jQuery UI Tabs adding extra tab
Java - Importing data from DB to text fileds upon JList value change
CDN Richtext editor in jQuery?
MongoDB adding month to Date
How to edit a control within a FireMonkey style outside of the style designer?
Rotating UILabel with Fixed Position
cannot get like box to appear on website
How can I test rails fragment cacheing with rSpec?
Android Phonegap application can't connect to internet
Trouble Generating Controllers for Rails in terminal: Open Flash Charts
fast comparison of arrays in iOS
PHP constructor with parameter
Weirdest javaScript array literal
Caching and bindModel in Cakephp
em-http stream with basic auth and gzip hangs
Questions on INS Implementation (The use of Magnetic + Gyroscope + Accelerator)
Heroku setup - pip fails to find/install dependencies
Uploading files using jquery form
Access hardrive files with assembly code?
Rails 3.1: Why is rails_admin causing `rake asset:precompile` to fail?
Up to date resources/tutorials for building a Universal app?
How does passing by reference really work in C#?
Dynamically creating Content pages with different content on each page
Netbeans on Ubuntu; C++; Defined template 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
Which one is better than another for database Analysis: Class diagram or ERD?
Determine the rank of each row in a sorted table [duplicate]
Computing Cartesian product of two sequences in Factor
mobile website resolution
Debug innards of IEnumerable<T>.Join()
Trying to use NSUInteger with an enum (<<)
Jetty in Windows
Reflection on inherited static property
Where should I store the SQLite DB for my iPhone app?
Java application : accessing database on a different computer
Update multiple rows in 1 column in MySQL
Is it ever possible to call a non-static member method inside of a static member method in C++?
This jQuery seems like it should work
Slow down an html anchor link
Update different columns with a condition?
Convert float[] to byte[] to float[] again
ASP.NET MVC 3: DisplayFormat Data Annotation for TimeSpan causing FormatException
Is it possible to constantly update TextView text without allocating additional memory?
HTML form with checkboxes and editable input boxes
HTML form with checkboxes and editable input boxes
execute after everything arrives via ajax
Django form to let, add a person and his dependants
Is java.lang.Thread itself a thread-safe class?
How can I get http request body data in codeigniter?
Tomcat / Spring integration returning 404
Avoid reloading texture in Lightweight Java Game Library
Sql Pivot table with two cross tab and multiple columns
How to print WeScheme programs?
Windows phone 7 browser app crashing
gem cleanup shows error: Unable to uninstall bundler-1.0.21 when upgrade to bundler-1.0.22
Does using more memory decrease performance?
What is the link_to path to a non-resourceful route?
how to display random image using C# in application development of windows phone 7?
IOS 5 : Making AppDelegate.h, an extension of UIViewController instead of NSObject or UIResponder
value initialization for automatic variables [duplicate]
How does the Lua mutate assignment patch work?
jQuery - Simultaneous hover actions on multiple CSS classes
onListItemClick not called in ListFragment
AJAX client tool for interrogating endpoints
SELECT *,LAST(date_time)
Paypal Sandbox Test Account login?
Scanner help - Java
Scanning an input and skipping certain characters
C# Trying to compare lines of a textbox and count the quantities for (sometimes duplicate) lines with different quantities
MySQL: update single table one column data to another column
C - Reads past end of newline character
Can I convert with jQuery animation to CSS3 transitions/transformations with javascript fallback?
How do I use JavaScript for find out style values set with STYLE tag and not with JavaScript?
Most efficient way to make a data structure thread-safe (Java)
Modules exposing functionality via EJBs. How to handle Hibernate lazy loading between modules?
Synchronising threads: is there a conflict here?
What determines debugger run-time performance
outputs of 2 selects in one table
My python encryption software isn't working
How to create UI tags in Cocoa Objective-c?
Pretty URL getting redirected to query part
SyntaxHighlighter is acting funny
Only small portion of window visible when shown.How do I show the whole thing?
Methods of manipulating/controling Windows Save As/Open File dialogs?
PHP strange if statement behavior
Insert in Cursor loop and Exception handling - Oracle
Storing search criteria than send email
Testing a BB application on a mac?
why can't I to install boost in /usr/include?
Disabling Android Button if Text Fields Empty
Merge multiple records into 1
Google Go and SQLite: What library to use and how? [closed]
Can't install RedCloth gem error in terminal
Fancybox - More complex title under image
What is the query limit on Yahoo's Finance API?
How can I tell when an HTML5 audio element has finished playing? [duplicate]
Is it required to remove from both sides of an association?
java Load classes from string
How do I start two activities at same time?
Floating nav bar that stops fixed to the top of the page
how to simplify this program [closed]
Deleting texts with javascript
Certain Fonts not Visible
parameter is not received in method
鈥淯ncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <鈥�in jquery.js. Email signup form with AJAX
Reverse engineering global hot key block
c++ vector push_back with pointers
Facebook session not destroying on my website [closed]
What is the equivalent of LinkedHashSet (Java) in C#?
Azure Web role with Multiple services
stream file to mysql in c
Including acts_as_taggable_on tags in to_json output of a model
Postgresql and inline functions
Django ManyToMany Field in form - unnecessary database calls?
Using GetWindowText synchronously
What would be the best way to make a widget that will link to 4 different websites?
iCloud sync not sending data through ubiquity container
I want to program this myself. What would be a good approach? [closed]
Pascal - hard-coding data in array - shortcut
Database for small business - restricted w/multiple users
Andengine GLES2 - IS the repository copy broken?
How can I add jars from more than one unmanaged directory in an SBT .scala project configuration
How do I merge paragraphs in Joomla?
Create objects in conditional c++ statements
How do I show only current selected image and hide it if not select?
Using ubuntu upstart to stop a daemon
Strings and While loops
asset:precompile for .js files? rails 3.1
How to position nested form elements in Rails 3
About cross-domain issue
Bean creation exception in junit test in spring
htaccess redirect based on cookie value
The Mute Button Won't Mute AVAudioPlayer
Regular expression to parse images from Html
Hiding the iPhone Keyboard in iOS 5
how can I see what ports mongo is listening on from mongo shell?
