Jquery Templates to populate META data?
Is there a better way to collect twitter data?
NServiceBus 3 with Unity 2 broken?
How do I get Intellisense on the expression of a foreach loop within a Razor section?
C++ passing Vector character pointer by reference
Magento - Modify Form Enctype via Event Observers
Original file bigger than GZip decompressed file
addChild with effects, such as Tweener OR transitions
passing a TextBlock or collection of inlines to a child UserControl in WPF
bz2 in javascript
Javascript/Google Maps causing PIE.htc errors
Deleting a HBitmap placed into a QLabel
Creating new types in LLVM (in particular a pointer to function type)
Jquery only works once per page load - want it work more than once without having to reload page
memorystream not saving all content
PHP form validation using arrays
UIWebView scalesPageToFit won't scale page
MAPIInitialize without error message boxes
interface ip from ifconfig and libpcap don't match
Object doesn't support property or method in IE, calling Action script function from javascript, asp.net
Object doesn't support property or method in IE, calling Action script function from javascript, asp.net
Trying to understand C function call in JNI.h
Associating my app's custom file in iOS
Replace div with iframe in javascript
Converting 2-dimensional array into 1-D array( with conditions)
How to see all command or subprogram of git project?
How to open Modal pop up in JSF 2 using JQuery
determining windows restored size
Cron tasks disappeared on Engine Yard
How to change a site background color using the browser's address bar?
Removing pixels of one color from a bitmapdata
cloning a multi-project repository using mercurialEclipse plugin
How do I make a reference to a figure in markdown using pandoc?
Timestamp in DB and java.util.Date in Entity causes rounding issue when loaded with OpenJPA
Autoconf: linker error linking against custom library
mysql table synchronization
Javascript / Python Character ASCII Checking
How linker selects .lib files to inlclude to build?
Trying to understand how to simplify Jquery
Creating an Java rmi application with a GUI
Scheme - Blackjack Program (SICP) / Learning to program
Object refernce not set to an instance of an object error, not sure why
Long-lived multithreaded client for a proprietary protocol (Python, select, epoll)
How to calculate rotation angle of closest pane in carousel
Open PDF in a WebView
Unity IoC registers/resolves two classes with a interface and two types
Including a class within another class in php
qunit and jquery-mobile
From array OR comma separated string: get fields from db in just one query
Twig form_errors function doesn't load translation message in validators.lang.yml
read CDATA from xml containing HTML tags
Line Segments in Matplotlib
Fortify 360 - Adding 'password' aliases?
hot to play a song/sound in a WP7 silverlight application?
Trying to avoid multiple sub-types in a class structure
Sharing tab 'can add' permission for folderish archetype does not seem to work properly
How to perform a step to next source available in eclipse?
$k => $v not being read correctly by the view
Running lua under nginx (writing a website with lua)
ExtJS 2.3 Column custom renderer append boxcomponent
Javascript onclick change color of more than one element
Loading 2 Xibs, one from Xib, getting was mutated while being enumerated and wrong type
Ria services GetQuery - limit data to Top 3000 rows
Singleton in cocos2d-x Android
Java RegEx not working as expected
What is the best apporach to enable the end-user maintain static data in JasperReports
Xcode : Accessing method instance from other class file
jquery on reassigning an event
How do I group my component's properties in the Object Inspector?
JSON array as SQL WHERE argument in PHP
Adding rows to Dataset in asp.net
nusoap XML error parsing WSDL
show stdout and stderr in richtextbox
Android Facebook app: How long is the FB webview (Login webview) cookie valid?
Overwriting a page title with Magento
Web project design, in what order to build things?
Function which returns function
rake db:create giving me 鈥溾� (at master) is not checked out鈥� run bundle install
Trying to model domain [closed]
Tomcat 7 Error: The requested resource (/TestSite) is not available. Even I deployed correctly. Why?
Tasklist for remote machine and Findstr passing a exit code
Is there a way to use only the RUM features of New Relic?
getting python module complete version with pkg_resources
Dynamically Created DropDownList within a List of Panels is not allowing for Event Handling
Parse Datetime string
Programming motion detector [closed]
Using row values from one table to determine fields to select from another table in MySQL
asp.net serialization exception is thrown when implementing session in sql server
How to trace ActionScript inside web page?
Listview with listadapter highlight item
jquery how to select the nth-child of the current TD in a dynamic table
How do I associate a Vagrant project directory with an existing VirtualBox VM?
Can Maven ignore a missing system property?
Set contents of an ASP.NET tag
How to retrieve percentage type value from excel sheet using poi
Regex for first and last name
jqgrid - treegrid for flat structure data
Append javascript/html to page when navigating from a different page?
Looking for an Xcode build script to copy files between targets
Data table with fixed table head and scrollable table body using CSS only
function(&param) - like in PHP [duplicate]
difference in execution turbo and visual [duplicate]
Find out the Date Gap Excel
JQuery slide effect with bounce positioning issue
Handling unobserved Task exceptions
openssl command line to decrypt aes ctr 128
Initialize function not fired in actionscript 3?
PHP: User logged in sessions and cookies
Iterator for template binary tree
How to calculate an md5 from chunks of data as they are being read [duplicate]
iPhone/iPad UIImage initWithContentsOfFile:
Fading Overlay To Video Tag Flickers In Internet Explorer 9
How do I code an optional one-to-one relationship in EF 4.1 code first with lazy loading and the same primary key on both tables?
鈥淚nvalid Argument鈥�exception message on IBM.Data.DB2.DB2Connection .open method
Set Android's date/time programmatically
JavaScript not working properly on IE
Sending text into whatever window that is currently in focus
elements (i.e. a, div, h1) on page move when zooming in with android emulator and browser
android, I want to set listener to listen on wireless state,can anyone help me with my code
How to use apache commons httpclient and getmethod to read a modelandview json response?
