JQuery Multiple attributes
How to Render Dynamic Choices with Symfony2 + Twig
what exactly does the @with annotation do? (Play Framework)
Linked List Insertion, deletion, sorting
shared mutable state: when to use IORefs
Facebook registration plugin not working for IE?
how to draw a circle with initial degree and turn it around with the code and move it?
Neural Network Back-Propagation Algorithm Gets Stuck on XOR Training PAttern
Multiplication of matrices
Deploy and test application on device
Is this iOS anti-piracy code any good?
how does one compile a clisp program which uses cl-ppcre?
How to get url parameter from current route in asp.net mvc?
htaccess rule to make index.php be served instead of index.html when go to http://localhost
dql - doctrine2 - symfony2 -> soundex
Python: How to keep breaks reading from a txt file when printing to html
PHP - How to print ' n', ' r', ' r n', and tabs in a text submitted by form?
ASP.NET MVC [RequireHttps] - return to http
Accessing properties of Backing Bean from another
Stripping chars in python
C quick sort of a struct causes segmentation fault
Activity doesn't show in full screen
How to read json value of a response in jquery
PHP: Chaining Method Calls [duplicate]
Json.Net serialization of classes that contain override methods
jquery slider effect on ajax generated divs
Symbol lookup error when using custom .xinitrc
Play Framework: How to render a table structure from plain SQL table
multidimensional config in config.php file
jQuery fadeIn/fadeOut race conditions?
C++: How do I check if my window is about to close?
Detect if jQuery autocomplete has results
How would I include this jquery code to wordpress?
How to call cvMorphologyEx in openCV in c++?
Images are not displaying in MonoTouch debug,iphone mode
Bash - Pattern match file extension in case statement
DotNetNuke 鈥�Inserting URL parameters in forms
How can you see the number of items in a list using the SDL Tridion 2011 GUI using Chrome or Firefox?
Customer JQuery Plugin
Logging legacy e.printStractTrace() to log4j
Unable to get user input from a form in Android
Wordpress Plugin To Show Open Graph Read News Application On Facebook?
How do I clear a cell completely when I reuse it?
Calculating the size of an sprintf() buffer
How can i save JSON objects to Core Data?
Pass php variable to exec
How do I turn off PayPal IPN in Magento?
Show suggestions of AutoCompleteTextView
Python Socket recvfrom() overtime?
Wildcard in an if statement
Which wordpress plugin can do this? [closed]
ms mvc css - the div in view overlaying the parent div
Jquery UI Tabs Direct Links Issue
email sender with grails mail plugin
How to use joins using associations in Ruby on Rails
Vertical UIScrollView?
How do I structure directories for a repo that holds a rails app and other code separate from the website?
c# how to calculate the working days left in a month
ko.obervable is getting updated twice
PHP Comment Form Validation to Protect Against Spam
How to search an external API with rails and display the results?
Limitation of anonymous classes in java?
Devise Cancan registration for Users and Companies
Why can't a class inherit from the result of a decltype?
Excel display nth day of current month
Using a combination of FreeGlut with SDL
How to begin with combining C++ and OpenGL [closed]
How can i get data from mysql table
Facebook API restserver error with likes and comments
What does nibNameOrNil really mean?
I have a listbox. How do I select the 3rd item in the listbox out of many items?
regarding calculating business days/holidays
Mapping permissions to information
MS SQL version of MySQL Repeat function
How do I get g++ to compile c++11 code with a move constructor?
Deploying a Google Chrome extension; Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation
Android: ArrayAdapter with RadioButton
PHP < 5.3 Difference between two times hours::min
Getting C++ to compile inside Eclipse
with Acts As Taggable On, How can I keep quotation marks in my tags?
Can't style HTML5 elements in IE (despite shiv and display:block)
Serializer inside Serializer Object C#
Find which commit does an object belong to?
Collapse and expand with JS - need a little tweak [closed]
Perpendicular point on line from 3D point
passing multiple arguments to a call back function in g_thread_pool_new / g_thread_pool_push
calculate derivative of function
How can I colour things in OpenGL ES 2.0 based on their depth?
jQuery Deferred object, calling functions in sequence
Simple Looping / loop in Jquery Templates
JQuery: Pre-Calculate Height of Inserted Item
C++ Error creating class
Header ribbon with css
Division by zero error of Solr StatsComponent for date field in case of no results
How to embed JavaFX into eclipse rcp view
PHP Find Function start and end
Trouble gaining the depth data from Kinect
Use php to send an automatic email on a button securely/no spam
Conditional result from query based on column
Activity unit testing
Conditional result from query based on column
Activity unit testing
Looking for REGEX to match phone numbers in of a specific format
C++ compile error (REPAST Library)
Call function with arguments on Ajax success?
Should I Have a div with the Width of 100% When the Content Forces Horizontal Scrolling?
How to check if object (variable) is defined in R
decode json encoded string back to literal html values in javascript
How to make the char array the same size as the input (or can it be done using the string lib as opposed to C-style array strings)?
basic jquery .load with loaded page
Wavelets in Java
io.StringIO encoding in python3
Animation artifacts with jQuery in Google chrome (red/blue shift)
Dynamically arrange Buttons around a Circle
Why is xcode 4.3 failing to Archive my app?
Concat results of querySet into one list
update event isn't fired in a dynamic gridview
send data with JqueryMobile Dialog and Django
query index with asp.net app
background image not showing in div
underPageBackgroundColor is approved?
