Could not find main class鈥ar or manifest
horizontally scrollable uitableview with delete entry
Handling 鈥淚nvalid Postback or Callback Argument鈥�Error
SELECT MAX returns the wrong value
C++ how does the compiler synthesize the default copy constructor
How to Build fieldSets with fixed width/height & 2 columns of checkboxes
Android application crashes upon opening
Reading from a socket until certain character is in buffer
WCF Service Call Failing鈥hat's Wrong With My Config Files?
How to prevent display of hidden files in SWT open dialog?
AppStore In-App-Purchase: How to get the currency a user will pay in?
SQL and grouping & count problems
Android NetworkOnMainThreadException inside of AsyncTask
Recompiling TeeChart 7 for XE2
How to identify a process for an assembly?
Clojure Leiningen offline install
Adding minizip breaks Objective-C
SQL-query - how to combine different search queries
Can we develop a student management portal with dotnetnuke?
Accessing junk folder of Hotmail
Error on MSVC++ with extending iostream
All files in newly imported projects from ClearCase view marked as Hijacked in Eclipse
Add generated rows and columns to table in aspx file
Prepare complex image for OCR
on selecting Oracle JDBC driver for Linux application server
Set drawable dynamically for AnalogClock widget
svn diff between previous and new working copy
Render ASP.NET TextBox as HTML5 Input type 鈥淣umber鈥�
Representing rows that do not exist or null rows
Free CI server hosting or service for JVM based OSS projects
Can you connect to Oracle using WebMatrix?
webcam.swf localhost vs server (server does not work)
Jquery: exclude rows with class from sorting with tablesorter
Where to change the datetime display format in Dexterity-generated fields?
Creating A Custom HTML Module Outside the Sheet in Joomla, Not Displaying
multivariate normal distribution given mean vector and covariance matrix
Weird Behavior of C# or is it a mistake i did?
How to add elements dynamically on scrolling down to a particular position of a listview in android? [duplicate]
How to fix SQL connection leaks in this code?
SQL Server Computed Column
Layout and view management
Does SML have an analog to Python's range()?
How do i draw gloss inside a UIView using coregraphics?
Drupal session_name()
html body is smaller than its contents
Deleting cell from a Table - With Code - Logic Issue
Efficiently uploading files to a CDN
type vs opaque directives in erlang
IntelliJ IDEA Making 2 modules build in 2 module project
Benefits of applying field boosts at index time instead of query time in Solr?
Creating a mock in phpunit without mocking any methods?
xpaths and xml iteration
How to use [function] in webdna
How should I create a custom graphical console/terminal on Windows?
Draw rectangle over a image
Having issues with screen capture code
Storing DataSet in ViewState or Session State
Showing WideString variable into console
JApplet Java SE 6 + JavaFX 2.0 WebView
Why don't 8086 use 20-bit registers?
.Net Remoting, Versioning and CAOs
Drupal 7 - Theme the user profile form
Getting the SQL script of the dataset in SSRS
How to set the non duplicate selected value in dropdownlist
mysql utf-8 support
Warnings in Mac OS with Objective-C when running OpenCV
Java.Lang.VerifyError, Jenkins bug?
using case in a sql query is not returning the correct results
What are Scheme Macros?
Why does out.write() alter int values in Java?
soil exception c++
Jquery Datatable Hide delete button
Memory management with block and ARC, leak?
Android: How to get current frame in AnimationDrawable
regular expression to find at the end of lines
Accessing ASP.Net Membership in a Console Application?
php script to create table
MVC Razor need to get Substring
jquery-file-upload plugin : How to change the upload path?
modify userAgent JavaScript
opening a SysML model created via TopCased in Papyrus
How to set all months length in 30 days in java
Having trouble with Compass/Sass compiling - I'm using Bones Wordpress theme MVC - Multi lingual site
Boolean (setter-Getter) Cocos2D?
Get nearby locations using google places api in php/codeigniter
Background Process without UI - android
Javascript Click event not firing when clicking on an element's padding
Need explanation on this code with polymorphism
rewrite path using mod rewrite apache [closed]
How to control azure storage account costs in Azure when using WAD tables
How could I play a pcm file in iOS?
JQuery Mobile - When is JavaScript loaded into the DOM?
Why am I getting the error: command 'llvm-gcc-4.2' failed with exit status 1
Dokeos warning: Strict Standards
Redeploying a Grails App using Jenkins on Tomcat fills PermGen Space
XAML - Automation ID for ComboBox elements in DataGridComboBoxColumn
Establish a TCP Socket connection using an intermediate host
What does sqlite3_close failed 27 mean?
Is the memory used by MATLAB via calls through .NET independent of the .NET application?
Pushing a spaceship around
Link to Boost.LibraryA statically and Boost.LibraryB dynamically
Hector Cassandra Data Retrieval
Run a process on ASP.NET MVC
Initialization of array-of-classes member of a class
iOS GPS accuracy, how accurate is the GPS on my iPhone 4? [closed]
What's difference in ::ModuleName::ClassName and ModuleName::ClassName
Camera preview is letterboxed when on portrait
Functional Programming, Haskell applying a function to a list of variables
Instant Messaging feature for anonymous visitors to chat one on one with logged in users
Parsing cyrilic sites with Zend Framework encoding issue
Best gem for working with ncurses and ruby
How would I create a text editor in Java that allows me to annotate text?
Building own iOS Static Library - Linking with other frameworks
python argh/argparse: How can I pass a list as a command-line argument?
How to catch all terminations of XMLHttpRequest
android: move a view on touch move (ACTION_MOVE)
How can I page refresh without Navigation from my MvvM Light ViewModel
Useful GCC flags to improve security of your programs?
Arduino(RXTX) under Linux? - works in Windows
Javascript visualization: acceptable size of svg map?
Why does Object.hashcode() have conflicts in Java?
How to read a text file which contains a Json string using Javascript? [duplicate]
Hashing Function Vs Loop search
Apache2 process never ending - how do I determine why?
