Facebook Graph API: Getting information on each checkin time from a location
Android use component name to launch an activity
Making Adsense Responsive
Search files in directory and subdirectory using boost library c++
Stop Java's JTextField from expanding to fit panel?
Using the system image for 鈥渘o picture鈥�contacts on Android
Scale an image on the fly inside <cfmail>
Checking whether an item does not exist in another table
How to select most Ordered Products in SQL Server?
Benefit of Expression<Func<T>> over Func<T> [duplicate]
Is this possible with Zend Framework and CKEditor
Missing values in scikits machine learning
How can I validate a web page's markup programmatically?
Failure at MySQL Source > error code 0xC02090F5
CustomRoleProvider: Working with AddUsersToRoles
XNA Position Change using Math.Sin
JLabel only showing the last label
jquery mobile custom css?
Safe way to execute commands on linux server when part of command is from a user input
Importing Classes from Separate Files
Coding with VisualSVN SDK
Android - how to structure new Activity class?
What are the other threads in a default VCL application, and can they be named by purpose?
C what is the short form for long unsigned int
CSV Upload to mySQL error with isset
jQuery UI slider - doesn't work on IE if developer tools isn't activated
Yii - element render + errors
Odd jQuery hover behavior
Heroku Initial Push Failure
Writeback between Excel 2007 and SQL Server 2008R2
Is anything like `gem server` for python eggs (`pip server` for instance)
How can i detect if php rename() has been successfully executed?
Android text change is causing the rest of the screen not to load
Dragonfly, rails 3.2, Refinery Edge (2.0) ImageMagick on Centos 5.6
Trying to change SQL statement to use EXISTS instead of IN
Python list of classes issue
Modifing the ActionResult from Controller.View(object model)when returning JSON
pixel to percantage
Ctrl + Alt + Delete WM message number
How to correct styling in a horizontal 2 level superfish menu
How to bind data to html table tds
Mysql Select Where Not Exists
Changing Qt/Mac Dock Icon has window caption side effects
callback script with space in bash
Should multi tenant mean multiple instances?
C# - loading inherited class
Powershell PSCX Write-Zip is slow
Eclipse StatET, matching brackets
JTextField stops using MaskFormatter after being cleared
how can I run a sandboxed OS X app without sandboxing?
On IceCreamSandwich the activity under the dialog receives touch events
Where to process/sanitize database input in ASP.NET MVC3
Mutually exclusive annotations
getting the text of radio button instead of values
Multicast delegate/signals library that works with Clang and Boost 1.48?
Separating template logic from Backbone.View
The quest for 鈥淐harm鈥�nano-kernel
How to add textfield data to cells
Access Response.sendError() method's argument from JSP
creating virtual directory of .htaccess files
Convert a string or html file to C# HtmlDocument without using WebBrowser or HAP
FileNotFoundException for HttpURLConnection in Ice Cream Sandwich
regular expression for page scraping
Finding the number of different combinations of numbers such that its total equals to sum
iAd js developer library
find pid from port over Google TV (Android non-rooted device)
Repository or Gateway pattern in Ruby
How to find the CPU time taken by a Map/Reduce task in Hadoop
Simple tool to learn XQuery? [closed]
Why does EnumWindows fail with ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS?
highchart inside facebox does not show up values
manipulating a stream via FILE*
Potential Leak, assigning NSString-Property to UILabel
How to insert and select data in the same SQL query?
adview on every tab (tabhost, admob)
Calling a Service method from Activity
Division and rounding of BigInteger
Posting a model and additional parameters from javascript to an MVC3 controller
Semantics of OMG IDL attributes
pixel selection for PanZoomImage
proportional image resizing in Chrome
How to access a uitablviews selected item from the appdelegate?
FPDF - Variable not working
How to install ImageMagick on Windows 7 (2)
How to retrieve accidental commits to a remote tracking branch?
ASP.NET error sending mail
uitableview - data and if (!cell)
Posting a story/message to multiple friends' feed/Wall
c# move to next tab in a tab control
jsp compile error [closed]
images not loading in Internet Explorer. why?
Getting holidays from the android calendar
WebVIew problems HTML5 doctype
What to expect when the Verifier is wrong
How to represent range of time as bits
Php Regex Function To Remove File Reference
function overloading not happening in C++
Installation Notes generation
Partially download and serialize big file in C#?
get an element by id xml document
Selecting part of an existing div in CSS
How to call PHP page with Javascript & jQuery when user clicks on a href link?
htaccess 301 no-www redirect fails, appends /www/ to URI
DialogViewController breaks UINavigationController path
Using PHP's DOM implementation to return the first 'n' characters of an HTML string
Django front end site wide actions
How to fetch only all webmethod in class at runtime using reflaction class?
JQuery submit never submits?
GIN @Inject on variable for Rpc Services
ASP.NET - How to display javascript alert using C#?
Eclipse's Java Compiler produces different stack traces when run from the command line
ViewModel adding custom class to another class
getsnapshot returns a cyan screen
How to access SOAPMessage from within a Spring Aspect in JAX-WS?
C++: How to convert wstring with md5 hash to byte* array?
JSON.stringify serializes to [[]]
Drag/Drop Robot Class
JApplet - alphabet will not allowed
SQL SELECT Duplicate Column
Trouble w/ Rubymine and unit tests
Display grid next to a set of radio boxes depending on the radio box selected
uml to java code conversion convention
Java Servlet writing form input to CSV
In which function/class is the dbprefix added to the table name in Codeigniter Active Record requests?
PHP Print an hour ago [duplicate]
Can I temporarily supress the 'Copy Paste' dialog on iPad for a taphold event? (phonegap / jquery mobile)
jQuery: How can I tell when a tab/window gains focus
Flex TextInput with default mobile skins automatically regains focus on callout close
How To Call A Function With Proper 'Arguments'
Datanucleus JDO - what jars do I need?
