Embedding Executable Java (or exe) files into HTML (or php)
Adding new XElement appends entire XML file to existing file when saved
Rails Ruby Array Nil && []
Detecting machine on network with Windows Phone 7
how can I change the brightness of the keyboard backlight
Trouble sending JSON data to asp.net MVC controller
Activity Stack Management
JQuery JDialog Pop up
Is it possible to use VBA to change the Current accdb/e Database password
How to set vbox size to window size in javafx?
How to show in progressbar 100% before closing
Saving a database instance/connection per user ASP MVC
Data type for Call Duration field in a MySQL Database
What is the replacement data type in Informix for MySQL's BIGINT?
Add parameter in function signature in objective C
Mutually Exclusive Access in ASP.net + C#.net
why is my tab content empty when application starts only
How can we configure Google Custom search using API with PHP
Using Pdf in android app with protection?
Best way to monitor PHP Errors from logs
Debugger lldb says my object is nil when is not ?
How to create dynamic pages in html?
Can you use env var expansion such as %APPDATA% in log4j.properties file?
MPMoviePlayer sound working in Simulators and ipad device, but not Working in iPhone Device
Print 1 to 10 without any loop in java [duplicate]
JSON structure for extjs tree mode
how to swap rows in a UITableView [closed]
using hotlink prevention
Python Tkinter text background
timer using javascript
How to post multiple data through $.ajax to Codeigniter controller method
Merge two queries and return one of the possible values
Create a simple app with user-accessible config files using Maven
Android - keeping the service alive even parent process is killed
How to give Fixed width and height for Button in Android
load uiscrollview same as uitableview
How to get the row and col of a particular element in OpenCV?
Tasks API and OAuth 2.0 on Android sample
Prezi HTML5 Editor via impress.js [closed]
how to fetch data using foreach
Storing into a variable and displaying the unique entries using XSL
Is there any Android flickr open source application?
Get average time of day in SQLite from datetimes
How to export the user's data and restrict table rownum?
Creating dynamic temp table from dynamic Buffer
Change button style on the fly in Win32
How to make datetime fields neutral to timezone when using Javascript to set/get value
ProtoBuf-Net ProtoInclude Generic Type Subclass
How to call ids from different tables
Can we use Handler for image in Sencha touch
C99 associativity for operators - where is it specified?
Deploying connection string encrypted via RSAProtectedConfigurationProvider in app.config
Get the array from an AtomicLongArray
How to read message from inbox
Shell Script: how to read a text file that does not end with a newline on Windows
Getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS when using dispatch_async with Core Data
copy YUV video frames from one buffer to another in Gstreamer
Datetime Conversion in C#
jQuery function issue
Connect WP7 Mango to a Socket.io Server
C++11 GCC 4.6.2 std::move
How to set the width for text in canvas method in android?
SQLBulkCopy can't connect to SQL
Need for /dev nodes at the time of accessing Linux Drivers
Android and Guitar Hero controller
javascript inheritance framework
Rewriting entire uri as querystring using nginx?
How to play a song using service IN ANDROID
Python Sort() method
PHP xmlrpc client and Python 2.5 xmlrpc server: incomplete data and Connection reset by peer error
How to include images in an HTML email in Android
Moving Structures into a Cell Array in MATLAB
Flickering on background colour change
Unable to insert record in database in zend?
writing text field values to the document in javascript
Can not import stackless after stackless python installation
Does this warrant (or qualify) as Factory pattern?
Alternative to manual fix-up of sse2 data alignement on a 16-byte boundary
Destroying a Running Thread and Reinitialize in a new variable
Timeline Banner - Is it possible to change using api?
show different column value from single column
web page not displaying special characters
Prolog Recursion - Satisfying Both Directions (Simple)
How to translate the post/page content of a theme
Mongodb Embedding structure and search
Get phone numbers from incoming diverted call in Asterisk
Stop rotation and moving
CSS3 succeed and fail in the same page
ClassNotFoundException when connecting to MS SQLServer using JDBC
Setting style for a list box item with alternate row colors and mouse hover effect
Replace mscorlib with my own custom version
Header Message in Flat File Destination
How to write an array of x coordinates and an array of y coordinates?
How to get the 鈥減laceholder鈥�config of a jQuery UI sortable?
Environment Error when trying to use django-notification app
binding datagridview to [Browsable(false)] columns
Django select_related not retrieving subclassed models
Retrieving and editting location information associated with photos
Declaring SQL variables - SQL Server
How to match array items with regex
What is the reason behind putting two jre, one in jdk and one outsite jdk in the java folder in Program files
DAO generation using spring roo
Recursion Additionpuzzle in java
Estimating Time on Tasks
Changing texture of game but the image is not replaced according to cocos hd defination
MSXML4 IXMLDOMNode.nodeTypedValue throwing Type mismatch exception on one machine
Arabic Content issue in reading mails using javamail API
how to get android camera to work in multiple orientations
use php dom parser inside another class - ERROR: Call to a member function on a non-object
Performance of DeepClone (using binary serialization) versus manually setting properties
Creating a language extension for Eclipse?
Drag from one user control and drop into another user control in Windows Phone 7
How to mapping jsonArray to map<String,countryWiseObject>
A table is not displaying correctly my wordpress site?
How to generate random SHA1 hash to use as ID in node.js?
Renamed app causing errors in emulator
MVC 3 VirtualPathUtility Issue
Display Number on Marker for Google Maps
C programming strtok
array element not being traced by conditional statements but present when printed[closed]
How do I correctly render color corrected deviceCMYK strokes from a PDF document using WCS/ICM?
How to use multilevel inheritance in android
How to modify CSS property using Jquery
the difference between array identifier and address of array identifier
Java null to int Conditional Operator issue [duplicate]
How to get all spans in string variable, with particular class name
What is the fastest I/O strategy or method for sockets programming in C for FreeBSD or NetBSD?
