AS3 Using variable from one function in another - not working
Turn on /off the debug mode for particular controller in cakephp
HTTP malformed packet exception
Magento Listings error
the command 鈥渘etstat -p鈥�doesn't display the pid
Symfony2 fixtures with references not loading (constraint violation)
There are undeclared identifiers when I run a form that has TEmbeddedWB in it
Import Error: No module named django
How to debug the code inside the DLL
Curl shell php cron results
cocos2d creating dynamic menu lists
Fail to read from `tail -F` via `stdin`
Error code with sorting program
How to set with vbscript html dropdown value as default
iOS internal proxy in app
Ruby String to method name Error: undefined method `call=' for #<Method:0xa396aac> (NoMethodError)
Difference between set-cookie2 and set-cookie
Test output folder not created in target/surefire reports when I run as maven Test
Accented letters not rendering at some clients in html email
Increase values in map
pendingIntent is fire again again in given radius.
Can't read set variable from class 'sometimes'
detect Card in visual basic
Using Zoom Controls with an image
Making this f.autocomplete_field and this Tag model work together?
How can I change the value for dynamically?
String to floating point conversion with support for both decimal point and decimal comma
automation : Script to take a mysqldump into a file named by date/time of backup
automation : Script to take a mysqldump into a file named by date/time of backup
NullPointerException When Trying To Fetch Current Location
Always ask for authentication when using popup window on IE6
jquey UI Datepicker
What is the difference between Asp.Net Web API and WCF Service?
Which MySQL storage engine will be better in my situation [closed]
Replacing the view with fragments
Failed to load Main-class Manifest Attribute
ObjectContext public in debug mode, internal in release mode
How To Retrieve Data From Cassandra?
C# opensource djvu library [closed]
emacs error: Key sequence M-x g starts with non-prefix key M-x
Expression tree emits runtime code?
ASIHTTPRequest POST to TomCat
Remove on* JS event attributes from HTML tags
USB device not detected for Samsung Captivate - i897 after windows7 (64bit) is updated
cross-signing with OpenSSL
stop back behaviour in android phone in web browser
How to give an external property to UIButton
Change attached source in eclipse (android)
How to Sign one testing application in android source
How we design Dynamo db with keep relation of two entity
How to replace all html tags in a php string using RegEx [closed]
Short circuit evaluation using procedures
htaccess - removing preceding index.php but retain some parameters
if block in javascript not running
How to select a column value as a column name and group the results as a row
Storing a Tree (that won't be modified) for an iPhone app
face recognition to detect mood
How to dismiss and present the same modal view controller right after?
Which database is the best for my situation?
PetaPoco orm tool with Asp.Net GridView
cross browseing ie
innerHTML alternative for firefox
Solr safe dataimport and core swap on high-traffic website
How to get a QVector<T> from a QVector<QVector<T>>?
VML to PNG/PDF (jsp)
How to avoid duplicate values
Why is element zero of a heap array not used?
Android: RSA encrypted data not getting decrypted on PHP side
How to place a java class in xml
Generator instead of list comprehension? And where else can I improve my class?
Notification message in widows phone 7
What's wrong with this C++ code? (undeclared identifier)
limit cell width with css and hide overflow - IE anomaly
NSURLConnection delegate called in the main thread on iOS 5
C# read and modify Excel cellnames
Get valus with jsoup
Draw UIImage with transformations in iOS
PHP randomly replace words
Get contents of password variable in response file
NUnit - how to compare strings containing composite Unicode characters?
property selected spark button
Login session not transferring to new webpage using WebRequest/Response?
Unity3d Input.location from documentation not available in code
android http post request error - socket failed EACCES (Permission denied)
How do I get the 鈥渓ost鈥�bit from a bit shift?
JSP and JavaScript with form
PHP file -bi or FileInfo
WCF Exception when returning list of interface objects
How to append the contents to the file at the beginning using Java?
Lucene .Net optimization process
how to open winform faster?
had to login twice for plone
MySQL - How to create a child record under table2 whenever table1 is having a new record using MySQL workbench?
Invalid preprocessing directive for #elseifdef in Xcode
Find the value of input type text closest to checkbox using jquery
Inline Editing row or cell
How to mask an image pixel by pixel?
404 on WCF service. Starting host and getting correct URI
Which Blackberry devices support SQLite only on SDCard?
My C++ DLL returns data mixed from 2 sequential calls
Better modifying the render or moving the camera?
Event handler not working perfectly with C#
Generate link_to without path (only anchor)
How to unit test an event subscribtion with NUnit
.Rprofile: How to set option 鈥渂rowser鈥�correctly (to Chrome) so that help.start() works?
How to detect the character encoding of a text file using Delphi? [duplicate]
MailChimp API createCampaign
Should I use Unit or leave out the return type for my scala method?
MEF-based Settings Class
Android: Issues while displaying image with url in webview
passing layout_weight reference from dimensions (dimens)
What does the Function of LOG() do?
MySQL connection remains after close(), with a thin wrapper
MAX keyword taking a lot of time to select a value from a column
Data Structure class in College [closed]
I'm missing something simple here (run-time execution precedence?)
Ruby/Rails, ActiveRecord uniqueness validation and activerecord-import gem
array of filenames blacklist in ruby
How to add a colons (:) between inline list elements?
Google Analytics & Blackberry UserAgent
How to move files using FTP commands
Bring DisplayObject on top in DataGroup
How to emulate subdomain/language in .htacces file
Get/Count Number of Entities? [closed]
Cant compile Windows Phone 7.x examples
MySQL Show Datadictionary of tables
jquery & dojo not loading after HTML 5 offline caching
How can you modify clipboard text?
Unmovable files in VS2010 project
Find out when user left the EditText Android
cant install MVC4 Beta?