Is it possible that the initialisation fails, when creating an array with a size N
Table won't show in ie7
What is the best way to encrypt/decrypt a json string
Visual C++ 2010 and Qt (moc etc)
What are the capabilities of canvas vs openGL?
HTML5 audio playback over HTTPS on safari IPhone 4.3
configuring urls.py with this regex
Android - spinner default margins
Can I flatten a referenced object to XML using attributes?
code visualizer for Racket programs
Error using openblox diameter server in Spring MVC?
Changing UI in an OnclickListener that attaches to an AsyncTask
Reason to implement own List, Stack, Queue or other data structure in Java
Advice on implementation for button which supports opacity
convert perl code to php? (2) [closed]
.hover getting stuck on mouse out
RSpec not loading routes when namespacing directories
facebook canvas app - reveal page issue
I can't make JQueryUI work with ASP.net server controls
facebook canvas app - reveal page issue
I can't make JQueryUI work with ASP.net server controls
Button instance text
Loading data in Data Controls in RAZOR - ASP.NET MVC3
SAX parser with xmlreader is crashing in honeycomb
Setting default option in Python of two mutually exclusive options using the argparse module
Why is jQuery not detecting dynamically loaded jQuery Mobile buttons?
Share debug.keystore
Netstream and step() or seek()?
Limits on the amount of data in Google App Engine
What mistake am I making if even root cannot delete a lock file created using O_CREAT , O_EXCEL?
how to use elm1,elm2,elmN Jquery Selectors? [closed]
Whats meaning of this rsAssert macro?
Truncating values before inserting into database
asp.net issue javascript, webresource.axd
reverse part of a doubly linked list
Django GET keys as mapped list
Does Anybody know of a good library/widget to create a wisywig editor(preferably with QT)
NSURLResponse not always receiving Data
PDF*.tmp file are not deleted and Out of Memory Exception when CacheToDisk is used
Android:How to find latitude and longitude range with a lat/lon location as center?
WebApp accessible via localhost but not
How can I append a hashtag to local html file URL obtained with fileURLWithPath?
VBA - Access TABLE element within a TD (IE Automation)
Jquery UI Draggable: div not resizing on top and left side
Is there a way to generate metrics for a github project ? [closed]
How to convince SOAP::Lite to return UTF-8 data in responses as UTF-8?
Detect link content type with PHP
SQL Command to replace embedded spaces with another character
Devise/Omniauth - How to deal with a Provider that doesn't include an email
鈥淢issing鈥�method attributes when using Suds
NullReference on object in code behind after AsyncPostBack using UpdatePanel
Getting android attachments from mail with imaplib
How to verify whether the file is the picture in PHP?
Unable to get_the_content(); of a post in Wordpress via AJAX
monkeyrunner browser drops characters
How to position two blocks side by side with CSS
jQuery check the length of the input after delete all text
Pop Out Menu with <table> tag
Get last file modification date of application data files?
How conditional Goto will work on Soap UI
Modify input fields with JSON data
Get rid of CA2202
Perl -d and modulino issue
Can localization resources be downloaded in runtime?
permissions issue committing to SVN repository on new server
C++: Can I cast a vector <derived_class> to a vector <base_class> during a function call?
upgrade db schema from redmine 1.2.1 to 1.3.0
OOP Java : can return an child class to parent class?
PHP copy() creates an empty image file
Obtain Music Category with Foursquare API?
Returning an evenly 鈥渟paced鈥�number of indexes from a large array.
Is it possible to create multiple SSL certificates for providers that send APNs to the same Application?
How can I create a PHP extension on Windows?
Flex 3 DataGrid Tab Order
Maven / Plexus ComponentLookupException - classpath nightmare?
How to transform a byte buffer containing zeroes into a string
Zend_Form_Element_File multiple file upload and mysql
Delphi: Types other than Integer for indexing TStringList items
How to allow only one decimal separator in the texbox?
c# class reference as opposed to instance reference
c++ linux accept() blocking after socket closed
Google Docs API 鈥渟etMd5Checksum鈥�not working
upgrade from ruby 1.8.7 to 1.9.2
How to send an image as a Hex String Array in Android?
PEAR mail-queue tutorial configuration trouble
Ruby ranges issue
Search a struct nested in an array
Removing copyright tag from the footer
Have Eclipse perform an action on shutdown
Live text reader with highlighting in VB.net
Best method to create HD graphics for android games
Representing accents in strings
what's handle and isa
jMonkeyEngine camera follow
don't show again ViewController
PHP regex title conversion / negative look ahead / toLowerCase
Store Filter in Custom Collection and Conditionally Execute
How smart is using a space as a character in a password [closed]
Where to put clearQueue in jQuery code
How do I remove the BusyIndicator after you read a feed
Ember.js gives infinte loop when using {{#each}} tag in template
compare 3 arrays. quiz app. How to show wrong answers first?
How to set constraints for generated id in Grails
jquery to change the text value based on current text in a td
Best way to switch between static assets and CDN based assets for development and deployment
Hover Opacity & Text Woes
Computing similarity between two lists
Open Source Table View Libraries?
Is timer a thread? [closed]
How to bind WPF TextBlock to right top corner?
Java get declaring class for an abstract class?
Updating to old Mercurial revisions with subrepos that have moved
Update backbone.js model with new array element
EmberJS sort Array Controller of Objects
Flex : Is it possible to stop a remote call?
jquery cycle content with a prev and next buttone
Using a KeyValuePair<> as Property vs. Separate Class vs. something else
Google Earth plugin for Android - when?
Android layout xml file syntax error
Android layout xml file syntax error
Android Application Crashes When Connection to Server is Lost
ereg_replace vs preg_replace
How to display a 鈥渓oading鈥︹� dialog?
