insert datatable records into MYSQL database using PHP [duplicate]
XCode adding header files to Build Phases automatically?
Android Ratingbar in custom dialog it's not working, in debugger shows rankingbar:null(value)?
php curl sending data from one iframe to another
Dynamic jQuery Dialog Box
Conditions in SQL to provide correct output
jQuery: How to detect if an LI element is loaded?
SQL Count total given a Where/Having parameter
message unique is in java mail
Write a plug-in, or change the source code?
Multi-Level navigation in iphone in xcode 4.2
How to make sort from document using xslt?
Integrating security to Spring MVC application (applicationContext Issue)
The executable was signed with invalid entitlements (0xE8008016)
Is clipping working properly on rotation?
Get name of script executed in linux console while using perl regexp
file_exists included files
Get drawable for density for API Level <15
Compression technique used in WinRAR [closed]
Magento Unique Key error with Inventory and SAP
MySQL DB migration and Sync
Which ASP.NET MVC CMS better for my needs? [closed]
Android: ndk-gdb 鈥淵our APP_BUILD_SCRIPT points to an unknown file: ./jni/ 鈥�
DOM/Javascript: get text after tag
CString . Format issue
Is there an ant library to execute remote commands in an ant like fashion?
How to use XmlSerializer to deserialise XML that has multiple xlmns attributes
Date and Time jframe GUI
jquery event .error doesn't work in IE8
Error referencing header file to create an application to reference dll
Eclipse MPI parser error
CSS rotation not applied in Android 4.0 webview
Return pointer to a const array in c++
How to get visible rowindex of aspxgridview on row deleting event
Linux kernel booting stops at Uncompressing Linux鈥�Ok, booting the kernel
How to debug a C++ program from PHP?
How to prevent cookieless URLs?
Android - PagerAdapter crashes when I add a ClickListener
How to force a code style for a project?
How to select default FileFilter when creating a JFileChooser dialog?
how to save paints into sdcard in android
Some pictures don't show up on my website
Scaling text dynamically to ensure it fits within a single line textview
how to bind a view to alertdialog and use the children in this view in android?
Changing WordPress link in header
Design Patterns for a Rails 3.2 JS-heavy App
python - looking for factory of db drivers
python - looking for factory of db drivers
MigLayout 50% width
how to get id of many many list within ace:dialog and c:foreach
Wordpress, posts as navigation with content changing
How to execute some code on particular time on the server..?
the source code of revgen tool
What am I doing wrong with this JSON?
Pointer to pointer Arithmetic
Hide a form's client area (but let the title bar be visible) when mouse is not over the title bar
MBean persistence
Eclipse Git - see difference of files and switch between branches
UITextField changes font while editing
Linking error in xcode while loading it to the device
How to bind a style to a property of whatever datacontext has the styled element?
Apply xsl to multiple element with same name?
ScrollView inside FrameLayout layout margin's issue
Does Atlassian Confluence have local documentation for non-Internet installs
session is lost in iframe with case sensitive url (IE8)
change url using .htaccess [domainname/cms.php?iCmsId=1 covert to domainname/about-us.php]
SQLite - retrieve set of lat, long from the table
Accessing GPS using AsyncTask
Pass the name of the file i double click on as parameter in ftype
Sound/Music library C# - Rythm game XNA
PayPal subscription vs recurring?
Core Data - using Transient Properties in Group By
Thread safe method without using any type of lock [closed]
Best way to grab and print data from a large amount of text fields?
How to determine a child view's parent when click event fires?
Why it is taking some time to call the next activity after pressing back button?
Why does the Visual Studio 2010 debugger not pick up debug symbols for handling exception in F# sequence?
Cannot find cosf in msvcr100.dll using GetProcAddress
validModesForFontPanel never called
issue with loading data in array
Reshaping a data.frame with additional rows based on multiple items regexed from a single column
event.preventDefault(); not working with .on in jQuery
Records count exceeded maximum integer value
HttpWebRequest with proxy - setting cookies
Concurrency problems with stored procedure
AsyncSocket: getting merged two packets instead of separate two packets
Running multiple program from bash script within for loop
How to pass touch event to another object?
Datatrigger on contentpresenter.content not working
Grails Plugin overrides controller and views
How to deploy the sources file with the jar using Maven deploy:deploy-file
Web app needs to communicate with serial port
Caching CSS files with a build script
Hide select field on external click
Regular expression that generates a DFA with dead or superfluous states
How to run a Jenkins build only if another build has been successful?
scrapy imagepipline: simple example created, what is command to run/test it
What should I use for my website mobile version ?jquery mobile / CSS3 page media / detecting browser size by jscript or redirecting to new page?
How come the image.height is not the proper size?
remove uploaded file from my php folder
Programmatically Connect to a PPTP VPN from Android
setTimeout() and canvas not working as intended
Apache shiro - how do I know that caching is working for authorization?
Will a modern compiler automatically optimize the following C++ code?
Google Map is not loading when i use progaurd
How can I get the product identifier from a restored transaction?
Differential scrolling?
Encrypting a struct, bad data error, what's causing that?
Adding Javascript resources in theme
Adding videos to the jQuery coverflow plugin
how to get the heights of line-boxes a block element, with inline elements inside, is made of when rendered
Can't see workflow foundation performance counters
Difference between char[] and char* in function call
Android HTTP Post,Get Delete
android: how to add a customized image to widgets?
How can I change de size of the title in my navigation bar to fit a text
first-child is not working properly in my css code
Relation In Between Models In Yii
What can i do to insert file name with a single quotes from excel to mysql?
Code Sign error: Certificate identity 'iPhone Developer: My Name (xxx)' appears more than once in the keychain
Memcached Client for .NET/C# - what are the pros and cons of each?
