emacs dired-mode gives error '/proj/.dirs-local.el' not found
Using class structure with Python protocol delete window handlers
how to update filtered list view by binding filterProperty to certain value
Remove the first 3 characters in var in batch file?
Fire an event when something is added to queue or array in Javascript
Find the best Region of Interest after edge detection in OpenCV
matching pattern difference between `([, ]+)` and `([, ])+`
Hypertext in uilabel or uitextview
Testing Serial port application
How to organize DI Framework usage in an application?
How to change default precision value to 2 digits instead of 3 digits
Implement a patch method in my C# REST API
Reapply JavaScript/jQuery after Ajax call in .NET?
WebRequest and Stream Reading fail on an atom feed url
having users index for admin and normal users
iOS - Set Detail Disclosure Button on MKAnnotationView
What is the role of latent semantic analysis in developing search engines?
mysql multiple inner join complication
How to read a sitemap using VB.NET
How to pass parameter for selected value of Combobox and get values for the parameter from database
Migrating from 2.x to 3.0 (GXT) by module
Facebook box count not going up
Is my caching solution solution secure?
How to inflate View on my layout?
F# - Seq.iter (type error)
cant call api method using xml in url
c# async sockets, read all buffer
How can I make adding a link to a doubly-linked list perform N/2 rather than O(N) (int index, element a) as parameters
Testing filenames with regexp and javascript
How to notify the programmer of a null argument?
How to check Gradle version number in build file?
Just set a dev server up, now want to hook my bare repo on my production server to deploy using git
Segue to Tab Bar Controller with performSegueWithIdentifier
What is the Air Video Player in Android?
Reading csv with date and time
int.Parse, Input string was not in a correct format
Cron Job in Fedora 8 - Not getting the desired result
Python, protocol buffers, and getting nested messages and repeated fields to work
Array almost unique criteria
How to size up border?
How can I mute Windows 7 volume from a webpage?
Oracle Stored Procedure Broke after Migrating to Weblogic
How to send new passwords securely across to the server
Searching a garbled character `锟絗 in the entire database - Oracle
Ruby equivalent of Sphinx documentation generator?
Design for 'Total' field in a database
onDestroy() is getting called after onPause()
How to set up an auto route in CI
System Startup Folders/Methods on UNIX Platforms?
Starting and ending Apache webserver from maven
Error while authenticating
Align ImageView with EditText horizontally
MySQL Connector C API Unable to connect to MySQL server
Including root in backbone routes
Haskell - Searching through a list of pairs
Why is this logging configuration not printing to stdout?
How do you change the the icon of a non-pinned program?
Not understanding custom cursor adapter
Calculate size of pixel array of image using RGBA32 pixel format
Sql Query for finding a certain frequency distribution
How to find the list of available users in asp.net?
A simple jQuery function needs to be modified to run on Internet Explorer
Which Visual C++ DLLs are required?
JQGrid - saving the colmodel to local cache
node.js game server framework? [closed]
ASK sql substring for version of value
How two git merge and keep some diff?
Printing from Internet Explorer and getting 20 pages of postscript instead
Fill data grid in background
Jquery Datepicker on customizing year
doing xor for binaries in python
'newacc' is not a class or a name space
need a simple example for libxml2 DOM way parsing on iOS
using cells in grid as buttons and drop-down list
How to get ContextPath in struts2 action?
Sort a Query on a Relations Attribute
RadGrid Row Reordering on client side
Non Transactional Execution Within a TransactionScope
Can UDP packets be really lost when PC connects to itself
Flash plugin with rooted Android phones
what are the different between 'not' and 'false'
Can't get correct XSLT output
Listbox item in pivot control doesn't get all available space
Find with HABTM in cakephp
MediaPlayer unable to prepare?
having trouble configuring mysql on php in windows xp
Bash script programming for inputing text through terminaland time to a log file
How to require non-blank text on an Alert Input Dialog
Python - Any way to turn relative paths into absolute paths?
Positioning a div in grid 960 is adding mystery padding / margin
Eclipse Lost Android Support After Windows Update
Cannot load module's index action for Zend Framework Module
How do i test the length of a var in batch?
Get wrong data by pointer assignment to String::utf8().data() in webcore
Calculating histogram equalization after converting to HSB values
How do i pass parameters that is input textbox value to ajax in jquery
Operating systems: implementing process IDs
Error Returning File w/ Java WebServer
How to compare the byte array and byte array list?
Getting Chrome's 鈥渁w-snap鈥�page
Purpose of about=鈥�this鈥�-
How to show errors from two beans
How to use foreach loop in formula field on a crystal report
How can i get the files that are not having .txt extension in java
Save parsed links to a string or to an array java
Python defaultdict behavior possible with multiprocessing?
Wordpress: Return posts of Author Name = Current Page Title
Potential cause of inifinite loop, when binding to Property from SelectParameter of ObjectDataSource?
PHP/MySQL: Insert record if doesnt exist
How to clear values of SearchManager after providing the results in Android?
Android Startmanaging cursor
Nested Set Model or any kind of Hierarchical model in Entity Framework 4.2
rotating coordinate plane for data and text in Java
Recursive function that prints the binary representation of the integer
Import data from SharePoint to SQL Server
How do you unbind only some events?
PHP - how to get most recent file from directory AND subdirectories
Dictionary in android resources
Python Share a folder in winXP,win7?
mysql ORDER BY isn't using the index when multiple fields are present in SELECT
Uninstalling CVSNT and installing it again
Facebook comments works with URL /index.php?cID=122 but not /blog/myblogpost
CPTTestApp-ipad example in CorePlot_0.9
jQueryUI Tabs - New tabs using POST
jQuery Mobile not working with Internet Explorer?
How can I set up a dedicated screen area for an application in Python?
Validating a session from a url click
How to accurately calculate the background-position of a div background
Android Twofish File Encryption Tutorials?
How to hack Linux Netfilter-iptable?
Where to see the logged sql statements in play2?
