Need libc APIs to access disk geometry and partitioning related info
Jackrabbit Persistence Manager - relevance of externalBLOBs attribute
JasperReports Fonts - Extension & Retro-compatibility
How to create dll that contain class in runTime ?
Use SELECT and UPDATE query in a form
Displaying detailTextLabel in non-custom prototype UITableViewCell whilst using Storyboard
Python - fast file search
Add a Git alias containing a semicolon
Why does my <a> and <b> if conditional not execture when a and b are both True? [closed]
Active resource post method unwanted returned value
Cannot find placeholder inside repeater in code behind item data bound event
What's VS2010 shortcut for surrounding the line in a if block
The execution of block is always delayed
Google Charts & jQuery Mobile not showing up
Putting python code online- confusion with my script
Assignment to a struct array failed with 鈥渆rror: initializer element is not constant鈥�
how do i share my comments to fb using socialize
GetResponse from a webrequest object fails to with authentication issue
Assembly Language Division-Remainder DX register
Cannot grok python multiprocessing
Linux/Kernel module: Can a driver be used by two user programs?
How to use diff command on git repo
Telnet Server in C# :AsyncConnection in C#
jQuery dataFilter response undefined
Snap to grid operation using images,kinetic.js,javascript?
What is best available data encryption algorithm in IOS
How to view Stored Procedures in Squirrel
onComplete fires too soon
Please help me with the equivalent LINQ query for the SQL below,
not selector, on() click event
Default document font size of doc/docx documents
Uninstalling Xcode 4.3
CKeditor uploads in Struts2
error when opening video in titanium
How to add a DocumentColorizingTransformer to AvalonEdit
IOS memory leak by dictionary
JPanels won't show in GridBagLayout
Basic Programs for Case Study [closed]
PHP Regular Expression to Change Date Format
Github service hook for community translation webservice
Error message in Eclipse
-[NSConcreteMutableData _isResizable]: issue with UIImage
AVAudioPlayer too loud
how to getBy multi fields using LCDS
UISearchBar scope bar iOS 5.0 bug?
Open file descriptors, Oracle Java 1.7 on Ubuntu 11.04 (GNU/Linux 2.6.38-8-virtual x86_64) [closed]
Freezing while creating a new AVD
How to move element from one place to another? Does jQuery affect the HTML page structure
How to export excel from dataset or datatable in c#?
How to suppress this JavaScript error: Exception : TypeError: $(鈥渏2t-temp-div鈥�.down(鈥�j2t_ajax_message鈥� is undefined?
how do you call javascript from native android code
How do i fill 鈥渉oles鈥�in an image?
delete WEB-INF folder from a web application
Hyperlink to call a number from an HTML5 app for iOS
opening fm radio from the android application
php - how can I retrieve a div tag attribute value
Swing window doesn't appear after getting input from Console
progress dialog keeps on displaying
Can you test a certificate-secured WCF service with SoapUI?
How to update/insert the status (one column) in the GridView by selecting a value from DropDownList?
_cdecl calling convention
Debugging OpenCL with NVIDIA Nsight 2.1 and Visual Studio 2010
How to make excel auto-detect are using what is add-in?
manage a sequence in hibernate
Android disable the function of one layout
statements in 1 row and multi-Columns [closed]
Hide/Show Fields to user based on a group permission in sharepoint 2010.?
IllegalStateException: No value for key [org.hibernate.impl.SessionFactoryImpl@] bound to thread [] - sometimes after uploading a file
Adjust JQuery Slider min/max
how to arrange the sln, porjects and folders to help the team keep GRASP principals [closed]
Calling onserverclick from input type:file fails in Internet Explorer
foreach keyword in java?
Need to translate a resource file to japanese
How do I call a function on each <li> when they near the top of the viewport?
Heapsort - What is the difference/relation between Percolate-down/Shift-down and Heapify operation?
When TCP connections are opened?
UIImage to be displayed progressively from server
ToogleSwitch with 3 states for Windows Phone 7
Make eclipse run testNG tests automatically on build
1046: type was not found not a compile-time constant: NewsItem
Denormalized float number is detected as NaN. Why?
how to get the ongoing call phone number
how to change on select individually, while there are many selects with jquery -SOLVED
Facebook Like button in Gmaps v3 infoWindow
Can't call modules in joomla 1.5?
Accessing a file in mercurial using revision/changeset ID (without doing a hg update)
JAXB java.util.Map binding
MongoMapper Console Messages
socket returns -1 (errno 97) very seldom
Is there a wysiwyg web editor extension for VS2010?
Integrated Database for my JavaSE Application
semilog plots with hold on
How to track down memory leaks with MongoMapper?
using iPhone like a picaxe (microcontroller)
Insert Data with different charsets in Oracle
Authorize & Authenticate access to static content (pdf)
Why do I get an invalid block crash when deleting objects involved in multiple (virtual) inheritance?
Java: Anything similar to arrays as list for arrays?
difference between 'anything' and 鈥渁nything鈥�in sqlite database
Android - tap image to have it scale, and optionally rotate, to fill screen
MySQL cluster data node replacement
How to set the screen brightness as DialogInterface does it
I want to manage CRUD on a list with hibernate. Is this a good practice?
Access MFF function without Output node mapping
Async WCF response lost
Why can't I call a PL/pgSQL function from a pgAdmin pgScript?
TSL/SSL configuration of Spring HTTP invoker
How to get certificate from pkcs7 file
Unable to post photo to Facebook using the graph api
Constraints.groovy file not being picked up鈥�(Hibernate + Grails)
save a doc file in php [duplicate]
combining object names with numbers
Quartz scheduler vs setting up cron
wkhtmltopdf.exe System.Security.SecurityException on cloud web server. How can i override server security policy
Android ORMLite gives SQLException on using Two Tables
alert when focus is in text box only
debugging - is there checkpoint feature for windows debuggers?
