Load testing tools with dynamic input support
Android browser doesn't load Google Maps API on page reload
Access mobile device camera from a grails application using jquery mobile
How notify only specific users on a page using Faye?
Seg fault on std::vector.insert
How to get a post value on ASIFormDataRequest in DidFinishSelector method?
how to time an arbitrary function in f#
Secure to save the instance state of a secure EditText?
PHP to do what ImageMagick does
Sort list in ruby
Traversing the DOM with jQuery .closest()
Style TabWidget background from styles.xml
How to put a UITableView below a UILabel with code
ObjectOutputStream need response from server?
What exactly does this PHP exploit code (found on my app)?
trying to explain pandas.DataFrame behavior
Problems with ListIterator and Concurrent Modification Exception
Telling Bundler to exclude certain gems from a particular gem's installation
jQuery - submit form, add to db table, return success.
Apex trigger for new record creates number
SimpleXML keeps returning content on CDATA element
NullPointerException while GWT building with Gin
emacs shell: type once, run everywhere
How do I get Choice Values from a Document library's Choice column in code
In vim, writing lisp/clojure code, how to properly indent bindings in let?
Get the title of the image (not just the title of the a)
rails command not working in mountable engine root directory
How to simulate a user using Nodejs
Rails: leaving much code in view
How to use less.js with node.js to watch .less files in a folder?
deploying python applications
Problems with drop down menus over playing HTML5 video
strtotime returns current year when input is in the format of YYYY and the value is greater then 1999
Running InstallUtil.exe using different versions of .NET
Access/check Spring Security hierarchical roles programmatically
Filename search with ElasticSearch
PriorityDispatcher mentioned in PriorityGenerator API documentation seems to be missing (Akka 2.0RC2)
Why isn't my animation not waiting for an eventlistener before moving on?
Virtual File System with FTP
Show different profile based on user type
Can I include Mootools framework into background page of Chrome Extension?
jquery addclass for custom validations
Fuzzy Matching in H2 Database?
LINQ Query over another LINQ query
remove entire menu LI item based on LI ID
Frameworks: Zend Framework 1.11 vs Symfony vs Zend Framework 2 (Comparison and Advantages/Disadvantages) [closed]
Grabbing everything past the domain in an NSURL?
Moving WCF service from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.5
Use an image in WPF InkCanvas
How to include flotr2 charts in rails?
Android: get time until Runnable is executed via Handler
FlashBuilder loosly coupled and reusable component architecture
How do I change the tint color (background) of a UIActionSheet in iOS5?
Oracle: I need a 鈥減artial鈥�outer join. Look at the image
iPhone opengl es: Touch detection
Setting custom fields using the PSI - Microsoft Project Server
Getting input from within same element jquery
Vaadin Java with Apache Tomcat
Using keyup in an iframe Possible?
Can't play sound in AVD
Leverage browser caching madness
Why won't Sage compile my code?
How to dynamically move from a ListView's Item Click Event to a Hard Coded Java Layout?
Is it DrawableGameComponent the wrong tool for creating buttons?
Segmentation fault in this program
iOS: Core Data class method
Woodwing: how to trigger the ModalViewController using custom web/html embedded content
mongodb and very high lock percentage with low throughput
Database connection pointing to wrong database
Embedded YouTube Videos - Removing Videos at End
SQL Server EXISTS query to determine relationship
SketchFlow Phone Screen instead of UserControl
Passing Derived Class to a method which needs to override expecting a base class
Validate at least one checkbox is checked with jQuery Validator
Accessing application resources from the library project
visual c++ coin change system for dispensing machines
What is the best way to dynamically host multiple WCF services in a single Windows service sharing a mex endpoint?
scrollTop function returns different value when page is refreshed
std::thread class in VC++ 11 causes random crashes. Any workarounds?
Cannot connect to MySQl database from Eclipse DataSource Explorer
Rails how to render JSON as UTF-8?
Assign row number to textboxes
Steps for creating a facebook app that will allow our users to add the app as a tab on their page, provide an id and fetch the data from our server
Linq initialize object
Apache does not load PDO SQLSRV drivers ERROR: 'could not find driver'
MySQL: Regular expression that matches these criteria?
Android - Subclass View, Set Class Variable
Easiest way to allow others to install an Excel (2011) macro?
How to compare a backgroundColor in Javascript?
JQuery Mobile / Webkit - Retaining Dom State after Refresh and Back Button events
How do I make an image load synchronously?
Not able to display PDF using fancybox
Open connection to site and parse the data
Facebook AJAX Permissions Dialog NOT in Pop-Up?
fire and observe jQuery event for class object
simple key pressed event in python tkinder app
backbone routes - ordering and filtering
Exit not only from child function but from whole parent function
SQL Server trace how to see the TSQL for prepared SQL
Guide me to Best Solution for a time loop in Bashscript?
Avoiding parallel inheritance with service locators
Javascript, how to link array elements to different urls
ASP.NET staticContent configuration option not working
Issues using sqlsrv_rows_affected, it keeps returning false even when its true
Display string to a maximum of so many characters without splitting word
Setting the MaxStringContentLength on ChannelFactory
export mysql results to file using Ruby
Why MapView onTouchListener is only fired once? [duplicate]
Which of these java books is better for me? [closed]
Apache proxy - Dynamic cookies
Iphone app does not update automatically when you rename it in the iTunes
Set up separate subdomain for each site language in django
Union Select not displaying Union Results
Reading excel file with JET OleDB C# ignoring first blank column
Changing default checkbox state of a 3rd party InstallShield installer
Backbone.js model: Different URLs for create versus save
G++ NVCC How to compile CUDA code then Link it to a G++ C++ project
Out of heap space when moving project to a different computer?
losing styles and javascripts on tabs content jquery ui
Eclipse: How do you configure the perspectives listed on the menu when you click 鈥淥pen Perspective鈥�
Wildcard lithium routing
How to Properly Setup a Java Web Applet Using SMTP on a Server
Java: JLayeredPane and Lines or Circles
how to preview the adjacency list tree by using for loops (Non-recursive solution)
Catching an Integer Overflow in a recursive function [C]
Issues with using a negative margin in background images to display bullets (IE6 and 7)
Android TableLayout - shrink a bit more
How to catch a exception thrown inside of a JTA-Transaction?