Objective-c sort array by last object
navbar height (or padding) in jQuery Mobile
PHP: Code gets turned into HTML <!鈥�Comments? -->
How do I make a absolute positioned div have a width equal to it's parent minus some margin
Change one field in an array using linq
RESTful service deployed on JBoss does not respond
Change the color of a QProgressBar
error compiling Spirit sample
How to search recent post for keywords on twitter with c#? [closed]
jcr query construct
Apache Ivy: Restrict Publishing to a Repository
UINavigationController in UITabBarController - Go to Top on Tab Selection
Java Hash Function
Jquery Validate - Input Mask Conflict
How to force landscape on a Flash builder mobile app
.hide() divs before js file loads
open and close perl processes with time out cross-platform
How to use vhosts alongside node-http-proxy?
JQuery FancyBox - displaying overwritten images
Need help to build a regular expression to add ' n' within a long string
Show parent_model in django template
Mobile Browser Simulators for Desktop [closed]
Heroku Javascript runtime error
addEventListener in a Chrome extension
Django UserProfile extension
Is it possible to have a specialized hierarchy of classes for a templatized base class, but still take advantage of polymorphism among them?
Calculate size of Object in Java [duplicate]
Building Ruby Documentation for Java Classes/Source
assign child to one of parents in rails form
animation becomes choppy or appears to not work when placed on top of LayerDrawable
dynamically create multiple textboxes C#
mpirun 2 processes on a Intel Core 2 Duo but only 1 process shows up
Adding to Eclipe's console view pop-up menu
Calculate Grid Position
What does 鈥淕rant Connect on Endpoint as [sa]鈥�do?
Socket tags in PHP?
Reorder Backbone collection in initialize
Recursively calling a class (Implementing linked list)
Can you run Ruby and Rails and PHP together on the same site? [closed]
Android shared preferences mColorPicker Issue
When should I use HTML5 Microdata for SEO?
Adding CAS to Spring Webapp with GWT results in page not found, but logs in after refresh
Copy SQL Server CE .sdf file
query clear input field on click
Convert xml to atom feed
Better way to handle page that links to hundreds of binaries?
Table cell subtitles not displaying
java list implementation
Delete photos via the Foursquare API?
Corona velocity of the objects
Referencing firefox event objects via javascript
spinner setSelection() from another method results in null pointer exception
Why won't this JOGL program run?
Running total of 鈥渕atches鈥�using a window function in SQL
jQuery datatable - using column index, check if a column in jQuery datatable is visible/present
How to Reduce AIR app file size?
Android added Fragment to screen, but taps fall through new Fragment view to the previous one
Capybara + Rspec + Selenium: Page always blank in browser
Under what conditions is @synthesize automatic in Objective-c?
OpenAuth in ASP.NET MVC/SQL Server
getting started with LESS
Are non-english characters 100% supported in codeigniter urls by default?
PHP Facade Pattern
Where does Java's ProcessBuilder look to execute commands?
find method having trouble excuting a variable in the view
move_upload_file, return false but still working and not moving correctlly
Dynamic Spirit parser depending on flag bits
Cannot seem to setEnabled:NO on NSMenuItem
look at this fql code it returning null
I get an error while trying to run a class about a main method not being found in the class
Working with jQuery independent selectors with classes
How to set the focus to the last item in ui:repeat JSF
Tcpdump on openwrt
Using id<protocol> for file's owner in Interface Builder?
refresh div on adding rows using javascript
The need to write code in another language for rails production app?
Spring 3: Select value to enum value mapping
DSA vs RSA and AES128 vs AES256 encryption in Java
how to grab data from multiple tables and display in view Using Zend Framework
Putting synchronous wrapper over asynchronous methods
Print out Relative Date / Time from SQL / PHP Datestamp
Setting local variable in a JavaScript callback function
parserDidEndDocument stuck in infinateloop
How to send Accept headers in YQL and/or YQL Console?
Access 2010 linked table check
Jboss Admin Console - blocked by .htaccess?
How to parse a String into Java Tree?
Expected identifier or '(' in Xcode
ruby datamapper will not load
howto: Basic setup of carrierwave [Heroku and S3]
json inside function, (php parsing)
How to make response of xml file?
Copy constructor-like copying of base class instance in the derived class
Is OAuth good choice for RESTful API in this SaaS scenario?
Remove index.php from CodeIgniter URLs
How to apply a renderer only to a particular cell instead of whole column in JTable?
Sinatra response.status in 鈥渁fter鈥�filters
Getting an array of all DOM events possible
Mvc3 Model with KnockoutJs ViewModel
Reloading multimethods via Slime
Blueprint CSS centering in grid
expanding the menu appearing underneath the gallery in IE7
parsing json with high level 鈥渦nknown鈥�names
Subscript out of range error when changing cell color
Need Help Writing Unit Test that on Method that requires HttpContext.Current.User
WPF Listbox binding
MYSQL UPDATE SET on the Same Column but with multiple WHERE Clauses
REST Routes and overriding :id with to_param
MonoTouch: Items saved to /Library/Caches never staying around
Bug with Python when saving
data transfer from mobile app to computer
Recursively return an array of positions where i occurs in j
Native C++ programs in Visual Studio
Django many-to-many query for zero records in related model
jQuery -change from class to custom attribute
Make jQuery 1.7 and Require.js (and maybe Django) play nice, rationally?
/dev/port vs /dev/mem
ExtJs4 how to disable all fields and all buttons on a panel recursively
How to create a modular JSF 2.0 application in Netbeans?
Is this way of ISSET validity a correct PHP practice?
getting a div to resize to the height of a <p> element
Custom Segue Animation Not working
validating content of input file
PHP email form validation
basic jquery .load
ASP.NET MVC concurrent development
Which one is the best Java datepicker..?
PhoneGap explanation
Alternative for old Springframework util.Assert?
PhoneGap explanation
Alternative for old Springframework util.Assert?
core data sharing objects between stores
Space in bottom of site
converting t-sql to mysql
3D Perpendicular Point on Line From 3D point
Spring AOP vs AspectJ startup perf/memory reqs
C++ arithmetic operator overloading鈥攁utomatic widening?