How to use apache commons httpclient and getmethod to read a modelandview json response?
Get parent of ActiveRecord::Relation
getting namespaced attributes in Chrome
grouper with a chunk size sequence in python?
Check for specific element in a list in Drools
HTML5: Where is the spec for which end tags are forbidden?
Reading from file using fgets
tweepy stream to sqlite database - invalid synatx
deleteBack java program
Windows Phone POST method WebClient class
Declaring a member of static type in c#
joomla user activation email
How to db_dump with correct encoding
Javascript to detect and send a message to server if the window is closed
Artifactory: Publishing Ivy Descriptors to Repository via Script
Linking scrollbars from 2 different MFC controls
What's the fastest algorithm to perform exponentiation?
setInterval and clearInterval not working with if()
Jquery hover function cursor hover where it shouldn't
How to keep a service running in background even after user quits the app? [closed]
Python Polymorphism. How do you overide a function within a method
Jquery to javascript keypress event
Debug php with xdebug over AMFPHP
Ruby meta programming, how can this code be cleaned up?
Performance-wise, what would be the expected relative outcome of using struct over class in this list?
JPA EntityManager persist() causing object to appear detached even though an error was thrown
Ruby inject with intial being a hash
How to design database using varying number of columns in table
Saving and Reloading an R workspace image in Eclipse StatET
How to add new row to DataGridView binded to List<MyTableClass>
Scala imports compiler errors
cant save the SMS oor MMS
How to set the receiver
MessageConnection.receive() stops due some reason
How to see favorited video of a user in youtube using youtube api with php
How to search for exact matching string in a text file using Ruby?
HTML5 drop event clientX parameter is undefined in Chrome (jQuery used for event binding)
Best practice about app using splitview controller, and can my app be rejected?
How to handle legacy param base URLs in Rails 3?
Why is GetFieldValue returning null for this DateTime?
Android Listview reset changes when scroll
How to get current tab URL from browser?
Are netty and comet related somehow?
CakePHP CSS difficulty
Serial Port, Checkboxes, Threading
Attempting activity feed with multiiple users and for it to be ordered
Does the Hibernate Query Cache work in Dom4J mode
Testing the UI of web applications?
post uploaded with FB.api is visible on my timeline, but not on Startpage?
Select recent events with all activities listed SQL
Select recent events with all activities listed SQL
When using entity framework code-first mapping property to separate table, moves foreign key field
Debugging .NET assembly loaded from VC++ app using CCW
PayPal sandbox - none of payments in the Business's account history
Having SBT 0.11 pulling in querulous from github by using information in build.sbt
Instantiating C Array in Objective C - Crash Error - incorrect checksum for freed object
auto-completion feature for wxpython widgets similar to ajax
How to wrap wordpress shortcode in a div
ASP.Net 4 Forms Authentication in IIS 7.5 - Default Document No Longer Working
How to use c to strip html tags and images from webpage to file
Internet explorer keeps alerting with location.reload(); and POST data
jQuery select multiple table columns by index
How to represent a simple finite state machine in Ocaml?
Conceptual Thing - Consume Events From Remote Machine
Any JSR 227 implementations other than ADFm?
Unicode file name testbed
How to test two numbers that appear on different pages?
How do you get entity's schema name using Code First (Entity Framework) and DbContext?
Convert Strings to Type Instances
Parsing names with Perl regex
Aligning multiple images horizontally in the center of a div
jQuery each() and multiple Ajax calls - elements in Ajax don't match parents in iteration
Update quantity echo ahref
Greek and text-transform:uppercase
Invalid preference page path: Security
how to solve 鈥渞uby installation is missing psych鈥�error?
Do we need a lock in a single writer multi-reader system?
jquery strange button behavior
Getting the newest revision from a table via SQL
Python Decimals
how to select an item from generic list by linq
Autofac: any way to resolve the innermost scope?
Flesch-Kincaid Readability in Asp.Net
In R and ddply, is it possible to avoid enumerating all columns I need when using ddply?
GWT Swipe between Pages / Panels
Rotate text to vertical in IE not working
Google maps api v3 DrawingManager no work
Geting links from a context using preg_match_all
How do i get x random records with nHibernate Queryover
MySQL compare two tables and return rows that have the same primary key but different data in other fields
Detect server/site support for cross-domain XMLHttpRequests?
How to redirect perl output in c#
Capitalized 鈥淛PG鈥�extension different from lowercase 鈥渏pg鈥�
PHP MySQL update a row that has been selected
vim search command not working. :N
Postsharp - Adding OnMethodBoundaryAspect to abstract Method - Aspect Not Firing
MS Access: Need to hit backspace twice to delete one character that was copied over from Excel
Execute 鈥渞eg query鈥�as a new process does not display all keys
How can I copy STDOUT to a file without stopping it showing onscreen using Ruby
Mysql MATCH AGAINST short words
how to set div height auto grow with content having padding style
Writing classes to work with dummynet
ImportError: cannot import module
regular expression: end of line in MS visual studio
PowerShell IIS: WebAdmin Remote Invocation triggers WSAStartup error, WSANOTINITIALISED
References are not matching
Symfony2: why does my time field not validate on the live server
Color-depth in iPhone simulator
Domain object string list - Adding on the fly
C string functions
How to get checked radio buttons value in jQuery mobile?
How to start download from CGI in BASH?
What's the difference between libev and libevent?
Output to C# from SQL Server 2008 Stored Proc Through ODBC
Changing launcher Activity name in a new application version
WCF Service times out if WebClient returns exception
Converting utc time string to datetime object
Open IIS 7.5 Express to same network traffic
unmerge arbitrary merge in cvs/svn
Update DB using stored procedure and ADO.NET
Java Date/Calendar oddness
Quick way to tell if current time is within 6 hours of midnight using JodaTime
Subclasses and JSF EL
When does iPad clear library/caches?
