Removing empty nodes from HTML
More than 1 controller function name in URI
MSAccess: Selecting one row out of a one-to-many relationship
Determining what was being dragged inside dragLeaveEvent [closed]
Ignore Content-Length header when using file_get_contents
jQuery/Javascript: insert ID into jSON object?
Is it possible to add comments or HTML tags to Yesod's message files?
GAE and Facebook auth
regex replacing multiple periods in floating number
map::lower_bound() equivalent for python's dict class?
What this unix command do 'who , grep 鈥淢ilad鈥�> /dev/null'?
Unable to connect to MySQL via IP Address
In NetBeans how do I add a jMenuBar to a JPanel?
sharekit :: EXC_BAD_ACCESS @ shareItem
IE problems with a website I am working on. Content area and sidebar overlap [closed]
How to use Twitter Bootstrap ScrollSpy to execute a function
How to convert an array into key-value pair array?
Appengine user service +GWT not logging out
Mysql Query Distance Search Fail
Building a web application with multiple database instances or just a single instance
undefined method `source_tag_names' for #<Cucumber::Ast::Scenario (no method error)
UML and its equivalent Java Code [closed]
Web application using Play framework and sencha
How to run ruby programs on Windows 7?
Bash script 'sed: first RE may not be empty' error
How does shovel (<<) operator work in Ruby Hashes?
using PGP encryption from within PHP
how do i enable my smooth scrolling to bring content to the middle of the viewport rather than to the top?
My (AspectJ) jar does not recognize jointcuts
What is the actual use of categories instead of inheritance?
jQuery getScript returns an parse error exception
Are buffer overflows possible in C#?
Can I create a ListView that will populate the actual table names in Android?
It is possible for the text size to decrease automatically on browser resize?
How to find out if an EditText has been created?
create a record in a different class(table)
How to get the height and width of a dialog after resize?
Is it best to store address information with the order table or in it's own table?
How to add margin for Twitter's Bootstrap help-block?
TextEdit disappears on keyboard
Android Activity extends AlertDialog
Customising hg log output
Command 'generate' not understood or not applicable
Is it possible to use native libraries from ICS on older Android versions?
Error when using SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS()
C++ copying files. Short on data
Javascript: random sprite selection in constructor
dtracing a short lived application
Facebook Like button and friends newsfeed
mod_expires in apache htaccess
ListView change rows
How to append a child element to a large XML file using Java?
Location of a maximized window with custom chrome
Creating a Crash Log
How to call asynchronous method from synchronous method in C#?
Amazon onsite interview how should I prepare? [closed]
simpelst way to move an image over an image; with position
Possible via DOM to retrieve axis header of td using header axis property directly?
php function returning 0?
NSCoder - Encoding an Array, with multiple levels of nested arrays
Dialog Window Change the Main Window
Find repeating dates within a specific range
Completely close speech recognizer
How do I Supply Complex Runtime Parameters to Tomcat?
Need Help Vb6 Xor Large Numbers
Get value from select with JavaScript for use in PHP
How to get rid of using ElementName in WPF bindings in XAML
What's the syntax to create a table type in a stored procedure (using VS2010)
When Python is Updated Will I Have to Update My Program?
HTTP requests in CSS obtained via HTTPS [closed]
Opinions and facts on multiplexer select in implemented VHDL code.
Javascript - Image change an resize to full background
build an NSArray from nsarray already exist
Eclipse PDT content assist for PHP just stopps working randomly
Multiple roles on the same instance in Windows Azure
Placement of the mudflap passes in the GCC compilation process
Where does ELMAH save its data?
Database design for patients and diseases
How to use Gecko or WebKit if the user already has browser
Disable WebSocket logging
scripts is not working on load() function
Constructing array from given array with some constraints
Simple PHP file download / request page [closed]
Fast component labelling in python and opencv
UITableview and datasource as MutableArray
redisplaying data from a table in mySQL
Split screen in Actionscript 3
Print foreach List<string> in Separate Class (C#)
a datatype contains a set in Z3
Why doesn't VisualVM display daemon threads on Linux?
launch applet from web page
jackcess delete row and set autoincrement column
Internet Explorer Mouseenter possible bug
Getting back strange JSON array from MySQL
redirect forms with url values in zend
Pagination php from array
What is the python setup() `provides` argument for, using setuptools?
Handle click on route
Postgresql, problems after updating gem
setText() of TextView in list_row.xml
iphone box2d moving a body in opposite x direction
AlertView open Safari
Keep Getting Error Message cannot find symbol - constructor Account(int, double)
Becoming a friend through Inheritance C++
Invalid content was found starting with element 'element'. No child element is expected at this point
How to get the parameters of an href attribute of a link from the click event object
How to bring back parameters documentation popup in Visual Studio?
Creating and managing two independent random number sequences
How to export datagridview data to excel?
Object graph relationship
VBS vs PowerShell: Which is lighter?
RestEasy - UnsupportedMediaTypeException: Cannot consume content type
c# Accessing a row in a 2-dimensional array
Chrome CSS bug: image elements not showing up
Reading records with partly undefined size from file in C++
JSF - prependId not working?
Putting jQuery/javascript source pages before end of body tag
Tao.Sdl Audio crash on Windows
Safely connect to mySQL database in c#
PHP MySQL - Caluclating scores according to users actions from MySQL DB
WPF Command Line Arguments, a smart way?
Having my table with a minimum height and rows aligned top
Is there any jquery Context Menu plugin smart enought to deal with window borders?
Returning a value from anon function within jQuery.ajax
Is this Background Thread Queue a performant implementation?
Converting the format of a WSDL file (Java?)
