Android - Best Implementation of an expanding ImageView
Trim double value in C++
save the user name in session from the login page
Algorithm for finding undirected graph path
jQuery ui multiple slider confusion with values
Mustache template with different states
How to Use CasperJS in node.js?
Google SEO: no description nor preview and old site name [closed]
Make UIWebView Like New On Each App Startup
keep track of how many friends clicked 鈥淟ike鈥�
WP7: Two parallel TextBlocks with a 鈥渇luid鈥�layout
Change the Text of a Option with jQuery
Paypal Shipping Overide
In which order do CSS stylesheets override?
HTML : Clickable td elements for checkers
Why is my data getting corrupted when I send requests asynchronously in objective c for iOS?
How to make one class a delegate of another?
Android Application without User Interaction - Capture Photo, Call, Send MMS Automatically
php help reading json from Xcode
Associated records lost from User Model, Rspec/Devise/Capybara test issue
C++ templated, statically allocated array
How to write a minimal-overhead proxy to localhost:3389 in Haskell?
$(鈥�list鈥�.setPostDataItem is not a function
Preventing same time requests
UITableView pull to refresh causing flickering. How to prevent it?
C++ rand() gives same number when running process [duplicate]
SIGABRT after warning for setOn:YES - method not found
Difference between n-body collision detection and pairwise collision detection?
Django when to use teardown method
php pages with htaccess redirect not working
ASP.Net xml session string to data control
Having trouble with my Code and JUNIT TESTING [closed]
lstat: Bad Address
PHP: Fire a tracking pixel before the header redirect
The easy API to get a longitude and latitude from a given city name
XMLHttpRequest authentication not working in Firefox
OutLook Task request in php
java class for reading TXT into hashmap
UIImage Animation using NSArray - How to wait until array is loaded?
jQuery: return focus after loading dialog
How to make a link that takes you back from https to http?
Getting fields_for to work with has_many relationship
Display tabbed form on database open
.Net Event KeyDown C#
how to ignore self-signing certificate with NSURLRequest
How to allow user to switch back to standard view from a mobile device (CSS) [duplicate]
Multiple Nginx Alias to One Location
NSMutableArray insertObject don't work
Devise authentication with STI sub classes and Rails Admin
How is filter implemented?
raphaeljs - move a path that I have converted from a svg
Portable, Open-Source Java Web Server Recommendations? [closed]
Retrieving array data for JList items
visualforce + jquery
Check available processing cores
Layout width programmatically?
Managed Heap size limit for .NET executables
MonoTouch - Detect UITableView scrolling
cellForRowAtIndexPath not called from UISearchDisplayController delegates
Is there any software to format source code for C/C++ on Mac? [duplicate]
Apply Web Part Connections to web parts on the ascx page of other web parts
jquery select all links except ones having specific class
Loading from string instead of document/url
django-mptt nested dropdown in standard ModelAdmin?
IHTMLDocument2 / IHTMLDocument3 frames counts are different
Netbeans 7.1 - Invoking Actions other than Build and Clean & Build
will sharethis shares affect on fql count_total?
Is String not considered an object?
Using Facebook Javascript SDK to post to user's friend's wall - getting valid response but post does not appear on Facebook
Creating animated containing circles with Core Graphics and Core Animations
Reset JSF Backing Bean(View or Session Scope)
how to start a new session in a shell script in platforms other than Linux?
Does loading .php files that you don't use affect performance?
Overflow button forces Action Mode to finish
yii site migration
How to get data from MySQL DB between certain dates
Django template includes slow?
For loops in 2D arrays giving incorrect types in F#
vim 鈥�how to do multiple search-and-replace operations on a visual block?
How to connect association from another controller?
VB.Net Installation and DLL horrors
How do I get .doc format files that contain pictures to load in an NSTextView?
Is Serialization the best for sending data over a socket?
Automatically Resize Command Line Window
Issue with deploying Android App from eclipse to Blackberry Playbook Simulator
How to return different variables in NSDictionary for each button?
How to return the index of a for loop in OCaml?
Full Screen Gallery View on User Click
Header Location + Content Disposition
Please recommend a titanium project structure using CommonJS
NPM failing to install packages outside of global
Haskell FFI: How do you wrap C++ collections?
Build dependency issue with Grails and Maven
Grails / GORM where clause for hasMany relationship
Oracle spatial - check polygon vertices counter clockwise
combobox dissappear when using multi threading
Primal weights of non-linear SVM
Algorithm to select random pairs, schedule matchups
Using pcntl_fork child process cannot access CodeIgniter instance created from parent
What is the Google Maps interactive map written in?
Optimize the calculation of correlation matrix
Facebook comments. This comment has not yet been published to Facebook
Will a .cs file work in a .java software? [closed]
passing a pointer as argument to a function in C
query based on column Name provided by user
Fastest way to process images from web in python?
Haskell: what is the fastest way to pipe data from handle to a handle?
Difference: android:background and android:src? [duplicate]
What's the difference between access network state (ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE) and WIFI state (ACCESS_WIFI_STATE) permissions?
trying to call a function in shell script
Determine if a point lies inside a polygon defined in .kml file [duplicate]
Is it possible read from a file using only FileReader?
Capturing Isgl3d output as image
Variable for number of lines in a file
POST http://localhost/vuroom/js/addtofavorites.php 500 (Internal Server Error)
With explicitly deleted member functions in C++11, is it still worthwhile to inherit from a noncopyable base class?
鈥榣d: warning: directory not found for option鈥�
JCarousel Lite (mulitple carousel issues)
NSKeyedArchiver working in Simulator but not Device, iOS SDK
Ruby on Rails 3: How can I disconnect an object from another object in the database without deleting it?