Adobe CQ5 - Custom Mail Functionality
multiprocess or multithread? - parallelizing a simple computation for millions of iterations and storing the result in a single data structure
Is there a .net method to check a user password for simplicity
Face box like plugin - All faces not showing on webpage
Delphi XE2, TWebBrowser, float divide by zero
Why do I have multiple branches of a similar name after setting up git-svn
Visual Studio tab lines 鈥�鈥�
Call method in separate thread
STL containers - How are unique key values determined?
Zend Server CE and BIRT Integration with Javabridge [closed]
Conditional HTML attribute in JSPX
is it possible creating a floor plan with clickable region and will be used as a web app?by floor plan i mean what architects use [closed]
C: MD5 gives garbage as result
Checking a string to see if its blank
NHibernate Dictionary: Could not initialize a collection
Print two rows in one column [Advanced SQL]
Putting varchars from a result set into an ArrayList
Can't construct a valid graph URL after uploading to FaceBook via app
How can I set the wallpaper programaticly?
flash garbage collector and handling events
Filtration of data sent to the Internet
Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 cannot stream video
Writing Temp table value into .csv file
Rails form_tag redirect route error
Get index of array starting from last element
I want to remove the row if that row's <td> contains only B in my below code?
I want to remove the row if that row's <td> contains only B in my below code?
why i can't add event handlers for events of my usercontrol though page markup
How to Find selected item from radiobutton list using javascript
Android layouts - Most efficent way to achieve what i'm after
How to achieve fault tolerance in cloud?
Responsive images - Extra padding?
How to access property in javaScript? [closed]
Dynamic Datagrid Binding in Silverlight?
how can I compile fortran source with module file with fwrap?
facescontext is released befor thread finish to work
Site loading too slowly [closed]
MVC3:unable to retrieve metadata for my model class when i want to accesse model data from controller
ASP MVC Routes being ignored in hybrid classic asp site
Clear screen after output in Perl
Multiple Language issue in Jomsocial
Incorrect syntax near ',' [closed]
MySQL to Solr import issue
LabelFor not working in loop (for/foreach/template)
Downloand images with ASIHttpRequest
ManualResetEvent.WaitOne blocks all threads
setting up Postgresql 9.1 database in Django for ubuntu 11.10
combine multiple objects
Member function binding using boost
Adding to war file (in Solr application)
How to get the xtype of an instantiated component?
Conditionally adding Context Menu Item in Outlook 2010
Regarding analytics [closed]
How to Query user input data in SQLIte?
java issue creating float[]
How to set foreign key property with NOT NULL in multiple relationships
Repeating code in JUnit tests
In Android , how to use the condition based on the sum of 2 columns' values operation in the where clause using SqliteDatabase 's query() method
Mysqldumper: Dumping each table separately
Custom listview scrollin isn't smooth
Is it safe for a class to create instances of itself inside the static constructor?
SSL connection in android
FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-92 (java.util.ConcurrentModificationException) in Android
What will be the rewriterule to redirect when query is not a valid directory
SELECT returning multiple rows as string
Show static value if id has no value in other tables in joinning tables
android betatesting sites needed [closed]
SSRS 2008- Dealing with division by NULL Values
Using feedparser with Google App Engine
Having problems to load images in Opera Browswer(login popup)
How to replace glossary terms in HTML text with links?
can haar classifier be used for detection in a certain ROI instead of whole image?
Why does temporary tables not work in nhibernate?
UDP: How does the client know its server?
Convert from Base 64 String in Java
How many lines for 80% of costs
python dictionary and default values
Tab bar click shows force close-Bad token exception
UIMapKit change bubble color
Reset Dropdown value on button click
Is it possible to convert iphone application to Windows Phone 7 application
Is it possible to move an ADO.NET EF (edmx file) from one project to another?
Passing page variable to function in PHP
How to scale image with same quality using jquery?
storing HTML2PS/PDF output in database
Connecting Grails to MS SQL using trusted Connection
Is there any length limitation of query string in ios phonegap?
How to do precision comparison between directories?
What happens to the content in my app after i upgrade/update the version in iPad/iPhone
Accessing Request.QueryString[foo] is null but the URL shows the query string/parameter is right there
How to generate color variations of the product [closed]
How do I get an empty project to compile as a dll?
How to repeat the array elements with specific sequence according to some number?
Find a value after a point or before apoint
How to render 600px image in 320px screen of iPhone
What can I do to let PyCharm find the source of PySide?
Interpreting HTML Tags in RDLC
MediaWIKI Changing write access for Mainpage to specific users
Tracking users in application
Hide/Show DataTemplate
Shell script isn't working correctly on crontab, works when manually called
How to make a circle around content using CSS?
handling more than one divisions in javascript
jQuery fadeIn not actually fading in
Prevent Oracle from cutting leading zeros of my floats like 0.1 0.2 0.5 etc
鈥渃lass is a reserved identifier鈥�what is wrong in my javascript
Impossibility to change the rate of the accelerometer
Auto detect phone number, email and URL link at Webview - Android sdk
Why back press shows error while generating drawing graph in surface view?
Conditional Statement in Data Flow Diagram?
SQL Query For Grouping
Custom View inside HorizontalScrollView not scrolling
How to stop spaces in url showing %20?
need Redmine plugins
SEF urls are not takinf alias.html name of menu item in joomla1.5
Multithreading in WCF
J2ME implementation of a Trie (Ternary Search Tree )
Should I use % or 'px' in HTML
Receive data from server using javascript/AJAX
How do I exit the vi session which runs during Perl script execution?
Should I extend ArrayList to add attributes that isn't null?
Image stuck on page 2 - CSS Print
dynamic access of you tube video
signalling error from kernel
Java XML Parsing: SAX Vs. DOM [duplicate]
How to get the POST/GET params in a java WebMethod?
