Db4O - DatabaseFileLockedException when restarting server
Retrieve value from web.config system.web section
what shoul i do to upload the file using jsp/servlet and storing in the ms-access db鈥�below is the code
Process binary file in Java using FileItemStream
How to add a stroke to only some characters in a string using PHP ImageMagick?
javascript onselect for p tag
Passing credentials from one website to another
Why do people say C is more efficient? [closed]
Selenium Grid Video Recording
NHibernate issue with Session.Lock and abstract base class with Version property
Zend CSRF hash code check is handled automatically?
Using f:view to override default contentType - cons?
Saving Spinner Selection to Sharedpreferences
Exactly the same behavior between Java String.getBytes() and Python string -> bytes?
Can ExpressionEngine entries support one-to-many relationships?
Can Page Methods be used in .net 2.0 with Ajax extensions?
What is differential instructions in PLC?
A variable declared at class level but initialized in page_load loses its scope in a button_click eventhandler?
append new elements in form and post it values in php and save it in database
can not run multiple jobs with quartz plugin using grails
facebook javascript sdk UI dialog resetting scroll position
Preformat to currency and two decimal places in python using xlwt for excel
How to use HTML file in iPhone
BizTalk HL7 send pipeline error due to line breaks in empty XML elements
How to analyze Java source files with Clojure
How can we set in application run only vertically not horizontally? [duplicate]
blackberry linkedin and twitter implementation error
Reapportioning values using C# and LINQ
Implementing Testflight.com and Flurry.com exception handling
Why can't I access my ODBC dBase table?
Return varchar from SQL Server stored procedure
Is this the right way to assign an autorleased Objective C object?
Android. How play video on Surface(OpenGL)
Make: is it possible to have 鈥渟hortcut鈥�targets to resume builds
How to get CXF jars with Ivy [duplicate]
C# how to pass 'any' function as a parameter to another function
Keeping a PictureBox centered inside a container
Java - Unable to Detect Files
Find and remove items from array in c#
Getting the Qt Debugger to work (GDB)
Store user's input in a asp.net web page?
Preventing multiple clicks till record is deleted
Concurrency control with php /ajax?
Search different column names in different tables in MySQL
Reading XML data and stripping invalid characters
model in ListMultipleChoice (wicket 1.5.4)
Use XmlData to update table
UISearch and JSON
Disable item in CMFCToolBar
How to pass userdefined table type to MSSQL request from Java
Debug return value
Sent post request using Zend_Http_Client
SNRLastFMEngine on iOS [closed]
WordPress rewrite post url to keep page url
How to decide which physical interface RMI Transport Layer should use?
When does EntityManager's flush() Method return?
Hibernate - duplicate items on mapped collection
What's the need for AtlComPtrAssign?
鈥�鈥�in the Database column name
Force Entity Framework to return a new instance
Placement of 2 images as the background on one body
JSLint - Do not mutate parameter <x> when using 'arguments'?
Displaying only radios with data-socket as set by previous radio
how to change text of custom listview button that is added dynamically and how to perform click event of this button
Which of the parameters in LibSVM is the slack variable?
Date_Add Interval
Node.js: Require a client certificate for a directory (and allow a retry)
Remove elements from stackpanel
Android: Buttons don't show output text in emulator when clicked
How can I get this character 鈥溎佲� to show up in the title on my html page
jdk7 compliance level: how to migrate code source from 6 to 7
Multiple Callbacks in CoffeeScript
How can I integrate core location data to my blank iPhone App without introducing View or tab controller?
Is pointer substract behavior well-defined if operand point to data member of object but within the whole array boundary?
Ejb3 GlassFish - JNDI Lookup failed in SerialContext - NameNotFoundException
How to integrate ACHARTENGINE in my LAYOUT? [duplicate]
VS 2010 Shortcut for debugging a specific project
Dynamic job scheduling with Quartz
how can i parse this json in jquery 1.2.6
htaccess select any url
Logger Issues - Rails Heroku / Foreman in Dev
std::unordered_map very high memory usage
Javascript - strikethrough
No results in django haystack with solr
MVC viewmodel constructors
Read label using selenium webdriver
converting gwt shared object to json
Xcode organizer icon doesn't meet size requirements when is actually do
Automatic Barcode Capture in Windows Phone 7 using Zxing?
How to hand a file path (text box value) to a file reading function in c++?
Mailgraph.cgi script error
Where to define method to be accessible directly from rails console
General PhoneGap overview information
MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst size limitation
Mod rewrite and issue with variable passing
How to upload a file by using file upload control without upload button?
Tomcat 5.5 not producing Sessions.Ser
Loging in giving me trouble
sql query from 4 tables
Center aligned text is disappearing in Tiny MCE full screen mode on window resizing
Can i simulate a key press? [duplicate]
encrypt a part of source code
Spring MVC accessing model from other controler
how to process stored requests in CI
I am embedding a Swing JPanel insidea SwingView component, and I am getting a specific error
How to inject HTML and JavaScript into an existing page, which have document.body=null, using C#
Diffrence between using annotation and using faces-config.xml in JSF2.0
Regex to match pattern in C#
show google map in flex, actionscript
Bug in Mockito with Grails/Groovy
Format month in mmm format (Excel VBA)
Better Way for Get PHP URI Action form
How to remove the y axis ticks in flot
PHP-FPM log errors in database
C#: Distinction with containing List
SQL Subtract Variable From Rows
MySQL how to merge 3 rows and count the results?
How can you implement jquery stack for draggable ui?
How to pass variables into a filter on a recordset or collection
matlab cant divide using /
How do you deal with a :create permission in cancan that's defined by the parent object?
error: Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C: wamp www project php deleteRow.php on line 55
Will nHibernate ShowSql have any effect on a live system?