Android - Best way to have fluent sprite animations without wasting heap
Calculating number of characters in a line in a character array
Registering an event in a thread with a callback function
How to retrieve live tile count in code
Const variable changed with pointer in C
create array of dictionaries from sqlite DB with FMDB
Eclipse RCP save values to workbench
change xml to json in restful webservice webmessageFormat
ExtJS 4 : How To Destroy All States When User Logout
How does the code on StackOverflow's 404 page work? (Pic included)
Including Java in Play! Scala source tree kills compile
Task/future in Ruby
how to write a sqlite trigger in JS wrapper
Android onCreate is not being called?
How to limit using conditional with Ruby IMAP
Events dependent on each other in jQuery
Tabbar controller after showing one view controller
Renaming core Dojo packages
Please advise on database solution for the read-heavy service with almost no writes
Dead locks when using NSPrivateQueueConcurrencyType managed object context on two threads
Loading error when using jquery load funciton and mobile accordions
Why isn't awk correctly spacing my fields?
Parse HTML with jsoup
cannot load such file 鈥�socket (LoadError)
Combo or drop-down box where user can enter own value as well?
repopulate php dynamic checkboxes from mysql DB
Upload Picture to Facebook SDK Android
JavaScript: How to build key-value pairs
Setting 32nd bit for Java long type yields -1
Android - Why would activity context suddenly be null on one device type
super-long jquery animation (10 sec) preventing other actions from firing
Getting Variables From Settings Screen In Main ViewController
Typecasting Unsigned Long Long to Character Pointer in C
Text Width in VB 6
neighbors.c program debugging (multidimensional arrays)
CodeIgniter, upload and config
How to implement NSArray method in IBAction?
Does Vim have support for 鈥渧ariable tabs鈥�
Implement a service that should not be stopped by android
django 1.3 url template tag and class-based views
UI Performance Problems Running under VB6 COM Interop
Catching errors using .htaccess [closed]
uninitialized constant error, only on heroku
pyre2 is slower than built-in re module?
Cancan nested_routes restrict acces to :index
iPad 3 Retina Display, @2x images, and apps already in the store
What is the difference between the wording of the first and second written [duplicate]
Page redirection for user who do not have role privilege
azure php import
How do I read response headers in a .NET 4.0 app running on IIS6?
Get Selected Files directories with wxThumbnailCtrl?
How to redirect Zend login form in a fancbox iframe with PHP (without any JS) only on ***successful*** login
Python Strings and Dictionaries Parsing
how to stop my own broadcast message锛�[duplicate]
Is it possible to host my RoR website on my university's servers?
How to use the APIs from iTunesMobileDevice.dll?
What should I specify in 鈥渆ndpointConfigurationName鈥�of DuplexClientBase constructor?
Renaming an approved iPhone app
Counting the occurrences of a string in a cell array of strings in Matlab
Combining Result Sets that Use Unions
jQuery-UI dialog buttons with icon
Is there any way to shorten a command in VIM?
iCloud Display Set / NSUbiquitousDisplaySet in app's info.plist
How to apply various metrics like cyclometic complexity, etc to a C++ source code using a tool
Tool for design android ui elements
Invalid timestamp in jenkins
Is it possible to create my own unchecked Exception in Java?
How come this javascript does not replace text with the 鈥渉eart鈥�symbol?
How To Re-Empty ComboBox when forceSelection is Set To TRUE (ExtJS 4)
Java StringBuffer
Speeding up the Android build process
Ajax Ad Providers approved by Facebook [closed]
Alternative to Google Local Search to get Restaurants nearby
Serialize NHibernate POCO to XML
Twitter @anywhere login implementation
Facebook - No image shown for Like button to my Facebook Page
What are checked exceptions in Java/C#?
PHP Pagination Issues
detect empty value in array and set it to ''
JAXB marshalling exception javax.xml.stream.FactoryConfigurationError running with Java 5
How to place a text next to the picture? [closed]
Foreach loop in java for Dictionary
How to retrieve pseudo-element transform-style value with Javascript?
iOS Information Button
How can I create a borderless application in Python (windows)?
Convert DateTime to a specified Format
How to close an infowindow
Android WCF Method Not Allowed
XNA C# Why is my string not drawing?
rails dev log output - how can I stop the GETs for subsequent assets (e.g. javascript, images) getting logged?
getElementById succeeds once then returns null
LISP disposing of pesky NILs
I need a button that will scroll 400px down every time it's clicked
PhoneGap on Android wont load external scripts
jQuery/Javascript keypress validation function or plugin - don't fire on certain keys - crossbrowser
change url with asynchronus requests
Is there a jQuery plugin that turns text into smiley faces and hearts? [closed]
CSS Search Box Alignment Issue in iPad/iPhone Only
.NET Web Service that takes email id as input and searches the Active Directory?
Android Wrapping Buttons
Unlimited horizontal UIScrollView space while conserving memory?
Zend Module Bootstrap does not load
It is possible to make a HoneyComb activity unclosable?
Launch PopupWindow from Service & Async Task
How to overlap 2 transparent divs?
bluepill not detecting that processes have, in fact, started successfully, and so creates new ones
Comparing the result of a long-running task to the previous result
iOS Development - Round Rect Buttons move down for sub menu
Website maintenance notification on the site
Android, SQLite rawQuery does not send any results after select a item in a listView
phpBB 3 documentation in .CHM format
File download via PHP being mysteriously interrupted on Dreamhost
How to limit execution of nested sql by if
Finding multi modes in a vector using maps
message id from GetResultData
Using Stripe webhooks with Rails
Retrieve data from json restful web service to jquery using $.each()
MVC3 ValidationAttribute validationContext.memberName is null
Lua Table Comparisons Within Tables
transform code from matlab to python
Collection of records as INOUT parameter
qt/Mac: dSYM file for a release build
asp.net mvc validation on 2 fields - one must exist if other entered
jQuery Multiple Accordions , Only One Tab Expanded
Python highlighting in emacs
how to create a collection from list of strings that represents a directory structure in C# or VB
setting mamp ports to 80 and 3306
should i not use backbone.js because it uses hashbangs?
