Apache server setting on ubuntu
Unhandled exception in Silverlight : System.Exception
Android Listview Drill Down - Do I use one activity or multiple activities?
How to maintain bonjour service in background?
How to define constants in controllers?
Ruby, Mongodb, Anemone: web crawler with possible memory leak?
Checking to see if a C# WinForm is closed
Duplicated ContentValues in ContentValues array
Does Chrome's V8 engine use x86-64 instruction set
How to read line by line text data from gzipped text file using NIO?
which better for XSD validation
Custom html form in FB.ui dialogue box
Remcom.exe connection error
Add loading indicator/progress bar to Phonegap Android splashscreen
Define optional self-referencing one-many relationship with Fluent Api
Do bundled dependencies pull in their own dependencies from their package.json?
The performance of Panorama control in windows phone
iOS. How to start storyboard from the beginning every time when application goes from background to an active state?
How should i correctly write the variable for the function, variable name atrName
how to populate on drop down based on the value from other drop down in php and jquery?
Initialize objects of another class in PHP
Android Exception getCause - getMessage
Page Break On ReportViewer make extra page when printed?
Making controller to look for properties from inheriting viewmodels - Test Making Engine
Selecting/Deleting duplicates
python and mysqldb: syntax error on perfectly good query ?
need mysql query for multiple flags under one column in a table
How can I update a TextView whenever a SharedPreference changes?
Install an updated version of a WPF application that I created in C#
Kernel module: how to get console ouput?
Is there any overhead in the use of anonymous methods?
Integration using qudrature
Generate and save a PDF file
Jquery dynamic parameter
make json string without json_encode
Need help extending Python 3.2 with C++ modules
Add a rollover effect to a MigLayout table
Buffer error in avcodec_decode_audio4()
Django admin - How do I display a list of Model X on Model Y 'add / change' page without a relationship?
Ckeditor intigration with CKfinder
App crashes when being resumed
Add values from two textboxes and display the sum in third textbox
MySql - trying to import a database, get message 'The system cannot find the file specified.'
How to check if time stamp (epoch time) is of today's or yesterday's [android]
IndexedDB onversionchange event not fired in Chrome
how to check whether the value is inserted or not
Can I pipe between commands, and run the programs from different directories?
optimize repetitive coefficients evaluation
How to check that url is a valid image source using Jquery?
ASP.NET MVC3 view authorization design
UILabel and fonts
How to hide an item in datalist
Add CAB file to the OS design
Sum totals for columns
Fill data when open 鈥淧ost on wall鈥�dialog
MS Pie Chart with both X,Y Value on graph using asp.net web forms
Unable to sign code with code-signing certificate
How to enable Javascript - webbrowser for windows phone 7.1
C implementation of Matlab interp1 function (linear interpolation)
Entity-framework / Linq: How to left join while grouping into custom select?
jndi LDAPS custom HostnameVerifier and TrustManager
Edit multiple files without splitting window
A concrete example of boost::serialization::traits?
Repeat a layout at run time in android
Acts_as_taggable_on + autocomplete with more than one tag category
Destroying iOS application programmatically on failed login attempts
Android: publish an app with different screenshots corresponding to different languages?
Informatica Date/Time Conversion
Porting newlib into cross-compiler
How to handle a game world that wraps, using cocos2d on the iPhone
Json Deserialization to a class
How can I call a file from the same folder that I am in (in script)
Lagging silverlight app
Using Facebook C# SDK - how to post to the wall having the access token
Automapper with nested child list
Pushing subtrees in a git repo
NSURL URLWithString: giving nil
how to find which UITableView row has been clicked ? I have multiple UITableviews on UIScrollView.
No overload for method 'LogException' takes 2 arguments
Possible JInput memory leak
M2M links in CouchDB with non-primary keys
What is the best IDE when using knockout.js? [closed]
Android USB Accessory JAR copy to system folders, does it need the odex file too?
How to handle NULL in a SQL subquery?
Python combine two for loops
Call function from other servlet
Mis-aligned images on fluid/percentage based layout
Edit and update gridview rows on mouse click event
How to change the volume of a track in AVMutableComposition
Swap two number from string
python aes encrypt/decrypt does not return the same results
I want the row to keep the correct class
Efficient way to store unordered pair in a mysql table
Count rows with a specific condition in aggregate query
How to maintain history changes in database
Cant see results of digitaly signed hash C#
Autowiring fails, when jars are loaded as per skinny war concept where classes involved have default accessors
Medoid calculation
Magento configurable products & categories
PhoneGap appstore submission
Jquery not working in ie [closed]
Smartphone home screen bookmark button
Store IN parameter in variable of Stored procedure
How to get the same structure in a header file for 32 and 64 bits machines?
Is it possible and how to contribute to the boost documentation?
Why doesn't this regex work with preg_*?
Not able to set location of JLabel on a JPanel
RewriteRule for url causes Facebook login to break
jquery append not working for creating html table
Facebook app age restriction
C++ templates, partial specialization and friends
want to precompile jsp and map the resulting .class file in the web.xml
Storing Images with Riak using PHP Client
Django performance testing suite that'll report on metrics (db queries etc.)
Any way to have visual studio ignore a a compile error for using an unassigned object?
how to make a nice scroll bar in a webpage html
Rework ruby 1.8 encoding conversion code to ruby 1.9
Append form to DOM from string
Allow user to create databases, but only see those that they have access to
Python: how to import a bunch of similar names?
When is sizeof(myPOD) too big for pass by value on x64?
Call Code Behind Function from Javascript
Pagination on fast changing database content
Problems with Google Android Market (server error?) [closed]
How to save image of superview into local mobile photo album
having issues with IF clause in MySQL
HTTP Cookie Request Header sequence of events
highlight menu options
Using HybridAuth with CodeIgniter 2
UISplitViewController delegate in a singleton
Register stored procedure out parameters using javax.persistence.EntityManager
Inserting objects containing collections in MongoDB
How to check if file is being used by another process - Powershell
PHP: Apply a common filter with filter_var_array?
