Argument error decompresing zip file using shell
adding text in the backend destroying markup in richTextbox
do members of an array of pointers initialized to NULL take up memory?
Script organization (all my functions are cluttering my script)
Which Android Layouts should I use to do something like this?
How to automatically take a picture without pressing the phototaken button on the imagepickercontroller?
MVC3 Validation Error Message in Tooltip
TFS 2010: Wrong Build Agent is chosen
Serialize array of unknown Type with Protobuf .Net
Axis2 Java - ADB array members not being serialized in request
Restarting instruction after page fault
Objective c int to double calculation [duplicate]
How to add custom user control ( .cs file ) in MVC
Mysql transaction error message
How to validate empty Select box option with Ruby on Rails?
Moving back from a Controller to a previous one
cakephp save a HABTM relation's data without using a View
.resx files not working with localisation
How to get processor speed and RAM in android device
Focusing data grid cell when focus is within
How to add email from FORM into CC php script
ASCII Art comments in C/C++ headers and code files
Cross Domain Authentication using DirectoryServices
How to obtain screenshot from videofile?
Stop Powershell from exiting
How to duplicate object properties in another object?
How to use prepareForReuse method
UIImagePickerController - crops picture to square (in portrait)
Is it possible to make a memory scanner with Java? [closed]
Fibonacci datatype
Android Custom component not working
Is it possible to change the Google chrome default document area UI through Extensions
Error 鈥渃ould not find article that just added to db: 5576330055082049537鈥�posting share to LinkedIn
PHPUnit DBUnit for integration testing a class that queries a MySQL stored procedure
How to create ls in windows command prompt?
Get substring from string
how to save an image in mysql db via json array?
Server-Side HighStock charts generation with NodeJS
Strange MediaPlayer behavior after reconnection
Can I replace a string without find string in PHP?
Automatically refresh page after client enable javascript
Design pattern 鈥淔acade鈥�
PHP: Explode textarea lines as separate array element
How to adjust weights - backpropagation
Is there any way to import and export excel 2010 file in Rails?
abstract compareTo method not being overrided
-moz-background-clip:text does not work in Firefox
creating variables from structures in matlab
While-loop: group two result on one div
How to associate iPhone application with _every_ file type?
Wrong a:link tag being used (Chrome)
Congruent integers and modulus
Take a screenshot of an iFrame
php query with 2 counts and joins
Is there a way to reload the 鈥渃urrent鈥�file in Python?
Traces for the function call in a single thread, does not appear to be in order that is expected
emacs+distel, api function auto remark
CSS select next two elements
Regular Expression to handle multiple conditions
Codeigniter empty $_POST & $_FILES
JqGrid setting the last page for datatype local
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodeName' of undefined
IE7 jquery .each on array
How to write error log or exception into file in java
Sequentially Splitting the load on a Parallel.Foreach Loop
Changing the number of integers on a output value after the decimal point
What are the required steps to have a new, fresh and empty SmartGWT project which you build via Maven?
Hibernate and Spring - Database tables not being automatically created
Android MonthDisplayHelper doesn't provide the days in the proper order
Extending Three20 photo gallery?
How to apply Common Codes in Inherited BaseEdit for Inheriting Classes; in order to build a read only user
Twitter4j: OAuth Consumer Key/Secret Not Set
Error 26 on SQL Server 2008
iOS 鈥�Facebook SDK, parsing results
Value of selected list
PHP get the number between mysql data
Dynamic IDs on asp:TextBox?
How to connect Android user with his web account on the site
How to configure Django, PostgreSQL, Apache and Python?
Could the S of S.O.L.I.D be extended for every single element of the code?
Pass a ulong64 array from VC++ to VC# and freeing the memory
fb.ui apprequest errors
What is the best practice organize a jQuery Mobile application?
Form data not being sent in parameters via POST
Which access_token do I use to upload a video to an iframe based page-tab application?
when will the closure cause performance issue [closed]
Content Advisor - Loses Sessions
Is it possible to copy a file from a directory into a subdirectory in all other directories via a cmd/batch file?
Javascript and IE error HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR (3)
Using Java XMLSerialiser, how can I insert a string into a node
SelfSigned Certificate not working on first load in IE9
Caption for multiple series in highcharts
consolidating numbers along columns in xslt
MQJMS2005 exception failed to create MQQueueManager
Plone 4 : CalendarWidget to display Year only without Date and Month
Newbie to Qt4 embedded Linux - Application management, deployment and general architecture?
Predefined algorithm for rapid type analysis and variable type analysis
Spotify Apps - Getting Playlist Tracks
Spotify Apps - Getting Playlist Tracks
C++ MVC model to viewmodel 鈥渢ranslation鈥�and inheritance
AVAudioPlayer refuses to play anything, but no error, etc
How can I recursively create a UL/LI's from JSON data - multiple layers deep
Javascript, object with set lifetime?
LESS @import does not seem to work
How to create an API for JSP and EJB3 website [closed]
One of Two Generic Lists parameters in method
I still don't get how to avoid the use of getBean()
Hibernate: how to get an inversely joined entity (one-to-one)
Flash movie not visible in ie 6
writing to File -shell script
Adding parameter to HttpGet on Apache's httpclient
Library that implements ENUM DNS lookups?
difference between Entity Framework and SubSonic , wcf data service
Tooltip for jmesa cells?
starting mobile development
java wsimport string
DynamicMappingFilter and to many nested request with error pages
Delete from array in javascript
Display Black&White MapKit
How can I implement XFBML versions of my plugins belonging to two different apps, i.e. using two different app ID:s?
Getting Files in a directory without sorting
Text Change Event in
Lambda expression assistance
Connection count in ICE
How to return a column value (record ID) from a nested form record in Rails?