Add temporary coredata entity in a relationship with a non-temporary entity
ggplot2 facetting with layers of data
How do you access field annotations from a custom Converter with Simple?
Standard way to indicate version and 鈥渟chema鈥�for X509 Certificate
How to add multiple Pin point annotations to a Map
Understanding the Flash Player 10 Security Model for File Uploads
SymPy: How to get values from expression
How to assure that EntityRef can not be null?
How to know underlying type of class enum?
Visual Studio 2010 rebuilds even if the solution is updated
WP E-Commerce Billing Details / Purchase Logs blank?
AlertDialog.Builder open another AlertDialog.Builder
Android notification in AlarmReceiver
What webpage sent the form?
Percentage is not properly working in css
how to compile a C/C++ function for python
Debugging iOS signal exceptions in iOS private code
Print defstruct in Lisp
How to add data to another class from WCF Domain Service Class methods in silverlight?
Overflow in constant value computation error in C#
How to execute a method for a specific list element in C#?
xpath attribute of root node
Pass array with all elements zero (C++)
HMAC-SHA1 code sample
what after git-unpack-objects to get the actual file?
Synchronizing table column widths between tables
Loading NSMutableArray in UITableViewController with Search bar crashing - iOS5 with ARC
Inserting element into QSet class
spacing in alerts
Make Emacs indent code in every possible situation
Passing data between a fragment and its container activity
Can someone explain how coffeescripts are called in Rails 3?
hash the password and store in a new db since the old one is excluded
Loading div showing in android jQuery mobile application
Time sum of similar employees in a SQL Server query
How to get the little indicator triangle to custom action in ActionBar?
Release UIWebView content from the memory, force the app to release the memory
Wordpress URL Parameters
General approach for object oriented rendering framework in DirectX 9?
Why is str_to_date returning me NULL?
Formatting a phone number using substr
C: issue with printing an array of char *
Create a Directory in PhoneGap Application
pass multiple arrays; ajax to webmethod
Mootools.floor submitByAjax example?
Solving recurrence relation using Mathematica
Assert not null of a Singleton Object
Why set prototype's constructor to its constructor function? [duplicate]
Unable to install a local maven artefact to remote repository, google-android-maps
How to interpret ncval's output?
鈥渄id you run git update-server-info鈥�error on a Github repository
Why WP About Author plugin doesnt shows here proper URL.?
Looping through a Java array and append() to a TextArea
How to get 'many' tweets from a user using Twitter API
bitmap.eraseColor(COLOR.TRANSPARENT) not working on surfaceview
merge multiple <td> into 1 with jQuery
Regex to add line breaks before and after a string?
Read a binary file in MatLab
mysqlworkbench without root access
Ontouch event not working
Multiple Queries on Same field in tables
How do you confirm your background service has closed?
Where is PHP.ini in Mac OS X Lion? Thought it was in /usr/local/php5/lib
a pointer to a bound function may only be used to call the function
Passing a value stored in IBAction to the next Nib UITextField.
Confused with weird cascade issue
C# and Aforge - extracting images from blobs
C++ OpenCV VS2010 errors
I can not get the 鈥渓xr 鈥�throught apt-get [closed]
Windows Phone How to Vertical Scroll
Get sound amplitude in Python with SL4A
navigation spacing padding issue
wp7 popup blocking textbox in popup
Should Binary Heap be a binary tree or linked list?
Display same class only once with jquery
CSS Box Shadow on a div gets hidden by other divs
Point on Line by distance to first point
How to use arrayWithContentsOfFile to load file successfully written with writeToFile in ObjectiveC/XCode
One Widget Class and multiple widgets with different data
Loading last selected UIPickerView on startup
JSF 2.0 manage a user
Trying to extract data from Jtable in a method, but finding nothing
Should all reference to programmactically created subviews declared as weak?
How to make simple XNA buttons?
HTML5 input pattern search for quote
Java Queues - why 鈥減oll鈥�and 鈥渙ffer鈥�
Highlight whole row on hover
C File Reading , Blank/Empty Line
How to wire a Button in a UITableViewCell with its action method
Highlight multiple keywords from a given string
I can't get the className property to work on Safari
content://sms/ address column not always return 鈥渟ender's鈥�number
Raising an intent / opening a pdf or epub in an external viewer in rhodes (rhomobile)
Java RMI: Architecture for NOT passing an object, just exposing its methods to a client-side instance
debugging arrays of lists
Sending Long to Shared Preferences - Android
Facebook website app infinite redirects [closed]
Get module contents
Upload file along with text in Create view
Cron generated by ISPConfig
Prevent ActionMailer to strip repeating spaces in plain message
Any way to use Zen Coding for Slim in Sublime Text 2?
Android: How to get absolute file path using base path and relative with 鈥�.鈥�
Is my mysql.general_log table getting too big?
Tests for a method that writes to a file in Java
Regular expression not extracting the exact pattern
Using Python to translate Japanese to English
.Net Config supported runtime element issue
Scope 'session' is not active for the current thread
Error when plotting with StatET in Eclipse
Animate color for a div when mouse hover
Android - OpenGL ES: how to texture a triangle
Different font sizes for integral and fractional parts of a float
Android Notification Intent.putExtra
Xcode - archiving an app - icon issues [duplicate]
One single record instead of many?
Using a Custom Field for Thumbnail in Wordpress
Generating random yet good-looking, different colors?
Getting the pages that the user is administrator
Converting char array into NSString object
JqueryUI Autocomplete not working in CakePHP 2.0
What's the most robust and readable way of ensuring objects conform to a interface/protocol in Objective C?
mysql views performance vs extra column
Stacking TextBlock Controls in WPF
What is Amazon SNS? Strange usage in my account activities
Can't find an option to set a view colour using RGB or hex in XCode 4.2
multidimentional array php flat-file
Does WxPack works with GCC 4.5/4.6 Series
Copy file and display afterwards
Design a push queue using Amazon SQS and SNS, how to?
