jQuery listener for horizontal swipe on touchscreen? [closed]
Notification of User Opening other NSStatusItem's Menu on a Mac
Formatting my output from NSLog
Security - Remote file injection 鈥�help needed
Migrating from umbraco 4 to umbraco 5
post-commit hook failed (exit code 255) error
loop through divs inside a div
Make wordpress search only in post title
Getting constants and subclasses
Determining Thread Safety in Unit Tests
Logging web.ctx
How to configure Doctrine in symfony2?
org.apache.jasper.JasperException in struts1
How do I do a proper owner-draw of Full Row Selected TDBGrid when TDBGrid.DefaultDrawing is false?
How to duplicate a Component/Control? [duplicate]
Dynamic item template in NestedList
RAS event capturing
simple rookie regex help needed
mySQL table design for facebook style posts that suits one-to-many or many-to-many
Arduino has a delay in dialogue with Android
GIF random behaviour on Firefox10
separate thread for every connection?
Can I combine archive template's Jquery sort by/view per page events so that they dont reset each other?
Proper way to remove elements from synchronized lists
Double PHP URL query GET
Cocos2D-X Literatue [closed]
What protocols should support a bluetooth device to be operated from android application?
FaceBook loading HTTPS hosted iframe apps via POST
C++ Structs: get attribute by name
How to reuse a jQuery object (newbie)
Consuming JSON WCF/asmx service in asp.net MVC 3
How to add a fancy frame for an img if you only know its width?
Display attributes of many to many relationship coded with @OneToMany and @ManyToOne
random types of errors occurring randomly in GTK# app using SOAP service async
Using Singleton in C#
iOS CAKeyframeAnimation rotationMode on UIImageView
Jquery Form Submit function not working [closed]
how to get git commit history for a subfolder and all files under the folder ONLY?
What is a 鈥渃opy c-or鈥�in C++?
JSP expression multiple variables as output
Count Number of Files with Extension in iPhone Documents
How to get Implicit parameter into scope when using currying
gem install not working with homebrew
MVC - Accessing css, image, js files in view folder
How do I get rid of banding artifacts on my ImageView?
Updating Powerpoint Graph 2010 from Excel 2010
Javascript MVC frameworks [closed]
Displaying current value in Selection Cell GWT
Count sub-subelements with hql
mvc3: Binding a datetime in a localized application?
python win32api and selecting tasks configured for Windows 7/2008
Python - How to get the metadata dictionary of a public Amazon S3 file?
Transferred files to new hosting, get SQL injection [closed]
Gain PanningMode behavior of ScrollViewer with mouse events
HTML5: How can I style my <header>, <footer> section into center position?
Building Portfolio ASP.Net MVC
PHP filter_input_array() is not failing as expected
Rails - How to change created_at time?
Race condition during per-request image resizing
byte aligning in serial communication
Remapping the Mousewheel to a keyboard key with autoit
Using Python to multiply/divide columns in CSV files
How to make JavaC copy existing class files to the target dir?
Static analysis tool to check locking before access to variable
Touch to Beam, the only way to send NFC (ICS)?
User wants to post link to their facebook wall
Array keys ,get array values ,then comma separate
SQL syntax error
Can ViewPager have multiple views in per page?
Codeigniter $this->db->trans_begin(); if not committed or rolled back and page is refreshed it locks the db
How to load a page/portlet on weblogic through ajax
radio button html missing checked attribute, though firebug indicates it is checked
mySQL is there a type of array that is searchable?
$(鈥�datepicker鈥�.datepicker is not a function - JavaScript error
run two javascriptscript files with same function names
What does Post.all.map(&:id) mean? [duplicate]
creating a user control with three datasource , displaymember and valuemember
Ruby On Rails - Showing the default option with collection_select dependent on params
apache web-server : How to serve static content from apache web server
UPDATE operation takes 6 seconds
Adding GUID parameter to a sql string
how to update the whole column?
GC_CURRENT - Phonegap App crashes
How to determine if window.confirm() is supported?
Configure Tomcat for multiple simultaneous SOAP requests
Writing COM servers for the windows API in C#, where to begin?
YouTube API too_long error code on short keywords?
mediaelement.js not working on IE9
Subdividing a general polygon in a number of small convex polygons
Only allow some characters with grep?
Use Signalr to have a facebook like notification system
How can I estimate the size of my gzipped script?
Binding events for ajax calls - how do you do it?
Extracting packed data using regular expressions
Type error Python programming
writing a query output to text file using FileSystemObject
Support of pagination in smartGWT for ListGrid?
How to run functions and ignore missing values, but not whole observation?
Resources NotFoundException?
Assembly Cannot be cast
Switch to last active application like Alt-Tab
convert pseudocode into x86 assembly
Can't get GNATbench working with Eclipse
Working with Xstream, clarification needed
Setting values in AndroidManifes.xml
Setting up Octave with gnuplot support in Emacs
Using any of the Amazon Web Services, how could I schedule something to happen 1 year from now?
How To Iterate A String In F#?
Lack of Tray Icon (Not SystemTray icon) with java.awt.Window
Writing PGM file in C doesn't work
Mac OS X version specific API usage
Get index of parent LI and assign as <A> href with jquery
JavaCV Vs OpenCV from Runtime point of View
Ruby. Calling Super from the overriden method
How to share static object across processes in WCF?
How to perform same query on two different tables in one query
Bug or feature in android.util.Log? - Log.isLoggable(DEBUG) = false but Log.d() is not disabled
Displaying information using repeater
How and where can I access the .ec files that EMMA generates?
Trouble horizontally aligning images next to each other in IE7
Look how to fix column calculation in Python readline if use color prompt
beaker InvalidCryptoBackendError: No AES library is installed error
In which programming languages are technologies like Git built and how can I learn them? [closed]
WebSphere MQ Object Naming Conventions
nullmailer send success messages to mail.err?
