Office HTML Word header
Script to include the required dll files to my installer
Include a PHP file in a Twig template
Select entries that include a certain number of words in Sqlite?
Magento Code Debugging Through Eclipse PDT
WebApi returning wrong status code
Segmentation and displaying content from dictionary
cannot load such file 鈥�readline (LoadError) when running heroku create --stack cedar
jQuery - append some text issues
Another method not allowing me to access HashMap values
Masking a canvas with semi-transparent png
creating and combining two plots - xy line plot with bar chain plot in R
Conversion between latitude, longitude to UTM notation
Moving directly from Point A to Point B
Preview Image Jquery Script don't runs well
How to copy the contents of array into a single variable in Perl?
Can I make this code about EulerProblem much faster?
Startup guide for ektron
Ruby: Lightweight web server
how to assign variable value to jquery?
Which CMS should I use when I hand a website over to my non-techie friend?
How to login to FB's Graph oAuth API NOT transparently?
2D Arrays in Python?
How to import Access 2010 database (.accdb) into MySQL
Is there a way to get innerText of only the top element (and ignore the child element's innerText)?
Add weblink as watermark to image
Migration of NDIS versions
How do I select and unselect multiple elements with JavaScript or jQuery?
How can you create an ActionScript-based Flash file that doesn't operate with a fixed framerate?
Mysql datetime to Calendar
Security Cross-cutting Concern
how to make magento webpage avaliable only for registered users?
Including django templates in other templates so they are actually parsed
FullCalendar: How to open event details in Colorbox?
node js - I am having some trouble with JSON.parse()
Best way to name methods that returns list of objects
c# calling a method by string value [duplicate]
Python Interactive Shell Type Application
Writing STRINGS to serial port in C++ linux
Iphone:Split a string seperated by comma and print each in row of pickerview
c++ classes switch case
Alphanumeric & alphabet only Validation in struts2-validation.xml
Why this java recursive function is not working properly?
intermittently get org.hibernate.MappingException: Unknown entity:
Printing out values in a PriorityQueue
Average Time MYSQL from a row
Update listview after asynctask completion
Employee Whole Attendance Query
Keep UISearchBar visible even if user is sliding down
Converting a website from mediawiki to plain HTML
Return C++ arrays to C#
How can I get the list of mounted external storage of android device
ImportError: cannot import name linsolve
How to benchmark the startup of my Rails app?
Can Gedit plugins bind to the OnSave event?
alert box in css inside jquery
json issue with google apis and jquery
Update a composite component?
鈥�null) wants to access twitter鈥�when using ACAccountStore
android related project [closed]
Uncommon IP notations
HTML to XML Conversion using XSLT in java
How can I make custom dialogs angeled edges
Flag enum speed vs booleans?
How to detect when friends are online?
Which one to choose for background task - a timer with repeated task or service with loop?
how to save XML to a file (filename.xml) using libxml2 ?
How to access dual cameras simultaneously?
Android add more smileys in one edittext?
Best way to bulk insert and update rows in multiple tables in mysql
pass values from textbox to url in javascript
Canvas not working as intended
please someone can help me optimize this procedure, Oracle 10g
BufferedWriter - Stream closed prematurely during program execution
Jquery: add code using .append and make it work in .each in jquery
Create PDF with DOMPDF and Redirect
Check if a string is empty in action script, similar to String.Empty in .net
iPhone Objective C Image Upload to apache server
How can I change the type of a ViewController after creation?
Twitter Authenticated API access
io.StringIO overwriting an inherited property - to do or not to do?
Multi-line alert in Javascript
why is default stack size 0
C# and AForge - Use of unassigned local variable edgePoints
What is the 鈥�Run <extension> command鈥�in the omnibox? [closed]
Query DHT Server
Validating and highlighting JTable Cell
in html, can one a scroll area be nested inside another scroll area?
Integrating lettuce with TeamCity
Merging maps by adding/subtracting corresponding values
Retrieve Image in different Size from Database
Wait for critical sections to complete in a graceful node.js shutdown
how to change Sprite size on launch
when static or dynamic initialization
Getting app search result from android market in code
fluid images in one row
Extracting the number of facebook likes and setting a javascript variable to this number
squarepie solution
Can i use motionEvent .getRawY() with View . getTop()?
JSON parse in iphone Application [duplicate]
Java app has fuzzy icon in the alt-tab list in GNU/Linux Mint
Android:Notification starts new activity instead of resuming old one if originally activity is not started from launcher
How to add custom columns to grid items designer in FireMonkey
Fix git line feeds in heavily branched repo?
Custom auto complete with progress bar
How to display errors to the users in a proper way?
Android C2DM Missing Registration Error?
