Removing BizTalk Assemblies using Microsoft.BizTalk.ExplorerOM
navigation menu using jquery
How can I clear cached timezone information in .net 2.0?
How to detect the's bot in PHP?
JQuery changing content of table cell
Django testing named URLs with additional GET parameters
String starting state in C
What is the difference between implicit/explicit joins? [duplicate]
Decoupling Jquery Mobile on Windows [closed]
Linq Generic Method
jQuery UI - Several tabs closeable
Where to put different style file for tablet with bigger resolution
Changing WCF Namespace on XML Request
Pass data from one view to other in mono-touch
Connection string for C# winapp with a SQL Server database file
Why can't we directly change size or origin of a UIView frame?
Losing JDialog title when hiding panel (Java)
Post a new note specifying privacy
Shared PKs and ObjectContext errors
PriviledgedActionException when running hadoop job from Eclipse
one table with 2 fields referencing to the same table
Handle DispatcherUnhandledException, but leave the exception unhandled
Absolute coordinates bitmap android
can find open graph information about my fan page? [closed]
What is the steps for developing a image processing SDK? [closed]
Why is serializing double[] not working in WinCE?
JDK 64bit or 32bit?
Blackberry: not able to modify the PhoneScreen
Server instance is no longer connected. MongoDB C# driver 1.3.1
Git Submodule Workflow Advice
ArrayAdapter not accepting RelativeLayout as its row resource
To download and install boost library 1.46 On fedora 12
AFNetworking (AFJSONRequestOperation) convert to AFHTTPClient
cakephp error : Not Found The requested URL projectName/users/login was not found on this server
Grouping duplicate values in LINQ
HTML5 Video in WebView Android Ver 4+?
Set input value on page load with javascript
How to know if certain function exists and has been called
Setting responsetext on jquery form plugin
Rails: Reconnecting to sqlite3 DB when underlying .sqlite3 file changes
How to avoid duplication
XmlGregorianCalendar -> GregorianCalendar -> PostgreSQL Date issue
Is it possible it get a .xib window to a tabbed storyboard
Duplicating SQLite store
SAX Parser does not parse specal characters 鈥�amp;鈥�
Regular Expression for GY1-9 postcodes
faster join by selecting relevant rows into an aliased table first?
Attaching a disconnected entity to entity framework
Encrypting 3000 bytes and more with DES3
IOS: launch image multiple language
ELMAH - How to log HTTP request body and HTTP request header with error log?
Jquery $.get returns Internal Server Error
preg_replace undefined variable error
CSV export - what's going on here?
Preventing pushes from a branch to a specific remote
Why is my class not serializable?
Unable to access property in ember.js view
PHP: Reduce the Array dimensions in JSON format
How to perform UIKit call on mainthread from inside a block
How to name a thread running a Task?
How does changing the encoding from US-ASCII to UTF-16 change the function of code?
c# checkboxes verify state
javascript and webworker
javascript and webworker
how to filter all products by custom dropdown attribute value in magento?
Action bar : check platform version in Java
Drawing in MonoMac
Entity Framework Ordering Navigate Objects
Requestmapping a controller to another controller
Parasoft c++ test link unit test error
How to extend a Map in Scala?
replicate mysql db from slave server to another slave server
Performing an auto-save with Adobe AIR with out a popup save box opening
Linking SQLite to Autocomplete TextView in Android?
Why a database is required over Hadoop when it already provides API to map and reduce the task
TSQL: how to write this query?
How to create custom Transformers for solr DataImportHandler?
TreeGrid: setting data root has no effect
Array Pagination - Writing Equation
About GetMessage(..) in win32
Why use SQL and NoSQL data in a single web application [closed]
how to play video files in my web app?
PHP code to alter or change URL outputcache and cookies
Security Concerns with REST Full WebServices
3 Tier Application Architecture possible with Azure?
Assembly.Load() or Not?
Create Lucene Document from XML
better Idea than singleton to use for global variable
How to add a different webpage link to each set of data points on a Google charts scatter plot?
Sending signal from static class method in Qt
Render select widget in custom template tag
IE9 Loses Cookie
How to check exit if used tee?
How to Make LinkedIn API work with PHP from scratch
Css3 card flip animation, why is it rotating to one side? Trying to make it rotate around the center of the card
Comparing strings which are not exactly same
Download large files which takes more than 10 min when iPad device is locked
OpenGL - How to dissolve between two consecutive frames that are drawn to screen frame buffer
Convert scientific notation to decimal in C++
Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 is not registered in local system
Grails remoteLink : Entire page loaded in response
Wordpress how to get all user meta data by user ID?
Null-pointer exception raised after injecting a stateless session bean into EntityHome derivative in Seam 2.2
Loading html page's body into another page without ajax
How to make jquery plugin options true/false into more compact form?
Removing quotes from the start and end - for fields with blanks
Search for video files in sharepoint 2010 search
How to know in RabbitMQ cluster which node is oldest?
What is the right way of checking if the user has voted or not?
Reading input type=鈥渉idden鈥�with jersey
How to setup: Cygwin + Vim = IDE for Ruby, Python and other programming languages?
How to find the code page ID of an Outlook message file (.msg)
c++ get camera position in world coordinates (opencv)
Downloading only a small part of an HTML document
How to calculate a date before 鈥済iven time鈥�from current date, using class or instance method of NSDate class?
Cannot use a DLL in BorlandC++ 4.52 (cannot implib it either)
Different behavior of MSI and setup.exe wrapper
PayPal integration (MECL)
prevent overwriting to WRITE function for char driver linux
Regular Expression for a range >= 0 but less than 1000
Unable to run google gdata api for google docs
Are there algorithms that succeed 鈥淏ilateral Filtering鈥� (in term of functionality)
Matching ranges of lines in python (like sed ranges)
how check whether the GPS Sensor currently reading signal?
