setInterval and css() jQuery
Dynamically create entire page, including scripts and styles
MySQL Trigger doesn't update table
Why does ffi not install on the remote server during a cap deploy?
Vim filter command for one word
Filtering a data frame on a vector
Why are these relative paths not working in php
Can't include my files
phpunit testing xml output
Why does my app work in the simulator but get stuck on the splash screen when I run it on my iPhone?
Code optimization: bandwidth monitor in c# issues
How can i define 2 different element with same unique name attribute in different scope and refertheir name to attributes
Iterate all 'select' elements and get all their values in Selenium
Gnuplot, Opencv. Disply a histogram from cv::Mat
MySQL query over 3 tables
Hide parent IF child span is set to display:none
C# Internet Explorer and stripping HTML tags
How do I specify a merge-base to use in a 'hg merge'
What should I call objects that coordinate different combinations of behaviours?
Python tuples as keys slow?
print out just one order number and the items associated with that number
Exception with PFUbiquityPeer involved when adding a persistent store with Core Data & iCloud
Intermittent stack overflow exception when using random numbers
What does the function remquo do and what can it be used for?
Expressing if else statements more succintly when null variable is posted from form
php add a href with variable
How to connect a tab to vertical scrollbar?
Send files from vb.NET client to c++ server
jquery PJAX/AJAX preventDefault() not blocking link from being clicked
How to send a big set of data from one server to another?
Displaying multiple images from a Database in Java
Ajax calls fail on iPhone if device screen is turned off
Why is jquery Mega Menu showing up behind my images in IE7 and 9?
Incomplete RewriteRules in Apache
SQL Server 2005 OPENROWSET insert into Excel - text to number formatting
Regular expression to remove anything but alphabets and '[single quote]
Javascript slideshow inconsistency
PyMongo Strange Error 鈥淭ypeError: 'Database' object is not callable.鈥�
Java Android stringToList: undefined type - guava
how to draw a circle and move it as an animation in C# WPF
Doxygen called from scons fails on Win32 platform as unfound
GNU Make strange variable substitutions
Java Double brace initialization
strange error while debug
How do I make image click able and go to the next image?
Print multiple pages in WinForms doesn't work
Objective-C (aClassName *)
Update text without killing href
How do I customize the Django settings when I'm running in Heroku?
Show dynamically created controls in Windows Forms designer
Binding selected radiobox to enabling checkbox in Cocoa
route everything to default controller in codeigniter
Dynamic Routing with .Net4 WCF Router Service
How to get unique records of specific columns of data table
What is the correct jQuery selector for this?
centrilize data in one location and versioning web sites in enterprise projects
Joomla: pages not found after copying site to another directory
Fix multiple jquery libraries
updating value of drop down list after clear them
passing object with collection from domain to modelDTO with nhibernate
How to bind Line Charts with Combo box in silverlight?
JS: Access object variable inside sub-object
EditText crashes when adding an inputtype
Using CSS/HTML to build background?
PHP Does a colon : in an array key have any special significance?
Reading items from directory to listview in android
How to set Python version by default in FreeBSD?
What is now instead of spring-hibernate3.jar?
Clashing Bookings Comparing DateTimes using CompareTo
Rails 3.2 activerecord-jdbc-adapter error
DoubleAnimation - On start event?
Comparing a modified file date with the current date in a batch file
Pointer to function Error While compilation
MarkLogic facets on binary content
Google chrome won't show some of the images in the html
Difference between <beans:beans> and <beans>
How to change tabs in Android?
minGW compilation warning for each g++
std::map partial match for the key
java inventory checker with contains with method [duplicate]
C# image recognition performance - comparing list of images to dictionary of images
Checking for a valid email address [duplicate]
Updating images in resource section of an exe (in c#/C)
Status Bar During App Showing Default.png
How to write a cell of strings to Excel in Matlab?
solr query - number of all results is not equal to number of <condition> + number of <*:* NOT condition>
ASP.NET MVC3: ValidationType ModelClientValidationRule
Sending large files in java [closed]
Javascript if clause won't work
implementing images using Jquery autocomplete plugin
Can I use $addToSet on Maps?
Generate list of preprocessor macros defined by the compiler
Getting 404 not found using SignalR.Hosting.Self
creating a test database in mysql through C
YouTube API: retrieving videos, where's the video URL?
passing javascript value to php function [duplicate]
How do i link SQLite Database into an Android Application ? and Via Application which methods will be used to retrieve the database records?
In Struts2,How could i redirect control to a java file from a jsp page ,without the use of a form submision?
Error on coredata viewcontrollers
jQuery ajax wrong data
Implementing 鈥淔ind Next鈥�in web browser control in C#
Return MembershipUser from WCF service
glUnmapBuffer while keeping glMapBuffer memory valid as read-only
netlogo move turtle nearest patch
What's the best design in tracking the remaining inventory of a product in a store
Find with condition where boolean matches must be 'true'
How to pass arguments to a 鈥渟ub class鈥�in coffeescript
servlet not found by the browser when it is there
Server returned HTTP response code: 400
Using openGL's glBindFramebuffer seems to have no effect
what is meant by 鈥淸 x09- x0d -~]鈥�regular expression?
Is there a good XML-to-Table that can be used in Java (or PostgreSQL)?
Create NSObject from NSDictionary in objective-c
What resolution should a mobile website be optimized for?
Area caculation in Google Static Map API
How to open specific part of the page use jquery
AJAX Check if a div of an external file is empty
VS2010 Static Code Analysis Bug?
case insensitive equals method based on one attribute
Binding a callback in Backbone.js and Underscore.js
Need xpath expression to loop through xmldocument
Fastest Way merge two SQLITE Databases
playframework with input in table
Setting up cuda template project from NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK for GTK+
Windows phone layer
xmlns required for bean component of spring-servlet.xml for spring security application
Initalizer list for const string class member
Busting a tough FRAME killer
Scripts don't work in ajax content
Errors when trying to create the string for connecting to a Database (mysql:host=' . DB_HOST . ';dbname=' . DB_DATABASE;)
How to access a gridview column on rowdatabound ?