Apply hash pattern to polygon in openlayers
Flickr JSON feed
Upgrading Django 1.1.1 to 1.3.1, admin.autodiscover() raises exception asking for contenttypes
Specific query in mongo
How to set some type of marker in a method so that I can tell whether the method was executed successfully or not in ruby on rails
I can't find the debug.keystore file
How to return result to UI thread in Windows Phone?
Solr spellcheck problems
Two updatePanels and popup extender which should not disappear after postback
How to get List<T> full dynamic?
How can I differentiate device types found in /proc/partitions?
PrototypeJS: Is it possible to remove or undo its global modifications?
How to properly hide a sliding menu?
Any year view scheduler and calendar control available there
Celleditor for object value Extjs4
Getting 鈥淭his method or property cannot be called on Null values鈥�error
How do I bind an Ienumerable<TModel> in a foreach loop?
Groovy: Read file and get every matching result back
Websphere ECKeyManager getNextKey randomness
RailsTutorial 3.2 Ch 11 - PostgreSQL syntax error breaks the status feed
android emulator - change screen resolution keyboard disappears
default color cycle with matplotlib
Programmatically make a multi-line label
Kill a hung child process
Using `killall -9 server; ./server &` to restart a unix service - lasting problems?
select values matching value from other column in the same table
why does the browser freeze when executing many ajax requests?
How to reference a xslt stored in your project folder on as page
What is the alternative for outer apply?
Echo Field Value In Text Field
Query via php in MYSQL
nice way to kill piped process?
MVC3 SportsStore example: Should AddToCart be marked as HttpPost?
鈥済map is not a function鈥�when using Google's map api
Regexp to match an XML constellation
proper openmp implementation with for ,if and else
Any 鈥淛ava+GPU鈥�presentations/talks available online?
Passing a parameter by url with
Using SolrNet to query Solr from a console application?
SQL Merge with inserting into the other table
Use JSON Input step to process uneven data
How to plot such a graph in R?
Get marker id in google maps
Variable array names
Element does not react on jQuery event
Is body.onload always called after iframes are loaded?
Need to disable the enter key on a textedit box or at the form level
CodeIgniter + DOMPDF: Images don't appear when calling them in CSS
Back Button works not as Expected with TabGroupActivity and ViewSwitcher
modal window appear twice on click in rails app
Problems with counting a number of rows in SQL and grouping them
Searching list of lists
Java - If Statement for Connection
Does geocoder.getFromLocationName not work on emulators?
Moodle integration with Google+
Order-Preserving (Symetric) Encryption or Hash Implementation
Pass HTML dropdown value to JSTL sql:query
Why Private vs Protected for how a Button Click Event is Created in ASP.NET using VB.NET?
Fast way of writing SQL server table into file
What is the difference between JSON and AJAX with jQuery?
How can I find and count number of files matching a given string?
Integration Simple-form 2.0.0 and Zurb
box shadow not rendering over content
FOP org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFRenderer putImage SEVERE: Error while processing image:
Java jdk, compiler, runtime targets. Questions for targeting specific runtime and what jdk/sdk i can use
Matching values to element names in XML Schema
Can't scroll on autocomplete?
regex and post variable
Incorrect usage of setTimeout?
CodeIgniter Deployment
PHP characters error [duplicate]
How to declare global variables when using the strict mode pragma
2D arrays in JSON getting converted into a 1D array of objects
(Json with MySQL) E/AndroidRuntime(338):
Can you get a stack trace from a binary library crash?
Should one try to guard against null reference exceptions / index out of bounds exceptions in MVC views?
407 Proxy Error Encountered with Fusion Tables
Javascript > Show what Answered is
Classes and methods [closed]
Accessing an object's workflow state in collective.easytemplate
CoffeeScript extend operator modifying 'this'?
How do you get list of running threads in C#?
Fit content to width in UIWebView
Java - how to find class and other level dependencies
Ignore errors and continue running javascript in IE?
jquery Validate time required
Ajax call not working in grails
Defaulting date time zone to UTC for Jodatime's DateTime
How are command-line GUIs made?
How to serialize a generic class to XML?
Liferay User Properties
Perl save print as variable
Usercontrol in datatemplate out of sync
C# WinAPI Clicking on menu items
Jeditable displays entire HTML document as replacement for the editable field after trigger/submit
Using light switch database with another light switch project
WPF Prism Region Transition
Maven building - Main Class not found [closed]
SQL Reporting Services - Can I Sum on field that contains expression?
Unable to append string
OpenAL randomly stops playing some sounds, can only fix with reboot
Advice to get selected elements from CheckedTreeSelectionDialog
Firefox User Agent Switcher - how do I get to it?
Code Analysis breaks due to RIA?
Android developer page: please help me understand their traceview profiling example
Android retrieve values from sql table into listview
jQuery, AJAX, JSONP: how to actually send an array even if it's empty?
preg_* functions matching subpattern with quantifier
Force R not to use exponential notation (e.g. e+10)?
mysql not returning date value saved in database
Advanced object sorting
Enable client-side filtering in jqGrid's TreeGrid
How to write mark-up in the dashboard?
mod_rewrite check directory rule [closed]
Cakephp and Facebook authentication: Prevent to login automatically if users login facebook in browser
Unknown action Rails 3.1
How do I get the substring of a JSON output?
Determining Cache Size
Document file won't save properly
How to use !duplicate with rpy2?
How to prevent a CheckBox from being checked?
How to rename primary key value in Access DB
WPF's WrapPanel like UI control for javascript/CSS?
Android & Object Output Stream: A standoff
Looking for a way to convert an iOS phonegap plugin to an Android phonegap plugin
Mimicking position(node-set) in XSLT 1.0?
Combining and inverting multiple files with missing data in R
Remote access to others DBMS
Adding COM object to managed code
Why is my Django view decorator not getting the request passed to it?
