How to set the html text of a <a href> to the same text from another <a href>
Simple Ajax in MVC 3, update the model and rerender part
UIWebView canGoBack stopped working suddenly when using POST request
tcl shell through apache
Retrieving referral url application
Is it possible to use the output of a tag library to set the value of a HTML element in JSP?
erlang timer gets timeout
Best way to post to twitter via Java Application [closed]
How can i determine the sector size in windows
WCF Resources for SOA Design
Msxml2.XMLHTTP.6.0 and HTTP 301 Moved Permanently Redirects
Could anyone suggest good plugins / api's etc. to add HTML5/CSS3 support to old browsers?
Using 2 nested Class to get notification from new SMS :D
Updating Facebook business page when user is offline
How to get value in SimpleXMLElement object?
buffer tasks processing
Getting compilation error for libcurl
Nivo slider won't load properly after AJAX call
Method and function declaration
HTML5 JavaScript POST file upload
big database on sqlCE Takes a long time to open connection
How can I generate multiple reports in a single file using Crystal Reports, C#?
only one cell color should be change in row
How to stop page jumping checkbox check which is inside the datalist itemtemplate?
Application Not Debugging in Eclipse
ViewFlipper and display not First item onCreate
No implicit Ordering defined for T with Int (Scala)
When should I use Html.Displayfor in MVC
Allow bit field to be set only if another bit field is set
Custom Binary Input - Hadoop
Using Twitter-Bootstrap, how do I open a tab at the same time as toggling a modal?
A good practice for creating human-typable, non-sequential unique id's
Android - Make a custom titlebar that uses the device's current titlebar theme
strchr not working with char[]
Core-Plot Mac: show label when mouseover point in graph
Xcode 4 why do I see XML when clicking on MainStoryBoard.storyboard: seems like a bug
Converting ArrayList to 2D array
Doctrine won't let me select specific fields
Running MR code for loading data into HBASE [closed]
Get register length/size?
How to animate and rotate an image?
how to find the number of bytes in a file?
jqueryUI(Mobile) to ajax content
Can you attach a handler function with arguments to an onclick event for a number of elements in a loop?
How do i get a list of users whose roles have first 5 characters are sales
C# Is interface casting a violation of the Liskov Substitution Principle
What are some O(n) algorithms that I should know? [closed]
Unity: No parameterless constructor defined for this object
Modify URL in php [closed]
unresolved external errors
Is XOR a pseudo command in MIPS?
Iphone server data sync
inserting data into a Many to many junction table with payload in entity framework
how do i come out of OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget
Empty hidden DIV - Would it change my SEO rank? [closed]
How to reference the same table twice?
jQuery rating - how to show chosen value on hover?
vbscript how to check if txt file exists and whe not create empty one
SQLCipher runs successfully with simulator but doesnt build
Django on a Mac: Apache with mod_wsgi configuration problems
How to read last 5 lines of a .txt file into java
Is there any sphinxsearch web frontend for searching?
Hibernate: create mapping for property over multiple joined tables
XMLHttpRequest only works in IE
How to join the split string in apex?
application crashes only when runon device with warning 鈥淎pplication 'xxxxxxx' exited abnormally with signal 11: Segmentation fault: 11.鈥�
vlcj: Screen demux error: Cannot create bitmap
PDF created with Html2pdf and how to save different name for pdf document
Grab Number using Preg_Match
Why choose MySQL over other Sql? [closed]
Can I make libcurl remember HTTP Digest auth state between requests?
RuntimeWarning: compiletime version 2.6 of module 'lxml.etree' does not match runtime version 2.7
PHP Imagettftext each word as separate image
How to fetch array in layout loop using zend framework [closed]
Best Practice for End-to-End process of a Web Form to Database Storage
UISegmentedControl change value programmatically from toolbar click
Python - Twisted, Proxy and modifying content
How do I make the DataGridView show the selected row(Winforms)?
I need make a cover up when a text file is loading into a form
Text rotate bluring
php xml_parser UTF-8 encoded values are split
How to update Xml file recuperated from a web service?
Making an ajax request and returning success in rails action
C# Similarities of two arrays
Pastie with API and language detection
F# interactive, API restriction on dll referencing
EXT JS transforming alphanumerics
GetView method getting called after changing focus [Android]
Streaming interruption issue
Get element an observable is bound to with Knockout?
iOS Camera focus value
:gt(0) vs :not(:first) vs .slice(1)
WCF Data Services and MSMQ
vim macro not recording movement commands at the end
ilog jrules and database connection
Why do I to have prefix all my route handlers
jquery 鈥�$(this) does not apply to newly created elements?
Elegant ways to notify consumer when producer is done?
Importing data to Sqlite3
Populating A Spinner From Another Spinner Depending on Condition
php post variable not recognized
User interface resources for android
How to get ISBN number from .mobi file with python
Dismiss keyboard when UITextField created programmatically
Asp.Net MVC/jQuery tools overlay: How to close it in an ajax return
Replacement of UIPicker Control in WP7
Microsoft Office Interop: Detemine empty columns in excel
Find MAC address in ColdFusion
TCP - Client Synchronization
Algorithm to select a property out of a pool
鈥淐ould not find mopub-android-sdk.apk!鈥�
Modify sslsniff to save .pcap
How to copy a Shape to another worksheet (not as a picture)?
How to change the form action programatically according to session variable?
GetOrCreate in RavenDB, or a better alternative?
To populate a dropdown in mvc3
Sum the entries of items with the same index ID in a multi-dimensional array?
Redraw/paint section of a movieclip onto another
Using ruby to automate tasks [closed]
Refinery CMS User Session issues
Why nasm says I have error in the assembly g++ created?