Add thousands of columns into datagridview
Rendering Haml file in a javascript response with rails
How do yo move a UIWebView offscreen?
Comparing the images of two scanned forms
jQuery listener for click on touchscreens?
trying to copy all the elements of a vector
How to expose security flaws in my website
Django setup with Apache and mod_wsgi on Mac: configuration problems
FabricJS Canvas, Scrolling parent container moves child hit area
Insert a new section in UITableView
Nearest trio of neighbours for non-intersecting ellipses
Apache mod-rewrite varibles
UIScrollView loses 'bounce' effect without any reason
How to set foreigns keys through form input in Ruby on Rails3?
Popup Calendar in edit mode of asp.net gridview
Text in <p> not displayed entirely (?) [closed]
php simplexmlelement directly access element
What is 鈥淪cala Presentation Compiler鈥�
Degrees of Separation Query
rails achievements
Saving variables in an array using an html form and javascript
How to stream file from xPages?
sort on array inside mysql_fetch_array
Are there iOS API calls to get access to the UMTS pdp interface on the iPhone?
Visual C++ cannot open include file error, fixes with a second consecutive build
How can I find out which PHP script a process is running in Linux?
Dual mode ARC/GC and Core Foundation bridging
SQL Injection PHP: Do I need to validate the user input using parameterized queries?
removing the forward slash from this re-written url
Modal Window and struts 2 action
select row in GridEx in runTime
Matlab Arrays Handling
Get all children of specified type regardless of level
XmlBeans XmlDateTime format without timezone info
Android: Get FileSystem Object or Path Object using it
Facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�-how to get the landing tab to redirect to another tab
Copying directories recursively using shell script
Add n every N characters in a query?
PHP and MySQL: Dynamic position/order update
lattice or latticeExtra combine multiple plots different yscaling (log10 and non-transformed)
鈥淐ould Not Load Type鈥�on deployed site refering to old pages/classes
How to model football game statistics in RavenDB
subset data frame by skipping a specific number of rows
Datediff returning days not years Access 2007
momentum rotation of image in iOS
zend framework 2 models with doctrine 2
Android adb backup couldn't connect issue
INotifyCollectionChanged for .NET 2.0 Workaround
Create Table using DIV's
How can i use select_tag in rails3
Reload embed with javascript
Service Account Types Supported for SQL Server Agent and SQL Server Analysis
Google Website Optimizer Two onClick Events?
Getting SPContext inside event receiver
Collections.synchronizedList and synchronized
android: open a pdf from my app without using pdf viewer
PHP create session for later PHP page
Android Native NDK OpenGL ES: unimplemented API
SWFLoader loading subapp that access it own resource
How to get idevice info by udid?
update web db after app was deleted
Problems installing R on Linux CentOS 6.2
how to stream with mule sftp connector
Debug Request Timed Out (System.Web.HttpException)
<textarea> with horizontal rule
SAS plots add auto figure number to title or footnote
how to show that NDCG score is significant
Draw vertical ending of error bar line in dotplot
PHP String - int comparison
Return the last element in the node list
HttpWebResponse + Stream.Read, adding null chars at the end
How to get Jquery-ui Autocomplete with Codeigniter to display response text
ldapsearch over ssl/tls doesn't work
IPad MBProgressHUD does it support device orientation change?
Multiple applications on the same URL/Port (IIS)
ActiveMQ Simple Authentication Plugin - user admin is not authorized to create: topic://ActiveMQ.Advisory.Connection
Executing doInBackground (AsyncTask) - onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
Error 330 when Gzipping a response from nodejs server
Reading a JSON string
Getting NullPointerException in custom ListView
XCode : Nothing displaying in iphone simulator
Disable 'Select All' feature in EXTJS CheckColumn
Executing program in php - display and return output
How to add a permanent prefix to a textbox using Jquery
rendering video on a texture in LibGDX
How to add an item of type T to a List<T> without knowing what T is?
Fading Sound In/Out using NAudio
Is there an event fired after an eco template is rendered
SQL - very complicated query
Enumerate over DataTable, filter items, then revert to DataTable
loop through structures and finding the correlation
Object by Reference vs. Reference by Value
android - WrapPanel equivalent?
Using checkboxes in an interactive report with primary key
How to focus after initialization with emberjs?
Magento filter product collection by multiple categories
Best settings for MP4 for Web / iPhone / iPad / Android
iOS : Saving from current UIImageView to Photo Album Failed - Unable to save to photo album
What does `new` in JavaScript do, anyway? [duplicate]
Reading/writing a text file in a servlet, where should this file be stored in JBoss?
How do I achieve this in C#
Compare two php variables in Wordpress
Timing two testNG test methods to run in parallel and to run at EXACTLY the same time?
Recursive Descent vs Lex/Parse?
How do I create a button and how do I assign an event to it?
basics of for loops [closed]
How to use a lambda expression to return a field from two collections
Dreamweaver, gallery [closed]
Average image (Type error)
Wicket Ajax update one dropdown to another
Mixing JQuery click events with a JQuery post
How can I override a base method's summary comment from a child implementation?
PostgreSQL query with conditional empty values depending on preceding rows
Printer specific initialization string prior to printing XPS document
Zend_Form setLabel not working with norwegian characters
iOS, accessing files saved on iPad
Rails 3 Render Prawn pdf in ActionMailer
How to post a TrieField field using SolrJ?