Split One pdf file into multiple pdf according to page numbers with php
curl replacement for 'wget -O' or how to define targetfiles with curl
How to put UILabel.textColor in Interface Builder
InAppPurchase from another nsobject
using TARGETDIR in a setup project's UI dialog textbox
Create Directory Using PHP, Uploading Files on another domain account
C++ Linked List Search Error: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
using ajax in c#
Aggregate MYSQL functions getting a value in the same row
list calculation in python
html height:auto is not working
modal parentless JDialog does not grab focus
Fatal error while installing symfony2 in autoload.php
Using fsockopen to precompile key jsp pages
Loss of knowledge using HMVC (Kohana)
NHibernate inconsistent sql column alias
is there any modem to send only bulk sms?
How to set path to memory card of the mobile?
Similar function in C++ to Python's strip()?
ROR + Access Previous Controller Name and Action Name
Detect language of sentences (20 to 200 characters).
java action listener on menu, and not on menu item
how to access a javascript property via jquery?
Android with eclipse proguard.cfg problems
Import and use a class from a jar using Maven
Is that possible I can use the CFRunloop mechanism within a threadFunction created by pthread?
Bazaar vc-update in Emacs
Stopping a barcode scanner refreshing page
Sql aggregate function to obtain a list
SQL selecting records with dates before today
How do I save the google image map API picture to my server
how can I get the processor ID of the current process in C in Linux?
Call javascript function from another javascript webresource
Single instance multitenant SOAP based web service
PyQt4 Drawing and sleep
Communication between two application( one in Qtc++ and another in C#)
How 鈥渢his鈥�works in jQuery
Display JFrame inside JPanel in java
get un-child elements
How to put 鈥渞equired鈥�a field in XSD creation?
How to pop up a select list, and update the site with the selection?
minify embedded css
How can I find out the href that was used to call my controller in MVC
Sort a list by reference C#
Kill Asp.Net session when the browser or tab is closed
How to access solaris 10 gui from windows machine? [closed]
Are there any resources for design pattern of functional programming language such as scala [closed]
Variable Names in SWI Prolog
velocity - which artitecture for flexibility?
velocity - which artitecture for flexibility?
how to use Gstreamer for rtsp proxy
Xalan - namespaces
IBAction that randomly calls different actions?
iphone:UItableviewcell reloads when scrolled
why do I keep seeing 鈥�/鈥�instead of 鈥渉ttp://鈥�for resources lately?
CruiseControl.Net messages for 鈥淟ast Build Status鈥�
Settings.Bundle, Send email from preferences. (Bug reporter)
How do I use the JavaScript string replace method to replace the '+' sign?
how to enable/disable a payment module in the admin section using code in opencart when writing a module?
Free C allocated memory in C#
Nimbus Look and feel returns Null for UIManager.getColor(鈥渋nactiveCaptionBorder鈥�
Is there a method to clear UILabel and UIImageView?
url fetch too many repeated redirects
From a byte[] in a string to a string?
Using Jsoup to extract data
ubuntu 11.10 readline error
MVC unobtrusive validation
SQL Server SMO - Backuping - How to determine failure / success?
Getting remotely executed commands output in a veriable using expect in perl
New File gets created inside Eclipse Directory and not under Current Directory
Reload entire page with AJAX request and changed GET parameters
how to fix the updating issues from ios4.2 to ios5?
Occured HibernateException in JPA
Which English tutorial would you advise to learn OCaml?
Insert rows? I tried but it keeps empty
How to implement a NFA or DFA based regexp matching algorithm to find all matches?
How to map excel sheet columns to columns in database?
Show notification bar in Firefox to install an extension
Rails nested attributes children callbacks aren't fired
Variable named interface
UITableView Custom View still here even after reload
migrate command in south cause this error:table 鈥渕odel_name鈥�already exist
Can I simulate C-style Macro in Perl?
How to give password in shell script?
Configure WPF client to run 64bit
Winforms: Making a control transparent
Overriding Chrome UA text-input styling
Keeping update timestamps in sync in Yii
JQGrid ASP.Net MVC failed load data on many-to-many relation ship
Magento: page/html_wrapper block is empty
How to avoid postback on a Image button click in gridview
iOS, Delete all data saved to device by app using NSFileManager
How to use Redis as a distributed key value store
Algorithm - the time complexity of deletion in a unsorted array
Python/Bottle/MongoDB: Unsupported response type: <type 'dict'>
codeigniter ajax tabs
why is start time greater than end time
jsplumb - drag and drop connection from all side of a div
Function e() in javascript
Using Jersey to read form data
Why there is ViewStatein TextBox?
The variable in namespace of TCL
implementing grid view with in a horizontal scroll(view flipper)
Python 2.6 regex, escaping chars in windows
node-mysql query attempts to replace my question marks with parameters against my will
Why Dijit doesn't work for me?
in php with the fopen code [closed]
highcharts display hour minute on x-axis
Ruby on Rails 3 - How to create 2 different forms for sign up based on Devise
Creating copy of binary file from hex representation of it
java ssl: chrome / firefox sends 鈥淕鈥�in http header instead of 鈥淕ET / HTTP/1.1鈥�
Any javascript string function?
Build a REST WebService with GAE using OAuth
Return to the client from within a service call, but continue executing the workflow?
Comparing equality for pthread_t and int input?
how the browser's password management works?
What's the difference of the Akka's Actor with Scala's Actor model
openstack first program
set constant value of java class into hidden field of jsp
Updating Data on Logout in Java EE web application
mod rewrite - using custom variables
htaccess rewrite rule accept % character in parameter
How to pass data from one View Controller to another in a Storyboard when going back?
another test of atom feed read fails
current Day + N days is the day of next month or previous month
Cookie handling in subsequent requests in same page
XMLSerialization with multiple namespaces - backwardscompatibility
can't connect to Access 2007 Database using Talend
Salesforce Bulk Api gem?