Node.js + MongoDB query not working properly with 鈥�or鈥�object
Generate records based on a condition during projection in Pig Latin
sending an alert messages from server to client automatically without postbacks
How to parse & print get a element by element from xml in objective C? [closed]
Encrypt with JavaScript and decrypt with Java based on shared key [closed]
How does psql deal with SIGINT/Ctrl-C
Where do Embedded Databases Store the data?
apache rewrite specific htaccess redirections
Extjs4 and TinyMCE
How to draw coins in a path with patterns in superjumper game?
DateAxis setRange() with setTickUnit does not work
Cross-Browser PHP Sessions
Ajax Basic of Data Processing
How can i convert java String to javascript string?
string compare jQuery
How To Create Multiple Build Profiles
Explain this floating point behavior
Hair removal algorithm development
How to refresh Facebook plugins? [duplicate]
Use AssemblyInfo.cs VersionNumber as foldername in Post-Build Command Line or any other alternative ways
php check at least two values greater than 0 in array
Make a button behave differently when pressed a second time (Python)
DateTime parsed from stopwatch's elapsed time always start at 12:00:00
Is there a Java SDK HTML based text area plugin [duplicate]
Fetch content inside the <title> tag
Again on @ViewScoped misteries
Overview of Scala method and function syntax
.net howto use .dlls wisely?
differences of three function ( takes a function as an argument
CD-ROM identification through serial number
Excel formula can start with?
JSP tag library
Zend framewok change dns for application error
Knockoutjs support for multiple groups (aka: name attribute) in the radio binding
mysql query failure
Finding out if ResourceRequest is AJAX request
Firefox addon-sdk - listen for page navigation
Ruby / Rails: Automate form submission and scrape page data
Core Data - how to generate CoreDataGeneratedAccessors?
I have a procedure in VBA add-in, how to call it on Excel?
GitHub Deployment method on BitBucket
Core Plot:animating a pie slice on touch of particular index
not logging into desired page after login
jface tableviewer, how to use different cell editor for each cell?
MySql query to check occurence which happened on each day between two dates?
how to add custom fields in magento payment module
How do I remove elements from a jQuery selection or cloned html?
Get Scanner Info
Launch a controller from within an active story board
GCC error message: attempt to use poisoned 鈥淭ARGET_I386鈥�
How to format a number as 2.5K if a thousand or more, otherwise 900 in javascript?
What are windows services? How are they differ from other .NET application?
Are we able to lock a folder or directory using java for a particular period of time?
Why is JSON time string's colon triggering SQLite errors?
eclipse autocomplete iterator for C++
Change rows & colums in code-behind
iOS: How can I have my app launch the iMessage app?
writing SQL query with nested sets
FFMPEG Audio, video out of sync
how to compare Dictionary key value and Tuple key value
Failed to parse XML drawable file
Want to use jqueryUI for Jersey response
Distributed search in SOLR
how to check empty column in python
Web service Excel conversion
Validation using javascript or jquery
Can we Programatically change File in composer Dynamically
Visual Studio debug issue
Alert when a text box is left empty [closed]
How can we specify rules for jquery validation plugin by class?
Can Icon Border Be Eliminated In Android App?
Best way of dynamically assigning variables in a C++ interpreter
SetSecurityInfo: Undeclared Identifier
Push from UIView to UINavigationControll and delegate
How to create multiple multi-dimensional arrays from STDIN in perl?
How much is pushed onto a 32-bit stack under Windows x86-64 on an exception?
Call Profile Provider By Name in Profile config
Python Scenario Building Through Input Classification
How to use circularly dependent classes in C++?
Alpha Beta pruning problems in Othello
how to get the type of uicontrol event?
ExtJS 4: How to theme a Field without proper variable?
Create User using Membership.CreateUser
class not registered vfp web service
multi dimentional session array
page navigation not occuring after enabling button from row select using ajax
maven surefire test plugin runs tests even if they are excluded:
Creating a dynamic array
Out of memory during working with Bitmap in android
Session value expires too quickly in hosting environment.How to fix this in asp.nen
Creating a gauge in Android
Active Record audit history
Is there a better way to join these tables in ActiveRecord from bottom to top relation?
How to determine dimension of PDF pages with Ruby?
Using ORMLite for Android, does allow creation of Table with Certain Column Names
Password visible using DevicePolicyManager
Apache AddType text/css .css Ignored
Using Instruments to Work Through Low Memory Warnings
add uiview at row selection
Delphi XE2 iOS App with In-App Purchase
How to use Asynctask effectively
How to pass parameters retrieved from form submit as arguments to a function in django
Downloaded file is 0 bytes, what is wrong with it?
Java - making Triangle class
.net1.1 HttpWebRequest auth with x509 certificate from file
Rails Sorcery Bug? Creates Duplicate User Accounts
Is there a way to overlay a <canvas> over a fullscreen HTML5 <video>?
How to handle this titanium webservice error?
Does a thread lock another thread?
C programming. The FizzBuzz program
Delete statement suddenly taking more time in Oracle11g
What is the best possible way to replace existing debug apk on users' device with self-signed apk on a self -updating Android application
How does Ember.js schedule its dataflow?
How to staff user edit thier profile in django admin?
String containing backslash
Adding redcloth/ckeditor to rails_admin admin gem
Setting source of chart data series from other workbooks
How to getting <tags> name in XML
Getting error: 鈥淐an't find variable: $ 鈥�in jquery mobile
SCM and maven - using SCM through Maven or Eclipse?
Add a drop down combo box into innerHTML using javascript and HTML
how to detect point on canvas after canvas rotation
How can I change a list of links into a list of jQuery UI themed buttons?