Fire jQuery event when target does not match selector
Can I put arbitrary elisp code in .dir-locals.el? [duplicate]
Sunspot crashes every few minutes
How to get cell address by clicking a datapoint on an Excel scatter plot?
cURL to C# webrequest
How to prevent ASP.net WP from terminating on error
Numpy Indexing - Questions on Odd Behavior/Inconsistencies
Send an XSD message with WCF 4.0
Why do I get a no suitable method found for exportObject error?
Can I use Selenium 2 to fetch HTML data without having to open a new browser window?
Managed Bitmap and Memory Management
how do you communicate messages to a PLC
Delphi resize/crop frame around text box
regex/linux find command not working as expected
Global variable called 鈥渦ndefined鈥�inside of a function
Get target instance for a Style from within a custom MarkupExtension
Recursively return the pathname of the file
How do I load a 24 bit tiff image in C++
Cocos2D & Leaderboard
Qn: Getting Around Windows File Lockup Property 鈥�using FileHandling in Java or C#
Appending a link with Jquery
Table diagram application
Get the MAC address of a Bluetooth device with Apples 鈥淓xternal Accessory framework鈥�
Programatically 'Touch' UITableViewCell?
VB.net Separate lists from same class copy each other
Using DU on Android
Json request returning data in browser, but not in App
Define private methods that will be used by class methods - Objetive C
Different ways of organizing message database at client in Java
In IE9 highlighting text in a disabled textbox won't release the mouse button; workaround?
How can I tell my (MSTest) test list to run in one of two modes from the command line?
Colorize console output in Intellij products
Dismiss 2 modal view controllers
change variable value outside function
Powershell argument passing to function seemingly not working
Facebook PHP SDK - Logout issue
jquery keep live filter in line with fast keystrokes [duplicate]
jquery keep live filter in line with fast keystrokes [duplicate]
Replacing a string's content with something from a list or dictionary in Python 3
How to create JPopupMenu From Custom Tree
The constructor SimpleAdapter is undefined
Forming relations from EER diagrams
Django Send_Mail Value Error
Modifying the 鈥淪paces鈥�plist on OSX to set default desktops
Robust and complete expansion or RRULE in python
ASP.Net Login Control Attempted Login Log VB
Express.js redirect with virtual path
How to properly define and process paramerterized error messages in Java?
Calling .net 1.1 from Powershell
Disable power button鈥�or鈥�Resume full screen in Android toddler app
jQuery Tools / Fancybox Conflict. 鈥渦ncaught exception: Could not find Overlay: example_group鈥�
@OneToOne unidirectional and bidirectional
Finding the target of mouse events
IOS 5 Core Data, how to have NSFetchedResultsController return results matching the parent one to many relationship?
Using mvc2 and c#, how do I call a void method in my controller from view
Controller PUTs both old value and new value?
Retrieve browser headers in Python
Change $item = mysql_fetch_assoc($stmt) to prepared statement style
Git merging with repos on origin
.Net 32 bits to 64 bits migration pb?
The multi-part identifer 鈥溾� can not be bound
Individual SQLite Databases per User over MySQL?
How do I test for a second form name if the first form name comes back undefined?
Adding a custom view controller to a storyboard
xquery group names by alphabetical order to create contact list
LINQ within a foreach loop
Does increased buffering improves top speed of the ifstream.getline() in C++?
Jar files using Ant
Illigal character exception when making a remote server call using AsyncTask in Android
How to compile on multiple cores using mingw inside QTCreator
Castle ActiveRecord - Enable Lazy Loading in Medium Trust
Disable caching of #{cache} tag in dev mode
Pull out specific line [closed]
dropdown navigation issues
./adb uinstall Failure after install successfully
In OSGi DS, how do I get notified when referenced service's properties update?
Link between low level drivers and tty drivers
urlfetch redirected into an infinite loop in python
Cocoa - iOS -Does updating the text property of a UILabel require setNeedsDisplay?
jstl and i18n: language selection and db
how to convert this JSON to PHP
keychainwrapper acceptable characters
Connect JProgressBar with download process
Change web.config during deployment
migrating a site Boonex Dolphin?
I fail to access Resource image file from code in WPF using pack Uri
ColdFusion Migration from CF 7 to CF 9 breaks the Flex app
ColdFusion Migration from CF 7 to CF 9 breaks the Flex app
Spring 3.1 JPA not inserting data while running in tomcat
Best way to store backbone views
Simulate table behaviour 鈥渆xpand to all remaning space鈥�(a filler) with a div (height I mean)
Using navigation property metadata to filter a collection of entities
Search all sub registry keys for JavaSoft and then delete all of its findings
jQuery: submit dropdown selection, return success message
issue changing UIToolbar tintColor
Detached JPA Object Not Getting Version Field Populated
How to build SEO urls in Rails 3.x with lots of optional URL params?
Improve password hashing with a random salt
Defining a resizable galleria in PrimeFaces
Can't make php conditional 鈥渋f鈥�work inside HTML
Editing server time for a PHP script
Is there anything wrong with sending other content along with a 404 error?
usage: cc [ options] files. Use 'cc -flags' for details
mysqli_connect not working on MAMP
FYI: ASP.NET MVC 4 beta and TypeMock Isolator 6.0.3 don't play nicely [closed]
Is there an industry standard to have the text of a button in capital or small letters for Android?
Retrieve generated ID in MS SQL 2008
Exception while trying to set up DotNetNuke content localization
Justifying text input controls in table cells with different spans using CSS
Creating website walkthrus
Is it possible to compile c code using python?