No UIInterfaceOrientation value when adding new key to info.plist
jQuery .ajax call not returning data
Efficiently find deep marked children of tree node
how do i convert from long value to KB string format
Rails and referential integrity
Why is my rotation quirky in processing?
Eclipse: Android Soundboard buttons are 鈥渙verclickable鈥�
problems with starting tomcat 6 while tomcat 7 is running
What are all of the monad naming conventions?
Java how to draw on JPanel from another method?
.NET MVC3 C# - JQuery Uploadify Error HTTP 302
Radio Button - Reading Pre Selected Values From Db
How do I find a certain method to use in java knowing only what the method should do?
Qt serialization. QDataStream & operator<< for base class QPolygonF
change xml attribute with php
GWT GIN Field Level Injection
(Async) Sending data to multiple clients correctly
Rounded corners in a table
PhoneGap Fixed Orientation + ChildBrowser Non-Fixed Orientation (Android)
QThread ASSERT failure in QMutexLocker: 鈥淨Mutex pointer is misaligned鈥�
Reusing (re-opening) Oracle refcursor
Extended search presets in grid panel
Behavior of array_diff_uassoc not clear
Dynamically populate the correct DIV with another page content
Iterate each table and get the info
Android App crashes at line 54(Integer.parseInt) and not entirely sure why
Rest-Client Ruby Gem: Help creating get request with Headers, Query, and setting a proxy
When only caring for several algorithms relative performance, would I be better off forcing Java to never JIT compile my methods?
Super complicated: Enabling the Publishing feature in SharePoint 2010 in the new site collection after deleting the previous root site fails
git-tfs: Preview changes
hide fields for adding data (and show with button click)
Passing global variable by reference and modifying the referenced variable
Custom UIButton with Image and Text
At what point do hexadecimal representations of numbers take up less chars than decimals?
Java socket communication - transfering encrypted data
Making a variant of existing github project
Nunit locks while is running a test suite
Edittext in Listview with wrong input onresume
What's the difference between (&& and &) and (,, and ,)? [duplicate]
Export function to DLL without class
C++ LNK1120 Fatal Error: 1 unresolved externals
Regex with a large amount of 鈥渙r's鈥�
how to read/write a file in c# at same time?
no suitable method found to override c#
How to determine if you're on a wireless interface under Linux
Scraping Ajax with Python
How to create/maintain a basic associative array/hash with JavaScript?
PIC32 Ethernet kit and UDP
Accumulate score in AS3
Get Dialog Size as defined in resource file
PHP readfile doesn't work, but only for 20+ meg files
Convert a string to a list
why am I getting an 鈥渦nexpected t_public鈥�error? [closed]
R programming: How do I get Euler's constant?
Assembly Language Integer registers
How to link JButton to an object and call to relevant methods
jQuery displaying a div when a hyperlink is displayed
Creating a Noncopyable class and inherit into my class
Localization of aspx page programmatically from page load
Cannot alter User Login/Register Page
jQuery sorting inputs
Oracle SQL Statement LONG Not Retrieved From DB
What Javascript libraries have good support for syntax highlighting of OCaml code?
iOS: ARC strong or weak reference with IBOutlets for nibs (for custom UITableviewCell)
How come my push back functions do not work and just get a seg fault
Hide my app contacts from user
looking for code that produces a Clustered Affinity Matrix used in database vertical partitioning
Python parsing input as an interpreter
Access C# Variable From JavaScript
Sitecore 6.4.1 Captcha fails to validate valid input on first attempt
C socket programming, send
PHP Copy for Wordpress
How do you organize your template structure in CodeIgniter?
Jstree from oracle DB
How to include a javascript file in the HTML? [closed]
jQuery validation not working when radio button selected
Read MP3 in Python 3
PhoneGap Better Error Handling? (Android)
php - Execute snippet on method call
Why does this code generates pseudo-random numbers?
Passing Event data to callback function with jQuery
Performing a within sub-group aggregate calculation
Ajax Listen Event on a Button Click then Runs a Php file
How can I put Windows-based video formats, or YouTube's MP4 format, from PC to iPhone? [closed]
jquery mobile data-filter css styling--how to?
OpenCV with Android
JavaScript Help! Stop Alert Box from resetting form
jquery iframe load entered when the iframe length is 0
can't get the format right
How to communicate between two user control brothers?
Memory segmentation in modern operating systems
Switching back and forth between mobile and standard views with css / php styleswitcher
How can I use PHP to make secure calls to MySQL Databases?
How to set jquery ui combobox selected value or default text?
Diagonal clickable blocks in HTML
Integer validation - not re-displaying user input
Finfo_file on uploaded file to determine mime-type
Get path or url of selected image jquery bxslider
Stop Code in C++
MVP and dynamic tabs
How do I get all contents from JSON array in jquery. Most simple way
BDD Testing framework for Express.js
Replace specific parts of string
Completing a regular expression in IIS7.5 that succeed in matching, but fails in the subsequent rewrite
Section 5.10 from Kernighan/Ritchie Command line arguments/optional parameters
MYSQL query to pull data even if no date is specified via php
HTML: Embedding an img into an a tag into a td element
Need recomendation for a Joomla template
Java JTable SelectionListener
RoR ActiveResource nested resources : Difference between 3.2.1 and 3.0.7
DelayedJob task fails on Heroku, but not locally
what is the simple way to reverse the words in string in java? [duplicate]
data (with eval) as arguments to jquery-method
settings file for bash and php
jQuery: selecting sibling
Codeigniter - Avoid repeated code
Swept-AABB vs AABB Collision Test Not Working
secure login Android / PHP
Android Development, Back button function
discard hidden file system with FileSystemWatcher
How to make the history of jquery-tools in ajaxed tabs according to the name of the tab?
Is there any way to display a live date or time of day using only CSS?