Cassandra Compaction takes all the resources and leads to node failure
Retrieve a subset of a ViewModel from a RenderPartial on POST
PHP Session not timing out
Cannot Compress Java Server Response Sent To JSP
Users report occasional message: Message: 'JSON' is undefined
NSTimer possible crash cause
jBPM How to get WorkItemHandler results
android nullpointexception
ant build.xml in SCons
Intellisense for Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python
Can Xcode's 'Architecture' and 'Valid Architectures' exclude armv6 devices from downloading the app?
PHP manual OOP visibility example - can someone explain it
Android: How can I determine if Application starts with no signal or no service?
Access/Pass variable between windows form and DataSet TableAdapter SQL where clause
Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created error
Matplotlib mathtext does not understand basic delimiters with right/left
How to ignore similar tag in XML SAX PARSING
Group by and sorting before a where clause?
PTT iPhone apps .. How it works?
Firing an event without subscribing to it
Hibernate table name capitalization IFAS_util_max_object_v
Running Linux Commands From The Web With NodeJS + Real Time Output
Any suggestion for a stable and compatible version of Ruby on rails
Getting a Swing to read input without a submit button
sequential calls of methods asynchronously
How to use Intel C++ Compiler with CUDA nvcc?
Apache crash on image resize
Main activity disappear? Android
Mod_wsgi doesn't work when i change port on which apache listens
Is it Possible to Align dijit.layout.TabContainer Tabs to the Right?
Add several views to a widget
how to pre-load images from a link in php or jquery
Client Timberline Office Integration from a .NET Web Application
Making a cursor for use in a ListView
Maven not honoring excludes
Ruby array to hash: each element the key and derive value from it
get notified when requestSync function completed
How can I stop mobile Safari from pausing before beginning a transition
Requirements for IIS server used for web sync, merge replicaiton
YouTube Autoplay Possibilities In IOS
Print docs in PDF format in Yii
Sticky scroll content inside an overflow div
ListView adpater set
Is it possible to run 2 firefox instances one in safe mode and one not
Of three SELECT menus, only one will show 鈥�what am I missing?
bind data when user controls can be switched in WP7
SSH connection with Ruby without username using `authorized_keys`
Is it possible to use functions in Haskell parameters?
Getting the URL of redirected page in PHP [closed]
How to repaint out of focus dialog without gaining its focus?
creating IEnumerable from enumerators in fsharp using anonymous classes
Programatically retrieve list of all shipping methods
Java custom annotation that injects another object
Defining nested unbounded generic types
Add to Dictionary<string, string> using foreach
TransactionScope and Distributed Transaction Coordinator on Oracle
from page *.aspx.cs call javascript function
started an infinite procedure in phpmyadmin
Turn a color to black if its r+b > 150
can we do the same thing without using telerik controls and just using MVC3 and c#
write into plist file using NSDictionary object
Using Access for Sales Variance Reporting - Query issues
How to make the iterated output in the same line?
WCF - Intercepting a Message and Sending a Custom Response
Drupal - Views. Setting a filter programmatically
Find owlSubClasses of a class using the ROWLEX API?
Python deepcopy of list on assignment
Memory consumption in C
Function destroy window unknown (c++ opencv Ubuntu)
php 5.3.6 - iis 7.5 - win2k8r2 - fast-cgi : fault in php-cgi.exe or FastCgiModule
Watermarking an image with php
Run R from dropbox
Mediawiki: unable to get MathJax Extension to work
Compile Groovy files in Eclipse
Use .slidetoggle to make div expand and collapse again on page load
Use .slidetoggle to make div expand and collapse again on page load
movsx in python
Error loading keystore when open Eclipse
How to use drag items in iOS
Upgrade from SQL Server Express [closed]
NSKeyedArchiver deallocated without having had -finishEncoding called on it
JQuery UI with Primefaces
Generating images in the background
NHibernate second-level caching - evicting regions
i want to create a text file
Custom Select Boxes for IE8
How to partially apply the flip function?
Detect Dir after / in a URL
ListBox Items isEnabled WP7
Prevent onFocusChanged firing when ScrollView is scrolled
SIGABRT in binary read/write
jQuery div slides down the page but allows the user to scroll down infinitely extending the page
Accessing PHP associative array with index represented as string
changing default controller in zend framework
Is there a difference between .ui-widget :active and .ui-widget:active?
Invalid characters in blackberry captured SMS
WebLogic Pool Driver Doesn't Support XA driver
How do I create a manual lock on an atomic property's ivar in objective-c?
Letting other users stop/restart simple bash daemons 鈥�use signals or what?
HTML IF Statement
Use helper select or select_tag with JSON on Rails 3.2.1
How to Change WordPress 鈥淎dd Media鈥�Pop-up?
post to my wall with a large image not a thumbnail, with FB.api javascript?
run vaadin application on pc
Strange behavior with adding directory with contents to root
Issue with Panorama Background Image Fade-In Animation?
Formatting a NSNumber as percentage (%) with one decimal place using NSNumberFormatter
Unicode Error in urllib.urlencode - in my Django Web App
linux programable interval timers
selected UITableViewCell background color changes upon scroll
Created MVC4 project and updated jquery - got 鈥淢icrosoft JScript runtime error: Object expected鈥�
Foward declaration of boost::interprocess::ptree
Sending arguments to the command line
ebay api - send xml request via php
Flat table to tree view
Highlight specific line of output
How to get a JSF resource bundle property value in backing bean?
Combinatorics algorithm parallelization
Git Merge Skipping a commit
Ubuntu shutdown when power off turn on when power on
How to pass members of a dict to a function
Getting variables from inherited class in c#
Template Member Specialization of Template Class
cache: [GET /] miss on nginx unicorn in production
storing button and other wx widgets in array
storing button and other wx widgets in array
C++ STL list crashes with numbers over 1 000 000 000
LINQ GroupBy object or only anonymous types?
