert function in python
Mix SLF4J with Log4J
Java Swing save and load workspace/settings
How to restrict .net remoting clients connections to .net remoting server?
Unity3D First Person Controlller Collision detection
Getting the printers on which I have rights to access
Magento https gives 404
CSS not working correctly
鈥淲ITH鈥�clause optimization in oracle query
Create large instance from my micro instance (AWS)
How to apply Time format in iPhone
Convert .ttl file into an associative array php
touchesEnded with array of UIImageView
How to delete the last item of a listview and refresh the view correctly?
How to create a Shelf Like View in iOS?
Accessing the properties of a user control via XAML
JDom - can an object be parsed into xml?
Advanced Session
MJAndroid installation giving errors
change the keyboard layout after a button click
enlarge uploaded file size in webconfig using
Getting a list of groups membership (memberOf) in Active Directory
How should I set database fields for a Radio Program Schedule table and how to retrieve data?
jQuery Autocomplete on TinyMCE
MySql Query Optimization to avoid filesort
how to set the response writer in XPages to UTF-8?
looping in json - jquery
How to configure Windows Server 2003 to allow remote connection via socket?
How to implement paypal CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile
ANTLR grammar how to capture all characters to end of line
Call url behind first jquery tab (initialisation)
SSL Cert.for IIS Virtual Directory vs Website
ROR radio buttons for dummies?
how to declare a node of a list that each node is a two dimentional matrix
How do I upload a video and get it's URL in Facebook Application
how to download adobe reader programatically if not exists
why do we need to restart apache after changing some file in django project
Explicitly change Twitter's shared URL on iOS's Safari
Curl - 7.21.5 HTTP request cancellation
Jquery UI slider with two handles with input from two text box?
How do I add a Response Handler to Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Http.HttpConfiguration as part of WCF Web Api?
Insert Google Spreadsheet document using Google Document List API and updating it
Creating transition effects in XNA
MFC: Display output of a process asynchronously(concurrently) while process is in execution in a win32 text area (mfc application)
Using the 鈥渓et鈥�kewword in a LINQ Query with EF 4.3
Find if a process (Server) is running on unix
how to read the appconfig ldap through the nunit
image processing to improve tesseract OCR accuracy
Handle orientation change for fields
Is it worthwhile to add SSL encryption to game data traffic?
Button click event is not getting fired and Postback is false for the first time page loads,
Site for creating websites - saving progress
Ignoring bad certificates on HTTPS connection in j2me application
auto-increment value in trigger
Cancel action when model binder exception is raised
How to watermark images using Imagemagick?
Ext JavaScript database
thinking sphinx multiple classes
URL scheme of notification settings for a specific app?
Sending a large file over TCP channel with serialization
Remove Line in Flex
prev - next dynamic content display with jquery
bashscript to go through huge file and remove some lines
RMagick - ImageMagick gives error 鈥渘o decode delegate for this image format鈥�
MonoTouch .xcodeproj cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed
rake aborted .. I can't use rake command
The essence of HTTP protocol
is it safe to leave apache doc root to /var/www when all your django files are in a different folder?
Anyone else having trouble w/ JSONKit and the delegate?
How to use TTNavigator in monotouch
Zend_Auth clearidentity and Zend_Session::destroy causing confusion
Report Viewer : Links redirecting to other reports do not work
Cannot resolve attribute (of one event function) in MXML
While loop fail, when reading int and string C++
Error when deploying ear to Weblogic 12c
Installing GloMoSim in Ubuntu 11.10
Placing divider at a certain position in ListView
Call a java method in Freemarker while rendering jsp page in Struts2
ASP.NET Control visibility dilemma
Dynamodb pagination in Ruby on rails
Adding an app to a new page tab?
Marking incoming calls and text messages
Using numeric field names with the MongoDB PHP Driver
Does a SQL join only execute the minimum number of conditions?
How to add to Spring ApplicationContext?
Long time to first byte for static content
PHP : Cannot assign an Object to array
How can I get the user id from the deauthorize callback? (sdk v6)
Component Creation - Joining Components Together?
