How many functions to create a stackoverflow?
Composite Key and objects composition code first
When using XCode 鈥淪ource Repository->Update鈥︹�, why is my current iOS device always reverted to 鈥淢y Mac-64 bit鈥�
Using get_file_contents to get info from a page?
c++ why is this loop flawed to read in data to a struct array?
matplotlib - how to change axis labels base exponent
Is there a way in Haskell to query thread state using ThreadID after a forkIO?
set cookie then redirect to another domain
Spring Dynamic Constructor Value
Bits bytes words and dwords - when to use what in assembly?
Ignoring bad SSL certs on HttpWebRequest calls
Mootools Class, json processing / function not defined
set-car!, set-cdr! unbound in racket?
MySQL errno: 150 can't create table
Floating Point Addition in C.
is this possible to call the Appconfig value as an Object?
Adding a listener to to leftBarButtonItem
64bit Console app / ThreadPool out of memory
How to extract Storyboard from Viewport3d.Triggers in wpf
Prevent duplicate email address in PHP sign up form
Javascript syntax problems
What is the correct way to iterate over a two-dimensional array, per row or per column?
Is it possible to animate the BringIntoView method in WPF?
how to detect iPhone/ipad in precompile time
Storing a Response From a Google JavaScript API Request
PHP Sessions not working
Rails Error NoMethodError in UsersController#show error
Replace 鈥渇ind鈥�for optimization in IE8?
How to make a Rails application render the HTML generated by the ckeditor gem?
Grails GORM how to sort on hasMany where type is String
Threading and returning a value
How to add a .jar in build.xml?
How to add a .jar in build.xml?
How to run a php script asynchronously in Windows?
google analytics multi domain version 5 JS syntax
Do multiple Python interpreters on a server share pages in memory?
Uncaught ReferenceError: hello is not defined
Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libffi.5.dylib but I'm using homebrew
How to convert many-to-many relation form SQL to mongoDB colllection?
how to refresh icon after change file association in XP?
How to change Text in TextCompositionEventArgs
Rails UJS for dynamically added content
rails - ruby crashes on cygwin
BFS detecting cycles where it should not be
Is this the correct way to use EXISTS?
Could someone explain in-depth how to change a bufferedimage to a bytebuffer?
Why would I use dynamic_cast to cast TO a void *?
UIPickerView intercepting user selections
How can I write a 'numbers only' language in tesseract on python?
Adding integers and adding to a label in Objective-C/UIKit [closed]
memcpy() modified client socket file descriptor
C# using Split[] with Lists?
Where do I find the environment entry mapping screen in JBoss
How to display server side validation erorrs next to formPanel fields with extjs4?
php error_log() archive log files
I got errors when I use the MIRACL Cryptographic SDK
Ruby - Net::FTP - Binary and Text file
DataSync for PhoneGAP/HTML5 apps
How do i instantiate or set a layout for android in eclipse
Split python string every nth character?
Unwanted Json result using mybatis result with hashmap
MVC: passing model pointer to a view?
Ruby array to an indexed hash?
MySQL 鈥渦nrecognized command line option '-aes'鈥�with ruby 1.9.3-p125?
Similar javascript code for this?
use powershell to load new IE windows and do things in background
VB.Net Printing a PDF using FoxIt Reader or Adobe Reader
DataGrid binding to List<int?>
Which design pattern should I use? (Payment system API)
What version of SQL Server Express is this .mdf file?
Django logging error when using daemonize
Need PHP function that insures all dates are accounted for within a series of date ranges
Trouble using config.assets.precompile in Rails 3 [closed]
Best way to store lots of stock data in memory (variable)
SQL: Select transactions where rows are not of criteria inside the same table
Passing $_GET into mySQL query
UTF-8 Character Shows Up Differently in VS2008 vs. VS2010
C++ - How do I revive a thread with boost?
Where is the C compiler located on disk for Visual C++ 2008 Express?
CSS Text Editing
Automatic Updates without FLEXnet Connect
I cannot figure why this is not displaying scanned information correctly
Automatic Updates without FLEXnet Connect
I cannot figure why this is not displaying scanned information correctly
Android Emulator runs my application but my physical device won't
When it's not appropriate to store Key values in a .config
There is any quick way to, while debuging, to stop at a specific Windows Message or API?
What is the purpose of using `include` in PHP?
Not self invoking anonymous functions
Is there a way to tell a python function received a default value or keyword parameter?
Rails ajax executes many times
HTTP Protocol: How does one figure out where a site's homepage is located
PHPUnit multiple mocked methods of the same name
Strings with whitespace in a list?
SSRS 2008 TextBox Borders Apply to single textbox
Notification Intents not working for Android application
Setting Default CheckBoxPreference and ListPreference
connectionDidFinishLoading called before didReceiveData with rails production sending photos
Java array to store multiple object of one class
I need to echo more columns from my Mysql
scrapy parse_item method is not getting called
Namespaces and global variables
Is there a way to filter out moderated comments with the graph API?
Retrieving Dynamic XML contents into a variable in Perl
Java Sockets over the Internet: ConnectException (operation timed out)
Do I get the elements in Dictionary in a FIFO way with foreach in C#?
Authorize Attribute not filtering on DbDataController
Can I turn off the 鈥渘o_cookies鈥�option in Google App Engine Launcher (version 1.6.2) on Windows?
ASP.NET MVC AsyncController and IO-bound requests
UIScrollView doesn't scroll when touching GADBannerView subview
Displaying name and value in two separate blocks
rails setting data inside a method
Extra steps when shutting down thread that used WCF?
JTidy (HTML-Tidy) Configuration used on w3c HTML Validator
Tile based map movement sluggish with UIImage
appointment booking -jquery
RMagick - S3 - Heroku, problems with RMagick file open
Properly closing database connections in PHP
Converting dateTime to an int
Json Response in RoR 3
Populate data from Table in Text Field in VBA
css: Have a min-width that is possibly smaller than the max-width?