Custom sheet in address
Advanced rdlc report design
LGPL grammar file licensing
How to use WIX CopyFile element to copy file on change/repair to a system folder without installing it to the target?
REST API authentication with query string encryption
Parallel Python - too many files
Rotate UIWindow in iPad
Override all form element styles like HTML+CSS
Nested for-loop in razor
Create variable names dynamically
How-to RewiteRule for two scenario files?
Iphone test automation - Need Software [closed]
ajax calendar extender safari
Asyntask in android
How to replace massive if statement in Objective C
Is there any range or between kind of function in Excel?
Adding multiple rules for indicators SSRS BIDS
xampp/wamp based Apache server custom reply
javascript Android Phone - When jQuery accordion is clicked, stop it going to the top of the page
MVVMLight UserControl View Model-Create new Instance of User control for each view
Calling ksh script from system() causing segfault
Objective-C--Parse NSString to a callable method
how to group resources involved in a specific set of changesets?
Flex : securityError while trying to reverse geocode with google api?
HtmlEncode List<string> values
Changing font recognition for tesseract in iOS
can i use column alias in many positions in the query?
Link target out of date
any way to supress warnings about 鈥渉ardcoded strings鈥�in layout files?
Define a different default ServiceHostFactory foreach workflow
How to get centroids from SciPy's hierarchical agglomerative clustering?
PHP: Many arrays into one
What's the proper way of using Capybara in Rails 3.x functional tests?
How do you recover an ActiveX control after a postback in an application?
How to refer MaxWidth=鈥�?鈥�of TextBlock to Owner ActualWidth?
Can I set a general form error with callback validator?
Setting background color for LI element
Why is the Fibonacci series used in agile planning poker? [closed]
鈥淚mplicit鈥�plugins - why does a Maven build run tests via surefire even if it is not mentioned in the POM?
Disable force stop option for a service or an activity
Converting attachment to image
Qt+ OpenCV video doesn't show on Qt Gui, but does in OpenCV show application
Render to texture, the texture is not shown completely
how to combine two statement together
Placing UIPopover correctly next to dynamic buttons
How to make boost asio fork safe
JScrollpane doesn't display properly
Extract Contacts data in WP 7
Proper way to update code on production?
Load URL(button) in WebView with JavaScript
Hamming distance
Skydrive the operation has timed out
How to run concordion test with maven?
Boost find_first how does it work? / Define a range
Performance issues with Django
Show a ProgressBar (circle) when the item from the Listview is clicked
php string replace without finding a word
Chinese character forbid
localizable.strings - works in simulator but not on device
I need to find and replace n in a mysql field
How to open a file for reading and writing, writing over the previous content? (PHP)
Qr code reader does not redirects to specific link
comparing attribute to a variable
Exception when implementing JAX-WS client with transport level security
httaccess url rewrite: >
Issue response in json
setcookie and get on a other page
How to resolve the winforms error 鈥淎 generic error occurred in GDI+. 鈥�
How can I pass symfony2 callback validator a parameter?
BITS jobs get cancelled without a good reason
Image breaking rounded border in safari
Spoj PRIME1 using sieve of eratosthenes (in C)
How to create a python distribution package in Eclipse pyDev
CakePHP 2 - Why am i getting sql error in model function?
XPath/Domdocument check for child by class name
Why is this object not garbage collected
Moving to Eclipse Indigo for Android development
Check the ThreadStackSize Progamatically?
how to get decimal the value of decimal type
MongoDB find by matching two concatened fields?
Trouble getting Mongo DB to set up using npm on windows 7鈥�any ideas?
Game Center: Leaderboard retrieve scores
EF DbContext.Set<T> filtered record only
Custom information bubble on tap for overlay items using osmdroid
Simplest Lazy function in Clojure
Workflow graph as RDF?
Create a treeview c# - expand all nodes
bash script passing service reply to variable
Severe degradation in performance on running ruby scripts on ubuntu 10.10
Is there a way that a touch start event will not trigger the click event?
Jquery active class nav links in .Net for non webpages - AbleCommerce
R rasterImage and grid.raster not displaying in windows XP
How to setup correct wrap style for a TextBlock?
Keep text visualizer open and continue debugging in Visual Studio
How to set a rewrite rule in Charles Proxy, when there is a '?' included?
How to deserialize a list of objects where the children are directly in the root
Using XMLDOM to retrieve data from youtube feeds
SimpleDateFormat parse error position
Declare a vector without specifying its dimension
IE7 bug - can't make button float right
DeviceNetworkInformation.NetworkAvailabilityChanged not firing
hibernate mapping of single column to multiple properties
php.ini include_path; Not able to include PEAR packages
Python: how to extract the content of a column in a table
How to Login diffrent user in same browser Tab? [closed]
Hibernate schema Export failure
How could I use the accelerometer to detect if the phone user is moving?
extra <option> tags showing inside the <select>
Plugin to handle selection?
Linq to Sql Add method
How to handle many inputs? [closed]
Verifying event handler code executed
Export a group of graphic object (Chart + other lines) from Excel 2012 via Macro (working code included, needs modification)
UIView animation change image of button
drawRect not responding
Connecting and changing .txt-values to/from a mainfunction
how to display - 03d 01h 10m in php? [duplicate]
What's going on in DynamicViewDataDictionary.cs?
how do I insmod andriod SPI driver to running ubuntu PC
Store Photos in Blobstore or as Blobs in Datastore - Which is better/more efficient /cheaper?
Inside mongodb shell how to retrieve next results?
Making html content unbreakable (in one line)
Making html content unbreakable (in one line)
http GET on iOs
DB sort and groupby in php
Jquery plugin get options from option
Magento Access functions from a module directly in another module's phtml file
Why does Matlab standalone application exit with error 鈥淭ooManyOutputs鈥�
Best way of Django modeling
currency conversion USD to INR
Ruby - undefined method error
How to access model attribute in Javascript
can be entities stored in other location, than in entity directory?
