Image and text meta data tags not recognised in Facebook/Stumbleupon etc
Using Ajax.ActionLink, how can I display a custom modal confirmation?
Guice3 Singleton is never instantiated in GAE project
How to make the status/address bar disappear in Firefox or IE?
Error Generating Final Archive:
How to center :after in a div?
Mysql database with spring roo
SQLite only inserting unique rows
Filter records by key - PigLatin
difference between A aaa; and A aaa();
input scanner that takes any type
鈥淐onfirm navigation鈥�alertbox
data validation
How to optimize my javascript?
$_SESSION being ignored, creating if/else issue
MediaPlayer Video Problems
How to edit and run the source code of an android open source native app on an emulator?
How I can add an one object on the others object's layout in ruby on rails?
Update column in MySQL
Render images by java code or read images from a static path?
Where does the default mb_internal_encoding() value come from?
Swap multiple images from javascript array
HTML Header file, change button state
Android Bluetooth enable
HTTPS page returning HTML source and header rather than content?
How do I call a method of a generic type in a collection which is guaranteed to exist?
Jquery change with delay [duplicate]
Overloading Operators with templates
How does OCR work? and how to add OCR to an alphabet
is there an official document on how to convert Chinese characters into pinyin? [closed]
format as a percent on a datarow
JavaScript Regular Expression with character class quantifier variable
Changing how object appears in interpreter
How to Encode an Imagefor .NET Sockets
MySQL row count in HTML select options fields
Why do Android doesn't have a mac address for 3g when iOS does? [closed]
There are advantage and disadvantage between using one table or separating multi tables?
Declaring Arrays of known custom class types in obj C/ios
Gives error while i am posting a blog on wordpress CMS
how to make fixed column and a varying row into varying for both?
addObject to MutableSet crashes - reason: 'Unacceptable type of value for to-many relationship
how to add image and sound in notify icon?
Can't get jQuery Ajax submit form working with Django
How to change the data store of a perviously created dojo grid?
Low Memory: No more background processes
Is the Location header allowed to have a vertical bar? [duplicate]
How to paste a function over a word to wrap it? (vim)
Dynamic Views Alternative in mySQL
OpenCV - Measuring the 鈥済rowth鈥�of an object
how to use content type with image
Does Intel TBB library have feature to choose nomber of cores?
How to Detect if time stamp is over a certain time ago
Using a query to change the version of my js file
Valgrind Invalid read size of 1
aspnet with multiple roles - how to set only 1 role active at a time
How can System.Object.GetType throw NullRefernceException
Python: To export the scene in VPython as common 3D vector file
Java Jframe centers my buttons ):<
Rails: Format JS not being picked up by data-remote
How to create smaller dojo store from a main dojo store and keep both in synch?
Dynamic configuration file in ruby
Adding up the elements of an array via multithreading
Haskell: Monadic construct within lambda function
Java Swing Card Layout change the displayed Panel?
Template Field image based on Id
PHP - MySQL Deleting a record
How many is too many columns (safely) in Excel?
Xcode: Page-based application [closed]
Why does a variable assigned by value to an array element (after an earlier assign-by-reference) change when the array element is changed?
combine nsdata objects into nsmutabledata object
Keeping track of old part of collection and new part
How widely supported is pragma weak, and does it overcome the issues of using gcc attribute?
z-index/opacity in css/jQuery does not works as I would like
Using PDFs as vector-like images in iOS apps, keeping transparency?
How do I find and stop the process that is running a server on port 443
jquery/javascript change color of text depending on day
How can I use RapidMiner to detect very weak associations in a large dataset?
Drag-and-Drop functionality in Rally Tables
Mule Query Language - Order by clause
spring mvc 3.1 login and session bean sharing difficulty
MYSQL SELECT DISTINCT with additional column in result set
Displaying unicode in a django template
Testing Thinking Sphinx with acts_as_taggable_on Querying Against Erroneous Table Names
How do I resubmit a form with a POST request after addressing a timed-out session?
C++ Stack Tracing issue
Create subtotal that adds up points as radio buttons are clicked in succession - not all at once
Long Term Support for Azure
Is php site only using mysql SELECT safe from sql injection attack
Generics in Java, Standard Values
javascript image load thread and the event handler thread
Single Table Inheritance Routing with Rails 3.1
Array Reverse - XOR slower than switching with temporary object
post to dynamically-created file
One Tomcat instance for two domains and two webapps
How can I detect keyboard events in Gmail
Can I use Ext's loader to load non-ext scripts/object dynamically?
select record with varios date/time criteria and periodicity(LINQ)
Trying to get the max/min in array
Is it fit using TokuDB engine when the record average length is 3k?
Reload Chrome extension tabs
jqGrid is empty with JSON call
Nvidia CUDA N-Body Simulation sample doesn't compile on Visual Studio 2010
Why is NSUserDefaults unwilling to save my NSDictionary?
PHP File Upload Issues
Error compiling project in AppHarbor
Deploy a War file with Eclipse and Tomcat 6 without a build file
window.onerror & catching MULTIPLE errors
How do I select a span containing an exact text value, using jquery? [duplicate]
WCF REST complex out parameters
Update SQL Database from Modified Datatable
Run jCarouselLite again, after an AJAX request
Mathematica - Maximizing a Function Over an Interval
The import net.rim.device.api.util.StringProvider cannot be resolved
CGRectContainsPoints and bounding box check is off by several pixels
Form is not being processed, page immediately redirects
A Subversion Configurition
peverify bugs fixed in .NET 4?
Use content assist with Explicit type argument in Java compliance level 1.7
Can Oracle allow Permanent Alias for a table?
Prevent empty string on query if viewing root
JSON in HTML <input> name attribute?
how to replace text in a multifield value column in access
UDP chat on android
How do you use Configuration Activity to choose different size widgets?
