Passing IEnumerable<Object> to ViewModel - Does Object need to be ViewModel?
Android post byte array(image) to WCF restful service
Can you change image hue of bitmap on android ImageView?
block access to a table from any user except one
Trouble on constant order statements
Bits in C, how do I access the underlying bits in a C float?
Example of writing byte array of different size sequentially to a blob in Windows Azure
Error: unchecked call to DefaultComboBoxModel(E[])
How do I serialize an object with a string value that contains an ampersand?
stopword removal using python
PowerShell: -replace, regex and ($) dollar sign woes
How to make an expression from model fixed effects?
select last row from details table for each user
Change System Date/Time for Multiple Operating Systems
Generating Javadoc
Getting the minimum value of a column in a two-dimensional array
i want to sent string from android device to java desktop application im using following code
HTML5 player not working in multiple browsers
Making an array of varchars constrained by a 'references' in SQL
How to write a T-SQL Having query?
how can I add viewstates to a component through actionscript?
MonoTouch.Dialog: Upside down text in Section Header View
Function which is passed a buffer for recv
subprocess.communicate() sending garbage to process?
Custom status bar notification
Updating a sub-document in mongodb?
Why is System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DisplayAttribute sealed?
Perl Module to convert OWL files to OBO
Capturing mouse events on horizontal panel in GWT
matplotlib animating a scatter plot
delete cookie in php
Sending Keys to webbrowser
How to modify a function parameter at the same time new vars are created on a loop?
Ajax.ActionLink not calling controller action
How to parse user credentials from URL in C#?
I'm writing a script to install postgresql modules. How can I find the 鈥渃ontrib鈥�directory?
T-SQL 鈥淎dding a value to a 'datetime' column caused an overflow.鈥�
distinct records based on the most recent version
Getting time of Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library pop on Windows Machine
Mongo MapReduce - Checking the Standard Output
My phaseListener does not work
Problems with mysql query syntax? Trying to INSERT off of an INNER JOIN
Backbone.js using non-restful actions on a restful model
an SQL query in LINQ
Cocoa NSNotification monitor process
js at beginning of my index.php in wordpress
Populate hash of hashes in Perl
DeleteObject Method doesn't come
Make FILE* struct map to a buffer?
Java: obtaining private member's annotations
YourKit is showing me that although my code makes use of 8 fixed threads, the JVM seems to be switching which 8 threads are actually being used. Why?
Computing linear indices and counting non-zero entries of large sparse matrices in row-first order
Vimscript: calculate number of chars on a line?
Getting Websphere v7.0 Running with eclipse seems to not see the server start
sitecore query items by client url
Constant Global object on a Ruby on Rails server
gsub :: ArgumentError (invalid byte sequence in UTF-8)
.html() vs .innerHTML
android sqlite not querying where column1 between 1 and 2 and column2 like person?
Regex messing up json_decode in php
android sqlite not querying where column1 between 1 and 2 and column2 like person?
Regex messing up json_decode in php
PHP Chinese Characters Can't Insert To Mysql
Undefined method `level` for Mongoid logger in a Rails app
Does a Facebook application's access token expire?
Missing column name during ActiveAdmin query
javascript: var is undefined only in IE
Deleting associated objects from an array ColdFusion
JS trigger keydown event
Use Jquery to take out url info from dynamic link - drop downs
When testing android UI what's the proper way of waiting for UI to be ready?
Thumbs_up Gem, a Little issue with ajax
How can I make the installer Run as admin
PHP: Regex for exact match
Is action really required on forms?
How to change colors for alternate buttons using CSS?
Is there a way to wait or pause until a subview is released before ending the function?
How can I replace words that contain HTML tags without losing the HTML tags?
How can I set up mail setting in PHP.ini for using smtp server of gmail?
Understanding Objective-C logic
sql order with join
Unable to login as test user when test in-App Purchase
Repaired Records : Cell information from worksheet created from scratch
mysql2 gem doesn't work with rake test:(units,functionals,etc)
Calling a PROCEDURE with output parameters
Consuming A WCF Service With Custom Object As Input Parameter
How to get PDF content (served from a Spring MVC controller method) to appear in a new window
How do I use jQuery Ajax from inside a Chrome web app
Cakephp 2.x HTML helper for external link not working
using a data type declared inside a class outside
How do I get my if statement to search for delimiters?
FQL / Facebook API: retrieve list of all events i have marked
How to simulate the implicit intent filter resolution?
Increase maximum number of connections on DB2 database
Insert into a javascript array the result of a query using ASP
NSPredicate and CoreData - decide if a Date attribute is 鈥渢oday鈥�(or between last night 12am to tonight 12am) on iOS
Prolog Assignment
Any way to make a table key that doesn't use the Persistent ID mechanism?
Select multiple items which match mapping table more then once
Draggable skinablePopupContainer
value not retriving in ms access query with date time
jquery ajax call execute function after complete
python - Monitor if file is being requested/read from external application [duplicate]
Issue with jQuery lightbox plugin/gallery
Multiple search forms
Storing RSA encrypted data as hexadecimal
Problems implementing a PHP Thrift server
android.permission.BATTERY_STATS api
New line in serialised array PHP
Parse string from right-to-left in C
Adding table to an 'already-created database'
How to get a certain runtime version for
How to hide all text, which are smaller than certain pixel and bring them back later using Javascript?
MATLAB profiler. DetailLevel: mmex?
Find a specific record by field value in DevExpress VerticalGrid
Pass vba Dictionary
Slide 4 documents at a time
How would you pick a uniform random element in linked list with unknown length? [closed]
Caching method results in immutable objects
How would one set the default view of content that is imported via Generic Setup (structure)
String Substrings Generation in Java
UILocal notifications not showing
Drawing Html tables on a Panel?
How to create a pre-scaled font for a CPCL printer
How To Change the JPanel in a JFrame at Runtime
How to add this JQuery Accordion to Wordpress
Form Margin is shifted in Safari but looks fine in firefox and IE
Java: annotating members in single declaration
How to return value from an async call
Adding Panels to a Form in C# during execution
How to convert timestamp into date/time string in PHP?