R: Calculate means for subset of a group
Git best practice for config files etc
cannot move slider if value is not integer jquery ui slider
Strtofloat / Floattostr conversion
Usage of gluUnProject
Printing c# reserved keywords in colors
Memory leak in SBCL's REPL
QAction vs QToolButton and when to override the Basic class?
make heading stretch to fit containe and add > to end
CSS renders differently when served by IIS
Finding my HTTP POST URL using Wampserver
How do I control turtle's self._newline()?
i need to find a integer data in arraylist?
Div will not display inline
vbscript , creating a new directory using mkdir doesn't work [closed]
Pointer to structures in C
jsp variables in java class [closed]
Is Spree suitable for shared hosting?
webbrowser mouse location click
List Item template for dynamic number of bindings
Custom User Control crashes form
How do i login a user with devise?
Access Database not inserting records
ASP.NET MVC 3 login page by using partial
Cross origin policy error with jQuery get
calling multiple view controllers one after the other as views using performselector method
How to stop showing decimal points in Y Axis in WPF DataVisualization charts
Django Relationships- TemplateSyntaxerror
I think that there's something wrong with my search method otherwise it should work
make 24 bit color bitmap save in normal brightness level
Can a Cert be issued without a CSR and using old Private Key
Java array list size issue
Manually add sitemap located in s3 into google webmaster tools
When not to use prebuilt CMS?
Handling incorrect method (controller) parameters In Codeiginiter or other MVC
How to change Jquery animate duration during transition?
How to get file modification time in c under multiple OS?
html/javascript hover menu
How to login into Freebase using Java
Is there a way to get all IP addresse of youtube to block it with Windows Firewall?
Modifying the text in a static UITableView cell?
Regex conditional replacement in java but in the replacing string not in the regex itself
Combining Fragments and ActionBar in Android level < 13. Is there a feasible way?
If in Foreach Loop
Constructor - cannot find symbol
Flash load images not using XML
SQL Server cannot find Certificate
How to setup a tomcat virtualhost without webapps?
RavenDB - Query Error
sqlite3 foreign keys 鈥渞emembered鈥�
3 types of Initializations [duplicate]
Tkinter, executing functions over time
Displaying 3D routes in Google maps
How to convert objects in reflection
How to capture flash FSCommand event in HTML with firefox and chrome dynamically?
(Rails) Can't get Mechanize to correctly read a web xml file
Cross thread exception
how to structure tables to have multiple items for one order number
Windows service as insurance that my application server is running not refreshing GUI
Wordpress functions not working outside of root wordpress directory
How to make dock-able plugins for NetBeans IDE in Java?
SciPy optimization for under-constrained system
css make background image appear both at left and right of element
How to slide views in Android
Post to Facebook from Kiosk
How to scrape a javascript site using PHP, CURL [duplicate]
ASP.NET VB how to add/use timestamp on sqldatabase
How to implement color picking on a cube in Android OpenGL ES
In Jquery how do I check if none of the radiobuttons in a fieldset were checked?
Unbind mouseout event in jquery?
AS3 Air Android App That Loads SWF From URL
Xcode 4.3 and iPhone Simulator 4.2
groovy Command Expression howto do nested expression?
One custom model binder to CreateModel and another to BindModel?
about CCAssert in cocos2d-x
How to use an autoincrement index in for comprehension in Scala
jQuery animate height step by step
Get all checkins from last few hours/day(s)/week(s)
Forward error correction using Reed-Solomon Erasure Correction
Javascript URL validation
Assembly - JZ instruction after CMP
html.parser odd behavior
Combination of Int value
ASP.NET - MySQL Bulk Insert Asynchronous Response For Each Row
Pinning a Java application using Launch4j to the Windows 7 taskbar
Assembly - JZ instruction after CMP
html.parser odd behavior
Combination of Int value
ASP.NET - MySQL Bulk Insert Asynchronous Response For Each Row
Pinning a Java application using Launch4j to the Windows 7 taskbar
Grails onLoad() audit
What's the nicest way of mocking out collaborators when doing BDD in Objective C?
add trailing slash to 404 url so it can be redirected
SQL Server 2008 - How to update a field with DELETE trigger
jQuery: select first-child input inside form but not when type:hidden?
Lock request time out period exceeded - Telerik OpenAccess ORM
Replacing glPush/PopMatrix
Make base method required in derived class
Representing ManyToMany relation in the Admin Panel
Linebreak after each character
How can I throw an exception in Matlab?
Foreign key relationship betwwen three tables
Command to 鈥渇ormat鈥�txt Files
Detect facebook video URLs with Javascript
missing ) after argument list else { - i can't see it? [closed]
NSTimer is not working
Make a link 'enter-clickable'
Validate context menu item for each tab
Calculate Median Image in Matlab
C2DM with PHP but without cURL
CUDA - Blocks and Threads
SQL Server 2008, can I refer to a temporary table in a select statement within a udf?
Return CGPoints from a function
Why do I get this error when trying to upload an image?
jquery $.post doesn't work as expected
mysql get first and last row for group data
Debugging google.maps.FusionTablesLayer
Unit testing database access layer
Noscript elements not displaying
How to get the active processes running in iOS
Calling anonymous functions in Python without assigning them to a variable
IOS - How can I inspect the JSON NSData the SBJson creates?
How to know new path after animation?
Draw on screen with GDI+ (or GDI) similar to Inspect
Should un-publishing a pdf that is used in a component on page cause the page to be unpublished?