How to show 鈥淟oading鈥�status in Android?
To find out the records which are not updated?
Jquery changPage function won't stop caching requests
Best way to store database item's previous state
Adding Cells to UITableView from array
best way to handle time validation for textbox
MongoDb DropDatabase Not Working
MySQL - Convert latin1 characters on a UTF8 table into UTF8
Django Multiple paypal IPN signals received
Changing Inside Assets Folder In Yii Framework
I would like others to explain phone number from contact to textbox
check if collection is empty in playframework template
How to add checkbox inside datepicker in WPF
Jquery centring content to window at anchor points
Php Connection with mysql in .net Environment
Alternative solutions to Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider
trying to authenticate users in iOS by sending username/pw to a PHP script
How to create JSON using Javascript with sets of data?
display database values in all page in jsp
Detect screen width for multiple monitors
Python: libc fallocate returns with failure
Can an ArrayList be a two-dimensional array?
3 deep nested form
python IDE for auto-complete Docstring
How to do a set difference, except without eliminating repeated elements
Python: How to use a while loop and output the correct word count
Need edit command in android edit text in danish language
Finding the text and highlighting the same with in IHtmlElement in webbrowser control
HTML image & other components resize according to width of page
Why does this function output the number it does?
Nested resource dictionaries
SQL percentage of averages
Expose DLL thru Web Service
Insertion of an data in an XML using Basex
Phone crash in android 4.0.3,why?
Phone crash in android 4.0.3,why?
Anchor tag jumping to hash not working
Resources in ASP.NET (VB)
Using JFreeChart to generate stacked bar chart in java
Properly rendering Rails partial on collection of items
Import jar from ant ivy project to maven
Variable global variable?
python, re.search / re.split for phrases which looks like a title, i.e. starting with an uppper case
Ubuntu - Django installation issue
There is no 鈥渟hare鈥�button in Xcode 4.3 organizer
To execute Cancel Button in WebView
SQL Declare Variables
Access a contact as business card in android 2.3.
Using bean value in java
Implementing navigation in iOS applications
How to call a form inside another form using JME
Parse response from url in json
android periodic service has difficulty using 3G when phone is idle
How do you export a file SQLite db using Eclipse
error in setting an apn in android application
CSS sub-menu selection [duplicate]
Objective-C Blocks and variable scope
How to create a tagged PDF from a 鈥渃omplex鈥�XML file
Overwrite creationDate in pdf using iText and pdf writer
How to integrate HTML 5 for BlackBerry, IOS and Android?
Edit a given cell in a series of excel workbooks
Destroying the window
How to set Action Mailer defaults after config/initializers run?
cookies stored on login for next page
Embedded HTML5 games
Python: eval() that coerces values to floating point?
SIGBART in C code with malloc/free
how to avoid branch cut while calculating angle of complex numbers?
Displaying highest and lowest input
Unable to run UDF on hive server
Creation of unique id
add data to particular file by using outputstream
Is keystore files needed to publish app in android market?
Subsetting a dataframe for a specified month and year
PHP Post CheckBox Returned Empty Array
How to call C++ code from C#
How to set up sqlmembership provider for existing database?
EXTJS Ext.Window Scroll
Delay in catching mouseout event in IE?
How to detect the 鈥渓ength of visit鈥�by IP Address?
Can I persist application data via Javascript between browsers?
Create groups with rails and invite them
Should I declare function prototype for every function?
Using GlibC, what is the analog of _snscanf() from Windows?
allow next row to be add only once editing row is completed
Admob status is inactive but test ads work correctly
CGImage, UIImage, CGContextRef WITHOUT alpha channel
To stop segue and show alert
configuring jboss to send an email
Python- Why are newlines 鈥� n鈥�being created when I don't want them to?
How to create array of a particular field of json string through collect() method of objx
Reading input from fgetc() and printing with printf()
Why are both tv_sec and tv_usec significant in determining the duration of a timer?
Sbt alternative to 鈥渕vn install -DskipTests鈥�
How do I draw lines with alpha < 1 in quartz 2d
TextView displayed without using addView in Android
Blob Image on Firebird
javascript get focus on element/tag and move around with cursor key
how to calla function in an activity from main activity
Saving eclipse preferences tabs vs spaces
Writing a Loop over Structures in MATLAB?
Empty and extra attachments coming with the the attachment in mailx
How to get a XSL to display results in multi-columns?
Seeking guidance on using Blueprint to programmatically access info on state of ServiceMix bundles
LinPhone building process for Android
What's the best way to load a batch node from a texture?
Use ASP.NET membership in PHP
what layout is used to draw a monopoly-like game board
Compiling Oracle OCI results in unknown type name 'varchar'
How to validate alphabets in android?
鈥渘il can't be coerced into Fixnum鈥�Error
Get value of a merged cell of an excel from its cell address in vba
OSX and setting PATH for Apache
Codeigniter Route to accept dynamic values
Display ManyToOne field in Symfony2 forms?
undefined method error rails 3 sunspot search
JS: how to add elastic while dragging an object?
Applying a class from an array to a repeated item with JQuery
define a class to store the information
A silly error from a MySQl query
PHP Form from Array Select Value Edit/Save
HTML: Very strange spacing in Strict Mode, what is the cause?
Is there any API for changing firewall rules on Windows Server 2008?
Optimise PostgreSQL for fast testing
Why am I getting a 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�error?
Programatically create directory for new user on web site
sharer.php - multiple URLs
Javascript/jquery and CSS minifier source c# [closed]
Launch Failed Binary not found eclipse for C in windows
Filter for android ListView - Space Character
Understanding Xlib Failed Requests
Calculate number of weeks , days and hours from milliseconds
Bigger Title in custom Navigation Bar
Are offscreen animations ignored by rendering and CPU?