Simple mysql query not working
Associate a username with a workflow in the persistence store?
Double authentication for RESTful API
What is the best dp dimensions to make your xml layouts as a base for? [closed]
C: struct X has no member named Y
How to refer to multiple classes without creating a mess?
Check To See A Match In MySql
Align image and text in the middle of button element
JavaScript Framework For Drawing Fancy Charts [closed]
NSWorkspace launchApplicationAtURL not working with NSWorkspaceLaunchConfigurationArguments
setting up broadcast Receiver to turn on bluetooth
Refactoring a SQL Script
jQuery plugin disappearing after page load
How to scale text in html?
PhoneGap Android Barcode Scan UI modification
How to route correctly when an argument is passed in a function?
Android strace (or any linux binary) execution
evaluate script through jquery ajax call
CentOS/auditd: file creation at directory to trigger a script
Have I been doing locks wrong this whole time?
Jqgrid subgrid nested levels with out headers
Table permissions when a low permission user executes a sproc
IE8 to show smaller font when printing, how?
Viewing body of POST request using curl
Using glDrawArrays to upload frame buffers?
Flatten a C# Dictionary of Lists with Linq
Backbone.js Persisting child variables to parent
SSO(Single Sign-on) in ASP.NET and Php using Webservices?
Convert JSON string to Javascript array [duplicate]
PHP DOM accessing the object with same attribute
How to check source code for forbidden words extGWT [duplicate]
Updating MySql counter when users log in
Change TYPE attribute via JS. Is it a security issue?
retrieving all the contact photos in one shot in android
C# Method Overloading
Set the color of a UITableViews section title
bash-fu: i want a script to be able to run a cleanup program upon ^C
What is the best approach to implement Entity Framework for a messy database?
Compute difference of numbers of 2 arrays [closed]
Context-menu actions on Dojo Charts
Can one action result leads to two different jsp pages in struts2?
Gtkwebkit, save html to pdf
What is the difference between public int and int in Java?
Random math questions generator for Android
How do I assign a chmod value of 0777 at the point it the file is uploaded (PHP)?
How to copy a boost::numeric::ublas::vector to a matrix?
Select the following span jquery
Automatic horizontal scroll in TextView
How to visualize axis-aligned boxes with ParaView
MySQL trim and string to date in one query
Get mp3 file frolm tableView select
SQL query two tables with relation one-to-many
Recursively Traverse Binary Tree
Code Metrics Analysis for Unmanaged C++ Code
JQuery slide subsequent elements together with current element
Logic unit tests crash
Android: application settings lost when updating to new version?
c# Quick way to undef all parameters
How to display an error message on a destroy action, since it redirects to index action?
Reading from a text file error: strange ' x01' ' 0' ' 0' '0' sequences
How to implement WPF user control that displays images databound to a decimal number
Beginner: Link UITabeViewCell to it's details view (UINavigationView)
UINavigationController change navigation bar tint color globally and programmatically
Issues with transparent rectangles
A few specific Rails questions
Difference between Button with image, ImageButton, and clickable ImageView?
rails before filter redirect not manifesting
Problems with display inline-block in IE7
UITableViewCell doesn't display text
what does @synthesize someProp = _someProp do in a subclass [duplicate]
PHP snippet that should show the node id and the group id鈥�(Drupal)
How can I optimize this PHP code that searches for a substring in a string? [closed]
I'm injecting my Service into my controller. Should I inject my Service into my ViewModel instead?
JQuery event when a checkbox state is changed
Hibernate Query-by-Example with Date
Does laziness for clojure hash-maps ever make sense?
Macro to update PivotTable on Slicer Change [closed]
7z piping a svn dump doesn't seem to work
Python: list directory using user input as directory name not working
Python parser for Python-like language
C++ TCP socket garbage value
C# .Net Service won't install on Win 7 64 bit
Stubbing a dictionary in Rhino.Mocks
iOS Allowing one touch event at one given time
Radio button value in rails form_for not being part of params[:model]
how to apply css on only one class?
iframe to document - jQuery
Getting a program's stack size in Java [duplicate]
How to make my disk very busy? [closed]
Add an item in Finder's contextual menu with Cocoa
Haskell 鈥淣o instance for鈥�type error in simple code
ajax form input
How can I run two python subprocesses and grab their runtimes and stdout, stderr?
Node Cloning and Removing
How to integrate game logic in game engines
Is compression no longer supported in Akka 2.0?
Change resharper autocomplete behavior
I can't send post data on ajax after location.href command
Make text not selectable when printing to PDF
Facebook Send URL 鈥�linking to application
MessageHandler in JAR/WAR/EAR
sharepoint showing error after uploading a new webpart
How to get CSS subclass with [att~=鈥渧al鈥漖 selector in jQuery
Which tool or framework can be used to run WPF automation tests in Parallel?
Language Tracking with Server-Side Google Analytics
How do I monitor perl script from php
Compatibility TTS issue in ICS
Service Structure, HttpClient Usage, and ANR
Combine jQuery functions
How to properly create an audio file in Xcode that can be heard in iOS mail
JQuery JSTree loads as open and THEN minimizes
Shrink std::vector 's size to fit its actual data to save memory usage? vec.swap() doesn't work in MSVC?
Why integer zero does not equal long zero?
Parsing attributes using SAX in android
Atomicity of C# Coalescing Operator
Thread 1: signal 'SIGABRT' error message
Consume Native DLL In C#
Echo Specific Category Description on Magento Frontend
How to define an alternate command for emacs eshell
CSS selector performance
SOLR query boost
Cannot position div at bottom of its containing div
Python and Threads - Threads Slowly die if running more than one process
Can a readonly field be initialized when using DataContractSerializer?
What is convention for local vars that has same meaning as function argument?
What is convention for local vars that has same meaning as function argument?