Stuck trying to find a way to 鈥減suedo foreign-key鈥�data after an insert
Alternative to Tick Based Systems
Binding to current datacontext with default values
OpenCV ,, matchShapes findContours assertion failed
DataSets in C#.NET 鈥�How to access related tables via a universal row
Enabling Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) for LitS3
fminsearch-likelihood estimation for grid valued function
Trouble accessing array return types
Overload return type with template specialization?
dynamic gnuplot with slot specific info display
How to get wp7 pre-compiling symbol that indicates if program is either launched on emulator or device
Define table name Ruby on Rails 3.2.1
Untrack tracked file in Git 鈥�but only in specific branch?
Creating event listeners that call the same function and pass a variable
Use FileWriter to write text on begin
If x in <listOfModels.field> syntax
How to find out what URL the app is operating on?
What's the difference between addbinary() and publishbinary() in XSLT CT?
Python, pygame - gamepad with 8 way d-pad
Quantify inside group match
How to protect SQL Server stored procedures
renaming jsf.js.jsf to jsf.js.xhtml
Arm/Thumb: using BX in Thumb code, to call a Thumb function, or to jump to a Thumb instruction in another function
Equivalent path on RESELLER account?
Set value property of RadioButton
Merge a range of revisions with Git or TortoiseGit
Is XForms able to define multi-part forms in which a user can move forward and backward, and which can contain logic to display or hide sections?
Button to change content and back to original state on click of it
redirect user after facebook share and publish
c++ win32 text selection detection and fetching and modifying in another application
event bubbling in Jquery datepicker
What is a self-contained mobile app?
Javascript checkbox increment and decrement
Executing 鈥渆cho鈥�using Java ProcessBuilder doesn't interpolate variables (outputs the string 鈥�PATH鈥�
Disable IE security on Windows Server via PowerShell
php mysql query doesn't send date and time types null to insert
Unknown column error on Mysql insert query
Selenium - click on Automatic Random Generated DIV/ID/LINK
Atomic counters in DynamoDB
Problems creating android virtual device on eclipse
jquery cycle plugin fade problems in firefox
Is it possible on latest browsers to use CSS sprite technique on scalable background images?
Importing a Namespace into a Generic Handler
Assembly for 64bit platform
phrasing a php string using a predefined template
Code returns empty string if variable is 0
Issues installing numpy on OS X 10.6.8
How to return a string in json?
What is the best way to draw figures with canvas and set their angle?
Numpy: How to get rid of the minima along axis=1, given the indices - in an efficient way?
Using sed to update a property in a java properties file
what would cause ICMPsendEcho to fail when ping.exe succeeds
KnockoutJS 鈥淐lick to edit鈥�for checkboxes not working in Chrome
Is it possible to have SHA-512 collisions using this hash creation strategy?
Why do I get a JavaScript error after logging into a website with Watir-Webdriver?
A way to prevent special entity to be resolved in xslfo
Page not found in Django admin when adding Group or FlatPage
Prepopulating dropdownlist without the 鈥淧lease select..鈥�an improvement to user experience?
Highlight programmed cells in WPF listview on clicking
Can we convert a weak entity to strong entity in an ER-Model?
Server XMLHttp causes page in IE 8 to execute forever?
Site content expanding and contracting
Given a number, find the next higher number which has the exact same set of digits as the original number
Tool to manage Android SQLite database
Fitting MongoDB into system memory
Release memory of OpenCV::VideoCapture (or using cvRelease correctly)
VBA search Criteria
why cannot show the dynamic text?
Route value keeps staying the same
Selecting check boxes
Mobile web application with maps and results
Android vs Linux for embedded touchscreen application
how to create Adium chat tab with AppleScript
Using jQuery basic functions
Translate C++ function to Fortran
MonoDroid Timer
kAudioUnitProperty_ShouldAllocateBuffer has no effect
What's the best way to implement this particular layout?
How to put the marker with google maps query string
C# Process not receiving inputs
Pagination - Always returns ALL the records in the database
How do I rotate an OpenGL view relative to the center of the view as opposed to the center of the object being displayed?
Define a base url in Backbone.js router
Right Clicking on JButton
Out Of Memory exception if files to big
jQuery , if the hash value of the url equal a matching anchor tag, then simulate a click
Detect Azure Stage or Production by Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime
goofy webkit bug - refreshing versus clicking changes element placement
Alternative to Eclipse's Abstract Syntax Tree parser for code manipulation
Size in JTransform's FFT compared to MATLAB
call or send message to activity when thread is started in background service
How to auto delete a zip file after using stream_get_contents(); to view a file in php?
continue execution while alert box is on
storing binary password hashes with playframework
Can't figure out why recursion never resolves
Tidy HTML output with javascript
C programming: How could you compare two types without ==
Fullscreen ad causing keyboard to not appear
iOS Retina display: images double size
jQuery: unbind event that was bound with live()
Making a div sort like a table
How do I modify my user PROFILE file to append a scripts folder i created to the end of my PATH variable?
Obj-c, What's the quickest way to execute many SQLite insert / update queries, without core data?
Tcl - split a namespace and package into several files
Override a property defined in base class
dynamic table text search
Count Similar Div : Simple html dom
Android OpenGL reflection/environment texture
鈥渢here is no dwarfdump executable defined鈥�Error message
Quick Sort on a Linked List with a random pivot in C
Submit Perforce CL with no opened files
Trying to add keybinding to buttons whose callbacks are created with a factory
How to make Class.getMethod() throw a SecurityException
CRUD on BindingSource in Winforms
How can i write a user's input from a text box to the web.config file in asp.net / html?
VBA integer division using Decimal datatype
Java sound - initial loud noise before soft noise
Configure IIS to instruct the browser to not cache JavaScript files
Can a MySQL select query look for specific characters?