Match IRC channel with regular expression (RFCs 2811-2813)
Calculate velocity and direction of a ball to ball collision based on mass and bouncing coefficient
Threaded Communication and Object Overhead
Check if a weekday is between two weekdays
What does it mean when NSArray item shows up as NSObject instead of actual Class?
How can I delete tiff tags using the LibTiff.Net 2.3 library
VM player win7 setting up proxy for ubuntu
Measuring CoreGraphics performance on iOS with FPS
C trying to cast a void pointer to another type
Rate limiting to prevent malicious behavior in ExpressJS
Single Responsibility Principle and Projects (Visual Studio/C#) 鈥�how do you organize your projects?
How do I select a span containing a specific text value, using jquery?
Copying an unsigned int array in C
Compiling Default Vaadin Widgets of a Maven Project
Android: MapController.zoomToSpan : Make span given a distance and centrepoint
jQuery trigger when element is removed from ContentEditable
Using Ancestry gem through an association
node.js event emitters binding to mulitple instances
Should I not use variable variables in getters and setters?
Is it thread-safe to iterate a HashMap object concurrently?
Bootstrap Modal buttons do not respond to click
Display foreign key data in parent model
Delete *.* excluding some extensions
Remove duplicate words from a string
Fast way to load over a billion rows into Oracle from text files
Translate odata uri to expression
GeoDjango Too Much For This Project?
fixing an url using htacces
Can't compile project when I'm using Lombok under IntelliJ IDEA
Why Powershell's New-WebBinding commandlet creates incorrect HostHeader?
How do I find the View ID for the spinner itself?
Throwing exceptions and implementing through subclass
Android - sending data from acra to a php script
Should i encrypt OpenId Claimer Identifier before storing itin my database?
Shell Scripting - Testing if a directory exists either in the current directory or in a parent / ancestor directory
MYSQL Select from table, get newest/last 10 rows in table
alternative to geo location html4
should a non-database data class I need be created as a Rails 3 鈥渕odel鈥� or just a basic class in the /lib area?
Intent to launch call history and contacts for a particular person?
Xcode project directory
reverse c++ array
How to get mean, median, and other statistics over entire matrix, array or dataframe?
How can you keep a session across multiple subdomains in c# mvc?
graphics program by OpenGL without windows programming [closed]
Kinect + OpenCV + QtCreator
How to know that SKStoreKit In App Purchses caused applicationWillResignActive?
Linq for JavaScript vs standard methods
Drupal token current-page:query
Iterate through NS array of obs
DataTemplate for an array or IEnumerable
Why do AndroidManifest.xml files have redundant android:label attributes?
Loop Through Object in Javascript [duplicate]
How can I return a directories files/folders without the directory path included?
proof of correctness by loop invariant (induction)
Team City build of orchard CMS failing
Is there a valid use case where a non-POD struct is preferred to a class?
What does 鈥渄uplicate symbol _heating_unit in BangBangControlTest.o and BangBangControl.o鈥�mean?
What is the proper way to have a constant string throughout my entire Silverlight C# project?
Find/Replace through all files on the root directory through SSH
How to throw with some printout in C++
Where are my nameSpaces disappearing to in SOAP Header?
How to upload photos using CakePHP 2.0
Acquiring events a user created
WebDB / SQLite - Order By with Ignore Case?
x86 assembly code basic
how do i override imbedded function/definition values in python
WPF on trigger do multiple setters on different controls
Performing Reflection-like Operations with Managed VC++on Unmanaged C++
C vs Java primitive casting and expressions
nstableview reload not working
Error trying to display editText
PHP __get overload code good practice
variables'values lost after loop to loop and external function call
Python Refactoring Tools For Renaming/Moving
The self.__dict__ dict in parent does not have child attributes?
JavaScript vs PHP Array Notation [closed]
Refreshing leadbolt html banner ads
C++ Find the smallest amongst 3 numbers
SDCH compression for Node?
Display currency picker in header
Animated background in flash - high CPU usage
Android exception when making a remote server call using AsyncTask
calculate mean median mode c programming array
forming a bitmap using enum in c
How do I output Jade content through JSON? (Node.js)
database model internationlization play framework
Accessing main view from button in Custom TableViewCell
What properties can I set via an UIAppearance proxy?
Handling Roo generated AspectJ files in Eclipse
Resize image from outside Jquery handler
Method of inserting a record( include the local current TIME) from Android to MySQL through PHP
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Session_Exception' with message 'Zend_Session::start()
How to set colorspace in iText
UrlEncode adds currect working directory to my URL
Better way to do a loop in my Jquery plugin?
Is it possible to save Hadoop Counter data into HDFS?
cleaning blurred border between good and bad data in matplotlib imshow
MVC 3 ViewBag Lost on Partial View Refresh
Use a different path for bin directory under .net 4
Joda-time Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError in applet [duplicate]
Interfacing cassandra with JDBC getting odd hex
Shown on timeline not default selection
jQuery function to move a div left/right when clicking another div
visualforce sites displaying an image from salesforce
Mysql shell table formatting issue
How can I archive Resharper run log of NUnit tests
cxf inbound and outbound message logging to the separate log file
Formatting not being applied to hompage
EhCache Cache Warming
ASP.Net MVC 4 - Multiple types were found that match the controller named 'Home'.
javascript - Passing object arguments to setInterval
Extracting specific parts of a value from an array index
How to display Array of Objects using fb_graph in a Rails Application
Changing Labels Text on MasterPage file
iOS NSJSON Returning Null
What is the most efficient way to store a char pointer into a string in C++
Real time UML class diagramming tool for concurrent editors?
Debugging postgresql for where 'A' < 'a'
Get data from a survey paper document
Is this custom CursorAdapter for a ListView properly coded for Android?
Nginx conf for a SaaS - is there a decent way to handle this scenario?
iPhone ResetCounter Crash
How to add a $ variable to an href url
Table View didSelectRowAtIndexPath
Can cfvideo tag from Railo be used under Adobe CF?