Adding new data to an existing saved NSMutableArray saved on an iPhone
Acessing enterprise resources through a JNDI client
Using SelectMany() or matching elements of two sequences with LINQ (dot syntax)
Captcha showing on post, post failing after captcha verification
How to implement delay in GAE replies?
fading JavaFX Popup allowing for extra content
BIC Instruction
Git 鈥渞emembers鈥�old not-ignored files
How to remove all rows of the table but keep the header
hovered state on mobile applications in actionscript doesnt work
JBoss migration from v4 to v7, supporting EJB2.1 [closed]
Google Notifier and nested labels
Customizing contacts display in iPhone app using ABPersonViewController
App quits and goes back to home screen, can try + catch deal with it?
Do security providers cause ClassLoader leaks in Java?
The RadioGroup object does not send Touch to the activity
UIImage face detection
Android - RelativeLayout inflated as Button?
Getting blank page when running RSpec tests for get 'new'
Rails validation that one value does not equal another
Using the Matrix Filter in Javascript
I have data in my dataset, but it's not showing up in my reportviewer?
SQL - Subtracting a depleting value from rows
Firefox This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave
href value is being appended after the server name
UINavigationController stops animating when pushing controllers?
Creating an JavaScript array from Input boxes. Text and integers
Interpolating irregularly spaced 3D matrix in matlab
locally installed TTFoverrides Google fonts
Java fullscreen screenshots
jqPlot DateAxisRenderer tickInterval of 鈥� month鈥�not working properly
reduce frame rate
how to create a jquery mobile select menu at pagebeforeshow?
How to convert bezier curve to box2d object?
Inefficient handling of file renames in Mercurial
Django GenericView Update 鈥�sending email if form is saved 鈥�how to?
Trying to display individual Enum with Attribute text
Defining a long string in Razor
Loading a particular frame in Delphi 6 causes it to exit immediately
Flex - including a host component class that is in a sibling folder
SBJSON parsing NSString to NSDictionary
Is it OK to pass both token and client_id to the client when Channel API is used?
EnvDTE Refresh Document
How to Align ListView Text to Right in Android?
lein jack-in and lein swank don't work after upgrading leiningen to version 1.7.0
Android: Mediaplayer plays multiple times if I keep on pressing the back button and launch the app again
Safari 'Top Sites' style on iOS
C-string as linked list?
How to load resource from exe rather than dll
How do I use my own password with aes in java [closed]
Determine thread affinity .NET for objects that don't implement ISynchronizeInvoke
If statement in prolog
Java: JButton and ArrayList: adding to JPanel from ArrayList
How to do in Mysql one query to get username and same query to get another username from same users table?
Considerations in making auto_incremented user id visible?
ASP.NET MVC 4 ApiController doesn't serialize all properties
Non static method cannot be referenced from a static context? [duplicate]
Enumerate file properties in PowerShell
iOS 5 camera iris failing to open
How to search regex only outside curly brackets
JS rubber band effect, anybody?
Javascript to set part of website
How can I return to the original image after change the color pixels on my image in processing?
Cast concrete type to generic type?
mysqli injected inside another class
Validate a $_GET field across requests
How do I convert an OctetString into a readable String(C#)?
Where can I find a tutorial about changing the appearance of the ASP.NET Menu Control?
Spring MVC 3 - custom labels in <form:select>
What does it mean scalability? [closed]
What causes accented Hindi / Thai characters to incorrectly word-wrap in a resized TextField and how to resolve it?
Rails 3 + sendmail on snow leopard
Stray MKMapView on my view controller
mysql SELECT IN followed by comma separated field
Extending OutputStream class; write(int) method
using phpunit with yii - parent classes are not being recognized
Need If statement help and text displaying on screen
Overflowing a larger container within a smaller one and centering it
Can i get a specific user by some attribute without knowing the OU's in Active Directory (AD)?
Sending data in 3-byte packet
Too many fields in MySQL?
Registering SMS notification on iPhone
FLuentNhibernate + Automapping
gnuplot to gnuplot.py
Error on GoogleMaps API while being generated
Keep wildcards from resolving in a ksh script
Java: How to update custom ListCellRenderer?
MVC3 Form Posted Value
Text-Message Gateways & Incrementing Bash Variable Daily
JamVM NoClassDefFoundError when main is inside of a package
Emacs and Evil-mode. Issue with indentation when Copy and Paste a line
producing plots within a loop in matlab
Android multiple <application> in one androidmanifest
Center Google Maps (V3) on browser print
Error drawing character on jpanel
Converting octal and hexadecimal numbers to base 10
Can I make CCFollow follow more naturally?
Referencing objects that have yet to be defined
mysql combine two selects?
Reverse flatted array to multidimensional
Autocomplete in Rails 3.2
Number Wildcard in Where Clause
How can I check which cookies were accepted in android webview if any?
Associating job with job class
throwing out touches in WPF
Prevent duplicate items from being added to a ListBox
Task scheduling in ASP.NET
Calculating a very long number in C programming
Fill a GridView column data based on the API response
is it possible to add records to a result set after Order By in a stored procedure?
How to check whether the current version of Java is higher than 1.6
HTML max width and height not working in IE
Determine which dictionary an object came from
Android opengl GL10.glDrawRect?
Determining if the batch script has been executed from the command line -or- To pause or not to pause?
Java shortest path
why do we use k-normial tree in cluster network
Restore orgin repository using a remote repository
How to start mongod from boot script without running as root?
htaccess redirects for one domain of a multi-language Drupal site
Regular expression for line starting with a given string
Object initilization in C++
Python - read BeautifulSoup snippet by row? (or other ways of scraping the data I want)
Ruby, run all methods
How to wait for the updated value in an activity
mssql how to get lock on whole table without select statement?
How to make a combo box that allow me to display data based on selection?