Reading local MDB(Access) database using silverlight 5?
RMagick was configured with ImageMagick 6.4.8 but ImageMagick 6.5.6-8 is in use. (when i tried to run fleximage i got this)
Is there a .NET equivalent to Rails Console?
Get Ember View from jQuery object
How can I add a new row to a table filled by an IDataReader?
Why cannot assign value inside a function to variable declared outside (globaly)?
Builder Pattern and Persistence
Slow code when connecting to Outlook calendar
Unable to connect to database: Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database 'socialdb'
What is meant by abstract=鈥渢rue鈥�in spring?
Restrict certain JIRA developers to a single project
Common features of a robust CMS
Server-Sent Events vs Polling
Emacs map alternate file ext to .ini syntax highlighting
How to release alloced object that has to be returned from method
Loading Images into a UITableView Asynchronously iOS 5
What is the class << self in ruby [duplicate]
Which is the best license to release a framework? [closed]
How to clear TextBox text and AJAX CalendarExtender value using Javascript?
Naming conflict between System-namespace type and user-defined type in different assembly
Two equal Joomla sites in different domains, behave differently
Manipulate non-global variables from fileevent handler
Android-layout does not work properly
JS use variable as id for document.getElementById Not working?
Exceeding byte[] array length (over int upper limit) - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
regex street address match
stop matlab line plots from overlapping
Flash Builder Data Passing between Split Views
Resizeable WPF ListBox / ItemsControl items
Java Swing application: how to get data from the GUI thread to another thread?
Preventing caching of server side include files
why Integer.MAX_VALUE + 1 == Integer.MIN_VALUE?
How to make javascript work to response to buttons added later in AJAX way
Android Calculator won't run
Java moving file while writing consistent
error: invalid conversion from 'bottom**' to 'lefta**'
how to perform datagridview cellclick event from datagriview keypress event?
How to define and create iphone's address book db in my App with sqlite3锛�
Get Browser Width and Height Excluding Toolbars and Menu Size
How to define a java component so that it works with a mouselistener
iOS in-app purchase receipt not returning an original_purchase_date for a redownload
View specific executed queries within SQL Server Management Studio?
Added a new method to a COM object that gets exception when called
Do race conditions occur in EventMachine?
Error when running
Better socket communcation system
Create elements in script#
Visual Studio Database Unit Tests - Checksum
iOS: Rows of images in ScrollView
MVC3 Speed on production iis7
Check two object, of unknown type, for equality, comparing all their fields
Remove from List<T> based on sub-string match
IE7 Partialview with fieldset is causing underlines
Need help trying to extract the latest note for each client ID in SQL query [duplicate]
Clearing value before submitting form (not canceling submit)
Reducing Memory Usage in tomcat
How do I create a new object of a generic type?
Add event to calendar
use a method in a script# class
Playing large videos online
Fault-tolerant file_get_contents
Parser Combinators: Does repsep allows back-tracking?
CURL server data transfer timeout
Eclipse RCP fireSelectionChanged from Non-SWT client
Removing and adding a pivot item in runtime doesn't work
Rails 3 - creating own model and working with an others
Is it possible to launch winform for the current console use from windows service
How to get the selected Tab of my TabPanel in GWT
Read data from an array [closed]
Does @property copy in combination with readonly make sense?
Getting Team Foundation to recognize new files added to source controlled directory
Linq in conjunction with custom generic extension method build error - An expression tree may not contain an assignment operator?
Detecting that a jQuery.ajax call failed because the page is reloading?
What is the best gaming framework for android and iphone [closed]
update multiple rows with current rows values mysql
Sinking Events in GWT--Compatibility with other JS frameworks
Background post submit cancels all active ajax calls
How to check if gzip compression is enabled with PHP?
Recreating a Cognos tree object with javascript
mysql_affected_rows() returns 0 for UPDATE statement even when an update actually happens
Dynamically allocate memory for struct
How to increase array items on each click?
Save password from php form. Which of this is more secure?
Getting url after history.pushState on android with javascript
uitableview row render strange behavior
Passing base64 encoded username and password through a https (SSL) connection for a mobile website
How can I make Internet Explorer show the standard right click link menu with a block level link?
EmailAddressAttribute in MVC future project missing java-script for client side validation?
IE8 font-size toggles on :hover - Japanese lang only
鈥淚nvalid Element鈥�AXIS error while calling web service
Check if form element sent but empty with PHP
For LevelDB, how can I get the performance of random writes as same as claimed 鈥渙fficial鈥�performance report?
iphone, ipad, android javascript print()
How to identify computers on intranet?
How redirected user with method POST?
WCF server controlling client (windows forms)
How to dynamically keep track on button click count on ASP .NET
How to resolve dependency packages when installing httpd-devel apr-devel apr-util-devel yum on centos 5.6
Android Hashmap interaction
Flex: Does SecureSockets' <policy-file-request/> is encrypted with the target servers public key?
when i add time interval to nsdate it won't added Button type link should open on new window
Dynamically adding extjs items to field container
Search leaves space from the bottom
switch between layouts in flex4
last day of month calculation
Slick game engine not working with JFrame
Adding NSMutableDictionnary to NSMutableArray in .plist [closed]
How to scrape content from other sites using jQuery and devexpress scheduler, works local, does not work live
PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser issue
Joining two lists in java
Get or set google geocode maps in iframe src via javascript
Using middleman, how do you include one HAML file in another HAML file?
Capturing an image behind a rectangle
INSERT Syntax error (missing operator) in fform
OpenGL ES Texture Mapping Overflow
Shared variable keeps getting lost after some hours
Update row but leave unchanged some fields
How to use XMLHTTPRequest with POST and params properly? PHP not getting POST info
Linq query need correct sum
MVC folder structure
500 Vs 500.100 Error in Classic ASP
Can't cascade delete or update in Nhibernate if several Entities has references to the same source
iOS : load content for UIWebView from Server
How to update several vertices with same property in Gremlin
Designing MongoDB model?