Can I create multi-line tick labels in Dojo Charts?
asp.net async thread with pooling
Show output textarea with line breaks
Google Map API features enable
Wanted: DateTime.TryNew(year, month, day) or DateTime.IsValidDate(year, month, day)
Changing the padding for Dojo ToolTipDialog
What libraries are needed for this binary to run? [closed]
What happens to comments in minified JavaScript?
in linq why are subsequent calls of IEnumerable.Intersect so much faster
Print html with javascript
How to avoid 鈥淚nput system error. The system is being restarted鈥�
CAD insert block with thumbnail under mouse
Python - installing matplotlib latest version on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Android + Verisign SSL Version 1
Searching for a codes in a mysql database
Wix - Upgrade will old installation and install new one
Count of records that are created the same day
Does using entities in where constrains work?
Can't get Axapta.CreateAxaptaObject() to work
setOnClickListener raise error inside in my case [duplicate]
Get the Credit Card Type based on Number
Getting an Error while Creating a iPhone Archive application
pass variable form file.js.erb to _partial.html.erb rails 3.1 and jquery
How Do I Make A Cache In Grails?
How can I change IFRAME height when the source it's on another domain?
Combine data from different txt
Addresses and lifetime of rvalue references (or of xvalues in general)
How to do bit blit in cocos2d?
Can a (C/C++) array initialization reference itself?
VBA debug issue
Rails garbage collect is not removing old objects
Why is the program crashing?
Why does __sync_add_and_fetch work for a 64 bit variable on a 32 bit system?
Matching a list of possible hashtags in a tweet - Javascript or jQuery
creating an initialized string in java given input parameters
Use Eclipse active page as input for doxygen
Multiple deployers single Content Delivery database (Broker DB)
less.js 1.2.1 with other css styles, css styles not working
Retreiving information from one's own previously posted notifications
Sharepoint web service connections
jquery javascriptcss issue - inline font weight manipulation
Which one to go; Yii or Symfony
Doing multiple gsub in a rails 3 app on email body template
In the Tridion Link Resolver template building block, what is the difference between Binary and Multimedia
getJSON prints unicode characters as mojibake (Windows-1252)
Visual basic - Sound detection
calling contact picker intent throws error in android
Internal Server Error when passing parameters to WCF service
Wpf animation - like shaking icons on iOS
How do I start/stop JBoss on system startup on Mac Lion?
SQL Syntax error - can't find the error [closed]
How to enable only one instance of my application
Qt Creator: Design changes not showing when run
Am I wrong to make directory executable?
decltype(*&fun) is strange?
Eclipse RCP - Product dependencies
Billiards game collision
how to read a single HTML element from the server page, using Javascript
Can't add values to a NSMutableDictionary
assigning a value to a long long integers using gcc on sparc solaris
Dealing with circular dependency on inheritance
Creating an efficient way to build a related articles feature with php and mysql
Using Unique without namespace declaration
How do I handle a series of left joins in Linq to Objects?
gamecenter dialog language doesn't get localized
Drupal: Panels argument (node title instead of node id)
how to make a ActiveModel to became a hash or array?
Why does string.join return list object in VB.Net
Multiple threads using System.out.println in Java
Bundler, when attempting to update or install, will hang forever
iOS5:An example of split view controller
Conversion from Jquery XML Object to String throws Security Error
Masterpage width
When should I use a header file?
Improving worst-case running time of insertion sort using binary search
Tried this to get image from both gallery and Camera using Dialog button. Not able to get the dialog.
Extract file names based on dates [Shell]
鈥淎S鈥�equivalent in sqlite
Android root permissions
How to know which class called another class?
Release graphics when app entered to background mode
How to load a new view on button click in iPhone view based application without using UINavigationBar?
program crashes when inserting new items to vector
Zend breadcrumb renderPartial
AXE Parser Generator and mingw gcc 4.6 operator &
don't get __InstanceOperationEvent when disablingqenabling some devices
TypeMismatchException the provided ID is of a wrong type
Can't execute java program with php exec function
echo variables from a class
Date error sending mail using codeigniter
Change resource strings post compilation
Greek characters in Grails with message function
Trying to make draggable children of a scrolledwindow in wXPython
How to copy into buffer within struct within struct
In razor views, how can I have a control such as <span id='cat@MYID' />?
Creating infinitely spawning enemies
How to connect to Amazon EC2 Windows Server Site from outside computer
Why is am I getting the I am 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object.鈥�example
How many MySql tables for a website like Elance? [closed]
In Extjs 3 to listen to the text fields, in order to change the symbols included in it.
Snippets in Kwrite
EF Codefirst Convert Base Class to Derived Class
Streaming Data over USB with Android Smartphone
tinyMce bind focusin/focusout events?
arbor.js dot-like bezier curves for edges
How to replace one icon in jquery-ui?
SQLite drilldown tables
Reading big files in Android
C# storing linked list in binary trees nodes
RegEx Pattern Help (php)
nginx/PHP config problems
Goople API failing CF9 failing for one address
Php encoded shell code? [closed]
Initializing an array of hashes in Perl
Does it make sense to make the unit test class static?
Python creating multiple instances for a single object/class
Catch Exception, add data, and rethrow it
Does affect the NHibernate mapping inherited classes in C#?
GWT:how can i rename my module
Constants and Matlab Coder
jsTree drag and drop on android / ipad tablets
How to write a parser for a configuration file in python
Zoom event on an element of a web page
Is there an Eclipse new Project Wizzard for Java EE 6 Web Profile Applications?
Let user know of long operation when initiating request to download file
android listview id combination
In ASP.NET does Response.Redirect hinder the Page_Load event of the target URL?
Finding Dynamic controls in other Rows of a Repeater
Protect a DIV from selection
In C, what is the minimum requirement to implement a header file?
Why cant i browse for my gallary on a webpage when using a IPad?
Compare rights of two users on SQL Server
JavaScript performance while appending a large number of children to a large number of elements
Why does JavaMail use System.getProperties() ?