Local XSL reference within XML-File
Mercurial delete file during merge
How to pass class via RedirectToAction
can we set Label ID using Eval block? [duplicate]
Calculate div width and insert clear div
Most efficient way to search list of objects and also increment variable of this object in java
gtk signal for moving a scale(slider)?
How to constrain min and max dates for jQuery-ui datepicker based on another date
MS SQL Datawarehouse performance improvements for non-unique key table
JUnit test, error related to transaction
Cannot create URL in application support directory for caf file
Why can the address of an array variable can not be assigned to a pointer? And what are'Wfatal-errors'?
how to print values of array using print_r php?
Active Directory: How to get a list of users according to a specific Organization unit
Get selected item in a list from view model
Why does Magento randomly sort products in category list view and how can I fix that?
Where has my used memory gone?
Android. How can i show progress bar while loading data to webview?
ILGenerator catching exceptions doesn't work
Why we use 'bubbles' in flex events
rake aborted uninitialized constant 鈥淐omputers鈥�
How to avoid keys in a plain file?
Xna Xbox framedrops when GC kicks in
Write hyperlink inside the Zend Form and use routes?
MVC 3 and jqGrid
Prevent other views than textview to update/redraw when setting text of textview every second
UPDATE through selected radio button
gnuplot: how to set plotting area to be a pixel perfect representation of data
oracle database sandbox
oracle database sandbox
Conflict easyXDM with MooTools
Stylesheet referencing a variable in curly braces doesn't compile
How to make nested loops through controls to get their attributes (client side)?
Navigating back to main ViewController dismissViewControllerAnimated dilemma
Suppress slf4j debug messages
generate a boost-python reference
NSLog UIGestureRecognizer description?
GDataXml and namespaces
Dialog with custom theme centered programatically?
Appcelerator Titanium PHP/MySQL annotations
Creating & controlling a nest of Parent divs in Grid 960
Conversion to Parallel/TPL for this Async code
Taking JSON sub arrays
nth-child of list of a particular class
I have been writing PHP without 鈥渃lasses鈥�for years鈥�what am I missing?
Keeping CSS Styles while ExtJS 3 to 4 Migration
three.js dae model is black or dark
How do I target a specific project with a non-unique name when using the Package Manager (nuget)?
touchstart too sensitive
Add Object to Array of Objects in C++
Specifying location of .csdl / .ssdl / .msl Metadata files within the output assembly
take the value from onitemselect in autocompletetextview
Storing Application Settings in Project Folder rather than AppData
Empty space below table in JasperReports
How do I read and write details from a file in C# [duplicate]
Inserting / Updating battery info into db on action_power_connected / disconnected
How to track the center point of the moving feature in the given picture (preferably using MATLAB)?
Special characters triggering jQuery events
some questions about c++ from a c# developer
HTTPS Connection error
Does the JVM force garbage collection when it reaches its -Xmx limit?
Facebook - Changing a photo caption via graph api
How to remain pause after resume the game from background in cocos2d?
Filter multiple <ul> lists with jQuery
Mark elements in a selectbox from parameter in URL
AS3 - MouseWheelDown listener
c# event on counter change
Error while reading data from webpage in java?
Can not download my app from Android market
Calculate total number of Hours asp.net c#
XMP toolbox for Matlab
Validation on DataTable when new row is added
High resolution date and time representation in JSON/JavaScript
Is there a Timer functionality in android? (Not the java.util.Timer)
Can we have multiple public keys with a single private key for RSA?
COUNT from single column and seperate it into 2 column
Rich web app using ASP.NET MVC and Backbone.js and progressive enhancement
Restoring a message to the queue
How to integrate billdesk payment gateway in my php website so that i can make transactions from indian bank
jQuery alert after 100 pixels scrolled
Sending parameters to local HTML file
Switch Mediaelement control
Extendable/Customizable/Modular Lightweight Markup for PHP [closed]
Split button showing different in chrome and firefox
Error removing entity on AppEngine
RFC2898DeriveBytes implementation in Java
CSS in a iFrame: it shows CSS code instead of loading and applying it
Setting the Classpath through Linux Script
Unable to add WCF test in VS2010 test project after installing WCF load test utility
Validation Dates using Javascript & ASP.Net
What is the lightest solution to creating a multiprocess architecture with state shared across all processes
How to convert files from Dos to Unix in java
Find out user and password for user who started a service c#
How to Do Gesture Recognizers Implementation on Image鈥�
How to find unused/dead code in web projects (90% code in javascript)
Spinning Wheel Game: Trouble with rotation image [duplicate]
How to soft delete many to many relation with Django
How to get an array of all links on a website in JavaScript
Taking action on app start up based on Push Notification
jquery array of objects
ColdFusion cfmail special characters in subject line
Google Analytics - Download link event tracking
libclang slow reparsing of translation unit
jQuery .each() Works Only on the Last Element
ASP MVC <%: ViewData[鈥淜ey鈥漖 %> and <%=ViewData[鈥淜ey鈥漖 %>
Is it possible to add fixed content to a UIScrollView?
UITextField's hidden property not working
How to use parent activity boolean result in IF controlflow's condition
javascript - detect ctrl key pressed or up, keypress event doest trigger
android query for phone number without format
Making Ben Alman's code work for my site
Calling Powershell Cmdlets in VBScript
how to check if a function execution takes more than specified seconds
How to run project which depends on library in Android
Reusable code in PSL(VHDL)
Magento move upsell products to footer
Solid example of expanding / accordion table view cell with background image needed
Arrangement is required in XML?
java- How to get a complete release of all resources as in System.exit(0)
Can codemirror find textareas by class?
Issue using seekbar inside a scroll view
Objective-C Leak
Why has the numpy random.choice() function been discontinued?
