What's the best way to manipulate Boost INFO file in Python
Loading images into memory in iPhone App
Submitting data using ajax to refresh
When using manually set credentials, EWS auto discover stops working
Titanium.Platform.id DEPRECATED in 1.8.0
Over-ride CSS in jquery mobile
How to synchronize Parent/Child process execution?
RavenDB Upgrade
MySQL trigger to update SQL Server table
Is there a way to include native libraries in a JAR, like in Java Webstart, without using Webstart?
Don't show object when relations is empty
Alternative for SQLite, with protection
SCORM Report generation storing whole options of multichoice in moodle
CakePHP Required Fields - Not Making Any Sense
CakePHP Required Fields - Not Making Any Sense
Why is safari not opened?
SQL Server error while trying to insert data to database on a linked server
Passing pointer to C array to a function
Bad Request/Method not Implemented Error when Publishing Actions to the Timeline
How to delete and insert row without navigator
Bump sample code for BUMPCHAT not working
How to get a full URL from a resource URL in python
Getting single SOLR document in multiple groups/categories it belongs to
How delete all pushable commits?
ARM Assembler NEON - Increasing performance
How to access database using phone gap
CentOS Selenium - Preparing firefox profile
Do I really need libgcc?
ASP.net Application Object not persisting across users
Custom DataAnnotationsModelValidatorProvider Not Firing
Cannot create an instance of a class from another namespace?
db40 - recommendation for file viewer tool [closed]
In a Django manager, why use self.get_query_set().get(kwarg=val) rather than self.get(kwarg=val)?
Duplicates when using nutch -> elasticsearch solution
Footer doesnt go all the way to the bottom
PHP multiple file upload: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Alternatives to using class attribute value as a method default parameter?
Android Context and context PowerManager
html5 canvas kinetic textbox
Store video files on internal or sd card memory with protection?
Weblogic 8.1 - the simplest possible ear - not understandable error messages
What does setting of delegate mean?
Is it possible to create a new column when returning an SQL result set?
How to get id from String with using Regex
Run remote rake task from capistrano, cap deploy bash: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file
Understanding virtual address and virtual address space
Issue with Html5shiv and GWT
stemming of a word without Regex
MFC-hosted WPF usercontrol how to close parent window on button press
cross validation process
Does Codeigniter input->post() remove html tags?
Android 4 UI in old version
Set the UITableView Section border color
UIViewAnimation causes Implicit conversion from enumeration type
WCF Service TLS handshake using message security
How do I apply a style to the whole row using XLWT Python Excel?
Unexpected 鈥渋nvalid character鈥�error in Oracle 10g
encrypting parameters of a querystring via javascript
Plot 3D points in Matlab
How to retrieve imagepath from arraylist & display them in gridview?
How to get the Image Format of the images from Gallery
Transfer content from EditText to another activity on buttonclick
FileDialog crash when bottom 4GB full
Select module claiming that at most 3 arguments can be accepted (no optional timeout)
How do I create an Installer for a Java Application?
Set envif Host Magento Multiple Stores
Collecting Events by Pages ID
Unable to output log messages in MbUnit + TestDriven
Database or XML performs well in WP7?
Creating and using services in drupal6
How to instantiate a class that is declared in a C# DLL?
Defining a scope for JQuery variables, different js - single page
Conditional JOIN between tables?
Passing a variable to another form, from another when invoked by an action
Excel 2007 VBA Zooming (without using select?)
Best tool for converting PDF to XML-based file formats and retaining layout and styles
Multiple nested dictionaries
Please help me figure out what kind of a scripting language is this
MySQL Replication user
Three different sized rows inside a floated div
Private Method Declaration Objective-C
Modifying a list iterator in Python not allowed?
Find out if an osCommerce customer is logged in and their email address [closed]
The server tag is not well formed. in asp.net using another sql result in repeater
Access DB corruption issue, can't find info on similar issue anywhere
How to copy an object without referencing to it?
Karaf development
What's a proper response status code to REST POST request when duplicate is found?
XACML Policy definition Resource attribute with a Wildcard option
SQL linear interpolation based on lookup table
Need to understand how programming is done for cashback kind of websites [closed]
How to define word boundry with chars like #:.[ in regex on javascript
JIRA how to create subtask
Div centering CSS
In EF 4.1 eager loading, how can I load multiple (same-level) grandchild relationships?
Access token to view likes on a page
Jquery auto-fading
Object reference error after ajax success operation - jquery
Handle Multple List-Types
Magento - Getting the Details of Multiple Products in a Single XML-RPC call
Zend join left with multiple result from left table
Using strtotime and taking timezone into consideration
Android WebView Javascript from assets
SQL Report initial toggle state
Expanding divs with buttons, revealing more information hidden in the div
Drag event not working - prevents drag and drop
iOS: Accessing device hardware audio volume control
is synchronized Collection's toArray() method synchronized?
Android market crash report not reporting with bugsense
clickable ImageView in Widget?
BitmapFactory output bitmap created is null
How to delete a nary tree ? each node has a parent pointer too in it
How can I check whether two endpoint address are the same?
asp.net/VB: user control in repeater - catch click event of button
Html.TextWriter WriteAttribute is not rendering 2 columns in table
jQuery Chosen - update select list without losing selections
JSON - Array of Objects within a Array of Objects
Confused that order matters when defining conditional profiles in maven
SignalR - Why is another hub's Disconnect method invoked when a user reloads the page?
Allowing individual columns not to be tracked in Merge Replication
Rails 3 and crontab - Crontab log is empty
Validation using on[Property]Changing methods of EF4
assignment from incompatible pointer type in linked list (C)
Complex Form Nesting in Rails - How to create the desired hash / array params output
How to create a launcher application for two Air desktop aplications
can't execute code on ipod touch 4th gen
Customize Sub-Panel of Accounts Detail View
What kind of formatting is needed for mms [android java]
Trying to get a WPF UserControl to Inherit a Class
How does facebook match access token to the consuming application
How to put in previous and next function
Spotify disables @font-face in apps
Why only 1 image out of 2 is correctly read by tesseract?
