Sending email from C++
Add database table from website
node.js keep-alive web page
SQL Server insert statement to auto increment
How to return a birthday from an SQL statement, given a person's age
Glassfish 3.1.2's JDBCRealm has a new Password Encryption Algorithm field. What is it for?
Error while using Hadoop Partitioning
UILabel and UIProgressView not updated until my communication class finishes
COUNT(DISTINCT on end of month
Make type castable to another
Is Response.Redirect available in global.asax using IIS 7 Integrated Mode?
Grails JMS Plugin to WebLogic JMS Server
linq group by with c#
Preventing UI lag when retrieving results from BackgroundWorker, .NET 3.5
Git submodule update --init shows changes need to be committed
Kinect - Calculating Surface Area
Data transferring, from .csv to db. Which one is the best way?
HTML/CSS webpage structure
SSE ints vs. floats practice
Handling and calculate the formula saved in the database
How do I pass a tree of objects into a bundle?
Should I draw or load an image?
UITableView鈥he correct way
NServiceBus: What causes 鈥淔ailed raising 'finished message processing' event.鈥�
Updating the assemblyIdentity version number in a manifest file automatically
Variable Syntax in PHP
Method parameter in Scala
How to Split String with Containing Parantheses into multi-dimensional array
How to force the twitter button to count only once per user?
Page Doesn't Display With jQuery Mobile
Getting an Integer Input in a Range
How to get all associated information on relationship tables?
alter table statements to enforce entity integrity
How to prevent ListView items higlighting in Black
Short-lived memoization in Haskell?
DDD (java) Aggregate roots and persistence
ios: Screenshot doesn't display mask Layer
Google Map API Trouble
Why Widgets and not HTML?
How to delete a limited number of rows in Apache Derby
How do I save to a sqlite database using javascript?
How to define the default code when creating a new C# Class with Visual Studio 2010
webview color in android
Doctrine 2 inject data to loaded models
PDF created with FPDF and how to save and retrieve the pdf [closed]
When using LXML why is the body element not the parent of the table element in this snippet of html
How to make body move follow a orbit?
Pointer to a pointer of a character pointer, or why can't I reassign this array?
Trying to Validate Math Expression Recursively - What's wrong with this code?
I cannot locally login to http://localhost:8080/tfs/web
Asp.Net MVC 3 App HandleError not working
UDP broadcasts - Android app requesting Java server IP Address
Code to Create preference on android
Is there a way to intercept the response of an ajax http request made by a flash object via javascript?
ADF Popup Not Appearing
Getting bitmap of what minimized window would look like if normalized
How to get the value of a variable given its name in a string?
Why does glEnableVertexAttribArray crash on some systems depending on call order?
Scan Javascript for abusive functions and patterns
What is the POM file to be used when manually installing a JAR file to maven local repository using eclipse?
Rails: current_user.vote_up(@micropost) undefined method
Preventing back button 鈥渄estruction鈥�on forms that post via ajax to update information
Can't drag/drop objects in View Controller unless zoomed
GORM Map with Collection as values
How to test a function in Visual Studio 2010?
View the changes made by the user on the screen c#?
Shorthand for functions to map
Write a generic function with exactly two variations of types of parameters
Hadoop in a RESTful Java Web Application - Conflicting URI templates
Ext.js 4 Scroll bars on panel
add querystring to URL on page load
add querystring to URL on page load
Order of expression evaluation in C
Online Gaming state information
Image distorted when it is uploaded and made into a Thumbnail
Grails mongodb-morphia plugin - dynamically set domain collection mapping
Extract plist from Simulator directory to use with my project during loads/saves
Loading Driver Using OSR Driver Loader Error
apache mod proxy and tomcat comet
JMX..get currently-deployed application name
Jgit clone on android
Tomcat security realm per session or per request?
script to call a specific image for a specific date using a jquery datepicker
Looking for free mp4 flash player (flow problems)
Iteratively copy a directory's contents to multiple other directories in OS X Terminal (bash)
iOS with MonoTouch - Changing UIViewController to UITableViewController
Testing nested CanCan abilities with RSpec
Can I POST to like you can with PayPal?
Rare XSLT transformation
How do I catch a SqlException thrown by RAISERROR called in a trigger set off by Entity Framework 4?
wscript.sleep happening at wrong time
How to set up Jaspersoft's iRreport to send automated .pdf emails?
Referring to a cursor in an anonymous block
How could my Application form in vb be closing by itself?
Is it possible to nest partial views?
MFMailComposeViewController image attachment and HTML body
Authenticating .apk downloads
SSE loading ints into __m128
Android NDK - building TessTwo (Fork of Tesseract Tools for Android) - ndk-build fails
Google Codejam Milkshake Example: Cannot Find The Mistake [closed]
Randomly generated numbers in a basic array
top down ranges merge?
PhoneGap Plugin ExternalScreen loading external assets
Mongodb save/upsert using C# drivers, continuous array adds and field updates to same doc
No Persistence provider for EntityManager error using glassfish v3
What is the current mechanism to construct a query string with SuperAgent?
What does -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2 stand for?
Node.js & Amazon S3: How to iterate through all files in a bucket?
Debug multiple android applications simultaneously on one device
Using table upon a subset gets frequencies for the whole DF not the subset
unable to activate again my product in plone
Mergesort or Database?
Is there a way to search the HTML, JavaScript, CSS of a website
Convert unicode character in Titanium mobile app
overriding default templates of django-allauth
Model doesn't get updated when back to Index
Windows Service Context like Website HttpContext
uitableView reloadData doesn't work after setting delegate, datasource and file's owner connection
Creating output file according to date in oozie
Memcpy : Adding an int offset?
Is it possible to get all rows from a table and apply conditions using php?
uitableView reloadData doesn't work after setting delegate, datasource and file's owner connection
Creating output file according to date in oozie
Memcpy : Adding an int offset?