How can I insert database from two different methods
NSString contents get truncated because of the null character in the middle of the string
Graphical programming for web, Voronoi and Delaunay Triangulation
Eclipse Indigo plug-in Error: 鈥渙rg.eclipse.jface鈥�
Qt inheritance hierarchy
Saving listview content to sd-card in android
kxml2 parsing error org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException
Regex: select a string which does not have a group value at certain place
Using __get()(magic) to emulate readonly properites and lazy-loading
Facebook: Get access token to post as a page
Using __get()(magic) to emulate readonly properites and lazy-loading
Facebook: Get access token to post as a page
Mechanize upload binary data
xyplot with confidence interval (box and wisker plot) added in r
MVC for Java Desktop App
RaiseEvent in C#
How do I create and manage a Build Server?
Push notification CallBack is not working PhoneGap iPhone
Repository layer in DDD
Local database storage for WinRT/Metro applications [closed]
Making Blast database from FASTA in Python
Jersey Client on Android - NullPointerException
How to post image data from j2me to MVC 3?
How to connect php to MS SQL Server 2000?
Flex Persistent Checkboxes
PHP - MySQL no error message on SQL errors
How to get a picture from a kinect with labview
gnuplot error: Bad format character
ExtJS DateField confuse format
Combine 2 or more pictures in PHP
How to access 鈥渘ext鈥�div in row of elements
Code does not execute after creating a PDF file with DOMPDF
error while compling the metaprogram in prolog
Best way to incrementally seed data in Entity Framework 4.3
CakePHP sanitize utils
PHP code is showing when i show the source in the browser
RPM %files, how to specify a different build and install path for a file rather than having them the same
Why do I have to evoke the flowplayer twice?
only receive 59 packets (8192 bytes each) via UDP socket
which freebase api(s) returns details for machine ids? (mid)
(Nested?) Multiple Dispatch [Visitor Pattern]
Formatting LINQ Query Result Set
How to document more files other than the `README` file?
after jquery success, javascript replace url, screen moves specified element id of page 鈥�but screen moves to top location again
iCloud and CoreData
window.frames[鈥渇rame_name鈥漖 doesn't work in Firefox when frame has been removed and readded
Random Value From ANY Enum
What Should Be include in webservide base iPhone App Architecture?
Hiding then focussing on select element underneath
box2d accelerometer how to make it work
sys_execve system call from Assembly
css editor 鈥淐ould not open the editor: Argument not valid鈥�
Remove elements from list
Keeping a cloud service API key secure from users
Magento downloadable files location after purchase?
Facebook Like with Send on a mobile Web page
Python-Django How to use django-ajax-uploader in admin?
Good books for learning C++ programming on UNIX (pref Linux)? [closed]
2d rotation around point
Archive format to append data on files without extraction
Functions without statements
A WPF transparent window doesn't dispose when closed
CDT installation in Eclipse
How to download in bash from zippyshare?
Regular Expression OR (,) how does it work?
Adding onClick listener without knowing the layout views and ID's (Android)
Jquery tabs with forms in each tab submission to database
php creating 2 views (logged_in or not_logged_in), same page
get jquery ui tabs to stop rotating when user clicks on tab or the content
Python loop through a file repeatedly to match records against user input
UIPickerview For Drop Down Menu
How to iterate through php data and insert it into individual <a href> containers using JQuery Ajax call
How to make a layout for JApplet
Using the NHibernate object model (not tsql) how can I find out if a column definition has identity set?
In MonoTouch.Dialog what do I need to do to make datetime pickers have and 鈥渙k鈥�and 鈥渃ancel鈥�option?
Drupal 6 Migration
When the user changes device orientation, how to rotate only the navigation bar and not the view?
ColdFusion/Railo component threaded http requests
Core data fetch using specific object rather than object attribute
extract characters from image
Select most common items in SQL
Titanium mobile relative layout
WCF Configurations
SimpleIoc - can it provide new instance each time required?
understand the program's logic [closed]
ASP.NET VB how to add image on sqldatabase
How to identify the begin and end of an incoming call in Android?
orientation and android openGl with sensor not working the way i expected
QuickDialog value too long for QLabelElement
Does form_tag work with Simple_form?
silverXNA windows phone 7 development how to centralize a text/image
Picture box transparency in vb
Why is jruby giving me this error when installing ruby-debug-ide?
How do you keep html5 audio playing after iPhone sleeps/locks?
List selector with different image on the right
Wierd DockWidgets effect
How to insert a unique ID into each SQLite row?
How do I open my applications info page?
maven-war-plugin overlay only changed resources
Simple html/javascript
Hadoop: How can i have an array of doubles as a value in a key-value pair?
鈥淥bject expected鈥�when calling 鈥渄ropdown()鈥�in IE7
Misconfigured Properties in XCode 4
How references are internally stored in c++?
Zoom in and out of images in Java
div onclick inside anchor tag
How to check network provider name in iOS programming?
Rspec have_link with accent words
How to use watchmalloc for backround proceses
Send asynchronous email with phpmailer
Send asynchronous email with phpmailer
PHP GD : Display English Text in Another Language
Using dot notation for custom classes
Looking for OCBlock from OSFoundation
Groovy doesn't start on Windows 7 64
How do I create a new input on tab with jQuery (or vanilla JS)
please help me fix this layout
What are the specific differences between php 5.3 and php 4.9? [closed]
How to access a GString pointed to by a gpointer from a GHashTable
How to get GIT working in my case?
Dynamic Edittext & TextBox
deobfuscating Perl code
Ajax and string manipulation to form an array
Getting all contact details which have a phone numbers in Android
Bind class instance to controls
Multiple database or a single Database? [closed]
How to scroll through DataGrid columns without having items?
