Android 3.1 / Galaxy Tab / VideoView won't play
Why PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type?
Android, write to file using inheritance
How to test for MIDI drivers present
w command in Vim doesn't work properly with Python
How to return arrays object + count IOS
How to make a reusable template in Django?
When exactly type erasure occurs?
Design pattern to enhance an existing data structure in Java with additional information at runtime
鈥渆rror: localhost:xxxxx is not a valid domain鈥�on Facebook Developers application settings
Invalidating handles that point to a deleted C++ object
Custom style for a Compound Component in Android Library
Rhomobile vs. MoSync/Phonegap/HTML5
jQuery contextMenu initialize on right click event
Transitioning Audio Unit code to ARC
How to generate a DTD file with java
UrlHelper.Action(鈥淓dit鈥� 鈥淎d鈥� returns id parameter?
Seeking tutorials and information on load-balancing between threads
Is there a security benefit to only putting PHP code in '*.php' files? [closed]
RegExp: Finding all links on page w/ nofollow
Java Regex - Extract link from HTML anchor
OSS 32 bit AAC decoder
From which version of Android api can I develop a scrollable app widget?
How to script a test for Perforce connectivity across multiple servers
How to I undo the vendor/gems bundle install
Synchronous animations in jQuery, not using callbacks?
How to get a resource or nib file from within a user framework?
Flex - how to abort/stop a RemoteObject method call?
Is there a good solution to deal with session inactivity using session set save handler for database?
How to override default_scope in ActiveAdmin in Rails
nginx - rewrite to
c++ trouble reading in an array to a struct
EF4.1 and 4.3 - issues in MVC sample project
MySQL: How to find newest row using 3 keys? - not as simple as it sounds
Mapping DateTimeOffset to TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE in Oracle & NHibernate
Fake distribution data for visualization [closed]
what is Object reference not set to an instance of an object [duplicate]
Rewrite rule not working without trailing slash
changing text colour when a condition is met
New in .NET Framework 4.5 - Zip compression improvements to reduce the size of a compressed file? [closed]
Rails form_for password_field return type
Scala compilation error
NSSplitView: Controlling divider position during window resize
LNK4098: defaultlib 鈥渕fc42d.lib鈥�conflicts in Release build
What about expenses on unused resources in Windows Azure?
Hibernate still doing multiple selects on joins despite lazy loading
What are the differences between community detection algorithms in igraph?
I need to pick numbers out of a long string
What's the modern way to access C2HS marshalling functions?
repositories and querying with raw sql?
simple wiki and reference tracking
Why would a browser plugin crash on a 64bit browser but run on a 32bit browser when resolving HTTP endpoints using C++ Boost?
PHP Reflection: How to know if a ReflectionMethod is inherited?
Google Places API does not return gym info
Blackberry Webworks: Feature cannot be found in any extension
Reading from a socket closed by peer
Permission Denied: Initializing repo for building Android source
SalesForce connection throwing java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in vFabric
Migrating an old Java EE app to Maven
Instantiating an OracleDate object
I need guidance on jQuery Search input
Show 鈥淚n Progress鈥�during http request (long running) execution in javascript/jquery/php
How do you delete a TFS build using the Build API?
Tell Windows I don't need to block its shutdown anymore in WPF application
TF215097 Custom Build Activities using Com Interop on 64 bitsTF215097: An error occurred w
Wix HeatFile Task Locks Dll
HTTP Connection Posting data twice
What is the difference between run-time error and compiler error?
Play button for video thumbnail
Freezing first column in DataGridView in C#
using boto and SES, emails with links don't go through
Why does BCL GZipStream (with StreamReader) not reliably detect Data Errors with CRC32?
Resizing the alert dialog box in android
What is the best data structure for text auto completion?
Deserialize nested class using yamlbeans
Start up order for Oracle Forms
Google Maps API Using Waypoint LatLng
maven custom lifecycle is not recognized
MongoDB write durability via Ruby Wrapper
Why do default Storyboard apps have a second interface declaration
PDF DroidReader
Patching Multiple Instance Installs with either InstallShield or WiX
Applying CSS to enclosing div, but not to enclosed div
Wordpress - Add tags as classes? (post_class)
Blue border around png imgae in IE6
JAVA: How can I download an HTML file from a site that requires cookies enabled?
Null pointer exception while getReadableDatabase
Pass dynamically generated div id's from Rails to javascript/coffeescript
Getting the user's Full Name from Active Directory using PHP
getfilelinenumber() returns 0 in VS2010 project, even though I'm using a debug build
WebClient download - how to detech bad URL
SQLite: duplicate row in table with a unique column
select last observation from longitudinal data
How do I tell dataTables to check for updated data in a backbone collection?
Why does this forms authentication require double login sometimes?
jquery toggle between 3 states and post a ajax call?
Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to send as this sender
Direct Memory Access (DMA) Scheduling in a Multithreaded Application
Bash Script - CRON job to back up a database weekly [closed]
Using Git: Integrating a fork into another repository while keeping it separate
Obj-C, how can I append one NSMutableArray to another?
Programmically manage Windows FireWall
php date interval/date period not behaving as expected
Is it possible to obtain the commandtext for a stored procedure that includes everything required for EXEC?
IE 8 - Click event punches through to the <html> element?
How can I use Gettext in PHP?
Cannot load ruby-debug in ruby 1.8.7 on a Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion
Why can't I assign to a variable being referenced in PHP?
handling redis maxmemory situations with rails when using rails caching
matlab batch processing on multiple hosts - what scheduler software is best suited?
JQuery - on()-Method / dynamic handler
How to access member pointers in template functions
rails-3.2.1 scaffold generator try to include blueprints.rb spec support
Can you use the jquery validation plugin to test a string?
How can I make an XSLT expression that gets the maximum datetime value?