Couldn't get the date from DateField as expected in ExtJS
oledb import csv file - weird characters:衰芦驴 added
SSRS BIDS Report Manager - Control
Can have an Unicode ligature character more than one representation in UTF8?
Why firefox can't get elements node as well as IE?
C#: Declaring a constant variable for datatype to use
android webView inside a tab always fits fullscreen
Hide all RadToolTips on page upon OnItemDragStarted from RadListView
Alfresco workflow behaviour documentation
Which pair of DBMSs offer the fastest read/writes when combined with CQRS?
How to set control properties in constructor (problems with Designer)
Why doesn't the OS crash if I dereference a null pointer?
Polymorphic assocs but with inherited attribute names
hook keyboard : how to get the name of program where the key is pressed?
Managing a list in umbraco 5
What holes remain after even mysql_real_escape_string?
SOLR no luck with long query, try shorter one
Long data is not posting using ASIFormDataRequest
Creating, using and matching pattern in Augmented Reality
c++ set formation from two other sets
Writing wrapper for 3 different classes which 3 different unordered_map and related functions of each class
While receiving mail it show 鈥渁dmin@gmail.com鈥�in from box,but it should show 鈥渇rom@gmail.com鈥�
How to share a record between multiple erl in Erlang?
What is the function of class ExprRequire in Haxe?
Resizing SplitContainer makes controls invisible
Many-to-Many relationship with check on Membership
Reducing MySQL query with multiple 鈥淥R鈥�statements
what does model.refresh do in playframework(1.2.4)
Jquery ajax get request
How does Grails convert String to Enum?
How to get the value of a CSS property in SASS?
Should I remove normal Java before install Java Development Kit?
How to change name of JSON key?
Protect Codeigniter application during development
Floating point arithmetic in Javascript [duplicate]
Zend Framework - Passing a variable request in controller
how to detect if a word from a db is contained into a sent string
Find the next record by date for a person and compare it to their initial record
Detect any attempt to insert an email address or phone number
Pass cookies to Android WebView [duplicate]
Java Embedded Static Interfaces
Is the format/structure of SciPy's condensed distance matrix stable?
Backbone.js - Using a real-time (socket.io) data source as a dynamic model
Inverse a matrix in objective c
Data structure to manipulate long strings of bits
Backbone initial Collection data and subsequent fetches
is mappedBy in hibernate defined as per schema definition or is it defined logically?
DataFlow uploading product images
using php template in symfony 2 instead of twig
Advanced iOS GUIs (preferably using C++)
Excel Hyperlinks change when I move spreadsheet
Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class:updatescontroller on line 97
How to approach writing five-in-a-row Tic Tac Toe game AI?
CakePHP 2.0: Error on loading an image with the html-helper
@ManyToMany not all values obtained from DB
Detecting if internet connection is busy
How to override Android keyboard
Zend Framework Ajax Link to work with jQuery Dialog Box
Puzzling scope behaviour
CGImage rotation method memory leak on iOS
ColdFusion Dynamic Text Area
Calculate balance with mysql
How to specify an array using a variable in php?
How to write 'map only' hadoop jobs?
vim or sed/awk/etc - pad all lines with spaces to fixed width
Customize the action bar color background changing
SQL Server 2008 R2 Encryption - with Entity Framework
EXIF Image data and Windows Explorer
Color detector in Java
Deadlock solution/detection with redirecting requests
Filter vs -ms-filter
Node.js and Jetty 6
How to resolve collection with filtering parameter?
Change color when style select is chosen
.tooltip() is not a function
android database and spinner
fields_for in rails 3 issue
Tridion : How can I find out if a page has been published to a particular publication target using the business connector?
execute inline js loaded via ajax
Zend PDF - get the width and height of an image?
Passing the filename as command line parameters in OpenCV
Wpf create window lock
How to generate dynamic list in android based on entries from database
System.AccessViolationException when running ActiveX function from another class
How do RVM and RBEnv actually work?
Symfony 2 Twig extension
How do I open another app in my WebView app?
setting maximum row in nsruleeditor
How to make a row in UITableView invisible?
What is the fastest way to get a vimeo thumbnail with PHP
Is there a way to specify scope?
Correct C++ file extension [duplicate]
How do I say something like HEAD-1 in svn?
appserver/platform agnostic bayeux implementation
XSLT 1.0 Get Current DateTime
NHibernate QueryOver sum the values of a field in a collection
SocialEngine module with custom routes
Work around for HTML stripping quotes in quirks mode?
making the windows directory password protected in C#?
using images as radio buttons using css and jquery
network address are given鈥ell whether the two stations are on same n/w or not
WeakReference - Am I doing it right?
sphinx reset one filter only
Get childitems of SVG tag using selenium
print a gridview in landscape mode
Why doesn't groovy use classpath argument?
PHP GD Image resize makes portrait images landscape [closed]
RelativeSource in DataTemplate works with TabControl but not with TabItem
Indirect dependency on the .NET Framework assembly
How to find if a string has all english or arabic letters
Facebook friends activity
Executing the same JSP holding the onclick event
Python and MySQLdb: substitution of table resulting in syntax error
How to detect object on image
Planning repository layout for git migration
unbound method __init__() must be called with LocaleRegexProvider instance as first argument (got RegexURLPattern instance instead)
Galleria Folio Theme in Internet Explorer 7
How to filter an array based on 2 values
Is there a way to change the default encoding for all run configurations within Pydev?
How to use regex expression (using sed) in windows using cygwin without removing carriage return?