EF Code First Insert Objects with One to Many gives exception.鈥淪tore update, insert, or delete statement affected an unexpected number of rows (0).鈥�
Data not showing on Silverlight controls in datagrid after setting itemsource
Sencha Touch Ext.TabPanel handler
Escape without using mysql escape string
Make table rows selectable
Custom method 鈥淕etControlsOfType鈥�seems to be going up Control structure as well as down
c++ default copy and assignment operator
C++ Interpolation of Data
Dictionary manipulation in Python
Excel VBA incompatibility kernel32 calls
Why can't I click on those links? Very annoying css/html bug
Class structure and database structure for a application
What is the difference between the following code and why this type casting is used
Activate cell's accessory view (UISwitch) when didSelectRowAtIndexPath is called
Encoding Error when using Devise ldap authentication
Passing multiple strings to SharedPreferences
What causes 鈥淯nknown chromium error: -400鈥�
Android - After closing an activity, when I run the app again, two activities run at the same time. How can I avoid it?
Obj C UIWebView with Variable URL Search Query
Create a smooth curve from a series of GPS coordinates
C# create a browse for file property for a custom control
Safari Memory Leaks & WebKit2WebProcess.exe
div position with respect to parent parent div
Best practice for linking UI with model data in a JavaScript + jQuery web app
Backbone router creates multiple views which causes multiple events to bind to the same view
GNU R, VennDiagram, and making a complement diagram
Scala abstract case class
Framerate issue on galaxy nexus
SetNeedsDisplay not drawing NSRect
JNI - How to generate header files for OSGI bundle
Macros in JavaScript or PHP?
How to change Fancybox preloader image?
Binding an ImageSource to a DrawingImage
Objective-c runtime thoughts
Codeigniter: Using url segments in a query
Org2blog & WP-Syntax plugin
PHP check if string is SQL timestamp
Android horizontal custom gallery - 3rd party library or native?
Rails 3 displaying count inside a loop
C# How to reposition row selection on DataGridView programmatically
I cannot include the jar files in my project
Visusal Basic Script: Trying to obtain comments/description dll information
Should I return a static UIImage or return a copy?
CMake Visual Studio Differences?
SQL script to update a package
what is the accuracy of GetLocalTime, Kernel32.dll, windows 7?
long press gesture on table view cell
How to add existing .so file in eclipse to android project?
Define factors whose levels depend on another variable
Session Management with Java Hibernate
Check for img vote by IP address
Bug in Mono C# compiler's implementation of yield? [closed]
Checking if a bundle exists (.app) using CoreFoundation in C
Cannot get click=鈥渰 myTabNavigator.selectedIndex=3}鈥�to work
winpcap/libpcap vs. raw sockets
Merge module is missed - Microsoft_VC100_CRT_x86.msm
Twitter's Bootstrap Popover: Won't work, even when other JS is working ok
Database connection wrapper
How do I centre absolutely positioned content of unknown width?
before_filter syntax when you want to 鈥渆xcept鈥�controller 鈥渁bc鈥�
prevent browser to play mp3 in new browser window
RewriteRule: deny everything except root, a file and all files in a specific folder
Android DatePicker right alignment in TableRow
Changing current namespace focus to an entity at the Spring Roo console
Package Installer has stopped
Positioning mutiple div elements on the right to each other within a fixed parent div element
Select Input:File programmatically in Webbrowser control VB.net 2010
iOS search and replace PDF string
Render HTML pages from private folder in PHP
Python 'list indices must be integers, not tuple error
parse xml from another domain with php
Return to current url in asp.net mvc
What is the correct syntax forINSERT INTO 鈥�ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE in MySQL?
Return to current url in asp.net mvc
What is the correct syntax forINSERT INTO 鈥�ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE in MySQL?
I need to know how to output an excel file from a servlet
Numerous exceptions thrown by base_facebook.php [closed]
Revisiting Functions In Python 3
Drawing a line in a glOrtho view, why it is using the default projection?
Displaying leadbolt ads on a phonegap android app
would monetdb work faster with boolean or varchar(1) data types?
Tracking down thread conflicts in java
UIButton does not perform phone call
Can Unicorn handle HTTPS requests directly (without the request going through Apache/Nginx)?
jQuery delay for dropdown
How to get a value in a multidimensional array?
APEX Tabular Form with [row selector]: How to set value of column in selected rows on submit
Best way to create a menu that scrolls up from the bottom?
JavaScript in button onclick not working
Why isn't change button content working
ORDER BY on multiple conditions
What's wrong here that I can't bind service in android
Generic code for handling Azure Tables concurrency conflicts?
Combine Results from MS Access and SQL Server
From a Ruby `Errno` object, is it possible to get OS error information?
Plotting logarithmic graph (Javascript)
User created/dynamic pages - Need input on forming Urls
Drop Shadow in DrawRect
MouseOver title issue
JAXB: globalBindings in bindings.xml is ignored
Using a variable property inside msg
How to use multiple themes at the same time
How do I use a question mark in Actionscript 2.0 with getURL function?
Crash with instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier
iScroll ipad issues
South manages a new app instead of syncdb
Using pycrypto appengine with python 2.7
Android GridView Set Focus to First EditText
Using mod_rewrite with ErrorDocument
No module named markdown App Engine
JNI: Library is Found on Path, but Method is not (java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError)
CSV on heroku Cedar
pass a pointer as a memory address and make it permanent
Virus scan emails on mail server or mail client?
Copy/Paste OneNote 2010 Data
Output parameter with Entity Framework
Dots in url or path
Django Overwrite form data saved
Javascript touchend event will not fire on Android
Drafting SQL search entry to check if variable is is within range of values on table
Multiple parameters with CompositePresentationEvent<> in Prism
Can I implement a series of reusable tests to test an interface's implementation?