Using DataGrid to collect input data and store it in a List<>, programmatically
Working with GD ( imagettftext() ) and UTF-8 characters
HTML5/CSS3 Within an iPad App (No Javascript)
Why won't my line break become inactive with JavaScript?
testing template method using mocking framework; isn`t it low level
what is Relation between container class and template in C++
How to save a Linq object related to a lookup object?
Dynamic cross tabs from drop down list
How can I change the color 'white' from a UIImage to transparent
Show label if Table View is empty
How to create an Android Activity and Service that use separate processes
Run a project for debugging in Aptana (Eclipse)
Open URL under cursor in Vim with browser
Instance Variable Not Retaining Value
How can i clone a fieldset without displaying it to the user?
PayPal for Android adding products
Why do we use self-executing functions in the revealing module pattern?
Is it possible to calculate a variable expression without eval in PHP?
Viewpager with multiple views inside like 鈥淧ulse鈥�app strip [duplicate]
Currying decorator in python
specify function in ASP.NET binding expression
how to 301 redrect from something like /index.php?sect=programs
Monodroid swipe
Weird 鈥渂ounce鈥�movement on tableView
return value from Async task in android
I am trying to test my iPhone application on my device and I am getting debugging errors (Program Received SIGABRT) xcode 4.2
What is the difference between On or Where in LEFT JOIN?
How do you initialize protected members of an abstract base class?
RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded : why?
Is this URL Rewrite regular expresssion match get the same result as a string split on '/'?
SVG Paths to Canvas Paths
Choppy scrolling issue
Measuring time in Java
PHP/MySQL printing 0 inside of int value
Broadcast receiver not getting extra
need help using <c:forEach> in JSP/JSTL
Google Maps Not Working in jQuery Tabs
Comparing two class types
Facebook Login Button and redirect to offline webpage 'file:///xx/yy/zz.html'
Issue with AudioRecord behaviour
Using the STL with Android NDK C++ [closed]
How to vertical align in a div WITH overflow:hidden
Id handling / inserting in multiple tables. (basic forum)
asSingleEntity() Java
Haskell data type pattern matching in Alex
Escaping mysql without single quotes?
C++ boost::thread, how to start a thread inside a class
SendKeys does not work from pre-defined LPSTR.
SyntaxError: Expected an identifier but found 'Connected' instead
Rails 3 - passing a different foreign key through an update action via edit form
Unread e-mails from Gmail account
Call a function in a sibling MovieClip
Form Validation using Dajax in Django
MVC3 validation failing when trying to add ajax post function
php query string parameter
HTML Style tag equivalent of 鈥渇ont size+2鈥�
Cascading dropdownlist search
summing numbers in a hash in ruby
SimpleXMLElement access Array
Android Activity causing Service crash due to heap fragmentation
button click event stopped after new integration
Trouble using 鈥減arent鈥�method and 鈥渢his鈥�reference to refer to the proper DOM element
inner class extending
Excel Place All Dates in a Range in Cells
How to store passwords in a database table
C++ Create ThreadPool (Like java)
Parsing XPath within non standard XML using lxml Python
Exception reading xml on php page by http request on
using opengl texture coordinates
Unknown encoding [closed]
Perspective Projection with OpenGL
Can we use RapidMiner Text Processing plugin for drawing co-authorship networks?
Android: How do I stop Runnable?
Can I do recursive SELECT in T-SQL database
How to call insertMethod correctly from table class?
extracting everything up to a substring is encountered C
Installing glibc 2.3 for mysql server
Swap selection around a pivot
How to enable less in Rails 3.2 using Twitter Bootstrap
How to convert a project using XIBs to Storyboard?
How to prevent duplicate voting [duplicate]
ASP.NET MVC3 - Dynamically create javascript from Action
Reading floating point numbers
BBCode in my PHP Form
irregular sizes of images in gallery
User.authenticate method returning nil in Rails 3?
In PHP is it ok to overwrite $_REQUEST? [duplicate]
Portable good precision double timestamp in C++?
Sublime Text 2 FTP crashing
array element has incomplete type
Why is 鈥淪et()鈥�function better than modifying public variable?
Emberjs + Handlebars + Object onchange and events
JavaScript--Make <BR/> tag active and inactive
Back propagation algorithm - error derivative calculation
Keyboard shortcut for going onelevel up in midnight commander [mc]
Convert CGKeyCode to character
wx.ListCtrl not displaying strings added by SetStringItem
Virtual inheritance and same name members
Crash when switching to ListView?
Using a parameter in a DataTable - ORA-01008: not all variables bound
Export database for later reimport?
How would I program an algorithm to solve this puzzle? [closed]
Is there a way to embed custom fonts in flash without flex
MySQL SELECT WHERE php array equivalent [closed]
Bearing from one coordinate to another
Django OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'static'
How to add a comment with Nokogiri Builder
How to save and load objects in Flash Adobe Air
What is a good implementation of a timer for an embedded system?
Java Logging - where is my log file?
Verilog simple cpu doesn't work [closed]
@try @catch doesn't work objective-c
How many regular expressions can I chain together using alternation?
Layering elements on page so pop up window above jquery
python & django_registration:: pointing to verion 0.7 when it is in fact 0.8
SSH Key access wont work after tinkering with samba on server
ImageView showing up in debug mode, but not in run mode
How to create a huge table of checkboxes (I mean HUGE!)
AVPlayer and addPeriodicTimeObserverForInterval does not work when app goes to background
How do you change the CakePHP model validation redirect?
Are there any advanced (e.g. bigram) autocomplete plugins for Vim?
Cakephp Containable not attaching to Model
How to speed up Java applications?
Difference between ByteArray and Array<Byte> in kotlin
if & else statements
jQuery after return to previous page
C++ Creating a SIGSEGV for debug purposes
g++ linker error when compiling with SDL
Coupling Ruby On Rails with native iPhone client
how to efficiently count events on mysql
How To Start A Session Using Another Field Name From DatabasE?