Strip specific words from string
HMVC pros and cons when compared to MVC in PHP [closed]
Two divs opacity difference
How to assign variable value to jquery?
Turn multiple input statements into a loop?
How can I dump ALL of a contact's phone numbers?
Chrome extension load a backgorund.js each time the page reloads
ActiveX or BHO (internet explorer)
Merging two Lists and a dictionary to create a single dictionary
Javascript on load execution
Executing system command asynchronously without blocking UI and exiting the process forcefully
Android: <include> overrides are not affecting the layout
Internal Operations of K-Means
Program installation - Issue with the default location
How do I measure intensity of sound in real time?
passing value to one div from another via jquery
Node.JS - http.request, double escaping JSON
Is it possible to make a portable password storing PHP code when magic_quotes_qpc is on?
The method attach(Fragment) is undefined for the type FragmentTransaction - Android
How to statically link crypto with my app in Xcode?
iPhone/Android handling dynamic SOAP WS
Using LLVM bytecode for libraries (instead of native object files)
Flex: when to create a custom component and when to create a skin?
How to ensure paypal IPN's are unique before processing it?
Symbols 茅 and 谩
How to hittest for all instances of a movieclip - ACTIONSCRIPT 2
Android: How to center the button caption?
Photo location available through API?
Replace HTML Tag Conents
XCode 4 Wiring Up Cocoa Controls?
Shortcuts of Visual Studio (moving From Eclipse)
replacing mspaint.exe in windows xp
Small troubles with JPA Query
JSON/javascript member function referencing parent in dojo module?
Backbone.js model not defined in view?
How to embed and play a YouTube video in android
Functions That Will Only Accept Certain Argument Values (C++)
Restrict users to only create articles (and not categories) in joomla backend
Segfault on reading large file with ifstream on 64 bit Debian
C++ pointer to a class, not object
Background image doesn't show in IE7 and IE8
overlapping variables and performance
Get the DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Matrix value from Javascript
uploadify not uploading images using php
UIView size is not as expected to be
Creating a great .htaccess file that handles shared resources well
How can you reset / restore localstorage using Cucumber/BDD
Sane and Proper way to go from Xcode 4.2.1 to 4.3?
How to delete current project and reuse the project name
How to Add or Delete tables from database using Yii web application?
Loading XML Files
Bootstrap Scrollspy stops working after an AJAX call added elements to the page
VB6 Boolean - Nothing literal
Prompt User for Input at Install - Android
Merge pictures in PHP
returning listview clicked position to another activity
Deserialization of a Facebook JSON string?
Adding information to transport package manifest (instructions.xml) when unpublishing any item?
Fill all available space in StackPanel
Using JavaScript which of these code chunks is best for real world use? [closed]
Django on Strato webspace
How do I fire an actionscript 2 event each frame?
Change Entity Framework database schema map after using code first
Repeated events in Eventbrite API
Spring Framework issue with <%@include> tag
Insert data in sqlite table dynamically not working
Stored procedures (delete invoice)
The realationship between window size and sequence number
Java client socket using writeBytes
Session object, cookie in Java servlets vs ASP .NET
Dynamic sprites with Arraylist - Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException
Datagridview creation
How can I forward a primary key sequence in PostgreSQL safely?
Can't pass variables of base types as out parameters?
Check if user is associated in m2m
Making unmodifiable objects
block, following after 'let' is not finished. Statement reqired
Actionscript 3: SecureSocket: local and public ip
How to find shortest path in dynamic situation
Alternatives to stats::reshape
How to install IIS Role at Azure automatically
Is there any jquery plugin that mimics the menu layout
Keep input value after reloading/refreshing page
block, following after 'let' is not finished. Statement reqired
Actionscript 3: SecureSocket: local and public ip
How to find shortest path in dynamic situation
Alternatives to stats::reshape
How to install IIS Role at Azure automatically
Is there any jquery plugin that mimics the menu layout
Keep input value after reloading/refreshing page
How to eliminate Storyboard
How to interact with the console (input/output) running a Perl program on 鈥淲indows Power Shell ISE鈥�
How can i know that a contact has number or not in android?
c# Using TreeView control in SplitContainer to change the content
Does 鈥淗ello World!鈥�program compiled by JDK 7u3 runs with an older JREs (eg. JRE 6)?
Xcode Debugging process can only be killed by rebooting Mac OS
The application was unable to start correctly (0*0150002) - OpenCv
Custom sort array in php with first characters
Using Oracle, from microseconds to 6 seconds interval
How to add a 鈥oading to my tabbed ajax script
How can I correctly draw and rotate a 2-D object in OpenGL ES?
No telephony feature in AVD with GSM support
jquery datetimepicker gives 404 not found (.png files) error on firebug
UIPickerView to display different WebViews
cakephp 2.0 smtp email
Trouble with PHP mysql_select
Why can I not pass this comparison function as a template argument?
is it possible to replace a substring to a dom element
App UIs got defects when setMasksToBounds:YES
How to know number of existing OpenMP threads on a multicore system
ActionMailer not sending emails properly if the :to field has a comma
Hiding Developer App from General Public
Deprecated Thread methods are not supported without stop() method
Vim response quite slow
Subtracting Arrays
How to create and fetch relational records in core data
select certain words from list of string after comma
How a low priority task will be executed in VxWorks
if(listStr.size == 0){ versus if(listStr.isEmpty()){
How to automate clicking a link inside a WebView
Multi countries database tables and java objects
Linq To Sql surprisingly fast retreving data. Is it normal that it is 10x faster than ADO?
i can't use cvMorphologyEx in xcode4 with opencv2.3
Handling text elements of web pages using qml keyboard
Parent Child List in MVC3 Razor
Protecting my code from zombies from completion blocks
Android - How to properly suspend OpenGL
鈥淩otate鈥�classes in JQuery
Cross compiling a kernel module: invalid module format
Populating a variable with xsl choose
Driving a xml flash player with php
Regex to match any number (Real, rational along with signs)
Progress bar doesn't update
Progress bar doesn't update
footer displays incorrectly in chrome
Edit data in a form
Problems in transmitting a List<> Object over a socket
send fax with C# and FAXCOMLIb
iOS SDK Interface Builder's RGB slider producing different color than UIColor withRGB
How to cross-compile Tesseract 3.01 for iOS 5?