Flickering in cam video display, why?
explication about difference in the web.xml of a Java EE projects using struts 2 spring 3 and hibernate
Mysql : Using derived table in subquery
Binding to XAML resource
Google Plus1 on mobiles. - How to disable annotation
Global variable not set value in $.getJSON properly
No Activity found to handle Intent { act=android.speech.action.RECOGNIZE_SPEECH (has extras) }
tsql last 鈥渙ccurrence of鈥�inside a string
Android: Suggest open source app to learn MySQL connectivity
sqlite3 C API containing two databases,pointers of both databases are the same
difficulty with arrays
How to read excel cell values using javascript [closed]
I'm trying to find a file size. But my length is equl to zero
CSS for dynamic inserted elements
Information on OOP, creating Objects
iterating an enum with a while loop
No unique bean of type [javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory] is defined expected single bean but found 0
How to split a string in bash delimited by /
Assignment vs mempcy - which will be faster in this case
Access variable from column 2 in Yii
Get all images from any url in php? [closed]
Boolean Object and boolean variable issue in JAVA
How to upload image using AJAX
How to restart a scene in cocos2d using UIViewController
jquery - toggle between divs with default option
Using Hibernate to fetch a generic object
Sort the rows in android database table
swipe animation in layouts: android
鈥淥RA-28001: the password has expired鈥�not fixable
How to do 301 permanent redirect a single URL with parameters
javascript function for checkbox checked event
Communication between two nodes
i want to number my rows in a UITableView
Why does git checkout 鈥渙rigin/branch-name鈥�lead to 鈥渘o branch鈥� in git 1.5?
Relationship between WCF Operation Name and Action
Clickable DIV with children links
Emitting event in Node.js
Providing Declarative data for controls
flatmap Lists and Maybes
Check password and create user manually with FOSUserBundle
failed to get text transalation
Replace 鈥淚N鈥�with a JOIN Statement
C# Form Webbrowser click div
More or less proper converting from RGB to CMYK
Microsoft Access 2007: searching a string within a memo field
Retrieve data from database into a html form
android - getting unavailable feature android.hardware.sdcard; failing! error when sdcard is present
THREE.js - Multiple faces
Howto: the minimal server to serve zero length answers
Object array - Null Pointer Exception
JSon output with Class name as root key value using JSon .NET
PrettyFaces redirect doesn't work with preRenderView event
How can we skip/bypass one flow in kaleo workflow in liferay?
TCP server using Ruby socket works but not using eventmachine
Start debugging in Visual Studio 2010 using different credentials
Apache2 and PHPJAVA Bridge
Wordpress NextGEN loop through images from specific album
How to use one application for another application in android
Interactive PDF Reader: Android
Facebook API error: (OAuthException) An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later
How to avoid clearing the previously drawn points in Qt?
Getting exception in simple JXTA 2.7 Application
margin auto with and without scroll bar in chrome and firefox not the same
UpStart initctl start,restart ubuntu
Trouble with mkdir and ofstream
Naming conventions for service wrapper cfc's in Coldfusion MVC
How to let the dropdown of jQuery autocomplete exceed the browser window?
How to get rows form table that each email appear one time
How to capture the event when the tabs are changed in jQuery Mobile
Make folder/scripts autoloadable in rails 3
How to create a true type font from the PDF document [duplicate]
do mobile banners that are partly hidden count
How to pass a value to Django-Modelform in InputHidden IntegerField without even disturbing visible field in template
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Linq.EnumerableQuery`1[Entities.Test]' to type 'System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery`1[Entities.Test]'
Downloading an audio file from raw folder to SD card
python string replace digits
Library to help serialization of state in url
Platforms or api's for controlling mobile content
How to get to know whether the checkbox is checked or not in a multiple choice listview in android?
Java JFace databinding: Update SWT widget from background thread
Why does INI file contain duplicate lines?
Rails show question marks(????) for my input utf8 data
Logback FileAppender - logfile is empty?
What's the best way to turn a bunch of XML docs into a set of HTML help pages, run locally?
Horizontal Fragmentation in Oracle 10g Xpress Edition
Facebook App Dialog Impressions to Acceptance stats
Dynamic graph plotting with C++ and MFC
Database Design for Asset Management
Body ids, showing urls?
how to extract bulleted lists from Doc/Docx with Tika
fetching checkbox multidimensional array in javascript
Interrupt Console.ReadLine
How does a Java client automatically accept a self-signed certificate from the server
How to convert text in textblock from upper to lower case using checkbox click?
Django-celery IntegrityError Column name not unique
iPhone push notification unable in reading notification
Static Library needs to reference project configuration file
Overriding the list of possible export formats in a NSSaveDialog
Overflow visible not visible on the right
imageview android 2.1
Scrolling textview on progress update
Show only VIEWS in SQLite
Custom handling of invalid character inputs
Smallest time-slice where OpenMP is useful
How can I generate a SWC from asset files dynamically?
How to create composite key?