Access same content tree by using different URL in Sitecore
In Android, when to use a Uri, when to use a path, when to add `file://` before the path when not?
JDO query returns extra null objects in the result
The requested resource (/Servlets_Projectt/) is not available
merging and extracting lists
returning the correct height of custom drawing text method
How to attach file extension with my AIR application that by default open with my AIR application?
Disable jScrollPanel veritcal scrollbar that appears in safari, chrome and opera but doesn't in Firefox
working with JSON data, trying to parse nested data
How do I declare __sync_fetch_and_add?
Get list of top friends for facebook app
std::vector of objects with a boost::thread encapsulated insde
Is this C++ code defining main or running main?
UITabbar only in Landscape
How to use eval function on an associative array converted to JSON?
Error: 'JSON' is undefined in IE 7
Determine if a type is an STL container at compile time
Extreme NSMutableArray Randomization? [duplicate]
Classic ASP - Query Execution Process
How to remove records from a dataset with LINQ
Display highest value with its name
google chrome https error
Difference between Metadata and Manifest
AVPlayer is not working for the songs downloaded from iTunes
IE and FF timing out during server request; IIS connection timeout not resolving issue
Any open source Spring blog project or forum project? [closed]
XCODE - How to: UIAlertView (with a text field) on a loop until correct value entered into field?
Populating data in Dropdown List in ASP.NET MVC Jquery Mobile
Why doesn't Microsoft compiler support C99? [closed]
Facebook iOS SDK - extend expired token
How do I keep an image in a Tumblr page from stretching?
HTC Wildfire Plugin for debugging not working in UBUNTU
how to convert the unopened webpage to pdf using java?
How do i stop the name repeatin itself at 10,000 times using timer?
Drag and drop for CCSprite in xcode
Send Current Location to server periodically in android
httpcontext. current.user.identity.name is empty
Workflow to customise Django Applications and contrib/merge upstream
GUI: Moving from a config file to a UI, where to start?
How to only return a single image row from multiple joined tables?
Listing of all gnome-terminal windows
How do I extract digit in an integer using bitwise operator
Advantages of razor replace (@href)
Is there a way to have a background image behind a stack panel or a grid on Silverlight/WP7?
Writing Triggers in MySQL in regards to BEFORE UPDATE
Android uninstalling an application and checking the result
Getting an unwanted second title page when processing docbook to PDF via fop
GWT: Working with query string
error installing rmagick gem on OSX - ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension
Error importing python 3rd party lib to Jython
only delete on the last reference, CRTP
only delete on the last reference, CRTP
Learn Python the Hard Way, exercise 20, confused about functions
Multi level subfolders in a site
Creating Graphs with php and mysql using google chart?
Rails ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PG::Error: ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table
How extract regression results from lme, lmer, glmer to Latex?
Scrape <frameset> contents using cURL
android applicatin can't find jni library when installed as system application
Git: maintaining many topic branches on a frequently-moving base
Can the searched pattern be included in a regex (Vim)?
GsmComm USSD command
how to register the activeX component(.dll) in 64 bit OS
Error CS0008 When Running Application
Advice on a report
How to install and Build NDK with eclipse?
LINQ query compary multiple with multiple
In Android's WebView, what's the different between `DomStorage`, `Database`, `AppCache`?
C++ char comparison not working
Different font size in Label in Flex?
Netbeans 7.1 Build Hell
APNS: Does not work on Windows Server
Understanding the mmap size parameter
How to detect whether your Javascript is being included synchronously or asynchronously
Memory leak issue on NSURLConnection
Controlling a Javascript Timer from Another Page?
inheritance from base class
Properties: 鈥渁ssign鈥�vs 鈥渞eadonly鈥�
Passing parameter into a report from a form
Methods from Reference project are not recognized: asp.net MVC 3
Cocoa: How to set window title?
Asp.net mvc How to prevent browser from calling an action method?
BASH for loop to test list for username
calling drawRect in a UIView subclass
open in a new page carrying same value as in base page
How to set the default background/text color scheme in QtConsole for iPython?
Updating Elements in Rails with Ajax
Clearing a singly linked list
Is this possible with lists?
Load Multiple SQL Dumps as Once
How do I integrate Perfidies (Browser plug-in vulnerability scanner) into my website?
BufferedImage.getRGB C# Equivalent?
HashSet<String> .contains()
Multiple Yajl parser objects vs a single global parser object
Django installation issues No module named django.core
What data structure should I use?
Database design in MySQL for Rails
Packaging Flash Builder 4.6 Mobile App as a Desktop App (with Air runtime)?
How to store uploaded images via portlet preference view in Liferay
Conflicting types for '-(bool)validateToolbarItem:(NSToolbarItem *)theItem'
AS3 find movieClip under movieClip being dragged
Dialog-based Win32 API program will not display window when a Richedit control is used
how to clone mysql db programmatically
Data is not getting
Creating a Sort Expression Method in Linq
Non-caching DNS client
Why doesn't dev-server auto-create index for this query?
Why does an OpenGL texture render fine when running with the debugger in Eclipse, but render white when running the app on its own?
Making a web app native (kind of鈥�
Error $ is not a function when open a popup?
Variable access from Form1 to From2
Permission denied when creating new rails app
Objective C Domain Driven Design
Verify uniqueness of a value in a column in CouchDB cradle
How to put the jsp compiler in the jdk?
svg image tag size
NameError: cannot load jdbc.OracleDriver - jrubyNameError
Why an unhandled exception on timer thread doesn't crash the process
Bundler reporting gems missing that aren't; Rails is invisible to Apache
How do I get information from a database to a session? [closed]
Get type using reflection to feed to generic class
Suggestion on how to link APN's device token to a registered user (through phonegap or UIWebView)
Client Submitted Form to Create a Cron Job on Rails
How to combine two PHP 'foreach' loops
__LINE__ feature in Groovy
get values of multiple input boxes inside a div of each div with $(selector).each
Store/Retrieve values from Objective-C++ to Objective-C
Terminology when Initializing C Structures
Need to Ping from one process to another [closed]
Cocoa XML Parse Conditions
Testing with Twisted and inlineCallbacks
SQL update - automate update of rows based on matching value across tables
Why is my style in Generic.xaml not working?