Encode/Decode error using utf-8
Simple 鈥渂lurring鈥�of an array representing an image in python from first principles
Android - using Singleton to access hold application settings, and Context
1119: Access of possibly undefined property Complete throught a reference with static type Class
Swipe To Delete TableView Row
WakeLock turns screen on only when charging
runtime failure
jQuery/AJAX/XML stuck
Why is my sound cutting out in my WPF application?
what is the most elegant way to convert between JSON hash format, and actual hash format? in ruby?
I need to be notified if a condition fails in my database [closed]
Use knockout.js for 4 cascading dropdowns based on a hierarchy of objects
pin webbrowser instance to start screen
django strips out img tag in the text
Sort an array and displaying its correspondent
Git does not work behind a special connection and proxy
What is the best way to generate random numbers in C++?
add Menu type for Virtue Mart component in Joomla IndexError on ctypes array creation
How to route 鈥�鈥�to public/index.html in routes.rb?
Processing Multidimensional JSON Array with PHP
.NET Exception Window API
MiniProfiler, EntityFramework code first and background tasks nullreference
Record labels must be globally unique? [duplicate]
Safe way to localize bash scripts?
How do you split a window/view in Eclipse IDE?
C++ Class Variable Scope
Extract first word in a SQLite3 database
How can I manage memory deallocation in disjoint sets in C++?
Django - Reordering admin categories
Java HttpConnection/HttpsConnection input/error stream
AjaxControlToolkit AutoComplete Suggestions Showing at Wrong Position Due to Scroll Bar
File 'C: xampp tmp php3226.tmp' could not be renamed. It already exists error in zend, how to?
tableview with text fields in each row having resignkeypad issue
Multiple Select Query MySQL
Change Activity layout
Sencha - HTML ASCII codes in selectfield options
How to correctly instance EF Object Data Context using DI with Castle?
disable form action redirect when using curl to load a page
Ruby one liner to pass arrays elements into a string with separator
How Can I get my DL to style properly?
NetBeans IDE - Build 201202240400 - Why it gets freez without any cause and never get refreshed, unless i kill it
C++ routine to delete data from database
Android ICS Camera - Frame returned when ref count is already zero
Cache (static) content from other website on my own webserver
Which Vars affect a Clojure function?
How to read memory address in gdb for i7 processor code disassembly?
SQL Server 2005 - column names based on variable passed in pivot query
how to store NSDictionary as transformable properties in core data
Update id recursively
Optimizing a MySQL Query with DATE_FORMAT functions
Spring 3 setting ThreadFactory for ThreadPoolTaskExecutor
Revert from ASP.NET MVC 3 to MVC 2
vps, memcache, mysql, php5-fpm - slow response
Error trying to copy contents of editText from one to the other
Redirecting to two different welcome-pages depending on the users role in Java EE 6/Glassfish
Show help inside visual studio 2010 when pressing F1
How to disable ring ringtone volume change
Where is an array of character pointers stored in memory?
PHP For Each Download File
OCI_INVALID_HANDLE - Invalid service context, connection or statement handle
PostgreSQL ranking query
Use a user library that uses external jars
SharePoint Farm account gets 鈥渄enied access鈥�error when attempting to create a new site
How to parse the querystring parameters in jquery when one of the param is having a special (&) character in its value
How to disable/enable button when the edit text is empty/nonempty
get User name in wordpress and post with form
Apply Opacity to LinearGradientBrush
Symbol MT2070 scanner receiving data from PC
Rails 3.0 - js.erb does not get rendered
Setting Maven params in Jenkins
How can I design a general search criteria?
Sql Table dynamic cell typ
Error when loading Plug-in
Can I integrate Facebook Comments with the native WordPress comment system?
Jersey Client: Cache-Manager for Conditional GET?
Android Market: 鈥淭his item is not compatible with your device.鈥�
CSS Columns Bug 鈥�breaks in mobile while using the :checked pseudo class
Internationalization on Qt 4.8
How to do arithmetics with text field in where clause?
document.getElementById() returns null
Unexpected 'OrElse' behavior in Linq query
Avoiding duplicate OFFSET calculations
What's the benefit of using dispatch_sync if it has to wait until the main thread completes?
How to select parent based on the child in lxml?
Invoking variable-arity methods with Java reflection?
MonoDevelop, Teamaddins, and Mono.Posix 4.0 on Windows 7
Could not find the ColdFusion Component that exists
Remove substring in jQuery
Screen / glass break effect
Choosing a layout - error
Flex for mobile <s:list> messageFunction
Rails 3 - Find condition to filter broken Reference integrity associations
鈥淓ncode鈥�integers from an array via a given scheme to characters
Merging n AVL trees
R - equivalent of pos function
Combing values of a column on multiple rows.?
Class getting Undefined by other header?
OpenSSL create CSR using existing private key
Is using TypedFactoryFacility wrong?
Javascript Nested-Array throwing 'TypeError' - Error
EF 4.3 Code first (migrations) with remote database
Maven and Spring 3.1.1
ConditionalAttribute vs Debugger.IsAttached
Alter table to give foreign key constraint
Returning false in first of multiple form submission handlers
Emacs shell-command outputting 鈥渃annot set terminal process group鈥�and 鈥渘o job control in this shell鈥�
Read IP addresses from a text file and calculate if it's inside a ip range or cidr block with a command line batch file
How to call C# from
A tool to automatically generate PHPUnit tests?
Phonegap: Getting a Canvas element to JPG for export?
How to show existing window in Ext Js using Sencha designer
Creating VB . NET quiz template
Get the proper FQL source_id when querying multiple source_id's
Android start a timer/clock
Constructing an array with a key from an Input array
php glob get right path
Why this null pointer exception when using BufferStrategy with swing timer in Java?
Create Camera Driver MFT and use it in Windows 8 Metro Style app?
Manipulating Returned AJAX Data
$(window).scroll(function() not working on firefox?