Cannot get the contents of an iframe w/ jQuery
How to select all using IQueryable
Custom django comments
For each $i, $i++ display result
Issue Implementing ImageBubbles in JSFiddle
Updating an ObservableCollection from another thread
Getting Wi-Fi AP information in Python
Does 鈥渋f鈥�always wait method to finish?
MVC3 Custon Validation Attribute Using Two Properties
Implementing a 鈥渕agnifier glass鈥�type of UI control
tell me what happens with this code?
c++ templating to specific type without using traditional Template Specialization
NStimer animation
Calling activity Method from inside fragment
How to put stateful services in the Composition Root with no awful side-effects with Dependency Injection?
How to apply deep linking in the mobile controls
Creating a Jenkins Plugin which hooks into global build status' and has a global repeatable configuration?
php is locking a deleted session file
Notification system like facebook jewel?
Unable to install autotest-fsevent gem with Xcode 4.3
getdate() returns wrong time
Symbolic Parameters in Dataset name JCL
Calculating Differences Using XSLT
JEditorPane, alignment of images in the text
how to open usb port and receive data of it using asio library?
Rails model that has both 'has_one' and 'has_many' but with some contraints
jQuery Filter Categories and highlight it's Children
ASP.NET Creating a mobile site
in javascript get the callstack that lead to error
Clonign monsters with the back button and resubmit form
Is facebook insights using graph API working right now?
Best practices for querying facebook [closed]
How can I obtain a random sample from Neo4j using Gremlin?
How to replace the Windows 7 Touch Keyboard?
Trouble Getting Elements by Name from UIAElementArray in UIAutomation
Can the 'Strategy pattern' be implemented using Java annotations?
Php Html Double Or Single Quotes
fortran : equivalence between allocatable arrays and pointers
handling a 2 dimensional vector c++
VMWare Player Same Origin Policy simulation enviroment
Regex Pattern containing single spaces but no leading or trailing spaces?
Linq returning unexpected results
Issue with an ajax uploader
鈥淛Script - script block鈥�and memory leaks - How to freeing up resources properly?
Change UIImage of table cells on touch
Questions about documenting nested array and object data with jsDoc
Apache James Server login Authentication failed telnet [closed]
How to pass long URL in plain text emails?
How to do initialization of properties of a complex Object Model based on given type of theme?
Expanding JTable Cell Dynamically
Adding accessor to interface property allowed, but not to abstract property
Magento - Is it okay to disable Mage_Downloadable?
Get $webclient.downloadstring to write to text file in Powershell
How to compute 鈥渂inary values addition of characters鈥�for checksum
JComboxBox setSelectedItem
AuthComponent not available in certain controller?
Hibernate mapping without getter
php foreach loop use variable in function name
Mac & PC variation in line-height/vertical align of text elements
How do I make my drupal module have conditional dependencies?
Storing an encrypted cookie with Rails
Youtube api playlist id
redirect www.domain.com to domain.com or other way round?
Parse data with C header files which defined the structures
Hide scrollers while leaving scrolling itself enabled in NSScrollView
MonoTouch - better console output in XCode's organizer
PL/SQL multiple inserts
Passing a date from asp to a javascript function
Writing my own generic collection class
Conditionally color portion of the text of the UITextField
jQuery Mobile - multiple select - force option listview in dialog
How can I emulate TSQL's DateDiff correctly in C#
System.IO.Ports - Invalid message (not enough or invalid data) - Possible
Should I dynamically generate android activities?
c# program how to open file with double click
ActiveAdmin, Devise 2 in existing (but bare) User model not working
passing value to controller in codeigniter using ajax in jquery mobile
Can't get First Project to run - Spring Roo
MySql Entity Framework Database First - Primary Key = Long?
Why is :not(>h1) not possible? Any workaround in pure CSS?
Create distributable app version for IOS using Xcode 3.2
What is difference between dynamic binding Vs dynamic typing in Objective C
Number of days between two Ajax Datetime picker using javascript
How to Access parentViewController's methods and properties
how to get the rendered width of internationalized button text in GWT?
Git push doesn't ask for password and gives 401. Fine when password typed inline in console
How to know if the tables in my database were updated? [duplicate]
How do i accept MathML?
CSS layout best practice
phonegap and playbook - upload file
occurrences in multidimensional array
How do I combine mulitple INSERT queries for the same table
MFMessageComposeViewController canSendText class returning YES on Simulator
Send a tweet from an iPhone app
What is the best design practice when you have a class where properties are dependent on a web service call?
Correctly processing XML files using XMLReader
Correctly processing XML files using XMLReader
Unable to run Autocomplete jQuery with dynamically created variable ASP.net?
how to: bind unbeforeunload call to window if function(param) is called?
How to remove black border around transparent image in PDF created by iText
FormHelper and Hash as Model
Complexity of: One matrix is row/col permutation of another matrix
Identify a contact between devices
Intent for being able to be launched after installation
Configuring the Google App Engine SDK for offline use
Dynamic 鈥渟creenshots鈥�for demonstrations in help page
C compiler cannot create executables
void respond_to format.html Only should works with format.js
Find string in combobox and show it
maven include different files for different profile
Sending strings over the net from C++ client to Java server
JavaScript - Reference Browser Window by name?
Loading an external file with multiple data parts
Google Analytics Easy Tracker Memory Issues
Get the position of an object on a Matlab plot
Updating a book created with iBooks Author
EF 4.3 CodeFirst MVC3 WebApp and console use same model, but somehow they 'see' a different model which results in a model backing error
git fatal error fatal: unable to read blob object 724b6f6b35fd871a84ab1742099de2c3671d7899
Drupal page--front.tpl.php redirection issue
Delayed_Job gives 鈥渦nitilialized constant鈥�while queueing a Custom Job
Java generics in an interface
Adding Excel like functionality to jqgrid of already editable cells
Suppress 鈥榝ocus theft鈥�of browser window
Login page - disable/removing text 鈥済et facebook for android and browse faster鈥�
C# - Install .Net framework4
query registry on windows 2000
Can't connect to Oracle DB via JDBC on java desktop app
Remembering Scroll value of a QTreeWidget in PyQt
using $.data in Firefox
Entity Framework 4.3 doesn't create database
ssh terminal does not autocomplete or store command history
Scrolling issues with custom ListView
Retrieve landscape/portrait mode with PHP
MVC 3.0 - unobtrusive client side validation is not working for custom attributes
How to format data in (a) CSV file(s) so that it can easily be imported in R?
jQuery - Twitter Bootstrap - dropdown menu always visible
New Boundary Shading
In Matlab, can I access an element of an array, which is in turn a value of a container.Map?
