Rails - Not uploading to heroku after upgrading ruby to 1.9.3 and rails to 3.2
Adding a class to a parent div if it contains invalid ASP.NET validation controls
How secure is a header redirect? Can it be bypassed?
Standalone javascript applications, html5 canvas games鈥deally with V8, or adjusting game based on browser
Why does my code cause a nullpointer? [closed]
TeamCity. Publish artifacts after certain build step
Must you call CGContextClosePath after CGContextBeginPath?
Send a Socket from JSP file to Java application?
how to use linked list to read in txt file in c++
drawRect not getting called for UIImageView
Check to see if an email is already in the database using prepared statements
Check to see if an email is already in the database using prepared statements
understanding class table inheritance
How to notify observer when an Object changes?
ObjectInputStream with CipherInputStream freezing, hanging
MySQL: Excluding
WordPress on ASP.NET 4.0
Is the terminal in netbeans just cygwin?
How to extract textual content from an SGML DTD using Perl?
web site built using jquerymobile does not open on BB5
FMDB resultset into dictionary
Rotating blocks in 2D-array
Pycassa col_fam.get_indexed_slices(clause) Whats wrong
Just 3 images per user, do I need to go to the trouble of creating a clever directory structure?
RestKit - Unable to find parser for MIMEType 'text/html'
how do you eliminate white space from the Dom with hidden unicode characters?
Rails Instance Variable Location
php/jquery search box
Error while building V8 on Mac Lion
How do I keep the original value selected when transitioning to edit mode?
Digest Auth with Zombie.js
JQuery Tools - Validator - Validate without submit button
How To make CSS Definitions work in Internet Explorer
Export DataTable to Excel Sheet - Getting Empty Rows When Creating
iOS crash in CoreLocation
multi-module project and ${basedir} placeholder
using CURL in PHP like fsockopen() for connecting to SMTP?
Are Cocoa Auto Layouts Backwards Compatible?
Android ListView GUI difficulties
show the fps of an app like cocos 2D
How to pass selected, named arguments to Jinja2's include context?
window.opener is null when loaded from flash content
jquery, cycle through divs, then stop on last div?
How to compile and jar an Android project using Ant?
Taking the floor of a float
CoreData not setting type as XML
Application icon corrupt in Android Market
Image proportional to screen resolution - think JS is knocking it out
Where is this dev/default copy coming from? 'The token 鈥渘-more-friends鈥�will be replaced with a string like 鈥� more friends.鈥�
iPOJO: identifier uniqueness namespace for @Publishes and @Subscriber
Json.encode special symbols u003c MVC3
Make a basic timer for android?
How to measure memory usage with C# (as we can do in Java)? [duplicate]
Is it safe to access different sub-arrays with different threads without syncing?
How to order by a part of a column
Should I make my repository my DocumentRoot for my website?
Initial SVN Checkout Fails: 鈥渁ccess forbidden鈥�in Terminal, 鈥淓rror 403鈥�in browser
Using a UIScrollView zoomToRect works when zooming to an images width but not its height
Backbone.js with compound keys
combining variables using bitwise operators
Why do numbers with 17 and more digits turn EVEN automatically?
How to use Netty to handle Http Keep-Alive connections
Jquery .append() array results from xml
Why am I getting duplicate records at my output?
How do I draw two parallel poly lines based on only two points (similar to google maps traffic)
Algorithms for compression of set tries
mod_rewrite: why can't environment variables be used to prevent recursion?
PHP Garbage Collector statistics
Code Igniter caching - time to remain cached
How to send additional fields to soap handler along with soapMessage?
iOS: Storyboard backwards compatible
SED - 鈥淔ilename too long鈥�- is there a way to skip this error?
Datatypes and changing classes
Implementing interfaces in C++ with inherited concrete classes
How to change the URL and template page after login?
calling REST service using Jquery/javascript
Rails server not starting. Gems all installed, I'm confused
Will browsers cache pages with a different ETag?
How to get started editing the source for Chromium?
Not Loading External JS File
How to view the size of an InnoDB table in MySQL?
Is there a standard for customer data?
BigDecimal rendering the decimal point according to locale?
I create html div element, but it disappears immediately in ASP.NET
Wordpress Trojan issue
MVVM Light - Unable to update parent view from child - nested edit
Updating twitter status from php
Changing style in the tabs of the plain ASP.NET project
Querying child collections within a Ravendb document
iOS Distribution Certificate expiring. what are my options?
extract contacts and distribution lists (groups) from wab (mapi)
Render large matrix (1000*1000) in Javascript
Why? Carrierwave vs. Paperclip vs. Dragonfly? [closed]
鈥淯nexpected Token <鈥�error in HTML while using socket.io
Restore original order of random divs
Chrome localStorage
why do I keep getting an error about moveObject is an undeclared identifier?
View elmah logs without creating role/user authentication
How to hide a button in Silverlight/WP7?
PHP: Search string for all twitter usernames and extract them
JSON Encoding Multiple Query returns in PHP for iOS
Check if same origin policy applies
Why does the Practical Module & Constructor patterns accept this as a global?
select_tag within form always submits a blank string
Weighted mean tending towards center
Sending objects through sockets
How do I get a signal to call a function with certain arguments?
Preferred way to attach AudioEffect to global mix?
Creating 鈥渉oles鈥�in a binary H.264 bitstream
how to $.post an image.fiile input?
Create 6 times 100 -matrix or DF with specfic column names in R
Create 6 times 100 -matrix or DF with specfic column names in R
ASP.net 4.0 Fragment Caching using Custom Cache Provider generated key
Detect if click is on element stroke or fill
flowplayer: pause/stop all running players when new video is run
Why are HTML emails being sent by a APEX Schedulable class being delivered with blank bodies?
compound shard key chunks boundaries
Alternative to Silverlight
running unix like command 鈥�/a.out <data.txt鈥�in windows environment on c++ file
why won't recursive ftp work in this directory?