Boostrap 2.0: Adding a login form to a submenu, preventing close on focus
if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES[image][name])) is not working
Android Get Device's Keys List
Passing initial parameters to an ExtJS 4 application
Test stdout and stderr redirection in bash script
Is there a way to do this in Grails?
Copying a normal class into an Extended Class (Implicit Coercion)
To show alertbox during time interval
Which one is better pushstate or location.hash?
What is the -> (stab) operator in Ruby? [duplicate]
Fill listbox with subitems async, makes listbox freeze
JDialog: Prevent parent frame to be closed
Scala create a sparse vector
Two tables in mysql, how to fetch data from those tables
What is the acutal speedup in 4x4 matrix multiplacation in native vs interpreted code on Android?
How to save the state of checkboxes present in a listview forever?
is Card Emulation supported in Android with NFC?
Understanding @property attribute by comparing with auto generated code Xcode 4
ASP.NET MVC3: Object from DropdownList in Null in Controller
OpenGL ES indices issue [closed]
jQuery AnythingSlider shows only 8 slides
How to get row id of database on clicking a list item in a custom ListView?
Curl PHP getting/download file from dynamic link
Unblr to convert checkbox to radio button
How can I separate the pixels in an image and put them into a C# array?
I want to retrieve the data from database
How to handle opening and close time in Python?
Android Data Members cleared after call to startActivityForResult
Extracting Elements from an RSS Feed
How can install Google Market to GoogleTV emulator?
Android FragmentActivity how to pass variables to Fragments?
Understanding Maya Matrix File - Converting to OpenGL ES iPhone
The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure ERROR in c# during sending mail
How to properly send and receive bytes/files using sockets?
How do I 鈥渃ollapse all鈥�in Eclipse on MacBook?
Nested bash autocompletion script
How to Hosting HTML in Silverlight 4.0 (Out of Browser)?
Randomization test for size of 'holes' in spatial survivorship data
Contact List with Contact Photo creates performance issue
Different path to Notifications on iPhone and iPad?
how convert a particular .java to .class with coding?
File inside cache
Rails for Zombie Level 5, Challenge 1
Playing Video in webpage
how to get value of individual component within c:foreach?
Rails 3 offline web app storage and sync
hook_views_handlers is not getting called
Alphanumeric Validation in struts2-validation.xml
How to print default HTTP GET/POST REQUEST/RESPONSE Headers and add new headers in request using net/http in Ruby on console
What does !escape do in VBA?
easy to understand guide/tutorial explaining gwt 2 and MVP framework
display_name over dialpad if call Intent.ACTION_CALL
How to specify and make use of header files for verilog language while using exuberant ctags with emacs
Why Hashtable's load factor is not consistent with the one described in CLRS book?
How does Apple do the Animation of the iBooks 2 flashcards?
PayPal donate what you like download
What does the keyword 'implicit' mean when it's placed in front of lambda expression parameter?
How to make C# able to see 鈥渢emplate like type鈥�T in structure builtin function like in C++?
SEAM, JSF Image manipulation
How to read a file to java lists?
c++ opengl repeat
Jquery event after page refresh
Filter nil values from Clojure map?
Basic Search using the WHERE clause mysql_query and mysql_fetch_array
Get event list based on location
Android beginner layout
textfield and textview for sprite
Change of radio button to checkbox is affecting ck editor
Designing layouts with <div> in JSF
on Leopard / xcode 3.2.5 cannot deploy on ios5
How to access @PathVariable in a Spring MVC exception handler?
node.js socket exception read ETIMEDOUT - how do I catch it properly? what about write timeouts?
tcp client in c that send and listens : concept
Safari extension not installing on other machines
error: 鈥淥peration not permitted鈥�setting key 鈥渇s.file-max鈥�while installing Oracle XE 11g on Centos 5.7 + OpenVZ
Where is 鈥�鈥�placeholder of sql in play2's anorm
XML namespace with XSL not working
boost::asio signal_set - goes in loop
How to put additional column to WebGrid in MVC3
Which is the best way to implement dynamic menu in SharePoint 2010?
call js function multiple times from one click
Property to return separate month, day, year attributes formatted? [closed]
Does a Firefox Workers limit exist?
Background Image Behind the ApplicationBar
None of the railscommandworking
How to import an android image to the SDK?
Call a parent function from inside an iFrame to change Element height
Runtime Array Size - Xcode
Invoking remote methods is loading the remote assembly in parent appdomain
some Images won't load - android openGL textures
Multiple Force Close is coming in my application [closed]
how to reduce numbers' significance in JSON's stringify
transform string in mysql field
Get the hashchange event to work in all browsers (including IE7)
end of an Exe file in C++
Can one add further source files to an executable once defined?
Testing Facebook Open Graph API actions
How to determind if the web page is loaded completely in web browser?