The project type is not supported by current installation
Should the NPC class have its own move function, or does the move function belong in the game class?
Application doesn't oriented
android - how to open maps application directly
How to get the measure at specific day in that week using MDX
the better way to trnascode the audio and video files in java?
Where can I find pending message on the message queue in android?
WP custom post type UI
Check proxy using PHP
Multiple Spans In One Row with Twitter Bootstrap
Is guava supported the method like xmemcached's [incr] method?
Extract images from a PDF file with JQuery and create thumbnails
Data inserting as ASCII Values using JDBC 2.0 Result set Updater methods
How to insert Image in pdf using PHP (Generating a PDF)?
ElasticSearch Mappings & Related Objects
learning type of argument in function
How to change/set Windows Time Zone in Perl
html comments in javascript
Javascript to replace innerText and not if its an attribute
How can I draw a circle to the screen with PlayN?
ExtJS MVC conventions, naming and behavior
Android register connection to windows as an HID client
How to log all error in DB but email errors only on conditional basis?
How to determine if UIView is currently being touched?
how to get opacity value of the area where clicked?
How to retrieve jsp init parameter
Realloc is not resizing array of pointers
Ext Js auto load of text fields with previous data [closed]
Is the git binary diff algorithm (delta storage) standardized?
Passing objects vs. Static members [closed]
Datatable Custom Coloring
Patterns for Compensating Lack of Inheritance in SOA
Detect and require a Windows QFE/patch for during installation
how to programmatically check availability of internet connection using jquery
Canvas Binding in HeaderedItemsControl: Rectangle is not displayed at absolute position
Postgres + EJB3 pre-allocation size error
Sax Parsing in encoded tag
javascript autosum
saving text written in edit text
which is the fast process strpos()/stripos() or preg_match() in php
How to reject direct query?
force downloading one range only
How to choose an image resolution to be shown fullscreen?
Favourite content is not shown correctly on webview
Send POST HttpWebRequest and don't need to receive response
I have to POST JSON data to a page and redirect to that page in ASP.NET MVC
Can we write the same query without using CTE?
How to create a class without any constructor just like MessageBox class
How to programatically check whether Mobclix advertisement is running or not?
Aspect Oriented Programming in Spring
Java - eclipse - get the .exe file
How to Integrate Radar Overlay for displaying weather?
SqlAlchemy Left Join with count
Async operations - Determining if an operation is long running or not [closed]
Loading multiple WPF XAML resources from various assemblies programatically in less number of iterations
Visual Studio's useful plugins that can save hours of work, solve big problems [closed]
Checking if the checkbox is checked
android: broadcast receiver for screen on and screen off
Android app cannot be put to Amazon store?
how to use SP.UI.Notify or Jquery to show real time messages in sharepoint?
facing issues with scroll bars in Jqgrid grouping option
JDBC URL while binding data from sqlite database to a jtable
Lossy network versus Congested network
Password must be 8 characters including 1 uppercase letter, 1 special character, alphanumeric characters
Comparing two directories using Perl
is posible different language on web socket?
Add labels to polygons in google maps?
log4j setting log file name @ runtime not working
which is the more faster and convenient way to store the data while retrieving it from pdf? database or xml? [closed]
case insensitive hibernate criteria on composite key
appending the items into the combo box
What happens if you mix supported and unsupported operators in NHibernate?
checking if a std::vector is of size zero
How to write spec for ActiveRecord
Android http post to php script
How to get the text from the textarea in IE6? [closed]
Click button and Side Menu slide out from hidden
xcode-select -switch path when using cli toolkit
Changing input of Edittext in Currency format
Java-Design: Enum state?
Java: Accessing an ArrayList inside an ArrayList?
How to create a graph-paper kind of layout?
Reducing a boolean expression
Varnish acts differently on different browser, why?
Active-X control fails to load in web page
Label colors Google Pie Chart
How to convert char[] to ByteBuffer in JNI?
ThinkingSphinx::Search collection mix with some fresh ActiveRecord data
from wifi to wire using a repeater [closed]
is there a .innerXML?
operation on list of lists , how
LinkButton not firing ASP.NET validators
Query with the many-to-many set (joined table) in the WHERE clause
Prolog Subtract List Unification
How to upload NSData Object to server with specific name?
get selected value of XSLT variable and set in Font
How to read lines of data from multiple files
checkbox checked multiple time for selecting value
Maven - Parent Pom - Child Inheritance
is it possible to create a trigger involving 3 tables and conditional statements?
Motorola MC3190 barcode scanner not getting triggered
Current Event of an XMLEventReader
Strange JavaScript assignment with logical or
Android Unable to remove the color at the top and bottom
ExtJs - Allowing user to modify position of form fields using drag and drop
sharedprefence handling
Linux system call for creating process and thread
Requirements to Specification Mapping Tools
How to insert 10 fields at a time in jdbc [closed]
CoreGraphics same code draw different
Xcode weird naming convention for ViewController
How to scan PDF417 2d barcode? [closed]
Is there any performance or memory overhead using UIImage or UILabel or NSString in Quartz2D
Maven Web project error in Eclipse
Change style as per the text size in select dropdown tag
How to Upload Picture to Twitter Using Oauth, API , JSON and PHP, Help Required
How to make email sent using php's mail() reflect in 鈥渟ent items鈥�of sender's mailbox
How to get a broadcast when an sms is sent by some app?
RoutingError with Nested Resources and Destroy
Undo delete in GIT
how to get running program in windows xp taskbar in python?
Loop and AND conditional clause
what's the difference between directory contents and directory entries?
Sample Struts-2 application deployment
Getting debug logs - iPhone
how to get all elements by id PHP DOM [closed]
Access specific cookies by domain/name in Firefox extension
Why this stored procedure return an empty result?
