CXF - Collision in the ObjectFactory class doing with JAXB Binding
Is there a way to retrieve information about spring mappings defined by @Controller?
How to display a thumbnail in the hero unit with Bootstrap?
How to process $.get and catch html element using jquery?
SQLException: Exhausted Resultset oracle11g
SQL to get count by date
How to process $.get and catch html element using jquery?
SQLException: Exhausted Resultset oracle11g
SQL to get count by date
Performance of GROUP BY in Postgres
How to replicate my simulation study
Simple array use in C++?
Creating installer for ATL Dll
Jq mouseleave to remove background hover, prevents normal css hover
Custom Gesture on top on UITableView
How to get nested control's ClientID using JavaScript?
NullPointerException when trying to add a column to a JTable
Why .live() works, but not .on()?
Flickr.Net Filter Tags by Predicate Wildcard
Read SHOUTcast's 7.html with Java
Using NSPredicate to filtered an array caused exc_bad_access on the second try
FreeBSD ports / uhidd update
UL is not centering when inside a div float:right
NSURLRequest using HTTPS
Lazy loading models
Reading BMP in C++ strange behavior
Sqlite Query produce Nullpointer Exception?
Unsure of -Wconversion behaviour
why does this 鈥� , 2 , 4 , 1 , 10鈥�return 15 in JavaScript?
Can protocol buffers serialize hash_multimap?
Facebook social buttons not working in jquery/rails
422 Error Rails Asset Pipeline fault on Heroku
How can I get a javascript call to asynchronously trigger an ASP.NET event?
Drupal Taxonomy: Can a term have multiple parents in the same vocabulary?
convert date to a different format
Dojo script not executing on iPad when async = true
Stop animation on a certain object in the UIView half way through the animation duration
How to restore a SQL Server database backup without knowing the destination path or filenames?
my first app as a page tab, 'like' status is empty after user likes the page
PHP - Faster way to use a do-while loop
How do I enable scroll arrows for large number of items in UISegmentedControl?
Flooring timestamp to second
How do you install Boost.Build on Windows?
Writing file in java does not work
Mail Server Handling with Node.js
Can I make two columns unique to each other? or use composite primary key's in redis?
Zipping a Mac app bundle with Python
How to code simple AI for a windows phone board game?
How to mitigate locking in stored procedure that queries cross-database view
Rails Console gives me a 鈥渨irble鈥�error
WCF Service Using Client Certificates Requires Anonymous Access in IIS and Therefore Doesn't Actually Work?
Traversing a list and creating directories (OR why is this loop breaking)
how to search encrypted emails efiiciently
Python - Need to parse all the elements of a number of XML files. Fastest parser?
Java setLocation() mishap
What is a good Business Rule Engine(BRE) for .Net? [closed]
How do I resolve the error below?
When using jQuery contextMenu with custom activated menus, how do I change the position of the menu?
Set scroll position in wxpython
Create multi-layer rendering using DirectX (2D)
How does mysql work in the backend
can you change the right and left padding around the menus in jquery mega menu and still have submenus line up?
setup phpBB3 for use on local network
How to get semi-transparent view while child views are normal
Converted a field from nchar to nvarchar field, but still adds spaces on update
Rails: A Rating Up or Down Counter Part II
Data URI to Object URL with createObjectURL in chrome/ff
PHP fopen($url,w)
UIButton in Background of view
opera mobile - why my web interface is broken when access it with opera mobile?
image placement in google maps bubble
How can I get the share count of a photo on Facebook?
KDevelop says Included file was not found::iostream
promote to inherited table in postgresql
Simple ios animation: rotate window and reverse
EDI ISA and GS ID Generation
Capture the close event of popup window in JavaScript
How to properly timeout login sessions in php
ORM vs serialized array?
How to show an activity indicator in SDWebImage
How to parse INI-style config files using Config::General?
CGAffineTransformscale formula when size is known
MySQL very slow query with WHERE IF condition
Roku app exits without error on second roMessagePort wait
CS193P Assignment 1 Clear
Android Parcelable Parcel HashMap
MPI coding practices with large projects multiple MPI_Finalize(); or just one?
Looking for a design pattern to define various tasks that make a set of API calls and taking action after
POST multipart-data handling boundary
Generating a fancybox frame from a leaflet popup
mysql command line return execution time?
Display all child items of all parent items in a single view
PDF Spec - ExtGState
Java: Using a hash OR encryption/decryption to store level data
How to add parameters with specified prompt [duplicate]
TCL/C - when is setFromAnyProc() called
Redirecting to a new URL in spring 3.1 MVC?
hg-git deploy to heroku from Lion
Remove text between tags w/regex
How to make Emacs pickup the correct python in Snow Leopard?
css media queries do not apply on an object with jQuery after animation
How to identify the request is coming from a human input or attack script?
UIScrollView with 鈥淟ayers鈥�
ActionController::RoutingError (undefined method 鈥榮ub鈥�for nil:NilClass)
Creating a span in an input field like Facebook messages
Managing multiple pull requests at the same time
Creating a span in an input field like Facebook messages
Managing multiple pull requests at the same time
SSH haywire with login attempts - Heartbleed?
ViewBinder modifies only one item in all ListView rows
Scaling android app to different screen sizes
Can a script that was run by system command, access SESSION data of the running script?
building a floating number using c [closed]
@font-face does not work
Get all the current Session Variables that being with a certain string
Interleave array elements
Leave placeholder text while focused
mysql - How to fix this query?
Facebook JS API: Any calls to FB.ui returns Error Code: 191
JEditorPane with inline image
Win32 Stream Handles - Changing To Binary Mode
Java Swing: GridBagLayout, how to squeeze 4 buttons to two columns?
MVVM viewmodel events (commands?)
Powershell nothing returned from C#, same code runs in ps prompt with r n's removed
http media streaming over https by MVMoviePlayerViewController for iphone
PHP debug configuration hangs - Waiting for XDebug session (57%) [duplicate]
How to remove the prefix of full file path from GDB's back trace?