Android: Is there a way to change MediaPlayer urls?
best way to sync a file with changing data
Evaluating a postfix Expression in C
Java version for Spring 3.1.1
jQuery validation - element is undefined
Android Text-to-Speech: onUtteranceCompleted() not fired
Android: new text line added to edittext when button is clicked
Flurry not tracking specific event
Radio button rating system for various categories of questions that add a score at the end [closed]
UIBarButtonItem being hidden by navbar image
Trying to block the name Pat with a regular expression
echo'ing XML in PHP
Need help simulating program that simulates a thief stealing televisions
Error: 鈥淭he method show() from the type Window is deprecated鈥�
Custom Attribute parameter of System.Type
Refference parts of a row based on cell valus, and also add information.
2D collision for games without AABB
Tomcat6 refuses to recognize the classes in WEB-INF/classes folder
Trying to make two masses orbit each other鈥etting weird error
Hiding admin page as a subdomain
How to Resize screen of Android
AVURLAsset gets initialized properly, but sometimes its associated AVPlayerLayer just renders black
jQuery selector doesn't update after dynamically adding new elements
Removing object from PHP array of arrays
Jscheme or lisp !! comparing character
Cannot deploy to device, no error message
How do I match this in Backbone.js routes?
Proper contentSize of UIScrollView with UIImageView inside it
How to search for a javascript file in google? [closed]
Is binding IsEnabled optional when binding Command?
I have a huge music archive on a remote server. How can I set up a page that lets people interact with it?
Jquery change css on scroll position
WMI to get drive letter association with physical drive path, misses CDROMs
How to use Windows environment variables in Vim script?
How to fix 鈥淯nable to activate Windows Tailored application鈥�on Win8
UIGestureRecognizer for part of a UIView
Loading URL request for bundle resource in UIWebView doesn't work in jailbroken non-sandboxed app
How to make sure my css overlay is on top at any site?
What is the best to use phpthumb?
How to Create Popup Form With Same Location of Other Control
Jquery Update as type
Encrypting data in C#
Securing returning querystrings from third-party website
Strings and Nested For Loops in Python
Creating a Tkinter math Quiz
Listview not updated after database is changed
Coming up with factors for a weighted algorithm?
using has_many :through and build
how to correctly use touch listener/event and ease function in andEngine
Debugging perl script
.ajax() refreshes the page after ENTER is hit
Netbeand 7.1 and PHPUnit 3.6.10
converting legacy data to json format
Why is the facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button showing 鈥淏e the first of your friends to like this鈥�
populating a JTextArea from an array in another class with a button
How to convert a 4-byte 鈥渟tring鈥�to an uint32_t?
vendored/submodule gems with warbler
How to convert a 4-byte 鈥渟tring鈥�to an uint32_t?
vendored/submodule gems with warbler
I have a somewhat (read: EXTREMELY) broken hitwall function and I don't see what I am doing wrong
USB Share lost after reboot
Writing Control in Windows phone
Header will not span entire page/extra space on right
How do I create files in the server from within a browser deployed JavaFx 2.0 Application
How do browsers communicate with email programs?
How to load Hard Coded Pages with CMS values using PHP?
Emailing with php using sockets
R & RCurl: Error 54 in libcurl
Which Mac Application Support Sub Folders Name convention I should use? (dont want to be rejected)
Light-colored icon on ActionBar not visible on system menu?
Assistance with SQL View
Including files and handling errors
How to kill a process on a port on ubuntu
Create mock 3D 鈥渟pace鈥�with forwards and backwards navigation
Sharing variables amongst extensions of an abstract class
NSGradient on Tiger
Implementing CCSprite class into my game
How to keep a counter for rows in MySQL
Search XML file using javascript
General Email Template
Change root directory of repo in Mercurial
Mongo_Mapper_Ext gem by Alexey Patrushin鈥�how to create a migration?
validating form fields
convert 2D video input sequence to 3D video
PHP Date Between [duplicate]
'Bayern M&#xFC;nchen' -> 'Bayern M眉nchen'
Export Google App engine databases to excel files
How to pass parameter to widget?
Changes to a PHP Array Not 鈥淪ticking鈥�
Additional Emulator Command Line Options is not showing on my eclipse?
How to ensure all data going in and out of a database is utf-8 encoded?
makefile custom functions
ATL COM DLL works with C# but not with C++
Footer not responding to center commands
Does the product of two constants get computed every time it is executed?
Where do I put the code to bootstrap a collection into backbone.js?
Cross Domain Ajax Call Jquery
AS3 Check if XML file changed?
issues with VTK's Python bindings
how to perform calculations on image raw data with CoreGraphics?
Do I need to implement my own QAbstractTableModel?
Creating ring shape in Android code
How to get my focused links to stay highlighted
Jquery setInterval works perfectly on Firefox , but did not work on IE8
PHP filesize() On Files > 2 GB
How to show 1 label box at a time
jQuery prevent input default action
R function to reshape data frame while selecting multiple variables?
How can I programatically generate unique item ids when creating a dynamic menu in Android while not overwriting existing menu item ids?
How does inheritance expose parent implementation to subclasses?
What are the customizations when using the facebook like iframe within my webpage?
javascript/jQuery setTimeout and clearTimeout not working
Django best practices - how would you create a page with a form and a list of items the Django-way?
Wrong colors when loading textures in OpenGL
Track Mouse Position in an Application without Nib
Lowercase condition in 鈥渕agic鈥�methods for Model
Java execute command line program
static template functions in a class
using extract in php to print array value
Executing Queries in LINQ to SQL
android : alarm not wake device up
Domains not loading - server working fine鈥ny ideas?
Font redistribution with @font-face
How do I add a root certificate to the WP7 Emulator?