Learning object oriented - classes [closed]
Axis 1.4 is not decoding SOAP envelope when HTTP status is 202 - bug or feature?
core graphics in iPad applications
Using NetBeans IDE 7.1 +PHPMD+CodeSniffer
Does guava have a Map implementation that takes custom hash/equals functions?
JSpinner date/time format in java netbeans
print page by jsp like normal printing
Rails autocomplete works in parent but not nested form. Why?
How to run Cassandra Hector client example?
Include view in custom block with arguments
running select query in ms access 2007 vba and assign the resulting value to a textbox
Is Hyde (Python) a stand alone solution? [closed]
Is it possible to set the alert body of uilocalnotification after it is scheduled
why public constructor should be provided in javabean class
difference between webservices and API'S? [closed]
form refresh causing URL rewrite to reveal php file
UITableView with two Columns but not two different TableViews
AndEngine. LinearLayout for AnimatedSprites
Login Modal view not showing over a splitview
smart quotes not converting properly into UTF8
How to skip jQuery.validity validation for selected input buttons?
Server error in MVC 3 app with Database First and Entity Framework 4.1
Best Practices with Large DataSet in C#
Is it safe to pass the same ExecutorService instance to multiple NioServerSocketChannelFactory in Netty
Are there any way to profile cache miss in linux kernel?
Leaflet Map API with Google Satellite Layer
Callback when adding new tweets on twitter
Expressing fact in polynomial size boolean expression
How to properly cast string to number with JPA2 Criteria API?
How can I execute commands as another user with their .bash_profile instead of the current user's?
Struct implicit vs empty constructor
can long long hold so much symbols?
xpath and xml namespaces
c# WCF SSPI failed during connecting to Windows Service
Steps involved to create a web service
VS2010 import/export setting does not work
TCL 8.4 workaround for not having the lsort -nocase option?
php subdivide string that contains variable tags
Display a chart in Real time using the data coming from .CSV files in ASP.net
can i disable output escape in javascript?
Splitting source document in Sphinx (i.e. managing files hierarchy)
One JFrame and Two JPanels
Can we use COM objects in C# project?
Go to URL after OK button in alert is pressed
AS3 - After clicking button, make it stay in 鈥渙ver鈥�mode
ASN1C DER decoder
Formatting Erlang terms without lists-to-strings translation
timetable implementation with Dijkstra's Algorithm
Why does ATK Framework not display the 鈥渘otes鈥�field in a table in the record list?
Nice values vs. static priorites (Linux scheduling)
CXF Webservice MTOM can't send file with
Is there a yield return in java for lazy fetching in hibernate?
Writing GZIP file with nio
Weird behaviour when copying array with slice
Android Application not playing MP4 from SD Card
how to load vim command based on plugin command in vimrc
How to place the selected Li in h4 using jquery
Accessing values in backed bean showing null values
CakePHP 2.0 cannot save
chat message window in jquery mobile
custom menu control in UIWebView
Retrieving data from db based on system date and time
jquery function that load html code into a div and then load other content into div inside html loaded
Change price after import product with another price (magento)
Array of char pointers in C - Distinguishing empty elements
How to find the list of available users using asp.net and SQL Server?
Is it possible to create language translator for php website?
Issue with ASP.NET MVC Dropdown Editor Templates for Nullable Enums
Get non-contiguous columns from a list of lists
how to start opennms after building source code
Core Data Migration - Remotely
Reading GPS values with Python in SL4a does not work
Android Google Map is not displaying
Proportional devision of months from the list of given months
How to load a Cocos2d animation inside a UIViewController in UIKit based App. (SOLVED)
C++ compiler error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 鈥榮et鈥�with no type
How do I get the PID of a process spawned with Perl's system function?
TFS 2010 Auto Deployment for Web application
4 UIButtons, 1 method to change the title?
JQuery Password Validation affected to all input type password?
How to manage foreground window across processes?
How to implement Luracast Restler 2.0 in IIS 7.5 with PHP 5+
Move elements with CSS
Getting force close error in android when using threading
document.getElementById(鈥渋d鈥�.innerHTML run time error on Internet Explorer
Communicate Android with GSM modem
MPMoviePlayerController: how to read a temporary video file
鈥淚ndex of 鈥︹� directory listing protection
FETCH JOIN maximum depth?
Multivariate graphics recommendation for R
Save android application in sd card
Why are my auto-implemented properties working in ASP.NET 2.0?
Avoiding SQL injection using mysql_real_escape_string and stripslashes
Visual C++ Error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'constant'
How to pass dynamic multiple parameters in web.sitemap?
Online surveys for PHP own server [closed]
iOS XCode native vs PhoneGap for speed of development
importing and processing data from a CSV File in Delphi
Obj-C, sqlite Commit Transaction, can use Selects within a transaction?
How to show the google plus activity of a Logged in User on the Rails App
system function call, any suggestions?
NSPropertyListSerialization after parsing an XML
How to scroll the checkboxes inside a dropdown by jquery.mobile.scrollview.js?
OData client with support for Navigation properties
OData client with support for Navigation properties
undefined method error trying to get cucumber testing of omniauth working properly
Android apps: Retrieving 鈥淢e鈥�contact from the contact list
Modify OpenERP 6.1 product form view in web client
Running methods of objects within an ArrayList
Compile code using a script for Android
RoleInstanceStatusCheckEventArgs.SetBusy from inside w3wp
how i make this code from encrypt to decrypt in C# i use Xor and Or [closed]
What is the right approach of building a Text-Content Website? [closed]
PyOpenGL, Pygame, and shaders don't seem to cooperate
How to change Wicket behaviour on Page Expired
Checkin API broken?
How to create a Calendar Home Widget in android?
IE9 error , argument not optional
php replace multiple items from a text string
Setting UILabel font size, moves text left of its frame
Find a word line number in a paragraph with JavaScript
extjs combo won't stop loading 4.07
Double quote string replace in C#
Yet another primary key exception
Handling http errors before parsing xml file
unique_ptr operator=
Is there a way to wrap function having va_args arguments?