Is ManualResetEvent size checking sufficient for waiting for multiple thread?
HttpResponse using android issue: execute always causes exception?
Creating a Word document from HTML
//div[@id='resultStats'] Error
Ipython in pydev interactive debugging console(eclipse)
Test Flight Error: Invalid IPA: missing embedded provisioning profile - How do I fix this?
php form multiple input
Get object from NSMutableDictionary and display it in UITableView
Screen Scraping, Web Scraping, Web Harvesting, Web Data Extraction, etc. using C# and the .NET Framework
Make PHP variable accessible throughout webpage
knockout selected item change
algorithm to find number of integers with given digits within a given range
Create Microsoft Access Table from Windows DataGridView DataTable C#
Java Debugging: Source not found
How do you count the number of consecutive dates in a table?
Reading from a text file and inserting data into an array
redmine stopping after explicit exit
How can I create an audio context with OpenAL in monodroid?
php + curl cannot set post method
SmtpClient - Send to different domains
How can I convert a double to a string without notation and with a high amount of accuracy in Java?
load page and execute javascript in a url
JQTouch error with phonegap
How to max user experience when the app has a loading time
Java Terminology/Lingo [closed]
MySQL show create table shows extra entry with KEY
Routing with express.js
Netbeans for production environment?
How to Create Websetup for Clickonce type windows forms application by publishing it to some folder
How do I determine who fired onContextItemSelected?
Nested lists using PHP's iterator?
What does the origin control do in interface builder?
Iterating through Environments in Berkeley Database JE
Is it possible for `tail` to emit incomplete lines?
Google APIs Explorer - Google Analytics - v3 - 鈥�01 Unauthorized鈥�
Passing parameters to SSRS from Clarion
definition of static class function outside of class definition
how to write xml with objectiv-c and place it into an NSData object
require_once() issues
TNS:Listener to JDBC Url
UIButton stretching image when selected
How do you find using regular expression, characters beginning with and ending with any characters
PDO mysql, infinite loop when closing connection
Trouble with SVN in Intellij IDEA Community Edition
How to navigate through disabled QLineEdit widgets?
Useless rule due to conflicts in YACC
Grabbing a url variable from a string? [duplicate]
Doctrine2 increment column and get value
Android ChimpChat pressing backspace
How do I add a button to a 鈥渆xtends View鈥�class?
[TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to tuple]: How to compare a tuple value to a datetime value using Python & SQLite3?
Simple JSON deserializaiton
How to make the WebBrowser control pretend that it is a Firefox browser?
Rails * attribute AS new_attribute) - new_attribute not in hash?
PHP Creating a file to send, output buffer already sent?
Android autocomplete suggests from internet
Object cache with unlimited # of keys but a limited # of objects
IOS 5 - geo tag twitter data w/ mapkit
Pass a 2D array as an argument:
How to do a count of a specific process on Mac
Hosted full-text search options - IndexTank vs Solr vs Lucene
Required Field Validator in Eclipse
Using .vert and .frag extensions in Apple's 'OpenGL Shader Builder'
Parsing/Reading file from text file with specific format in Matlab
background position issue
MVC3 Access UI Icons
Can't push on a remote git branch in xcode
Issues submitting firemonkey app to app store
XPath with lxml failing
Modify next element in array during foreach() loop
Returning DateTime in the format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fffZ without creating a string object
Correct way to handle linking in Makefiles?
How to set value of icefaces inputTextarea control
Unit testing using MockMultipartHttpServletRequest (throws NullPointerException in ItemInputStream.makeAvailable)
currency converter! (If statements)
Is there anyway to avoid repetitive class instantiations for all methods in the cpp file?
Create DVD-Video Menu's with ff-mpeg
In Express or connect with Node.js, is there a way to call another route internally?
rails 3, why I can't use command line at ubuntu?
In web industry, how do you save image? binary or local file?
ASP.Net Global / Page Scope Variables
Nested Lists in Python - Shifting entries alongside dimensions efficiently
Optimizing ARM absolute jump
Selenium Webdriver: Specify filepath for Firefox exe
Converting ajax script to jQuery
How do you run a Pig script file via Java
speed up a matrix rowMeans operation
Pass a variable to an An activity while using an Intent in Android
Reading an integer string in the form of xxx,yyy,zzz with python
Change X2Axis Text starting label from 1.0 to 0.0
string from readline start from 1 in python?
javascript: get month/year/day from unix timestamp
iOS import causing tons of errors?
Having a click around a click
how to check if a radio button is checked using jquery
XML Schema: Make Content Conditional on Enumerated Attribute Value
How do you cast away const'ness when the function takes a reference to the object (and access non-const methods)?
PHP Multiple Object Dereference
Rails - Active Record 鈥淩untimeError: can't modify frozen String鈥�somehow related to form builder?
What is wrong with this simple char filler?
python subprocess use
Why doesn't my view fill the parent?
Is there a dump file created when Flash application crashes in browser?
adding direct values to addresses
Django annotated value in template
Updating YML on a production server
Reporting tables (state transition tables) for Websphere Process server
Unable to copy string
unary minus for 0x80000000 (signed and unsigned)
Why does this Ruby method need to be a class level method?
Unable to copy string
unary minus for 0x80000000 (signed and unsigned)
Why does this Ruby method need to be a class level method?
Adding ssl to apache virtual host causes rails authlogic to throw a database exception
Javascript/Jquery get num row from a string
Set initial state for .class before applying toggleClass in CSS & jQuery
sqlite scientific notation during select
How to set the display time in a chronometer
Post a comment and like a news on a facebook fan page outside facebook
FacebookClient.GetTaskAsync Paramaters
The best way to handle onBeforeUnload
xslt apply template and match razor in webmatrix sql methods
How to test browser performance of specific CSS property?