Creating a fake textarea
static getApplicationContext for SQLiteOpenHelper
What to read on distributed computing [closed]
Setting compound properties thru a form. ASP.NET MVC
Haskell Pattern Matching
Number formatting in BASH with thousand separator
Number formatting in BASH with thousand separator
clickable table row can't get data to a popup window
IOS: crash when exit from a viewcontroller
Generate PDF from rails in rest way
What does 鈥淏lueprint status: Invalid settings鈥�mean when I open SiteEdit in SDL Tridion?
Django on Heroku, uploading files with gunicorn
Does Google search results offset that of the Bing?
Entity Framework 4.0 Attach Object Graph
Setting up a website to sync data with android phone
How to use fast scroll in android?
Replacing hyphen with space, but space hyphen space should not be replaced
How to insert a Windows Form into a MS Project 2010 View?
bash script for searching a string already occupied in the textfile
How to disable this log 鈥淥verrun user: 140, server: 280, flowControlFlag 1鈥�
Winforms: A draggable transparent rectangle
How to get weather forecast for a location?
django cache issue
Audio in background from Live wallpaper on Android
Imported plugin into XPages Project not working
Facebook BlackBerry SDK
mvc3 .net Unobtrusive Javascript - works sometimes, but not always
So I would like to start making my own terminal based game, is this feasible?
Rotating a UIView inside a UIScrollView, bounds and center point
Is there any way to use Google Analytics in a blackberry java app?
ADO.NET SQL Query Join?
Optimal approach for detecting leaf like shapes in opencv
Correct definition and design of business, domain and view models in a MVC layered application
Enable Shift-Multiselect in jQuery UI Selectable
Referencing an object that doesn't exist yet
How to calculate remaining minutes to 鈥渘ext鈥�half an hour or hour?
Ruby on Rails 3 gsub escapes the anchor of link_to method
SVN: How to checkout all the files that have been committed since yesterday?
Intentional Sleep call for a user login in a web app - C# ASP.NET
Recording processes spawned when running a shell script
Delayed Execution In VB.NET
ISingleResult and IEnumerable
How to Get cumulative totals mysql
Microsoft Progress Bar Control is missing
Cannot remove an observer <MKUserTrackingBarButtonItem
how to map java objects to Flex?
How to detect how many devices is connected in the network using Java? [duplicate]
llvm-gcc assembler: LDR syntax
Preserving Drop Down Menu when Mouse Hovered and leaves
gdb on iphone device not stopping at breakpoints
Numeric Representation of an Object in Python
add header title for every Section in Table
Array and pointer shapes
OpenGL rendering and rasterization of slivers
Create new object without redirecting to new_xxx_path in rails
Delete jQuery UI dialog with surrounding content
What is the behaviour of FlagsAttribute Enum in C#?
c_loc() with dynamic arrays
Google Map centered to a specific search area
Android CTS on 4.0.3 list device is showing device as unavailable
Jira RPC/SOAP GetCustomFields()
when LauncherProvider.DatabaseHelper.convertDatabase(SQLiteDatabase db) return true in Android default Launcher?
Can't close the colorbox window from the iframe
Android ListView is cutting off the ends of Strings in list when scrolling
Converting 'Current Location' Languages OR passing lon/lat
real time scheduling in Linux
Jquery Onchange event not getting fired - Primefaces - inputText
How to get local cached image path from an opened page in browsers(Safari or Chrome)?
stream a single value as JSON in a whole JSON map
strange mysql behaviour on timestamp
How do I display Modal Dialog in MVC
Get sdcard directory by adb
Any potential problems with these remaps?
How to clip with circles in OpenGL
VM terminated. Exit code=13
php some forked processes keep running
Want to do Recursion, load category in undercategory
Trigger an action when document.cookie changes?
Key Manipulation In PHP Array
Why is the viewport tag on the Galaxy Nexus / Android 4 not working?
bad_weak_ptr when calling shared_from_this() in base class
How to use Flipboard effect on Android
Calling <div>s in :hover selector
Service taking too much space
Find JQuery cache hit/miss from CDN
Node.js modules installed through npm not recognized
Changing connection string without recompile
Java Concurrency in Practice: BoundedExecutor implementation
Android Activity Group use
Facade patterns and Managers classes
.htaccess - remove query string from URL (no redirection)
How to cast type bytea to double precision
How to solve 鈥渞ake aborted! uninitialized constant {My App Name}鈥�
How to pass TimeSpan value in JSON format?
How to configure log4net to print to console in debug mode
How to detect horizontal scroll in panel (to disable vertical scroll meanwhile) in sencha touch
SQL developer unit testing bug?
ajax jquery: can't get json/xml from other domain
Access vba treeview (class MSComctlLib.TreeCtrl.2) how select node after right mouse click
Where can I find resources for PHP implementation of linked list data structure? [closed]
JFreeChart DateTickUnit does not work properly
Multi-sorting a multi-dimensional array
Debugging doesn't start
How to read through an unordered_map while it is changing dynamically all the time
coredata multithread without concurrency
extracting CDATA with KissXML
Any reason this query should recklessly delete rows?
Fetching data from redirect url in java is giving 403 error
100% vs. inherit
Converter to return different types?
scraping text from a file to view - with non standard format - php
How enable file-protocol in google chrome frame plugin for IE
Open StreetMap Marker example
Create a label or other control based on database table value
adding 鈥減rogid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft鈥�makes text blurry
Install 鈥淓asy Install鈥�using virtual python and setuptool
Compiling C++ into Assembly Code [duplicate]
How to draw a sequence diagram in a HTML page
AES encrypt folder
What can be a better way to modify this code[refactoring] [closed]
Script has different behavior on different systems
Java MMO game data transfer
Printing multiple copies of the same document C#
iOS: How to localize bunch .xib files using localized strings files by one ibtool command
ASP.NET Site slow until recycle
How to use the eclipse for creating servlets
What is the wrong with updating the user information in this ListView?
JButton clicking effect on Mac
My div forms are aligned properly
Return 0 on count()
How to use the ViewBag to store an array of strings
Which files replaced strstrea.h and stdiostr.h?