SVG & Spritesheets
Chromatic Aberration Estimation in python
IE box model error
set style to range in first row
Run two operations with different frequency in Bash
drawListRow only call on focused rows (Blackberry 4.5)
To use ProgressDialog till GridView gets loaded from webservice
MvcSiteMapProvider to lazy load dynamic nodes
Pear setup on Mac LAMP
how to prevent to calling another function in JS?
collimation of a ion beam with many charge states
Zipping a .txt file in Qt
How do I parse a Date to a long with am/pm?
Magento 1.5: Where to enter Default Meta Description?
Java collection with expiring entries
Segmentation Fault in my RSA algorithm program
Get target of shortcut folder
how to dynamically add stylesheet and javascript files to a div element using jquery
iOS full/lite version using multiple windows
Getting AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher in SOAPUI request
Int64 to NUMBER(18) ID conversion error
Require stronger password for some users based on roles
Finding subfields in mongoDB
How to get a value from the closest <td> with a specific class name?
How to Convert Complex XML to Object with List and not an Array?
If the phone rings while playing in background mode
Export EC private key from BouncyCastle and import into CngKey or ECDsaCng?
Get CultureInfo from current visitor and setting resources based on that?
Problems with Numpy and CGI
Probleme encoding characters with Python 2.7
Pass Button id to MVC Controller from View
Android ActivityGroup activity intent navigation
How to parse JSON having dynamic key node
Pagination Into List
Click detection on document's added element
Issue with jdbcTemplate.batchUpdate() for large list of queries
How to re-enable Orchard CMS features without Dashboard or command line
DOJO DataGrid - how to get the index (number) of first visible row and the last visible row
Android tablet development screen resolution and size [closed]
RavendDB faceted search results formatting
Converting seconds to hours/minutes/seconds in PHP [duplicate]
Listen events relative to the @el with backbone.js in the event attribute of a view
Specification Attributes Globally in nopCommerce 2.2
Join on the same table in DB2
Condition to check if object's class is a date
Problems with Chrome and http POST over https
How do I show text on a label for a specific time (like 3 seconds)?
Can't add a task when another instance of outlook is running
Javadoc access with Checkstyle?
Parse HTTP directory listing
Wordpress menus with submenu in other place
Join between two master and one detail Table
Could not load NIB in bundle - inspiration needed
Horizontal ScrollView full Scroll focus right with ViewTreeObserver
Python variable handling, I don't understand it
Is it possible to do horizontal mouseWheel scrolling with java.awt.Robot?
Excel sheet prompting for SQl Login Credentials
Box shadow and border radius not working in Internet Explorer in facebook
How do I render a string in Rails 3.2.1 (like render :partial - but everything but the filesystem)
Invalid Argument error when copying data from device to host
Database driver error >>The character 鈥�鈥�following 鈥溍兠C壝ッ壝C╩脡脛@鈥�is not valid<< during session execution
Search files with UNICODE names
Using user input as parameter while running shell command in Ruby
jQuery taking a <img src> in <a> tag to variable
Use Reflection to Build a Class (to build a dynamic FileHelper class)
Live Audio Recording and Playing in Android and Thread & callback handling
MySQL Parent Sub-level Table in Single DB Table as Result to Chain / Parent Basis for Dropdown Display
Is there an infrared sensor API exposed in the Windows Phone 7 SDK?
Add hours to datetime but exclude weekends and should be between working hours
Twitter bootstrap: looking to read some objective reviews [closed]
Get Next Node/Article of Current Author - Drupal 7
Why initialCapacity of Hashtable is 11 while the DEFAULT_INITIAL_CAPACITY in HashMap is 16 and requires a power of 2
How to transfer Selenium from one PC to another PC?
There was an error downloading metadata from the address. Please verify that you have entered a valid address
HQL query to get data from multiple tables
Blackberry: how to catch system event?
How to apply hyperlink to html5 slider element?
Haskell Recursion
Springsource Tool suite does not reflect JSP, CSS and Javascript changes w/o redeploying the web application
what's the benefits of using data context in xPages?
Haskell Recursion
Springsource Tool suite does not reflect JSP, CSS and Javascript changes w/o redeploying the web application
what's the benefits of using data context in xPages?
Update a List<Entity> in EF4
How to set a cookie for a Http Get Request?
Controlling/Displaying/Sharing phone functionalities on a tablet (Wifi direct + Bluetooth)
How to implement inner content dependency property?
Motorola Droid 2 Global SMS Issu
JsonResult not returned even after OnResultExecuted called successfully
Need help in a wpf application using mef
window.location.replace generating history when used in ASP.Net code behind
populating data in browser from temp-table?
Codeigniter routes with question mark & regular expressions [closed]
Java Double increment
Exception handling and status messages in MVC3 using JSON and jQuery
Sql to linq in wpf using visual studio 2010
Lexical analyser and parser communication
storing data as cache from a DB in cookies or some other method?
Doctrine build-all-reload doesn't work as well
Filter user in Select (bpm:assignee) control (Alfresco)
Unexpected token ILLEGAL with jQuery
trouble with magento and paypal
jboss 7.1.0-MDB, javax.transaction.RollbackException: ARJUNA016063: The transaction is not active
How to change the text of a label after UITableViewCell re-order
Repeat control, pass db and view in order to improve performance?
throw an exception only in debug mode in java
Foreach Invalid argument supplied.
Can msbuild compile build tasks and then use them?
How to access role in JSP using spring security?