Passing Rails Parameters into Form
Best way to build a string in multiple pieces?
Python Syntax Error in if statment
Parsing Facebook registration form to PHP
LINQ-For-Javascript Nested Arrays
emacs+geben how do I open a file to put breakpoints in it
javascript regex and trim everything after 鈥渄ash鈥�
How do I add left and right classes to every other element in a loop in Ruby on Rails?
Excel file locked after an exception occurs
How to launch email client from FireMonkey on Windows/Mac?
Nginx with non thread safe php 鈥�can I code with the assumption of no race conditions when persisting?
Hibernate: Check foreign key constraint violation before delete?
Send a stop message in a socket
How to debug Solr test cases in Eclipse?
java pass object from JFrame to JPanel
Django - per-domain URLConf?
Phonegap Build remote push notifications without plugins?
bundler Rails require different gem in development
Dynamic generation of mysql query
New to C, and all the math calculations are slightly off
WebSphere MQ .NET - How to test locally?
How to convert 24hr timestring to standard java Date vice versa?
As you scroll highlight header
Map Reduce functions executes on shell but fails to compile via MapReduceCommand java api
MySQL Error - SQLSTATE [42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 [closed]
NSNotificationCenter - Observing for Notification Name with Multiple Methods
SSRS Excel export yields #VALUE! for all of the total rows
How to retain a single activity?
Synchronize executable files based on same path and filename
Rails gem with Railtie requires server restart to load changes
How to force a Save As dialog when streaming a PDF attachment
Git clone in script
OpenGL Black Textures on Ice Cream Sandwich
Explore internal storage in Android
Seemingly random SyntaxError in dictionary Python
RubyMine reports Xvfb not found on your system (Headless::Exception)
Should I apply styles directly to the <html> tag? [duplicate]
Converting T-SQL to PL/SQL
node.js application deployment in Windows Azure
How can I compress a UIImage?
Rails Has Many Through
All I want is a simple Facebook Like button
Connection Dropped when sending large response from web service
Sending encoded XML to a server from iPhone
MYSQL querying records for all databases
Remove volume slider MediaElement.js
Parsing strings and integers(w/sets) from a string to a list using python
jQuery adding html with particular class for jQuery action not having any effect
Binding submit handler to form in jQuery 1.7.1 returns error
hashmap into default list model
Nesting Div's to build footer (have tried clear:both)
Effective clustering in R, outputting to other toolkits [closed]
What's a good way to mark iOS UISlider with indicators for certain milestones
How to play Video on air mobile app?
Simple based HTML5 WebSockets server for Android
Is iteration faster than recursion, or just less prone to stack overflows?
XSL(T) and XPath preceding-sibling not working
Multi-Friend-Selector - Facebook and post to wall
How to determine if 3 points are exactly collinear in Z^2
Upgrade iPhone 3GS from iOS 4.2.1 to 4.3.x [closed]
Pass Session Cookie in URL Header
jQuery validation plugin not validating a select box
Get first element in PHP stdObject
Jar working : through JNLP not working
How To use JRMP (RMI) with both encryption (ssl) AND xinetd?
jqplot html not rendering properly in new window
How can I set a variable in PHP when I click an image?
Execute Function Every X Seconds On Class Init
Convert infix to postix and evaluate expression in Java
Mysql Join, Sum, Having, Group By. Cant figure it out
How to put a flex application in a PDF sidebar?
str_getcsv() file returns all rows in one long array, and fgetcsv() returns only the top header row
Printing the value of an combination of one, two, and three dimensional array
Should the configuration of an application be accessed using DAL?
Bit converting arrays [closed]
validating json in scala with lift-json
Python alternative to reduce()
how to use union query on the same table and different group by in mysql?
Tile game collision detection with sprite moving to arbitary (x,y)
Java Runtime Performance Testing [duplicate]
404 not found on multiple wordpress installations (subfolders)
Formatting SQLAlchemy code
Can't uninstall SpecFlow plugin from VS10
How to break up a paragraph by sentences in Python
Shorten code which handles IO
Check for New Visitor in Javascript
Check for New Visitor in Javascript
jquery global variables don't work
Android SDK - Preloading a small images gets my application to exceed memory
What is the most efficient way truncate this table?
Iphone SDK Record And Play iPod Music
HasManyToMany Fluent NHibernate Mapping Delete Error
How to apply CSS width to a submit input on Firefox?
How to handle DOM events in an embedded document?
Too many open files with libevent's evhttp based server
Adding existing security group to a subsite
failed to get all processes ..win32 excepction , how to fix it?
How can I dynamically inject a partial view (or code) based on the current page (MVC3/Razor)?
Cropping image in Django causes substantial memory increase
Query from two databases where a table might not exist in either of the databases
Appconfig return null value
A/B Testing Options for UI / UX Metrics vs Goals?
cxf client configuration issue
jQuery Multiple On()
Java - peer not authenticated
PhoneGap Back Key Function
Ruby - Creating a class based off the filename?
Use PHP to execute system command with a long timeout period?
What are the paths that 鈥渞equire鈥�looks up by default?
Need to Check if a particular location is within the boundaries of the map
Diff'ing using the TFS API
MPMediaPickerController with video media types not working
Adding a Dependency Property To a Datagrid
Which member do I put my code in?
Unicode with Cygwin and MinTTY not working
Chrome Plugin: Accessing named pipes on Windows
The effectiveness of reading large chunks using fread() and read() [duplicate]
Basic Smalltalk Subclass
Can xml resource files be updated from a server without shipping an app update?
How to write files in hidden mode on SD card in Android
Pjsip-jni compile and import to eclipse
Using libpng in C++ (Visual Studio 2008)
Why is $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] not evaluating to the expected value?