Yesod/Persistent one-to-one query
HTML5 Offline Functionality Doesn't Work When Browser Restarted
CCLayer <CCRGBAProtocol> setOpacity:] unrecognized selector
Activating php5-curl makes apache spiral out of control
Default Ruby version set with RVM not recognized by system
Trying to bulk remove in notepad++
Jquery firefox misbehavior
Nested functions: 鈥淓rror: Could not find nested function鈥�
Using Memcache in PHP with OOP
How to handle < and > signs in javascript in .xhtml page?
Core Plot x-axis Labels Overlapping/CPTLabellingPolicyAutomatic Won't Show Dates
How to deploy Play app to Websphere 7
sqlite subquery for group of ranked items
Is there an alternative way to perform this animation using animation blocks?
Android: Cropping an image to specific size
Haskell: Unix Domain sockets
How do I select a set of grid cells along a given angle quickly?
update mongo throws ConcurrentModificationException?
OAuth 2 status and new API
Select EC2 region for Heroku dynos?
Can anyone help me with this simple code?
Error with icon files in xcode 4.2
Displaying an NSArray list from inside an NSDictionary?
Update Options in Wordpress Custom Post Type Options Page
Suds generates empty elements; how to remove them?
Xcode Storyboard graph paper
#include file (file not found) in AS2
how to capture and alter all outgoing requests from a flex application
How can I get a list of absolute image URLs from a Django QuerySet?
openmp parallel for loop with two or more reductions
OpenCV cvWriteString not applicable for the arguments
UITextView cursor has completely disappeared while editing
Access Ambient Light Sensor on Mac [duplicate]
Moving java app from a case insensitive file system to a case sensitive one
Installing Sphinx with MAMP on OS X Lion
How to prevent DIV wrapping, if they don't have a fixed size?
Are there any blog focusing on Google App Engine topics?
How can I completely repaint the canvas of a Java frame?
how to scrape and decipher a GWT page through Ajax to resubmit
YouTube iframe breaks with webkit scale() on iPad Mobile Safari
Why i cant see keybord with searchbar?
Updating Websphere Jython results in ImportError
How to use child view when iterating over a collection of items in EmberJs
paste text with 鈥� n鈥�trouble in windows gVim
How to keep string data for having best performance when selecting string list via LINQ by StartsWith and EndsWith queries
Is it possible to have same Url pattern to access 2 method on Controller
Properties File. Parse Out Certain Text. (String)
Do not include string in match
ATN from QBasic to VB.Net
Why aren't all CATransition animation types listed in the documentation?
Copying symbols from static object into shared object
WCF serializing response from JAX WS to an empty object - possible namespace issue?
Wide-character string literal in MASM?
Moving objects on a tilemap
ASP.NET Framework 4 client callback demo code complains about ListBox1
c# exception not captured correctly by jquery ajax
Rails: how to treat alternative Accept: content-types as JSON?
Having issues capturing rowIndex in column renderer
Dynamic Form Generation with configurations stored in a database
I need to get the QRCode plugin for Grails to work in 2.0.0
Restarting Unicorn with USR2 doesn't seem to reload production.rb settings
Using Amazon S3 along with Amazon RDS
Object does not support this property or method in IE
jQuery @ Keypress detection in Firefox
NSIndexSet from Array [duplicate]
Chrome extension and selectionText. How does one create a tab and update the same tab repeatidly
django template turn array into HTML table
How can I have a child element manipulate parents sibling?
How do I encapsulate included module methods in Ruby?
Upgraded Rails app to Ruby 1.9.2 - class DateTime needs to have method `_load'
automatically add language prefix to beginnig of url [duplicate]
NuGet package installation fail
Haskell Custom Math Types and Classes
Twitterizer Object Reference Not Set
regarding counting sort
Coredata inferred mapping model is failing on my old databases
Populating second drop down based on selection of first with value from first database
Resetting setTimeout object if exists
iOS UITableView unexpectedly adding margins
sort associative array by value and get ten greatest keys
Input value and div's innerHTML are changed with Javascript but don't change in display
How to use global navigation across site
How to delete data from different domain classes?
get the requested version of http from response in PHP
How to open WebView link to new activity?
Multiple timers accessing dictionary object in a singleton object
dojoConfig vs djConfig
Why does Rails insert a newline and 6 tab characters when using link_to?
Matching double symbol
Cabal doesn't work on Mac OS X Lion because of gcc path
Is there a regex to match empty string and a given word at the same time?
Schema definition for single element with attribute
Display Images with Different Height
java: pass-by-value or pass-by-reference [duplicate]
CSS 3 - Make the border-bottom solid line thinner
how to allocate non-cacheable physical memory in kernel?
Selection sort on array in C
instanceof considered harmful?
Environment variables in ASP.NET web.config file
MKOverlayView performance
How to integrate LMAX within a real financial application
Applying CSS and element when the checked radio button after it is checked (live)
No template parameters needed in boost::pool
Ruby: Reading Arrays of Hashes from YAML
Simple form to divide values
Fire function before window resizes content on orientation change?
What's the difference between dist-packages and site-packages?
Is there a way to redirect the user after authentication to his fan page instead of redirect to canvas url? [duplicate]
I'm trying to set up a file stream or something like that, but I'm very confused as to what I'm supposed to do
losing locale when running fcgi script
Does GAE offer default quantitative abuse protection?
Approved app failing in iOS 4
Devise, customizing the error messages?
Reading external javascript file's contents as a java string
Reorganizing a list of lists
eclipse indigo constantly freezing and giving problems
Creating a gesture definition for a simple static gesture using Kinect
Android code works on phone but not on emulator
Zend Framework: get public path, get application url
Getting libtool failed with exit code 1 error. What do i do?
Is there a boost::timer-like class in Qt?
android embed newline in a notification
Data Annotation Phone Number Conversion
Qt QTreeWidget Context Menu: Add items under another o delete items.
