Couchbase (ex. membase) solution to dump all keys in a bucket
UdpClient.Send() doesn't work with unicast
Regarding bar chart/pie chart display using JFreechart and myqql database in eclipse
How to retrieve SAML assertion(response) using API?
Fetching Files from SD card and USB to different folders when using getExternalStorage()
PHP Parsing a CSV File [duplicate]
OutputDebugString doesn't print information in Visual Studio 2010
Why this function is returning response as null
Desaturation using pixastic - jquery
gen_server:call every X seconds
formula to minutes and seconds down into total amount in seconds
ExtJS Grid Panel Scrollbars
鈥渕ysql_fetch_assoc()鈥�error when data in mysql field is changed
Testing responses in node.js?
change the text of the LinkBarItem when linkbaritem is clicked
How can I make a phone call using the speaker in iOS?
Push content to client after page is loaded
How to properly address 16bpp with pointers in C#
Migrating away from a social login provider
How to properly address 16bpp with pointers in C#
Migrating away from a social login provider
Creating a google plus / digg like social bookmark button
What is the exact method to send an Image over network [An attempt using Sockets]
How to apply toggle slide effect on one div at a time on click using JQuery provided multiple divs?
how to find the center of the mandelbrot set
Making changes to domain-model using code-first (ORM) while in production
HTML5 Canvas: Draw matrix with fixed first row and first column
How openfire external component can deal with presence and subscriptions?
After dismissModalViewController, view is in portrait mode
correctly implement backbone comparators
Cannot remove 301 redirect
Posting to tumblr sub-blog via the API
Error In Nhibernate Mapping
Table columns to be fixed width no matter what content?
QtCreator 2.4.1 console input
How to make api request to some server in roku
Bubblesort does not sort more than 254859 elements - Why? [closed]
How to create custom pager's dynamic LinkButtons properly?
Wifi Chat between android and PC
MySQL is inserting my favicon src into a table. Why?
jQuery Fade object after 20 seconds of inactivity
If you edit, input fields in a form with the 鈥淭ools Programmer鈥�when submitting the form these values 鈥嬧�are assumed?
Uploading .mp4 and .ogg video files to server PHP
Triggering a ContentObserver without changing the content
.NET Roundtrip timezone conversion mismatch (IsAmbiguousTime issue?)
View multiple video and scroll horizontally IOS
Sorting per row of 2-dimensional array
TermQuery not returning on a known search term, but WildcardQuery does
Viewing changes and crashing in Xcode 4.3 with SVN repository
Shared Keys for Azure APIs
Support for out parameters in Monotouch WCF
Direct store and taking ID from server response while add action
How to correctly format a date cell and populate content using Apache POI 3.7
query does not return all expected rows
Tracking php high cpu usage
Wingdings font in FF and Chrome
Issue with regular links and use of pushstate and popstate
Difference: Between textbox = 鈥溾� and Null
Keith Wood's jQuery SVG plugin does not display Y axis properly
Read bytes from NetworkStream (Hangs)
How to check if javascript (js file) has been loaded or not loaded using PHP [duplicate]
Android : How To Sort An Arraylist of Special Characters Alphabetically?
Memory issue downloding a large file
CruiseControl.rb with RSpec: Rake task 'spec' not found
Difference between $(window).width() vs $(document).width()
PHP SOAP client send XML
AlertDialog Displays Landscape-Sized View with Orientation in Landscape
system.threading.timer can not worked
Installing socket io for node.js on Windows 7
Break the current page (PDF) using XSL-FO
Populate a word template using C# in ASP.NET MVC3
json.loads with wrong format input string
Application launch(Android)
DeCaptcher API for ruby
Could I write this more concisely?
Reuse UIControl subclass with the design made in IB
ExtJs - Tree Drag Drop - Set the newly dragged node to be the selected one
Timing out a function/command
鈥淏ad major version鈥�error when using Jasper-Reports on Websphere
Read non-english characters from http get request
How to edit remote file with ruby?
SQL-how to find the percentage
How to override the DomainClass.list() in GORM (Grails)
Autonomy teamsite item status
signature_invalid LinkedIn
Cannot de-serialize a type with parallel generic list properties using XmlSerializer
Find duplicates per parent id
populate array from dataset in 2010
How to determine which model is connected to a treeview given a callback?
Codeigniter - forms
C# make wget request
Creating bucket on Amazon S3
scroll view set animation duration
calc mean by n lines together
Configure Spring JPA applications with Hibernate for unit testing(lazy-loading)
R: split matrix into arbitrary number of blocks
Going crazy getElementsByTagName not working on PHP 5.3.3
How do I disable the browse button in Telerik MVC Upload control after a file is uploaded?
Netbeans and using wildcards on bootstrap --cp:a
'__strong' only applies to objective-c object or block pointer types; type here is XXX warning
How to access WCF Data service on Android without Restlet framework?
MiniTest and non-Latin test description
css vertically align floating divs
how to create binary which can be installed in all iphones without creating App Store or Ad Hoc?
Change margin background color
Retrieving serialize data in a php file called using ajax
Preconfigured VM Appliance / Linux Distribution With Infrastructure for Development Teams
PHP: Secure way to store information into cookies?
setuptools/easy_install does not install *.cfg files and locale directories?
How do I populate a Html.DropDownListFor<> with the data from an entity model?
how to create a parceble pojo class
Eclipse plugin to automatically compile Sass files
Getting input box values into an array in Javascript/HTML
border radius not working on IE, what library or css hack do I use
SQLDependency_OnChange-Event fires only one single Time
What are considered being good avarage times when serving a page from a website?
django-image-kit Changing Processor Values Inside Admin Save
Android: Google Maps [closed]
SalesForce: Can you open a text field with a custom button
create a canvas from a css resized image, mantaining the browser interpolation on it
Storing inline attachments in couchdb using java script
In Multi-NSF Application, How to Clear Session?