Oracle XML Gateway- Mapping XML to Oracle Apps API - Wrong Number or types of arguments mismatch error
Analyze an image displayed on screen in java
Java xml transform and network proxy
function merging / combinator in fsharp
Favicon in a Windows Azure instance and IE9
Drag a UIButton or a UIImage without subclassing
Add an image to a navigation bar
Copy dynamic array from list in block
Can't open a jQuery Dialog on 鈥渃lick鈥�event
How to test upload and download speed to Flash Media Server?
Filling tableadapter with dataset in
Reading a csv file with Chinese characters in php
Cache manipulated images in PHP
iterating through array, android dev
How to read and write from/into text file using javascript?
Popping a navigation controller in a tab bar
How do I create nav menu for a cms?
Android checkout my library and project in a same time
LDAP Logon History
Using Nested Query with JOIN in Codeigniter, MysQL
How to delete the data written on sd card automatically on uninstalling the android app?
Simple way to get test data into an App
Getting Milliseconds from Calendar for a Month
jQuery objects are internally converted to JavaScript arrays, how do I copy that behavior? [duplicate]
FullCalendar - limiting the scope of
Expressions in RDLC reports
IOS: multilanguage app
CRM2011: Silverlight not fired when form save, got JavaScript Error: SCRIPT16389
How to capture Liferay Logged In User details in JSP (Say email-ID , name etc)
how to display the values in a text-box by retrieving that values from the database?
Is Task.Factory.StartNew() guaranteed to create at least one new thread?
Highcharts - load json data
Does Instance Variables of a module shared between class with the mixin?
How to resolve warning: 鈥淯nsupported Configuration: Tab Bar Controller NIB Name set to MainWindow.nib鈥�
Display page and picture in one request in MVC 3
Where to place EventDispatcher in Symfony2 and how to use it with Annotations?
why does negating a bind value in knockoutjs have to be unwrapped
Android ListView with CheckBox and a selectable item
how to make linkLabel acting as simple hyper link on right click in .net winforms
LESS (dynamic style sheet language) and Resource Loaders
Multiple bean validators per input field
Could anyone give me a hand on the render :update in rails?
how to delete documents with some id in mongodb shanty library
Javascript class creation
How to swap Imageview and TextView with finger gesture in Android
Required field HTML5 form
WCF Exception: The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded
softlayer_api gem OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError (SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed):
plsql update with inner join
How to take/create a UI thread dump log for Eclipse RCP applications?
How to achieve horizontally centered layout with partially liquid column?
Open / Read or Decompile .xpt to idl
How to get previous year from the result of current year in java?
Problems with Trent Richardson timepicker and datetimepicker
Compare archiwum.rar content and extracted data from .rar in the folder on Windows 7
Transparent images (png files) become white after export to pdf in MS Report Viewer
Using GIT in production Rails machines
Move sprite in the direction of the value from the rotation?
Java Looping a switch-case statement on 鈥渋nvalid input鈥�
How to get iOS memory consumption info of simulator?
Where Clause - When date is selected also include blanks
Regular expression to replace a string, but not values assigned to a Scalar
How to create a function, returning a vector, that uses a custom pool allocator if provided, but defaults to the std::allocator?
Submit server IP from wifi router to Android
How to create a magento payment module with api integration
WordPress Multisite - Create New Sites and Users through API?
syntax for HTTPRequest Syntax
c# - how to go through ms access db and get list of tables?
Gem dependency conflict between coffee-rails and rspec-rails
Freeing resources in D language
PHP Passing a Javascript timestamp using json_encode
kAudioFormatLinearPCM to kAudioFormatMPEG4AAC
Why java.util.Date is giving me wrong time?
Is there any RetryPolicy to handle continuation token automatically in Azure SDK?
Do I need virtualenv?
Click event on drawn shapes
Get all bindings to a DependencyProperty
ASP.NET MVC 3 display decimal value(18,1) in model from SQL Server 2008
Transfer large data between .net applications on same computer
Autocompletebox as edit template in devexpress grid (silverlight)?
Xcode switching between git and svn on project that has both
XLib, XTestFakeKeyEvent latences
Failed to validate oauth signature and token - Issue javascript
How to generate flow diagram from ASP.Net and C#.Net code?
How can i create a window with application scope in zkoss.?
Loading properties file in GWT on Tomcat
Loading properties file in GWT on Tomcat
OpeNni: Color coordinates to depth coordinates
Redirect stdout to logger in Python
AsyncSocket: how to define read length and get callback only when read length is reached
Can I format my JavaScript/JQuery code with linebreaks and tabs?
Scrolling 2 fragment (one Fragment and one ListFragment) as one
RSACryptoServiceProvider.ToXmlString(); encoding
sending an arraylist back to the parent activity
WordPress Remove Excerpt Filters
UIView Subclass, touch event
How to determine which control was Clicked and contextMenuStrp appeared?
What's the meaning of the following statement from file gproc_lib.erl?
Parameters to generate globally unique id under linux
grab the detail from particular location from file in c++
How to reset variable in Handler
Render a layout in a helper class
how to fit the text width in android canvas?
Python raw_input fails for pipe
Returning object added in ArrayList
Applying 2 shopping cart rules in Magento
Static keyword in c#
Convert INT to FLOAT in SQL
Codeigniter HTACCESS mod rewrite not working
SetWindowTextW in an ANSI project
jQuery annonymous functions - nesting functions
Android - ListView row background color change
DataGridView First Column Always Bigger
What is the difference between normal and shortform opcodes in CIL?
Setting focus of input text in a loop
Converting text to link - php regex issue
Accessing/modifying array in perl
Generics compilation error
How to filter model results for multiple values for a many to many field in django
how to check if the user is already subscribed in my iphone app
Globals and Threads in Mojolicious for handling different paths
Mobile-friendly jQuery slider, without bundling an entire mobile library?