Python: How to make a function that asks for the exact amount of words?
htacces rewrite url - redirect folder to php file
Predicting an overflow when counting combinations
How do I implement controller action in a PHP MVC framework?
Android WebView turned black when filling out a form
Rails ActiveRecord Serialized Data Rspec Test
JSON iOS failed Error
Mysterious ANTLR error
Keep :hover color on mouse click via Jquery
Why's the CSS3 transition property acting funny?
extracting an element using Xpath
Lost connection to MySQL on MAMP after installing Zend Server CE
Returning DateTime data from Rest Service via Jquery
Loading CPImage and CPImageView
Javadoc @see tags in package-info
Tracking Postback in ASP.NET
Python Email, how to delete/refresh 'To' field in a message
jQuery replace all href=鈥溾� with onclick=鈥渨indow.location=鈥�
Run PHP command line, needs socket_create
How does a Lex & Yacc parser output values?
Tcl info exists
Is this the right approach? [closed]
iPhone provisioning
Metro App with 2D Graphics in C#
Smalltalk syntax error
should mail.jar and activation.jar go into CATALINA/lib?
How to set JSONP calls in sencha touch to Synchronous?
Android spinner with date picker, like Google Calendar app
PHP / MySQL - returning the top 10 users by the amount of entries there are
how to resolve CS1513: } expected error on page
JQuery async xml GET request to WCF Restful service fails
Compressing Suffix Arrays in Java
Which programming languages have REPLs that can display graphical data?
completion-at-point in evil mode error
scrapy crawling just 1 level of a web-site
What is the 鈥渄鈥�in Google Chrome when we console.log() a Backbone.js Collection?
How to create this Android View/Layout
how to auto submit a rails 3.1 remote form every 'x' seconds?
Tesseract-OCR training problems
jQuery refactored function
Running selenium with firefox without a display
Multiple JSON objects in the stream
Connecting to SQL Azure from WP7
Android Java: Understanding Activity Life?
The message of jquery validation 鈥渞equired(dependency-callback)鈥�not work
MVC3 Checkbox passing values from view back to model
How to use AJAX in IE
Api not responding with any venues
hide and show without resizing the table element
In Windows Forms (C#) is there a way to set the tooltip's height and width dynamically
cudaGraphicsResourceGetMappedPointer returns 鈥渦nknown error鈥�
RSA encrypt/decrypt
Problems saving title/description with cakephp2.0 file upload plug in
how to get a % value after matching same name from 2 different worksheets
Unable to import spark package in flash builder 4.5
allocate to heap
Flicker-free dialogs with custom controls
Separating an array effectively
Flashbuilder can't resolve s:MobileApplication SDK 4.6
Can RapidXML API grow the buffer?
Is it correct to store Derived class references in mongoengine ReferenceFields?
How to use robotlegs and signals without flex ie. pure as3
Can't build ios app with AWS sdk 1.2.0
Binding To An Expression
Full Text Search with constantly updating data
Why is my image uploader working on all browsers except Internet Explorer?
Delphi Memory copy with Record to another Record
Jquery: mouseover/mouseenter with delegate
Jquery: mouseover/mouseenter with delegate
STL new learner [duplicate]
need to center a list in the center of a web page
Elegent view transition animation?
Why does String.hashCode() in Java have many conflicts? [closed]
Multi-part form parameters not getting to controller when deployed on JBOSS AS 7.1
C++ and python : TypeError resolution for vector arguments ?.
how to pass a constructor parameter of a class in a different class main in C++
Database Merging Tables
Java - Passing Arrays in Methods, Variables Not Recognized
Pass updated lat & lng of google maps draggable marker to another page
Showing elements one after another
Javascript separate string into different variables
Is it possible to block an embedded object's (Flash) popup with jQuery?
Return method in Java is coming out of sequence
Strange pagination 404 issue with custom post type
Fancy box and graceful degredation?
Directx 11 Bitblt Alternative
Couchbase - Unable to store key and value though bucket is connected to successfully
incompatible implicit declaration of function
no oscillation after put in pid controller
Is there a reduction in storage using short-hand hex vs normal hex vs color name in CSS?
Linked List Merge Sort Exaplanation
Ruby Mixin Undefined Method
Why can't func_num_args be an argument?
Are WCF Web Service suitable for non-microsoft SOAP client?
Cairo and Shoes in Ruby
SQL to check available venues
Improving efficientcy for loading big arrays
How to launch a program from NERDtree
Having issue with crossdomain.xml
My webpage won't let me scroll?
How to get xml fill to advance table using php
Is There have Rate UserControl can be use Windows phone Application锛�[closed]
dynamically identifying where column headers begin in text file being imported in access
Trouble creating xml strings in Clojure
C++ RegQueryValueEx() get DWORD but not working
Xcode compile source file and copy uncompiled source to resources
Uses of Qt debug libs
How to give an ip to guest os on esxi
creating a restful web service in groovy which returns value from a database on GET request
code base for GIT master/feature branch
How to embed Razor C# code in a .js file?
XMPP Captcha on Android
is nested preg_match possible?
Surface Distance Between Two Points of Latitude and Longitude souce code javascript
Java Graphical User Interface is Freezing
How to rename a file in linux by removing certain characters from the file name?
When moving how to display the cursor?