Load website inside winform C#
weave.inline not compatible with scipy.optimize.leastsq?
How come file_get_contents with google api if I read remote access was deprecated
PHP OOP: Call to a member function on a non-object [duplicate]
glutBitmapCharacter positions text wrong
removeAttributeNode which executed only one time in loop in php5 dom
How to bring an image inside a GUI? Its possible in BashScript or Let's learn a new language?
Can someone confirm: BigDecimal not rendered with pattern
How my character stays near a block?
How to compile rabbitmq-c library on Mac OS X?
Vertically and horizontally centering text within a div
Generating DOC (and DOCX) templates using Python or Java with absolute positioned boxes
Getting a 鈥淭he best overloaded method match for 鈥�has some invalid arguments鈥�error message
Should I cache in App or just put Varnish in front of the web server?
Application displays wrong hours and minutes
Anonymous functions doesn't work in Internet Explorer
Jquery adjusting datepicker , day information
Post image to an album on a predefined page
run unix shell script which is situated on server and maped as a U:// dirver on windows from windows in java application?
UITableView titleForHeaderInSection does not returns correct stringWithFormat
ListView color items at runtime
Why is CDC based on older versions of Java, instead of being a subset of current SE?
get data from database with out query
One-time CSS expressions
CSS whats the difference between these two
Changing the Method Name in Description
unable to install android app - INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY
Django - Error importing storages.backends
Selecting values from an array not in a SQL Server table
Why are nested weights bad for performance? Alternatives?
Jquery - Form data in submit function
Reading null values in a byte array c#
鈥�Calling GET on success of POST ajax 鈥�working with Firefox but not with Safari
Deny remote access to resource
ruby method_alias in inherited class
Displaying error message on SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException Exception in Jsf
Cannot find RKJSONParserJSONKit.h
Selecting most recent and specific version in each group of records, for multiple groups
I'm getting undefined wp() error
ActionBarSherlock - Tab Text ellipsize on <Android 3.0 devices
android:show images in gallery
Jquery prependTo but after
passing multiple array to view
Mercurial and online sharing - how to proceed
jQuery validation remove blur on one field
user.settings - different locations
SESSION ID: Why does it need to be updated?
user.settings - different locations
SESSION ID: Why does it need to be updated?
How do I serve assembly embedded resources from MVC 3 and IIS7?
How to implement liferay-ui:tabs using Ajax?
expect script + expect miss the send string + delay issue
passing data between pages wp7
MVC with ASP.NET using Ajax 3.5
MVC; Error message on my Controller HTTPOST action edit
JFreeChart DomainAxis java2DToValue does not convert properly if plot has one TimeSeriesDataItem
Separating android app function's and design
Trapping webpage URLS? [closed]
What is the use of Objects getClass().getMethod?
Will Visual Studio 11 have a native 64bit version?
how to install volume pricing with spree 1.0
play framework how to do separate routing for same URL ?
Rendering string as razor cshtml
clearing the canvas for reloading image?
Natural numeric sort in C#
Render from within partials without passing a local variable
How to remove folder path within zip file.I want only txt files in zip file
Delphi / OracleDAC: creating wrapped function programatically
moving magento database to separate server
Use this exact same show/hide jQuery but with TWO Tables, not one
Google maps MarkerManager containsPoint() method use?
php function to get image coloured with gradient from grayscale
How to get all the applied styles of an element by just giving its id?
Mouse scrolling Event
Can preg_replace insert a space into a string?
TableView in navigation stack does not animate back
BlackBerry Browser used in 9800
TableAdapter.Update doesn't always write changes back to database
Display multiple WP pages on single WP page but in
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�javax.naming.CommunicationException
dict in __init__ cannot be accessed?
Win bat file: How to add leading zeros to a variable in a for loop?
A collection with cascade=鈥渁ll-delete-orphan鈥�was no longer referenced by the owning entity instance
How to run PHPUnit from a PHP script?
Calling a .dll function from a html page that runs on chrome and firefox
jquery bind event sequence
Creating a certain number of CCSprites automatically
Why not is it a good practice to use self in initializer method in Objective-C? [duplicate]
Sync projects and databases between 2 computers with git
XML structure for fastest lookup
How to get a cell value inside 鈥渜outation marks鈥� using COUNTIF?
QuickBooks Online Modify Invoices
CLSQL on CentOS installation
Generating combinations in c++
Why does this cause an 鈥淭he field name is ambiguous鈥�error?
pre-loaded content; not requiring Internet access to display new content onclick + mysql submission if connection OK
Background process in linux
Should my User model inherit MembershipUser
Expanderview in listbox, Windows phone 7
How to deal with async function results in JavaScript
Shell script with wc -l, if statement ain't working
trying to grab string from url
mvccontrib grid - How to add <tr> id
pdf viewer sdks for wp7
NILauncherView Background Colour
Unable to add dialog when press my own softkeyboard key
How to make multiple pdfs in a loop
Background on the top and on the bottom
jquery hide/show
Insert png image programatically in pdf file at specific location
Javascript regex capture next word
Is it possible to random generate tmx (map) files in Objectice C?
Converting wav audio file to DSS audio format
Fail callback called although Ajax request is performed and server returns 200 with data
ASP.NET NullReferenceException
Can someone tell me why this isn't a good way to assign $_POST vars?
Find CPU usage for a Thread in Linux
Iphone NSDateFormatter - image files could not be loaded
Show contact person per country & city
Python/Matplotlib 1.0.1 does not open new figure when clicked
In Objective-C, how to use 'self' in main() function?
boost Filter iterator with different predicates
Getting Fatal error when Visual Studio is run as Adminstator
Converting a GCC inline assembler to delphi inline assembler
JavaScript tabbed folders don't work in Internet Explorer
PHP can't connect with Oracle Database
Accessing AWS EC2 instances through ELB
Build <options> tags with FOR XML Path in SQL. Remove unwanted Attributes
Can I detect IE Document Mode on the server side using the HttpBrowserCapabilities object
Emacs and Clojure method call hierarchy
Authentication on ASI HTTP Request in IOS
Looking for a safe Sandbox API for JVM plugins
Modifying a model just before SaveChanges()
Get which item was clicked
jQuery and jsTree - select child nodes by class
What is the difference betwwen View position and LayoutParams position?