Is it possible to instantiate a class and assign it to a member variable in a single statement in Java?
iPhone: RF shielding for testing
Make listview start intent after filtering text
TreeView keeps adding content after button click
MVC-Viewmodel and LINQ, Insert value into a table and the value gets tagged by two other values in two other tables
C++: Different classes with the same name in different translation units
JavaScript + E4X: how to test if an element has text nodes?
getting SQL from one database to create a similar database using only SQL
Not displaying a picture twice
Use GUICE next to GIN
is there a cleaner way to reset the starting drawing point in opengl - for android
Eliminating extra calls in linked lists
Looking for a python/java text editor for MacOSX [closed]
Tooltip on Bing maps, what to use - Infobox, or something else?
Do xaml animations block the main thread?
Codeigniter module interaction
Covert raw image buffer into JPEG using LIBAVCODEC
鈥淐ould not establish trust relationship with remote server鈥�error when windows mobile .net device consuming a webservice
How i can static build GDB from source?
How to find out what is intercepting 'method_missing'
About the automatic table column identifier
relationship between density of edges to the number of vertices in graph
bash script/pgrep not working as expected
can command more read from stdin?
How to restrict landing pages in tomcat?
CATiledLayer, CALayerDelegate and capturing touch events
Zxing qr scanning blackberry crash
XLib Window Name Problems
Rails with Fancybox: ajax content is not displayed
SQL server 2005 select query
Magento Recurring Billing Solutions [closed]
Calling Inline UDF with table alias.column name as a parameter
PHP's json_encode and jQuery
Loaded event doesn't fire for the 4th TabControl tab
how to find log on web in a specific format
Node.JS - Using prototype in a module
Is it possible to set the Pre-change value of an input element
adding onclick event on replace with jquery
Virtual Keyboard Korean Language comes out as individual characters
Creating webtest extraction rule for mvc sites querystring
Can an OpenID provider use Kerberos or other 鈥渁lternate鈥�authentication mechanisms?
Launching Adobe Air app from my Android app
Using jQuery getJSON and fire a function AFTER the results have been processed鈥�should work鈥�but doesn't
Get the value of a textbox during cut event
Converting ndarray generated by hcluster into a Newick string for use with ete2 package
Run CXF JaxWsProxyFactoryBean with different WS Runtime
Need someone to explain the SharedPreferences class
How can I refer to a TEMPORARY table more than once in the same query?
Heroku - will NOT establish a connection with S3 (access keys are in environment variables, no Paperclip)
JScrollPane for multiple labels
Using Order By with Distinct on a Join (PLSQL)
FireBug 1.7.3 - turn off Break On Next, change to Break On Error?
Hibernate select query with different where clause
OpenCV affectation
Getting a 'InvalidComObjectException' on exit?
Update a column for all the rows
Oracle 11g Client connecting to both 10g and 11g databases
Oracle 11g Client connecting to both 10g and 11g databases
how can I pass value from iframe src url to parent
Xcode: Make A Text Field Bring Up A Picker View or Drop Down Menu
Multiple Servers And Memcached
How to populate a ViewModel in ASP.NET MVC3
php function for matching
How can I draw an image on a canvas element through jquery? Or do I have to use javascript?
Implementing 鈥淪ign Up/Register,鈥�when CRUD methods are protected with @Check('admin')?
Is it possible to use registration free com in an assembly running as an ActiveX control in the browser?
Displaying Categories By order and Moving Categories to Specific Order [duplicate]
Features phone vs Smartphone: can features phone run Web based application?
Matplotlib - removing things from axis
.NET Get logged in user
How to get the url with freemarker template?
How do I check if a submit is clicked, so my function will not trigger?
Using jsoup to escape disallowed tags
Objective-C thread safe code to prevent a crash
using java packages not listed in Android API
UITableView Custom Cell Throwing SIGABRT Error
How to read output from bzcat instead of specifying a filename
PHP code is getting, just not getting the ID like it was, so it's not updating correctly
How to watch symlink'ed files in node.js using watchFile()
Maven - Different Dependency Version in Test
Android: Measure Text Height on a Canvas
JQuery selector bug?
How to create editable elements in cakephp?
Convert this C# template to VB equivalent
How to make a SublimeText 2 shortcut to Run Processing sketches on Mac?
Currency input without symbol editbox
Dapper dot net query in F#
Retrieve literal value of HTML elements in javascript, without encoding ampersands
NHibernate force Guid generation at collection insert
Android activity transition effect
Android - push notification - legal issue
How to get parent's DataContext
calculate difference between successive number and use to output to another dataframe in R
jQuery: how to get the text from a page?
How to use the same python decorator for all types of methods/functions?
DB2: Retrieving latest order for every customer in a given table?
how to calculate an average from a int2 array using Thrust
How to sort an array starting with a specific position
Cross Platform GUI for Command Line Programs
SOAPFaultException 鈥淢ustUnderstand headers (oasis-200401-wss-wssecurity-secext-1.0.xsd) are not understood鈥�
non blocking socket write performance in c++
Why is jQueryMobile reloading the page on dialog close?