Native Oracle Query to fetch One to Many Relationship Structure
Get current Row number inside ArrayFormula
load file into ruby class
jquery ui radiobuton doesnt change ui-state
MYSQL update error but i dont see the error
Sequence of Fragment objects in FragmentActivity strange
Checking return value of a func pointer
Kohana 3.2 save session in database
Git pull after local commit
Replacement for java bitwise operator in objective c
Do I need to allocate memory for a char pointer to a constructor?
SQL Service Reporting Service Account
How can I replace the default mobile friendly scrollbar with a standard browser scrollbar
Rails: Proper way for MySQL query to search multiple attributes
Populating a two-dimensional array from image groups
nested handlers in SML
C++ Undefined Reference to vtable and inheritance
Calculation of Longitude and Latitude of a Point which is about 'x' mts in 'y' direction
socket file description
How to turn a static CGI-style perl script(xxx.pl) to a dynamic PSGI application?
How do I recompile nginx
Give up permissions using facebook javascript API
Android Adb install error
How to suppress arbitrary warn/error messages from DBI?
Titanium or Javascript: Get value of property above in the same object creation curly braces
The html5 video shows at local but not online
How do I check if a user can write on a friends wall?
can we add UI component in TLF
Will gtk2hs and wx ever build more reliably?
Does dropbox app on iOS has a URL scheme?
Ajax with jQuery returns error when all is fine
Is there any mechanism in PHP for caching code?
decoupling from future APIs - first-timer discovering need for dependency injection
Rectangle/Ellipse Program
A better way to handle the below Sql query filtering condition
Android - Want app to perform tasks every second
Redirect to other page according their roles
What am I doing wrong?.js while loop
New row is not inserted in database
SP Char in HTTP Headers?
Ruby - Changing value of an array hashes value
How to calculate the float number value to store in memory using IEEE 754, 32 bit float?
how to track certain files in subdirectories but not all the other files with git?
trouble with SQL query using left join
Trouble shoot a dynamic linq query in ASP.NET 4.0
What are the some popular tools for managing mongodb on OSX?
Data Integrity in HDFS: Which Data Node(s) verifies the checksum?
cache unused data for each connection?
Why is strtok changing its input like this?
Referencing Text file Visual Studio C#
Running PHP files with CRON on FreeBSD
Sending data multiple times over a single socket
withFile vs. openFile
DataGrid Validation Behavior with IEditableObject
QToolButton: click when enter(return) pressed
DateTime format does not match format in SQL Server
MS Access: on form combo box with column count > 1, how to display column 2 in resulting table entry?
Using CSS to gain separate control of outer divs of 3
Something breaking my site in IE
Can we get all values from slickgrid?
Can I use .pop() and .append() on the same item at the same time in Python?
Why do database schemas often contain 32, 64, 128, etc
Socket programming with NIO
Powershell: Properly coloring Get-Childitem output once and for all
PHP not working in XAMPP
sqlite query return not null
Memory leak in Font Glyph / UIWebView
Fixing The Position Of A Table
Mkdir() in the absolute path
regex/wildcard in scp
NSTimer with block 鈥�am I doing it right?
Sencha Touch list scrolling while soft keyboard is up
Deleting an object in Ruby
Run command from PHP, exit script, but keep command running
How can I avoid vote spam on my PHP site [closed]
Java loan calculator
Integrity CI Server not running builds when using Passenger / Apache webserver
SingletonBeanFactoryLocator cannot find XML files located in another JAR
How can I use a pre-made color map for my heat map in matplotlib?
How to use PDFView and PDFThumbnailView in iOS?
How to set permanent user environment variables?
Restricting access to methods in Eclipse RCP by Bundle
How to query AddressBook contacts according to the given number锛�
Construct a CFG for
show the detail of a row in celltable
does google map chart support size of 750 by 400 pixels
iOS Memory Warning tableView EXC_BAD_ACCESS crash in multi-view app
PHP for each loop
centring an image in a frame
jquery mobile css not applied to knockout template
display image if values are not found
How does this method use its own method in ruby?
How can I conditionally load a collection mapped in an object?
How can I avoid inconsistent audio playback using PortAudio and OpenCV?
Python datetime: 21-Feb-12 to %d-%m-%Y
Jumping effect in games
C: State of memory during an array declaration
How to get y_hat using predict() when both response variable and explanatory variables are log transformed?
Progress event for TAzureBlobService and TAmazonStorageService
wp_query is empty in admin_init
Prepared Statements and $_GET (Any security concerns?) [duplicate]
Android: SQLite Query Return 0 Rows Without Reload?
Why does Python not recognize filesize of CSV immediately after unzipping?
Xcode change/remove comment template
Display a varying popup image on text mouseover with javascript
How to retrieve data from @ xml attribute in PHP
Cannot see the content inside of a MovieClip
Automatic Dummy Variables in R
Select random group of items from txt file
I need to parse through a large XML file. Best practices?
How do I extract data from HTML page using Python3.1?
How can I fire a very specifc KeyPressed event?
Rails: Comment Model - Connected to a Micropost_id and User_id
Why is this Scala code slow?
Object picking with ray casting
Run a class instance as a thread by itself
URL - File not found exception
Why is my gem 鈥淚NSTALLATION DIRECTORY:鈥�鈥�.9.1 when the 鈥淩UBY VERSION:鈥�is 1.9.3 [duplicate]
How do I secure REST resources so that only a single user of a role can access it?
jQuery.noConflict causing issue with jQuery animate
what is the best way to refresh the network stack in android?
Building a 5x6 Dynamic HTML Table
SQL Server - Creating a new login account with 鈥渟ysadmin鈥�role from an account without 鈥渟ysadmin鈥�role
Google Maps v3 default controls position offset
rails console with wirble?