Issues with UIMoreNavigationController and UITabBarController
HTML: Cannot align image and text
Tomcat unable to read the schema document
Preventing pointer from pointing to nothing
Find out field length of 鈥�f鈥�format in sprintf
Entity Framework Junction Table
Order of child blocks in HTML_Template_IT - does it matter?
How to set smtp username and password using ini_set
Select records where a combinations of columns are repeated using SQLite
How to get rid of these substrings from a string in java?
how to add naviagationController to tabBar Controller programatically?
How to get rid of these substrings from a string in java?
how to add naviagationController to tabBar Controller programatically?
Could not open external file from jar file when it is executed from different location
How can Nokia S-40 series C1-01 support JSR 256
Small, minimalistic and fast XML library for Java?
GitHub default README markup
Some help needed in URL rewriting
keep content stay on tab1 after filling in tab2
Java task queue, threadpool and threads with callback to inform when a new task can start
Delegating events to a specific descendant using .on() in jQuery
UIWebView resize slow
Hibernate query cache keys
How can the posit algorithm be used to calibrate a projector and camera
PhoneGap's FileTransfert Success Callback error
Find max number in 2d array with thread
Images captured from my Android app are saved, but not displayed on the gallery app
Generate an HTML file using
Please explain why and how +new Date(); works as 'workaround' for in IE8 or below
Exposing transactions on Repository. NHibernate
How to use RVM gems with Netbeans in Ruby
Editable combobox text scrolling
JW Player : execute javascript when logo is clicked
RSA - Encryption with negative exponent
Spacing is messed up in IE (html/css issue)
With Interface Builder create subview with own NIB and UIViewController
What can I use in core Java as an alternative of Async Task in Android
What is the importance of Pseudo Device Files and In what scenarios should I use them?
Why does FCKeditor change `<` to `&lt;` and `>` to `&gt;` when editing?
onchange joomla JHTML
Implicit declaration of a function 'clock'
MKCoordinateRegion doesn't display on map in the proper way
Leak when using MediaPlayer
Multiple Windows opening for each methods Webdriver
How to redirect a site to another location in IIS7
MyBatis spring in a multi tenant application
Clickable area of menu items in SplitActionBar Android
Eclipse Subversion: Exclude Directories
Remove & and Whitespace in URL with preg_replace
Syntax for C# variables - why the double use of class name when defining new instance?
Worklog for windows [closed]
Enterprise OSGi frameworks : Maturity comparison Apache Aries vs. Eclipse Gemini [on hold]
GWT. Prevent user from opening Disclosure panel
phone to servlet communication via bluetooth using j2me
how to build custom extjs4 library to code like this?
how to store returning values of a stored procedure in mysql
Get a json response in Jsp
How to display pictures in page which are outside assets or public folder
django-endless-pagination django-pagination records index on page and total
Hide/show Actionbar when tap on MapView in Android
Get wallPaper Programmatically in ios
Sitemesh and OpenSessionInViewFIlter/Interceptor what's the deal?
Rapidly serving multiple images from GAE datastore
Git strategy needed for managing upgrades of a large group of sites that are all based on one open source project
VBA: Efficient way to build up a table without duplicates
how to include custom title view with in AlertDialog in android?
SQL stored proc - Trying to differentiate by date and if statement
How to get only numbers at the beginning and end of a character in string with Regex?
How to position an icon in a metro-like web GUI? (images included)
iOS: Definition of the term 鈥淩ootViewController鈥�
Unable to add item in Finder's contextual menu using services in Cocoa
How to disable 鈥淚nspect Element鈥�plugin programmatically in
How can I measure power being supplied to connected usb devices to my desktop in .NET C#?
iOS 5 MapKit, MKPlacemark, running iOS 4.3 app on iOS 5
Problems with limit method in Rails 3.2 and hash ordering
File listing in Java. A fresh look
How do I retain entered values in a form in ASP.NET MVC when the user has failed server validation?
Updating a .docx file's page header using Apache POI
develop java application on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional
Structure for referencing HTML elements from Javascript in MVC3
Threading plus interop in program
best way to debounce in rx?
Suitable gem for auditing
visual studio 2010 autogenerated DataSet
improper results in CUDA kernel execution using shared memory for matrix multiplication
why return type of read() is integer? [duplicate]
How can I have pinch zoom and two-finger rotation at the same time on an UIImageView?
Flex framework_3.3.0.4852 rsl build is different compared to merged in to code
Will using iframes a lot on our site's landing page cause issues with search engines?
Using 鈥渢his鈥�from event handler in jquery
About php addition
iphone cocos2d multiple audio files, best approach?
Need to Generate jQuery Checkbox tree dynamically using springs 3
JQuery: Animating a box height to expand and match top and bottom divs
How to deal with the deprecated offline_access?
Sql query join and aggragation at the same time
How to observe a related ViewSource?
If a class are going to be pointer based an inner object have to be pointer based or not?
Welcome page is displayed without being redirected to login page
Alternative to function for dynamic SQL
How to create a custom 鈥渁utocomplete鈥� mvc, (like google)?
How to Schedule my windows service?
Page number in QTextDocument for envelopes
Change ID img src upon hover another ID
Problems creating lots of thumbnails using AVAssetImageGenerator with ARC
Codeigniter and LOCK tables
How to get content of a specific css column array list won't load
Android SQLite very slow lookup
How to locate nearby friends using Map Kit Framework
creating prepared Statement with large number of columns
Maven: Different configuration for different goals
How to show device softkeys in fullscreen
Invalid bracketing error while executing a query with excel
How to autoload files in folder under rails app's root
How can I find the bottleneck in a jquery animation not smooth?
