Best practices for exporting mongo collections to SQL Server
how to send SMS to mobiles using JAVA
TabBar with 鈥渄rag鈥�for iOS 5
Magento How to get The Parent Category of A Sub-Category from A Product
Understanding the Poisson distribution of a random number generator
How to Debug a C code that is compiled using a Makefile
Jetty embedded as SPI Provider for web service doesn't send webfault to client
Force mq to work only on drafts
Netbeans 7.1 and windows 7 taskbar issue
AjaxControlToolkit configuration in web.config update from 3.5 to 4.1.51116.0
Toggle Text Value in Span for Password?
hg commit opens an editor
Print result of Fabric command
iOS Apps Enterprise deployment: what is true and what is a myth? [closed]
Different behavior in DependencyProperty's RegisterAttached() and Register()
Using SMTP Mailer but not successful yet
How to change the shared library searching order?
On buttonClick refresh the table with the new rows added
how to make an Ajax call and grab certain classes from an internal Jquery Mobile page?
Sqlalchemy Sqlite Autoincrement not behaving as expected
How I can set Chooser to show multiple type of intents?
Developing for iOS under Windows [closed]
How can I data bind a list of strings to a ListBox in WPF/WP7?
How to dynamically take the value using Spring?
How to calibrate the magnetics sensors?
How send to stream video from iOS device to server?
Cannot parse RSS feed
What does !function (name, definition) means in javascript? [duplicate]
How to stacktrace extlib?
Really good tool for database design and data manipulation for MySQL
PHPUnit: Disable autoloader for autoload testing problems
Can I see a file attribute using PEview or Hex view(editor)?
Javascript Integer Division, or is Math.floor(x) equivalent to x , 0 for x >= 0?
adapt scrolling/swiping to e-ink screens
AVPlayer freezes when playing video
Spring transactions and their interaction with the synchronized keyword
PHP - XML to CSV remove XML Whitespace
eurls containing calls to os:cmd fail in Mac OSX 10.6
Applets permissions when called from JS
Workaround to ICS 鈥渓ocking surface鈥�error
How should I implement the OSGi console into a Bundle?
$this->escape() on Models
Convert model to array mvc 3
Pls Suggest me which browser compatibility shall i provide to my Application? [closed]
Secure communication for MSMQ
doc.documentElement() does not return root element?
how to parse XML to iphone correctly
JBehave Set mapping between @BeforeStory/BeforeScenario per individual Story/Scenario
Castle Windsor - Linq to SQL Session Per Request and DataLoadOptions
how to query get max id from varchar type and the values in numeric?
How to delete particular checked list item in android using database
JQUERY - simulate target=鈥淿parent鈥�
How expensive is application -> DB call? (i.e. Java JDBC -> Oracle)?
Phonegap delete picture / prevent saving in photoalbum with base64 encoded picture
In clojure, how to create a list applying 2 different functions on a collection of 2-elements vectors?
Different schemaLocation for beans / security in applicationContext.xml
how to Retrieve an Image from SQLite DB?
Getting Eclipse project info within an OSGi application
using javaw to run jars in batch files results in more than one java processes in process explorer - XYNTService
Create an Admin panel with CodeIgniter
JS - confirmbox inside a function
How can I get NSFontManager selected font?
Need help reading XML using LINQ
.NET technologies for a real-time monitoring solution
Filter called only for servlets
How to do adding a new item in listbox from a popup window?
JS visibility of a variable in function
How to setContentOffset: after insertRowAtIndexPath:
jquery change event without postback
Operation inside when we add two Integer objects?
Difficulty with socket communication from Server to Client
How to specify author of Extension in Manifest file
android get current location failed
How can I animate a custom view (ImageView) programmatically?
Row separator in floated list
static object array
Address of stack memory associated with local variable retured to caller?
T-SQL - aggregate in all rows using aggregate from correlated sub-query
Redirect GET request and include an authentication token
How to delete the biggest emails from my gmail using a python script?
process descriptor initialization
WebRTC playing webcam with Qt
Android: ArrayList old entries overwritten by new entry
ruby push method is alternating
hide primary menus only on home page drupal 6
How can jQuery return an array and still have it be a jQuery object?
Retrieving the code from an executable file
c# javascript button click
Image alternatives in case of zoom in browser
How should I setup a simple API between Rails/iOS via JSON?
How to update with multi values
Square Button placed in RelativeLayout
Selecting parent menu shoud show child menu
Moving webapps directory out of Jetty Home
How to set CHOICE_MODE_MULTIPLE on a customized listView
Ruby on Rails sub domain hosting for some controller only
margin-left and margin-right auto, can't centered [closed]
How to make a HTTP connection using C?
Phonegap persistent app in background, how to?
HttpHandler to redirect url in ASP.NET
Mono application using Console.CancelKeyPress cannot be run in background
Assign variable to values in array php
Select rows with duplicate values in 2 columns
Take picture from webcam using linux command line (bash) [closed]
Assembly generation failed - Referenced assembly does not have a strong name. Why doesn't other solutions work?
how to start and stop the scheduledexecutorservice multiple times
how to start and stop the scheduledexecutorservice multiple times
How to get one query from two models?
How to use NewRelic to monitor Rails exceptions
Running MDX Queries on TFS
Sql :Subtraction formula for different Columns?
Php Checkbox value as a image
how to use WebView for show images, video and text as book pages?
What does it means &sa=U&ei?
How to get a list of topics from a chm file in C#
Timing ASP.NET Page load
More structure with subfolders
jquery-mobile List View -> Refresh Events
Java Reflection, change private static final field didn't do anything
Node.js control flow: callbacks or promises?
Hibernate query for perfomance
Partitioning big base class for Spring/Wicket based unit tests into smaller
How to prevent this dling/sql error - or is it because bad network?