Suppress warning 鈥淐ategory is implementing a method which will also be implemented by its primary class鈥�
Android xml graphical layout is not working for eclipse IDE
How to get an element with selector after using jquery ajax? $.ajax()
鈥減rint鈥�and 鈥渞ange鈥�work different (or not at all) in different Python shells in Windows?
how to correctly use data from a php mysql select statement in another statement
Change form action based on multiple <select> options using jQuery
30 sec. voice message in PHP, Flash, or JS?
Using FluentMongo to remove and update documents
Numpy fancy indexing and assignment
html extension using database
How can I create a generic view model in MVC?
Emacs: menu-bar-mode and tool-bar-mode automatically set to t
Dynamically Add Parameters to an Embedded URL
php authentication display text wrong credentials
How can you use the Twitter search API from an app hosted in another cloud?
How to auto logout logged in user who chooses to delete his account?
Need a login that will hit AD and give me back a list of roles
query structure
OS X App - deployment target set to 10.6 in Xcode, but app only runs on 10.7
Can I demo my Flex mobile app in a Flash player?
Links not going to the correct page
understanding sessions
Update MongoDB collection using $toLower
Collection was mutated while being enumerated- archiving data and writing to file with NSCoder
How do I get a value from Datatable after Select Method in
Validation messages styling with a background color and an image
How to make edit/add/delete items from Datagrid
Magento Admin Panel Missing or Broken - See Screenshots
Unexpected values for left and top attributes using jQuery.css()
KeyListener Interface - recording time
I cannot access the KeyPressed function for when i press the ESCAPE key
Why Am I Getting This SQL Error?
Can a single url have two different objects (single item or collect of items) be posted and still be RESTfully designed?
return a local pointer which points to a static variable [duplicate]
ASP.Net Textbox value lost during postback when you have a very large number of Textboxes on page
Updated JDO objects will not persist in GWT
why is the alert box not displaying?
Accessing all replies to a comment with Graph API
How to rotate a flat object around its center in perspective view?
Android Market Search with 鈥淟IKE鈥�clause on Package Name
Creating files aa..zz and writing AA..ZZ to files using the range operator
quicksort with linked lists
Cannot debug some of the code in process w3wp.exe (Debugger is not registered)
How do you buy or sell currency using LibOpenMetaverse?
Parsing XML from URL that has no doc type: Whats the error
GWT StackLayoutPanel: how to change header background color
Implications of Supertype and Subtype
Looking for an example on how to access a field of exif data from a Photoshop filter plug-in (Photoshop SDK)
Using JavaScript to detect window size and outputting a link to a script
Referencing mutliple ID's within a JQuery call
Stored procedure calling, a weird situation i'm facing
PHP printf() digit padding with a negative number
How to implement Short-Circuit evaluation in user-defined functions?
access distributed mnesia database from different nodes
FlashVars QueryString
Legality of use unpublished/closed API service [closed]
Determine how a popup window is closed
Do I need a PORT when joining a multicast group or just the IP?
How to print execution stack of threads while they are consuming lots of CPU?
Confused on how Java shares variables during multiprocessing
Any way to hide source code of embedded Google Spreadsheet?
what's this matlab code doing?
Efficiency between lists and methods
Perl MongoDB geospatial query
iOS UITabBarController issue
Expression.Call on Expression.PropertyOrField on Interface IList<T> throws InvalidOperationException
Converting the integer representation of a word back to a String
how to encode a UInt32 scalar type into a NSData object
Documenting [Authorize] attribute usage, producing a report
How can I float this left?
IE8 does not support HTML5, but website is still rendered the same
Find all variations of letters in a word in
Algorithm for string with one mismatch
Parsing records with regex
Editing an XML document on the server side
How to export test cases from Rally on to a CSV file
Use jQuery to set image's box-shadow from multiple images
How To Make Commons Configuration's setListDelimiter Work?
Changing row 鈥渟tatus鈥�in MySQL for different time intervals in real-time
Multiply and Add Functions
Store in database or prepare data with javascript
SQL query - how to get item with highest rating?
How to create a virtual directory in apache (MAMP) to external HDD?
C++ std::string::find always returns npos?
ExtJS 2.3 - Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
how to decorate a zend navigation menu?
`string.replace` weird behavior when using dollar sign ($) as replacement
Make jQuery sortable smoother
Geo location notification in iOS
Android: Logcat error where onKeyListener in casted
Consume WCF hosted in a windows form app over network
Having trouble taking out all the newline, tab, and carriage return between two tags
T-SQL performance penalty of using UNIQUEIDENTIFIER vs. INT
force close app, when to get adress ..NULL exception
CoreData relationships are nil after mergeChangesFromContextDidSaveNotification
Javascript Function Definition Syntax [duplicate]
How do I preload flash video and images?
phpUnit - File/Iterator/Autoload.php failed opening
Easiest way to plot array of floats
Solr customizing with Websphere Commerce
SpeechRecognitionEngine in BackgroundWorker
How to use anti forgery token with ajax wcf service
jquery mobile navbar add unknown button
Why is the hyperlink clicking sound not consitent on all sites and browsers?
How Do I Stop Text From Moving When Using .slideToggle?
Checking checkboxes in JQuery
javax.mail.NoSuchProviderException: smtp occurs when class is loaded from a custom class loader
Stored procedures vs Linq2Entities [closed]
Send data using Tcp/Udp
Use JQuery to get a specific TD in a series of Tables
Why language is not regular? [closed]
Android camera application crashes whith imageData manipulation
Creating executable from python source file
display new data in a text area with a line break
How to add multiple facebook like buttons to 1 page?
Use Foreach to iterate over 2d array: Cannot convert string to string[]
Database Design for Facebook 鈥渓ikes鈥�
How do I prevent my Android app from resetting every time my phone sleeps?
windows 8 metro app - toast notification
displaying Contact and Phone numbers in a check box
Community Builder jquery breaks my own jquery code
Strict fmap using only Functor, not Monad
3D rotations of a plane
What is the best way to run a django project on aws?
construct vector C++
Disabling all warnings during a Headless PDE build
Manually clear or remove mediaelement.js players
Sproutcore menu
R: Generate coordinate data from user-drawn points?
php and curl - waiting for what?