Calling C function in Objective-C Awake from Nib
Verify digital signature within system32/drivers folder
Register component based on parameter name on requestor in windsor
option hover event
How to use AJAX to store a javascript variable to my sql database
what is the diffrence between TCP/IP model and TCP/IP Stack and between libpcap and divert socket?
Using FileField in a FormWizard (Django 1.3)
Using `std::function<void(鈥�>` to call non-void function
Determine the operating system's default language in windows 7? [closed]
Best tools / processes to convert an existing HTML5 website to a mobile version
Style Issue On Buttons for Upload/Delete
Pull data from a datagrid and display them on checkboxes within a combobox in WPF
Logic programming in Lua?
TypeError: expected Array[object], got Array[object], Ironpython
NullPointerException not being thrown
Where can I find checkstyle config for Android Coding Style?
Undefined error with jquery while trying to parse json
Is there a difference between calling BeginTransaction from the SQLConnection object or from the SqlCommand object?
jqgrid + EF + MVC: How to export in excel? Which method you suggest?
Apache Rewrite: match all requests except public root for IE6 useragent
Why does Windows only allow one application to access the webcam? [closed]
Getting error for line of code. What should i Import?
How to do validation in EditText within a ListView?
LoaderManager.LoaderCallbacks<T> in android 2.1
iOS - Change UIPickerView component width
Date Time Picker Manipulation
Iterate specific files in directory via .bat
PHP max file limit
Default file descriptor table not working properly
Setup Identity for an Application Pool as LocalSystem in Azure
java app hangs when not run from command-line
storing/saving a UDF
AutocompletExtender does not fire
FMINSEARCH only accepts inputs of data type double (Matlab)
Apache 1.4 Axis two almost identical clients how?
Do C++ lambdas not correctly select overloaded functions?
Android: Dealing HashMap.put for image
Where is the job support in Play 2.0?
How to change the highlight colour of tabbar icons? (iPhone/iPad)
Multiple event on same classes with jQuery
Android ASyncTask publishProgress error
Expire reset password email key
Find the maximum similar substring in another string
Converting preview data to Bitmap?
PHP - copying classes by clone - is this bugged or im doing it wrong?
3D geometric topology (e.g. intersection) in Python
Riak solr indexing configuration
Xcode - storyboard - UIPickerView - EXC_BAD_ACCESS
if/else statement inside .ajax
Convert jQuery mobile application to apk
How do I create thor::group generators as args of my_command
SimpleDB - Duplicating tables, or being able to create a separate dev account?
Changing background color of inputfield of editable coloumn in primefaces datatable on value change
Get frame object that function was defined in
Apache commons utilities to convert delimited string into Array?
Markitup picture upload php source code equivalent in
MS Excel : How to divide income range into groups?
Balloon Tip on any control like notify icon?
Send JSON Request from blackberry application
Optimum number of threads for maximum output
PHP utf8 intval
error :unknown command crunch
jqgrid default to last page
Testing the performance of mysql master and slave replication
is it better to authenticate user with 3rd party applications?
ms access - data vanishes when i remove criteria and query the table
How do you get a new access token after expiration without a page reload?
Make div height auto or 100%?
Unescaping escaped characters in a string using Python 3.2
Check if the front desktop window path is inside the Desktop folder with AppleScript
Jquery Mobile button not shown text value?
Get CheckBox value corresponding to a FileUpload in ASP.NET MVC
php checking if the last character is a '/' if not then tack it on
How can I rate the accessibility of my ASP.NET MVC3 HTML5 web application?
Are A and B drives reserved by Windows?
Copy constructor invocation for member objects
Mysql sort and rank [duplicate]
Android get all media files on the whole filesystem (SD card + internal stroage)
Unwanted vertical spacing between divs
Where do I store files for the src method?
Javascript: click() not navigating to the link in Firefox 2
How to run Sencha Touch Application in Eclipse
How to post on all facebook friends' walls at once [closed]
Row polymorphism in Haskell: trouble writing Forth DSL with 鈥渢ransformations鈥�
Creating a PDF file with a name taken from a database
How to combine two charts into the single PDF using ReportLab?
How to combine two charts into the single PDF using ReportLab?
NewRelic install on centos and cpanel
While using container managed entity bean when is the bean stored to database by the container?
How to know if a running script dies?
remote dial using SIP client
Chinese font on the web rendering differently in different browsers
How do I show my android app list in the android market app
Why don't I get the correct time?
assiging makes pointer integer witout cast
Getting the background color of an ImageView
Reading json from hidden input value
using django template tags inside external JavaScript
Is there a utility/system/tool to change class and ID name in CSS automatically if i change in HTML?
how do I get a groovy MockFor/StubFor ignore method to use a demand method
How to access file info (such as date created,size etc) about a file in iphone?