How to pass the dynamic text box value to another php page
Java Socket Constructor, Socket(String hostName, int port), Hangs
How to recognize on PHP that Facebook App was uninstalled
How to Check / Fix Broken Background Transfers - WP7
Json Schema file extension
need to check 32bit or 64 bit architecture of the cpu with javascript
Can I add a DependencyProperty on an windows user control?
Recording data on DB table
sql - find average salary for each department with more than five members
Selenium RC link locator cannot find link inside table
How to write query using self join and group by?
Spring Batch as ETL for Call Data Record Loading in to DB -Telecom
Allow certain characters to pass through $_GET?
Serving multiple apps on different sub-domains with Lighthtpd
Activity with a visible software keyboard
Find the path of browser default downloads folder
How to remove attributes which are added through 鈥�>addAttributeToFilter()鈥�from a collection in Magento
How getting the name of a control which placed in other Application? [closed]
Safari stays 鈥渓oading鈥�when window.onbeforeunload returns false
How to detemine file extension on php upload?
Elastic Search - OR filter with boolean and ids
Reading Internal Xml File in my project
Where can I find performance benchmarks for Apache Lucene/Solr
How important is fopen in PHP?
Mongoid identity_map on for web requests but off for background or rake tasks?
why gzip file size varies each time?
R: temporarily overriding functions and scope/namespace
Sharing a session store on Redis for a Django and a Express.js Application
T-SQL CASE multiple Conditions same Result
Kinda <deleting> history in svn? [duplicate]
How can I troubleshoot 鈥淎ttach to Process鈥�issues in MonoDevelop?
How do I set a QDate to the current date?
CGImageCreateWithMaskingColors returns nil
Struts execute() not being called but ActionSupport's execute() is called instead
Scala type for object or function returning an object
member not initialized in child class
which site template is best for public site in Share Point 2010
IE object not found graphic flickers and disappears
c# oops why its not printing d in the sample code
Form opens in new iframe
How to send photo from gallery programmatically?
Ajax.BeginForm that can redirect to a new page
difficult sql query
Show message if javascript is not enabled in the browser
C# Performance weird case
Access MovieClip in another method
YouTube API for Android
control FAN speed
Delegate pattern
JQuery / Javascript error in IE8 when using fully qualified domain name
flash builder 4 - annoying error message while 鈥渧alidating server configuration鈥�
How to get a local time instead of UTC time in ACE?
JQuery register click event while button is disabled
C# Get from Hashtable, get object or reference
How does soundcloud audio streaming work?
Django: How to get a static file's filepath in a development environment?
Selecting and FTPing Camera Roll Image
SQL language dependent conversion (number to month name)
Hash Table Complexity
Binding a combobox to a CollectionView shows filtered out elements. Why?
Mysql bulgarian languages, character set
Oracle SQL query to retrieve data per page with dynamic size?
Can servers block curl requests?
VB.NET DataGridView - All Columns to One Column - Record Row to One Column
how to query get max id from varchar type?
Login Allow only 3 attemts
What is Top-level types and Nested-level Types?
Difference between managed and unmanaged in-app product android?
Cocos2D help: How to rotate child sprite with the parent where child sprite only moves and does not rotate?
Create/Access Custom Configuration Section from location tag of web.config
Disable third party intent receiver menu options in android
can i manupulate my layout page at run time?
Learning Enterprise Software Development
Fail to install perl CPAN modules on Solaris 10
YUI: find event handlers for a node
Looping through Merged cells in VBA
running shell scripts in c++
oracle sequence for returning number as a string
GLPaint Brush Effects
Proper garbage collection with linked list in Ruby?
How to convert a java class which use command line argument to use in android?
Python OO 鈥�member function definition and keyword self
After injecting html by jquery, the event handlers doesn't work with/without delegate
After injecting html by jquery, the event handlers doesn't work with/without delegate
Child DIV exceeding Parent DIV
How do I perform joins with lithium models?
What is the best way to save highscores on the iPhone to prevent hacking?
I need portrait only for all screen sizes except xlarge screen size which needs to be landscape or portrait
Mysql_num_rows() issues
Dynamic values of javascript accessed from other HTML
Paypal Payment transaction failed in Magento
Include .NET2.0 SP2 in bootstrapper
Vertical alignment of cells in UITableView instead of top-down alignment
UIImageView not responding to UIPanGestureRecognizer gesture
Sessions in ASP MVC
Setting up SAMBA Share from CENTOS Directory to Windows 7
Search specific column of table for highlight table data
how to hide a textbox in WP7
Is it normal for LVL to deny valid licenses?
Hue shift string of colors
How to create a pop up menu in Android
imagemagick error on node.js
Why did not install .pfx file in my computer?
Rails 3.2 - every action in the app is loaded twice
What are the consequences of adding Pooling=True with Integrated Security?
Loop over file names from `find`?
Issue with postfinance module in oscommerce
Convert .m/.h into javascript plugin for Phonegap?
Strange behaviour for online PDF's in Blackberry browsers(in the abscense of any PDF viewer)
How can I activate an Excel add-in from the command line in Windows 7?
nsimageview valueUrl binding is not working
Including headers in additional header include paths
Windows PaintDesktopVersion
Extending the ORM user model in kohana
Percent encoding and sql LIKE query
How to return a view from a class which does not inherit a contoller
wp-customer-reviews plugin trouble while showing reviews in admin
Set html elements value at 鈥渞untime鈥�
PHP Remove last word from an array
I want to make music app (recording voice playback piano or guitar)
Statistical Machine Learning Books [closed]
Defference between spring security JAR files?
how can I make a button touch / click effective of irregular size image button?
Select random element in a list of R?