WAS 6.1 shows Java version 5, but its really 1.4
How would I go about adding any files folders under a given directory to subversion in a batch / pre-commit file?
How to create Google Maps in Widget in android
java binary files operations
Using paperclip with imagemagick on macosx
Transfer data between two database and check not repeated values synchronously
muliple markers
Slanted column heading - SSRS reports
How does the Tridion GUI Extensions CommandSet map to js methods?
make typedefs incompatible
Rails progress bar when parsing a file (not uploading)
How to navigate from app delegate class in window based iPhone application. How to write pushViewcontroller method in app delegate class
how to remove data from a dataset table where is relation
Cancan condition
copy row data from one sheet to one or more sheets based on values in other cells
When I Add many Items into ListBox, I get OutOfMemoryException . How to modify it?
CouchDB: separate collections
waterfall plot using ribbon
facebook javascript sdk login dialog flashes if already logged in
C# UDP Server/Client - NAT
How to transform XML file into a class/object structure in Python?
How to detect if browser is in the process of loading a new page
Render HTML definition lists in Lift
WPF Menuitems align left?
Hibernate database name change gives MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table doesn't exist
marker.setDraggable(false) throws an exception in main.js in API Google Maps
Including JavaScript at bottom of page, from Partial Page
What is the approach I should take to make a Kakuro grid?
Backtracking Algorithm
Pass parameter to QueueUserWorkItem
Get the index of specific tags using Jquery
Dwolla Offsite Gateway API error
Layout with different colors
Retrieve code from ILGenerator
Posting emdedded HTML and JavaScript to Facebook
Need a auto click off tool to automatically click on OK button of popup window in Linux
Core Data NSPredicate for toMany Relationsihp
C# date AddDays output
get image from asyncimageview
Running web application from bin debug folder
How to set focus() on dropdown list, using javascript in php script
Curl or HTTPRequest
C# CertificatePolicy - Invoke HTTPS Web Service URL
Updating gridview position with transparent image
Clojure - test for equality of function expression?
Converting self-releasing objects to ARC
About Custom validator for name field [closed]
How to test for vector initialization success/failure in C++
C strings and pointers
how to use a timer in Lua
Framework Upgrade to 3.5
postmortem debugging - Using windows events with MAP files
Export unit test result into a file with Xcode
Generate PDF with XSL-FO for Android
Get a list of installed applications in android
Creating an arguments and adding it to a click event
Intersection point of QPainterPath and line (find QPainterPath y by x)
How to run a 32bit JVM on a 64bit Linux?
ASP.NET MVC 3: manage users and roles inside the internet application
htaccess rewrites for website and admin area?
UILabel configuration
adapter.notifyDataSetChanges() not working
unresolved external symbol error: not able to solve it
How to reject a call programatically android
how to filter a query based on 2 fields
ReachabilityWithAddress error giving it an ip address
How to give a one to one relationship between sales force custom objects?
Folder of Java Run Time Environment change with updates?
How do I invoke a method when my NSComboBoxCell text has been edited?
How to use two databases at a time and update simultaneously in two different locations
Backbone jasmine sinon.stub typeError
Implementing 鈥淪elect all checkboxes鈥�in rich:dataTable header
Use a Jboss/Tomcat valve to encrypt/decrypt urls like some url-rewriting?
Open source tool for zipped file content searching?
INVALID IPN if i use sandbox
User login to information on query string
Several UIPickerView
Find and replace filename recursively in a directory
UAC, VirtualStore and dll interop
Get current directory in asp.net mvc
How to compare two products in two different pages
Java memory leak - FileReaders, BufferedReaders and Stacks
how to avoid the millisecond part from localtimestamp?
Weird behavior after clicking on input fields in Chrome and Safari
Get substring from a string
Delete function in binary search tree in haskell
javascript skipping first level of recursive thingy
Scala mutable BitSet, where are the mutating operations?
Nested forms in Rails
swffit, where to put the code?
Is contend added by JS to DOM will be searchable by search engines? [duplicate]
recv packets with pointer members
C++ Class Member Variables Resetting After Loop?
Gluster/Lustre like for Windows?
Backbone.js: model save request has current url path prefixed
Cross domain iframe issue
how to make days unselectable in DatePicker?
Rendering the nbsp issue of the XML
Splitting a string into words in Java
how to convert .h263 in avi or any other extension that can be played?c++
Sonar plugin to parse Velocity templates to check code quality
Borderless window for linux transparency
Create a WebView (Android) using PhoneGap with SVG support
How to specify which part of a regex takes precendence when faced with an ambiguity?
createBitmap method of Bitmap class returns an error
What is the trouble with this code? Why is it showing: Debug assertion failed! _BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse)?
Back of the envelope estimate of RAM consumption of bubble sort in C on an array of 10 integers systematically possible?
Firebug why can the 'receiving' value in the net tab be zero?
Regex - How can I extract a string between two different strings?
Grails seeing my freshly instantiated object as null in BootStrap.groovy
Why System.Decimal inheritance hierarchy
HBase 0.92 warnings about SLF4J bindings
how to get scrollwidth from the javascript in iphone
DUnit GUI Testing: Can I force 'Application' to a different 鈥渇orm鈥�
Referencing javascript components in another project in Visual Studio 2010
Java JPanel inside JScrollPane?
Designer.cs gets corrupt after making changes to the webpage in Visual Studion 2010
How to enable scrolling when input panel is open in windows phone 7
Twitter and iOS 5
Cannot launch git gui using cygwin on windows
boost::format and wchar_t
How to automatically get the slug even if the only supplied parameter is id using mod_rewrite
Tomcat in combination with Intellij IDEA: no compiler available
Add vertical text to JMenu
cron command to run every 12 hours
GridView Hyperlink opening file
How to use Malloc and StrDup together when StrDup is in a while loop?