Parsing JSON results
QMetaObject::invokeMethod does not take a non const argument
C++ Polymorphism and the new keyword
Different page for logged in user and not logged in user at root
How to block touches began and touches ends methods?
PHP Message system with JQuery Effects some logic help please
MVC from scratch
When to choose several processes over threads in Java?
Multilevel Navigation Tabs
Output parameters not populating MSSQL ODBC
How to get an audio filed packed in the apk archive to play in the app for android?
reading file from web with android programmatically
accessing a ForeignKey through the User class (Django)
Android debugger failed to launch
UNIX Commands Implemented in C
How can I use LINQ to filter and sort rows from one collection to another?
Using Rest to store data in Sqlite
jQuery $.ajax error: Parsing JSON Request failed with valid JSON?
Photoshop Layer Style to CoreGraphics Code
jQuery animation perform poorly all over. How can I make it smoother?
Install service in windows azure
鈥渂 does not exist鈥�error in MyEclipse
changing z index of marker on hover to make it visible
How to toggle auto brightness on and off? (not a repeat)
What does cherry-picking a commit with git mean?
Get Text from Android Password TextView
Recommended method for getting character positions of all HTML tags in a document
selected jquery plugin didn't work in wamp
Trying to stop page from resubmitting form on refresh
Error with windows impersonation code in webconfig file
Loading a COM DLL
pip install with wipe option by default
Unable to do heroku's Python tutorial within Dropbox folder
Colorbox within a megamenu not working properly?
How to refresh the webview which is called from Android tabview after once called
Tesseral aithmetic/quadtree
Save document in SQL Server database
How does SQL Server handle Varchar internally?
Swipe html pagesLoad another html page if I swipe horizontal
A very Strange issue , not able to see events on the calendar and no trace of an error
Makefile not using include/library paths?
generate sql query from entity framework
Twig templates engine: get current url
How do I bind a Border in Silverlight 4 XAML to a variable in my C# ViewModel code?
What is the simplest way to make a specific page the default page in an html directory?
To run the scheduler on some particular date incase if system is not powered on scheduled date?
Binding to class properties and fetching to array - php mysqli bind_result
Example of reading well-formed and valid xml reading using xmlReader
What are some resources for learning PHP & SQL quickly? [closed]
Jquery image gallery plugin with thumbnail functionality
Hash a python new-style class instance?
Facebook Private Message in Titanium
How to get data(json array) of facebook public photo by using photo url?
MySQL - creating a user-defined function for a custom sort
how to reduce size of text box in table html?
Adding action bar in ListActivity
Why youtube iframe player eating away the rest of the html on the page?
Android Rect not working
Consecutive GA hits being dropped
red5 decode error on Linux
Access Google Cloud Print in android in simple way [closed]
set text on dynamically created edittext in android?
Mysql query for Ask-Answer-Comment database
How to check of the last 2 entries of a mysql query in various column have the same value?
Parsing just the content in HTML nodes via Nokogiri in Ruby
IndexPath for segue from accessoryButton
How to perform some action when a user touches anywhere that isn't a link/anchor etc?
Using .wrap() for each x amount of objects [duplicate]
How do I shutdown JBoss AS 7.1.0 from the command line? [duplicate]
Creating a regex expression
Simple fade-out animation for a string on canvas, android
iOS: Retrieve Phone Number from Incoming Call
JNI native call *prototypes* in their own class/namespace?
Combining conditions in SQL
Can gnuplot draw interactive graph items?
How i can open a form in popup for edit mode within repeater?
How can I create a shared import folder for ActionScript and Flash?
Webview not loading javascript
How to Edit Popup using Openlayers Text Layer
VIM: Use the working directory in a path setting
gitolite: can connect via ssh, can't clone
How can accent can be more accurate with bf and query with solr
how to access data in such table?
how do i use WCF service instead of socket client-server application?
When building HTTP API with Rails 3.2, should I disable front end things such as .js files?
how do i use WCF service instead of socket client-server application?
When building HTTP API with Rails 3.2, should I disable front end things such as .js files?
What are <> and n$ in VBA?
Sending data from parent to child thread
How can I initialize some rows in a datagrid with a different color?
Floating an image with CSS: text only flows about original position?
Size of operator return conflict
Excel vba - skip rows already highlighted
How do you convert an old OOP PHP project into the Yii Framework?
How does one start an Erlang OTP application and allow the passing of command-line arguments to the application's root supervisor?
github custom domain doesn't work
wordpress config file key
Cannot set ref on like button
Settings style form in app
android application developement
how to load css in django templates
how do retain value of dropdown box in php
Android: Help handle screen orientation change
Purposes of maintaining the Creator ID in Windows
Unable to find vcvarsall.bat.error while installing ReviewBoard
Function object is not subscriptable in Python?