Open XML SDK 2.0
Duplications of a relational table
hibernate/JPA merge vs saveOrUpdate
gcc m68hc11 (hc12) port frame pointer management
'rebar generate' doesn't include some dependencies in generated release
Error in building boost MPI in msvc 2010
how to specify that the Tuple belongs to FSharpCore.dll? [duplicate]
Which Android devices/version combinations do / do not support multitouch gestures in the browser?
Spring MVC @Autowire not working - circular dependancy?
C++ namespaces as modules?
Web Application Architecture with Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging and File Sharing
Zend Framework - Add Functionality To $this
When refactoring classes and methods why JDT doesn't change referenced resources?
What's the most efficient way to parse a potentially bad delimited string into a class?
Is the .htaccess stopping this jQuery from running and how do I fix it?
Getting Fatal Error while running bin/hadoop namenode -format
How to serialize a singleton object?
Google Earth embedded in web page looks different than when in Google Earth
What was the thinking behind the implementation of the dropdown menu in Twitter Bootstrap?
Mapping a `string.join` with a list of strings returns unxpected list of strings
How to manage pages/forms on PHP application?
C - Deleting whitespace inside a string
Compress/minify/strip comments from Javascript using PHP
My JQuery fails to select table cells containing nonbreaking space `&nbsp;` or `&#160;`
php mysqli values is returning bits and ints as string
Is it possible to wrap html form elements in multiple form tags?
How to get cookies stored by javascript?
get the href value of a specific element and load it
Markers on plot edges cut off in matplotlib [duplicate]
How to specify array of class in GetMethodID method signature parameter?
Certificate validation failed
Hibernate inheritance
Foreign Key constraint doesn't work
Getting @attributes from JSON file with jQuery
Python matplotlib -> 3D bar plot -> adjusting tick label position, transparent bars
Mutual Exclusion not Working with the .NET Mutex Class
Set DIV to visible when hyperlink hover - CSS/HTML
Architecture for Combined Desktop and Mobile Website?
Efficent disk I/O for logging
PHP Loops within Loops
Type check in Zope
Compiling Speex successful on iPhone simulator but failed on iOS device
facebook c# sdk redirect loop when authorizing
Using the generated .net classes to extend own classes. HowTo?
JSF2 Component retains the old invalid value
Remove string with unknown contents in side with javascript
How to view certain file inside gem on heroku
calling fancybox gallery with other link
Is it possible to change trait's context to the type declared as its type parameter?
MySQL multi update error
C# Make the cursor disappear
making a batch file run hidden/minimized without modifying the shortcut
fread() puts weird things into char array
jQuery 鈥渦ndefined鈥�prints when appending to html element
Unexpected SocketTimeoutException on Android 3 tablet
Ruby url regex, 'unless http included' not working
MsBuild Deploy with PackageLocation drop file permissions
Dumping a DB without pg_dump
Blackberry: PhoneLogs.deleteCall() does not work
UIImagePicker save image to camera Roll Ipad
EF POCO change nullable<bool> to bool and set default value
Generating SQL queries safely in C#
MVC Routing: How to map two names to one action
When I run android app Dalvik each time unpack app or he run unpacking resources?
NOOB: Tying DelimiterBasedFrameDecoder onto HttpClientCodec
Why is there no vertical space inserted between these two divs?
Xcode 4.2 how to automatically compile source files dragged into project?
How to compare two Strings[duplicate]
database design - best practice- one table for web form drop down options or separate table for each drop down options
Implications of int values not 鈥渇itting鈥�鈥�bool or BOOL for Objective-C?
Detect if super() has a function with decorator?
Intermittant 鈥淓lement is no longer attached to the DOM鈥�errors using watir-webdriver
how to show image on form like MessageBoxIcon.Stop image
gnuplot: legend gets hidden behind data
Disable images in Selenium ChromeDriver
Ajax autocomplete will not work on my page
A little bit wondering of memory management on ios
Should we make a separate Rails App for our API?
Java- Using generics to return more than one type
Qt Multiple Line Text In Custom Delegate
Why does curl failures finding the ssl certificate work intermittently?
How do I deploy a Scala application on Google App with Eclipse?
Can I use MGET with hiredis?
Error #1088: The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed
Query Freebase for a list of data types that match a specific string
Anti forgery token on login page
Using modelstate.isvalid to validate data from inside the controller in MVC3
AVAudioPlayer error
Google Maps JavaScript V3 Api place div on marker
Semi transparent textures look different on different android phones
Is there any way to 鈥渂ackdate鈥�requests to google server-side analytics?
Why is my gcc not in /usr/bin/gcc, even though Xcode 4.3 is installed?
Performance difference between built in magnitude function and this code
Android Xhdpi Screen Settings for eclipse editr
Error in Details link of MVC3 application
Play Framework redirect not always work. Bug or my fault?
Hurst exponent with R
How to zoom while keeping the previous rotation transform as it is?
Python higher-order sequence assignment?
How can I stop Chrome/IE from centering table Row
How to add inheritance in a new class created by variable
Can I make emacs grep windows just use the other window to open files in?
Why can't I write IO.Directory.GetFiles?
Designing databse for questions and answers where some answers are text and some are multiple choice [closed]
Unable to require redis from Rails but works on console
How to load a class which implements a interface from a jar file at runtime?
send tweet from c# asp.net website
Deterministic non-nullable truncate function for datetime
Specify a cascading delete for parent / child relationships?
ASP.NET WEb Forms application does not enter Page_Load after redirection from login
How to chmod the folder to make it writable for the server in php
Php SimpleXMLElemenet not working [closed]
Best solution for user inputs like text input
Get address from service reference C#
Reusing extended components in other views with ExtJS4 MVC
How do I Get the distinct List of Special Characters from a File using GREP or SED?
unifdef for Makefiles?