Case insensitive URLs with Struts and Convention plugin
javascript resize event on scroll - mobile
Load image formURL using a Thread
DDL comments directly when creating schema objects
how to do depedent autocompleter in struts2?
Obj-C, failed to launch in time, doing some DB processing which is taking 20 seconds, advice?
Callback not firing from the sinon.js fakeServer for a call to $.ajax
Two Layouts on Android Screen
Runtime Android exception after pressing a button to go to next Activity
Montage using PythonMagick in Python 3?
YARD: How to generate vendor plugin documentation?
How do I design a specific super class
Creating a custom dialog that allows me to select all files at once or a single file individually
Simple, but fully-featured, Backbone example application?
A collision check method works on a mac, but not on PC
set variable after creating contextmenu
Returning value from function (setting variable from existing variable name)
How to I re-enable the ability to select an element in ie and firefox?
Remove comma in jQuery Flot
Automatic file selection for upload
Styling a GroupBox
PHP/MySQL: How to get multiple values from a PHP database method
Debug crashing C Library used in Python project
Image print's but it stops every other thing
Comparing data field to today's date - Oracle
Structure declaration
Strange error when moving a folder to temp with moveItemAtPath. Cocoa error 516
Android: How to get accurate altitude?
How to create dynamic size columns in C# .net 4.0 using TableLayout in WinForms
Wordpress admin session auth with opencart?
How to get hold of the editor of the current line being debugged in Eclipse?
Database design tool for Android (2.3) [closed]
How to find total number of values in a number range in a particular cell?
SSRS VS 2008 Excel Export Formatting Issue
Looping over similarly named UI elements - maybe by getting a variable from its name?
Java MVC - Should view or controller prompt for input?
Dynamically display images in multiple position using single image view
Modernizr.load not providing input and textarea placeholder supportin IE7/IE8
SharePoint Webservice from Java Webapp using CXF with Kerberos/NTLM authentication
prob with loading map in android
Add Custom Annotation on post processor for Apache CXF WSDL2Java
Ext.js4 鈥�Adding a box to the top of a panel rather than to the bottom
Lucky Sevens Game (beginner)
Rails 3.2 - Production server is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server (Mysql2::Error)
Maximum number of processes in linux
Git log: log of future revisions
Mac browser display issues, on windows browsers displays correctly
Sample project plugin jquery File Upload plugin implemented in ASP .NET MVC3
attributes used before defined in a module
Different order of parameters in strptime and strftime
JEditorPane: HTML Layout Broken
How to ignore the Default Style for a particular control?
How to store android application data on sim card using NFC?
Oracle - Missing Right Parenthesis
How to handle mysql #1062 - Duplicate entry error when creating a large table
W3C validation problems with FB meta tags + iframes [duplicate]
Dynamically add UI content in android
How to use the domReady requireJS plugin correctly
Create a HTML table with an ASP repeater, repeating horizontally
Get content of HTTPS GET request in Android
how to concisely write this javascript to show/hide a list of elements?
update MySQL version from 5.1 to 5.5 in CentOS 6.2
closure library generated browser events do not have target
state of activity after startActivityForResult
How attach private data to android calendar event
jQuery, form validation, message after validation of .each field
Is it possible to coerce 0x11 to 0x00, keeping 0x01 -> 0x01 and 0x -> 10 using only bitwise operations?
Using PHP as a CSS file?
Implementing javascript Object.defineProperties
UIDatePicker selecting time issue
Should I use a <p> tag or <div> tag here?
How to comunicate two androids devices
show an open spinner
Rails 3 and fields_for with activemodel (tableless) object
Can't establish connection
JavaScript OOP - class methods (signatures and conventions)
How to get Currently logged user's ID in pyrocms?
How to check if correct values are being passed in mysqli
Android QuickAction Notification View
Using addContextMenuItem in sl4a
Perl Flip-Flop operator - Global State Issue?
NDK-Build only generates Armv5 so
Eagerly load an entity inside a LINQ query with EF 4.1 ObjectContext
Disable JButton focus border
How to insert dynamically a Table into a table cell into another Table?
I have a error on session How to fix this [duplicate]
Could it be, that Chrome cancels pending Ajax requests, once the browser is being redirected to another URL?
In Orchard 1.3.10 and Advanced Menu 1.3 using classes 鈥淐urrent鈥�and 鈥淪elected鈥�
Dependecy properties that depend on other properties
Dependecy properties that depend on other properties
How to set up a polymorphic has_many :through?
Android addJavascriptInterace, calling native function gives me a typeError
Method overloading and choosing the most specific type
SQL Join with three tables
how to make a socket server listen on local file [closed]
CATALINA_HOME environmental variable is not defined correctly
What is the best way to work with many interfaces?
Optimising php file reading code
SQL column containing array of table row values
How to fire hightlight effect on UIBarButtonItem
MVC Routing Misunderstanding
paypal IPN not sending any notification
Silverlight tracing with AviCode
namespace global function
How can I get my application to continue, only when all async operations are complete?
Android: Custom Expandeble List and CheckBox issue. Why is chechbox state random?
Remove SQL Server Replication Subscriptions
Populate a list with a specific range of numbers by using LINQ
SQL Server: How to set column alias from another table during select?
Powershell can speak, but can it write if i speak?
How do you conditionally route to an action if the request originates from an AJAX call?
hide the background image when the hover image appears using css
Phonegap File Download to device - Which device path to take?
CSS Background Image with Horizontal Gradient
How to iterate over a list and create a json array from it?
Codeigniter - How to get and change uri segement then redirect?