Writing plist file to /Applications folder
RSpec custom matchers keep state between specs
Find index position of a DomNode/Xpath Child Element
php mail being seen as spam why when i have headers
How to print source XML into a PDF using XSL-FO?
More pages when exporting to pdf than word?
Emboss effect in Core Graphics
SQL SUM() function always returns 0
.hashchange() not working in IE9
jQuery ajax - avoiding error() callback when statusCode() callback invoked
Reference to Parent MXML within an AS3 Class?
Multiple markers trackable augmented reality android application
Make an animated wave with drawPolyline in PySide/PyQt
rails with MySQL AND a small redis store
Spell Checker using word
Receiving content:/// URI's with a simple custom provider (ActivityNotFoundException)
Convert Old Unix Date to Perl and compare throwing error to parent
VPN Setup for CentOS
Null Pointer exception while uploading images from a camera in Android
sed property substitution
Java Decimal Format - as much precision as given
XML output requires a clickable result
Improving DELETE and INSERT times on a large table that has an index structure
Spring MVC: Including a JSP inside a view (JSP is installed next to view so is inaccesible from outside controller)?
Twitter status upload with 140 chars text returning fail response
confusion over System.Web.HttpContext.Current
Get a post id to view that separately from the Facebook wall
Eclipse :The resource is not on the build path of a java project
ActiveX Control in 64 bit windows
why almost of application hare released with DLL
mouseenter and mouseleave only works with the first element
Supporting multiple incompatible versions of C++ library
How to create a basic JSON string in iOS
How to setup passenger/nginx for dev/prod, same rails application?
Rendering PDF documents containing visual signatures using Jpedal
Issue regarding the Order of Inner Join in SQL Server
Using jQuery to display XML in a table isn't working in IE
Accessing web server using Basic HTTP authentication?
ARC - use strong or weak when adding a uiview as subview to another uiview
will design be affected in browsers?
Oracle select months out of a timeframe
Changing image source in code
Login form with username and password in iPhone
SQL (Oracle) Select without an actual table containing static data
Java Enum access to private instance variable
how i can get my current posiotion in alert dialog? [closed]
PHP multipart form data PUT request?
Can I tell IntelliJ (10.5) not to warn about not passing an optional javascript method argument?
UIMA: Plug & Play Annotators for differen teams' chains
dynamically call local function in javascript
seperating values of a single column in sqlserver
Can't parse XML with NSXMLParser
How do I multiply 2 32-bit integers to produce a 64-bit integer?
root directory permission issue cocoa app to run scripts in mac os 10.7
hoverable donut chart does not lose highlights when mouse leaves chart
Sharepoint 2010 user not found error
jQuery - Edit-In-Place with CKeditor
Background color problems
How to access the Entity Manager inside of the KnpMenuBundle?
my QR Code image will be gone after few minutes of display,in android
Modify expect-based SSH script to work on machines that don't require a password
Can any one give me Dotnetnuke module localization with example
How do i show wordpress attachments from current post?
Calling an overloaded == operator in a different function that checks for !=
How do I configure the database on Zend framework?
Share functionality of a class between two or more libraries with pure virtual functions
AS3 Putting function blah(){ around code generates errors on lines of code I dont have
Specific ErrorHandlerAttribute triggered on every exception?
Wordpress Front end form to upload document .doc or .pdf
smartgwt beginner- how to set an image to 100% of available width in HLayout
Synchronizing Files
Get content between tags using TinyXML
How to get group name of highlighting under cursor in vim?
How to Extract zip File from jar file
WebSocket connection. Android
Certificate validation in WCF
Selecting the correct language in iOS
Jackson: Mapping JSON response to multiple beans
Is it possible to add a repository group to a repository group in Sonatype Nexus?
Visual Studio 2010 remote debugging
Send additional header to FastCGI backend with nginx
Service class and Intent Service class
Spinner itemClick shows force close in android
DDOS perl script
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to read textfile into hashmap
NHibernate half mapping one directional?
Is it possible to make an element ignore position:relative?
How to find the size of a row in a table in databse(Sybase)
compare running app-version with the market app-version
strncpy introduces funny character
How do I append an int vector to a factor?
Encapsulate responsiblity of class
How to convert LaTeX to PDF/PNG by PHP
Window Feature FEATURE_LEFT_ICON with ExpandableListActivity is not working validator regular expression and accented names / characters
Android Alarm and service trigger
LDAP Authentication only for Admin account
c++ double pointer array list
Strange error log with heritance in Java (Android)
Sqlite3, c-api, installing on windows
cp dir recursivly excluding 2 subdirs
Catch (date) change event of ios5 native datepicker per javascript
Modifying an xlsx file using Java POI API
SQL databases in c++
Using JavaScript to load HTML into DIV
Set height of a ButtonField
Persisting domain class instance from a Quartz job
Using custom decorators to wrap form elements inside div's with zend_form
Spring & Hibernate transaction crash
Totals seems to be wrong
Comparing two files in C++
Converting JSON data to VB.NET multidimensional array
PyQt, PyDev and Windows Firewall
Threading clarification
.NET assembly initialisation at runtime
Setting control property in DataTemplate does not work as expected
Error: Cannot find protocol declaration in iphone sdk
How to omit childs while selecting elements in jQuery
Taking out or crop image covered by Rect(top,left,right,bottom) just like cropping using Camera_intent
Keep tabs alive in a Page
Dismiss the popover when I tap a row in a tableview
Best tool to search large drives for file content?
Unable to reclaim space on PostgreSQL database
What is my WCF RIA service uri?