Is there a trick to editing the status of an Ad Group?
multiple count(distinct)
Auto Selecting Options from DropDownList Using jQuery
MVC 4 Beta side by side installation error
Shifting between two registers in C
arraylist java compiling errors
Is it safe to turn off Jackrabbit's indexing feature?
How to parse through an NSMutable Array and add up the values
scripts stop working after jquery replaceWith
document.getElementById fails in external JS
jQuery failed to load the given url
Get Value of Div after append function
Using a custom designed psd backgroud with custom image menu buttons that will function (using Weebly)
How to modify an XML file present in a folder in the Silverlight project?
Android : Google map showing multi location
Website sometimes gets jammed(timeout)
Powerpc gnu eabi register initialization
Minimum size of rendered object using GL_LINES in iOS Open GL ES
Unable to execute dex: GC overhead limit exceeded
How do I combine these Selects/Joins?
Node.js restify on Windows
Convert String to Long [closed]
How can I send picture from android application via MMS? [duplicate]
Why image onload doesn't fire?
Overloaded operator<< for ostream syntax
MIPs program to reverse a string using stack
Modifying value of object within foreach loop
Why is the number converted to a string (basic Javascript function)
How to Install PHPmailer on Drupal7 website
jquery touch carousel slider menu navigation
Creating objects at run time
UITableViewCell animation - displacement during animation
Can you use Webmatrix.Data to connect to MySql stored procedures?
Testing - Connection string is missing
Objective-C- Getting the object with the greatest property value
How to convert FMPXMLRESULT to XFA?
Difference between struct and association
Magento Related Products Sidebar
How to check if external WPF process or other process is done launching?
How can I utilize Oracle bind variables with Delphi's SimpleDataSet?
XML parsing with dom and special characters
Share Java logic between Android and Blackberry projects?
Git: Permission Denied
Rails: Content_for in partial
Android Dev: Current Time range check
how to search by integer field as a string (e.g. 鈥減riority鈥� with django-haystack?
QString pass by reference issue
jQuery / ASP.NET - pass JSON file from ASP.NET to jQuery
Codeigniter native session or ci session library
Sort CSV file by column priority using the 鈥渟ort鈥�command [Unix]
RichTextBox: Find corresponding index
ResultSet How to get String from an object when data is null?
New field to be shown in crystal report
Create a stuck thread (Weblogic)(J2SE)(1.5)
t.belongs_to in migration
mysql order by field staggered display
Managing views with complex states
Looking for an ultrafast data store to perform intersect operations
Should the Id column of a table be encrypted/hashed before sending to client
How do I set a value of a nil field just before save in mongoid?
How do I bind NSPopUpButton with ITunesPlaylist objects in MacRuby?
file_exists in PHP [duplicate]
parsing a string into int/long using custom format strings
Java - How to resize components in GroupLayout
Custom ActionBar and overflow menu
Srolling on click event in a HTML email Listserv
css jquery menu - toggleSlide show hide div
SOAP <Body> 鈥tream鈥�</Body>
Algorithm to connect all dots with the minimum total distance
GravityManager.getGravity() returns null
Safari: Absolutely positioned DIVs not moving when updated via DOM
C++, How to get multiple input divided by whitespace?
Using Select() and getting 鈥渘o error鈥�errors returned
JAVA Exception in main thread java.lang.NoDefFounderror: net/鈥�AbstractClock
RichFaces Column: Saving value of attribute on a row for comparisons
How do I add to the classpath of an Eclipse project?
How do I upgrade a dependency in a Python project on Heroku
Select distinct emails from multiple tables
getting data from xml in thread?
XSL FO Repeat contents of split spanned cell
MySQL search, using only letters and numbers from field values
Are there any 3rd party profiler apps for SQL Server 2005+
Can left join be optimized in 'preferred users' MySQL query?
How to structure my query in sqlite?
Link App Profile Page With App
Installing PHP PEAR code sniffer (mac)
JSP page don't recognize tags
type declaration of arrays
How do I remove or disable PHP editor in Aptana Studio 3?
jQuery multiple handler registration issue
node.js vs apache as http backend for multiplayer game
What are the drawbacks of forward declaration?
C++ program runs but doesn't let the user enter all the information
JavaScript redirect to another page in BlackBerry WebWorks
Enterprise Library 5.0 Logging in ASP.Net Webservice project - Activation error
Cookies being sent with requests to cookie free subdomain (Only in Firefox)
Recursive directory traversal in Perl
Ofstream, use variable to the name
Challenges starting jboss v7.1.0 - thunder
Is there any 鈥渙n DOM change鈥�event? [duplicate]
Copy tiles from one tiff to another (4-band)
mysql duplicate key update issue
Console App CSHTML Intellisense and Binding?
QR Codes, not sure if they are working on Blackberries
How Can I Set Permissions for Individual Wiki Pages?
Does AJAX have any special security concerns?
nested select in sql server 2008
Using PHP (not fast cgi) - how can I provide an ~1000 item lookup table that maps a short string to a number to all my PHP scripts?
How does LDA give consistent results?
mysql using count, and distinct count
How do I create an query-string authorized s3 URL?
How to make colorpicker in IE?
Refresh a div tag once
Android - calculating and storing the answer of an arithmetic expression
hierarchical report , based on TFS query
Taking duplicate lines and squeezing them into 1 row on SQL Server 2008 R2?
Static call graph generation for the Linux kernel
Is it still possible to use WebKit with Qt when building the latter with the -static option?
Linux file command: what does SYSV imply?
I want to try my first Facebook project .. is this possible? [closed]
Creating a Floating Widget that moves as the page scrolls
Jquery Div content change when click LI option
Why do I have to specify a Uri for my service reference?
Using async module to fire a callback once all files are read
xcode and sprite sheet, how to crop an image when multi images exist in one sheet
Unix 'at' command via PHP to run single function
How do i write objects that i have no control over in jaxb?
What does ByRef mean in vbscript when passing to a procedure?
