Get Number of Entities and its Fields Programmaticaly, Data-driven Application
JPA 2.0 map one class to different columns of one table
JTextPane highlighting based on regex?
Disable Buttons during AsyncTask
Disable Ext Gwt 鈥渇ormdata鈥�border
How to add a fixed header to a QScrollArea?
Unzipping an artifact with SBT
sending data to servlet in json and other formats
WSO2 ESB 4.0.3 and RSS/Atom and Velocity?
Use a pool to spawn images
rich:panelMenu deselect
Select/Unselect all CheckBox in a 鈥淐heckListBox鈥�in XAML only
PHP long poll fails
Gradle Not Resolving Maven Repo on localhost
Symfony2 data transformers, getting exception message
Alternative to
EF 4.3 code first mapping N:M on same type
JQuery - Getting cycle prev/next to trigger jcarousel prev/next
Optimize mysql NOT IN query by using temporary variable
Passing Pointer to Structure using Java Native Access Library(JNA)
JQuery/PHP - Breaking up a bunch of ajax requests into batches?
Parsing JSON Feed iOS 5
WCF Client fails to connect to NetTcpBinding Endpoint
Fluid LABEL + INPUT aka 2-column fix+fluid possilbe?
Single class which combines const and nonconst reference data member
Issue with screen capture
Setting up an ini file in grails
Parsing windows command results with Python and regex
open link out of iframe
Hibernate Invalid Mapping exception
Silverlight page navigation
jbpm job executor in multiple machines and one common DB
Get file size of attempted upload when UPLOAD_ERR_INI_SIZE error occurs?
How to filter a DataTable by values not contained in an array?
Update a float to null?
Detect page refresh or new load using PHP or Javascript
Difference between PreparedStatement when using different driver
I cannot view the .axd page in a ELMAH project
Pass Parameters in Link_to
How to restrict image width or height on upload
does Android WebView support getClientRects? Or there is a bug?
Searching for a string in a single column in a table within an ASP.NET MVC application
Clean-up code in the C++ exception's destructor
Overriding logging.Formatter in Python
iOS: Pro/Lite versions with pre-compilation in Xcode
ANT Not Running All Targets
Cross browser vertical centering of text in anchor
Specifications for functions: -spec. Efficiently usage
sharing a photo to twitter from an android app
git push local branch with same name as remote tag
Asp.Net Mvc3 Jquery validate manually showing error messages
Redirecting when encountering an Ecircle SOAP API Error
how to separated development on MVC? [closed]
SQL Server Modulus and user defined function
Play! 2.0 and Google App Engine
Flat price for each currency in Virtuemart
get current url in twig template?
How do I Pipe Standard Error to a File in DOS (Batch File)?
Using assigned variable to an InArgument<>
How can I use numpy to calculate a series effectively?
Update SQL: Take Value from One Column and Replace Null in Another
How should i change connection string, for hosting site
Gap at the bottom of page
How Can I Load Test A Site That Uses ValidateAntiForgeryToken?
How can you inject an mvc3 custom membership provider using Autofac?
how to split xxxx table rows into arrays of 100 each using jquery and account for rounding?
Highstock with numbers instead of date in x-axis
Model Binding - Type in External Assembly
MYSQL modeling relationships: Design and UPDATE/DELETE
How to apply pagination for a custom WordPress query?
Adsense and document.write on Internet Explorer
planning a virtualised environment
Matlab function and return values in a loop
Send image as an attachment in browser
Login: Case sensitive Xcode/PHP
jQuery change focus on tab or focusout
Different design time/Runtime WinForms control behaviour
Redis Compile Error
How to add imageURL in Viewpager in android.I need a smooth swipe action
R cut one row into multiple rows of equal length
RegularExpressionAttribute fails validating right data
How to load HSQLDB script with Hibernate
Handle windows phone 7 app crash
Detecting self-postback in a dynamically created UserControl
what driver to use when connecting to Oracle 10 with IBM RAD / Eclipse DTP?
SQL: Detect duplicate customers
How can I return a StringBuilder or other string buffer from a PInvoke native callback
mod_proxy: sticky session does not work
Ruby vs Hash literal
Show two symbols for each legend label
Silverlight Optimization
How to define a custom ORDER BY order in mySQL
SilverLight refresh label in cycle
Embedding image into HTML in java?
Disabling a submit button after one click
Using WinForms with XNA?
Initialize Objects as Class Members in C++
How to model 鈥渞eference data鈥�in a Document Database model?
How to monitor a bluetooth stream using Python?
DBusWatch and DBusTimeout examples
How to run a 32 bit JAVA Applet in 64 bit JRE MOC XOS
How to compile ffmpeg for qt use in windows
Issue with dynamically added android radiobutton
How to compile ffmpeg for qt use in windows
Issue with dynamically added android radiobutton
Coding is only working inside of onClick event of Button
UI for Illustrator Plugin using Flex
Placing HTML page as content within JQuery Fancybox
Nesting > (greater than) in Less-CSS
How should I build a VPS that will host multiple small Rails applications?
Android & Bundles
PEAR Mail SMTP/ MIME and HTML formatting
webservices for Autocomplete extender is not working
Multiple partial views based on same model
Known issues/complications for upgrading code using the Tridion Business Connector from 2009 to 2011 SP1
ICA - Statistical Independence & Eigenvalues of Covariance Matrix
Recreating WinForms layout in WPF
.NET Google Docs API Authentication (without user interaction)
dynamics crm - how create an entity, then save the id in the same transaction
Objective-C calling javascript in UIWebView calling back Objective-C; threading issues
Expression Blend very sluggish with >1000 items
How to create a floating graph with time on y axis?