Populate specific Div from particular Jquery array
How to determine that Drawing.Graphics object is related to given Bitmap object?
sending local emails to hotmail issue
Save SOAP xml of EJB3 WebService message
Dynamic spacing between controls in the Toolbar in WPF
Create a back-end database for ios & web apps using filemaker
Spring JDBC Template for calling Stored Procedures
Cronjob not executing the Shell Script completely
Trying to develop a sort of permutation algorithm
When will a static class initialize?
pyparsing capturing groups of arbitrary text with given headers as nested lists
What's the differences between t.onclick = doSomething and t.onclick = doSomething() in javascript? [duplicate]
database column int limit
issue occuring on threading in different instances by using
once a project is deleted, can it come back somewhoe in Eclipse?
How to import a Bitbucket project into Github on Windows [duplicate]
Write IF statement using FormulaR1C1 in VBA Excel
Building a web server app that tracks android phones using GPS
swap two numbers using call by reference
save a modified log right before a commit
Copying JavaScript variables to SSI variables
Facebook Multi request
create new Exception type
ActivtyNotFoundException but YES, it is declared in my AndroidManifest.xml
Animating an arc in Raphael JS wobbles in Chrome
Random Order of an IEnumerable
How can I determine which revision and url was used to create a tag in Subversion? always returns 鈥渦nknown鈥�
How to change the Value of a variable globally
How do I mimic pressing the 鈥渄own鈥�arrow in vb6?
Extract and open PPT from resources in C#
Can't locate cause of 鈥淲arning: Wrong parameter count for mysql_query() 鈥�error
Python script to detect malware website or procedure to detect malware on a website?
Search the whole file system
How to join SVG parts into bigger parts?
Event source FullCalendar
Using RegEx to match and but NO OTHER subdomains?
Check whether data in cell of datagridview is null
How to get touchDown events invoked within a UIScrollView during dragging?
Load Data while Scrolling Page Down with jQuery and PHP
Split button in a tool window toolbar
how to make inro page for website, it show only one time per visitor [closed]
Background color below background image in CSS/HTML [closed]
wamp - www directory doesnt open new document root
jquery mobile changePage() not working correctly
Informatica issue - transformation
Yii Bootstrap Extension Gridview
Cython performance test
Create a SQL Server table within a Schema using EntityFramework Code-First?
How to log all the errors, but only if an error of a particular level ocurred?
Abstract Method That Returns an Instance of Derived Class
How to send list of objects from servlet to applet? [closed]
Identify VTK Cells by a label in the file format
MVC Remote Attribute - Issue with submit
Land mine game using only switch statemnet 鈥rror occuring,,,,?
SVN propset invoking in SVN hook doesn't work
Whats the meaning of this code?
Can FB.ui's Property 'Picture' can fetch an Image from a HttpHandler?
How to remove item from array object in jquery
Error in calling ajax using jquery
How can I remove selected elements from xib file
Dynamic object property name in objective C
Can we debug Java programs with no main method?
JavaFX 2.0 with LibGDX (or other)
SSRS 'Zebra striping' not working as expected
Compare two same strings but get different results in IDLE
disable date range in Joomla calendar
Jira API addBase64EncodedAttachmentsToIssue not working for status = closed
How to remove directories from final build zip archive using maven 3
Basic principle about a benefit of XAML
setting cell in jqgrid
How can I add LBtnMouseDown event to edit control
Fastest Way to send Data from Android to Server?
How to identify associated widget when list item is clicked?
Displaying Png Image in J2me
Showing 'cancel' on login page to return user to where they were (using django.contrib.auth)
Where should my images go in Rails? What does precompile do exactly?
Boost filesystem complete replacement
How to reset an UIGestureRecognizer?
identify each label .innerhtml
Rendering subscript using DrawText or similar function
SQL Server select ids where number of rows is above specified amount
How can I make an image fadein and expand with jQuery 1.7
Collect prices from page using JavaScript
can I get the unicode value of a character or vise versa with php?
C# - Structured splitting of a txt-file
Clipping a graph drawn with DrawCurve()
PHP Delete a directory not empty
How to retrieve the list of scheduled jobs in a job queue?
ruby module inside module
Can i move a file in an asset folder to an asset sub-folder?
I want the partial pagecurl effect ,not the full screen
Cassandra-check whether column name exists in column family
Catalyst XML datafeed
How to download the financial report from iTunes?
How do I plot multiple probability distributions side-by-side in R?
Ms Access: Record(s) cannot be read; no read permission on [table]
whats better, giving hard coded height or using weight parameter to set View parameters..?
how to play .gif files in android
Python, lxml and <type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'>
error C2064: term does not evaluate to a function taking 0 arguments thread.hpp(60)
how to read nested json file made with texture packer using jquery
Writing install location to registry from installer
WPF and graph in the grid?
How to replace enum type in H2 databse?
How to clear the stack of forms properly in VB6
change display of elements in a cross-domain iframe (greasemonkey, bookmarklet solutions ok!)
Distributed features of HTML5 and what comprises of a 'distributed technology'
Android: Editext displaying Time
7-Segment Display OCR
Using Tridion 2011 SOLR for GUI extensions
How to make an app to app communication over network from one device to another in Android?
update database table from csv file remotely
Character encoding not being picked up
Unable to bind a dropdownlist to list dictionary collection
Indentation of list items not correct with IE, correct with Firefox, Safari and Chrome
Using a trigger to lock certain rows based on a condition
Scala Lift - Save uploaded files to server directory
why is <input type=鈥渘umber鈥�maxlength=鈥�鈥�gt; not working in Safari?
svn command to show file revisions while getting differences between two tags
Correct piece of script to use to get layer to toggle open on windowload
WCF XmlElement serialization/deserialization
FullCalendar Data from MySQL via JSON not pulled through
FullCalendar Data from MySQL via JSON not pulled through
Can you write a webservice call in coldfusion without using createObject(鈥渨ebservice鈥濃�i.e. using Java
Not able to handle popups in selenium + IE9
Getting column with nearest matching number
Can a Perl test script detect whether it's being run from a harness in parallel?