Doing calculations in Yii
Range for signalStrength in dbm for CDMA devices
Add new proposal in Eclipse for Python
Array from object in nested class
IIS 7.0 Rewrite rule for catching dynamic folders with exceptions
Selecting a particular field from Google's 鈥渦nofficial鈥�weather API using YQL
Load uservoice API on Click
Java: Copy array of Integers into Array of Strings
Object.const_set using variable
Huge scale MySQL database for stats storage - what do you recommend? [closed]
Spring : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java/lang.Class
Given a streaming video, how to calculate the size(in bytes) of the video that should have been downloaded to play the video till time t
Spring security 3.0: SavedRequest always null
jQuery animate border pushing elements around. How to stop it?
How to check if a pdf page has a bookmark?
On The Fly thumbnail/resize generation of images [duplicate]
Retrieving and Saving media metadata using FFmpeg
JDK JRE upgrade causing issue
Landing page with ExpressionEngine's built-in Member module?
AVD audio input failed
Mysterious min-height behavior
Suggestions for how to define command line parameters
PDO Prepare Statenent is returning only column names instead of values
How to detect a key press within the textbox?
PHP Library outputs useless information to log/stdout
Finding the parent of an observableArray
Long xtype analog
OpenCL and Java
Granger-testing in loop
Favorite unit-testing approach for Postgresql functions?
sqlite3 C API querying for a title concat
Calculate Segment:Offset from absolute address
Apache OpenJPA - Inserting tuple only if not exists in database
How do I call remote API using Phonegap for Android?
android - How to handle the soap method exception
Oracle 11g environment Issue
How to check if string is in array with php?
How to display the 'No of leaves' in payslip of OpenERP
JS/jQuery - animated random name picker
MySql Join and subquery
How to align divs horizontally in a consistent way?
Codeigniter post_system hook not working
Designing a social analytics dashboard with Silverlight
debugging firefox extension from Add-on Builder
lock/unlock text input on checkbox checked/unchecked
drupal6 hook_order($op, &$arg1, $arg2) the third argument is alway coming empty
Load jqgrid with filter allready applied
Using GetGlue API in Javascript
Run Drush command from a PHP script
Mysterious Leak if NSError *error != nil
extract thumbnail from video
Android. Can't remove contact from phone fully
How does one avoid 鈥渋nvalid memory address or null pointer dereference鈥�errors?
access the src attribute of an image with jquery
Text Indent - IE7
Python how to pass variable between two def
How to store an uploaded file?
Not able to bind UserControl from main View
Manage Ubuntu Cloud with C#
Can I use msbuild 4.0 to target dotnet 3.5?
post content to facebook (product, brand) page from desktop app
Implementing Animations in OpenGL
Creating a custom GtkCellRenderer with PyGobject
The equality of LIKE '%$word%' in JavaScript RegExp AKA How to make a JavaScript search engine
Java String comparision
Insert Viewbox into DataGrid Cell
Google Translator HotKeys [closed]
PHP algorithm which calculates all possible combinations of dividing one set between another set
How can I check if function is a partial?
Send KeyEventArgs to Javascript function
Is there any possibility to get all HTML content elements that contains 鈥減lain鈥�text values from HTML document using javascript?
How do I add a background Image for individual UITabItem in IOS5
Abstracting methods from auto generated linq-sql objects using partial
Copy/Paste after creating an Excel file using OpenXml
gnuplot: plot data from one month ago to now
thumbnail-web-screenshots-script with PHP
NSTextField not editable in custom NSWindow
Cannot update control from Class Function that works in a thread
C cast void* data to typedef struct
Get weather by html5 geolocation [closed]
Get CoreData object data type based on input string
How to substitute `find` commands with `logical indexing` (MATLAB), for looking up vector value positions of unique values?
Convert zend paginator to array
Like Confirm dialog on
reading from a file using the input type=file in grails
iPhone animation stops when removeFromSuperview
WITH (NOLOCK) on table in SQL Server 2008
how to add image made in canvas to expandablelistview (group)
Loop products by category
ruby language - merge an array into another by finding same element
HTML5 technologies
Resizing Iframe issue in Chrome only
Dynamically Adding Multiple User Controls
Android Application ID
design of this small programe?
postgresql join 2 tables
How to show a loading bar when rendering with Webview.loadUrl in android?
Add strings to listbox in WPF using C# in a thread
Conditionally Update a DevExpress ASPX GridView Image based on row value
An elusive jQuery selector
Windows mobile BIP1300 IC card reader
hwo to change windows phone listbox fill direction
Image editing in Android [closed]
iOS MapKit, how to force low-res on retina?
Only line-break/word-wrap URLs at the end of the line
How to get user account information from Twitter using objective-c?
how to extract a phone number for a string using regular expression?
different date format in java after fetching from oracle
How to create a slowing scroll effect on a scrollbox?
PollingDuplexHttpBinding and DuplexChannelFactory - 'ContractFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher'
Can I execute a command in sub folder in makefile
firebug / devtools: examine the value of variables on a third-party site?
Factory girl Timestamps issue
How to select a triangle in XNA?
Restrict user input to characters in IBM System i 00280 code page
Running 'chrome' code in SpiderMonkey
javascript pop-up error
How to make .exe file in borland C++ builder 6
Vertically alignment of images in list
Moving playlist to folder doesn't work
Entity Framework '401 Not Authorised' when attempting delete of single record from database table
Linked Lists and Trees - text book
Submit form with JS on pressing enter but not when on autocomplete
Sharepoint HTML Email outputs Junk characters for 鈥淒omain Username鈥�values
Additional parameters for TextBoxFor() in MVC3
Get the number of facebook *shares* of a specific URL
How to find the exact word using a regex in Java?
Will Directory.EnumerateFiles work in a folder where new files are continually being added in?