MySQL Database not updating
Facebook login authentication iFrame not loaded properly in safari browsers
plot grid in background
Create cxx file for hxx file in C++
new and malloc allocates extra 16 bytes
Clearing the data of another application
DialogFragment showing AlertDialog with Adapter does not survive orientation change
Wildcard App ID for pairing app with external hardware
Creating log for each table in Entity Framework 4.1
Can NLog write to RavenDB database
URL Recording with Selenium
Get payload info from pdu with logica SMPP
Google App engine can not see my CSS files
Can I run Coded-UI Tests from Windows Froms Applications?
How to sort tab delimited out?
Getting the least common denominator of two decimals
Can I use 鈥渇orm post mailto鈥�to send page content by email?
Is there a way i can pass my FirstActivity Context to my SecondActivity Context or any Other Activity to make changes in my First Activity
Saving multiple fields in the same Managed Bean property
csv out put and db changes
Reset model rotation when input stops
Unicode::GCString error-message: 鈥渘ew: Unicode string must be given鈥�
Transparent image overlay software for implementation of design
Fetch and display tweets of particular user using html and javascript [closed]
compare between dates in
Checkbox control in iphone application
Why does GCC allocate separate stack space for local unions in different scopes?
Case-sensitive database collation, but case-insensitive SQL queries
Find methods of an IronPython class from C#
How to fix these type
wordpress fotobook plugin
How to set received date for mail in Outlook
histogram data from qplot
Disable button inside a GridView TemplateField
How to add events in Google Charts when the data source is from a PHP/MySQL file?
Custom Column Filter on Pivot Table in Excel
Not able to map the url in controller
Packet loss Test
Avoid applicationContext.xml in my Action and Service Classes
Magento 1.6.2 Multiple Stores
Need advice on this very odd error
Convert pdf file to single image file? (page on top of page)
display records in a tree view
Java - Unable to write on URLConnection
Sandboxing an Application [closed]
Reading RouteValues dictionary of RedirectToRouteResult [closed]
Error conflict when using jquery with 3 script
Window load hijacking in flashcanvas with AMD backbone and how to enable toDataURL
I can't deploy app to the iPod touch due to SDK issue
two person object
how can I clear growing heap?
How to convert a time to javascript-timestamps using javascrit or jquery?
How to debug play2 in idea?
Find and extract data from a text file
XMLRPC client in Javascript
Best practice method of displaying flash messages
Looking for way to load just selected models instead of all Rails environment in rake task
OpenGL ES 1.1 2D (iPhone): Resizing a group of textures/rectangular objects
Node.js prompt '>' can not show in eshell
Does SOAP api for google Calendar exist?
Auth in sharepoint wsdl
how to stop a filter from continuing on a recordset or collection
android - do you ever have to add fragments to the manifest
Return index of the smallest value in a list of R?
Generating xml from mysql database using JSP
jquery-ui modal window, make only one part of it scroll like new Facebook photo tagging window
Line Break in Localizable.strings for MFMailComposeViewController
looking for ideas/alternatives to providing a page/item count/navigation of items matching a GAE datastore query
Multiple left joins and performance
Cannot create a new Project Area on RTC 3.0.1
How to Compile projects in another console application [duplicate]
How to auto create a new tab with existing link in Chrome? Site Stalling
add 鈥渁ctions鈥�while posting to a feed
Unload dll files from a MFC Program
Hive getting top n records in group by query
Java String Replacement
What e-mail header is needed for a message to be displayed as 'via:'?
HTML tags in database bad practice or good practice?
Using gst-launch to streaming video?
What is the reason that individual assemblies cannot be unloaded in C#
mysql query to select data from table2 which does not exist in table1
How to write a solid unit test for this business logic code?
How to control Size of Jquery mobile control group?
Using transaction inside the transaction
Nothing happens when i try to run my Matlab .m and .fig
lock(object) in C#
Decode JSON and format parent/child structure using PHP?
How to read messages and pass parameters to file in JSF 2.0
screenshot after onCreate
AppDomain shadow copied file access denied with ASP.NET site running on IIS6
Xcode ios: Streaming of video file while recording and removed redundant personal statements
jquery touchstart event not working in iphone
How to merge two cells in Table Layout
Symbian: Database use by the Symbian Mobile Phone
Error not run code jquery when echo jsoncallback
Css reset: font-size: 100%; Why?
Adding files to an Xcode target with a script
Apache Rewrite Rules for address bar location
Padding/margin-inclusive width setting?
How to set starting image of jCarousel based on mouse click of separate image gallery?
How to calculate size of array from pointer variable?
`Ctrl+D` shortcut of **intelliJ** idea in MyEclipse
Android EditText Capital Characters
C# cancel a long running task that not a loop
Drawing Histogram in OpenCV-Python
Issue with NSLocalizedString, bundle and IOS5
mongodb indexing embedded fields (dot notation)
mongodb indexing embedded fields (dot notation)
Plone: Query Archetype content items/objects inside a particular folder during content submission
No prototype in qml js
Tomcat application Profiler for Eclipse indigo
Is it possible to extend a pojo class in Spring?
Android, Is it possible to run the app from dialer?
What exactly is 鈥淪ocket Layer鈥�referred to in SSL?
The data source does not support server-side data paging.
how to print div with picture background? [duplicate]
change location from where you ping to an IP address
regular expression to remove square brackets and leave numbers
Rst(ReStructuredText) symbols' and overlines' effect
using linux user space memory for caching
How do you even give an (openFST-made) FST input? Where does the output go?
Resizable search box, with image on the right
WCF WEB API Client Pure Json: Will the use of MemoryStream cause Performace issuse if used in a API call for large amount of data
git author rename not working
Javascript audio channel activity
How to restrict duplication of values in dynamically created select boxes?
Gridlayout Faulty - I need to replace not add data, and I need horizontal scrolling
Mac OS X Lion Menu Bar Application [duplicate]
ProGuard not running from Eclipse?