How to change Camera Preview Buffer Resolution?
Layout Recommendation
Service locator pattern and DDD
Three classes dependance - returning data
SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY results in a 302 [duplicate]
IPhone AddressBook method to return or create a ABRecord
Arial font issue in pdf format in jasper report
selfhosted WCF-Service + client certificate authentication
Calling my endpoint when receiving a new email
OSGi Accessing Java EE within an Application Server
Creating a batch fies to Move compress and delete
FB.Canvas.showFlashElement() not working
C# how to extensively test parameters (with results converging to certain values)
XML instead of json
Video site php oop or procedural
How to use grep in NSIS 2.44
How to start PhoneStateListener programmatically?
C# open multiple images to array
Removing newline after <h1> tags?
saving JFrame as image file (.JPG, .PNG, .BMP etc)
Does cPanel cache WOT (Web of trust) API requests?
鈥�453) A session key is required for calling this method鈥�during facebook post delete
replace or delete line in txt file
Why do I get unbound variable error in Scheme?
Nested import errors
Remove KML layers from map PARTIALLY
Unable to compute Standard deviation on a deque
RPC for a PHP server and Ruby client?
Windows phone 7 json .net
In SDL Tridion 2011, how can I specify additional, reusable contact information in Audience Manager that must be updateable from a single location?
Button under keyboard
speeding up std::map and boost:unordered_map [] operation
Flex TLF List Marker alignment
SOAP::Lite generates 鈥渙verflow鈥�on complex type 鈥淎rray鈥�
Capture high resolution frames but view smaller resolution
Using Abstract Classes with Header Files in C++
Can we use TFS Comparision API in .NET Windows Forms/ WPF Application
Using Apache Poi to parse table within a table in a word document
photo sizes available through Graph API / FQL and display in a custom viewer
Simplistic API for data access
Show current time on page in real ticks format using Rails
Salesforce IDE Pluse Installer download failure
H2DB : How to retrieve the date of the server?
Load textures with TexturePacker (AndEngine)
Custom font is not being loaded?
Don't get the touch event when using overlapping views
Processing audio 鈥渙n-fly鈥�(C#, WP7)
Mongodb multidimensional data aggregation/deduplication
Why is the enum name added as a prefix to my constants when exposed as an Active X object in VEE?
Check whether a control is available in td
Moving the location of the Bin folder, web publishing issue?
ace register_handler fails
Data binding when model objects lacks some properties
Object versioning patterns
Rails separate array items with comma inside partial
Parse HTTP Header from fsockopen with PHP?
Android how to scale an image with BitmapFactory Options
Inheritance objective-c
SQLite error when inserting a row
jqGrid and MVC3 url action method does not get called
FB ui feed does not work - how to change my javascript?
Rails Routing Setup
jboss7, java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread
Change to an option in a select with jQuery
Am I understanding MVC in web development correctly?
How do I set the Django auth.login session length/age?
How to pass String Value between two fragments?
Are there a better practice to hold monster images than in the timeline *flash*
Check whether View is shown in Popover or in full-screen
Extending element beyond it's parent borders
Problems displaying international characters in Canvas using fillText
Multiple Bind in HyperLinkButton Navigate URI
Javascript resource url from config
simpleXML Select based on value of 2 fields
Can I declare a variable of a 'protocol' type in an Objective-C interface?
Originate a call with Asterisk - without the originating extension ringing
atomically writing to a socket
I get 鈥渋nvalid label鈥�error while making cross-domain ajax call using jsonp
Issue with backup gem
probleme with the trace of Fork()
Java change View from menu not working
What is the namespace of Get/SetPropertyValue in Extender Implementation
jQuery Editor Plugin - execommand not being called
WebLogic ERROR: No credential mapper entry found for password indirection user=db_user?
More Cpp, Winsock, RSA and OpenSSL
Retrieve the values from a list toGridview in SharePoint Webpart?
Assigning selector output to an array - JQuery
Specified member type is not supported linq
Server cannot set content type after HTTP headers have been sent
Random CSS Styling in Safari iPhone
How to wordwrap checkbox text?
Third activity called returns its result to the first activity instead of sending the result to the second activity?
How to get the artist's/song's name from the current song in a playlist from a webradio
Use MAC OS Library QTKit for iPhone App
Websocket with Play! Framework is failing with vhosts
Postfix label text with colon
Server receives null when sending complex type from android client to wcf service
Microsoft Enterprise Lib - LoadDataSet Method close connection
SQL to check if value exists or not
Advantages and disadvantages of using Storyboarding?
How to determine if iOS version supports auto-renewing purchases?
Webkit Speech - Javascript trigger mic listen
PHP - Search File for Contents
jQuery inline form validation - hidden field
How to tell which branch a github commit was for?
Sorting Complex Dictionary Values In LINQ
FreeMarker hash lookup using object graph notation
How do i prevent my CSS affecting external plugins?
validate textbox for date of birth
jgraph port size
jQuery.ajax converter not called
Visible Property of ASP.Net Control not working
Uploading php file via php using ftp details is executing php and not uploading original php file
convert project from visual studio 2008 to 2010 [closed]
Right approach for using GPS on iOS
jquery mobile add listview to 鈥�navbar in footer 鈥�
calculate business date for given date and month
What is verify token in Facebook Realtime API
jquery token-input and active_admin
Whitelist or blacklist file extensions for uploads?
How to make Spring-based app work with jsessionid URL parameter
MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback page directive not working with ajaxtoolkit control?