Can this destroy my entire website? [closed]
how to write django inner query sql?
Tree Fold operation?
How to create randomly selected NSString 鈥減ackage鈥�for iPhone app
Trouble creating a navigation menu
CSS not updating in GWT
Mobile Webpage with fixed width to support multiple devices
Deserializing xml feed fails invalid hexadecimal character
Browser cache persists when using Varnish
insert node field into sidebar
CCRotateBy not completing
Fancybox & JQZoom (and Wordpress)
Best settings for html5 video without sacrificing quality? Including bitrate, FPS, file type, encoding, etc
Proxy DLL for ieframe.dll
Returning a copy of the list in which one instance of every value is removed
how to add a class to the input component in a wrapper in simple_form 2
strip_tags enough to remove HTML from string?
Rails 3 : Chaining Save method
How to have an Amazon EC2-like environment on my system?
Voice Record on Mobile Web Application
What does this python expression mean
Error Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in zend framework
Switching between input methods between HTML input fields
Wordpress Custom Search Filter
How To Use Form_For to Update a Hash Attribute in the Model
XAML markup binding to dictionary with key of type Type
Drain or discard a generator without looping?
link to launch or install an app
Testing to see if a string contains any of a set of other strings in PHP
Throwing a button in Flash / AS3
How can I stack/overlay jPanels in Java?
ProgressDialog doesn't show up. Again
How to subtract microtime and display date with miliseconds in php?
Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2036: Load Never Completed
Choosing a row from a table using pyramid
KDE (kernel density estimation) of Matrix with 13 dimensions using numpy and matplotlib
Asp.net MVC Printing error
How can I control the attempted value for a custom model binder?
Cabal install complains 鈥�lt;built-in>:0:4: lexical error (UTF-8 decoding error)鈥�
validate date : python
I'm having trouble inserting a Mongodb record with geospatial data in PHP
jQuery Wildcard string
Search results to include WordPress Meta Box
How can I convert uppercase to lowercase or the other way around in Bash? [duplicate]
Android random date generator with bounds
What does setting 鈥渕ax_execution_time鈥�to 鈥�1鈥�do?
Pipe() System Call
Recommended number of Threads in ThreadPool in WP7
Which Classes are required for JDBC Driver Development Documentation (SPI)
UILabel Subclass appears as UILabel in Objective-C
Calling next() twice in Iterator throws a NoSuchElementException
How can I change my expression to force a call to RewriteRuleSubtreeStream.NextTree() in the generated parser?
Save a POST Request to Core Data when there is No Internet Connection
WARNING Not Found: /favicon.ico
How to allocate a single array that does not fit in RAM
Why are frameworks storing their own HMODULE when it can be retrieved using __ImageBase or GetModuleHandleEx()?
Jquery auto reload freezes website for a few seconds
Does love.keyreleased(key) function the same as love.keyboard.isDown?
Xcode/Instruments/Leaks: can it show a red line where apparently there is no leak?
Merge two queries
.NET doesn't support non-standard XMLDSIG signature element names
adding dynamic markers with google charts
No output from Kaminari
Setting up Django app on Heroku via Cygwin giving permission denied error when installing pip
.NET 3.5 Control Charts w/ VS2010
Add text to textarea
XNA game how to make a snake tail
Can I use a wildcard when setting up area registration in an MVC route?
jQuery Validation Plugin Response Messages
Custom DNS Without Modifying /etc/hosts Mac OS X
C# email blocked by Microsoft Smart filtering
How to handle load in a high traffic Java web application?
How to find nil elements through xml xpath via php
Numbers are changing values
C- Indexing x,y,z coordinates in a 1D byte array
Can't get flash on top of HTML
CAS service ticket validate failed
How to add QueryHints on Default Spring Data JPA Methods?
No idea how to handle an error while calling substring on a sql variable
Using RelaxNG how can I allow any element to have an attribute 鈥渕yattribute鈥�- that is define global attributes
diff on strings, not lines
How to declare a static constant member variable of a class that involves some simple calculations?
Upgraded to fancybox version 2 and now fancybox doesn't fancy anymore
Java Properties, getting file path
how to receive a string in C# JSON Webservice that uses JSON.net
How to implement Squeeze Box sample code in JavaScript and HTML?
How to fire an event after n seconds of maintained click? - jQuery/Javascript
How to connect multiple QShortcuts to one slot in Qt? And find out inside the slot which shortcut emitted it?
Why does this program output different answers when using floats vs. ints?
Find out MongoDB MapReduce opid
How to determine whether embedded resource exists?
ImageMagick: how to determine orientation of jpeg file?
SQLite3 can't do addition in WHERE clause?
Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(.. Doesn't seem to execute on UI thread
Make a Java application invisible to a user
Eclipse Ivy plugin says jruby has an unresolved dependency, but jruby 1.6.6 doesn't have any
Tinybrowser Error 403 on Upload Completion
Netty compile error
How to get network message in the application level?
How can I extract specific parts of a string matching a specific regex in bash?
are there any free widget libraries for android? [closed]
WP7 Mock Microsoft.Devices.Sensors.Compass when using the emulator
Why is reading lines from stdin much slower in C++ than Python?
is there an iterator across unique keys in a std::multimap?
'TcpListener' is ambiguous in the namespace 'System.Net.Sockets'
There are many similar dao methods in anorm, is it right?
cp command to overwrite the destination file which is a symbolic link
JavaScript setInterval and clearInterval not working [closed]
I need an explanation of a wrapper class with an example that a child would understand
Include multiple character sets in regex JS
Doctrine record unknown exception in a Symfony 1.4 backend admin module
htaccess mod-rewrite
Partial class constructors and event handler registration
Oracle 10g : CASE within select statement (ORA-00936 error)
Fancybox iframe is blank
REST api: requesting multiple resources in a single get [duplicate]
c++ simple references type function
Dropdownlist selected value at Selectedindexchanged event
FlashBuilder edit Class of Symbol defined in Flash IDE
for loop nested inside the expression from an if statement
Alignment of accessoryView when using multiline contentView
What does 鈥渧oid *(*)(void *)鈥�mean in c++?