XTick for 3D plot
UIAutomation how to change between apps or to the dashboard?
Priority among conflicting attributes
HttpWebRequest invalid contentlength
I can't upload files larger than 45 KB using wcf
How to get JScrollPanes within a JScrollPane to follow parent's resizing
display xml data using javascript
How to detect if DOMContentLoaded was fired
thin slow in development when not using localhost
Flex - determine which button was clicked in Dialog
Custom parallax
Axis2 exception org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: string using stub
Excel 2010 If duplicate merge cell corresponding data
Center a div between another div and the bottom of the window using jQuery
ios StoryBoard - Subclass of UIImageView is showing up as a UIImageView rather than the subclass in IBOutlet variable
Org-mode & Latex export: Any way to put short & long names in sectioning commands? Workarounds?
Keeping ListFragments in a FragmentPager in sync
Importing projects into Eclipse
Trying not to be too clever, can I make an assumption about the SQL cache?
Depolyment of web on IIS 7
Can UIWebView be used to view and edit XML documents in an iOS app
Using FXG in real world
Generate non-repeating random numbers in Ruby
Are there portable ways of modifying environment variables?
Get the percentage of a number for width
Echo from MySQL database with spaces and line breaks?
Python list rotation [duplicate]
How to get Confidence value in face recognition using EMGU CV?
Triggering Onitemclick grid view
Referencing an array of IBOutlet 's (NSButton)
IFrame AllowTransparency attribute ignored
MonoDevelop for .NET application on Linux
Creating a sequence on an existing table
Quick way to develop, debug and run android apps on Blackberry Playbook running Playbook OS 2.0
Custom Jackson Serializer for Wrapper Object
Drawing shapes with transparent colors much slower than opaque colors in Java
clearing stdin buffer ?
How to concatenate a string to the end of a command statement in Python
How to use dup2/close correctly to connect these three processes?
iOS seems to be bypassing basic server authentication
override serialVersionUID for system classes
SQLite SUM function rounding error - android
assign database value as selected value in a drop down box [duplicate]
Scrollable EditText inside ScrollView
How do I keep the variable BGCD defined in a similar way, but usable in an Arc method? [closed]
css header with fade background on left and right horizontally
How to send securely passwords via GET/POST?
fgets adds an extra line to output file?
Git workflow for sudden high priority task
Adding an index to a table I already created in SQLite?
Filter out a specific string in a larger string?
How to stage all changes in git from with a repo subdirectory
Configuring 鈥渧cvarsall.bat鈥�to work with MSVC++ 2010
Liquid CSS only horizontal navigation bar
Browser AJAX/XML/jQuery issue
ASP.NET Ajax - $get() does not find input with russian letters in id
How can we future-proof against iOS 6's upcoming UDID/UUID removal if we're using PhoneGap?
get time back to 12 not 0
Table-like layout, with offset multiple-row-span cells - browser collapses a row
Determine if rar file is password protected
SHA1 implementation for 8051 MCU?
Moving horizontally to another layout
Address of element within a structure from elf executable
creating a data packet in objective C
Chrome extension not injecting Javascript into iframe
Download one file, with pieces stored on more than one server (HTTP)
Java GUI popup window netbeans
Implement authentication API in PHP
Android - how to check which calendar event is currently in progress?
Python escape character when parameter is a path - Windows
SQL Select or Insert return ID
XNA/C# projectiles firing issue - need one projectile at a time to fire on spacebar press
Update html using jquery form
pub/sub with transactions and error handling with MassTransit
Void * space in a struct instead of malloc
how to use the getIcon function ? (Java / Net beans IDE)
How to invoke a MessagePack RPC service from Javascript?
C# byte addition operation
Accessing a StaticItemTemplate control from a MenuItem
OpenCL clSetEventCallback error
attaching behavior to elements created by knockoutjs
How do you open a new window in C#
How can I match lines ending with 鈥�1鈥�or 鈥�2鈥�using a single regular expression?
Many programs writing/reading one file?
How to provide js-ctypes in a spidermonkey embedding?
Am i using the logical operator OR (,,) correctly, in javascript?
I have a Strange output i do not expect. its similar but.. well odd
creating pdf with itextsharp with images from database
Is it possible to encode a 128kbps track with a framerate of 320kbps? [closed]
Thumb hover effect not working in IE
Is there a way to export (say, from an NSAttributedString representation) directly to an iWork Pages format?
How to save Result/score of Jquizzy Jquery Quize Engine in mysql database
Hide sql query from packet sniffers
Detect text hover with JavaScript/jQuery, while ignoring the div鈥�
How do I configure Facebook Registration API to dynamically display the password field?
jQuery Mobile and Google maps plugin get directions bounds fine in safari but don't work in standalone version
getHeight is undefined for the type of
Fastest way to combine unique integers from 2 arrays
Is there a CSS to style-attribute converter?
Using nested_form gem for in Rails, undefined method 鈥渓ink_to_remove/add鈥�
How to set cursor off screen?
sRGB FBO render to texture
Propel ORM: How to use own brackets in where clause
JPA select new constructor cause additional selects
Getting data from the object, that uses NSURLConnection
Assist me in translating Visual Basic regex to C#? [closed]
Objective-C, iOS SDK, How to save UITableView Cell image checkmark
CUDA host and device using same __constant__ memory
In-House app disappears from notifications list
Handlebars.js: Nested templates strip 鈥渟afe鈥�HTML
LINQ query to return true if associated (related) record exists for each person
data type size - wondering about a good post
Is there any reason to use the self keyword? [closed]
Completely stop an android webview
error: expected identifier or '(' before 'try' objective-c
Drupal - change prev/next button text in pager
Is is possible to use the ,, operator within junit tests of java code?