Why is using string substitiution to form a regex not working?
multiple 鈥� to 0..1鈥�relationship models
Java library which can generate charts from sql
Making ListView Items Clickable Trouble
Align the android analog clock to most left
JavaEE vs PHP - why so many people thinks Java is better? [closed]
Use a vertical swipe for sound volume
Python VIRT Memory Usage
how to connect with social web sites and get information without getting redirected to their site? [closed]
BigInteger modInverse not working with numbers checked to be invertible
Create a new project in rails older version
Team work with remote Mercurial repo which is backed up by SVN
Android Push Notification
Way of adding/removing EF entities via checkboxes in MVC
writing float to a 4 byte register
using httpbuilder for grails restful webservice
Check Internet before loading Plist for tableview from server
RBAC with additional level
How to automatically add textbox
Better Way to write this to escape HTML content
jQuery UI drop event of droppable fires on sortable
Action in handlebars template not firing
OpenMP on iOS/Android
menu links redirects back to home page joomla 1.0
Store a Cookie if Server Referrer is a specific website - PHP
How to determine what type is used in a union?
jQuery.Ajax 鈥淎ccess to restricted URI denied鈥�explanation?
UITableView insertRowsAtIndexPaths errors
JSF 2.0 and checkboxes
How do I restrict users from entering redundant data in C++ program? [closed]
warning : 'integer conversion results in truncation'
How to update DataContext based on changes in the database structure?
LightSwitch disable screen while loading
Debugging Matlab C S-function with Visual Studio 2010
PHP Soap Client with slow responses
Truly Strongly Typed Type Providers
Moving to Mono : Entity Framework alternatives
vbscript adds Option to drop box and knocks out javascript function updatelist HTA File
How to achieve that ListView be at least 250dp?
HighCharts Hide Series Name from the Legend
Integrating Cappuccino with Ruby on Rails
How to include a Pause, Continue button in a Flash demo using Actionscript?
TSQL - aggregate function on an expression containing an aggregate ERROR
Z-Index In IE7 - Causing Nightmares
Passing local user-defined function (custom filter) as parameter to the class method?
setHint and setHintColor not working
Error in the C++ program [closed]
Running stored procedure and populating values in SOAPUI
Is there a way to follow through with a mouse over, so that it's not so fidgety?
Showing pieces of HTML on WPF Form
Trying to Capture console.log Message from YouTube <iframe>
How to include percentage in excel cells
Does Backbone trigger a 'change' event when load data from a local file?
prestashop web service
error when displaying toast
c# Low performance in for-loop while searching pixels in image
Change User Agent WebBrowser Object C#
Installl FTP and MySql tasks for Ant 1.8.2on OSX
ASP.NET MVC 3 include namespace System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations by default
Closure lambda expression in C#
Delayed_job - Multiple parallel queues?
installation of rails in ubuntu
Performing long running operation in onDestroy
AD authentication online for multiple organizations
image cropping in android
Calculating Wait Time for a First Come First Serve in ANSI C [Solved]
show form contents while dragging application wise in Delphi
how to insert image in sqlite database in iphone
Need openCv library for android [closed]
binary to float conversion with C++ templates runs on simulator but gives error on Device
Error in stored procedure cursor
Android: [aapt] nothing matches overlay file - during ant build
Running asynchronous QUnit tests from Ant in PhantomJS
Failed to install apk on ICS 4.03 emulator
How to duplicate image using BitmapData
Nested table in mysql database
Retrieve records using SQL Query
Configure my php.ini for running Facebook php sdk
Android: simplest way for an Application to 鈥渞emember鈥�a single piece of information?
BindingSource in .NET4 has a list entry when there should be 0 results
What's the best way to render AJAX response into a div?
Get query string of parent page from child page
cannot resolve symbol 'servlet'
How can I efficiently get multiple models that are referring to the current type?
Word 鈥渋ndex鈥�is handled weirdly by Apache's mod_rewrite. Why?
Running two Django Apps on Apache with mod_auth_sspi and mod_wsgi
Disable the user home folder creation
How to change div image for a div when user clicks on an image in Javascript
coldfusion error message [closed]
How to count the variable
coldfusion error message [closed]
How to count the variable
Array compare, while loops and efficency
Python criteria based dynamic function adding to class
httpd.conf virtual host changes for apple push notification
Liferay hibernate exception [closed]
How to post data from my android app to server?