In Chrome, JS bound functions have null arguments.callee.caller
Duplex WCF communication doesn't work in Metro application
C++: How-to create a simple program for moving folders
User view data in ASP.NET
exposing jQuery plugin properties
A tutorial for a web-based chat server in Python
PowerShell returning Length property on SELECT *
Trying to set this html iframe at a certain place on my page? [closed]
wordpress single.php ignored, calls index.php instead
r / sciplot: overlapping whiskers in lineplot.CI
Checking if MySql is up with DataMapper
Class to represent a mathematical vector of doubles
Recoding Wav file to AAC LC, AMR WB/NB
sftp from windows to unix with Python
Average with small types
Error code for 鈥渘ot logged in鈥�or page redirection
Accessing a value of a class's variable from another - objective-c
set constant values for cuisine like Chinese,Indian in ruby on rails
How to set the name of the WPF rendering thread?
PHP Undefined index, but var_dump says otherwise
xhtml / css best practices of naming divs
What to do to keep MySQL databases running in peak performance? [closed]
Check if List of Objects contain an object with a certain attribute value
JSON is not Retrieved When Put on the Server but Does Work on Localhost using XAMPP
does passing parameter with url affect amazon s3 caching?
How do you use a form select input for a polymorphic belongs_to association in Rails?
Severe GAE performance degradation all of sudden
Strings loaded from sqlite database leading to out of scope objects
Are off-stage DisplayObjects in Flash still slowing down my game?
Value-Carrying Exceptions in SML
iPhones networked for camera switcher
Finish loading external js before loading body?
can i underscore a url path
Trouble calling the fileTree( Object, Closure ) signature
python shuffle algorithm performance
Bash script to extract filenames from git whatchanged
get unit type from grid graphics unit
Login to GUI application
WebSockets on PHP shared hosting
Do the property names in JQuery have different names?
UITableView Custom View and 鈥淟oad More鈥�in the same cell
JSON object using numbers
Java network error during file synchronization
Python Suds URLError Name or service not known issue
Browser automatically adds spacing to <input> elements, how can I remove them?
Set JLabel Visible when JButton is clicked in actionPerformed
empty emails with mfmailcomposeviewcontroller 鈥�foreign language issues?
FPDF Landscape image issue [PHP]
PhongGap Android Phone Call comes in event
Errors in implementation file
How do I create crossplatform file paths in Go?
iOS - UIStoryboardSegue detecting table cell and opening a viewController?
Sharing code between AddViewController and DetailViewController
CakePHP 1.3 Plugin: Database Error
Windows Shutdown - Shutdown command or ExitWindowsEx
Use Android dialog interface on an OpenGL thread?
programmatically edit tab order in pyqt4 python
ANDROID: creating a 3D graph from a audio file
By group: sum of variable values under condition
How to get the table (datatable) left aligned?
Database vs Server side processing
Rendering different HTML depending on value of variable
Is there a way to test if a computer's connection is firewalled?
matlab font weight is set to normal but appears bold
Simple mysql_connect function not working
Access and return data from restful webservice to jquery
Can two objects contain one another in Java?
Running git pull from a php script
package javax.servlet does not exist - ubuntu, tomcat
Making a command-line program 鈥渇ull screen鈥�
Making a command-line program 鈥渇ull screen鈥�
Adding 鈥減adding鈥�to the outside of div?
jquery datepicker highlight holidays
How to detect in Java that if the JAR is started by 鈥渁dministrator鈥�on Win7? [duplicate]
Changing Count of ViewPager
Leak from Twitter TWRequest handler
Hosting a service with WCF from WSDL - SVCUtil generates verbose types for methods
resetting variables in php to display in javascript
ActiveMQ with slow consumer skips 200 messages
is it possible to insert data from other web site?
C++ Help finding the max value in a map
Segue/Transition between two views in a storyboard w/o a NavigationController
jQuery - When trying to parse XML, Uncaught Error: Invalid XML: [object Document]
Request parameter by Input ID
Apache - Proxy all subdomains from one IP
How to handle resource ids that are user relative in Rails?
How to preserve session trough all tests on phpunit?
Capistrano no such file to load 鈥�deploy
pagetitle from linq result
Vaadin GWT compilation fails: nocache.js file not found
Java RegEx: Replacing a phone number (including optional parentheses)
Request Dispatcher in a form
Pexpect if else statement
Only FF shows no image, other browsers works well
How to unbind jquery.mousewheel temporarily
running Jython code from a Python application
create trigger using a stored procedure
Don't rewrite URLs which represent files
Active Page for CSS using PHP and MYSQL
find out which user on the workstation started the program
Output omits 鈥淛anuary鈥�
Dump views in iOS
Different Username at command prompt
clone a page with jquery mobile
GLSL Fails to compile
Is there some server performance issue when forcing download of big files (500mb+) with php? [closed]
Concatenate many columns to one comma separate string and insert into new table
PHP: create image with ImagePng and convert with base64_encode in a single file?
Look for a Javascript source file in a second location if the first fails to load
How to map 'kk' to Ctrl+O (Vim)
Why do shifts have lower precedence than addition and subtraction in C?
Migrating vb6 to .net [closed]
Calculating prime factors for Project Euler
ASP.Net MVC3: Place .js files near View instead of Scripts folder
Can our facebook business page become an administrator for our clients websites? [closed]
Can't connect to Solr running Jetty on Ubuntu 10
XML validation error message always display
How can I increase the number of threads running in my process?
1-mismatch regular expression [duplicate]
1-mismatch regular expression [duplicate]
Saving the text from an EditText
jQuery in widgets on WordPress pages does not work
Hibernate EntityManager, is it supposed to be used as a singleton?