OpenSSL decrypt fails but error code is 0
Zoom parameter ignored in iPhone maps url link
Cloudera CDH3 Remote Connection
How does my app know which splash screen image to use?
PHP replacing all occurances of certain string pattern in HTML formatted text
Can't override default devise gem views
Unity 2.1 configuration
How to save configuration of jqgrid?
Adding values to array
Does iOS support anything outside of HTTP Live Streaming?
Count logons and logoffs on computer Windows 7
Cache for asmx/js is not persisting
Sequential processing algorithm or Regex
How can I聽create a junction using cygwin?
How to replace all character with Regex
JiBX (org.jibx.runtime.JiBXException: Unable to access binding information for class鈥�
What's a simple, fast 3D engine that can be accessed from Python?
Time-based data in neo4j
Difference between include and forward mechanism for request dispatching concept?
How do I output all rows of MySQL table and include a column for counting duplicates?
Javascript - Add document.title to Twitter data text
VBScript WScript.Shell Run() - The system cannot find the file specified
Reading output parameter without closing the datareader
Autofac and Deleporter
How to write a char array returned by recv to a text file, and read back out into a char array
Why is Class.getAnnotation() requiring me to do a cast?
dealing with date field in sqlite for android application
PostgreSQL: selecting large objects (e.g., text) non programmatically (with a tool)
JAX-WS Java client, WCF service interoperability: 鈥�00: Bad Request鈥�
INSERT + SELECT : Inserting X entries depending on an IN result
C# detect process exit
Select wildcard in multidimensional list?
Hibernate tool, reverse engineering
Win bat file: How to get the result of FIND into a new variable?
TFS 2010: How to configure TFS Proxy authentication for source control?
Nested if statements jump over other ifs
How to use NHibernate and protect some table's data?
UI draggable + droppable append anywhere?
Join context menus
imagecopyresampled in php - premultiplied alpha issue
Inherited control won't refresh after visual properties changed
Recommendation for image addition API/library (meme generator-like)
VB.net session variable counter not adding on
Fatal error: Allowed memory size in PHP when allocating less
List with elements that attaches the top magically when scrolling
Implement IEnumerable in Fsharp on external type
Call Skype user based on email address
exc_bad_access - asihttp cache
Select n weighted elements by index from a very large array in MATLAB
Set the desktop wallpaper using Mono
iOS - PopOver presentation and dismissal
How can i play mp3 from Resource using nAudio in WPF?
Export dataframe in R and preserve types
How to close a print window in a browser using javascript
How Do I Update Only The Required Id Via Jquery, In Grails?
How to adapt Android sample soft keyboard to larger screen?
Closing a livesearch box by clicking off it
What does 鈥渋nt * const const * b鈥�mean?
Authentication issue while using Ajax in Liferay
Assembly: How to print offset values
jquery set margin is not working while sending email
Delete a column containing 0 from a matrix in Scilab
Shallow copy of mpz_t
using IOS camera, got <wait_fences: failed to receive reply: 10004003>
Dynamic (on the fly) generation of django models from mongodb
open source PHP5-compatible library to parse RSS/Atom
How can i set focus to specific index of the text in a text box?
How do I cast a NUMBER value to a single CHAR in Oracle?
Hide and show elements using hover in jQuery sometimes causes two elements to show
Is it possible to display a form instead of the challenge/response pop-up for an asp.net web application?
Getting -[Not A Type retain]: message sent to deallocated instance post ARC changes
boost::asio::async_write, writing data larger than 65536 bytes
Python: How can I inherit from the built-in list type?
Reset CSS to default state
Huge image I want to manipulate in my Xcode app
How to enable Highcharts scrollbar?
Tomcat 7 - Multiple security-constraints not working
Linq to xml: find out the parent?
Can we use SkypeKit to take landline call
EF Code First 4.3 DbContext Lifecycle?
A WHERE clause that always selects all records in a table
Why does calling AsEnumerable() on a DataTable prevent a GridView from binding to it?
how to use the registerd shell overlay icon from TortoiseSVN in my c# app
MySQL how to join on same table including missing rows
can we customize catch block to include our logging codes, every time whenever we surround with try/catch?
javascript safe string
How to restrict editing in SP List only to own Items?
Files informations on unix-based file systems
Remove multiple white spaces without Regex in PHP
Create a new tab instead of a panel
Setting animation ImageSwitcher will run (in_left or out_right)
Returning an object in the stack by value
301 direct from blogger blog
Any disadvantage of using ExecuteReaderAsync from C# AsyncCTP
explain this css please
Grab a variable from the URL and then pass it to a controller CakePHP 2.0
Azure Application_End not hit and Application_Start hits multiple times (a few minutes in between)
String concatenation in SQL server
About Database helper
sfGuardUser - session expired
Error in Jquery bounce effect
Custom JavaScript alerts in iOS using PhoneGap HTML
css pure arrows inside td tag
What could make a form field 鈥渦n-focus-able鈥�
How to get Anchor Javascript to Submit in IE. Working in FF, Chrome and Safari. [closed]
How to make Model to replace CustomMembershipDB
Running mysqldump on live database
What is the correct way to chain async calls in javascript?
Which cryptographic algorithm is this?
iPad webapp flashes when launched from springboard, fine in Safari browser
Catching the event when system volume is manipulated
excel filter columns by strings
Recommended TFS 2010 team project setup
Facebook: webpage working as an app and a page
How to reduce number of SQL queries in Ruby on Rails 3 when fetching associated records
php contact form 鈥淗ave been some problems sending the email.鈥�
Setting element of array from Twig
ActionScript3 when fullscreen doesn't react
IE bug: image width 100% is fine, pixel value isn't
Compiler shouts The text 鈥�gt;鈥�is unexpected C++ XLC
What is the key size for PBEWithMD5AndTripleDES?