SQL Query with NOT LIKE IN
Nhunspell C# Adding Word to Dictionary
Android Client TCP
Access to restricted URI denied鈥�code: 鈥�012
NHibernate schema export issue with Oracle Blob field
AndroidHttpClient can not getEntity().getContent() after closed
Python - how to execute shell commands with pipe?
Flot graph is not working with time and count
How to solve multiple CMMotionManager conflict in iOS?
I wanna put an xml file content into a URL, can I?
Undo general preventDefault on single element?
Reading HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in regedit and programatically doesn't show same keys
Action not triggered when button is enabled/disabled with ajax
ssh: Could not resolve hostname github.com: Name or service not known; fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly [closed]
Making a .htaccess Rewrite Rule
How to make F12 work in MSDEV for non MSDEV project
add user details from my asp.net application to windows server database
jQuery Color Plugin - $.Color is not a function error
bazaar pull special usage
How to spread my website menu to fill the div it sits in?
How to pass text with new line as parameter to a bat file?
Maps-service for small internal project
Local notification tutorial for iOS5
Weird   appearing for no reason
HOW TO use fabric use with dtach,screen,is there some example
Calling List<T>.Clear() causing IndexOutOfRangeException
jquery pjax + jquery tipsy the tooltip doesn't hide on mouseout after click
How to prevent an abstract class with public derived classes from being inherited in other assemblies?
where database store in iphone simulator (for Mac OS)?
Junction tables not getting updated with SQLBulkCopy
Bind property to the Run in a Textblock?
In Clojure, how to group elements?
splash screen appears on click of android device BACK button 鈥�Created using PhoneGap
Strange behavior with borders on Firefox 10 on windows
passing user defined java objects to velocity scriptengine
Joint in cocos2d-box2d in android
How do I convert a binary image into an in-memory data structure in python?
Highlight selectedItem in listbox
Pound sign displaying as 脗拢 when generating CSV
LinkedIn RequestToken FAil Android Error 鈥溾�Communication with the service provider failed: https://api.linkedin.com/uas/oauth/requestToken鈥溾�
Google Map in Umbraco not displaying
Can I insert my own ads in my facebook app? [closed]
Preferred approach to environmental building with Rake? (Coming from Msbuild/Nant)
Strange Joomla element placing error (css error?)
Updating table is the same as the table in the sub-query
Error linking libxml
loop won't work inside my plugin
Rails HTML templating
how to ignore XML errors when parsing faulty XML with Sax (on Android)
ApplicationServices Framework not found error in ios
ApplicationServices Framework not found error in ios
HTML5 pixel manipulation is not working
Pointer to const char vs char array vs std::string
How do I setText on a TextView that isn't in the current 鈥渁ctive activity鈥�
Both draggable and sortable list
Sending post request using xhr in xui phonegap
Using workspace projects with AppEngine
Either Free or Paid alternative to Silverlight Web Browser Control to target visibility(z-index) problems?
Can we list all the *.[c,h,S] files that are used by 鈥渕ake鈥�command to build the linux kernel?
shouldOverrideUrlLoading() loads old URL
Cross server webservice using ajax
Restricting access to a given Google Group members
FTP upload file error code=425, message= Can't open data connection
About HTML5's new feature placeholder on Firefox
CodeIgniter models and properties
Mysql: Unique field need to be index?
c++ map<string,string>::find seems to return garbage iterator
鈥淯nknown property鈥�when extending DateInterval
Proguard can't find method in java.lang.StringBuilder
Doxygen and git for automated file version information
Using PHP to connect to SQL Server
magento not sending out any mails, how to debug?
Using storyboard seems to disable touch events?
Register for Apple Push Notification asynchron or in background
Table Headers in PDF module in Play Framework
Cannot resolve the collation conflict between 鈥淪QL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS鈥�and 鈥淟atin1_General_CI_AI鈥�in the equal to operation
VB.NET, which textbox line was that you clicked on?
Resharper: Namespace does not correspond to file location
Creating/modifying files in NSDocumentDirectory is prohibited by Apple?
How do I define a SyncAdapter to NOT sync by default?
Copy the files from desktop and Paste in webapplication
Saving entities fetched from a query with hibernate
Wordpress Tags - How to obtain all the posts with the same tag
SQL XML select where clause
How to use instance variables in rails ujs?
Apache + Tomcat - Problems with sticky sessions and load balancing
Add Route to ajax Link?
Plotting 2 vectors in one graph with factor vector as x-axis
c# - Filtering .zip file out of FileInfo array
Getting Started with Network Programming - PlayBook
Call to possible undefined function updateDisplayList in new class of HGroup?
how to swiping to next activity
logging handler in glib/gmessages.h
HTTP token authentication
How to trigger Esc keyup event properly on HTML element?
What is returned from printf?
Delay mouseout/hover with CSS3 transitions
How to set the timeout on HTTPConnection under python 2.4
How to modify build notification template? How to add BuildUri value?
How to set a boolean type property in objective C class
Integration test with Cucumber + Guard + Spork: Can I access my REST entry point?
window.find(text) for Flash Portion
iOS Cisco Mobile App API?
Android UI thread and child thread communication
There is an option to create 3 files with XIB in Xcode 4.3?
Incomprehensible VC++6 compile error C2664
Delegate methods objective-c
receiving and sending sms through gsm modem
aui random id and name
session In proc store location with taking space
iPhone App Brush effects (Based on GLPaint) [duplicate]
How to get the id of the attribute from an element using jquery?
Change the Range of Gauge Control
i used custom cell table view.in this each cell contain text view and edit button
Passing parameters to other activities android
how to use lamda in mvc 3 razor
Box2D - How can I know when 2 Fixtures are touching?
how shall I document the use of GET or POST in a controller method?