Rails Forms and Associations - Adding multiple objects with a quantity form
how to log statements that execute on an index in oracle?
Whats a good Blog Engine I can use in an MVC website
Is it possible to recover an iOS app from my iPhone?
Ruby + Passenger - Redmine deployment issue
receive json in a iframe blackberry 5
Enabling 401 Challenge responses when using WebAuthenticationConfiguration
鈥淔unction-level linking鈥�(i.e. COMDAT generation) in MASM assembly?
javamail 535 authentication error
Retrieving simple data in iOS Issue
<body> being pushed down unless I add padding or border to child element
How to properly close an Alert Dialog in Android?
pyopengl set multipass texture blending mode
Ruby and Savon Error: POST method not supported by this URL
How do I take a bitmap image and save as a JPEG image file on a Windows Phone 7 device?
Regular expression that does not contain quote but can contain escaped quote
C# Mono {new Bitmap(鈥渇ileName鈥�;} Just hangs on OSX
GridView Paging and Sorting
Oracle - additional column check with min function and group by
thread sync between mvc3 actions
FileAppender does not work with File property?
Using Asp.Net MVC RenderPartial outside of a view to get a string
Pass Variables to Parent View?
VB.NET: WYSIWYG page maker tutorial
Optimizing performance of Postgresql database writes in Django?
smartgwt beginner- error when trying to compile project using Smart GWT
How do I change Akka and Logback logging level
MongoDB LIKE vs. Mysql LIKE
Generate unique random numbers in Java
Test posting data to a web server that requires authentication
Ampersand and hash crash my MYSQL Query
Sound MediaPlayer under Android Crashed
Range Reduction Poor Precision For Single Precision Floating Point
1:n relationship and sql query
Rails 3.2: Pre-render (bake) a new page cache immediately after expiry?
How to Check or Uncheck all Items in VB.NET CheckedListBox Control
iOS: Convert data into string and emailing it
Excel VBA want to delete non blanks below Row 5
parse $_SERVER['argv'] into a single array, best method?
What would prevent a stand-alone Coherence server from starting?
Convert erlang terms to string, or decode erlang binary
Youtube Direct Authentication to access JSON-RPC API
Unit Testing CRM 2011 Workflow Activities using the Moles Framework
Alphabetically sort a list of objects by member in C++
Codeigniter Query Chaining
Sending mp3 over http chunked encoding in
How do free webhosters enforce ads? [closed]
Rails image broken link
Ruby On Rails Using Active Record to associate objects
PHP - Saving Uploaded Image to Server
iOS 5 Twitter Framework: Tweeting without user input and confirmation (modal view controller)
Shell script to iterate through files with only one '4' in the file name
Passing Edittext to a Thread
Opening new activity with fixed width and height in android
Can I get the history.back() function to work in Chrome when using the file:// protocol?
Some basic methods are unrecognised by Adapterview
Restricting the Assigned To column in TFS Work Item from being Same as Creator
How to revoke Google API refresh token in Java?
WCF REST Service EndPoint not found error with WebInvoke
Selection Sort in SML with a Twist
Can my company use our Google accounts to sign into a custom web application
User variable not incrementing
How to allow only the members of a facebook group login into my website using facebook Authentication API?
Where can I get SOAP req/resp xmls on Weblogic?
JavaScript framework which uses the {{item}} syntax?
Getting objectForKey: in an NSDictionary with JSON data returning nil even though the key is present
Print CSS not working Correctly
Catching a keyPressEvent in a QTreeWidget with no focus
Hidden PDF elements in iOS
Spring MVC content negotiation fails while serving a BufferedImage
Varnish ESI breaks on html comments
PHP Autoloading with SplClassLoader?
FLV stream repack for http streaming
iphone navigate back to app from external page
How can I return different data from the same link (with image extension)?
How to tell what files dominates my apk size?
Why is the executable so big? (Why isn't dead code removed?)
mongoose findone callback scope (NodeJS, express)
iOS 鈥�Application Settings, trying to reset a switch
Access vba: how perform inserts in two related tables?
How to compare this date in sqlite?
While doing ASP.NET MVC 3, I wonder why developers want MORE javascript libraries like backbone and coffeescript [closed]
Getting JPanels within other JPanels to left align
IE not using HTML symbol in jQuery
How to set SBCL's current directory using slime?
Unix shell script that prints first line of any README files in directory or subdirectories
PHP/SQL Select Statement Does Not Work [closed]
IBM.Data.Informix.dll throws Exception c# connection informix
Python in order traversal to a flat list
Read data in 9-, 10-, or 11-bit (exact) chunks and convert to integer in Objective-C / C
Android : TextView horizontally scrolling
Java conditionals (checking for first condition within the condition)
Is this a reasonable view of Haskell IO?
How do I bind to Canvas.Left or Canvas.Top attached property in code behind?
How can I change the JavaScript code?
loading Jinja templates from python modules (pre-compiled templates)
What naming conventions should I use on the second integer on a nested for loop?
Yii dynamic dropdown output to view
JTable 'page' navigation
Rails hash to array to hash how to?
jScrollPane contentPane not reinitialising when img src changes
Papertrail and Carrierwave
Objective-C, iOS SDK, NSMutableArray, add elements and save data
Spring Layout Jbutton disappearing and size messes up
Python C Extension in package - not working?
Android: ListView reverses the items when soft-keyboard appears
SOAP returning invalid XML response
php get bing rss feed titles into one var
How do I handle an AJAX POST on Google App Engine Python 2.5 with webapp.RequestHandler?