Yii unload bootstrap plugin on ajax request
One Magento, One Catalog, Multple Domains, Multi Language, Shared Shopping Cart, SSL on Checkout
getting tomcat to log webapp name in logging statements
DTD Definition two children with the same childs
unable to set django model values
Powershell Multidimensional Arrays
Scalaz iteratee, create Enumerator for BufferedReader
Custom Validation Attribute using Reflection?
Web browser is returning nothing - function error?
Rails 3.2.1 - How and when RESTful routes helpers like photos_path, new_photo_path, edit_photo_path are created
SEO - 301 redirect to home page for inactive / removed pages, is that OK?
iTunes Update Logic
How to use StringFormat to round a bound double value
attempt to index field ? (nil value)
bash: grep only lines with certain criteria
Eclipse Compare Editor: Ignoring 鈥�Id:鈥�Lines
Creating a UrlHelper like helper class instance per request?
rpmbuild differences in RHEL 5.7 and RHEL 6.1
javascript for draw rectangle over a image
Configure Eclipse to pre-bundle App Engine classes into a single JAR for faster warm-up
MS SQL Studio .bak to PHPmyAdmin
TabActivity and navigation inside Android
Can I concatenate environment variables in apache config?
Possibility to skew haproxy?
matching doublequotes in PHP regex
Kill Process Event
Drop Down menu Display using css
Registering a Broadcast receiver for android.intent.action.NEW_OUTGOING_CALL and ask the user what to do?
Build a collection of a class' inner classes
Error while publishing in Android market
Android: Sending an image through POST
publish localhost site on windows 7 iis
CoreGraphics FillPath And Stroke Path
How to texture map point cloud from Kinect with image taken by another camera?
How to pause a pthread ANY TIME I want?
Prevent overflow errors when multiplying and powering in Python
Android ARMv6/v7 and VFP/NEON
Spring RestTemplate with Jackson throws 鈥淐an not resolve BeanPropertyFilter鈥�when using @JsonFilter
Simple interpreter in Scheme
How can I access the position of an image in gallery?
converting classes to wcf services automatically
How to retrieve the xml nodes,elements attributes in
How can I validate that the file is correctly uploaded?
Why does the x-axis of my plot start at 5 instead of at the lowest point of the vector?
jpa detached entity passed to persist
If i revoked my Developer and distribution it'll affect to my Live app? Activity did not call through to super.onStop()
Load testing a webapp with multiple mutual dependent clients
Raphael canvas contained in hidden div doesn't show in Chrome and IE9
Getting Access Token from facebook with publish_stream
jqurery ui tabs don't rotate
using newInstance to create objects
How do you send data to the Detail View from Master View in iOS 5 iPad app?
Inserting relational data with Linq to SQL results in duplicate entry error
How do you get the keys from a transient map in clojure?
Perform large batch of request to webservice from web application. Monitor progress
Emacs: what are good tactics for navigating directories and opening files?
unable to install kde [closed]
shell script email notification upon success or failure
how to figure out the coordinates of a point 2 units away?
How can I run node.js Express in production mode via sudo?
How to change max size of request in SOAP?
Using Java-Style Namespace Convention in PHP or is it better to use X? [closed]
Automatic kill/timeout slow queries in MySQL
Can mongoDB be embedded in a Java program?
How do use BigInteger and decimal numbers?
Use RelativeSource as a ConverterParameter in a style
Conditional summary
Exception design mismatch to the requirement in application
How to sort one array list and set the another list with same order in java
Navigating Program Files for either x64 or x32 [duplicate]
Convert HTML created by XML, XSL to a MHTML
Rails, placing Ruby variable's into Javascript for Google Calendar
Phpmyadmin Access Issue
Why scalac generates additional/wrapping closures
jqGrid not Refreshing after Search
Return .m file help text in figure window
Php - Checkbox does not work
Curving a view like a book page
Zend framework and Ext-Js4, file and folder structure
when implementing iterator, what's the difference between returning IEnumerator or IEnumerable?
IIS 6 asks for authentication when using hostname
What is a Java executable's filename extension?
SSO and ServletRequest.login() and ServletRequest.logout() not working in Glassfish 3.1
Scrape Data from 鈥渄iv鈥�class
HttpClient for C# application
how to extend a jQuery slider's functionality
Invoke without Func in Property's getter for .Net 2.0
Hide a dropdown's subitems when collapsed in Twitter Bootstrap
Get the ActionBar to redraw itself?
Array of Objects to be used as Synchronization locks being garbage collected
C++ macros, expanding n into 1, 2, 3, 鈥�n
Cannot process 'reportname.rdlc' because it is not an EDMX file
is it important to use SSI in my website?
Android: Accessing ui elements from thread
sliding between activities
Turning off Spring warning logs using slf4j
Links suddenly stop reacting after migrating MyFaces 1.2 to 2.1
can i upload a user-selected image to server using web service?
JSF1.2 to JSF2.0 Migration issue
Reusing UITableView Cells causes crash when a cell is 鈥淩ecycled鈥�
Jquery Mobile - How to select current page or by page id using jqmData
CSS causing xml to be positioned out of line
iOS Custom Control
Java. Instance variable value access via this operator
Create SOAP request using KSOAP Android
MVC3 correct way to change culture for every request
Cakephp 2.0 Auth doesn't redirect to users/login
IOS: use a gesture to calculate distance from two cgpoint
SQL query selecting between two dates
Class Model not found in Doctrine 2.2 + CodeIgniter 2.1
paging through entries in redis hash
What's the faster way to compare around 700,000 rows from 2 different databases using Perl?
What are the practical differences between special forms and macros?
Rotating Object in OpenGL ES - Correct Order to Apply Transformations ? iPhone
How to plot this data in matlab?
trying to find cause of Flex 鈥淩PC Error鈥�pop-up
Cannot access ODBC DB with MS Access2007
Objective C: What does [ClassName self]; do?