Cannot access JList items in custom property editor
Javascript Search Ranges
Integration ZXing library into my Android application
Hibernate join design
jQuery plugin issues in IE
How to compile Cassandra Thrift examples
ssh breaks out of while-loop in bash
Jetty 7 embedded configuration for websockets, servlets AND resource handlers
Need a better 鈥済etting started鈥�guide for Lift
Automatize VBA Excel maco
Should I add web libraries as git submodules for a project?
How to declare a constant that is used in a template?
Orchard CMS : Creating module for OpenRasta, problems with dependency injection
Android StackOverflow issue
viewWillAppear method is not calling iPhone SDK
Android : OverlayItem causes null
how to change tree panel property 鈥渢ext:鈥�with any other name e.g 鈥渘ame:鈥�in extjs
mysql import is not working [closed]
Is there a way to catch the zoomed-out-max event in IE10 Metro?
<rich:richtoolTip> in ajax mode and parameters
Weird deployment issue with Django and CoffeeScript to Heroku
How can I re-populate a ListBox without causing InvalidOperation exception due to invalid SelectedItem?
google api not working for geolocation
Mockito - Feeling that I don't use its full potential
Flex : Hide a menu item from Menu?
Group/rule-based authorization approach in node.js and express.js
multi language html page
Change the shape of buttons (鈥渁rrow-ed鈥�back button) in twitter bootstrap?
C# desktop app gives error when accessing Access database (mdb)
Telerik:RadRotator Not displaying(rendering) in IE9
How to put SOAP request and SOAP response in Log file in @EndPoint annotated class file
Android: keep zoom when updated ImageView
How to play .WAV sounds in c++
Lanscape width ads with admob and android
When is the DoubleClick event raised other than for a double mouse click?
How to make binding to dictionary item with change notification?
How to find values in dictionary in VB
ASP.NET ListBox - Condense generated html
autocomplete : How can I change the result list with only elements that start with input-word?
Convert HTML (tinyMCE) to WORD (.docx)
Possible problems in the way i store data..?
How can I implement a wire tap / interceptor for calls to a web service?
PHP Marge 2 Array in single array
How to create regex from any letter to a specific character
pg gem fails to install
How to map two different classes into one ViewModel with Automapper?
how was this diagram created?
Hibernate criteria API equals method
TinyMCE - inserting hidden INPUT tag
How to throw custom exceptions in NetBeans using PHPUnit
Scala-IDE/IntelliJ :: Template support for Scalate, Play, etc
Template selector and creation of ViewModel
I am getting an error :: org.apache.poi.openxml4j.exceptions.InvalidFormatException cannot be resolved
Visual Studio Designer message
get percetage in one query
Async copy a audio stream in wp7
Parser interpreter programming
Reverse an OrderedSet in an Eclipse Modeling Framework Model via OCL
MJQ - orientationchange never chanve the height of the div
Auto start git daemon on window server
bind data to dropdownlist of partialview in MVC3 using viewbag
Should we use decorator pattern in C++?
BAT file: Open new cmd window and enter code in there
T_String Parse Error [closed]
Where do I find the machine epsilon in C#?
Generating random letter
how to: echo mysql_query($show_tables) to standard output?
Magento dashboard total sales price is not updating still on 0.-
listview in android dynamically
href/case switch help needed
Create a Chrome options layout like
Refresh JTable when setAutoCreateRowSorter is true
Rails not rendering Response of Ajax Form
cannot Upload Files into Linux Server through scp command . [closed]
Parameter has no default value [closed]
Post image to wall without posting to an album
Perl bash command within a while loop produces nonsense
What should I do with a Kanban-item that fails test?
I want to cURL google search result in php
MVC: The model item passed into the dictionary is of type X, but this dictionary requires a model item of type X
Why the coding should be 鈥渢o the interface鈥�especially for primitive datatypes?
How can I detect or avoid cyclic references with std::shared_ptr?
Android : How to get a state that the outgoing call has been answered?
iPhone - Online Multiplayer game tutorial using game center [closed]
Alert or Dialog box in NetBeans [closed]
Java reimplement Observer
strip tags placing a delimiter or store to an array using PHP
Slide-down view on iPhone
How can I disable the virtual keyboard for all my WPF apps?
Enable template only for some std::vector<T2> type
Really painful to run GWTP in Maven
Ruby on Rails 3: Web service with attachment(Excel) as a parameter
Jquery append input element and send data from that input element
iOS - pass UIImage to shader as texture
Modern GUI programming tools
Sitecore multi-language solution is it ok to mix translated and un-translated content
Difference between Modal and Push segue in storyboards
Vlc python binding - ctype error
Database: Currencies By CountryCode?
Handling cross-cutting concerns like internal statistics reporting for components of a web application
Possible to config spring security to give access to some users from ldap?
Linux how to copy but not overwrite?
find records by criteria and select only one if they have some equal field (LINQ)
Nodejs sending values via url
hg merge with BeyondCompare - how to mark as merged
SQL - Inline select statements - issue when @retailer_id = null
Setting up a loop in AsyncTask to retrieve the next iteration of a sequence
Java Dynamic Casting Object to List<?>
How can I get the current URLof the site, not a HTTPRequst
What is the best practice for checking each url visited in a chrome extension?
How hidden Links in Dashboard page to ROLE ADMIN and show it to ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN?
C# import MS-Access database into SQL Server?
Export data to doc file using php with desired styles
Android shared preferences
Android retrieve return value from WCF
Updating a value in solr
jQuery Collision
Splash screen in Java maven project
Komodo Edit autocompletion JS object literal
What is the maximum xeon fpu precision?
iPhone browser adding right hand margin to some of the DIVs
How to access videos in the Videos of section *warning cute cat videos*
NullPointerException When Intent is used Android After Checking A boolean Condition?