What is XSD file? How to use it? Can i convert my stored procs into XSD file?
Nodejs scraping website after javascript has loaded the values
ASP.NET with Dynamics CRM API requires Active Directory authentication - how is this achieved?
quickest way to get all the unique mapped values in a std::map
Designated initializer in Objective-C
Foreign key in MVC 3 app
Unable to update DBML: The specified module could not be loaded
How to create a background only application in xcode?
Codeigniter valid_ip() not validating localhost's IP
Pass list of specific objects when expecting the interfaces. How?
Goto declaration that mimics the 鈥淕oto event handler鈥�behavior
How to put a default image on a gridLayout Item?
Issue with browser adding '/' to end of url except index.php
Foursquare does not respect ne and sw params while searching for venues
catching Get-ManagementRole exception on non-existent role
Openid Authentication failed: return_to does not match return URL
Check Varchar Value is Numeric without overflow
Writting a proper JSON structure from mysql
Why does DB2 suggest one table per tablespace?
How to use templates in STS
Internet Explorer's poor performance with Robot Framework
Exchanging Public Keys
Print SOAP request results to a XML file on my server
EF, Abstraction and Generic Extensions what is the Compiler doing here?
Oracle.Dataaccess is in the GAC. Can I control the version I use?
good c/c++ compiler for windows
Interactive 3d Model Animation In Android
Is it possible to drop the items directly on the surface using librarycontainer
Showing oldest post instead of actual post - RSS feed - Titanium mobile
YARD and RDoc compatibility
Web browser unable to read javascript etc.
How to stop ajax request
ASP.net MVC 4 (web api) OData Configuration
Variable name as variable
How does upstream and downstream handlers work in Netty鈥�
Jboss Datasource Oracle configuration
CLLocation Manager (How Change AlertView Message)
Why doesn't Ruby have an is_an? method?
Samsung Galaxy S camera crash unexpectedly
Capture ALL CAPS 鈥減hrase鈥�in text
Synchronizing two UIScrollBar's
Casting pointer-to base class into a pointer-to derived class
Youtube Video dispalying in shockwave player instead of youtube video
why the <a> with background disappear in IE,but it's ok in firefox
Php - displaying date just one time
Iterate over XML element and push element into array
Jquery mouseover interval
How to receive xml requests and send response xml in php?
is there no pre-baked Android Dialog prompt?
Regex URL Replace, ignore Images and existing Links
iOS5 CoreData firing faults simultaneously at parent and child MOC causing crash
Alternative to subclassing UITabBarController
Making generic Methods in C#
Android WAKE_LOCK permission rights
Is linking to CSS or JavaScript without the protocol supported in all browsers? [duplicate]
Jetty (mis)configuration: it wont respond from an external machine鈥�why?
How to reset ASP.Net sessions state timeout with ajax request
How to find the sender object in beforeunload event using jQuery?
I installed Xcode 4 on Lion (Mac OS X 10.7.3) but the 鈥渕ake鈥�command is still not found
Use UI Automation for old third party controls
how to achieve this DIVs(HTML) layout in the screen
autohide text box when a particular option is selected from combo
TUNTAP interface in C (Linux) : Can't capture UDP packets sent on the TUNTAP with sendto()
How to update gem having source as github url on heroku?
select download place on user computer
JSF2 EL not displayed in components IDs
How to hide the MPmoviePlayerController's control bar
After upgrading to Rails 3.2 my rake tasks are broken
PayPal setup with multiple receivers
how to set 鈥渁ndroid:scrollbarSize鈥�锛�
bundler jruby and json-jruby
Force IE 9 browser to Emulate IE 8 for child page (Popup)
Amazon product search API: Not Working
Does modsecurity have a module for nginx or Tomcat?
Listening to current time change with an OSMF proxy plugin
Picture post to Facebook ends up in the wrong place
Powershell to compare groupmembership of input users with a particular group
Visual Studio 2005 - is nothing check
What is provisioning in Wireless technology
Reading specific line of a file in php
Avoid Checked event to be fired when setting ischecked to true
C# End Task not End Process
Does JFace ListViewer support tooltips?
JQuery hide and show doesnt work
ICS rendering webview with narrow width
File.browseForSave() on iOS
while orientation changing memory is increasing
Adding a Function to a button
Pre-order/Post-order iterative traversal of n-ary tree using Iterator pattern
pyqt4 remove widgets and layout as well
Highlight searched table data and column
UploadWebFile SkyDrive .Net API Client
Terminating asynchronous delegate threads when not complete
sys/queue.h: Use of LIST_REMOVE
Zend Framework Sample Code and Cheat Sheet [closed]
blackberry webworks: creating directory in phone memory or sd card
What does this code actually do and why should we have it included in our htaccess file
Rdoc: How to document different forms for method with (*args) signature?
delete all files with file extentions not found in list
How to trigger a individual job in jenkins with github repository
Packet loss calculate in Flex
What does the + signify in this Date shim?
how to print mysql_num_rows?
php if-statement: 0>2012?
Shell script to find and replace a string in current directory and all the sub directories
Special use of Java generics: 'hack' or 'nice productivity boost'?
How to use Soft Keys in Blackberry Application?
Rails: A Rating Up or Down Counter, Lost
What is the largest size that a single .msi windows package installer file can be?
Remote WebScripts invocation of Alfresco in Android App.
Knockout and jQuery Mobile: Binding data to select lists
What's the meaning of multiple from selectors in a LINQ query
CRM 2011 plugin with no code returns 鈥淭he given key was not present in the dictionary鈥�
Same Facebook like button over multiple pages?
IIS 5.0 Manager - Default web sites not exist under WebSites note
Merge two SQL script use if condition in Select query
python paste not displaying error trace
Is it somehow possible to give a class a different filename in Java with Eclipse?