Is it possible to get all rows from a table and apply conditions using php?
check if facebook URL redirected or not?
Why when i try to run a project with hibernate4 it gives me the error: nested transaction not supported?
Obtaining `std::priority_queue` elements in reverse order?
having trouble with wrapper height
Devise CanCan Roles and Profile
MySQL - Query last six weeks of data
$_GET in PHP and &
jQuery to swap images from text link like working image link
sqlalchemy: stopping a long-running query
Display access query output in a text file - notepad
Variable from .width
MODX Revo: How can make pages load fast?
ASP.Net gridview always enters edit mode after an upgrade from platform 3.5 to 4
Efficient algorithm for index mapping
Grails - Passing multiple AJAX parameters through a single remoteFunction?
Trigger missing dependencies in (parallel) GNU make by changing order of execution
run classic asp without iis
about ~~ operator for arrays in perl (why @a~~(1,2,3) does not work)
Rails 3.2 Asset Pipeline with Thin and Apache, not finding assets
Rails Tutorial Sample_App fails on Heroku
Triggering a callback in compiled javascript
Is there a provision for using concurrent background processes in JSR 286 portlet containers like Liferay?
Fixed character limit text box with running feedback - javascript
Delphi dbedit or tedit to ACCESS field
Current_timestamp -> PHP Date()
How can I track a user's access to multiple pieces of content?
Print a line in according to a timestamp
Sending values to OAuth - Header or querystring?
Show activity only once when clicking the Notification icon
Can a constructor for a super class return instances of a sub class instead?
Visual c# 2010 displaying balance from sql database to label
Updating values in a table based on the inner join of two other tables?
File transfer using libpurple
How to extract the substring for each column of a file in bash?
CSS fade out horizontal rule / line styled div effect without images
鈥淭here was an error generating the XML document鈥�while forwarding an ArrayList to webservices
Fancybox slides going to bottom of page in IE8, under background
Is there a better way to embed maps on the iPhone, without using native code?
Window.Topmost=false does not reliably stop topmost-behavior
How to get the Touch point (top and left) irrespective of the views, windows in Titanium
Access another frame with javascript in Google Chrome (Uncaught ReferenceError)
c++ struct loop error
Sliding two DIVs with jQuery
single-line if statement in a shell script not working
jQuery image upload
Page Cache and i18n on ruby on rails
Ajax requests in bookmarklets
Orchard CMS - Unable to save changes via admin interface
How do I change the order of repositories in Xcode 4 Organizer's Repositories list? or the initially selected repository?
How does a view learn about its model(s)?
Setting a Callback for an HttpResponse
Will SQL Server 2012 FTS have native support for hit highlighting? [closed]
Project Euler #6 Java Assistance
Rails Nested Routes
Recognising an individual guitar chord from an audio sample
How/when the 'after_filter' works/runs?
how to select a parent in an older version of Jquery
Why does 'call()' add properties to the Function's instance?? (see small code)
ScaleBreakStyle with FSharpChart 0.60
Bash Sed Find & Replace With Special Characters
Looking for guidance on MVC in Backbone.js
VideoView getCurrentPosition() irregularity on Acer Iconia A200
How to override TIniFile.Create?
What's wrong with this SQL query for finding common entries?
Grep a set of files line by line?
Android Browser not displaying Buttons in Honeycomb3.1
ASP.Net MVC 3 Image from other Assembly
Issue With Wrapping Text Around Images in IE
Is there a way to prevent jquery unobtrusive validation from setting the focus on the invalid field
Interal Server Error 500 - session_start()
jQuery defining click function overrides all click functions
Is it possible to validate a WinRT component DLL?
Performance of Writing to File C#
need to display part of content div above header div, tried margin and top css styles
Mysql Update with Array
How can I automate conversion of csv file to macro enabled excel?
Zipfile library extraction issue
How to hide a toplevel GTK window while executing its callback
HABTM Not Working
unable to install Cairo package under linux
Full screen Alternative drawables
Positioning a button inside a div using css
Specify mtd:name instead of /dev/mtd# in call to open
Embed raw bytes as a PDF in JSP
HTML5 check if audio is playing?
How do I stop F5 from uploading multiple files?
Resetting array pointer in PDO results
Sorting a Range object in VSTO
Android development error - trying to stream audio using AsyncPlayer
Adding modifiers to an existing regular expression
What edition should I use for standalone deployments?
gridview controls lost when button is clicked
Javascript table column width [duplicate]
Magento Cookies and database work on page load
jQuery submit() and AJAX event; How can I trigger a regular form submit?
Mysql where from two tables
How to handle multiple approval in purchasing controller in rails 3.1.0?
How locate Windows process creation calls in disassembled code?
Git show all branches but stashes in log
Passing data when using SearchView in the action bar
monitoring heap usage
How does Spine.js generate unique IDs?
gd not adding white background to transparent PNG
Android, NDK, building static library
ParseException in java.text.DateFormat
TortoiseHg complains that it can't find Python
Manipulating Select with dojo
How to add model forms by Django in Google app engine?
SQL parameterization
Core Data managed object does not see related objects until restart Simulator
jqGrid DatePicker isn't being Initialised in Complex Search Dialog
Iterate Datamapper get update individual rows
I need help creating a minimal example showing openMP speed-up on my system
Restkit - didLoadObjects is receiving an empty array
handle recycled checkbox inside ListView with ResourceCursorAdapter
Java: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
Passing arguments to a ruby script
An easy regular expression in Python
How do you call a class method from an instance method without using the class name
Suppressing event handling when busy in
Reporting Server throws an error for RunEmbeddedQuery method for XML data source
Trying to read var before jsonp request is done
codeigniter photo upload no error warning on non allowed types files
How to detect if a string has a new line break in it?
Key in TreeMap returning null
resize image before copy?
Windows azure relationship between bandwidth and CDN
how to make scroller in Jquery
Serialization using Boost.Serialization
How to trigger input's property required on HTML5?