Getting a strange error here
Entity Framework Context dealing stale data
jstl and eclipse: maybe EL issue
why java fx 2.0 is not on the diagram of the java platform?
No errors in debug mode in visual c#
How to output only a json_encoded array from an Ajax call?
How to remove folder path in zip file
~/oradiag_root folder after zend server ce installation on Centos 5.*
Get page height in JS (Cross-Browser)
Brightness of view: Android
read file and tokenize data to compare to input in C++
How can I debug my code using WebMatrix and Visual Studio?
How do I share one UIManagedDocument between different objects?
How to call a code behind function in server from a C# app?
Is there any drawback in implementing it as a normal web service instead of using data web service and entity Framework to expose OData?
Converting a Mercurial (hg) repository to Subversion (svn)
Async Task Data fetcher
css3 3d transformation card flip, padding/margin/border will cause the rotation origin to mess up, how to get around this?
Installing rails issue
StyleCop for Resharper - Disable checking for read-only files
Networkx - Shortest path length
How do I setup/use ruby on rails snippets and autocomplete in sublime text 2?
itextsharp not working
Performance issue with clustered index for changing date column in SQL Server
Reduce memory consumption in PHP while handling uploads by php input
Creating a symlink to a memory address. (SPOILERS: Stripe CTF contest)
Java Regex to find instances of 鈥淸鈥�in a string
phonegap xcode 4.3
Inserting blob data in Java using PreparedStatement
adding numbers to file list returned by find command
How to get notified when SMS Status changes from 'Queued' to 'Sent'?
TextView align with two lines
ASP.NET Usercontrol client side name not resetting after being renamed
Programatically add and bind DataGrid column
How to get a simple computer name (without the domain name) out of a full computer name in c#?
How to install loadable kernel module on android
cannot read property 'src' of undefined
CGridview conditional delete button
Changing xml-mapping from the user entity (SonataUserBundle) to annotations
database insert with 鈥渋f else鈥�rules through pdo
How do I get the most recent comments of Facebook?
Returning values, errors and status codes
What is the TPL equivalent of rx's Observable.FromEventPattern?
how can i get timer in wpf mediaplayer
$wpdb->insert produces 鈥�Duplicate entry '0-0' for Key '1' 鈥�
Escaped Html to xml
How to perform transition between controllers when using monotouch and storyboard?
How to pass list of complex types in query string?
Python access C shared object
SQLite returns incorrect number of rows as a cursor
How to make a view in a UIVIewController in front of its navigationBar?
Returning Value in JavaScript callback for jquey
db4o - how to query generic interface
Eclipse wrong tomcat invocation: usage
jquery slide out div from right
Chrome extension: how do I do modify DOM of a determinate page with contextMenus?
git svn cherry pick ignored warning
Don't understand the need for Monitor.Pulse()
win32 very low level assembly - application startup issue
Multiple sorting conditions of a WPF combobox/listbox or CollectionView
Import error from 鈥淒jango Tutorial: a Todo List App鈥�
mongo_mapper - undefined method `call' for nil:NilClass
C++: Design and cost for heavy multiple inheritance hierarchies
Generate script in SQL Server Management Studio
Alter default binding on a column
Are functions defined in CSS standard?
How to create an oauth_signature when some parameters are in the content body in XML
Read image pixels
Google Analitys : utmp var encoded show undecoded characters in GA
Block keyboard for input
Netbeans Auto-Complete Not Working For Custom PHP Class
I have upgraded to Eclipse Indico from Eclipse Galileo. My projects in my workspace now have errors
(EDITED QUES) PHP - Call function within another function
java highlighting issue
WiX - vbscript custom action with session.message function
wordpress syntax highlighting: updating post ruins characters like 鈥�amp;鈥�
RSA in C# public key is same as private key?
How to enable scp in curl for C?
How to parse a simple XML file using Xcode 4.2.1
Selection i'th smallest number algorithm
Choosing the first child record in a selfjoin in TSQL
Android Get market App Id
Problems get NTLM working with Apache / Linux
SQL statement doesn't update any rows
what is the functionality of 鈥�amp;: 鈥�operator in ruby? [duplicate]
How to go back from second screen to first screen
Static function needing to deal with members of a C++ class
add value to result from mysql query that will be JSON encoded in PHP?
Where does this pause vimeo embed code go in my slider script?
Invalid Label when executing JSON
Alter each value returned in a LINQ query at same time as query
Do I need to establish another database connection in every function defined?
Which exceptions I have to catch calling a WCF service method?
Add dependency jar entries to jar index (/META-INF/INDEX.LIST)
how to use partial
How to know that internet connection is there or not?
How to convert the output of an .aspx into a JSON?
R: How to use lists?
How can I bind a C/C++ structure to Ruby?
can't get the keycode now, using python and opencv
Ajax preloader working only once
Update record in Sencha Touch Data Store with Ajaxproxy
error when I try to run titanium app on android emulator
Rotating UIImageView inside UIImageView
upload photo to album on facebook with FB.api javascript?
Error in JSP in calling java class
Symfony form not honoring set defaults
ASIHTTPRequest dealloc crashes on iOS5
Play an encrypted mp3 file
Flex : A better way to represnt data from a table having large number of columns
Setting the margin of word document in c# using Open XML
How can I expose a method with a parameter of type IHTMLDocument* to COM from C++?
QThread : how to stop an infinite loop
Testing reusable Django apps with Django testrunner
Assignment of String values to TextViews in Android Programing?
How to grab the key from an array when a value matches another value from a string or another array using PHP?