Android: Best practice for AsyncTask when Activity ends
Why does (int 10) produce a Long instance?
Are FD_SET, FD_CLR 鈥�atomic operations?
taking a screenshot of a UIView in iOS
keep scrolling when mouse enter
Python reuse regular expression
self.NavigationController is nil even if called with initWithRootViewController
How to 鈥渞euse鈥�a stream?
After updating to Xcode 4.3, getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS at start up
Error while installing gem: Faye- Failed to build gem native extension
HDF4 python map reader error (
Redirecting to a static file in express.js
Apple LLVM Compiler 3.1 error clang
How to send email from C
Zend_Auth_Http with PHP as CGI
Fetch current user in after_create filter
Strange Skipping Listener Behaviour in Read and Write Operations
Grails URL Mapping doesn't seem to work for me
How to convert a ecore File to a ecorediag File
Objective-C, Having trouble properly inheriting ivars to subclasses and methods
jCarousel Lite Installation issues
How can I select from Solr only where a MultiValueField is not empty?
Converting timestamp from binary to hex
Strange error of Hierarchical Clustering in R
How can I prevent overlaying divs from producing a gap at certain resolutions? (google zeitgeist)
Silverlight vs Flash for gathering System Information
Regex to get part of a String
MySQL Stored procedure fails to produce reults
HttpResponse in Android
List only ActiveRecord subclass methods
Keeping code modular when accessing a database
Display Tiff file in Flex
Clicking or double clicking a draggable element with jQuery?
Loading shaders in Android from assets - extra symbols at end?
JQuery .append() Separate Elements
How do you ship/enable a separate service in android?
Get the tileset file names for TMXTiledMap
how to install Xmlrpc in Joomla and work it with c#?
Icon too small in some devices
Template class compilation 鈥渆xpected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before 鈥�lt;鈥�token鈥�error
How to check if the JIT compiler is off in Java
jquery show() not working
Couple of Things In Doubly Linked List Template
changing an html form action with JQuery
div is moving very slowly
How to find the CSS font-family that is really in use? [duplicate]
How do i draw this arc (image included) using core graphics?
string pointers in C indexing
Architecture for a Website which will have a Mobile app.
cannot find symbol symbol error inheritance bracket
Bash script that reads from files has garbled output
Delete specific row from sql (using Android with sqlite)
How to test a CONSTRAINT in oracle
Saving a dynamic ordered list to MySQL database (JQuery UI, PHP)
Adding a comma at every third number character
Templates in C++, Generics in Java and the >> bit shift operator
Django map join in raw request
Inserting data to MongoDB - no error, no insert
Splitting string matching over multiple processes
Batch parse each parameter
jscript 'type' attribute
PHP code to take a list of items that are separated by commas from database and put them in a list form
Parse an Xml documents and make an Array with some Xml's Values
How to make Shutdown button with CSS3?
using sendto() in iPhone - memory allocation issue
How to change an absolute path to a relative path in C# Windows Forms
How to use sscanf correctly and safely
UIPickerView with custom view
How to deploy maven generated war file to STS's tc server?
RestKit Warning - WARNING: Failed mapping nested object: (null)
PYTHON: How to perform set of instruction at predefined time
it didn't work to connect the android app to servlet page to passing data
Data Visualization - social network
How to print this string properly in Perl?
Make website load faster
Divide a 2D path created from points XY into equal chunks Java
Facebook registration form not function on Internet Explorer
how to substract from default variable in perl
Simulate Terminal Velocity
MySQL query taking a long time. I've tried many variations of the query, and nothing seems to affect the speed
Linux C++ time measurement library, fast printing library
How does MEF's DirectoryCatalog work?
Autocomplete on rails form with jquery not working (using a gem)
Debugging C# application that is already built
iOS Programmatically find IP Address [duplicate]
Infix equation solver c++ while loop stack
GLSL 2.0 Color and Texture
Titanium create2DMatrix ugly transformation result
gender is not a member of the user table?
Simple RewriteRule acting weird in Firefox only
Redefinition error with multiple derived classes in the main
recursive algorithm to find smallest element in array
Return newly inserted index value [duplicate]
Look for inside-out introduction of TCL for C programmer
In regards to genetic algorithms
how to change Java code to access database using JDBC after creating JDBC connection pool in GlassFish?
Adding unique object instances into an ArrayList
Ajax call start loading like a freak
C function pointer confusion, what is meant by 鈥減ointer level of the variable鈥�
SQL Query to get data from each column
How do I ask the Lisp compiler to ignore a (label-variety) function?
Git setup on mac (ERROR: 鈥�bash: git: command not found鈥�
Facebook Like Button to Facebook App (looks nice, but doesn't work right)
How to implement a database filled ListView to another xml created ListView?
FullCalendar: Changing event start date and time format
Variable not found. Referencing objects from another class
Hamming code in Matlab
Stop previous events on mousleave
Using std::function for an API (across module boundaries)
Jtabbedpane how to set one tab enable to false
Stray threads in Android application
Migration of EJB 2.1 from WebSphere to JBoss
GROUP BY, GROUP_CONCAT, CONCAT and how to select
manipulating nsmutabledata
How to send a packet to two different computers from the router?
Looping in a trigger
PHP function will not repeat
OpenCV - cvPutText is adding noise to my images
Trying to setObject of type Number in NSMutableDictionary and get strange warning
unit testing windows phone application with sdk 7.1
Rails Devise, how to make 鈥渟ign up鈥�only for superuser
Mvc3 Jquery mobile dialog causes postback bug?
Can a boxed value type be distinguished from a reference type without Reflection
developing web applications using java ee or php [closed]
Create a real time GPS tracking system
log base 2 and nan
what does .dtype do?