Zend Framewok installation and configuration error
receiving json from mobile app
how to create a form in eclipse indigo?
logback-test.xml and multi-module maven project
Extended methods to a DLL
pdf file doesn't open
Need help getting TCP port number and IP address in C
Database design: Custom fee table
innerHTML to insert script in body (for ZeroClipboard) not working
Understanding metasploits meterpreter payload
CSV data into Form control
How to configure Jenkins for php coverage report?
Exception in unbindDrawables
Is this possible to break the pdf file smaller than page wise breaking?
How to make a wpf user control containing several user controls
Code Signing ServiceCertificate
Running openflow on my switch
Diagnosing SQL Server crash
Firefox not displaying embedded youtube iframe within ajax loaded post, working in all other browsers
Add childnode to xml doc
year calendar using jquery or javascript
Regex for certain numbers with decimal point
How to enter data with leading zero into the excel using c# excel application
Perl Xpath:: How to extract all the attribute values and the names of the elements that the attributes belong to
The difference between murder, puppet, chef [closed]
Failure using jquery.validate.min in ie7
Combiner hack for hadoop streaming
Seeking complete example of class based views crud, including template
Having issue with jQuery hover function
Java Swing Thumbnail View of Images to select image
How to read a file that is currently opened using Eclipse plugins?
How to run javascript in background?
Does Dependency Injection go against OOP?
Generate a jstree using json response zend php
VI editor Navigation similar to Eclipse
<p:pieChart> does not work using primefaces
How to change spaces to underscore and make string case insensitive?
java.lang.nullpointerexception..and it is finding componenet info in com.zealous.zealmeal/com.zealous.zealmeal.firstscreen..what should be the issue? [closed]
Deleting child nodes of a div node
How to show satellite view of Android mapview only
Android: StackOverFlowError with InvocationTargetException when inflating layout
signalStrength.getGsmSignalStrength() is giving values without sim-card also
DB2 Varchar field length
clSetKernelArg arg_value other than memory object
Thumbnail of an image from resources
xcode 4.2.1 - limiting character length in TextField
git workflow: keeping inconsistent commits in history
iOS : detect UIImageView for UITouch Events
How do i create sqlite DB without using WebSQL API?
Phonegap dom update not immediately reflected in display
wmi 鈥渓og on as鈥�property of a service
bad path address with rewrite-rule
Media Player Looping : Android
Copy and paste content from a textbox to a worksheet cell range?
commit and rollback in sql server 2005
enable/disable textbox on combo selection
How to read string from right PLSQL
While Printing of the image is to small to read text on some large displays
Is it possible to convert audio file with some music notes?
Understanding random 2D directional vector generation
Using multithreading for loading JSON data
Using .htaccess to redirect to folder and not show index or variables
slidetoggle for gridview in dynamically generated 鈥渆xpandable鈥�rows
How to load a nib?
maven - deploying releases vs snapshots, how to differentiate
Sending Email in Android using JavaMail API
change all occurence of <I> tag text into italic
Resource is not local - creating files in Eclipse plugin
jQuery event not raised in Gridview TH
Where is an object instance stored?
Font issues while using doctype XHTML 1.0
Maintain scroll position after refresh of a web browser control in vb6
PHP Array_Push multi dimensional array
How To Dynamically Enable Ripple Emulator with javascript or Jquery in Chrome without selecting platform
How can I implement a progress animation inside a imageView?
How to get top 'n' CPU consuming processes in particular time interval by performance monitor or any other utility?
How to navigate from a webpage to local page in my phonegap app?
Most efficient design for a 鈥渕ost recent 20鈥�table in Oracle?
Regex to match the string with another string Patten which is /DIG/?
ASP.NET MVC Global error handling
Specifing Alias for dll
Template function specialization with a templated argument
Oracle Transactions Queries, timer
Using php in jboss
Converting XML from one structure to another structure
JAVA Need a condition to check whether the entire 2D array is full
Values dynamically inserted in stored procedure in sql server
changing workspace of jenkins in linux
defining sdl_rect and sdl_mousebuttondown
firefox error console showing warning?
Call a php function within javascript code JQuery
Twitter API: Following a user's use of a hashtag?
How to parse out all columns out of a sql using regular expression?
display system ringtones list in wp7 in a third party application
String Encryption/Decryption class that produces different output
how can i check if a function already exists in the spl stack?
How to change displayed buttons based on preferences [closed]
C++ Syntax to call a member function using it's function pointer
Problems with Rake When Using a Git Clone of a Rails Project with RVM
HTML Node Map Generator?
Tomcat application not responding with no logs
Password Protect Static Page AppEngine HowTo?
JasperServer: how to change 鈥淛aspersoft: Login鈥�page name to our 鈥淥rganization: Login鈥�page
How to enable CRUD operations from multiple locations and synchronized the results?
NOT IN select query not working [closed]
string.upper(<str>) and <str>.upper() won't execute
How to write a shell script to execute a java file using maven
DependencyPropertyChangedEventHandler Vs Placing code directly into the setter
Android Email Multiple Attachment issue on HTC Thunderbolt
format string syntax: printing percentage with at least one significant digit
How to get uploaded file name and size before validating that file using zend addvalidator
my gridview in is working only if i give all value for parameter
Android Media Player play/pause Button
Generic 'unwrap' function in Haskell?
How to UPDATE a new column to be the first word of another column
echoprint-codegen runs indefinitely with delayed_job
Store unicode data in SQL Server 2008 xml datatype
One line code to get one value from function that returns an array [duplicate]
How to load a script on $(document).ready()/onDeviceReady() of jquery-mobile/phonegap
find minimum step to make a number from a pair of number
Python IN operator for List comparision
Eclipse CDT indexing files in /usr/local/include
Unknown routing error
How can I use Magento cache in widget?