MDX YTD function doesn't calculate correcty if the row is empty
Using json with DataServiceContext
Haskell/GHC: How to write predicates on type-level naturals
What happens to my subView when changing navigation controllers?
Contact form submission with lightbox success popup
Key alias access issue - Android App Export
fulltext search PHP
Pass Button that Triggered ContextMenu
Why does the XML serializer throw invalid character exception when character is inside CDATA? [duplicate]
Duplicate TADODataSet component with streaming fields?
Blur event stops click event
Set property value outside Knockout view model definition
zend select statement with string
How to extend a view from an external app?
Making AJAX calls from subdomain to main domain with relative paths
Solution to a href within a href?
finding the last matching record of a collection
Using Ajax with Wordpress to load Div without reloading page
Get UITextField Y coordinate on UIView level?
isValidationFailed default value
Android Java ServerSocket port number is not what it's supposed to be
Toggling the Div's on and off through jQuery
Is having multiple SQL db's a bad idea for a single application?
Adding box2d header causes a torrent of compiler errors
Popup Div Over Entire Website? (On first pageload)
What is the optimum chunk size for sending data over DSL
Render a choice widget row without enclosing <li> tags
awk swapping first two fields gives weird bug
pushNavigationController on iOS 5 messed up my UINavigationBar when I pop back to the previous view controller
Make child element wider than parent element in one direction
sql syntax the insert command using in razor webmatrix
I want to get Year,Month, Day etc from Java Date to compare with Gregorian Calendar date in Java. Is this possible?
Create Sibling ItemViews with a CollectionView?
Dynamic query language using MapReduce on Appengine
rewriting rules acting weird
What files are needed to publish a web service created by eclipse?
I can't download pages after javascript have executed. Final version of page.
dispatch_async call using UITextView
MSDeploy won't accept dynamic path for deploy destination
How do I force Sublime Text 2 to indent two spaces per tab?
How does the G-WAN pricing/licensing system work? [closed]
Jquery making Rateit (star) plugin work for added elements
About hibernate insert into java collection
How do Post with jquery such that redirect from the server will be properly rendered?
Android - How to have a variable width layout with an image at either end and text in the middle
Open MWPhotoBrowser with a link and loop
How do I get rid of the need for the 鈥�app.php/鈥�in a new Symfony2 app's production URL?
Language Service: Is there a way to force parsing?
CSS background-color problems
Where is the captured image stored?
Is there a better way to write this, or a shorter more compact way [closed]
Can UTF-8 handle any language?
Key-Value-Observation 鈥�Looking for a more elegant solution to respond to value changes
IIS 6.1: ASP Script Timeout Parameter
Strange exception, JDK 6.0.29 bug?
Error with checking JDBC lookup using jUnit tests with Maven project in Netbeans
Update only Minor version in SharePoint when updating via CAML
I have 16,000 URLs, I need to get the facebook graph ID of each one
Ruby Selenium 2.0 cannot get value of input tag
Django - How to compare pre / post save state of a model including all relations
Linked List and File I/O
Center tooltip & hold in place on mouseover?
why use the context variable of addObserver:forKeyPath:options:context:
returning UIImage from block
noClassdeffounderror with external jar when running code from a different location
Parsing JSON in NSString for Twitter
Showing a album cover
How do I pass a multidimensional array to jquery ui autocomplete?
Page hit count or Google Analytics?
HttpWebResponse stripping newline characters
bash completion _parse_help broken?
ServiceStack: Deployment causes FileLoadException, can't load System.Runtime.Serialization
why is my MySQL query failing
Java tile map loader [duplicate]
Internet Explorer white page of death (but all other browsers are fine)
Group results differently in one mysql query?
URL Regular Expression in Racket
Programmatic validation + submit in an Acrobat PDF form
Redirect domain names from linux dns server
Reading a specific row & columns of data in a text file using Python 2.7
At what point does ActiveRecord actually connect to the database?
How to create a (half) dynamic array of characters in C
New remote head when pushing new branch
clearing image cache (freeing memory) when images are data bound in xaml
What Java Key:Value Data Type To Use For Duplicate Values?
Can the code-first features of EF 4.1 and greater be used when the DB schema is unknown until runtime?
What is git-daemon?
Remove specific lines from a large text file in python
Can I load a library or process with limited permissions?
JQuery UI Autocomplete not triggering on typing
what language dose firebug developer use javascript or c/c++? [closed]
#include or #import <objc/runtime.h>?
Password textbox value on jquery
Is using the Keychain inherently insecure (when getting items back?)
django csrf_exempt in views and process request.user
Android platform game level editor
How to create an automatic alarm clock in eclipse?
What's new in Razor view engine 2.x?
Unable to trap Ctrl+C in a C# console app
How to print $ with php
MVC4 De/Serialization with JSON / JSON.NET - List<BaseClass> and derived types inside
Problems with C++ abstract class (I can do it in Java, but not in C++!)
How can I open an external browser window and refresh it inside a application?
Using added value in Drop Down List
SSL Confusion on Heroku with Rails 3.2.1
Mongo 鈥減realloc鈥�files taking up room
Is there a list of Symfony2 default container services?
Boost.Spirit, how to extend xml parsing?
Is it possible to load a file with JS/HTML5 FileReader on non served page?
Storing multiple values for keys in KyotoDB
how should I get rid of stack over flow in c++ [closed]
How to copy the folder structure and files into the destination using DOS command
Codeigniter active records insert query with single quotes
Identifying Version of Team Foundation Server
as3 - TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference
iPhone : Print all contents of a Scroll View
How to force a child class to declare a specific inner class
PhoneGap backKey Function
Cookie overflow in rails application?
KnockoutJS.Mapping.FromJS - Observable array - Remove not working
check whether 2 R programs are identical Menu Control - indivdual css classes on LI's
What is the purpose of partial classes?