How to check the permissions to navigate the page in tree view child node using
How to start an activity which is defined in different package from a widget?
Run an IRC-Bot on a server?
is AxShDocVw.AxWebBrowser deprecated?
Why subclipse doesn't work in myeclipse?
51degrees and iis caching, mvc3, potential issue with output
tcp: many to one, best practices on keeping track of things
how to prevent reopening new window using jQuery?
Sliding pages like in the Launchpad (Mac) or the IPhone's main menu
Making flymake work with Django?
not able to find the id of actionlink clicked
How to take a snapshot of a section of a web page from the shell?
Jquery delete spring bound row: still on request?
Is there any IOS app have some kind of example about hint User to flat Device?
Outlook 2010 Reply event example in C#
Restart Swing Application
Navigation bar issue iphone 4.3
Redirect jQuery in an Iframe to modify the parent document
Rest store doesn't send request on server
Twitter-Bootstrap and Forms in Rails
can't update form from gridview1_RowCommand
Looking for a GUI tagging component like OSX Cocoa's NSTokenField for .NET/Ruby/Java
can the font type of an Edittext,Radio Button and CheckBox be changed in Android
Error in Passing a JavaScript string to an ActiveX Control
Set first child element to li with active state
How to open the next view click on the UIImageview?
Reading external file from a servlet
How to load a different view controller when changing the tab bar in the master view controller?
Why FF Adblock blocks even my js code?
Can't we know where other Android apps' private db file is? [closed]
remove appended script javascript
How to stop iterating after top 10 in sort_by
How to convert IMediaSeeking.GetCurrentPosition in seconds in DirectShow?
Encrypt numeric URL parameter, result should not be longer than original
How can I reduce the space of before text in jquery mobile button?
Optimizing a Game Loop
Error while mounting sinatra application in rails
html5 spellcheck
Base64 encodeBytes - out of memory exception
How to use AsyncTask for updating the data for Custom ListView [closed]
How to handle application close events using C#
How to pre populated some tag on ASPTokenInput
Visual C++ to instruct device
How to mirror html files and it's accompanying images locally with wget with specified filenames?
ASP.NET MVC to Silverlight Communication
Examples/types of xss attacks in php [duplicate]
How can i solve the Firefox is getting freeze and crash when trying to print radgridview data from silverlight 4.0 application?
How to add a 鈥渟hare鈥�button in individual posts in Blogger? [closed]
Create a package of OS image and Software
Javascript - Loop through object and use key/value to perform text replace
Can I show the Alert on HTML component?
how to split a string based on extended ascii in java
jQuery v1.7.1 is not filling the content in Firefox 3.6
Do I need to set up nginx.conf to run node.js?
Consistent background for UITableViewCell
What is Carry in Math function in PLC?
JAVA - Best approach to parse huge (extra large) JSON file
How to apply pinch zoom on Gallery in android? [duplicate]
No createObject method in Component inside javascript
spherical coordinates distance to plane
redirecting to the previously browsed web page after session expires
Android App is crashing when installing
jquery delete all children except a div
After WAS recycle application pool, use Unity to resolve instance will fail
Jpeg Image Compression: Quantization issue
twitter user timeline does not get me any entity data
ARC releasing ViewController prematurely
logic if then else
can I decrypt an encrypted data if I have input and output and the method but dont have the key?
How to write asp button control at run time?
nnet function in R
Ajax/Increment Counter voting methods in Ruby on Rails
The check login still a hurdle [closed]
Java Networking: Creating servers without static IPs
Unit Test for Shell and UI in Silverlight Prism
How to retrieve buildings polygon in Google Places near a given latitude longitude
Eclipse + Hibernate + windows xp to win 7
Pattern Recognition on Images
Django runserver hangs while waiting on an external web service that queries the server
How to print current loop number in an iteration over a dictionary in Python?
MongoDB filtering by many parameters (compound index or not)
Caching PHP Classes with Memcache
How to Set the value of a DateTime Widget
iPhone : How to detect the end of slider drag?
How to achieve DBRef on virtual
If any possible to play .asx,.m3u file type in windows phone?
Subquery in Linq to NHibernate
Get Content and Href of Elements that Have A Certain Class
titanium mobile: merge two array into one array issue
Pass a value from activity to broadcastreceiver and start a service from the broadcast receiver
loading multiple images in html5 canvas (kinetic.js/javascript)!
Rendering javascript assets in Node.js and Express
Any distributed file system which support constant time cloning
How to view our portlet in Liferay
Lots of unaccounted for IO writes
iOS : Manage Localized Images
JSP output string with HTML?
Custom array-valued Hive UDF in Python?
play audio player when local notification generate
Two way communication between android and Server
Unable to parse a complex language with regex and Scala parser combinators
New Auth Dialog give proxy email address
How do I determine via Windows command line whether ALBD service is running?
How can I create a UIFont with bold weight but not bold style?
Knockout, ViewModel is object no computed possible?
dynamic data in drop down in salesforce from other site
C++ IPC Communication
Shadow to a label
Why would an immediately destroyed shared pointer leak memory?
Are 0=='' and '0'=='' same?
How to stub a method in cucumber?
java - How to convert combination of char,number,symbols to string
The better way to store relationship of data (Redis or Mysql)
encryption using protectedData.protect in windows phone 7.1
how to give permission for the user to view private doc using scribed API
Tumblr API v2 Fails to Upload Valid Photo
php symbolic link for images
Algorithm vs Code
find an object In a list base on other object
Android OS dialog Box Which shows Force Close and ok when Application remains in idle state for some Time
mismatch of schema in thinking sphinx
Internet Explorer slow to render tables generated via JavaScript
How to export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on mac using python script
hide a div on clicking the body other than the div
How exactly are array pointers created if no brackets are used with a specified size in C?
why is the ^ operator used after Point in the following code about Object Class
c++ graphics and mmorpg? [closed]
compiling musescore for uCLinux with QT and cmake
Can Android Applications ( using libraries build from NDK ) be used on both x86 & ARM platform?