Dynamic photo gallery in iphone [closed]
Is there other ways of passing a php $_GET variable from url to a js variable? [duplicate]
How to synchronize onMessage() of MessageListener
Why using label is recommended together with function parameter
progress bar properties python2.72 pywinauto
how to save fixed line call log to database [closed]
SQL into LINQ鈥�need a nudge in the right direction
Using RestAPI calls with MGTwitterEngine+Oauth
FlowDocumentScrollViewer.Selection MouseEnter Event
user input as regular expression pattern using javascript [closed]
How to calculate SURF points for ALL the points in an image using OpenCV?
C: Eclipse / gdb and Null Terminated Strings
Join two tables and display the details
mySQL : Sort ID by a given string of ID ? (Building breadcrumbs for hierarchical-data)
How to set Root View when using inflate method of LayoutInflater? [duplicate]
Export CSV file to Hive
Memory Leak Issue in Windows Phone Develoment - Silver Light Framework
Spork-rails, rails 3.2 and 'no such file to load'
Writing an error checker [closed]
How to delete specific attributes from all the descendants in XML?
check box is not clicking using selenium ide
How to do multiple line editing?
Save thousands of html files as txt files, using firefox - how to automate this job?
why footer is re-positioning after page slide
Microsoft CNG BCryptEncrypt returning ciphertext == plaintext
HTML, How can i fit webpage into screen?
Creating a color image in j2me
Jquery's php 鈥渋f condition鈥�equivalent [closed]
unique check with Descending Indexes
how to locate a div tag generated by jQuery
How to access ActiveX Checkbox in Excel 2007 using OpenXML
I want my SlideToggle() Slow or add the Time
Browser Open/Save dialog
How can I add a where into my foreach loop in C#
How to update counter without sending request to server
Android Framework - how to register new package?
jQuery + JSONP return empty data?
How to display the content coming from .exe file to Web Page
Is there a way to have an page that comes from an XSLT transformation 'on the fly'?
Jira send emails from user address
How can I display Sap Soap webservices Response in Android ? using ksoap2
how to perform Socket network programming in the rails environment [closed]
Create .exe file in php with mysql database
In ActiveMQ whether MessageListener depends on data log files of message store
Does Process Overhead Make Linux a Better Node.js Host than Windows?
Passing objects vs. Passing references/pointers?
SELECT statement from table inside cursor loop force cursor to EXIT
C# application without SQL Server [closed]
common logging jar conflict with apache axis soap client
Centering a TABLE within a DIV
How to receive file from multiple client at a time over TCP connection using C#?
How can I get an XSLT working when the source document has no DOCTYPE?
How to identify date of 6 complete months ago
avoiding flicks in header/footer toolbars
Overwriting existing image file on PHP
Windows Azure Table CompareTo Not Working
Facebook Application Activity Aggregator / Notifier in Newsfeed
Combine strings from multiple rows and join onto another table
Play sometimes shutdown with memcached client shutdown
solve through a loop in java
Logtalk: meta::map, lambda expression and access to private method
How to post on user's wall indicating an app was installed?
PHP Date Array to user friendly string
AJAX and jQuery validate issue
Aligning template vector struct for SSE
cron job not calling php file
console.log javascript [Function]
ajax called onClick needs to be clicked twice only on firefox
Legal and technical issues when including 'standard' Eclipse Help in an RCP application
Form Data Request using NSURLConnection in iOS
Can i use memcmp two compare multibyte characters string?
Pass more data with ajax file upload
How to get actual value and validate of CustomTextbox Text in ViewModel
C# XNA Random tile engine
Filtering RSS feed content by category using an API call
aws sdk for mac os x application development
Report opens Blank in ADF
how to get the position of a particular string in the editor that is currently opened?
deleting records through spring batch
ArryOutOfBoundsException when Dragging and Droping of a bitmap on a canvas
HTML input button appears different in iPad
css chrome and safari issue [closed]
Interactively loading another page to DIV
hr behind div in mobile
Android image magick
how to implement webservice in coldfusion?
What is the requirement for a collection in order that we can put a foreach on it?
finding total ways of XORing an array of integers to produce zero
Query on Designing Object Structure
moving view well by UIPanGestureRecognizer but sometimes goes jumpy
How to solve problems involving overlapping pairs and which data structure to use
MultiDPIBitmapSource in BitmapFill
How to deploy my WCF service on IIS 6.0?
How to show report with JasperReports API
How to change self in a block like instance_eval method do?
How can I discover the amount of free memory in iOS?
Disabled checkbox added to the panel is not disabled
Reference error: Com is not defined
MySQL dump inside mysql console
adding new comment in database for a post
How to force user to enter correct value, otherwise not let user to go to other fields or activity?
1083 syntax error [closed]
Want to notedown CPU usage and Memory Usage of my C program
Custom ranging in solr for custom field with websphere commerce
How to resend POST data when using WebView.goBack() method?
How to obtain the older tweets from twitter in json format
#! Appearing after certain Html Pages on website [duplicate]
Does Google's In App Purchase work on all markets?
writing text on image (without affecting size)
How to apply delay to load something in jquerymobile
Creating table dynamically using AdvancedDatagrid
UIBezierpath Shadow effect - iOs
Video compression changes custom tab bar in iOS 5
Issue in calling Json response for the Webscript in Alfresco
how to hide eclipse rcp viewpart borders
Objective C class data structure, instances of a class reference once another as ivars
Behavior of unique index, varchar column and (blank) spaces
Silveright Prism: How to wait for two events
What is the best api/ tool for charts and graphs in Java EE web application? [closed]
Android SurfaceView BitmapFactory out of memory exceptions
Weighted Pearson's Correlation?