Getting Value from ViewModel through DataContext WITHOUT Binding?
Syncing Backbone/Spine application to a database
CakePHP: Alias In Model
Looping through an array to make another array in php
Indices across collections in MongoDB
Using rsnapshot and mysqldump to backup remote mySQL Databases
How do I get the Array value using Codeigniter
Can't execute any basic command in linux console [closed]
State Machines using Labview
How to remove white space after a comma from user entered data using PHP
FluentNHibernate for mvc
File loaded to memory has much larger size than its disk size?!! Any way to compress?
Spring annotations: Is there a similar annotation like @ExceptionHandler used in Controller stereotypes for @Repository or @Service stereotypes?
Comparing Encrypted Passwords in Database and User Input With Encrypto
How to add a file to the index in a git pre-commit hook
How to clear OpenX-hosted cache?
javascript from onclick into a function
Values in braces in Spring Annotations
JOIN 4 Tables with meta_table
{Magento} Split phone number entry
How to Draw an Arc using just 2 known points without DrawPie or DrawArc
SQL query with UNION works, but when i replace with MINUS doesn't work
Catching exceptions in my soapclient
Underlining Hyperlinks - Text-decoration vs. Border-bottom and Browser Inconsistencies
Align UISlider thumb image - objective-c
Can't launch installed IntelliJ IDEA
how do i ignore/use a carriage return in android
MCML service reference
Amend 10 bits of 2 bytes
jquery.min and ajax Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token
Images Created with C# - How to Insert them in BLOB via SQL
Reading users from Access into a list returns only one user
Create or choose a record when using accepts_nested_attributes_for
How to determine programming logic for working hours, taking overtime into consideration.
Count of span tags below div with no id using jQuery
How to append data to existing workbook's sheet and don't create a new workbook
What is this pattern/idiom? What are the benefits?
Spring under Geronimo v2.1 with Jetty
How do we get approval for a C# standalone desktop app with no web site
CSS - file upload/select button - different in IE, Firefox, Opera
mod_rewrite vs. redirect permanent
Finding all the FDs in a given schema
PHP file_get_contents Syntax
New to reporting not working I get an error
Compiling module using Notepad++ and IDLE in Windows
What is the reserved variables server which i need to use?
Twitter like App rejected [closed]
How to Ignore Whitespaces using preg_match()
Security in iPhone applications
How to get a PersistentList from a Cons?
PHP Packet Sending with defined socket
How to model entities to enforce a data models constraints at compile time?
What's the best way to control a NSTableView's selection using checkboxes?
.NET - Exception stack trace lines erased on generic methods
Converting byte to int
Automating retrieval of page metrics from Facebook
inline function definition in C++?
How to send a Raphael element .toBack()
mongo updating array element and racing condition?
Close popup from child button's press?
Python spreadsheet-like formula parser?
aspnet_user table for storing customer information
Login View Being Called Modally over TabBarController and works until I get to Navigation Screens
Excluding primary key in Django dumpdata with natural keys
App crashes on XCode 4.2 and iOS 5 - Scrollview
opera 9 and click event
mongo updating array element and racing condition?
Close popup from child button's press?
Python spreadsheet-like formula parser?
aspnet_user table for storing customer information
Login View Being Called Modally over TabBarController and works until I get to Navigation Screens
Excluding primary key in Django dumpdata with natural keys
App crashes on XCode 4.2 and iOS 5 - Scrollview
opera 9 and click event
Legend properties when legend.only=T (raster package)
C-Fortran character string interoperability
Getting a form to POST in Javascript
Customizing 'quipol' skin?
node.js and mongodb-native: wait till a collection is non-empty
Strange width of text-input in jQuery Mobile
Does calling convention affect a context switch?
Powerdesigner: Difference between Modification Date and Overall Modification Date
Add Zend folder to bash_profile
javascript timed loop w/setTimeout not working
Is there a way to inspect the parent/calling object in JavaScript?
Custom Image Format: How to Target Compression Algorithms
What is the path to an installed ClickOnce application?
Applescript: make new folder structure if it doesn't exist
Arrays in array [closed]
script to allow user to highlight elemtents
importing comma delimited csv file with commas in long numbers
Android app crashing view not attached / window leaked
MVC3 partial view with ViewModel property as model
Apache httpd setup and installation
PHP preg_match everything until
Guard Malloc doesn't work
Possible to use ?? (the coalesce operator) with DBNull?
Binding a WPF DataGrid to a List<List<int>> object
Oracle SQL - Query Hanging When Minimizing Select Statement
How to make an <a> tag element to trigger multiple functions with javascript/jquery
Problems with jQuery and 鈥渉ash鈥�
Adding/Incrementing data from a text file
what is the ability of a programming language to redefine methods for the derived classes?
CSS Leading Ellipsis
Uploading data into a new application using bulkloader.yaml
Changes in parent bindingsource not displayed in child bindingsource
Is there some kind of parameter in entity model that crashes the toList() function?
Rounding Corners in Adobe Illustrator [closed]
Facebook C# Application Remembering Email after logout
Organizing External Libs in Git for Several Projects
Function is not defined when calling from app
Random Image URL From Google
Start TeamCity Build via REST Call
how to jump from the page3 to page1 in a cardlayout in sencha2?
jQuery droppable DOM event order
C-String array initialization - is this mutable? [duplicate]
How to get the value of an attribute and display it on a Tmemo
Program a 鈥淣o Photos In Albums鈥�screen [closed]
Designing a full database migration stack
SQL statement for unselected fields
Python 3: Converting A Tuple To A String
Dynamic LINQ - Unable to convert between GUID and string
Sharing session data between contexts in Tomcat
Find method not recognized in Entity Framework 鈥淒atabase-First鈥�class
Linq 鈥済roup by鈥�values in a Dictionary property with a list of keys
MySQL row locking myisam innodb
US export regulation of public key encryption
Error while inserting image in database
How do I check if Windows is currently displaying the busy cursor?