Insert new lines(which has a command) after a particular line in batch file using batch file
Display field, allow button to edit and save html
IE678 not getting leaf nodes from responseXML
popup window javascript (how to add focus to popup window)
Rsync cronjob that will only run if rsync isn't already running
How To Get The Total Time In Hrs
performselector afterdelay not working
pythonic way to check if something exists? [duplicate]
whats difference between 2>1 > /dev/null and 2>&1 >/dev/null
How do you add 鈥渁ctions鈥�when posting to a feed via a URL?
How to initialize a vector<bool> with values 01 repeating?
why fread sometimes encounters 鈥淏ad file descriptor鈥�
Error While Creating Header Files in C++
sort hash by one value not other
disable caching for a component in Symfony
Windows Phone Development uses wpf?
Heroku pg:backups fails with 鈥渁n error鈥�
Not able to show count down using javascript
Exclude htaccess for admin area multiple urls pointing to same controller
wifi connection on vmware blackberry playbook simulator
Export MySQL only after a certain date
Ambiguity in Select Query
blank post.php with custom-post-type on wordpress 3 submit
How can I remove the gap between the header and the menu?
footer for custom dialog with a android default theme
Continuous dashed line between multiple point in java (swing)
Get/Post data from Android App to MVC3 Website and viseverse
Blocks using curly braces. Is this proper C# syntax, and does it do anything?
Error when handling NServiceBus Subscription messages
using ConvertToText() Method For convert a word table to text
Unable to pass multiple values through Ajax $.get()
Fading in an attribute with Jquery + accordion
get 403 forbidden only happens with url1 not url2
How to push content of a hidden div tag to a table row using javascript?
Difference between http:// and http: [closed]
OPTFLOW_USE_INITIAL_FLOW option for cvCalculateOpticalFlowFarneback
Custom database for Forms based authentication
Rubycas-server can not run on ruby 1.9.2
Overriding GetWebRequest()
Unreachable code while conversion of .apk to dex version
JSP delete row and save
Getting error while running bundle exec rspec spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb in Rails
WIX installer root directory and versioning
Numbers on table name
Sql Server pivot table not grouping result set
R programming: How can I get residuals output in a variable or to act like a data frame?
Hadoop Hello world on windows machine
Inline constructors and One Definition Rule
php if statement not evaluating properly
jquery touchstart in browser
creating array dynamically
Why I got this exception :Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Invalid postback or callback argument
Entity Framework Mapping DateTimeOffset to SQL Server DateTime
How to change background color of jQuery UI Dialog?
Extensions method with generic return is not being recognized and causes CS1061 Error
Will an MD5 hash keep changing as its input grows?
UIButton long press with finger stationary
How to check an empty Double JTextField
Is it possible to create a pointer to a non-static member-function in C++?
Servlet calling from window.showModalDialog(鈥�
ARC: Memory does not get reclaimed?
How to dynamically generate MenuItems using x:Reference?
Django: Subclassing models.CharField to convert values before saving to/after loading from the database
Is it secure to remove special character from activation key
Avoid HTML requests and make only js call - ruby on rails
Scala Map#get and the return of Some()
Shell Script Error : too many arguments in input line
UITapGestureRecognizer interefering with UIPinchGestureRecognizer
Using OpenID to log in to different domains
How to include full-path in Rails 3 link_to statement?
How can i call a method from library to C# console
how to stop sound on pressing a button
Server Socket Input Stream returning null before disconnect
how to run rails project after doing checkout using svn?
How can I select from a collection with LINQ?
How to off android default keyboard when i pressed on editText
PHP CMS web page short URL?
I need in android, what can I do?
How To Display Tooltip for TextBox While Entering the Text in that in
Which is the right version for Fasterflect using SNAP?
JBehave maintain data across steps Given/When/Then during a Scenario
How to send a JSON object over HttpClient Request with Android?
Use JClouds to talk to non AWS cloud with S3 API
Get number of processors a particular process is running on
How to get ordered values from an unordered NSDictionary
Url format in android
Heroku db:push fails with segfault
vi readline support for jruby's irb
What is the use of discrete maths and assembly language?
two alarms set at same time
SQL script with IF ELSE not working properly
Install NPM (Node Package Manager) with pip?
Keeping $_session['username'] inside a ajax function
PostgreSQL connector with PHP on windows platform
Facepile shows a white patch when user not connected to facebook
uploading artifacts for maven in apache archiva
how to differentiate between Scroll and Zoom gesture
Problems with comparing 2 strings in Perl
Mongoid: multiple checks on a single field
.net and visual foxpro interoperability
Possible to put if statements to #define?
Javascript older than 18 on leap years
How to refresh CheckboxTableViewer after adding an element?
How to change the image in a sprite made from textureAtlas image using spriteWithSpriteFrameName
how to use AsyncHttp instead of SyncEngine?
fql bug: page_id is greater that max int value
How and where to add custom xml in my android app?
How to detect and find out a program is in deadlock ?
Going around the fact that ORM Class already extends DB Class and you need it to extend from Abstract class
How to fetch the data from Google news by XML Parsing
QSpinBox arrows place outside line edit (css)
jquery-ui-droppable can't discriminate two kinds of div that are draggable?
How to find variables dynamically created, but not with extract?
Asp.Net MVC4 Web API - Return OData formatted Json from query without custom MediaTypeFormatter
Generics in actionscript (return type the same as parameter type)
Twitter code issue using scribe in android
How to understand 鈥渃ase id ~ username => _鈥�in anorm?
what does Context,DataSource depict?
apple script for pages and implementing into it
Android OpenGL displaying object in the corner of the screen
Efficient network search?