Create a Phone Application base on an Asp webApplication
Problems when executing SQL Where statement with a date
Variables in javax.el API
Determining if a point lies within an ellipse, including the edge
Redefining keys in emacs' ENSIME scala mode
Parent to child view event binding relationships
is there a way for flash AS3 to take a snapshot of a frame then save it as jpeg
Reading into dynamically created pointer to array of structs
how to improve the performance of a laggy UIView animation
Learning jython string manipulation
How do I make the Pro version of my app replace or get rid of the free version?
Syscalls in strace
Jquery hide caption when selecting another image - jsFiddle included
distributive property for product of maxterms
preg_match and PHP concatenating
HTML beautifier that puts input tags on separate lines
What are efficient advertising options for Android apps ported to BlackBerry Playbook?
Prevent subdomains with AWS S3
iCal (ics) with fullcalendar?
get a length of Row/column in c#
mb_split parsing function not working with Japanese characters UTF-8 text?
Clearing a window contents in a blur behind window(DWM)
Assigning a default value to a Microsoft Access Table Field?
Sudoku solver in Java, using backtracking and recursion
Tap in & out in UITapGestureRecognizer
Visual Studio shows 鈥淯pdating source control status鈥�after installing ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta
getting involved in developing web application with symfony framework
Excel vba - xlDown
How can I get the json object which represents a Yahoo! pipe
Parsing poorly written html in javascript?
UIImagePickerController saving image with geolocation info?
Dont know where to add new activity
Benefits of Custom Designed Algorithms
jquery datepicker on windows phone not selecting the date
asp.net error retrieving from database when query string contains number
Python script to translate via google translate
What is a use case for a generic constructor?
How to link C++ source files with Code::Blocks
Java pass by reference
Can't see marmalade repo on emacs 24 on OSX 10.6.8
Controlling Checkboxes in HTML
Absolute positioning with percentages giving unexpected results
best practices for uploading many files to live server while updating database
getHitTestResult().getType() on an iframe in a WebView always returns 0
String.Format() with HTML attributes in a View
Ubuntu GUI Application
How to Install Ruby gems on all agents using TeamCity?
Dynamic nature of python
鈥淯nable to create a constant value of type.鈥�How to avoid this error in LINQ query?
gtk.notebook_set_window_creation_hook function return
Jquery Event Performance vs Memory Usage
Root relative vs document relative paths in web development
Running Java jar file with included external tools
multidimensional array processing
Using jQuery UI drag/drop with backbone.js
What are the best Idiomatic Java guides? [closed]
Compiling a simple parser with Boost.Spirit
Initialize a stack in C by setting pointer to NULL
Finding text width in jquery
CLR Trigger only particular column get updated
Why does the innerHTML of several inline-blocks nested in a block element affect the positioning of the inline-blocks?
Replace text ignoring HTML tags
mysql - Get count of items where status of ALL sub-items meet the criteria
Complicated Replace() on MS SQL text field
Set property value using property name [duplicate]
Azure web role with two sites, cannot bind to two different endpoints
jQuery: Prevent stacking animations
Parsing POST request with unexpected URL encoding
select menu not opening after using CSS switcher
Can I load data on a web page statically, unless JavaScript is enabled?
Why does WordPress still use addslashes(), register_globals() and magic_quotes?
workflow 4 performance workflowinvoker
remote debugging emacs 24 and gdb
Caching multilingual Template
Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledAlertError: Script execution failed. An open modal dialog blocked the operation
Internet Explorer Not Showing Quote marks in XML
Traffic Intersection Simulation using Multi Threading Algorithm
Updating and Deleting Associated Records in a One-To-Many Relationship using Entity Framework
Good algorithm videos [closed]
When to use Storyboard and when to use XIBs
force svn user and update checkout with private subdirectories
ASP.NET Web Api and UrlDecode
How do I convert delegate R Function<T,R>(T t) to Func<T,R>?
Smtlib trouble with the code
Start new thread on buttonclick
Google Map API map there but cut off
How to display NSArray for given amount of time
Invoking java methods in XML in android
jQuery BBQ - 鈥淎ccess Denied鈥�in IE
Avoiding subquery for optimization
Oracle/SQL - Multiple Records Into One [string aggregation]
Mail send by xpages form change group by user of group in sendTo field
Path for simulator build
how to make string bold in code behind
Using git archive as npm dependency
Trigger 'dummy' mouse wheel event
WebGL Normals and Indices / Directional lighting / X3D / Blender
How many sockets can Linux and Socket.io manage and is it better to use more or less?
How to get google account contacts throught dotnetopenauth [closed]
JTable coloring specific gridline in Java
Group by case-blind label
jquery ui select menu does not scroll in android browser
bash pipe & sigterm
Ninject: Injecting two different objects of same type
Random Image Generator Android
Can anyone explaine why 鈥済it status鈥�shows files as modfied when running under a share on linux?
android LVL reasonable?
how to end an ongoing function
How Do I loop multiple view controlers for an IOS iphone app?
How to change the Syntax Highlighting on an individual file in NetBeans 7
The best way to build a list
Why am I getting this compile error?
Why is this code inconsistently crashing?
BigDecimal with 2 fraction after decimal point?
How can I get the source of an iframe?
FTP Upload Android
App to accept donation for virtual 'widget'? [closed]
How do I put an array of random dates in chronological order?
SpeechRecognitionEngine.AudioLevel does not change
How Do I Use Mysql's IF EXIST for Validation?
Redirecting a URL: a specific folder to sub domain
Optical Character Recognition Android with OpenCV
Madvertise OnClickListener in Android SDK
Icecast sourcing library which may be used in a commercial program?
Have HTMLParser differentiate between link-text and other data?