Displaying lines from a randomly opened text file
C language questions for Bloomberg Financial software developer postion [closed]
What is the dummy's way to work on wordpress locally (w/versioning) and migrate changes to server, including databases? [closed]
Fastest way to search thousands of keywords in a web page
How to add an js in a function when call?
How to force an app to open at the root storyboard?
Substracting minutes from Time in ruby
Wait Handles and the System.Threading.Tasks namespace
IreportServer tie a local folder into the report server
How check if a particular element has a certain class?
Returning colors from uploaded images while ignoring compression artifacts + anti-aliasing?
Why even bother using public member variables?
Using a plist to load content of UITableView
two versions of xcode (the latest version is always selected)
How to get individual character positions of SVG text on the server
any-word search using LIKE %
How to get number of days of a month given the particular month and year?
remove image tag from string and replace with string [duplicate]
unlink() is not working despite being given a valid file
regexp that chooses records where at least n of the words in a set appear
How can I make a float throw an exception, when entered?
PHP - Reading COM Port from Windows
List<String> readStringArray in Parcelable
How do I clip a floating-point number to just below a limit?
Advice needed for hierarchical design
How to implement callbacks that are virtual functions?
is it possible to make fixed ratingbar?
Hibernate Inheritance Queries (Criteria)
conditional based on month
Physical location of the processes assigned by the MPI run-time system
Clojure: Convert hash-maps key strings to keywords?
Active Objects with C++98
Android ProximityAlert does not stay active after exiting app (i.e. pressing home button)
Move a link (with a pop up div) to another div, with a drop down menu
Extend a specific version of Python (on Linux Ubuntu/Unity)
R programming: predict(), 鈥減rediction鈥�vs 鈥渃onfidence鈥�
Xcode - how to loop a UIAlert (with text field) until a correct value is entered?
Is there a way to remove the hash from combined javascript files in SquishIt?
Ajax.BeginForm OnFailure Never Gets Called
file not properly reading in a input from ASPX file in visual studio
jQuery .stopImmediatePropagation(); won't work on external JS file
Is there a way to uninstall multiple packages with pip?
R-Value C++ What is it exactly?
is that OK I define a static Application object inside the custom Application class for reference in Android?
trigger doesn't work on load
Local script is saying GD Library Isn't Installed
jQuery input value and foreign characters
Guidence Required On Using Abstract Interfaces And Down Casting
NLTK Thinks that Imperatives are Nouns
Entity Framework Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute
How to retain values in checkboxlist of struts2?
How can I remove an object from the end of a line of objects connected to each other? (Java)
A using namespace directive can only be applied to namespaces error with LinqPad
Client Side validation on Backbone.js collection
Unable to resolve drawable
How to get max key out of a very big dictionary
Core Data - unlinking object from relationship
android save checkedtextview check
鈥渆rror: conversion to non-scalar type requested鈥�when using structs and malloc
How to find the course of multiple php-cgi process?
How do I select a file from a native OS file dialogue box in Selenium IDE?
Reading the entries in a loop and removing the duplicate entries using XSL
ADFS Error: The root of the certificate chain is not a trusted root authority
Play framework on tomcat+lighttpd - jpa
class constructor not processing when called from inside another class constructor
Error rendering static html
Pentaho Kettle scripting option
ASP.NET MVC route handling for misspelled URLs?
Defining a MouseEventHandler in C#
Maintaining Units of measure across type converstions
GWT - spring security - session timeout
Why does $.load( handler(eventObject) ) not work for data returned from server after Ajax request, trying to make it wait for all images to load
What does the generic nature of the class Class<T> mean? What is T?
Adding Value to databound DropDownlist (asp.net)
Passing extra arguments to Rails observer
Add users to UserMulti field type using Client Object Model
Using R to read Oceanographic Instrument Data
How can I hide a link using ajax? [closed]
Cipher text transformation in Proxy Re-Encryption
Reading out dice
How do I turn off caching for my entire ASP.NET MVC 3 website?
mouseenter + mouseleave events
Interacting with a Data Grid View in Visual Basic
Delegation and dismissal of a view controller
Communication between two web browser windows
Linux 3.0: Executing child process with piped stdin/stdout
Difference betweeen FirstOrDefault() and FirstOrDefault<string>() in LINQ
loading multiple javascript files - jquery
constructing xml within ios app
How to trigger (possibly)overridden event?
Getting select form value and using to put into input value
jQuery: Autocomplete with images
Regex or on multiple/single characters
Preventing Java from creating new processes
Emacs on Mac OS X Lion - what about the Ctrl and Alt touch?
How can I display Google maps inside flash using javascript api v3?
Are there drawbacks to going around Entity Framework?
Is it possible to get the current test in setUp fixture?
Can Scala constrain an object graph so that only those objects relevant to the context are visible?
GridView's 鈥淣um colunms鈥�change with screen resolution
abcpdf gecko not rendering images
How to run notepad from a non-elevated mode in Windows PowerShell
google map V2 key
Import namespace - Cannot resolve the name to a(n) 'type definition' component
How To Get Historical 鈥淔acebook Page Likes鈥�Data via Graph API or FQL
Array access in assembly language
Assign Name to Loop
groupjoin couldn't work
Bash pid returns nothing at all
Textbox disabled does not send value to database
Batch file add/remove hosts file entries syntax error
3x3 CSS grid: how to make center div the only one with a fixed height/width?
Cannot implicitly convert string[] to string when splitting
How to give permissions for users to the related objects in django?
How to copy array from File1.java to File two.java [closed]
How do I get the name of the file that is being used to render the current page?
Printing 鈥� 鈥�to system with C not work?
Dynamic filepath & filename for FileHandler in logger config file in python
Linq Query: Sum of columns for a given row
obtain total travel duration given startPoint and endPoint using google maps api 3
ARM assembler routines and info
Trouble bringing in a string with d-MMM-yy format parse.exact to date but keeping date format and date type for sorting
Heroku Run Migrations Before Deploying Code
What is the purpose of the system() function if I already have access to the system?