Generic Type with dynamic count of type parameters
mysql match against ~ example
Receive Google call in web site
Error when opening Office 2010 documents from Sharepoint 2010?
Images not Lazy Loading and Caching
Convert number to floating point on key press or key up or key down
Adding webpage link to each data point or data label on an Excel scatter plot
How to debug the This C code
Need help on validating autocomplete
What can I use instead of mysql_fetch_array?
Fully Reseting NLog Configuration
Default value of textbox
Change spellchecker language used in textarea on IPAD
Troubleshooting - Activity starting
scrollTo a jquery element that doesn't exist throws an error
viewing/downloading a file in Phonegap iOS app
Removing title bar of android application
Can't send request from applet to servlet
Custom Server Control embed image
Issues in iterating through multiple foreach loops
Panning MATLAB figure by code
Excel file disappears from Solution Explorer when it is saved
Multiple errors when attempting to add MoPub adverts
How can I populate a concurrent dictionary of sorted list?
FullCalendar - displaying different info
creating noisy image(random noise)
Flowplayer event when buffering ends
Why might a sitecore presentation component produce different output dependent on domain?
ItemsControl displaying only one control when getting more controls with same key via TryFindResource
Android: How to get unselectable item in spinner? [duplicate]
DatabaseConnection datasource creation from eclipse
liftweb S.error redirects to previous page
Different databases for specs
In android market is there a subscription facility?
JBOSS 5.0 Starting Error
Will Sqlalchemy automatically create index for foreign key?
Getting a table row of specified width to keep everything on one line and truncate one cell as needed? (HTML/CSS)
Drawing on HTML5 Canvas
GCD dispatch_async and NSURLConnection
Can the Firefox JavaScript JIT be disabled from a script?
using conditionals with drop down menus in javascript
hover menu on android
cakephp: get values from a 鈥渃ar_types鈥�table in the 鈥渦sers_controller.php鈥�file?
How to get better anti-aliasing results in Cairo (examples shown)
URL Redirecting properly but displaying object not found
Transfer of ITEMS from one Sharepoint List to another Sharepoint List
Assign Div id to variable jQuery
Android:map not working on 2.2.1 [duplicate]
How does the woorank loader (css) works?
Add listbox to session
Homebrew failing to install postgresql; python 64-bit errors
Weird rendering issues on android devices
sorting available products by date in php and mysql
Validating Jenkins plugin forms with Ruby
How do i implement a type function
How do I use class helpers to access strict private members of a class?
Can't get jquerymobile scrollview to function properly on dynamically generated content
Sending a notification when the operation has been completed in one class?
How to write code for get photo from photo library in android? [closed]
Invalid credentials (Failure) for oauth while using token generated through JAVA code
Google adwords conversion tracking on jquery mobile subpage
Draw on Canvas to Home Screen Widget - Android
C#/Java Best practice to save data locally
SMS authentication for a website
PHP ftp_put files are uploading, but I cannot find them on my server
Escape sequence in java
Impersonate users in a different Active Directory
Data driven test using different XL sheets with different no of parameters
using rpy in a django app throws RPy_Exception: R Function 鈥済et鈥�not found
Error in Binding Custom Textbox Property
Overriding RenderBody content without redirecting user in MVC3
Having problems querying strings with _ in them - Python
Are there any executor in java concurrent package which guarantee that all tasks will be done in order they were submitted?
Make an EAGLView transparent?
Rails: Forum has_many topics, saving the association?
How do I specify the order of 鈥渄efault鈥�rvms?
Facebook api - using more than one api by using php SDK did make the application run slow?
Strange Behavior in Building a Project Using a .lib File
Adding Custom header to the excel file
C# how to avoid multiple switches (delegate?)
Replace each tag p by tag li and around group li by tag ul
getting the height and width of a div after loading info into it from an external source with jquery
Page layouts with embedded column references and webparts - upgradade implications 2007 to 2010?
django-paypal empty order summary/price
How to render pictures of objects in 3D on mobile Safari?
HTML area shapes and mobile phones: is this a bug and is there a workaround?
Android app won't open after i install. But it can run in emulator
conversion from J# to c#
Block a <div> to avoid interacting with the content
WebServiceHost inside VSTO addin
Objective: Create Staff Turnover Report from scratch
Initialization control's property without repainting
jquery don't get the real height?
Windows Authentication Credential box asking multiple times in IE8 and IIS7
What is the best way to get a substring of a string array?
Google Map API v3, changing map type by clicking the link: 鈥渕ap is not defined鈥�
Shopping cart wont let me add two products with the same ID in the database
Multiple plots in a single matplotlib figure
Memoization with recursion
How to call a MATLAB code from Objective C
Using DataTable in .Net to read from database
possible to get mysql enum filed's index value in java?
How to overlap border with image and add shadow effect on the border?
C# Using .Select and .Where in a single LINQ Statement
DLL Hell: old .dll file separated into two pieces?
Override android hardware back button functionality
T-SQL - Filling in the gaps in running balance
Running two forms as different threads (or al least 2 forms running 鈥減arallel鈥�
Delegate won麓t fire within init-function, but after pressing UIButton?
Generic dao methods using hibernate criteria is wrong, but it feels so right
Intermittant Exception in System.DirectoryServices
parse d attribute in SVG path element
Completely disallow browser caching
Completely disallow browser caching
Clean unused tokens of Apple Push Notification on server-side
How to access notification settings programmatically
OpenTK stencil buffer
How to implement Marketo tracking code
rails 3.2.1 very slow in development mode
Custom Font in Text View/Interface Builder
Add files as read-only to project?
Windows Azure Worker Role not getting past first line of code
Android ArrayList ListView/Textview - You must supply a resource ID for a textview
How to upgrade Rails applications without breaking anything?