Disable last:child when have only one item
Getting exit code 255 when trying to launch diffmerge from svn
How do I specify a label for a checkbox?
TFS-SDK: Merge doesn't work
Jplayer playlist demo won't work in IE, but a version implemented on another site does - why?
ASP.NET: If Page1.aspx opens Page2.aspx in a window, how can I have Page1.aspx refresh once Page2.aspx is closed?
ASP.NET: If Page1.aspx opens Page2.aspx in a window, how can I have Page1.aspx refresh once Page2.aspx is closed?
Change the value of EditText with onClick Button?
SpringSecurityCore grails plugin breaks my (previously working) multipart upload form
Are * style wildcard subdomains a burden on the DNS system?
Set Cookie for UIWebView requests
iOS - Amazon S3 - Error Message: 鈥淭he network connection was lost鈥�when phone date set to some past date
How to change the date format which is displayed in the calendar from 24 hours to 12 hours in wdcalendar?
How can I use a string with the same name of an object in Python to access the object itself?
AS3 collision detection is not recognized
Source code for Android Stock Music Player Compatible with Android 2.3?
Converting PGSQL 鈥淐reate Function鈥�to MySQL
Test for table/view existence with Scalaquery & create if not present
PHP/SQL Insert Error when using Named Placeholders
Hibernate optimize one-to-many collection loading from fully loaded entity sets
IntelliJ's IDEA and Eclipse on the same project
Access elements in FragmentActivity from a Fragment object web service active connection test
Best way to manipulate dom element attributes with javascript/jQuery
XPages Repeat control vs View Control Perfomance
Passing objects vs. Singleton
How to add zend form element at specific position, after once form object has already created?
handling different sized images in jquery slider
FileSystemWatcher getting too many event
navigation module not showing on sub page in joomla
org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException for create a tag
laying out month names in two columns using css
鈥淓rror: message file too big鈥�Is the limit on outgoing or receiving end? [closed]
How to query an RDF individual for its data properties?
Starting an iPhone app in camera mode shows just a blank screen
Google webfont loader crashing ie - hard
Moving multiple Row Data into its own Column
Is there a way to access the variables of the calling class in a method?
Hamming weight for a list of integers in Matlab [duplicate]
Adding objects to vector results in 鈥渄oes not have class type exception鈥�
Is md5 decryption possible? [duplicate]
'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' - what does this mean?
complex regex with preg_replace, replace a word not inside [ and ]
How to correctly use receive timeout for Ruby sockets?
Ajax calling steps in
Global sorting in tandem with jPaginate breaks Next/Previous buttons
javascript what is property in hasOwnProperty?
Have huge prob how to move in Canvas
BigInteger +- operations?
Alternative for Jackson ObjectMapper
Why should we avoid using class variables @@ in rails?
Continuous drawing in CGContext with drawRect
Sum of subquery with sum
Lots of null data in parsing demo
Spring Web Flow List mapping
Spring Web Flow List mapping
How do I inject a repository into a custom MembershipProvider using AutoFac
DNN site is broken, I can't access any admin options
Issues with Jasmine's spyOn toHaveBeenCalled method
Sencha Touch JSON format? Stress Testing - where is the missing time?
Extend h:outputText for custom functionality
How to authenticate with IP Camera?
jQuery xml cross domain data parsing fail in ie8
Mysql duplecating results
Error in GraniteDS while deserializing RemoteObject
Asset management tool for a JS-only application?
In a SQL Query, How do I do a join only on specific conditions? mvc3 website on IIS 7.5 website not loading jquery
infoWindow in google map not showing properly in an iPhone phonegap app
Explicit POST in JSP page
How to retain the content of the variable on every call in java
Allow a Windows screensaver to write to a file in Program Files
Sitemesh with spring security is not redirecting to target url
Blocking I/O vs NIO for connecting to four different devices in Android
jquery sdocml not working in aptana studio 3 for eclipse
ISO C++ standard conformant result of the following code
ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta side by side with Async CTP (Version 3) [closed]
insert query is not working in my program but working well at mysql tab
Android - image transition velcome screen
Loading a video in OpenCV in Python
Visual Studio - how to change default build configuration to release?
Modelling abstract compositions with type-safety
Calling base constructors not working c#
Facebook 鈥淟ike鈥�button and how to know page visitor login or not
Fetching salesforce accounts using rforce gem and bulk api
Unable to execute commands on Android app with root access
Excel VBA - If condition on image
declaring javascript private methods [duplicate]
Best way to display picture attachments in playframework?
PHP require more server than ASP .NET?
error in output graph using highstocksJS
Displaying variables in MATLAB workspace when using a WHILE loop
Application crashes when go to previous ViewController
How to make Eclipse 鈥淥pen Type鈥�window to show project classes first in list, third-party classes last?
Differences between document.ready and $function [duplicate]
C# scheduled task attributed methods in a .NET assembly
ie javascript form submit with file input
how can i fix two header rows and columns in html table through jquery
How to subselect based on multiple column key
Impact of adding members to Abstract Base Class in Java
LINQ join is not using Equals from provided EqualityComparer, uses GetHashCode instead
NSXMLParser divides strings containing foreign(unicode) characters
design guidelines for heavy traffic
Why isn't my code working?
How could we found one exe file is .Net exe or regular exe? [duplicate]
getElementsByClassName and AJAX
IE8 Jquery .mouseenter not firing
Scalable architecture for many uses and large amount of data (MSMQ?)
LINQ / EF - Only return items based on a list of ID's
How to output content and redirect using ajax and jquery?
How can a graphic be placed in the OneUI .lotusBanner area using the Application Layout Control
Add event handler on split button jquery mobile
ASP.NET MVC / Jquery Unobtrusive Ajax, trying to check if element is loaded with Jquery after the html data is returned
Android DOM parsing is tooo slow
fb:comments - how to moderate comments
Twitter request token invalid on iOS [closed]
Reading htmls encoded in windows-1251 (rus)
How do I load / unload css changes quickly on a plone + Zope site ? (noob)
How to stop onclick, onblur, on* from happening
Use Python / PIL or similar to shrink whitespace
run a input parameter as command in dos batch script?