How to create a java regular expression pattern that would match a string only at certain positon?
Where are ReportLab Demos described in User Guide to be found?
Are there any existing 360掳 panoramic photo libraries?
a jinja variable for flask-app root directory
Find out Total Height (Float Point) on a Worksheet Page
In .NET what could overflow to yield the number '-2147479552'?
navigateToURL handle redirect event
killing threads from main
Searching arrays of objects with NSPredicate
ASP.Net web page stacking xml documents instead of showing side by side, CSS issue?
Backbone View Inheritance
missing deprecation warnings in Android SDK
Is it possible to set non-modifiable (constant) item in the localStorage? If so, how?
PyQt4 : Sync between QSpinbox and QSlider
CListCtrl - get the length of the item text
How to convert Json string to ListView in Android
C++: does caching JSON instead of objects reduce memory consumption?
Automatic DataGrid binding based on search condition
Native Target Data
eclipse product invocation causes ClassNotFoundException of org.eclipse.swt.SWTError
Getting data from multiple-encoded file
Functional way to update an object based on flags
Faster intersection test (AABB-AABB or AABB-triangle)
BSOD in 64 bits environment when one driver access another driver memory [closed]
Comparing between 2 processed keys in 2 hashes
Solr indexing, search stemming
C# Locks and Multi Threading on a queue
Twitter hovercard follow button error - Response from Twitter
Setting SPListItem field in ItemUpdating not persisted with SystemUpdate(false)
Input form inside canvas element
OS power control utility written in C
How do i get the following code to recognize a symlink?
upgrade bcb6 app to newer version
Android apk does not install? Where can I check the logs for this? No reason is given
PHP/MySQL: Not inserting into database
inconsistent loading of image overlays using div with background-image
passing php variable from controller to javascript function in the head of a view
Navigating after using ReSharper's 'Remove Not Accessed Field' quick fix
getting more info from UIImageView with a specific tag
Is there a way to get the URL scheme from the bundle identifier in iOS?
jquery slider not fluid
using CGContext to draw line
Produce Delphi Code that will Parse a file with a given BNF format
Exporting lwjgl game not working
Creating a generic base
POST to SESSION variable
What are the best ways to get rid of unimportant input neurons?
How can I seekg() files over 4GB on Windows?
Android - Losing incoming (hi-speed) USB data
Line-height collapsing/not showing correctly in CSS with 960 framework
JQuery validation character minumum
How do I add .jsp headers and footers to my Spring MVC web app?
What is the best method to make location disambiguation for geonames data?
$PATH extended at .bashrc not available within git hook script
How to remove css property in JQuery
Adding OnTouchListener to each line of ListView in ListFragment
While loop select all contacts
Raise event after inherited class method completed
Weird runtime error
rewriting multiple urls for different paths [closed]
caching Javascript files and CSS in ZEND
Cookie weirdness in IE
Playframework - internationalization inside set tag
How to make BREW sdk apps on a mac
powerdns + mongodb
Closest pair of points algorithm
How to get the view from a region in PRISM?
Jquery not binding properly
how to change the web service link dynamically?
Is there a list of exception error class values and what they mean? Specifically sqlexception
Facebook Registration Connect
What is the correct way of keeping a Task alive and all Subscriptions active without spinning?
MySQL join 3 tables and format
Why does doctrine 2.2 use -namespace- and -use- without any include or require statement..?
Using jquery form plugin for multiple forms?
SQL retrieve data from two table based on the ID(Key) of the first table
Rails: is it possible to add extra attribute to a has_and_belongs_to_many association?
What is this format?
Send Http header for identification
How to change navbar collapse threshold using Twitter bootstrap-responsive?
ORDER BY an equal value in MySQL
Initializing a class; Instead of passing required class as argument, pass a base class of that expected class
Change whole block html with php
P2P in Android using Open NFC virtual device
How to get an object by anchor text?
Multiline string search using sed or perl
why can't i fade in sencha touch?
Whats are best practices and tools for profiling and performance testing python code? [duplicate]
CakePHP: Allowing A User To Signup For A Course
Simple dropdown form/menu with hyperlinks. How?
Populating more fields in function of specific elements in a MySQL database
Invoking a Java WS from PHP using WSO2
Why isn't my fragments onSaveInstanceState() being called?
Android bluetooth SDP does not recognize service advertised in JAVAME
Can I return a Date object from a JAX-RS call?
Visual Basic - 鈥淚f鈥�Statements Not Showing Result In Label
Embedded Excel COM Object clipboard interefernce
accessing datatables data via click binding
Java - Set Integer Values to Max Image Size
uitableviewcontroller does not show anything
test if a button starts a new activity in android junit (pref without robotium)?
Mootools each function works for last fund in array only
R programming: How can I compute the difference between two cells in a data frame and save them in a new column
Disabling automatic scrolling past end of element
MySQL key dilemma
ACCESS 2010 Navigation Form Query Property
Collection high-level operation deprecation (list:List[A] - a:A)
getting all of the currecny values out of a text file
Exception Handling + polymorphism, doesnt work if the exception method, doesnt work in the same class
mysql doesn't seem to work with my new rails app
win32, scrollwindowex(): How to display back the up area from 鈥渙ff window鈥�that disappeared after scrolling down?
Triggering a download from canvas.toDataURL client-side?
C# Hex Code Shadow Gradient Generator
Objective-C: Async/Background POST without using delegate method?
What pattern applies to encapsulating 鈥渃ontextual鈥�queries?
Jquery serialize and php insert to database
Asynchronous download issue with UITableView & ASIHTTP
SQL Assertion: The manager complex
open a terminal session from php
page redirecting to itself
How can I prevent an anchor from scrolling
What does @{ some expression; } mean?