Implementing RegEx Timeout in .NET 4
x86 $esp Changing Oddly
3D visualization software
Java - Stacks - checking if 2 numbers of the stack equal 100
jQuery working awry
How to show the number of participants in the last sent/taken quiz?
Google Analytics unique purchases suddenly stopped working
CVS Repository Migration to new CVS Server
Works fine for the first time, next time getting DB locked issue
RequestFactoryEditorDriver doesn't save full graph even though 鈥渨ith()鈥�is called. Is circular reference an issue?
CheckBox seletion on space bar press
Using only one function to update different columns of a table in database
ANTLR Grammar for Liquid Markup?
JS Charts: drawing trend lines [closed]
Rectify this Error:GetLastError 0x13d
Flicker with wxpython displaying webcam video
mvc2 鈥渘o parameterless constructor defined for this object鈥�error
Xcode 4.2.1 issue : Universal app runs on iPad but not on iphone
PHP Cron Problems - using plesk: dynamic library, open_basedir
Pthread Condition variables are a replacement for continuous polling, is it true?
Relation or Correspondence between Protocol and Port Number in URL
iPhone: Sqlite update or insert row
How to classify documents indexed with lucene
SQLite insert or replace into
Transfer possibly unsafe user input from hidden input field to DOM
Finding the email size before sending it
Splitting up a data file in Python, round 2
How to close user control used in radgrid filtering?
How to switch to different layouts and use their widgets from the same activity in android?
MySQL: Error Message Can't create table (errno: 150)
android displays no database
Scroll view to act like a listview, setting textview from database
Facebook Life time for access_token [closed]
Read plist from URL into NSMutableDictionary
Classic ASP / Round() - Show Numbers 10,000+ as 10K
What does packet class of JPCAP represent?
Get location on click of a button with default provider
How to save Application data
how to make an array with my struct types?
In Java, how do I store large numbers in an array?
How to show query result columnar(in different columns) instead of row by row?
RDLC sorting on multiple columns
why doesn't the function run within this timer?
ANR keyDispatchingTimedOut in ActivityManager
FluentNHibernate: Getting Column & Table Names After Mapping Conventions Are Applied
date difference between two dates
Visual Studio 2010 is rebuilding whole project on Ctrl + Shift + B instead of compiling only changed files
gae unit testing hrd datastore inconsistency
Rails Transaction
How hypervisor design changes when hardware support is provided in processor?
Multiple JdbcTemplate instances or not?
How to substitute a table by li tags?
Scan folder inside JAR
maxItemsInObjectGraph - Default Behavior on Operations
Using MySQL while my WordPress files are not in the root FTP folder
translating some pseudocode
ClickOnce fails with invalid manifest error via programmatic update but not framework update
XMPP multiple sessions of the same user issue
How do you compute the functional dependencies for decomposition?
How do I use Android HTTPPOST jpeg to Django Server?
Why count less even used synchronized keyword?
Search creates issues in my MS Access form
jwsc task using maven antrun plugin
Android - Adding Views on orientation change
Java - weight of instantiation
Possible to pass jquery var to ruby/rails instance variable within .js.erb file?
Validating textpane for the range
UITableViewCell - Best place to set up the cell
Retrieve data from sql
Run WPF application with custom command parameters from command prompt
How to get processing instruction from XML in Xalan program?
Eclipse - No project visible in explorer
How to know whether a file is in making or completed in java?
How can I break down decimals into # of years and days?
Still confused about Objective-C's dynamic binding
PHP: Get class constants from static method using ReflectionClass
How to update database using listview in
Mysql selecting from two tables
jquery awShowcase - stop the slider with a video help needed
PHP image output issue
Thread and Socket in Java
OpenCV on Android Duplicate File for APK
how to parse xml into one page to another page?
Passing POJO object to JSP
Is that possible to create db migration for dynamo db in ruby on rails
Keeping clients timer in sync - TCP
Silverlight page jumps/jerks upward and to the left on first rendering
How to execute application from PHP async
Change text color for ListView items
Sort dict by value and return dict, not list of tuples [duplicate]
How to resequence all dates in one column
Cloud Hosting for ASP.Net website developed in C# 3.0 [closed]
Why isn't the ? in a regular expression working?
how can i do Limit the file app size in ipad?
Java String Operations
Why do managento creates batch_xx.tmp file in var/tmp folder
conditionally ignore rows load data mysql
Determining whether or not previous Activity can handle multiple Fragments in current orientation
Handling large amount of data
automatic regular data retrieval from SQL server
msctls_progress32 window properties on python 2.7
How to Use jkmegamenu Twice in A Page, One for Slidedown and Another for Slideup
How to update/insert contact image in android's contact list progrmatically?
Passing data from one web-page to other page, how to do this?
code access security in ASP.NET 4.0 and dynamic data error
Issue related to getting class name in jquery
getView() in customized adapter, whose object is created in customized view, not called?
Red 5 publish Issue
How to fetch a value from the database and display it in a text view in android
Displaying the values of an array list without bean object in JSF data table
How can I merge the two heads in Hg now?
setHidden doesn't work as I expected
CSS div dynamic width
_block_type_is_valid phead- nblockuse on delete command
How to achieve mp3 stream using java Servlet
Is there a way to concat string with char as a const?
error: installing appscript
Use comparison signs inside a sql case statement
Setting the Maximum size of a JFrame while launching the application
Making Validation Generic
Inserting a python variable into a query
Gridview delete button position ? In
Customizing colours for Candlestick chart while using google charts
Autocomplete Jquery with user restriction
How should I represent a time period that is not tied to a specific date?
use of include $(BUILD_MULTI_PREBUILT) in
Mongoid class with embedded_in and belongs_to entries
Using 2 different scheduling policies in the same project
Append value to ComboBoxEdit in DevExpress grid
How to configure the Android's default email client programatically
Paypal PayFlowPro send email after transaction
Mimic.js handle fault response
How to store the selected checkbox values in arraylist in android?