Mocking a service that throws an exception?
how to delete the record from the join table in hibernate
SSL handshake with Apple Push Notification Server via Java
How to prevent mail from going spam?
How to add a Calculated field to AllContentType?
How to smoothly interpolate color along a Java2D path?
Adding background for iexplorer 7
Is Adobe Air Completely free?
Supress cmd windows which open while C# program runs
Force razor so that always outputs html
Java: custom cursor for Jscrollpane or Jsplitpane?
How to get id on a successful
Object scope while attaching an event listener in javascript
Grails - a conditional mapping
Different Message in Different browser
How to call another method in the pojo class setter method [session file uploading application] of Hibernate and struts 2
static array of which items (structs) know where they are in the array
How to create World Clock like application
Entity Framework TPC with multiple inheritance
How to make a skinnable ipad game with downloadable skins?
Unable to change name of html elements of new row via JAVASCRIPT
Identify smartphone from PC programmatically
Select second tab from ModalViewController
Android - Compute times a two numbers appear in cell number
fstream won't print to file
Java: Using an enum as an array reference
Scan a website? [closed]
Can't find PInvoke DLL - BUG?
Enable a textarea only if a radio button is selected
Facebook $facebook->getSignedRequest(); and signed_request error
Sublinear but simple Dynamic Convex Hull algorithm?
How do I retrieve an array from a dictionary which and then retrieve a dictionary within that array?
Dynamically created THTMLabel.Height always return default value?
jQuery .click() on an item inside a carousel
How do I build/install protobuf 2.4.1 on CentOs (or any LINUX/UNIX system)?
No return value from C++ DLL using C#
LinearGradientBrush Background for UINavigationBar
Retrieve Interface Class of a Proxy Invocation Object in Java
Find dependent modules of dll
Find dependent modules of dll
Visiblox invalid assembly reference
Nested triggering of events
php add key with value to array faster way
select what element of collection is not in a column of table
java.lang.IllegalStateException in android?
How to make xCode stop logging error within a @try @catch
ASP GridView to be updated automatically when ModalDialog is closed
What cause my drupal 7 page put all the CSS inline in the source
Which Database is my ASP NET MVC 3 CodeFirst Project using?
Mercurial 2.1: how can I use pull/incoming without getting return code 1 when there are no changes?
Dealing with redirects when releasing new site
identify each iphone device in iOS SDK
What types of components can you put in the pre-assemble stage of a biztalk pipeline?
Fetch a list item to a MultiLine textBox
SQL geting Top X number of rows
if return type is different .. then it will be overloading or over riding
Procedure expects parameter even though the parameter is provided
NHibernate and ReadOnlyCollection<T>
IP camera stream in opencv
Displaying status and performing download in one main loop
mouseup event isn't always triggered
php image resize - squared / cropped thumbnail from center?
Php wordpress catching post of a specific page
PHP PDO SSL MySQL connection fails
ActionbarSherlock : event handler on title
Can we change the html or body height using jquery?
porting CPP defines to python
Unable to emit assembly
AJAX - Order of commands with XMLHttpRequest (Newbie)
jquery cms plugin
Keep time in android
CorePlot: letting a data-line-indicator dragged/swipe along the line graph
Multi-user login & remote desktop on Windows / Linux? [closed]
Android: Why does adding minSdkVersion to manifest cause bitmaps to be cropped/masked
How Do I Get innerWidth in Internet explorer 8
How do I call getAssociatedProducts from template/catalog/product/list.phtml in magento
Is there a way to provide better rspec test descriptions
JRuby frozen objects versus Garbage Collector
Modify audio data (PCM) output and then play in Qt framework
Why would chrome raise security exception for canvas.toDataURL
best practise login function with login status code
Since when and why is SVN Author different from SVN login?
Spec for method
django forms dateField fails validation
How to set up customized project type?
Drupal + jcarousel + right scroll images are not loading
Unit testing time-based logic in Java
Android, Closing the application by using: android.os.Process.killProcess(android.os.Process.myPid());
stopword removal in F#
How to reset variable in runnable in Android
How to issue signal each time a row is edited in QListWidget?
jsTree: progressive_render with ajax / render nodes from an array
How can I pass a table or table-valued parameter from SQL2008 to Oracle Procedure via Linked Server?
GridView loses column contents during PostBack
HTML5 File Upload (How to select multiple files in Single browse click)
how to install python-devel for 2.6 version?
C# , SQL update multiple rows
Validation error adornment not clearing when HasError is false
Array index beyond bounds
Download File From Another Sever With Save as Dialogue Box
Multiple files for a single SQLite database
Is there a way to filter some model records unrelated with another model in django admin site?
How to rename/store images uploaded to e-commerce application?
How to resume file download through FTP using Curl in C?
Cancelling NSOperation from NSOperationQueue cause crash
who wakes up a process which is blocked because it executed wait on a semaphore unsuccessfully?
How to visualize the scope of the variables in a Java program [closed]
Wav file compression from plcm to aac
activity not sending result when pressing back button
How to have an Add operation run in pre-commit or similar in Subversion
Jquery Mobile JSON Listview
Select and Delete in the same transaction using TOP clause
:hover:before doesnt work for chrome on mac?
How can I configure my MVC 3 app to use HTTP on login and HTTPS on the rest of the pages?
Converting a date time to gmt date using php
height for absolute position is not working and stopping jquery from working (example)
Web service and global parameter
TFS state based workflow
Change the colour palette in histogram
how to save last selected Option in a file JavaScript
Twisted and ICMP (txNetTools)
How to Determine if a Triangle contains a specific point?
how to change color scheme from purple to any other color(green) in honey comb?