How to make javascript execute after using jQuery to dynamically load user control to div?
Best practice for calling an STA VB6 COM object in a WCF service: Concurrent access
How to write correct expression to result to Boolean? (Cannot cast from boolean to Boolean)
GStreamer with Python 2.7 cannot import gst
iOS 5: How to encrypt property list in the bundle?
postgresql, odd OFFSET/LIMIT behavior ( records order )
How to replace curly quotation marks in a string using Javascript?
Rewrite url behind url?
Adding an 鈥淓dit Button鈥�to the top of UITableController 鈥渁t later stage鈥�
Why does my JavaScript code fire prematurely?
Named arguments for INTL MessageFormatter with PHP
Loading Tinybox (on iframe) over parent frame
CakePHP / MongoDB: Read periodically fails
PHP - Pagination and place results is a table
Is mootools alternative of jquery + backbone / spine / sprouteCore
How to add autocomplete feature of javascript (html5 objects) to vim?
HTTP POST to Rails 3 using C#
linux usb libusb parsing non standard descriptors
Simple query takes minutes to execute on a killed/inactive session
XCode/iOS: Storyboard Segue event does not work after adding UIGestureRecognizerDelegate to UIViewController
Code refactoring tools for C, usable on GNU/Linux? FOSS preferable
Grouping and counting in Xquery
Yii: Firebug console ( function isn't defined ) when registering a function using clientscript
Jquery Custom Tab persistence with Cookies
Setting default date format for datepicker?
nHibernate to single column lookup table
How to stop Scanner changing bytes when inputing data from file in Java?
Gracefully handle background task when app tombstones
returning a default instance from a getter method that I don't want to persist
Php code seems to run twice
Multiple dynamic radio buttons based on checkbox selection
Error in SQL Server 2005 stored procedure
Difficulty manipulating objects in XIB files.
Is the ELF .notes section really needed?
jQuery Mobile: How do you simulate the iOS slide-out navigation pattern on jQuery Mobile?
How to include all files in a project when publishing from Powershell
Is there a library that would provide time delta functionality?
How To Merge an Arbitrary Number of Tuples in Python?
interesting sql query with random
ActiveAdmin and Carrierwave with :has_many
Testing on real devices
Echo Statement add plus
IRC protocol - constant client connections ok?
Submiting a form with jQuery Confirm Dialog Replacement
Which event is fired prior to radio button value change?
ctime() causing SIGABRT (?!)
Eclipselink, JPA, T-SQL; Unable to call stored procedure and insert data into my database
Returning two different values from method
link, script tags between </body> and </html>
Entity Framework, generic List
why is my @EJB not getting injected to my web service?
Java Parser HTML using plain String methods?
Invalidating 鈥渟ub-resource鈥�when PATCH to resource
Split of data in PHP object
how do I apply a class to the header cell for a column in slickgrid
How are let-forms evaluated?
How to disable backBarButtonItem displayed in current view?
GUI thread not updating correctly with jQuery
How to single sign on services work?
Why isn't Varnish sending 304 unmodified when If-Modified-Since header is sent?
unregister_sidebar not working, what am I doing wrong?
how can I connect my client to EC2?
Jquery post method
How to close a pop-up window?
Scroll background image proportionate to overall location in a page
Virtue Mart Joomla
Calculating frequency of values in dictionary
How to put AdWhirl-banner fixed above TabBar?
Producer/Consumer using multi-threading in Java
can't send large image files over udp
How to limit NSArray output in NSLog
Gitolite hook doesn't work
Cannot find gtkmm.h
Import CSV data to C++ structure [closed]
FitNesse: Test that an element is not in a list?
Advantage of deriving external class from IEqualityComparer<> over overriding GetHashCode and Equals
What are the units for battery voltage?
Issues with using Front Facing Camera
Sybase --Create Trigger giving syntax error for Referencing new as new old as old clause
Sybase --Create Trigger giving syntax error for Referencing new as new old as old clause
Compile existing Lua app using XCode for iOS5
鈥淭his application does not support integration with your profile.鈥�
Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn't appear under adb devices on OS X
Remember-me functionality for Spring Security
Efficient and Quickway to access CoreFoundation Containers
Load data from database & retain data between postbacks
Return from an iterator and then throw StopIteration
Do template parameters need to be forward declared or does the type definition to be known
Qlikview Problems with Listbox
Tree Traversal in Haskell
ASP.NET MVC 3 Model has no information on postback
Writing merge sort in PHP
googlemock matcher for output parameters
Dojo Datagrid: How to change the style of the first row?
Rails: two radio selects on same source list
Allow Content Editor Web Part
Greasemonkey AJAX request is not sending data?
AS3 change package name in whole project
Get files from multiple INPUT
OpenGL 2d texture not working
Wordpress + Meta box: For each field value
Pushing CSS 300 pixels to the right with different DIVs
Save multiple checkbox states
Crystal Reports References aren't working?
Free Pascal can't find entry point for dll
Configure Max Users on WCF - HTTP Binding
Rails file upload how to know if the image is sent
How can I display special characters (like &ndash;) in the TextView?
Some translations are missing on Production server but showing up on DEV
jQuery Tabs Mismatching Fragment Identifier
Do ASP.Net controls expose SQL Queries via viewstate?
Making multiple calls in unit test without using a for loop
Django Model Filter
SO_PEERCRED missing in ruby-1.8.7?
Is there a Vim plugin for Ruby which provides a 鈥渟witch to/from test鈥�command outside of Rails?
Bind to Property in Another Class
String.Replace CRLF with ' n'
input type=file attached to an onclick event
Custom Textbox: Highlighting and Selection
Maximum length of string which can be returned from stored proc in SQL Server 2008 to .net apps
Using EcliplseLink JPA how can I disable all the relationship lookups when persisting an object?