Multiple HTML5 media elements on one page in iOS (iPad)
How can I embed Youku or Tudou videos in my iOS app?
Append information to Excel file on GridView Export in ASP.NET C#
UITableView for mail contacts [closed]
Premature code execution with CoffeeScript
input date into form using factory girl and capybara
MySQL IF NOT NULL, then display 1, else display 0
What is the better: to allow Services to access several DAOs or only other Services
Problems with implicit rule in make
Unregistering a BroadcastReceiver from a non-Activity on Android
How to call interactive Emacs Lisp function with a prefix argument, from another Emacs Lisp function?
MediaElement & DispatcherTimer in strictly timing application
expand, factor and simplify on Octave
How to calculate subtotals on grouped rows using Knockout in Javascript?
Javascript : How to check external javascript
How Would I Alter This Javascript Code
determine whether there are 2 elements in unsorted array that sum up to Z in O(n) average time [duplicate]
Hide website filenames in URL
Finding modes an an array
Multiple Line String to separated new strings for every line
How to exactly make Views from xml programmatically
what is the minimum required to get spring mvc 3.1 to output json and xml response?
Empty class return when calling REST Web Service
How to retrieve VB6 DLL function's returned byte array in Python?
NSUserDefaults not saving in table cell
Running DTA on a particular database on all tables
Auto Generate edit, index, new, _form, etc
What is the difference between PHP echo and PHP return in plain English?
Deprecated HTML important to lower slope of learning curve? [closed]
Update databound value on a label when MultiView Active View Changed?
SafeModeResult is null after update
What is wrong with this javascript syntax?
Disabled is undefined javascript error
Conditional statement in Objective C with two comparison operators in a single clause
Calculate mean, variance and range using Bash script
Changing image src via MVC 3 Action
C++ - Noob - Simple Try/Catch
Difficulty accessing objects in another view controller
Parameterized Type Parameters?
Refactoring to Partial Classes - Guidance
COM interface properties work with Visual Basic 2010, but not C#
Using enum correctly or not
Undefined reference to __libc_init_array
SQL compare and match columns from 2 tables
MVC3 - large DB, large set of controllers
Android Animation Flicker
How to convert PyObject to java boolean type
Apple Push Notification Service idle timeout
jQuery mobile and double execution of the js
Load View after applicationDidBecomeActive
Is Regular language always infinite
Will my iOS 5 app be visible in the App Store for iOS 4 users?
how to send post request with nsurlconnection
Output classpath content from within Spring context configuration
How to detect code change frequency?
Combining Columnizer and JQuery's Sortable
PHP is the next key a part of the current?
Can't instantiate new controller
A JS component for HTML discussions a-la Google Docs
buttons inside different tabs
CSS :after pseudo-class and content: declaration
MySQL stored procedures scopes and exports
Why is this Groovy closure not returning the value that I expect?
accessing menu from several subcategories
C++ Member Variables - Can't Modify? [closed]
Getting stdin while connected to a server Python
PHP: stream_copy_to_stream != $_SERVER['CONTENT_LENGTH']
What XML parser should I use in C++?
How do I display an array output in ul li
Quick way to cross check controller variables with view variables?
Adding 鈥淧ages鈥�to my facebook page [closed]
How to access FileTables from Entity Framework?
Conditions and method-calling efficiency
How do I select data from my table and make it a string?
Making a batch request to Facebook API from a Google Spreadsheet
right language to programme firewall tool that prevents individual .exe applications from accessing internet
How to disable touch on a CGRect / Sprite after one touch
Container returning wrong cached object fix
PHP include_once adding trailing 1 to page
Set border-radius (every single corner) with Javascript
Unable to pinpoint the error on SQL statement
Overriding subscript / operator[] for an array of types
Non-unit iterator stride with non-random access iterators
Java ORMs on NoSQL DB like HBase
Data not available in GridView ItemTemplate field onPreRender
Losing transparent background when downloading an external PNG image
Intranet web-service to display and discuss documentation stored in Git
Stored Procedure Conditions
C++ while loop primer fin fout [closed]
getters and setters for superclasses?
Unable to populate ListView with rawQuery command in Android
How To Send Spaces To MySQL Database
Android custom spinner
Getting specific portion of string from a Matcher
Auto-Close Alert Dialog
Why do we need both BeginGetResponse AND BeginRead?
EXTJS checkcolumns disable on click
how do I pass variables from a php page to command line
Is it possible to scroll from UIWebView object to a UIView object?
Should the dimensions (height/width) of the retina images (@2X) always be multiples of two?
Changing actual css font based on select option chosen
Issues After Upgrading PhoneGap to 1.4.1
Stack toolbars and tabpanels in Sencha Touch
SQL query difficulty
How can I simplify this jQuery code?
SQL Need help joining tables
Python: How do I parse HTML of a webpage that requires being logged in?
Code autocompletion using ropemacs on opencv python bindings
How to pass all the values from ArrayList[] to int[] intArray
How to move a mouse smoothly throughout the screen by using java?
Magento Widget - How to confirm access to block code?
Multiple $_GET from a link parameters
pass a variable in the url in zend
Change the text on textblock UserControl in VS 2010 Express for Windows Phone
jQuery to change content in div based on scroll position
how an search index works when querying many words?
MVC3 compiling views is slow
MongoDB object serialization, stack overflow exception
doctrine orm:schema-tool:create - Class Bug does not exist
dfference between using URLCOnnection Object and Httppost in android client
Strange output in c++
Close command prompt listener
how to display the first/ second 鈥�nth latest nodes in panel/ views?
Onmouseover running multiple times while hovering on element?
What are the access rights needed for 鈥淭ranslation Editor鈥�to be able to see their Translation jobs?
Virtual printer port monitor installing
Could not install mercury-rails in Rails 3.2 Ruby 1.9.3-p0
WebRequest to download XML Feed
How many parameters does ios::setstate actually take?
SQL Filter past dates
Updating an NSUInteger property within a block. Warning: Block will be retained by
Does python fabric support dynamic set env.hosts?