Updating a notification with both the old and the new extras
jQuery delay time seems to be wrong
The HTTP request was forbidden with client authentication scheme 'Anonymous'. when attempting to add a service reference
How to pass ${CTEST_CONFIGURATION_TYPE} using add_test in cmake
Line of code Ive never seen before
How to have the drive letter, with the device ID on Windows7
Passing parameters for 鈥淚n Clause鈥�in sql server 2008 [duplicate]
Html make text clickable without making it a hyperlink
3D rendering engine for offline batch rendering of many models + texture maps?
How to detect jquery exist or not in browser?
Resolve 鈥渃onnection reset by peer鈥�issue when storing json dumped string using python client in Redis 2.4.8
False Negative: Job Step History
MSBuild hangs while copying files
Passing a collection of parameters to an Action in ASP.NET MVC 3
No compliant way to convert signed/unsigned of same size
How to make Windows Ribbon Framework honor user's font size?
NServicebus: can I have message rollback without DTC?
how to add event in Calendar?
WSDL - How to connect to webservice from eclipse
Troubles with load testing results
Determine what satellites to display on screen in Augmented reality
Matlab Compilation Error
ASP.NET MVC3 model binder data is invalid when a getter is used against the collection
PHP CMS for uploading photos and automatic resizing
Return Jquery Validation Response inside Form Field
WPF Toolkit Accordion Control Expand/Collapse
Creating a wizard
Customize widgets in android?
How to have app support .HLP help files in Win7?
How do I get all changes from SQL Server database usingchange tracking in a single query (or avoid being chatty with the database)?
Sorting tables in an Access 2003 database with linked tables to SQL 2008 is casing locking issues
EditText.SetText() changes my softkeyboard input type in a custom adapter
How to attain virtualization in listbox with different layouts of Windows Phone App
Office.Interop.Word - How to print the document on both sides?
Is it possible to exclude specified GET parameters in apache access logs?
is there a way to generate a pom.xml with dependencies from an eclipse project?
Virtual PC memory usage
DisplayTag - export filename global property does not work
What are the values for constants LVCFMT_LEFT, LVCFMT_RIGHT and LVCFMT_CENTER?
What's the difference between to_a and to_ary in ActiveRecord?
How to disable link/button/etc when last item is visible in a carousel in javascript
Offline Web App not caching on Firefox but ok on Chrome [duplicate]
SQLite row count
Get client to act as server with websocket?
rails: Accessing member variables in after_create
Page refreshes with no reason
How to check if page exists? [duplicate]
Jquery opacity on div hover does not work
Checkstyle vs. nonJavadoc comments?
ExtJS AJAX save as dialog box
VS 2005 fails to build aspx files with includes
Flash Builder layouts
Magento Community 1.6.1; Users get empty response after products updated
error in php date function using codeigniter
Send notification to user on facebook for app request?
Value of ommiting ?> in PHP only files [duplicate]
Execute commands after ssh login
Google Map api V3 storing inputs
How to track the users geoposition with JavaScript?
Issues of Jenkins build scheduling on Windows: delays in the execution of scheduled builds
Page not found error on redirect
flatten a data frame
Curl with HTTPS and Multithreading
java implementation of excel price,yield functions [closed]
Code Assist for Javascript Canvas object
What is a regular expression to catch all git commit footer lines in git log output?
NSToolbarDelegate Error?
Ajax sorting server-side, is iSortCol_0 considering hiddend columns?
Git Workflow Suggestions
send email with php in a local host
remove tablespaces from pg_dump
installing SQL Server Express 2008 on 2005
Custom .NET Data Providers
django REST facebook authentication
Drawing enhanced metafile with alpha channel using PlayEnhMetaFile
IE8 - jQuery: position().left' is null or not an object
Updating the same row in oracle during a trigger?
Regular Expression for mobile numbers?
Moving elements around in a ArrayList
Why is there a separate message for WM_ERASEBKGND
GridView values not changing on value change of the combobox it is bound to
Java date convert string back to Date
Change data in parent view from child view IOS
Inheriting from asp:GridView
Efficient way to find elements not contained in another element
retrieve TIMESTAMP
counterpart to PIL's Image.paste in PHP
Loop over an NSMutable Dictionary only returns last item
SAXParseException: Element type 鈥淐ountryNamecode鈥�must be followed by either attribute specifications, 鈥�gt;鈥�or 鈥�>鈥�
Dynamic column names in view (Postgres)
How to find maximum value in any range of an array in log(n) time? [closed]
How do i encrypt resources for localization?
Simple Javascript Function [closed]
Link to external edmx files
handling events with jWYSIWYG online editor
Django in pycharm debugger (pydev) spits Broken pipe errors
How to check Zend_Session expiration after using Zend_Session::rememberMe
convert text file to xml in java
How can I add a single control instance to an ItemsPanelTemplate?
Actionscript 2.0, BitmapData and Local vs Remote images
Boolean assigned to a regex method
using c++ set with objects
JSTL EL accessor translation priority when get and is both exist?
Trying to retrieve spreadsheet from asp site without any prompts
Your advice on a Hadoop MapReduce job
a4j:actionparam assignTo not fired
Maximum (practical) Memory Use on iPod Touch 4G, iOS 5
AJAX Jquery Comment Form Response
FQL Querying friendlists getting error
UIWebView not displaying mobile webpage but normal webpage
Need help implmenting JMesa in JSR 286
What does it mean when a variable equals a function? [duplicate]
Wix - The directory is in the user profile but is not listed in the RemoveFile table
HorizontalScrollView with snapping effect
How can I tell when a screen is shown in iOS?
JQuery messes layout of web page
Drop-down menu of Dojo do not open up in QtWeb browser
Rails error messages from models, is there a way to order them? issues with accepts_nested_attributes_for
Oracle DB and SecureString
KeyEvent characters
Collapsible region for PL/SQL Developer
Is the following Java variable declaration valid?