XCode 4.2 not getting installed on my mac
Does Orbeon Form support the Thai language?
Clarifying google map (charging, versions)
what is a good idea for manage and check pages permission?
How to get plugins by setting a path
Is there a way to use a single inheritance table as a foreign key table in propel?
How can I find the elements appearingin two columns of a tab-delimited file?
How to overwrite the session property?
Mysql transactions with no effect
Serial allocators/deallocators
SQL - Remove sub string from a column's text
how to make textfield to accept only alphabets in LWUIT? [closed]
Android - ListViews, ArrrayAdapters, Fragments and ClassNotFoundExceptions
Searching for a tabpage in the tabcontrol C#
Simple.Data with MySql - 鈥淢ultiple ADO providers found鈥�exception when opening a database connection
How to check access level of user on any system
Hibernate N+1 SELECTs with DTO objects
Python - slice a list of list
Meaning of & in an insert statement
Cancelling ASIHTTPRequest
How to access the textbox of dynamically created table inside the listview of the usercontrol page?
How to use If condition inside a Case statement?
How to Convert the rgba data to base64 to show image
Posting rich media content onto users wall
Android listview with check box
nullreferenceexception was unhandled on filling up array - c#
how to send text message
How to embed an executable plugin in my website?
Disabling 鈥淔orce Stop鈥�Button in Android
How to Crop Image without changing the aspect ratio
Custom function to limit excerpt length is returning post title as part of excerpt (WP)
Is it possible in Hibernate? and how?
Construction of layout in CSS
How to use ehcache or JCS as a queue or streaming caching?
using iscroll with jquerymobile
Verticle or Horizontal 鈥渟ettings鈥�table?
Force all classes to implement / override a 'pure virtual' method in multi-level inheritance hierarchy
Import And Export data
Regular expression matching with several conditions
CVS error: connection refused error
How do I add new items to a cart and iterate through them to display using php?
import readline,ImportError: No module named readline
How to pass string variable to javascript function using php
How to enter Numbers only in UITextField and limit maximum length?
Manually indexing a record in websolr [closed]
TIdHTTPServer raise EThread error 6 when activating it in my DUnit test
How to make
MySQL is running without a socket file
Android: Flip of web view
Remote web based testing and debugging service for iOS and Android application
Unable to get correct frequency value on iphone
How to know the command line used by Eclipse to run the java program?
Efficiency of PartialFunction orElse
outlook sent mails
Javascript in DotNetNuke 6.1.3
How is Big O of selection sort calculated mathematically?
Make a full complex search in php and mysql
Input string was not in correct format.How to correct it?
Google Places API not returning any results for India
Menu Styling, css, html. Avoiding Overflow of top menu
How do I get Permission to post to Facebook Page Wall
Circular Gradient with just javascript
How to save map to sdcard
Get the last inserted row ID (with SQL statement) [duplicate]
How do I read data from a word with format using the OpenXML Format SDK with c#?
jQuery delegate mouseover mouseout event is not triggering on first mouseover
Keeping track of data in multipage form validation through PHP
ACS Management Service on iPhone
Ruby Test:Unit, how to know fail/pass status for each test case in a test suite?
Rails class path in application configuration
R: update.formula limit to 512 chars
Cannot find error in this simple assembly program
Why constructors cannot be final
Hibernate Delete object by id
Constraint component parent on creation
How to create loop on onChange event in PHP
c++ read in array struct trouble
iScroll scrollToElement not working with jQuery Mobile
To get count from Tables with huge amount of Data
capturing photo with android camera intent and showing up
Is it recommended to automatically post a feed on a user's Wall indicating that the user installed my app?
SQLite Database taking too much time to retrieve (or fetch some data)
How to manage camera for move to game character smoothly?
JQuery image preload - dynamic set of images
How i can install .alx file for different version in Blackberry device?
Create tabs with jquery
Adding item to an ArrayList
Dynamically add usercontrol to tab panel at center
Autocad files (.dwg,.dxf,.dwf etc) upload in codeigniter
how to convert timestamp to date in jasper report ireport designer 4.5.0
EC2: Apache caught SIGTERM, shutting down
Logic failed on Motorola MileStone to check Phone or Tablet?
how to make a text field transparent in android
multiple relationships between two entities_mscrm 4.0
Monitor File activity performed by my application
Turn based multiplayer physics networking
How do I match a unix absolute path and extract it using perl?
Python simple socket server - doesnt answer after short time
sequelize for NodeJS: are these features supported?
Charting CSV files, charting solutions?
Access remotely to your IIS WebSite
Floated parent causes jquery performance stutter/lag in firefox 8
adding canvas into expandablelistview
How to get total disk space in Linux with Java?
What a right way to build comet application, using Java Servlets 2 on IBM Websphere AppServer
Having trouble with SDL_GetRGBA
Cannot get full path of a file in Silverlight
Workload planning and generation
Passing a variable from server side to javascript
Parse SIP Register Method
how to write the code read one by one TextView , how to store the sd card
How to set up multiple IObservers in a loop
Use information entered by user in Form in Macro
SQL - Joining Tables
Copy varchar into text datatype
How to store different version of data in a relational database?
How to allow introducing only digits in jTextField? [duplicate]
Spotify- Does spotify api allows to save images temporarily
Avoiding classes not seeing one another? C++
how to change background img size
ck editor issue
MPMoviePlayer play on when application goes Background
How to make custom textview?
How to access contacts data through content provider
Focus ScrollView On Top Of Page in android
how to add legend to scatterplot3d in R
Message Passing in AVL Trees
POST method is not working with Request header
FM tuner API for Iphone and Blackberry
Silverlight 5 and OpenFileDialogue
Passing parameters between WPF and WCF
HBase using Put from Hadoop, but not seeing value in HBase shell
populating hours/dates into a Zend_Form_Element_Select
Can I do this with LESS?