Wix 3.5, Install features based on checkboxes
Redirect variable page to variable subdomain wildcard
Adjust SQL Query to force a record to appear first?
Trying to Run a Junit Test for dao hibernate gives me the following error
Extract KML from Fusion Tables into Google Earth
Facebook API offline access
If statement to compare two dates
Breaking from foreach loop
Insert last Second of day
Should I merge an object model with a sprite or make a refernce
Creating a distributable Java library that uses Hibernate
How do I make an audio file and flash player embeddable?
Optimizer/minimizer for integer argument
Can I make two columns unique to each other?
Disabling menu on tap of UITextField
Are static methods a DI anti-pattern?
Security on Google App Engine(Java) - Servlet SSL?
Is my approach to this android TABS design correct?
passing coordinates from view to controller through post method
How can I hide my Google Maps API Key when sharing my code on github?
Custom UIScrollView paging with scrollViewWillEndDragging
ClassNotFoundException with Spring 3.1 and Tomcat 7
My code to check if I have Internet connection doesn't work well
Proxy process communication with eventmachine [closed]
Connecting signals/slots on separate thread using QtConcurrent::run
Working with creating wordpress post types
Union/Structure datatype and bit field referencing speed
Rules for unquoted JavaScript Object Literal Keys?
compiler error I've never seen could someone help me understand it?
How remove node from the document method using xslt
Org-mode: protect emphasis
Rails Gem Issue
What's the best socket.io server for use with Django - gevent or tornadio2?
Missing leading slash in Backbone route fails to deliver despite docs suggesting the opposite
Why does not VS2010 oracle query window show output
Not to get first tab selected after a postback is occurred in ASP.NET?
Finding the smallest integer based on input
Release build of a Adobe Flex application doesn't reflect changes made
domain.com --> AJAX --> api.domain.com with Facebook API
MSVC std::exception doesn't comply with standard?
ios NSUinteger to type 'id'
Print a Form in Visual Studio 2010 C# [duplicate]
getting the length of a file using stat() in C
Expression performance of overload operator?
Proper way to release views stored in an NSMutableArray?
Magento, Extending Order Grid using XML markup method, select options issue
Python TypeError
Double Buffer a JFrame
When extending class, properties gets copied or referenced?
How to make a GUI out of a already done code in C++
Xna rotate around world axis?
How to make a GUI out of a already done code in C++
Xna rotate around world axis?
How to improve count performance without indexing more fields?
UPDATE SQLite table, JS, PhoneGap, passing variable
Tkinter tray icon (winico, twapi, pywin32)
How to find records with partial FROM 鈥�TO values?
Trying to extract elements from XML and place into an Array
HTML/ASCII Symbols in TextView?
Spacing issue in a html string
jQuery: select all links other than this one
python unicode 鈥�dictionary
How do I check if array value is empty?
Ruby on Rails testing - NameError: uninitialized constant
Android: How to make a squared tile clip on a grid
When is the proper time to instantiate an object?
JQuery POSTing with buttons values, returning input?
Continues counting button
Parsing a numbered transcript into XML
how much of this is auto-generated methods in Rails 鈥淯ser.find_or_create_from_auth_hash(auth_hash)鈥�
Matlab: NNTRAINTOOL requires Java which is not available
Link styling behaviour in IE6
how to check if_attribute :id => is_in { array of ids from recursive method }
Do AIR applications support system wide hot keys or media keys?
copy field with replacement from one database to another
Why is my h1 all cramped?
How can I move facet labels to top of my graph?
knockout.js - observables on a large number of data objects
Entity framework - Invalid Object Name
Android GPS location the Fedor's way - 鈥淥nly the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views鈥�
SQL syntax error, connection issues simple form PHP
Android: AlertDialog Button not accepting style
Bit reading puzzle (reading a binary file in C++)
Spring Security: put additional attributes(properties) in the session on success Authentication
Bootstrapping complex data sets
Section's and cases
How do I add quotes to each object in an array?
jQuery .get() DOM weirdness
MYSQL stored procedure select statement select incorrect ID
Get scores and player info from leaderboard
Automating the printing of multiple .DWG files in Autocad
EntityFrame work connection string issue
Empty rows for MySQL Query but using a WHERE
Alert View in the Beginning and the End of a void
How do i parse out the last portion of a ruby string?
Redirecting to images path via routes.rb in Ruby
menu jumps after clicking menu item
Serializing class with single primitive property as 鈥減rimitive鈥�column in EF
Zend Framework Custom filter in own libary directory
How to change colour of logging output log4j [duplicate]
Creating new PlayN project in eclipse does not have java content-assist
connectionDidFinishLoading:connect is never called when debugging on device
python PIL chops top of my draw.text
How to convert Bitmap to Image
Design of NO SQL Database
QML listview reading current and touch area
Is it possible to use malloc for increasing the size of existing array?
How to pass global JS var within regexp [duplicate]
Can I do a swipe (left or right) in Chrome (PC) with a mouse?
my custom made php/jquery gallery lightbox won't centre as page loads
how to keep selected highlight
How to load all the PRISM modules in runtime?
Stateless service-centric approach vs stateful rich models
Sharre Social Media Plugin Style Issue
is it possible to use a lambda as a dictionary default?
Conditional Aggregate Query
jQuery fadeIn for thumbnail images in a div - code not working
change javascript counter var to zero of a third-person website
get specific data from URL in android/java?
2 ListAdapter and more, in one Activity
HTML Form won't post to PHP file
Getting the query string when using Tuckey URL Rewrite
Form for Uploading Files to Web Server [closed]
How to set SSRS ConsumeContainerWhitespace property in Visual Studio 2008?
Volume Rendering: How can I turn a .raw file into an opengl-friendly isosurface?