Delete an sms from inbox
UITableView: Application crashing in attempt of deleting a row
Is it possible to use mutex in multiprocessing case on Linux/UNIX ?
Packet loss during 3way handshake
Traverse Multi-Level JSON Object in Java Google Maps
Spring security : sec:authorize tag gives stream closed exception
Whats the expiry time of Facebook access token fetched for the first time
When designing a database, it seems like minimizing the tables is the best way to go?
Using HBase as L2 Cache for Ehcache
Adding border-radius to Table displays page abnormally in IE
Absolute IP address of iPads?
Creating Linked List - Compiler Errors [closed]
Why won't Android Calculator Work?
Retrieve first paragraph of Wikipedia article
Weblogic 12c Timer issue
How to implement autocomplete textfield in iphone using threading
Is there any java api available to connect microsoft exchange server 2010 in an android application [closed]
Collect users who posted items with ActsasTaggable on Tag in rails 3
Getting IP address from HTTP POST request using Python
Jquery load() .aspx page without form tag and view state
In what context Kernel Thread runs in Linux?
SQLLDR: dynamic load of lobfile concatenating full path and filename
Issue related to WCF Service Hosted On IIS
Handel Strange Application flow - Android
Complete Suffix Array
How to unload a mode (e.g. unload ECB to restore winner.el functionality)
Jquery listbox restrict the particular options to select
Why we have to change application layer in IPv6 if this is a layered architecture?
Can AppHarbor set a conditional compilation symbol during build?
do fread and fwrite have failure? how to handle this?
trouble with hash in rails
dodging in r language
what is the difference between defining configration using yml and php? which is the best approach and why?
Catch error in Application.ThreadException from another thread
Find the latest Eclipse for JDK 1.5 [closed]
@font-face not working with Safari in Mac OS or in Ipad
Sharing provisional iPhone apps with team
How to stop BroadcastReceiver manually in android
Complex column.(Id + string)
Extract values contain in an array of giving some error
converting a c++ std::vector<std::string> to std::vector<unsigned char> (and vice versa)
Python, Numpy - Trying split an array according to a condition
How to remove button style in jquery mobile?
How to add values dynamically in stirng two dimensional array its add values to all index in android
listbox in datagridview
NSTableView data source method is not firing
Getting local variable names in Scala Play! Mailer() returns empty?
Please explain how to interface to a dictionary file from a searchable application
How can i call the webservice from my emulator which is on my local system?
How do you customize your mac app store page
Java - object array out of bounds issue
Linux X11 multiple clients in a single session
Change the path for system command parameters
Python csv text manipulation
Why is my if condition comparing strings failing?
Adding dynamic content using JSP
Update database schema on model change without data loss
How to find IP address or Location of http request?
How to validate fromDate , toDate using <sx:datetimepicker> in struts2?
Improve Audio Recording quality in android?
How do I somehow require a specific session object to be set in my controller?
Java / Java EE setting runtime parameters dynamically
Launch Browser Home Page or Bookmark When Screen Turns On
cancel a particular alarm
FOTA : How can i do firmware update over the air? [closed]
Lines get split on preg_replace usage
Regex to find and replace string with starting and ending text in PHP
PayPal HTML form with select drop menu
How to define different style for same layout according to screen size?
Change type of field in Mongoid without losing data
Streamreader locks file
Toggle the visibility of multiple div pairs?
UIToolBar background transparent
Passing Variable to Jquery
which is better way to append in select?
Crystal Reports - Group Header with row details
With javascript how do you time when a DIV is visible and then record that time length to a local DataBase
With javascript how do you time when a DIV is visible and then record that time length to a local DataBase
Retrieving data from an abstract class
I need in android, what can I do ?
Cocos2D iPhone - removing the black screen between CCTransition
Icons and picture not showing up? Any idea why?
Instruments >> Time Profiler can鈥榯 run on jailbreaked iphone4
How can you write the following Rails Query in SQL?
the rss helper doesnt generate the index.rss
Tango future versus D1 discontinuation
Maven-Tycho Eclipse: Error installing plug-in built by Maven
Listen a folder for changes java
How to prevent java.lang.String.split() from creating a leading empty string?
NSError * vs NSError **
How to do snapping in as3 as in flash?
The text from UITextField is disappear in UITableView,If scroll the UITableView
How to use MAX with additional criteria
Showing Information on button click
F# Array instantiates with 5 items but not with 6
adding javascript rendering support to flash rendering tools
sort alphabetically an imap.fetch in ruby
Android how to get opengl 3D coordinates in ontouch event
Looking for embedded project with source code [closed]
How can I use Windows 7 API to perform simple database queries on CSV files through Excel VBA?
Why does this work in javascript?
Rotation matrix with center
FACEBOOK/TWITTER login no longer work on Android app after updating Facebook APK (login disappears immediately!)
Qt C++ writing data in a file , unexpected output
crystal report load failed
How to use media queries (css) properly? [closed]
How to make simple FTP connection and download/upload file for iPad
rendering fusionmaps on non flash devices
Ruby can not access variable outside the method?
Unknow option javacomplete#complete when using vim to edit java files
How can I know which text document map to which ID
iPhone UI with Tableview or Scrollview? [closed]
Does php have c++'s std::pair?
How to kill a requests Request object that is in progress
What Native apps can do which is not possible with HTML5 app yet? [closed]
VS 11 with std::future - Is this a bug?