Read/write example codes for TPipeServer and TPipeClient components and security check
Counting a char in String
How to rotate orientation in 鈥淔ast Approximated SIFT鈥�
Flex, how to obtain peer ID from remote user connected to my stream?
How do I find a <div> tag with a specific attribute value using Xerces-J?
loop through NSDictionary to create NSArray
On how I access my DataContext (and whether it's wrong)
How to center a wx.BusyInfo() - wxpython?
Difference between int someInts[3] and int* someInts = new int[3]?
Access-Control-Allow-Origin issue with and without www in url
asp.net user permissions
Bookmarklet doesn't run in Firefox except on localhost
How to get Label inner text from Codebehind
Jersey: 鈥淢issing dependency for method 鈥︹�
How to connect to a MySQL database from an Android app
Servlet: How to build absolute path
Zombiejs jQuery nullTypeError 'compareDocumentPosition'
Targeting IE6/7/8 with .lt-ie9 class 鈥�not working with IE8
the html code generated by Struts2
DOM object only requires two clicks in Internet Explorer
Running full-screen video on click for mobile devices
OpenMP threads executing on the same cpu core
C++ Singleton class - inheritance good practice
How many changes have been made in Rails 3.2.1?
draw line under TextView on Android
JQuery get non stand html tags
Preprocess string for efficient search
Edit Comment via Facebook Graph API
Pseudo-element rollover navigation
Perl: printing Unicode strings to the Windows console
How to find the package of a class in lisp?
Perl files in Virtualhosts cgi-bin are always downloaded (Debian 6 and Apache2)
When playing tours authored in KML, is it possible to dynamically to control the camera?
Should Overload Resolution Select Private Methods?
How to split ReportLab table across PDF page (side by side)?
Localization of a WPF ClickOnce application with LocBaml
Value of HTML input type button shown twice with PhoneGap
JTabbedPane connected to a JLayeredPane with 2 JPanels in it?
Vbscript Move Files and Copy Structure of folders 90 days old or more than Now
mysql return valid nth multiples results
Trouble linking to gobject-introspection library
json in perl deserialization length count doesn't work
How to use ScrolledThumbnail in wxpython
How to specify what devices are to be considered mobile?
Capturing and displaying Live camera feed from a web cam using Java
jquery: Ajax Json simple rendering
Clear an Android Activity
Script to fill fields in a table based on another field
Can't load youtube thumbnail images. Security sandbox violation: LoaderInfo.content: cannot access '*.png'. No policy files granted access
sharepoint 2010 retrieve Lookup column by typing
Journey JSON in node.js
sysctl migrate to 2.6.35
Matlab Trust-region-reflective algorithm warning
EF Codefirst and Linq - OrderBy boolean issue
XSLT + Replacing double quotes with escape sequence
uiscrollview zoom in and zoom out doesn't work properly
How to reduce resulset in MySql query
Possible to tell nodeunit not to finish a particular test until test.done() is called?
How to sort an array of names by surname preserving the keys
JQuery parse html (look for non-standard elements)
Getting my application more DRY with rails and backbone.js
strtok on 64 bit machines
Piping stdin to R
Creating a Memory Consuming Application
JavaScript error handling: can I throw an error inside a ternary operator?
How to scroll an image clipped from rotating from portrait to landscape mode
Event when click on Like button
how do I re-populate this zend form?
Java - String to StringReader
Using PHP and a MYSQL database to find results not in another table?
Apache2 and DACS mod_auth_dacs.so undefined symbol: ssl_hook_Fixup
I am looking for a good example of adding an image to an applet
google map api v3 background color
setPackage for intent in gingerbread
mac os x set textmate as default text editor
Select box: how to populate years php
Connection ASP.NET web application to Dropbox
The CSS selector 鈥渉over鈥�is not working on my HTML code
Enabling scroll bars when JTextArea exceeds certain amount of lines
brew update failure while executing git checkout
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages Between These Two JavaScript Patterns?
Can I format the text inside a list in Python?
How to open a new tab from BHO?
How do I use Navigation Properties of an Entity DataSource on a DataGridView?
Reference javascript callback function in Flex
Addthis Button customize sharing details
LDAP search Unprocessed Continuation Reference(s)
Subclass constructors - Why must the default constructor exist for subclass constructors?
Xcode 4.2 how include one project into another one?
How can I round a QWidgets corners?
Using java generics for a simple factory - How can I avoid these warnings
How to compare a child class to it's default values from a call within the base class in PHP 5.2?
My functions refuse to exist
Set String via String.prototype function without return
Whats going on with this php switch while using isset within a case?
The morass of Exceptions related to opening a FileStream
HTML5 Canvas - Add image on mouse click, at mouse coordinates
displaying a row from mysql
Excel 2003: Extracting results of calculations
jquery if form not completed
inline function members inside a class
EmptyParam was variable now a function - How to resolve legacy code?
sendmsg() invalid arguments (??)
Saving an image (jpg) on a remote server without local hard disk
PHP and HTML - Hiding a <form> when a user is logged in
Implementing Java interface in MATLAB
Visual Basic Teacher example does not work correctly
Jquery .animate() works but in firefox the layers moved down as a result of the animation won't regain their former state after animation finishes
Opposite to serializeArray in jQuery (restore form)
Add Attribute to Base Event
Validating an entity using generated EdmScalarProperty
Set the Document Source of an xml file in ASP.NET to a variable
popToRootViewControllerAnimated with Curl Animation - Why does this button repeat current page before displaying the previous page?
Multiple INNER JOIN from the same table
How to use values with units of measurement in Ruby?
What do different Quartz TriggerState enum states represent?
Is there a way to make @ModelAttribute dynamic?
sql query getting name and desc from one main table and two sub tables.
MySQL BETWEEN and 鈥�gt;= AND <=鈥�giving different results
GridView and Focus Item
Using external file as input in C++
C - Pass a function a pointer to a pointer to a function
ActionCommand and Vector
play again function c
How to split the string not use Split function?