Loading recent messages at the bottom and putting a Load old message button to load older messages on TableView
Android how to access views from my custom list if I use a CustomAdapter?
Google Chart integration with PHP & MySQl
Custom headers higher than standard?
How do I deselect text in UITextView?
How to make an HtmlGenericControl attribute runat = 鈥渟erver鈥�to access it from the code?
GSA sorting over all pages
CUDA-transfer 2D array from host to device
Why does printing parent node of a node returns parent + child nodes?
thumbnail screenshot of webpages with Perl :: Mechanize
Android listview updating all items
UIScrollView with UIPinchGesture
Custom function to determine 鈥淣avigation鈥�property in either EF4 or straight T-SQL
INNER JOIN 3 tables and count them
update toolbar making trouble switch cards sencha
How to write integration test using capybara for rails 2.3.11?
Entity Framework Procedure Error - Silverlight, EF, Oracle
why the input dislocation in IE?it's ok in firefox and chrome
Is MongoDB a good choice for storing JSON structures?
Array subscript operator for pointer map
How do I rearrange my UITableView with respect to alphabets or with respect to modified date
Calculating user's unique set of start end times
Changing org-mode link color
How to do animation using xml files in android?
Django: migrate Table 'forum_user' already exists
Logout from facebook through an application using graph.facebook.com
Select record in update mode in linq
Using jQuery next() and ignoring nested lists?
access hbase table fron hadoop mapreduce
Make use of an unknown database file?
Archive Fails due to Code sign error
How to parse xml webservice response using java script or jquery
proxy for web service accessed through HTTP basic authentification
Unable to press a button in IE 7
Meet deadlock when deleting different records from same table in different transactions in INNODB
SEO Friendly Tabs [closed]
Aligning ImageView to right of the layout android
How to find where size is coming from in Flash's Bandwidth Profiler?
Is there a beginner introduction to writing Eclipse plugins?
lucene ngram tokenizer usage for fuzzy phrase match
What does it mean arrow in editor in Eclipse?
Copy files to libs folder as a part of build script
jquery mobile vertical align back button
ajax checkbox call
How to match element fired by an other element. Understanding hierarchy
getting facebook username and user profile image by email address?
javascript regex: blacklist 5 chars
How to get Images from JSON to main.xml file
android media player delay
how can i display only groups list from facebook using android sdk?
sscanf formatted input in C++
grails upgrade 2.0.1 command object validation error
C++ Sorting Function
Capture Font Resize Event in GWT
Incorporation of YUI 3 in rails
Using PowerMock to obtain the ATG Nucleus in testing results in NPE
How to Convert FQL Result to List of Records.?
How do I merge changes in Mercurial
How i can display progress/indicator dialog in Blackberry?
Count search criteria record based on search done by user (MYSQL PHP)
How to design a table(using listbox) in Windows Phone?
High iowait with java processes on linux
Java: Best/elegant way to iterate over 2 lists
Start Tomcat with Maven Cargo without stop when Maven is finish
Can a gsm modem be integrated with the web server?
I tried to use document.write() only IE give the ouput
Passing a 2d dynamic array to a function in C++
How to list events which were bind by jQuery?
How to start Activity from java class in Android
Fastest way for detecting distance between objects?
What is the fastest way to find an integer in an array?
avoid autopostback in a grid view
How to suspend an animation in WPF?
Getting the filename in the command parameter in context menu
How Can Show Bitmap Image In Div,Span,Label etc. on the Asp.Net ? Don't Use Handler
Invoking plugin methods
Which is better for making a card game SVG or canvas using kinetic.js or oCanvas library?
HSQL Database Manager not coming up in Grails 2.0
Adding array of control dynamically to the winform
php 5.3 date diff equivalent for PHP <= 5.2 on own function
Load iPhone photos to a Joomla website
How to prevent activity restart on device orientation change only for some duration and not all the time
Grails 2 hot reloading error for a service containg a static inner class
Why is a 鈥渘ull reference鈥�being reported when variable has a value?
AJAX call from Velocity template
Qt: best way to delegate a drag and drop to parent widget
phonelookup always returns empty cursor
GeoCoordinateWatcher() in real windows phone device?
Get exception class in kSoap2 on Android
Facing an issue in jquerymobile's multi page template stucture
Insert rows into multiple tables in SQL Server 2008 from asp.net page
Where is Monodevelop file tepmlates located on windows?
Can't install jruby on ubuntu using rvm
Is there a simple way to flatten a JSON object properties using Jackson?
Web Forms controls null at runtime. Fixes itself after renaming control id
Resolving an Xpath query
How to send message from server to client in web application
Oracle 10g : insert statement with date and varchar2 values (ORA-00911 error)
How to use popcorn.js to play webm videos on localhost?
Twitter bootstrap rails error. 鈥渦ndefined local variable or method `flash'鈥�
Can you get a public Facebook page's feed using Graph API without asking a user to allow?
Stop Android for killing my Activity after 30 minutes from background
how to deal 鈥�鈥�in asp.net mvc3 routes?
How to check if two urls return the same page
Today date not highlighted
Readfile async - iso files c++
site screenshots in google search
Glassfish 3.1.1 suddenly stopped writing to server.log
share og:image is not working but shows at the debugger
Unrecoverable git push?
/usr/sbin/postconf: No such file or directory in Virtualmin CentOS [closed]
When to save time-series data
How do I send the contents of a textView as an Email?
FluentAssertions Reflection-based equal
when i click the list view in the first class how will i get the datas stored in that list in my next activity??can someone help me out,?
Android - How to send a double value to the ws service
How to store X and Y Coordinated of any specific drag n drop div?
What does the keyword this refer to when used as a function parameter/agrument?