Can not read email content from gmail after extracting with python program
Output redirection with 鈥渟creen鈥�command
CSS aesthetics help for CSS
SimpleCursorAdaptor not showing data
how to apply the image fade effect in as3?
What is the difference between char a[] = 鈥渟tring鈥� and char *p = 鈥渟tring鈥�
Merging of 2 packages in oracle using toad
Reverse A Binary Tree (Left to Right)
How to Remove Role Cache on Sign Out in MVC
Can't Parse XML from XRDS document
How do I build a native (command line) executable to run on Android?
Order By the result of an expression on each result / User-Generated Meta Data Sorting
How to compile GLUT + OpenGL project with CMake and Kdevelop in linux?
How do I split a string ONLY after the first instance of the delimiter?
oracle 10 g xe Lsnrctlr service and ora-12519 error
How to replace the string values stored with in a variable in objective c [closed]
How to insert whitespace?
Write a function that shuffles a string of characters using a binKey
How to Maintain a Common data over windowsphones?
linux subversion error while running 'svn' command
Open calendar event details using an intent
Invalid digital signature
Dynamically Assigning value to hyperlink for file Downloads
Inserting a Value from DateTime Picker causing errors
Chaining methods using Symbol#to_proc shorthand in Ruby?
Textbox auto append empty string while the record is not found from autocomplete
Where is EjbClient.Jar?
BackKey button function in Android
Update sql table using wcf service
How to write a custom Zend validator to check the hash of a file against a database record
How does an amazon ec2 ECU compare to a google app engine MHZ cpu rating? [closed]
Need assistance with Regex for formatting telephone numbers
Converting an existing web app to desktop application
How to set DPI in cairographics?
can anyone explain the math behind the red ship in this simple game? [homing missile esque]
How to config the response time for LongClick?
Using ProcessBuilder in a Silex Project
Example of invalid URI as per RFC 3986
Why is ViewState not stored on the server by default?
Program hangs while parsing Double value? [duplicate] not calling connect event in IE8
Is it possible to put an 鈥渋f statement鈥�inside a 鈥淣.times{}鈥�bracket in Ruby?
sudo required for easy_install pip in OS X Lion?
Sort on Custom field in Drupal 7 views 3
gpg encrypt file without keyboard interaction
Regex to match digits within braces
How to find the blog feed URL from the blog site programmatically
How to execute a process on remote machine (linux) without ssh?
What's the best way to group together several shapes?
Is it OK for a view to know about its controller?
Masonry run's late in page render
Trying to load a Jquery v3 google map, works inside body tags, but not where i want it on the page
How android application synchronize data with backend server?
Titanium Appcelerator PUT method not working
sql server round function not working well
Implementing Matlab's rgb2gray in Java
Registering 32-bit DLL on 64 bit system
Rails: Routing Error, comment model to micropost model
XPath String that grabs an element with a specific id value
Adobe Edge Without Javascript files?
Getting SQLite database from emulator (data/data/package_name/databases) to local drive
Is it possible to tell if user opened or downloaded a file?
How can I use a Dropbox directory as a virtual host Document Root in OSX?
Rails 3 functional tests: Can't mass-assign protected attributes: controller, action
Remove beginning part of a string from column data
Custom ItemsSource property for a UserControl
Setting height in a responsive slider (jQuery Cycle)
Java Date Calculation
How can I use MySQL assign operator(:=) in hibernate native query?
CPAN error. How can I fix this?
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Excel - Custom label format to turn 鈥�999Q4鈥�into 鈥�999鈥�
Android back button with browser oauth returns to browser
Open camera in half portion of screen - iPhone
CFML Jquery Ajax - returns zero when cffunction actually returns 18
how to append a div tag generated by jQuery dynamically with a javascript div tag element
How to redirect multiple older application to newer version application in IIS?
jquery tabs and master pages issue
CakePHP - Extended Model Associations
Use of dot notation in web service WSDL causes sudzc compile errors
Symfony2 entity field displaying all entries when choices are empty
C++ global variable not initialized when linked through static libraries, but OK when compiled with source
How to create multi language installer using WiX
ModelStateDictionary cyclic dependency - ninject won't self bind
Applescript will run as script but not application
JQuery Mobile - JavaScript Visibility
Adding ebay items to website
mongo store document meta data
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * not working?
How to display a select list from a hash?
How to achieve DataBinding of a code behind element?
What is ~ for CSS
Testing for a circuit when implementing Kruskalls algorithm
Facebook Authentication Window Does Not Close After Sign-In
animating storyboard tab bar controller items
WCF test data providing [closed]
Regex expression for a chosen file name format
Change link target attribute if its href attribute contains certain phrase
Columns in a TableRow divided using weights & weightsums not spacing elements properly
Java: Removing elements from an ArrayList and adding text
C programming. 10 pairs per line?
Rails: Undefined Method Issue [closed]
Continuous marquee start from very right to left
convertion of datatable/dataset to a given array
initialize json object from a java bean
How can I save a number to a list and use the same list (with any elements I added) at a later point?
iOS : Different Approaches of converting NSString to NSData
sqrt function in C++
How to put a password in PDF by Batch
how to define a host with https in action_mailer.default_url_options
google places api callback workaround
How can I add a directory to my PATH in Mac OS X 10.7?
php - One Hour Earlier Than Given Datetime
Push data from multiple tables in Crystal Report
NetworkStream is reading data that should not be there
counter++/counter鈥�not working as expected
Choosing between SimpleBeanEditorDriver or RequestFactoryEditorDriver in the context of transferring full object graph
SQL related , Get latest related record
Batch file: List all folders in current directory with number/counter
Renaming a file with the parameter of another unix
Creating a network packet hierarchy in Java [closed]
Sending emails with CakePHP not works using CakeEmail and also SwiftMailer
Environment.MachineName available to non-admin user?