Django - URL design and best practices for identify one object
Sorting setof records returned by a function
Make Jquery apply calculations to one <div> at a time w/o affecting others on page
opposite to top
Pickling a graph with cycles
Globally access to the user object in templates
padding-top causes bottom of scrollbar to disappear in FF
Windows Asynchronous RPC C++ MIDL
How to remove space between two buttons in a table row or 鈥渃olumn鈥�
Sorting a range (with no duplicates) in C++, is std::vector and std::sort faster than std::set?
Multi-line ListView w/ ImageView on left side
Use NSPredicate to parse a formula with variables
Change image on hover
WCF UriTemplate not working in SSL
Why does facebook uses margin-left: -9999px to hide elements?
Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer/SimpleMessageListenerContainer (JMS/AMQP) Annotation configuration
How to load records effectively in Hibernate
Locking from a sent parameter?
My program successfully compiled and run yet displays wrong output
.Net Hiddenfield not rendering on client
displaying drawing on window/console Ruby+Cairo
How can I force mousePressEvent to refire if the mouse button is held down?
Canvas bitmap to byte array and reading it back trouble
Hide/Show UI Elements in while loop
Sharepoont 2010 webpart Listbox SelectIndexChanged and errors
Date without the time
Using Fn or super (windows) keys to define new shortcuts
CodeChef Daily Train Wrong Answer
Crash When Deleting Pointer in Destructor
Method not being called
How do I close and reopen session for http post in xcode?
Running NUnit RemoteTestRunner tests located in console app, not in dll
Data not being displayed in ListView on Android emulator
Why controllerDidChangeContent is not being called?
preg_split without replacing?
Spring's localization doesn't switch languages
Variable interpolation inside of media queries with Compass/Sass
Routing with rails 3.2.1
MySQL Views OR vs IN clause
Entering thread with wrong count
Using setControlledAccess in WebWorks
jQuery Tools Scrollable Dots
Application overloading the pool
misplaced token error java in helper methods
$.getJSON method is calling the servlet but callback function is not working
How do you change the Title Font for a WPF Chart in code?
How to make a PictureBox fill a UserControl while being adjusted in the designer
showing thumbnail after image upload
IP address from host name in windows socket programming
Why does my SSL code fail only against MY webserver?
Activity lifecycle unit testing
How to move a file in Windows without changing the destination parent folder's modification time (Win32)?
Reusable PropertyGroup elements in a csproj file
Devise + LocomotiveCMS - Remember the page I was trying to visit before being asked to log in
Passing rails variable in a onclick function of check_box_tag
Hypersonic DB (HSQLDB) and schemas with 鈥�鈥�dollar signs
Extend Vaadin widget
Registering cascading dependencies
Foolproof cross-platform process kill daemon
regular expression to remove <b> tags for numbers
Birt - How to Make Attractive Reports
Duplication of primary key
How to simulate the user click on a column header of a datagrid in WPF?
AutoCompleteBox is Evil
How to use Postgresql or MySQL database offline on Android?
How to overlap an image over an element inside a LinearLayout
Combining SUM and WHERE - not getting the results I expect
Starting and stopping animation
jQuery: physical click on one siblings child to trigger virtual click on other siblings child
I have a list of users, how do I change it to a drop-down (using Razor in MVC)?
Improving efficiency of Sieve of Eratosthenes code in java
Can I delete records from a sql server table in the middle of a while loop
Can a counter_cache be used with a has_many?
Vertically Centre Text in NSSecureTextField with subclassing
Paypal e-mail address in paypal button
javax.el.ELException: Function ':empty' not found
SimpleCV basic getImage debugging
Google API Client Location
Apply css to classes with onclick events
how to change 303 redirect to a 301 Redirect in PHP
very fast look up's in Perl : re-loading hash values possible?
Page numeration without LIMIT statement and with sorting
UIImagePickerController, can I use it to take pictures and save them to a path in my app without having to save them in the photo app?
tmux does not start when using tty (ubuntu 11.10)
Ignoring certain child elements in jQuery
If condition executes even it is false?
CSV or Binary File for Embedded Application
Resizing uploaded image in Drupal using imagecopyresampled
screen shot with window obscured
Attaching movieclip along a path with rotation (Through AS3)
Page has rendering problems online but works fine when saved and loaded locally in Chrome
Issue applying multiple classes
PhoneGap and PrestaShop web service
Getting C# dlls Process Modules
Trying to write 2GB to file, seeing incorrect amount being written
using generic interfaces in MEF
Suffix 鈥渃lone.44鈥�on e1000_tx_queue in e1000 device driver
Microsoft.Http.dll and associated references
Whats the best way to make a d3.js visualisation layout responsive?
audio tag of HTML5 doesnot work consistently in firefox
Why does this function call work even though I inverted two parameters?
How to make button size equal to background image size in HTML?
Jquery on click refresh
Replacing elements in a QString based on a predicate
Jabber bot - how to get presence updates?
Are there any issues I need to be aware of, migrating a WCF service from .NET 3.5 to 4.0?
In a Xcode template, what is the keyword to define the file type?
Android: Button image drawable scalable for other screen sizes?
template argument deduction with strongly-typed enumerations
Pass Parameter to ApplicationContext
Access a nested object array
Matlab TabPanel usage
Greek characters insert mysqldb via TextCtrl ERROR
How to make FullCalendar load on a specified month's view?
tooltip overlay not disappearing when clicked
Zend Framework Module access
Is there a language that is designed with one-way translation into more than one other popular language?
contourf, colormap, colorbar creating a gradation in matlab
100% Height Div with image in the exact middle - CSS
Use bulk insert to upload a .csv file to sql table including a unique identifier
How to add a border for an image like this using php GD
Show ViewController Before Initializing PhoneGap
Emacs indentation
RDLC 鈥�Any way to allow user input directly on them similar to how PDF documents work?
parse XML string using javascript
How do I check if 2 jQuery selectors are pointing to the same element(s)?