Yii CJuidialog that is opening automatically, before click
ListPlot is Mathematica without storing the list
Java-based container configuration for Spring Integration definition
Get image url from twitter api entity parameter php
Date not available php and mysql
Unable to cast object of type 'iTextSharp.text.html.simpleparser.CellWrapper' to type 'iTextSharp.text.Paragraph'
Google Analytics Javacript event tracker code not tracking events [closed]
HTML Table with Multiple Headers and jQuery UI's 鈥淪ortable鈥�
Developing Android project with static libraries?
Recursively index a binary tree node via its breadth first index
How to show data in Extjs grid.panel
Java to Objective-C - Equivalent method to readUTF()?
Turning off Events and Firing the same ones back up again - Jquery
How to display the image on the LCD?
How to abort window.print();
Integer pointers to a function
Create a read-only file
How to suppress iPad's Previous/next buttons from on screen keyboard in PhoneGap
how to displaying data changes in MVVM view?
Input string was not in correct format and remove drop down items from drop down
Problems with counting in a recursive function without adding a parameter (Java)
MVC,MVP patterns andsolutions with more than one project
Overlaying a JFrame with a drawn image on a video player built on JMF
UIWebview Popup
Is a 304 Not Modified the same as Caching the resource?
Can't setText on header textview
Creating an api in application framework of android
sql connection string issue
Python 2.7.2 IDLE shell not working
move a sprite animation to it's destination?
Copying cURL Cookies To The Accessing User (With Javascript?)
Optimal way to add annotations to MKMapView
generate entity at runtime
Python List Contraction
c# storing images into sql multiple selection
Display HTML on EditText from a JSON String
Is there something like 鈥渕odel/methodology of scientific software development鈥� [closed]
creating anonymous instances of a custom class in VB6
overload two methods with vararg and String[] parameter
When user clicks on return button from home screen, it should take user back to Android 鈥渄esktop鈥�
Wordpress Website says Hacked by Ghost Dz?
HTML5 and CSS3 tree menu with nice hover effect
How do you do a datetime based query using SQLite in Python?
while inserting it show type converting error
Issues with sfDoctrinePager pagination
Chrome issue: Chrome not getting/drawing the image
Metro Application How to Read XML API?
How to run binary file in linux
Configuring Ruby On Rails 3 in FreeBsd
Java: Cancel Button does not close the window for JFrame
How to add row to datagridview situated on another form
Does every class have virtual function table in C++
The javascript code from server side is not working in
how to false visibility of Data Grid View snippet?
In JSP,I entered a Float value into a Form.How could I access it from the Action page as Float?
Load StyleSheet dynamically with Callback function
Matching whole words using 鈥渋n鈥�in python
How Can I Tell When an Activity Stops vs App Stops?
Refactoring - two horrid lines
Netbeans GUI builder - to show a panel over another panel [duplicate]
CakePHP read() is not returning a model name
Who can tell me the difference and relation between ffmpeg, libav, and avconv
ignoring empty strings when looping through an array in JavaScript
MPMediaItemPropertyAssetURL becomes null when Using MPMediaItems to play songs
NSKeyedUnarchiver issue with unarchiving
populate combobox with XML data
My link_to routes changing?
error connecting F# to SQL
xml sort and count not working correct
Trouble updating Bootstrap's typeahead data-source with post response
android - using apache HttpClient
Excel & Silverlight 4
Javascript dealy 1 second [closed]
How do I prevent GAE from ungzipping a gzipped xml feed?
Android vs Multiple Display
Is it legal if I have 2 Android publisher accounts
How to place a UIButton (UIButtonTypeRoundedRect)in a UIScrollView but make the button transparent and keep its functionality? [closed]
Post to twitter from mvc application
Pushing data into an array of objects
how to combine append() and replaceWith() in jquery?
Spinning wheel in jquery with mouse-drag option
How do I catch 鈥渟plit鈥�exceptions in python?
Migrating Pro*COBOL and Pro*C to Java: Is JDBC the way to go?
Multithreaded programming C++ [closed]
How to send image data to server? (I already have a sample page)
HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath for website
Monotouch Binding Syntax For Protocols
How to get username and SID for user by a domain name in ldap
Integration of twitter posting in Blackberry+IllegalArguementException
How to programmatically find the device-width in Phonegap/JQuery mobile
How will I write a Jelly script for BUILD_LOG_REGEX in Jenkins/Hudson Email-Ext Plugin?
Hostname and regex-based route in Zend Framework
Behavior of return statement in catch and finally
Android Opengl renderer closing after a short time
Access html elements data and send to controller in PHP
titanium:image upload to server issue
If I test a service wrapper, should I abstract everything?
Can a WPF ListBox's height be set to a multiple of its item height?
Is python site manual totally generated by pydoc?
How to remove span onclick or on modify?
How to unload a custom user control programatically in Silverlight?
Easiest way to scale Mongo with limited resources?
Getting missing ; before statement error in javascript
Remove column from OpenCV Mat
Glassfish deployment time
Range of hashcodes in case of strings
Why should we use a friend function to define the comparison operator?
Cakephp paginate with join
$.clone and .cloneNode
Host another application in my application [closed]
Java base64 encoding output from Apache Common the 鈥渨rong鈥�result
could not be found or has no tests in Junit
How does adding a variable as a property affect it?
Running a second PHP script while keeping the client on same page
Share link on Facebook via android app with automatic parsing
Eclipse - Print report from app with Google Cloud Print
Can you use a name like 鈥淗ELLOWorld.class鈥�for a java program?
Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with google maps
compiler nested loop optimization for sequential memory access.
Testing by flipping bits makes no sense?
Admob below background
How to insert the content of a file into another file (if regexp) in perl/shell
Check if a program is running by executable path
Different session timeouts for admin and users in CAKEPHP 2.0. is it possible?