Seamlessly using a template system with Kohana?
Upload a spreadsheet document to Google Docs [closed]
Using ant build for my web project
saving a string to internal memory then displaying it
Plotting and finding roots of bessel functions
Read file data into array : Ruby
Garbage values when array declared as unsigned char
Hiding the table view cells with switch ON/OFF in iPhone
Python: Pandas, Dataframe, Convert 1column data into 2D data format
Setting an array within a struct
Creating DIV dynamically, is not taking height and width on fly
how to delete comments on facebook comment box?
Python library for GPS trajectory pre-processing?
Core Data custom accessor doesn't even get called
Are there any limits in using a PHP framework?
Javascript menu hover action: wont stop cascading
Should I use Neo4j for finding similar users or stick with something like MySQL?
Symfony2: How do I Reduce the Amount of Duplicate Logic in My Controller and Stick With the Thin Controller Fat Model Approach?
javascript prototype not working
fetching document from iCloud giving me 3/4 content of that document not the full content
getting attachments from outlook
how implement clock widget with onclicklistner?
Inheritance/interface decisions for physics engine
Mac OS Mountain Lion [closed]
Can't understand behaviour of MAPmethod?
How can I compress Titanium Application Size after building it?
jquery check if class is assigned or not
Java Floating Point Math Mistake?
how to update listview item when get new data from server after few seconds
how to get x,y coordinates from a specific distance
Benefits of Maven FailSafe Plugin
What does 鈥渞eturn鈥�statement mean in Objective-C? [closed]
How to select top 10 in Access query?
Is there a way to see what subscriptions exist currently for NServiceBus
Cakephp cache not working using Cake2.x
how to get connect with ibm websphere mq by using
Views taking equal share of Layout
In Rest API while reutrn datetime null create a error in json format
Possible loss of precision error Java
PHP: know if a value from explode is set
How to catch the 鈥淒elete鈥�keyboard event in InkCanvas, WPF?
iAds not showing in released iPhone app
Not able to build war in maven project
iphone App : while dissmissing the modelView button image rotates at 90 degree
div position in Internet explorer
Changing value of a Java variable from outside the running process
How come it's like this?
Is there a quick way to decrease the indentation of multiple lines in Python?
Using Compass generated sprites in Middleman, how to leave out sprite source files from the build?
Should I memorize the order of function arguments when learning a new module?
CSS Content displaying down arrow beside a span tag
How do I add my own location in gmap script in mvc
Entity must be managed to call remove
Server 2k3 Missing Assemblies for .NET 4
How do I know which TextVIew pressed in a TableLayout
Handling control characters in utf-8 charset
What does the 鈥�鈥�mean in MongoDB's BinData(0, 鈥渆8MEnzZoFyMmD7WSHdNrFJyEk8M=鈥�?
How to stop Youtube Video (not HTML5) from javascript in iPad
Text To Speech service isn't started in android
How to search exits value in 2D array
IE and JQuery: .html() strips tags
My website has terrible scrolling on mobile devices/slower computers
How i can display images from URL in blackberry?
Syntax Error in From clause Deleting record with ADO
can histogram function in analysis toolpak update results when input data is updated?
Mongodb type reference node
error in creating a temp table using dynamic sql
jQuery UI autocomplete bring data from a json file
Comparing paths
Why is destructor always declared virtual [duplicate]
Prevent css interact in a div
Dataset to a List(of Integer) in 1 line
Moving UITextView cursor to a CGPoint
Ruby/Mechanize: Not getting all the cookies after logging into a page
How to make a non web thread run with the Spring Security Anonymous Use?
Error trying module loading ( AMD ) with require.js
How can i get correct indentation in gvim for python?
Android HttpRequest
Android: Not able to add Android Library to the Project
While creating sub directory in sd card on emulator getting permissions denied error
Data Formatters temporarily Unavailable, will re-try after a continue
Visual C++ 2010 code questions
Coldfusion load session from Id
Am I misunderstanding NSUserDefaults initWithUser?
Is there a way to see your tasks from different projects in greenhopper?
Multi-threading sorting algorithms
How to assign different color codes in android?
How to put an image on another image
How to retrieve the data from sqlite database on button click
default values from not defined constructor mvc aspx engine has many viewdata
java List processing time
Integer representation to float representation
How to get date string position using regular expression in PHP
Replacing/changing a blank or null string value in C#
Billing module (Fee) for School Management Software
How to read data from I2C
Serialization is empty
How to upload files to temporary directory and delete the file if submit button is not clicked?