Android service in background
NSView's Drawing Context
How to pass array of stdlib list by reference
Deleting relationships from detached state
jQuery File Upload Widget and Using Templates
Pinpoint current GPS location on mapview
Script working in two modes (preview and update)
appfabric performance in server cluster
How to use the DIA SDK to read *code* (specifically including jump tables)?
What simple mechanism for synchronous Unix pooled processes?
Changing Symfony Default Route Class
Another multi-threading core-data use
Outputting high frequency signal headphones
IE7, hover divs only react to mouse over border
ajax content loaded by dojo not getting parsed
Javascript PHP Good countdown timer
One-page website (JQuery Mobile): how to manage multiple instances of one page in DOM?
Sending text results to the clipboard in Xcode (Found the solution)
PHP How to limit parallel downloads?
JSLint doesn鈥檛 expect my tildes
How to implement out-of-order prefix string matching
Google adsense changing window onload?
WPF Chart with draggable points
Adding several items to an EntityCollection using LINQ
Are casts possible in scala
Getting the ID of a boost::thread for PostThreadMessage
Getting max value from rows and joining to another table
iOS 鈥�Design decision on callbacks (use NSNotifications or AppDelegate)
MVC 4 Single Page Application and DateTime
Filtering nulls on grouping
Terminating a thread in C++ from another thread
Sessions not persisting
How to plot a Histogram in jython using ptolemy?
Debugging ASP.NET in IIS 7
Detect when a HTML5 Video runs full screen from Objective-C
Is there a way to manually update the tracking tables to jumpstart a sync?
Deep copy a struct to another
Why do I need to refresh a JSP page after inserting data into database?
Restoring registers in MIPS
How do I add CDATA to an xml file?
Is it possible to get a list of tracks from the entire spotify library?
Modifying Headers Depending on Annotation
NAnt build failure
django staticfiles with 鈥淲ith a template tag鈥�method
Query with multiple uri's
Hibernate, Maps and HQL
yii memcache include error
Difference between tests/ and inst/tests/ for R packages
Copying a subscribed database to the publisher server [closed]
ios minutes to time
Where to return from an interrupt
Finding a number in a string lua
How do I properly package applications with rubygems?
jQuery - can $.json have to a call another page or can it use a query already run on the current page?
Millions of Google Map Marker using MarkerClusterer, JSON/AJAX
Javascript confusion over variables defined by reference vs value
binding and unbinding jquery live functions
Multiple selection on a checkboxlist to filter a datatable
URL and link text from database
C++ Program Calls PHP Script To Upload Content to Database
Get count of items jQuery.each()
g++ compile errors [closed]
Pex - testing 'Type' parameters
iOS JavaScript bridge
FileUploadField 'stuck' after submitting form with ExtJS4/DWR
Waiting for CLGeocoder to finish on concurrent enumeration
polygon vertices - clockwise or counterclockwise
Solr dismax query only for boosting result
WebSphere MQ .NET - Difference between IBM.XMS.dll and amqmdnet.dll
Array List retrieval order
smarty plugin return array
How do I compare two directories while ignoring certain directory names?
Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to Model
Circular Significance Testing
Displaying a CGContextRef
Matlab - Partial Least Squares
CSS: Position a div vertical to the text height
How to include jar in Maven Netbeans proj that doesnt exist in maven repo
Building A Log Reader with PHP RecursiveTreeIterator
Are interceptors in Struts 2 the same as interceptors in Java Spring 3?
How can I re-use the model type from a view in the view?
Clear PictureBox - c#
Flatten rows in SQL Server
Live Face Recognition iOS adding 3D object
Jquery append html to just above the last paragraph
Separating items into a 3d ArrayList
how do you put a simple banner/image in OS X app window?
Jar file or classes better for WAR file access
Does .NET framework offer methods to parse an HTML string?
db2 query to select the first row fetched
How to have multiple window resource styles for same element type in WPF
How to use Koala Facebook Graph API?
Auto Layout Increasing Number of Controls
NodeJS npm - Using Contextify on windows
Raising events in KRL without using explicit
How can I build my own Android app store server? [closed]
Basic AWS questions
Target 鈥�{}鈥�does not exist in the project 鈥淎ppNameA鈥�
Returning an object of a second class through the constructor of first class
Web browser not loading full stylesheet after CSS changes on first refresh? Caching?
How do I display Reports from a Local Data Source (sdf) on a Crystal Reports Viewer?
Tutorial about using Neo4js along with Node.js
phpMyAdmin in Xampp not working
php fwrite() doesn't finish writing string data to file, why?
converting story board from iphone to ipad
In what programming language is Sublime Text 2 written [closed]
Python: Reading CSV file and plotting a scatter
What is the git equivalent of hg heads / hg parents?
Java confusion on fundamentals on double and integer and conversions
How to draw graphics on a UIButton UIButtonTypeRoundedRect?
Is there a JSHint or JSLint plugin for IntelliJ?
Outlook 2010 VBA Invalid or Unqualified Reference
How to handle EOF when have a string of NUL characters
Shortening my jQuery
Jquery serialize() method doesn't work
Plotting interaction in R graphs
jQuery - Carousel installation problems
How to programmatically add objects/views on a UIScrollView?
What's the difference between AMD's APP SDK and (AMD) ATI's Stream Technology?
TidHTTPClient raising Timeout Exception on code 304
Multiple Connectors on a Jetty Server
Do I need a delauny triangulation to find the minimum spanning tree?
Accessing managed beans inside a Restore View phase listener [closed]
mysqli prepared statement - nested function does not perform
鈥�me/feed?since=鈥�set this 'since' to the updated time in stead of the created time
How to lock file without checking out in perforce
Can't figure out how to make a box with multiple images with CSS/HTML
How can I stop or pause playframework Selenium tests on error?
C# Switch Statement: More efficient to not use default?