LWUIT ConnectionRequest: Bad Request on Blackberry
Command substitution: backticks or dollar sign / paren enclosed?
Is it safe to check JDO queries with isEmpty()? Whats the 鈥渞ight鈥�way?
MySQL cross-selection limitation issue
Java - java.net.NoRouteToHostException: No route to host: connect
Excel Line Graph - Putting 2 rdifferent Variables on X Axis from table
Casting a custom collection type in C#
Android use cellphone to control laptop's volume via Wifi sample code
asp.net mvc3 server benchmark tools
xslt and passing parameters (query strings)
style attribute with emberjs
Multiple left joins - keeping the returned row count down?
Better (generic) declaration of Func delegates
Android ICS: how to move out of stopped state
First programming language to have an interactive shell? [closed]
Creating makefile for C code, running without ./
set option value in dropdown
yet another java newbie error for 鈥渏ava.lang.ClassNotFoundException鈥�
Sessions Failover with PHP-memcache against memcached
How to send an PUT request to a WCF 4.0 REST service that is protected with OAuth 2.0 and DotNetOpenAuth
Site navigation catching events and triggering the right actions
How do I place divs in a row with text-wrap?
How to make the image position independant from text around it
Android development error, Using Eclipse
return false; or event.preventDefault(); not working. Can't find solution
GUI keyboard simulator
Visual Basic - Modify Textboxes and Objects Generated in Code
Dealer not reestablishing connection in ZeroMQ
jar files for uploading and downloading files
jQuery & google Map JSON
Learning Yii: checking with ajax won't work
Inputs next to eachother have variable positions
How to change a UIKit's property's default value globally?
How do you join all models that reference a model into one table in Django?
CSS3 border-radius in Internet Explorer 9 [duplicate]
increase resolution of preview frame
How to have different selections of two listviews bound to the same instances in WPF / MVVM
Phonegap - Extend a plugin for iOS
Interactive 3d cross browser/platform/device
How can I read MYSQL Database from Android?
Looking for a tool to read and query via X-Path large XML files
Android Prevent Notification if in desired Activity [duplicate]
C# VS2010 Setup Project makes no Icons and WinXP Error
Android Viewflipper Black Screen before last View
mvn test does not find JUnit Tests
Disabling the EF Object graph for a query
Currency conversion JSON API parsing with PHP
AJAX - Element / Class / Timer cleanup on replacing content
How to logical and (^ , logical conjunction) string lists - C#
Parse HTML doc in Bash script without regex
Best way to load a heavy UI with lots of controls
Two Different CVS servers (remote and local) for one project (CVSNT, WinCVS client)
Do I need to use EC2 with DynamoDB?
Excluding a value within a range of values defined by 鈥渂etween鈥�in a mysql query
SQL Server execute stored procedure in update statement
Select node based on its second class in jquery
Bug in Entity Framework 4.3 code first - index already exists
Python: Array v. List [duplicate]
JavaScript convention: How do you assign arguments to the parent scope
How to properly place Date in <pubdate> element on RSS feed
java regexp for reluctant matching
Searching in a vector is too computationally expensive
Do dictionaries exist in C?
$(function) gets called twice in Rails 3.2.1 App
WCF Service won't work under HTTPS / SSL
Rails: need to update loaded pages' content updated
ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API method calls metadata
How to set custom filter in form validation in CodeIgniter?
Scala for desktop
Fancybox if not knowing the clicked id
Filter the results not replace them?
Insert an Identity Value using Entity Framework
How to save state when extending UIComponentBase
what does $* and * stand for exactly in bash scripting?
JavaScript change class with select form
Asset-pipeline order issue
Xcode: How To Make PickerView Start At A Certain Row When It Is First Displayed
Move a set of N-rows to another column in MATLAB
Programmatically Controlling Playback in FCP
How much effort do I put in my security for Android In App Billing?
PHP scraper - regular expressions
Is it still necessary to check if a visitor's browser supports Ajax?
inserting data from a file in access table
Why am I getting 鈥淿OBJC_CLASS_$鈥� referenced from:鈥�linker error when I have correctly linked frameworks?
Is there a way to access all the controllers from within an action method to review the ControllerDescriptor?
array of overloaded functions in c++
How to modify the current page multiple times (additively) in ASP.NET?
Does Objective-C readonly property need to specify retain or copy?
php web application and strange 404 error (something wrong with Apache ?)
Customizing Flex Slider plugin
Android: DataInputStream & DataOutputstream not seeing my directory
Write to terminal after redirecting stdout to a file without using stderr?
What methods are available to monitor SQL database records?
Is there a user access analytics middleware or module for django?
How does vary the brightness of markers on a Matplotlib basemap?
Getting a small part of the dataset from Amazon S3
Rails 3 - how to save (un)checked checkboxes?
submit and photoslide code conflicts
Android Lint: Unused Resource Warning Not Going Away
use the same lock object at two different code block?
Undefined index when trying to remove an item from my cart
Update existing database entry in java App
loop a list using a jquery - carousel effect
Float value stored in MySQL keeps getting messed up
Windows XP: where to write to registry from IE?
A good Example how rails respond_to work with model-validation errors and ajax form
How can I 鈥渂ubble up鈥�events in a Backbone View hierarchy?
CakePHP Bakery Error
TCP Connect Fails
Can't Write Configuration File
How does the C# visual studio compiler treat struct/NULL comparisons? [duplicate]
Fatal error: Uncaught OAuthException: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user
Draw shapes on HTML5 Canvas鈥ith video
What's the Windows Phone 7 C# equivalent of the iOS call [[NSLocale currentLocale] localeIdentifier]?
Exclude an id from update
SQL sum rows in union
What is an m-ary vector?
How do I make window.onbeforeunload wait for animation?