Subclassed UIViewController not shown
sending data from android to ScriptePHP and Response
Google Charts - How can I create a Y-axis label with vertical text?
fork() and output
How to get mulitple on focus changed listener events to fire
How to get mulitple on focus changed listener events to fire
sample of data within groups in Teradata
Binary Adding Large Char arrays?
Remove not alphanumeric characters from string. Having trouble with the [ ] character
Storing floating point numbers in android database
Android window.orientation incorrect on start-up using JavaSript + Phonegap
Use Pagination (until, since) in Reading Open Graph Objects
jquery activating a specific node
Java DateFormat for 2 millisecond precision
Is this a case for foldM?
Creating SSIS Package Programmatically Exception
Why does getPropertyValue return an empty string instead of the element's style property?
Floating point calculation
Where to start with WCF and wsdl file? [closed]
libpng png_set_add_alpha , png_set_filler error: sequential row overflow
how to define a KeyboardView's xml file
Cmd Enter keyup combination detection using javascript
Determining overlap of rotated squares in a detector system
Removing product id from product url
Do App Login access tokens expire?
Failed to convert parameter value from a DateTime to a Byte[]
Using layered divs in a float - but having problems with a negative margin
Wcf call from Android using ksoap2: Requests couldn't be logged
Issue in printing an Image in webpage using IE8
Blackberry webview can not connect to internet and/or display a web page
Incorrect TimeZone offset in Azure
SSRS 2005 Threshold Line in Chart
Hyperlink on a Picture
Is there a way to track events of video embedded into a facebook wall?
navigator.cookieEnabled not working in IE9 in localhost
ASP.NET MVC 3 / Razor - Strange Caching Issue
Get dependencies of WAR Artifact using Maven 2 API
Rails environment variables
Use eigenface on Android (faint)
EventLog WriteEntry does not write to designated log, but to Application log
Make FireBug 1.7.3 always 鈥渂reak on error鈥�or on 鈥渄ebugger;鈥�encounter
Verifying event handler exists in Moq vs Rhino Mocks
Working with Some() and Option() in Scala
Make a footer stay at the bottom (not necessary 鈥渟ticky鈥� when the preceding divs have absolue positioning?
How to remove http://, www and slash from URL in PHP?
Using cvQueryFrame and boost::thread together
Changing TextField value without triggering TextListener
parse json in javascript
My Code wont replace the html strings properly?
Drupal node_type_get_type() and hook_uninstall()
How to clear the buffer in Code Blocks?
How to send RAW Soap with SoapServer, NuSoap or ZEND_SOAP_SERVER
Cleanly binding/unbinding to a Service in an Application
Transformation to make a curve
For preliminary learning and testing iPhone apps which device to pick if you have to choose from iPhone or ipad iPad2, Is it ok to test it on iPad2?
Mapping a JSON Api to a Model in Rails
Socket return breaking string variable
INotifyPropertyChanged for a Textbox in style
ASP.NET How To Refresh Data?
Unable to open for writing: File too large
鈥減osition: fixed鈥�div is not fixed when parent rotates or translates
C and C++ compiler give different messages for the following code, why?
Display multiple CSS popups using JavaScript
what is the best cross-platform library for read data from USB port?
Univocally identifying Android users to offer a limited time license
Check browser cookie disabled
How should one make a database that correctly handles booleans?
Waiting in main Thread till a canceled Executor Task is finished
How to get value out of an if statement c++?
JAXB Marshalling - extending an existing class
Change Look and Feel of JButton
Best place to document our C++ code
Python syntax error in email address extraction script
Query in C# windows apllication showing error [closed]
C/C++, libxml2: parsing HTML fragments
When binding an ObservableCollection<T> to a ListView, how does the ListView go about retrieving the data to display?
Are word-aligned loads faster than an unaligned loads on x64 processors
Ruby Rspec : Testing instance variables without adding an accessor to source
Phonegap 1.4.0 does not work with iOS devices
SVN: any easy way to move a series of revisions+history for a file to be appended to another file?
Horizontal sharding, Java EE & JNDI
Return an instance of a class in a method
孝houghts about objc runtime
What hashing function does Java use to implement Hashtable class?
page with just one sublayout sitecore
How do I create a static method for a JQuery plugin
Why does json_encode escape the forward slash ( / )? [duplicate]
What is decent way in using a converter?
Devise with Rails 3 - unable to reach edit page after first login
direct use of adb do not recognize my tablet but eclipse did
鈥渋nvalid xaml鈥�error in the designer
Export HTML Table to Excel using ASP.NET
Git hook that emails several people when a new tag is created
What does a HTTP 403 error mean?
Build JSONArray of more than 89 items
Cookies not saved with aspx proxy
Open file with filename as variable
鈥淧roperty set method not found鈥�error during reflection
Automatic Data Loading in MVC 3 App
Openlayers write and save a KML based on your map
Scala Lift - File uploaded not immediately recognized/available
KSoap-Android: Unexpected subelement x, x is expected
MongoDB crashed under stress
How to extend C# class
MongoDB crashed under stress
How to extend C# class
Create a unix symbolic link from windows (preferable through python)
Sorting a linked list in C (Selection Sort)
Error in Insert query
Why is Uploadify not working with custom Codeigniter Controller script?
Avoid returning nulls in JSON for AJAX calls
Add a function to Matlab path
PrettyPhoto with Facebook comments
Godaddy Mvc 3 Hosting 鈥淪erver Error in '/' Application鈥�
How to adjust text size from Java in Android
Exception handling architecture for Java EE projects
Vim - map shell command
Another template for a detailed view of material in joomla
Move Ektron assets to a different drive
What is an extjs sandbox?
Caption uncentering its image
Why isn't my PHP exec() working when trying to call a Python function?
Dealing with DMatch vectors, accessing data Opencv
How to loop through controls to get specifc type of controls?
assert each item in list contains XYZ
Documentation on the .ibooks format?
Parsing text using regular expression works with online tests but not this code
How do I download attached files over HTTP using Java?