Tuple in IN clause in MS Access 2003
How jQuery can prevent reopening a new window?
How can I parse out some items from a string in c#
flex xml children() method strange behaviour
Accessing JSF2 composite component attributes in backing component
CAKeyFrameAnimation fail without any clue
how to select data from database using SQLite database in android?
spring + hibernate - mapping entities to different data sources
How to find RowCount of a table which pasted from web to excel
Codeigniter bootstrap for PHP CLI
Play multi-field validation
PHP ORM that does not polute Business Objects
Android internet connection test
i want to compare names in two different tables and then equal get details
Interpolate (upsample) an array of data
xcode project conversion to iOSOpenDev
Likes on posts on a heavy trafic site
Exclude specific column from result in SQL Server [duplicate]
Scroll up and down line by line (from buffer) in c
pagination and images in ePub books
how to arrange images side by side
How to define binary in another binary?
any(MyClass.class) that actually matches only classes of the type of the passed class?
date Formater in j2me?
Improve time response of an RoR Project
Print node teaser from nid
How can I get a string between some tags, but BEFORE 鈥�lt;/table>鈥� with a regex?
Saving a recorded AVAudioRecorder sound file: Now what? ( iOS, Xcode 4 )
SQL like for like orders a year ago
How to check dynamically whether an index in the array exists or not?
Android: change LayoutParams of View added by WindowManager
Apache Mod-Rewrite rule condition required to Dynamic Query String positions
Duplicate symbol caused by inline extern
Dynamical logging framework or technique
Cocos2D help: How to rotate a sprite continuously and generate child sprites in the rotating sprite
cannot use syntax dependent: destroy in place of :dependent => :destroy in rails model
If I change my app to free, how could I tell who has paid before? Is the old license checking method still working?
WP7 other application bar?
Search a word using regular expression
Workflows Fail on Start when adding an item to a list programmatically
Conveniently copy std::vector<unsigned char> to input stream (std::istream) object
PDF to HTML library in PHP
How can I implement backspace?
How to execute same windows command after regular intervals?
Session expiration in Extjs ajax calls
Running rsvars.bat before Teamcity build starts
404s when deploying a noir war to jetty on squeeze
Reload TableViewCell's UILabels in dynamic table
Using transactions with JMS (ActiveMQ)
Case command for checking two values
Magento promotions rule gets deactivated
Using same serial port data received event on two different forms
My Apps don't appear on the top free list on the android market
Regex javascript - url structure
Facebook Page not in public search results [closed]
form to open a text file for view in excel
View outside screen
accessing attached property from codebehind
CSS menu dont work in IE
In C programming language: A[i] and i[A] both refer to the i-th element of array A. WHY? [duplicate]
UIView with rotation issues
Events in ViewModel with System.Windows.Interactivity.EventTrigger, is it weak referencing?
Display Range Field Value on Change with jQuery
define enum type
Gaining control over process started by an URI in C#
fbml show logged user's name
How to get a link's title and href value separately with html agility pack?
How to append new item into serialized xml data without deserialize old data?
Create <select> from list - indent child items?
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'null' to data type int
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'null' to data type int
to rotate template image and perform template matching
Reading Active Directory User Names in jsp
div width is not working?
Struts search application within website of without database
Adding to NSDictionary in while loop
CryptographicException 鈥淜ey not valid for use in specified state.鈥�while trying to export RSAParameters of a X509 private key
What is this solution to a race condition called?
Why HTML5 can detect exactly the geographic location?
How to set image in right side corrner of MDI parent?
WCF service code was not invoked if it's IsOneWay = true
Efficient numerical calculation of 2d data sets
Ruby on Rails 3 single table inheritance or multiple table inheritance?
linq if statement, or stored procedure if statements
passing of strings in C function
Is it bad practice to have a single photo loaded over and over again from the db for every time it's used on the same page in ruby on rails?
Removing a stylesheet for a specific template [duplicate]
Parsing numeric strings of unknown type?
Show Random images from a folder without repeating using JS or PHP
Backbone: restore focus after rendering
Can a compiler perform global optimization on similar template classe member function?
emacs flymake mode fails for coffeescript
Couldn't get email from facebook when user accept the email permission
Google Maps API Save Waypoints
Joomla Database Error: Unable to connect
Qt thread does not stop after calling exit/quit
Cutting out the centre region of a Bitmap and shrinking, in Android
XCode 4.2 - dropdown doesn't change after project rename
how to add custom controls in MPMoviePlayerViewController?
Delete and Insert from database
How to get the method declared in specific parent class?
Imagemagick svg conversion
calling javascript function in iframe from window.opener
Get the value of $row and record to another table
send multiple text box names to one jsp page by jquery
checking empty resultset
IP with area locations? [closed]
PHP: Convert monday in this timezone to UTC
GridSplitter not working after applying an animation to a grid column
How to get vars out of a looped html form?
Format of sound/image files to be used in Android Apps
Which datasource method can be overridden when inserting new record into table?
TFS SDK Code metrics
How to specify root (/) location in web.config?
Unable to download assembly file over https connection
Selecting childs from parent CLASS to child ID using jQuery selectors
Using and SqlCeEngine together in SQL Compact edition
Should I use a single ODBC environment for multiple connections?
MySqli prepared statements not working
What's the best way to remove duplicate URI params from a string?
how to generate Database schema from GWT gilead?
Customer title and description for Facebook share?
Database master-slave replication error
Have CoffeeScript output a line as raw javascript?
Error 鈥淥RA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got BLOB鈥�in Join Statement
category with no name in the class's .m file
listView doesn't get filled?