CakePHP Custom Query
FFmpeg AVFrame to OpenGL texture without YUV to RGB soft conversion
Working Example of Sencha Fade Effect
How can I segregate fat interface through implementing adaptern pattern?
Difference between AOP & inheritance in OOPS concept?
Basic second timer implementation
printing data from gridview
Android ListVIew set view to a particular row
no data after downloading blob pdf file
How time consuming is it to port a Webforms site to MVC?
Can this OpenCL code be optimized?
select box option value on right-click: without using option:selected
Loading a application inside another one
How to select all checkbox inside telerik combox on checbox Checked event?
How can call the Alfresco REST API using Json String?
Run .NET 2.0 console application in WiX custom action from binary table
.NET and Skinny Controllers/Fat Models Concept
can't get access token with code
Best practice when using Azure AppFabric Caching Service?
std::map Requirements for Keys (Design Decision)
length of audio file for playeffect in SimpleAudioEngine
post big image to facebook wall with facebook javascript api?
How to Append <script></script> in javascript? [duplicate]
How to use navbars as tabs in jquery mobile
Recording Google Earth Tour, elements switched on timing wrong
Why application is crashing during calling next activity in Android? [closed]
find Processing instruction by value
Puzzle. Txt file with encoded text. How to decode?
Writing Dataset to an xml file
Open android program when click on url
how to read a .coe extension file image in embedded c
How can I pass to a slot more than the arguments the signal sends in pyqt4?
low latency sounds on key presses
Create bitmap from binary data
How to implements Button ActionListener to run the cardLayout by other classes?
Get object properities?
Load methods and classes from build bath in Java
how to assign javascript variable value to jsp tag attribute?
Repeat remove quotes from 48 fields
Why doesn't the TinyMCE editor appear on my web application?
Java: How to use Timer class to call a method, do something, reset timer, repeat?
Text Form Box HTML Background Image
Value restriction when there are no generic parameters
How to edit the text in the QListWidget on the run time, by 鈥淪INGLE鈥�clicking them?
How to group by date with Codeigniter active record?
Ajax.BeginForm: disable button while loading
Setup pointer to 2D array, then passing that pointer into a function
Hibernate or SQL for delete operation?
Issue with method linked to System.Timers.Timer repeatedly sending email
Android - android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException
Move background-image position along a path when scrolling
Rails 3.2 Asset Pipeline - Not Working for Images but is for Compass
MonoTouch and Storyboards: how to come from table cell to details view
Node.js - response.write(鈥� not working
Is it possible to use Google Maps on Wordpress to Allow users to search for local stores?
execute command from console using symfony
Java. Removing throws declaration in overriden method, yet compiler want a try/catch blok when invoking.
Writing to Joomla database
Date Differences from different outputs
Xcode - Accessing object tags without a case statment
Display active document in IE through my Protocol Handler
Execute commandButton inside form with validation errors
Use Webcam as android emulator camera
What's the difference between a Boost Single Pass Iterator and a Forward Traversal Iterator?
Do asynchronous HttpApplication events wait until they return?
Using Arrays in a JavaScript class
How to combine array of array values into one array?
How do I change a pointers value in a function in C
Custom IAuthorizationFilter injected with Ninject stops other ActionFilterAttribute from being executed
Access images from resources directory in Maven Facelets project
flask-cache memoize URL query string parameters as well
Custom IAuthorizationFilter injected with Ninject stops other ActionFilterAttribute from being executed
Access images from resources directory in Maven Facelets project
flask-cache memoize URL query string parameters as well
EJB2 in Eclipse 3.7
Send SMS After RasDial
python 2.7 import a class from the same directory
Getting Intermittent Connection Errors After Attaching a SQL Server Database
Scoping and imports in Xtext
Shift + Tab not working with UpdatePanel in asp.net
Want to retrieve metadata and Meta contents from other website link
Custom Pager in xpages
What is the working area when a navigation bar is displayed in an iPhone application?
Is there a thing as domain security in DDD?
NSApplication delegate: Determining the return from hibernate mode: - didWakeUp?
htaccess showing main site instead of subfolder on multi-language site
Sql Server Soundex Name search
PHP creating path and folders with variable names
Table view in iPhone in grouped style
Is there a way to run c# forms application without showing a gui window (like a console application)
click function for parent and child id
Scala - creating a type parametrized array of specified length
How to bypass or avoid a column update when using a prepared statement in the same method?
Text-only version of Facebook's Like button?
UnZip data in C#
I am working photo upload for android
How to change the progressbar foreground color based on its value depending on the range the current value is currently in
How to load child collection after loading the parent with nhibernate?
Notification Bar information about battery
automated code formatting git
'const_missing': uninitialized constant Time::DATE_FORMATS (NameError) [closed]
Jquery code not working when it's use as link?
F# value restriction in empty list
MySQL table split
Hbase node could not be reached from Hbase java api client
Increasing number of initial forms in a Django formset based on data in POST?
handlebars helper output not being displayed in template
Does JXTA supports voice chat?
How to write queries for DATE TIME data type in SQLITE iphone
ASP.NET MVC3 RAZOR: Redirecting from Partial Views
What is a definition ID of a JFace Action?
Magento CSS and JS in head including from document root?
Count the number of valid observations (no NA) pairwise in a data frame
Create a new vector based on unique values in another vector
iPhone Core Data - How to remove NSManagedObject from context?
how to rejoin words that are split accross lines with a hyphen in a text file
How do I validate my entities on pressing save button through IDataErrorInfo?
multi-level comments error when deleting items from database
Fusion Tables query for grouped data timing out
Android application that works in background 24/7 and drains less as possible battery
Only swipeone is working with jGestures
CSS - Force buttons in a row
Is bounded factor co-NP?