Redirecting the page using Rails in a Facebook iframe app
Need to add a column to a data frame. The data is in another vector and is only a subset of one original DF column for reference
Internet Explorer History count
Xcode: preprocessor macros for conditional DEBUG / TEST code
How can I vaccuum an SQL database? My method for doing so is failing
How to separate jQuery hide/show button from the hidden/shown div?
Way of reopening connection in java.net.HttpURLConnection
How to properly escape data for the browser to parse? addslahes() for the browser?
running matlab code in .bat file on windows
Syntax error in H2
How to post, create events and invite friends on Facebook using Ruby? May be Ruby on Rails
Options for Silverlight desktop app, Windows and Mac, with local database
CSS structure to get to specific element
How do I ask Visual Studio to run this file with a hotkey?
ISO-8859-1 Not working on IE
If Then Else Shorthand Won't Work Without Assignment
How to show sub-menu in a circular navigation menu on click of an element in jQuery
PHP Regex fails with '&' in string; passes (correctly) in javascript
Convert mobile URL to its non-mobile equivalent
Default action button icons in Java
Retrieving database information via PHP within a dynamically created table row
Retrieving database information via PHP within a dynamically created table row
jquery tabs using url
PHP dynamic dropdown menu list
Execute p:commandLink action before onclick event?
Branch and bound algorithm implementation
Obtain r,g,b a -float values from Android Color Picker
What's the purpose of using CSS browser reset code?
Add a 鈥淩emember me鈥�checkbox
How can I fix the position of Farbtastic ignoring scroll
Have asp script manager on master page and telerik radgrid on content pages
Disable href after clicking (ajax, js)
SSH 1 time to run multiple grep commands and set values to array
Play icon in a button
swapping 2 items in an array, but not passing it by reference
How to convert BigDecimal to the exponential form?
I am trying to replace all non-word character and non-numbers with an empty string in the string array [closed]
Android compass and camera enable tutorial
jsLint error 鈥淐annot set property 'first' of undefined鈥�
jquery add class to php generated divs
How is this Scrolling Functionality Done
Default implementation of splitViewController:shouldHideViewController:inOrientation:
Error: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64, collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Program Input from 2 sources?
Reading metadata from the <track> of an HTML5 <video> using Captionator
Debian Samba - Mixture of protected and public folders - Win 7 Client
Scroll to browser element using Watin or other native feature
%mod compatible ways of generating Binomial Coefficients
Python conditional dictionary comprehension
Why Is This ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem Code Not Failing My Test?
Copy objects in ASP.Net MVC
Mysql sub queries?
Java repaint()/update()
Nodeunit Execution Order?
Retrieving values from multiple tables using CakePHP model associations
Facebook Open Graph Object Data Not Showing in News Feed or Timeline
Trouble overloading operators in C++ for dynamic array class
How to prevent split motion events from happening on the ICS Android soft keys (Back, Home, Recent Apps) and hidden views
Place an image behind my labels and in front of my plot within my coreplot graph
Returning JSON with ASP.NET and $.getJSON
Android Menu Layout Front page
Caret position cross browser?
Overloading a function in NetLogo
php.ini not being read (Debian / ISP Config)
How to populate a particular column list in Combo Box with PHP?
IE8 label update via javascript issue
nil can't be coerced into BigDecimal
Scrollbar automatically hidden unless I resize the page
Need some help to choose beetween Allegro 5, SDL 1.2, SDL 1.3 or SFML [closed]
Concisely retrieve many variables from a SELECT
Absolute positioning relative to list items
ASP dynamically created image, unable to display in web browser control
What is this line doing? arr.length >>> 0
CakePHP is it possible to instance multiple controller actions in one view
A Map of Different Function Types in Scala
Mysterious stacktrace in Android developer console (bitmap size exceeds 32bits)
CSS syntax to select class of an element identified by its id
Cleaning up HTML formatted content for display within Flash?
Class inheritance error in Model / ViewModel design
Problems getting text overlayed on an image link
Can not find Console in Visual Studio 11 developer preview [duplicate]
Wicket: form model object filled with null
Cannot update MySQL database
How can I prevent a screen reader/narrator from reading controls that are hidden in WPF?
Check array for absolute value within plus or minus of specified number
How do you apply the odd selector after you've selected based upon attribute value?
jquery ui autocomplete click event handler
getResource() can't load content in a jar
Several identical AJAX functions to one
The c.vim c/c++ plugin puts the return value of a function above the function, is that alright?
how can i pass a string from activity to Service in Android?
Facebook Sharing: How to update the OG tags when loading a page using AJAX
Retrieving emails from Exchange sorted by datetime received
How to follow a (changing) log file in node.js
Authentication with the choice of multiple OpenID providers
Simulating a POST request in Django
WebView doesn't update the content correctly
Access asp content from a Popup Window
Forcing iOS to run out of memory
Using PERL compatible regular expressions to ignore the string case in a query
Responsive website background
Emberjs - Get attribute of element clicked
Xcode 4.3 not presenting Autoresizing panel in Size Inspector
date_select and build issue
.currentFrame in ActionScript 3
How to change column field from the table by using joins in MS ACCESS?
Rails 3 Collection Select onchange Submit
Python websocket chat server with Apache?
css - dynamic div height
Facebook PHP SDK Verify Like returns 鈥淣OT A FAN鈥�for some Fans
Grid show no result but pager does using ext and ext.Direct using Codeignitor
I can't get an NSTimer to fire?
How to custom override a Joomla component file?
c-code reference to a struct
Evenly spread links over a horizontal navigation
foreach loop statement. How to make an option preselected
Waiting for system to delete file
Seam: How to get session-ID from Servlet-Request
viewWillAppear flickering
Do Android devices have a static IP address?
Biz logic in the Repository/Model okay?