Is it possible to inherit from javascript Function object?
C++ check if a date is valid
Revert to system installed version ruby 1.8.7
Show Database Table Data In JQuery
How can you easily store a string using rails?
Execute a function before changing route in Backbone.js
How to detect method overloading in subclasses in python?
Symfony 2 bundle dependency issue
Java How do I create a random number mod 5?
Scrapy: Login with Selenium webdriver, transfer cookies to spider object?
data structures: iterating over two arrays vs converting to sets and performing intersect operation in ruby
2D data visualization / graphing ideas
Delete Screenshots In iTunes Connect
Function to count mysql rows using WHERE
Zend Routing problems
Slow Upload in PHP joomla controler
DataGrid CharacterCasing Upper bug
Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'System.Data.Linq.Binary in LINQ to SQL
target=鈥淿blank鈥�behavior in https
Downloading JQuery plugin [closed]
Android:Program closes without error on devise
Change a column name in rails database.
Server to 鈥渘otify鈥�web service callers when another user makes a call
USB connectivity software for Oracle
Facebook 鈥淟ike鈥�Button no longer posting to wall since about 2 days ago
Combine 2 lines that when subsequent line match pattern
Curl-like sending of client certificates without PyCurl: how?
Using PyQt4, although I disconnect a slot, it keeps triggering
creating python keyed arrays
Un-bloating models in rails 3.1
How to disable all dumps in IBM Rational庐 Application Developer (RAD) for WebSphere庐 v 8.0.1 for Windows 7
BufferedReader readLine before the line is complete
JQGrid form edit close form
Modeling (and mapping) a class-hierarchy with two degrees of polymorphism?
System.Data.DataView.Find method: substring starts-with not possible?
Debugging PHP validation script
Need advice on application architecture [closed]
Un-bloating models in rails 3.1
How to disable all dumps in IBM Rational庐 Application Developer (RAD) for WebSphere庐 v 8.0.1 for Windows 7
BufferedReader readLine before the line is complete
JQGrid form edit close form
Modeling (and mapping) a class-hierarchy with two degrees of polymorphism?
System.Data.DataView.Find method: substring starts-with not possible?
Debugging PHP validation script
Need advice on application architecture [closed]
Adding UIView subclass programmatically not drawing itself
Windows Service not calling Class Library
Erlang error logging in plaintext
Issue with correctly identifying if an email already exists in the database - PHP
Retrieve of the bounce mail in php?
Where is the editor language configured in Visual Studio?
why 0/1 knapsack using dynamic programming is not polynomial time algorithm
how to read a xls file with phpexcel bundle? in Symfony2
How would I map my array of hashes for jquery autocomplete?
Drupal 鈥淵ou are not authorized to access this page.鈥�
How to make sqlite robust over a Windows shared drive
How get only woven classes by AspectJ?
How to deploy remotely WAR to JBoss 5.1.0.GA using Cargo maven plugin?
Bluetooth API in Windows Phone developing
mail() MIME attachment just says file location in the file
Problems with fabric deployment
DataGridView and SqlDataAdapter not updating correctly
cocos2d: Collision detection doesn't work right
Updating java GUI as internal state of model changes
What functions should I disable if I would allow users to type PHP?
Is order of the predicate important when using LINQ?
Project manager + mercurial
Ajax tutorial for post and get
How to become this fast with eclipse like this expert user?
Javascript issues missing ; before statement
Query for friends events
Blackberry JDE installer can't find java
use custom attributes in openldap
How to 鈥�Monkey Test鈥�a website
Why are conversions from 鈥渃lass A : IX鈥�to generic 鈥淭 where T : IX鈥�not allowed?
in our Java applet, why is init() being called repeatedly?
Regroup time list in python from sql query
how to display the pic of a user from twitter
Django: how to display form errors for each model object in a inline formset
Java - New Instance not running new Instance Init Block
how to draw a disabled icon
How to display checkboxes within HTML dropdown?
SSRS Report with Oracle database performance problems
an issue on R implementation for computing confidence interval
How do I get the size of the canvas prior to onDraw()
C++ Compound literal
Mysql statement for finding events in the last day
I/O implications when using very wide rows in Cassandra
Using Multiple MvcSiteMaps
How does jQuery UI's tabs demo hide the dotted focus box?
How to map different namespace in xml schema to different classes
netbeans Rent-a-Flat sample Application_Model_PropertyMapper not found
MapView and dealloc IOS
Detecting Misaligned Link in Visual Studio
Designing a joint function
How to reliably measure the network bandwidth used by a process
Android: Making a simple animation set
SQL - join multiple tables, with one little catch
FLV player totally contained in swf鈥�no external files other than the FLV
The most safe user login system [closed]
using WebClient to read and save large files in WP7
How to Load a File for Testing with Jasmine Node?
Internet Explorer - JavaScript issue
Overriding a function in python
How binary search is used in database indexing
Git is ignoring files that aren't in gitignore
When .nil leads to error and <1 does not, are there any more elegant ways to do it?
How to redirect gcc errors to a file in Unix?
Image manipulation - converting transparent pixels before saving as jpg
C# RegEx string extraction
load option select from server
ASP.NET MVC3 View Class Inheritance
Why is the tabBar still black even after I set opaque to NO, alpha to 0, and color to clear?
jQuery, random div order
cancel or reset inherited css styles
Php soap sending data
Read from certain coordinates?
Lazarus How to destroy a dynamically created TMySQL51Connection? ERROR
Behavior of $this on inherited methods
Play! Framework - Passing Map to another public static method in same controller
jBPM and JBoss web app
Autoscroll a scrollbar mousemove jquery
Change font color of one menu item
RSA code in matlab
What is the difference between a Thread and a Handler
php - Parse error [closed]
Does the MVC4 Beta break MVC3 compilation only, or execution, too?
minimum mac os required for ios development
iPhone app design storyboard vs nib
why can't my EAR project see the annotated EJBs and Entities in my JPA project?