Return Javascript managed cookies programmatically using C#
Tooltips flicker on OSX
Caveats Encoding a C# string to a Javascript string
Slider control not resizing correctly when Page Orientation changes
association, aggregation and composition example
C# Intercept Browse Button
PHP / Mysql special character inserts being truncated
How to hide caret in HTML text input when opacity is zero? (IE)
boost::thread segmentation fault
Get specific content from web page with preg_match
PHP - Sending a javascript variable over to a .PHP script
Recommendations box not working
What is wrong with this LLVM IR code
string and class are both reference type, then why the comparasion returns different result?
SQL Data Sampling
ActionBar Sherlock not showing up. What might be the error?
most efficent way of finding the minimum float in a python list
Empty rows after JTree's non-leaf nodes
Trying to port python code to Java but getting different results
Lowest common ancestor of a BST (stranger behavior in returned value)
empty page after tablix (Reporting services 2008)
multi threads with audio
scrolling using jqueryMobile in phonegap android
Add a button on a figure and to close the figure in MATLAB
Find duplicate records with advanced query in CodeIngniter Datamapper
Populate a UITableView with variables
loading a backbone.js collection on html page load
Customizing mouse cursor in Jfreechart
Kinect SDK v1 samples in VB.NET
About Graph API of Facebook Places
Converting a string to char*
Apt return type for this function
Posting data when my view model has a constructor does not work
How do I write a random quote generator in Java for Android?
How to Tag a Friend on a Photo on Facebook Photo Upload Via Graph API
Python Dictionary w/ 2 Keys?
Catching resource filename errors at compile time
Can I manage Multiple Clients projects with JIRA
Sharepoint 2010 suitability for a Management Information System site
Using an interface within a struct in Go
Background Process, no user interaction - android
Robotium: How do I wait for loading to complete before proceeding?
Custom JSON serialization for List<MyClass> with Jackson
How to put an alternative into a regex? [closed]
Rotate Mapview error on debug
JQuery UI drag & drop in Android
Reading from xls/xlsx document, which API? Java
Android, issue with going from a GLSurfaceView to a Activity
Output to another Window
Wordpress site: easy way to migrate server/url
Looking for a general purpose code completion library/service for Freemarker [closed]
Specializing a class template method for derived classes
How to justify text in a textbox ios?
Grief with extJS4 treegrid using custom model and async loading
Multiple additions instead of single [gtk2hs]
datepicker not working in rails 3
Is there any possible to mask the asp.net dropdown list which allows only English language alone
List of features supported by the Lync SDK in UISuppressionMode
How make mysql query fast using indexing
Security concerns with permitted uri characters in Codeigniter
Retrieving audio captured by using camera鈥檚 microphone
Initializing a static data member (class) within a class C++
Simple Digit Recognition OCR in OpenCV-Python
Google Chrome Context Menu: How use it? How or were view javascript console?
Java track objects with an ID
Dijkstra linear running time on dense graph with Binary Heap
Reduce Java BigInteger to fixed length smaller number
Each row as PartialView in GridView
Detect if Mouse button already pressed before form shows
Is Addon domain affecting SEO
How to convert a datareader to datatable
Vector string with boost library C++ gives error
PHP Typecasting an Int as a String - doesn't seem to work as expected
Implement browser in windows form using awesomium
strrev and array_map how to use them?
CheckBox PreferenceScreen
JavaScript string resolves to false
django tastypie manytomany field POST json error
How does ServiceBus work?
scale the background layer touch position is changed?
How to extract a number from a website using javascript
Dynamically added tr and td design issue in IE8
Full dynamic router in Zend Framework
How to check if a foreign-key is part of a many-to-many in the same model?
Mysql Select and different values
Custom window frame - Smooth border?
Iscroll - Jquery - Get position on a list item
Symfony 2.0.4 - Bad credentials at login
branch with no common ancesters
Jerking panels and pictureboxes in WAF (VB.Net)
How to do mvn release:prepare in flat structure projects?
Downloading amazon.co.uk webpage using only python, html exactly as firebug sees it
Nested .properties files
How to handle RejectedExecutionException with ThreadPoolExecutor in java
Using .htaccess to set a sub directory as root directory [closed]
Secure distribution of NodeJS applications
WinCE CF2.0 control textbox IME
mysql select rows with same ids and preserve their order?
Secure distribution of NodeJS applications
WinCE CF2.0 control textbox IME
mysql select rows with same ids and preserve their order?
Weird jQuery or Javascript behaviour with Objects
Lua Service2Media Mobile
Uploading an image in Zend Framework
google api xml EURUSD
How do I go from ActivityGroups to Fragments?
Javascript, access object.property
Android ListView RadioButtons
How to set the background for the unfilled area of an owner-drawn listbox?
Making variables captured by a closure volatile
jQuery Tabs and Google Maps, pin not at center
Renaming a directory - creates a new (empty) on
Error while reading pdf using MODE_WORLD_READABLE?
nodejs http.request save in global variable
How to get the length of array in C? is 鈥渟izeof鈥�is one of the solution? [duplicate]
Business logic in Camel processors vs service endpoints
Duplicate markers in SitesOverlay
Session GetLastAccessTime Returns 0 on GAE
ViewModel per View or per Model?
Swing component that I created at runtime is not shown in JPanel
Caching Images From Remote Server in iphone [closed]
WCF Client Receives Cached Response
What is wrong with my Hyperlink
restricting image size and type in jquery
Confusion in file Verification with CRC16 in C
How to deal with feature toggling when a new feature requires massive changes in codebase?
PHP Reading a S/Mime email p7m attachment (Base64?)
Embed vimeo video into tinyMCE editor
ASP.NET GridView DropDownList Posts Empty Value
Need to clear a function memory. jQuery running function too many times
Multi-level grouping and aggregation in Django
Why the unnecessary issues with using Visual Studio?
Codeigniter & disallowed key characters issue with my htaccess
Jquery-Delete all the row if first td of row does not have the id with given value
Special symbols in PHP errors
How to pass the Different datas to webservice according to ScreenSize
django cms language change
android html5 tabHost is accepted?