Styles are not showing up in code hinting and result in compiler error
linq how to pull an int col and compare with 0
Handling the value changed event on UIPageControl
change php code visually
Reading the contents of ZIP file in silverlight
How to call a python program from a perl cgi script
How to make a widget in the center of the screen in PySide/PyQt?
Getting header information inside JavaScript
how to fill current dropdown list with jquery onclick?
SQL: sum(unit) table a minus sum(unit) table b
How I can find function in shared object files using objdump and bash functions in linux?
export each and every data to excel sheet or any format
Making header div to be exactly fixed into parent rounded corner div
IE render background:transparent as a hole?
How to: JTable look and feel like Windows 7 Details View or Vuze table
MSSQL - howto to get full list from interval of IDs
Sending Image in actionscript3
String concatenation in php returned as xml
Search a word from a paragraph using solr
Infinite call for animation time not working for 鈥渁ll鈥�elements
Microsoft LoopBack Adapter Warning while installing Oracle 11g & ORA-12154 error after installing
ios upload/download file from desktop
Is image size important in picturebox in Dot NET?
How to paste text from clipboard? transparent png overlaying each other.. getting Form Background color
missing resources/build errors after shutting down and restarting eclipse
Java Externalizable serialVersionUID
Weird regular pattern behaviour in Python
How to refresh jLabel in java swing?
how to add custom button in MPMoviePlayerViewController?
Difference between Url.RouteUrl() & Url.Action() in MVC3
windows mobile application
XNA Changing window size not working
C# convert Datatable to class
create control with properties within it
Efficient algorithms for merging hashes into a sparse matrix
Capistrano with PHP
How to give background into context menu items
Accessing hashes in Perl templates
window scroll not working properly in mozila latest version?
about receiver intent-filter action
Calls to phonegap.js won't work OnClientClick function shows up after postback OnClientClick function shows up after postback
Tapestry Component Life Cycle with Example
Better way to find site lists when using a farm level job?
Download Submodules on
鈥淏ackground鈥�Game animations with javascript and html5
need the sql query [closed]
Magento 1.6.2 Wont Reindex Product Flat Data
How to show regional characters in Android
Getting following error on migration
Sorting a column in Oracle based on time
Exclude all Files from Rewrite (NGINX to APACHE Migration) [Solved]
flot xaxes time mode is not correct
jquery ui datepicker error on beforeShowDay
Is it necessary to wrap every exception at top level?
backbone.js & underscore.js CDN recommendation?
Send larger messages than 126 bytes websockets in C#
IE8/9 exports .dar file as .zip
ASP.NET MVC3: DisplayTemplates does not show model value (MVC3 Partial Page)
ANdroid: Dynamicly add Image Buttons to rows in Table Layout
Why type hinting based on method return type doesn't work in PhpStorm?
Apply specific width in column of WebGrid in MVC3
How do i get a list of fields in alphabetical order in SF
Netty + jQuery , use url + query string is ok , but use JQuery receive nothing?
Deleting a cookie using Javascript
Plesk: Accessing files without moving domain name first
Objective C : @property declaration and instance variable declaration
Async call to ReadFile function returns 6 error code
Does WP7 email client use ActiveSync
Subquery returns more than 1 row
wpf SelectedIndex CommandParameter
how to trim string columns in sqsh result?
What can be (safely) removed from custom python installation on linux, to make it smaller
node.js app that can restart itself
How to create a temp table using dynamic query
Boost SSL with Visual Studio 2010 and OpenSSL
Facebook Canvas Page Getting Redirected to PageTab
How to create multiple variation array from a string using javascript
Weird errors when deploy play
Working with Json RPC in VS 2005 without adding a reference?
Mobilesubstrate MobileSafari tweak Logos compilation issue
for-loop and object control
SyndicationFeed.Load fails for specific feed
JTabbedPane: change tab size when change tab title
MySQL Connection Pool in Glassfish not working
SSIS program in C# throwing lineageID not found
How to replace the rhino scripting jar used by Eclipse?
no supported translation to sql error?
Disable/enable 3g using app
Sorting the table by getting the column to be sorted from combo box
error C2582: 'operator =' function is unavailable in 'bitstream::bitset_extractor<T> VS 2010
Testing Android In-App purchases with unpublished apps
My drop down menu is not working in IE
Performance comparison of OpenCV-Python interfaces, cv and cv2
How to place an 鈥渋nline image鈥�in form before upload?
Get values of multiple backing beans from form save action method in JSF
How to send a javascript array to PHP using Jquery Ajax
Using viewmodel commands to open new tabs
htacess redirect 301
How to fill a WebGrid on the return of a Json Result in Asp.Net MVC3
Binding custom class
Doctrine 2 Transaction demarcation: implicit vs explicit
Error in writing a action for making call when button is clicked
Find ip address of wifi hotspot in android
how do i refrence ButtonTye=Image when using asp:Commandfield(need OnClientClick) Gridview
Please see this issue on adding information to database
how to store image in sqlite database
Sencha Touch 1.1.: Cannot scroll and select rows in Ext.List, which is nested inside Ext.Carousel
Changing image depending on div contents
In CQ5, how to access login credentials saved in JCR
How will I change the background of layouts
Display number to add leading zeros
Rails paperclip with s3 - Invalid argument
how to stop orientation in android
Inheriting from mutable.Map causes problems
jQuery datepicker exclude dates
How do you set up javapns (push notifications for iOS)?
I want to set the style properties of the cell in treegrid
Compare two image - error Object is currently in use elsewhere
send a ping packet using dev_queue_xmit
Refresh css on toggling 'disabled' attribute of dijit widgets via javascript
JavaScript errors when using Google App Engine's Channel API and development server
SOAP : API's to use in java for Interoperatability
Port a PHP array to a MySQL schema for a ACL authorization
Should I store users friend list on device or server?