How do I prevent a dialog from showing up?
add value into userdata array
Chrome realod images after every postback - updatepanel
How to add a tooltip to a cell in a jtable?
Roles of sbt-idea and Idea sbt plugin
Executing PHP script via SSH
open source project limitations on github
A name for this primitive operation?
Using CDI in Quartz Jobs
effect similar to infinite scroll for javascript/jquery
Frege's equivalent of Haskell's getLine and read
How can I adjust the scale-independent pixel (sp) settings in the emulator?
Get ID of the Control which fires ItemCommand in RadGrid
Add 鈥渄ot/period鈥�character as searchable word on mysql innodb fulltext searchs
Printing contents of any vector
PHPUnit & Selenium - after updating to 3.6.10 version it seems that markTestSkipped and markTestIncomplete calls lead to have an error the test
Htaccess issue with a site that appears offline but if refreshed it works
Parsing XML data using google script
How to construct a Lucene Boolean Query with date filtering in Java
Changing the margins of a Word Document
EasyMock matcher for class data type
Clear jqgrid toolbar when custom defaultvalue is set
How to track what documents are opened on a website
Is there a way to open SublimeText 2 From Other Applications
Appengine 鈥渃opy to another app鈥�job do not stop (After 3 weeks)
rails i18n - How to handle case of a nil date being passed ie l(nil)
When is a good time to throw InvalidOperationException?
change dialog position on the screen
Multiple Counts within a single query
JPA createEntityManagerFactory 鈥淯nknown Source鈥�error (non-J2EE)
With multiple sql order by clause, is all order bys run even if earlier order by has proved that the rows are not equal?
JTree: Update children checkbox if parent node checkbox is selected/deselected in TreeCellEditor
Crystal Report Duplicating in details?
Freeing a BSTR using ::SysFreeString(). More Platform Dependant?
Social buttons on top of each other rather than next to each other in Drupal
PHP image resize to a minimum width / height
onclick event of dynamically added button
Subquery inside IN clause
How to remove css files?
R Programming brew vs. Sweave鈥�suppressing output and brew limitations
How to set dynamic text next to textfield extjs
Close all expanded rows inside a ui:repeat
How to keep old and new version of record until a supervisor approves the changes?
Clearing special permissions from folders in a branch
Subdomain Login Rails 3.2
cant connect to MySQL server
filtering inappropriate content ruby on rails [closed]
Serialization objects in Java
Exception during lock [duplicate]
Drag and drop multiple child node
How to switch to new versions of javascript libraries on certain pages in ASP.NET mvc
CCtray unable to connect to dashboard
Populating a dropdown menu in Visual Basic 2008
how to load MS word document inside IFrame
How to run bat file from java with arguments (i.e file name with full path) having folder name with space
Get parsed PHP file
Unbound GridControl
Javascript indexOf() and Underscores
gdb throwing error saying program to have a function 鈥渕alloc鈥�
Android how to make animated setSelection() for listfragment?
Within a Tridion GUI Extension, how to add an icon to the context-menu?
Mercurial - Consolidated list of files changed
Why are my Google Maps V3 Markers centered in the screen and not positioned on their geolocation?
TCPDF: How can I place an image into an HTML block?
How to define a 鈥�鈥�or 鈥淎NY鈥�in routes in Play2?
Is there a way to search by length in a LDAP query?
Android get color under touchpoint
Using multiple form field widgets for the same field in Drupal
UITableView Removing Rows and Sections
keeping searchform filters in session
Rails 3.2.1 redirect_to options hash not working
JSF 2 + Richfaces 4 + Seam 3: Send form with ajax rendered input field
How to make random string generator filter out duplicate strings?
Selenium: how to write comments to 鈥渃ommand history frame鈥�
java pdf print NetBeans
BlackBerry - Resource files for Brazilian Portuguese
How to make an XML header with given attributes in LINQ-to-XML?
Sort by popularity
PostgreSQL install error
Why use an NSFileManager rather than just using NSData's writeToFile:atomically: method when creating a new file?
WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4
How can I find my App's full version number from the mainBundle NSDictionary?
how to capture stdout from embedded jython on java program
Drag Drop ListView rows on Android
鈥淭he specified procedure could not be found 鈥�after disabling wow64 redirection
Nuget and third party dll's
using same bundle identifier in info.plist (Xcode) for different builds
Writing to output window of Visual Studio?
Pos Tagger in PHP
dynamic menu with Ajax
jQuery cookie persistence
Plotting polygon shapefiles and geom_points with ggplot2
Segmentation fault in C dynamic array
Is there any way to encrypt or secure the web.site map file
Search with multiple criteria in multiple worksheets and displaying entire row of all results
How to use DropdownList when editing Gridview
cron job failing at unzip of files
Python game - creating a save file?
Total Order in Python
File.Delete and Directory.Delete network performance
Does Visual Studio vNext have support for 鈥済o to definition鈥�from F# projects to projects written in other languages
row is not getting deselected in UITableview cell animation
customized save actions in eclipse?
Vim: Using an external command and handling errors
Jar works on another computer, not one that created it
Wordpress: Attachment Gallery only display 5 images
AutoCompleteTextView doesn't show dictionary suggestions
Dealloc when using Storyboard in Xcode 4.2.1
convert vector into a string and split the string for JSP
Drag Drop with XML based DataSource not working in SmartGWT
Select query to return all rows where a column contains a domain name
C++ Iteration on nonuniform multidimensional arrays
Set original images to tab bar items
What is this regular expression looking for [closed]
How to pass a string parameter larger 256 characters in SQL Server?
How to calculate length of string to dp(dip)? [duplicate]
JQuery Onclick Change Image Src not refreshing the image
ATG 9.1 to ATG10.0 migration CRS errors
Blackberry Listfield Item Separator
how does this inner-class static scoping magic work?