SpecFlow test execution based on a feature file parsed during runtime
Error on int.parse
How to change the order of the primeFaces picklist buttons
Memoryleak when using AppDomain.CurrentDomain.AssemblyResolve
Creating an editable dropdown in adf without making use of LOV
iPhone 4s is not connecting properly with Xcode 4.0?
calling notify() from within onReceive()?
how to show datatable header to gridview header
when using CPAN in linux ubuntu should I run it using sudo / as root or as my default user
api in a class in codeigniter
iPhone - Online Multiplayer game 鈥�understanding the mechanics
How to set up a bigger canvas size in Android
LINQ - dynamic orderby clause does not work
Strange behavior (duplicate fire) of Firefox focus javascript-event
How to generate a word file programmatically from collected data in iPhone sdk
PHP mail() not sending, but no exception thrown
PayPal API Reccuring payments
Jquery script not working on certain pages on IE8
Android: Get the time wifi is connected
Is there any way to prevent memory leak without asking developers to pay extra attention to it in C++
Resharper Custom Patterns: Ignore property attributes
SSIS: Insert/Update
Passing Data to master page and user control from view on button click
How to generate PDF using HTML5 and JavaScript
Remove elements from fullCalendar using qtip2
Passing a selector name as a method parameter
Scroll function is not working in android?
Finding memory leak By JProfiler
a<-7<b:b assignment with succint conditional in R?
AudioRecorder in Android Error Invalid buffer size
Extracting email body from email--for text analytics
Google product API implementation
ASP.NET Web Api Routing (IIS vs Self Hosted)
Convert from C# to VB error
Application exit automatically without any warning or error
jQuery - How to mathematical in animate
How to drag remote item from WPF onto desktop?
php mail really slow on mac os x, how do I use postfix/sendmail directly?
Any tool to suggest unit reference automatically for Delphi 2010?
How to do custom paging in webgrid and place a dropdownlist for navigating page on selected page number
Is this LDAP authentication issue?
Unexpected scope behavior when a variable assigned with a specific name
Retrieve Database Constants
Fitnesse - runner process not starting
delete invokes the destructor
Can report Parameter name be accessed within report body?
Not able to call function present in another script
run python command line interpreter with imports loaded automatically
How do you get mutable dictionaries from AFNetworking and AFJSONRequestOperation?
Nil parameter in OptionParser upload image doesn't work correctly
how can i get the Principal in interceptor using spring mvc?
Running multiple asynchronous functions and waiting for results
Stuck with Images/CSS cached by browser
How to put a Tabview inside Fragment
Unable to implement SpringSecurity-Hibernate simplest example
java.lang.IllegalStateException鈥�at tabhost.add(tabspec);
Float right element pushes down next element in IE7
.htaccess code help in admin folder rewite
Credentials missing when uploading photos with Paperclip and Amazon s3
How to find the connection between a radio button and a label?
Entity framework code first
Localizing ObjectListView OLVColumn, impossible due to Empty Name property
How to go about embedding Google Visual API chart into a JasperReports?
Modulo expression arithmetic equation
Hashtable Implementation
Hashtable Implementation
How to write quadratic equation on Label in C# WinForms?
why do we need to call the parent constructor in JavaScript Inheritance
How to add space between <div>s in DataTables?
INSERT INTO using SELECT and increment value in a column
Jquery/PHP : How do I load any html content by id/class from another website
What are the benefits of not using an iframe to embed one site in another?
iPhone:Issue in NSdecimalNumber conversion
HashMap and ArrayList confusion in retrieval
XMLNode with more values and same name
iReport Variable for last Record
detected an exception: Unexpected database connector error
sencha Touch Card layout not working properly
Data Source Binding in JBoss
Is indexing of Data.Vector.Unboxed.Mutable.MVector really this slow?
Border-radius and padding not playing nice
MySql : Order differently within the same column
Foreign key as primary key in mysql
why is the value printed is 25 ? shouldn't that be a memory location value ?
Writing in Paradox tables in .Net with a specific Langdriver
Removing all standalone occurences of a word from a string with regular expressions in Java
How to set a button property for multiple buttons using foreach?
Class Constructor is undefined [closed]
Dropdown in IE is not displaying properly
Why Images.Media.insertImage doesn't require WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission
MVC router throws invalid character in the URL
Remove the unwanted commented code copied from word using php [duplicate]
Self-contained, STL-compatible implementation of std::vector
How to insert entire value of $_POST in mysql database without writing like $_POST['something']
Android : activity/widget always on top
ftp file transfer using without any third party tools
IBMDB2 select query for millions of data
C - pointer to struct to array of pointers
how to continuously trying to connect with a socket till it come up? run program 鈥渟h鈥�(in directory鈥渃: cygwin bin test鈥�:CreateProcess error=2.The system cannot find file specified
How to find a specific 鈥淯PnP name鈥�on lan using C#?
Where is the best place to put the custom jquery and javascript in Zend Framework?
VS2010 Sharing Projects Between .Net Framework Versions
checking if GPS Alert is present or not
The boundaries are getting offset upon resize
Java Assignment ( Changing string value in if statement)
web services - username token - Error on verifying message against security policy Error code:1000
How to set winsock accept function timeout?
how to authenticate with mobile phone number
Phonegap - barcode scanner plugin - Class not found on real device
How to write this in C# Linq
Python Tkinter - save canvas - tkinter crashes
Sticky Footer which docks on top of main footer
Match IPv4 and IPv6 addresses but NOT hostname?
mysql query slow at first fast afterwards
mysql query slow at first fast afterwards
How to call a simple javascript function(); when I click on a button in a .swf file (FLASH)?
Setting dygraphs initial column visibility by series name
MySQL query support please
In UIView implementation, under what condition is drawRect: being called?
Android's LinearLayout for Swing
weblogic stuck issue
Query join and optimization
Free SMS API in Bangladesh [closed]
Android: Alarm's BoradcastReceiver class takes wrong Integer Extra from Intent object
Modifying CSS/JS to stay expanded
Android positioning ImageView
Windows Service or Console App?