TextureWithCGImage crashing iOS
Finding number of occurence of a specific string in MYSQL
Teamsite Cleanup
鈥淔ix your application鈥�Warning from glassfish when deploying war
ASP.NET MVC application and LDAP authentication
How to filter XML Data in HTML page?
Differentiate Back/Forward click and History.pushState/replaceState in statechange event
AS3: change handcursor graphic on buttons
Ajax call for update takes me on top of page
MPI FFTW in Fortran for a 3D complex array
facing prob's in scheduled mail delivery, windows service for application
Appcelerator Titanium Push Notification for Android?
How to show data from two different tables in one 1 view
xml parsing in windows phone?
Pyodbc : Unable to update table on database ? [ No error ]
Using X.509 Certificate with UserName clientCredentialType
Cucumber - Custom HTML Formatter Basics
Field validation not updating validation message?
Making use of passcode screen in apps.[closed]
Splunk: Extracting multiple fields with the same name
Get comma seperated values from PHP array
error code (-11):: what are all possible reasons of getting error 鈥渃l_build_program_failure鈥�in OpenCL?
Computationally efficient C++ - general reading [closed]
ie 7 not firing events on dynamically generated markup
JQuery UI slider Knowing which way the slider is moving
using datareader with dbnull values in .net4
XJC generate java files in several pakcages (directories) from one schema
Jquery move functions to external file and pass some options
Embed PayPal in an IFRAME
how to create a custom design for adding a new user in sfDoctrineGuardPlugin
Printing random numbers in a 2D array only once
Auto link to href with combo box items value
How does isNew() tell if the session is a new one or is already in use?
How to get String array from controller using @ResponseBody?
How to merge two jQuery Datepickers
Enabling a button on another page
php table: display 3 cells in each row
Operator does not exist: text = bigint
Storing an uploaded file's path in the database
Automatically checking for NULL relationships with LINQ queries
Strange AutoScroll behavior
User Control and Session management Issue
jquery autocomplete for dynamically generated textboxes
want to read excel data through javascript?
DetailTextLabel is not displayed on some rows on iPhone TableView
I want to show Planned activity on Calendar day as tool tip with more button link. can anyone help me?
Selectelements by CSS property in JavaScript
c# get value subset from dictionary by keylist
jQuery buttons to change background images
How to Configure Ruby to use compass for Sench-touch on Windows
How to search the people in facebook using email-id?
array child in php [closed]
how to change rowid
How to read XML file in android
Setting Visibility of an Element via Bindings
PDF Reader Lib for Android
Python POST request encoding
Primefaces, autocomplete and accessibility
Binding a Combo Box Edit to a list in XAML
is it bad to leave unused REST actions?
How to cancel An Event in android
How to avoid having a fixed column when adding columns dynamically to a TStringGrid at runtime?
How to work map a name to an ip address on my Windows?
group multiple rows
How to sort a string's characters alphabetically?
how to remove all Toggle BreakPoint once time?
Javascript not working in the blank window
How to create context in android.content.Context and
How to set Pivot table Report Layout to tabular in EPPlus?
How to determine whether IIS7 is installed under a local machine
Getting ZERO_RESULTS Response from Google's GEOLocation in iOS.
jQuery 鈥渓oad()鈥�Can't Load PHP 鈥渃url_exec()鈥�Result
Redis - Celery Configuration over Amazon EC2
Perform specialised functionality on failure of a Scalatest
hashmap from text file isn't fully read
UdpClient not closing when calling 鈥渃lose()鈥�[closed]
Adding a new target in xcode 4.2
How to convert Array to ArrayList in VB.Net
Oracle PL/SQL: see the execute immediate sql with bind variable replaced
MonoTouch: custom msbuild task error
Can we have an inner class inside a method? [duplicate]
鈥渘o rule to make target鈥︹� error with undocumented files(glob) function
drag and drop file into textbox
css links and jquery
How to construct a list of grouped item based on another list in python? [duplicate]
Specifying percentage width for CSS table cells
.NET Sort List<> with associated array
Swap values in emacs
Displaying byte array as image using JavaScript
How to assign within apply family?
jquery/ajax help required
Cannot convert form Service to annotation
Abstraction of Object design
jQuery and jsTree - Check (uncheck) Disable / Remove / Invisible Nodes
Split UTF8 usig Preg_Split
mvc3 View checking a boolean c#
How to get JSON response in jQuery.ajax request to an appengine URL?
Symfony 1.4 admin generator how I can show i18n fields in View
what is the difference between decimal and numeric data type in postgresql
why this output is come in java program? [closed]
How can I do an incremental find/replace?
Downgradind from rails 3.1 to 3.0.9
CHECKSUM(NewId()) executes multiple times per row
fetch specific attribute from model in backbone.js
SQL Server 2008 Standard limit resource use per user or database
Problems Posting XML to a URL in which the subdomain has a hyphen
Installing MVC4 beta seems to have broken MVC3 apps
How best to optimize nginx rules and handle dynamic IPs?
Permanent flash messages on an AJAX app
Resource Identifiers
Live streaming using Android
autocomplete with freebase and jsonp
Customising CKEditor Toolbar
How to import maxima into sbcl
Why won't my image change when I tell it to?
UIButton pointInside
MVC3 Razor engine
Data encryption from WinDev to Java
How to parse XML on iPhone [duplicate]
Change selection color on view-based NSTableView
How to concatenate two boost::asio::streambuf's?
Assembly Alias in XAML
FB application did't allow users to use it
is it possible to give states to compounddrawables of textview?
Calling asmx service from javascript
server sent events using servlets
SVM.train_auto error opencv
SqlParameterCollection exception. NHibernate
shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation gets called but app interface does not reorients (only the status bar reorients)
How can I access JavaScript function argument outside the function?