How to consume Amazon SWF
How can I start a Play! Framework server from within a test
Disappearing UIBarButtonItems in iOS 4
Unable to find entry point in DLL
form submit only one time [duplicate]
Zend Framework - sometimes strange errors in few environments
How to check if UDP traffic is enabled?
string pattern match,the suffix array can solve this or have more solution?
Right clicking on the flash image, the first option takes the user to another website
Type mismatch: 'Server.HTMLEncode' ASP
Serving multiple django-sites on the same domain /es /en /pt
Rendering opengl on external display using Monotouch
SQLLDR with mix of fixed and variable-length fields
How to change layout of a fragment dynamically
How to export hash table Name and value into Excel columns?
mvc3 .net selectList height changes when 'input-validation-error' class applied via JQuery
Android Theme.Holo.Light on Galaxy Nexus has grey background when emulator does not
iphone background process not working for longtime in my application
Android - using Httppost to pass some data from android apps to servlet, but it becomes null in servlet
mysql_fetch_array - group results
Facebook Graph API/ PHP SDK Login ISSUE
Display dates with comma separation
Java - Create new file on remote location
seeing extra elements in developer tools
Magento change shipping price based on products from category x?
Animation on iphone 4 is different from simulator
Remove 鈥渄1p1鈥�namespace prefix in DataContractSerializer XML output
How do I prevent hg update <branch> without committing in the active branch in Mercurial?
Mapping MVC routes with meaningful names to each method for Web API
query out of multiple tables
Python code not executing
Pretty-print haskell source code with comments
End span tag in cake php using Html helper
Local setting for INSTALLED_APPS using Fabric
Rearrange array values to 鈥渞oot level鈥�
PhysicsConnector issue
Developing Chrome Extensions Using NPAPI in C++
Enumeration best practices
Scala - second-generation inheritance of a common trait
center a block in which it is applied display inline-block
multiple inheritance ambigious function
Cocos2d animation delay after some time(minutes)
How to set the range for Y-Axis using JfreeChart?
How to flip a JFrame and its children upside down?
AWK, Perl or Shell? Unique strings and their maximum values from 3 column data file
How to handle onCheckedChangeListener for a RadioGroup in a custom ListView adapter
Converting a float to an integer
How we can do User Interface Design in Eclipse?
Twitter - retrieve pin code from webview. Android
Is it possible to compare two different row on left out join?
Turning off script blocking in web pages
Silverlight datagrid binding - how to bind child dictionary item as parent class property?
Make target substitution
Error 鈥渦nknown delivery tag鈥�occurs when i try ack messages to RabbitMQ using pika (python)
how to count maximum number of login attempts in javascript?
Prevent button serverclick firing on every page refresh
how to show photos on magento
SQL Server + Incorrect TOP 1 output
NHibernate generating duplicate ID values when deployed on multiple servers
Why does this depth buffer setup not work
Swing desktop-development
Error in for loop in datatable
'l' bit in in file permission ( ---x--l鈥�)O/P
Modify python regexp to match all floating point numbers instead of only the first one
How to store a member function pointer through an interface
How to match mongoid documents using array fields in query?
How to merge 2 or more byte items in array to one byte element
Saving and hiding data in android app
My facebook actions have been approved but are only posting to a tester's timeline
iPhone - Adjusting UILabel content dynamically according to data pass to it
ASP:DropDown Post Back
Weekly-based ORDER BY on MySQL
Linux SCHED_OTHER, SCHED_FIFO and SCHED_RR - differences
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _DXTraceW@20
Java's popularity in Internet Algorithmics (Search, Big Data etc.) [closed]
How to create two layers and switching between them using button
How to get iframe onload event in asp.net
Modal window - how to over all screen?
Email helper authentication
Requirement for iterators to refer to an element in the controlled sequence
How to get the AT5 data from a GGeoXml object
Model Binding using many partial views strongly typed contained within a Main View
web application using tcl/tk
algorithm for item distribution
How would git handle a SHA-1 collision on a blob?
sorting an array with unknown keys and and maintain index association in php
file not saved correctly
Where to download Apache FOP?
reducing errors using boolean arrays in C++
How can I get the same data from a variable in every part of the method?
Rescheduling of a ScheduledExecutorService
Is there anything wrong with my regular expression?
standard environment naming, staging, production [closed]
Connect Rails 3 to Salesforce/Any other App via OAuth
Using Cassini with a virtual path that contains dots
linq to sql one-one relationship 小#
mongoid and nested form for embeds_one document
Titanium: Data encryption and decryption techniques on Android devices
access the textbox of dynamically created table in listview of user control page?
Custom work item control auto update in visual studio
How to select large data from SQL Server 2008 R2?
foreach after Linq query on a datatable not working
Handling **** OSType in a Cocoa NSDocument application
stepping with gdb seems to show program statements not having any effect
Object reference not set to an instance of an object when using a session object
Add parameter issue for fulltext search in C#
Closures and Tasks
JGraph(T) graph element selection customization
Jquery display block creates unwanted line shifts
Changing AppWidget's background dynamically with a 9 patch drawable
what is this: 喔箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛喙囙箛 [duplicate]
How can I unescape a C-escaped Unicode string using C++? [duplicate]
Difference between Merging and Branching
Device VID and PID to pass into function
Which header should I include for DXTrace?
no overload for the method xyz() with out parameters take 4 arguments
Most preferred DTD (Document type declarations) and why do we need it?
How do I call a method from a Domain Service class
CodeIgniter and Godaddy hosting subdomain
What is the trick behind generating Javascript code with continuations?
App store review process for apps that rely on specific geolocation
How to create loops in jQuery
Fragment Shader - Reproduce blue channel level output slider
google chrome extension userscript icon
How to properly deploy application with SQLCE via click once
resizing animated GIF while keeping it's animation using java
TextBlock Text-Binding from ListView items
Why did't call web-service if text having spaces in between words.?