Unable to send data from C# to Java (Android) program
C# Client not reciving a message from the server, not sure whats wrong
Open Cart Administrator Login
refresh text box when a particular value is matched
css different link styles
arm7tdmi IRQ and FIQ priority
Log the Bandwidth usage and request time in ASP.NET 4.0
Access Google Cloud Print in android [closed]
What's the proper way to replace `<a>` using Javascript/JQuery?
Why do browsers render rgba differently on OSX?
How do I post JSON data to CodeIgnitor Controller?
how to calculate the remaining left time with php and mysql?
jQuery replace specific text with one click from href
Custom Scroll Bar for Div with pure CSS
Check for sgt in icmp instruction
Try catch within array initialization
How can you remove the Profile fields from mantis
Acessing properties of a cookie
How can I delete component from list in R?
Runge Kutta in C for Lorenz equation
Game programming in racket [closed]
PHP Multidimensional Array - Using Part of the Data
iframes within a trusted website list
Facebook share logo cache issue
Getting a list of blogs entries that talks about a particular topic
how do I identify what security level I need for my user management system?
unsigned long long int
Is it possible to set the 鈥渕essage To:鈥�header when sending email in PHP?
how to send the request and how to get the response from a sap soap wsdl service in xcode ,iphone [closed]
phonegap iphone: exit application code if no Internet connection found
phonegap iphone: exit application code if no Internet connection found
Flash Actionscript 3 sliding text in text box
Why the evaluateJavaScript works only once?
trying to implement GWT cellList
NumberFormatter in as3corelib
Using wildcards with the bitap algorithm
errors on imports
Integrating All Social Feeds In an Android App
Java Regex Removing empty paragraphs
How to structure a DynamoDB database to allow queries for trending posts?
Invalid register eip?
Separate data and put them in an array (PHP)
Connection pool to MySQL server?
Convert this to Ruby 1.9 Hash
How to add wordpress plugin in cs-cart
Getting Password Salt when Using Jasypt
Automatically adjusting UILabel fontsize
How can I know which flags are available for GCC to link library more easily?
How to set a name of a local directory of source codes for any CVS storages?
Xcode 4.3 - preprocess plist not working anymore for #define with 鈥渉ttp://鈥�
javascript for loop inside a function then output it to the page
How to hide scroll bars until they are needed then remove if not needed
Memory management in iOS Localization with .strings file
What is dependent typing?
Use cases and Advantages of using t:saveState over Session Scope Bean?
ASP.NET Default Membership and Role Provider API
ERROR: org.apache.hadoop.hbase.MasterNotRunningException: Retried 7 times when check status
dynamic sql , update data to multiple table using single stored procedure
AppEngine Pipelines - Rails alternative
Getting ClassNotFoundException on loading Android application
Detect if svn available on server (within PHP)
Paypal IPN - When the status of transaction will be completed from pending
Issue with button on the left side of the uinavigation bar
How to send a GET request to an external API and parse its XML response?
What is the main difference between Agile Software Development & Extreme Programming? [closed]
What to use PHP arrays or JSON
java server socket
JavaScript / SoundManager2 - Not Playing Anything
SQL Server 2008 column prefix error
period in string doesn't get replaced
return url in paypal website payments
Algorithm for shortest prefix matching?
Using ASPX Web User Control with Visual Studio 2010
Traversing a deep data structure & deleting object
Why cant a QToolButton be hidden after it is added to a QToolBar?
Android background image not shown in device?
Measure the time a query takes on iPad
Android ADK error on Galaxy Tab 10.1
Trying to transfer older version of mediawiki to new server
How to use $(document).on( click.. on <a tag?
Java manipulating large bit numbers
Change structure of given Array in PHP or CakePHP? [closed]
Using AJAX to hide a div. I can't get it to work on multiple divs
Unable to cast MyType<T> to MyType<object>
convert multi row result set to one row
How to generate a human-readable string that represents a rrule object?
Can you access statistics for a RavenDB document session
NetBeans 7.0, how to go to end of line?
IPN + mysql for paypal not verifying
pt-table-sync, Strange Issues regarding Hostname
Light Stream in cocos2d
How to Repair Microsoft Surface v2 Enter Surface Mode
Existing App: upgrade from iOS 4.2 to iOS 5.0
Uploading multiple apk's for different screens
Mono Android - OverridePendingTransition not working on device, works fine in emulator
reliably updating(importing) mysql database from another location
How can I do i18n for javascript with Middleman?
Filter Parameter Logging in Rails - Database Queries
Django Managers or a better plan
is using map instead of a for loop a bad idea in JS?
How can I write an AJAX function that will load HTML into two different DIVs?
Overloaded == function not getting called
Does anyone know of an asynchronous CouchBase client for the Tornado web framework?
500 server error with servlet after deploy it on app engine
Analytics content from Android does not appear on Google Analytics web site
Does File.WriteAllText really throws a FileNotFoundException?