An access token is required to request this resource FQL issue
jQuery doesn't always load
Grails - ORM join to show name vs id
Upgrading XSLT 1.0 to XSLT 2.0
PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size - on a non-existent line
Having issues with - $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']
how can I use the openCV FFMPEG video I/O rather than the DirectShow one in Windows?
Generating SVG font from multiple SVG graphics in Node.js
SQL: Return unique entries of only first table in a multi table join
iPhone/Android browser occasionally follows link href instead of jQuery onclick event
How to design exception 鈥渢ypes鈥�in C++?
Xslt extracting attributes and generating html
j2me netbeans - parallel data transfer (outline idea required)
Find the index of an object in an array in Flash AS3 [duplicate]
Spotify App API: tab pages, playlist UI refresh
How to call a node from a xml file within web page
Split(String) Navigation - 鈥淕o to next substring鈥�
Ruby, Neography Gem: Finding nodes via Key/value Pair
Is this a compiler error in Visual Studio 2010?
Wordpress Admin: filter posts based on user login
Select box option to change input element ID
Using PHP to match table data with images
Scrolling in UIWebView
Jar configurations and their contents
Naming Functions in jQuery
Any good use for list/dict assignment during for loop?
Can't run Ember.js in a page that has prototype.js
using mod_rewrite to convert /?APP=XYZ&action=asdf&params=123 to /XYZ/asdf?params=123
Is there a row alternative for <th> in HTML?
SQL order multiple data rows without combining the rows
Where are @font-face files stored on the client side?
full outer join - intertwined values from joined columns [closed]
Blocking a user from sharing account with multiple IP's?
How to combine two search_related result sets
Get the current selected row from IList
regular exp ends with exacr patterns
VBScript to Notepad/Wordpad
jQuery UI tabs example - opening new tab = adding unique script to each tabs
Is there a way to identify that IIS or the website had been stopped?
How do i use JQuery Ajax to call a PHP file on the server side to return and execute javascripts?
Google Maps not Centering Based on Lat/Long
How would I destroy_all or delete_all records except one in ruby on rails?
Have SSIS handle random sized column in CSV file
Transparent background Label over PictureBox
ObjC: is there such a thing as a 鈥渃lass protocol鈥�
extracting a bit from a buffer
SSL install on Apache, lost the key file
AppEngine Java: The API call file.Create() took too long to respond and was cancelled
WebClient.DownloadFile download file that is dynamically created
License for open-source software that can be used in SaaS
content observer only invoked once then never again
Dynamic click event isn't firing in C#
Toggle check/uncheck for multiple checkbox lists using jQuery
xcode: How to save audio file after recording audio using AVFoundation
Can't figure out web.debug.config vs. web.config substituation in VS2010
Using prepared statements in PHP with the IN function in SQL
QLPreviewController does not show the icon correctly for picture file
How can i upload a file (type=鈥渇ile鈥� using Selenium WebDriver in Ruby
jQuery Mobile - scroll to specific div on pageload
Select 1 Updates Select 2, but Select 2 doesn't fire
Does facebook expose an api call that does not requre authentication to read public feeds?
couldn't able to connect FileZilla after enable SSL in FTPWebrequest
Java:Increasing YoungGen size to improve GC performance
RMI Threads prevent JVM from exiting after main() completes
emacs gives warning when trying to save files over sshfs
Make sure a Javascript script is first to run?
Pulling data from one Tab Activity to another
C# simple custom encrypting
how to skip elements in foreach loop
How can I set two select menu's in jquery mobile side by side and fill the width of the page
Architecture of data classes and business objects and viewer classes in Java (NetBeans Platform) RCP
What are the dangers of using EF Migrations (or any auto-migration framework) in production?
Change name of mongoid relations (embeds_鈥�belongs_to,has_鈥�
How can I set two select menu's in jquery mobile side by side and fill the width of the page
Architecture of data classes and business objects and viewer classes in Java (NetBeans Platform) RCP
What are the dangers of using EF Migrations (or any auto-migration framework) in production?
Change name of mongoid relations (embeds_鈥�belongs_to,has_鈥�
How do I correctly configure a Spring MVC webapp when using a java Configuration class?
Is there a switch to disable trigraphs with clang?
C++ Segmentation Fault in conditional statement of while loop parsing linked list for ordered insertion
Making navigation behave same way with mouse hover
Vsplit causes vertical scrollbars to be displayed (gvim)
Simpler digital signatures in InfoPath forms in MOSS 2007?
How can I access selected items in Adobe Air using the Spinner List?
Java - byte[] to FileItem
Simplify this jQuery Code?
Best way of image drawing + event listening?
Random 401 errors on an auto compiled site when updated pages are pushed
Pass parameters to code behind function using JavaScript
Does Facebook maintain a whitelist of domains whose content displays differently when shared to a Timeline?
XmlHttpRequest to PHP changes newline (0x0a) to a literal 鈥� n鈥�[closed]
Is HTTP auth an impediment for a server side Google Maps reverse geocoding API call
How to force access to begin a new record
Entity Framework, Data Services, odata
Pythonic: code name conflicting with built-in
Knockout JS: ko.applyBindings is not a function
Algorithm to generate combinatorial objects
pointer malloc fail
PHP - sorting a list using a drop down menu
How to get the name of a temporary file created by File.tmpfile in D2?
Modality of QMainWindow. Why Qt::WindowModal doesn't work as what I thought?
Check if read() has been called on SqlDataReader
Calling class with javascript - nothing happens
Jquery Animation Failing Intermitently in IE7/8 only
Centering WPF dialog spawned from VSTO Outlook Add-In
How to make jquery-ui's autocomplete combobox widget fill after click?