Graph: get Friend Activity for a page, like the tab
VSTO 4 & C# NamedRange.RefersToRange throws Com Exception when range is large
C# Console.Writeline Placeholders for function name
Upload an image and JSON/XML from Javascaript/jquery
fullcalendar retrieving from database
Using readHTMLtable from XML package to scrape site, uncertain error message
Ruby/Cucumber Test Initialize
Linq Get Max from List of Records
In MySQL, why is a non-ASCII character really two characters?
Accessing PHP methods using cronjob
dynamic width spacer in CSS horizontal menu
Have IIS notify ASP.NET when last chunk of file download sent
jQuery Mobile 'Breaks' Flexi Slider when User Returns to Home Page
Sum of each element in python list of tuples
Change list of items on JCombo box
MySQL consult in QProgressBar
MySQL Database Schema - General Questions
Looking for ASP.NET MVC Style templates
ScriptControl seems to block UI thread
How reliable is Android's relative layout? [closed]
Display jQuery Dialog from MVC ActionResult form
casting NSInteger into NSString
Changing/deleting html from file_get_contents
Post to Fan Page without offline_access using Graph API?
Can't get PL SQL to divide with two select statements
XML Parsing of Password, without storing/caching in db
Qt debug won't stop on breakpoint
Detecting the parameter types in a Spirit semantic action
Load Embedded Assembly
Creating a class dynamically
Cutting a String before a special character everytime in C#
Unable to commit to github repo using egit
InsertBatch in Sharding
jQuery - DIV to move with scrolling motion and stick position to top and bottomof window
Ping host to determine host name
Strange Date Format in RavenDB Index [closed]
Implementing a fragment shader that uses a uniform Sampler2D (lwjgl)
JS SDK on localhost
Best URL ID implementation
how to get python to not append L to longs or ignore in django template
NMAKE can't find include file in subfolder
Rank in SQL, order differently
ASP.NET Threading
How to sum up counts in file one and write in interval in file two in python or R? [closed]
Makefile rule that doesn't generate a file, but checks dependecy
VS2010 Debugger Breaking on Handled Exception
Integrating Like Button on my website- don't want profile pics
Java send Stack trace to different output stream
ios prefs url path scheme to mail
howto use the logback discriminator value to filter mongodb inserts
Marshalling the same object in two different ways using standard JAXB?
Simple objective-c GET request
CGGradient: Drawing a linear gradient on an angle
Python Speech Compare
Safe and secure way to keep encrypted data and private key in C# Dll
Browser-based UITestControl container
Synchronous behavior with JMS Topic
IE select not appending options
Same Page Database Results
Send an image from Android to an ASP.NET Web Service
Java HashMap sometimes returning wrong value in some threads
where's the appropriate place to handle writing the current_user.id to an object
writing to global variables in using doSNOW and doing parallelization in R?
How do I integrate user information into my Facebook application?
How can I get the Initial Timestamp of Page Request when a page request is began in .NET Asp MVC?
Mysql query for concatenate unknown number of values in a new field
How to use System.IO.Unsafe together with TVars?
Detecting frame-accurate seeking with HTML5 video
Codeigniter modify database query array item
How can I build a .Net application which is distributed as a single and self-contained file/entity (no installer)?
PhoneGap - storing an image, then getting its base64encoded data
Sort a list of tuples by 2nd tuple element [duplicate]
Creating grid rather than a table
Are there situations where using will not dispose of an object?
Qt Qml in a normal Qt application
get element of a matrix in R
Batch - using delayed expansion in writing to file
RTL Input in Flash with AS 2
SQL syntax error - Why? [duplicate]
Java Swing: Changing color of a ball on mouseEntered
Unit testing with identity columns
ASP.Net Menu on postback
Python 3 traceback fails when no exception is active
Handling thousand of list elements in HTML/Javascript
show/hide div using scrollTop
鈥榮trcmp鈥�was not declared in this scope
鈥渢ext-align:right鈥�doesn't work properly on IE7
How to make ftp upload feature in my file sharing website?
jquery fancybox ajax
How to store the value of a MySQL subquery and use it in the WHERE clause of the outter query
ViewBox fill with svg
COBOL How can I sort and merge two unordered files?
IIS URL rewrite - do source files already need to exist?
Access Control on Site Content
Eclipse C/C++ problems + Cygwin (complain on everything)
Check if a String is a digit without converting it to number
How can I search for an expression that only appear in a full word
Unable to make PyDev work on Eclipe for Jython
Use the folder name as a column in a text file
How do I add javax.annotation.Generated to Java SE 5?
Fatal Exception At Startup
How can I retrieve Tweets by a specific date range?
ANTLR check if commontree is correct or How to check if given input matches the ANTLR grammar?
image button with transparency
Code::Blocks Compilation Errors
reseting a flag in awk
Calling functions from other functions in PHP
Seamlessly cast between math libraries
Sort by a particular value
Django admin colours
pylab error : TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable
How to Print the data set in controller from controller
How to avoid putting std::string in exception class?
Stuttering animation when spanning multiple sprite sheets in easeljs
Screen capture utility for Safari Browser on Windows?
Where'd the TestClient go?
Error: 鈥淥rigin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin鈥�when using dataType text/html accessing a php file using JQuery's ajax method
How to now why my Browser say a lot of Error: The operation couldn't be completed (NSURLErrorDomain error -999) [closed]
What is the jQuery code to Expand a Read More?
how do disable job cancel button for each progress entry in Progress View in eclipse rcp application?
Django Forms - getting data from multiple choice fields
JQuery Mobile - Override font-family themes for the whole body
Convert multidimensional array to nested set array
How can I call a function that requires a return value that calls WebClient?
Django project hang on the production server [closed]
Redirect visitors to a page saved in cookie
Default sorting as descending on page load
meta Refreshing a page with jquery
How can I organize my listview based on relevance to a String?