Binding Values To Prepared Statements without knowing their data type
Download Symbols from Microsoft
Ignoring base tag after post
WCF + Enterprise Library + ValidationFault
Accessing NumPy record array columns in Cython
Hide Characters from PHP MySQL Query result
鈥淚nsufficient number of outputs from right hand side of equal sign to satisfy assignment.鈥�Matlab
how to trigger a change on a checkbox or click a row to select a table row?
How to start internet explorer without any add-ons except flash?
Update field in table with the max value in another table, with the foreign key
Why can I use Strings as keys in a HashMap?
Java library to talk to swift (OpenStack) with keystone authentication
Can Twitter's embedded tweets be rendered dynamically?
Writing continuous controller data to a midi file
What is the difference between DataMapper and ORM?
How is Amazon DynamoDB throughput calculated and limited?
get ebay time in rails
Iphone Build Release with encryption
Keep form data on page refresh
fopen()/file_get_contents not working on the real server
Mysql combine specific row results while respecting unselected rows
Maximum values from a SQL Query
Weighted mean and standard deviation in mysql
PHP Session and restricted mysql Access
IOS: Maintaining button state in uitableviewcell
cannot find momd
Displaying large text java [duplicate]
rewriting urls for static js and css files using nginx server
How are database triggers implemented inside a SQL database engine?
Timing Execution Speed of Python Code [duplicate]
Entity Framework, odata syntax
Is it possible to center an array of objects without dynamically changing the style?
NSDictionary returning null value for key
Machine Learning - Classification algorithm
grails console failing to execute a script after it's opened as .groovy
Widget to add, remove, and sort entries in a wxpython program
Rails and passing data to Javascript
How does readyState work?
Bundler ignoring install of MySQL2 gem when run on my 'production' server
SQLite exception with parameterised delete query
Find Control on MasterPage returns nulll
Array list Intent to another activity returns null
Save Could not be completed. ECLIPSE ERROR
Disable Android browser's input overlays?
How do I see/debug the way SOLR find it's results?
When trying to build gpuocelot, running into boost link errors on OS X Lion
Perl: Given the year and week number, how can I get the first date in that week?
Why does poll require its main parameter to live beyond the call?
porting web browser application to mobile device
jPlayer flash fallback doesn't buffer?
Intermittent EXC_BAD_ACCESS exception with CATitledLayer
Keeping an instance variable as an instance variable, not its contents
Issues with XML query - performance ok on one server, super slow on another
why error message 鈥�.effects is undefined鈥�
Heroku deploy fails after upgrading to bootstrap 2.0.1 via twitter-bootstrap-rails gem
How Huffman Encoding construct the image(jpeg) from dct coefficients?
Clear form post data
Is there a way to mark a NSManagedObject as dirty?
cyclical generics (try 2)
mysql on windows, remote access
why wont this code display my texture in pyopenGL
Remove parts of a string with PHP
鈥淪aving鈥�a common block
CSS post alignment
Using HTML in form value
Accessing cache.dat through ODBC
Rails remove attributes from instance variable
Printing return value from function in perl
CoffeeScript String Interpolation with For In Loop Adds Commas
knockout.js - lazy loading of templates
Passing a struct to a function results in nested struct
C++: How to correctly return a pointer to an object
Highlight full field without fragments via Java API doesn't work - ES Version 0.18.6
CreateElement with id?
printing (NEW) next to the new post for 3 days [closed]
In C# how does one make a file load in its correct program? [duplicate]
JPA EclipseLink @ElementCollection not updating properly
Thread blocking with Android ADK
Resume home Activity when certain TabSpec of TabActivity clicked
Use certain component depending of state in flex 3
Process do not gets a pipe from proc_open. lessc - Dynamic Stylesheet language
ErrorProvider working on one call but not another?
Generate all possible permutations
Draggable element in VML get stuck when size change (height, width) in IE 8
align multiple tables horizontally?
Method = 鈥淥ST鈥�
Malloc array of pointers error
Accessing variables in another class
Calling an MVC3 action from a SQL CLR stored procedure
Multiple nested if statment in MySQL query
MP3 doesn't play when I press stream
Befriending all templated classes in other templated class
jqPlot axis with ticks labeled differently from underlying data
Constructing Triangular Mesh for 3-Dimensional Data Surface Data in Python
Issue with dialog box and Theme.Dialog theme Android
PHP acts different in IE and Chrome
Python counting all instances of a value which has more than one key
Why does my AlertView takes 3 clicks on cancel button to close?
How to get Next and Prevous values?
Rails Group_By Limit
Undo content in vim
Catch push notification's message if the user tapes 鈥渃lose鈥�in the alert
How do I set the position of a soft body in Bullet Physics
How to mark as deprecated a single enum value in Delphi
Saving data in MongoDB
ASP.NET custom HttpHandler in IIS 7, 7.5
ruby connect SQL server by using Windows authentication
dispatch_queue_t need to be released using dispatch_release()?
Can't get MonoTouch binding library to work
DataContractSerializer Best Practices? [closed]
How should I structure my HTML5 manifest given these requirements?
Lucene's incrementToken() last term ignored
Twitterizer - The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized
ajax execute script
Get the value of specific column in DataGridview
Problems with ajax div refreshed page calling to parent.window.location
Detect if Variable Contains Number Sequence
pulse jquery without a plugin
suspend pthread?
whats happen when leaving a CCscene in cocos2d?
Screen Validation, JPA validation and hashed passwords
What is the CALayer equivalent to UIView's sizeToFit-method?
Can you program against interfaces in EF if you do NOT make use of navigation properties?
How to restore a TFS workspace and pending changes to a newly installed hard drive?
Imitate a product using cms static block
How do I get a _received_ iCal event to run a script?
How do I get a _received_ iCal event to run a script?
Objective-c calling C function
Using Ninject.Extensions.Wcf for a web service hosted in ASP.NET MVC 2
cyclical generics
Inheritance in curiously recurring template pattern polymorphic copy (C++)
Use of global dictionary to create variables
Passing In Array Like Variables T-SQL
Search a javascript object for a property with a specific value?