Performance of adding and removing values from HashSet<T> versus checking a flag in a Dictionary<T, bool>
OpenGL ES iPhone, corrupt image when using glClearColor
Why we need to put a lot of efforts in just to achieve cross browser compatibility? [closed]
Spring: how to instantiate a Spring bean that takes a runtime parameter?
Unable to deploy Roo web-app to localhost when offline, using SpringSource Tool Suite, 2.8.1.RELEASE
Which one is preferable to store images in android?
Get live user count from Google Analytics [duplicate]
Project Euler 15 - last attempt
Is there any software that can help me draw pictures or shapes in assembly language easily?
Emacs: problems with yasnippet inserting spaces in code-snippet
Saving playlist file from application
issues to save and retrieve the image in android?
IllegalArgumentException JSON
Silverlight 4, TreeView Drag/Drop. Drop Confirmation followed by Cancel
Retry-After response header on 304 Not Modified
Xslt Nested For-Loop with break
Is it OK to pass a null window handle to ShellExecute?
Get git branch name in build process
Drawing an animated line in the Google Earth Plug-in
How to change a filename of a file which is in a folder in PHP
Directory not published
How to migrate data in Rails 3?
IE addon in C# able to communicate with mysql
Difference in libraries
c number of lines in a file stream
Encrypted Query String
Determining about events out of timestamped continuous data
How to create MySQL Trigger?
ggplot2 figure cache with knitr
How to create autocomplete textbox in WPF? [closed]
Problems with JQuery Mobile on IPhone PhoneGap
Java Code Not Executing
RedirectToAction not working in IE with jQuery
Is it bad practice to have two AsyncTask inner classes in one file?
PYTHON: returning one dimensional list from strings and vice versa
django forms that refresh part of a page
WCF wsHttpBinding within the data-centre - typical usage pattern
JComboBox reverting back to original value in JTable
Adding cells programmatically to UITableView
Apache 500 server error- logs showing nothing [closed]
Spring wiring by type is slower by magnitude than wiring by name
do i need to use sqlite3 finalise statement two times?
How to avoid serialization default values?
What are the java files in the Java Platform that are different in Windows and Mac?
RSSTail alternative with OPML support?
Windows and objective-c
How to apply a Perforce patch?
How to config a component? [closed]
display URL in blackberry application
private bool in web service
How to remove segment from URL in CodeIgniter
How an android service interact with the activity
Rails 2.2.3 and newest Rake
android get tab strip on top for bottom tabHost
How does google decide which pages of a website to display in the search results?
In phone gap html page take too much time to load
Is there a nice way to share a CCTextureAtlas among multiple CCTMXTiledMaps?
performing onclick action on listview inside a dialog box
Regex with + sign
Oracle Stored Procedure Issue
Three20 TTLauncherView showing by default the first page of a menu
pyqt get image position
Is it possible to parse 鈥淔ri, 24 Feb 2012 20:00:00 GMT鈥�with using NSDateFormatter?
Login form in layout YII
unable to run xmlpost from a cselement
Mysql one to many relation data retrival
Silverlight based interactive floor plan
Validate and submit ipa to AppStore without source
Session expired before timeout
Create Table As With
How to check for an empty input value [duplicate]
codeigniter hmvc extension routing error
Using Git for local development with Subversion on the server?
How are gcc/g++ bootstrapped?
Number manipulation using if statement javascript
What should I do about an internal error when I declare a generic 鈥渁rray of T鈥�
User Account Management in PHP using MySQl [closed]
How to add h1..h6 tags dynamically within the div - jquery
javascript svg - how does createElementNS work
Moving an object along with mouse
How to use the phonegap inside the Xcode 1.5
Adding multiple expanders event programmatically wont work
return a template and no matching function for call
ASP.NET Session - big object vs many small objects
Get a key from JTextArea
R: Construct a file path from user input
HttpWebRequest not downloading all data
Scroll event on touchmove with jquery
How To Show Tweets In Phone Gap
How to get Zend_http_cookie value into another function or page
Google App Engine - prohibitively slow and expensive backup and restore?
Updating google chart visualisation via ajax and json
Apache CXF and Magento runs in Eclipse but not on commandline
RedirectToAction is swapping day and month on date
execution of files from shell execlp
OpenInviter not importing contacts from Hotmail
jQuery toggle multiple areas individually
How to load url from settings.bundle in xCode 4.2
Facebook post to feed looks bad on mobile
Can one include separate files in htaccess for a list of redirects?
Show jQuery 'waiting' gif when page is loading
Display image created by OpenCV on Android
AVAssetWriter showing url error
Convert code snippet from VB.NET to C#
Linking css autcomplete with jsp content in Eclipse
Can Not Install XML Package
Stripping @ tags from a string in python
htaccess rewrite adds 鈥渋ndex.php鈥�when I add a trailing slash to an address
Sql Query to count same date entries
How to validate MVC3 custom object properties
how to implement JMS on Android project
Free ad exchange framework for Android?
Class design for two objects that derive from the same class but share no common methods
Eclipse Draw2d. Changing z order for IFigure
Date and time conversion to some other Timezone in java
How to copy qt source files to my project and let them compile pass?
iPhone App - using inApp purchasers in Shopping cart
Stop event bubbling with .on in Jquery
call function when div appears (jQuery)?
Decode audio and video and process both streams 鈥�ffmpeg, sdl, opencv
Return first item in list if FirstOrDefault returns null
Access Request Data sent, inside requestFailed Function ASIHttpRequest
Long form of $('selector')?
Using a tabbar controller with monotouch.dialog
Using Radio buttons within a Dialog box
using DynamicSoundEffectInstance fills the buffer
restrict the values by constraint using a lookup table
Building web page with jquery [closed]
Rails repeatable partials rendering boost
Rails repeatable partials rendering boost
Problems with ReportViewer assemblies in VS2010
Ad-hoc connection in MeeGo
Codeigniter route regex - match any string except 'admin'
Will apple reject the app if we navigate a page on click of UIImageView
Linking projects C++ Cygwin
how to play video with augmented reality in android
How can I change the selection text background using CSS?
sorting 100000 elements does not complete
When a DSL gets 'lispy'
How to update (dynamic) marker-icons with live-data?