Static header covers body in firefox, isn't static in IE
Transfering large voxel data to a GLSL shader
A generic Functor class in C++
Modal dialog present (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnhandledAlertError) after dismissing confirm popup
Convert from MinGW .a to VC++ .lib
Devise login stopped working
Difference between readAsBinaryString and readAsText using FileReader
WinSDK 7.1: Getting Started with the Windows SDK Tools for Native Windows app development?
Release build issues
How do I animate Sprites in Unity JavaScript?
How To Implement UITableView Sections
Has a popular desktop application been developed in wxPython?
static method required for listview custom adapter
omniauth with linkedin
How do you retrieve the submodules for a repo?
Setting up Clojure code in Eclipse for both REPL and application deployment
Can I create an independent 鈥渦sercontrol鈥�in Android that contains UI and logic/code?
How do I create a command button that tells me which control had FOCUS?
Can you skin the mapkit on IOS like you can in the Javascript API?
Preemption in Linux Kernel
access denied for python manage.py syncdb
Static library with SBJson for iOS
JavaScript based Bookmark button that fetches images
Getting Keys in NSMutable Dictionary to Appear in Pop Up Button
Wordpress and URL re-writting [closed]
Passing data from javascript to code ignitor
Convert.TryToInt64 instead of Convert.ToInt64?
Onclient click how to Change table's BG color using Javascript
programmatic RelativeLayout (similar to CSS float right)
Prototyping a flight path over a Google Map
Eclipse C++ issue: No binary (but no compiler error), no classes (but no entry in the class hierarchy)
How to make a floating div consume all mouse scroll events
Ways to improve the following code [closed]
How to make a floating div consume all mouse scroll events
Ways to improve the following code [closed]
Deleting Last inserted Id in the database [duplicate]
How to avoid rehashing dict keys?
Control the fps in Adobe Flash effectively
DownloadManager.Request.setNotificationVisibility fails with jSecurityException: invalid value for visibility: 2
C# Dice application, with die images [closed]
How to find text using JavaScript?
Assigning all style attributes of html element in javascript?
IIS - running PHP does not recognize paths to file
Using respond_with how can I flash a notice with an ajax response?
Android Crop Intent Does Not Return ActivityResult
Having trouble counting sentences in a text file - Java
Showing fragment + viewpager within the same layout; one doesn't show up
mvc3/razor fractions
Open Joomla 鈥淩ead More鈥�link under new menu
how to do javascript/jQuery text effect david desandro
html and php code mixed in a php variable
GAE High Replication datastore (HRD) with transaction
Simply populate database table names in Android ListView
How are matrices stored in memory?
How to get the MPMediaItem (audiobook) individual chapters
Autorefreshing with AJAX and caching [messy]
How should I pass negative values to SendMessage and Perform when they expect a NativeUInt?
What's the difference between IMPORT-MODULE and PREBUILTS?
ASP.net: GridView columns repeating after paging
How do I renew a Facebook user_access_token if I deal with a lot of AJAX?
Converting SQL with 鈥渋nner join鈥漵 and 鈥渓ike鈥漵 to LINQ
Split arbitratry string into lines [closed]
Why Facebook runs every link through a proxy?
Jpanel on top of an applet
Don't Show mysqli Errors
Whats wrong with indentation of Python if statement? [closed]
Insert element between ancestor and descendant using jQuery
django cms - invalid block tag endblock
UITableViewCell frame changes while presenting parent view as modal with UIModalPresentationFormSheet
How to use the timer in javascript?
Using Routes to correct typos in a URL
Checkout multiple files which have been moved in the working tree
IIS - running PHP gives 'invalid XML markup'
PHP: is there a way to see 鈥渋nvisible鈥�characters like n
git commit config on initial commit but never again?
BackboneJS + Requirejs: Backbone is null issue
Recursion exception
How do I make WinDbg play a sound when a breakpoint is hit?
Why do most people use the y axis as the up vector in xna?
Strange string comparison results after retrieving TEXT value
SQL Server 2008 Foreign Keys that are auto indexed
Even Columns inside css layout
web2py: modify widget in crud form
Django, Error: UserProfile matching query does not exist
Video on canvas with panning - how to solve performance issues (also: HTML5, Flash or something else?)
CMake executable location
What advantages are there on using GWT over a php framework such as Yii
Is it possible to use Socialauth without Spring/Struts/Seam?
How do I evaluate a timestamp in PHP?
Playing sound in C++ using native system calls?
Using abraham's twitteroauth: The 鈥渇ollowers/ids鈥�next_cursor is always 0
How to store objects in Session (Codeigniter)
Why do textbooks prefer 鈥�+x鈥�to 鈥渪++鈥�when it is context invariant? [duplicate]
php array values matched again arrays keys
How do I add a addHeaderView to a list view?
nodejs addon Error: Unable to load shared library
I cannot post to a user's Facebook Photo Album using my app's access token
Using DocumentFilter.FilterBypass
How do I test for argument count in RSpec?
How do I use the Thread class to execute an arithmetic-like method?
Associative Array display not working
How to create two column output from a single column
Resizing EditText inside of an AlertDialog
What are the main differences between Socialauth, Scribe-Java, and Spring Social?
box-shadow and backgrounds
Text alignment in select options
Socket issue: Some bytes sent become incomplete when received
How fast are cookies written when called from JavaScript?
custom iOS gesture
Rails uninitialized constant RelationshipController (NameError)
Extract value from simple XML element (root only) using XDocument
How to delete circular many to many in entity framework 4.0?
Trigger jQuery function from PHP response
appendAll - Append a list to all lists within a list
Incorrect Lighting In Normal Maps
Pulling Images from 9GAG
Permutation rank algorithm
mvn -Dtest=MyTest fails to find MyTest after upgrading to surefire from 2.8.1 to 2.12
Silverlight vs. ASP when targetting thin clients [closed]
Entity framework Code-First - backup and restore DbContext
Load several animations in UIImageView with 160 frames
Passing FileInputStream and FileOutputStream to ffmpeg to transcode(using JAVE-Java Audio Video Encoding)
Excecuting exec(php -l *) on OSX
Shell: Does 鈥渁 -lt b鈥�not mean true if a is less than b?