What is the key word 鈥淪nowball鈥�mean in Elastic search?
what is the difference between enabling interrupts and restoring interrupts?
Textview Scrolview
What does `>:` mean in Scala?
Unsigned and signed division in C
How to set QWidget fullscreen (but 鈥渞eal鈥�fullscreen, change resolution, set modal to whole system)?
How to get Mysql data in javascript code
Catchable Fatal Error: Argument 1 passed to ? Symfony2
Microsoft Enterprise Logging Block with Entity Framework asks for WriteLog procedure
iOS system icons
ReSharper chop if long not working
Strange CPU usage in Xcode Activity Monitor
Regular expression for getting text between XML elements
How to know when HTTP-server is done sending data
Configure output dir for Assetic in Symfony2
What is it the new field 'new_like_count'?
tabs pager application crashed with onbackpress button
Cutting the image or photo into pieces
Plotting Matrix with R like data.frame
easy to use framework for using GWT MVP with minimal coding
Trouble with PHP session based login system
How to pass dynamic URL to access help set file in javahelp for my web application
Java classpath and config file
jQuery validate different subset of fields if radio button is selected
Regular Expression for KW postcodes
How to write script in Android for various task
Why does my function add an extra dash to this URL? ( PHP:Regex)
Solr edismax wildcard search does not find original string
Convert text to links - ignore image src
Array Pagination - Writing Math Equation
Log4Net Webservice not creating file, what am I doing wrong?
How to install jad file on the Black Berry Simulator?
Eclipse : Search With the Exact Matching String
in android how to make a generic activity i.e different views for next activity for different buttons
iOS: how to remove xib files caching?
How to disable iPhone/iPad auto-lock while app is in foreground mode?
blur does not fire on p tag
How to turn off timeout in IIS debugging
JSF tag not rendered by FacesServlet
WebService Call Exception: Thread was being aborted
Generics in XML documentation issue
Does google directions api duration reflect real time traffic?
server crashes when i use onreadystatechange
creating a structure within a structure from imported text files in matlab
Getting info from many tables
Apache NMS - how to determine if connection is up
watir-webdriver iterating table for field comparison
Accessing 3 table in one query
Apache - Can I make a proxy server with just Apache?
How to zoom jqplot from external button?
How to hold database extracted from Cursor in Android
Rake equivalent to make -k (--keep-going)
How to read a huge text file through javascript or jquery?
problems with KSOAP2
SQL stored proc max date issue
jqGrid Grouping Returning 鈥渦ndefined鈥�Group Headers
Passing and displaying the ArrayList result from Intent
Set up Drupal 6 replication
Websockets - Sec-WebSocket-Accept mismatch
Using the Include Method to load related objects in EntityFramework
Javascript: How to print objects in Jrunscript?
One prepared statement for MSSQL and Oracle for retrieving Dates?
C# -> Retrieving dataset from SQL Server 2008
How to show different function usages when using varargin (鈥�?
How to disable Chart axis autosize
ASP.NET MVC selects the wrong controller action
Request timeout error on calling WCF webservice from webservice client on localhost
Adding custom php file in wordpress theme
What is IEventRepository in this code? What does Resolver.resolve( ) do?
Extend Activity and ActivityGroup
How to remove extended attribute 鈥渏query123456鈥�from element
How to bind delete action (in WPF Datagrid) to a command or property in view model
IE 7 & 8 (gradient + Border-radius)
return a value instead of list from table using hibernate
Why can I sometimes modify a const object and sometimes not?
Persistant Windows and tabs in VS2010
SchemeRegistry and Syntax error on token
Android command line build (Mac), no Google APIs
open source 鈥淧erformance testing and Load Testing鈥�tools for web application
Spring Batch Exit Status code Failed
EF Code First: Order of insert for seeded items
How to handle GZIP-ed ajax responses?
WPF - Automatically sizing forms
C# string splitting elegant solution
IndexSearcher help in Solr 3.5.0
Pass arguments to a server side CustomValidator
Prettyphoto thumbnail margins - How to adjust?
What is the cleanest method for simple scope management of an array with in C++11
dropping the tables in sqlite in ROR for ubuntu environment
How to select only a part of a UITableViewCell
unable to read SMS from a Nokia X2-00 using AT commands in hyperterminal
retrieving documents from applications directory
Easiest way to build a project with ant in eclipse
Lambda expressions with multithreading in C#
Set Nunit TimeoutAttribute from SpecFlow
How to download Java source for a Maven artifact and its dependencies from the CLI (not in project directory)?
jQuery parents() - processing each tier separately
H.264 to MPEG2 conversion
How can fonts cause OpenGL out of memory error?
What to log, php webservice
MonoMac reverting application icon change
How exactly jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch hide address bar in iPhone even when page changes?
Python: export to DXF file the Shapely objects
How to fix 411 Length Required error with file_get_contents and the expedia XML API? [closed]
Running multiple nhibernate sessions in a transaction
Unique token with form submit doesn't seem to work
How to check the security of the SSL certificate in iOS?
use pusher or similar libraries to auto update view from database
Multiple modelattributes in a JSP with Spring
Functional conversion from dictionary to list
PHPUnit - exclude some directories from code coverage in command line
Problems building C++ projects in TFS2010 while targeting the 2005 toolset
jquery accordion setting option after init
How to connect a Rails App with Google Plus account and fetch the logged in and connected user's activities
Changing a JButton text when clicked
javascript htcontents does not show in html correctly
How to find the cpu utilization(%) of a java class [closed]
Symfony2 - Loading JS files with assetic from inside a custom form field type widget
Events nearby in a city for android application
Writing to file without right permissions with PHP
how to select a picture from UIImagePickerController using Frank Cucumber?