Android Eclipse Java debugging issue about recognizing null object comparison
TinyMCE Editor: A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client
accessing package info from Activity constructor
Traffic overlay for Poland
Dreamhost - mirror site while in development
Serialize Android view to xml layout
convert base64 string to image with javascript
Recommended set of image sizes and densities to supply for android icon & button?
Google Guice custom scope
Scala partially applied curried functions
How to enter mathematics equations in and save equation to SQL Server for my online test
How to get the tab ID from url in DotNetNuke
compass-bootstrap on a non RoR/Ruby project?
Get Mac unique identifier number (ex.: serial number) in 64-bits
A test running with nosetests fails with ImportError, but works with python command
Magento1.6 Custom Status in Admin [closed]
Scaling size of AnimationDrawable
Adding a color filter at specific intervals in ffmpeg
How to explode an Array of bytes according to a filesplit? [duplicate]
Java integers Return Strange Result While Compare Two Integers?
How to extract the web address from html string using Regular Expression
Android Debug Bridge (adb) command line tool exists in $PATH, but 鈥渃ommand not found鈥�in linux
Core Data need help(beginner)
Silverlight project will only work with Silverlight assemblies
GUI tool for running testNG tests
Add external jars to eclipse plugin classpath
ODP.Net Ora-6553 pls-752 :Table function fnXXXXX is in inconsistent state , How to avoid?
By Left shifting, can a number be set to ZERO
cant sent data from opera browser using HttpRequest
Get soap server 鈥渞eferer鈥�(in php)
How to sort an ArrayCollection in Flex
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Data.DataRowView' to type 'System.IConvertible'
Non-blocking keyboard read - C/C++
c++ and xml binding simpletype
How to render PDFs with Play Framework PDF module asynchronously using Jobs?
AWS S3 file search using Java
is there performance difference between binary and text mode while writing to a file in c?
Get PDF Page Number using iTextSharp
Are non-static inner class objects garbage collected after they are no longer referenced?
Glassfish starting up
Parsing a list of doubles with boost::spirit
Waking up an app remotely, say from a bluetooth device
Is parseInt() supposed to work like this?
Addthis facebook share/like custom popup window in
jQuery el.each() returns HTMLAnchorElement instead of elements instance
ios what`s the different between the fellow alloc?
How do I start an Applet from a seperate Java Program?
Error in PHP using if() on a MYSQL result containing no rows
Moxy + inheritance + package name as xml-root-element
Select author with max percentage of unread books in SQLite
Backup Hard Drive and USB Device to img or iso file
Implementation of polar equation android
what is the difference between cl_datatype and usual datatype
Relative Date Calculation Algorithm in SQL
Application Design - Pop up authentication with MVVM
Possible to pipe into an if-statement?
Js Ext locking-editing grid
Any free tool to convert java to javascript
Unable to use full-text search in SQL Server 2008
Is this a variable scoping bug in NodeJS or do I just need more sleep
How to count items in group with Codeigniter?
Nested query in subsonic
JPA JTA connection pool
Outlook: How to make a screenshot of the entire E-Mail Body without scrolling
Getting encoding type of a XML in java
Panel layout to uniformly squeeze items to fit
What is the difference between map, each, and collect?
Groupbox gradient background
Why does my original object get affected after I 鈥渃opied鈥�it to a new object?
To know Thread Life time using any JVM parametr
Is there a way to apply per-module view.yml constraints to foreign templates in Symfony 1?
Is 鈥減osition鈥�a reserved word in C++?
How to make a click event in android graph
Heroku push via HTTPS
How to make Netbeans debugger not to pause each new php file execute?
How to preview UIWebview printing?
Kohana 3 ORM query using NOTIN()
Jquery sliding/animated counter (countup) or customers served counter
How to test if the stock market (NYSE) is currently open/closed?
Tree structure in C, for navigation in preorder depth-first manner
Getting The specified entity is not contained in this EntitySet error
Why does this ajax call fail?
File upload Progress bar in struts2?
RSpec success despite action and route not defined
Itextsharp and adding font to a htmlstring
Postgresql - how to get entries in a table that do not have a match in another table
How to make some filters mandatory in tastypie?
How to use carmen for country_select in formatstic
How to use carmen for country_select in formatstic
How to calculate REAL distance between two geopoints? [duplicate]
Modify Postgres 9.0 query plan
Cross Threading Exception - Using Invoke
Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData) returns String.Empty
Dynamically adding element to Select and setting the selectindex in JQuery
Getting an Error - Trying to show wall on my website
How to capture the value of form submit and use it in new form
how to store htmltable into session variable
ActionBar not scrolling to selected tab if this one is outside the visible bounds of actionBar on screen
PHP __set variable while __get passes by reference
How can I use parameter in a SQL script file
Mysql - Check table before inserting in another table
display textbox due selected option, and add new divs
Correct way to get the file path of the currently opened project in NetBeans
jQuery Syntax - Getting a class starting with certain characters
How do you make a gradient background in css?
What is the right way to get a grapheme?
Android lock home key press
Convert numeric entities into readable format
oocss-compass plugin setup
How to upload a file to amazon s3 and get link for it?
Passing delegate to a viewcontroller through a viewcontroller
Use background image and color for the same element
How do I know if my computer's not connected to a network?