Exception on System.Windows.Media.Media3D.Vector3d serialisation on wcf call
RavenDB and SignalR Nuget Package Dependency Conflict
How to force a Xen VM to run a program
Run a sqlcmd in a batch process with a For /f loop
MySql *completely random* Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts
Example of factory<ViewModel> in PRISM?
Can I set the local timezone in my browser via Javascript?
Why does 'abc'.split(/(a,b,c)/) give a, b, c, AND empty strings in Javascript?
const string discards qualifiers
mySQL query to get records closest to someone based on longitude and latitude without range
Android fragments overlapping after screen rotation
JMeter loop variables
mysql order by 1+ and append 0 to the end
web2py: crud form custom widget conditional show/hide
Using the clint progress bar to show the status of urllib.urlretrieve()
Parse complete xml value
IPTables - Conditional ACCEPT an route to a port based upon an Input port
Right button on pin annotation not working
Cmd + B key combination with jQuery
SELECT difference in record count between 28 days
how to find text inside div with class jquery
JFreeChart - How do I translate domain crosshair value to a TimeSeriesDataItem
UIImageView - Real Memory Usage continually increases
Sql query - Distinct operation
Objective C Change the root view in first time use
ArrayList logical size equals capacity
Tool to edit an SSIS Config that has been stored in SQL Server?
Reading a local file with Coffeescript
find all dictionaries that each have an indeterminate number of defined keys
htaccess redirect index.php to root (including subdomains)
Java iterator to email string images? [closed]
setting text box values with hidden field and PHP
HTML5 <video> for YouTube
jQuery ajax security
Tests for UI of a wizard application
JNI objects creation and memory management
HTML to formatted text
find most recent file in directory
Cannot Inject Entity Manager in external Jar file
Does Dividing by Zero in Python Crash Windows 98, et al?
Uderstanding Objective C delegates in MonoTouch Binding
knockout.mapping.js - updating an observableArray doesn't update ko.computed values
Java - Perform Function on Newly-Generated Files Within Directory
Is FB.ui send dialog available on iOS?
ArrayOutOfBounds with onresume()?
How to add a preview window for HTML5 canvas
Conditional statement within article entry affecting all subsequent entries in ExpressionEngine
Windows batch programming: Indirect/nested variable evaluation
sem_init(鈥�: What is the value parameter for?
Redirecting after completion of form action
How to display php errors in a more readable format
iPhone animated splash screen, hiding behind status pane
Make a <div> absolutely positioned depending on scroll height
Gemfile: A better way to conditionally declare local or remote gems for multiple developers
Specializing a template class as a struct
parsing a custom XML file with NSXMLParser
Sendto() socket method sends junk on short strings
Basic sound error in Matlab
string manipulations for ajax send to php
Oracle (INSERT/UPDATE/MERGE/DELETE) Slow performance on table after creating CTXSYS.CONTEXT text index
How do I specify the linker when building python extensions?
How to use GWT emulation classes?
How to get a sub-process' return code
Making div background opaque so that overflow text can be read?
Can i schedule a celery task to execute between a certain period?
Debug.WriteLine shows nothing
I'm getting ORA-06550 when trying to call a stored Oracle procedure from Java code
Expected response to be a <:redirect>, but was <401>
Given the tabindex (integer) how do I select a listbox?
When Entity Framework auto generated property gets populated
What does VB.Net For Each Loop look at to Infer the Type
Windows Installer - Silently Installing Prerequisites
git cherry-pick merge conflict pulling in other commits?
Set orientation to Portrait with certain popups in Adobe Flex
NodeJS + Mongoose: Updating all fields on a Mongoose model
parameter check in C macro
Print a file from Watir
htaccess rule to parse php in html files not working
coffeescript and enum values
eclipse, StatET, sending R remotely debugging
Retrieving db.Property choices
Entity Framework validation not picking up IsNullable
Matlab: Plot3 not showing the 3rd axis
Insert element between ancestor and multiple descendants using jQuery
Facebook 鈥淟ike Box鈥�and JQuery
How can I verify that a git project's release branch's fixes have all been merged into master?
MySql - Unknown column in 'on clause'
wkhtmltopdf doesn't seem to fully support css3. Is there a build that does?
Sporadically UnsatisfiedLinkError with Android NDK
How to use SignalR with .net 3.5
ddraw with delphix: pixel ploting how-to
String not getting decoded
Progress Bar in Background Worker not loading
Magento language switcher: category names not being translated in url
@font-face on Chrome 16 in Windows 7 looks like something ate parts of it
What object types should I use for testing generic collections?
Which Active Record Association is more appropriate for these models?
How to append/paste bufferedImage into a Word or RTF document using Java?
Ajax search result and jQuery Masonry plugin
Creating a jQuery UI sortable in an iframe
CSS, how to lign up 3 seperate containers side by side under a header in IE
Paypal IPN with Zencart
Loading color values from pixel array
Multithreaded .NET RabbitMQ publisher
Access 鈥済lobal鈥�mocha.js functions when using require.js
Optimal Mysql Config (Partiontion) & Indexes / Hypertable / RAID Config (Huge Database)
Footer isn't at the bottom of the page
Disabling or overriding some http headers on seam applications?
NSXML Parser Cannot Find Element Name
iOS - Initializing uitableViewCells?
How do I set default cookie for referral if no $_GET found?
How to change font family in wordpress css like issue associated with some plugin?
Check for nil?, Blank?
Capture Mobile number
C# - Intrusive tree structure, using CRTP
String.Format doesn't work as expected
Trouble inserting byte array into varbinary field in SQL Server CE 3.5 database
$ Command not found with 鈥渞ails new app -m myfile.rb鈥�
MongoMapper + Rails associations don't work
Retrieve salesforce instance URL instead of visualforce instance
Android SDK folder
Creating WCF for Windows Phone
How to properly use reflection to access hidden methods in Telephony Manager
jQuery mobile 鈥渦ndefined鈥�on form submit
jQuery to center div on screen
Twitter Rate Limits for Site hosted on Heroku
Call javascript function from C# ASP.NET code-behind
What is the standard approach to doing handwriting recongition?