Read multiple comma separated doubles from a string
bash EOF in if statement
Programming Techniques/Style for avoiding large switch/if blocks in C?
How to check if Unicode character has diacritics in .Net?
CakePHP Auth Component doesn't work corectly when change view layout
jquery modal is not working
Measure distance between two coordinates in an android app
python processtakes 100% CPU
Javascript onkeypress event fires but input text value is incorrect
How can wxThumbnailCtrl in wxpython be used?
what does 鈥淰1MCC4000MEC1000MCR1000x鈥�mean in matlab's .m file?
java Stream Closed error
playframework, how to do a combobox where it modifies the JPA bean for me?
playframework, how to do a combobox where it modifies the JPA bean for me?
Objective c or c++?
Cin.Ignore() is not working
calculate nearest place from my geolocated position
stream.CopyTo - file empty.
Load all Texture2Ds in a folder
In a MySQL table, is it equivelent to have two separate indexes on a column, or to combine them?
How to get full url path from Pretty Context
Python 2.7.2 as default on Debian 5 Lenny, for Django app
a: visited {text decoration: none} not working in Firefox
word timestamps in python pocketsphinx
Save snapshots of minimized windows with Xlib
Raising salary by 15% using SQL only?
How to Sort an array list containing a row of a sql data table by columns?
Gnuplot, c++ from windows. command window opens and closes
How to tell if it is the first time that a process starts or not
iPad emulator suggestion
Why can a WideString not be used as a function return value for interop?
android in-app billing - optional json fields
NSArray vs. NSMutableArray
JProgressBar doesn't update , can't find a clue
How to convert boolean array to binary and vice versa in Java?
iOS - object sent autorelease too many times
How to remove characters from a word if they are also in the next word (sed)?
What are the 'good' reasons to use <?> in Java Generics?
Using Common Service Locator outside Main Project
automake dependency
NameError: global name 'sock' is not defined
override method
Accessing Java Web's HttpServletRequest/Response object in custom class files
How Do You Compensate For Scroll Bar In Browser?
Display tamil unicode character set in java - Reg
user config for app
.htaccess in wordpress site issue
How to store hierarchial data and display it in a table
NSDateformatter for epoch value - Coreplot
what's the difference between `fseek`, `lseek`, `seekg`, `seekp`?
changing php write permissions in XAMPP on Windows 7
Google Fusion Table - Drop-Down example doesn't work
Need explain to understand asio REFERENCE_COUNTED example
PHP explain the pipe in error_reporting(E_ALL , E_STRICT);
Does the length of a file name impact huge NTFS folder indexes?
Interval representation of an integer set c#
How to compare filenames in batch file
Viewing parts of a HTML page?
hide element when clicked anywhere on the page and show it by click on other element
Performance penalty when invoking a cuda kernel
How do I check for numeric overflow without getting a warning in Python?
I need a java stomp client library that works with ssl
Allowing only numerical replies on jquery validate field
How to compare filenames in batch file
Viewing parts of a HTML page?
hide element when clicked anywhere on the page and show it by click on other element
Performance penalty when invoking a cuda kernel
How do I check for numeric overflow without getting a warning in Python?
I need a java stomp client library that works with ssl
Allowing only numerical replies on jquery validate field
Can't map between Jira project and FishEye
Android Java - why isn't extends Activity -> new Activity
Xcode 4.3 documentation search: inexplicable missing result
item click listener for ListView having ResourceCursorAdapter
Why setInterval is not working properly after a while?
Design pattern for large scale gui [closed]
I can't figure out why it's not printing the first perfect square with the last two digits that are odd
Creating a Java web service client
Generic class with dynamic numbers of parameters
Post on facebook wall with official facebook app installed
dataTable or foreach to change data
Two dimensional array in Javascript, [num][value1, value2, value3]
Strategy to display very wide table [closed]
DataTable RowFilter avoid Source contains no data rows Exception
Best way of reviving a session?
How to Delete nodes from HTML in iOS
Data storage: 鈥済rouping鈥�entities by property value? (like a dictionary/map?)
Syntaxhighlighter V Google's prettify performance advice needed?
php json_encode addresses methods
SBT can't find in repository even though the file clearly is there
MFMessageComposeViewController on Simulator - canSendText?
Pathfinder: accessing Admin models from Frontend
SensorManager : magnetic field range
Android: how to get default camera settings of builtin camera application
Combining background image and background colour with transparent element
UILabel with constant size and dynamic font size depends on text
jQuery autocomplete json source - Does not autocomplete, but just show the full list
Optimizing Spring / Hibernate project for mobile devices
Android intent resolution
My form is for 2 objects, can I embed 2 objects somehow?
cURL and SSL, connect() time out
javascript code obfuscation tool
sliding an html form with jquery doesn't work with defined controls
About the 鈥淐haracter set鈥�option in visual studio 2010
mvc partial view ajax update returning the partial view as a page
Merge Rows in SQL Server 2008
Photo identity card generation API for java
Uploading images to server doesn't work
Async Bulk(batch) insert to MySQL(or MongoDB?) via Node.js
How to use thumb generator inside PHP script
Replace double hyphens in page title with single hyphen
trying to make IOS standard ui to be in my language
Why does this piece of code behave weird?
What is hg syntax for: is commit A 鈥渞eachable鈥�from commit B
Copy data from excel sheet to another using macro
how to resolve ssh key rejection while deploying 1st Rails3 app?