Simple Metaprogramming some getters
Can I get the same results from one query after normalizing tables
inserting phone number in mysql isnt working
Converting a string (with scientific notation) to an int in Python
Subquery Scope Issue
edit phpmyadmin blob field
javascript form submitting to wrong target second time
How to show a message when the client doesn't use Chrome?
Got string with single backslashes (!) in Lua that need to be escaped or replaced - How to?
Open iframe in jquery and then read contents from it
How to start bluetooth ftp sharing service in android?
Array converted implicitly to container class when passed as argument in C++
Sorting a list and figuring out the index
Asynchronously loading images on the iPhone
Groovy and Log4J Config.groovy Configuration
Where to put custom classes to make them globally available to Rails app?
Page reload ask to submit data over and over again
Facebook authorize not working inside Android Asynctask or Thread
Exception with JFreechart in JInternalFrame
Why button on screen not effect when I use postGlobalScreen to push this screen?
Scheme error 鈥渆xcept: misuse of unit import keyword鈥�
How can I set a select menu's border radius in jquery mobile with css
Android - flip image in xml
Reference div id in one views folder from a separate views folder
Reference div id in one views folder from a separate views folder
How to chain functions without using prototype?
Using secret api keys on travis-ci
How to save Array in View State? And Retrieve That in ASP.NET?
how can I get the 'id' of 4 <div> and 4 <input type=鈥渢ext鈥�gt;
Delete Action not working MVC 3
How can I verify / trust the location of an iOS or Android device from the server?
Enlarging the size of Facebook send button?
C++: Unable to resolve identifier cout, Netbeans, Ubuntu
javascript date object changes
DialogFragment vanishes on orientation change
Incorrect syntax near '1'. Expecting ID, QUOTED_ID, or '.' Error with SQL Pivot
How to sum generic numbers in C#? [duplicate]
I'm trying to prepend a div and load content in it with AJAX but the div remains empty
Correct method to update the observable collection?
How can I detect an ACK flag in an empty packet without using raw sockets?
Is Android 4.0 still compatible with the ADK?
Replacing all characters in a string with different characters
Spring : timely/late binding of @ModelAttribute
What is the difference between CFQ, Deadline, and NOOP? [closed]
Collect usage clicks for heat maps on a desktop application
How do I customise subclassing behaviour or require subclassing in a particular way?
What does << operator does with ruby methods?
Tomcat 6 cant access applications
Android Gestures to Replace Physical Arrow Keys
Does R have an add-on to colorize scripts?
Query Improvement: foreach
Parallel.For not handling lock properly
Facebook login on windows 7
Are javascript templates only useful for inserting small items into the DOM?
Better Min/Max Function for Dates in T-SQL
How to add grid to Extjs Form and submit its data?
Chrome not sending Ajax Data?
how to create another equation from continuous state of s-function results
How can I acquire a permission in java?
In Jquery how do I change a css style or switch a class for the label of a radiobutton when that radiobutton is checked?
Python Tkinter Window Output and Shell Input
Javascript closures - behavior of overridden functions from the global scope
c++ application using qt, how to include gnuplot
pdf won't convert using ghostscript unless i've saved it in acrobat using 'Optimized PDF'
how can i do to make position:fixed work well
Google Rich Snippets working for one author but not the other
Determining durration between dates
how to pass a reference to const pointer correctly?
Is there a standard terse name for 鈥渘umber of鈥�
Why NSNotFound isn't -1 but NSIntegerMax
jAutodoc how to insert custom tag
Javascript: 鈥淚nfinite鈥�parameters for function?
鈥渆xpected primary-expression before鈥�error when passing pointer to function
problems with rock paper scissors in python
Loading dynamic .ini identifiers
Uploading files using jquery without page refresh
'no module named atexit' when I run a program deployed using pyinstaller
not using strcmp properly in C
pyQt QLayout issue
Auto Complete activates after 2 characters Eclipse
Is there a workaround for _Complex syntax in VC++?
How to create grid style icons using ViewPager in android?
Code in both Phonegap www AND Xcode's other project files?
How do I access my Ubuntu 10.04 Virtualbox's localhost from my host machine (mac)?
How can I distinguish scheme dialects in org-babel code blocks?
FQL (multi)query not with legacy REST but with Graph API not working on Insights?
iOS - Memory management using ARC
WebView infinitely expands - how can this be prevented?
fread, filesize usage with remote picture
SQL Query through powershell w/variables
Measuring TLB miss handling cost in x86-64
html2canvas screen capture for a portion of a page
Pointer to dynamic array of pointers to objects
Are texture3D lookups with a sampler3D texture available in iOS and OpenGLES 2.0
How do I count records that satisfy a condition in a associated model?