What is multicast scheduling?
Virtual directory inside Orchard web application
Need a help with vertical alignment of input fields
Validate URL with regex issue with parenthesis and the caret
Loading Page Content Onclick - AJAX
Multiple Sql Commands for different queries c#
Is there a way add auto completion support for Java to Sublime Text 2?
Make a notebook tab anchored so its position cannot be changed
How to use a profile provider in Sitecore?
Preprocess value from DB before showing in Admin
How to represent NSString with ' 336 362 340' value in appropriate encoding as normal text?
Is buffered io using stdio.h async?
Fast prefix match
Cocoa bindings not working as expected? Trying to bind NSTextField's enabled to checkbox state
Is it possible to iterate through a JSON to find if a property exists?
Managed WinRT components + virtual methods
ASP MVC Controllers and parameters
Magento/JavaScript/Prototype: Need information about namespaces in nested AJAX calls
a4j:support reRender causing NumberFormatException to be thrown
how to manage files with indexes on a file system using java
How to display images within an image folder in Umbraco using razor?
<video> tag does not work in Chrome when source is a http stream
how to manage files with indexes on a file system using java
How to display images within an image folder in Umbraco using razor?
<video> tag does not work in Chrome when source is a http stream
WCF Service, working in WCF Svc Host, NOT working as a Windows service
IE7 CSS float not acting the same as everything else (Webkit, IE8/9,etc.)
Node.js Memory Leaks
unable to load a UIImage in a UIImageView
Android non-latin letters conversion
How to prompt user to save an automated Excel file
Initializer lists and assignment overloading (operator =)
I am having some problems changing the Content-Type in Kohana 3 to XML
what is the most efficient way to make a multlingual website [duplicate]
Reset Homebrew Formula
Using git with rtc 鈥�how about rsync?
MySQL finding next id (next image)
DIsplay a UIwebview on iPad AND iPhone
jquery tooltip with dynamic div
How to heartbeat X11 screensaver?
HTML Footer that sticks to the bottom of browser unless scrollbars needed
Response.Redirect with querystring only working the first time
Socket C++ program successfully compiled crashes at runtime
MultiselectListpreference in android
Invalidate session when pressed back button on IE JSP
WP7 ListPicker - How to mark selected item in model when generated from DataSource?
Passing a Mocked HttpPostedFileBase as an MVC 3 controller parameter
php loop recordset until
javascript won麓t work in Twitter麓s Bootstrap, even when links to the proper css/js files are ok (I麓m hotlinking to them)
autosizing a uitextview in a uitableviewcell when rotating
dynamic variable values
Can anyone help me use applescript to check my email?
Where should I put uploaded files in Rails 3.1?
What is the best way to write a java client for a web service?
How do I improve perfomance creating DataTable in VB.net?
FreeTDS Mac OS X MiniPortile
MPVolumeView with XCode 4 (Storyboards)
How do i use runhaskell with cabal-dev?
PHP - Hiding information from a user whilst logged in
java while (scan.nextLine() != 鈥�鈥�
Two separate console windows for input and output?
Errno::ETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out - connect(2)
if the check box is within a ListView how to implement the OnCheckedChangeListener
Publishing asp.net code to the server鈥etting Path Issues via MasterFIle
KD App does not build, undefined referance to Solid libs
If the id of a row changes, how would I change the data for that particular row?
Reading parameters like signup[product][handle] in ASP.NET
Preprocessor, Postprocessor, Geometric Processor and NC processor
Generating a random string with this HTML/Javascript/CSS?
Remove commas except last one w preg_replace
Selectively updating (and not updating) fields
Javascript: Possible to pass function commands to another function via a variable?
Is there a way to resize iframe videos using css?
How do I make a background semitransparent in QT?
Hosts file in Windows 7 through Mac os X Parallels is being ignored
Android - Cannot open browser Intent from the url string
Storing experience points with mongodb
Implementing logistic regression with L2 regularization in Matlab
How to pass a System.Linq.LambdaExpression?
Consolidate Typeahead / JSON data source in Twiiter Bootstrap v2?
Searching based on field content - Ruby on Rails
Is there a way to put a client side generated file in the browser's cache?
2D ArrayList in java
How to make background gradually change colors?
How to get a non generic cast method information?
Google +1 button hover is moving footer div
pyglet vertex list not rendered (AMD driver?)
Mysql subquery how can i get only all records from Table1 and if no match found with Table2 still list them as null or something else?
Can't solve recursive math expression [closed]
New Table vs. New Schema
hot swap code in lua
How to prevent Mouse Listener temporally on window?
django conjunctive filter __in query
Position Content to Bottom of DIV with CSS
DirectoryEntry string working as literal but not as formatted string?
PInvoke DLL in C#
JSP, MySQL and Geronimo
Hack: Disable click click with jQuery
Regex to extract weather forecast, and add to an array
MVC 3 ASP.NET: Gridview based on textbox value in ASP.NETMVC 3
Test for filtering sensitive information (params) in rails
inserting a new parent
PHP sorting multidimensional array, can only sort one column
Books related to video streaming in android
css precedence of standalone attributes like cellpadding
Secure JavaScript Running on 3rd Party Sites
Find and store DB relationships in MySQL / PHP
Serializing JDBC Types in GWT
Sharing links posted to a wall via an app
Forwarding query string with rewrite rule
EditText in listview in opposite order onresume
How do I clone an object for the purposes of moving something and seeing if the move is valid? (Java, Chess)
Undefined function, MYSQL error
How do I create a regex to remove underscore
Icinga - Nagios - check_esx3.pl fails while executing
Optimising Old AS3 Flash Project
NSDecimalNumber, NSDecimalNumberHandler, and threads
JQuery UI : Drag and Drop : Deal with several containers and overflow property
String Unknown pattern Matching
Having trouble painting an html5 canvas
JQuery Multiple attributes