What's the best way to tell if a std::vector has reseated its array?
Is it possible to know if the app is starting after the user has force quit through settings?
Selenium chromedriver crashes on some test runs
Python gtk: how to check if a combobox is open?
heroku + git submodule needs authentication
How to design a fluent interface (for exception handling)?
Regex Syntax For detecting any character inside bracket
jQuery: $.ajax success callback doesn't let me assign to outside private variable
TinyXml Unresolved External issues
Filter ForeignKeyFeild Choices in field by value in other field
Intermodule optimization during compilation
how to set raddatepicker date input box with c#
BIRT - How does Data Binding works?
How do you correctly escape a document name in .NET?
How to add a menu item from my custom Drupal 7-module
How to read an XML file present in a folder in the Silverlight project?
How to initialize record with option types in fsharp
Case from select with null
How to debug JAXB unmarshalling when I have no access to the unmarshaller?
prepareForSegue not called when UITableView row selected?
jQuery validationEngine and .click() function for a submit button
Javascript: Correct way to declare functions dynamically
Syntax error on token 鈥淚nvalid Character鈥�delete this token
Large PostgreSQL table: better to add a column or create a new table to store metadata?
Common Lisp Parallel Programming
How to configure Jboss 7 (v7.1.0) to run as a windows service [closed]
SSIS File Load WAY TOO SLOW in Large Destination Table
Populating the ImageData.plist in PhotoScroller example
JNI NoSuchMethodException: parameter type is null
Javascript: Select Radio Button if a Dropdown is Selected
jQuery Cycle - changing options dynamically
Javascript: Select Radio Button if a Dropdown is Selected
jQuery Cycle - changing options dynamically
How to name repository and service interfaces?
WebSockets handshake reply from server side, draft 00
Data Binding Label Content to Array
jQuery Validation 1.9 does not work in IE9 [closed]
Large XML generation and reporting using Java
Concatenating string to use as a field
Page loading slowly in IE
Is there a tool, which will give information about a sqlite query performance to help in index creation?
Mongo query different attributes on different rows
How to create .DER from ASN1
How to enable Cookies in WebView? [duplicate]
How to extend Anorm's parser combinators?
Javascript onMouseClick is not working?
multi-word search in solr (sunspot) for returning closest match
Android Spinner only selects top value
c:forEach being rendered as text in facelets
Access current_user from within Rails models?
What is the location of stdlib.h in XCode 4.3?
Can I run an uppercase method on an object?
Countinuous processing of tail -f output
What is the difference between $one and var one in JavaScript?
Is there a way to undo /remove / rollback EF 4.3 foreign key naming convention?
Cause of big memory allocation (memory leak?) when reading UIImage from camera roll
Navigating project files in XML
How to run NSTask with multiple commands
Unable to find private assemblies that are definitely present on target computer
Safe to build with java 32bit if other jars where compiled with 64bit?
Unity: how to resolve derived types into IEnumerable?
How to use iScroll4 with SwipeView?
Google IMA SDK AS3 - pauseAd
Reading audio rlp
Git log doesn't show submodule changes [closed]
Facebook SDK call unsuccesful on document ready
How can I extend functionality of a Direct Connect client related to chat? Is there any way I can get pyDC to work?
Multiple versions of same GAC'ed assembly, how to handle custom configurationSection in machine.config
Getting count from large tables
Testing AJAX/XMLHttpRequest pages functionally in Symfony2
Eclipse extension points vs manual programmatic access
error in htaccess
Windows 8, SkyDrive and OpenPackage zip-files
Application stops with message like 鈥淯nfortunately Soduku has Stopped鈥�
PHP adding to cart
How can I get Visual Studio to source highlight .json source code?
Isolate images to be modified
Developing 64 bit applications that use CryptoAPI
Cross-reference streams are not supported yet
JDBC Call to Oracle returns 3 question marks
WCF Display Attribute
Adding an Activity Indicator Programmatically to a View [duplicate]
Access Denied Error in PHP/MySQL Script
Set button to GONE initially?
PNG preview of EPS using linux convert
Jquery Mobile button looses height when innerhtml is replaced
Dismiss popover with modal view controller inside
How to hide a protected procedure of an object?
Get $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] variable value in Bottle
WP7 PivotItem - Will only show first at design time in VS or Blend
Autowire depending upon the subclass
Ownership of objects stored in a vector
Embeding feed into website for posting to Wall
Xcode: As soon as the pop-up view controller exits, update a UILabel
MediaStore get Image height/width
How can i avoid calling config.php in an ajax file
Oracle SQL Joining two similar queries
Formatting string in java date
How to kill the background process in TCL in the windows environment
use MovieClip target name to pass variable to function
Obtain InputStream from XML element content
iPhone Configuration Utlity - Disabling Camera App Also Disables UIImagePicker
Accessing iPod library for use with AVAudioPlayer or remote control events with AVPlayer
System.Data.MappingException error when generating Entity Framework (EF) Model
Changing date/time settings of mobile phone through programatically in android,blackberry?
Where to declare certain Qt objects for the QMainWindow: in header file or in constructor?
Save the session data before being destroyed?
In CakePHP is it possible to set the options you pass to the Form helper create method globally?
How to handle ComboBox's onKeyPress() before Dialog's onKeyPress() in GXT?
IDataErrorInfo implemented by entity class
RestKit Shredding JSON Object nodes into Core Data
Cocos2D: CCSpriteBatchNode initialization
FMDB Query with dictionary
java optional parameter in methods
How to start using EntityFramework 4.1 (or 4.3 currently)
MVC3 .NET Ajax.ActionLink using POST option and URL generated shows id
Android Gallery View and adapter getView gets called many time
Ajax.Updater POST params not transmitted by Firefox
Creating listbox items from a large string
Make timeout work for LWP::UserAgent HTTPS
Starting with accelerometers, which to choose? [closed]
鈥渆xec-maven-plugin鈥�does not execute
Extracting array from database to use as checkboxes
Make Column have Same Value as Similar Column
Match whole sentence with 脜脛脰 characters with preg_match
Android inline-block elements unrecognized character issue
Trying to start a service on addition of new contact on Android
Cannot Import UIMovieClip class in flash builder project
Python App for Android Tablet [closed]
Function Objection Notation?