Access data from another model without direct association
filetransfer path
Easiest way to allow non-programmers to test WIP app
publishing html files
shuffle random MYSQL results
Problems with LayoutManager in different JFrames
Merge 2 audio files in sox
form_open in codeigniter
How to find GUID of a user/blog manually in elgg?
SQL Query to get data from each column
How do I ask the Lisp compiler to ignore a (label-variety) function?
Git setup on mac (ERROR: 鈥�bash: git: command not found鈥�
Facebook Like Button to Facebook App (looks nice, but doesn't work right)
How to implement a database filled ListView to another xml created ListView?
FullCalendar: Changing event start date and time format
Variable not found. Referencing objects from another class
Hamming code in Matlab
Stop previous events on mousleave
Using std::function for an API (across module boundaries)
Jtabbedpane how to set one tab enable to false
Stray threads in Android application
Migration of EJB 2.1 from WebSphere to JBoss
GROUP BY, GROUP_CONCAT, CONCAT and how to select
manipulating nsmutabledata
How to send a packet to two different computers from the router?
Looping in a trigger
PHP function will not repeat
OpenCV - cvPutText is adding noise to my images
Trying to setObject of type Number in NSMutableDictionary and get strange warning
unit testing windows phone application with sdk 7.1
Rails Devise, how to make 鈥渟ign up鈥�only for superuser
Mvc3 Jquery mobile dialog causes postback bug?
Can a boxed value type be distinguished from a reference type without Reflection
developing web applications using java ee or php [closed]
Create a real time GPS tracking system
log base 2 and nan
what does .dtype do?
Access data from another model without direct association
filetransfer path
Easiest way to allow non-programmers to test WIP app
publishing html files
shuffle random MYSQL results
Problems with LayoutManager in different JFrames
Merge 2 audio files in sox
form_open in codeigniter
How to find GUID of a user/blog manually in elgg?
C++ method called from DLL returns data from previous call in Adobe Air native extension
Website first load too slow
Cannot compress JPEG image and show it on screen
jquery remove() jumps back to the top of the page
Plot areas on RGoogleMaps
How do you select the IOS simulator as a target in Instruments?
More specific shape in Raphael (like rhombus)
2d arraylist and class inheritance in java
image sent over udp damaged
How can I see what's in internalstorage in android?
Passing passwords between activites
Any issues using multiple GAE app versions to get multiple apps to share the same datastore?
Redirect JomSocial Successful Login to Original Page
Java Visualization Library for Creating Graphs with detailed nodes and varying-width edges
Distributed state
Inheriting from HtmlHelper instead of Extending it
Why am I unable to modify a list element at the beginning?
Getting the text of selected index WPF ComboBox
Git commit to master
When to use Preorder, Postorder, and Inorder Binary Search Tree Traversal strategies
How to Pause and start the timer for loading views at different time intervals
Magento: class to retrieve data from eav_attribute_option_value
TSQL JSon Parse
Save outputs directly after inputs in data segment
Search between two SQL tables?
Bluetooth headset with more than 1 control button
How to get related data from 2nd table in same select?
How can I get a list of software installed via the Mac App Store?
Is this RFC 4226 wrong?
Smarty not rendering fast enough for Facebook Scraper to find meta tags
Howto define a move constructor?
Can I put items in a MySQL database directly from my Arduino?
How to create Push Service in PHP
Why does this AJAX request fail before it begins?
MySQL Multiple Rows Same Table
CGI script to set a cookie and reload
Custom PHPUnit Constraint stopped working
Database Application deployment in Visual Studio [closed]
How can I access 鈥� appdata roaming鈥� go down a few directories, and then search for a file?
Updating an existing JFrame's components externally
Determine hard drive serial number in mono?
Algorithm to find similarity of questions
mysqli_affected_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, object given
Rails Form Field Duplicate Error Message
Lucene.Net Name Ambiguity because of CaSe in VB.NET
Casting Parent Class to Child Class in Single Table per Class Hierarchy
Mouse-picking with an orthographic projection [closed]
Facebook Reverse Chronological Order. comments
How do I make use of a self-defined path in Header to redirect in PHP?
Cocos2D iPhone - annoying black screens between CCTransitions
Extending expiration of facebook access_tokens not working with PHP webservice
extjs combo box selection using guid id
Using guard with JRuby on Windows fails
Adding a UIScrollView
Examples/documentation for the GeneticOptimizer in NumericalMethods library
ERD for User Preferences/Settings
Android CursorAdapter.changeCursor causes ListView scrolling to behave strangely
Nodejs Call function of object from within function of that object
Grails findAll with like values
OpenGL Renderer not working on Ice Cream Sandwich
most effective way using ExecutorService
Manual click-once deployment fails on trying to install from it
Proper formatting when adding dynamic content in jquery mobile
How to get logged online users?
Subtract signed integers in JavaScript
Displaying the last 20 games played in a db
PHP + Smarty database results
Installing and configuring neo4js for node.js
Vectorizing words to use a Machine Learning algorithm
How do I use NSExpression with NSPredicate
why are composite numbers bad for hashing by division?
Getting error while sending an email from my gmail account
Consuming Netflix REST API with Objective-C
How to set a radio button as default as make it hidden?
What are the best ways to work with graphics in HTML? [closed]
Getting Undefined method 'deprecate' error in Ruby dbi Gem
MySql: 4 dimensions in one query
Image does not shows in Drupal content pages wilcard extra 'jni' in path?
PHP can't set range(0, 2 million) 鈥�memory error
Find specific text in file and wrap in with other text
Start/Finish Workflow service from two different actions
How to save the instance in an edittext?
Exception running a rails 3 app in Phusion-Passenger: undefined method `passenger_tmpdir='
from Console to Web-App
How to solve designer:mapid=鈥�2r鈥�problems in my website
Can't get debug output correctly using XSLT/XPath 2.0
How can I close the browser window without closing the browser?