PHP File Upload.. retrieve URL
Notify about change in MySQL [duplicate]
Excluding model fields on model modification
Is it possible to change class name of Jquery autocomplete Menu
iOS 5.0.1: SpringBoard crashed after touching the push notification banner
android parse xml - Nodelist has too many objects
Why is this Chrome extension loading twice?
Inline function call error
How to .remove() by count
How to remove memory leaks caused by other library?
Computed Tomography: Matlab to C/OpenCV code conversion error
How can I get 0 margin between two cells of a table?
What is the difference between NOLOCK and TransactionScope?
View goes out of a View Boundary
PHP Tokens for Forms and Authentication
Storing file out of sandbox in iphone or Accessing filesystem by other applications
rails 3.1 active record insert or update
ExtJS 3.4 Slider Control
Magento Shipping Module: Get all items currently in cart
Strange PHP issue
Hierarchial deletion of tables in SQL Server 2008
Authenticate phpBB using custom MS-SQL database
Select substring between two characters in Scala
How to show the correct object numbers when using django-pagination
Ease into model rotation
Check cookie enabled or disabled in an httpModule in the first request
UISlider same as MPMoviePlayerViewController slider
IEEE floating point , how to calculate the bias
What kind of Facebook authentication should I be implementing?
Spring property loading depending on class that invokes
pass a value to a variable in javascript where these values are responses in json
iOS web app with offline cache and local storage
method of action class is not getting called in struts2
get all .vcf file in a single folder
Memory leak in WCF (Duplex) on Server
Div Collapse Changes Position
Build Multiple EARs choosing subset of jars
Unable to match square bracket [ character in SQL
using lightbox on dynamically generated elements
MVC3 : Compiler Error Message: CS0103: The name 'model' does not exist in the current context
Which MySQL query will have faster retrieval?
Elementary program fails to load (Haskell)
Instagram comments API can't add 'text' value
How to overload a function which calls an overloaded version of itself?
What data can be legally saved from the Facebook API? [closed]
is there a better and a faster way to copy from CPU memory to GPU using thrust?
Is it possible an xcode archive is corrupted without letting me know? WEIRD iOS 4.x behavior
iOS USB HID programming
choose k items from a set of x and y to meet certain criteria
how to write this javascript code to show/hide for each personal elements?
populate html table data based on dropdown list using jquery and java
how to design a bot that gets reputation on stackoverflow? [closed]
Symfony2 bundle inheritance losing parent bundles routes
How to decrease starting time b/w two drawable animations?
Android: show option menu after touching button for 3 or 4 second
MySQL - #1051 - Unknown table 'userchat'
converting a string to binary using UTF-8 encoding
Application Craft and QR Code reader
How to sort a list of 1million records by the first letter of the title
How do I pull the string array from this json object?
Getting info from two Mysql Tables
syntatical difference b/w <%= Html.LabelFor(model=> model.studFatherName) %> and <%: Html.LabelFor(model=> model.studFatherName) %>
Not able to animate the content in body
Size of stack and Value Types
How can I compare percentage of a colour at different points in an image?
How to check if Facebook Javascript SDK is supported by the browser
New file created path
To invokeLater() or Not
CRM2011 How to get object type code by entity name in Javascript?
Error in c++ template Snippet
Jquery lightbox have to popup on mouse over instead of click
C++ template function for arrays, vectors, built in types, STL
ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview Image
Coloring points instead of lines in interaction.plot (R)I
Android: how to retrieve an image from res/drawable and put it into WebView.loadUrl()
What does EMBED function mean in Excel Controls?
PHP - How to extract the reponse code from nusoap response?
Google protocol buffers and use of std::string for arbitrary binary data
How to access a label in datalist when a button is clicked in the same row
Jquery string Comparison?
Displaying data in View based on which button is clicked: ASP.NET MVC3 RAZOR
How to let the gtags support const definition search with emacs
mysql query that only returns rows that were added past a certain time using
MemoryMappedFile or serialization, speed on very large object
customize listview Rows
How to hide tabs from My Account portlet in Liferay's Control Panel
Want to redirect after login
List all the users in the Active Directory Group
replace application with newer version 1.1 on android market
Display Arabic content in wp7
how to store User logs on a large server best practice
Detect windows font size (100%, 125%, 150%)
How do I set my username in Mercurial?
API / Method to get location data from GPS device (USG-MR350) within cocoa application?
How to cross-reference an equation in an R help file/roxygen2
How to build .vdproj using MSBuild task?
how to run the signed jar file in java command prompt?
Simple Json parsing in android
C/C++ Windows+Linux ZIP Library for only unpacking?
Code to determine when to place arrows for a horizontalscrollview
How to give color to string in the java code of android?
Steps to run Java code in Matlab environment?
How does memcached behave when data has changed?
Why is this SQL giving a syntax error? [duplicate]
Android SQlite update query
Build 鈥渄ependent Project鈥�every time in xcode
Jquery mobile button gets distorted when i use .show() and .hide()
QDomDocument::setContent()'s Parameter锛烮 can't understand
Cross-thread operation not valid in C#?
cvBlob and cvBlobLib in openCV
NGINX configuration to work with Socket.IO
Android GUI gets hanged during registration on berkeke server
MySQL Maximum value
How can I display Arabic characters obtained from a database?
rails datetime_select start and end times one date select
Is there any online based data mining software? [closed]
Gitosis publickey permission denied
Filtering large collection of Unknown type
Take an existing gem, modify it, and ship with my own Rails app
Cannot load app onto device
Transparent streamlines in MATLAB
Do I need to do anything special to use memory storage engine?
How to work with graphic tablet in Java?
Chrome Developer Tools console - log stacking, how do I see re-logged stuff [Screenshot Inside]?
twitteR and ROAuth
Run function after second load
Hibernate Interceptor/Listeners for HQL
Codeigniter's $uri and $perPage in db query
is it necessary to do server side validation after client side validation with asp.net web site?
Warning: Failed to initialize WMA message routing support
How can I implement a custom CalendarView that can show indicators on certain days?