How to share Login Info or shared data in Multiple XAP files for a silverlight project
Create custom JPA query function
Get attributes and its values using single Collection in Magento?
Permenently disable AutoEventWireup
After Importing android project
Float.NaN == Float.NaN
Detecting a sub-string
EF 4.1 DBContext and Navigation Properties
Preventing Screenshot/clearing cached data when iOS app gets backgrounded and resumed after a long time
The project was not built since its build path is incomplete
Get domains(address) IP with a HTML form
Update Panel and Dropdown Selected Index change Issue
open a facebook page -is it true?
How can I check for installed R packages before running install.packages()?
Proportional Area plot in R aka style-drift plot?
Why is disc IO activity is faster in linux than in windows [closed]
Flowplayer Playlist & HTML5 Fallback
Problems while Installing Redmine on Windows Server 2008
want to retrieve blackberry messenger contacts category wise
What are possible values for the System.Info 鈥渙s鈥�function in Haskell?
Container format for ETC1 textures
Internet Explorer issue holding a $_SESSION
Code injection in PHP Form
Get related tags in mysql (need help)
How to set a class path in java for jexcelapi
constructor not getting called?
output variable stored in database
ViewPager + FragmentStatePagerAdapter: ViewPager stops working when screen orientation changes
when Asterisk or greater operator starts an element
Is there a jquery plugin similar to Excel layout?
Distribute DIVS evenly or equally鈥�yes I know I should use a table
(Jquery/Javascript) Event Handle - Loose Focus
how to join part of two table, rather than whole
Overlay layer/dialog similar to Sencha Touch
Using qTip2 with Ruby on Rails
buddypress registration page
How can I implement progress dialog properly?
Strange HTML Table Error
How do I parse an unknown number of inputs with PHP?
How to send parametrs to the url in struts.xml
How to make posts date synchronize
Flex Mobile PHP remote server
Defining enums in Cython code that will be used in the C part of code
How to check if a file is open by another process (Java/Linux)?
How can I create my own keys for the AES algorithm in Java?
read plist from documents
Why instantiation of template of stream operator occurs instead of global overloaded operator?
jQuery addClass chaining
iFrame source can not be retrieved
When DCPs are placed on a page in Tridion, how can you ensure that all the dynamic renderings of the component are published with the page?
Notepad++ find next same word
How to represent a binomial tree in memory
Recheck the check box in WPF List view
Android SDK. Append audio file. MediaPlayer, AudioRecord, etc
Is there a way to create dynamic documents using MS Word and SQL queries?
Git Copssh no longer free, what are the alternatives, and how to setup a local Git server on windows [closed]
Prevent a centered layout from shifting its position when scrollbar appears
Starting activity doesn't bring application to foreground
Error sending data to PHP form
How to upload a 3gp file in server using MultiPartEntity in android?
find memory usage
hd images, and app size
Android How can i add some delay on multiple animations?
Firemonkey Grid Control - Disable column move; yet allow column sizing
Connecting to zarafa with z-push with Java
What is a header for iPod Touch app developing, and what is this header for: 鈥淪BStatusBarDataManager;鈥�
WinPhone Xaml Grid.Background relative path
jdbc connection socketexception error
How to deserialize xml to object with inheritance?
using call_user_func_array() in codeigniter's _remap method
Writing a programming language [closed]
MySQL PHP Query placed within another query's while loop failing
How to view or redirect php.exe's stdout to a file?
Node.js Web Application running in Windows Azure Emulator
Excel to make sense of CSV Power usage please
Creating a hybrid of a mock and an anonymous object using e.g. Moq and AutoFixture?
MongoDB aggregation framework availability
Catch failed NSParameterAssert in ObjC without exiting
Working locally with git and remote with subversion
MS Excel 2012 - Replace value if equal to other
Heroku does not support FreeType, what can we do about it?
Test Whether the screen is ON/OFF in iphone
Preparing Ad Hoc Distribution for my app
Why do geotargeted posts not appear in API even with accesstoken?
Check string contains whitespace along with some other char sequence using regex in java
mysql sorting a database table with no foreign keys
iOS, objective c throw exception at the very start
Application Scope Resources in Glassfish3.1 Console
TextArea displaying the result just once
Adding Temporary Data to List and bind it to a DataGridView Winform
How to recover specific table data from the binary log in mysql?
Register before entering the main site
PhoneGap App 鈥�Drag and Drop in android as a via jquery mobile
PhoneGap App 鈥�Drag and Drop in android as a via jquery mobile
How to style html select tag arrow?
How to create this 4type or 3type tab list?
How to compute LPWSTR size when using GetDlgItemText()function
how to convert this file to yml?
php array_multisort not working
Loaded NSNib orders top level objects in no particular order
Range of MPI_offset in MPI
TDD in Codeigniter: how to mock the database?
How to scale and rotate a view in a single animation
Not able to initialise application data source on creating a connection pool using BoneCP
How do I make a UIImage (screenshot) from the contents of a popover?