How to transform one string to another with minimal number of edits?
How to call method(s), when click (or mouseover) event occurred outside the block?
Clojure Hello World - 鈥淣o such namespace鈥�error
How to deal with bad_alloc in c++?
SDL Toogle Text Visibility?
%typemap and %exception for error codes from C functions for SWIG, Python
How to forward to web site
Why doesn't the Perl regex match this string?
Scala - What type should I use for trees of a set depth?
Org-mode code block evaluation
How to include tinymce from shared server
.net mvc 3 how to work with a small object graph
Amazon SES: double dot
How Do I Create Links from Filepaths in a File?
Android Text to Speech example fails
How can an instance variable get deallocated in a UITableViewController
After sorting child nodes, how to assemble all nodes
How to define custom parse exception, which holds data?
ASP.NET - Get DIV width and set Table width
installing eclipse for php (any help), or use aptana
jquery code works in chrome but not firefox or safari
For this Method is an object reference necessary
How do I get the total number of index of a ComboBox in WPF?
What's wrong with my Immediately Invoked Function Expression?
How can one ComboBox's items be determined by another ComboBox's selected item?
how to create 'my Friends activities' table for better reading performance
Making the size of desktop app window stay the same
jquery selector not working in Gmail
Titanium.Ti.Media.VideoPlayer.movieControlMode DEPRECATED
Link to 鈥渘ame鈥�in codeigniter
Rails from the inside
Weird blocks when adding Elements to MonoTouch Dialog RootElement after it is shown
Android 2.3.3 Webview
Please Help..Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding
Simple Javascript Physics Engine
Matlab ResizeFcn callback
Effect of DLL to execution speed
Determining Android Screen Size and Setting View's Size Accordingly
JavaScript show/hide <div> element
Hacking Terminal Messages
Advice in creating an iOS app for the front end of an existing database
Mercurial branches don't seem to be honored by CruiseControl
Re-ordering of rows in UITableViewController
In-depth: Get the pixels of an image if you have the bytes
Java Developer Library
How to do this model association in FactoryGirl?
TWRequest leak in ARC project
How to dynamically modify HTML with Xcode?
TabHost with Multiple ViewFlippers - GestureListener
Filter ListView when tab changed
Jquery / Json UI autocomplete Airport code
Google+ share url: what parameters does it use?
sqlce 3.5 'select distinct' probleme
Jquery:: Keypress and Focus on a hidden DIV
YUICompressor error: RuntimeException: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect
tablet size qualifiers not being used
Hide product price if zero
Value set to NSTextField ignored
GZipStream doesn't detect corrupt data (even CRC32 passes)?
Inject mock object using jMock
Objective-C declaring class properties
How to find the n largest files in git repository?
Netbeans & Subversion: how to exclude/ignore a library that's been included in the project's path when commiting?
Trouble installing dropboxpython api (with ssl) on webfaction
Tweaking layered navigation in Magento
Javascript DOM clarification
What is an efficient and maintainable method for creating a wizard-style navigation system with complex rules in an ASP.NET application?
$_POST values gone after SSL turned on
Ext way to create DOM elements, or minimalist alternative to jQuery?
make64 high32 low32 functions on Mac OS/Linux
Preferences & CheckBoxes
Hanging when sending multiple byte[] from a C# client to a Java server using the same Network Stream and Socket connection
Javascript to detect inactive or away user
sorting an array of struct within array of struct c
Simple web server hangs on run
MSChart / Charts dont show tooltips
JavaScript: Can I define a property of an object using another property belonging to the same object using literal notation? [duplicate]
Spring in Websphere Application Server
Storyboard Modal ViewController won't dismiss; have tried everything
create border around div and his children using wrapAll
Wrong behavior with conditions and operators
issue with profileTemplate in selenium server
Selectors in objective-c [duplicate]
The type arguments for method 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.VertexBuffer.SetData<T>(T[])' cannot be inferred from the usage
Improve separation of view and logic
Pass radio button value through address bar/URL
Is this considered explicit C++ template class Instantiation? [duplicate]
PHP and XML - Deleting nodes
Can someone check the header? I added multiple script files which causes many problems
Debugger not stopping at breakpoints for developing android application using eclipse
Modifying a Rakefile to allow JRuby migrations with the sinatra-activerecord gem
Detailed instructions on running maven built resteasy project from inside eclipse's tomcat server?
Joining tables and getting COUNT
Style of FileInputStream read method
Creating Bookmarks
When to use an abstract or concrete syntax tree?
twill - changing the proxy server setting in runtime
Nette Framework - custom attribute macros
A java array of objects
the App. Crashs when inserting a row in the DB
Passing Command-line Arguments in C++
Measuring efficiency of Mutex and Busy waiting
Dynamic lists (JQuery) and retrieving the data
crontab php file and output to log file result
python socket Errno 10060
Easy way to suppress output of fabric run?
Dynamic table cell height in XSL-FO?
Snaphot repository issue
Javascript SDK error and Canvas resizing issue
new Intent loading wrong xml files
Adding HTML content to a flash website
RubyMine - Turning off ability to click in middle of 鈥渆mpty鈥�lines
is 鈥渨here (ParamID = @ParamID) OR (@ParamID = -1)鈥�a good practice in sql selection
Tinybox does not run (eval) javascript code
Is it possible to render a partial directly from application.js
Play Different Video Files Depending On Value of a Variable At Runtime
session_start() failed: Permission denied (13)
Adding a variable to end of a mysql query in jsp?
How to fix AS3 XML node selection by attribute value not working?