How to match RGB color with RGBA color
TransactionRequiredException inside a CMT method
Pass authentication object from filter to provider in Spring Security
Android : Set Notification Text & Title Color?
Which layout can provide free drag and drop insertion?
How to assign formated value to other variable in xslt
sencha - sort store by multi fields
WCF custom fault exception not caught correctly in client
Simple (!?) regex to capture everything between specified pairs of characters
OpenGL ES 2.0 iPhone - Rendering on background thread block main thread
Multiple views in a JViewport?
Properties not being substituted in applicationContext.xml
how to access Sqlite database with javascript?
Can I create a custom configuration qualifier for android?
advise on adding events in the object constructor
if duplicate entry get id
Java Regular Expression to Replace all spaces surrounded by digits by a character
How do i pinch to zoom on a Listbox Windows Phone 7?
Can I use the Google Maps API to find out of a house is in a particular town?
Searching a column name with its value='xyz' across a database in oracle9i?
Applying colored border with CSS to application . What's wrong?
Sql: Calc average times a customers ordered a product in a period
Is it possible to access a server using Client side Scripting Language
mysql query optimizaiton [closed]
Running multiple videos in software won't work correctly
WP7 navigate back from other application automatically
Datarelation with ultragrid
Unix sendmail attachment getting corrupt
Do something when touch event was not consumed by a child
Cannot find module 'connect', when attempting to use require('connect').utils.parseCookie with nodejs
any opensource scripting language with ide + debugger? (for use in a c++ project)
Two divs one besides the other without wrapping
Working with facebook Like button and FSQL
DiskCache plugin imageresizer in MVC3
UPDATE field based on another row filed value
Android SDK - warnings in Hello World
Better time to compile/install/test cycle
CSS - should em be used for margin and padding
I dont want to postback my asp pag鈥�
stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString has no return value
How to sequence your test cases using ExecutorService unit testing
Get list of changed properties on EF 4.2 Code Only
How to use shell command result in perl script?
Network Communication TCP [Code Design]
Comparing database stringvalue with new stringvalue
Non-blocking Sockets vs BeginXXX vs SocketAsyncEventArgs
insert from array has multi levels to database using php
How to discard local changes? (SVN)
What is the use of preg_match('/(benchmark,sleep)/i', $id)
PHP How to set a bitmask parameter. imap_fetchbody adds '=' to string
How to move a file from sdcard to app data folder?
Translation different from culture and ui culture in asp mvc 3 site
Cannot Play Audio Consistently in Some Android Browsers
Why do we have to set the rotation/scale of gesture recognizer back to 0/1?
The right place for running a jQuery
openSSL speed accuracy
Ruby on Rails passing a salt to Digest::SHA512
Spidermonkey TypeError
check boxes in listview not working
how to write tools to recover data from devices like camcorder digital camera in java? [closed]
Wrap Loki::Typelist with C++11 variadic template
Centering UL Images in DIV tag
How can we use GEOLOQIfor iphone sdk?
Maximum limit of records in coreplot
How can refresh usercontrol in master page calling from different aspx page?
Equinox classloader deadlock
Tools that list the prototypes in .so library
How to create the file from the embedded source to the user specified location?
What is the best way to to generate kml file by xls
Using Flask with Elixir and SQL alchemy
JAXB and document object
Upon creating of new data lead to posting on Facebook User/Group's Wall
jQuery tokeninput text_field overlap in the first iteration
Windows HOME - SHGet(Known)FolderPath
Windows HOME - SHGet(Known)FolderPath
What does 鈥減ublic api鈥�means in Semantic Versioning?
How to override fileUpload interceptor in struts2 to define custom functionality?
Android: Overriding context menu
With jquery mobile - left right scroll
How to handle the exception message to update database?
Javascript JSON.parse or directly access
How to use LoginView control with Membership API Roles
Treeview context menu command not firing
polymorphism and LinqToSql
How does product attributes and attribute options are stored in Magento database?
Codeigniter - Sending email
How to protect website from malicious scripts? [closed]
pop-push element from std::vector and reuse elements
Crashing on layout.main
Can I add a label to a single tool in a wxPython toolbar?
Garbage Collector and destructor [duplicate]
Why PTHREAD_COND_INITIALIZER may be used to initialize a condition variable only when it is declared?
Get the touch event to a specific area like photo gallery in iphone
Why Drop down gets reset after post back?
C++ : call another method for default method argument
To initiate a phone call from iphone websites
how to create a string representation of json
Anybody tried the Crystal Programming Language (machine-code compiled Ruby)?
How can I generate metadata output with clang similar to that of gcc-xml?
Applying django evolution to multiple databases with reference to a base database
Google analytics filter out file extension
pthread_mutex_tVS@synchronized block?
CSS target-counter attribute not recognised
Uploading via PHP
How can I use the up/down history keys in the SWI-Prolog console?
Using class variable to cache DB data, will this be shared among web app's users?
What web browser/tool to search for an image on a page, by alt or title?
Required code to sync microsoft exchange server to iphone calender
jQuery AJAX adding table tr at end of table
How to avoid previous printed line's shadow, while overwriting various statement using r in perl?
Simple File operations in Linux Kernel in C
Make a palette containing gxt widgets
How to minimize floating point operations in the below code
pass a variable from javascript to ruby controller
How to get the text(data) separately in the list of arrays in kml file? android
Weird HashSet contains() behaviour
how to access static variables using ui.xml
XSL variable usage
Getting error while using getHibernateTemplate().persist()
how to prevent web game cheating ?
is there a library for parsing US addresses?
quantize a grayscale image in matlab
How to prevent user delete their approved web content in Liferay?