How could I implement Date-Time calculations in JSP?
css3 animate border color
Can't Save 鈥淚s a Tomcat Project鈥�setting in Eclipse Project Properties
How can I count the number of occurrences in an array of arrays in JavaScript
multiple prices 1 item
How can I select vertical data from a details table horizontally using sql query?
jquery shortcut for multiple clicks
Custom sequence in postgres printing of the form
Difference between GetHostEntry and GetHostByName?
mongo db via std php driver, update generates duplicates
Regarding threading
Select-item is not populating
Inserting a Hibernate entity with relationship
Ruby: Loop through multiple to return organized lists
Having Issues with cache_classes / Spork after changing to Capybara-Webkit from Selenium
Vertically Aligning Text In Navbar
Anti-Forgery token usage between MVC pages to classic ASP.NET pages
latitude / longitude formula in php solution for determining a NSWE corners from a central point
Communication between android and servlet
how to select latest data using self join or other method?
statistical analysis of variables in an array
android webview loading remote html file with local javascript file
How to draw into MouseListenerEvent?
How to compile PushNotifications code for ios only not for android in Titanium
Text doesn't get posted on Twitter
How to process the cube by using xmla in c# coding
QLPreviewController vs UIWebView 鈥�Pros / Cons
changing a image with mouse positions [closed]
Solr Server Posting Error
could not connect to database in codeigniter
Wordpress Custom Taxonomy extra fields not saving
BirthDate on Registration Page, Eclipse
Creating a 1bpp (bit per pixel) Bitmap in Android
How to know if a wordpress plugin is safe
Force WebBrowser to use IE9
JQuery - Select exact class structure
What response should be sent to device after the SCEP payload?
ASP.Net - Register users based on e-mail whitelist
overriding R's incomplete error messages
TouchJSON Fails on Compile (link error)
Why i'm i not able start noir server in intelli idea ID..?
disable/enable outside asp button control on datalist checkbox checked javascript?
Changing Context menu dealy time in Windows Phone
On() and off() - Jquery
How do I create character arrays in numpy?
How do you include a self-contained SQLite database within an HTML5 mobile application?
Ambiguity while overloading the cast operator
Skipping to the next row in a table [closed]
Spring Controller Times Out with Large @PathVariable
how to run applications using device id in iphone
How to access the database Remotely through IIS?
Accessing Gmail emails through google app engine
What happens to nginx when I use named pipes as log file and remove and recreate the pipe?
System.Runtime.Caching Absolute Expiration evicts data as designed, but how to implement a non-evicting expiring data strategy?
for how long data in Isolated storage is persistent
Metrics in Dynamic/Runtime environment
NHibernate access to hbm.xml field settings
Detect the internal storage memory?
How to put contents in Sencha Touch tab
Regarding document style in ASMX webservice
Validations for QR code obtained
How do I get a $_POST value in a PHP file using Javascript and AJAX?
Cleaning up Android Main Activity Code
Splitting the string[]
Formating Table With PHP
Process multiple derived-column functions
How to optimize upload routine using Delphi 2010?
How to compare two NSInteger?
How to update/insert the status of one of the submitted suggestions in GridView by selecting a value from DropDownList?
game development, flex project or actionscript project
Drawing a bar gauge [closed]
Tomcat 6 installation
Bash for truncation
c++ linker error with cURL
knitr multiple plot alignment
Failed to load PDF document
How do I reschedule a failed Rufus every job?
How can Jedis connect to a redis server using a socket connection?
eclipse cdt - how to set the background color of the tooltips window in C/C++ editor window?
Core plot :Pie chart
Background audio doesn't resume after a call
Is rippleEffect private Api? IOS
C# 鈥�Loop won't accept non-numeric input after Convert.ToInt32(鈥�
NodeJS: Uploading a remote file to S3 with request and knox
Time complexity of Array Manipulation
How can dataavailable events send data from a popup to a parent window in Javascript?
Can Visual Studio 2010 C++ inherit include path from referenced projects?
How to fill a text field with an attribute using jQuery (Rails)?
CredUIPromptForCredentials forcing manual selection of user name
No author for subversion svn commits
iOS Facebook FQL check if user has about_me filled out
Error in skinning the application while Opening the MongoVUE
How to Change spinner text size and text color?
How to read NMEA data from USB GPS device through mac cocoa application [duplicate]
how to set android layout to support all screen sizes?
How accurate is the Location information of Geotagged photos?
Maven profiles - dev vs production
The underlying provider failed on open in WCF entity framework?
Identify a building applying SURF/SIFT algorithm on it's picture and obtain GPS coordinates
ActionScript 3: Bullet Ricocheting
Broken Admin Console After Modifying Pentaho Demo Databases to MySQL
Location of received messages / intercepting with incoming messages
xslt time date conversion
php extension: can not update class field using zend_hash_update
I stored the resut in a variable.I got output with xml tags.I want to replace those tags with empty tags
With C++11, do I still need a non-standard string manipulation library for Unicode text?
How to pass a file as command line argument in Netbeans
Socket Connection Stability
Parse Divs to Create UL/LI List Removing Duplicates
How to set radio button status with JavaScript
how to get objects of calling thread with implements runnable?
Weird Error with $_FILES [closed]
Simplify this generic method to concatenate Java arrays
how to add and remove the selected checkbox id to and from arraylist in android?
how to store the alphanumeric value in integer type in postgres?
I cant access internet in avd's below 3.0
Why aren't my boost macros working
How to update a large table from AJAX response?
Android : How to differentiate commands used for StartSevice()
How to Retrieve JSON data in web service received from Client side
How to email users in multiple arrays, the Rails way?
What's happening when the user clicks the 鈥淏ack鈥�button during a cookieless session?
Is it possible to forward declare a typedef that is within a namespace?