Indexing nodes in neo4j in python
Recurrence of events (LINQ query)
devise gem flash messages
How to detect when the application crashed and save a log of that [closed]
Crawler with MozMill
ServiceStack Model Binder for ServiceBase derived types
Tab Host ActivityGroups on rotation android
CSV opening fine on open office on ubuntu but breaking while opening in MS office
Picking out the last item of a NodeList - java
Backbone.js: workaround for implementing slash based URL using pushstate in Internet Explorer
force close when provider change to GPS_PROVIDER
Why does strcat cause a crash?
What HTML elements might have browser set default padding/margin?
Massive slowdown with debug heap
UIScrollView or UIImageView?
Update table but use a value from column - select case
php require and white space
how to rotate button about its center in android
Porting a java interface to a scala trait with generics
Facebook like error in the app id or admin id
Is it possible to deploy a custom field type in Sharepoint Online
How can I prevent simultaneous changes to a list from timer and socket events?
SQL Server Management Studio Express crashes when I try to run an ALTER TABLE query to add a PK with auto increment
Selenium: How to identify the button WebElement
from imei number how to find latitude and longitude in android 4.0.3?
Check if variable is a number or array
Failed to obtain/create connection from connection pool
NSNumber out of scope
How to start a bundle on boot in apache karaf
A good and complete tutorial about reflection in .NET? [closed]
converting photoshop drop shadow into CSS3 box shadow
javax.mail.Message trying to fetch messages for a given date range
How can I change the size of popup of datetime picker in .net?
How to get table cell value from QTableWidget in pyside?
Wordpress dynamic sidebar without title
Lucene: causes java heap space error on very large database
Make Android app undeletable [duplicate]
Redirect after login saving my post vars
Android - old xml layout?
MATLAB search cell array for string subset
text-align:center equivalent for iPad
How to add different MediaTypeFormatters for different controllers
How to find the file by its partial name?
FSharpList<string> to IList<string> to XML
nopcommerce MVC Route Explain
Stuck at making decision between native app or web app
NLog internal log not working with ASP.Net MVC
mod_rewrite php mysql
Calling Dispose on an BlockingCollection<T>
checkingapp download completion from my own app
How to open a Popup Panel by clicking a cell in the CellTable?
List directories on a server
Use Jquery to save into text file
A java-based soap request returns always soap response with 0 as the value i need
Eclipse subversive reconnect existing project
Instantiating a class, using a pointer allocated by malloc() [duplicate]
Android: performStop() NullPointerException
Keep WordPress (local and remote) in sync
Sprite in wrong direction
How can WriteFile succeed without writing any data?
Map component for Flex / AIR mobile
MySQL force query to return NULL
Restore sms database on rooted phone [closed]
Android: strange scaling issue on button with topDrawable
HTTP/1.1 502 Proxy Error in j2me
MySQL to Solr import
The session is invalid because the user logged out
How to pass a condition to a function that runs a setTimout
Including arabic text (or any other) in Android app resources
Why the the puts in my_strcpy function is not printing the value in the below given code?
Why do I need to Replay() when stubbing a function with Rhino Mocks?
watir-webdriver & proxy credentials
how to play videos on a native mobile application?
Can't load image from project folder in Orchard module
What does RtlRestoreContext do when ExceptionCode is STATUS_UNWIND_CONSOLIDATE?
What does RtlRestoreContext do when ExceptionCode is STATUS_UNWIND_CONSOLIDATE?
Signing data using a p12 / pfx file in .Net - An internal certificate chaining error has occurred
Link error while Compiling CUDA from command prompt
jQuery, JSON and PHP
retrieving http responses from android
Java : Getting NullPointerException while parsing the List and setting it inside a Array
Authentication in an HTML5 application talking to WCF REST Service
iOS iphone decompress spanned (multi-volume) .7z or .zip archives
regex validation - grails
Find number of months between two Dates in Ruby on Rails
Not able to write image in desired folder in android [duplicate]
Create facsimile entries for all records stemming from a single reocrd within a parent table
What is the width in density (dp) of the WXGA format
how to set Maximum upload size to 4GB
How to specify methods to be skipped by Sonar when counting coverage?
MVC creating a view issue
Android navigation bar that doesn't reload between activities
Only horizontal scrolling in a panel
c posix regex to validate input HH:MM:SS time string
conflicting between cakephp auth login function and facebook sdk
How to overload the conditional operator? [duplicate]
term does not evaluate to a function taking 1 arguments QtConcurrent
Is it safe to use a static java.sql.Connection instance in a multithreaded system?
Fastest way to write to SQL server database from java program
grid to list view and vice versa in android
String not being printed when Inputting using scanner class
Find out which Facebook fan has most friends among the fan network
Android native app linked to a webservice, login
JavaScript as a condition to load Rails form?
Java Servlet Filter not passing POST request + ZOPE
JTree set node name as one of UserObject attribute
Haskell Read - no parse error
How to indent text exactly one character width
MySQL filesort on GROUP BY YEAR & Month
Colour functions within IE Filter for Gradients
Derivatives of a multivariative function and corresponding Jacobian with vector-space package
firebug - how can I detect what functions have been called or from where a function has been called
Javascript [0] at the end of match statement
Div positioning confusion
CSS modification to arrange pointer
iphone - Can you add an image created by the phone to a MKOverlay?
Whats the difference between 'weak' and 'assign' in delegate property declaration
does android drop the cellular connection when there is a wifi connection?
Java run time class reflection
How to disable ParseKit's default Parsers?
Jquery-Binding each function with Live event does not work
Symfony2: Where/how I can trigger my own annotation-reader?
Which datatype is better in calculation of CRC16 for any type of file
Access a assign delegate property from Objective-C Block? (iOS)
Facebook Graph API: how to add a caption to an image you upload?
asp post back issue and html controls
how to terminate a process created by CreateProcess()?
can not full screen panel on android device use sencha touch 2.0 RC
Is it necessary to have Submit button for each <form>?
Wakelock CPU speed
Symfony 2 form prototypes within prototypes - double $$name field
CRC-32 on MicroController (Atmel)
small functions defined in header files: inline or static?