Get the title of the panel using id
creating product with installer script in magento custom module
<include> tag override attribute
Can I search stored procedure results?
Anchors losing click ability after scroll on iOS Safari
Python Django ModelForm has no model class specified error
Set panoramaItem Orientation via code in WP7
Webbrowser control in
Custom message in Outlook message
Facebook Page a Mandatory Step for Entry Submission
filler page for redirecting external url Deserialization failing with doublequotes in json
Why is splitting a string slower in C++ than Python?
how to parse the image which is in very big size?
How Can Translate Search operation in JQGrid
Simple text formatting, such as superscript, in Java? [duplicate]
Your Second iOS app Tutorial: How Many Sections Do They Want?
Segmentation fault which is happened when are imported some libraries in Python?
R: how can I create a table with mean and sd according to experimental group alongside p-values?
Return an iterator range (subset of a main list)
How to call two java script in onchange simultaneously?
Should I protect the link to my public GnuPG-Key against email crawler?
IIS7 switch off custom error pages
Detect Zombie at runtime
Rails 3 - exist any gem for counting page views?
Issues with Impersonating a WCF Secure Web Server using Glassfish / Metro
ASP.NET Mono: How to send SOAP instead of HTML?
TBXML framework for XMLs from URL
See if CGDataProviderRef returns an error?
Strange behavior while removing image from ListView
vim nerd commenter range command
How to block an incoming message in android?
How to select dropdownlist item by tabulator
.htaccess file access
How to plot cdf in matplotlib in Python?
Placing JavaScript ad tag on different location in page
htaccess and rewriting my URLs
Bandwidth control with LibCurlNet
Remove first word from a string in Java
Making a webserver using jsp and java
Transparent label vanishing on resize
Android startActivityFromChild
Python - Dictionary - Modify __getitem__?
porting linux on bare board
Alpha on blend pixel function
Core Plot :Move only Data
Why does my console application freezes when using Win32_UserAccount class
Hamming distance in k-means clustering
Change CSS background-image with different intervals via jQuery
MySQL client for large databases
Memcache get method throws IOException
Saving a find() to a variable
Prevent tap event on UITextView
SalesForce Opportunity Field inset Error
Simple 鈥済reater than鈥�if works only on Chrome?
Protobuf-net creating typemodel with interface and abstract baseclass
C++: Overloading operators for similar integer types
Enable a disabled textbox in wpf
Excel - How to sort column of email addresses by domain name?
Deploy a multi-module project with Maven Cargo
Android: how to get phone number from a incoming SMS?
AtomicReference to a mutable object and visibility
how to ask for push notification after login?
On Visualforce page i want to display INLINE EDIT function
JQuery Simple Addition Issue
need a vb script to display outlook new mail icon
Phonegap iOS DB Query
CheckBox and RadioButton Control Adapter
Read entire elements from an XML network stream
Getting error for Android Apps in Admob implementation [duplicate]
Whether to choose Search or Streaming API of Twitter for public geo-tweets?
WCF service health monitoring
Single oauth token and secret to access multiple services from google
VBA/ADO: reading mixed data types from a .csv datasource
How to get selecteditems in CheckedComboBoxEdit?
ERROR: Error installing vagrant: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension
Multithread management in view?
What is Datastructure of LazyTreeGridStoreModel?
NUnit DeploymentItem
User input text saving to sql server
iTunes Connect and Apple Developer Portal
Compare today datetime to match (First, second, third, fourth, fifth) weekday(mon, tuesday ect.) of current month
C# dllimport of struct containing an array of strings
MVC 3 default document routing
git, for a repository already modified
onReceive not entered
Realm Configuration for Glassfish by Application like context in tomcat
PHP load user data file
Gaps in email template in Yahoo Mail
Handle long-running EDT tasks (f.i. TreeModel searching)
What does the EH in EHCache stand for? [closed]
how to define a process when a user opens a document in a document library
Android AdviewAds without a XML layout?
Creating a complex data structure by parsing an output file
URL for Raphael.js
Deferred execution value unchanged
How to determine which job is executed most often in Jenkins?
Redirecting to in apache
Jquery and Ajax fails to sent ISO-8859-7(greek) characters
contents within the <head> not properly loaded when html page is fetched dynamically
Android Header Pattern
Problems with MVC 3 DropDownList() in WebGrid()
How to let a fixed 鈥渟ticky鈥�div stay outside the viewport
How can I do this query in CodeIgniter
Implementing Kerberos authentication with Javamail
Diagnose RSS leak in Java when heap is stable
C#: ObservableCollection - why no generic 鈥淐ollectionChanged鈥�event?
GAE with JPA and REST: Produce Entity (as json or xml) with the datastore.Key
Eclipse Plugin : how to modify a file source programatically?
Regular expression to find all characters BUT the ones after numbers
please help me to create grid by passing parameters to request action
usb cdc device driver
Adding Accessory to UITableView
jQuery toggleClass on input values
Pinned Instances for GC - Not traceable from my managed code
Inserting a variable into a string in PHP
Error in newly created Maven project using Eclipse (GWT)
Force MySQL Shutdown
Navigation close onClick of another list item
@things.each or 5.times do ,t,
Using Redis via BookSleeve. Unknown parameter
jquery mobile splitview: issue with screens supported
Jquery UL Scroll
maintaining pair of elemts using own class template
MySQL query returning 0 rows while it should return one
How to set focus on dropdown list, using javascript, php
Polygon adding algorithm
using boost thread only works half way
pointing a skipped item and the error field in a chunk in spring batch
Can I convert a short form color (#123) into the long form (#112233) in stylus?
Instantiate a type based on json and metadata using lift-json
Delete this in mootools?
How to get the private key from a separate file?
How to easily solve the 10040 message too long error on Wsock2
How to use reCAPTCHA?