Converting joda LocalTime to sql Time
Java GWT maps api v3 add click handler to Marker
AlertDialog with urls and text
Accessing parent model instance from modelform of admin inline
How does IIS URL Rewrite handle # anchor tags
Exact phrase matches n-gram, but no results found?
get_file_content not working for https
Play file with vlc using path from clipboard
How can I access user roles/permissions with SSRS and BIDS Custom Security Extension?
Starting with Android development [closed]
Advertising Links Websites [closed]
Facebook Graph API: is User Locale Automatically Determined by Geolocation Check?
File copy using getRuntime().exec()
Joining tables on A or B or C
Partial Mocking Class with Multiple Static Methods with GMock
Where can I store shared data on an ASP MVC website?
Can I use map2dbg with 64 bit Delphi executables?
Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=61 鈥淭he operation couldn u2019t be completed. Connection refused鈥�
/ah/warmup producing HardDeadlineExceededError:
pros and cons for using a service like
Get function name from inside itself
Handling java Exception after Spring Framework has started writing to client
How would you get the Largest / MAX COUNT of Sequential / Contiguous records meeting a Criteria using T-SQL
Duplicate Auto Numbers generated in SQL Server
Write debug messages to Xcode output window
PowerShell: Quoting -replace & variables
emacs 23.4.1/latex/flymake-mode: can't find master file
How to match a pound (#) symbol at the beginning of a word using regex in PHP [duplicate]
Is it possible to pass attributes that are not bound to a bean via the commandButton ?
DataContractSerializer and Known Types
ASP.NET Caching for all users
Embedded HTML5 & Jquery marquee
creating an http body with construction method
SQL for finding recently trending items
jquery mouseover not to hide element if the mouse is over popup window
How to store pointer to S3 objects in Amazon SimpleDB?
symfony2 formbuilder
Building a online Q&A site using Grails Framework
Regex performance issues - Profanity filter
Where is my connectionstring stored in a class library?
Some problems with Threads
Form variables passed via jquery potential issue
AsyncTask crashes in doInBackground, add to listview
wp_dropdown_pages as an option in my widget
Find out if guessed number is higher, lower or equal to Random number, or guessed before etc
System.AccessViolationException Attempted to read or write protected memory
read textbox inside a repeater
PowerShell and SharePoint 2007: Cannot find an overload for 鈥淎dd鈥�and the argument count: 鈥�鈥�
OSX - NSLog prevents application crash in debug mode
SSRS 2008 Dataset Filtering - SUM / Break down by month
modelformset_factory excludes too many fields
Overlapping y-axis tick label and x-axis tick label in matplotlib
NicEdit with jQuery Autocomplete
how can I make this sed capture accomplish a more complex substitution
Where does Ruby store method defined in instance_eval()
objective-c refactor method
How to host my PyroCMS web page
Time Blocks for Ruby
List of available collators in PHP?
How to disable/enable controllers in JMVC?
Decrypting encrypted assertion using SAML 2.0 in java using OpenSAML
Subtract shifted vectors in R
Is it possible to use a method in a Unit Test file in Rails Console?
jquery fade in, image over image
MySQL How do you INSERT INTO a table with a SELECT subquery returning multiple rows?
UDP broadcasting system won't communicate on separate computers
鈥淧lugin handled load鈥�dialog appears when playing a video within a web page within UIWebView
Auto format option (=) in Vim doesn't indent HTML+JS correctly?
PHP list gotcha? First var returns first character of second var
Decode a nimbus private class `DerivedColor` into correct ARGB values
Does SQL re-evalulate the function for every row or just once, converting it to a constant
Is there a code editor that will allow copying of syntax highlighting to an Office Document for Windows?
animating jQuery Ui position()
permissions required for non-administrators to run parameter reports in jasperServer
Why does tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() truncate my data?
Does Groovy++ work with Grails 2.0
Creating a javascript object using existing object property
How to create an offline repository for debian non-free? [solved]
Jquery: Select all elements below - do multiple function to each element
Check if directory mounted with bash [closed]
Declaring large character array in c++
simple faq module on joomla 1.7
ggplot vertical line with date axis
Searching php arrays
How to append text to specific php array value
Deferring dependencies when loading data using knockoutjs, the scalar version
List<string> binding
PHP - Trying to delete an entry in a database, recieve an sql error but cant work out how
Discrete cosine transform co-efficient removal
GetDetailsOf fails to work when 鈥渉ide extensions for known file types鈥�is selected
Runtime.availableProcessors: what is it going to return?
Does ASP.NET have variables and procedures like ASP?
iOS Creating a list of tags
Cross Browser Compatibility Issues
HTML-Javascript-CSS Programming for mobile browsers- blackberry vs IOS vs Android
Why nothing happen when connecting UITableViewCell to UInavigationcontroller
Glassfish 3.1.1 start-local-instance fails with JAXBException
Can I use Solr instead of MongoDB?
How to trim &nbsp; after getting text from DOMNode
Lazy Cartesian product of arrays (arbitrary nested loops)
Java 'ext' directory versus -Xbootclasspath/p:
Dealing with JSON result
How to specify the type/class of a single property (discriminator) in a Fluent-nHibernate query.
STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION when reading file int struct
Xcode 4.2 error: receiver type for instance message does not declare a method with selector
Use of deallocator & allocator in shared_ptr
How to see requests in Sinatra?
Why is there no vector(size_type n, const Allocator& alloc) in C++11?
How do I increase gap between dynamically added labels in a grid?
Galleria and Picasa/Flickr: Sorting pictures to show newest uploaded
How to abstract your code from platform specific header file
Unity - How to enable setter injection in configuration file?
How to remove CSS attribute such that HTML attribute will take effect again?
CUDA: are access times for texture memory similar to coalesced global memory?
how to pass NSUserDefaults integer to a UInt32 object
Hibernate Envers revision info (changes list)
WebView is always the topmost component
GridView Lines Not Showing up in IE
connect database table with the local username id password of the system
jQuery/AJAX image upload plugin?