Google Maps API not loading interface elements properly
I would like a way to get individual anchor vars from a url and then apend all links within a specific <div> with the anchor vars
Rails 3 + JQuery-File-Upload + Nested Model
Creating xml based on html using xslt in java
Can't find variable declaration in big set of included js files
UIScrollView or UIPageViewController
How to find the nth character or digit in a string using REGEX in Perl
How to add images containing database with them
Table view animation
creating a Java Proxy Server that accepts HTTPS
How to host web application in Linux distro
Detect if user has put tracking code in place
How to format List<List<int>> as a table in JSON file?
CodeIgniter installation questions
How do I list first level sub dirs only in ANT?
How to open a dynamic view in clear case with a given config spects using command prompt?
Microsoft Kinect SDK CH9 Tutorial Assistance - Setting Up Dev Environment
execute application jumping lock screen
reverse geocoding is not working
change the MediaRecorder source in android
Symfony routing is not working?
My drop down menu is not working in IE
eclipse RCP product - custom config.ini
What exactly are 鈥渢asks鈥�in Yii's RBAC?
Permalink-able pages for Javascript web apps
Android call setText within onTextChanged
'Sec-WebSocket-Accept' header is missing in Chrome 17
Get default chart to show on FLOT chart
How to get the count of FB friends my friends have?
How to implement delay in showing twipsy tooltip
How typedef works for function pointers is down. How to install mirror?
Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare() with AsyncTask
how do I want to fix OnClickListener1
Dynamic combobox-listbox-drop-down using javascript
font not consistance across differnet Operation system/different machines
Automapper - Convert NameValueCollection to Strongly Typed Collection
CCSpriteBatchNode children's animations
Code analysis doesn't work in subdirectories of the source folder
how stackoverflow selects the answer which is provided by me ,when i clicks on that particular answer
How to test Jobs in playframework?
IBM WebSphere MQ creating scripts
Simple Abstract data type linked list
How can I compare two NSTimeInterval type object
Timed Database Replication using Wamp Server mysql for Master- Slave Replication
How to start a shell without any user configuration?
In C++, do access specifiers not control visibility of static members?
office communicator API for java
PHP: Merge/delete arrays with same subkeys
How to integrate NLTK with Ironpython
How should I be creating classes when doing TDD
Android Gallery view with images saved in sqlite as blob
openfire automatic subscription accept
Nested ToManyFields in django-tastypie
Fetching Facebook user location and date of birth
github linking with other repos
how to remote database mysql XAMPP from another computer?
Adjust the layout when the soft keyboard is on in android
How to download a doc file using struts 2.x
SQL Update command not working from c# code behind
Is it possible to package an .exe application in a war file?
How can i create a new tab in myaccount page using custom module in drupal
Use Fiddler on localhost only
To update values in a table based on condition of values from another table
Creating 9 subarrays from a 9x9 2d array java
joomla 1.7 user registration customization issue
SQL query giving wrong sum
How can I put masked date input in a dynamically created text field?
android listview with checkbox
X11 Mouse Movement Event
WPF Tabcontrol: Sliding effect on tab item selection
Validation Error:: Value is not valid in Selectone menu
Decrypting encrypted SQL data using RSACryptoServiceProvider
deploy MVC site with msdeploy including IIS settings from CI server that doesn't have virtual directory setup
Bonding two tun device connected to Openvpn
Processing JSON output in iOS
Is it possible to change the position of gridview images while swiping?
Memory Stream convert to Byte
Imagemagick error in Ubuntu 11.04
Encoding from C++ to C#
Trying to learn how to program destructively in C [duplicate]
show time in statustrip VB.NET
CheckBoxPreference dependency not found error
Error removing sprites from a spritesheet in Cocos2D
I've got a stack with this API Respond data
Error when load library of zend framework
FFmpeg AVI recording for H264 @ 1fps not working
Django partially caching a view
Garbage collector issues on spidermonkey鈥�JS_AnchorPtr()?
Any jQuery 鈥渢ypewriter鈥�plugins which support line breaks + callback functions?
Android market subscription like Apple iTunes. Is it possible?
subscript operators for class with std::map member variable
While editing any field of expand column of treegrid in jqgrid.. getting html contents of that cell, not the actual value. Any Solution?
Update on flat file database
What's wrong with this PHP Regex code?
Running django and flask on same apache server
ISAPI Rewrite Rule
How to store a pdf file loaded into an UIWebView in my Documents directory?
Javascript Regex Subgroups
Formating TableViewCell in iOS app
Why getRequestDispatcher(鈥�index.jsp鈥�.forward() dont work with JSP?
jQuery Mobile Form Date Input Format
How to get the user's current location by code in iphone app?
Efficient way to pick a random subset of rows returned from a query
[mongoid][factory_girl] How to make factory_girl create in safe mode ? (mongoid safe mode)
Trying to Implement 鈥淐aret Browsing鈥�Using JavaFX 2
error passing to another activity after a listview Uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception
Django related key of the same model
Modal popup extender does not display the content after selection of item changed in drop down
Dynamic Dropdown Menu if-else does not become dynamic
WCF and Client accessing error, local runs fine, on uploading gives 404
How to hide youtube iframe using CSS
How to set placeholder with JS
How do you do nested Editors in GWT2?
DropLink datasource item reference with custom dataprovider in Sitecore
Rails Query for best way to select the most recent record
How to have two different backgrounds for a linear layout
Limiting python file IO
(iOS) NSMutableArray as property addObject does nothing
How to put different host entries on same linux server, for different virtual hosts? [closed]
hibernate + apache tomcat + JDBCconnection timeout excpetion broken pipe
Unable to access 2d String Array row wise in C#
How to find total number of values in a number range in a particular cell.?