SetSecurityInfo fails for PROCESS_TERMINATE
Retrieving data with jQuery from .php file
PHP MYSQL 鈥淎dvanced鈥�JOIN Query
Am I allowed to store Android ID on Server?
How to broadcast variable value and receive it?
Overriede the specific menu block in drupal
launch a second installer from a custom action installer class
SNMP Trap on Unix
How do i add LIGHTBOX to Attachments?
Rails Form_For/Select with Jquery and Images
Session login page
iPhone Parse jQuery Mobile Page Table
FB.api and jquery ajax response
What are the different approaches for transforming XML with Java?
How do you set Dynamic Page Headers in Reporting Services
Shared memory C++ Read and Write synchronisation
Default XML stylesheet in Chrome?
'Motion easing' effect in C#
Adding an image to UIBezier path as brush in iOS?
鈥淎S鈥�pseudo operator syntax in clsql
Is there any offline cross-browser testing tool [closed]
How to configure a Windows Azure WCF Service Web Role to work with netTcpBinding?
jQuery - Call a function in another frame
In SQL Server 2005 create a trigger for specific rowcount?
Jquery Mobile start
Difference between two ways of Iteration in Objective C?
Getting file full path when uploading file in html in firefox
Loop through SQLite_master table and delete tables.
How to Correctly implement a model which uses multiple choices?
Increment with integer
Android HelloWorld response
Including embedded image as Toolboxbitmap
ASP.NET web page (that saves data to database )generation using MVC model [closed]
expect script + fit expect in case password not needed
How to draw a UILabel border [duplicate]
don't quite get what is: uintptr_t value(astruct.val)
NoClassDefFoundError: jnlp.sample.servlet.ResourceCatalog$PathEntries
Customize System menubar controls ( windows forms)
Does async methods run in separate thread?
How to exit from PostgreSQL command line utility: psql
Multiple attributes of the same xml file
Multiple parameters with delay in NetCat
Checkbox is not able to disable after adding Hidden type
Determine if button/window is active winforms C#
Javascript: adding cart total after quantity change
JSF redirect to other page
Windows mobile 6.5: how to change autocomplete dictionary?
How to enforce naming convention during repository creation in subversion
slickgrid + searching multiple column
Android Django connection through WSGI
Declaring variables in the arguments to a function in C
java.util.Properties Vs java.util.Map<String, String>
Incorrect object allocation/deallocation in objective-c
Using jQuery UI Slider dynamically?
Converting RGB to YUV, + ffmpeg
Race condition while moving files on Linux
postgresSQL merge two shemas with identical tables
Restkit, disable caching
Form with repeating textarea - how to get the variable?
NSMutableDictionary Plist read several
Ajax.ActionLink in MVC3 appears to act the same as HTML.ActionLink
refactor LINQ function
Receiving ? when smiley( ue415) is posted to server
JSP within C# WebBrowser
How to configure Hibernate to put quotes around table names
How to update 10000 records with 20 randomly chosen values?
updateGL() with QTimer
How to access nested JSON data
Using Unity in MVC. How to Inject its dependencies elsewhere?
using Servlet as the server for Server Sent Events(SSE)
Properties View and Editors
How Dependency Property holds value
Fill form values in the controller
Call WebService on button click
activerecord - how to get all column of joined tables
How to add events to elements appended by AJAX?
Performing strstr on an array
Input queue of Message in WebSphere MQ Backout Queue
How to handle database instances with PDO
I don't want the back button being truncated
Unit testing Url.IsLocalUrl(returnUrl.ToString()), how can I get it to return false in unit test?
Create dynamic parent child relationship
Developing a web page to run python scripts
Writing an HTML response in the body, entirely from server-side code?
Facebook like button with liquid width
AutoEventWireUp = true and PAge_Load Handles added in Code behind. Page_Load function called only once
Append Slash not working
How to search on worksheet by VBA Code?
Two bodies not colliding in Farseer Physics 3.3.2
Data structure for efficiently retrieving the nearest element from a set
NodeJS hmac digest issue with accents
What's the difference between NSInvocation and block?
Ajax partial postback on selected row event
Error with windsor 鈥淐allContextLifetimeScope is not marked as serializable.鈥�NHibernate session
TTNavigator does not work when used in DDMenuController's leftController
How to loop through a SimpleXMLElement object in Php?
NowJS - client/browser communication (wihout contacting 鈥渆veryone鈥�
Native JavaScript validaton of form inputs in JSF
Changing the size of cell borders in PHPExcel
Need help converting Apache2 Rewrite rules to nginx
How to logout FaceBook in window phone 7
How to logout FaceBook in window phone 7
Deploying Django application on Webfaction
Is it possible to show multiple pins and direction for each points in MKMapView
Pocket memory barcode with USB output
How can you dump MySql database after each update?
Testing a legacy code
How to get all images from document and store to local
Hide all divs having a certain class using Prototype?
How to change Oracle 10gr2 express edition's default character set
SQL Server Query Help required
which is better Standard ML or OCaml [closed]
How to do DNS AAAA, CNAME and SRV lookups in C++?
is there generic method to get the network error string out of the enum NetworkError or do i need to build one?
difference between select and where in LINQ [duplicate]
ReturnUrl in mvc is null for some reason
Mongo db partial back ups
How to parse xml file in vim?
Grow height of parent div that contains floating nested divs
type casting in
Perl, GhostScript & STDIN, STDOUT
Posting UK Sterling (拢) symbol in status updates
Getting the Bookmark of Every Pdf Page
How the select the multiple Table data as per selected checkbox?
Moving linux root filesystem vs resizing its partition
How to set custom background in Android?
Modifying wordpress to create a customized CMS
Facebook posting on facebook page
Distinguish between PCM and BWF file format?