No mapping found for HTTP request with URI - JSF resource using Spring WebFlow
display image selected for uploading in Chrome and mozilla
htmlcxx0.84 compilation error
.htaccess redirect woes 鈥�not completing
Trouble on using 'counter_cache' with a 'primary_key' different from 'id'
Eclipse (Java) - After creating a new package, I'm unable to add source files to it
What are the steps to successfully connect into a HTTPS website
What is the difference for locale: zh_CN, zh_CN.utf8 and zh_CN.UTF-8
How to set time range for datebox
How to properly configure jquery-ui datepicker max/min range and initialize default from Rails column?
How does sorting(Order by) be implemented in Hive?
How can I render a Crafty JS canvas into a div I created in HTML?
How do i restart the process from my last output and create a file which can store the data of last output? [closed]
Animate text in SVG
how to add expandablelistview to a list view
How to push image data to couchdb using node.js
unique values of multi-token string using xslt
How to get the id in selected listview item to open contextmenu and intent thru pass the next activity.?
Conditional Execution of Javascript in a Rails View
Is there accept/prompt for postgres?
Prevent hotlinking to files using hashes? [closed]
jQuery CSS Positioning
Is this is a 32-bit or 64-bit JVM?
How do I create a custom pushpin with image, label, and click event?
filter search results from a ThinkingSphinx search in Rails
Java Xerces jar and Jena
Reg function pointer
How to change jQuery feature tabs script from display none to absolute positioning off the page?
How to make this DropDownList works inside the GridView?
GLSL tapered lines
Block elements within site WebBrowser
SQLite querying for exact matches
Any Good Website Security Tools?
Why does the context change in this JS snippet?
clang compiler warnings Mac OS X
Flash side scrolling game theory
htaccess equivalent to PHP's $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']?
Unknown error When Starting java.exe from an ASP.NET Application
How to open file in default application and on specified line. Ruby
Getting Arrays to work with toupper
Detecting Event on ComboBoxes Added at Runtime on Excel
Eclipse indigo, plugin installation not working
inserting an object into an array of objects php
CodeIgniter upload png image type not working?
PostgreSQL date C# DateTime
How to produce leverage stats?
Receiving fake path while uploading
Finding CRC collisions for specific divisor
How do I append a JSON object to a GET url?
How to Codesign Growl.framework for Sandboxed Mac App
Rails active record query: Find records on one side of a has_many :through that haven't been used with a particular record on the other side
how to use different animation in the application? [closed]
How Registration free activation of COM dll is different inside c# dll and vc++ dll?
How to use MPI Cartesian Topology Correctly
Can I use jquery's 'bind' without modifying 'this'?
SQL Server 2008 ALTER TABLE add column with specific column
How to store a file in a mysql database using blob
VB.NET Class Instances
Java Tutorial Relevance [closed]
Black console screen do not display in magento connect manager
Serialized JSON with sorted keys, using Jackson
Show progress Dialog while the UI gets customized
Passing ManagedObjectContext to view controllers using storyboards with a root UITabBarController
Getting the LatLng from placed marker for browser fields
Read an XML node value using Linq
Core Plot: Setting different colours for each bar in bar graph
Deconstructing Linked List
Displaying Polymorphic Associations in a View
Is there any opensource Memory DISK Buffer implementation in java?
Using random.randint help in python
C/GDB: display contents of address
Saving A File To A Directory
Is there any way to determine an image's type from its GD handle?
How to get image url from rss Feed
Javascript/jQuery timer
is there a way to configure the code review using opengrok searchtool
Determine how many select elements are on form after removing one
How to generate code for AST tree parsed from a fictive language?
Can't get selected drop down value to bind to view model property
PHP: file missing after upload
Using Jquery in JIRA and Velocity
How to implement a PECL file upload progress in php
C++: Trouble with a nested if loop not ending properly
Delphi: What is the escape character in filter string of a Data access such as TVirtualTable
Rails 3.1: Why do both variables get updated when I only update one
RequestFactory theory: Why is Locator<>.find() being called so often?
What is the most efficient way to subtract signed integral data in binary (bits)?
How to protect tagging apps from being disabled?
Insert Slider value into the form field
sql statements with equals vs in
MAC changing program or daemon?
does read() clear kernel ring buffer /proc/kmsg?
Get image width and height without downloading in PYTHON
Setting gzip from .htaccess not working [closed]
iPhone: How to hide tab bar to show fullscreen view
How to open file in default application. Ruby
child xml nodes reading issues
Cannot VBA write data to cells in Excel 2007/2010 within a function
Error using a read statement
seperate 2 javascript file in page
FileDialog doesn't work in Access 2010
OOP concept understanding
Does Android support short circuiting?
List examples of how to 鈥渂riefly draw attention鈥�to an object on screen in iOS?
411 error from google. Content-length [closed]
What does 鈥�+鈥�mean in PHP? [duplicate]
parsing xml file using ajax in html
Why does PHP sometimes return a blank page without an error?
cannot update view.layer.frame in viewDidLoad?
knockout js - check if property exists
Java GUI Questions?
summing numbers stored in an array in JavaScript
how to combine object item and sum up qty - JAVA
Why after render an partial,@users_shown is nil?
Want to change File create/modify date to match year in filename via Automator
Unable to instantiate COM+ objects installed via exported application
How to set limit on content lenght for httpwebsponse
Manipulating string input from CSV in Python
Wordpress Theme fails on transfer to live site
Adding User Profile object as you add new User
using javascript to password protect pdf
Redirect 鈥�index.php?dir=鈥�to 鈥�鈥�
Background smaller than containing div (of variable size)
PHP Regex replace everything that isn't a lot of characters
ISAPI rewrite - 鈥淩edirecting non-www version to www鈥�rule with SSL [closed]
Generic SQL parameters not working in an SqlDataSource for a MySQL connector in ASP.NET
Disable / Remove rename functionality from everywhere in eclipse
Portable C# IDE / Compiler?