Using an independant database in android apps
What's the error in this bash script? [closed]
Extensible way to make class information accessible at runtime
Read and process large text files ~100Mb each
Scheduling tasks in Microsoft CRM 2011
vector iterator not dereferncable鈥�
Dynamic binding == late binding in Java or not?
Common Lisp: creating a directory
Best practices to manage action button status in Rails
Looking for a mobile platform to view vector data and use it like a simple map
Execute javascript/jquery code OnClick and conditional post back to ASP function
Get URL from html page - objective
How to simulate group_concat in plain sql
Mysql copy two columns from two tables
Objective-C for in loop nested NSDictionaries
Open window behind another application
Using the Arrange Act Assert pattern with Integration Tests
Finding the 2nd most expensive total products in MySQL menu with slider
Button half width of screen
nodejs with mongoose adding numbers
Setting a page variable in a function
jquery autosuggest enterkey issue
JSON format being POSTed incorrectly to /create in rails
nodejs - npm install canvas error in windows
Set url pattern to catch all urls like /messages?inbox or /list?orders
Linear combination of unevaluated functions
How to remove files from upload array (before upload) via Javascript
How to present an XML file in HTML format in different ways, according to user input?
How to deny service to IP based on the number connections per second or minute from that IP?
jQueryUI datepicker behavior when open during ASP.NET partial postback: year becomes 1899 or 1900
Joomla Virtuemart - Reduce number of order confirmation emails
How do I print to console in assembly?
Selecting a class underneath a class with CSS
Update JavaFX nodes in a treeview
Select all rows but only specific columns
Adding Life Time Sales
USB Key for Mac & Windows to Autoload Content?
Use of typename for vector iterator - C++11 example [duplicate]
Recycling app pool each time a change has been made
Including column headers in track listings in Spotify apps
Table widget problems in python
Change language on the fly codeigniter
Managing passwords in continuous deployment
How do I look for corrupt files using Applescript?
Set 鈥渃ontent was updated鈥�
LayoutInflater Mono for Android
Algorithm for ropes touching poles
GWT DataGrid unpredictable row height issue
mysql select most recent, limit by source
IF Then statement not working correctly where value is nothing
jQuery: count of first level of li tags (exclude decendent ul > li tags)
Move drag handle when dragging UIButton
Embed multiple instances of a single html inside another html, but with different styles
Accessing url parameters in Padrino Sinatra
Array of pointers to struct
SQL query to linq to SQL query
OData Library serializes Edm.Single as number
Pointer to array and related expression evaluation
Multiply variable to one decimal place
WARNING: #{Generate.viewReportPDF}: javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Target Unreachable, identifier 'Generate' resolved to null
MVC4 model binding doesn't work
How to indicate the current progress of querying a large dataset?
Clarification of components and efficiency of animation method
preg_match lazy?
How to send data inside an intent without external storage
My HTML 5 upload doesn't catch errors
JSF 2.0 Fields aren't cleared the second time user opens dialog
Escape sequences in javascript
turn off midi synthesizer echo
wicket and CompoundAuthorizationStrategy
How to do an inverse `range`, i.e. create a compact range based on a set of numbers?
list of live, property-only element attributes?
Named dtype array: Difference between a[0]['name'] and a['name'][0]?
Node.js/Express Caching
ant task hangs when executing init.d script on debian
Regex using js to strip js from html
how to calculate Brightness of RGB color?
Dynamic Visible Row Count In JList
Refraction for object { mesh {鈥} surface shows artefacts
Is there a way to store cross-website cookies?
python paramiko run command
Creating database using DataContext and System.Data.SQLite in C#
How to find an average of a certain column in Access 2003?
Pure Ruby on Rails file uploader, GET issues
Not able to supply params to Facebook post dialog
Isometric screen to map issue
replaceing std::string with const char*
SetVertexBuffer Performance
Increment current Date by two days
check if cell matches any others in range if it does copy content in to 鈥渞esults鈥�sheet
Is it possible to attach a tag to the email while sending that could be obtained when someone replies to the same mail
spring property substitution for test and production
Custom share provider for WP7
Including closed source software into a GNU/Linux (or other) live cd and republishing the modified live cd
RavenDB, LINQ, select from string[] where array does not contain a given string
C2DM - At what point is the app identified?
Assembly not moving to bin folder in Visual Studio C# 2010 project
When I try view my jqgrid in IE it appears with a blank space beetween header and table, how to solve this?
Symfony2 Twig theming from database?
SQLite schema, database size, access speed, updates doubts
Multivariate test with a html5 mobile app
How to count total number of requests (links) to a site in Rails 3?
Using UITabBar without creating a project with UITabBarController
compiling a mpi project with mingw64
Android ListView to Intents
Remove old content, load in new content, animate new content with JQuery
How can I simplify my layout?
RDMA memory sharing
Local or remote programmatic execution of an SSIS package?
How to check if instruction is a PHI instruction in LLVM IR
Spotify API returns too many albums when browsing an artist
Can Lua's require function return multiple results?
Migrating Umbraco 4.7
SNMPd: Cannot open /proc/bus/pci
Transforming a rectangle image into a quadrilateral using a CATransform3D
How is TF-IDF implemented in gensim tool in python?
Node/Express.js - Overriding where to look for the 'Views' folder for each request
Extracting a section from web page using python
Subway lines in KML with different colors on one track?
Calling a PHP script from a C++ Program
Oracle SqlError: Protocol Violation / OALL8 is in an inconsistant state
How can I avoid ref parameters?
Why is the Hibernate default generator for PostgreSql 鈥淪equenceGenerator鈥� not 鈥淚dentityGenerator鈥�
How can I access implicit 鈥渋mplicit鈥�i.e. def a[A :B] or def a[A <% B]?
SessionScoped JSF Bean Fields become null
iPhone UIView replace image color programmatically, like in Photoshop or Illustrator
Creating a local SQL database file?
RESTful partial updates for resources with read-only elements?