Is there any reason to use SignalR.Ninject if your MVC dependency resolver is already set to use ninject?
JSON object output not right
Filtering events - SQL
Launcher label randomly changes to activity label
Geocoding android - Longitude and Latitude values incorrect
Same adress for variables which are returned by value
In Linux, XSI/System-V IPC mechanisms are outdated?
Android broadcast from child thread
Can I query elements in a window opened from my site, using javascript?
How do I avoid the overhead associated with String.getBytes(Charset ch)
rewrite www on the domain and non-www on the subdomain with the same htaccess file
QML Listview selected item highlight on click
Returning a byte[] representing an image as JSON?
SSIS fail package on failure
Php login issue
Using JAudioTagger to get track duration?
How to select based on the parent's attribute
Jquery JScrollpane not init
Remove all elements with a class until the next element is reached
play m4a stream on iOs
Is it possible to change android background black colour?
Determining if a place exists using MapKit
if鈥�image with empty source (jQuery)
Looking up types from Freebase
Issues refreshing winforms controls in WPF Host?
WordPress permalinks - Google search results in 404 for valid page
Static Provider Dictionary Design
How to tell crawlers site is 鈥渕oved permanently鈥�without sending a 301 status code
When designing an app for android tablets, are mdpi and dpi the same thing?
How do I override the paint method of a Winforms control to make it paint to a texture?
Implementing a listview with multiple select with filter using a Cursor Adapter
custom keyboard expands edittext to half of the screen
How to force no cache using javascript and basic script loading
Parallel reduction of an array on CPU
Getting generic information with reflection in Java [duplicate]
Broken Link Checker
action script 3 - simplifying the code by implementing the OOP (probably abstract hack)
Using string.erase() making a string longer?
OpenCV Reporting TBR instead of FPS when using capture.get(CV_CAP_PROP_FPS)
How do I put a time delay into my script?
Why is typeof my variable an object, and not a number
Split long string into byte arrays
Python embedded web server with client authentication
Android app that accesses database on server machine
Is CSS mostly used for HTML controls, not for server controls?
Pyparsing, parsing the contents of php function comment blocks using nested parsers
Verify that an object has a certain property
CakePHP $this->Auth->user('id') returns incorrect user in controller
smarty - error in assign
while loop syntax error unexpected end of file [closed]
getting external images from email c#
Heartbeat implementation with Thread.Sleep()
foo.setText(bar) causes NullPointerException..what am i doing wrong?
What is the pattern matching for this?
Doctrine DQL query - getting rows when foreign key is null
GLPaint Brush Effect with blur and bevel
jqgrid checkbox - Set default value on add new
c# whitespaces issue with XmlReader
Distributed video encoding - Gearman vs Beanstalkd
Qt4: How to iterate through menu actions?
How to store my custom object in sql database
Creating a reusable class in python
htaccess on heroku for django app
Using node js and redis - get readable code
Is there a way to make the route mapping based on specific path
change specific text color in java
Trouble Defining a Class in JavaScript
How do I deploy a Web Site (NOT a Web Application) to Azure through Azure Web Role Accelerator? Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac with Java and https
Error.captureStackTrace no longer works with the latest version of nodejs (v0.6.11). Was it replaced?
Weird issue on AJAX register form
Use segmented Control to switch between 2 views
retain behavior when using (retain) property
In JavaScript, why do []+[] return empty string, []+{} return Object, {}+[] return 0, and {}+{} return NaN? [duplicate]
Saving an in-place jquery edit
Confused by Javascript's variable scope
ckeditor and jquery UI dialog not working
how to redirect after sign in with devise
How can I increase read queries/second on my database?
How do I build more than 1 drop-down selector menu on the same table/layer in Google Fusion Table?
How to add an empty item to ExtJS combobox?
GNU Make to build files that are outdated AND newer than a certain timestamp
Proper way to call `setTimeout()`
WCF Service accepts simple JSON string but rejects JSON set with 400 error
what happens to workflows running on Sharepoint 2010 WFE when an IIS reset occurs?
How to align DIV vertically & horizontally center
Try to create a regex for exctracting website address from a string in java but can't do it properly
WCF regarding class property types
How to create a lookup column when using data binding with Excel listobject
How to redirect after authorizing to the canvas page
How to declare the columns dynamically in a Select query using PIVOT
鈥淪trip Debug Symbols During Copy鈥�and 鈥淪trip Linked Product鈥�
Rails Routing with Dynamic Segments
Getting the row ID of a listview from a Android SQlite database
Android GraphView Bar Graph Heights
Linq statement for an infinite sequence of successive halves
How to intersect multiple polygons?
AWS Simple Workflow Policy
Recursive method to return different objects stored as JSON files
Service onStartCommand being called once activity ends
how to fit 50 columns in modal dialog box using jqgrid
Recursive method to return different objects stored as JSON files
Service onStartCommand being called once activity ends
how to fit 50 columns in modal dialog box using jqgrid
Why can't I use $session_start()?
Using an object to replace the switch statement
How can I loop through a Sudoku board?
Updating an existing Memcached record
How should I post credit card info from my iPhone app to a Windows server?
mysqil_real_escape_string() error I can't fix
Java Text Editor auto-complete and indenting logic
How to compile openssl with relative rpath
Image Magnifiers and Clickable Content
In XBL, what is the difference between xbl:attr and xbl:text?
Delay a user defined helper method with delayed_job
iPhone crash- Message sent to deallocated instance
UIDocument and a NSDictionary
settig left of 'absolute' element to 50% of its direct parent
Manually upgraded from MVC3 to MVC4 Beta and getting 鈥渘ot valid @鈥�sign errors
SQL, how can I create a lot of records for a reference join table?