Combining Unit Tests (mocking) and a Dependecy Injection Framework [duplicate]
Storing a Vector3 in MySQL
Javascript to select specific tag and use arrow keys as navigation
replace item in a string if it matches an item in the list
FullCalendar just wont display JSON feed
rake db:migrate manually providing one file with migration
linked Model not returning linked data in cakephp 2.0
Are there any characters that would cause problems in sending an SMS?
MDX: RANK showing ties, even though data values are different
consumer/producer in c++
Define a MongoRecord in Lift with a Map inside it
Autocomplete: detect no results with remote datasource
How to read data from xml file which is stored insdcard?
How to convert char to hex stored in uint8_t form?
Mutithreaded Pipeline in Java
Is Android /res/xml/phonegap.xml the same as phonegap.plist for iOS?
TileMap in android
Why can't i get the text written in EditText?
In python, produce HTML highlighting the differences of two simple strings
slow inserts mysql
How to save the image to SD card on button Click android [closed]
How do I simply create a patch from my latest git commit?
How can i get a reference to a group of radiobuttons and find the selected one?
Need a good framework for video presentations on the web
Which Elements Need For a Simple Video Upload and play Script [closed]
Calling Spring Batch from java code
is there any default class to check parameter, if exist need to remove it from url in java?
IE 8 moves text of input button when clicked
strange php output on an if equals
Error in Attribute value of build xml
Calling functions with arguments on 鈥渃ommand鈥�and 鈥渂ind鈥�
WIF BootstrapToken expired
Using DOM on Android to read, write & edit file on disk
Using DOM on Android to read, write & edit file on disk
Excel VBA - Call macro using add in
How to make sure sharedpreferences are cleaned when saved
Segmentation fault Netbeans 7.1 C++
Trouble in making hidden button Visible
How to pass a parameter to relational query in Yii
Method [[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier] is not allowed any more, I need an alternative
word processor in c# or c++ [closed]
OWL: property restriction based on values: is it possible at all?
What's the pros and cons of using classes generated from WCF vs Creating your own model dll?
Simulate Holding Ctrl Key
Spotify App API calls failing to return
Possible to change property write methods programmatically using RTTI for creating object-aware controls?
Tastypie resource usage in django view
returned query in array in zend framework [closed]
Sony xperia mini android emulator an android
In PHP, why use inval() rather than casting with (int)? [duplicate]
Querying the record of database for almost similar matching String value
gridview update exception
How do I create a BufferedImage from array containing pixels?
PHP file browser mod_rewrite [closed]
Build a project in release mode without changing build mode?
How to write the text file after received the location?
Change browser URL using JavaScript not working
ClickOnce cant see files, copied during PostBuild event
C programming with iconv lib in Linux
Difference between GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_4_4_4_4 and GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT_5_6_5 in OpenGL ES
Can Amazon Simple Notification Service 鈥減ush鈥�notifications to a desktop client?
Java memory management: iOS style memory monitoring?
Git pull remote repo
exception in stored procedure
auto select random form fields with javascript? [closed]
Does android clear local variable when app is on background
Determine jQuery.draggable sweetspot
PayPal Python Pay request ClientDetails
Is there a way to debug an android application on the phone without the USB connection?
How to set Selected item of ComboBox in C# Windows Forms?
How to make a rotating disk static and the surrounding static structure rotating in a video using MATLAB?
how to find max of datetime value of each group in group by clause
Looping Through two or more intance vars in Rails
Matlab 3D Matrix Plot
how to externalize properties from http:conduit java
Assign a Object to another Object in jQuery
Spotify Apps Api - Adding playlist to users library (i.e. subscribing to it)
Trying to get the centre of a circle with opencv
Specify size and maxlength for Html.TextBoxFor
How to retrieve the xml element attribute name in
autocomplete - show the whole list
Can i change the delegate for an Object?
Split a string in a special way
using statement with multiple variables
Adding shade to label
Expanding table view cells disappearing
Xinc wont email me
Call a C# method/function from a C++ DLL (which is loaded from C# with 鈥淒llimport鈥�
Not able to Clean and Build in Netbeans 7.1 Beta
Radio Button List
server returning 302 moved on create in Rails
Wants to display number of profiles according to value selected from dropdown list
Haskell: filtering a heterogenous list by type
Could use some pointers to create dat file from sql query
Can't find where vendor is loaded
Wordpress Admin Query for pages
get SharePoint user via stored procedure
save html changes
twitter4j - access tweet information from Streaming API
Prevent mutiple row selection in WPF DataGrid
SSLSniff error: 鈥淪SL Accept Failed鈥�
luajit ffi implementing a chunk finalizer
How to print to C++Builder output window
How to submit multiple, duplicate forms from same page in Rails - preferably with one button
Can we give function return in value field in hidden type field?
Mx grid - very strange layout
Is the following union of CFL and non-CFL CFL itself?
Calculate area of Map in miles on Zoom Level
Simulate mysql compress function using c#
Possible to present UIView without UIViewController in UIPopoverController?
Extending types in plugin architectures
Delphi service application gets past through the Application.Run method
only load contents within body using ajax - jquery
NSURLConnection ignores Keep-Alive timeout?
While Loop using PHP with a MySQL server
How to Inject properly an IDBContextFactory into a controller's inject IDomainFactory using Ninject MVC3?
Facebook Like button and open graph
Problems converting NAD83 UTM to lat and long
Aligning first table column with left page margin
How can I combine img() function and unlink() to delete images
android compatibility API alternatives to PreferenceFragment
C existing pointer to fixed-size array
Switch with typedef enum type from string
sending a file as multipart through xmlHttpRequest
How to post to my facebook wall from my own adminpages(CMS)?
appcelerator vs phonegap vs native XCode speed-to-market
Intervene A Long Running Thread With contextDestroyed
How to retrive a generated primary key when a new row is inserted in the oracle database using Spring JDBC?