C# Treeview Control loses focus after Sort method called
Convert dex2.jar to classes.dex file
hibernate.cfg.xml not found - exception in java
Preloading a large image
How to do conditional compile based on target names?
Why is guava's Cache.invalidate(Object key) method not generic?
algorithms to select price ranges
Check if a sheet is open
How do you keep content from your previous web page after clicking a link?
How does an application override other applications' zoom button?
LuaJ is not working when packaged as single Jar file
SSIS: How to read WebSphere MQ, transform, and write to flat file?
MYSQL querying two tables with different fields
General Debug Efficiency
Php stdClass Object to html list
Storing and retrieving Sockets in Redis
Interface returning derived types
MS Access 2003: Update form table representation on table change
Check value of AutoResetEvent without affecting event
Plotting Interpolations in Mathematica
Dictionary with two keys?
Print The Class Name, Int Variables, and Comments of Another File
Any advantages to using separate databases on single server for a reports module?
In MongoDB, How to toggle a boolean field in one document with atomic operation?
Undefined property error in D10 IDE
how to intercept that the update of window to the windows driver level?
How to get logged in user in django views across different apps
Multiple word queries on solr
Drupal 7: unwanted character in select dropdown
check the input null
TimThumb images not showing - On inspection error is shown
force user select from autocomplete
CGContextSetShadowWithColor not working
How to implement 鈥渟ubstringAfter鈥�in one line?
Preg_Split Group Multiple Delimiter as One Delimiter
Create Coverflow in Tablet Android 3.0
Disable the vertical scroll-behavior of the scrollviewer in windows phone
Using custom title bar on select activitys within an app
what is the way to solve the issue when loading jquerys of different versions
Find words and combinations of words that can be spoken the quickest
Seeking Schema for vCard Data Elements
Two view controllers and avoiding spaghetti
Schema file does not reflect table removal migrations
how to troubleshoot a load data infile query
File Name of Excel file in VBA
How to print more when assertion fails?
Sencha Touch 2 FormPanel not showing up properly (layout issue?)
How to change the memory to test eclipse plug-in
How do I define a Python class that I can use with the with statement?
Delphi: Maximize a Child Window in MDI Project
php/mysql echoing mysql substrings
Detecting UIWebView finish to play youtube video on iPad
Rails Error: New Project
Rails is Nuked - How to Reinstall
How do I set up a custom RSpec 1 example group?
AFNetworking+UIImageView placeholder image shows up, but not URL image
Cake PHP database check
Application bar-style of automatic icon coloring elsewhere in WP7?
Sending form data to one page, then another?
how to change value of variable passed as argument?
How To Print Image with GTKSharp
How identify *which* bluetooth device causes an ACTION_ACL_CONNECTED broadcast?
Odd behaviour using flexible array member
How do I use one object's method to update a variable in another object?
insertSubview:belowSubview: in UITableViews
UIAlertview exc_bad_access [duplicate]
Routing traffic from a specific IP address to a particular network connection
How to find location of the DNS server and the Email server
Nested Set Error undefined method `self_and_descendants' for #<ActiveRecord::Relation:0x52c4a30>
Check if any radio or checkbox is selected
Synchronization and System.out.println
Difference between https://+:8080 and https://*:8080
Copy of Amazon EC2 LAMP AMI won't start
glXCreateContextAttribsARB not found (on OpenGL 4.2 driver, GLX 1.4)
Processing a request that depends on two clicks in Sinatra
Subclassing a list in Python. Why does slice and empty list not work?
PJAX not working when requesting PHP file
Java Regex - Trying to use regex to get an array of 鈥渇unction鈥�arguments
get the properties of jquery ui tabs
ifstream and System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException
Assigning textures on Box2D Object
Trouble using dup2 to make a C program execute a command such as 'ls /bin , grep grep , grep b'
How to capture onstop in marquee
Splitting data file columns into separate arrays in Python
PHP Array from MySQL is not empty but has an empty entry - how to avoid
Adding graph count in footnote in SAS
Need help Reversing Simple Encryption
How does Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, and Merge Sort work? Also what is the cost (Big Oh) of queue and stack operations? [closed]
How to use JavaScript to syn time from some online time server?
C# Lists inside classes?
Scrolled window/panel making Statictext go all on one line
RequestFactory doesn't populate all fields of my entity proxy
How do I move ExpressionEngine (EE) to another server?
Better understanding Services
Add a property without instance variable?
Polymorphism with callables in Python
undefined method for model
Pulling data out of NSMutableDictionary and adding to a different NSMutableDictionary
Why is it thread-safe to perform lazy initialization in python?
Does setHTTPBody need an encoding type
Android: Saving a Bitmap Graph to the Image Gallery Using OnClick Listener
getText() Not Responding
Am I using scanf incorrectly?
Java remove duplicates from linked list
jQuery .live() on JS function - What event to use?
Get the max value of a column from set of rows
Buffer overflow in JAVA
Why does collapsing an ExpandableListView group uncheck my CheckBoxes?
Visualisation with VTK and Python causing a semi-regular pattern
Javascript : Ajax and Show/Hide Div
android pass ArrayList<self_Obj> by Intent
Revert to pre-git v1.7.8 git submodule behavior with submodule filesystem locations
Confusing with Approaching If statements and Debugging
how to make a facebook app request a specific id for each user?
Fetch Single Number using Preg_Match
How can I got a point's GPS position when select it on the static map
Change Solr DisMaxQParser behavior
android opengl es draw scale
Complexity of Binary Search
Do we need to close the inputstream explicitely after read ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream?