How to run script inside ajax page
Android NDK JNI Call Returning Different Values
Can I avoid the redundant base class initializations when using virtual inheritance?
Are OAuth2 and SSL enough to secure an API
C why does a simple fgets on a txt file consume high cpu usage?
Accessing sitecore content with virtual folders
Ada protected types
CVOpenGLESTextureCacheCreateTextureFromImage from uint8_t buffer
How should I count the number of launches of an application in iPhone
How to set the flashlight/screen light turn on for different time periods based on user requirement?
How to use Xpath in PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser
JBOSS 7.1.0 error - Unable to find a public constructor for class org.jboss.resteasy.core.AsynchronousDispatcher
Setting Navigation List items to stick together
count of elements in a set (not total count)
how to get 4 with Jquery from <div id=鈥渋tem 4鈥�gt;
C++ include guards for function prototype?
How do I use results from iOS EKCalendarChooser to change to selected calendar?
How do flat file content management systems create new .txt files?
check if class from assembly contans all methods as in interface
Opening Multiple files one time in Actionscript3
How can I make a mySQL field accept only a-zA-Z instead of a wider ranger of characters? [closed]
Attaching movieclips along a path with rotation
strange characters(?) added to the end of my subject text
Jboss default deployer war size is more than the same export using eclipse .why?
EF DataContractSerializer Exception
Flot: how to use onchange instead of onclick (checkbox) to turn off series?
getc(fp) causing trouble
Input HTML code in UIWebview
Print Canvas wrap with 3D perspective preview
nested template rendering in backbone.js
Remove an object from session in hibernate
Accurately Converting NSString to GLFloat - iPhone
Syncing changes in an SVN repository with a folder on my server
Basecamp API - Flex URLLoader status 200 but no action
drag drop file upload with file api server side code
jQuery multiple event handlers and hierarchy
dotNET : remote connection on SAME machine 鈥�is it possible?
How to create marker using opencv for fiducial marker system
How to get process details from its pid
Adobe Air - KeyboardEvent error
issue regarding the horizontal scroll using page controller
Continue most recent value over a time range
Is it possible to upgrade vBulletin forum from 3.5 to 4.0 version?
XML Transformation to HTML using XSLT
In IE8 and blackberry playbook javascript setInterval function not working properly
base64 encode null terminator
ArrayList objects
linking properties
call controller function
set panel height sencha -touch
LINQ: I have 3 tables and I want to make 2 join tables
Convert value into String?
Erlang in Windows - Process Increase?
Convert one list to set, but if empty use a default one
How do I skip an iteration if an IF condition becomes true, and go to the first line of do .. end?
Javascript - how to work with the iterator in a for loop with callbacks
What is the advantage in OAuth2 of the implicit grant over Authorization Code grant
Decimal datatype in access with OdbcDriver
Styling overlapping annotations in text with HTML <SPAN> tags and CSS
RuntimeError: unexpectedly data truncated Error Rails 3.1
MySQL - selecting near a spatial point
scale down images with timthumb through adding typoscript to templavoila (data processing)
How to remember scrol position and scroll back
Jquery injecting html doesn't work. the ajax call is unstable
Combining multiple xml documents into one large one with a batch file
getting different form's element length in javascript
How to play video stored on a online file server?
How to get the contact information from specified uri of the contact
Restoring SQL Server DB, replacing the existing one
Add number of hours to Time type
How to create an array with current time and next 10 five minute interval times using javascript?
Why do JAXB generated classes have protected members and how can I change this?
Post new comment to a Status via API
How to create nodes dynamically in XSLT?
Facebook connect with iPhone not working
Schedule app to launch / enter foreground at specific dates / times
What is SAT and what it is good for?
BluetoothStreamConnection issue in BlackBerry - 鈥淏tSppRead failed鈥�
pyqt- customize title bar and window
How to use variadic macros with Microsoft VS2010?
chaining asynchronous operations before writing to client (python - tornado)
Drawing a rectangle (or line, or bitmap) on the camera preview stream (.NET Compact Framework)
How do I play videos in wpf media player?
how to use jquery and sencha touch2 together.?
how can i linktouch keypad to random questions generated
How to change background (not text) color opacity with javascript?
IE doesn't support 'insertBefore'
Show numerals only on clicking edit text and also able to accept decimal point(.)
Interrupt user navigating by my ad page
JQuery reformat text and change order
Could not find endpoint element with name ' and contract 'I' in the ServiceModel client configuration section.
How to create an EDE project for C++
using Backbone JS boilerplate & code navigation
Image of style isn't displayed in visual studio designer
How can I leverage MEF in my MVVM application? [closed]
How to detect a Custom Control under mouse cursor while the mouse is down in C#-WPF?
Sharing control instance within a view in WPF
Stretch div according to another one
Groovy - Grab: why it continues to download the necessary jars ?
How to dynamically add a class method?
How to scan for networks in the area [closed]
Can't create Comparer
In ruby on rails Is there a way to dictate the format of fields inserted into the database via Activerecord?
Is WPF purely case-sensitive? Is 鈥淎uto鈥�value in width field case-sensitive?
How to access properties of Python super classes e.g. via __class__.__dict__?
Correct way of MVC folder structure in Zend Framework
Create Index in RavenDB
Encoding database utf-8 or utf-16
DB Design - Suggestions
Handwritten character (English letters, kanji,etc.) analysis and correction
What is the standard guidelines for activity creation in Clearcase UCM?
Chrome weird behavior
Custom Image Display with intent
Android: Converting a Bitmap to a Monochrome Bitmap (1 Bit per Pixel)
How to find out where variable is being set?