Oracle 10g Range Partition Query
<q> versus <p> with quotation marks
Cocos2d: Change sprite's zOrder dynamically (using CCSpriteBatchNode)
Does it matter if I execute a stored procedure with the prefix dbo or not?
Randomize string selection
Why github does not recognize my username in my commits?
ISAPI LoadLibraryFilter error on aspnet_filter.dll
Should CSLA be used with a dependency injection framework?
How to add a prefix to a groovy string?
Redirect happens before form data is processed
What is the best way to represent any XML schema into data structure?
vbs xmlhttp responseText Truncated?
Instruments logging extra living objects
What is the size of GLSL boolean
JavaScript - Show/Hide Password
In which event should one set dynamic control properties?
How to add child nodes to childNode in SOAP HEader?
Tips for manually writing SQL Server upgrade scripts
How to elevate the weight of a field in a document indexed
Multiple column unique key allows multiple rows
How to : Deploy to Tomcat *real* Server through Netbeans
Connection to server that has constant IP and port
Connection to server that has constant IP and port
Output directory name from linux find command
Regex (Java) - Need help formulating a specific pattern string
Binding drives me Crazy
Javascript String.replace() ,ambiguous results
php regular expression digits and 鈥�鈥�symbol
Uploading an image from iOS to Grails
Field Initializer in C# Class not Run when Deserializing
gmp float lower limit at given precision
Disable radio button list item with Javascript
Using JAXB to support schemas with minor variations
std::bad_cast pointer vs reference situation
Rpy2 'show' not found on httpd using wsgi
Clickable JavaScript
SQL join filter condition, mysql
Java Math.atan() returning 0 for some inputs?
Invalid object name SQL Server 2008 R2 - Stored procedure
Delay when populating JQuery created List Box in IE 7, 8 or 9. ASP.NET 3.5 and MVC 2.0
Why doesn't PHP use objects in its default libraries?
google crawling errors from links that do not exist
Is there a version of list.sort() that returns the sorted list?
How to manipulate legend in Incanter chart
downloading items from gmail via a unix/linux script
jQuery-Keep slidedown DIV visible if mouseover it
File Uploads with Django + HTML Forms
Application Updates Ignored by Users are Never Reshown
Normalising possibly encoded URI strings in Java
Are Oracle Apps available as cloud/hosted services for learning purposes? [closed]
Opening multiple ports using Boost Asio libraries
How to change app path on the fly from a custom task?
SQL update Statement not changing record
How does the WP7 CompassReading determine the TrueHeading from the MagneticHeading?
Linux/Kernel: How to select Videobuf2 framework as kernel module?
How to insert <div> tag within a <td> tag using JQuery
MongoDB documentation confusing
SQL query on many-to-many with redundant constraint
Junit Test Case
How to refer to Embedded Resources from XAML?
Attempting to use Android AsyncTask to get a response from a server
Unit testing a method dependent to the request context
JDBC Not returning ResultSet
UrlMappings and Forms - how do they work?
How do I parse through a tree of links in Ruby using Nokogiri?
How to Change Order Starting Number in Magento
How do I get Team Build 2010 to publish web applications as non-updatable?
Are compilers smart enough to optimize functors with members the same as static method arguments?
The xml data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT because it is not comparable error
Crystal Reports - Grouping records
Javascript: New variable name composed of value of another variable
odd-even merging for two sorted lists of arbitrary sizes
C printf function specifier
Could not find stored procedure, however can execute it
How do you run a query to find ALL data in a row? [duplicate]
How to create a column based on values in the rows above/below the row in a different column in R
How to remove the entire row with values missing only in some columns?
How can i control android mediaplayer?
How to add an application wide resource dictionary in Silverlight 5?
jquery checkboxes checked only
C# Using Multiple Files in ASP.NET
How widgets like dijit Combobox gets data?
How to use check boxes with an array
Is there any way to get Command Line Arguments in the toolbar in Visual Studio 2010
Android emulator and networking
getline(cin, aString) receiving input without another enter
What does ( integer ) mean in this Mysql query?
Justify the output of bahavior of 'or' keyword
Resharper not recognizing Managed C++ /clr project referenced within a C# project
How do I get my accordion to load with all the menus closed?
What does this key error mean when calling MethodInfo.MakeGenericMethod?
JOIN not retrieving rows
Include other folders besides WEB-INF/classes in Maven Jar file?
3D Contour plot from data using Mayavi / Python
Matlab login and download failure when calling WebClient.DownloadFile
How do I put this multidimensional array into a SQL-DB cell?
How to call TriggerBatch automagically after a timeout if the number of queued items is less than the BatchSize?
what will happen to my temp table in mssql if multiple users use my application?
Saving child objects when parsing foreign nested JSON objects in Mongoid and Rails
How Do I Append These Two Divs Together?
Is assigning a reference to a reference a valid operation?
Moving a file through an (powershell created) html button click
Wix - Setting service startup type using a property, property not recognized?
Nhibernate second level cache not for cascaded associatons?
Could not load file or assembly exception
how to make slide animation?
Nonsensical ValueError when creating Model object
How do I get NSNumberFormatter to display the infinity symbol (鈭�?
How to play sounds in JavaScript
Having a forked repo, and a separate repo being able to update from a certain folder inside the forked repo
Confused with proguard
Invalid pointer crash on delete, but different pointer
Update a score from player with mysql
Injecting div label to every <a> link
AppDomain only partially respecting InitializeLifetimeService (if at all)
Import distinct records in SQL Server 2008
smtp php mailer not responding
CodeIgniter: file won't upload
Which SSL ciphers for PCI compliance on Amazon AWS ELB?
jQuery UI Tabs loses css and scripts
JS library for HTML 5 canvashe images [closed]
Emma code coverage for a lib on Android
9-Patch Button not showing text
How do I count the number of observations at given intervals in R?
have local numpy override global
Combining two Regex validators
Repository pattern and return types
show different url
Simplest way to proxy RSTP streams
socket.io binding to a specific ip address
jquery fails to load php file
Subscription packages and storing them
Testing a DLL with Boost::Test from command line
Java GridBag layout
How do you get contacts to aggregate properly when programmatically adding them?