Exe locked after exit
Mongoid aggregate methods on embedded docs?
.NET 3.5 Chart Controls Disabled
Do C99 signed integer types defined in stdint.h exhibit well-defined behaviour in case of an overflow?
Detecting one image within another and returning it's value
LINQ To Entities and how to make this simple query work
Detect a new Android notification
Why isn't the class Type sealed, and what can I do with that?
C# code to class diagram
Converting ID/Class to String
Variants or Polymorphic variants?
Why does __get ignore the echo before return when invalid?
Jqgrid advanced searching
T-SQL Select accounts with no activity
AChartEngine - Zoombutton Resolution
JS how to do 鈥渟ubstr鈥� [duplicate]
java.net.socketexception->too many open files
c# OPC Automation gives 80040154
Passing Encrypted ID from jquery function
Segue fail to pass the value to the target VC
Magento Reindex - Vanishes all products from front-end
How to simulate power-related events for tests
MFC Threading Issue - The program doesnt end after all threads are completed
ActionScript 2.0 Import package into Timeline script
iteratively insert into a binary search tree.Debug C++ code
How to make Visual Studio 2010 use more than 600Mb of memory
MFC Threading Issue - The program doesnt end after all threads are completed
ActionScript 2.0 Import package into Timeline script
iteratively insert into a binary search tree.Debug C++ code
How to make Visual Studio 2010 use more than 600Mb of memory
ChannelFactory<T> without interface
Calculate image differences in C#
Oracle TNS: No Listener error while tnsping for my service
Undefined function or method 'split' for input arguments of type 'cell' in MATLAB
Error message (E_NONINTERFACE) opening SQL Server 2008 R2 SSMS
Why is __init__ not called after __new__ SOMETIMES
Android NDK to use Multi-core cpu
Tablesorter not sorting millions
Replacing a char at a given index in string?
Understand Objective-C runtime
User Regex in java to find phrases
Unnecessary release in setter
Fluent validation custom validation rules
What the difference between struts2 and spring MVC
HINTERNET InternetOpenUrl() on linux C
In Spring Security 3.1 i am using form based authentication and want to put additional attributes in UserDetails object
make entire table cell trigger related checkbox
Responsive Container, but Images don't take up full width
Tampering Flash website communication
Shared instance of Coredata managedobjectContext and private ivars
Get all photos from all albums
SimpleXML vs DOMDocument performance
Extracting text out of HTML [duplicate]
EXACTLY the same html, why does it behave different?
How to debug databinding
Assign F5 for browser refresh using autohotkey
iOS/Android - TCP/IP over Bluetooth
SetModifiedProperty for nested properties
Javascript framework that cleanly handles sub-objects?
Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Id' error after remote database deploy
Need callback whenever iframe gets reloaded
AppEngine python send email api is marked as SPAM by Gmail email reader
How disable an EditText and keep the background color to be white?
Python: 鈥淟ist.append = 鈥榣ist鈥�object attribute 鈥榓ppend鈥�is read-only鈥�
How match chrome extension permission to current chrome version?
Generate Zip Files and Store in GAE BlobStore
Inner Join versus Union All
Android Landscape/Portrait changing difficults
SurfaceView and ANativeWindow
rubymine error - Could not find capybara-webkit-0.9.0 in any of the sources
How to add column totals to view
Navigation in iOS like this image
Is there a quick way to delete large Workflow Process history stack?
XSLT filter duplicates in result
LightOpenID unable to validate MyOpenID
Rogue query orderAsc with variable field according to its name
Using empty divs in grid systems
How do I create a textured background (image palette) color like grouped tableview background color?
How can I parse an element's contents before appending it? (jQuery)
How to draw lines on a plot in R?
Crystal Reports : passing parameters
2D grid of JComponents (Swing)
JSON.NET How To Reference?
Properly setting up indices for sectionIndexTitlesForTableView
Pointer NULL issues
Rebind error in gwt-cal widget DayViewStyleManager
How do i keep my code organised when my app needs a helper class?
MKPolyline polylineWithPoints bug?
Subselect and Max
Ajax Parent Form Submit not working for Calendar
XQuery and html conditional comments
Limit refs shown with git log --decorate
Streaming JSON with AFNetworking on IOS
How Do I Switch Between Multiple Eclipse Windows (in 鈥淪plit Screen鈥�Mode)
Display a specific data for User
Document saving working sometimes but not others?
PHP DOMPDF issue => text goes out of table margin
Javascript functions overlapping
Making a better android sqlite query
Understanding the Zend Framework Bootstrap process and resource loading from application.ini
PHP equivalent of a DataTable
How do you compute an orthogonal basis of a matrix using hmatrix?
Cannot select after class changed
Why does Javascript sometimes not load in IE8
can't install forever on windows?
Setting environment variables on a jsch ChannelExec
I can't display my JPanel components when I change it on a JFrame
get value of inputText on the fly without backing bean?
html5 websockets OR flash sockets activated on load?
This row already belongs to another table
JQuery select based on more than one variable (specific string)
Do a string split for more than one row in MATLAB
Movie Scraper, Regex isnt grabbing every movie
Visual Studio - Load References Outside Compile Folder
HTML5 and Canvas: Moving background with player's movement
How to programmatically query an iphone App's installation info?
If url contains this folder + random archive
Displaying Animation by Frame?
Maintaining a single, persistent EM connection in a Sinatra app
Searching in google
Why does google chrome's console have different representations of the document object between page refreshes?
ServletContext or Properties class
Select table based on GET variable
JQuery - making variables with the $(this) selector global?
CSS hover don't apply to child nodes
ServletContext or Properties class
Select table based on GET variable
JQuery - making variables with the $(this) selector global?