How to reintegrate branch, overwriting trunk changes that has not been merged into branch?
android: how to know passed parameter needed from android xml
Template-Makefile for building dynamic libraries developed in C++ (Linux)
ios sub view appears upside down in simulator
recognize virtual environment
Jsoup simple parse
Single Unique Attribute for a bunch of EF classes
Files and directories in Python on linux
LocationManger only gives me one update
Break point not calling in objective c?
replace a tuple inside of a list by it's first entry
HTTP file upload without actually using a file
passing parameters to command line
Getting IP address in JSP
Send Google Map Get Directions result to email from website
Find locality given lat lng
sscanf embedded device?
How to get Facebook ID from ShareKit
Creation of tables in Oracle db from Java
Array of UIImageView gesture
LightBox conflict with jQuery
How to compile the AndEngine sources?
Applying shadow to UITextView.layer?
auto-increment by information_schema
How to inject final member in Activity using Roboguice?
How does ORDER BY work with single-value expressions in MySQL?
fill html forms with WebBrowser and click the submit button fails not an instance of object won't go away even after casting
Turning off consistency check on Microsoft SQL script restore
Vagrant/VirtualBox/Apache2 Strange Cache Behaviour
expression language: quick way to get maximum of a collection
change value on array if key match in another array PHP
Is there a better way to do this Structure Map configuration?
Install IIS with all features enaled with pkgmgr
How to show soft-keyboard when edittext is focused
JasperServer and ttf-Fonts in exported pdf-documents
Flash Video Overlaps on the UI, that is not part of webview
unable to display validation error from a partial form
How to upload image data to server with specific file name?
Android WebView: accessing pixel level info
Fast copy of TList <T>?
view db from eclipse
Best way to handle buttons with an action (but not form action)
How to simplify this nested param include check?
Convert the View Click co-ordinates from world co-ordinates to local?
Drupal chat slowdown my application
table_exists() method might not be working properly
Stored procedure usage with example [closed]
On android framework,Is there any class in which common HTTP HEADER is defined
ListView repeatable background creates whitespace
Is there any non-eval way to create a function with a runtime-determined name?
how to get the notification when UITableview 's section scroll to top?
Core Animation: strange display errors during drag and drop after animation
How to remove li space after hiding it?
fnmatch pattern matching
What is the difference between these two statements (Entity Framework)
Storing image in SQL Server 2008 R2 database
Can a Vector store more than one data in one position?
tiny custom role management for mvc 3
How to upload a file using a simple jquery-ajax call
synonyms of `sout + Tab` shortcut in IntelliJ IDE for MyEclipse
UIView's contentScaleFactor depends on implementing drawRect:?
Grails: Using two databases (one created using domain class, other is an existing DB)
PHP - Is there anyway to hide fopen warnings?
Client can't see images on my website on any of the computers in his office
SQL Query-calculating last week data for an ordinary calendar year
Why does a PHP-request consume much more memory on a different server?
How to write VCL in varnish to do no caching
Get transformed values of a UiElement in WPF app using .net 3.5
Margin behavior of 鈥渙verflow:hidden鈥�div after floating div on webkit
Global files within MVC-PHP
PHP List Structure
Validation annotation and property file
from 1.297503E+17 to 129750300000000000
Building large scale REST service - PHPFog, cloudControl, Orchestra or Amazon AWS [closed]
TSP solver without triangle inequality
Unable to access an instance of SQL Server 2008 R2 remotely
Need help understanding how loop a function
Not centered responsive webdesign
How does one transfer multiple text fields with the same name in JSP?
How to recieve and decode json string in php?
Creating a nullable Datagridview DateTime Column
Suddenly application crash - Fatal Execution Engine Error (7A0BC59E) (80131506)
rails 3.1, How to manage URLs for a multilingual website?
API - To upload image and to list them
Android Contact images to listview works on emulator but not on device
static marker from a mysql array
UITextField crashes if changing text in editing changed
Determine display mode of sharepoint page
Calling Asp Validator from Javascript
Everything on one Activity - Android
cannot define a scope in a driver program from another class [closed]
Cannot load file or assembly nunit.framework when I create a new controller in MVC3
Everything on one Activity - Android
cannot define a scope in a driver program from another class [closed]
Cannot load file or assembly nunit.framework when I create a new controller in MVC3
css gurus: how to swap too spans (inline-block, no fixed width)?
Obtain ComboBox Items from several TextBoxes
what's the effective way of managing session data in java clustering environment?
Set MySQL delimiter inside an sql-file
Undefined Property - Codeigniter
Send data from android to webserver
OpenSSL error 0200B009 Bad file descriptor
How to send email in Windows command prompt using only pipes (no files) with newlines?
Create XSD for hierarchical data
What is the purpose of this JavaScript hack?
What is the default Web Server for Chicago Boss?