Store the result of a stored procedure without using an output parameter
QueryOver error : Unrecognised method call in epression value
please help me to use ceiling here
How to write command in process Builder
click event of a button is triggered automatically when the dialog is opened
how to get transaction supporting proxy from spring application context?
could not allocate 2d arrays C
Displaying GPS longitude and latitude with java
browser keeps on looking for the data but never fetches it
How to make an image small rather than its original size?
Optimal row size to fetch at a time from a big table
Why does PHP allow protected and private methods to be made public via an override in subclasses?
How to retrieve Solr documents having at least 2 numFound with grouping
Clarify what is asked for in java Exceptions assignment
How to safely cast nullable result from sqlreader to int?
Magento share cart between websites
Hiding back images in iCarouselTypeRotary view for iCarousel
Android: Enable Disable Context Menu Item
What maven dependency need to have Class LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean?
Android navaigation bar with ListView
Making a dynamic sequence
SQL Group by one column
Is there a way to deploy a custom .aspx page in the Reporting Services Pages folder?
Copying contents of table A to table B (one more column than table A)
Spring JPA: Testing DAO layer with multiple databases in a CI environment
XML Namespaces and validation
In a test I can find a xml, in another I can't
Post Array from Ext.Net store into ASP.NET MVC
Is a singleton class linked to the session in PHP?
Form_Activated is messing up closing the program
Crashed when deleting a row from UItableview
ios/cocos2d how to make menuitem to disappear after being activated?
is it possible that Android loads a fresh instance of previously opened Activity instead of loading some in memory instance?
jquery addclass removeclass onclick on form labels
How to get an unpackaged SBT dependency included in a Proguard jar?
JParameter parameter not found while upgrading joomla 1.5 to joomla 2.5
Escape an PL/pgSQL variable
phase correlation for image stitching (using of Hamming Window)
Too slow when getting current style on Chrome using javascript
Errors on build, but not sure where they are
Create Expression from Func
String matching with regex
How to search pictures that look like uploaded picture
Why AnimationSet does not execute animation combination properly?
CUDA code doesnt work, why?
Spring 3 adding UserDetails to session
Synchronization between SQLLite on Android device and SQL Server database using Microsoft Sync
.Net framework JIT and Bulldozer special instructions
How to pass the control from child to parent
Polymorphic XML Serialization/DeSerialization to C# objects for varying list of nodes
ambiguous call to overloaded function
Good use of storm?
Internet Explorer(8/9) ignores new line characters while printing plain text
How do I specify input the QMake INSTALLS variable?
Please explain this ambiguity? [duplicate]
Want to convert a string in one form into another form?
Linking two analytical charts in PPS
Value for object in a another Class is not set in a Class
Execution time of object initialization in a tight loop
How do I specify multiple values in SQL query where clause?
Is it good practice to keep a Lucene IndexWriter & IndexSearcher open for the lifetime of an app
add values to an array in jquery
SSL Folder - access insecure content
Why is resultCode = -1 here after StartActivityForResult?
current logical threads increasing / thread stack is leaking
Write image file in servlet by using ImageIO
<th> width issue
returning sum from server side by json
How do I set a height on my responsive slider using CSS before page load
Get parameters to C application by shell commands
Image features extraction
How do I execute UNIX Shell Scripts from a Java Application?
Closing current window don't work in FF 3.6 and Chrome user registration page exception with MS Access
Pass an object in $_SESSION between 2 php scripts [duplicate]
Android SQLiteDataBase: How to read datasets?
How to Get the Application Delegate in iMac
Do i have to use f:param?
Maven define resource
calling a secured web service from oc4j 10g in linux environment
GWT: adding events to MenuItem possible?
MongoDB cursor in PHP, does it bring all records to the client upon query execution or one by one upon cursor iteration?
Parse Json response
Why does this code not run?
UIviewcontroller size issue in IPhone?
Execute a specific vbs cript in NSIS with custom parameter / argument input configuration
What does the I in RWXI mean in the Softune Workbench linker file?
SQL Cross-Database Query [duplicate]
Ampersand in URL while parsing XML in Android
wampserver localhost does not openning
Spring Interceptor for BasicDataSource
How to read 鈥渰TIFF}鈥�information inside the metadata of a taken picture
Splitting an XCode project into a library and app parts
How unique id in sugar crm modules such as emails are generated?
Silverlight 5 plugin crash or request aborded when using HttpWebRequest
Extern array, how to use
Xcode 4.3 for Snow Leopard
php subscribers sql query too big?
Formatting text in alert window
Can I use subobjects of a StaticResource?
Facebook authentication error - The operation couldn鈥檛 be completed
How to control my Win32 service meaning change it's custom parameters, scheduling etc?
iPhone Distribution certificate not reachable in Xcode 4
Core plot: first/last point symbol is out of screen
water effect in a view based application
Creating xts time series
List all the users in two groups at the same level in Active Directory
Optimistic Caching Concurrency Design Pattern
Excluding some properties during serialization without changing the original class
Reading Timestamp column from Oracle using Java.. rs.getString(index)
There is an issue with reading tif File format?
How to pass values of textboxes upon clicking a link?
Displaying the address of a string
Ormlite Image Update issue
insert into many-to-many openerp
How to use quaternion rotation in Three.js json scene
reduce large image loading time just like the photo library in iphone
How to stretch textfield in a JasperReport as per dynamic content?
how to get information from tag <a>'s action-data?
Sphinx: what exactly does indexer --merge do?
c# java deserialization issue
jquery .load not working for this example
Drupal 6, programmatically add string translation
Titanium Creating Image file: file.write(blob) not creating the correct file
iCloud - Core data sync issue
Resized ImageView in a ViewGroup is not displayed well
QIcon display part of image , possible?