PHP - How share settings across multiple child classes and instantiate those shared settings once?
pgAdmin fails to execute an sql statement
ASP.NET what is [datamember] [datacontract] in class giving errors
Scala : Can there be covariance in a constructor for defined type?
ActionScript game loop not running
Changing the outline color of a textarea
Save uploaded file - using
Ordering of elements in Java HashSet
How to use AppleScript鈥檚 鈥渓ocalized string鈥�inside an Automator workflow
Using a scope from a related model in another scope
Implementing answer suggestion for ticketing system
Why do elements loaded with $.ajax() exhibit no jQuery Mobile CSS?
How do I use a storyboard Dynamic Prototypes TableViewCell to format SearchDisplayController results
Nutch-Cygwin How to set JAVA_HOME
ASP.net: Changing order of columns in GridView
Status comments and likes using OAuth
Jquery Autocomplete close function
Error running 'bundle install' using Ruby 1.9.3
If a REST API method fails, should I return a 200, 400, or 500 HTTP status message?
How to remove recursion?
Can you create a png image file with AVFoundation?
Update with values in other column in a single query?
Using radio buttons and link_to with Ruby on Rails
iPhone app main menu
How do you get a cell value of a selected row in an mx.dataGrid in flash builder
Detect Event in any control into the FORM VB.NET
Public Maven and OBR repositories for open source projects
Ruby on Rails - proper way to refactor this (single table inheritance?) model
git commit searches source and extracts comments
Guards vs. if-then-else vs. cases in Haskell
Are hard-coded math operations performed at compile time or run time in Objective-C in Xcode?
Tomcat fails to start in Eclipse - java.net.BindException: Address already in use
Hash table entry linked list - Mutex locks for thread safe operation
MYSQL: Error 1054 - Unknown Column
two keys one value pdo query result
I need help converting PHP eregi_replace to preg
How do I get my hover caption to appear only on mouse over and slide up/down?
Core graphics drag over pixels instead of points
Waiting for google maps geocoder?
how to cast an int array to a byte array in C
character pointer
Page rendering more narrow and not centered on iPad
Storing an array of dictionary objects in an application() object - Classic ASP
How to get the literal value of a TemplateHaskell named variable
iOS 5 movie player
Scrolling floating objects but if outside page width don't show them?
Get selected select value from a listbox with mysql data to open another listbox and fetch mysql data using this value
Exposed views filter block refuses to show up on a page
Is there any way to convert plain text into HTML with line breaks?
Tooltip does not disappear after a new page is loaded
Eclipse and SVN import a existing folder that has been SVN checked out
What patterns are there for dereferencing a nullable object?
Unable to pass NSManagedObjectContext to my view controller
Register a global hotkey without support for assistive devices enabled
Debugging java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Implementing class errors (Spring/Hibernate/Struts)
SQL Three table join
query add two input fields together
Using Infinispan for hibernate L2 Cache with Spring & Tomcat
java code samples illustrating usage of amazon dynamo db
jQuery Ajax = success return page
Dynamically add custom/compound components without defining its 鈥減lacement鈥�in XML
Android game catering for all screen sizes - idea
Decimal/Hexadecimal/Binary Conversion
Objective-C AVAssetExportSession only audio
How to do a log in without using a database
Rewriting URLs to Be Routed through index.php
List<Integer> error
Double spacing file using sed in shell script
'Syntax Error' when returning True on Python 3.2
C# MemoryStream leaking memory, after disposing/close/etc?
relative File Path in RSpec
When adding a Drupal data field, the seconds data is readonly as checked as a data to collect?
Gathering textboxes created in design
Remove a database field when deleting property from a class using datamapper
Are standard iterator operations allowed to throw?
When does the DOM get loaded with a UIWebView?
Binding a RelayCommand AND an additional condition
Prolog Code - No idea what it does
Having trouble useing glDrawPixels
Publish Stream from the application - for non logged in user, using Graph API, php SDK
Are Properties technically considered nonstatic in C#?
Using enums to **store** DB names of rows and columns is overkill?
Jboss TimerService Timers Lost and not Fired
Android: How to move Dalvik cache BACK to internal memory?
Zend_Form_Element_File returns false on validation when not required
Why is Javascript output being held back in Google Chrome?
Auto-incrementation with HSQLDB (2.2.8) + DDLUtils
Strange behavior with html_escape
Replace string with comma or without with preg_replace
Android disable passing events to underlying webview
anonymous functions and overloaded methods in F#
Accessing type of interface implementer in interface methods
Recommendations for creating a new website with 鈥渁pplication鈥�like features in .NET [closed]
Write a regexp string matching function that supports '.', '*' and '.*' [closed]
Creating Insert with Mysql Trigger
Contact Custom Field doesn't show up in HTC Sense
Why can't I store a UIWebView's UIScrollView delegate property anymore?
solr Data Import Handlers for MongoDB
Can you arrange column display order using Diagram view?
NSURLConnection hits didFailWithError when the URL actually exists
How do I confer CSS properties upon elements retrieved from $.ajax()?
Mysql_fetch_array print within a string. Possible?
C# Regex and a bulk replace
iOS 5.0 SDK - USB host OTG
Scrollbars behaving badly in auto-sizing boxes on IE7, FF and Chrome
ASP.NET - Get control in RowCommand event
PHP: improving the loop that uses foreach?
Group django formset into groups based on foreign key
PHP: improving the loop that uses foreach?