Delivering a C2DM to SMS inbox
Can one define a Java class purely with a Spring configuration?
Integrating full tumblr page into website
What WPF control can I use for a list of readonly items on WP7?
box-shadow artifacts due jQuery animate in the WebKit
Flash: moving a movieclip from a container to another while keeping same position and rotation
How to browse for video files in MATLAB
Qt slot with default argument
iOS: Update preloaded database with user-data mixed in
Changing the color of <option> in firefox
GWT, Guice and GIN compilation
Debugger can't connect when starting local azure project
UIWebView detect when javascript is loading a new page
QtCreator and 鈥淩un CMake鈥�
Using Datatables, can I get the data out of the table to submit to a server?
creating a dynamic key using the sender's name
How to configure new XCode iOS project for high res (iPhone 4 retina) screen?
Griffon mvcGroupInit invocation
how does jquery extend() with multiple objects work?
Concatenate and group multiple rows
2d arraylists in java (why are the collections the same eventually)
Is it a bad idea to use a database table's ID as an external API identifier?
How to call String.fromCharCode() in vbscript?
First underscore in a DataGridColumnHeader gets removed
Data definition has no type or storage class
Exchanging Files Client-Server architecture JAVA
Raw floating point encoding
Javascript: Using dictionary to filter out words from a string?
Working With Version Numbers
margin issue in chrome
Implementing development processes - versioning and installers
High-Level App Design/Architecture
php self email form issue
Is this the correct way to set and get a string value using persistance in GAE?
(Linux) Unable to link archives via cmake
How to remove displaytag runtime error
How to get file name auto when I browse a file to upload?
ActiveRecord does insane numbers of SHOW FIELDS
Java/Groovy/Grails need to generate meaningful test data
find closest class
Resize the ImageIcon or the Buffered Image?
Calling url to open by text string
mod_rewrite to parent directory
MVC3 Client Validation JS formatted Error Message Automatically?
Find/Sed not working as expected
Map of all points below a certain time of travel?
What happens if a interrupt handler starts spinning?
effect all nodes with a shared class
Control quartz composition from code tutorial? [closed]
Is there a function in C which checks whether a character is a character or integer, etc?
Reading subfolders within the registry (JAVA)
Problems Using Thinking Sphinx with Rails 3.2.1
Backbone View: Inherit and extend events from parent
call aspnet_Delete_User SP in trigger
Obout Calendar Control not working in Google Chrome
ASP.NET single page authorization
MIPS Hex Output
iReport font not available to JVM net.sf.jasperreports.awt.ignore.missing.font=true has no effect.
android phonegap notification status bar shows nothing
Threading in Form_Load - Application now hangs suddenly
How can I specify content-type accepted when requesting a HTTP resource with Ruby?
How to create thiessen polygons from points using R packages?
JavaCompiler returning null
鈥�26 Failure writing network stream.鈥�received when trying connect to an FTP site with Java's URL Class
How should I be using jqGrid PostData?
Installing Perl Modules on Android OS
Horizontal align doesn't work in IE
issue using php to display SQL rows only valued after todays date
Automatic documenation of Fortran functions, modules and subroutines
Debug Android library project with java source code
Best practice for persisting database-stored lookup data at app level in MVC
R, debug line number
Getting image height after image has been resized using css and jquery?
Update multiple rows with one query
How to get a list of browser cookies using PHP?
In Symfony2, can the validation.yml file be split into multiple files using imports?
solve this with sql or php - performance
Class property changing
javascript, can I do this in a single declaration/line?
put a rails collection into asset templates
The method getConnection() is undefined for the type DataSource
OpenGL - 鈥渦ltra smooth鈥�animation of simple horizontally moving object
Directional collisions in PyGame?
How do I animate a clicked link before leaving page?
Spring Security Refresh Error in Grails jQuery Mobile app
Rails counter_cache not updating correctly
Backbone.js event is not fired
Button touchDown event and CPBPressureTouchGestureRecognizer
Pushing news to Facebook works, but I'm required to log in first. How to automate login?
Why does setting the tintColor of a UISegmenteControl or UIBarButtonItem disable the button pressing animations?
Regex to find method calls
webview android with progress dialog
Displaying an Informative Message in the Face of an Invalid Login
jquery selector and escaped brackets
Reload database connection in Spring+Hibernate test case
How to remove leading '0's from HH:MM:SS?
Joomla Blog Universal Read More
how to find k-th nearest neighbor of a point in a set of point
Switch view when animation is complete
Android Emulator, dynamically changing sd cards
Message in script never gets passed
UISearchBar works on simulator but doesn't work on device
Cocos2dx Inherited CCNode class not rotating around around its center?
Writing and Reading to a Json format
listen to specific port c#
How to change tr:message style
.net framework 3 provide xsd unique element?
Query Dates From SQLServer in C#?
How to call RaiseCanExecuteChanged for all DelegateCommand and DelegateCommand<T> in base ViewModel Class
Program not entering in if-else block in Ruby
Editing a webpage with no source
How do you create a textbox in C++ and DirectX 9 for games?
Weather forecast from WOEID (using YQL or rss) in javascript?
How to convert a RESTful URL to servlet request parameter string
Storing a double with 2 digit precision
Error fetching http headers in SoapClient
Rename File in C Visual Studio 2008
How do you organize your tests projects
EF 4.3 Code First one-to-one relationship when using an existing database
InvalidCastException is thrown after installing ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta
Hash Element of Array of arrays
gnuplot and usleep on C
Attempting to get class name on Android using getClassContext()[1].getName()
how to use computeArea to calculate the area of a circle?
Proper way to select previous and next row using a hotkey via DataGridView
-moz-transition title and text move asymmetry
How can I to manipulate dynamically created controls?
How do I output HTML form data to PDF?
What is the best way to setup Django on os X 10.7 Lion?