Setting active class for navigation using javascript
OpenGL plugin crashes Chrome when the visible region is changed
What is the difference between a ConstraintException and an InvalidConstraintException?
output java.exe -cp someclass to a file
Reverse-enginering communication protocol
Is there a standard Windows library function to rotate 8bpp greyscale Bitmap by any angle?
facing issue while migration from jdk 1.5 to jdk1.6 [closed]
Proper way to have a break between the form
How can I change <p> tag data dynamically after some defined time delay using javascript?
Generic constraints 鈥�I'm not sure how to fix this situation with an either/or case
Unknown column type when generating schema
acessibility mode changing
JSON error passing html
How do I print multiple pages from WinForms?
How to track the .git directory in git, in its own store
How to upgrade external dll?
Rails 3 & assets pipeline in development/production mode
Open pdf with Adobe Acrobat Reader and jump to bookmark
if i don't know array will be have how many elements?
How to develop Java Web applications efficiently?
Reconnect socat connection after network failure
How to track which URLs are browsed by user (using Windows background process)?
use a select for navigation with jquery mobile
Gitosis / Git does not execute post-commit hook
How to get UI_element properties with appscript
Copy/paste into JS rich-text editor
How do I backup/restore the user preferences for my application
how can i get the heading of the device with CMDeviceMotion in iOS 5
Is it possible to use Settings App to store preferences from external sensors like the Nike+iPod App?
Referring to a javascript object
Error loading /System/Library/Extensions/AudioIPCDriver
Shared Object in x64 Assembly language
Event handling with LongListSelector and list item with checkbox
pass a value from javascript to html
how to get the remote url
Android SQLite rawquery parameters
Event listener in java
Why doesn't the text inside my text field disappear on click?
Is this function enough for xss detection?
php for loop query in magento
Put text as value in input (Jquery)
SMSC interconnect
How can I save a NSString public key in the key chain and then get a SecKeyRef of it?
How To Correctly Use glMultMatrix - iPhone - OpenGL ES
Display/Render RTF doc in browser display using html textarea or something similar
Modification to JFileChooser to just display folder content
normal duration time for output caching
Ansi C linked List what am i doing wrong?
Object reference issue
Reading url from rss
jQuery/Javascript: 2 function calls in line, wait for the other to finish?
What does class mean in a script?
AutoFixture Likeness - compare only matching properties
generate list of text content with pyqt?
Write FTP errors/debug result to a database in Codeigniter
Varnish: Cacheble but not cached
Convert a color from the Color class into a human readable String
how to find route of two place
How to store users' modifications in specific directory in MySQL
Do we have notification for image capture event in iPhone?
Turn off screen from inside app in windows phone 7
Dynamic Includes Set A Default Include PHP
Force cached images not to be refreshed
Cuda mixed C project linking
How to probe a computer if it supports SSE2 in Delphi 32?
Why is the SQLite provider missing from the Server Explorer Add Connection dialogue?
Posting HTML content on Facebook
Tag synonyms in DB schema with three columns
stop event on keyup in mootools doesn't work on enter key
Loading only jsp tab contents on tab click in javascript?
Options when storing all data in memory doesn't scale
fetch values of a variable from a function
Apache Solr TermsComponent: How to prevent from splitting words after one character. E.g. 鈥渢-shirt鈥�
Most efficient way to tell if an entity exists in Doctrine 2
Customized ArrayListAdapter.clear() is not working
How to use -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions -XX:CompileCommand=print option with JVM HotSpot
Cannot take the address of, get the size of, or declare a pointer to a managed type bitmap scan0
x-axis and y-axis overflow
Asymptotic Notation
Please help me find the two leaks in this iOS code
Cant escape a string with addcslashes()
PHP doesn't Work
Regex to modify SQL-Dump
Carriage return issue decoding Base64 from Java and sending to browser
jquery highcharts text on y-axis
What is the Default Database for Entities Code-First without defined Connection String?
Who and when should call method confirmCredentials of AbstractAccountAuthenticator-based class?
UIPresentModalViewController view alpha is not being set
Who and when should call method confirmCredentials of AbstractAccountAuthenticator-based class?
UIPresentModalViewController view alpha is not being set
How to determine whether a checkbox is checked or not in
How the get the current day name using particular date in android? MVC3 Framework understanding the Idea Behind
Typo3 USER / userFunc and caching
Digraph minimal sub-graph algorithm
Dynamic Class Initiation AS3
Opendir function gives me multiple arrays instead of just one
How do we decode step 5 of Google's Encoded Polyline Algorithm Format?
How can I capture the multimedia data flow from a remote website?
Connect to the MySQL Server without database name in PyQt
connecting C++ with QML using Q_INVOKABLE
Django admin - Foreign key popup '+' missing when overriding admin form field
Programmatically change a shape's colour from a range
Working code for getting frame from video
widget size on android tablets honeycomb
Java:inetaddress to String conversion
Libgdx Android set screen resolution
Conditional style in WPF
Cycript from Jay Freeman Saurik I get a strange error while linking it to others programs
rvm keeps ignoring my .rvmrc
How to exclude the password from being updated in rails3
Integrating Cassandra into Fuse ESB (Servicemix)
How to use Enterprise library and mysql database with c# 4.0?
can we use doctrine and Zend_db_table model side by side?
Excluding a single pattern from a perl search and replace with word boundary matching
UIWebView doesn't show keyboard when focusing on text field on the second load
Python: mechanize has no attribute 'TextControl' error
What is the best practice for parsing data got from a web service?
Javascript async function: cutting it short at the top with return
AS3 - P2P networking
Conditional Indentation in Vim
Get Data from a Web Page, then Display It On Another Web Page
Is it possible to change the colour of TTabSheet tabs
basic layout with div instead of table
Disable particular CSS style
Grails war shows errors while deploying in tomcat
How to include several nested CSS classes into rails .erb file?
has the behaviour of static arrays changed?