Setting up PHP on Domino Server
What is the correct way to call a static method in PHP?
php (complex) dynamic variable name construction
Force https on all pages except for 1 page with a specific value in a Query String Parameter
Saving a class object without serialization
Create dropdowns that let you select other controls in the current form from the Visual Studio Forms Designer
Delete button for each dynamically created row in a table without using onclick
Python Shapely intersection: parallel planes
pickling class method
MySQL how do you truncate a table in a stored procedure?
How to extract the date a C# manifest was signed
An active access token must be used
Heap sizes for different Android devices [duplicate]
Django Navigate Away from page, retain information
Eclipse hanging after changing code
DateTime type value disappear when sending request to WCF server
Application crashing with segue identifier in UITableViews
MySQL evaluate case with subquery
Use OpenCV Threshold with Kinect Image
CakePHP 1.3 FormHelper Input 鈥淪elected鈥�Not Working
Difference between 鈥淎ctivate鈥�& 鈥淧ublish鈥�options on Android market?
How to run a single Specflow scenario in Resharper
Firebug pauses on JQuery script with play button
Django admin - disable 鈥渆dit鈥�for particular model instance
updating Label from non IBAction methods
MySQL - Counting a count?
MySQL - Using COUNT(*) outside the SELECT
jQuery Progress bar and counter
Expected identifier or '(' before '{' token
How to get dbsets metadata from EF CodeFirst DbContext?
Customizing android home screen icons
What collation does MySQL use by default for ORDER BY?
Get changelogs for all gems included in a Rails project
HttpURLConnection & Using A Specific Network Adapter
Powershell - modify items in ZIP archive
How to use SmartThreadPool to Cancel-Wait-Kill a workItem?
PDO: Fetch class option to send fields to constructor as array
PDO: Fetch class option to send fields to constructor as array
Creating prepopulated set in Java
Audio hooking or a custom audio driver for audio processing and routing to the default audio device
tweepy stream to sqlite database - syntax error [duplicate]
What is wrong with my ctor using linked list and templates?
Mapping many to many relationship
explode on empty string returns array count as 1 [closed]
How to anti-aliased zoom on screen recordings? [closed]
Trying to deploy a JBoss Seam application to WebSphere CE
jQuery Mobile bind events
Interpolate without system.Drawing
NSUserDefaults failing and not retrieving data
Backbone event for click WITH CSS selector not firing
How to display .gz files in browser (lighttpd)
ScriptResource.axd not caching
Check Database every 5 minutes
Global paste values for excel
jqgrid Date sorting on a date column with two dates
NPAPI multiple instances conflict
Symfony2 login/logout response in json
using mvc route constraints so a url can only be mapped to one of three possible params
Stop SAS Program on Error
SQL Server - Retrieve last record for each table in a database
Modifying Records into Database Through Jtable
How to save a large string into xml files in java?
Reusing routes in another project
Determining if Outlook Appointment is opened as Single Occurrence or Series?
Invalid procedure call or agrument
Efficient algorithm for matching sequences
Android Game Loop - Thread or Handler?
How to customize the autocomplete search event
Updating a MYSQL Table in PHP
domain doesn't set cookie for the subdomain
Trying to change icon on JButton when clicked
Flipboard UI in Sencha Touch?
Java Object instantiation
How to Program another page on buttons in eclipse? [closed]
Auto-renewable OR In-App Purchases for Newsstand鈥hich is better?
Unable to build project with custom uiviewController
How to check programmatically whether a managed assembly is x86, x64 or AnyCPU?
(tcsh) postcmd alias for xterm titlebar breaks less texteditor
Which persistent store setup is more efficient
Is this an F# 2.0 parser bug?
How to Subclass WPF's TreeViewItem and use it in a treevview
How to check hibernate mappings using reflection?
How to make .exe file
Cyclic hierarchy in inheritance
EditText not editable
Using QWebFrame.setContent() with unicode (Python+PySide)
Acceptance testing a legacy code
reloading type providers
Multiprocessing and Multithreading
jquery ui datepicker issue when try to print selected date in dd/mm/yy format
CREATE ASSEMBLY in SQLCLR using assembly byte string failed because it could not open the physical file
How do you play a long AudioClip?
Android: specifying size of TableRows
Why CompilationTask.getTask(鈥� automatically creates a folder for output the class files?
github authentication / permissions: multiple users, multiple repos
Remove string between 2 characters from text string
How to consume real-time ETW events from the Microsoft-Windows-NDIS-PacketCapture provider?
How can I programmatically recycle a .net web app's own apppool?
adding a second variable to jquery validation
WCF Service hosting on remote server
launch settings from alert
Objective C: Accessing data in the same class from mutiple external classes
how to know the view if we know the coordinates
How to use cocoa progress bars?
django pass commonly used dictionaries to templates without explicitly passing them in each view?
Editing a .doc in PHP
Select random Java variable? Is this possible
I could not submit a job to the executing node in condor apart from the central manager
Function returns BYTE array
Increase celery retry time each retry cycle
Cakephp showing errors when deployed in server
Wordpress Functionality: Custom Theme or Plugin?
Codification problems (and basics) with MySQL
Create a table grid using a single repeat control in xpages
Button is filling up the entire cell in GridLayout, Java
config chmod setting in mybb and joomla
Rails 3.1 HABT Model & Drop-Down Menu in Views
Use System Print Dialog in Chrome in JavaScript
Generate Debug Info is fixing an issue?
What XSLT converts JUnit Xml format to JUnit Plain format
Learning Python: Changing value in list based on condition
Is placing a boolean-returning method inside an if functionally equivalent to calling the method directly?
Howto use basic authentication in multi threaded HTTPClient environment?
Is an imageData CanvasPixelArray directly available to a canvas WebGL context?
printing bufferedimage to a printer
FancyBox doesn't work inside a h:form
How to get list of registered views in prism with MEF
Website does not auto resize even with width: 100%;?