How do I open a UIImagePickerController from a presented view controller?
JsonResult, ActionResult, Json, DataContractJson serializer鈥�purpose differences?
Suggest a design pattern for implementing fail over mechanism
Corrupted Symfony 2 vendors install
Android license check with 鈥淏ackground Data鈥�turned off
JQuery validate with potential user interaction
What is this syntax using new followed by a list inside braces?
Is it possible to measure the distance of an object from an android phone using only camera [duplicate]
What is this Content-Type all about?
Ascending Form numbers in Yii
A set that mantains insert order and allows accessing elements by its index
jQuery not working in Safari/Chrome with AJAX control on the page
NSCollectionViewItem behind a NSTextField
Center .css Button, Display javascript Content Locker and Display java Alert onClick
getting鈥淪yntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character鈥�error while make ajax call from user control page in
trying to port eclipse project from mac lap top to windows server
IE7 float right bug-no usual solutions work
Why is System.Type.IsPublic returning as false?
Akka Durable Mailboxes
Is it possible to run Java3D applications on Nvidia 3D Vision hardware in windowed mode?
Insert SuperColumn in Cassandra using thrift
Getting website data on iphone using JSON
Compile code using JavaFX 2.0 (using command line)
Can I default a system property for a constructor-arg in a spring config file?
How to localize urls with routing in ASP.NET WebForms application - not MVC
Warning on EditText
How to choose number of hidden layers and nodes in neural network?
Cocoa WebView On Navigate?
Regex to match these number rules
How do I include ActionBarSherlock in the library so that it is reflected in all the systems?
jQuery Confirm Before Submit
Python: import and change canonical names in the current module
MsBuild Zip every file in directory in separate Zip files
Populate nodes of a BST with their inorder successor.(Debug)
hex string from list of integers in swi-prolog
converting String from Windows charset to UTF 8 in Java
ASP:DynamicControl rendering HTML rather then displaying source
get specific element from ruby block, rails app
How can I use glDrawArrays() insted of glDrawElements() on FrameMarkers from Qualcomm's samples
StructureMap 2.6.1 cannot override default registrations
Convert latitude longitude to x,y point on a rectangle
MVC 3 LINQ Custom Sorting and Filtering with User-Specified Fields (Properties)
Android- Getting a single value from a database table using cursor
changing Strings
text file to hex value
Checkstyle 鈥淓xpected @param tag for 'id'鈥�error
A reliable way to read socket data
JMS Job queue with Grails
code behaviour is strange
unable to execute javascript jquery function
Do i need to specify oneway binding for contentBinding in CollectionView
javascript - changing a class' style
How can I tell PostgreSQL not to abort the whole transaction when a single constraint has failed?
Designing a drawing class hierarchy in iOS
Scala: inverse result while escaping underscore with :::
Why is my event throwing a null error?
C++ beginner, execution window disappears quickly
MATLAB array of int32 and writing to file
Using CSS3 Animations one each slide within a jQuery slideshow (FF issues)
android.util.Base64 encode/decode flags parameter
PHP built-in function to assign each element of an array to a variable, does it exist?
logout script to kickoff the user from one system/location if he tries to login with the same username from other location
Determining the movie popularity for upcoming movies with neural network [closed]
jQuery $(this).next() not working as expected
Why doesn't git rebase -i :/^major work?
JavaScript: can't access a childNode of one iteration of a nodeList
How to pass an argument to method from rendered h:outputText?
How to check if rails 3.2 can connect to mysql
Implementing a has_many :through
Innosetup, best practice custom installation pass variables to external application
Scala: Trait Companion Object is not visible in Java
MySQL IF Statement?
Peeking inside the chrome protocol in Firefox
RedirectToAction at runtime
Background Image on an AdControl
Heartbeat monitor and unit testing it in javascript - how to?
matlab neural network training batch size
Execute something after a certain waiting time specified in the code in C++?
GPL licensed version control (e.g. Git)
Remove/Change Facebook like button image
live update a picture
What's the different between JPDA and JMX?
How can I get my earlier DIV to not be hidden by other later DIVs?
str_replace for distinct word
ExtJS and page authorization (server-side)
Android http-request causes Error - sitting since 3 days
Twitter, Facebook - is there any way to get the original images of avatars?
jquery how to stop $.ajax when you click on a button
Uploadify and Rails without using Rack Middleware, CarrierWave or Paperclip
How to access the errors in TFSBuild 2010
Query in LINQ TO SQL not inserting
How to add hyphen to regex
AdSize.IAB_BANNER - no ad to show
Dividing a query into two parts using UNION ALL [closed]
How can I determine the source of location - GPS or network in Windows Phone?
String SHA-512 Encoding: C# and JAVA result is different
Having trouble Deserialize from XML back to object (ignore the whitespace and encode to UTF-8)
ASP.NET app hosted inside SharePoint 鈥�How to selectively disable aspx pages
how to use Switch with a string
Is there an automatic check for disposing of SPWeb and SPSite in Visual Studio?
memory leak that i cant seem to solve
Why the data isn't saved in the relationship tables?
if statement not executing in while(true) loop
C++ - variadic functions and cout
Wordpress, add_filter, get_search_form
Different Enum HashCode generation?
CloudFront - Private content from Custom Origin? [closed]
How to load jquery autocomplete items over json
All possible options for automating a task (in my case, a search index update)
How do I stop hibernate returning multiple instances when using 鈥渏oin鈥�fetch mode?
Domain Driven Design and Aggregates
async file upload click
Backbone.js - can't fetch data, or bind to the fetch event on collection?
Loading the Spring container earlier in a web application
Google Maps JavaScript API V3 - Unload / Deconstructor / Delete / Remove
Applying machine learning to recommend items from an existing database
Use a Command with TabItem
Do web camera's pass raw uncompressed video over USB?