Can I Only Export the visible items in a DevExpress Grid
Entity Framework Migrations does not find my DbContext
Is it possible to customize the tool window's toolbars in Visual Studio 2010
Facebook graph api(News feed) doesnt return all data I have searched
Hibernate: unable to save object using JPA when object is containing reference of saved object
CSS Image Border
getting values from primefaces components
a:hover style does not affect after adding cufon
Facebook - add canvas application in install apps list
Objective C: Scrollview Issue
How to get the Arabic keyboard in iphone sdk [closed]
WebSphera /ibm_security_logout has not been defined
Sporadic MySQL connection errors for 5-10 seconds
Is there a contradiction between these two sources about the `auto_ptr` template class?
clustered table query in mysql
How to display images from database in JSF
Error linking to OpenCV after restructure of code
ANDROID: Creating a button that needs to be pushed for X seconds
Do the Scrolling in Client Brower Window
are there any bugs about 'dust js recursion'?
Oracle: how do I compare two set of data?
BLAS sdot operation implementation in MKL library
Proper use of [dismiss() vs hide()]
Proper use of [dismiss() vs hide()]
Ruby/Cucumber/Capybara Testing Multipart File Uploads
Is there any way to access page header,page footer and page content separately using libpoppler?
Is there a way to trigger immediate invalidation of a PHP file system cache if MYSQL data changes?
Can the child process affect parent process' environment?
Using PEAR to handle DB. DB Errors being displayed to users. How to stop?
Unhandled exception error while Initializing directX 11
Store boolean value in UITableviewcell
Ruby on Rails: Downloading files with multiple dots in filename (uploaded using Carrierwave)
Incrementing NSArray on button click
DDD - Repository per entity or one for everything?
variable can not be changed
Android compilation from source
How to make a sectionised ListView
Add request parameter to request
how to start process minimized on windows with factor
Doxygen commenting parameters for unmanaged code in c# wrapper
How do I define custom configuration directives for my Apache module?
Place single image in multiple places without creating imageview
Facebook - call canvas application from page
IDNA nameprep Invalid character u' x94'
XmlSerializer ShouldSerialize* doesn't work for base type property
ViewSwitcher and ListView
Linq-to-SQL group by date-periods depending on a parameter (daily, Monthly鈥�
bidirectional one-to-many with jointable
how to use colspan in VF pages
Efficient Repeated calling of NDRangeKernel in OpenCL
manual compiling doozerd fails
Animate multiple images in iphone with CA
cant fetch the songs from sdcard to listview ,Android
Creating webrequest POST for Twitter API using VB.NET
autoresizingmask for height and width
obtain geolocation position inside codeigniter controller
avoid showing link navigation url below on anchor tag mouseover
How to exclude one object type from a Linq query
objective c pass block as parameter with OOP
opening xls file and saving it as tsv file using java and UTF-16LE to UTF-8 conversion
How to access EF class properties from Service Layer
CalendarStore API under 10.7 - duplicate calendars?
InvalidCastException error with clearing value of date picker
scala lift - filterNot with multiple arguments
Using the sonar plugin with eclipse
running a test/unit/RbcTest.php from a bash script directory not working
Java - Give certain bitpattern positions, a certain value
Appengine python The API call mail.Send() took too long to respond and was cancelled
Is there a good CPAN module to implement state machines when parsing text?
open source codeplex library can be used for a commercial purpose?
Pivoting an IEnumerable List
MySQL stored procedure looping control
UTF-8 Encoding doesn't work with Errai and Tomcat
what is the title's font of navigationItem?
Using tortoisesvn to make a local version of online repository
Call image from ANY subfolder of 'Uploads'
has_many and belongs_to on other fields
Data exchange directy to USB device with VID and PID in Delphi
ViewFlipper not showing first child in android 2.3.1
Java compiler errors in grails application
DataGrid is not updating rows from List(of ) object
Average of 3 IEnumerables
fetching the days using numpy datetime?
Why structure can not contain Instance of itself?
StaticResource Lookup not working with merged dictionaries
how to select element form list and put it in textbox
Is using the MSVCC extension keyword 鈥渁bstract鈥�after a class name a good practice?
#1062 - Duplicate entry '1' for key 1 when enabling Auto_increment
Android how to reset canvas/bitmap to capture a new image
Installing QxOrm in debian ubuntu 11.10(oneric) using qt creator
ASP.NET MySQL Order By give wrong results
Uploading folders/multiple files using Paperclip ( Rails gem )
Stored procedure for search operation
How to read TextBox foreground/background property in XAML?
NSDateFormatter: week of year and first weekday
How to make sort less value from document using xslt?
Update total price based on radio input selection
create a new packet similar to that of RREQ in AODV routing protocol
Changing EditText height and width on Runtime with some animation
jQuery plugin (prettyPhoto) not functioning after upload to remote server
creating a simple package that can be install via Pip & virtualenv
Fabric.js + Google Fonts
how to avoid memory leak when dealing with a lot of resources in your android application
IIS 7.5 hosting mvc 3 razor app default page
MiGLayout multiple components on border
StreamReader with TcpClient returning incorrect strings
Why is the kinect presentation that slow on my computer?
MVC3 Razor save two step
How do i handle heavy page loads with php [closed]
How to loop through all available arrays in Ruby code
issue while finding the xpath for span located inside div/h2 inside document
Javascript or jQuery text colour slide effect?
Parsing XML stream in Android
Dynamic web site plus decoupled content delivery from CMS
Map is not displaying correctly in android MapView
Querying two SQL-Tables with LINQ
Apache License and Android apk
How to display image in img ASP control?
Excluding tests from tfs build
Android : Time milliseconds to X day - X hours - x Minute - X seconds left
What are standard unicode fonts?
FB: how to link page with app
How to format DropDownList'sListItem from code behind?