Load perl modules automatically during runtime in Perl
Rails 3.0 how to create endless page?
鈥淒o not use Abstract Base class in Design; but in Modeling/Analysis鈥�
Hide cursor or have custom cursor in Windows 8 Metro
Phone directory in iOS
SQLite database the value of primary key effected if i delete a row from table
Create a unique 4-byte Integer number from a String in PHP
vim search for not
Is it possible to compile Java Bytecode to Native Code using pypy?
Is it possible to compile Java Bytecode to Native Code using pypy?
Submit button checking mandatory fields before opening new window
MySQL: count matching rows in second table
SharePoint GetListItems Across Domain
Variables from stdin
Print doesn't work in MS Access VBA?
stl container with std::unique_ptr's vs boost::ptr_container
C# Int vs Byte performance & SQL Int vs Binary performance
yaml c++ dll under visual studio
Only add items to a dropdown list once
Aggregate Math on TimeStamp fields
Launching an activity when a notification icon is clicked on the status bar?
Data structure in C# for emulate a Python tuple of tuples
automatically add node to href in query and cancel default
Swipe between activities
Powershell: Verbose equivalent for the '&' call operator?
MPMoviePlayerViewController movie plays without being asked
Codeigniter error 500 when attempting to load lang file
change date format in django
How do I create a certificate within AppHarbor using a GoDaddy certificate
How does an aspx page is execute? [duplicate]
SQL trigger with parsing and existence check on another table
Dozer 5.3.2 issue NoClassDefFoundError
Windows: Slow application start
AVFoundation: Read RAW single frames from mov file (v210, Uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2)
Silverlight Animation Storyboard in Resource File
Text Decoration not working within DIV
How to parse auth protected site in Java?
Reading Already Sent PHP Content
Add child nodes to a nested list dynamically (Sencha Touch 2)
Compilation issues on linux
jQuery ajax success conditional..?
Bail out of an object's init with arc?
stuck on listener creation
Certificate Parser in android
1/x + 1/y = 1/N(factorial)
How to properly center the menu [closed]
Uploading PostedFile to FTP
transfering a variable to another page in windows phone 7
Integrate google+ in iphone? [closed]
Is it possible to supply ip AND hostname in URL?
How to make Eclipse Compiler copy existing class files to the target dir?
resignfirstresponder crashes my ios app
jQuery or CSS mistake?
Where to store CSS and jQuery used in DotNetNuke HTML module?
Good introduction to SVG
How do Real Time Strategy games work in PHP?
Report on Git commits without code review
Random number of FORM fields being prepared for database
PHP-imagegrabscreen as a method to create website-thumbnails
How to easily remember Red-Black Tree insert and delete?
Software for 3D vectors drawing [closed]
Mysql query Max not working
Calling dlopen from a shared library loaded via JNI makes previously loaded symbols invisible
How to properly use SDL_BlitSurface() with SDL_CreateRGBSurface()?
Transferring from Vector to Vector
Using XHR progress events to monitor a MySQL query
Saving PDF in iOS
Maven profiles confusion; confusion about user-based authentication to internal repo
Way to make PDF of a Storyboard in Xcode?
Mootools: how to stop delay events with 'mouseenter' and 'mouseleave'
jquery Populate dropdown with json data
How to define further commonparameters for powershell functions defined within a bespoke module?
Why URI.escape fails when called on ActionView::OutputBuffer?
Cant remove tables from XSLTListView template
Making an open source Java webapp easy to install and deploy on Tomcat, Jetty etc
Youtube slower on my site than on Youtube
Bounding box of autocomplete - Jquery UI Map
Strategy for Modeling RBAC with NoSQL Document Store
Get indexOf special characters in ActionScript3
express-resource custom mapping
jQuery .toggle() to show and hide a sub-menu
Compiling .NET IL to native code for Mac
XSL Basics: showing value of a boolean?
Symfony2 functional testing InvalidArgumentException: The current node list is empty
Starting jQuery width: 'toggle' with a value of zero
How can I protect a .so I am embedding in my .apk file?
Execution of printf() and Segmentation Fault
Manually need to synchronize access to synchronized list/map/set etc
OpenGL Arbitrary Axis Rotation Equivalence
How to add 鈥渙r鈥�in my method?
How to make an Android quiz app? [closed]
How do I write my excel spreadsheet into a variable, using PhpExcel?
Rotation of (flipping) an advert on Windows Phone, using XNA
Get coordinates of cursor in JChart2D
how to detail more with gvisGeoMap in R with googleVis package?
Jquery Overlay Default Positioning
Compiler Flags for Mixing ARC and Non-ARC Code are ignored
How to know that the stream has ended C#
Is there an equivalent of the Rhino Mocks .Do() method in Moq?
BizTalk SSO API?
ImageView with rounded corners and inner shadow
Removing Left recursion in CFG's
why self.locationManager stopUpdatingLocation doesn't stop location update
Adding Shapes to a New Visio Document
Rosetta, Rosetta Grappelli and Grappelli messages not showing
static qt dialog windows not possible?
Adding image in ListView Column
Cropping an image using openCV Matrix using Android binaries
Battery Manager not receiving BATTERY_PLUGGED_AC int
dataset .readxml with URLs containg ampersands in elements
Backup and restore phone data
How to optimalize pan and zoom in mapview with multiple lines?
Way of passing request format to Twig path function
Editing an Excel Object embedded in a Word document in Excel
Is there a way to update component even when JSF fail during Process Validation phase
Is there a java analog to supervisord
OSGi application design - am I abusing the service framework?
Checking if Joined Table is Empty [PHP & MYSQL]
how to grab gmail contact list after user gets authenticated with oauth2
Is it possible to do multiple colored text within an Excel cell?
I want grab 1 random item out of 4 different arrays and display the result
Generating Enums directly from DB
ListView not refreshing in a custom ViewGroup
Recommended way to copy arbitrary files using Cocoa
Automatic Scrolling Suddenly Stops
Error : failed to launch, when running on ipad
How to install python2.7 specific packages on Arch Linux?