Wordpress loop inside a loop not working correctly
Best quick alternative compiler/IDE to Turbo C that supports audio and graphics
Ruby development environment (OS X vs. Ubuntu)
Using a UIPickerview Social Media Buttons HitCounter Mishap
how to search particular string from $stdout and store whole $stdout in text file if string is found using Ruby?
why Ajax get Request failed
I have created an virtual SDCARD from cmd but now i dont know where is it located that sdcard dir?
How to sort array of embedded documents via Mongoose query?
How to use embedded resource to copy file without ever making a local copy?
Why WScript doesn't works?
How does node.js know if a call has to be executed in the thread pool or in the event loop?
Spring resource class loading from an external folder
Distinct characters across multiple strings
Ck editor appendTo not working
How to pass string into collection by reference?
Magento - Retrieve order products with a specific custom option
Delphi's like decision cube for c#
List.Contains strange behavior
Calling Java class in as3
C++ Int bit manipulating is 2UL = 10UL?
JMonkeyEngine advice for networking support
Subclass of UIView with CAShapeLayer as mask does not animate correctly
PHP authentication can not be done because of changing hosting
Error in Making Queue class
Is it possible to retrieve the users profile using their membership user id?
why the following code prints 100?
HTML params as array
Test if a named pipe binding is available or already in use
2D Geometry library: LGPL alternative to CGAL? [closed]
How to get the heap memory allocated to each generation (Gen0,Gen1,Gen2)?
jquery to grab media query width value of div(and not my css normal value) and use it in a function
Does JSONP make an asynchronous call?
Execute any script in double quotes
Casting to a bounded type
Undefined error when using data attribute with jquery
simple example form in drupal 7 with everything configured correctly shows 鈥淧age not found鈥�.Why..?
android httpclient.execute throwing exception on emulator
Unexpected nil object
Allow the user to save the documents From iOS Mail App to my Application
How to avoid deadlock in a mysql function with only select queries?
Getting a branch from github
DI in Zend Framework 2. How to make cyclic dependancy?
Yii relation doesn't work well with array('FK'=>'PK')
2 different forms that can both open form3
PHP + Curl Post. It fills the form, but does not post
App crash with 鈥淯nable to restore previously selected frame鈥�message
rvalue reference undfefined behavior
Sharing object and controlling thread execution from main thread
Twitter Bootstrap 2 modal form dialogs
jQuery: Expand div upwards and downwards at the same time
difficulty with .jar file
Wordpress + PHP: Getting Option Value into Variable
iOS web service sync -ascyn
Issues with evaluating expressions from user input
Python Mock - Mocking several open
Is it possible to add styling to the HTML body tag in a XPage?
How to make horizontal division using html div tag and css
Create a basic .bashrc file [closed]
Android multiplayer development suggestion [closed]
Phonegap: similar API for IOS for app.loadurl in Android
Best way to resize/size arrays while the program is running
After Effects online/Cloud rendering [closed]
Ruby on Rails 3.1 - Logging exception in the database
Any function with mixed functionality of .ajax() and .load()?
AS2- My movieclips are stored in an Array, yet I cannot access their properties or methods
LWJGL Slick Java OS X Natives
form validation through class
Mysql query with conditional join
Not defining function directly in Event listener
Strip the last part off a url [duplicate]
Trouble configuring TeamCity and dotCover
How can I add shape file (.shp) in php and use that shape file data in php file?
Basic C++ Design
Android Ispeech rest request with API key failed. Any idea?
Is there a way of lazy initializing a static sub-object of a class?
PHP multi-dimentional array sort
Exported graphic resolution in ArgoUML
Load Properties from resources folder within JAR
Generating a report without a dataset in Crystal Reports
MySQL Resource Error?
How to concatenate variable with string or variable in batch file
What is the best way to transcode a video in objective-c (iOS)?
How will the #line compiler directive in F# be used in the Visual Studio debugger?
How to change default custom theme for login & register page in magento?
Editable datatable in django, backed with mongodb
How to go about writing a social activity notification process c# or Java
Switching UIViewControlles - Ambigious
SecurityDomain '' tried to access incompatible context 'app:/App.swf'
PHP/MYSQL live search with multiple fields
mail chimp integration in mvc3?
$_SESSION across subdomains
Linear Programming fmincon. Why won't the code work?
Compare String with Null Object
Working out program running time?
setOnItemClickListener gives errors in eclipse
Pause or stop ALL bgworkers
Pause or stop ALL bgworkers
Why am I getting 鈥淔ile not found鈥�errors with this Perl script using Net::FTP?
Flask WSGI application running out of memory
adding tab on facebook page with custom label for add app and passing some data with it
Granite bridge between Java and AS
How to save Facebook comments count to Mysql database?
Semantics of abstract traits in Scala
Trafficstats from specific application
128-bit SSE counter?
File stream constructor
CCSpriteBatchNode: use a single frame or an entire texture atlas?
Running HTML/Javascript Dynamically
Generating on the fly url's for Backbone.js models
Python _winreg woes
C# bitmap comparison (PinvokeStackimbalance exception)
How to identify which pattern in where clause matched
Xcode Live Debugging?
ORA-12154 error after Oracle 11g R1 installation
Using Recursion to raise a base to its exponent - C++
How do I populate the database/model without using forms?
import resolving error under core folder in main project
Is there a way to automatically increase the app version in XCode?
JQuery: Replacing custom HTML tags with valid HTML code
How to display data by date in nested listview
PHP CODE Saved in database needs to be run
simple WYSWYG publishing system
Handling undefined attributes in underscore.js templates
How to take IP range from console and make requests to all IPs within range using Ruby?