Is doing this,is the right way with regard to performance and memory usage-leaks or is it a better way?
SQL server installation
Tcl lreplace can't replace braces?
Remove script itself
How to include C code inside OSGI bundle
How to include C code inside OSGI bundle
Runtime query does not work.Why?
MVC 3: Use a VERY custom format for a Date with automapping on server-side
Getting 鈥渃ut off鈥�HTML values from database then output it on the site
Need to get image filename in folder by matching if file contain certain name
Event listener on a CSS pseudo-element, such as :before or :after?
creating a filter for grid data using jquery from database
Difference between NSWeekCalendarUnit and NSWeekDayCalendarUnit for UILocalNotification repeatInterva
Php Checkbox - making check and uncheck
My Zend Framework Routes are not stacking properly
what is more expensive for the memory. 鈥渃reating and deleting objects鈥�or 鈥渞eusing a object鈥� [closed]
How to enable the past dates of jQuery inline datePicker?
hibernate create criteria function print question mark on the console
PHP- Date function confusion in tamil format
jquery one on() instead of bind() and live()
Importing images from the sdcard and show in gallery view
PHP/MySQL: Getting form information, not working as planned
How to determine who deleted a TFS work item
Kal calendar on Xcode
Set the length of border (jbutton) in Java
Activity indicator (spinner) while JSON is loading
Jar on other PC cant run
What is this multiple '.' syntax?
MySQLdb and big queries using CursorUseResultMixIn
String to Int conversion: Convert.toInt16
SOLVED: FB comments events comment.create and comment.remove not working
XSLT very simple transform required
Need to pull XML from a page and then put into HTML form. Page is generated from POST method
How do I detect whether DNS servers have been specified programmatically in .net?
Creating custom gesture in iPhone App
Is it possible to access data / record from two (2) microphones in Android devices?
Select Distinct month and year from mysql timestamp field and echo them in php
Change RadGrid columns headers
Will this static assert work correctlly?
How much memory is used by a numpy ndarray?
Error while inserting blob data into sqlite on android
Magento - Implementing order limits based on custom criterias
GLKView set drawable properties
Binding a bean property to a TextField in GXT 3.0
OpenSSL CMS encrypt in C++ and Objective-c
Different Time formats
Debugger doesn't hit Module at all if I insert a breakpoint nothing is hit and giving me an error
how to install聽my聽app聽on myfan page
Add class to nth-child of parent which has particular class, with jquery
Cannot get tag list from Jquery TAGIT
Preference activity inside an Alert Dialog
Counting Number of records in each row in SQL Server [closed]
How to determine the last column(last column with value) using VBA in excel?
Importing .pfx within BouncyCastle-Keystore
How can I detect last/first line in WebBrowser control?
jqGrid .trigger(鈥渞eloadGrid鈥� not hitting server
Customize Contacts Subpanel in Accounts DetailView SugarCRM
Should I use Java or XML for Android layouts?
Encountered the symbol 鈥渆nd-of-file鈥�
How to check whether the files is being used by another program
Protect PostgreSQL database connection
php save recordset to local file
How to migrate dbase database in rails
Setting user display picture
How do I call Start-Job which depends on a function in the same powershell module as the function calling Start-Job?
Dataset getting manipulated in between two webservice
How to get a particular value from innerhtml in Javascript?
Win7 permissions (Registry writing) in C# console application with commandline argument
Asynchronous code in SilverLight with SharePoint
Using EF 4.1 and LINQ to find unassociated m鈥-related entities
Android crash for dynamic calculation when EditText is empty
Can i show an outputfield or inputfield based on a boolean variable in VF page
how I can display multiple videos on different QT widgets at the same time
Jquery slider effect 鈥�like a 鈥渞eveal鈥�
Deserializing Google transliteration in C# using Newtonsoft.Json
Soap sharepoint envelope
configuring an application architecture
Creating index if index doesn't exist
How to determine the Server Name of a SQL Server with a T-SQL statement?
c# Using Substring and Regular Expressions to edit a large string
What are the complete set of steps to fully build a Monotouch app bundle from the command line?
Will Varnish cache work with HTML5 Web Storage?
google map api Lat long points
Use Servlets to display the data on same webpage?
JPA OneToMany index missing
Differentiate between server aliases [closed]
Scrollable tabs in android
Checking if the bluetooth module on my Arduino board works
CRE Loaded error after installation success?
Android UI Issue
How to organize a relatively large Flask application?
Solr search ignoring first word
Using one parameter in a macro as a whole C++ instruction
jQuery - Enlarge Tab
How to show the text of an UITextField in an UILabel?
CSV header styling in RoR
PHP Redirect using basename(__FILE__) not working in Windows Apache server
Cannot upload files with Django and apache modwsgi
Jquery mobile, google maps and phonegap
Scrollable Cells in JTable
How to remove link references from web service request/response
maximum value of xor operation
RAZOR MVC3: Partial View to Reuse
Determining the location of mobile web site user
How to select not commented rows?
finding min and maximum in a daughter file and relating that result to the parent file
URL Rewrite .htaccess
How to get all child components of QWidget in pyside/pyqt/qt?
LINQ to SQL SkipWhile implementation with duplicate values in the sort column
Envers, PostgreSQL and TINYINT
Not getting appropriate php string result from mysql_query()
Where should I put my connection strings for my class library and how do I access them?
How to make the 'Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page' warning message in browser?
Pure JavaScript Append Text to File [closed]
Get keyboard scancode of char
Saving Japanese characters with PHP
Has anyone managed to install Python modules using Iron Python?
Excel VBA - Sum function
spring mvc i18n: If key not in properties file, how to set default locale?