Eclipse with Xdebug crashes while debugging when flow jumps from file to file
Creating objects in superclass
Password protecting an existing SQL Server Compact 4 database file
An Run Time Error with Radio Group
Error on running a simple App Engine project
Error with Maven GAE Plugin + Google Cloud SQL
can we use table name instead java class name in select or update queries in hibernate?
Append the variable value in javascript
Redcloth extend with emoticons filter
using big images as background
acts-as-taggable-on tags not shown again after page refresh
Connect to local web service (running under MAMP) from iPhone via WIFI.
how do I comment out php code in netbeans 7.1
Memory Allocation in C++, Using a Map of Linked Lists
Can Logstash Work With Ruby on rails?
Redirect to a Chrome extension
Spring DI? Interface Type?
Anonymous Marker Interface in C#?
How to solve this incompatible types in java?
Polling the server in background
Hover image and show it next to the cursor
Hierarchical navigation w/ Scala in the Play! framework
how to know : it's phone or tablet?
Git post-recieve to checkout only those files that have been modified/added in the push?
Is there an 鈥渆nhanced鈥�numpy/scipy dot method?
Creating a Bar Graph in Windows Forms
Groovy: how to get the value of a ?private? closure variable
play mp3 frame by frame [closed]
Browser Authentication via HttpURLConnection
Migrate from MySQL to MSSQL as datasource for NHibernate
How can I remove widgets from WxHaskell panel
add detailButton to MKAnnotationView
Map result of stored procedure to Entity Framework
working of SQL server transactions using ASP .net
Is it possible to silent messages about static files in a Ruby on Rails project?
Multithreaded C application framework or pattern
JPanel - Set only a minimum height
Mysql + PHP for 鈥淲ilson Score Interval鈥�with time gravity
Hibernate sub query in from with criteria
Browser statistics on JavaScript disabled
how to get keycode value without passing event in JS for firefox?
JQuery postback doesn't work
Powershell - output organisation name when if statement is true
Searching in Drupal 7 custom content fields
Casting an untyped code quotation?
Android ArrayList iterator returns null
Password validator with property file design
Can't open large/huge file with vim, opens in 鈥渘ew file鈥�mode
SQL Server 2008: execution plan depends on date parameters
NegaMax doesn't work as expected
Why is the Maven surefire plugin creating two surefire* directories in the ${}?
Lost in DB2 update statement
compare one column value to another column in single select query in sql
How does task manager kill my program?
Configuring a project for Entity Framework 4.3, SQL Server Compact 4, and WPF
showing warning message while using Php Unit for unit testing in php
Names of image files on a website: hashes or random strings?
add title when exporting grid to excel
Cannot show CustomDialog
logit and inverse logit functions for extreme values
How to send HTML <canvas> data to server
MongoDB dynamic values
Oracle, ORDER BY with view results in error
USB Webcam in Android [closed]
get pitch, yaw, roll from a CMRotationMatrix
Core plot:disabling pinches
ASM - Pushing/Popping
$GLOBALS variable in different php version
Failing to merge date on Eclipselink
How to see form data that I am posting on Sinatra
How to deserialize a BsonDocument object back to class
How to design a program with Qt frontend and seperable backend?
cocoa - add view to existing window and resize
How to debug program that pass argument to Main?
How to prevent MsDepSvc.exe from starting?
add a list into another list in
What does >>= mean in JavaScript?
How to deploy a Pyramid app using pserve without installation?
Design UserControl Style with content in-between
How to implement user types for @FindBy annotation?
How can i get the applicationiconbar button and click it automatically for windows phone 7 ui automation test?
Multiple inheritance specify desired virtual function without redfining it
Generate XML document matching XSD
Using recursion to parse XML in iOS (ipad/iphone)
Rotate UIView and keep aspect ratio after rotation
How to Send GPS Coordinates to Another Class
LCDUI to LWUIT conversion, Can anyone convert this code to LWUIT working format?
how to hide browser address bar when page height is fixed and has internal jquery scroll
I want to bring youtube results in a frame, as in the website how do I start? I am using JSP - jQuery
Extend an existing JQuery plugin // variable scope issue
Connecting to Vertica from Ruby
How to change default onlongpress value on a phone?
Quick one about const in c++
Why does my method not run when I attempt to delete a Record from my database using a strongly-typed Delete View?
Grabbing data from New York Times API
鈥�鈥�as the start of variable name in struct
Role/Privileg overview CRM
Why file sent as attachment in email receives 0kb of size?
Async Socket Error
Receive XML content from Server Side : Ajax
Display Tag: Exporting data to excel and pdf