Stop or kill a service
SharePoint DateTime default value respect timezone
android lint error
Groovy XML parsing (HTML slurping), can't get my specific case to work
Issue in converting old objective C code into ARC (Automatic Reference Count)
How to draw ruler in iphone with the tickmarks? [duplicate]
How to Get Mysql Field Data [closed]
python cx_oracle and server information
Dismiss 鈥淐onfirm Navigation鈥�popup with Watir
How to run a Ext GWT (GXT) application with Maven
What is a 'thread-confined' clone?
How to create avd in android
Using Editor Templates to Display Multiple Forms
How to access share folder in windows through android and read files
How do I add a function to a collection?
javascript know when you're clicking on the first cell of a table row
Xcode menu item Editor / Add Model Version鈥�missing
To List All Rows Without Any Null Values
Dynamodb query operations
Arabic Text displaying Problems
Zend Framework 2 command line scripts
How can i make reusable partialview in MVC 3
Error: undefined reference to `sqlite3_open'
Is there standard method for managing camel cased strings in groovy?
Hadoop as document store database
#import <string> in ios? Protobuf c++ in ios
addonevent fires only for the first ajax request
Emulator 1 terminated while waiting for it to register
Retrieving color information from
Setup pagename in SSRS R2 when export to Excel
Cross browser Javascript number precision
How do I submit the associated section of a form remotely in Rails without submitting the entire form?
css: body color not extending all the way down the page
Display Members Inline
mySQL query issue 鈥�homework
How do I create a bounded memoization decorator in Python?
How to parse JSON object to a string with js
How to build our own profiler in java?
Funny character coming from a database
Post Json Object on server using HttpPost [duplicate]
Why am I getting this warning from log4j?
Adding information on a graph using R
Where to store simple data files (xml formatted) in android app? [duplicate]
Background Image for UINavigationBar
Hide parent column in Telerik NestedHierarchy
Any suggestions on many users uploading lots of large photos?
Is there a way in Box2dWeb to output position.x of an object to console.log()?
Memory leak on instrument at NSString stringWithFormat
AdControl in windows phone 7
Curried functions f#
What does @鈥�./..鈥�mean in a path?
Can I use javax.persistence.QueryTimeoutException with Java SE 1.6 and OpenJPA 2.1?
How to set and unset build_association depending on contents of a text_field in Rails?
How to save UIImageView data in iOS
PHP PDO: Could my PHP be cleaner/more efficient?
Using Rails jQuery autocomplete when there is no model
Returning a BlockingCollection as IEnumerable from a method
Emma failed, How to debug android test cases running on emulator?
CTRL + double click results in 'CurrentItem' to gets null
Posting data to a php website in c# using http post method
Access to file is denied exception with impersonation
When is it a good time to release cached objects in Java?
Remove Line Breaks in a Text File
Benefit of Output Caching Compared to Caching by Browser
WebSocket onmessage() not being called when messages are sent
Using filters to redirect from HTTPS to HTTP
How to reposition rowList dropdown in jqgrid's pager?
Where can find the API of 鈥渃om.sun.midp.appmanager鈥�
some Ext JS 2.3.0 classes do not work on my pc
'max_user_connections' set to 200 - still getting error
why main() is not necessary in action classes of struts2 ?
How do I run subprocesses that use temp dirs in Haskell?
How can i escape double quotes from a string in php?
In PHP 5.2 why is instantiating a class and calling a method on the same line invalid?
Difference between paint, paintComponent and paintComponents in Swing
Downloading a picture with http get only downloads a small part of it
extract data from AndroidManifest.xml using PHP
Changing 'schema' with Google AppEngine and Objectify
Php undefine variable issue
Custom sounds for local notification in iphone is not working
how to get current position when clicked a button in android
Avoid parsing xml fields in the database
Why is a data hash returning a compile error in Rails 3.1 and 3.2 app?
Accessing the eBay Developer's API through Python?
how to use composed_of in Rails 3
How to post the data from ASCX javascript to the same ascx control?
Encoding database and server
How do I prevent from turning background music off? [coding]
Selenium IDE replace string within stored variable
Return the exact value of a CSS property by javascript in % form across all browsers
Gracefull shutdown of bottle python server
Date read from SQL database seems to be different on another machine
jqueryUI selectable causing memory leaks
Color model name
Using SPLFixedArray in namespace
Eclipse won't show files in package explorer
Getting x, y coordinate for objects in an array
Buttons using Ajax don't work on Heroku
android and odbc
Javascript: How to get the right instance of an object from an event handler when their are multiple instances of the object
jquery: undefined value when accessing item on json array
Backbone.js Collections do not invoke 鈥淩eset鈥�event after fetch operation
The boundaries of the <BODY> and <DIV>s are offset upon resize. How do I fix?
displaying file name, not content in text widget tkinter Python
x86 type Publish code is not working for ACE.OLEDB.4.0 provider in windows server 2008 x64
Android: Disallow user to select cursor position in EditText?
Generate number of edges between two nodes
swing JPanel paint method is responding but expecting paintComponents to respond while setting background image
Storyboard - How to segue to a SplitViewController from a Viewcontroller in navigation based application
Javascript call a function or inline code?
Traversing two trees together?
MonoTouch & TestFlight
The number of times the count is displayed is equal to the value of the count.Ms Access vba 2007
How to convert caf to mp3/amr?
How do I store date from a list of params in grails?
Can I save repeater textbox value to single column?
Munkres algorithm issues for non-standard assignment
MSDN Example: Is this a Bug or Optimization (X509Certificate2 class)
Android - 鈥淭he server could not process your apk. Try again..鈥�error when uploading on market
HTML5 Websockets - will this allow me to communicate with host machine?
jQuery ajax calls only works in localhost
What is wrong with this Rspec test
caching db table at a particular time?
Call demon thread while spring/server boots up
How can I create a RSS feed with a limit statement in wordpress
PDO Insert with POST
xcode passing pointers to a method
mysql primary key returning less results than compound composite index
What do you need in a static library?