UIView Composite mode
The war file generated by maven does not contain scala libraries
Android Development Lifecycle Setup
Different types of Xcode applications
Backbone.js Events not firing
SWT token decrypt claim's value
Are arrays of 'structs' theoretically possible in Java?
maven-surefire-report-plugin not generating surefire-report.html
onClick: Load image in a random order of 10px blocks
PHP - end session ID
Put cursor at the end of selected block after some operation
Second activity re-appearing after using statrtactivityfor result and closed
How to prevent the page from scrolling after an ajax request (return false not working or maybe in the wrong palce)
Decryption without client discovering key
Using multiple classes in a form_for Rails
Trouble with require in my env.rb file
iPhone opengl es: Rasterization
How to retrieve GroupName data annotation from ModelMetadata
Where to catch this error?
Eclipse - Default Workspaces for Each Perspective
Android execute code on variable change
Open URL in Android App?
@Html.DisplayNameFor for details model
MVC3 鈥淯nobtrusive JavaScript鈥�model validation
The maximum size of an array in C
Tips on generating GUI from C# attributes in WinForms
Interactive commands using java Runtime.getRunTime.exec()
Adding jQuery validator rules to dynamically created elements
Wpf MainWindow encapsulating multiple Windows - make StartupUri show many windows
Solr distributed search on different shards + on different machines
wordpress template_redirect for two single.php file allowing both ajax and non-ajax post loading
MySQL, GroupBy OrderBy
EF 4.3 with Firebrid Dot Net Provider
Are these uses of hidden fields insecure?
Mobile check in API with embedded form
Matlab Image Histogram Altering
DataTables & JQuery Jeditable, how to pass in row data?
Compiling a Fortran .dll on Windows 7 (for free)?
Namespace import. Difference between <%@ Import %> and <html xmlns:c=鈥渘amespace鈥�>
How to apply fetch groups using JDOQL queries with datanucleus-appengine 2.0.0-final
How to specify the Type in an XML Comment <return> comment
Dealing with small devices hitting jquerymobile
JavaScript function not being called [closed]
REST API Authorization & Authentication (web + mobile)
No parameterless constructor defined for type of 'System.String' during JSON deserialization
Strange emit behavior. Unable to get slot called when emit is performed
Javascript sort multi-dimensional array - a complete example?
**SOLVED** How to update an object's image in NSMutableArray?
Xcode 4.3: Codesign operation failed (Check that the identity you selected is valid)
lexical and syntax analizer on android?
mysql join and count
cocos2d - Replacing cached sprite image
Razor .NET is not recognizing code script
Downloading Borland BCC
Ant build files and targets
How do I troubleshoot a crashing Android webview (due to rich JS / interactions)?
Checkbox Validations
'which' command equivalent for finding resource(s) on Java classpath
$(document).ready() makes datatable not work properly
if statement issue in drawRect
How to know if a VS Project belongs to a WEB Application or Windows Application
Flex - Zooming in/out browser
Visitor Custom Variable Google Analytics Help
CSS Nested Floats & Clears Behaving Inconsistently
.NET MVC Dump Route Table
Rack streamed proxy causing Net::HTTPOK#read_body called twice
can i enable an action property for a current approved open graph action
Why does the Guava Resources class not have String versions of the methods?
How to create a mobile website from scratch [closed] uploading files over a Gig in file size?
How do I iterate through a mongo cursor and split a value into array?
Android HttpPost Returns 500 through Yii Framework
Really messed up SVN in visual studio 2008
Best choice? Edit bytecode (asm) or edit java file before compiling
IScriptControl - update javascript
search for a regex expression variable with an exclude expression
Possible to deploy WAR via Dreamweaver CS5?
Exception Passing SAFEARRAY in VARIANT to C# From C++ COM Server
How to reset image positions
How does Twitter to display my profile instantly?
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF, expecting ',' or ';' [closed]
PHP4 Valid code stopped working in PHP5?
Splitting string into groups with Regular Expression
Associating open graph action with multiple objects & caption template
Extending Cells of the UITableView
Selenium with Firefox Offline Mode
RABL: JSON objects without root key
jQuery - find control using custom attribute
jquery (mobile) - bind a tap event to a div
How to determine the phone number of a current caller in a stand-alone application
Problems connecting Pentaho Kettle/Spoon to Heroku PostgreSQL using SSL
PHP a href link with print or echo
How to detect if Computer is capable of executing my WPF application?
How to see GWT Jetty devmode from another machine?
Android Canvas - How to redraw at same place with different color not functioning when there's a YouTube video on the page
How to get multiple selected items from a ListActivity in Android
How to create a secured/private WCF service
Animate list with jQuery
Custom cursor adapter not showing anything
How to Autostart an AlarmManager to start a Scheduled Activity?
Should I use the STA or MTA apartment state for a winforms window running on a new thread?
Making a query with data from an array in PHP on multiple columns
How can I created a curved health bar?
Solr - match only exact phrase
Problems with Django test runner and test client login with authentication backend
Is there any idiom to get the identity element (0,1) for an operation (:+,:*) on a Ruby object?
Using XSD2CODE with multiple schema files
Facebook getLoginUrl and next parameter doesn't work properly
Is it possible to access Open Graph Insights via Graph API or other programmatic means?
How to replace qt.conf?
form updating nested attributes when not required
How do I make WebMethods serialize ExpandoObject
Ember.js Binding without a view
How to subtract one table sum from other
Saving javascript edited image with php
Ruby on Rail or PHP Framework for a Java developer
CPU speed and threads in C++
HTML5 and JavaScript, how they're related? [closed]
Indexing irregular grid X,Y,Z coordinates in a 1D array
Photo sharing site/app that allows others to upload to my stream?
iOS Airplay viewcontroller data sychronisation
c# getting last element in LINQ statement
Ant build multiple EAR projects
鈥淎ccess violation鈥�with COleVariant
jQuery $.when and $.then unexpected results
Android AES password-based encryption using one key and random IV for every message
Java Runtime DLL injection
Is ruby on rails a sensible choice for a video and photo encoding scale out server farm to pair with ASP.NET MVC
How do I get a core dump on OS X Lion?