Knowing when prefetch is happening in firefox
ExtJS 4 TreeGrid - referencing parent record from a child record
How can I upload a file from my local machine to a webservice for ftp transfer using java?
KSOAP2 library with HttpTransportBasicAuth and
iPhone autoresizingmasks
.Net centralied logging with management interface
Java type parameter vs parameter
Validation with nested resources
Gradient Panel shows red cross when minimized and then restored
Pull-down-to-refresh listbox for windows phone
django templates: get many-to-many value in formset
How do I stop Visual Studio resizing the side panels when unpinned/pinned?
force slf4j to print logs in sequence
How to create several files based on Netbeans' templates into different packages at once?
Same PHP script gives different error with PHP 5.3.10 and PHP 5.3.6-13
How to get CABasicAnimation progress?
Render MVC Partial View in non-MVC project from an MVC referenced DLL
Want to show Custom wait control at center of page
CCTMXTiledMap propertiesForGID:(CGPoint)
Change font-weight
web page with 3 different colors, 1cm margins, not getting desired results
Graphical binary tree in Android
SynchronizationContext.Current is null on resolving with Unity in WPF
Can't find my post through facebook's search api
Return Value of method using AsiHTTPRequest
Division scrolling issue
Can I put variables inside literal css in stylus?
Where can twitter boostrap version 1.4 examples and documentation be found?
Toggle function Javascript
Mysql unique index for voting system
Grouping Roles Together & Assigning Users to a Group (ASP.NET Role Provider)
Is it okay to use repeated inheritance to make classes smaller?
How can I define ENTER keypressed event for a dynamically chosen Cell in VBA for Excel
Scala: Parse HTML-fragment
Android compare special letters
How to create pdf file in loop in cakephp?
Can't assign to a <T extends INode> typed variable an INode type value. Why?
Python del if in dictionary in one line
How to create two textviews and checkbox in single layout in android?
Attempting to place an ASP.NET control in an MVC page causes exception
Why is BOOST_FOREACH not exactly equivalent to handcoded one?
Insert Sequential Numbers in Insert query use Select query
ibooks like carousel view
Setting data to nodes in XML using python
How to load AJAX multiple times to change pages (page numbers) respectively?
Using OAuth with UserVoice API
How to call a function with this parameter: fun(Ty param[NUM])?
Pattern Matching in Augmented Reality
Symfony include partial from custom folder
C# Service Layer Design Pattern
Returning distinct values from foreach loop in php?
Colorbox iframe resize
Altering form fields using CSS content generation
Widget: onUpdate, onReceive - appWidgetManager - not working in v2.3.5 and v3.2.1
Facebook App Insights user can't see app in dashboard
css is not applied after print
Java Resultset.getInt() not returning properly?
Working with percentage in c#
How to show the tweets of a current logged in user on Rails app
Make a class dependency appear in interface without it being a property
Getting Bitmap image from URL does nothing鈥�(鈥 file鈥�
Coding for a selected item in listView
Access Existing C source file Using Java JNI
HTML Ordered lists (ol) with Arabic numbers
Conditional adding of records to a table
Android align ImageViews in different resolutions/densities
Openinviter not importing contacts of Hotmail using php
Hit counter in php
Correct use of Condition Flags in PLC
Where is BigData datastore INSERT statement and Java API library?
Does PHP parse entire files or only on demand?
Marshal an IntPtr in a typesafe manner
When is it appropriate to use UUIDs for a web project?
CSS Centering a div in different Screens
Checkbox binding to boolean twoway
Is there something like Jquery memory or cache?
Testing Java project with many modules
JSON parse error.
Creating a process without inheriting parent process's environment variable
how to run the android phonegap application in background(after closing the application)?
How do I use API's in Netbeans for JAVA?
How do I initialise a new object that has a one-to-one relationship to another entity and then add that new object to the database?
Django - Unable to override values from within it
jquery trigger ctrl + click
Invalid OAuth tokens
bash script to remove duplicate entries
iPad iOS4 dictionary count returns 0
z-index in css doesn't work
set and get properties into a class Region
What is the best and easy tool to unit test Android apps?
Is Ruby a good option for writing platform independent desktop applications [closed]
Yii - How to get a values array from an Active Record
Sharepoint site as a subsite under a site
Twitter authentication - I can't see my app in my apps
Form file field formatting with jquery filestyle
Store Attributes from Button in a Hidden field
How to load all the tabs of a tabbar simultaneously in Android
Initialise model object from table name
MySQL Results a list separated by comma and values from different table
How should I add a link at the bottom of the View in iPhone
Phpmyadmin and mysql showing wrong results
how to copy a string from one tape to another (two tape Turing machine)?
CrossDomain error in web-service
How to retreive the result of javascript function in the serverside?
how to shutdown the computer from my OS?
How update the database using a web service and EclipseLink as JPA provider?
Android Application not installable from market
changing face sizes within facebook like box
My last regular expression won't work but i cannot figure out the reason why
Removal of billboards from given ones
c linux check if file is updated/changed/modified?
How to disable a RadioGroup until checkbox is checked
How to change specify previous clicked image button view when the 2nd click button is occur
How to figure out if particular LLVM instruction depends on the other?
Can an optimizer assume a floating point is not NaN?
VB.Net DataTable Select Bug?
Selenium + WebDriver:: please suggest library WebDriver
How to manage UI Table View in View Controller
how to get a JSON array representation of a list of POJOS using codehaus.jackson
Issue when iterating a list in jsp
Where is the geo command located on android?
Variable inside a search pattern in python
How to set Badge Value in CustomTabbarItem
Bitwise operation with grouping using Linq
Google Analytics campaign tracking on Single Page Website
Getting multiple elements in jQuery
Find file by name up the directory tree, using bash
Extending dtypes? Best data structure for lists and relations?