JSON array javascript
Is this class Right ? Hope you'd help :) [closed]
How do I limit the Number of Posts to 3 for a Custom Post Type Query?
(regular expression) only replace text between <tag> and </tag>?
couchdb custom authentication handler
Calling a stored procedure python
404 response on simple RESTeasy example with Tomcat
Java Garbage Collection stalls all Java processes
Diamond schema: how (de)normalized is that?
Solr - How to get fuzzy results on price?
Playing audio with Javascript?
How to get the current application icon in ios
Why does this simple Java Swing program freeze?
Does the amount of snippets installed on your MODX affect the loading speed of the frontend pages?
How do I return a value from a simple jsdom function?
Mootools breaking jQuery functionality
Qemu versions/branches?
Rails 3.1 404 Error when loading .css files that are present in public/assets
Can objdump un-mangle names of C++ template functions?
Can JPA 2.0 be used without JavaEE 6?
Can you help me clarify Geolocation usage and terms of service?
Query dependency list from within a rails app
How do I create an dynamic and unique array of row values that are Changed in html table
thrust::reduce_by_key performance with few key repetitions
Handle exceptions in a custom class
How to hide asp.net mvc3.0 webgrid column dynamically?
Does Tomcat require Apache httpd?
Convert anchor text in url part - preg_replace, regex
php Fonts are bigger then expected when users enters special chars in the form
How can I get/show Blog Post Permalinks in Sitefinity?
selecting xml elements
Rails: Jquery issue with connecting to voting
How do you create relationship between two elements in Java?
Modify the SWI-Prolg toplevel [closed]
XPath Substring
Argument Error in Python
date() only year from date format YYYY-00-00
Are closures a violation of the functional programming paradigm?
Only display certain columns in DataGrid from an Entity Object
Missing return statement method
iOS5 Storyboard how to pop to some view controller
I'm trying to decipher my logcat info for an app that hangs up, and I need some pointers
PHP - Bringing and utilizing variables from one page to another
Python: Download Returned Zip file from URL
Where do you put metaprogramming in rails?
How to add tooltip/dropdown/popup to UDF/user-defined Excel 2010 function?
Flex How to split time between day?
Zend ACL deny parent roles only from child role's resources
Flurry Usage Data when No Internet Connection
Fill text box from datatable
Which software design patterns do common GUI frameworks exhibit?
Layout Xml and image
Displaying progress indicator while in-app purchase (or restored purchase) on iPhone is being processed
Set Appearance for tablebiew in EKEventEditViewController using ios5 appearance protocol
Jenkins/Hudson not building
PHP: Know if instantiation came from static method?
Reminders/notifications frameworks in iOS (5?)
exec() with timeout
Java XSLT TransformerException: Could not find function: exists
How to obtain Eclipse locationURI for the extension framework?
Reading from sockets C HTTP
The port name is illegal or couldn't be connected to the device
How to keep RSpec tests manageable
How do I delete 鈥淎UTO_INCREMENT=鈥�from my input sql documents?
simple javascript animation issue
AS3: Stalling a for loop at each pass
Validation on ASP.net MVC3 Model with Dynamic Properties
jquery ui autocomplete - suggestions show only once on BB5
JScrollpane wont work after ajax
Tracking down bottleneck/bug generating tilemap in html5 canvas game in firefox
Sax Parsing: How to Return an ArrayList with its containing data?
Declaring a pointer to const or a const pointer to const as a formal parameter
EXC_BAD_ACCESS on NSManagedObjectContext save method inside NSOperation and ARC, why?
iOS: How to get duration of long press gesture?
What's 鈥淟ocal.testsettings鈥�and 鈥淭raceAndTestImpact.testsettings鈥�files that Visual Studio create when init a new test project?
Online Ticketing Purchase Timer
Create a Hash from a CSV-like file
Cross-Platform Mobile smack api/xmpp client api
How to obtain image/png content via PHP
page scrolling jquery
Counting elements in JSON array, which is in an Object
add data to dojo datagrid
Proper/Secure encryption of data using AES and a password
jQuery Error in IE 8: Message: 'this.0.ownerDocument.body' is null or not an objec
When using jQuery on(), why use (document) vs. the element itself?
How to commit only one data block in mulit data blocks on one form
Concurrent download counters in Java
How to restrict that operations will be between same object, despite being declatred as base type in Java
sticky div in sidebar
Kannel: ERROR: System error 98: Address already in use
Set sidebar like google FAQ
ios break nested loop
regex to match a specific HTML string with any number of spaces inside it
Syncronizing css between Eclipse and Firebug/Chrome?
Underscore's Cloning of Mongoose Objects and Deleting Properties Not Working?
Making own 'tar' program鈥�how to create files/directories with C code?
Global variable not being initilized in a new thread
How is interpreted an enum type with EF Code First
How should I structure a Gradle project containing non-sourcecode artifacts?
TSQL copy one database to another
php DOM write all child nodes [duplicate]
How to change a Prism module in runtime
creating sql queries and algebraic expression from text
Batch: Concatenate two arbitrary strings outside SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
Options for Filtering Data in real time - Will a rule engine based approach work?
WCF possibly exceeded my response size
Find point farthest from line
How to set PDO default host?
Does it matter if I reuse a variable after running a function with the same variable?
Eclipse CDT Binary not found - Mac OS X Lion
Is it possible to pass a partial view a different model than the model used by the view it is in?
Rails routes, redirect on script
Programatically determining the number of presets in a DLS or sf2 file?