Values of a field disappear when editing (Rails)?
WebView 鈥渇lashing鈥�with white background if hardware acceleration is enabled (Android 3.0+)
Using NSAutoReleasePool in an NSOperation on Secondary Thread in start and finish methods): Crashes
MySQL PHP - SELECT WHERE id = array()? [duplicate]
HTML mail image
wordpress mobile theme remove shortcodes
Firefox loading cache in dynamic iframe
Sanitizing databases
post data from database through link
i need to use instanceof with arraylist from a different class
Read in integers from a file
Oracle Unique Constraint - Mixed Case
Is there a way to remove the authorization prompt from command-line instances of Instruments (XCode)?
How do abstract override work in terms of Java code?
Alternative way to return the contents of the SQL Logs with TSQL
Can I call fmod, the audio engine, with JavaScript in a web page?
PHP Headers and another server
Null Pointer When StartActivity on Grid Layout Adapter
Configure Zend Framework in MAMP
Website rendering intermittently wrong on the iPad
Sending a file over a socket in Java [closed]
OAuth Flow on BlackBerry - Foursquare
load config.php with in a class
A visual indication that a text field is editable
Resources to learn how to develop a schedule/appointment system in C#? [closed]
Dockable menu item using Jquery
Are there any open APIs to operate tabs of IE?
Toggling a div with JQuery and having link text switch
Subclassing UITableViewCell (and possibly using id)
What's the use of iCloud Display Sets?
ActiveRecord has_many :through duplicating counter caches on mass assignment
EditText input into array
Mysql select specific range of datetime
Can two threads read from the same QList at the same time?
Populate Mysql data as a ListView in android
Difficulty with a program that prints out the number of days between two separate years selected by the user
Joining 3 tables Using ID
c++ only: unary minus for 0x80000000
BlackBerry Packager for Android Apps
Select Top 1 with ties with distinct on another field column
Calling method on Document interface in Java
Split text file into parts based on a pattern taken from the text file
Snippet in Google Maps
Attending Streak MySQL Query
Django Many To Many Complaining about PrimaryKey
Android outofmemory error allocation
Ambiguous symbol error?
Is it possible to do real http requests with robolectric
In C#, is it the same as in Java refering to object creation during methods?
delete row from SQLite database with FMDB
error: 鈥楥ODEC_TYPE_AUDIO鈥�undeclared when make m3u8-segmenter
Create RDL(C) with WCF datasource for ASP.NET MVC2 using Visual Studio 2010?
python list id(L) and id(L[:])
Grails grailApplication.controllerClasses sort controller by package
Border around html div
Gcovr branch coverage for simple case
Load Library error Matlab
Araxis merge doesn't show file names when merging
QuerySet to get all attributes for a user's contacts?
Dictionary for NLP
CSS conflict in Disqus Comment system
Removing a polygon/circle around a marker?
Stack with maximum size that overwrites C++
How can i get the most borrowed books? [SOLVED]
JAVA Decryption error: Needs Input to be multiple of 16
jQuery Mobile, DOM, and Event Unbindings
How to format the explain plan output in sqlplus
Compare entries in columns from CSV files and extract matched - python
Why can't I access a public function that has a protected overload?
Can I specify which cultures to use when generating local resource files?
Image View Issue with Internet Explorer 8
Getting logged off on Azure
How can I keep carousel keep cycling?
Disable Rails 3.1 asset pipeline for images only?
tinymce issue with rails 3
How to include Java resources from a JAR in my Android APK?
Handler or runOnUiThread solution for 鈥淐an't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare() 鈥�
cons, list and mpair in racket
How can I do a jquery load() or ajax style loading when not on a server [duplicate]
Does the id() function in python create new values?
Getting the max value or combine data for duplicate values
gray buttons in ClearCase menu for Visual studio 2005
How to add reference to System.Web.Optimization for MVC-3-converted-to-4 app
Add UILabel to view objective-c
ContentEditable Replace String using JS
Trouble building a sample and running a module in Titanium Mobile
How can I properly parse an email address with name?
PHP: Security when using CURL?
Is jquery ignoring hidden divs in my each()?
How can I use cron4j to utilize dao methods an a log4j to log what is happening meanwhile?
Gem Install Error
Rspec and named routes
SSE2 instruction in C code
Error Detection/Recovery in YACC/Bison
Are OpenGL Textures more memory efficient than Android Bitmaps?
Testing Node with Superagent and Mocha
Is there a shorter way in ruby to get the later of two dates?
ZODB Mountpoint broken?
include javascript in wordpress
Ruby on rails with unicorn
How to uniformly handle A LIST or A LIST OF LIST (multi-dimensional list)
special update with CRUD module
Google Maps API v3 - Markers All Share The Same InfoWindow
Ajax Json : XML can't be the whole program.
How does the iPhone Google image search touch-event functionality work?
Binary Addition without overflow wrap-around in C/C++
Disqus comments fails to load on localhost?
JQueryMobile not styling a Checkbox in Dialog
NSButton gets drawn inside custom NSCell, but is not actually clickable
Get values from TEXTAREA
Sending AppleEvents to Finder via Python
When to use $this->data vs $this->request->data
command line pivot
How to do profile pages like: /1234? (No 鈥�鈥�and no 鈥�id=鈥�
How do I convert this bash loop to python?
Creating numpy.float64 using eval()
Rails: jQuery Ajax issue with partial refresh of comment section
How can I make an 鈥渁rea selector鈥�in C#?
How does require() in node.js work?
Objective C newbie
Drupal 7: print field to region in node--type.tpl.php file
Why can I not access some properties on WPF controls?