Group django formset into groups based on foreign key
Opinion on GUI for a Battleship game in Python
Directx 11 Blue Screen of Death when Running my Program
AUTOSIZE CArray in protlib
Xcode (Multiple strings in one label)
parsing package error
How do I access a prototype TableViewCell in another TableViewController on the same storyboard
finding size of a sequence using a common interface
Put a like button already exists in a personal website
Why is JQuery UI sortable not dropping if I modify variables outside of its scope?
doctrine odm batch insert - not all documents get saved
How to add an NSArray of filenames to a NSTableView? - cocoa
Securing data sessions over WFC/JSON with Cookies or alternative methods
Remove records starting a character (Vxxx) to enable floor() command in R
Range from pixels
Xcode 4.3 and C++11 include paths
Writing SQL query results to a text file
Is -webkit-column-break-before supported in Android 2.3 WebView?
Emacs Haskell Mode Flymake
How do you write linq-to-xml for data between XML elements?
c++ derive pure abstract w/ nested struct
Elements in array ignored by indexOf
Game levels getting harder as the player progresses?
Understanding android text input and soft keyboard
Why won't intial-data.yml allow mapping of values for email?
Print 鈥淔oo鈥�if an element is in a list
Building a dynamic HTML list from MySQL results
Drawing a line using a Mouse Motion Listener
how could the JSONP request response being retrieved as source before it is appended to site as a script element
getVideoCommentFeed (Zend Gdata Youtube API - PHP) - obtain most-liked comments
Trying to browse to a new web root in ColdFusion 10
Run GlassFish 3.1.1 in the same way NetBeans does
Multi column CSS Layout
pthread_kill doesnt kill thread C linux
Syntax specific highlighting with Sublime Text 2
Player sprite not appearing
Text in tooltip gets cut off
If I measure the time it takes to execute a piece of code means I know how efficient the code is? JAVA
Define a user-defined class as DataContract or not
SQL Server : Many to Many
Speed of Python Extensions in C vs. C
open a box and close back the other to its original sizes [duplicate]
Binding model to view issue
Count and distinct count in one LINQ expression
Why is Twitter鈥檚 Bootstrap better than the responsive, adaptive themes available for blogs and frameworks?
Servlet: custom 401 page isn't triggered
Benefit of Value Types over Reference Types?
Can a properties class be accessed by other classes without using instantiation?
How does one edit a specific line of text in a file through lua?
Can a properties class be accessed by other classes without using instantiation?
How does one edit a specific line of text in a file through lua?
add title attribute to continue reading link (wp)
Mouse press and release outside of window
How to limit the background-image width/height of my custom bullet list background?
Creating helper to minify JS; What am I doing wrong?
Is there anythig incorrect when using placement new on global vars?
How can I remove duplicate relationships in a MySQL table data?
1000000 to 1M and 1000 to 1K and so on in JS [duplicate]
Error calling elmah.axd
using curl through a proxy with php
multiprocessing pool hanging and unable to break out of app
How to repeat function onclick - Javascript
how to make audio autoplay
Should column names be unique across all tables?
How to update underlying ViewModel property when deleting a Photo using an Ajax.ActionLink?
how to get the number of char that fit in a line (Printing c#)
grabbing the data from a field as it is typed
Different data types than return value in function?
How to keep CGLayerRef constant, even after after the device's orientation switches?
php.ini include_path
How to combine these two js actions
HTML5 - What is making this code get the country instead of city?
Getting file InputStream from http
Faster file transfer than FTP
Python creating worker queues
CMTime seconds output
Can't get js-model to work with localStorage or at all
fadeout and fadein between two different pages in jquery
Choose m elements randomly from a vector containing n elements
WebGetAttribute what should I reference
Updating text box from another class
Visual C++ 10 (aka 2010) compared to Visual C++ 9 (aka 2008)
Using timestamp from sqlserver in entity framework to only get changes rather then reloading whole table/view
Pyparsing error when evaluating WFF logic expresions?
Is encrypting twice good or bad? [closed]
With Xcode 4.3 views don't load
R: How to generate a sequence seq() given a condition?
How can I increase the size of the images within my ImageButtons?
Load text from txt file
In Clojure, how to destructure all the keys of a map?
Inconsistent behavior when passing bitmaps from C++ DLL back to C#
Sine LUT VHDL wont simulate below 800 hz
case insensitive query using generic views
Selecting img child of div child of div with ID with JavaScript but Without jQuery
Database schema for orders that can contain customizable product (RDMS)
rspec output formatting in command prompt
How to implement different types of a class: inheritance, interface or class property?
Posting Videos on Facebook using own buttons, similar to share button
Selenium CSS Locator for span text inside nested divs
filter contact names and remove email addresses
SQL Server 2008R2 Management Studio, where are my db objects?
Android:Including content description in styles xml file
Popover view shows up after it has been dismissed /why two segue being fired at the same time
Why doesn't Scala have an IO Monad?
need guidance on how to create a questionaire for android
Can I inject a CSS file programmatically using a content script js file?
Is it possible to use liveconnect for java and javascript communication in google chrome
iterate over arbitrary count of pivot fields
scanf() goes without taking any input
using PHP script for sorting sql database entries
Hash operator in Matlab for linear indices of vectors
cs-cart: Add multiple quantity text boxes to product options
jQuery TotemTicker issue
pow() from math.h library - How to Apply using functions
Generate unique Integer reference number using DateTime and a Password String
How to use 鈥淣ative Wifi API鈥�Windows API functions with Delphi
Creating thumbnail and resizing problems
syntax of javascript in creating circle
Wordpress 500 Error
Function that computes Runge Kutta not ploting
How do you signify that a variable is 鈥渦nsanitized鈥�in php?
load svg to html dynamically
Getting predicted classes from R glmnet object
Trigger database update after control update on subform
View text population using ViewBag
NSTableView Rounded Corners like UITableView Groups
virtualenv / virtualenvwrapper / django-selectable
Inheritance breaking encapsulation?
How to stop arrow keys from expanding/collapsing property grid members
.NET Deployment on lower version framework machines
How to load page with JS dependencies using node.js?
Different Screens for Different Users
Is there an algorithm to find nearby points using only polar coordinates?