Magento - E-mail is blank after updating template
Avoiding 2 '@' signs in email address when using P{M} within regular expression
In Objective-C, how to prevent name collision in category methods?
How to add custom css/js to MVC4 project for minification?
jQuery .trigger() call causing unexpected behaviour in Safari/Chrome/Opera
possible conflicting javascript [closed]
How to combine Tim Heuer navigation framework template with MVVM Light
Using values from SqlDataSource in code behind
Export to CSV after doing left join query in tables
AdvancedDataGrid expand root node
Executing unit tests of Azure with a local storage emulator is very slow
Can't select full line?
MVP vs MVP2 - Best practices to run test in JVM
How to enable digits only in pytesser?
Applying Grid Star Size in code behind
There are big differences between Rails 3 and 3.2?
Receiver lifecycle - crash when re-registering in onResume()
Entity Framework 4.3 Code First Cannot Create Datetime2?
Derived and Base type differentiation
How to add namespace to a xml-document in vb.net?
linux diff to only output filename and nothing else
return json from deeply nested activerecord object
Phonegap Full Scren iPad application
Using the cin.getLine()
How to manage Android Device Brightness
App Store Submission Failing Because Of Icons
Casting between object type of ' FileWebRequest ' to ' HttpRequest '
facebook - share link from application
Multiple words search bar
java relative path
Run UPDATE and DELETE statements on VFP DBF files on SQL Server
cocos2d maintain a ccmenuitem list
What's the variable scope within `class_eval` string?
Eclipse 3.7.0 Indigo CDT, symbol vector could not be resolved
Context-Sensitive Help for WinForms
Changing Name on API Keys
DateTime Arithmetic Query Using EntityFramework
Add XNA to Silverlight WP7 project
PHP file returns right echo, but writes the wrong string in database
how to get customer'e email right right after registration?
How does a client establish a peer-to-peer connection?
Can I call a function after the loading of an iframe appended by jquery?
Java BlockingQueue with batching?
MySQL simple/double quotation syntax issue
Infragistics UltraWinGrid column-level CellChange event handler
PC-Lint errors when using direct register addressing
Java K-means implementation with unexpected output
Find similar/duplicate field values in MySQL (Sphinx-related)
Calling webservice from vbscript > option?
How to debug gstreamer-java?
How to get the child declaring type from an expression?
Eclipse - Java - Hotswap without breakpoints
How to retrieve a conditionally set variable from inside a function?
BackgroundView does not adapt round corner in Grouped UITableView
Symfony 2 translations in external js file
How to add a textfield to an NSMutableArray
Dapper one to many losing Id in the many
Link relation granularity vs precision in a custom media type?
System.ArgumentNullException on feature enabling VERY SIMPLE Feature
How to apply the formula on a summary field
generating xml from PHP with tags
How to make a combo box with fulltext search autocomplete support?
Can typeahead results be returned from a java function
Porting from cygwin to win32 native program
How can I test my ssh-keys locally without a server
Grid in android cant get it to work
Xuggle build failed on ubuntu x64?
How to create a database In iPhone application?
When using NSURLConnection in main(), why the connection can not finished?
Adding Event Listeners to a class of XTemplate elements in a grid
mysql row number implementation that is always incremental (sorted from 1 to n)
how can i avoid counting double spaces as words?
Can someone explain the difference between these two Youtube URLs?
Combobox dropdown not same size?
Dynamics CRM 2011 Creating Custom Reports
Blur effect in a view of iOS
calculate the amount of memory used by a particular process in linux
How to configure apache to handle multiple domains with Access-Control-Allow-Origin header?
SignalR - Getting a connection id on server-side during negotiate request
Magento - Beginner Concepts - Theme structure
C# app look and feel (theme) [duplicate]
What's the minimum version of Chrome supporting localStorage?
How to set a specific keyboard inside an iPhone app?
Detect registered HttpListeners
Separate graphics for different resolutions, android
Does pinning a process to a CPU core or an SMP node help reduce cache coherency traffic?
Variable visibility
BC30554: 'ProfileCommon' is ambiguous
Ref cursor with dynamic columns
Looking for the best way to use ExecuteScalar()
Typo3: Is it possible to make a custom flexform for an extension?
Excel VBA - Creating a macro that does operations within a range row
What happens when the server is in an infinite loop and the client stops?
MVC3 - Pass back a model from RenderPartial
How to become redirected to Facebook's Mobile Web URL
CreateWindow coordinates are limited to 32767?
How to view the full screen mode in flex?
Does Amazon Mobile have a URI scheme to allow other apps to open Amazon Mobile on the iPhone?
creating Web User Control and adding it to tool box
Importing data from excel and inserting into normalized sql tables
JAX-WS web service doesn't decode attached XML file
java xpath searching for a text
Updating Chart from Gridview - chart updates after Gridview Updates
Understanding :after and :before
Print JQplot in new window
Scraping a website
how to set an output stream java
app rejected.how to track user non-renewing subscription
How can I make a button link appear as 鈥渆nabled鈥�with jQuery UI
Issue in renderpage when href clicked webmatrix
unterminated string meets end of file when rendering js.erb
How do I make this DialogBox pop up on a list item click?
How to get data from my database and put it on a ListView that is clickable?
SQL Query or View with columns depends on SELECT query
JQuery Mobile - Interacting with a Dialog
Recommendations for simple volunteer reminder application
Issue with Resharper's 鈥淭ype argument is redundant鈥�and assertions
Silverlight, Expression Blend 4, using VisualStageGroup
How to request Google to re-crawl my website?
Use Auto Fit with Tags for Gmap3?
I'm trying to remove items from a jList
Implementing has-a relationship in Javascript
Get Data from the internet android
Compiler Error in Function Template with VS2010 SP1
MetaData of PNG File Format
How can I use java-specific types in Thrift service?
iPhone - Play Youtube video by UIWebView
How do I change a hidden field's value with jQuery from another input text field?