Specify the language of the app in the marketplace?
Azure Service Bus Binding causes Worker Role to become unhealthy after single fault
Displaying user's sql query using php
Placing an image watermark
jQuery Ajax Post - Print the data you just posted in the callback
jquery after() method
Changing into new window
Scala Collections Library Inheritance
How can I do a 201 redirect in Grails?
Does the onClickListener not update the UI until all of the code inside it has run in Android?
Qt Designer: Create widget array
How to use GLKit to rotate about the center of a sprite off an atlas
django startproject creating app as well
modify datarow value for a specific gridview column
Google Font Not Showing Up In IE8
c# MVC XML Record Value
text-transform: uppercase causes layout error on Chrome
How do I dynamically update an iframe using Javascript or jQuery
Node.js Event Queue Priority
Asynchronous NSURLConnection call
How to insert a new element in between all elements of a Ruby array?
How to specify an object expiration prefix that doesn't match the directory?
changing UIBarButtonSystem color
Django not creating tables for an installed app
log method scope in java with one call
can't turn off ViewState (, what can be wrong?
I created a .resx file, how do I reference it in my view page?
why does urllib.urlopen(url) fail while urllib2.urlopen(url) works. What specifically about the server response is causing this?
Tween the width of object without moving the object in Actionscript 3
Perl Regex with variables not matching the same text
How to Model a list inside a sequence
Where is the varnish configuration file?
sendmail running slow on centos
DirectX Clip space texture coordinates
Return False not working inside jQuery.ajax
What is the easiest way to determine if a Maven dependence is actually used?
Not able to retrieve any data from graph API
Setting up a RESTful service for Backbone.js with apache and windows
Appcelerator Titanium facebook send specific content
Mk Mapview keeps resetting on users location?
AspectJ and Spring LTW doesn't work when upcasting
VS2010 add-in to format similar lines as a table
Unrecognized selector sent to instance?
ajQuery - Start slideshow on click
Why is my View utf8 and how can I change it to latin1
Application cannot Start: OpenCV x64 compilation in VS uses x86 libraries
Changing Size in SizeChanged event does not take effect
Display text with if statement
is it a good practice to delete the AdBannerView on viewWillDisappear and add it back on viewWillAppear?
VB.NET How to clear the form's background
Handling JSON POST request using PHP and SHA1
Not finding Theme path when using eval() code
Dependency Management with Play 2.0 Applications
How do I plot a single point on a world map, using ggplot2?
How to create a Java Soundbank programmatically
google map v3 zoom controls not showing
Full utf-8 compliance for a php web app?
Missing the 鈥榤aven package鈥�menu entry in eclipse
Dynamically -shallow binding and deep binding
Match comma separated values in column
ATAPI library not working in windows 7 脳64
Implementing a blocking queue in C#
get the current scene returns NULL?
Name resolution for Java
Google API Map of cities based on database
jquery turn preventdefault on and off
Drools - Ability to define rules at runtime ?
Using GCD to wait for a condition
Example waf project with vala
MySQL conditional JOIN using keys from different tables for matching
Linux NASM OUTSB SegFault
ImageMagick convert PDF to PNG: resulting image has a larger canvas than image content
Cannot Find Symbol createAccessBeans(java.util.Collection) when Compiling EJB 1.1 IBM Commerce Project
Center submenu under parent list-items with variable widths
Semi transparent gradient image to darken without desaturating
No Animation when going back from detail view to table view, using navigation controller
How to detect if a MemoryMappedFile is in use
Rails ActionMailer attachments show up as garbled text
Part-of-speech tagger in PHP? [closed]
C++ Undefined abstract class constructor
jquery's live() is deprecated. What do I use now?
Social Network with codeigniter
Post a request with a form to an mvc route
Linux library for profiling
Multiple submissions from one page
Javascript function returning session object
Substring comparision with one mismatch
Can't submit data when debugging Zend Framework forms with Zend Debugger in Zend Studio
max likelihood fminsearch Routing - using database queries in order to determine the physical file, and add extra route data from query results
QT opengl add object on mouse click [closed]
Very slow query where table have many records
Android Mediastore and External Database
Counting elements in multidimensional array?
GUI for Mono port of .NET 4 application using WPF [closed]
What's the best way to prevent a Sitecore user from accidentally unpublishing the home page?
How can I calculate database design storage costs?
Output PID to file from process executed in bash script?
Null values when reading remote object from java POJO using BlazeDS and Flash Builder
Pathjs hashtag routing not working when iframe changes source
Setting a datasource for a report at runtime?
Using a sprite sheet with different sized sprites in Slick2D
Error: uncaught exception: [Exception鈥︹�String contains an鈥︹�
Are there any ETL tools that integrate with Rails models?
Dojo charting: How to add labels from datastore to my Axis?
Is the full Net 4 Framework required to use Code First database generation in our software?
Remove file as part of a commit
ASP.NET Web API controller can't handle dynamic objects?
How do I center the twitter bootstrap tabs on the page?
Finding a recursion relation
django 1.3: values and annotate with foreign keys and many to many relationships
Android data management
tracing recursion
replace image with rollover fade
How to match a pound (#) symbol in a regex in php (for hashtags)
Declaring a pointer to struct in C++ automatically allocates memory for its members. Am I wrong?
apply sum to data.frame grouped by substring, with R
PHP output altered when variable present
about return type in linq
Cross-Origin XMLHttpRequest in chrome extensions
Joomla date/calendar function
Another Simple Random Walk Simulation Using Python(Two-Dimensional)
Looping Nested Loops
C loop prints string twice? (using scanf(鈥�c鈥�)
Fixed horizontal position but allowing vertical scroll with jQuery
Sql Server 2008 NVARCHAR length -1
Parallax Effect without the use of background-attachment:fixed
sql bulk copy will not upload data to database using file stream
Jquery: select all underneath class 鈥�last鈥�do multiple options to each element
Using provided scope for javaee-api version 6 causes wsgen to fail in Maven
How can I optimize this SQL query with ORDER BY RAND()
Is maven-qunit-plugin dead or do I not know how to use it?