How can i make a message pop up every 12 hrs?
How do i show all Listpicker items in current page in WP7?
css text-shadow in Chrome
ClickOnce update, controlling version jumps
Alternating row color in HTML?
Snapshot or Dynaset ,which one enhance the performance?
How to customize UISlider with irregular shape images
Nested Form Doesn't Save Nested Model Rails 3
See the cache missess - simple C++ cache benchmark
Scala Code Reuse Between Projects
How div automatically adjust their size and positions the element inside it
Tips for making the Android launcher transparent
Firing 2 google analytics events with an outbound link
RESTful architecture, Spring vs Java EE
Creating and killing threads in Android
Android Ui using Action bar
How to add a unique constraint on several columns, with a condition?
integer primary key not autoincrementing
Supporting numbers with preceeding zeros in General formattted cell in Excel
Why a String variable can not be assigned to another string variable in C?
Trying to understand Generics
No JSON feed when running on DoubleClick server
Accessing member of an unnamed namespace when the outer namespace has a member with the same name
How to enter username and password to login window using vb6.0?
Getting and manipulating values from a table with checkboxes generated by an SQL statement
rails nested resource and routes for intialized resource
Memory leak ABAdressbook
Post a link with more than 140 characters to twitter using twitter api in Java
alternative to listagg in Oracle?
C# - Any thing similar to boost::any?
Produce several items in Spring Batch chunk-tasklet
iTextSharp: How to resize an image to fit a fix size?
How to create plugin in phonegap to run the application in background?
Image Interpolation in python
intellij 11.0.2 code highlighting analysis does not complete
MVC-ViewModel + Automapper: How would use of Automapper look on my code if I would like to use it?
Get the formatted text of a range/cell object
UTF-16 XML Encoding
Windows Service written in D7, cannot be run under WinServer2008 64 bit after restart
How to forward to new URL including all the variables? [solved]
How many entities do I have in my model?
Why can't I bind a property to an object using the prototype?
Curve fitting for exponential functions
How to select data from datatable
Unable to access table fields using range variable in LINQ to SQL
How to automatically publish custom image to facebook user stream
Regular Expression for tackling special symbols
Ping Tomcat from another machine
Passing a generic function as a parameter
Json passed is null in MVC controller method
How to add perspective listeners
how to change the content of a header cell in dataTables?
Custom item selector drawn over complete GridView
kCTSuperscriptAttributeName is not working for using subscript and superscript
Remove elements from a c++ vector where the removal condition is dependent on other elements
Facebook App-Application is misconfigured for Facebook integration
Android Notification trigger when the application is in the background
Is there any function to create tiff image in php [duplicate]
Change CalendarView style
MongoDB measure the disk size needed
How to clear the browser's cache
What are the main advantages of Knockout java script library with MVC 3
m4a mp4 file format what's the difference or are they the same?
How to check if Google Maps is fully loaded?
Jquery error: Object expected
IE9 adding extra height to lines with display:inline-block and overflow-x:hidden;
Storing a date in core data
pass parameter from view to controller razor
How to get Connection String From the Web.config [duplicate]
What are the keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the tabs? [closed]
LinqPad row id not getting updated after SubmitChanges()
Python: Parse ISO 8601 date and time from a string (using the standard modules)
MongoDB - is DBREF necessary?
Float left is not working in IE7 but works in IE8 sharepoint .aspx page
Recommendations for Low Discrepancy (e.g. Sobol) quasi-random sequences in Python/SciPy?
How to format a Spreadsheet cell via Ruby gem?
SQL Server 2005 most recent entry last month
Runing javascript in Rails
Why ExitInstance() is not called in my MFC + VTK App
CKEditor + Fancybox = FAIL?
Save the client area after a dodle-like function as image
arm assembly memset replacement
Phone number validation in Java
Google+ like ViewPager page indicator
Jboss with jms queue on standalone Hornetq machine
Differentiating the causes of InvalidAttributeValueException
Android ndk-build : error - 鈥渕ake: Nothing to be done for `all'鈥�
Interval is starting twice after cleared
Fixed (MySQL) time converted to client's time
SQL: SELECT MAX(Date) involving a couple of tables
Drupal 7 - Getting referenced entities with a node_load()
How can I load custom Django tags from a file?
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, the shared lib path in linux
Google Static Maps don't work with Google APIs Console generated key
converting summary created using 'by' to data.frame
Assembler STRB instructions armv7
javascript innerHTML in mozilla
Get notification from database
Remove lines that contains repeated regular experssion in perl
Parsing temporary table into another in SQL, keeping the column names
Strange type mismatch in C++
Setting transparency background a view in xml
Obtaining a dataset from a SQL Server database
Links are mismatched in JQueryMobile
Positioning tables and charts in BIDS SSRS
jQuery Javascript Template handling
How to implement (anonymous) Lua callback functions for any number of Lua objects (tables)?
Daily Alert for No New Database Records
Why is `typedef void * COMPLEX` used in this interface?
Action does not trigger
Android: How to remove transparant overlay in ICS actionbar-tabbar
How can i draw the point in the pictureBox1 center + 10 using Random?
Web site with multiple languages can't use VB.NET classes in C# code
on pageload (before any hover event in effect) do the same as hover-out event
How do I escape special characters in user input - I'm using sql server database
Create Image in SD Card or Phone Memory [duplicate]
Conditionally adding a check box in Telerik MVC Grid
How do I define unique constraint in hibernate for this situation?
Keep downloading tweets within the limits using twitteR package
Alternatives to SimpleDateFormat for date parsing
Watch Dog Timer
how to save and retrieve videoview obj state in activity
AWS SWF Flow Framework - Eclipse AspectJ Load-Time Weaving
Update managed object context in background thread
Custom Validation not working Rails model
Best way to build a secure RESTful web service layer accessed from ajax front end & api requests
getDefinitionByName() and class visibility
Get the name(s) of interface methods strong typed
Google Maps V3 - Issue with removing markers and updating clusters
Playing audio clip through media player using Uri
IE8 incompatibility with position:relative and others
Expire Webpage on clicking browser back button
How do I make jenkins accept commands over xmpp?