Connect to SQL server Dialog Box
Huge compilation time when linking with library using boost::serialization
implementing ECC causes error
Not able to access embedded nlog config file?
jQuery's load feature, doesn't allow back button?
Create a Flattened record from source table data
Silverlight Databinding issue - Not binding to POCO - Visifire
Symfony2 Forms: Generating checkboxes
Changing a UINavigationController's RootViewController
Erlang: How to transform a decimale into a Hex string filled with zeros
ColorChooser in ComboBox
StyleCop - Suppress rule only for method name
Inheritance, Python and wxWidget
CakePHP 2.0 File Upload
How can I debug this NullPointerException
What are the new frames?
ASP.NET - screenshot
Dojo DataGrid how to notify view that data has changed on the server?
How do I call an Oracle SQL procedure from the command line?
how to filter particular value from list using jquery or javascript?
How can i encrypt a web.config variable in c#
How to create a 鈥淒ELETE鈥�link in play2?
Make BufferedReader not wait for Process to finish
selecting dom elements after html was inserted in a page with ajax
Read multiple txt files and sort them out android
log4j - create multiple files on the fly
How do you perform a customized segue (modal segue) from a UIButton in storyboard
jQuery Datepicker - Multiple instances cause calendar to stay open
Google Maps API v3 Read draggable markers new position
iOS remove clear bar under the keyboard
Deploying application with merge modules - side by side assemblies
How to restart/reuse a recurring Task?
how to allocate 4-8 MB aligned DMA Linux
servlet not working in GWT
Play music in queue through Av player
Asterisk SIPPeers Permission Denied
life cycle of a Java EE application using struts 2, spring 3, hibernate 3, eclipse and SQL server
How to use python multiprocessing proxy objects in multithreading
How to solve 鈥淐ould not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel鈥�in a single call of a multi threaded app?
How can I return a object with the sum of all objects from a list using Linq?
about the Complex relationship in database
backspace key is not detecting in textwatcher [duplicate]
Accidentally bad versioned package
CentOS: How can I create a secure user account to host a web-site?
How can I apply timeout function to LMAX Disruptor Queue?
Unique Java Objects in a LinkedHashSet
How to Attach files with sending mail in android application?
JQuery, Show / hide a div based on dynamic radio buttons aka radio34 etc?
Implementing Simulated Annealing
Difference between Dynamic Binary Instrumentation and Analysis
Unity Container Resolved Instances Post Processing
Dynamic binding with User Control does not work as Static is working in Silverlight and MVVM
toString does not work in IE
Blackberry facebook SDK login browser error
Can I assign custom keyboard shortcuts for menu items in applications on Ubuntu?
Java declaration confusion for datatypes
Display a variable in Android Widget
Repairing Postgresql after upgrading to OSX 10.7.3 Lion
python module for handling version of software
working with timestamps and time zones
How to do basic visible with knockoutjs
Recursive XML Deserialization
Hibernate left join returns objects
Sharepoint 2010 development - internet sites or team sites?
Why sibbling div elements are rendered as children of one of them
Convert Javascript Image Rotator to play a Youtube video
Using Doxygen for commercial closed-source product
cakePHP single form, two tables, multiple records
Cross buffer search result list for Vim?
RazorGenerator.MsBuild - Achieving harmony from Developer machine to Buildserver
Error when accessing cursor elements
strcpy() creates error
Intellij Idea slow compile Android app
How to generate two sonar reports from the same project?
What components to use when connecting to a mySQL Database on a webserver
Removing seconds from time asp.net
Determining Workflow Arguments at Runtime Prior to Execution
Enabling the openssl in xampp
how to increase request accept limit for asp classic
basic jquery formatting json request for freebase query
Dragger in Matlab
PDF to XML conversion using PHP
Google Multiple Sign-ins - Is there a way to specify the account in the URL?
moving divs with jQuery moves whole page in iPad
Use of xi:include in Orbeon
How to run CL.exe using Process.Start()?
Deploy JNLP applet *without* Next Gen Java Plugin
Overhead in java ObjectOutputStream?
Simplified version of Ray Tracing to find the nearest object extending out from a vector
How to make odeint successful?
GeoDjango within a NE, SW box
Sql Server Reporting Servicess. Is there a way to tell a Table control not to display some rows in the Query?
iOS icon 72x72 and icon 512x512
How to configure side by side 2 versions of WCF on single IIS instance
sql notification error running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
how to acheive google translate functionality in android builds
Calling .post() inside .live()
How to find out local and remote time difference?
Spring JMS not sending to queue in transaction
Sorting files in a list
DataBinding in winforms : Update even though I click 鈥淐ancel鈥�
How to return only indexed objects of a specific type in Haystack
how to reload xml document
Performance issue of DrawingVisual following cursor while using onMouseMove event
display imageicon in Jlabel
How to optimize slow query with many joins
404 on MVC / webform app when accessing a service
MySQL Query is not getting prod_id for a product whose image in not added yet.
Why won't my SaveFileDialog appear when using TPL in a full-trust XBAP?
TableLayout with scrolling vs GridView vs Listview with list item
Html Agility Pack messing with my javascript
Import CSV files into SQL Server 2008
Assign Multi Dimensional Collection in PLSQL
Querying a RelaxNG schema (xml syntax) in java, preferably using Jing
mirroring SourceForge BZR branch on Launchpad
find max difference between elements in vector
Exception while displaying and scrolling large bitmaps in list view in Android
JQuery Vertical Tabs in Safari 4.0.5
get data between two Dates
Taking only values which form continous range
Adding new payment method on Magento Community 1.6.2
SQL Reports Drop Down limit?
How to Sync Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Toodledo in Iphone native app?