What layout system does Visual Studio use?
Jquerymobile multiple controls in a list item while maintaining styling
A single query with many joins in one API request, or a few queries with some joins in separate API requests?
Rename __type-field in WCF services
Overflow element when using percentage widths
Create Modulable UI
Chrome Selenium RemoteDriver Locale Issue
Rails: Executing Limited Includes and Complex Grouping w/ Scopes
How to install new instance on SQL Server using vb.net
Monitoring display power events on Windows XP
Bash Scripting homework assignment
For given string - which encoding type does it have? [closed]
DateTime weekday issue in PHP
Trying to create a HasUnique on EntityTypeConfiguration in Entity Framework (Generics challenge)
Why does the Graph API profile feed return deleted posts?
Why Java doesn't use ArrayList class to implement Hashtable/HashMap class?
show and hide tables in Word 2010 when a checkbox is selected/deselected
Simple digit extraction with regex
Update NSManagedObjects efficently in CoreData
Create Add-in for Acrobat Reader - PDF
Drupal 7 EntityFieldQuery
ksh validating string with logical OR
How can I add an empty line (no selection) to my combo box?
SQL query over two column [closed]
Java classpath setting error
Android OpenGL ES2.0 Texture Swapping
Android OpenGL ES2.0 Texture Swapping
Calculating Sugeno outputs
Template Razor Delegates - alternate row
Using django-mongodb, how to sort descending a capped collection?
How do I sort hyperlinks in a DataTable numerically?
Ember.js View Binding Not Working?
asp.net calling button click event that i created
Accessibility to the loaded flash movies
Looking for existing Javascript code that will tidy (reformat) SQL code, with a focus on T-SQL
Caching result of SQL Call
Slony - slonik syntax issue [closed]
Query works in Management Studio but not from client
Why mark function argument as volatile
Websocket application that is not a game, chat, twitter client or market index
Programatically draw rectangles with MonoTouch
rails generate scaffold error - using wrong ruby version
Converting guid to string with entity framework
Image URL when previewed in Notes and in Web Browser
Change Mouse state with AS3
Finding interface on a UDP socket
Salesforce App Custom Fields on Standard Objects
backbone go to another page
fr:autocomplete in resource mode not showing suggest list
Any effortless way to create a WCF REST client posting urlformatted requests?
MIPS shifting to the right (but adding 1's instead of zero's)
Ajax with JQuery: 200 ok, but not 鈥渟uccess鈥�
How to handle timeout with net/http in ruby while sending requests to IPs from given IP range and skip IPs with timeout and move to next ones?
MySQL Query Cache Not Working on Certain Tables - Correct Settings (Solved)
Dispatcher Servlet. Where does it fit in in the Spring MVC framework
Is there already a module that provides an unicode ready printf method?
Is there any hack to override a class name with custom one?
Crystal Reports Headings
Building a collaborative tool - Checking if a user is currently editing/dragging elements and display dialog
How can I filter search results by category in ExpressionEngine 1.6.8
Linq and FullTextSearch - Asp.Net
Is there a way of strictly enforce the type that can be used. (Very Explict Casting)
Remove performance warning in C++ template class
Use Object everywhere in IOS app [closed]
Calling python script from commandline gives syntax error when class doesn't inherit anything, why is that?
Building GPL C program with CUDA module
Escaping linux shell arguments
Illustrate content from FCE in another way
Yii client-side validation and jQuery Form plugin integration
IEnumerable ViewModel doesn't allow me to access Model properties
Rails 3 inherited_resources ignores 'defaults' setting
Stable distribution random numbers?
RoutingError in JavaScript folder after upgrading from Rails 3.1 to Rails 3.2
When an error stops execution in SQL Server?
scrolling a scroll view on both sides
Memcached Stores Data but Returns Nothing鈥�
rails 410 on no route matches
How to cancel orders using payment method in magento
MongoPasswordField setPassword + save
WCF routing + WIF
Uploading file as utf-8 in Python3.x
will_paginate, includes, and ordering by a joined table
How does MapReduce framework implement the sort phase?
301 or 302 Redirection With PHP
create an image from table
Replacing contenteditable characters on the fly with (or without) rangy
Optimizing a sudoku solver on Haskell
Is the HL7 V3 ED Data Type the only possibility to send multimedia data in an HL7-Message/Document?
Dynamic allocation in c++ is not checking array boundary?
Reading SOAP XML in PHP
GLSurfaceView.Renderer doesn't work
htaccess redirect root to www
How many requests per second can Tomcat handle on an average server? [closed]
Doctrine2, update a relation without fetching it [duplicate]
php/mysql oop using prepared statement review
How to hide() first element in a <asp:repeater>
PHP shell_exec - using RSYNC as root without password
Why isn't `cursor:context-menu` supported by safari, chrome, or firefox on windows? But it is by IE9 and Opera?
Covariance/contravariance: how to make the following code compile
Is it okay to connect raw ruby sockets to event machine UNIX server?
iOS determine if VoiceOver is still talking
Unique id for each Firefox & Chrome extension installation
What do those yellow horizontal arrows in eclipse, at the left of the line numbers do?
Javascript - Checkbox onclick-+ operations
Foreach loop is not working correctly
using jquery to display active links
Access object in array which is a property of another object - Javascript
Django Model ValueError
Marking two sets of Coordinates
Sort dictionary by number of values under each key
Problems with video recording
DataGridComboBoxColumn ActionHandler
Sql Query Sorting Issues
How can I prevent letters inside a text element?
Code still runs using old version of Python
Ruby: Trying to dynamically define instance methods in class definition: Why does using define_method work but not alias_method?
Function documentation duplicated on prototypes in C++ header files -> Doxygen
How can I position a child div at the right upper of the parent?
C Fork a new tty
Error connecting to SDL Tridion 2011 (GA) CME
What is wrong with this SQL Statement using Merge
Eclipse + Apache Velocity Engine?