PostgreSQL query not using index in production
Need more details on PHP pack function
Split screen in 2 divs and set second width with remaining space in css?
PyQT4 WheelEvent? how to detect if the wheel have been use?
PyQT4 WheelEvent? how to detect if the wheel have been use?
Wordpress: Host Images To Server From Link
I'm looking for a good psuedo random number generator, that takes two inputs instead of one
Loading NSData into a UIWebView
Accepting a parameter either as individual object or as array of objects
Getting rows with duplicate column values
printing on nasm 64bit Linux machine
how to reference elements in CSS or JS files for fastest parsing?
Ruby: Carrier Gem won't install migrations
Database(3300): sqlite returned: error code = 1, msg = no such table:But the tables name is inspection?
box2d:Why the ball can't bounce on a gradual slope?
Making UIImagePickerController look like Photos app
Assignment like String
Simple Grammar for Speech Recognition
Why Does Replace Return Nothing on Empty String
Reloading a page inside a div, or rechecking a js file without rel
Can't make FancyBox works proprely when it's inside a container initially not renderd
Saving OOP PHP files as .class
Pulling a specific field with php out of a xml upload
Drag and Drop file upload without using file upload control in
Removing create and delete permissions in Subversion
Catching phonegap GapViewClient.onReceivedError in javascript
Rails rookie - is there a simpler way to write this link
how do I retrieve the words that I tweeted most?
Freopen() not working in SDL
Check that mock's method is called without any parameters passed (in phpunit)
Trying to clear a raphael paper when the input is blank
jquery toggle not working with infinite scroll and masonry peer not authenticated
Using jQuery for JSON web service
session variable getting deleted when subdomains switch
Formula to calculate the best overall score/review/etc from data in PHP
Django Error: 'function' object has no attribute 'save'
NHibernate Querying by UTC date fields
FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF
Can't get Position&Container Infomation by Click the iPad
I have correct permissions, but can't access user interests through Facebook Graph API
MySQL INSERT only if two fields don't match
Clearing select options with javascript on change
Unwanted space inside div set to 100%
Git: Cannot access url http://myserver/repo return code 56
The property 'Command' was not found in type 'InvokeCommandAction'
What is the BNF of BNF? i.e. How do we define a BNF meta-grammar?
Why OpenFileDialog requires Microsoft.Win32?
How to write a PL/SQL function have parameter similar to greatest function
How to get rowID of custom ListView's selected row's child?
MVC3 or 4 Comment box Tutorial
Why doesn't TlbImp import this COM interface for DIA correctly into .NET?
Is there a PoC empty OS?
Tomcat 5.5 Deployment - Not Picking Up Class
Django + Apache with mod_wsgi. Unable to load MySQLdb
Execute formatting on multiple excel files
Preventing local reception of published messages
binding event handler to custom object
How do the different isolation_levels behave in sqlite3 python library?
Is it possible to use && and set a variable on same line?
Actual argument int cannot be converted to byte by method invocation conversion
Windows task scheduler can run batch file but not fire command inside for winzip
How to extend a java class in Jython?
Java Swing - Drag & Drop drawString text
persist checkboxes checked state after page reload
Moq Verify Chaining
How to create a simple Modal Dialog Box in JQuery?
Why does this line tell me a float can not be used as integer
Is satisfactory Eclipse CDT debugging on Windows possible?
how to get string from different locales in Android?
solving LP with cplex
Import Devise 1.1.8 credentials into 2.0.0
Does CancelSynchronousIo work with WNetAddConnection2?
Scroll custom UITableViewCell to right above keyboard?
Play specified subsection of mp3 in Python 3, Windows 7
Resigning system.img on a device
javascript && evaluate
SetGeoAnchor in SphinxQL
Excel conditional formatting - highlight cells based on a value at the top of each column
Encrypting/Decrypting information at run-time
PHP - SQL Query failure, seems valid?
How to implement 鈥渢rigger鈥�for redis datastore?
What's the proper data structure for simple configuration parameters in C?
Download using jsoup into android table
Adding help to the user defined functions in TCL
How can I add a view after the nib is loaded?
Order of punctuation marks vs letters
jquery validation - error if no radio button is selected
whats best practice for hibernate with threadpool? concerns for detached object? one-to-many and others
C++ Vector library, Recreating for Assignment, max size function
Finding WGL with MinGW
I'm trying to post JSON to my rails server, but the json params look like an URL query string, how do I get rails to recognize this as a hash?
Python 2-dimensional array is behaving strangely
Spring MVC, REST, JSON, and DispatcherServlet and @RequestMapping
Is a 鈥淐FRelease鈥�needed if I am using CGImageSourceCreateWithData from a (__bridge)?
Runtime.exec not working
Detect facebook like button and twitter share button's onload?
How to change the temprary directory for configure script?
add element before some element
hiredis client, redisAsyncFree error when the connection is broken
Range-based-for implementation compiles in g++ but not in clang++
pulse width modulation (pwm) on AVR studio
Passing arguments through an abstract class to the grandparent class鈥檚 constructor
Observable.FromAsyncPattern() is stuck
I'm trying to fill an Array with user input, I've already prompted the user now I'm trying to write a fillArray function
delegate for a singleton object
Wordpress - Not able to update stylesheets for ie7 and 8
Creating a honeypot on a registration form
鈥淐ontains鈥�method doesn't seem to working the way it should
autoexp.dat equivalent in emacs
Call to XCreateColormap Creates Segmentation Fault
Why does 0.5 rounded with MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero result in 0?
How to know when an iframe is ready?
Syntatic sugar for a for-loop counter
unix domain socket VS named pipes?
Auto adding textbox
HTML5 Canvas - Different Strokes
To deploy those un-readable & nonunderstandable javascript files in a website
Linq to SQL - Joins and Skip+Take
How do I multiply more than two matrices in perl?
Listview fill method gets an error