JavaScript documentations and reference? [closed]
MySQL layout query
VB.NET Excel Program Leaves EXCEL.EXE floating after completion
How to achieve a two column centered layout, with the main column expandable on wider screens?
how to resize mobile screen to fit my content
Efficient conversion between boxed and unboxed vectors
Write macros for GCD calls?
Writing Custom HtmlHelpers for MVC3 and MVC4 Beta, should I use HtmlString or MvcHtmlString?
How/whether to simulate a UINavigationController pushToViewController method
Inserting content within HEREDOC using Functions
How do I check if specified column exists in MS Access database?
Pydev Eclipse console does not support curses.setupterm
Vector: does the function vector ( const vector<T,Allocator>& x ); just take the address of where the array is stored?
How to ensure a place is part of the Google Places autocompletion
How to get vs goto closing html tags instead of closing '>' using Visual Studio/Express key-bindings?
Cannot get WCF web service working with Windows auth
mailto URI truncated between Java.Desktop and Windows/MS outlook
oracle geocoding query is really slow, how could i optimize a dynamic field?
BSonElement to c# Data Type
DOMNode 鈥渦ndefined鈥�for xercesc on MS Visual C++
Query Internet Explorer version from command line does not always work?
Missing id class in
Selecting the content of a sibling in jQuery
Why doesn't Scala's BigDecimal have a ZERO?
PostgreSQL ignoring index on timestamp column
Magento - Search not working, Cross-Sell, New Products on Home Page, Up-Sell, Related Products Not working
linq to entities nested select fillout
Centering Tab Names On Android
get utf-8 character code given a shift-jis character code?
Core Data and Grand Central Dispatch Internal Inconsistency
How to reRender specific row in richfaces 4
Pause the Views from Updating
JScript shell not working on Windows 7
Difference between Fluent NHibernate and Nhibernate.Mapping.ByCode
Infowindow HTML code showing from JSON query
One pixel of background shows in the table in IE7
Why is this code giving me an error about a weak property?
Reload IMAP-Message
time delay in a loop
iOS trigger Email and SMS in single action
HATEOAS Client Design
Use HTML5 in Java [closed]
Algorithm for finding the closest way to get from point A to point B in transit network?
Determine number of hours in a given day (plus or minus DST shift hours)
VB.NET Windows 7 64bit Write File in C: Windows System32
How to modify LocalizedResourceName in such a way to prevent Windows from changing it?
How to detect file permissions when extracting tar file?
JQuery Fade-In function doesn't seem to get called
Is there a difference between a function with and without a return statement?
File Route path
This error pops up in ther OUTPUT tab when runnig and pressing a button : TypeError: Error #1006: removeListeners is not a function
SharpZipLib cannot use StreamWriter to write text to newly created csv file
dynamic field name in happy.js json configuration
Extract all image urls from html except for those commented out
Using Kannel with and SMSC simulator for sending and receiving SMS
Solution to 鈥渞equired architectures鈥�using Required Device Capabilities in info.plist in Xcode 4.2 prevents upgrade path
cURL - - digest command
RTSP vs HLS stream 鈥�which one will play smoothly on an android device
Print string without escaping characters
cyclic dependency 鈥�how to solve?
How can I remove entries from a List that match values from a Set
Calculator in Assembly Language - Linux x86 & NASM - Division
jQuery modal dialog validators initially displayed
Does invalid html slow down a page load time?
Web Browser control crashes
UIViewController isn't displayed how it appears in interface builder
How to get Visual Studio 2010 to highlight instances of a variable
PHP two way crypting [duplicate]
Firefox and Chrome adds 2px bottom padding to the table cell when there is iframe inside the cell in standard mode
Suggestions for tree (as a visualization tool) editing software? [closed]
How to navigate from activity in one activity group to another activity in android
About and IPC using sockets
HTML Doctype Causing Formatting Issues
powershell IE automation getElementByID with multiple entries
How to determine the amount of RAM a particular UIImage uses?
Banned words application
How do I get just the product name from Amazon's Product Advertising API?
How do I set up a 鈥渏agged array鈥�in VBA?
What is the cmd script equivalent for C scanf() function?
CAS logout and cookies elimination
map/set erase iterator out of range
capture current time when update button is hit
RAD GridView with child columns, grouping and aggregate functions
Pages appear to be cached, showing old data
How should I force a 鈥�鈥�semaphore to the open state?
ID parameter in Kohana 3 routing is NULL
Puzzled by DOM behavior dynamically loaded select = undefined
php get manifest attributes from androidmanifest.xml
How do I pass parameter to a rake task that is invoked using Rake::Task
Perl split list on commas except when within brackets?
PHP error shows only once, disappear when refreshed
Get R.drawable ID's dynamically in android
JasperReports Library and MongoDB
Hibernate generic DAO search
Is it safe to modify a trigger on a table that is replicated?
EXTJS how to focus checkcolumn cell
is it possible to preload links tht a dynamically loaded to a page?
Understanding SQL Database Project workflow
Error tyring to add a parameter in MS Visual Studio
Javascript: setting / getting elements by their ID
Why aren't my modules installed via easy_install useable?
Using encryption email address, user name as a unsubscribe link
Android - Count the number of files in a server directory
Unified directory tree walking for local files, ftp, http in python
Create a type that can contain an int and a string in either order
SQL: please improve my select-where-subquery-returns-one query
Panasonic Camera Streaming MJPEG Video with G.726 Audio
Thumbnail Generation
sql - find users with at least 1 order AND have conditions for each order. Use count?
Non-maintainer uploads to Hackage
Scraping webdata from a website that loads data in a streaming fashion
MDX SORTING not Working
jQuery Uncaught TypeError: Object[object Object] has no method slider
OAuth gem not signing requests
PDO Database Class, returning errors
wxPython Splash Screen Trouble
Relative import inside flat package
Compile standalone Windows .exe using MATLAB on a mac
Any disadvantages to using BitNami vs a native stack?