Submit process from Plugin parameter screen once when the parameters are saved
Load Wikipedia page and print locally
xml schema validation error 鈥減refix is not bound鈥�
Proper use of .on method in Jquery
Inferior Results on C2070 when Using Streams
How to tell the browser to ignore previous css edits?
Creating absolute positioned div that becomes fixed on scroll - is it possible?
Problems with array of type class
ANTLR ignoring AST operators
Create a matrix of 1 and zeros to mask out Rayleigh-Tyndall lines in R
RESTful Quiz Representation
RESTful Quiz Representation
JFrame Background covering menu bar
Editing form fields via ajax and .net mvc
confusion over inherited objects in abstract base class
Class Specific constants should they be wrapped in a nested class?
C# dynamic casting during operator evaluation
Indents in nested lists in HTML / CSS
how to use union in doctrine query symfony 1.4?
Add a gradient color to swipe gesture
PHP writeexcel and UTF-8 support
Has anyone 'integrated' databases using an ontology tool such as Protege?
Active Directory PrincipalContext.ValidateCredentials domain disambiguation
Bypass Google Geocoding API IP Rate Limits
jqGrid frozen columns do not work at all
Django update instead of insert a new record
Querying data from a WCF data service in Silverlight error
Are there any difference between 鈥渒ernel preemption鈥�and 鈥渋nterrupt鈥�
where in the file system is Silverlight Isolated storage kept?
Creating Dynamic playlist using PHP
Best practice - How to test if a string exists in Java?
Change cookies path in webapp2
java.sql.SQLDataException: invalid month when getting data from Oracle
Show all jQuery TipTip tooltips on click
jQuery combobox/autocomplete but editable
TestContext.CurrentContext.Test is null on fixture setup
AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed not found in Metabase.xml IIS 6.1 Server
storing application data in http header
Controlling the execution of a method via Threads in Java
TLF text makes my SWF main symbol not able to be found
Why does a ColdFusion Implicit Setter end up making Networking Calls?
Cane with Rails
Matlab - regression
Tell LLVM optimizer contents of variables
Can a user be charged each time for an app upgrade [closed]
Why don't C++03 file streams accept string constructor parameters?
reading an XML file in a C++ program
Does CS concentration matter? [closed]
Achieving a facebook-like modal dialog in GTK+ (linux)
Using webclient in a method
practical solution for dynamodb's max item length (64k) and no-sql's lack of table joins
Select head node after minimum-weight spanning tree algorithm
MYSQL Union and LIKE
Is a svn repository browse-able (or should it be)?
NSTableView illegal data source
Multithreading vs. Multi-Instancing - Which to choose?
using one tab as button
How to find which folder a file belongs to using Java?
Index error after calling transform/as.xts
using xslt to create an xml file in c
Is it possible to get ACS claims without editing web.config?
Cannot find localhost file [closed]
Exporting custom WPF buttons from WPF application
Correct syntax for parsing an SGML to XML file using Perl?
compile irssi on iOS (Apple TV)
Transition from one screen to another through ListView
Perl - load records from file into hash
Is there a known issue with jQuery 1.7.1 and fancybox 1.3.4?
Implementing AutoSize in a custom UserControl
Yii CGridView how to access id for each column
Can DataMapper use a true Enumerable column?
I want to start building an software that can help me to write same text simultaneously in 2 different messenger windows
Switch statement not working
鈥淢odifying layer that is being finalized鈥�in ARC only on iOS 4
Reset value in ASP.NET for Image data type in SQL Server
Yellow on the control flow - No Color within the data flow; What's going on?
NSFetchRequest includesPendingChanges and propertiesToFetch
traversing a table using javascript to append column
Get Java Printer GraphicsDevice
R can't convert NaN to NA
How to remove empty view in Eclipse RCP's 鈥淗ello RCP鈥�template
How Should I Model this Relationship for a Document in RavenDB?
MS-Build: Displaying out-of-date dependencies
Reference a method from another class in Ruby
Choose images from global array
Is there a way to force Gerrit to have all commits in a branch be push to code review?
How to Turn On/Off Xdebug Profiling at Runtime?
TextToSpeech.setEngineByPackageName() doesn't set anything
How to properly read the custom Header value in the E-mail envolope
Spring 3.1 JSON data binding
ruby reference to class of 鈥渙rigin鈥�
How to insert newline character after comma in `),(` with sed?
Redirect(relativeUrl) redirecting to wrong path in IIS
How to specify top N rows matching criteria?
Why is a button clickable when theres another layout overlaying it?
How Java filenaming works in Netbeans?
Attempting to Interface Python 3 with C++ using Boost
jQuery UI tabs with ajax and jQuery slider inside. 95% completed
.gitignore file to ignore all files but not nested ones
How to extract a text from multiple tags with Xpath (lxml)?
How to violate a foreign key in oracle
Android tablet virtual keypad overlaps textarea element in web page
Adding individual arrows in multiple plots
CUDA: 鈥淪tack Overflow or Breakpoint Hit鈥�and unspecified launch failure error after copying char array from host to device
jquery toggle class not working fully
Floated divs won't expand to fit dynamic content
Combining rows of queried results by unique identifier?
adding app to facebook page
Facebook Open Graph custom notifications available only to timeline users?
php.ini file - openssl
What's the function of the 鈥�鈥�(pipe) operator?
Android 3.0 compatibility definition document?
XML脳files left out of solution but in source control c#
Paint more than one flot in a page
How to create dynamic playlist.js for theme audio player using php?
Bing maps geocode service cannot be called from own web service
2 scripts returning 2 different hashes for what i thought was the same string
Serialize and deserialize
How do I embed a JSON object in an HTTP POST form?
Quantifying pairwise, threewise, etc. overlap in a bipartite graph
How can i make this Java queue display() method work with all array sizes instead of just [5]?
Sort array of NSDictionaries by a value inside one of the keys [duplicate]
Proper way of 'updating' rows in MySQL
How can I determine a client's upload speed using JavaScript?