How to I get my simple Swing telnet client to display characters correctly?
GWT RequestFactory: getting 鈥淣o type for token 鈥︹� Exception
Hibernate 2nd level cache in a Grails app
Software or Framework for Reverse-Engineering Embedded Systems
Trouble aligning LI element
Unable to cast Callback object to type System.ServiceModel.ICommunicationObject
Converting a string with unicode words
Getting max amplitude for an audio file per second
Compiling the AWS Elastic Beanstalk demo threw exception No Java compiler available
Redmine Issue Creation Code
Grouping NSFetchedResultsController fetch requests
MarkLogic Express Sample Application: The Oscars
Starting a new activity also triggers the onPause method
Free alternatives for RDP, ICA and similar protocols
Get error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getProxy' of undefined?
Foreach Loop returning data as result
Java SQLite : no such column error
Prevent mysql_result($sql_result, 0) throwing an error
why is jquery toggle continually changing on mouse movement/hover
Google maps api autocomplete to flex
Object declaring c++
JPanel draws itself underneath JFrame title bar
Django fastcgi hangs
Copy Row Based on a Condition to Another Sheet
Mobile Safari Zoom lens control
Bypass http authentication by using a reverse proxy
Why doesn't height:auto work on these two elements?
shopping cart: delete doesn't work as supposed to
GWT clien app hosting/deploy
Using fwrite() and fread() with malloc and realloc
jQuery lib include conflict with rails3 and twitter-bootstrap-rails
list<myClass<int> * > sort
Am I preloading the app in Heroku + Unicorn correctly?
Flatten a list of nested lists in Erlang
MvcMiniProfiler Unable to cast object of type EFProfiledDbConnection
Confused about adding multiple td's to tr using jQuery
Reading pixels from a bitmap taken from a camera preview issue
correctly formatting these user-agents
There is no error in my code, but the output that should be displaying is not being displayed
Is there a way to allow an Admin to replace images easily?
Lightbox display bigger image
Update another objects style in a stylesheet
How to implement splash screen in app with TabActivity and MapActivity as default tab?
Thread-safe lazy creation with TBB?
Compile a vala application using a vala library with waf
More efficient STL like way of performing an operation,
c# using excel file from embedded resource
Why does nothing happen when I click on a link that calls this function?
How to add line breaks in jumbled html code
Why to use builder pattern?
Generic interface - Java
How to set parameter value in SessionScoped bean before @PostConstruct gets called in RequestScoped bean
Fast float to int conversion (truncate)
JComboBox to list age
n nested for loops in fortran90
Force feedparser to sanitize on all content types
Can invoking dawRect: on background thread cause crash?
Bluetooth Signal Strength in Android
How can I split a string in shell?
Ruby on Rails in SpringSource tool suite?
free SMS API/Gateway? is there any? [closed]
Fresh (clean) install of Lion has no developer tools and Xcode 4.3 no longer includes make and friends
Using Linq in an Anon Type using one of the Anon Types Properties
Detect window closed
intellij idea code reformat options
NSRect on main screen without window
Bind Stringattribute to Column of separate Table
jQuery 1.7.1 ButtonSet in IE8 not consistently firing the change event
JSF Converter - Not invoked if text is read only
MySQL INSERT SELECT statement throws Error 1062: Duplicate entry '' for key 2
Count items in ArrayList
jQuery animate with rem
Accessing up and down array elements reference to a middle array element
How to use custom UIView subclass in XIB editor with Monotouch?
How to change the brightness of the mouse cursor for eclipse
ASP.NET - Use variable in .aspx page
How can I use field selectors in the LinkedIn gem?
Functionality different on IE than on Samsung Galaxy Tab
Regex searching using list elements to find matches in large document
Switching Styles
Best approach to read and write large files with collective MPI-IO
Outlook 2007 VBA - apply action only when in specific Outlook account
most elegant/efficient way to compare one string to many in objective c?
array to string conversion notice when using str_replace
Email that allows auto responses via subject line with attachments
how do I disable canOpenURL? I don't want my UIWebView to open up the official app
How should binary predicates be passed to a user-defined Boost.MPL algorithm?
JSF and Spring get bean from instance
'no version information available' warning when starting pypy on centos6
How to convert C# struct to C struct?
multiple li elements but show a specific div per element not all jquery
Grand Central Dispatch equivalent for omp_get_thread_num
Unselectable Ajax Content
How to Control Multithreading from a Console
ASP.net client ID mode
submitting two forms via javascript without click
Scheme: 鈥渆xpects 1 argument, given 4鈥�odd behavior
Why is this(this) not called when returning from array of structs?
Zend Framework Automatic Logout after inactivity
Show database entries separated by comma
MySQL insert unique technique
JQuery doesn`t fire/work with my Rails 3.2 project
Authenticating SourceTree with a Google Code project
Assuming a calling convention when combining C and x86 Assembly
Run External Command Before JUnit Tests in Eclipse
best way to conditionally format HTML table values with PHP
Drawing a circle after button click in xcode
Firstname or lastname case change query without unintended consequences.
jQuery ui Dialog content via ajax not displaying on asp.net
Security Error with canvas.toDataURL() and drawImage()
How to layout the dashboard sections vertically with ActiveAdmin?
How to intercept super class constructor argument?
Ajax response which sets javascript variable covers up any html elements
how load Module rewrite without accessing to httpd.conf
Vim # expansion
How to decide whether one object should be part of an aggregate or not
how load Module rewrite without accessing to httpd.conf
Vim # expansion
How to decide whether one object should be part of an aggregate or not
Run HTML page in background for a chrome extension
setting css background to an image in local storage
inserting elements using jquery
In-app Twitter timeline without authentication?
Speech Recognition in other languages
Facebook Application Layout and Image Sizing Issues (doc mode maybe?)
mkdir failed for music. Permission failed in terminal android
Can Flash players' data file get an external variable?