Minimal requirements for ARC using
Java: Which is the better way to structure methods
PHP Library for Amazon S3 with local fallback
Reading fixed-width data without linefeed
Failure to import module in python
Why does strtok interact like this with scanf?
Detect changes in EditText (TextWatcher ineffective)
loading a dylib in firemonkey
Find specific element in jQuery's .each function and do something with it
How to format a website to display in columns in search engines and seo?
Send Email or SMS based on the contact picked
MS Access Subform with fields with #Error in form view
inet or inet6 in freebsd
Guava Group By Key
How can we tell log4j where is the properties file?
Custom Cursor Icon is loaded with an extra shaded pixel
Android Dynamic Transparent Image Overlay
Strange while loop tuple
Finding N keys with highest value in hash, keeping order
UIView animation duration
Get selected items value for Bootstrap's typeahead
Clipping Mask to Change Color (Android)
include Jfactory class in an external php file, Joomla
Rails - changed a table name, now tests won't run
NSURLRequest setHTTPBody ending up in parameters of the server
What event fires when bound controls are refreshed?
ViewDoesNotExist at /savetester/ Could not import community.views. Error was: cannot import name models
A^k for matrix multiplication in R?
c# unsafe - before method or block of code? javax.faces.component.html.HtmlForm
C++ class copy constructor
convert hash key to an integer in ruby
WM_COMMAND message not being received by the Windows Procedure
JasperReport parameters works in iReport but fails on JasperServer
Check if there's something 鈥渨aiting for鈥�the return value of a function
Does RFT have equivalent for jQuery .next() ?
Only have to enter first word with Recaptcha
Cycle detection in inheritance
Sinatra: before filter ordering
Select all Gridview record using CheckBox in the Gridview header
Sharing sessions between rails 3.1 and 2.3.12 using devise
Preventing mix up of session from multiple user
how to access /data/app/my.apk on Android for JNI of NDK of normal App
Is there a way to catch all exceptions in C++? [duplicate]
MySQL error connecting when creating a user using PHP
Form action url
Removing leading zeroes from a textfield when it loses focus
Mouse control using xlib in a multi-display configuration
Rails 3.2.1, assets precompiled twice on deploy?
Android MediaPlayer Error Code
Add more than 1 delimiter in TStringList
Requiring files in Ruby
Capturing HTTP packet body through tcpdump
Upgrading Indy10 with TMS component pack (C++ Builder)
How can I make jquery rotation thumbnails jquery image gallery?
How do I Catch an Inner Exception
Assign value to an individual cell in a two dimensional python array
What should I store after a 鈥淟ogin using Facebook鈥�
Git and WebScarab installation
DataGridView CellEndEdit Event won't update any cell other than the first
Any potential defects of this singleton implementation for iOS?
Getting foreign keys when populating a model from a view to a controller
Rails: Nested Attributes & Model?
IE ppi limit for jpg images
How to test ajax with Capybara + Rails
Change style on XML page that is hosted externally?
Android: Bitmaps and Performance
GWT throws error saying that it can't find method from my RequestFactory interface but some methods work
Is it safe to use the framework?
java.lang.NullPointerException when adding two numbers
Hide Keyboard when DatePicker is selected - issues not resolved
Why are my variables undefined outside of the callback function?
In WordPress, is adding new fields through the metadata table considered 鈥渆diting the core?鈥�
What format specifier should be used for BOOL? [duplicate]
.Ajax method works on local machine, but not on server
Default category for taxonomy in WordPress
How to instantiate different child classes conditionally?
Why are my atomic operations occurring in an unexpected order?
Notepad++ Selecting certain region in text
Rainbow Array (Android)
Qt QAbstractItemModel slow when scrolling in treeview
c2hs not getting installed / registered correctly
Is this a good way of Encrypting?
How to remove all lines that are already contained in another line [closed]
Instantiate class based on interface string name
Component to setup plug in params
Single user for whole application?
android service notification bar
Custom html borders from image
Sending a generated value to XML for formatting
SQL Composite key grouping issue
Ajax request goes to new page instead of updating current page?
Using jquery datepicker with countdown plugin
Asynchronous File Download with Progress Bar
GSRegisterPurpleNamedPort SIGABRT crash, reboot the device can fix this issue, however I want to find the root cause
Arithmetic on pointer to interface 'NSString', which is not a constant size in non-fragile ABI
VB Reference parent member of a class through a child when using List Of(T)
Gracefully terminating socket thread
Google Maps API Bug: 'marginLeft' Object Reference Error [closed]
ORA-01747: invalid user.table.column, table.column, or column specification
How to best and most efficiently Split files into
canvas: wait between line strokes / js sleep()
Trouble with understanding params
How to use RavenDB to store database of images
Has anyone had their iOS App rejected by Apple for using the devices UDID?
Delphi XE2 Dataset field type TStringField does not support Unicode?
Why is the XmlWriter always outputing utf-16 encoding?
How to redirect a specified file extension to other sites using .htaccess
PHP, Loop until returned true
Jasmine-Node Require *
Linux, C: access() not catching permission problems, or something
How to do other stuff while user deciding if write anything in raw_input?
How do you record the video from the mobile device camera?
Segues from a subView
CSS: Centering a background image on top of a repeating background image
Any way to push new version of WPF Application plus database changes (Sqlite) without using click once.
Crystal Report scale to fit
install RVM offline completely
Internet Explorer Float Display Issue
Interactive 3D model in flash export data to php
Facebook api can access password protected website?
loadign gif image while loading images inside div
How can I make an ostream reference an ofstream? (C++)
confirmation box with just yes button
Prosilica GigE camera with OpenCV/python