MVC 3 validation messages not shown due ModelState lost after PartialView
PHP Factory Pattern Dependency Injection
Small errors when translating code from C# to VB.NET
CSS Vertical align text to the middle of image [duplicate]
outputting a php function to xml.
How to deploy Visual Studio Package
why jquery form plugin conflict with fckeditor & file upload?
Storing values into the database from a deserialized variable
MySQL truncates composed unique index to 64 characters
Additional Emulator Command Line Options doesnt appear to be on my Eclipse
How to install virtualenv without using sudo?
Error output from the table
XNA 2d camera with arbitrary zoom center
Incorporating a Faraday POST request with Rails app. AJAX best?
posting scores not working/ gives 鈥淚nvalid OAuth access token signature.鈥�
Keeping android client in sync with server
Do expired memcache items autodelete?
Starting with OpenGL ES. Drawing using pixels
Hibernate 4.1 using existing jdbc connection
Android GridView issue with position 0
Moving the cursor in an UITextView
Access build.xml properties from Java
Threading Best Implementation
How to set my local javascript variable as a json data on remote website
Embedding web fonts in HTML/CSS
Edit collection in separated ListBoxes
The use of packages in java [closed]
MailSlot Size Limit?
Can do unit test without TDD?
Get input from the keyboard without pausing the program
Proxy Design Pattern encapsulation solution?
want to verify how use bcrypt
how can I make my buttons bigger
import hebrew excel file with PHP generated gibberish
Cannot start the terminal emulator 'xterm' on OS X Lion
Displaying a Twitter Profile Picture from XML file
Drupal Openlayers, doesn't show in IE
Is prism using legacy code?
Go from UITableView cell to a Detail view
minimum steps required to make array of integers contiguous
Richfaces template header
How to get 鈥渁ctive editor鈥�in Eclipse plugin?
Add images to ListBox (c#, windows phone 7)
Sorting ListView by date of items
Different Behavior Between Debug and Release Builds
How to translate a rotated OpenCV Mat
Zend Framework Route issues
NSScroller accessory view
How to request Age and User Name for Facebook App?
Objective-C/Scala frontend, Akka/Scala serverside
Is it bad to force the use of .htaccess
HTTP 鈥淧OST鈥�request in iOS
How to wake a phone without pressing power button
mysql query to get total number of comments on article
How to pull the data
CSS3 transition: typewriting html <p> sequentially
Evolving Product Backlog vs. Release Burndown
jquery mobile navigation bar icon size
Execute js to change CSS in background - Chrome Extensions
Changing a tab content on click using AJAX?
What is really virtual function for?
XCode 4.3 Command Line Tools Package with Invalid Checksum
Binding list to data repeater
How to export data from NVidia Visual Profiler (nvvp)?
How to 鈥渁wait鈥�鈥減rocess.OutputDataReceived鈥�event in C#?
Serve a static JSON object file in rails
ARM/Thumb code for firmware patches鈥ow to tell gcc assembler / linker to BL to absolute addr?
iphone app incorrectly including ipad nib
Project Euler # 2 solution in PHP
Setup buildroot for old kernels
Spring web devleopment advice
Ant exec task as another user
Ant exec task as another user
navigation bar move from left to right or right to left when click back button on landscape mode
<ToggleButton> onClickListener - Create/Delete button + add content to button
Highlight arguments in function body in vim
Destructor being called on something that was not constructed
iPhone : take photo with front camera programmatically
How do you add your eclipse view plugin to a specific pre-existing JDT views category?
Approve file without modifying Modified date and editor values using Client Object Model
Hosting a web service(Netbeans)
Bind data using multiply NSArrayControllers and NSTableView
Retrival of character string from email addresses
How to copy between two sqlite-memory-database?
pycrypto and python 2.4.3 issue
.NET heaps filled up with string object -> OutOfMemoryException
Bad Signed JSON signature! parseSignedRequest PHP SDK 3.1.1 Facebook
How to stop DefaultListableBeanFactory from implicitly creating LocalValidatorFactoryBean instance
SonataUser , _switch_user= say me error
Java Jar Ant include folder
How to create user controls with parameters?
Concatenation of Lists in Prolog
CURL on PHP/Apache/Win 7 64bit
Can I connect() without session_start()?
exc_bad_access from nsstring in an instance - HARD, BUT COOL
Python Is there a performance impact in using lists?
Tag friends with Facebook API (Objective c)
RESTful Webservices on Google App Engine
What is the use of the res/values/public.xml file on Android?
How to conceal file in deployment package?
How to launch and send url to an iOS app from safari?
Actionscript 3: Port forwarding
Custom Segue with UIViewAnimationOptionTransitionCurlDown
Build a DLL to be used by Mozilla js-ctypes
Android SQLite Exception: unable to close due to unfinalised statements
Zend view not loading information from controller
Why does HttpWebResponse try to decompress the stream using GZip when Content-Encoding is empty?
How to improve performance on a .net wcf service
c++ function parameter char pointer and string
how can I use FB comments plugin in one page with different users
variable conflicts in rails index action
Server-side function is called only once in jqGrid
FTP through FTP proxy
Load another application with a different IP default gateway
Execute .bat file, without waiting for end
Uncaught ReferenceError: JQuery
j2me: how to open application page via ovi store app
Unable to cast object of type 'system.byte ' to type 'system.iconvertible'
Passing arrays from JFileChooser to another class Java
Redirect all GET queries from one site to another
Delaying while loop doing HttpRequest in c#
Quickly (100Hz or more) blinking of camera flashlight LED
class extends ListActivity 鈥渨hose id attribute is ''鈥�
failed to copy database as backup file
Codeigniter extends core class
Migration from MBUnit v2 to v3 and the ProviderFactory is gone
getTag() always null in onListItemClick
How to prevent prompt for 'Allow Access' each time when using google service in same application by same google account
How to use SBT with multiple sub project web applications?