Equivalent of OpenCV statement in Java using JavaCV
Obtain full file path to allow uploads
Android Force Close (ConcurrentModificationException)
OpenCV build error
Is there a way to specify order of results manually in SQL?
why isn't my variable incrementing in AS3
PHP IMAP function to detach attachment and save to a directory
expanded command line too long
Webdriver/Firefox version issues
(Solved) How to include source file into Bool.Test case from other directory tree?
Random number and Microsoft CNG
Weird incompatible pointer type error
how to print wchar_t array to file in 64 bit windows
using preg_split to fetch terms between two markers in string
Does Xcode 4.3 include Quartz Composer?
jQuery / jQuery UI slider event for jump/click. Function not firing
How to implement C++ dictionary data structure without using STL
Easily scale android application for smaller screen sizes
launch chrome instead firefox when start H2
Add an element to a global variable
Unable to send a multipart/mixed request to spring MVC based REST service
How do I access elements via the DOM retrieved from $.ajax()?
Javascript code is working when contained within html but not when loaded/injected separately
Easy XML serialization with custom conversion of node values?
What is different about the way NodeJS handles requests as opposed to a setup like Rails / Passenger?
fetching users information from social networks
C18: Representation of LONG and FLOAT constants in code
Prevent form from scrolling up when click on textfield
Scanner asking more strings that expected
Chrome and Firefox handle zoom differently. How to deal with this in my CSS
Why '404 not found' doesn't works? [duplicate]
Duplicating Default Plugin Settings jQuery
how to unblockUI relative when the page finished loading or a 鈥渃ontent鈥�finished loading
Where does npm look for a package.json file?
Creating a pop-up window when a link is hovered just like in facebook when you place the cursor on a link and it displayed options like send message
How to have blank lines in a .text.haml document
Filling out a form and submitting in a UIWebView
Making Rails Resource and Custom Routes Conflict Work
inserting the values of a datagridview on the database
Returned list is redundant after recursion
Adding a temporary object to an NSMutableArray
Adding a Circle Object to An Arraylist and displaying on Screen
How to get event from IBAction method
What is the best way to receive location information at regular time intervals in iOS?
Can I use an app user's friend public data (id, name, gender) in other app users app context
Load multiple images in Processing
Overloading a method just to report a nicer error in C++. Is there a better way?
case statement not evaluated
returning multiple values from multiple values depending on the value in php mysql
Flyout window similar to 鈥渃ode parameters鈥�in Delphi IDE
Simple ajaxify, without hash or hashbang urls
What is the best way to test sendgrid parse API on a dev machine?
jQuery + Javascript: Consolidate duplicate functions between document.ready and ajax load
Support for non-english characters in Loggly
Problems with If and Else Statements in Visual Basic
How do I cancel/not call the constructor in a global variable
A Python one liner? if x in y, do x
Checking item of array on 鈥渦ndefined鈥�in JavaScript
Sorting div by ID or class
Dapper Order By
MembershipUser and aspnet_User in SQL Membership provider
why do omp functions not work when constants are declared in a module?
Active_admin and :filter
GAE - cannot add JSP file to project
How to measure FLOPS
UIGestureRecognizer not receiving touches during UIScrollView deceleration
Java - MaskFormatter
Installing CakePHP 2.0 and Getting 鈥淐lass 'Component' not found鈥�error
nginx and apache (php)
Grid Horizontal Scroll Bar (Floating)
Django redirect does not redirect
jquery click doesnt work on ajax generated content
What is short circuiting and how is it used when programming in Java? [duplicate]
Chess engine in C [closed]
Integrating custom Android kernel builds with SDK
How to use JS object/classes to save repeating html
xml function not working
UIButton that does something different the first time it is tapped
Get PDO result set including dollar character in php
Socket IO jquery events on the server itself
Asynchronous HTTP requests with ruby
Using 鈥渟igned鈥�INT in MySQL?
why doesn't youtube api javascript code work inside jquery document ready?
Parentheses around data type?
SimpleOnGestureListener, onDoubleTapEvent suspends after short while until gesture is finished
Show a popup menu in another application's window
Jquery Accordian JSON not linking propely
How to serialize a dictionary to an XML file?
set ImageView below a ScrollView
Jquery Accordian JSON not linking propely
How to serialize a dictionary to an XML file?
set ImageView below a ScrollView
Is there a sane way to simulate virtual inheritance in Django models?
.BAT files: Launch the JVM in background
jQuery - Resize <body> to page width. (zoom works, how can I make it shrink too?)
Associating EventToCommand with wp7 ApplicationBarIconButtons & ApplicationBarMenuItems
ASP.NET MVC 3 EntityType has no key defined
OpenJDK - ready for production?
Cannot overload std::string const & function with const char *
convert file path returned from Directory in to tilde
How to restart program automatically if it crashes in Windows?
javascript inntertext will not work
How to place a div under two divs, if there is also another div floating at the left?
May I turn off PHPSESSID and why it appear on my cookie?
How to customize keybinding when application is not in focus
Android: issue adding video file to the media content provider
need to keep track of 'selected' divs that are highlighted with CSS
Can I redirect users seemlessly from a personal Facebook page to a business Facebook page?
Mathematica not evaluating #1
Why calling Hide in a child form's FormClosing event handler hides the parent form?
jQuery + PHP how to make autocomple like google
Change a href=# to javascript:
How to make Autoresize property work in Xcode 4.3?
Struts + Spring + Spring managed transaction + hibernate
getChartRenderingInformation() getScreenDataArea() both with zero values
Transform String to Core Data by NSValueTransformer
File Compare with c# [duplicate]
FFmpeg - Concatenate Audio - Video?
sencha touch jsonp request
Can't load a jar file into my project
how to keep a session alive using a shared server? ASP.NET / MVC
How to toggle a div when the page is load?
Best Algorithm to get a Post-order Tree Traversal
Function failed: Raise Exception, or return FALSE? What's the better approach?
How to add submenu items to ActionBar action in code?