How to split javascript & html into multiple files
how to use a variable from another function in jquery
Handling sequenced network packets
Are there any ways to change Java Swing GUI icon on Netbeans Swing GUI Builder?
visual-studio-2010 convert the Arabic words to not readable code
Mysql update account number with 0's
How to Merge Identical Tables in PostgreSQL?
Update mp3 tags by eyeD3 in Python
Objective-C Is there a way to tell if an object is set to autorelease?
assign the value of html textbox to title of div tag
sending a collection's items to some method as params[] vars
refresh a div using jquery mobile
Mysterious 64 bytes in CCITT Group 4 Fax image
Intent onDestroy() always being called with back button
Android 鈥渉ome鈥�application locks Nexus S at boot
stl binary_search gives compiler error
How to add jquery class after the element is added through a script?
Change value in a struct in a different function
How to define a map with a specific type key and any single type value in Scala?
Difference between requestAction and using elements in cakephp?
Tabel to css horizontal nav-bar
Behaviour of autoDestroy: false in Extjs4
How to make DotNetNuke Captcha control to show an error if it left blank
How to extending
The newest of ActionBarSharlock4.0 can't use fragment?
Android, Why when I use onOptionsItemSelected(), the option menu doesn't work?
How can i do this in datagridview?
How can I speedtest my website?
I get nullreference exception always on first webrequest
jQuery remove validationEngine at runtime
Is it possible to use a push notification with no local app
Query any field in Lucene?
How to add a Single choice list to a custom dialog in android?
Handle DateTime in JPA2
Alignment issue in ireport pdf RedHat server for jdk 1.5
batch file - specify order that sql files are executed in
WCF Cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state
View with UIModalPresentationFormSheet is blurred
Having problems with some setInterval + JQuery FadeIn/FadeOut
Delay increases sometimes when sending buffer via UDP socket
iOS : MBProgressHUD and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
request focus for EditText in an SurfaceView Activity with overlay of EditText
Java & XML - string with paremters to XML
how to sort date in file php
What is System.Activator.CreateInstance?
Calculate total value of textboxes
How do I sort an NSMutableArray with class objects in it?
Conversion from string 鈥淪ELECT patients.p_name,doctor.do鈥�to type 'Double' is not valid
How to convert Codeigniter into .net dll using phalanger?
NHibernate: Multiple mappings to a single table
chunks using python
Safe navigation operator in Groovy
What ways can found the description of functions inside DLL?
Using normal vs inline images in emails
iOS: How to get owners email address?
css: how text-align, margins and padding work together
Density support for different devices like phones and tablets
javascript get digits after last non-numeric charachter
Optimization algorithms that does not depend on initial solution
How do you make a fully square button?
Can't release map when panning in Google Maps
On-demand loading of cells in UITableView within a UIScrollView
Is it programmer responsibility to delete temp file
Unnecessary JARs in Eclipse project - potential problems?
Animate scrolling of UIScrollView with CoreAnimation
Load classes from jar file in sub-folder in zip file
Incorrect string value: ' x鈥︹� error running on MySQL
I try scan media file in sdcard and refresh it
Android which layout should i use
Java Frame sizing itself wrong
wget .vs curl using linux
build xerces c++ version 3 with icu
NSURLConnection sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler: making multiple requests in a row?
Numerous blocks with MySQL query writing NULL in Ruby
Extjs 4 and cakephp 1.3 model integration
Can I execute both JSP and JAVASCRIPT after onclick?
How to get complete address from latitude and longitude?
Sorting tab delimited file based on column in java
The best tool for visualizing ontologies? [closed]
Remove duplicate value in multidimensional array
I end up getting 301 moved permanently whenever my HTML.BEGINFORM() has values while running in IIS7
How to combine 2 conditions and more in regex
Is there a way to differentiate between elements with the same ID but in different browser tabs?
Replace / Update Files in Mac OS X App Bundle
Is it advisable to add a UIViewController's view to another UIViewController's view?
Issue Auto formatting of excel
Android Bitmap snap to grid
Use C++ array directly in Java API requiring byte[]
Why use django related REST API packages for non ORM calls?
Implementing dropbox api on older versions of ipad
cucumber error when add @javascript , undefined method `each_pair' for 19:Fixnum (NoMethodError)
Haskell: Scan Through a List and Apply A Different Function for Each Element
load data from sd return java.lang.nullpointerexception
Automatically submit/save InfoPath form to SharePoint
OTP application:load doesn't load a new compiled code
Catch window open event from iframe (jquery)
Database Fail Over in Jboss Data sources
how can i add parameter to insert command in code
Sending instructions to USB device
Generating HTML Canvas image data server-side?
How do I split these strings into arrays of strings?
How to insert ID from Jquery UI auto complete
how to align text and image verticle middle in div
lxml - difficulty parsing stackexchange rss feed
Save current_user into database to show in views :devise , rails app
How would one secure multiple resource servers using OAuth 2.0?
Debugging Azure: Error attaching the debugger to the IIS worker proccess
Run method only on first load of jqgrid
linux dynamic shared memory in different programs
How to convert sqlite2 to sqlite3 and what are the differences between both versions?
CSS Vertical Stack
Why is MVC4 using the Service Locator Anti-Pattern?
Efficient web services using AppEngine
Showing a message from an async task
Reverse Geocode using CLGeocoder
Using TemplateBinding inside DataTemplates
Winforms: Keyboard shortcuts for Winforms app hosting other applications in its panels
JUnit Test method that use other methods in the same object
Searching between two dates with Ruby IMAP
Which database should one use for stats tracking and archiving emails sent via PHP
How to create a persistant class using pickle in Python
Develop a bluetooth hardware [closed]
jQuery: execute function on matched elements returned via Ajax
Android Make hyperlinks in textview clickable
Matlab rat function in C language
Is it possible for VBA to detect whether the column has no value and stop tabulating its %?
how to host code on Google code or any other site
changing base class from cdialog to cdialogex
Is there any other OS that use PE file or atleast a chance to use it in future?