Required Field Validator and Drop Down List VB.net
How do I communicate between Javascript and Flex?
Select column without using column name [duplicate]
Don't sort inside an enum field
Don't sort inside an enum field
Is Dictionary the best way to record presence or absence of a key
Get table view cell properties in UITableViewDelegate method heightForRowAtIndexPath:
CruiseControl Request is too old
Google Maps API V3, XSD of Response XML
CMS or Customised code
Loop optimization PHP [duplicate]
Number base conversion
How can i display random sums [closed]
Array pointer arithmetic in Ruby
Need to update files to SVN
Difference between decorator design pattern and visitor design pattern
Cannot create stored procedure from .sql file - JDBC
Android Choose File To Upload - Issue With DOCs, PDFs, etc
How to separate out all the methods, that return a SVGTransform object?
PHP reload chat-box?
Java Collection implementaiton with timeout of the elements
Facebook like button error: 鈥淏e the first of your friends to like this. 路 Error鈥�
C++ class inheritance, calling class functions with pointers
How to build a QGroupBox with a button in the title?
where python store global and local variables?
Case cannot fall through from one case label to another
How to prevent getting a Groovy Boolean in an Object array?
ExtJs 4 - Drag from Tree to 鈥渆mpty鈥�tree
Relationship to Composite Foreign Key on Single Column
Backbonejs: How to unbind collection bindings when a view is removed?
Asp.net Mvc Web App project doesn't seem to compile code I add to folders I created?
Thumbs Up vote system
Hide buttons on title bar in Java
Can't get launchd to work at Startup/Shutdown on OS X Lion
How to pass database record from Controller to View in CakePHP
What are some good crawlers that can help download files
Python3 compatible ssh library [closed]
jquery chaining function issue
how do i refresh google maps marker but not my whole page
Scroll to Validation Summary - ASP.net MVC
ApplicationContentUriRules section
Disable link inside infoWindow / Box on Google Maps API (V3) using JQuery?
Positioning divs on each other
Difference between MSBuild with DeployOnBuild and Visual Studio Publish
SQL query selection help need
How to make transparent window on linux
Log file writing extremely delayed in WebSphere App Server
How do I cycle to the previous control in VB6?
apprequest for a website
Checking if cookie is set
C# DevExpress scheduler read only
Flex AdvancedDataGrid listItems strange behaviour
Caching images in tableview - Beginner
Process start from two strings
Android when to use ContentResolver applyBatch or BulkInsert
inheritance of project (.vcproj) properties in Visual Studio 2010
How to detect Camera Overlay view rotation
Cartesian product of dynamic array using linq c# throw outofmemory exception
Switch Case - not all cases work
Pass Dynamic connection string to another Windows Form (VB.NET)
EXTJS directory structure: What can be deleted?
Can both HTML website and aspx share the same domain?
Class hierarchy design - interfaces + base class vs. abstract class
Greater-than compare-and-swap
What is better to fed into ANN for OCR: character's border or character's 'filling'?
Clojure extracting value from map based on prioritized logic
MVC's AllowAnonymousAttribute not showing up
SSAS 2005 MDX expression with .all attributes
Why aren't Constructor Inherited?
Android: Draw direction in google map [duplicate]
How to get Element Submitting the form in Form Submit event? [duplicate]
good looking docbook title page for design documents
UDP broadcast packets not received in sleep mode
XML Specific node template not matching
Is it possible to use Nhibernate with partition of an object over several tables?
Change directory of FileList when referencing it
How do I modify the Damerau-Levenshtein algorithm, such that it also includes the start index, and the end index of the larger substring?
Can't copy file content in python on windows
std::async - Implementation dependent usage?
CPAN Perl modules installer not finding tar file
How to post form with Arabic values that then sends an email
Detecting client-aborted requests in AppEngine
Writing browser-based MMO server in Python
login div using jQuery called from an anchor tag
C# Linq to XML query
Java: single frame vs multiple frames
Escape variable for JavaScript in asp.net
Getting a black screen when trying to play a movie
Configuring SVN from PKCS12 files
NSColor colorWithPatternImage: and scaling (NSAffineTransform)
Encryption and Decryption using AES in Linux Kernel
SMS Verification Code to user Phone Number
pgettext not showing the untranslated value in django admin
Normalize data in a Matrix into deciles [closed]
Is there an existing standard or framework for multi-part, branching-logic input forms?
How to get part of a string in php
Build errors when cross compiling a kernel module
What can happen in two concurrent NetworkStream.BeginWrite calls?
Correct document design for MongoDB
How to write Hadoop Compression/Decompression codec for LZMA2?
Sencha Touch 2 list in a sheet doesn't show
Django - Indirect Join Query
mysqldump batch script to output individual tables for selective restore
Linkedin Oauth with Rails
Eclipse 3.7 RCP Application with multiple plugins
DataTrigger is not firing
SQLite database with Squirrel: No relations
Get variable from other file's class function [closed]
Visual Collection, get all records, not only currently showed on grid control
issue with obtaining 鈥淒efault Store View鈥�value for custom attribute in Magento?
python2.7 no module named _sqlite3(no root access to machine, python is locally installed)?
looping until the number of cells changed is very small
Loading a dictionary from a navigation bar title
Close the application when it goes to the background
NSURLConnection not responding
Point closest to combined geometric shapes (compound shape)
SSRS wrap data vertically in a row, 1 to 5 in col A, 6 to 10 in col B?
Builds fine in Eclipse, Runs fine from CLI, Running from Eclipse generates NoClassDefFoundError
How to create horizontal listview which is fix the count of item when display
Is there a string format of Date that works in all browsers and all localities?
How to remove error when declaring an array of a class in Android
How to load a transparent html into a webview with a background
a:hover background with img inside
Determining which value of IntentExtra has been sent
How to format JSON date?