Do I need to shutdown Quartz scheduler in finally block?
table.cell[].innerText works in IE but not in mozilla
including pages from wordpress query
Is there JQuery only (without JQuery UI) tag-it like plugin?
javascript passing variables via url
Rails accessing keys in hashes from JSON data
Which is a better implementation? Flex programming using Parsley Framework
Facebook C# SDK friend invitation
What does this MSVC symbol mean?
How to get the name of an Oid ? (SnmpSharpNet lib)
How can I upload file with jquery using ajax?
What is the performance impact of using JBoss' AccessLogValve to log requests?
Concatenating rows from a stored procedure onto another table in TSQL
Best practice for white-labeling a static web site?
Remember control's text while being disabled
HornetQ lost its all topics
Wrap huge amount of HTML by jQuery's $(). What affects performance?
Flex GestureZoom not working properly specific area
How to pass float value to function taking double as reference value
data matrix function
How to blink( or animate ) particular subitem in gridview of layout
$.ajax statusCode function never receive parameters
Convert .doc to html in php - Problems invoking Abiword on Windows
JAXB case sensitive class generation
workqueues in device driver development?
Heap corruption on free(鈥�
Informatica error =[ERROR('transformation error')]
Form validation after ajax request
is there is any possibility to save all the bookmarks of a scorm content and reuse it in next login session?
How to apply rating in ASP.NET MVC
Background Service Hangs UI upto the time web service finish its execution?
PHP - How to move the empty values of an array to its last positions
DropDownListFor from Entity Framework
Graying whole page to focus on DIV
Put tables in one or several database files? (Bookings application)
DataSource class can not resolve symbol
Select/Insert/Update/Delete Excel 2007 File and C#
Getting friends' large pictures
Making a dialog box that allows user to select file
Facebook application: FB events work only for first time
.htaccess rule issue
User Interface commands skipped in IBAction
How link log from Logback in Swing application?
Image-loaded-show function by javascript in mobile browser
Facebook: post image and description to wall and in page album via php
Equation display issue - Mathjax/ Latex
Is is possible to join 2 tables if one of them has duplicate values in the column that's joining?
Upload jrxml which runs on a mdx query
android draw pin on google map
Using variable outside of PHP class, without referencing class first
Change DataMember property on WCF web service depending on input/output?
Dynamic js answers depending on input from user
Update Eclipse 3.7 to SR1 (EE Edition)
WCF host on 1&1
why I can't record javascript in automation of instruments when target is my pad(4.3.3)
serializing sqlalchemy class to json
Example for OCR with ANN in OpenCV
Is it possible to know what triggers would fire given a query?
a simple process jbpm 5 using geteway
The Best Pettern to Use Entity Frame Work [closed]
How to set background color to the column using CSS?
Using PhoneGap camera raises app under the device status bar
Cannot update the model using a delayed_job
XmlSlurper or StreamingMarkupBuilder Stripping Namespaces
pre-build event to change setup project's ProductVersion doesn't take effect until after the build
How to remove 鈥淥K鈥�button from jQuery Alert Dialogs
Paging for table data in MVC 3 application with ADO.NET
number of map output records less than combine input records in hadoop
How to setup a dblink from Oracle 10gR2 on Linux RedHat 64bit to Postgresql 8.3 on Linux RedHat 64bit too?
Why does XML Schema allow a QName to be the value of an element?
iOS 20mb build limit
What languages 鈥嬧�do I need to know if I want to work with Kendo UI from Telerik?
Send raw file data from input type=file over ajax
Facebook & iOS Login Bug since January 2012 - Even with ShareKit or SDK
Implicit 'this' when calling base class' constructor
Add a attribute value to a div without class or id?
ClientSideValidations.formBuilders[settings.type] is undefined
Drag button with touch move
C implementation of Java Arrays.binarySearch method
How to include jar files with java file and compile in command prompt
Lintian warnings executable-not-elf-or-script
Ldap SASL with unboundID
SSIS Logging: store source and destination table names in variable
Magento - Free theme. How do I delete the link at the bottom of each page which advertises the company
403 & 500 error on Apache server when using .htaccess
how to write foreach loop in ctpfile for creating pdf in cakephp
What does this c code row do? (const VAR = 鈥渟tring鈥�)
Custom URL query arguments or not?
OpenCL maturity under Windows
How to find the first number in a text field using a MySQL query?
Is it possible to program a track picker in Spotify?
Free OPC server for simulated values
Caching MaxMind City bindary database in RAM + Server performance
UITextTapRecongnizer disable action twoFingerSingleTap on UITextView but not other gesture
Starting Spring <tasks:scheduled-tasks>
issue drawing aligned text using TextFlow and FlowPage
Override Function In WordPress Plugin Widget
How to change drive label using Powershell?
Why Javascript Ajax call fails over SSL on IOS devices except IOS 5.
localization in Xcode 4.2
C2059: syntax e r r o r : ';'
Objective C: Score Counter
OnClick restartActivity?
Hide link in html
Is it possible to implement a registry of generic methods base on their types?
Android Progressbar with circle radius changes Dynamically
Most elegant way to share a C array
How to know size of flv size from url?
maintain history through trigger in [duplicate]
Gererating report ondemand to a directory
SQL-how to bring the value of first row to the second row
How to move items around in canvas
C++ container for compound index that allows ignoring sub-index at look-up
GtkDrawingArea - how to make it drawable?
Use variables from procedure in dynamic query
Django IntegerField returning string(!) - how to coerce to int?
UITableViewCell Won't Highlight
How do I use and retrieve values from radio boxes?
Elevation profile
Filtering term count in Lucene (Java)
Unit Testing the sender object in EventHandler
Testing in Visual Studio Web Developer Express 2010
Google AnnotatedTimeLine DateTime JSON Error
Inject Style-sheet into Iframe (Facebook Like Box)
Full Calendar with limitEvents. Reset or Refresh the view more button
Rails 3.1.1 , on using remote true two ajax request going to the server
File Copying after Closing Application