Applying a css style to label (c#) . What am i doing Wrong?
removeFilter() function not working in IE9
how to parse this url?
android: LogCat does not tell me the available/free memory
Definitions of: AnsiString, WideString, String, char[], char*, BSTR,
C# project with ImageList crashes on windows when compiled with mono on linux
HTTP server for unit tests in Delphi
Appstore app version number
vlc how to convert h263 into mp4 or 3gpp c++ code? [closed]
How to generate json response using php
Limit Flex Spark DataGrid ItemRenderer data to column
how to download a filefield file in django view
How can I get IP adress another device got from DHCP ( the same subnet as iphone ) ?
CouchBase mixed with Memcached, loss of most CouchDB philosophies and functionality?
ajax POST method is not working
The specified type 'Guid' is not a valid provider type As result
Using jquery with ajax and json in MVC application [closed]
Equivalent of constantize with ruby facet
Using read.csv in R - Opening a dataset where the file name contains a word/phrase
How many days elapsed of the current year
Toggle numbers not included inside the associative array in PHP
PHP, jQuery AJAX - 2 mysql queries
To store the link of uploaded file in database in mvc3
How to store an array of structs inside anonymous member?
What is the best calculation platform SQL or c#
Authentication in Jersey
Using a calendar in Xcode 4.2
HTML5 paint brush tip
Thumnails and Image Numbers
C++: What does std::vector<I> mask(n_col, -1); mean?
Tomcat is not logging to file
How to add Welcome username in all pages
A new popup on each function call
How to set 鈥淛ob Description鈥�of a custom SharePoint Timer Job
How to disable Logcat in Eclipse?
UIAlertView wont call function
Equivalent of escape(window.location.href) in PHP
Highlight method definitions
How to debug crash which happened on Windows Mobile
Calling C# webservice method from javascript [duplicate]
MySQL Load CSV File via String
How do I convert a date in dd/mm/yyyy format to mm/dd/yyyy in Excel Sheet
error getting while database create in ROR
Adding standard Java libraries with SBT
RMI performance too slow
Create instance of 鈥淐lass鈥�Using 鈥淩eflection鈥�in JavaScript
How do I tell the type of websocket onmessage's parameter?
$.ajax request not returning full variable
basic sql : selecting AVG() values from the same column multiple times in one query, when each wanted AVG() value uses different WHERE clause
find un-parseable xml strings using tsql (sql server 2005)
How to Create a function with the same name as Base Class in Derived Class
JPA (with Hibernate) reatach existing entities in a @OneToMany -
Alter other fields based on one field input with PHP?
Android sensor and wifi interaction?
Wants to get list of all junior doctors working under senior doctor and vice versa?
How to discard non-terminal in grammar file with PLY (Python Lex-Yacc)
dismissModalViewController in message passing between view controllers
PHP explode not working
error when getting the number of rows in a cursor?
can we check SPUser is from which Outlook DL
String center and bottom in button
create more divs that shows textboxes after option selected with jquery
iPhone:Http POST JSON method
How to Create Setup Project with Sqlserver Database Using Visual Studio 2008
Loading a lot of images to memory causes Out of memory exception - Android
ul, li.. have the text right under the textstart instead of the li image on the second row
Drawing animation path on google map in Android
is there a javascript function to make google chrome break into the current script?
Can two ElapsedEvent's, from the same System.Timers.Timer, run at the same time
SpellCheck in c#
jQuery dataTables - passing json stringified data to server
Animate UIView on touchesEnded event
What cause WS_TABSTOP to affect window painting order?
Always outputting specific HTML?
How to create domain ontology [closed]
Referencing Model with String input
Best practice for SquishIt in develop time
Online Payment with Ruby On Rails
MVC 3 - Redirect based on country?
In C, How can I restrict the accepted values that this scanf will take?
Enable hibernate filter in backing bean (SEAM)
freebase autosuggest tags
CruiseControl.rb: Test fails, but build passes
Override KeyDown Event in wxPython
Runing raketask with cron
wp e-commerce group product by category
How to save Django 鈥渇orms.ModelForm鈥�in database after editing it content and passing ajavascript variable to it's new entered field
Executing code before a controller's method is invoked?
Deploying OFBiz on External Application Server
java : Confused with Method.getClass().getMethod.invoke Operation here[closed]
JAX-WS client - how to handle 'text/plain' responses?
Programmatically retrieving IIS log file location in an ASP.NET application
Java: How to know when JOptionPane has been closed by clicking the X?
(iOS) Why does AVAudioPlayer initWithContentsOfURL always fail with error code=-43
What would be the result of the following htaccess code?
Comparing syntax trees modulo alpha conversion
Images with relative src not found in jQuery Mobile wrapped with iOS Phonegap
How to send e-mail in oracle 11g without password authentication?
Baffled by results of the render command in Rails
regular expr in matlab
set property to web service failed [closed]
eclipse hotkey to paste predefined code
How to recognize which pin was tapped
remove all the subview on cell.contentview except the label
Sql query to find rows with exactly two 's' characters
What is the preferred way of server code notifying multiple clients of data changes within a single Delphi Application?
Using Orchard CMS, How do I hide items in a container content type?
Align div element to the right side withour overlapping
Memory Leakage due to HashMap
dot product using cblas is slow
Why WPF user control properties must be public to use them from XAML?
Phonegap - Creating a .txt file on first load
Get How many Character Width of a Form?
Jquery function should be executed when the checkbox is checked
Error when using function preg_replace() in php of wampserver
Checking for null variable in Workflow 4.0 transition condition
Remove images from Colorbox dynamically, while Colorbox is open
update time of each record in MongoDB
Fade out a background-image
How to remove folder path within zip file.I want only txt files in zip file
How to quantify and compare video quality
How to get a value from html to flash (other than flashvars)
How to repeat an image but only horizontally?