CSS hover don't apply to child nodes
How to use SQLReader to return List<string>
ViewModel not linking virtual class
Android menu issue
Spring 3.1 web application issue
Scaling the animated image size on Javascript
Is it possible to generate a unique numeric value for each row in an iSeries table without looping?
How to target all elements in a list except the li containing the trigger element with jquery
htaccess Redirect a folder to a new URL
How do you sort or toggle display of lat lon point using javascript (based on proximity)
Firefox specific memory increases in heavy AJAX app
ios How to remove a certain UIView that is custom made
javascript error during loading of latitude and longitude
Sed - unknown option to`s'
Simple Javascript/CSS text overlay on image
Android: OnItemClickListener Wrong View Position
Pass NSIndexPath between UITableViews
C# pass a delegate an argument list for a class constructor in a fairly concise way
NSClassFromString() returns a class even when class should not be available
How can I swap labels and symbols in a legend in R?
Insert .NET server control to a DIV with Html Agility Pack
鈥淭rigger on changes in snapshot dependencies鈥�does not seem to work properly
RVM default ruby and rails gem path
Awesomium with .NET VS2010 (ObjectForScripting)
jooq return query with incorrect values
C# create textBox name on the fly
Horizontally centering images with variable widths
Is it possible to map a whole table to an object?
Html table layout when binding with asp.net c# repeater
Set up the Android-Facebook sdk for Netbeans
Moving a drawn circle to settled position in C# WPF
Why is colon in CheckBox Content placed wrong when FlowDirection is set to RightToLeft
Generic test template missing from Visual Studio 2010?
Ideas on interfacing two separate systems. One is a windows application while the other is a Web application
Android regular expression - return matched string
How can I debug XML parsing in JQuery inside a browser?
HttpWebRequest - ASP .NET MVC 3 Passing Session State
Batch normalize line endings in Visual Studio
What permissions does _www have?
How to loop this object with jQuery/javaScript
android SeekBar - remove on focus lost
JLabel to JPanel, drag and drop
Jquery error on click slide down
Responding to Android Calender Location Intents
How to get the name of a Win32 Thread?
Copying portions of Java swt images with alpha
getting stuck with C pointer Structure
Is running GNU Screen suid root the only way to make multiuser mode work?
How to instruct the compiler to generate an alias for a virtual function?
How do I handle mysql insert if have multiple process in same time?
is it possible to set the windows login icon to match active directory photo?
windows service msi installer created in vs2003 hangs in win7 while installing
Following <a> links on mouse down instead of on mouse click
Divide a string at first space
Get Posts with Custom Query in Wordpress
jQuery/Javascript if value is in array, continue
how to round up to the next hour given a boost::posix_time::ptime
Going back when clicked the back button - Beginner
Using jquery how do I pass a url query string to another php file?
CSS Sprites still making new requests
Want to turn off the 鈥渇lyout鈥�pane in the Facebook like button.. any solution to this?
How can this bar be done in iOS?
error installing npm@1.1.1 on Mac OS X Lion
I want to know to separate the Javascripts of Social Networking Buttons
PHP Mail Formatting
How to protect a .net windows application when there is no internet upon installation
string splitting after every other comma in string in python
Mailto link causes page to go blank in ie8
Making JSON API Request with ASIHTTPRequest
Byte Dropped Over Bluetooth Connection in Android
Import multiple CSV files from Internet into Excel
android button to align right rotated -90 degrees
MYSQL, Duplicating records but changing a column's value
Nullable DateTime with Html.EditorFor() ASP.NET MVC helper
Re-installation failed due to different application signatures
Dynamic website framework suggestions
drupal site giving error after being hosted for more then 3 months
satchmo product variation stock
How to redirect website to mobile but not image folder?
Scala setters - multiple parameters
Header not using all passed in values
jQuery Animation Toggle
Matrix display without row and column names?
Zend auth inside doctrine2 entity repository
How does table locking affect table engine change from MyISAM to InnoDB?
Ruby on Rails - Could not find matching strategy for :google_oauth2
Format money for display: 鈥渪鈥�-> 鈥渪.00鈥�
Writing UIImageView name dynamically
xcode print view tutorial? [closed]
How to add a div on a specifix top and left posiion to another div using jquery
Making one input control affect the choices of a second input control
Including file A in file B, vs. vice-versa
Create a 鈥淭ip View鈥�in iPhone
binding itemscontrol to list which is a property in parent's datacontext
Selecting elements from a matrix in matlab
Bind a List from a Database to a ComboBox Controls collection?
Go Inter-Process Communication
Using 2 views in 1 xib file
Calculate zoom level to fit an image into a panel
Deploying with Capistrano鈥�file not found (Asset pipeline)
How to apply a very old patch in Git?
Oracle Select Query : Where col_name = N'text' What does the N stands for?
Overriding WAR classes directory
jQuery Form Plugin: enctype:multipart/form-data and file-upload - no JSON returning?
Sitecore + Spring.Net configuration
Copy from 1 table to another table
How do I retrieve the visitor's ISP through PHP
QLabel positioning woes
verify LDAP user password in Java
loading a image to a web page asynchronously using JavaScript
Can memory allocated through mmap overlap the data segment
How to skip a particular job execution in Spring Quartz Scheduler
componentSeparatedByString not working with NSString
List Index out of bounds in inherited form
Are there side effects running a sql query within a transaction?
Disable ASP.NET viewstate for some controls but not all
Choose OpenMP pragma according to condition
What happened to Array.Sort() in .NET 4.0? Is TrySZSort() gone?
Change Windows 7 Wallpaper in C++
Animating a div with a background image from right to left
regenerating thumbnails using paperclip gem
Oracle WSM local optimization disabled by any policy
jQuery delay for menu
Looping with removal of comma at the end
What is causing my animation to flicker
Ruby: How do I get items out of an array? [closed]
How to break one line of text into multiple lines of equal character length
Can't display images in JSP
load file from assets without AssetManager
Select of hasMany mapping with GORM in Grails
Subclassing Exception in Java: when isn't a custom message 鈥済ood enough鈥�
how to encrypt data files in C++?