Android style 鈥渃urtain鈥�
How to test Django custom model fields?
python 2.7 iterating index error
Using external functions in C - two .c files
Higher-Order Programming Using Boost::Python
An enclosed img tag will not show up if I include a query string in its surrounding a tag
Doctrine entity manager and multiple threads updating database
Playing multiple sounds using MediaPlayer class for a music application
Fetching images from SD Card and displaying in Gridview
Pointer to custom UIView on UITableViewCell returns 0
Finding specific pattern in multiple files
Can someone view the data going over https using fiddler?
Selenium IDE - stop test suite running on failure
Solr - Relevancy based on a range + outside the range
FreeImage .NET Blank FileName when not constant
How to implement a circular buffer of cv::Mat objects (OpenCV)?
parse arguments after getopts
how to control the view using spring mvc?
Tokenizing multiple strings simultaneously
Difference netween Step Out and Call Stack
How to use the generated script from SQL 2005 to MYSQL?
devise and multiple 鈥渦ser鈥�models
jQuery Ajax form submit, empty return
Fixed size array not fixed
How can I create a transparent button with JavaScript?
Change the tint of drawable in xml selector
MySQL, price ordering
jqgrid in local mode with form editing and formatter, wont update the grid
Winforms ComboBox: event when caret moves?
How can I call a function multiple times?
suggestion and ideas on how to create email notification system via php
List of datatype variable in class won't be updated
Java Constructors or new class
Eliminate extra space between paragraphs when importing XML
Batch-file for mysqldump to backup each database into a separate file
Analyzing the assembly code generated to manipulate command line arguments
PHP bitwise enums
Get the value of a column that is using a ButtonField
FBConnect and ARC on iOS5
C++ Hex search in std:string failed
DataGrid binding in DataTemplate
Passing Information Between a Database through JSON
Remote database connection pooling from multiple servlets
Python SUDS Error
How to know whether the value of a key in NSDictionary is NSString or another NSDictionary?
iPad 1 fires video ended event before the video finishes playing
iPhone not rendering the page properly when centering a page while having the header and footer at 100% width
Custom JPanel Class, paintComponent is Being Spammed
Faster than constructor?
IE 7 scroll bar issue when using PIE behavior rounded corners
(Android) Launching file in an external app and catching an error from the external app
cmap :q to :bwipeout for VCSBlame/VCSAnnotate buffers (and other VCSCommand buffers)
Boolean Value Change Listener Java
CakePHP: Weird Contain Behavior
Python - Is it worthwhile to invest time in apparently stagnant modules? [closed]
open mssql stored procedure from excel 2007 VBA and get data to excel
Loading Models in XNA without the Content Pipeline
Should one unit test persistence in rails?
Access NSMutableDictionary created in one class from another ARC iPhone
Add _top to a tags inside a particular div - jQuery
iOS5 please help finding CIColorMatrix example
constraints :subdomain
Twitter API upload with PHP OAuth
PostgreSQL Selecting Most Recent Entry for a Given ID
Convert [object Object] from to value
Inheriting From Specialized Template Struct/Class
IE8 setTimeout with Anonymous function
iPhone - SVProgressHUD - Can not get to appear on UIView
Clearing a node value from and XML file with XSLT
Send multiple application protocols requests ( Similar to mailto: )
Is there a way to export a textView to a Pages document?
C++ traits for non-template function parameters?
Complex tests - dependency on same test data
How do I select specific rows in a server side jQuery data table?
Linking hardware library
How to avoid Admob blocking the UI thread
Database servers for development purposes
How to list the available econdings of a webcam?
How can you guarantee quicksort will sort an array of integers?
List Box of Objects and button
FPDF - PHP inside WriteHTML function?
UI not getting updated in Windows Phone 7 from timer method
.Net - Custom Paging with random sort
How to combine CCSpriteBatchNode with CCAnimation?
Need to allow for variable model names in my app using RoR
Calling Access Sub from Excel
SetImageDrawable in a list view
SetImageDrawable in a list view c# conditional within data repeater
Dynamically Get a Variable from HTML in Flash/AS3
How to implement caching of AJAX responses? Like in Internet Explorer
Expanding variables Bash Scripting
Time stamp from MySql to PHP displaying December/31/1969
Best database for multi million row store/query
memory address of a member variable of argument objects changes when dll function is called
serversocket server + client issues
Use of width and min-width
Where to find example code for the RD Gateway API?
Adobe Flex unable to load images from Amazon S3
How to update a Wicket-Listview with an AjaxLink?
Can C# be piped?
MyFaces - @PostConstruct on abstract class
How can I update only a few tables using a pre-populated Core Data database via an App Store Update
calling socket bind results in Windows bluescreen
Wordpress popular posts without using plugins
Android - AutoComplete dropdown
custom table in Ektron database
keep checkboxes checked after page refresh
Coldfusion's SerializeJSON does not get along with MS SQL 2008
Using convert or mogrify to merge multiple PNG files into a single multi-page TIFF file
TeamCity and Rails deployment
mysql adding index results to error
Remove background color from buttons in Listbox (Windows Phone)
CSV import to mysql for update
Kernel.system call from rails
ruby postgreSQL on AMD64
Json generation and retrival
Running multiple Rails projects on Ubuntu
Using namespace explicitly versus including the whole reference
blur event not firing on iOS Mobile Safari in Sencha Touch
Using custom view xib in a view controller xib
shared library constructor not working
Commands that act on two controls
Edit SQLite database record
getdate() not working with Entity Framework
Android Listview Custom Section Header
reach element sub-class through jquery this
Validate User-Input HTML Subset
Order of Operations for echo statements
Windows Azure can't start locally
Differences between Agda and Idris
Path problems in php
Custom error pages for PROD environment only?