ASP.Net RadioButtonList: using jQuery to get the ListItem selected
How do I set the default namespaces in MapHttpRoute?
How to use keywords include ampersand(&) in Facebook Search API
Drop down menu not working in IE [closed]
PayPal multiple Currency ( IPN )?
How can I displayed captured input in typo3?
Return Error Message from START /WAIT Command calling DTUTIL
Android: save integer values on external storage
adding (not overwriting a class) for a form generated by the form_for helper
Controlling Fancybox for desktop and mobile
How can a tree be stored in a database?
How to remove an item that is pulled away from it's list?
Eliminate units when using quantities for Python
Is it possible to put the server-side SignalR functionality in a different assembly?
Django error traceback not showing the real error
Jquery History / Hashchange Event - Back button - On form submit
objective c counter
Styling UIButtons - subclass?
SQL COLLATION can not resolve
How to serialize a POCO with desired property names
jQuery counter from specified variables
What is the 鈥渃orrect鈥�way to write the Copy/Move/operator= trio in C++11?
How do you force Infragistics UltraWebGrid to databind if you handle the InitializeDataSource event?
Regexp for European price
How to change Android proximity sensor sensitivity?
What kind of Button can toggle/change states in Android?
Running a batch file in a given directory using VBA
KnockoutJS - Adding computed values to an observable array
Python and the Spidermonkey Javascript engine on Linux
using numberWithFloat, but I want to trim the float to 1 decimal place first
access jquery element after append function
Save R data frame into file and by which command to read it?
Android: How to retrieve file name and extension of a resource by resource ID
Save objects from multiple stores to single persistent store
Visual Studio 2010 Find Green Squiggly Lines
Using google's api to list result of search
Is it possible to cast in fast enumeration?
UsersController GET 'index' for signed-in users should have an element for each user
LINQ get Max value from list
Backup and Restore SQL Database
D- how to verify that an IP address is valid
Dealing with PHP timeouts in Cron when PHP is in safe mode
quantity of white spaces left of a string jQuery
IOS affiliate link shorten with bit.ly not working
Output of patch
Python: How to get multiple elements inside square brackets
How to run JQuery in a JavaScript function
How can I override CSS id?
Generalizing Cucumber/Capybara Tests
How do I use Python 3.2 email module to send unicode messages encoded in utf-8 with quoted-printable?
jquery ui dialog global variable
Set cell size to not go past certain width & height
Embed additional HTML inside of link_to call
How to design a database for User Defined Fields(UDF)?
Allowing a WPF browser application to navigate to a separate web page when finished?
Django - Filtering in DetailView
Handling UITapGestureRecognizer in custom view
Run member function of an object contained in an arraylist?
Just purchased code-signing certificate can not be installed properly
Okay to POST with an empty body, pass data in the response?
Moving ten files at a time using Vb.NET
GoDaddy cron job to run bash script
How to create back button in webview?
determining selection made using alert dialog (radio Buttons)
CentOS repository for PHP 5.3.8 or higher?
Where should I start if I want to blank all the screens in my classroom apart from mine? [closed]
Netty client multiple requests
鈥渘ice鈥�equivalent for storage?
Django Test Suite URL Coverage
importing NumPy in Parallel Python
Match all characters and redirect unless the string contains
TortoiseSVN write-lock error?
Excel vba - access element of a range
java stored procedure - resource files in Oracle
submit two forms in 1 button
Developing for iOS 4 with an iPhone 4S?
What is Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control in Spring Framework?
Getting Allegro5 to build on Win7 with MinGW (cannot compile TTF)
Linux: how to check the largest contiguous address range available to a process
AVPlayer not forwarding streaming track in background
XDEBUG not working on certain cakephp Netbean projects
class defined as static member of another class
Is there any community effort towards scala googleprotobuf 鈥渂indings鈥�
Strange character on saving data in mysql Database
How to nest entities in DDD
C++ EOF on cout<<char(int) casting
Getting Django to serialize objects without the 鈥渇ields鈥�field
Implementing SwingWorker
Python list syntax explanation
Directly accessing get/post variables without explicitly accessing $_GET / $_POST
gwt jsni document.documentElement.style.height
OnNavigatedTo vs Load event
Is it possible to jump to closed folds in Vim?
Magento collection - filter by several fields
Make text sized to fit in mobile safari?
iOS AudioQueue: kAudioQueueErr_InvalidPropertyValue for property kAudioQueueProperty_CurrentLevelMeter
Scale HTML content using JQuery Mobile & Phonegap
Drawing text with a table to a PDF in Quartz
脗庐 and 脗垄脙脗垄 for TM when storing Cookie jquery encodeURIComponent
Weighted Shuffle of an Array or Arrays?
Where to call RaiseCanExecuteChanged?
Swapping values of macros
Get referer from iphone/android application
How can I create a well-formatted PDF?
Subscribe Box style is being over rode somewhere, can't figure how where
In ggplot2, how do I move tick labes from the bottom to the top of a plot?
Using a UIpickerview in a xib file
Accessing the Selected property on TitleBar tabs
Android Edittext- Clearing Spans
is installing rails and vb .net on same machine safe?
How to add margin right to table [closed]
backup a file but leave a 0-sized file back with same name?
_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError 1044 Access denied for user using Django
Paypal IPN continuously hits my IPN page w/the same transaction
Making XML in SQL Server faster - convert to tables?
python threads gui
Jquery plugin for video player from third party video sites
If statement with two jQuery selectors
CKEditor editor instance .lang is undefined?
Create a Post from External Website for Wordpress
Issues using PHP MySQL Built-In Functions inside a class
Given a Date/Time as a string, what is the best way to know if it was DST at that time?
Can I change the width of the Facebook 鈥淟ike鈥�button's comment box?
Adding functionality to an Entity/Component System
Singleton object memory issue in objective c
iOS: RestKit loadObject & send params
How insert blue text tokens inside UITextField?