Only import specific data columns - Comma Delimited List
Rails: Matching Comment id to Specific Micropost id
How to encrypt iOS files (e.g. PDFs) from user access?
Python SimpleHTTPServer able to register connection attempts?
Convert Form Post to Querystring
Difference Between Spring JDBC Vs Plain JDBC?
me/home graph api not returning open graph actions shown in news feed
Where can I find bcp for boost?
Is it possible to use an XML file as a dependency in Maven?
how to use primary key with jqGrid and jsonReader
Junit in eclipse produces NoClassDefFoundError when using junit
Download function failing with big file sizes
What is the best method for creating a mobile app [closed]
Grails redirect not working
How to get MethodInfo from a method symbol [duplicate]
How to Inserting french characters in mySQL DB table?
using pthreads in fortran
How to use versioning for a war application running on Apache Tomcat
broken javascript - formatting tools wont fix it. causes previous block of code to break
Scrolling through UIButtons on a UIView
What are my options for timing?
django gets a 404 page when I try to access django-registration
Check permission inside a template in Django
How can I see if the string is numeric?
Spring - How to use BeanPropertyRowMapper without maching column names
impossible add Icefaces 3 facet in Eclipse 3.7?
Doctrine can't generate relations
Django extend custom manager at runtime. Mixin style?
How to do bulk changes in an audited table?
Finding highest values in an array within a certain distance of each other
variable values conflicts with multiple user
How to open app widget picker on honeycomb/ics?
Using Caliper to benchmark REST Services 鈥�or not?
How to Show Discrete Fourier Spectrum (DFT) of Image using OpenCV and FFTW3 library?
Text selection within dynamically-loaded element in WebKit browsers
Uncaught ReferenceError: my function is not defined
Google Maps: tiled overlay
How to identify the message we send
Java compiler optimisation
NServiceBus - Message XXX has been allocated to endpoint my.endpoint.local
Is there a max. limit for lines of code in Aptana 3?
Alternative to the Excel VBA Editor?
MvcContrib strongly-typed BeginForm overload routes to portable area instead of consuming route
Progress Bar with JQuery not working
If a property has no explicit return what is it returning?
WCF and Nested Classes
Changing edge attributes in networkx multigraph
How do I disable the Exchange Powershell 鈥淭ip of the Day鈥�
Access and preserve list names in lapply function
Can't execute system/exec command
MIN() in WHERE clause
Comparing signed data and signature in Android Market responses using Ruby on Rails
Issue using XStream JSON parser, multiple entries in a Map
Can you specify a view bound for an abstract type?
Migrating FB open graph actions, objects and aggregations from dev to production app
cakephp 1.3 xmlns serialize an array without the :
How do you filter (and replace) phone# input if javascript disabled and you want (XXX)XXX-XXXX exactly, in PHP or Regex
lambda expression issue
How to distribute both 32 and 64 bit versions of the library
eclipse and android sdk to Box.NET
Blocking Locks versus Non-Blocking Locks
CSS position/layout to have DIVs flow around a DIV?
Trying to figure out how to run J2SE application on Ubuntu
symlink warning during rails app deploy with capistrano
Inheritance in SQL Server and LINQ?
Liferay announcements portlet hook
Can't open SQLite database
How can I tell if a given string is a valid input to PHP's preg_match?
suggestions for a macro to find duplicates in a SINGLE column
need to display a picture gallery in rows and columns
Error when creating Zip file using DotNetZip: Unexpected end of archive
Adding a link to the EPiServer help menu
php cURL to only return body without img tags
How to list all my Fanpages in one page
Rails 3 association, issues about controller and view
Maven dependencies issue
Class templates with duplicate names?
Correct cursor position in Vim
TODOs in Xcode: How to make them stand out?
How to bypass cache on a single Entity Framework 4.0 query?
Making the user scroll all the XtraGridControl o a GridControl
Select count() when field is unique
Test multiple browsers PHPUnit selenium stops
ReferenceMany generates a $pushAll field, which throw an error when trying to save a MongoGridFs file
ASP.NET web app works on http://localhost, but has wants authorization on http://pcname-ch
Reset passcode algorithm
Sending data to remote servers with python
Compiling JSPs is very slow while uploading on Google App Engine
PHP - get random image from multiple folders
std::fstream seems to read in different sizes
Efficiently drawing text using Raphael.js
How to get Eclipse to create bin/main and bin/test
use of const char * in arrays for reading sequential files
jQuery Resizing Object
Can a separate WordPress (same server) get posts from an existing one, but have different settings?
Android - Camera, really tough task [closed]
SQL Query with count, sum and group by
Drupal 7 - 24 hour event reminder
google maps api 鈥�showing a markers infowindow from a link outside of the map
Array function removes first char from the array
Applescript: Make new folder structure in multiple folders
Linking C++ in SciTE
Weird behaviour with triggering __callStatic() from non-static method
Java error: 鈥淐omparison method violates its general contract!鈥�
Pointers inside classes methods / functions
deserialization of json string in c#
Select data from table making records with certain fields appear first in the resultset
If I have successfully opened a new tab in a browser, how can I write information to the screen from the controller?
How to replace the hardcoded data in views, stored procedures, and functions via a script?
FOSFacebookBundle : Choose username before registration
Multiple File Uploading in PHP
How do I find documentation for this Emacs command?
ExpandableListView within a ListView
Bitmap functions in Adobe ExtendScript
jquery form value lookup from other element
PowerMock: how to do EasyMock's expectPrivate() for Mockito?
Synchronization of context object
Simulate qobject_cast failure
C++ 鈥渃in鈥�only reads the first word [duplicate]
facebook javascript sdk login dialog blocked when invoked from flash
Could MonoTouch be used to make a Unity3d plugin
Java how do I create a large number (1million) without printing E (i want actual)
OpenCV Python Bindings for GrabCut Algorithm
ANSI C floating point calculation inaccuracy
IDEA/Eclipse class finder like GWT widget with keyboard handling
Is it possible to load a Handlebars template via Ajax?