Regex find a string within an url, non case sensitive
Soap UI and WS-A options
R: control auto-created column names in call to rbind()
Debian 3.1 鈥淪arge鈥�installing PHP5
Editing 鈥渢estproject.zip鈥�to stop 鈥淯nitTest1.cs鈥�being created
Check printing with Java/JSP
NSTextView, appendString and error with NSConcreteTextStorage
LINQ-to-SQL 鈥渦nsupported data provider鈥�error with SQL Server 2000
asp:Menu not formatting correctly when run from server
Is there any way to hide html tags while echoing string with 'gettext'?
RESTEasy Web Service Redirect
Maven naming conventions for hierarchical multiple module projects
View that accesses two databases
Any way to pass user data from iBooks Author?
HTML5 Doctype + JS library - necessary?
Retrieve more than twenty tweets from twitter?
Building static libraries for windows using cygwin
MPICH2 Out of Memory when sending an INT wizard and user control
How To Pass Integrated Authentication User on to Another Web Service Using WCF Web Api
Collision Detection With Polygons
Rails 3: Custom Restful Routes: Change Edit-Action behavior
MySQL How do I loop a stored procedure?
get my own browser history android
using cuSVM in 64-bit Windows
Issue with two UITableViews in single UIViewController
Reassign int to const int?
Correct way of parsing S-expressions in OOP
jotform csv to associative array
Change Facebook login redirect url depending on development or production environment?
How to create a configurable system in ASP.NET MVC 3?
input button won't work in IE 7 or 8
Split a string using C++11
Records Update, but when grabbed from PHP file, do not change
Why does this work in Chrome but not firefox?
JSF 1.2 custom component from jsp:include
Using AsParallel
php - issue with assigning session value
Jquery replace with regex: replacing an attribute in SRC with another attribute
syncronization problems using Pthreads
skip some validations during creation in rails, but have other validations run
Scrollable area has a width limit?
Why if Google Chrome crashing with UTMZ Google Analytics links?
Can't convert .py files into .exe files
what is the aim of JS_CANONICALIZE_NAN in spidermonkey engine?
Android webview with anchors
Editing an HTML-based newsletter in the browser - 鈥減age inside a page鈥�design pattern
javascript/jquery - entire block of script (between script tags) is disabled without error message
android, If i am using 3g data internet from my cell does wifi automaticly goes to sleep? [closed]
How to show one-to-many related columns in a GridPanel after Editing it?
Copy Commit from Trunk to Branch
MySQL query optimization (joining similar query results)
The V7 Echo program increments a constant pointer, how?
How can I view .JSP files
How to restrict ScheduledExecutorService
apache: log separate time to generate and serve php requests
Cant Solve This SQL Error [closed]
Allowing people to type their tweets from a form in my site
No redirection by apache when using htaccess RewriteRule
Visio similar CSS editor
PHP header not working as expected
How to bind data from database to a specific DatagridView Column Name using
How to dynamically create Linq Query Cross Join Query
Update python in server running centos/whm?
XML help needed for extracting xml node text and child nodes (PHP)
How to handle specific namespace declaration in JSF template
Difference between Standard table and Hashed table Abap
Spring: Injecting different properties file according to profile
cat is not writing to a file?
Adding a column/variable to PDO FetchAll row
codeigniter photo upload submit
Array in Mysql WHERE LIKE?
opencv 2.1 crash
Create Hibernate JPA Views
Using sentinal values in C# enum (size of enum at compile time)?
Unix Script to search text files that must contain two specific keywords
Draw2D / GEF: How to access nested figures (e.g., for connections)
copying tables from one database to another
Unwanted software installed accidentally
Validate that a uploaded file is an image on App Engine
Is it possible to place Rails controller files in app/controllers sub directories?
Enum has lesses accessability than property Outcome1
Display changed elements in XSLT output in bold
How to get IDirect3DSurface9
How to run a CGI Ruby script inside Ruby on Rails?
Facebook bulk request
window object not exist but still exists in NodeJS
Print output/s on nested if/else statements
Do not allow product of different categories in a cart
JSON Jquery Case Insensitive Matching
Caption and Message only show the first letter when calling CredUIPromptForCredentials API
How to populate ListView from Matrix cursor
How to pass the validator property to a h:inputText from a JSF2 composite component?
Saving changes to child collections with Entity Framework
Load a certain partial view depending on URL parameter using mvc3 and jQuery
Xcode: can't run test target
is there a way to have a sqldatasource filter when asked but default to select *?
WPF and C# ComboBox Next Focus
Rhino Mocks IgnoreArguments() and testing if a lambda was called correctly
Changing http request header
Debug GWT Rcp Failure without errors
How to show a div after being faded out?
Icon size requirement error Xcode
Syntax error near 'of' in the full-text search condition 'control of'
How to insert something into a table when another table holds a specific value using MySQL
Is it possible to pass a function template as a template argument?
Media queries not working in Firefox v10
UIBarButtonItem assigned action in Storyboard but not executing
SQL select multiplicity of items in union
Can I use Jenkins to create an EAR file for manual deployment?
jQuery UI Datepicker: How do I clear/reset the datepicker calendar?
How can I make rails_footnotes open files using Sublime Text 2?
Bug in Google Adsense (reloads after innerHTML is called)?
Is sp_who2 for the entire server and why is it not detecting all high priority processes?
highcharts how to load data via ajax project to .exe file
Java (RSA Enc. with public key) [closed]
Drag and drop without JQuery UI
Memory allocation failure while constructing a node
Memory allocation failure while constructing a node
Get the remaining rows
CryptMsgOpenToDecode / CryptMsgUpdate when password is required?