SOQL Sub Query is not working
MySQL stored procedure, do not ever raise error?
Keep getting a 404 when using Ajax in drupal
Mass 301 redirects in Rails 3
Recreating table structure with JPA
Can you Cast Strings in Nhibernates Linq provider?
Scripts folder a vulnerability?
Flex - Argument count mismatch, expecting 0 got 1
Is it possible to run Silverlight 5 on 1and1.com hosting?
Android ViewPager throwing IndexOutOfBounds exception when setting current item/page
What does IndexOutofRangeException mean?
MySQL - How can i query a multi-value field to match a primary key of another table?
Adding newline characters to unix shell variables
how to join 2 separate text to one - selected from string - IN MySQL
Can I use getElementById to change it's onclick event value?
jQuery if not working?
Link with SDL and OpenGL under Ubuntu
writing to child window in IE9 with js
HTML5 Canvas mouse input with Javascript?
What can I do to improve performance of my pure User Defined Function in SQL Server?
Bad Operand Types for Binary Operator 鈥�gt;鈥�
Subversion / SharpSvn Transactions
Connect to Oracle DB from ASP.NET on Win 2003 svr
how to load view into another view codeigniter 2.1?
javascript form validation if element exist
Inner join with if condition
Adding the results to an arraylist
how to declare constants in objective c
Wordpress Multisite Internal Links
Using A Dropdown Menu to Order a List Taken from a Database Simaultaneously With Pagination
JAVA 7 watch service
Open GL Android 3D Object Rotation Issue
Left join 3 times same table on 3 conditions multiples results
Spotting the difference between an n! and a 2^n algorithm
jQuery Dialog but get dynamic inputs
Configuration issues trying to install Ruby on Mac
Grails createLink to project root?
How to put table in the center of the page using CSS?
Database backup on Java derby database
Wordpress + PHP: Using array variable with in_array inside another function
Gmail is trimming html email content. How to avoid the issue?
How is the calender on the iPad implemented? How to replicate look of it?
Can the C preprocessor detect if a header file cannot be found and issue a specific warning?
automatically generating .h from .cpp/.c
Make an Akka-2 instance send itself a message every n TimeUnits without overflowing the mailbox
How to make things delay [duplicate]
Why float objects in Python doesn't have denominator attribute, while int does?
Cannot Retrieve Table Rows collection in DOM using FireFox
c++ use cout in class method
Android: Obtain the int value of a preference key
jQuery-UI sortable table resizing column when first row is dragged
Unable to access value of HTML Input box written by .html() jQuery function?
UserPrincipal GetUnderlyingObject: properties missing
CSS issues in IE using margins and Tables [closed]
Using a string to create a flow document
When I do 鈥渂undle update鈥� I get an error from a gem not in my gemfile. How do I ignore this dependency?
How to instruct php what charset is my script coded? [duplicate]
Upgrading OpenSSL results in compiler error with sk_X509_pop_free
Javascript Object Creation with Index Properties
NVIDIA Parallel Nsight Vs Visual Profiler
UITableView Static Cells as a SubView?
final total method PHP result
Using python and PIL how can I grab a block of text in an image?
Django MemoryError Importing Lots of Data from XML Files
Zedgraph and labels on bar and pie diagram
ms dos command to go to a sub directory of where the batch file was opened
How To Delete an Object With Persistent/Non-Persistent Collection Field That is null?
SQL Server 2000: Updating one table with values from another table
Are there any solutions for server-side rendering of Dojo Charts?
unorthodox linux kernel and valgrind
How to get rid of white border around div?
how to get only first name in facebook app
diamond inheritance of classes with same members in python and with super
answer_url error while creating a wiki application in Rails
org.hibernate.exception.DataException: Could not execute JDBC batch update
iPhone Siri Raise to talk during a VoIP call
Errors C2059 and C2061 in C language [duplicate]
Struggling with debug asserts with mem alloc for SP_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DETAIL_DATA
Complex String Operation in PHP
Implementing Progress Indictor For NSURLConnectionDelegate protocol
Selection between textboxes in VB.NET
Rendering partial in rails modal
closing a ref cursor from coldfusion
display custom events in webkit browser inspector timeline
jquery ajax call execute once function after complete
Using WSGI with a specific python binary
Simple-bound .NET data binding not working
OpenGraph - choose where og:url points / redirect user and keep tags working
Quickly generating random numbers in C#
preg_match and a troublesome regex
What is the right c# syntax in javascript quotes
Delete selected item from Jlist
Overloading int[]
Apache httpclient 4.1.3 how to do basic authentication
how to find the highest normal form for a given relation
search in a map field
Using a JSON REST Service in Silverlight 4
Why does this C++ (cocos2d, box2d) example give a pointer instead of a value?
returning the max value from Sqlite DB
OpenGL, translate down on y and rotate on z around ELEMENT center (on Android)
Android Offline Map Satilite View
Where can I find a tutorial/documentation on authentication with OAuth/Google in a ASP.NET MVC3 environment?
JSon.Net JObject.Parse
TNS Listener -ORA-12514 error following database shutdown - Oracle 11g
how to attach to screen sessions within a loop?
Crash from attempting to clear a calcuator
Debugging javascript / html rendered with IWebBrowser2 in C++
How should I get bash 3.2 to find a pattern between wildcards
Jump to specific character in vim
Is it possible to get the default options for a Tkinter widget without instantiating its class?
Java perform final action upon program termination?
so Confused, why my build of libffmpeg.so > 17M?
Address of object in c++ function
Wordpress order posts by custom meta in pagination
ASP.NET MVC: CSS file returning a 302 error when it exists
Hibernate Utils failing to run in JSP Page
How to data drive coded ui tests?