Entities in domain driven design
Is there any way I can create/get and return a Class<T<?, ?>> object?
action script 3 - 鈥淓rror #1006: startDrag is not a function鈥�
Redeclaration of the method 鈥渋n鈥�within a class
open source disk imaging/backup and recovery?
Create folder in jar file dir
How get cookie from http headers
Unable to read excel sheet using ExcelReader in ASP.Net?
oauth not display user_checkins permission
how to convert and play a .h263 file?
Need to copy only a portion of array string to another array
css nth-child and classes
Google analytics embedded external SWF
Yum install on CentOS 6.2 [closed]
Android memory usage
Why playframework stored image attachments with no extension?
Connection between android and PHP
creating Physic body in cocos2d
Prestashop - How to add models to a manufacturer
Sorting multiple html tables logically related to each other
SPQuery sorting issue
I set up my SDL Tridion 2011 instance to run with multiple host headers and now the Core Service doesn't work. How do I fix it?
BIRT reporting printing area
SOIL image library and freeing memory
ICustomTypeDescriptor databinding to textbox
Sitecore: Get child items of parent item when the items are in publish restricted period
Problems with Watch Service API of nio2 class
node.js diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 error
Conditional Moq Return value using lambda
FFMPEG : How to transcode Attached Picture (APIC) from source mp3 file to destination mp3 file using FFMPEG?
Make your own certificate for signing files?
How to Convert a String to a Nullable Type Which is Determined at Runtime?
How to decrease margin programmatically on exported BIRT PDF reports?
Fusion Table + Google Maps
by comparing text in button array with string array unable to perform onclick in android
iOS - How can I initialize a UINavigationController to display a pushed ViewController?
Image background hiding behind select dropdown in IE
Why does t-sql's LEN() function ignore the trailing spaces?
How can I check stringstarts with using javascript / jQuery? [duplicate]
Different stylesheets for ipad home screen launch and safari view
Unrecognized tag prefix or device filter (Visual Studio 2010)
How to use Samba to share files from Mac to Linux [closed]
Add a line to top of csv file (first line) with PHP
Techs for building a web-based WYSIWYM XML editor [closed]
Grouping by date, with 0 when count() yields no lines
I am trying to excute java from solaris, getting invalid argument error
How to develop Unlock Pattern for Android App [closed]
Communication between two MS Access application?
running java programs in Eclipse
How do i create an Tag object in android?
JQueryMobile: Dropdown menus in Header
Forcing a view in clearcase to equal parent stream
When does a browser send a conditional get
How to get the last modified date of a SharePoint list (SPList)
How To Change Connection String at runtime using CTP5
Rails 3.1 deep nesting with RABL
How to come back to form without reset the values?
Cast between interfaces whose interface signatures are same
Trying to expand/collapse UITableViewCell from a UIButton on the custom cell
Multi Tenancy - Register JNDI datasources dynamically
What method to use to figure out if user is connected to facebook
visual studio/installshield set up project
Liferay Custom Login Portlet
performance: html <Select> <option> text generation using php function -vs- extracting ready <option> values from MySQL db Table
forcing scrollbars to appear in listbox
TSQL: update a column to null
Saving values from datagridview
Can atof() produce different result based on different machine compiler/libraries (x86-64)
oracle autoincrement with sequence and trigger is not working correctly
How to deal with sessionStorage locally in FF (for testing)
How to read the request param values in spring using HTTPServletRequest
How to make java class for one tabe in mysql database
data.length is undefined following a successful getJSON operation
how does an android phone(or market) recognize an app
Two overlapping images on the bottom of page
Time Interval Task Service
Native javascript drag on table rows
Compose Scalaz validations
Core Text and top margin of the first paragraph in NSAttributedString
Tableview grouped style cell values automatically changes while scrolling
How restore a PostgreSQL table from *.sql using pg_dump or psql?
MySQL Trigger - INET_ATON before insert
Prestashop menu no subcategories
Input values are undefined when posting them to views via ajax
Why does calling ffmpeg from python block?
Overriding toString() causing null pointer in grails domain class
Couch DB Join operations like RDBMS
Delphi: Maximized Child Form in MDI Application
How to get Baseline of TextView with given font and font size? Please see my case
Labels not getting placed properly over flot bar chart
Python : how to remove data from set from another set
How to share a UIManagedDocument using Storyboards with a Tab Bar Controller as initial controller?
Rave Report programatically get pagesize
How handle exception if user terminate the excel process of taskbar
How to generate zip file in
Can't catch COMException (
why OS in VirtualBox could not set static ip [closed]
Reading gnu-screen logs with vim
Dynamically adding an AdView to layout
Parts missing in an XSLT transformation output
IQueryable.QueryProvider.CreateQuery Exception: 鈥淎rgument expression is not valid鈥�
undefined reference to 鈥�`function` in the network device interface to the userspace.鈥�
How to check whether microphone boost is enable using C#
clearcase baseline_shell script
Paypal Mass Payment not working.. Using MASS PAYMENT API
POST don't work
Disable escape characters in a MySQL query
How to get unique faces in the facepile
Symfony2 Monolog email only some exceptions
Map.lookup - type declaration error
PHP superclass and subclass
What is the proper format for specifying font variations (ie bold, italic) using Google Font Loader?
SSRS page break issue always a blank page added at end of report鈥ow to fix it
android sqlite match returns nothing
Depth first search bug?
adobe air for android on flex: how do I delete all the application data?
OmniAuth 1.0: NoMethodError when clicking user_omniauth_authorize_path(:facebook) link
How can I reliably determine if a browser supports mouse-over events?
How to get the filename if particular regexp is present in the file in Perl
Can't bind touch event on the element not in document tree (in iOS)
Error NodeStore has no Model
iOS - How can I perform the visual effects like Clear app?
Maven GAE Plugin using Google Cloud SQL