A Good Tool/Library For Turning C Headers into XML
Finding the number of places after the decimal point of a Double
ListView in Scroll View my scrollview moves to top of listview. How do I prevent this?
call fo a file from PHP [closed]
Pause screen at program completion in C
I want to have a next and previous link that featches the next and previous article
insert_fixture en rails3.1.3
鈥淐ompress鈥�pairs of words (infinitive and inflection)
Android user input, using a custom keypad
Profiling a system with extensively reused decorators
When a parameter is null, Linq fails while creating projection list
Can't set a background image to UINavigationController
Why is <@> not returning the right distance in Postgresql?
Can I use a UDF for the search condition in a CONTAINSTABLE function
Data bind into GridView on specific User Login details
In TButtonGroup.ButtonOptions what does adding gboGroupStyle do?
How to prevent role change when you get a validation error when you type the wrong password
Grab post info from radio button in Vbulletin
In MongoDB, can you index a field to find objects that don't have a value in an array?
Image comments in Java
Index into a mmap?
variable not grabbing session id
Django + Apache + mod_wsgi permission denied
Most Frequently updated table(s) in MySQL
Navigation bar getting access to other viewControllers
What does baking a method means?
How can HMMs be used for handwriting recognition?
Web.Config files and locations
Repetitive Try and Except Clauses
How to add a jar, source and Javadoc to the local Maven repository?
Dynamic table link to new page
PHP script not returning a variable
I need some info about forming my inquiries and questions, so I can get assistance
JavaScript encryption (or obfuscation) of client-side data structures
ObjectInputStream - How to wait for new data?
Should a public API method return InputStream or byte[]
cakePHP 2.0.6 - validations
wrap page title property in <span> tag
Trying to get a list of files in a directory by created date using LINQ
Upload file to FTP
Javascript and CSS Mobile Friendly Full Screen Overlay
Qr Code Scanning how to make result Url clickable?
How can I choose if I want to append text or html to a div generically?
remove wrapping div and leave all sub-divs intact?
iPhone Bluetooth Communication Examples
Maximum Number of Folders Windows Server [closed]
Timer for threads in c programming language [closed]
Jquery Ajax - handle paths for js/css scripts for direct and remote access
BSON::ObjectId vs Mongo::ObjectID
Unable to Deploy Spree to Apache with Phusion Passenger
How to add a class to the application scope for a web application
Sorting in python, and empty strings
Job handler serialization incorrect when running delayed_job in production with Thin or Unicorn
Combine Two Strings and Order them by Date/Time PART# 2
How do I parse multiple strings from HTML using Nokogiri?
Python Selection Sort with different data structures
Back button does not return leadbolt ads view to Android App
I do not see the value after ajax procedure
How can I filter a FolderBrowserDialog, or what's an alternative?
Entity splitting when key column has different names?
Start Activity from a Broadcast Receiver
django model, a field which required two different fields
Unable to create new Facebook application for integrating Facebook in iOS app
Dynamodb: does delete count against read or write capacity?
Android: ActionBar Hidden
How to triple-slash selected text in Visual Studio 2010
Secure File Transmission
In Twitter Bootstrap 2, how can I get right columns to move to the top when shrinking the screen?
Event Passthrough Canvas
LINQ-To-Sharepoint Multiple content types for a single list
jQuery trigger not firing after clone
Simple Bootstrap page is not responsive on the iphone
Phonegap - Reverse ajax
Creating a Win32 Application in Qt Creator
How to combine php send mail forms with a list of image click?
Decimal to fraction conversion [closed]
View/Dump APC contents?
Escape multiple 鈥�鈥�characters in Android
Would SQLite be preferred over Core Data for fetching over time ranges,etc.? [closed]
Assigning a delegate to a CALayer's sublayer throws EXC_BAD_ACCESS?
tesseract with poor picture resolution
External class object not holding data
Efficiency: recursion vs loop
catch date object for further processing
How can i publish an app from appMobi?
Public vs. Private?
Git workflow: forking a project and maintaing a local modified copy, but keep up to date
EMF - Register ECORE meta-model programmatically
How to do curved corners on UIImageView even when setting the UIImage at runtime?
Rails 3.1 and jQuery 1.4
Can you extract a pl/java class file from an Oracle Database?
UILabel truncation 鈥�鈥︹� (space + 鈥�instead of 鈥溾�鈥�
Xcode Organizer: Can't Remove Device
Display true/false custom field as checkbox in Liferay
Print/echo just one field with PHP
strikethrough for text in the drop down list
Codeblock compiled exe link to a dll without system-path-variable (C++)
Quick inserting a relative path in PhpStorm
Cakephp 2.0.4 ACL error
C++ library installation
ASP.Net MVC 3 Controller Inheritence
What is the syntax for 鈥渘ot equal鈥�in SQLite?
Download of file through iframe in IE8 causing IE client area to not repaint
Login Form Redirecting Back To Itself On Submit
Detect type/enum for purposes of collision between different game objects/classes
Checking internet connectivity iOS 5
jquery dialog submit button cannot control enable/disable
SharePoint 2010鈥�Deleted a custom site template, now some sites are messed up
Small scale application supporting framework
How to select a random image from files in a directory using typoscript?
writing text area in python, implementing sockets
SQL Where IN with CASE
Uploading files with google app engine
Overloading the ++ operator to increment an iterator
How do I dynamically include the backing bean value in jsf 1.2
CSS Select element, how to disappear the arrow?
Write f# sequence expression point free
SQL Server Status Checker
Jquery mobile: redirect to another page before loading
double from fraction string iPhone
webfaction importerror exception
Groovy getter/setter shorthand notation and API changes
iPhone - Can you drop pins on mapview if user has no internet connection
How to install derelict using dsss and dmd
How can I ensure that a process runs in a specific physical CPU core and thread?
Get the color from my JButtons
Using css to place an image at the top of the page and the bottom
Mysql data to a styled HTML Table
Java - Component Clicked In JPanel
Extracting table cell text contents with xpath in rows for consumption?