WCF Data Contract Type
Custom Field Accessibility permissions in Symfony2
Log formatting in Solr
Queueing: N producers to N consumers
Update a table while reading it
Elastic effect on UISlider iphone
EasyMock: Times behaviour not being checked for strict mock
Transferring a file over two different networks using a common access point
How do I create a reusable < Style /> resource that has a custom font?
jQuery Validate Groups and Early Success
Looking for a way to enable intellisense for Mustache
Going from database to sessions
Codeigniter: Where to put the variable from a url
Refreshing a data grid view
How to use the Input Dialog to execute SQL queries
Coldfusion 9 and MSSQL 2008 R2
Copying text box content to decimal in sql SQL via asp.net
CSS Background-image on a-tag not displaying in IE8
How to handle ICollection<> field [closed]
Recipes to pass NSManagedObjects amongs UIViewControllers
Justification of the need for an in-memory database
OpenERP: answering module configuration via XML-RPC
Deploying Socket.io on a windows server
How can I convert camelCase to a string with spaces? (e.g. camelCase to 鈥淐amel Case鈥�
How to display a word document using fancybox.
Identify single touch vs move touch on Android
Convert SQL to LinqToSql [closed]
Fuzzy autocomplete textbox control in ASP.NET
How could I re-write this java method with a while loop?
TSQL: How to make unique codes in list where dupes appear?
How do I pass a collection of items to the Views model?
Find a red rectangle on the game screen
Loading Images in background while not locking the files
Phonegap + JQM: problems with local files on android
Upload file from Android (2.3.4) to WCF 4.0 REST service with WCF Template 40
Adding integers to strings in C#
c# Initializing array of certain by using method
Agile Deployment + Git for ASP.NET / PHP
How to stop FilterMessage to proceed further?
class inheritance call a different constructor
Sharepoint 2010 webpart vb.net Listbox SelectIndexChanged and Button click
Stop and re-run a thread inside itself
AJAX post using fancybox doesn't work
How to setup a virtual host which points to a different port and context path?
cocos2d start / stop running Scene
Rewrite this INSERT *without* the subquery, please?
What is the code used to redirect to mobile site and where does it go?
PHP: Making an object available to several functions
Comparision between MPI standard and Map-Reduce programming model?
Responsive-friendly fluid CSS grid with no JS
Redirecting base url only using htaccess
Validation in namespaces?
How do I revert git code base to a certain revision [duplicate]
Linq to Entity Query .Expand
iOS Storyboard / iPad / error 鈥渦nrecognized selector sent to instance鈥�
TFS 2010 no longer associating changesets with builds
UITableViewCell subclass gets build error on all super methods
Extend java.lang.String
Passing data between two html pages in phonegap
What are the strongest boosting alternatives to Adaboost? [closed]
Is it possible to do this with fql
exponentiate a matrix in perl
Registering cascading dependencies (Take 2)
Github restricting access
jQuery / CSS precedence when setting/overriding background-color
How to get MVC web grid dropdown column value using javascript or from controller
How to unsubscribe from a socket.io subscription?
How to avoid deadlock on @synchronized(self)?
C# loop through the registry searching for keys containing certain text [closed]
jquery plugin options not extending correctly and overwriting
How can i define different scope for attribute on xsd?
How to setup SSL on localhost
assembly x86 nasm outputting float values
Custom Placemark symbols used in KML not showing up in Google Maps
Custom Placemark symbols used in KML not showing up in Google Maps
Can VisualStudio adjust newline and formatting settings each time a file is opened?
Read an image as a matrix (Java)
Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'There is no active transaction'?
Why won't the volume follow the hardware control in my iOS app?
Speed from Different EC2 Regions
How to create P12 certificate for iOS distribution
Mysql/PHP/ADODB - echoing SELECT command returns column name and other characters
How to Get Client IP Address(s)
Update Item in JTable
Dropping a streaming HTTP connection as soon as possible after losing connection
Grouping issue with Oracle
XmlWriter.WriteRaw escapes xml when the writer was created via XElement.CreateWriter
Chrome Adds Extra Height to Inline Elements
MongoDB schema for storing user location history
how to get lat/long from selected result
Editing resources in Microsoft Project VBA not reflected on server
FB.login cancel button do a redirect
retrieve attributes from a nodes child node
Chopping lines in file for equal length but with new identifiers
Using Awk to search for a string that has spaces
Matrix View in Function Doesn't Have Side Effects
How do I properly structure a package with sub packages in Go where a single type will be the receiver on most of the methods?
Run ruby script from a HTML form
Django tag better way to resolve string with variable
How to avoid our program being crashed because a DLL it has dynamically loaded is buggy
is it possible to remove zip/postal code field in magento
How do I access DOM nodes from an array in javascript?
find match folders then copy files and subfolders
Assign multiple variables at once in scala
Android : load next objects in ArrayAdapter by clicking on Item 鈥渓oad next Objects鈥�
char arrays in c end char
Starting a new thread in a foreach loop
Why are two columns being created for a foreign key?
Java Shortest Cost Path: Uninformed/Informed search from a (.txt) text file
SQL SERVER generating row number based on criteria
Method for parsing a txt file [closed]
Dynamically load an AnimationDrawable in a TextView
Refer to objects within a loop in php
Database configuration for Drupal
EditText not showing under Ice Cream Sandwich
ms access - use function in criteria section
How to force Console.WriteLine() to print verbatim strings? [duplicate]
MFC/3rd party multithreading hang
Excel SQL Server Data Connection
Double - IEEE 754 alternatives
preg_replace on part of database query
advice on how to design an e-shop in android app [closed]
SQL/Oracle: How to find the key of the 'N' occurrence for EACH value?