What causes this error: 鈥淭here is insufficient system memory in resource pool 'internal' to run this query鈥�
jQuery plugin to work without element
Ruby UTF-8 Encoding doesn't work in Windows even with Magic Comment
Is it bad to create and use custom Deprecated and NeedsWork C# attributes?
Cassandra - Client Timestamp and Conflict Recognition
Can this HTML be simplified by having jQuery create it?
c++ recursive call not pushing item to vector
Action Script 3 URLstream only streaming at ~25Mbps in Windows but line speed (100Mbps) on other OSes
horizontal line graph with assambly in R
horizontal line graph with assambly in R
Understanding a drill down tableview tutorial
Declaring same CSS class multiple time
Dynamically select the number of text inputs from a drop down list
visualsearch.js - how to show facets onclick?
c# DataTable Select Wildcard with Int32
Footer not displaying right, white gap at the bottom
reclaim the space after a large delete in oracle
Sql server convert date to 10 digit integer for comparison
How to use a JNI native library from Grails application
In which project should I put the Windsor installers?
How can I call a method that are in my code-behind via Javascript or Jquery
hashed vector in js
What is the difference between 鈥淯pdate snapshots鈥�and 鈥淯pdate dependencies鈥�in m2eclipse?
How to check if there is text within my JButton
Default for everyone in deployment package
Debugging a recursive while loop (php)
Calculate in C#
Does RestSharp overwrite manually set Content-Type?
Image Size Restrict
mongodb: unknown m/r field for sharding: limit
How do I use form beans in Spring MVC?
Silverlight MVVM moving the results from Child Window ViewModel to Parent Window ViewModel
How to have fixed width div have hidden overflow equal on both sides of page
Google Translate V2 cannot hanlde large text translations from C#
JQuery: Calculation plugin doesn't calculate to total prices
Struts OGNL if statement related to action class's variable doesn't work,
About action menu(overflow) with actionbarsherlock 4.0 RC
Using JavaScript Variable in PostBackUrl
In Perl, how can I ensure that a string corresponds to a valid date?
CommandTimeout not working
List tag inside XML. I don't understand what it does
Set different Lighttpd vhost for internal LAN clients - possibly just RegEx required鈥�
Flamingo RibbonBand: how to disable Ctrl+F1 functionality
make list items invisible in Alert Dialog
android ListView using XPATH parsed XML nodes
Figure out the element in the a table (using class) when using jquery
UIText Field resizing
Using non supported currencies on Paypal
JQuery colorbox to print preview
Custom Fonts Xcode 4.3
syntax in JSON array
LLVM framework port to Java?
IE8 unhide with css only
unable to render Zend_Form
Using itertools to index an array
High score system iphone game
How to upload file to folder inside another folder
How to make Roku update instantly?
Many-to-Many through association Build/Create properties in Rails app
Tortoise SVN merge reverted revision
How to append <script> that will be executed?
Can I tell gcc/ld to exclude unused modules?
How to load test generic handler
What do I have to pay attention when upgrading from Firebird 1.5.6 to 2.5
Are there any libraries (or frameworks) that aid in implementing the server side of ODBC?
Sending files over Socket (iOS)
configure binding in web.config
cannot figure out MySQL ORDER BY
How to upload data from zip file to MySQL database using phpMyAdmin?
Trouble with icon picture when uploading app to app store
How to make Gallery Items top aligned?
Converting array/matrix initialization code from C++ to C#
How can I intercept text before it is inserted into a TextView
How to reuse content with Sencha Touch
Is it true that java.lang.Class object is created when the Java class is loaded, even before instantiation takes place?
Invalid CFStringRef issue
How to Add SSL Site to Zend Server
C# 鈥渟canf鈥�with Custom Console
Extjs4 treepanel expand upto particular level
How do I replace chars in a String at a certain location in Java?
Google Analytics Core Reporting API Python library
How to use Google Extension to find div tags of a url
Extra data is being inserted in my sqlite database
trouble using juggernaut as a rails plugin
Application terminated with Segmentation fault error
How can I modify the .buildpath file in my Eclipse plugin?
In mysql, can I count how many rows satisfy some condition, if not then exit the count?
Make Cocoa Application Unquittable
How do I disable the mno-cygwin option for building/installing a python package?
Strange behavior on Weblogic & jRockit 1.4 - IllegalAccessError on classes in packages
Adding delay in sending SMS in iOS
Inferring a method's stack memory use in Java
Grails - Linkedin user as Spring security user
redirecting Hibernate Error out of my SystemOut.log file
insert multiple selected value into table (oracle)
parsing data error when search there is no search result
how to delete group from expandable list view
How to accept text input in UserControl / ScrollableControl?
Sitefinity PageControl QueryString values
How i can add my td in the table as i want?
I'm not able to change widget size
Enabling Folder as one of default content item views
Checking File Permission on Windows for non elevated users
How do I write a LINQ query to combine multiple rows into one row?
How do I select a range of values in a switch statement?
How to render 3d texture data with 2d textures in OpenGL ES 2.0?
Finding script associated with Oracle Backup Job
What's Best Way of Formatting Decimal Numbers in Java?
How can i count Resources in a folder
Photo not being displayed, yet it's in the page source
Rails can't mass-assign protected attributes for id, created_at
Rails - Add many objects to another object type
Android link to Google Fusion Table
Trying to send data to mysql, receiving callback issue
MQTT Client in Java - Starting my Listener in a Thread
Disable all Sundays except one in jQuery UI Datepicker
embedding swf in drupal 7?
Zend_Form user error value decode
Dependency Property With Default Value Throwing StackOverflowException
IE rounded corners problems on tabs
python additive probability
Avoiding 鈥淭arget type 'type name' is not convertible to base type System.String鈥�
Twitter Bootstrap 2 Carousel - how to display 4 pictures at a time rather than just 1?