Combining infinite scroll with expression engine
VB.NET Combobox - Auto-complete behaviour for numeric values
How do I compile the C perfect minimal hashing library on windows?
鈥淚nvalid CFML construct found鈥�in Framework/1 core file
Pymacs not starting on Emacs24 Carbon
OracleEE 11g WITH clause causing error procedure won't compile
How to inject property dependencies on a .net attribute?
For loop variable always evaluating to true
Ruby: what is wrong with this change_keys functions?
Trouble retrieving mouse coordinates from canvas
Execute a daemon on the server from JQuery with Ajax (Linux server with PHP5)
Android - How to record simple soundbite?
Windows Media Player in a Windows Form
How do you get an accurate duration of a given h264 stream(Silverlight)?
Can this javascript be made unobtrusive?
Making Chrome-like tab resize with pure css
Calling a jQuery plugin's private function in setInterval()
Java SOAP client throwing exception 鈥淐all to a member function setValue() on a non-object鈥�
How to select only rows where a column value is present in an associative array?
making my C code shorter
selector to match elements not nested within another selector?
References between two smart pointers
How to install cscope for Mac OS X 10.6
call page without loading
String Concatenation Python 2.5 (using cStringIO)
Can I cache OleDbConnection and keep it long time
FATAL EXCEPTION: main / android.view.InflateException
converting gsl linear algebra for use in scalapack or other parallel matrix library
Multiple background images casuses error in Safari
DotNetConfig.xsd missing webserver element?
Access to images on WP7 Silverlight App project
Add text to the first row of .csv file in Command Line
DB design issue
Mongoose has no method `connect`
I can't install Ruby Gem 'curb' on Mac OS Lion
Python Requests Module Put issue [closed]
Enumerate NSArray using blocks to find and store all indexe's of all NSStrings in array
Android: safe/smart way to retrieve list of trusted CA?
Mysql Conditional Select-Join
google maps api - general information
NodeJS + Mongoose timeout on connection
Next/Previous button in Image Gallery
internal distribution of BlackBerry Application
How to use distinct colors with Google GeoChart
How to put a loading gif image, while my app is doing a operation?
Java Swing - whitespace appearing in JLabel
Keeping Window OnTop of all other windows C/Java
Save XAML to png with viewbox?
ipython reads wrong python version
Prevent non-administrators from logging in on Windows for a specific period of time
JQuery enable the back button
Java library for full n-ary trees in the style of quadtrees
Writing hex representation to file [closed]
Pass Columns of 2 D array as a parameter in Java
How to connect to a locally installed neo4j server using Java
Edit rails gem without restarting server
split content with jquery and <hr> tag and put it to another div
Pass Columns of 2 D array as a parameter in Java
How to connect to a locally installed neo4j server using Java
Edit rails gem without restarting server
split content with jquery and <hr> tag and put it to another div
REGEX - Match special character anywhere in the string
JPA 1.0 Hibernate & Derby HashMap with an Enum key usage
Setting up a proper classpath when using maven
Which PHP frameworks are suited for web service only applications?
Retain/Release of a Synthesized Setter for a Retained Property
How to disable slash command syntax in Doxygen
Remove Elements and/or Attributes by Name per XSL Parameters
PHP/MYSQL allow users to have own email address [closed]
python imaplib reading gmail
How to split a string with different signs and white spaces using regex?
Ruby gsub regex to add the first matched character back into the replaced string
How to elegantly copy multidimensional arrays in Java?
Is there a lock-free vector implementation?
Background color of a UITableViewCell
Copying database error in android?
Set default arguments to Sweave code chunk
Accessing client devices from a webapp
setParent works, but without minExpanding
Internet Explorer layout problems, element height grows too large
line of code converting char to string --> foobar(string(鈥渢ext鈥�+anotherString)
Telerik OpenAccess vs. SubSonic in simple speed test (not a 鈥渨hich is better鈥�
No route matches error for rails 3 view
XDomainRequest for cross-domain ajax gives unintelligible error - emptry error
Custom URL with form
Open source jquery autocomplete tagging
Multiple Where Ins in search query?
security issue with system commands
What are the historical reasons for processes receiving SIGTTYIN/TTOU instead of blocking?
Easy tool to decompose sprite image?
separate tokens in batch file
Pagination from Temporary Table
What do all these parameters when calling a WCF web method from Anguilla JavaScript mean?
How to total values in a List<t> where key values are the same
Create a dataframe with the results of a simple linear regression
Sql date and time comparison from dual table
Using python's easy_install through a SOCKS5 proxy
HTML font is larger in iPhone browser than desktop browsers
Is there a way to proportionally shrink or enlarge a whole css file?
Add Customer Group filter to Sales Report in Admin
Make this Expression Grammar unambiguous for LL(1)
Facebook: Liking content within facebook fan page application
IOS: one company two IOS developer program [duplicate]
Multiple Login URLs for Single Django Application
Change functionality of Close button of SMS interrupt [Iphone]
SQL Check for Null Date and then Case Switch
Matlab: Adding two structs
Matlab: Adding two structs
Flex List dataprovider implicit coercion error
Zend Framework: hyperlink to execute script without leaving the webpage?
Twitter Bootstrap - dropdowns inside navbar but outside nav-collapse
Erlang/Scala Migrating Actors from one node to another
UIPopoverController - presentPopoverFromRect that is inside s scaling/scrolling view?
Where is the operator precedence documented for the .NET Regex class?
Getting a lower rotational value from Angle & Degree
Public member 'elements' on type 'DBNull' not found
Automatic exporting of SSRS to PowerPoint via URL parameter using Aspose.Slides
Apple GameKit - How to connect multiples iPhone to an Ipad as a server but with different Bundle IDs
ASP:Login - call Javascript function on wrong password/username
C++ template error, No return, in function returning non-void
Best way to separate email and frontend server
Country-level geolocation in JavaScript using IP lookup?