AspectJ ProceedingJoinPoint.getArgs when method args are null
Using a SSL certificate on an Android device (HTML 5 Chrome application)
BigInteger string representation with decimal places
Hidden fields don't get updated after HTML form post back
Simple Mac OS development app
Cannot invoke getItemId() on the primitive type boolean
Regex for this pattern
Is there a clean way to embed a url in a razor view?
Calling a blur function when the page loads
How would I use MVC4 WebAPI to chain controllers?
Binding expression with StringFormat and uppercase Converter?
Use separate images or setImageEdgeInsets?
how to use tns entries with macromedia drivers for Oracle
Can I mix and match rel attributes?
Can't get jquery If-Else to function properly
Resteasy war deployed to JBoss 7 complains no 鈥渙rg.resteasy.plugins.server.servlet.ResteasyBootstrap鈥�is found
Lisp if-statement - emacs initialization file 鈥�emacs鈥�
How to access stdout or stderr in a Capybara integration test
How to get youtube iframe videos to resize properly when viewed on iOS?
Creating an GUI with PHP CLI
call monodroid method from javascript example
Will Java's System.out.print() buffer forever until println()?
Is there a list of values I can use for objectClass and objectCategory?
Using Apache Commons Configuration to do variable interpolation, i.e. ${variable}, with a list of values in a properties file
jquery-Mobile -> page shows, but next page doesn't
Is there a better way to use the jQuery UI widget factory without jQuery UI?
drawing a line from a UIViewController
Display UIAlertView before downloading file on iOS
Constraint Violation Handling in Winforms Using NHibernate
array explode and save
LinearLayout: How to position elements
SSIS Script Task - Failing to fill DataTable
Timing of Audio Queue Services and iPhone System Sounds
Position ImageViews relative to each other
C++ - using ostream in my own class
Can I get the 鈥渋terator鈥�for a template type, regardless if that type is an array or STL-like container?
Problems with RunC and math.h [duplicate]
Keys only query, using a key
finding out name of file Firefox saved via watir-webdriver
Javascript Array ID's
How to append onclick event to li class?
Can you tell if a vertex attribute is enabled from within a vertex shader?
Retrieving a certain number of items from a java list for processing
answer please about 'self'
How can I format a column as a date using spreadsheetFormatColumn?
Glassfish v2.1.1 clustering error
XCode Iphone Simulator turn Landscape
Figuring out ASP.NET report tutorial doesn't do what it supposed to do
Checking if email exists in the database?
Dismissing 2 modal dialogs at once?
Jquery ajax version works, HttpUrlConnection POST does not - response code 500
Android hit test not working?
compare if a date has passed
Changing multiple div classes at once in Jquery using an if/else statement
Graph API Explorer Access Tokens vs. FB C# SDK Application Access Tokens
If statements, logical AND, comparisons
Finding a pixel position (x and y coordenate) within a bitmapdata
jquery ui - What class can I use to get the border color?
How do you annotate code using EclEmma?
Get INT_MAX with bit operations
Android ListView scrollby clips items in the list
Declaring an Array in my Model to use in the Control
All COM events blocked after BackgroundWorker completes (within AppDomain)
PDF form signature and database
How to assign global view data for only an area?
mootool 1.4.2 conflict with another mootool file
How can I force a T4 Text Template to stop executing?
determine whether undirected graph has path between two vertices
How can you use the unix kill command silently in a bash script?
Authenticating a javascript library
How to find the unique elements in two arrays in PHP?
Countdown timer dictated by MySQL data
How to return a nil CGFloat?
Put the content of multiple .txt files into Excel 2010
Using inline expression with SessionParameter fails
How to install protocol buffers with Objective C/iOS 5 SDK?
.htaccess dynamic to static URL
NSImage problems
How to minimize datastore writes initiated by the mapreduce library?
How can I tell programmatically if a Mac OS X machine is bound to an Active Directory domain?
Change the Space between UIBarButton Items to be zero?
css how to align a div to the top of a containing div
hide css menu after click
HTML CSS Part of Page cut off
Using Jquery and for each loop (written in scriptlets)
How session sets and unsets in JSF2.0
Criteria query no order using Hibernate
Can I pass a list to stored procedure?
How to search in all the files of a project in IntelliJ Idea?
Makumba - MDD functions
Fastest way to select all strings from list starting from
How can I create a custom project layout based on another eclipse plugin?
Using a Jquery plugin in a dynamically loaded view using rails
How can I use TortoiseSVN's SubWCRev utility in a build with TeamCity?
Refresh DataGridView
Yii extension that generates metrics
How to suppress warnings from particular dll
php explode function for only first white space
structuremap asp .net mvc registration
Where to find Ivy descriptors for Artifactory repo
Drawing a huge graph with networkX and matplotlib
How do you run a function on exit in C++
How to create a control akin to HTML5 input type: range with support for FF and IE8+?
How to open a link in default browser using JavaMe?
Why isn't 鈥�$ git log --graph 鈥�working
Android using jaudiotagger
Deciding between Umbraco and Orchard ASP.NET CMS
How to convert a RectangleF to PointF[] for drawing?
Displaying information from a windows service in asp.net web forms
assign value of html textbox to title of div
is it possible to install django beta with pip?
What is the best way to use enrich-my-library in scala?
iPod UISlider images for retina display - objective-c
Any examples on using Accel+Magnetic+Gyroscope to detect orientation?
How to identify anonymous types in JSON?
How to create a large icon tray?
Titanium Studio cannot find Android SDK (tried multiple solutions)
moving background in box2d game
Birt - How to format default date parameter as yyyy-MM-dd
Hot key to select 'Look in' find option in Visual Studio 2010 (or more generally, can one build shortcuts that pass parameters?)
Defer loading JavaScript in Symfony 1.4
Reliable way to get a machine wake + user logged in notification in Cocoa?