(ID/ParentID) list to Hierarchical list
rotate a UIImageView 360 degrees using block-based
Routing service on GIS Server (Open Source)
How can we handle the onselectedindexchanged event of a dropdownlist in a gridview/datalist?
jQuery: Call two functions on one event and one selector and pass data between them
C++ (Qt) cross-platform library for simulating keyboard input, sendkeys, send kestrokes, etc [closed]
How to check if server accessed by IP with mod_rewrite?
My Application is being crashed and getting the java.lang.NullPointerException in CustomAdapter
Windows service only running on the machine it generated
.Net Socket Stops Working After A Couple Of Uses
What is the difference between html5 and xamarin?
Is there any way to eliminate ERROR 1086 (HY000) in MYSQL
How does switch statement work?
Why am I seeing this? 鈥淔atal error: Call to a member function [functionName()] 鈥�
How to show a message on window close button in wpf?
Custom position of graphics with JFrame/JPanel/Netbeans
SOLR 1.3.0 download
On Mouse Hover Show Div with Dynamic Data
How to save current url in session in java
Use barStyles after setBackgroundImage in UINavigationBar
Variable not taking correct value
Batch: Returning a value from a SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
sqlite3 C API containing two databases, creating tables in one effecting the results produced by other
I'm running an algorithm entirely from memory (no IO), yet my CPU use is below 25%. What may be the possible bottlenecks?
How to delete every second line from RichDataTextBox?
Implicit declaration of function objc_getAssociatedObject is invalid in C99
has_many :through with has_and_belongs_to_many in Rails
version concurrency control for a long session. NHibernate. ASP.NET MVC
How to limit mod_proxy_connect's host?
How to check if zend select returns a result or not
Check data from SQLite meets constraints like 鈥渘umber in range x-y鈥�
Html5 video and embed tag and Plugins issue
Facebook App Request, having error when adding 'education' in the app scope
Get Browser Width and Height Including Toolbars and Menu Size
search a specific string pattern and replace it with lower case recursively
Update date field from MAX date in another table
How to subset PolySet data in PBSmapping package?
How to set up attributes in Python classes
Fix broken transactional replication in SQL Server 2005
Problems with setting module width and height in Flex
Debugging issue in iPhone
Combobox control for ASP.Net 2.0 (Visual Studio 2005)
python markdown extension for add class
Guava EventBus : where to put it in GUI application?
Background image and banner image in webforms
UI Automation, How to getting the underlying GUI Object?
How to getimagesize() after file_get_contents()?
Can I safely move a Git repository between machines with different Git version installed?
EventMachine HTTP Request can't connect behind proxy via HTTPS
How to use Django templatetags in Django View鈥�
Maximum likelihood estimator C/C++ class library [closed]
Code Analysis: check if a String parameter of a given function is available in a *.properties file
Wordpress print_thumbnail not giving correct url
Facebook API login - issue around redirect_uri recently (Facebook Connect)
In clojure, how to merge several maps combining mappings with same key into a list?
PHP simple dom parser select and remove multiple tags at once
How to manage the native heap?
Set page in jqgrid
android database and xml parsing
What is a CLR class?
I want to connect to UNIX server and run a script by passing a run time argument to the script using java program
Uniquely Identifying a mobile device
Removing binaries from an hg repository
Global namespace vars?
Productivity factor - Use Case Point estimation technique [closed]
How to edit and delete a specific node in XML by PHP
How to get color from color name in C# compact framework?
parsering (using Tika) on remote glassfish
Need to remove all AlphaNumeric characters from an array
MVC3 memory management
Getting Type of Enum witnin class through C# reflection
How to show the name of the widget on a TextView?
iPhone: in-App Purchase ,Buying once in sandbox
user data update if user login with in 24 hours range in magento
Find Model name from Table name (Sequel ORM)
Looping through an array and turn strings into nested array
How can I use Google docs OCR api in Android?
Javascript-firefox: how to set custom cursor from local png file?
Logitech Unifying Receiver Protocol?
Creating groups and need to save devise user to database in rails app
How to avoid image duplication in image gallery of iOS device?
dynamic dropdown by #ajax DRUPAL 7
tcp message end best practices
iOS - Application crashes when using optimization
Attempting to trigger before & after events around jQuery show()
Rails Activerecord observer not working
Matlab help, add string at the end of each cell in a array
Analogous WinForms Propertygrid in WPF?
Cant Display AlertView or PopOver
Integrating cocos2d in UIKit app
android - how to run java hello world program in adb shell?
Returing a character array
htaccess directory listing
Value Error: invalid literalfor int() with base 10: ' '
CUDA profiled achieved occupany very low; how to diagnose?
conflict in Lightbox and Easing Slider
No method error in Users#edit
BeanCreationException in Spring Autowiring
How many tasks in parallel
How to resolve
Where to store application global settings?
changing ckeditor dimension for different instances (not all instances)
Facebook Graph API: feed method results are missing type: status from: me
MPI Send and receive questions
Trigger the mono soft debugger at runtime
Daily SVN report generation
operator<< overloading to call a print function trouble
Daily SVN report generation
operator<< overloading to call a print function trouble
why parent view and child view are receiving onclickevent
How i can recognize big tap on the iPhone back?
Htaccess mod rewrite help
blackberry linkedin integration error when getting OAuth Token
What kind of data structure should I use for this in C++
How to adjust the brightness of color image?
Convert image data (PDEImage) in PDF to DIB using C++?