SpringMVC Restful Service in 3.1.1 doesn't run (in 3.0.3 runs ok)
How can I stop hyperlinks appearing in a SharePoint site columns
draw line in chart
Cutomise Launcher to override default home key behaviour?
How to generate core dumps in Mac OS X?
How to generate core dumps in Mac OS X?
Is this proper way to resolve circular typedef dependency?
How to reset status in QUnit?
Ajax page load with URL change but no page refresh
resharper suggestions background color
Load images one after another in javascript
Not able to identify tab in Selenium
ZoomIn for Mapview
Android and PDFs: Opening document by a certain page?
How to Check if an Object is empty in PHP
3 Boxes on each row, 2nd row doesnt align. JS fiddle
How to export/generate data without copying its primary key?
RDLC, Custom Code, GAC & Shared Hosting Environment
Could not redirect by ?lang= parametr
Is it possible to stop the vertical scrollbar from pushing the DataGrid columns/header to the left?
foreign key in mysql workbench
WSO2 - Using Message Store to invoke Synchronous web service and sending response back
Device administration API for Windows Phone Mango
updating multiple value of one column of table inzend framework
Best Way Of Getting Data In Separate Javascript File?
using sqs with php to process requests
Crash with Distributed Objects
Architecture wich allow communication between parts of the system [closed]
Facebook send dialog: adding query string parameters to the link
CakePHP Is it possible to pass dynamic data to an element for use across an entire site?
Adding images to alertdialog options
gmail style file upload in c#
How to control sliding speed of SlidingDrawer in Android
How can I programmaticaly check what is allowed input of a JFormattedTextField?
ask an imageview which id from r.java
Magento - Quote/order product item attribute based on user input
rails 3 breadcrumbs_on_rails
Paypal-Android Fundamental Questions
Get a timers elapsed time
ARC, Nib files, and releasing top-level objects
Where to put database files when deploying file-based database app?
Passing complex parameters with MVC4 RESTful web api
What's the right way to fill plhs[] in a MEX file?
Java webcam Application keeps running in the background
鈥淓rror loading RadChart Image鈥�on IIS7
c# - Total of all rows within a specific column
How to get column value from sqlite cursor?
Automate - CSS & JS min and merge files
Conditionally rendered command link does not invoke action
3d graphics implementation using images in using webgl,html5 canvas
recognizing and dealing with 2 valid paths when walking a hex map
Reference Equality on ListBox SelectedItem
Batch script wont work properly
Group all the fields in one row
check if a string can be made from characters in another string
VS2010 rebuilds C++ project because of modified irrelevant files
Event doesn't work in Java Jade
Position:fixed in css: depending on scrollbar position, the div appears in a different position
Differences between MSVC++ Debug and Release environment
How can I copy Dll's to Program Files folder in Windows 2008 Server using C#
Using Zend Routes? to customized url
sigsegv using vector stl
Dynamic Proxy: how to handle nested method calls
Save UTF8 string to SQL Server
Is Multithreading (in python) the same as calling the script multiple times?
Is it possible to use buttons as a link as well as pass a variable value in PHP?
What's wrong with my classes?
How to perform click on circles drawn on a canvas in android?
Android: SetOnclickListener for a EditText which is android:focusable=鈥渇alse鈥�
Cant find the next element using jQuery
Color box not showing Tiff images in my php program
Calling Java methods from shell scripts
Round *special price only* in Magento
Controlling Name Resolution server (DNS) address per request
Need to customise jquery-token-input
Bourne Shell - How to identify that first parameter is ''
Protect joomla article with password
making a scheduler in vb.net (web site)
Multiple function on a single button click [closed]
How to Downcast the hashtable into an abstract class object
Best way to wait in Java
Transactional operation with SaveChanges and ExecuteStoreCommand
Avoid random repeated results?
Java: How keep running process in thread and read it's values?
How to transfer data from one device to another using wifi network in android 2.2
Loading charts on a PhoneGap based application using GWT Google APIs
Asset pipeline won't even try to compile SASS
Drupal identify user/browser
Reducing Memory Footprint
Dont let user click the image too many times
Has anyone experienced side effects (including performance issue) of using getObjectsUnderPoint?
How to create tabs using jquery mobile?
How do I configure an OpenGL makefile for Windows?(from Linux)
Default Styles not resolving from external assembly at runtime
different result in java how can it be rectified
Regex:How to take text & some special characters between the Xml tags using Regex on vb.net or C#.net
Pass by reference in java?
SQL Server Assembly Not Showing in 鈥淎dd Reference鈥�Dialog
Using global variables in backbone.js
Render mobile version of login in Secure class Play! Framework
GAE handling simple http post request (java)
Google Calendar Gdata old recurring event deleted event still showing with a EventID ending in Z
How to get the name of the Oid (#Snmp)?
Custom Symbol in UINT8 - how to convert to C#?
Type declaration/inference in Eclipse/JSDT
Image flips, OpenGL output to JPEG using libjpeg
How do I calculate a point on a ellipse鈥檚 circumference?
Google Maps Api v3: different markers and polyline sizes depending on zoom level
GWT Fresh Installation not working
auto projection in entity framework
(How) Can I use FutureWindows with standard file open dialogs?
Not getting the radiobutton checked in the Single choice list android in a custom dialog?
Cannot update contact with new fields
Undefined function error [closed]
Ordering a Union Query in MS Access SQL
Core Data Managed Object attributes returns null
Fast log2(float x) implementation C++
鈥渉udson.util.IOException2: Failed to create a temp file鈥�
embedded Lua C++ : how can i load multiple lua modules from C++ side
Is embedded RavenDB and MVC possible?