Image upload widget that resizes an image and then uploads it
does C# lock affect other processes on the same computer system
Significance of an ampersand in VB6 function name?
protobuf iOS5 ARC
I want to format the date time in PowerBuilder
glReadPixels from GL_FRONT fails right after SwapBuffers
getting the path input file at run time
Silveright User Control validation
Making an ListItem as Favourite in ExpandableListView
Statics in constructor
Disabling Column Resizing in NSTableView
Missing helper 鈥渄evise_controller?鈥�in ApplicationController
Aligning the text inside a ComboBox in Excel [closed]
Non-Modal Popup without fading out the BackGround screen
Error connecting to WCF service from its hosting server
Why doesn't ruby support method overloading?
HTTP POST response into WebView in android
judgment of currency for In-app-billing
Dinamicaly create embeded image
Loop not looping through all elements in list
C++ memcpy array to struct based on transaction type
Change Record Integration
Detect whether Excel workbook is already open (using VBA)
How to set up JAX-RS Application using annotations only (no web.xml)?
cascading saving on EF 4.1 not getting saved
Searching a word having capital letters from a paragraph using solr
AJAX, response of type callbackvar or callbackfunction
How to disable Javascript/CSS minification in ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta
Not display text in input-text [closed]
Gauge implementation in iOS [closed]
KOALA + FACEBOOK GRAPH gives FARADAY error (ConnectionFailed - Connection Refused - connect(2))
javascript to select and convert correct date format
Extended type - inherited element ordering
Outofmemeoryerror (viewpager + imageviews)
Is there a testing phase for iTunes and Android Market?
finding file extension by java code
ColdFusion HTTP POST large strings
How to start with facebook SDK in android? [duplicate]
Proper Measurement of Characters in Pixels
Have SSIS detect the column sizes of a csv file
Mobile Mutitouch Buttons in Adobe Air
Syntax highlighting: Geany doesn't 'see' imported structs, methods.
Connection reset by peer (502) in RESTful Web Service
how to hide html url, but need to pass the value from URL [closed]
Easy way to make LAN on iPad/iPhone via bluetooth or wireless
Changing ImageButton margins in code
Weird CSS :after pseudoselector issue in Chrome alone [duplicate]
How can I get a summary string around a search query within a longer string?
Phonegap app, admob opens in the app,need to open in separate browser?
Regex to match anything, string, multiple,strings including newline non greedy in VIM
How to show file context menu in a grid with files
Square root in expression trees
How to turn this Service Locator pattern into true Dependency Injection pattern?
How to plot/display 鈥�dat鈥�files using gnuplot in Python
QRadioButton check/uncheck issue in Qt
Split values in an variable in SQL Server 2005
How to drag & drop a floating imageviews in a view
Zoom high quality of the image to full detail without loading a large image on iPhone
Preserve Exit Code in Mono
How to find out what my store ID is?
Merge Two UIImage that are Rotated & Scaled
How to query two same values in SQL Server 2008?
Cookieless sessions in asp.net
Rhino Mocks Step-By-Step Tutorials
Mass Email From dedicated IP and Server
Media Foundation : mpeg4 stream from camera gets distorted when GOV length is greater than 1
iOS - Check for Navigation bar
Consuming Entity Framework entities in a client application that are exposed using a WCF services
Can we assign a value to a given memory location?
how i come to know if cancel subscription from Paypal site
Saving location data to Core Data
passing label value from one form to another
Why is varargs always the last parameter in a method signature?
from tuple to integer using csv files
setAngularVelocity reduces in onGameResume, onPause
What is the difference between the function of MongoGridFS::put and MongoGridFS::storeFile in php?
How to use PHP Array in MySQL Select statement with BETWEEN?
Asp.net compare validator to validate date
How to batch fix Java package in Eclipse
Back button for webpage loaded in object tag
Can the Kindle SDK be used to read a book purchased on Amazon?
Chrome Extension - is popup.html exist in it's own isolated DOM?
Tomcat Server fails when startup in Linux
Has anyone created a MonoTouch binding for the Nuance Dragon Mobile Speech SDK for iOS?
Starting an android activity from a worker thread?Is this a good practice
Explaining some details about String
What does OBJECT_ID do in SQL Server?
Using views in drupal simplenews
Android : Trying to get a bitmap from color code.. It returns null
Anonymous Functions, 鈥淧arse Issue: Expected Expression鈥�
iOS load dynamic layer mask (i.e. layer mask is provided outside the code)
how to synchronize audio and image
Quartz Scheduler
how to detecting a click on an already selected tab button
How can i calculate date in php
How can I make a gradual output of database
asp.net mvc3 razor Model validations
Is there a Java code coverage tool that records the number of times lines and methods are called?
MySql Combine data from remote databases servers
iOS: access device microphone in background app
add css properties in my div
Anchor Tag in Oracle PL/SQL Script
Switch statement that cycles through the cases one after another in iOS
build fail with gcc4.6 but not with gcc4.5
Function calling incorrect values
Who to Insert data into ODD/EVEN rows only in SQL
make a function return false if an element already exits
imap.search setting date parameter as a variable
How can I convert my device token (NSData) into an NSString?
Program Compiles and Runs Fine in Windows IDE, But Won't In Linux - C Language
Windows phone 7 Advertisement
java.io.IOException: Read-only file system
How to attach mongrel.rb to initializer in Redmine?
iPhone - play alarm sound while the app in background
Is it possible to export rules from the URL Rewrite module in IIS 7.5? [closed]
Need to locate a plain text 鈥渧irtual printer鈥�
How to integrate sms application using sms gateway in android?
Checking for a string in an array of strings in C
Looking for an appropriate design pattern to implement on a single thread mechanism
Apache + Passenger + Rails deployment (File does not exist)
Image border styling
jQuery: Show hidden section and navigate to anchor
JavaScript Object Creation Pattern
python Multiprocessing: What are ways I can reduce sy process overhead?