Aggregate function in MySQL - list (like LISTAGG in Oracle)
__add__ all elements of a list
WIAScanner class is scanning only in flatbed. Device properties are null鈥hat is wrong?
generating array automatically
Get numeric value without error 鈥淪ubscript requires size of interface 'NSArray', which is not constant in non-stable ABI鈥�
MVC: what code belongs to the model
PHP Activerecord: updating array of objects
UIView transitionFromView: toView: animation not working.
How to select an element in an object's innerHTML property with jquery
Stanford-parser in Ruby does not create Preprocesser
How to load http data with javascript?
how to set XHR returned from a method to a variable?
HTML/CSS drop down menu, want to make it's background a fixed width
Scanning directory and creating thumbnails from already exisiting images
event for closing window in MDI?
Mapping junction table to self
close extjs window after form submission
Format Swing generated code in Netbeans
Syncing my work on laptop and main computer?
inotify doesn鈥檛 notify the way I would expect it to
Java - Returning mixed data from a function
capybara rspec more indepth logging?
How to make a DIV visible and invisible with JavaScript
iPhone: Programmatically store audio as ring tone
How can I dynamically create multiple checkboxes with Zend Form?
PHP select the biggest `id` value from MySQL table
error with setContentView on tabs and AsyncTask
Why does the .constructor change when you change the .prototype? (see code)
In flex mxml application on including .as file
Is GLWidget for OpenTK and GTK# reliable?
Change switch statements to two or more functions, each [closed]
How to validate and render dynamically extensible zend form
Submitting multiple instances of a class using Rails forms
Trouble using .change to verify answer
Testing Android apps on device
Macro method has 2 returns?
I want to play a multiple sound files base on queue
Can I disable element from changing css style for a while?
Search and sort through dictionary in Python
call_user_func_array + array_intersect with an array of array names, possible?
CreateRemoteThread returning ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED - Windows 7 DLL Injection
Calulate Years from two dates in MySql [duplicate]
How can I keep my PDF files from appearing in search engines? [closed]
Reassigning one-to-one relationship nulls previous object / CoreData iOS
Moving symfony2 htaccess file into vhost
Android google map landforms
How to use datastore key as Channel API client id?
Error While dynamically allocating memory for a two - D array
Castle Windsor Register Component by Convention
Can you use Adobe after effect to create the animation like the Prezi presentation?
How to add assembly in web.config file of mvc 4
Web service vs. Office Automation
form trim multiple spaces and take only alphabets
Script to convert link to player video ?! (Facebook like)
Java is not executing correctly written code. What could be wrong? (screenshot included) [closed]
infinite abort() in a backrace of a c++ program core dump
PHP 禄 Singleton MySQL connection
Footer is not in the bottom (div-s overflow)
Force Single Istance with Mutex handling restart application
Java method to count the characters of a string
Algorithm to find out all the possible positions
Converting 'device units' to pixels?
How to detect whether the OS supports 16-bit exes in Python? [duplicate]
How to handle line-breaks in HTML forms?
Install app without put it on Android Market
going from http to https version of site in firefox has insecure elements on first load
Which event is fired in SWT when table content changes
jQuery effect selector now and in the future WITHOUT an event
C++ Sentiment Analysis Library [closed]
How can I get seconds since epoch in Javascript?
Getting Last Inserted Id From MySQL in Yii
modrewrite not picking up images from css
body.innerHTML before/after nth-child
Rails: Can't convert nil into string error message
Tesseract-Android-Tools changes and modifications compiled successfully(i think) but no output
test a class that uses random values
sudo apache2 stop doesn't work
Java memory allocation workaround
make ListView uniquely identifiable in android
Does <script><!--//--></script> have a modern purpose? [duplicate]
RoR ActiveResource self.to_json : Difference between 3.2.1 and 3.0.7
Create AAC file programmatically in iOS?
converting date format using javascript
implementing foreach (doseq) in clojure
Android maps:Failed to find style 'mapViewStyle' in current theme
unbind does not really work : is there any other solution?
How do I end a Tkinter python module on mac so I don't have to force quit python launcher after the program is done?
Select all data from a table which for the three ids that appear the most in another table
How to determine if a key is a letter or number?
Render text in foreground
Stored Procedure Output
Block based Motion Estimation in Video Compression
Multilingual tagging in Rails
Jenkins - triggering a parameterized build
MySQL transaction working when run in PHPMyAdmin, but not when run from a PHP file
Padding data over TCP
How to get SQLite3 in the pkg-config search path so I can build Postler from source?
how to use the value after the callback
html 5 video thumb gallery with jQuery
C programming good practice or not ?
What do we mean by 'persistence' in the context of ORMs?
Destroy action in a Rails 3.0 app with jquery mobile is producing a routing error
DOJO - Hide Menu items for DropDownMenu
Scipy/Numpy FFT Frequency Analysis
Get text pf a text node
Wrapping string in tags
jqgrid custom formatter: The custom formatter always returns the last row of the grid. Why?
Why is SenTestingKit causing my app to crash?
鈥淓rror: The shapes of the array expressions do not conform鈥�
xsl , xml group by
Create a blinking button in android
preloading video within a queue in javascript
What is the fastest way to store unknown amount of strings in java?
Java function that should return a 9 char random string
Compare code for twice entries
Is there an Eclipse interactive debugging tool to evaluate type properties?
replicaset (+pymongo) reading from slave when master is down
Image to grayscale (SVG) issue
How to get android calendar event when I have event ID
Organizing links in Smarty
jquery json search
JSON Different Results by language
Counting Files Extensions C#
Nosql Database suggestion for high performance [closed]
Subset of table in R using row numbers?
how can I align text/image/links within a grid <div> of the twitter bootstrap css? [duplicate]
joomla. search results on specified page
Facebook auto wall post, 鈥渙nly me鈥�issue
Change a String to Uppercase if it Exists - VBA