SQL/Oracle: How to find the key of the 'N' occurrence for EACH value?
set fixed dimension of a div without depend to the devices where it is showed
Chrome Extension: why i have this error in console of the 鈥渂ackground page鈥�
TWRequest in background
SetLooping(boolean) function won't work in android
JComponents does not show up on the screen with enabled double buffering
L-Systems: Order of Substitution
Sugarcrm module studio - custom module
Nothing display in div after post
Running python, C, C++ applications on my website [closed]
android.media.MediaPlayer crashes without exception
Omniture SiteCatlayst Tracking: Error when calling s.tl() from within a function with jQuery without binding to click event
Can I define a property which is available to both the class type and instances of the class?
parsing multidimensional array from php to jquery
Running apps and widget in the same process?
Issues overriding onKey in View.OnKeyListener
UIProgressView not appearing on UITableViewCell
Quartz composer alternative for iOS
How suitable is the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm, for a query by humming system?
Image gallery loading images from an external server
How to use accelerometer, CMMotion data to locate a point in 3D space?
Batch Script - Empty Multiple Directories In Paths With A Pattern
Rails 3 Devise will look for the sign up page even though is deleted
Setting up a micropayment system to pay others to do tasks on my website
Struts2 jackson throws exception for hibernate pojo
Passing structure containing an array of structures between C and C# (DLL and P invoke)
Dependency injection in OSGi vs testing
To Sleep() or not, and what is the proper way if Sleep() is bad?
Running two functions with threading
Berkeley DB: How to GET a specific KEY from QUEUE
Can't connect to FTP: (553) File name not allowed
how do i get an image id from a clicked image using jquery?
CakePhp2 autocomplete (jquery-ui folding) not working without ajax, only with array of available inputs
What technology should I use to synchronize Windows PC with Android mobile phone
Wordpress query by multiple metaboxes and order by date
Toggling between values while producing events on timer
Get selecteditem from listbox using MVVM
Inserting multiple entities from single form
Locking in Highly Concurrent System
MVC jqueryUI modal dialog
Returning view with model and query string
Writing WPF DataGrid changes back to an Access Database
Insert element midway through wordpress loop according to post condition
How to return when function is called from another function? iPhone programming
jQuery on() with ajaxed content
MongoDB C# Socket Exceptions in IIS 7.0 Web Garden (Ex: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted)
How to pass a jquery function as a text, so it would be rendered in html and used by other script?
All Elements from a XmlBeans XmlObject to String
Why won't the Android browser span this paragraph over the full browser width?
Why app jumps into not responding state after click back button?
Why app jumps into not responding state after click back button?
Keypressed while a thread is running - how to capture the keys?
How to make this style generic?
Remove the column tendency from HTML tables
Why have our site's links stopped working in IE today?
Automapper: How to leverage a custom INamingConvention?
Setting contentOffset programmatically triggers scrollViewDidScroll
jQuery mobile not loading new page scripts
Does twitter bootstrap work with ASP?
Android: Fullscreen Dialog not really full screen
SSH documentation confusion
Testing radio button all the time
Android math operator
Removing a jQuery animation when active
Partial Upload Error when sending video through ASIFormDataRequest on iOS
Dialog Control Cannot See Second Data Source on the XPage
Assembly Language Usage [closed]
Jquery html() method doesn't work
Convert ordinals to numbers
Hibernate - distinct results with pagination
Can I use monospace fonts in a selection list on my web page?
Using java applet in c++ program
Dynamically add Button to Panel
How to start with a set of coordinates and move a pointer in a square with side length of a given width?
When -g should be used to print stack traces in OCaml ?
jquery mouseover animation
adding jadeify to a node-express-browserify project
Apache Camel JUnit test warnings
CSS: 100% Height Issues
Redirect upon Facebook share?
TableView titleForHeaderInSection
Position text at the bottom of its containing div [closed]
Drupal 7 menu but no clean-urls
Passing parameters to a function in knockoutjs viewmodel
Launch a java action when VLC closes
Achieve a two column table look with CSS/Divs
javascript to calculate product margins using excel data
SQL: Joining 3 tables with sums, filtering on non-aggregated columns
How can i implement a open graph (http://ogp.me/) to use my custom tags in another website?
What happens when functional dependency is circular?
X-Frame-Options: Post on Twitter from Facebook application
tsql select with recursion
What is the best way to implement a shortcut editor TextBox?
How to give choices from values of another field in Django models
Elegant construct to test&branch according to the previous command result
Get variables from base64_encode url?
Why doesn't this PDO rollback work? [closed]
Loading multiple entities by id efficiently in HIbernate 4
Function exceptions specification and standart exceptions - foo() throw(Exception)
C++ finding n points as close as possible to given xy
Javascript Module Pattern Memory Footprint and Performance
How do placeholders work in Flyway?
How can I get an alert if a specific url substring is present and nothing if null
.bat - check for a string in file
change event that isn't deferred until focus lost
Conflicts between org-mode and yasnippet
How do I get the JAX-RS @Path of a different resource during a POST?
How to prevent TextMate from 鈥渕atching鈥�//commented {( brackets (in Javascript)?
Jenkins build promotion: How do I get the build id of the build I want to promote?
Display image on a web page that is not copy-able
Dynamically added ImageButton Command event not firing until second click
Using a clipping path with a positioned object in Webkit
jQuery Validator Not Working if Fields aren't displayed
Weka commmandline and strings
Is it not breaking design principle of interface in c#?
Google Maps API v3 in internet explorer 9 doesn't load
Boost thread, how can I check if a thread is still running?
Mouse Over function not working for first time after page Load
order sql query by name
Reading double from dialog edit control
Cannot create a path using boost::filesystem
Disperse points in a 2D visualisation
How to create mac style tabs in a qt application?
What are the ways to automatically synchronize custom application events with Google Calendar?
Canvas object as thumb in SeekBar, Test align. Android
Calling a method in a service from another service (WallpaperService) in Android
Memory Leak - WCF Exception
Mockito/GWT : mocked view's widgets are null
Eclipse and Maven configuration
Linq doing a group in a lambda subselect
CrystalDecisions.Web DLL
deleting collapsed code section in Eclipse
Connection string security in web.config
Conditionally installing importlib on python2.6