Compass Sprite Filename
Retrieve many-to-many set and property via HQL
XNA/Directx Handedness (orientation)?
Javascript - return a value from a function called elsewhere
Microsoft Word Macro for highlighting multiple words
Picking a folder using Application.FileDialog
Populate wp7 ListPicker
Silverlight on iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices
Problems with JSCH and multithreaded java app
鈥淎ndroid library projects cannot be launched鈥�in Facebook Android tutorial
Referencing namespaces in XSD
Fetching related objects
How do I create an Outlook meeting request with an alternate sender/organizer?
How to create a que from daemon in rails app whithout getting 鈥淚OError: closed stream鈥�
MySQL cannot INSERT with FK constraint
Aptana3 Code Assist with the Google Maps API v3
Create a Chat Bubble In Android
Why is MessageDigest returning different answers for the same string?
Update Text View as User Click on it
calculate probability and draw a cdf in Excel
Correctly configuring Routers for Parent Child Relationship in backbone Marionette
python list comprehension with scale widget data
How to write a Parallel.ForEach with one fixed parameter and another one from the collection?
How To know which Child content page is getting called from in MasterPage
Cassette bundles vs MVC4 bundles
Proper way to do one-way serialization
Short Time Fourier Transform in python
Vim Command Line Escape Timeout
Titanium: Tab & TabGroup - Custom 鈥渂ackgroundImage鈥�
JCheckbox: add icon from jar not a directory to label?
Php Submit to self returning source code
C# 4.0 multithreaded loops : when to use, when not to use?
SQL Server Relation from 2 tables with partial keys
asp mvc 3 ActionFilter for basic authentication
trying to run parallel testcases in multiple browsers with selenium Grid
LINQ C# query in VB - getting an error
Button on a Spark List ItemRenderer can not be clicked under certain conditions
Dynatree: Prevent parent nodes from being selected by default, using select mode 3 (hierarchical)
echo value from 1 input box into another with jQuery
How to open a jQuery dialog from an ImageButton inside a GridView?
Strange issue, variables do not exist in context
Is there any difference in using Context.getText and Context.getResources.getText?
ASP.NET MVC razor: conditional attribute in HTML
imagerotate() expects parameter 1 to be resource - error in php gd [duplicate]
Disable form validation in browser
How does Adobe Flash/Flex for iOS compare to MonoTouch?
How to get a value for an session parameter from property of session object
Can't Post 鈥淰alue鈥�From Radio Button to Table
Problems parsing Excel 2010 .xlsx file with Win32::OLE in Perl
Setting context path for routes in Compojure
Putting Numlua on LUA_PATH
Getting Audio source of calls
Binding index value to event handler [duplicate]
iOS - Dynamically display custom keyboards?
ASP.NET MVC 3 Dropdownlist of Users
ZedGraph XAxis on top of the graph rectangle
Explicit conversion of data in a Table Valued Parameter from .NET to T-SQL
Including files in C
UIPopoverController trouble
Turning Multiple Layers On and Off in Photoshop Script
Using a button and then showing dynamic text
Updating databinding on LostFocus fail because of source changed before
Is google maps api v3 support multitouch for zooming?
What happens when we throw an object/variable to catch?
public or nothing
Memory Leaks profiler in Xcode - How reliable is it?
From where to start for URL rewrite in nginx?
R / Sweave arguments
Invalid argument in cudaMemcpy3D using width in bytes?
Can I wrap a request and have it filtered somewhere other than the original destination?
GWT SSL + Jetty + Same origin policy = confusion
How can I prevent extra array elements being created in Javascript?
jQuery returning array when I want a node
H264 on RTP with Facetime
Does javac optimize object files (*.class)?
Android actionbar icons as generated by android asset studio always appear deactivated
sql pulling from sub query
Rails :counter_cache is not triggering after_update callback
Sizing cache in Internal Memory
What does update method of MessageDigest do and what is BASE64Encoder meant for?
Find Self location of a Jar file [duplicate]
Can I see IP address that connected with my EC2 instance
How to discover any NFC tech (not only tags) using Android?
C++: Use virtual in every class in the inheritance hierarchy?
MySQL & MsAccess 2007 - Error 3197 When Trying to Update
Difference between session and caching
formtastic-bootstrap wont work using @import?
How to copy or duplicate an array of arrays
deep extend (like jQuery's) for nodeJS
monkey patching vs class_eval?
Xcode Push Notification: APNS server for production mode
Query Builder / DQL not working with INNER JOIN - Syntax Issue
How to open a new window and insert html into it using jQuery?
Java expression works when declared directly in code, but not when loaded from Spring injection
How to display dateTime relative to the user location?
Datetime to Integer
What is the best way to send custom ACS Claims across programs?
Class member function inheritance with variadic templates
WebServices & Namespace in C#
LotusScript Agent Not Working
fopen POST through proxy (Paypal Adaptive payments)
StumbleUpon badge is not loading on site. Unable to post message to Recipient has origin 鈥�error
Storing the path of multiple files using PHP
KnockoutJS 鈥渃hecked鈥�binding doesn't work with observableArray and radio button lists
Push/Pop matrix and individual object rotation around its own axis in OpenGL
How to deal with the need to change CSS class names
How to increase maximum POST variable in PHP?
Failing to get MSMQ WCF Window Service to function
MySQL to SQL 2008 query conversion, only 1 field returned with data. Multiple left joins
How to set parent control from properties toolbar in Microsoft Visual C# 2010?
ActiveX component for converting Word and Excel documents to PDF
Why does a purely virtual/abstract class require a constructor, in particular for protected const member variables?
Is there an advantage of using HTML5 calculations over JS, or vice versa?
Binding a list in a Custom object to a GridView
Analogues to unzip in R
writing a C code in Visual studio
Sizing LRU Cache according to device capabilities and free memory
How can I increase a counter on click?