NFCPY/libUSB crashing running examples
ios5 storyboard: instantiate multiple viewcontrollers in one container view controller
CKEditor + Selenium WebDriver not work with FireFox 9/10 anymore
RestKit session management
how to animate the individual items in items control
Put a StringBuffer in a ByteBuffer
How to hide our own application
Where is the ARP source code in the Linux kernel?
How to Remove I/O lock from PDF while modifing it?
Fail safe 鈥渕ultitasking鈥�to restore gamestate in iOS game?
Replace =鈥淭ext鈥�with = 鈥淭ext 鈥�using Preg_Replace
Set UI before one second of Synchronous HTTP Request in iPhone App
Command button inside jQuery SimpleModal window does not invoke action
Align xml text having style property using XSLT
Get Inner HTML of Multiple Elements
jquery-i18n-properties taking more time to change page language
c++ boost iterator throwing assert and programme terminates
How Scale text to parent div plugin problems
Set path of input txt when read in xcode?
no activity found to handle intent
Java Variable References when using Lists
Call to undefined function mysql_connect() error, even when PHP is installed
-ErrorAction Stop not work in Copy-Item
Bandwidth throttling in C# windows application
Twitter API - How do I Find the date I started following someone
Android:How to create Document Editor with .doc , .ppt, .xls, .pdf format? [closed]
facing a postgres error while running rake migration
Download file using issue
Correct way to call media specific css in Rails 3.1 asset pipeline
onblur event not working when open with android browser
Can't push to github on school network
dojo Select box, triggering events on select
sort results without use of order by clause
Right way to pass environment variables to shell command
how to add new element and post its values in php using jquery?
ASP.NET - razor static variable life span?
What's the meaning of this in Eclipse: 鈥淧ath for project must have only one segment.鈥�
Why my UIScrollView become rendering slow after added layer shadow effort to each UIImage which are subviews of my scrollview?
How to configure subversion, for web application development, to limit developer access to source code
Bind html to webbrower control?
javascript nullifies when setting the document.body.innerHTML
Converting non-trivial code to new .NET async pattern - how to handle yield loops
Set step of Slider to non-integer value in Silverlight
A DialogViewController with RefreshRequested and EntryElement crash when text entered
Fastest way to convert T[,] to T[][]?
How many entries are stored inside the iPhone adress book?
Imageview issue with zoom in and out,drag with maximum and minimum levels
Shared context in support directory called for all examples?
Playing media file from Isolated Storage in windows phone?
fail to communicate with driver via CreateFile in 64 bits
shell script to search for a substring on AIX OS
Get parent DIV of HREF in jQuery
Android custom dialog layout doesn't work
Regex in javascript complex
How to reduce size of VB6 compiled executable?
Build Errors in Eclipse (Java Project) due to multiple references of the same Java class
Strange console output array and array.pop() in javascript function [duplicate]
NSTimer doesn't work well if time interval less then 0.5 seconds objective c
Do composite index updates maintain same order as original updates
How do I update my model with an each do loop and delayed_job?
Progressbar loading delay on SplashScreen page in Wp7
Enabling Multisampling in wxPython OpenGL Context
Can't un-ignore a directory with TortoiseSVN
Network status change notification in mac os x
Carriage return doesn't work as expected in PowerShell ISE
鈥渃ommand limit has been reached鈥�svn commit error
406 error when template and partial exist as well as when they don't exist
Is there way to draw custom table (grid) with dynamic size (stretchable)
How do I activate/select/give focus to a listbox control in vb6?
Question mark in the middle of a url variable?
IE9 - cursor disappearing or blinking very fast in text fields
How to write the Xpath for selecting a table from the following example + good Xpath cheatsheet available?
Super slow lag/delay on initial keyboard animation of UITextField
ASP.NET MVC3: View POSTed model value is NULL
Are these private static members thread safe?
iOS develop and provision private apps
PHP Session,Loggin Var, and Javascript
how to attach hyperlink on caption text post on facebook
internal comparison of string and int in python
Setting up Mercury Mail Server to require authentication for non-local mail only and not local mail
Update NSRect Color or Redraw
Browsing files in USB device in android tablet
how do i set the first page of my site in drupal 6?
How to convert NSArray values into CGRect
Ignore incompatible pointer types with gcc (char**鈫抳oid**)
insert a character before and after evrey letter in a string
How to simulate a spreadsheet
OpenCV VideoCapture Wrapper Class
stop all actors in a system without shutting down the system itself?
Ruby / RoR - source code protecting
Authenticating and using iAM users to access S3
I want to make a scatter graph of the output of ftrace (from kernel)
Java applet AWT-EventQueue-1 Exception
Image with expanding middle
Big empty space at bottom of webpage? Can't seem to isolate the guilty CSS
Using Git, how to fetch file from local repository?
ALAssetsLibraryChangedNotification not being triggered in ios5?
submenus in css/html
ffmpeg - operation not permitted error while conversion
How to get javascript post variable in php?
What is a simple server architecture to stream a video file?
Error While setting the property in User control
Compiling x264 for iOS 5
Issue with Devise Email Confirmation
Selenium : Permission denied to get property Location.href
How to Save NSMutableArray into plist in iphone
Lucene - Solr version compatibility
Deploying a Python Script on a Server (CentOS): Where to start?
WinRT as a replacement of Win32 API
reading atom feed
Java REGEX Operator precedence
Webscarab : unable to view https sites
MySQL Query 鈥�based on user and business ID's
C # asynchronous processing operations error
HorizontalViewAngle of Camera in Android Device
Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�
Configuring MantisBT to send emails using GMail
Why doesn't Geolocation return exact address
Where to place external DLL in C#?
How do you only show your results after the user clicks search in an Asp.Net MVC application
How to unstage all the files and all the commits in a git repository?