Extjs 4, arrange form fields in tbar
Changing an embedded UITextView width on rotation?
iOS - Custom section header bounds issue
Regex for HTTP URL with Basic authentication
How to cover box shadow?
Android Fragments working on phone, but not tablet
Using checkboxes to retreive a foreign key, name, and value from mysql
How to combine multiple SUM in one Query?
Why does the following code compile even though I have undefined member functions?
ASP.NET MVC Redirect Non-WWW to WWW and Rewrite To Lowercase URL
How to use highcharts with princeXML?
Loads redundancy
wsdl2java client stubs for only some operations supported by the wsdl?
OutOfMemoryException on start a MVC3 Application
performance hit with strongname public key (snk)?
How to navigate in a website using cURL PHP
unable to get access token
FileNotFoundException on Android version > 2.3
Selected, Checked, NoWrap, Disabled attributes without corresponding values [closed]
TSQL - Select Count(*) ..into Varchar variable
array loses data when GUI is clicked
how to configure vim to smartly wrap python strings? [duplicate]
Print the concatenation of the digits of two numbers in Python
Consecutive GridUnload createGrid not working
Ubuntu Bash SQL Problems
How to swap values (not indexes) in NSMutableArray
What's the proper way to center horizontally within a div?
Which Haskell library for computer graphics geometry?
icacls give failed processing error in DOS for loop
RPC Framework for Java [closed]
Cross-compiling ocaml apps for ARM
VB.NET don't get a successfull answer of a HTTP-Server
Styling bar colors in Highcharts with a gradient issue
MVC 3 Dropdownlistfor linked modalview list for search is always null on postback
Error 鈥�Property 'title' not found on object of type 'MyAnnotation' 鈥�
Check whether jQuery method exists
Need help modeling a train system with SimPy
Web Service as push notification?
jQuery, json, drop down oh my
Heroku Piggyback SSL + iOS AppStore Approval
Generate Facebook Export Event key
Using a value to set an object's key in Ruby
鈥淒on't Repeat Yourself鈥�approach to a jQuery menu
Store entry values from previous Tkinter session in a loop
How to SetTimeout to go back to the first div?
Chome/Chrome OS, quickly tell if there is an internet connection or not via a Chrome extension?
Linq expressions syntax and Compile
Linq to Entities Gracefully Handling Database Variances
Is there any benefit to implementing IDisposable on classes which do not have resources?
鈥淩equest timed out鈥�when makinng two HttpWebRequests to the same Java server from C# over .NET Compact
Find duplicate items in string
Eclipse call ViewPart saveState on View close
how to do nopCommerce 2.x excel import by product variant
Access Request Body by name in c#
How to debug division by zero exception in Internet Explorer?
Passing params to CanCan in RoR
Do Java Iterators or Enhanced Loops guarantee results in order of creation?
Setting Emacs 24 color theme from .emacs
assets location for a sideloaded app on Kindle Fire
Program to obtain code file for active window
Running pyside-uic before every run inside Eclipse
Intercept all WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages
Powershell Stop-Process null param when calling in foreach loop
Programmatically create a keyboard shortcut in Revit
Uninstall an application programatically
Using multiple schemas, using SQL views from SQL Server Reporting Services 2008
Unable to import image resources into our GUI
OpenGL ES rendering to user-space memory
Have one column equal to [auto-increment] primary key when adding in MySQL
Constrain values in matlab
An efficient algorithm for calculating frequencies?
How do you pass a value into an ajax listener primefaces
Using GLX on Multiple Monitors RHEL 鈥�OpenGL, XLib, and Multiple Monitors (with threads)
:id => 'current' in routes.rb
JPA Query with fetching/join retrieving only certain associations
What do when strong typing with two types needed
Honeycomb 3.1 / Mono for Android persist 'LightsOut'
Checking users options from default
JSoup Document structure issue
What is the thing in square brackets that comes before a C# class declaration called? [closed]
What is the best way to delete old rows from MySQL on a rolling basis?
Get Array from Another Class
adding Reset button to reset checkboxes using PHP or javascript
How to write an NLog target using Signalr
jQuery Flot Tick/Date Alignment
how to get data from .load immediately
nullreferenceexception was unhandled - c#
Have over 200k rows in table, script takes over 20 seconds to load
How to create an SPSite object with the token from the SSP app pool user in sharepoint?
Fields in CoffeeScript?
Best way to tell if an SMTP message has an IMF header?
Using WPF custom controls in Windows forms?
What to throw when throwing C++ exceptions?
Use Python to return data from a Webpage's Ajax call
Exporting MSSQL table info to a csv file?
How to focus cell on new row in WPF DataGrid
Collectd plugin is reporting an absolute value instead of the delta, for RRD like 鈥淐ounter鈥�type, to mongo
ASP.NET 1.1 Transaction Spanning Two Databases
How do I keep style `a span` from jumping down to the next line?
Removing Git commits on a branch
Selenium WebDriver and Java permgen space error
Spring checkbox onLoad event not firing
how to get the list of ads returned for the current page from google dfp?
Edit text sort with background colors
Why is g++ refusing to create uic3.exe?
Xcode: Add text to label from textfield
How to take a 2D view of Boost.MultiArray as an argument into function?
Running xcodebuild twice from a Cocoa app (via NSTask) silently fails
Knockoutjs native template binding and simple array of strings
JQuery - animate a div left
WPF User Control Error
Creating a java hierarchial treeset from a flat list
How to define EF code-first tri-way FK relationship? (parent with two related children)
Align div to bottom of another absolute div container
could there be any disadvantages to this kind of URL validation
Is there a way to implement a IntRangeField in Solr?
'circos' style plots with matplotlib? [closed]
Leak detection issue in iOS with xCode 4.3
When writing a BDD feature, should I put previous user interaction into a Given step, or a When step?
How to process Thumbs.db file inside Ruby On Rails application