Removing the array braces and their values from a list of data
Android and Twitter4j: Handling OAuth with a Webview widget?
How to make a custom control and component for Metro development?
Backbone showing/hiding rendered views best practices
ASP.Net 4 Forms Authetication with Load Balancer and multiple web requests
Fire events during design-time?
Convert day numbers to string in wordpress
Cocos2d - compare two ccColor3B struct colors
Ajax not working with Href (solution)
Using the Storyboard in Xcode 4.2.1
How to set style for an application so all controls are shown in my application's color scheme
Build a matrix with values from a struct variable in matlab
Angularjs click and display from a list
how to configure xampp in windows if project files are not in root directory
'session state is not available in this context' when multiple files in request
Print CSS refuses to hide elements
Can I highlight an active menu item by using id=鈥渃urrent鈥�on a single page with ancored objects?
Google in-app payments: howto to handle Google's postback JWT
jquery animation differs when using webkit - other browsers
How to estimate whether a given task would have enough memory to run in Java
C# WinForms -custom button unwanted border when form unselected
Adding external Java Libraries to Adobe/Day CRX (2.2) for use in JSP files
workaround for prohibition on virtual template functions?
Export Coordinates from Google Maps
truly bizarre android services/eclipse emulator ongoing issue
blue question mark (should be GIF image) displaying in mobile safari, in ios simulator ver 4.3.2
mvc3 razor page don't find Namespace
How do I make when user type in text input then automatically it will convert to uppercase in jQuery?
How to check whether http header is present
Saving Excel Files as TSV using Macro
MDX Calculated Measure - counts between start and end dates
Change/Add Flash Trusted Location folder from .net client app?
Bulk copy from MS Access to SQL Server
How to change CSS class of <a> tag using Jquery/Javascript
Rails 3.1 mass assignment hierarchy structure
Aggregating IEnumerable of Observables of T into one observable of T
profile check show rising memory
Java: Returning a relative URL from a Java class?
Django form validation with GET
Django-celery task being serviced by wrong running instance
String behaving like a Value Type
Backbone routes: include a variable with only two permitted values?
Can not remove file videocapture in Opencv2.3 c++ vs2010
Creating function to have parameter to create multiple JRadioButton
Edit and Continue
How to copy record to another table with its relationship using LINQ and EF
sparql query in java
Why does GetAssemblyName mscorlib throw an exception?
unable to add textboxes to listbox
Session Timeout manually
Manipulating files according to indexes by perl
django translation is not working when using sublanguages
Branching/merging strategy when one of multiple changes is not signed-off
How to send variables/objects in TCP Socket?
CGContextDrawImage without Transaction animation
Updating notificationbar from AsynTask causes the notificationbar to crash
How to get the revision count for file in Mercurial
How many is the minimum server composition of HBase?
Seemingly Easy .NET Import
assosiative array in smarty
F# Button click event
Reading information from a nonblocking SocketChanel
Unit Testing Brain Freeze
<div>s won't nest
Ruby block variable scoping issue?
running count in linq
Used Premises/Axioms in Z3 TPTP proofs
How to average values in one column of a csv if the values in another column are not changing?
C inline functions and 鈥渦ndefined external鈥�error
Getting 鈥渘o implicit conversion between '<null>' and 'System.DateTime'鈥�error message [closed]
GUI Program crashes when trying to recall from a text file
number locales can't be identified in LWUIT components
Java Spring: localeChangeInterceptor and subdomains
sybase from ruby: JDBC connection to Sybase
Chrome Extension Internals
Mapping SQL Views with NHibernate and Foreign Keys
price textbox double
Subclipse merge issue - Dry run not matching with merge results
dismissModalViewControllerAnimated not releasing view controller
ARM: Is writing/reading from int atomic?
How do I pass variables between Ruby classes?
How to use AllowSetForegroundWindow?
Recording mp3 instead of caf file
backbone collection fetch subtitute $.ajax
Is there any scalable open source file storage systems?
programatically implement UIScrollView in a UIAlertView
How to set 3 digits after comma
jQuery Animate multiple selectors
How to know if the element is on the screen?
grep-like tool that colors/boldens but not filter?
user32 AnimateWindow Function not sliding the correct form
Unable to use the table #2 types with Google Places API
sending a response from a php script to iOS
CakePHP 1.3: How Do I Use Find to Only Retrieve Articles that are within 12 Months From Today
Programatically setting an object array's object
Javascript - Non-Functional code in Wordpress - start Timer to make a Button/Image change
Mp3 Player Does not play file in Firefox
Standalone OpenEJB packaging with dependencies
EF4 - Context.Entry isn't available to change an Entity State
How can I create an MSI UI that allows un-installing a specific instance when running in maintenance mode
Mount azure drive for read
File download and Thanks page call in one button press
Import csv data into SQL Server Express
Ms-Access SQL Query
F# compose pattern matched function
Check script finish time
XSLT Performance
Suggestions/Opinions for implementing a fast and efficient way to search a list of items in a very large dataset
Test if field from one table matches field from another Access 2007
In VS 2008, how do I clear web.config for release build?
Getting 鈥渘ode has no member鈥�error in GCC (c99) for basic trie structure
seing a position for the placeholder
FileDownload equivalent of FileUpload in Java
Create a war containing only image
CSS selector for a select tag in Internet Explorer
Suppressing Django mod_wsgi IOErrors
Java Memory, Pass-by-Value, Pass-by-Reference [duplicate]
Only horizontal scroll with CSS
Get the full inner height of iframe
Store Program code in database with right syntax
Is there any way in python while iterating through a collection to get the current counter numeric value? [duplicate]
Stateful Eclipse Plugin - OSGi bundle for domain model?
How can I read the Windows 鈥淰irtual Bytes鈥�performance counter, in Java, for a Java process?
Label and input field won't sit alongside one another
`RunWorkerCompleted` not being always being fired
Do OpenGL GLSL samplers always return floats from 0.0 to 1.0?