鈥淰alue too large for defined data type鈥�with 鈥渢ar鈥�on some devices
How to create multiple virtual hosts with apache2 and zend
css layered positioning
Setting TEXTAREA and INPUT fields to 100% inside TD truncates right margin
white-space:nowrap; issue
getting error for ambiguous symbol and need help to remove it
Can session replication takes place without sticky session?
the cpu goes to 100% in vmware client
Mysql query to count number of days of login
Java viewing image path from MYSQL and displaying that image in java tips
php submit javascript form [closed]
App Engine devserver Query filter not working declaratively adding controls. Where are they instantiated?
Passing JSON data from controller action to a razor view
Reading from an XML file C#
What is the difference between a qualifier and a modifier in C?
HttpGet returns UnknownHostException
Zipped data getting loss during copying from FTP to windows
how to return list in to a json post
How to plot density plots with proportions on the y-axis?
JavaScript access issue in winforms webbrowser control
SP2010, CQWP showing <a> on title field
Using previous value when calculating in loop
preventing user input on share button?
Logging with java.util.logging in a multi thread application
How should one drop packets, when one is limiting download speed with socket?
does the scope of array reference matter in this sample code
Can I delay loading of some controls on an xPage to after page loaded
how can i download the images to custom Base adapeter by using url?
Fast shared data store available to both observers and controllers?
Multiple select, Collections and Spring 3 web MVC
Maven GWT plugin 鈥渇ailed with status 1鈥�error
[Asterisk]Attended transfer using hook flash on a SIP channel
Datediff in date format
recursive mysql query to get child/parent results
Find text which is not surrounded by any HTML tag
How to make a .lib file when have a .dll file and a header file
Relative addressing in assembly
Win Form: SaveFileDialog
Replacing only a specific group within a matched expression
Change data value of object tag on button press
What is the API for UNIX like Win 32 API in windows?
Embeding html,javascript,css as resource and using in web control
Django: How do I create a new model containing all the fields of another model (but unrelated to it)?
Return 2 dimension array in C function
pre-commit hook does not check pattern
Converting PDF to JPG like Photoshop quality - Commercial C++ / Delphi library
IE 8 (Win XP) strange crash - Jquery and CSS 鈥渕ortal鈥�combination?
JQuery UI Slider - Combined Max for multiple sliders that also have individual max values
How to redirect a direct link to file to a web page? (with PHP & NGINX)
JQuery UI Slider - Combined Max for multiple sliders that also have individual max values
How to redirect a direct link to file to a web page? (with PHP & NGINX)
What is the difference between new Object and new Object() in JavaScript [duplicate]
Error in output using split() method?
stepping into webservice from .NET app
Memory allocation for processes
FullCalendar jQuery no eventClick
Dojo bar chart, onmouseover hand cursor
Detailed and specific use of Sessions?
Send array of objects from servlet to JSP
Rails 3 - increment_counter increments twice
Facebook OAuth getting only email, possible?
No such file or directory for setting and getting string array
UltraComboEditor - Infragistics control
Android Virtual Keyboard not shown
Binding to ComboBox with converter in Silverlight
Shrinking url in PHP [closed]
entityManager save and refresh
can you modify jQuery source for self and redistribution? [closed]
Rewrite rules for WordPress
WPF ClassModifier internal performance issues
MonoTouch: how to add UITabBarController
AsyncTask and the setContentView
Simplest way to implement .NET events for C++
is there a way to get tfs teambuild's controller (and agent) status from the command line?
Can I point a sub domain of one site to the root of another on same server / IP
Adding different values to line chart after each time running
flash builder 4 - java.lang.NullPointerException error when pressed CTL+Space (for defining skinClass)
Remove strong name from assembly while de serialize using regular expressions
Unzip a Byte zip data
Filling and selecting a selectbox in mustache JS
SQL Server row base authorisation using ACL
Action on press CCMenuItem. not on unpress
Hash from route to action
iOS - How to mirror a web directory locally ? (iCloud Like)
Is there a way to access linkedin signal updates through API
TransactionScope issue
Web service client using dojo toolkit
Text to speech receiving many speak requests at once
Notification when a application is downloaded in ios
Error in implementing the Mobclix
ASP.NET connect to Windows Application
How do I access the members in a stdClass array of stdClasses?
Is there a free data analyzer for helping in information visualization?
Symfony2.0 Login ,The presented password is invalid
Manually set UICulture in ASP.NET
Sharepoint Insert a new Item using Lists Web Service
Spring : Transactions not rolling back
Doctrine2 + soft delete as a state pattern
Having aggregate root as property?
Regular Expression too hungry
iOS iPhone Simulator 5.0 EKAlarm not working
Declaring enum in a header, invisible in source file?
branching on program output in a batch file
Zend Studio error - Generating Getters and Setters failed
Jawr gzip_ -bundle url end up unauthorized with StarkSecurity -plugin
Getting selected/clicked item on desktop using Applescript
Django: ordering by specific backwared related property
target=鈥淿blank鈥�pop-ups a window instead of open a new tab
How to print a numpy array without brackets
how to use CQ5 fileupload component?
How to register an image so that it is immediately viewable from Gallery application?
Bicubic Interpolation example needed
what code optimizations can roslyn provide
How does the derived class objects look like in memory?
Posting to an API URL and decoding XML or Json?
Select rows with Max Value grouped by two columns
Enclosing class vs Declaring class
Can we do an inter server table join, in SQL Server?
How to assign Session Variables using Jquery and PHP?
How to change DNS to an amazon-EC2 instance
how to load image path from image gallery?
buddypress permalinks on overlay
In GNU Make, how do I subst a path's drive to lower case?
How do I perform deep equality comparisons of two lists of tuples?