MySQL database clustering - Problems connecting SQL node (mysqld) to other nodes
How can patches/changesets be composed using SVN on a per-line basis?
java.lang.VerifyError: class net.sf.cglib.core.DebuggingClassWriter
WinHTTP Async Callback
Combox with fill-in option
WCF Client - Specifying the signature algorithm for WS-Security Timestamp signature
Broken rails environment: can't run rails generate scaffold
Trigger Javascript from c# codebehind
Unresolved external symbol when invoking a template ctor
iOS return landscape orientation when is Portrait
What is the best locking version control system?
Jquery: get all html source of a page but excluding some #ids
Service Account Google Analytics OAuth AccessType = Offline C#
C++ implemented data structure library?
Play HTML5 video locally
Using asynctask in fragment
Starting an android activity from a thread
Python argparse: Lots of choices results in ugly help output
Android, AdMob: AdMob ad refresh destroys frame rate
Can I give a Shape or other object a custom property, like 鈥淢yCustomID鈥�
how to use subproces.Popen correctly on windows xp?- shows windowserror 2 while accessing npm
SQL calculate SUM of part of the data
Good Practical Resources/Workshops to get started on BPM/ADF for 11g?
Adsense loading inside iFrame
C why would a pointer be larger than an integer
Java byte type is weird?
Using Moles to mock System.Net.Sockets
Redirect not working with Header(Location ) and session variable
Update list of dictionaries elementwise in Python
Python: make a copy of object when equal old object to new
Should I use jQuery controls instead of HTML/asp.net controls in most situations?
Notepad++ Find and Replace syntax, help needed
Controls in a ViewController losing their state after memory warning while off screen
Best data structure: arrays of dictionaries, arrays of objects?
HTML5 Keyboard audio with old IE fallback. IE8 image issue
Distributing .app file after command line xcodebuild call
How to execute sql script file in java in Unix
Prevent Phone From Ringing [closed]
Do not nest generic types in member signatures error by fxcop when used tuple as ienumerable
In Ruby, what does a hash followed by rectangular brackets do?
C++ Delete Duplicate Entries in a vector
Gigya Integration Help Needed
Posting to PAGE as PAGE
multiple form actions, return any validation errors and refresh results on successful submission
Apache Ivy: Difference between local Ivy cache and local repository
Android - Round to 2 decimal places [duplicate]
IE8 Bug with pseudo elements
Deleting duplicated values from html form drop-down option list
jQuery Repeat Loop of Array To Change Tag Attributes
Which of these is better semantically?
How to check if string contains anything but QWERY/1234
CMD/batch get basename for subfolder
PHP fails to parse large post variable
What does it mean to 鈥渏oin鈥�a thread?
How do you get the anchor/fragment/sharp in a webapp2.RequestHandler?
Do all C# casts result in boxing/unboxing
Boost::Asio::SerialPort alternative that supports non-standard baud rates?
Execute a command within Vim from the command line
Android SQLite trigger troubles
Implications of restricting RMI to one port
I'm writing HTML files and I want a program that adds list item markup tags to a list of words
Request for permission to access location trough SMS?
ORDER BY mysql comma separated values
How to combine a plot and legend?
Dojo StackedAreas chart doesn't accept objects as values
Why does GCC report a Floating Point Exception when I execute 1/0?
Verify consumable in-app purchase for Mac OS X on server side
Correct Use Of Global Variables In Python 3
Why is my programming crashing [closed]
A strange Maven error message while build is successful
select the 3 highest values using php mysql query
Can anyone help me with this VHDL code (currently malfunctioning)?
Android contacts accounts
Site Possibly R7.txt Hacked - Can PHP access root directory on Server?
How to get values from database loop and add them up for later use
If parent div is animated by jquery is it possible to prevent some child elements from animating?
How do I handle user interaction and sockets events simultaneously?
Returning the highest value java
Recommendations for best ASP.NET file upload tool [closed]
MVC4 Razor confused about braces
how do I store the HMAC key irretrievably in the database?
Merge two PNG images with PHP GD library
How to open an application via php and perl?
What's the best way to ensure referential integrity on a replicated database?
Error compiling GWT
selecting images in javascript
Open Graph - can I publish an action just to Ticker and Timeline (not to the News Feed)?
Drafting SQL search query based on user entry
JavaScript Titanium App int assignment
Firefox XUL call function from content context
Trim data in csv file and remove extra blank header
If null, return multiple values
How to marshall as the I8 type with PInvoke?
Calling constructor of a generic type
jQuery UI - autocomplete from a database
Need help regarding a specific type of report design by ssrs
Simple MediaWiki extension debugging
Get list of terms that were highlighted by Solr
How to store time in class
Ruby and JRuby on the same Windows 7 machine
How to get the SharePoint authenticated user from an ASP.NET webpage?
Like Count by author
mysql 鈥淚N鈥�operator to delete few rows or few queries? Which is faster?
Is it possible to recover temporary uploaded files (not moved with move_uploaded_file()) after script execution?
If disconnection can prompt to web service?
HTML - Why isn't indeterminate=鈥渋ndeterminate,true鈥�respected?
Why is onAuthorization executing before authentication?
Batch launching PowerShell with a multiline command parameter
Visitor Pattern in Objective-C
Linux compile error - GCC 4.3.4 - too few template-parameter-lists
Library to determine how long it will take on average for a human to read a block of text
API for NCAA 2011/12 mens basketball team and player stats
How to get two TextView on to seperate lines?
Port forwarding-can't open the routers web based configuration page
EventHandler Backspace (two approaches)