Twitter button count for ajax-based website with hash-tag
Streetviewevent in Google Maps JavaScript API V3 not found
php array replacement
Sync time between servers
How to use Express post request to emit Socket.io or Sockjs?
Session expired on form submit
need help developing a quiz app for android
Unable to check a checkbox using C# WinAPI
Flex Scroller on swfloader dying on zoom
XSLT date translation from dd/mm/yyyyy to Month yyyy
OnClickListener in AppWidgetProvider
C# Virtual & Override Keywords
Pass control to a DLL
Mysql min and max values and corresponding 鈥渄ate鈥�for each month
SSRS 2005 matrix row group line break
Smarty cache with database content error
PHP 5.3 namespaces in Symfony 2
Read multi-row fixed width records from textfile
Improving IO performance and speed
Import data file into didFinishLaunchingWithOptions dictionary for debugging?
Adding item in dictionary showing an error: an item with the same key has already been added. dictionary
Share link in facebook post
flickr public image gallery without user login for iphone application
Mutually exclusive events in javascript
XmlDocument.SelectSingleNode and prefix + xmlNamespace issue
float divs inside position relative div
Can't add user to aspnet_Users database using Membership provider WPF
How restreaming shoutcast aac or video live in red5 media server?
issue in printing G in mysql.?
Box2D circle performance issue
resharper inline object initialisation
Compiling VLC source code on windows visual studio
Sorting Core Data entities by two dependent attributes
How to add HtmlGenericControl to a HtmlNode?
Like button not adding a post on facebook
How to use PushState routers in Backbone.js
Does it makes sense to store a list of floats in a blob or in a text in SQL Lite
Actionscript (Flex) streamed upload to Django
Django app with fcgi works only in non daemonized mode
Getting the delegate to callback on successful login dropbox using REST api through GTMOAuth
MySQL, Optimizing Subquery [closed]
Offline cache on iOS application sqlite3 becomes corrupted
Is there way to use of hashed stored password in GlassFish & HTTP digest authentication?
Is it possible to store arrays in one variable and use Explode on them later?
How can i put a background image to sencha touch 2 Ext.form.Panel?
How can I pass a parameter to the form submit handler in Drupal
PHP object holding XML data
syntax mysql/php error images
Galaxy Nexus (sw360dp) values file
Multiple AJAX requests give inconsistent database updates
How to generate a version 1 Guid in .NET?
Programmatically change Android Keyboard layout type?
htaccess - redirect traffic from an URL to another
php get values from this type of associative array
MySql select format, round column
How to bind enum to listpicker in WP?
Can PipeLine Mode and Pool Identity affect an application running with Integrated Security?
Fastest way of evaluating expression in Matlab
Can't create function in mysql
NServiceBus - How to get separate queue for each message type receiver subscribes to?
Calculate centre point of rectangle in flex
Customize UITableViewCell in method -tableView: cellForRowAtIndexPath: works only after cell is visible from being off the screen
Template or style for a WP7 Portrait Or Landscape application
Animate div size on hover and reveal image
Git configuration - still ask username and password
Insert with self generated primary key
How to get the nodes currently expanded in a TreeView control
Wordpress - Hiding or removing parent theme's templates
EntityFramework 4.3 - Creating DbContext from Database without ObjectContext?
Xcode localization: All strings are not translated
Not getting correct return value from geocoder?
Strange behavior in injecting EntityManager
Lifecycle application Android
Cisco 857 Restore Missing Lines
check if input file filed is empty jquery
How to integrate Spring into Cucumber
How can i call this method .. + check if my method is correct or not
How to add multiple ID's into url string PHP loop
UISplitViewController willHideViewController/willShowViewController not called after forcing detail view to be hidden
Displaying only Date in Razor View
Create an Object using a Generics type Java [duplicate]
ASP.NET MVC3 RAZOR: File Upload gives zero as file count
SQLite database scheme as Entity Relationship Model [closed]
Staging SQL queries
Apache .htaccess and Zend Rewrite conflict with Redirect
Apache .htaccess and Zend Rewrite conflict with Redirect
SQL query with group by
getting product category id on page.php template in wp-ecommerce plugin
Java: if joining Threads does not work: break or continue?
parse date by prompting user for date format?
Android: Get checked checkbox values
ASP.NET MVC 3 Stop Validation
handlebars - is it possible to access parent context in a partial?
Start and final dialogs in XP do not show bitmaps
Connect to https://oauth.live.com/authorize with curl
Removing numbers from text using C#
Painless JSON deserialization in C# using JSON.NET
enum with flags attribute
locations property in PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer class
Add block from local.xml in Magento
i18n-js on Rails 2.3.5 installation
How to integrate all the plot menus (file, edit, insert, etc) in a matlab GUI?
view-model to entity binder
Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit running 64-bit version of R in W/ Prof 64-bits 8GBRAM
Replacing image in HTML5 canvas using kinetic.js?
Boost's ASIO + SSL don't work in some conditions
How to remove blocks starting and ending with certain lines from text file using Ruby?
how to change the color of a button of over touch in android
how to suppress the enoying dialog boxes when developing xPages?
How do I create a pip installable project?
NamedParameterJdbcTemplate setting connection fetch size property
how to use multiple id in html while using javascript
Validates association of an object
Converting a bean path to a simple string property in Ext GWT grid
Ok to use external font (ttf file) for multi-language application?
Multimedia Binary file - For minor version Metadata publishes but the actual Binary doesn't?
how to use UISCROLLVIEW?
MongoMapper save not working
Create Thumbnail from Office Files, Videos, Images with PHP
SessionID is same but session data are not same
THREE.js Texture is not visible with SVGRenderer