Should we have backdoors in our programs? [closed]
Keeping track of multiple ID's in a Quiz using Sessions
Three tables difference query
List with buttons
What LifeStyle should ISession have in a Azure Worker Role?
Launching an intent to load Google Latitude from another application
Qlikview Set Analysis use either column number or other unique info from row
Is there a way to get Subscribers that are also Friends by Facebook API?
Web Server for Android and Arduino
Trying to implement Serializble DIctionary from Keyedcollection, unable to add objects
WordPress - Executing PHP in Theme Options Panel
how to add a static member to thrust::binary_predicate?
Show Camera streaming from frames by using UIImageView memory leak crash
How to create controls dynamically in MVC 3 based on an database table
Converting binary data to bytes in c#
Kernel naming convention questions
C# read line from file with StreamReader with DownloadFileAsync
jquery set css background from href value
Challenging Regex with Matching Brackets
how to redirect to struts action from java script in struts 2?
Python Excel writing values from csv starting at 2nd column
how to access to trasfer data form io to memory on ARM9 s3c2440 with DMA or without DMA
Asp.net MVC 3 鈥減arameter conversion from type 'System.String' to type failed鈥�when using SelectList Dropdown box
Why doesn't the CIGloom Core Image filter work on iOS?
Elegant way to manipulate lists within list?
Notify parent context object about child context object creation
MySQL query PHP and PDF shows only first character
Android : If-statement to display 鈥渃orrect鈥�when user inputs value
Placing buttons under a grid
kafka consumer in R
How to relay h.264 stream?
Trying to pass the content of an editText from one class to another in android but m unable to do so鈥 getting a null pointer exception?
Code coverage in system tests
Java MultiThreading objects
Backend Server Scripts [closed]
JPQL Query Annotation with Limit and Offset
Backend Server Scripts [closed]
JPQL Query Annotation with Limit and Offset
Setting element height in responsive layout?
assigning javascript variable to php session variable
Google analytics track event causing page to change
Hibernate: how to handle 'saving' a transient object that may or may not exist in the database
How do you create auto resizing a iframe when you make your browser smaller?
Accessing Keychain in sandboxed application under Snow Leopard
Tracking changes, updates and TODO's in Visual Studio
Spring MVC can't autowire collection?
In R which packages for loading larger data quickly
How to get rid of 鈥淣o value given for one or more required parameters鈥�
iPhone GameCenter won't showAchievments
https redirect just not working IIS, vb.net
How to get data into a fancybox?
One solution for File Upload using Selenium WebDriver with Java
Could not load file or assembly 'System.Net.Http, Version= in MVC4 Web API
TCPDF Page Margin Issue
How to Read 1st line of a file with BufferedReader?
Rendering a scale meter on Google Maps Static
Querying according to the newest related object
Changing the Format of XML
Joomla: homepage url
Issue with using arrays in java?
Ruby regular expressions and substrings
What library can parse & solve a simple math expression in C++
Reading line from website
How to convert Date.toString back to Date?
Build facebook app and get access to user profile
4:3 Image Cropping Algorithm
Using an offset with VBOs in OpenGL
REST standard for checking if resource exists
Extracting zip file contents to specific directory in Python 2.7
Gaussian random distribution in Postgresql
Is it possible to detect a user is from android app?
hover event on overlapping divs is not working
Switching UIKeyboardTypeNamePhonePad Default View
jsf rendered not evaluated?
Java GC log analysis
How to page through individual records in MVC3. Access Style
Extending django forms
Error while changing paths in MySQL
Xmlhttprequest returns 401 on phonegap/android application
Automatically add class with jQuery
Javascript obfuscator which reuses variable names to make search and replace ineffective
Customize QTreeView items
Creating Schema Using nHibernate
Are there any good resources on keyboard event handling in Windows Runtime?
How can I get hour/minute from TimePicker
Firebug shows data stream but not calendar?
How to get corresponding build artifacts of a job in jenkins ?
Change widget visibility on click
register_shutdown_function overwrite
Javascript: use either a variable, or if it's undefined, a default string
Styling active anchor elements with css
javascript for changing link's href in html page
WebGL not drawing within normalized coords?
locate to a folder and execute an application C#
Very strange behaviour of dealloc - not getting called
Writing XML string in PHP
reasons for php hang
How to get Jenkins to report after the build script fails?
mercurial_keyring extension for hg - How can I change the keyring password?
CSS in CKEDITOR - How to make a HTML code like <p><!鈥�pagebreak --></p> display in red color?
Securing a web service so it can only be called by a specific Android application
Symfony2 ACL implemented as a service?
jQuery Not working as an external file. (works inline)
Tapestry5 : handling multiple submit buttons with form validation event
blackberry push notification client-side
Will attaching multiple JS click handlers slow down a page?
How to use controllers from modules in Kohana 3.2
What DataContract object types to avoid when creating a WCF service?
Printing POS receipts through vb .net
ghci tab-completion in haskell-mode
Android SurfaceView vs GLSurfaceView for wallpaper-style background
JavaScript 'this' in different context
Groovys XmlParser ignores CDATA CR/CL
How to save Php variable every 5 minutes without database
Knockout.js data-bind attribute causes html validation warning
Save incoming number in a variable to use in the Activity
Log4j for C code [closed]
How to make 鈥淟oad More Articles鈥�button? (similar to Facebook, twitter etc.)
Convert string to boost::gregorian::greg_month
Writing a htaccess file - RewriteBase?
Last six months data including blank rows to represent on x-axis graph (ReportBuilder)
conversion of warnings to errors in MATLAB
Initializing private repositories on production server
SMTLIB array theory oddity in Z3
logic in pexpect
Strange C/C++ syntax [duplicate]
Very long request time VS2010
How can I manage ' in a JSONP response?
asp.net 3.5 ListView
Handling Windows shutdown with out of process ActiveX EXEs
NSBezierPath: how to invert the clip path?