Difference between buffer size when streams copying
Getting json via ajax in a specific format
JQuery, find out what's visible and hide it
Javamail How to stop or cancel sending or retrieving message
Android: Creating UML from Android Java source code
How To Determine If Image Is URI Or Thumbnail In JavaScript
Dynamically adding onmouseover attributes to anchor tags
How to display contents centrally in xml UI?
What's wrong with this list comprehension (SyntaxError: invalid syntax)?
How to pass information in dynamic built hyperlink?
Create a Python dictionary containing specific key鈥搗alue pairs from another dictionary
Where the system call function 鈥渟ys_getpid鈥�is located in the linux kernel?
Sending value of select list with uploadify
How does Android Market detect country of the developer's account
Appcelerator Titanium - Message flow
How do I define WebParameters in C# Web service so that my WSDL reflects the same?
Working with Proxies
iAd not fitting on iPad ladscape mode
Optimal Data Storage for Web Analytics
Random sub-sorting records
Is require() bad practice? How to not reuse code
document.write this line of code Mon-Sat and this line of code on Sundays
Error while Using Templates in C++
jQuery with checkboxes, sliders, radio buttons, etc. to dynamically retrieve and show results from a database search
autofac with webforms Instances cannot be resolved and nested lifetimes cannot be
How do I copy an Image from one Doc to another with OpenXML and C#?
How to create regular expression checking Roman numerals?
Exact sign of determinant in Java
HAML vs Zen Coding [closed]
ssh tunneling through a telnet server
I want to implement a method in a page where I want to know where a POST request cam from
How long does it take for the OS to close the socket after calling close() method in java?
Is there any way to change the mouse cursor/pointer style for android?
Phonon Qt - play sound on button click
Detect the nearest transit stop from the given location
Modify an image at runtime in vs 2010 c# winForms
Redirection through htaccess not working
How can I keep backup of last 1 year with only 100 backup copies, assuming backup runs every day?
PHP Parsing XML Using SimpleXML Won't Work
Prolog infix operator definition
Having a button perform 2 jobs
How to switch the order of files (original and modified) in Eclipse Compare window?
How to get select box options from GetCustomFields() method of jira
Bipartite graph maximum matching
How to add/check values in array with javascript
GeneratePDF with JasperReport Library and MongoDB
XMPPFramework - Presence not changing
Unable to display an image using google app engine
how to merge my application,database and framework in one exe
How do I register a Thor::Group as a subcommand with arguments
ImageView 鈥淕host鈥�icons?
Codeigniter unicode URI read as %E6
Javascript get image size from php generated image
AppleScript - what are bounds?
onRestoreTransactionsResponse keeps returning RESULT_DEVELOPER_ERROR
Display rows when scrolling as twitter, using a stored procedure
How to set size of UIScrollView frame programatically?
How to get a Windows Service logon credentials
PHP cURL data not posted if headers are set?
What are the pitfalls in when moving a 8.5.2 XPages application to 8.5.3
can't read file c++
Is it possible to register a click on an element excluding nested elements in Jquery?
default constructor initialisation
update query incrementing value of variable by 2 but should increment by 1 php mysql
is it possible to float divs to the sides & have them stick to the sides (not scroll with page). how?
Is it possible to persist a map containing another collection
How to move_uploaded_files in php to a customize location
Why does autofac double dispose my disposable?
WriteLine into the text file and changes preview
c++ basic classes
Tesseract APIs precompiled for iOS and armv6/armv7 available?
Fill ViewData on Every Action but not on renderaction
Does having 550 tables in MySQL slow down the performance?
Java, JFileChooser & Windows Network Shares WITH Password Protection
Refactored JavaScript not showing markers on Google map
Pybrain: Completely linear network
Does int * & has any real sense?
Function to show the lowest represented element in a list
Implementing 鈥渂est match鈥�for sound effects
How to call a class or dll or create a dll so can reuse code on different forms like a desktop toolbar - vb
Running JavaScript code every 15 seconds
handle fill_parent and match_parent for different versions
How to make this a continuous vertical scroller? (jquery)
Fly a Div to another div with fly effect
Is this a linux or a virtualenv error?
How do i create forwarding for BOTH http and https for my domain hosted on godaddy?
Site Scraping Web App
Is there an advantage of the new HTML5 elements?
Inject Android Activity into a POJO with Roboguice
Cannot resolve provider for content://
regex expression with preg_replace in php
Constructing JSON with JQuery from a table
The two UITableViews error
android - how to handle the bottom toolbar on amazon kindle fire
Malloc, Variable Length Array or Static Array?
Group OHLC-Stockmarket Data into multiple timeframes with T-SQL
showing property lines in Google Maps with Hybrid or Satellite view
deserialization of string array in c#
Lift Mapper - trait with OneToMany mapping
Database query using PHP
How to delete images from a folder using PHP Script
RelayCommand not firing CanExecute
Is it possible to position inside google maps?
Array is masked as string in 鈥淚N鈥�statement
PayPal Sandbox -Amount different to actual purchase price?
JPEG image with wrong colors
How to ensure that memory mapped files are always in RAM
Is it possible to control the order results are returned using default_scope with created_at time from another table in ruby on rails?
Receive intent when user clears data
Using MVP in classic GWT
Set desktop background color from code
PHP loop through days of months and months of years
add special characters regex ruby
Show hide div by jquery depending on 2 values from 2 selectbox
Insertion of data in mysql with C#
Does R have NCSS -style 鈥淒escriptive statistics鈥�or other reports?
Eclipse terminate shotcut
Why can't we use the 鈥渘ew鈥�keyword in a class property? [duplicate]