Why unsigned short int get promoted to unsigned int even when the sizes are same?
Backbone.js with MVC 3 and ViewModels
How to reduce a long SQL query based on CREATE VIEW?
Where can I find informations about iOS image file naming in official manual?
Can this mobile app be created with HTML 5 and JS or do I need native capabilites?
Document.xib contains two windows, one window needs to be a preference panel
Top losers and gainers of the day [duplicate]
How to replace last matched character in string using javascript
NHibernate db not updating
How to add rows to gridview dynamically in windows phone 7.1 application?
UITabViewController includes UINavigationController
How to export a special file from ZIP archive?
generic method to parse date with different formats
listview item background color change
Sync contacts to our own web server [closed]
How to write a unit test for code that uses entity framework 4.2?
Wrong method called in ATL COM dll
memory leaks in Microsoft.FSharp.Control.Mailbox?
Regex coding with pattern
Gridview show few lines of data in one record
UINavigationController inside of UITabBarController issues
How do I create an instance of OnClickListener
What does this compiler warning mean? 鈥渉ad text segment at different address鈥�
Sort Date in Mysql table in DESC order
Code Coverage Visual Studio 2010
Android custom RatingBar image artifacts
How to Access XHR Object When Making AJAX Requests with Backbone's Fetch()?
JAVA - swt, Do we have to remake the bytecode for each OS?
Is there any Relation between Iterator.hasNext and for-each loop
How to make 鈥渄rop down鈥�menu?
How to block the app opening in android 3.0?
Trouble with core data detail view
Twitter API for popular tweets
Getting incomplete xml data from web-service
login screen for netbeans desktop database applicatoin
Rails 3 and Mongoid: Embedded documents validation
Sending Outlook ical message with html table
Replacing with Dynamic variable in preg_replace
What are usual objections to allowing SNAPSHOT level in SQL Server 2008?
Draw image in tile pattern in Cocoa
Can I update New in before insert trigger in sqlite?
Using DBSet property in an edmx
Exact terminology of types in Scheme
How is the Wami Recorder actually implemented?
Makefile rule error: *** mixed implicit and normal rules
Improving search results with solr + sunspot
OnClick is not firing for two Base Adapters
core plot in iPad applications
JQuery seems to be setting an extra $_POST value
google map API zoom range
this is my Code for MVVM. Is it correct? [closed]
Unable to use dot syntax for ruby hash
How to find select result in stored procedure
Display Date in reverse order (d,m,y)?
鈥淭int鈥�property when drawing Image with VB.NET
Making sense of retainCounts while using decodeObjectForKey:
How expensive is StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase in C# string equality comparison?
Jquery autocomplete get value
Scaffolding Error in ASP.Net MVC 3 when creating controller
mysql query for related articles
ToolStripProgressBar RightToLeftLayout Set Property issue
How to get navController of one tabbar item into another tabbar item
How to replace an eclipse project with latest version from head using EGit?
Android :How to getText from Edittext in side ListView?
Hints and tutorial with Symfony2 Doctrine?
curious about Average Memory Access Time (AMAT)
how i compress Titanium Application Size after Build in device?
Setting widths when using block elements to recreate a table
fullcalendar cant drag drop events from json
iOS5 SDK, Core Data, and creating a new DB. Bizarre issue
How to access the dynamically generated id of a created flex component?
Sending a stream and type property via WCF and dynamically deserializing
Kinect Explorer and runtime variables not installed with V1 installer on win8/VS2010 or VS11
Gridview sorted header css not loading
Getting SID of users
Securely check path and filename is valid with RegEx?
How to get subdirectories
How to structure Asp.Net MVC pages when returning results
iPad body size css issues
MVC Error System.Collections.Generic.List in VIEW
Storyboard - Creating Multiple Views in storyboard for the same ViewController
.text() the parent class
Full meaning of pound-sign / hash-mark in RDFa
Error when uploading a .aspx file on the server
Run-time error when attempting to run a demo phone gap application
Reading animated GIF in PHP
Where is the session timeout defined?
best alternative algo for sort/manipulate/sort
C# equivalent of COALESCE () in SQL
how to have object always travel the shortest distance towards/to point it is already following
Adding tokens from .csv file to ArrayList in Java
Segmentation fault when opening/closing file?
Switch statement in PHP
Change the background of selected LI using JQuery
How to drop pin and also get current location and coordinates from offline map tiles?
Duplicated contacts Android
Is it possible to change the color of selected Tab in android?
Logging while testing thru Gradle
jQuery: Update, by class, all span tags and populate with textarea value?
Getting 'CGI (LoadError)' when migrating Tumblr blog to Octopress using Jekyll's Tumblr.rb
Apple's accepted PhoneGap version for iOS
How to tell user which character, one had sketch Using Gesture?
c++ basic polymorphism
how to play sounds in using
Creating Instance of window from from browser contol
uploading multiple .txt files to a server via FTP combines them to a single file on server
MessageBox Inside Updatepanel is not displayed
int main() vs void main() in C [duplicate]
What is the error 鈥渆xpected expression before char鈥�in my C program? [closed]
What is the difference between T[,] and T[*,*]?
How to Compare a string to see if the characters entered before '$' are equal to the ones after it?
Android : How to control reloading of data in previous Activity when back button pressed
Insert query optimization
Draggable Linked Boxes in GTK
Jquery mobile - Refreshing checkboxes with pageinit
Confusing about Global forward and Action mapping
How to get the id of a passed arguement in jquery?
regex get last two paths of directory
Ruby and Rails: Metaprogramming variables to become class methods
How to get the list of databases in an analysis services using xmlaclient in c#
javascript declaring variable issue
NEW to PHP鈥�Need Help鈥�Regarding nested functions
ApacheBench is very slow
Generate a SQL script that populate specified test data for employees