How to Test Character Input to UITextField as the User Enters Characters and Prevent Invalid Characters
Java implementation - Meta classes
How to disable a DevExpress MVC combobox from the client (JS / JQuery)
Transposing Matrices - Horizontal to Vertical - OpenGL ES - iPhone
How to retrieve the text entered in a text field using webdriver (python)?
Run python script without terminating at the end
Reading a file from resource folder
Create UIButton same style of UISearchBar cancel button
starting with gtk# under monodevelop, Gdk.PixBuf issues
Find next Activity in onStop() when call startActivity
CouchDB Map/Reduce to an array
Why does Montouch not keep a managed reference from the UIView to its UIViewController?
Reposition error message on jquery validate plugin
Div display with Backbone.js
subdomain_routes gem with DEPRECATION WARNING: Kernel#returning has been deprecated in favor of Object#tap
AppleScript for extracting html message
XCode 4.3 Command Line Tools
Quickbooks Monetary Calculation Logic
printing outputs of different types of arrays of an union
Jquery simple load() test into a container div not working
How to manage per application defined properties (based on an XML)
jquery get the position half of one div
Java serversocket how to write and read to different threads
How I get my divs to fade out in the reverse order the showed on load
Stored Procedure: Get month
Quicktime plugin
How to Assign Members of Generic Type in the Constructor of a Generic Type?
Conventional name for directory containing HTML snippets to be used in templates
How do I validate a Postcode on this form using JavaScript?
Spurious nondeterminism warnings from antlr 2.7.6
Why is my Arabic text not displaying correctly on Android? [closed]
CoreData - Duplicate existing object
Eclipse/Netbeans IDE choice in a Maven-using Java EE development team
Sql help in trying to get a row of data with the lowest value in one column
Representing finite state machine as an RDF?
GUI Design Terminology
Returning 200 response code instead of 204
How can this codebehind be written better?
How should you mock classes you don't own in Objective C/Cocoa? (eg NSDate)
code snipplets for ckeditor plugin?
Interview task on binary trees
Parsing HTML that has javascript with PHP
Fc_Chartupdated Is Not Called at Hlinear Guage Update
Will the ManualResetEvent consume cpu while it is in a wait state?
Apache Commons Logging - New Line Charachters
displaying error messages with haml
Why is my string formatting failing in Clojure?
Can I manipulate a directory stream obtained with opendir()?
Porting Issue - Internet Explorer to Everything Else
can't access localhost
iAd doesn't fit width when starts from landscape mode
iOS + Cocos2D: Simple Colission/Bounce (do I need box2d/chipmunk?)
Count overlapping regex matches in Perl OR Ruby
Multiple Android Widget instances only updating last widget
Java 1.7.0_03 Error: Could not find or load main class
Timestamp conversion JavaScript
how to insert variable into jquery select attribute $(鈥淸myAttribute='+myAttribute+']鈥�.html('is working');
How can I configure Nginx to forward www.myserver.com/XYZ to different servers depending on XYZ?
How to stop the speech syntheziser?
Log4j: is it synchronized for multithreaded calls?
Prolog : Divide word on syllables using predicate 鈥淣ame鈥�
Connect to remote mysql from mobile application
Process No Wait for Terminate a Bat File
how do I close all the activities in Android in one simple click
Cannot add data to cart with variables in data array (only strings)
Convert Mediawiki wikitext format to HTML using command line
Diskless Nodes boot
How to stem words in python list?
compare strings at being typed
jQuery jstree, pre-expanding/loading a subset of nodes based on ids
How to uninstall Intel C++ from Visual Studio
Using jquery and prototype
How do I expire keys in dynamoDB with Boto?
HTML5 use cache only when offline
HttpHandler and Authentication on jQuery Ajax Call
Error Message when Referencing .dll Files
Django 1.4 project wide code ( template tags)
Using VLCJ to capture video from camera on mac osx
Symfony2: class MapClassLoader not found
Android launch intent from onCreate
Sorting an array by index value with given order
Adding hundreds of images to a WP7 listbox from Isolated Storage, how can I utilize Data Virtualization?
Read CSV from within Zip File
How do I split a text file into parts in C? [closed]
Hook build step in Teamcity
jquery messageBox plugin not working in IE7
Why does my content object not show up in the portal_catalog?
Confused on how to use CouchDB on Android
SQL orcl10g trigger insert (deathDate after birthDate)
iPhone App Store how to display a long app name with line breaks?
iAd notification *const__strong' to parameter of
c# 4.0 DLR and COM
How to schedule a local notification if an action hasn't been made?
Issue deleting a registry key
Get phone carrier using WP7.1 SDK
Javascript, determine which button was selected in a function, similar to (id)sender in iOS?
boost zip_iterator and std::sort
Is the behaviour of Java Cookie.setMaxAge(0) down to implementation or is there a specification?
How would I go about this?(Android Whack-A-Mole Project)
Android: Applying fade in/out to a SurfaceView
Clearing instruments CPU profiling
Any Javascript or PHP libraries or tutorials for making an image out of a page?
creating compiled library components from classes for Android project
Thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4001d7d8)
Regular Expression, match url segments in specific order?
Mainline DHT unspecified entry in bencoded dictionary
Displaying content when the barbutton is pressed - Logic Issue
Not stopping program (using shell script)
MBUnit calls a testmethod as often as many chars a factory string parameter returns?
Scala type inference fails to note that these types are identical, whatever they are
inherited resource belongs_to & polymorphic troubles
How can I check whether an jQuery GET returned any HTML?
md5 hash login with php and mysql
MySQL 鈥淣OT IN鈥�query not working
What are the things which are decisive in call during function overloading?
jquery xml parsing not working
GL_POINT_SIZE_RANGE workaround using OpenGL?
Flex s:datagrid sorting doesn't seem to work
Define Core Text paragraphs without using newline character?
(Watir-)Webdriver cannot find stable firefox connection on Fedora 14 w/ Firefox 10
Unable to set the title of a view controller