Changing a MySQL database retrospectively
monotouch rotate in landscapemode and portrait mode
Getting IOException while opening a file from a share path
C#: Using StreamReader to read line from txt file, but Peek() return -1 even there are a lot of lines left
Orthogonal regression fitting in scipy least squares method
loop though a multi level array with an unknown amount of levels
Create a multiselect drop down with parent-child menu items
Not able to access the Primary Key value in PostgreSQL Trigger Function
'QOAuth::Interface& QOAuth::Interface::operator=(const QOAuth::Interface&)' is private
Caml Query not executing the where part
Abstract functions and variable arguments list
How can I overcome the /AndroidRuntime(331): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: error in Android?
Some libraries don't work when running JNLP file
Integrate a COM object in a C++ CLR Console App
Mysql minimum and maximum values of 鈥渞ate鈥�for each month
Can you have a guard clause that waits for a storyboard to complete
Simulate keydown event
difference bewteen C standard library and C POSIX library
Construction calling order (C++)
ReferenceTable overflow (max=1024)
cell font style in excel
Using named pipes to create a 'loop'
how to avoid pop up when we try reload or refresh for any frame
How do I allow my users to customize their dashboards in PHP
error: expected primary-expression before '<=' token
Updating Entity Designer
getElementsByTagName issue
Trying to improve efficiency of MVC3 + Unity project
Which permissions are required for PCFAgent enquiries?
PHP project needs placement in www root-how to fix with .htaccess?
Firebug - howto find currently executing method in JS (pause)
Get past the proxy when using file_get_contents function
Fancybox - Parent window hyperlinks clickable in IE
HTML to Image conversion
Changing the transaction isolation level in the TransactedReceiveScope activities
Best way to tint my buttons?
0x80010100: System call failed exception, ContextSwitchDeadlock
What is the difference between $('#div') and _$('div')? [closed]
JQuery find text sting replace and relocate
How to Detect Dynamic frame in selenium webdriver?
FindControl() and nested controls
duplicate symbol _fopen_file_func on C code, in objective-c project
Magento Service Temporarily Unavailable Error
Android textsizes different screens
Organizing a PHP page with a bunch of $_POST's
Google voice call error
Rails - Add attributes not in model and update model attribute
Active Directory group add to SQL Server
How to store an object which inherits from another one
how to display datas from store?
Custom error message for phonegap in android
Internet Explorer compatibility broken by this javascript/jquery snippet
jquery menu issue [closed]
BroadcastReceiver Not receiving Broadcast
set font size of the XML text using XSTL which is in the point
switch executes both cases in options menu
KnockoutJS map value to function
c# manipulate doc and save as pdf
how to store repeater control value to database
Get WCF webservice response as XML
Apache mod_rewrite friendly URLs with corresponding 301 redirects
html table email creative
The parent theme is missing. Please install the 鈥淎BC鈥�parent theme
Dialog pauses calling activity?
MVC multiple similar models
PHP sprintf for latitude longitude values, use %f or %d or %F or something else?
How to get enum custom value?
Aligning a floated div to the parent div
Creating an online quiz
How to get the first value to be default in select option
Python argparse: Force a list item to be unique
Form POST from WordPress Menu Item
Phonegap and restful web service
How to Clear Cache of Visual Studio 2010, Entity Data Model Wizard
Get value from People Editor Control?
wp_get_attachment_image returns different image size
center a layer on an imageView
How to get the value from checkboxes array in a form to a database using php
Regexkitlite rejected at AppStore. What else can be used?
JQuery - loading multiple pages in one newly opened window
batch script issue while updating the output text file string as command line argument
group by Query not working fine sql server 2005 [closed]
Creating an Excel plugin - what can be done?
Table layout with div
couchdb validation functions
AndEngine: Moving a parallax background with the accelerometer
using json format to communicate between android and servlet
How to use rendered Zend View in JSON Object
Folding/Normalizing Ligatures (e.g. 脝 to ae) Using (Core)Foundation
Play Framework: how to render 鈥渘ested鈥�list
BIGINT mysql performance compared to INT
How to remove node using self:: in xsl?
how to redirect international users to English version of website using htaccess?
Profile Photo Upload
Setting parameter value dependently on the group in rdlc report C#
Custom Timer job is not executing
C# Task .Cancel take a lot of memory and it is not the same as .Abort in thread
How do I redirect to the current page using JavaScript?
how to store a date/time object to DB
Navigating 鈥淔ile Search鈥�results in Eclipse with keyboard shortcuts
Javascript or Jquery Filter out selected object for other selection with same data
about the 鈥渕odules鈥�in a template file in tornado
passing javascript value inside an html page and put it in a php variable [duplicate]
Compressing a raw image buffer
How to add a simple hyperlink to images using JQuery Wrapper
adding items to cart first attemp fail
RestTemplate basic or digest Authentication with the current httpclient (4.x)
android: make zip file of folder existing in Sdcard ,contains lots of .vcf file
Some questions about map/reduce concepts
I am not able to find the xpath of html element
ValueError(鈥淒enominator polynomial must be rank-1 array.鈥�
Which is the best asynchronous Client side File Upload Control while working with .net(2.0+)
Java performance on OpenVMS
On ajax page script don't work. Any workaround
mongoid rails mongodb data not cleaning up
SOAP envelope for ksoap lib
SQL - Select Query for complex dynamic rows
PHP string matching code for querying sql
remove gridview header underline
Replacing GL_QUADS with GL_TRIANGLE_STRIPS results in graphical glitches
regular expression
How to get link to single post on group wall?
webkit-box-reflect bug on android
Javascript regex not matching last char in form
rotate Laptonica Pix
How to check when the phone changues from portrait to landscape? (with portrait mode forced in manifest)
Build a matrix from a vector containing the maximum of each possible pair
upload multiple images from Gallery to server in android
Is 'Lock' taking CPU time?