How to figure out method name by assembly and methoddef?
My own subversion repository and bugtracker
Selenium WebDriver hangs when page not responding
linux kbuild makefile
Restricting .DLL access
how do we get the first and last day of the current month
Qt installation error after trying all suggested
How to find atleast one build is in progress in Jenkins?
Updating a particular attribute of core data
Calculating the elapsed time [duplicate]
Haskell Arrows inside Tuples
iPad:Popover sample to iOS5
How to loop through a select and using the return value in an insert query in SQL Server
ERROR: Failure processing PNG image in Android
Textarea set HTML Value
How do I get real path of a folder inside static block of a class
Inaccurate results while retrieving results from image taken from iphone 4 camera
No iterator for Java when using SWIG with C++'s std::map
How to add a preference page?
Entity Framework extensible framework
Multiple images on background using CSS?
Ajax call not working in Google gadget
Sort in 鈥渙riginal order鈥�when using DISTINCT
Using wp_insert_post() for custom post type posts are saved but uneditable
can anyone recommend a php keyword density code? [duplicate]
xml inside html
In JSP,Can we use javascript for form validation?
Can one execute a completionBlock from ASIHTTPRequest/AFNetworking on a background thread?
Masked Input Plugin with a default value
Jquery Countdown Timer failing to load
glib2.28 build at windows 7 32bit with mingw error. I really have no idea about it
OpenBUGS: missing value in Bernoulli distribution
Step Through (Debug) PHP Code in Netbeans
Count days per year
rgb to yuv420 algorithm efficiency
Java Swing Line numbers [duplicate]
Rich Text Box C# Winforms - Do not highlight word if contained inside another
setStreetView() in android 4.0
How to initiate ssh connection with Python 3
Android 3d Graphics library that supports shadow and reflection
Multiple select listbox without pressing CTRL
MPI_TYPE_CONTIGUOUS doesn't work correctly with custom type that contains a real(8)
Text css-transformation that smiling letters [closed]
Why does the Ruby on Rails console start very slow?
Main Arguments For or Against Using JVM [closed]
@MappedSuperClass in Hibernate = AnnotationException: Unknown mappedBy
If the JVM keeps moving objects around when it does GC, how does it resolve references?
Solr highlighting in solr config
Google Maps API: Ground overlay positioning
Gettting SVN working copy revision number into VersionInfo.cs
java applet GUI with canvas [closed]
Can I call a php script from javascript without it being on a web server?
GetTouchPoints Method in Windows Phone
avplayer is not working in ios 4.3
How to force CMake to link with debug libraries in a new Visual Studio configuration?
SWT Custom row height on empty tables/trees
Editing the content of ASP.NET Control
java.security.AccessControlException: Access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission preferences)
Convert QFile to FILE*
ggplot2 and maps: geom_point and annotation_raster position mismatch
iOS screen mirroring shows overscan borders on selected apps
seekg zero from current position resets eof flag
App crash during array enumerating
setting the children of ViewFlipper at centre
AS3 htmlText is rearranging font tags by itself
Override SugarCRM Module.php in Ext/Include/module.ext.php cause of Memory Issue
GStreamer Pipeline with multiple UDP sinks (image included)
Memcached memory leak
self.bounds confusion
Converting a Cognos XML Schema file to XML using Javascript code
Git branches and merging back
Silverlight: StreamReader works slowly for browser cache
Local variables in Runtime Compiled Expressions
Google App Engine BlobStore as image host?
Creating image object with local image using javascript [closed]
Library to print all public fields of nested Java objects?
Mapping from single message to multiple message types in BizTalk
WCF UserNameOverTransport best practices to store user name and password
How to get elevated permission to edit a registry CLSID, with in a WiX fragment
How can I read an X Property using python-xlib?
Text recognition from an image in android
Serialization of anonymous class in Java
Function to convert an Array to an Associative array [duplicate]
how can i make an anchor tag to follow a link (href) and then make a click programatically on that link.
Java: ConcurrencyLevel value for ConcurrentHashMap
how to change Direction marker Image and have an Info Box..which shows Our desiered results
MongoDB Master and Slave at same time
Execute attached property after UI render
TreeView Control ASP.net
Jquery Dialog box close button is not showing up in Internet Explorer
How would I convert a ppm file to an OpenGL texture?
Combine two .each jquery functions for sharepoint
HotKey functionality in HTML page using JavaScript/JQuery
indexing button in vb.net 2010
How to find out a child's parent?
videocapture and pyqt
Crashes after brought back from background
How to use TortoiseOverlays with my own handler
Insert in entity framework table with only one column identity
vkontakte sharing messages in wall in android?
MVC Best Practice: Where to do mapping between models
Excel Sheet Upload to Sql Server Database
Prism RequestNavigate
Using Maven for Ibm Web Experience Factory aka IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Projects?
Tab bar controller not appearing correctly
How do I force xslt transformation to load data into cdata sections?
Getting data back from django views.py and using ajax to display it
PHP short encrypt
calling ExecutorService.shutDown() in java
Collapsible Panel Get State
Is there any tools/utilities to auto regenerate js content for release?
Flattening of List[List[Int]] whilst retaining only selected members
Camera Calibration - Rational Distortion Model
Wordpress - Only show pages that have children
how to remove working copy files after rights change on server
Convert to jar while retaining classpath
How to add div dynamically in tabs using JQuery Mobile
Node coffeescript class files and inheritance
Using Delayed Job on getting geocords with gmaps4rails
Show list view in a popup window - Android
UISplitViewController in ipad
ArrayCollection not refreshed within loop
DLL not being updated when building my solution
Moving SQL Server database to shared hosting using backup
Titanium: How to create Label with Dynamic height?
PHP / jQuery : Loading browser specific page
PHP Viewer for hlp files
Why having NPE at jstl?