How to set option style in css? [duplicate]
get many-to-many from interface
Phonegap facebook plugin for android gives me an oauthexception
RSS with php and variables in query
MySQL order by multiple case statements
Close a form from a thread
C#, abstract superclass implementing a concrete variable defined by the subclass?
Overloaded Function not being Used:
Debugging AJAX + Jquery Webpage - dynamic loading of contents seems not working
SQL Help ~ Relational Database Model ~ Displaying Results
Scroll Firefox using Watir Webdriver
Why is this ArrayList throwing a ConcurrentModificationException when I try to remove an element?
CSS - Getting a div to display as much text as it can without going crazy
Why can't I delete the current element when iterating over a list?
determine whether ping has been sent successfully
Can't import System.Web namespace
ASP.Net web service won't return JSON - Always XML
Event log message file issue
how to either return string or match empty if node/tag not found in xpath (lxml)
Backend Engineer going in for UI stuff. What all do I need? [closed]
Sql - the multi-part identifier cannot be bound
using powershell to find a website's certificate
Ideal way of creating a custom data structure, given my use case
How can we require users to accept all permissions in our Facebook SSO?
Set theme for a Fragment
python sax xml names of the children tags
Catch onFling on ListView
Process audio and video independently
Get the value/text of a column in a Gridview in C# to display in a label
Is it possible to append multiple Crystal Reports in a single viewer?
Loading images asynchronously into a tableview cells
Hard time on learning Java EE - mostly installing and testing stuff
C programming; lvalue required [duplicate]
How to extract latitude and longitude from Google Maps autocomplete
Is it possible to load an external page?
Openlayers style the CSS feature popup
Anagram Solver, array[26] not working correctly
Inserting date in a database using PreparedStatement in Java
How to get the path to the executable when using launch4j?
Developer-Centric Branching in SVN
How to Make and automatic timer reset in Delphi 7?
Can't access 'local' XML file [duplicate]
PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer with a custom classloader
what's the 鈥渃orrect鈥�way to write a JUnit test against an EJB?
Adding additional properties without having to overwrite base properties
XMPP server for Python
Approach for implementing a timer in LWUIT APP
Calculating input.
How to obscure Database password?
how to hide all divs in jquery
SSH as user allowing temporary root access in Linux [closed]
Override UrlHelper.RouteUrl
How to select a array of nodes using standard javascript methods
Simulating Key Presses in WPF
consume webservice using dojo
Configure S3 to request from server when an object is not found?
Android HTTP Connection refused
NSDateFormatter off by one hour
Refreshing UI after update to a ListBox-bound collection
Problems with page layout after migrating to JSF 2.0, RichFaces 4.1.0 Final
Weird thing when checking sessions in Rails on POST request
How to use same IvParameterSpec object in different programs?
Replacing images with a tabled image in a WordPress template for HTML email
phprunner drop-down list -default value
Parametrize location where eclipse settings are saved
ASP.NET gridview row onclick
Why DatagramSocketImpl joinGroup method takes a NetworkInterface if the socket must have already been bound to it?
MSI Installation should wait while product is running
Strange Java Servlet Filter-Mapping Behaviour
How do I adjust the size of a Vimeo player size?
how do I extract text from a nested xml using xmlpullparser in android?
install cairo and libcairo2 on CentOS
IIS6 access denied error 401.3
Tool Tip Issue Popup not showing on the top layer of a form
Watir Click_no_wait clicking too fast?
replacing a scene from another class
How to get camera feeds in Windows 8 Metro style app?
Galaxy Nexus full screen app missing on screen buttons
DatatGrid Itemsource using Linq i cant select any record except first
ModelComparer does not work at all
Why DatagramSocketImpl joinGroup method takes a InetSocketAddress if the port does NOT matter for a multicast group?
How using a smart pointer in C++ helps in below example
Generating a diff of two DOM elements (rather than two strings) in javascript
How to get a count of all the files in a git repository?
Consistent column widths with Sheet.autoSizeColumn(n)
Structs with 2d arrays in C
runST and function composition
Jquery resize the form 鈥渇ormAddNewRow鈥�
Cut a string with a know Start & Endindex [closed]
Issue with Union of characters program in c
Java Activity service class and Java Activity application class
Are groups classed as static data within SignalR?
How to send large files from RadPHP server to Delphi XE datasnap server
Android SDK - Eclipse - how to use some piece of code in more than one class
If statement with negative return
If convert from byte array to bitmap object return null value. Have any ideea why?
Finding a specific value of input when having multiple forms on a page
how to re-load a JavaScript page with re-displaying it
:before :after HR Values for Site Title on Transparent Background
Zend_Db_Profiler log to file
Update Multiple Rows (PHP + MySQL)
TCP combine two messages when no ack is received
Obtain Date object from the int value in java
Vim - helptags not working for NERDtree
RavenDB: How to create MapReduce index to return a filtered list of child objects
Missing folder errors during capistrano deploy
PHP Scandir Function with HTML Form (Checkboxes)
xml xsl template with html / js inside failing
Toggle fields to be full in the url for tastypie?
Erlang data structures
passing a gridview selected item value to a different ViewModel of different Usercontrol
Connecting to SQL Server with a username and password
creating a pdf from a template in itextsharp and outputting as content disposition.
How to put a html into flash file?
Facebook iframe app, problems with php and IE
Does volatile ever block or involve a context switch?
how to simulate java card applet with Netbeans?
How can I select rows from a table where three or more values in different columns are the same?
Pointers in VBA
SQL: Join with complete participation
facebook api date format
Sharepoint 2010 Development Environment Set-up
When restarting delayed_job with capistrano it isn't always creating the pid file
Just one column from a stored procedure