Advanced splash sreen how can i use it in my code
Is there any layout which works like Windows Explorer?
How to store settings for a JavaScript/jQuery page being tracked by git?
Loop through model and create textbox for each property, in the view
Running Selenium 1 RC commands against Selenium 2 server
Am I altering an object or a copy of that object?
c while loop treats local variable in loop as global, why?
Github organization and private repositories
iOS: formatting decimal numbers
FNV hashing for strings in C
$(window).unload is not firing
IntelliJ and Groovy test source disappearing
Object has no method 'replace'
Converting simple XML line into a Map elegantly
jsf spring security session timeout viewExpiredException
Why does my JavaScript function accept three arrays, but not an array containing three arrays?
Using Custom .NET Code with DOTNETNUKE
multi module maven project structure in eclipse
Any way to replace visual studio's usage of msbuild and still get error reporting in the IDE?
How to optimize updating a record when using SQLAlchemy and Flask
Why are Matlab anonymous functions called anonymous?
NSArray return specific values
Check namespace
WebSQL CRUD Function using basic HTML and JavaScript
How does the session timeout work in IIS 7?
Can I make a unit test inconclusive if a requisite unit test fails?
How to protect against SQL Injection with OdbcCommand when the query is not parameterized?
QML ListView won't respond on mouse click
Use a local CSS file in UIWebView
How to horizontally align columns in a table
iPhone: NSData representation of Audio file for Editing
Set font color of items in DataGridViewComboBoxCell
Is this simple Swing-based class thread-safe?
Getting a random double value between -1 and 1
How to Implement Simpler Microphone Permission Dialog Box in Flash
Can not run Primefaces showcase webapp
Error in stored procedure, but where?
perf record: can I specify multiple events and use different sample-after value for each of them
Effective Method for specifying user data
PictureBox skewed images
Aptana's FTP connection and synchronisation
Using facebook SDK for android?
Multiple Insert statement failing ORA-00905: missing keyword error
Escape sequence <ESC>]0;
CoffeScript passing jquery object to constructor
Grails using hibernate basic types
SSRS 2008 - get data based on row number
Does Java SDK have Hibernate's OpenSessionInView equivalent
Getting the 鈥渇eed鈥�messages of a specific app
Add automation to a jQuery Content Slider
Derived Class to use property of Base class?
Sorting Program
Retrieve data from IP address/port using browser applet
Having trouble getting the selenium command line to run HTML tests and record output, then exit w/ status that reflects test result
Why does my Android Calculator crash?
Eclipse not recognizing Android supplied drawable?
Remove submit button in WP Gravity forms plugin
How to parse double in scientific format using C#
Android HttpPost - Send request in cp1251
Timing a function in microseconds
Windows Phone Trace Running Events
jQuery: append html block to closest clicked link
traversing a diffgram in C#
Upgrade 0.9.0 -> 1.4?
Ruby Module Syntax Error
find line, replace multiple lines
way to ignore intermediate column in an INSERT SELECT statement?
Rails Admin works in development and not Heroku
why map not returning correct result
Recursive explanation
EF Update Exception: The conversion of a datetim2 data type to a datetime
Stretch a background image in IE8
Freemarker Eclipse Plug-In
Recursive functions in Javascript and depth-tracking
Omniauth Facebook auth + identity using the same model instead of two
setInterval and setTimeout
MySQL & PHP - Only list items not listed previously
Linq-to-SQL combining two Expression<Func<T, bool>> (鈥渨here clause鈥� with and/or
Passing variable through subdomain wildcard redirect?
Java DataInputStream readInt() from C++ Client getting huge value
Michael Hartl's Rails 3 Tutorial: Section 3.2.2. Missing RSpec view/controller generation
java: programming against interface, but having to instantiate a concrete class
鈥渋nvalid cast from type 'const myClass' to type 'int'鈥� how can I make it valid?
Amazon S3 error - Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel
Adding some noise to a text
Java DataInputStream readInt() from C++ Client getting huge value
Michael Hartl's Rails 3 Tutorial: Section 3.2.2. Missing RSpec view/controller generation
java: programming against interface, but having to instantiate a concrete class
鈥渋nvalid cast from type 'const myClass' to type 'int'鈥� how can I make it valid?
Amazon S3 error - Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel
Adding some noise to a text
Does this polyline pass through this polygon?
C# How do I convert a string into an instance of a class?
Refresh dyamic content within a colorbox instance
Use bash script to extract certain type names and corresponding numbers
Python - Sending files over sockets
How to query a C# dictionary and return a specific set of values
Cannot run FastMember based console app
C small code won't work.
Options to stack native protocol over http?
Passing data to table cells
Why errors when filters DataTable with CollectionView?
Very slow search of a simple entity relationship
How to detect, prevent, and fix java windows registry corruption (i.e. 鈥渃ould not find java.dll鈥�
Specify a bean to bind data to
How do I dynamically call a method that takes an array as parameters?
sql between age group by
Tcl global variables in proc declaration
how to get stage in the center in libgdx?
How to group JUnit tests together
WxBitmap, cannot see correctly image
How to store 1/3 as a decimal in MySQL
Google Maps javascript API- Map object recenters after applying KML layer. How do I prevent this?
using valueForKeyPath to grab specific data
Adding Relationships between views in Devart entity framework
Custom sorting of SortableTable
Firing a click event in Internet Explorer
鈥淪QLException: Data source is closed鈥�when unit testing a Controller that calls a Spring-Batch job
Doctrine table IDs as array IDs
Implementation Issue with JQuery DynamicDrive Menu
How do I set up static resources and custom services with embedded Jetty?
Adding a facebook logout button to an android app
Why do I get a 鈥渃annot be resolved to a type鈥�error when trying to refer to a class - android
Extjs: Accessing Proprety Grid linked in a window
in f#, bind to a value from a c# library
PHP loop - creating a table using a loop and giving it headers
add setTimeout to success function in ajax submit
Where is the .R script file located on the PC?
Feature Detection in Noisy Images