How to retrieve data from multiple tables that may or may not have values in common
How to check my In-app billing product is already purchased in app by user?
How to get full file path when uploading file in html
html5 app audio not working
PDF cache(under temporary internet files content.ie5) issue for IE6 and IE8
How to convert a list or vector into a sorted-set in Clojure?
Can I make the primary constructor private while keeping auxiliary constructors public in Scala?
Use jsoup to encode Html characters
C++ syntax explanation
Login with 'sa' is working from Sql Server Management Studio, but failing from .Net application [closed]
Issue with displaying '=' character in label using LWUIT
How to bind event to element?
ASP.NET MVC 3 and Wordpress
Command Line Interface & Process Control
MVC areas for sites with different content
Best practices for multi-form applications to show and hide forms?
How to re-use some cells from UITableVIewController storyboarding mode Static Cells
make a portion of a UIView become transparent
How to change namespace from C#
How can i change the order of fields in a composite primary key in core data?
MYSQL Group By Multiple columns - Unique listing
Queue URL in native Video Player android to play in queue
AdMob In Preferences on ICS
How to squash and rebase already pushed branch into master?
How to move the main document part of a word file to the header part of another word file?
ConQAT C# clone analysis: 鈥淣o factory found for element鈥�for all C# files
xml file operation
How to read NMEA data from USB GPS device through cocoa application
Python: Code crashes - Restart Script
Make a parallelogram with one side in CSS3
multiple threads able to get flock at the same time
jqgrid hideCol not hiding the footer columns
Reading Property value through Properties class
Spring RESTful server
smartgwt- error when adding buttons to section stack in HLayout
Navgating and loading APSX pages from differnt projects, same solution
Before Binding how to get the image in WP7
Short way to add item after item in List?
returning two different types from one function
How to improve email verification
Whats best way to track changes of software installation and post-configuration?
Is there a way to parse a zipped XML file with JQuery on the fly?
Search Logic to access more than 6 related tables efficient
javascript clearTimeout not clearing timeout!.. this shouldn't be hard?
Rails - One Main Redirect Controller for all half finished routes?
A script that is executed only if I don't append it by jQuery?
photoshop make selection by coords
backtick operator return status code 5 (or 1280)
OS X Lion C++11, Boost and other questions
OS X Lion C++11, Boost and other questions
Error deploying SQL Server 2008 r2 Reporting Services data extension
How to search on the words of a phrase using SOSL in salesforce?
Visualizing Plane Partitions in MATLAB
Travelling salesman tips
Window-7 gedgets(Capture windows mouse event.) [closed]
Regarding moving to new screen using fragment and textview
Facebook photo gallery viewer
How to show in a class diagram that i'm using external API
Fatal error: Call to undefined function - codeigniter
How to turn off CalendarView in a DatePicker?
Samsung S5360 and Adobe AIR?
C - Get PID of process opened with popen
Design patterns for a large analysis-oriented SQL script library?
Check if class has static method
How to apply CSS to only immediate children of a certain class
c# - How to cut triangle from image?
.Net 4.0 JSON Serialization: Double quotes are changed to
transferring last number of select items
Shell - one line query
check a mail ip adress in mail blacklist using php
UIAnimation - Show UIView from button.frame.origin.y
IPhone app build and deliver to store without device
a null NSMutableDictionary that gets NSNumber
How to make comment mandatory in Kaleo Workflow in Liferay 6.05?
get the amount from a price period table
JavaScript architecture - mediators, when to use them?
Is hiding a member in the base class a bad smell in the code?
Mac OS X Fullsreen switch on Cmd-Tab
Set enviroment variable of php
Type casting a struct into int
Android How to fetch yahoo Contacts
Equivalent AES 128 bit in PHP
How do I know whether the compiler has ARC support enabled?
visual studio 2010: how to auto replace concrete types with interface
Multithreading in ios
How can I create separate projects containing relative entities (POCOs) using EF and then access them from a single project
Can we say node.js is a web server?
Does Sencha Touch offer any security model?
Differences between roulette wheel selection and rank based selection
Compass give me crazy data, is calibration needed or it's the sensor broken?
How to page a View
Android 2.3, 4.0 rtsp video streaming error: no video, but audio
Symfony2 and anonymous access to some route
iOS 鈥�Is it Acceptable to Set Initial View as Advertisements for x Number of Seconds Right After Launch Image?
Live tv channels streaming in android
Headache designing Symfony2 bundles organization
Jquery doing else action on ajax response regardless of response
javascript - Prevent page loading
ZF: Can I Get controller object inside controller plugin? To add a message
Form Processing Ajax
Magento: How to create a product during a setup script?
how can I declare empty tuple?
Present TTTabbar Vertically
Facebook wont allow me to setup APP access
Building the project without launching eclipse product
Need to add logic in Unix script convert from Windows to Unix format
Using scrollbars with absolute layout in Swing
Force Pex to ignore generated code, can I do it without a reference to the Pex assembly?
Adding SPView to an existing iOS project just show pink screen (Sparrow Framework)
A good way to implement a GUI/DB updatable table (CRUD)
Get an Image from a URL but it is not loaded completely
RadGrid inside RadWindow having issues in grid sorting
Compiling tesseract for iOS
Error in displaying two date-picker in one page html file
invalidate view does not respond as intended
datagridview index change
check_assumptions via stdin/smt2?
How can I make jQuery UI buttons the same width with icons spaced same distance from right?
How To Find Out Address From longitude and Latitude in iOS?
Use multiple methods