CRC32 return int32
How to start with ANTLR on Windows and VS 2010 generating C
Custom Validation using ValidationAttribute does not fire Client side validation
Null Object Design Pattern in LinkedList
Arith Overflows in java: why there are no exceptions at run time and no compiler warnings?
jQuery Fixed position scroll flicker fix?
Where to Download JDBC Driver
Crash for Base 64 encoding
Avoiding image logging in Express.js
Filtering items in a column in Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel
can't create plugin with Rails 3.2?
NGINX as proxy of Node.js
Ruby comparison error. OK with a == b, error on a > b
htaccess file didn't redirect to index page on godady
How To Make Scroll View Scroll Even If A Button Subview Is Pressed
How to check available keyboards on android phone?
stop php adding new line
actionscript 3 synchronous loader
Python support to code text according to DTD
Actionscript 3.0: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant
Can I delete downloaded JNLP file (Java web start/JWS) from Java application?
C++ abstract class template
I can't see any description by my rss?
Visualize php variable values and call stack in IDE(Zend Studio)
CodeIgniter Validation Errors - how to get an array of key => value pairs?
Separating a string to multiple parts
SoundEffect.GetSampleSizeInBytes how it works?
How to shuffle, slice and then reorder an array in php?
How to set the member values inside of a foreach loop
ContentType HTTP header is missing in Server response
Adding a view to UIScrollview
Unable to delete a record due to foreign key restriction
GPS Tracking App (strategy)
Reorder database result
How to ommit 1062 error, ie add only not-duplicate rows without causing error?
Upload direct to S3 or via EC2?
Guice like dependency injection frameworks in PHP [duplicate]
How to update Create By Field of a workItem in Tfs 2010 with t-sql?
Can an application pretend to be a file or folder?
How can I increment through an IList collection with more than one loop
easySlider 1.7 undefined is not a function?
How to enable both virtual user and local user in vsftpd锛�[closed]
Get all Sites Defined in ServiceDefinition for Azure
Forward event touch with two fingers on UITextView
How to restart chrome browser without getting it crashed
Unable to insert image in my Access Database
Input of One Drop down list decided what to be shown in other list [duplicate]
Compile .coffee files in WebStorm
Regex find word in the string
Using Exchange Backup and Restore SDK from MSDN [closed]
C# Registry search, reverse traversal from results
Callback of a object member function? (Javascript)
Not reading two word input
How to update views in activity with data from another thread?
Jersey - Returning stream from ResultSet
$wpdb->insert code not working with foreach
Fixed Jquery Mobile header and footer not working in iPhone
Android ListView fastScrollThumbDrawable not working
How to show database values on textboxes?
Container div and overflow issues
Android: How to Debug an OpenGL-ES app
Inserting recorded audio(AMR and WAV) file in another file
Parse a file with non-constant format (number of values)
Testing Highcharts with selenium
how to keep the alarm stay in red when the signal send from a machine that keep changing btw 1 and 0?
Can Tkinter created an application with tables?
Singleton Swing Component
How can I refrence a project in another one in xcode?
Manage Facebook authentication tokens
jQuery Sortables, sequence of items
Find a replacement for JavaModelUtil.getResolvedTypeName
Strategy for updating Android app (with database)
Expressjs POST error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'title' of undefined
Scala Lift: uniform authentication with form based login and HTTP basic auth?
Removing objects in obj-c
Generate a thumbnailed gallery with fancybox
Rails 3 - better to create more thumbnails or only one and resize it by CSS?
Use GWT for Ajax Website
Animation separating in iOS
iPhone: Create image from NSString with word wrap
files on android during debug
Fancybox not working in Blogger
Count the clock periods of code block in Embedded C
OpenGL ES : Using Texture: Blank White instead of Texture Image
Little-oh notation in detail, CS homework, excluding actual assignment
reverse geocoding not working
Data binding to a UserControl
starting apachectl from bash
QPixmap maintain aspect ratio python
Does llvm/clang still need MinGW gcc after built?
Entity Framework 4.1 code first model compatibility issue after changing database from embedded to SQL Server Express
Vim - Commands to visually select a regex match?
Vim - Commands to visually select a regex match?
Can Redis do prefix matching?
How to make some UI task asynchronously
Running Vaadin-based Portlet in Liferay
Java: setText GUI code in a text based rpg game
Can Spreadsheet::WriteExcel change the format of a cell without modifying its contents?
Where can I find Upshot.js examples and documentation?
Resize images of every size to fixed width and height
How to install SQLite JDBC Driver?
how to handle onintercept touch event
Clear Screen in Xcode
Proper way to make a connection and query to a SQL Server Express database
Changing the charCode of the key pressed
How to show values in textbox from database?
android: (Too many open files) at decodeFile method
Is Static Initialization Good Programming Practice?
Sqlite database query writing
Styling footnotes for markdown
ASP MVC 3 switching language with ActionLink
Insert array data into database
I can't access my node.js server on my AWS EC2 isntance from the outside
Will parsers produced by a namespace aware factory be able to parse XML documents that do not use namespaces?
j2me midlet signing for E71
Joomla 2.5 registration custom field as dropdown?
JavaScript unable to get fragment when splitting URL
How can I select a list of DOM objects render from an AJAX call?
Why i getting Internal server error in my jquery service call
what is the cause of SMTP.MAIL: the Operation has timed out?
array to bitmap in c++
ipython profiler
Java Window as Child Form
Call a method without loading a view in MVC
In iOS, how to detect from Javascript (web) the device is connected via 3G or Wifi?
How to get listview with links to assets?
How to network SQL Server 2005 using
how to search html content?