Nested Linq in EF code first
Browser Compatibility screwing with margins
MATLAB stop program after X repetitions?
Mysql how to create an if statement within a having to find out if my variable is in between two other values
Html/Javascript debugging in JavaFX WebView
Jetty started twice
鈥淗ello world鈥�application uses 4 threads in .NET4.0, but 3 in .NET2.0
remove xml tags but leave its name jquery
StageWebViewBridge - JavaScript causes runtime error (Unknown protocol)
iOS Navigation bar
Remove CSS Attribute with jQuery
Build a website which allows image/video submissions via smartphone
How do I enable multiple monitors on Remote Desktop? [closed]
Default animation direction of Editing Accessory
Observe PropertyChanged on items in a collection
Android - How to get library context?
Install driver during project installation
How to initialize an array with numbers separated by a specific interval in C#
UIWebView won't load new request
Unit Testing Spring Security With Weblogic Container
How to load list of items from Array into ListView
Anonymous CLOS Instances
Keyboard shortcut to switch windows
Generated CSS stylesheets ignored by IE9 and Firefox
jsp access nested attribute of class via dot notation
Rectangular image in circle with see-through background
Canvas only shows black screen
How to hide names from the main contact list?
Advanced String Comparisons in Oracle SQL
`;` in string causing encoding not to work [closed]
how to load 16 8-bits data and concatenate them to 4 unsigned int?
How can I sort one key ascending, another descending without using $b (comparison) $a in Perl?
How do I get a substring of a LPCTSTR?
Ruby 1.9 CSV: selectively ignoring conversions for a column
Spring framework and overridding default bean
Is there a sexy bash command for converting an entire directory to HAML from HTML?
Why is IE8 saying page default is quirks mode?
difference between XMLHttpRequest and $ajax
Can I Pass a JS Object or Reference to a JS Object to a Function in the HTML Markup?
Node JS with CouchDB for lots o' parsing
how to configure a custom sales_quote_totals
Adding a control to Cells of a datagridview column
IIS - Query for Web Sites
Pointer Aithmetic
CakePHP Find with HABTM using only the Join Table
Ajax, JS and 鈥�鈥�s
How can I create index for a table with combined primary key?
Java file delete and System.gc()
Verify that correct method was passed in a function call
Working with function types in Go
Keep getting 504 Gateway Time-out after deploying on ec2 using rubber
PhoneGap + JQM Android scroll issue
I need help converting VB.Net Linq to C# Linq
Why c is not incremented in the output?
How to repackage to jar after assembly goal using maven?
Grid with sub-grids using slickgrid
Rendering jade template with layout (without express)
Explore SQLite Database and its relationships [closed]
Fancy box pop up required on click of fancy box popup
Configure GSA to only crawl metadata of files, not content
Running a KML script which is created in a Python script
How do I parse and get a list of objects being accessed from a MySQL query?
Highcharts : Under Y Axis we need to display a Image
Window wide background combined with a div limited in width
What's the difference between <%: and <%= and <%# in aspx? [duplicate]
Keeping Ajax timer synchronised
What is the << operator?
How to remove the first 鈥渃olumn鈥�from a datagrid?
Getting the standard errors right in a regression with many groups fixed effects in R
is it correct to use OnPropertyChanged event to ask application to do something?
Given a declarative SQLAlchemy class, how can I programmatically retrieve a list of its Column objects that are primary keys?
How can I use T4 Custom Scaffolding over projects?
Maven Cobertura plugin not generating coverage.xml
Symfony2 data transformer, validator and error message
Site scrapping with a twist
Are there any tools better than White for WPF automation test?
Use a html renderer in an embedded environment [closed]
android get tabHost strip on top
How to do Catalan Number with recursion in Excel?
I cannot post my new articles on Facebook
Is 'typeof' need to get the type information from the metadata or the information is store in the appDomain ?
Using a validator callout extender with FCKEditor does not set 鈥渓eft鈥�style
Win32Exception StandardPrintController OnStartPrint
rsync -option explaination?
Python/SQL Send confirmation email, reset database periodically
decompiling Objective-C preprocessor statements
Is Runtime.getRuntime().exec() platform independent?
Mysql Multiple table select with condition
What is the differences/changes between OFX 1.02 and OFX 2.03 formats?
How to get the attr reference in code?
Foursquare in a Non-Web Application
How to exclude previously randomly selected NSArrays in loop
OOP form builder
How to install AIR Plugin for Aptana Studio?
Using a View Controller managing two other View Controllers
Separated characters in right to left languages in Firefox
biztalk esb toolkit newbie, after adding an itinerary step, should I restart biztalk host instance?
How can I tell if Deserialization failed in
syntax mysql/php error
Wrap bb code around selected text in a content editable DIV
Memory efficient strings in Haskell
Problems rendering a Polar Zonohedron in Processing
How do I run a Python script on my web server? [closed]
Cloud Zoom and jQuery mouseleave()
SVM function in R
Java threads -High cpu utilization?
How to remove 鈥渄elete鈥�permission on Amazon S3
Determine High and Low Bytes of x and y from a byte array
Add dynamic key, value pairs to JavaScript array or hash table
What is the best way to keep track of 3rd party plugins and credits in an open source project?
longpoll mysql database
Backbone.js multi level ul
Optimization Routine in Fortran 90
Is there a better solution than CSS sprites?
Improving performance cost memory in a multithreaded distributed application
How does a static constructor work?
Android screen 鈥渨atermarked鈥�
Reduce timeout in Visual Studio nuget package manager
Microsoft Access query - not returning all data
Avoid this race condition in C# program
Razor Substring of Name
Rewrite the request, keeping the params and setting a new one
Concrete5 Block Attributes
Why is NSPopUpButtonCell showing correctly when only setObjectValue:nil is called?
Second argument in .retrieve(); always running?
jaxb set string type
System.ServiceModel.FaultException1 when deploying Azure MVC tutorial project to local runtime