Dynamic number of field validation in jquery
php url rewriting and htaccess
Outline for UILabel text
Running non-eggified products against zc.recipe.testrunner
Get Canvas in LWUIT app
Long button press in IOS [duplicate]
Retaining value of query generated dropdown box after submission
How to get all option values in a multiple select with jquery?
Calling an external JS and CSS to my site - What is the risk
Creating a Simple Dependency Injection Container in Java, Dynamically creating objects
ASP.NET: How to prevent opening same site a few times in parallel?
iPhone screen become dark after 30 seconds
Excel grouping numbers and letters
How can I separate one table into several with MS Access?
Status Bar returns when UIImagePickerViewController is called?
Can I simulate NFC-V tag?
How to check that dsn which is created used for Sql Server or Access using C#
MPEG backwards frame decoding using FFmpeg
Modify app assets using Phonegap's File API
How can one reset the post views on a specific Wordpress page?
UIPageViewController direction of paging
How to install an iOS app programmatically?
How do I access this property from 'code-behind'?
exception thrown when an active record transaction is made from a thread in rails
Is there a built-in way of accessing shell file copy progress dialog from .NET 4.0?
When form is validated, how to SCROLL to the first error instead of jumping?
Detect bottom value in Haskell
Game update-render loop in Rx: how to ensure consistent state?
File Upload With Progress Bar in MVC
Android WebView AJAX sandbox
How can I remove a piece of text that spans multiple lines using regular expressions in JavaScript? [closed]
Mage_Checkout_Model_Mysql4_Setup' not found on magento
What is spam mail: a point on writing a spam mail filter [closed]
Color page switcher with jQuery and cookie
iPhone and iPad App Real and Virtual Memory usage
scrollheight of an element gives undefined value
Docstrings - one line vs multiple line
What is the difference between clearAnimation() and stop() in android?
How to get the (Greatest Common Divisor)GCD of Doubles
About action bar on old and new platform in my case
wxPython textCtrl silent AppendText
Coreplot Library - Extract entire graph image
Is there a good batch Migration tool for migration from Firebird to MySQL?
wait/ resume thread in java android
What happens if a browser that doesn't support HTML 5 encounters an HTML 5 website?
How to use base64 encoded jpeg in Android gridview?
How can I create unique identifiers for each machine in Linux or Perl?
Changing color of particular text in Alert Dialog
C Equivalent Java JNA code example
Double pointer that points on self-created struct - Compiler says OK - Programm aborts
Installing Mongodb with Lamp On Ubuntu ( Linux )
Open multiple firefox instances with different profiles on Mac OS X
How do I delete a top level QTreeWidgetItem from a QTreeWidget?
multiple source code repositories
SQL - two tables retrieving data
WebView scrollTo is not working
Excel VBA - Value of a field to Number
GetProperty(鈥減name鈥� returns null
Monte Carlo Inventory Forecasting Implementation
Results from 2 mdx queries on same jaspersoft report
Facebook C# SDK throws ArgumentNullException
Node js: Assign mysql result to requests
Ninject + NHibernate with two or more databases
MVC3 Extra role attribute
How to retrieve SAML Response from OpenAM for SalesForce
.net openfiledialog handle the OK dialog result but dont close dialog
Create Source file for Header file
Maven - determine order of different plugin goals in the same phase
Convert ASP.net source code to PHP [duplicate]
Should I use Core Data or Plain SqLite
MEF: Find type of lazy import
I need help on a really simple thing
error integrating google api with iphone sdk
How to send an email in grails
Reading Excel-file using Oledb - treating content of excel file as Text only
Error while getting Svn Log output in Windows
How to remove a particular Item from a spinner
Jquery/JS No event handling on dynamically generated table
determine pivot flick and drag is right or left in windows phone 7?
idiomatic C++ for creating a std::vector from the last n elements of a std::map
Constructing a flat file from many other tables in an SQL Server environment
Date Regex cannot seem to get a strong date regular expression
Issue while entering specific data to QLineEdit in Qt
Setting expiring cookies in Plone
Outline a group of touching shapes with SVG
How to override context.getUser()
Scraping Google Keyword Tools with CasperJS and PhantomJS
SQL with left join and group by
How to get Server Name, Port and Context
How to not hardcode my password (Android)?
How to use email address as a parameter in a rails PUT request?
Is it possible to change firefox bidi numeral by javascript?
How do i execute a function when text changes in a cell? (google docs)
How to create an Umbraco Content Node with .net User Control?
sort a data frame manually using non numeric column
WebMethod: Turn off XML
JSONException: Unterminated string
List all bosses who have at least 3 staff members
Which function will be selected?
Why the name of my app doesn't change after update from Mac App Store
Who is responsible for freeing the memory of Singleton class in iOS?
How to obtain accurate accelerometer readings from phone?
silentScroll will be undone after page is loaded
what's the difference between QString and QLatin1String?
Parameters are not getting subsituted in MyBatis query
Time shift in time format as input, the shifted real time as output [closed]
How to add multiple, delimiter based frame decoders in netty鈥�
Why do I get NullException?
Limiting text size using graphics.drawText in ListField in order to put suspension points?
Mono vhost configuration errors: Address already in use
How to store text with multi line separators into database?
Difference between shared_dynamic_cast and dynamic_pointer_cast
A big query about Jquery and gridview
Calender Api Response with '403: Daily Limit Exceeded' - Google Chrome Extension
Get user from Windows login in asp.net
Display format string, int to percent
Opening outlook 2010 through vbscript
Why doesn't Python evaluate constant number arithmetic before compiling to bytecode?
How to stream a file download in a JSF backing bean?
Cannot move object from one database to another
Migrating to OmniAuth 1.0: undefined method `user_omniauth_authorize_path'
Is there a way to look into the resources used by base android libraries?