鈥淯IViewController subclass鈥�does not appear in file template library for xcode 4.3
Issue with div positioning
Android - Issue with facebook implementation
Strategy Pattern in LinkedList in java
Quartz Composer 鈥淏inding Controls to Input Ports鈥�in Xcode 4.x
Facebook [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open
Load assemblies from other location
Response.Redirect not working in IE6 at Windows 2003 server but working at Windows 7 IE8+Firefox
strings getting chopped off while being imported from open document spreadsheet in phpmyadmin
Python3/Classes/OOP/ How do you change a objects self values with a method?
Allowing touch to pass through transparent images
playing m4a files on finch
Spring Resource bundle with ResourceBundleMessageSource
Search an Array with nested arrays and return
Virtual methods and static/dynamic alocation [duplicate]
href='News.aspx?id=<%#Eval(鈥渋d鈥�%>' not work in LinkButton ASP.NET
How to fill my lib folder from jar files located in different svn repositories?
Python: to wrap functions via lambda
Obfuscate Android Source Code
Is it bad practice to use dot notation in Mustache (php)?
Maven project cannot locate dependencies in local repository
How to prevent this kind of bug - pattern matching and Nil
How to read installed updates (View Installed Updates) from registry on Vista or 7
Does Python have NO need for the Y-Combinator?
Generalized Mixins
Why python 2.7.2 does not have a symbolic link in /usr/lib/python2.7 [closed]
is this a good setup for public/keys logins? [closed]
MySQL SELECT history
PHP + JQuery - How to use these two together? Please see my example
@Value failing in Spring MVC 3.0.6
Singleton Lazy Loading Pattern
writing to a parallel port to control electrical equipment in WIN 7
what's the difference between `groups` and `group` in Python's `re` module
PHP force download of file - either getting download interruped or system says invalid/corrupt file
Problems with math.h
Which should I use, CodeContract or CuttingEdge.Conditions?
How to reload a spawned script for nginx fast cgi
Changing directory in bash for GNU
Spring - set a property only if the value is not null
return value in vfork() system call
How to store id like this 000001 in mysql?
Compile with MinGW and install correctly FTGL lib (to render text in OpenGL)
An integer [0,4095] 12bits to a tuble{A,B,C} the fastest way in c++
Modeling multiple choices in GAE datastore
Site's template changes when iPad uses access it [duplicate]
What does a dashed / dotted relationship line represent in SQL Management Studio - Database Diagram
saving a json file to memory then calling it [duplicate]
how to validate two controls using one validator
Can I use Intel syntax of x86 assembly with GCC?
What's the best practice for connecting information of two entities?
convert the output from Popen to an array
Why doesn't FileSystemInfo declare the GetAccessControl method?
Post to wall Error: contains a blocked URL
Capturing and testing output command in ZSH
Android Market - Application not visible
Android sipdemo timeout when making calls
how to copy data from mpp file to excel using macro
Please assist me with this query for get difference (amounts) between 2 years (for every months)
submit R script to grid in form of batch
Underlining text in UITextView: Overriding drawRect isn't enough?
mySQL queries being messed up
Create a file or go to line n of that file
Increase Timeout in silverlight application
How to update entire UI for the application according to user selection?
Increase Timeout in silverlight application
How to update entire UI for the application according to user selection?
Dropdown list <select> tag
Calling a helper class in Magento
difference between java and dotnet versions of solr
Using OpenCV Cascade - Working solely with haartraning XML file
PHP Order By not working
SSL Certificate - doesn't work on some pages [closed]
jQuery UI slider to control youtube volume
Regenerating of R class in android project (eclipse)
Treat macro arguments in Common Lisp as (case-sensitive) strings
jQuery - determine if a semi colon separated string contains another string
Android keyboard issue with key release
Change value of textBox from different class?
rendering a webpage WITHOUT using the webbrowser control in .net
How to determine which NSNotification is crashing due to dealloc-ed observer
Android ICS Data Usage Widget source code
swig typemap from c++ struct to PyLong
Variable types in CoffeeScript
What's the meaning of this usage of Java generics?
api proper headers for public and private usage
XPath and attributes
What does a++ mean in C?
Phpbb new successful member registration pop up window
are 鈥�o鈥�files 鈥渓oadable鈥�
Should I really get frequent collisions with bcrypt?
Scroll content that has position absolute
JavaScript document.write() + Firefox + Page Reloads without a reason
How to reference to the database that resides on another server in the webconfig file?
rendering fb-like buttons with knockoutjs
Foreign key vs check constraint for integrity
Mnesia equivalent of SQL NOT IN
event after list finish rendering?
Get specific data field from NSDictionarys nested in NSArray
why glReadPixels method always get RGB(0, 0, 0)
How to get data from JSON string?
SPListItem.UpdateOverwriteVersion creates minor version?
setopt listambiguous not setting the option
to make a dropdown hide on click of another element
Stop a function from execute with Chrome extension
Google App Engine Error 503 - Service Unavailable
What are the details of 鈥淥bjective-C Literals鈥�mentioned in the Xcode 4.4 release notes?
ASP.NET MVC3 with WCF as Model
Button does not respond after pressing home key
Stream closed before the program finsihes
Removing text with regex
How can I create an HTML/CSS layout with rows and a dynamic number of columns
dot net version of Solr
Consuming RESTful services from Titanium
What are the valid reasons for incrementing the version ID of a Serializable object definition?
Should I use file system files or a database for files such as images?
How do you make thumbnails on upload with phpthumb?
Can I make php run shell scripts?
Need advice on Android application
Generate .REG file from within VB6 app?
How to draw on a buffer with Undo capability?