Refresh the Data within ObjectContext in the entity framework
In which condition the blocking networking i/o is used?
UISearchBar doesn't answer to resignFirstResponder when I want
Binding data to an IValueConverter for a Silverlight ComboBox
Best way to make a multilingual wp site using Wordpress
Byte[] as parameter in Json
css does not work in chrome (linux and windows)
Java - Split String into sentences with character limitation
How can I avoid the decompile APK to Java file in my app
Why the TreeSet can only hold one object when i push three in it?
ListView: elements not shown? c#
Can't upload file
How to unescape '&' in Jade
Do Vimeo thumbnail URLs change?
Pure PHP/HTML views VS template engines views
Android SingleTask, SingleTop and Home Button
Adobe air native installer is not including .class files and .properties files
ORM for Tornado
How do I create a styleClass to use this CSS?
Format IEnumerable<double> while displaying in a console
Use the index in naming variables during a cycle C++
Are there any issues to be aware of when trying to run WebForms and MVC3 together?
Specify run time parameter dependency in Unity
How to eliminate warning in android layout.xml: 鈥渕issing contentDescription鈥�
MarkLogic Search Xquery
Message: 鈥淰isual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor has stopped working鈥�on x64 debugging
Trim property in get method
PHP/MySQL: Why is my query only returning the first row?
devise.registrations.reasons in yml files is deprecated?
Including a java inner class file to JAR using GNU make
Validate multiple forms on one page
service onStartCommand method
access by index after *ptr1++ = *ptr2++
Regex for extracting filename from path
HttpURLConnection and encoded characters in the URL
Dynamic vimeo embed with options
how to check protocol present in url or not?
Read ContentTypePropeties from type msoMetaPropertyTypeUser with VBA (Excel)
Delete user when deleting UserProfile
How to tell a gem not to be installed on JRuby?
loading .gif before animation in jquery
calling a php page with get variables from linux command line
Displaying empty rows in Android listview
Parallelise nested for-loop in IPython
Getting an error while writing a custom velocity macro
Getting response from server in javascript
creating private data members in WCF service
Ensure two items are siblings in JS / jQuery
calling retain, retainCount analyzing EXC_BAD_ACCESS with release
captcha or recaptcha at Tank Auth
Installation of objectaid in eclipse, no valid license was found
JSF 2.0 on Bea Weblogic 10.0
Configuring Web Logic JMS Module with Oracle AQ Queues
Send a message later
Reduce string length in c, where is the fault?
How to make SHIFT work with %* in batch files
Migrating from V5 to V6 of the Facebook C# SDK
Android - Set fragment id
how to test a web site to see how much punishment it can take before crashing?
why python exec define class not working
How to select elements by attribute's value when values contains dollar sign?
Quicklook Webarchive?
How to insert record into a sql server express database table?
jquery .change and IE checkbox issues
Test::Unit : use multiple cores
Group Facebook/Twitter/GooglePlus generate SCRIPT tags together
Ruby ip range to network
What is the cheapest embedded platform for 2 way wireless comms?
routing issue on nopCommerce 2.3
ReportViewer IIF expression returns #error
How to go to the next cell (Detail View) in a UITableView?
SQL Remote query very slow after migrating sql server
Collecting & filtering a large amount of data
Bitmap to big to use getPixels?
.htaccess Rewrite to make a folder point at homepage in wordpress
What is the difference between creating a new modelandview or passing in a model as method paramter
$stmt->bind_param($params) possible?
Textbox to DIV with jQuery - Enter key to create line break?
How to call an Oracle PL/SQL object super method
Using @Before method in JUnit
Google App Engine Python 2.7 + lxml = Unicode ParserError
How can i trigger a onFailure event for g:formRemote?
Adding custom parameters to .APK or QR-code
Share point 2010 ItemAdding insert Recurrence data on calendar
FullCalender: bind click event to table header
jquery.js call from HTML syntax error
Sending and Receiving XML data over TCP
Populating a listBox from the local PC
ASP.NET - Detect Changed Values in a Repeater?
PHP - Convert single byte to Integer (PCX Graphic Format)
7-Zip source compliation issue
Idiomatic Scala List Comprehension - first item that matches
Facebook landing page to change after being liked
what is the format to encode to play video/audio file to play in different browsers
iOS image resolution issue
What is the type GUID?
textfield under IOS 5,0 iPad; no keyboard
YAML.load never returns in Rails initializer
What control do I need to show video from a webcam?
Random Class - assign object to another object
Video is still downloaded after releasing an AVPlayer instance
rails - 鈥淲ARNING: Can't verify CSRF token authenticity鈥�for json devise requests
Convert Days in Year, Month, Day datetime format
How can I reference the <HTML> element's corresponding DOM object?
android.os.Build.MODEL values
How to increment a variable every n iterates according to some condition?
Deleting any node from a single linked list when only pointer to that node is given
Center force directed layout after tick using root node (return to center)
How to freeze revision for a file in SVN
Saving NSTextViewData to RTF doc
How CFReadStreamRead distinguishes packets when reading?
Minimalistic git pull tool
Can't fill the listView?
Android: SlidingDrawer with bottomOffset and content visible
When creating a new record, create the nested records as well?
How can I show a picture in a gridview row without saving it to the hard drive?
Filtering 'current-menu-item' class to use 'active' instead
Database - fact table and dimension table
Erlang, connecting nodes across the internet in Erlang
Method throws null reference exception after returning non-null value
RDLC add page breaks only if argument is set
MongoDB findAndModify, is there an implementation in PHP for that?
How can I check mongodb query performance without cache
Why is a function and a callback non-blocking in Node.JS?
Should I really be using an observer for this as Ruby Guides asks me to consider
Select specific annotation
Android Custom shaped dialog
Visual Studio Stuck in Weird Mode Causing Keyboard Issues
Securing authentication through a REST API with an Android device?
How to select not first tr and not last td