How do you design a screen similar to email app in windows phone 7?
Trouble outputting and inputting information to command line using Ruby sciTE
Is is possible to attach EntityProxy to another RequestContext ? And should I?
How can I link to a phone call link from within an embedded web page in Android?
How do I to convert an XML formatted String into a single line XML string with no spaces in grails/groovy?
HTML5 Input Type Email
masking in openCV
Android - how to implement color detection using opencv?
C# equivalent to C `system()` standard library function
How do I only redirect on window rezise and new window?
confusing TcpMaxDataRetransmissions
How to upload existing site to Windows Azure?
Dynamically slice a string using a variable
VBA duplicated declaration in 鈥渋f鈥lse鈥�
Cannot connect to MySQL Server on RHEL 5.7
Many models on single table in cakephp
Loading SWF files from Titanium Desktop
How to convert thumbnail generation rule from paperclip to carrierwave
How can I automatically evaluate a script and put the results into an existing window after saving in Vim?
MVC3 and KnockoutJS DRYly
I need to make this function more efficient
Any advice for iPhone Wireless Comms with Embedded Linux Device?
what's a good way to differentiate 'reply' buttons for each message?
JAXL XMPP Daemon to send and recieve messages
Creating an multidimensional Array from string (hierarchical data)
WCF WebApi IQueryable doesn't work with DateTime properties
Jquery Ajax in Ie runs only once
PHP PDO error in multi-statement query
document change event not firing in anything but Chromium
Iterating through a char array, assigning each char an integer corresponding to its alphabetical location
How to tell how much of a UITableViewCell is visible
horizontal scroller on tree panel
Infinite loop reading Java inputstream
Find reviews left by a user on Google Places
.NET signature to p/invoke GetSystemDEPPolicy function
ANTLR: error recovery and reporting
Details about APPLICATION-FINDER-FN in sw-http
How to pass json value php to js
How to detect whether webpage is running in iPhone's embeded browser?
JQuery - How do I determine if checkbox is checked in selector?
GPU memory distribution
Marshalling fails with exception about MarshallerImpl not known to this context
What exactly does a pthread mutex lock out?
Boss, How to add three Shoutcut keys ( Ctrl + Shift + C) in Java Swing Menubar?
Devise: change password
incomplete type error in singleton
Why doesn't my PHP foreach work?
Wordpress Custome-post-type / need advise for single-posttype.php
Switch statement does not recognize field variable
Two-Way Ajax Binding
Writing a program with 2 threads which prints alternatively
DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_CURSOR vs Explain Plan if not using gather_plan_statistics hint
How to force-install Xcode 4.3?
need help programming math between editText
Calculating texture coordinates from a grid position
How to get specific row from a database in django/postgresSQL? (modelform)
getting all attribute values of spans inside a div
Sending E-mails from different SMTPClients.Host
Is it possible to get Wordpress working in a ASP.NET MVC 3 running Azure?
Regular Expression in Linux command sed
Subversion's path-based authorization Project Hosting
How to display images using freemarker loop?
IFS usage in bash
hitTestPoint() not testing for collisions correctly
why PHP transaction function is not working?
Can Odata service be hosted as windows service?
How is time slice divided among the pthreads in a process?
Is there a way to show a countdown on live tiles without constant push notifications?
Stretching a portion of a UIView using contentStretch
Splitting QList into chunks, pointers or references?
Odd regular expression result鈥�/ character
check boxes states android eclipse
Can I use Google Maps API to create a Facebook Application? [closed]
Email header is 鈥渕alformed鈥�when using sendmail command from php. Why?
Viewport centring on large website
jquery closest not working for form
Optimal way to refresh specific rows in a ListView when using a MatrixCursor
opengl c++: How to convert a 32bit png file to a 16 bit 565RGB file
Rails Association options
Another way to output helper instead of eval
Finding the color at coordinates in a PNG image in Java
Heroku: performance of Mongodb vs. Postgres
Heroku: performance of Mongodb vs. Postgres
Identifying the components in a English sentence that do not make sense
syslog-ng hungup using afmongo
Specialized function in non specialised Template class
Objective-C / Cocos2D Repeating Code Reduction
html5 manipulating the elements in canvas
Table variable not working in dynamic SQL
PHP - Forcing download of a file issues
Mysterious CoreImage memory leak using ARC
Quantity increasing when the same data enter to the database rather than adding in a new field
getting js to fire after a div has been populated dynamically
Is there a jQuery based light box that meets all of my requirements
Codeigniter app returns blank output in CLI
jQuery Rails autocomplete gem, no response
What is an object and how is it different than a variable? [closed]
CRM-like system using drupal?
How can I zoom out the Timeline Panel in Eclipse SDK?
Inner Functions With SML NJ
Why does my class suddenly have a 'designer'?
How to convert JSON (Twitter Data) to CSV using Python
Specifying output uri for a Disco mapreduce job
PHP trim() issue
Is it possible to know if an entity is being removed because of a cascade operation?
Semi Transparent Activity like Popup window
How to redirect time command output under Mac OS X
What method is called when an Android Gallery 'snaps'?
Java socket get unsent bytes
Strip an entire block of html based on class or id with php
Using XDocument in XNA on Windows Phone
Clarification on the max() syntax in python
Stop CTRL-Click from affecting parent datagrid
Drawing a grid of squares in Mathematica
htaccess RewriteRule fails if page not found
#include 鈥淪DL_image.h鈥�is messing up my compiling
Android Set ListView OnItemClickListener
call 2 bound field on gridview in same column
best php implementation for autocomplete street, city, and country
Efficient way to Display over 10K records
Batch file not working?
How to draw a rubber band line on a Google Map (preferably with PrimeFaces)?
Piping output to cut
How do I compile openmpi programs using xcode 4?
HTML5 Appcache loaded event