Woprdress e-commerce conditional statement
Assembly - jmp condition using label
PHP MYSQL: search word query
Bug in
Saving NSManagedObjectContext in background
How to filter an input from file? (PHP)
Which PID listens on a given mach port
Record-able Voice Commands with Kinect?
combo box is getting vanished when an alert is coming
error fetching source code from using svn 1.6.6 on windows
Passing data using post in the JQuery load method
Control Font in tkMessageBox
How to reset camera altitude in Google earth
How to implement 鈥淧ress Any Key To Exit鈥�[duplicate]
Run All Validations Except Any of 鈥渒ind鈥�:presence
Spying on a constructor using Jasmine
Program to generate regex easily?
Customizing the image in Navbar in sharepoint
How do I generate a websocket handshake from Lua?
JSP - exit executing the rest of the code
How can I change from a function call to now use function (e, arg) with jQuery?
Make library folder visible to all python scripts in different dir/subdir with a GAE project directory
Shell script not running R (Rhipe) program from Java code
Error stating that 鈥渂crypt-ruby is not part of the bundle鈥� how can I add bcrypt-ruby to Gemfile?
How to check username and password with PHP
How to take multiple pictures using Android android.provider.MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE?
Using a batch file to extract text from one file into a new one
How to store an image as BLOB and then display in Play!-powered website?
How to count 'all less than' in Access?
Enabling methods in template class based on template type
Manipulating selection and retrieving parent properties
Custom content sharing on facebook
Why this example from Pro Silverlight 4 book doesnt work?
What's wrong with my C# code?
Cache option with javascript_include_tag not working
How to create an Photo Album in Facebook Using API
Jquery ajax long polling error on Firefox
How to select UIImageView with name of Object
How to write input method mim file for ibus-m17n
Android: Should I use views or activities for this tab? Can I use a shared layout for the tabs?
Parse date in javascript
Should i choose cloud or VPS? [closed]
Is broadcastreceiver considered a service?
How to replace a color in an image?
Binding Window Title through Style && triggers in XAML
Are the GDI functions BitBlt and StretchBlt hardware accelerated in Win32?
Converting console application to GUI [closed]
R: Is it possible to turn combinations of vectors into data sets?
Jscheme how to find all the occurrences in a list?
jQuery callback functions?
C++ Inheritance Issues
Sending google visualization chart to email
Websphere Commerce-TypedProperty
Dynamic Nested Loop
keyup with more then 1 input form
issue in jquery code
Can we add a non-primitive field to an existing class using javassist?
Given character array,find kth non-repetitive character in one pass
selective get and delete posts from database
confusing behaviour of object assignements
How to display Rails select field values rather than stored integers in other views
How to edit path variable in ZSH
placing text in bg container
Rails 3.1 - Need to show a JS pop-up with the contents of a field - can it be easily done?
Android: Show Screen while loading
What is the relative performance of 1 geometry column vs 4 decimals in Sql Server 2008?
symfony 2 cannot find the route i've created
How to convert CheckBox to boolean?
Changing sprite difficulty depending on level [closed]
Switch between user identities in one Git on one computer [duplicate]
How to provide LIVE video streaming facility using silverlight 4?
Where can I find a complete EJB tutorial?
jQuery on ( ) , why does 'click' on another unattached element take place?
UITableView single clicks
Extract data from two tables of DB2 database and load into a temporary table
Do I need to use : when specifying a jQuery selector?
Is there any class to diagnose invoked method in a java class?
Why url rewrite is not working in symfony 2?
PHP mailer Custom acknowledgement page?
Python strip with n
find embedded objects (esp flash files) using javascript/jQuery
how to refer to a parent method in python?
Java code review tools [closed]
How to output HTML Table instead of a Select box (generated with ListBoxFor) in ASP.NET?
How to make search query like Youtube? [closed]
Scan for new hardware using a bat file?
Regression testing when 鈥渢est oracle鈥�is an informal output comparison
How to make big emoticons for facebook chat? [closed]
NSRect Size to Fill Screen
fmdb executeUpdate fails
Deserializing an object without having access to the class bytecode in Java
How to overwrite a function in the web page with Chrome extension?
UISearchDisplayController - wait for N seconds OR for user to press 鈥淪earch鈥�before conducting search
Networking game with HTML5, Javascript, and AJAX. Would this work?
System Menu and Delegates
Layout content is not getting+ Zend
Changing a UserControl's Default Event Handler
Simple hashchange
Mockito mock of SecurityManager throwing an exception
Iframe redirect page in main page
How to detect iPhone/Android awake from sleep with javascript
How to make a multipaged UserControl in WPF?
Assigning a number to a level in cocos2d
how to create an animation map overlay or something that acts like a compas?
AppendDictation on Microsoft Speech Platform 11 (Server)?
mysql query different,performance is different
With C# Why would you use an accessor instead of just setting the varialbe equal to the property?
Remove path from url and add another
Is there anyway to center the menu when using jQuery Mega Drop Down Menu Plugin?
Is R source code available in a Git repo?
Matrix Multiplication with operator overloading
Horizontal Menu Issues
Doubly Linked List with null objects at the beginning and end of the list
File format issue in Perl
jQuery Script loaded, but throwing `undefined` error
Restrict a phone number input field to accept only 6 8 and 10 digit numbers
How to get pip install PIL to work with pypy on windows 7
Miscellaneous temporary object T() [closed]
getting values from textbox using jquery [output via php variable]
Best performance and efficient table structure for creating a verification queue system
Which method is better to use
Jquery input field addition, maximum total
Skip keys in array without values in a foreach loop
mcons in dr racket
How can I higlight PHP code in the Drupal 6 editor?