Object Files with Header Guards
鈥淐ould not stop Cortex-M device鈥�error when attempting to debug STM32F205ZG
How to get cURL to work on windows? [closed]
Oracle Timestamp to Unix Epoch Timestamp in PHP
js textarea / jwysiwyg replacement
ASP.NET MVC3: Default value selection in Dropdown
Model naming convention in Spine.js and Rails with two words
fetch data in a different format from mysql databate
Data structure for storing variables in an interpreted language
How to focus a div for keyboard scrolling in Opera
Logic explanation required
Implementation inline assembly of compare and swap function for Sparc V8
Deployment Issue For Webservice based Website
Simple case of json parsing where input is an array in c++ using cJSON library [closed]
Compress / decompress string in memory
change an excel cell style through C#
JQuery drag & drop with tabs does not clone node
Unable to pass value back to parentViewController
Finding The Sum OF Two Values In SQL Server 2008
starting digit may not e zero - iphone
CakePHP association one Model to exclusively one out of three others?
Android, Urban AirShip - change the message
std::async - std::launch::async , std::launch::deferred
JavaScript Help - With Page event/Var
XmlSerializer replace xsi:type to node name
Ruby debugging not working properly in Aptana
Unix search command
I m trying to use google maps in my Android App. If I click on any position in the map, i want the search editbox to dispay its location
How to create .vcf file for selected contact
close function of dialog being executed after dialog is closed upon ESC key press (in chrome only)
How can I change codec parsing system in MjSip?
c language+Two dimensional array
Javascript Variables to PHP Script
Multiple Inheritance: What's a good example?
Call user defined function on click in jQuery
Share point closed web parts are not showing up
Oracle SQL: One select takes to long, another select are fast
how to display subview of superview?
Bypass for function having return type as Collection<T>
Can anyone explain the Fundamental theorem of software engineering? [closed]
Override JBoss transactions using Spring, Struts and Hibernate
Android, peer-to-peer, open source solution?
Locked out of gitolite and cant gl-admin-push
How to write custom code in Rdlc Report [closed]
Pixelation in iOS4 but not iOS5
Writing to a existing xls file using POI
SMS Read/Write/Delete/Insert Android Application
JSON : Unrecognized field 鈥渧alue鈥�(<objectClass>), not marked as ignorable
What is the maximum number of elements an enum can have in C?
How to inspect elements on dynamically created DOM by using IE developers tools
Image loader weighting algorithm
OpenSSL, RSA and Winsock and C++
Jenkins configuration
Problems using an installclass in a web setup for a web site
One click building my project with Cmake & Msbuild (vs2010) with a batch file
How to grab webpage table data (using span class element) into listview control in 2008 app?
Push Notification in android c2dm
reverse engineering in hibernate using spring
NMEAListener not working?
Mark a Field as IsRequired having attribute [XmlElement]
ValidationRules not removing error when value is set back to valid value
How come this bash script can write 'a'?
How to create a walking animation in LOVE 2D
How to get the number of google plus likes of a website?
navigation in UITableView in monotouch iPhone
Is there a way to show the current TFS workspace in Visual Studio?
merge in-place without external storage
Short key in MyEclipse
What is the idiomatic way to break out of a recursion in C?
The file InfoPlist.strings couldn't be opened
Memory management in BADA Operating System
Open Google Chrome from Command Line in predefined windows
How to change output of ant <input> task?
Syntax for Twitter Bootstrap Typeahead data-source
XBAP won't run in Mozilla Firefox
XBAP won't run in Mozilla Firefox
Correlated subqueries in HQL Select Clause
How to write plugins for Aptana Studio 3
Geolocation neccesary to get mayorship?
Hibernate Tools Indigo : Property view doesn't display result item correctly
ALign xml text using XSLT in ouput html
Jfreechart candlestick chart - candle by X-Axis value
Java choice: Store images in JAR or as Base64 sequence?
Button click event in custom user control , wpf
ActiveConnection Error
Facebook integration, Recommend button on specific product page + show the product image
Drupal only display certain content based on location
Calling a field inside included feed
Creating simple CRUD frontend component in joomla1.5
Coming from iOS to OS X - where do I put my code?
How to remove a part of an object in javascript
How to capture data displayed on a pop up window
VB 2010 Store Passwords In Database
How to move jquery function/callback into document ready
How to achieve one row with two column and second row with single column using TableLayout
AvalonEdit TextEdit Not Scrolling when used in a usercontrol inside Itemscontrol
Android 4.0 Turns POST into GET
Certificate not work when i try to update
see what files are in Frame Cache
Arrays wrapped in complex type are unwrapped in Java code (Axis 1.4)
Similar to each() but only for one selector
Send binary data as HTTP and pass firewall
jersey web service json utf-8 encoding Radar chart. Show lines instead of filled area
Magento sort product list by product type
ISPF Editor: Changing characters to upper case?
Open source CMS or framework solution for multiple shops
Securing Android Phone from stealing
XPath not working properly when the root tag got xmlns property
lost with mySQL INNER Join query
TFS Analysis Rebuild Error: column does not contain valid bindings to data and cannot be processed
Set a HTML5 Video element to cover?
Dropbox-like client for WebDav [closed]
Ruby on Rails Advise on User's Input and mySQL
defining operators for a template class with boost::operators
applying preg_match on mysql
Why python reduce() skip over the None element?
JBoss validator cannot resolve arrays?
How to force execution of transition on browser refresh with spring webflow
PermGen Space Error
How to create Sprite ( from SVGImage (SVG Tiny)?
How to launch external app (NDrive) from iphone app
position:absolute is not working in IE 8
JQuery - simple ajax requests don't work in IE
JSON, replace quotes and slashes, but by what?
If an array is used as an element in struct (C#) , where is it stored?
How to programmatically set an image in an UIImageView