Regex split and replace
Is ruby-debug-ide available to be installed on windows with ruby1.9.3?
Jquery Mobile dynamic thumbnail list-How to create a border?
Performance and Monitoring tools for .NET
Perl: problems with keys in hash and regular expression
dataview rowfilter value to datatable convertion
do we need to recompile libraries with c++11?
Sending text from QTextEdit to QListWidget on pushing QPushButton - Qt
How to add menu in Header Category menu in NopCommerce 2.20
What's the fastest way to clear a std::list of dynamic objects?
Using jQuery to load a PHP Page in a div
Adding a GUI to my application
replace jquery's run only after DOM is loaded functionality
Sub total according to date
Is there a way to differentiate between two tabs?
Desired output with given table data
Type of constant in 鈥渦nsigned ux = 2147483648;鈥�
Input and output comma separated list from/to textbox
getting wrong date of google calendar event
How can I embed images in a video using C#.Net?
AddThis Share button Design issue
Current user belongs to a specific group in sharepoint?
How to get sound from java-based services
Passing on a session from one website to another
Android: synchronization of Audio, images and text in a Media Player,
SMTP and Direct Mail
CXF JAXRS , Complex response types are not present in the generated wadl
how to store looping data in a single array or matrix?
get day month and year from this format using javascript
Zend_Search_Lucene tries to allocate 3503812093817007931 bytes
ASIHTTPRequest : Adding Header which should send with every request
Understanding Javascript object oriented pattern
Symfony 2: JQuery Ajax, Gets 500 internal server error
Real example where we have to use interface 鈥�not abstract class鈥�write some code [closed]
Java Swing: JOptionPane appears by itself without parent window when restored?
Automatically Scroll down using php
What is R class in android [duplicate]
video captured from iphone gets rotated when converted to .mp4 using ffmpeg
Returning function result into array
Weird array issue鈥eed advice on this
Using Hibernate Criteria to get entries from with NULL entries in the last
How to detect which websites the user is viewing or connecting to
XAML binding collection's child item to ViewModel root's another collection
How to compose function to applicatives with scalaz
Moving a child MC to stage but remaining its animation
Unit testing a grails plugin which uses another plugin
Entity Framework - Complex Model using Code First
Allow numbers only on 鈥�onpaste鈥�and check the what already there in Text Box
Adding signature in addThis android app
Change the line height (leading) in NSTextField
How to parse the Json using jquery [duplicate]
Unable to understand iOS core graphics coordinate system transformation, need assistance
How to run, restart and kill thread in ipad,iphone (objective-c)
How to prevent my app to go sleep mode. dependency injections in the dynamic data project
LINQ to SQL Storing query results in a variable
Hibernate Cascade operation on OneToMany relation gives update query
Add not relevant column to group by script
How can I find out why I'm exceeding the AWS EC2 request limit?
class level getintent
Inserting my image in PHP
how to end up my outgoing call.
Tell jQuery when URL has ended?
How to validate XMLSchema using Xalan-C?
Does it violate the RESTful when I write stuff to the server on a GET call?
How to get the sender name of a marketing Sms?
Qt Compile Time Error . .
Cannot upload files larger than 30MB to Amazon
Does compiler remove conditionals on types in templates
Instantiating a class within a recursive function in PHP
ftp file transfer using
windows azure storage explorer not working
Select and insert OR insert and ignore error?
Retrieve path of file from servlet
sqlite Date Sorting
Mysql Multi Database Insertion ( Java , Hibernate , Jboss )
Javascript: Replace Last Line In .txt File
Bind session data in grid
how to get values min and max from jQueryUI Slider
Java Reflection List Iterate
Clipping when drawing dots using cairo
How to create a reminder by fetching date from a table and checking it with current date
How to get count of images stored in SD card
Revalidating JList - custom elements
Hashtags (Fragment identifiers) VS Javascript History API
How to retrieve xml nodes elements attributes values in
Program to detect a change in color of a single pixel?
trac user sync plugin error with trac 0.12
Obtain location without GPS using a Telit GE864-GPS
OpenMP For Loop Ranges
checkbox is not checking in selenium IDE
How to get the x axis labels in flot?
Different of the Asterisk * in Objective-C
How to enable selection of entire Table item when TableEditor is used
android - How to make a phone call from webview
how long do $_POST variables stay active, and how does PHP decide what goes in the post array?
migration with datamapper
Stop python from generating pyc files
鈥淎ccess Denied鈥�during a successful Git push
Backbone events not being bound
Could native implementations of sleep, wait, park rely on the RTC?
How do I pass arguments to delegates?
How to get the id's of selected checkboxes which are displaying dynamically in android?
Edit page for user in
How to refer to a nested struct?
How to add command (contextmenu item) to office communicator 2007 R2?
what is an getErrorCode()==1767 in sybase?
Songs formatted as m4p are not working in AVPlayer
Wordpress admin-ajax results in Error 302 redirect
why extra space on right side of paragraph?
Setting active users on SQL Server to inactive during blackout
Java lazy loading of enum instances
Python webapp dynamic paths
RestKit not posting to server
sed: what to do with backslash?
Spree on Dreamhost via FastCGI = TypeError (can't dup NilClass)
How to create the Iphone application without MAC OS [duplicate]
Open Source Barcode Scanner in C?
SQL Query : How to Get Last Month Closing Balance, Current Month Current Balance and Current Month ending Balance
Rendering the nbsp issue of the XML in the JS
Empty div with red border is visible as a red line - can I hide it only with CSS?
How do you get the Bundle Identifier from an application's name in Cocoa?
CGBitmapContextCreate with kCGImageAlphaNone
why do i get java.lang.StackOverflowError here?
a demo application on rhoConnect while developing rhodes application
android Progress Bar Not Appear when i use gradiant(drawable) in background
adding Titles,comments and images in listView item