Calculator Problems - Android Programming
Visual Studios 2010 - MVC 4 Beta - long delays on paste and frequent crashing
Hashing Password Database with LINQ to SQL
SVN - Commit failed: Can't open file '/svn/repos/myrepository/trunk/format'
How do I source my .zshrc within emacs?
convert text hex to real hex representation C++
Payment of Fees [closed]
setText on EditText with an EventKey
How can I get an index vector in rpy2, or if that doesn't exist, how can I select two columns?
Joomla page Loading bar
Using Redirect from jQuery using data
IE Won't Work When Forms Are Involved
Automatically Drop Old Stored Procedure in SQL Server
'cvCreateContourTree' in DLL 'opencv_imgproc231' - deprecated?
Multiple datepickers on same form
Javascript title flashing method
Menu using CSS and HTML
Monitor output from Netbeans C/C++ in command promt
Google Maps Api Java script
MongoDB find random dataset performance
Image rendering technique - for adding realistic text to existing photos
Tomcat mapping context via server.xml
What's the best way to force a merge in git?
Login security: can I trust php's $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']?
Any solution for this core data related exc_bad_access while setting a NSNumber attribute?
Excel - using LOOKUP() to find a value in a range defined by an INDEX() function
Android canvas get real Pixelresolution
Is it bad practise to save string representations of Duration objects (and then eval()) in db?
Minimize vector indexing overhead
Database tables with no primary keys
gwt layout panels to match browser screen size not working
java timer with swing component
Command to create even text lines through terminal
IDispatch::Invoke _NewEnum on JScript Array not working in IE9
Creating a toplist with MySQL
Is it possible to add inline images using low-level Appengine Email API? (java)
retrieving inline-element position and dimensions relative to parent's lines of text
proving postgresql is good choice for commercial world [closed]
DisplayAttribute name with a variable, Dynamic DisplayName
.NET Implementation of Efficient XML
Gibberish output with pchart
Why new entries are not inserted to database?
How do I go from a MySQLWorkbench EER model (ERD) to Django?
How can I pre define an array of structs
why we use 'final',could you give me an example in real world? [duplicate]
Android - Extra large images placed in res/drawable-xhdpi aren't showing on tablet emulator, why?
PHPand SwiftMailer : Decorator Plugin 'stuck' on first entry.
Downloading XML: Python vs Perl vs SSIS [closed]
How should I pass subject/principals/roles between application layers in Java?
JQuery Ajax not updating DOM (I think)
dojo ajax request not returning json data
Powershell Suppress Copy-Item 'Folder already exists' error
How to play raw adts AAC stream using MediaStreamSource?
inheriting Windows Forms Controls in C#
Apache + mod_wsgi + persistent Python application - I think I'm missing a piece
Weird Issue with an image rotator
Java SAXParser: Different between `localName` and `qName`
background gradient color and background image DRYly
SQL Oracle Trigger
c# sql update - InvalidOperationException
Custom Model Binder to bind nested property values
Using regular expressions to compare numbers
InvalidCastException when calling Dictionary.TryGetValue(String, out object). Why?
Creating HTML table with vertically oriented text as table header
access frame's document using GWT
Simple stored procedure-like function in PostgreSQL?
how to store the result of sed in variable with the new line characters
jquery error 鈥渋s not a function鈥�
Including a stand-alone copy of a Database inside Published VS2010 C# Project
How to specify svg linear gradient in terms of an angle
Determine if a property is a kind of array by reflection
When querying a jpa database, is it possible to use methods like this?
Django,mongodb,Tastypie-nonrel : List of ForeignKey
dynamic link making and pure javascript
How to remove all Click event handlers? [duplicate]
Zend PDF trying to print Russian language
Which embedded RDBMS should I use with Java? Why? What about backup and maintance? [closed]
process.waitFor() pauses the calling thread
String replace PHP
ignoring command exit code in linux
Using PHP to re-render PNG-24 to PNG-8 on browsers?
Modal view using UIModalPresentationFormSheet doesn't autorotate when it's covered by another modal view using UIModalPresentationFullScreen
Check for browser updates periodically
Need help getting my web site to publish info to Facebook wall
Exclusion in search
Salesforce PHP SOAP API - Unable to get custom WebService working
Eclipse shortcut to insert variable in string literal
Outbound Email bounce processing - is it possible to set requires SSL?
How do I tweak the JavaScript Fisheye script's enlargement trigger?
Prevent Internet Explorer 8 from caching form data
Memory leak in C hash table implementation
pass adoconnection from vba to delphi
Only show first Friday of every month as available to pick - jQuery UI Datepicker
Script tags not rendered in JSP page (using Spring + Tiles + JSPX)
Contain tabbing to a form using jQuery
ABCPDF links not working
jQuery hashchange issue
Choosing matrix elements (matrix language)
Plotting Takagi function with Matplotlib
Always select first item listbox
Producing Vector Graphics Movies with something like Nodebox or Processing
How to handle SQL Server XML stored procedure parameters when table valued parameters (TVP's) are unavailable?
Redirect static CMS pages
Trying to insert characters while using a KeyListener
rails - loading related objects with :includes, still 2 db calls?
Create UIColor object from ARGB value
how to create nlog.config file in the user specified locations?
Lamport's logical clock implementation
How to adjust button css styles
Query native Android FourSquare application
Does Java JDK 6 allow non-generic legacy code?
Select statement processing before Where clause in view
Regex, php.. Remove any mathing strings from a source
Android Emulator Camera
The remote server returned an error
PHP using DELETE FROM to remove row in mysql
Change Android Signature
Renaming log with timestamp and string
cancan ability - read/manage only one specific instance?
SSL Handshake Failure
Why are all the template images for icon in the Android developer site have resolution 72 pixels per inch under Ai and Photoshop?
Casting CONTEXT_INFO to varchar and the resulting length
Fraction of access to dynamically allocated memory
URL applicationWillTerminate objective C
getting input data with event 鈥渙nkeyup鈥