Connecting two points in a graph
how to insert data in particular column of table?
Strange .XAP.PNG archives (bing maps)
MVC Design Pattern
Find nearest set from list of integers stored in database
Using an image for a list item that is not a link
Maven compilation : bad operand types for binary operator '>>'
Making Line ActionScript using lineTo
configure eclipse, tomcat and maven to improve productivity in webapp
Call a function within a trigger in pl/sql
WPF itemscontrol binding problems
What is involved in adding my own event to WPF controls?
Create a Notification window in Adobe AIR Application
Symfony Doctrine admin generator and I18n: error when cache is empty
Alternate of masking technique to ignore mouse event on parts on asset
What is the application label character limit?
Rails ActiveRecord query - Best possible way to implement the query inside the model
Changing font from Roboto regular to Roboto condensed
$.ajax function : send json data : parse at serverside function
Core plot: grid lines background color
Date settings fullCalendar
exposing properties from a jQuery plugin attached to multiple elements on a page
Issues with JRI library on 64-bit environment
Is there code in AS3 save image in desktop
Element is null in foreach loop
Excel links not loading pages, but when the link is pasted in the browser it works.
Sort a list of tuples depending on two elements [duplicate]
Alternative to nested Else If statements with different outcomes?
How to access a Model that isn't part of a Controller in CakePHP
Get enclosing IJavaElement
Deserializing with c# unsuccessful
Some problems about the mexLasso function
Creating a Word Dcoument in code behind c#
Syntax: Setting the environment variables in Visual Studio 2008
What are the advantages of LLDB over GDB in iOS development?
Allow only local network access to WCF services
Is there is a way to check Ant Target condition before target dependencies get executed
Details of Bing Confidence Levels
SQLiteException when executing query
PowerShell: Directory Retrieval and syntax error
Jquery product display in <div> tag
Separate Sinatra app's test database from development database?
Ideas for a C# UI framework
How do you include .java files and .html files in a .jar file when you take Clean and Build in Netbeans 7?
PostgreSQL how to concat interval value '2 days'
Any component like 鈥淩eply to post/blog鈥�in SenchaTouch 2?
Javascript error in Google PHP/MySQL with Google Maps example
RAD: Cannot import projects from Clearcase view
Best approach for 鈥済ame鈥�problematic
Method to create UIButtons
how to tag people in a facebook album via the graph API (php) [duplicate]
How to Read Rss Feed By using java script
Weather Forecasting using neural network
Stream reading characters that aren't in the file
use Castle windsor to create an object instead of a factory class
Send a message back to a list of clients at any given time with async sockets in C#
Order options in admin order view
PHP export to .DBF file
Windows Phone Bing Maps - How to create dynamic info boxes (tooltips) on pushpin tap
Android Listview image size
Tomcat keeps overwriting server.xml
Validating a TextBox if a Checkbox is checked (inside GridView)
Get Geographic Location using Javascript
Spring MVC Singleton thread safety?
use LIKE inside CASE/THEN in Oracle?
Facebook no longer picking up *any* meta data from my WP blog
How to echo page number with codeigniter pagination library?
Push notifications ios
GoogleEarth crashed or still loading?
Border is overlapping on view : how to set superview opaque
ffmpeg windows: how to run ffmpeg -i input -filter:v frei0r=pixeliz0r=0.02:0.02 output
Execute Pig from within Java Application
what dll to load if i want to see images when deploying in runtime, also which vc dll do i realy need?
How to make span width to be maximum using CSS?
Gevent exceptions in Django when patching Python modules
FB.ui not working
Aspect-ratio, using CSS and image doesn't render correcty?
Cumulative count over time
Extjs chart integer axis
Small caps in Java Swing?
Invoking a method after a NSComboBox item value has been edited in Leopard (10.5)
model inheritance error in codeigniter
marquee stop onload
Perl count log entries per second using a hash of a hash of ararys
Getting the ID in a list of fragments in a PagerActivity
the best way to access gui elements
Rails3 Newbie Trying to Select and Iterate Through Array
PHP to find specific thing in an array
add 鈥淢icrosoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable鈥�as a prerequisite for clickonce
Add icon to submit button in twitter bootstrap 2
Are file descriptors for linux sockets always in increasing order
How to generate a non-growing (int) random array c#?
Return a value from swingbuilder
closing an buffer reader is compulsory
How to replace %pdf% from !line! in batch
xmessage to the active X window from cron
Is there any way I can use PhoenixAnalysis Engine with FxCop 10?
Using membership to get aspnet_Users in silverlight
Can't install Xdebug properly
Picking a web framework (case inside) [closed]
How to select lines inwhich the sum of negative numbers in the line is equal or less than -3 (with awk)?
Flash actions get executed over and over
Mono for Android, WebView input field filechooser doesn't work
SQL results to Outlook VCard?
Best way to do asynchronous processing in PHP
Information on setters and getters
Unable to query data using c#
How to activate functionality only in developer mode
Uploading large file from web and getting it in wpf
what OpenCv Image type is CV_8SC3
C# .Net CF SqlCeDataAdapter DataSet Fill is slow
Global custom toolbar
Conditionally populate partialview control in MVC3
What is the best way to authenticated users with WCF by username and password
Special characters replaced on URL
How to disable parent window while child window appear by clicking button on parent window
smart way to contact non registered processes in erlang?