.collect with an index
storyboard navigation Item link to a uiviewcontroller
405 Method Not Allowed in Jersey is returning Tomcat's 405 page
C# Return an object from a list based on index
SSRS report export to PDF, EXCEL and MS-Word format issue
mysql update from file insert if exist else update
Sencha touch 2 - How to create dynamic carousel?
Is there a program to create commands for git?
expressionengine channel custom field to PHP array?
Linearlayout background image in assets folder
Java Decimals formatting
Find vector's indices that hold elements greater than the elements in another vector
Send Data packages over UDP
Load data into a Backbone collection from JSON file?
HTML/JQuery multiple forms issue
django forms and ajax
Where to handle StaleObjectStateException
jQuery Select all TextBoxes within one element but not another
How to check equality of iterator?
Rails Ajax jQuery: get value from js to rails and send a value back
How do i output XMLTrees in HXT?
In git, how can I pull changes from another branch into the working tree?
Dynamic LINQ Expression for sorting navigation property
How to handle power off button on a notebook
Is it possible to mock an object / function from a required class?
Getting coordinates from Path object (there are no such methods at all)
firefox autocomplete 'enter' keypress on autocomplete triggering enter on textbox
C struct in Python
R how to combine data from a for loop in one txt file
matplotlib backends and its implementation in wxpython
How to make one loop with PathModifier()?
Extjs - cant load content to panel
NHibernate different session lifetime per table
jQuery. obtain var from ajax in cycle
Unit testing AJAX requests with QUnit
how to retrieve 8 Textviews from layout in array
How do we write a logic for 鈥渇acebook like with out open graph鈥�but i need to post the title,description, image
Cassandra - cfstats and meaning of read/write latency
Exclude keys from array with continue
windows authentication: negotiate, ntlm and kerberos
Does Microsoft Sql Server 2012 Data Quality Services support Oracle?
Crash at any optimization level other than -o0 in iOS
Launch php file from php as background process without exec()
PHP5 variable scope and class construction
Using POCO Types in a workflow
TextBlock Glow Effect Inside Button
Symfony2 Generating Forms , Call to undefined method Entity::GetName() in FormFactory.php on line 192
Loading kernel module in Android kernel
VB.NET Multithreaded SerialPort SMS Delay
Object reference not set to an instance of object, help needed
Find timestamp for the last 8am encountered?
Pass URL string from javascript to WCF Service
Got an error in android, but it works in pure java.
fadein images proloaded with javascript
Place line break at at every variable semicolon in smarty template
Place line break at at every variable semicolon in smarty template
Lifetime of a Singleton
Receive images via Bluetooth
Cant get Mysql trigger statement right
find endianness of system in java
Back propagation algorithm
Is it possible to reduce the size of an image comes from byte array
Why does this js slideshow work on one install and not the other?
Database not selected php 5.3
The best way to implement XML localization in Asp.net MVC?
how to fill image with gradient of 3 random colors?
Bulk insert field and then convert it from CHAR to DECIMAL
ASP.NET manipulating and fire action on html
Files created by Matlab cannot be deleted [duplicate]
Object doesn't support #inspect in rails 3.2.1
C/C++ #define Macro inside macro?
Android PreferenceList, sublist after a choice
HTML5: camera access
How to create a bitmap from another bitmap
Strange error getting a JSON element after a JSONP-Ajax request
Serializing data when debugging in VS 2010
java randomAccessFile write every thing with space between each character
Re-inserting escapes into a filename with spaces printed to the terminal by a bash script
I am not able to use If鈥lse inside my aspx page
jQuery slide - element has wrong width/height
LINQTOSQL Help needed
create new object with params from other object
Can I throw an exception in Javascript, that stops Javascript execution?
Designing nav menu database for a cms
PHP getting element from inside a list
clearing erroneous field in Spring MVC using hibernate validator
Could not load file or assembly '0 bytes loaded from System, Version=
Is this a KnockoutJS bug or am I doing multiple bindings wrong?
log4j aligned ConversionPattern
Apple LLVM compiler 3.0 error when using sharekit in ios5
adding hg after svn and pushing
Drupal webform location?
Locking `properties` file in java
Video playback disappears after a few seconds
php bind_result
How to create an alias path on local IIS?
sessionAsSigner returning 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
Wordpress meta box values display to custom fields
Zend form populate method
SpatialLite for Android NDK Geos Configure Error
login process as a coprocess
jQuery $.isNumeric throws error on console
Wich is the correct way to change the texture of a polygon?
Vaadin VS Bootstrap
Facebook Like Buttom with count don't update de count
Extracting bits from a float in vba
Why java JDK gives option for all OS?
jQuery tab and content outside the current webpage
Need help in Twitter api (Abraham s TwitterOAuth: Could Not Authenticate You)
Why database migration fails in case of blob datatype in rails?
XML PARSING using XPath Expression
Symfony2/DC2/PHP: prevent the user from creating someone elses entity
increasing text size on all text field
versatile database connection with django and mysql
SQL Server : group by week off by 1 day
Execute a program with a custom .ini path
How to set breakpoint in DLL
How to silence an incoming call
howto change cache removal strategy in hdiv
Where to specify custom log file name in GWT application using gwt-log framework?
display textbox due selected option, and add new divs --jQuery
What does c++ static keyword do with braces?
luabind: Can't call basic lua functions like print, tostring
Access to a file location is denied
handle parts of string in preg_replace_callback differently
JQuery drag and drop image from jcarousel
App. works correctly using the Emulator and crashes on the SmartPhone
Does System.Web.Caching.Cache Dispose objects purged from cache?
Linked List Insertion & Selection
Can't attach entity to Database Context
I have problems with using find_last_of
Itemscontrol to position items horizontally and make children stretch to stackpanel width
Fixed width of jqgrid column?
read dynamic xml reader for windows phone?
iPhone - Strange behaviour when '&' is included in HTTP request body