Autofac BeginLifetimeScope
Mysql, error on inserting data
callback when web page download completes
Cake PHP Auth Error missing database table .
How to extend the UITableViewCell when touched
C++ Program, Object Variables
how to generate the report in to excel in java
Can i detect and prevent JavaScript-driven redirect from within Firefox extension?
Configuring Script Handlers Google App Engine
Monitoring API calls in Mac OSX
Android: Getting Latitude and Longitude
How can I bold two words around a string within a string, but not overlap sentences?
鈥渂efore_filter :oauth_required鈥�does not work properly for 鈥渙auth-plugin鈥� Gives 鈥淚nvalid OAuth Request鈥�
VHosts Nginx Config for Playframework Websockets
Can I use CALayer to speed up view rendering?
How to override default panTo behaviour on marker click in Google Map Api v3?
Where to start with java web project? [closed]
How to write a list to a csv file?
How to set header and footer in android?
Encapsulating a sequence of grids in a parent div to control height while using grid960
removing all view controllers completly from tabbar controller
Masking a blob from a binary image
check user availability in forms in jsp
SQL Producing an error
Data Structure for managing groups in a chat server
fscanf is somehow changing a node (in c)
Are there any tools for monitoring database during debugging in android?
How does vlc.py play video stream?
mysql using vb.net?
Endpoint is not compatible with version 1 of windows immersive project
how to show /hide div on mouseover when div set to display none, in gridview item template
How to reload unreal development kit after script change
Search database through Views
how to store a video on to a my server and then how can i get the rtsp links for that video
Retrieve all record and insert to another table form another db
Project Hierachy with Git
How to get absolute path to files from FileDialog in SWT?
Backbone-localstorage doesn't work with require.js
Finding 4-dimensional minimum (a,b,c,d) of the integral of a function I(a,b,c,d)
How to save the listview subitem to database
WCF Data Services: Why is URI needed in every datacontext, And where does this fit in a typical Layered Architecture?
RowSelect event - Primefaces - dataTable
Reading an Excel sheet using POI's XSSF and SAX (Event API)
Converting Lab Values to RGB values in opencv
Formatting a number as currency using CSS
Find that unique element from the 10^5 array size [duplicate]
Is Close on database connection calling here?
performance of functions and memory allocated in c#
Performance Tuning/Testing
How do I get NSDragOperation to IBAction
Is using .net Exceptions as WCF fault contracts a security risk?
How to point image-path scss helper to relative URL
any good rtsp stack or rtsp proxy?
Concurrency in C++ with Boost
How to Consume list in Jquery
.NET String Split()
How to close the pop up of facebook post on wall
How to write a crawler in ruby?
Dynamically Social-Engine form element addition onchange of a specific form element
animating in 3 steps one after the other ios
org.apache.commons.net.io.CopyStreamException: IOException caught while copying
Button Click on Tab View Android
jquery function passing parameters
PHP HTTP request to get JSON response
Nested ViewModel Classes in asp.net MVC
Is it possible send data in realtime in iPhone app to an php aplication? [closed]
PHP function for concating matching index strings in array?
How to get the rows that has the value above 3 minutes in this SQL query?
Struts with JAX WS and eclipse
How to use Django with MongoDB
Subtracting Two Columns Consisting of Both Date and Time in R
Classpath error - Unable to find main class and log4j
What is correct approach to editing multiple items in MVC 3?
Trouble getting a derived QWidget to paint itself
Combine vector and data.frame matching column values and vector values
Select box: how to populate days php
OpenGL Lighting and Positioning
鈥淚tem with same key鈥�exception; dictionary with enum keys
How to create our own PDF viewer for Android?
I am not able to create a directory using PHP
How to create custom order status using an extension / module in Magento
How to embed itunes preview of podcast on website
Protect a double var without using mutex
LINQ with SQL Data Adaptor
How to make an Exe Run as admin
Extracting strings from nested lists in Python [duplicate]
Capture video from firewire cameras
can I declare intent variable in fortran module?
C++ stacks and 2D array
calling a python method with return type from java
Handling Multiple windows in Symbian using Qt
How and where to allocate memory?
A pair of tables?
Https listener .NET failed on port 443
tic-tac-toe while and ,,
an error in function definition won't be detected in Python?
How to add grids to a tab using extjs?
Why doesn't a select dropdown allow me to click an item IE but works fine in Firefox, Chrome, etc?
Explanation of Objective-C properties
How can i add StdOut to a top of a file (not the bottom)?
How to store xml data into sqlite database
What is the difference between subroutines and scripts in Perl?
Prime's notation in RFC3526 about Diffie Hellman Key Exchange
Drupal 6 adding iframe tag to content editor?
Accessing file in sql server
how to use database field as attribute value in rails template
LISP cdr function
Parsing CSV data into Activerecord(MySQL) is too slow and takes HOURS
linked list insertion in c : inserting wrong values
image upload plugin to work with django admin and tiny MCE
Integrating Google's voice call API in ASP.NET
failed to start error while executing apache archiva
Alert when iframe url changed
Paypal Adaptive Payments - Finalizing payment
Which modifier should go first? [duplicate]
Append different div id to option selects?
jQuery working in jsFiddle but not in html
Best way to deal with multiple Tabs with the same content
ReferenceTable overflow (max=512) JNI
How to download full data to a byte array
unable to detect shake event when my phones screen is off in android
Does there exist a magical backend service where front end coders can store data?
Transparent, click-through, always on top JFrame [closed]
How to set comma separated values in cookies
Java Method has the functionality of an IF-THEN-ELSE statement
Where do you set the a UITableView's height or frame? AwakeFromNib?
How is 鈥淭able per concrete class with unions鈥�implemented using Hibernate Annotation/JPA?