CakePHP: Where To Place This Function
C Macro to protect definitions
Android Market In-App-Purchase: How to get the currency a user will pay in?
Mysql Query For Embed Code
applying styles w/ jquery in IE9 w/ vendor prefixes?
jQuery's .ajax() not working with PHP
How to access webkit-fake-url
How do I add a title to my MatPlotLib basemap?
i18n performance: resx vs. database?
Code Igniter select active record in model not working
Clarification on using Task Parallel Library with ASP.NET 4.0
Match and print multiple lines with sed
Not able to modify product page layout
An issue with 32 bit * 32 bit data in C#
Ruby connect to REST service
JXMapViewer Mashup example
DBUnit : NoSuchTableException caught
asp.net gridview weird behaviour
replacing src value of an image and re-rendering the page
Sending email with Java
Corona sdk chains example app
Cannot open file error from COM method call in 64 bit OS
Optional FileField Django
How to use the WHERE clause in T-SQL
MySQL Join returning multiples, should return single
Count items in drawable folder that start with specific string
Issue with box-sizing border-box and min-width in IE 9
Can I use gcc -march to compile into other ISA
Apache .htaccess relative request URI redirection
Development environment in apache that will seamlessly move to production
DateTime.TryParse for only a Time parameter?
Reading a list of links in xml
Cannot seem to use GetType with Activator.CreateInstance
How do I access an anonymously-typed object passed into a partial view?
How to make this dropdown appear above the text below it
How do i access this javascript value?
Rails assets pipelines + git submodules
High virtual memory usage + low allocations on iOS
Linq query to find items that could be within a range
Batch String Concatenation
iOS Text Navigation Bar
how to remove specific text from textbox while keeping the remaining text intact
jquery corners not working in IE8
Installing Python Package from Github Using PIP
Start developing with MVC4 Web Api today, using Beta?
Python is slow when iterating over a large list
split php array by value
Cache or store in session?
Using a virtual printer to modify a receipt in a POS printer
ZendFramework - How to create optgroup and there option using view helpers?
Issues Caching Script Retrieved Through jQuery AJAX
If Filename place to dir dont work
Codeigniter: Replace captcha in Tank_auth
Best way to find nested opening and closing tags
Switch between google maps and google earth
iAd sample project crashing
How properly initialize JBoss Weld in Java SE without using org.jboss.weld.environment.se.StartMain#main?
Wordpress select custom post by metabox
Object reference not set to an instance of an object. with IDataReader
Smarty Display Array Values
Type-safe generic containers with macros
Adobe Flex; how to cache main application
delete all files in a folder at FTP using ftp batch script
EF 4.0 to EF 4.2 , DeleteObject Not Found,
How to create a Beta for my Android app?
Creating a workable jar
Ordered Asynchronous AJAX Calls
What does the MediaPlayer message 鈥渋nternal/external state mismatch corrected鈥�mean?
Using link_to with embedded HTML
sqlalchemy.exc.InvalidRequestError: SQL expression, column, or mapped entity expected
Moving around a 3D Object without touching screen on the iPhone? [closed]
How can I tell sbt to exclude files from the WAR but allow them to be loaded by container:start?
Reading files bits and saving them
DB2 external tables?
Search a github repository for the file defining a given function
Android Unsigned App not able to install on device
Are 鈥渢abs鈥�always represented by 4 no break spaces?
How to override XmlTextReader character entity expansion?
鈥淐an't get a consistent path to setup script from installation directory鈥�
How to remove part of URL .htaccess - Magento
Variable variables with drupal
TO_DATE problems
find first sequence of 鈥�>鈥�in regExp, javascript
spreecommerce - possibility to save customizations on ordered article
Stop GIFs from Preloading
Split a string using whitespace in Javascript?
(C++) How can I suspend the main thread, then resume in it another thread?
detect presentedViewController at runtime
jquery cycle how make button for cycle the nav dosen't work
add favicon.ico to apache cxf
Generate image gallery with ajax, xml and query
Parameterized query for inserting values
Getting error when trying to convert milliseconds to date
appending input elements into the dom based on the value selected with help of java script?
Unable to open sqlite database on Galaxy Tablet
jquery issues image dissapears sometimes on window scroll function
Regex - recognize the indefinite article 鈥渁鈥�or 鈥渁n鈥�using JAVA
CSS position fixed to the left but not top
MVC3 - Using Dependency Injection outside of a Controller's constructor
Java: danger in setting private member field as accessible?
Minimalistic Real-Time Plotting in Python
What are consequences of specifying diferent listeners in different parts of TestNG configuration?
Let Oracle trigger the sequence for ID instead of Hibernate?
how do i use user-extensions in selenium?
Do we have to use non-standard/browser specific CSS vendor prefixes anymore?
Spring Security @Preauthorize Tag Not Working In Unit Test
Another datePicker minDate issue
Exec command doesn't work as expected
Android 2.3.3, Eclipse - unable to use button after switching to other layout pages
PHP concatenate Characters with HTML encoding of the Unicode characters
Column/margin misbehaving in IE7 and IE8
undefined reference to `u_fopen_48'
Visual Studio 鈥淣o Source Available鈥�and Red Underlines bug, compiles fine
Image manipulation code in MATLAB (corner detection)
WCF DataMember DateTime Serializing Format
Rails: Indicating that a model has an observer
VB Windows service that maps a drive then uses it
How can one share information using the 'host-proof' paradigm?
PHP/MYSQL concurrency
Rapidshare File Uploader [closed]
Call function from shared library in GCC with inline assembler
Inserting apostrophe values in sqlite error
problems with django raw query parameters
Exception when adding more than one entity at once
file upload control related button is not responding
what function does vim call for completion with ctrl-n
calling a jQuery method from code behind method
CSV generation possible with Apache POI?
Dynamically create plots in Chaco
UINavigationController with two copies of the same view controller on stack
Google changed something in their maps?