How to extract values contain in an array of
Referencing a case statement from outside a Temp Table
Pulling Blog Posts from Wordpress with Cakephp
Jquery if conditions false then prevent default
ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file (/var/lib/mysql/*.pid)
php fwrite - variable with ; does not change file
Stuck in Limbo : Testing File-Related classes Hangs with IOException
Pass the indexpath value to FirstViewController
application still exists in memory although it is closed
Ice Cream Sandwich - Custom fonts issue.
Opinion on combined strong/weak smart pointer
TypeDescriptor.AddAttributes and property
Interface I cannot be implemented more than once with different arguments: I<String> and I<String>
facebook api . xd_proxy.php?
vector::at vs. vector::operator[]
log4net will not create logfile on Windows 7
Mac OS X Lion has no /Developer/usr folder
How do command line arguments work?
Change of font and text color in NavBar
Fixed length. space spadded, thousand seperator, 2 decimal places number value format in Java
Backbone.js - Is there a way to determine if a route event was triggered on page load
Liferay CMS - associate Content-Type with Structure/Template, by creation of new Content Journal Portlet
How to do SIMD with array of Extended?
How to set the name of a file/image on clicking 'Save Image As'
How to use ABPeoplePickerNavigationController on clients in core data stack
Compilation-error while passing Variant argument ByRef in VBA
Getting a sidebar to appear 100% height when using faux columns and a sticky footer
Android 2.2 and 2.3 PDF download via HTTPS seems broken
How to return Jquery ajax call value?
linode vs amazon ec2 vs heroku for project with amazon s3
gdb debugging shared library <optimized out> issue
Android.How to use other application data?
Resource management design
AutoResetEvent fire before signal
Ethernet not getting braodcast packets
OpenKinect: Compile custom code on MAC
DOM inspector for safari in iPAD [closed]
SQL Profiler: who modified a column?
how can I dismiss keyboard on Enter keypress
Using SVG path syntax in paper.js?
Can ASP.NET Webservice work on PHP Site?
security functions
Why is BCD = Decimal in PLC?
a href new tab open
typing recursive modules
How to assign Ajax callback to the script
Instantiate a class in a separate thread without a compile time warning
creating base model class in yii
Dropdown bind method not working
JavaFX FileChooser
Why does bind return the same ephemeral port?
ASP.NET MVC 3 鈥淎dd View鈥�hangs with IIS Express
What is difference between ReadOnlyCollection<T> and ReadOnlyCollectionBuilder<T> in .Net?
syntax error - use if eval() from Grid to call Javascript function
Replacement for Jaxer for parsing/crawling websites
parsing and reading a floating point values in Haskell
Unit/integration test a dao that consists of generic methods
iconv UTF-8//IGNORE still produces 鈥渋llegal character鈥�error
SQL statement not working - Operand type clash: date is incompatible with int'
Is it possible to do negative loc in the NSMakeRange?
How to interact with UITableView in UIViewController?
Jquery Validate and send form with a link
Checking if a complex number has NaN
Extjs 4 dynamically adding multiple panels to a form
BackgroundWorker support cancelation
ListView items sort/reorder and saving changes?
replace a substring from a hyperlink
java generics - ensure objects returned by factory methods relate to the same type
PHP OOP filter validation on email array
How to put and get the value by the key using object in JavaScript?
How i can run my TimerTask everyday 2 PM
Objective C: Gesture Issue
One raise for multiple events of FileSystemWatcher
What database is useful for replacing a dict of numpy arrays?
Can I implement an interface while instantiating an anonymous class?
Handle Conflicts Between Document Click and Element Click
Cylinder (custom design) Implementation in iOS
ASP.NET - How to check value of a textbox in a user control from a page?
jquery-ui-map how to set zoom level
REST webservice integration for iphone application
Will session id be re-generated automatically from time to time?
Rails: test code in lib directory with RubyTest with Sublime Text 2
Recompiling code by earlier version of the framework?
Finding the related tags by name by sunspot solr search in rails3
Allowing certain XHTML tags in an XML Schema?
Timeout error while accessing same OBIEE webservice from different location
How to work Sales quote in Magento?
how to limit login attempts?
jsonObject is a string - how to convert to json?
It it possible to determine of how AppWidgetProvider's onUpdate() method was called?
how create a JPA persistance unit at runtime
add node to feed
Squid Proxy IP address while making webservice calls
What are the G limits of the accelerometer in a Windows Phone?
Fetching a html page dynamically and animating it - jquery
Prevent Microsoft Access to lock MSSQL View Serverside?
kubuntu move encrypted home dir to new SSD (keep encryption) [closed]
.net 4.0 on iis7 with WCF app showing NT AUTHORITY ANONYMOUS LOGON
jQuery: form serialize, hidden fields, and not displayed fields
Proper Child class selection
Support different screen size at landscape mode
Wrong sort callback - results still correct
Create function GetAllChechedBox with text and value and insert in new DataTable
Out put stream with dynamic location value/ file name?
Launch another midlet from midlet
Striped 2 color background with or without images?
Constraint Check for 10 Digit Character use for Postal Code
Android ConnectivityManager is not seeing permission ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE
Cannot install RealVNC viewer on RHEL 6
fragments in tabview
error when editing a view:ajax submit is not a function in drupal
MS Access SQL - select specified amount of rows older than specified datetime
How to set a List of URIs for Images in a seperate XAML-File
Only show a div if the modelstate has errors
FileUpload in C# with PHP Server
code doesn't insert the data into the database
Zend Studio with Remote Host option doesn't work in VPN networks & Android USB tethering mode
String split by two different delimiters
Scrolling on IPad
Android C2DM and lib project
Excel 2010 IF statement
Update/Edit contact details
PHP `continue` not working as expected
More elegant 鈥減s aux , grep -v grep鈥�
Eclipse indexer errors when using STL with Android NDK
Order SimpleXML entries alphabetically