ExtJS 4 MVC Application: Form undefined error
Using JQuery - preventing form from submitting
Google MAP Api http Request
cast error when inflating a serialized object on server side
Comparing integers in a certain block Sudoku Java
# sign as a prefix in Objective C
Gallery won't scroll properly when image in custom list item is loaded
Visual Studio 2010 - 鈥渃lean only project鈥�is cleaning dependencies too and I cant get it to stop
Accept() and SIGUSR1 are being tripped accidentally
How can I change mouse pointer icon on a web page?
How to solve with this C code?
create virtual model using other models
Linking computer and pushing to github for the first time
Run code after text-to-speech stops talking on Android
Putting a string in pointer of array
Inline Assignment as a way to ensure read orderings
Why does Xcode 4.3 static analysis report a logic error with this code?
Distance between two lines in 2D
MySQL Left Join With Three Tables
Having strange issue with CSS
How would I write a regex to take any input string and output only the letters?
XNextEvent Blocking At Start of Application
How do I send data to a central area?
why doesn't FireBug highlight breakpoint line?
Python+Pyramid+Mako: What is the difference between the context in event, context in view and context in template?
Is openFrameworks a good choice for developing desktop gui applications? [closed]
Electrically charging edges in a force-based graph drawing algorithm?
Return auto_ptr payload by value in C++ from function
Custom Input Keyboard for Tablet
Jquery image swap to swap in a div if the clickable item has a certain class
Areas of objects using cvMoments
Java CMS need help pls
How do I efficiently search for a specific sequence in an array?
Which is the best method to redirect after login in FOSUserBundle
Java application stuck when using synchronized keyword
Apostrophe (') help when dealing with sql using Python
Facebook Authentication Policies, what information could be retrieved?
Is it possible to get a % of (name)/total using VBA?
multiple users using mysql connection in php
What does respond with to valid pings?
saving a json file to internal memory then calling that file later
Cannot drag an object when subclassing UIScrollView in iOS 5, help?
How do I perform a custom sort on a DataGrid column when ItemsSource == null?
How can a touch be intercepted and some custom action perform for some elements but the usual behaviour happen for others?
Cant figure out why program is crashing in C
PHP/MYSQL: Pulling information from database
Why should I use 'i in array' inside my own custom 'array.indexOf'?
Creating android trivia game , cannot proceed to next quest. after it is correctly answered
creating a multidimensional array from arrays in php
tablelayout not visible in my custom dialog
Given coordinates of 3 lights, how can I find out the angles between the camera and the lights?
PivotViewer FilterChanged event
is Android Maps API key! unique for each project?
Why does my Google Chrome extension only open 25 tabs out of many more?
sleep after program run [closed]
Register with Facebook sometimes doesn't provide email
Load Custom Image Format C/C++ Binary
Resolving multiple services using constructor injection with Windsor in MVC3
Combinations of an array algorithm
Rails validates uniqueness with repetitions
Proper usage of FileTree
Rails 3, devise, how can I send the confirmation email even if devise is not set to confirmable?
Can one find out login and logout times on Facebook?
Why isnt a frame popping up when i run this program? Jogl
python: library for generalized suffix trees
How to remove all components from a JFrame in Java?
AS3 - Update Text field onLostFocus(?)
Calling a web Method that returns a non String by AJAX []
Can Eclipse work without the `.project` and `.classpath` files in the project's root directory?
Can Eclipse work without the `.project` and `.classpath` files in the project's root directory?
NSTimer not firing
SVG expressions for linearGradient coordinates
Ipower max_user_connections error
C++ Qt unable to open a file
How to convert char to string in C++?
mathJax on iphone with device width yields image fonts
ASP.NET MVC3: Validation Summary for Create Action (Server Side Validation)
Bind listener to jQuery tabs upon creation to execute function
Need ssh-agent running under Apache PHP script
With second button click in appwidget?
Debugging jQuery `.live()` event not firing
Where can I find GLSL examples? [closed]
Creating your own API to be included in the iOS SDK
extract the user context of the java vm
Google Apps spreadsheet script doesn't always finish iterating, works fine otherwise
how do i fix the datepicker function in jquery here?
template ruby string-eval bug?
How do I redirect stdout to a file when using in python?
What is the difference between data-centric and object-oriented application models?
logic only on href having certain text - jQuery
Primefaces Tree does not expand if you select a node first
Providing a resource to a property based on current data binding
understanding boolean !array[i] in java
Lua function to output matched strings in SciTE
MVC 3 SEO and Googlebot exceptions
installing packages on Mac OS X
How to remove the page loading spinning wheel of UIWebView
PHP Removes End Zeros?
How to see a variable's value in an array when program is running in Xcode
What should I put in the Rails model definition for the index I just added to a MS SQL Server 2008R2 column?
鈥�lt;!DOCTYPE html>鈥�What does it mean?
Presenting MFMailComposeViewController, but it disappears right after it's visible
Android Scaling between two points
What is the point of command line C# compilation?
Declaring InputStream
CSS being improperly applied in Chrome and IE8
Delete a user's keychain iOS
Trying to create a default ASP.NET MVC Route with AttributeRouting
which selector to make navigation bar fixed and scroll with the page?
Tomcat suddenly throwing a ClassFormatError on startup
Use javascript to query additional Rails data
Why does CodeIgniter redirect not remove the hash/pound (#) at the end of the URL?
how to trigger an action in parent JPanel when a component in a child JPanel is updated (Java Swing)
CakePHP Prefixing All Relative Path Links with /app/webroot/index.php/
Having trouble replacing variables [Javascript]
get 302 redirect url using php
Why is the menu JavaScript effect not working?
How smart is the g++ template instantiator (avoiding template bloat)
How to show the table values in day wise
trigger event from another form
A WebView service
Can I pass more than one instance of a Model to a controller in the same form?
XOR encryption attack vector
NSUserDefault doubts in iphone sdk
Many to many relation in NHibernate (Fluent NHibernate) creating unexpected records in database