鈥淭oasting鈥�in android webbrowser?
How best to use the order of one ArrayList to order another in Java?
How do I check if a letter has been changed in a word using PHP?
statically and dynamically scopes
Are there any open source libraries for drawing complex images in AS3?
jquerymobile ajax calls in blackberry 5
ASP.NET Gridview column based display
Convert HTML Input Form to Windows Form that uses Web Service
JPA entity model proposal
Excel VBA: Enabling Macro Settings
FindControl inside Repeater
Device screen-locking while debugging
Issue with if (mb_strlen() != #)
Writing a test for a custom FormHelper gem patch
Linux server in the cloud 鈥�鈥渢hin鈥�client in the hand? [closed]
How to debug this Makefile
How can i find a file in a hard
Merging one named branch into another (catching up), but keeping the two branches
UITableView in a Modal dialog & heightForRowAtIndexPath
creating z-scores for subset of rows
Check if file exist in ksh
Suggestions for a testing environment on the internet
Android ExpandableListView long group click listener prevent expand
Extracting a part of simple string using Javascript
What does the blame command do in Mercurial?
Django FileField open() method returns None for valid file?
.NET RegEx Help for string matching
Rails 3 MimeType fallback for :mobile mime type back to standard html
Jquery override link, work with url
Wrapping long text in IE and Firefox
BizTalk Message Assignment cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Byte[]' to 'System.Byte[]'
Loading and unloading data in UIViewController
tiling two backgrounds, can't display text above the first tiling image
Dynamically use UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFit and UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFill
Zxing library for android
Play a video when list item is clicked
File upload functionality - ASP.NET MVC/AJAX
SSHJ hangs forever on join()
is the locals() dictonary in python read-only when debugging?
SQL Constraint : only one record per day for a particular key
Recognizing function calls in SQL with JSQLParser
Getting value to increment and return after each incrementation
Baudrate with RS485 communication in PC
Trouble implementing Facebook page tab competition
Setting up argparse on Python 3.2
Rails can't modify frozen string
Upload directly to S3 from django
SQL Server running multiple queries as one query
How do I invoke a text editor from the terminal?
How to activate the next or last view of a region?
Nested Set gem - Do I need it and how to limit depth if so
Transferring a string to new activity + convert string to integer
JAXB endless data structure, recursive binding?
How to trace pthread scheduling in Linux?
What is a bin folder for in Android?
Proper arguments as const or operands
How to handle deploying w/ Git in an environment where the integration branch isn't always ready for live
Calling a method from a web browser that may take an hour to complete?
Corrupted string as a result from a download of utf8 encoded xml data received by libcurl
JScrollPane not showing scrollbars
Zend Controller Router passing variables
jquery video background plugin
Can't configure Eclipse for running a perl script using the EPIC plugin?
how to fill with a texture in html5 (and still be able to change the color?)
ActiveAdmin throws undefined method `stringify_keys'
Readonly FCKEditor
Add-in Express RTD refresh issue
Javacard converter specifications
Rename project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone
Initial selection on dropdowns with objects using KnockoutJS
referencing the same table twice in entity framework
Detection a click on array cell
displaying Contact and Phone numbers in a check box
AS3 Call method in a frame, from inside a movieclip [duplicate]
Non-testable base class extending PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
Chrome crashing from javascript?
Rails: Jquery Ajax issue with slidetoggle
Dialog on listview click Android 2.3
mahalanobis distance vs euclidean distance in Vector Quantization
android chart in the same page as other stuff
Jquery plugin suggestions for scroll path / parallax
nsurlrequest settings for POST
Rails 3.1 asset pipeline: other assets on Amazon S3 demanding to be precompiled?
Querying a Nested Table
Why is jquery Mega Menu so slow to load?
Best way to redirect mobile devices [duplicate]
How to use Java MouseEvent Data
AdMob - Android 2.1 - 4.0 Eclipse
Unable to debug library project
How to do multiple annotations for the same class with different properties
what's the difference between #{} ${} and %{}?
Script to determine if a stored procedure is readonly or read-write
Trying to add rows to a datatable within a dataset but editor doesn't 鈥渟ee鈥�my dataset/datatable?
Optimizing JavaScript code that lowercases JSON property names
Overload operator<< for arrays
How do I remove all default Webkit search field styling?
Unable to load several versions of AppEngine Project and Seeing HardDeadLineExceeded Exceptions
ComboBox Issue: Cannot bind to new value member
Jenkins spins endlessly at the end of a test run
C# webBrowser InvokeScript namespace specification
Segmentation Fault when sending a simple mail from Rails 3.2
Calculating checksum of a flash drive's contents
How would you convert this multi-line fiasco to HAML?
How to change 鈥�(elipses) to 鈥�(three periods) in Ruby?
Cannot download and install my crx chrome extension
event.layerX error when using click() in jQuery
Database Help PHP Beginner
Absolute differences of images in OpenCV using a mask
How do I select something in MYSQL without selecting it twice if its in the row
switch audio source with jquery and HTML5 audio tag
standalone rcp application, access secured EJBs, glassfish
Why won't my simple YQL JSON-via-Jquery script parse in internet Explorer?
BASH : mount usb drive on a non root user does not give rights to write to the drive
OCL - Need some clarification on Invariants?
How to move up an inner box and keep outer box in place with CSS?
How do unused Javascript object methods impact memory usage?
JTextArea on left of JPanel
Pass value from aspx to event handler in code behind
DOMDocument::getElementsByTagName not grabbing channel in PHP
UITabBars - 鈥渟hould be accessible from every location in the application.鈥�
rand() generating same number upon compilation [duplicate]
Use same JQuery function in differents pages with different parameters
Why is my footer not staying centered?