Why does C++ need the scope resolution operator?
Implementing BigInt.add()?
Concatenation in R with rbind without formatting output
How to Print treemap in reverse order
Why is it not using my overloaded operator for ++?
How do I disable backbone history but still allow hash-based routing?
Javascript - explode equivilent?
What is the best way to include a navigation bar in all pages?
Qt QSystemTrayIcon change menu items
Staying in same page, after inserting data in MySQL db using PHP using POST method
Is there a way to pass a method reference in Java?
access object through dot-syntax string path
How to copy files using TrueZip TPath?
What's wrong with this Namespace config in ActiveAdmin?
Ask RMagick to send a direct command to ImageMagick
Django - Mixing ListView and CreateView
why hotspot will optimize the following using hoisting?
Capturing output with Perl, until a specific pattern is found
Difference between 鈥済cc -x c鈥�and 鈥済cc -x c++鈥�assembly output
Can method 1 pass kwargs to method 2?
How to detect client callback channel fault in service
Must the definition of a C++ inline functions be in the same file?
How do you reference a table with a key value that is numeric in Lua?
Working with tables
Pure Tones in Android
Nginx 502 when serving error page content?
Incompatible types in assignment char ** to char *
Action items from Viewpager initial fragment not being displayed
Powershell Git Hook Exit Code
Looking for a specific type of stacked horizontal bar graph library for jQuery
My console didn't run correctly in Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler
XCode 4.2 and Local git repository
Is there a clean way to use the Builder pattern to build a multi-level tree?
C# application talking with ruby msgpack server which is expecting a ruby-type hash?
how to sum values in column B after looking for test1-test4 in column A
How can you assert that a given contentView is set using Robolectric?
download file after perl post
How get AWT in Eclipse?
VideoView Activity Malfunctions when Intent is called from current Activity's View
Jquery , adding class to element
how to search for a file with an unknown directory and delete it?
WP7 - Back Button without Navigation Service
rails forms 101
Template template variadics in C++
Effective Scala [closed]
How do I generate permutations of length LEN given a list of N Items?
SQLite Database Schema: Empty Tables
Rotate rectangle on screen
2D Array with JOINED tables
How Do I make S3 links download not stream?
Why does the post-increment operator ($j++) never change $j from 0?
鈥渘o such file to load 鈥�net/https鈥�- Heroku, Ruby, Ubuntu 10.04
Is there a way to margin an anchor in css?
web/network programming with python
record video with AVFoundation with custom dimensions? [duplicate]
Console.ReadKey(true) and .lnk Windows Link File
Obtaining incorrect result while performing left outer join using Linq-Why?
How should child GUI components access their parents (with MVC)?
Where is pngcrush for Xcode 4.3?
How to display an image on an aspx page from a usercontrol without it taking up the whole page?
How to host ASP.NET Web Pages w/ Razor Under Wordpress?
Adding specific shopping cart functions for php site
alter domain type
css positioning/color
Prevent highlighting canvas area in Chrome
Objective C: UIScrollView (pagingEnabled): When Next Page Enters Start The Animation
How to include every child element of a child element in output? PHP
Check if Object is instance of String, HashMap, or HashMap[ ]
Singleton PDO Model - Hierarchy
Is there a way for an Activity to know what fragment was just created?
Can I create table and column name following the parameter?
ViewModel Implementation in ASP.NET MVC - Is this code best practice?
Resque Workers not working on the right DB
How can PHP and JS share HTML templates?
JavaScript: Why does my program crash? [closed]
SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Part Context Ribbon Bar
Function to verify username and password in pl/sql [closed]
Learn Python the Hard Way Help: Exercise 13
SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Part Context Ribbon Bar
Function to verify username and password in pl/sql [closed]
Learn Python the Hard Way Help: Exercise 13
How to detect native debugger in Windows code?
Windows Azure Session and Output Caching Configuration
How I use a class inside another in PHP?
Why would a program pause and not crash when no breakpoints are set?
How to hide div with text inside if loop returns no posts?
update date value in oracle
for loop cant find object value in array
Scope error using Backbone.js?
How to handle initializing and rendering subviews in Backbone.js?
Accessing and Altering Vectors through class references
PL/SQL DDL Execute Immediate
Ember.js Data. What .js files(libraries) to include?
Jquery Datepicker not working, copied code from query site
I am looking to refresh a ListView without reloading the page
IDLE - recompile changed code
can I use texture sheet for loading image without cocos2d
show image from esternal card gives java.lang.nulPointer Exception
jQuery function asynchronous or not?
Crash when calling a function from a second Java file
MySQL: standard approach VS set-based approach for multi-row results
Does CALayer derive its contents?
Is pure javascript only useful with the DOM and form validation? [closed]
Can't connect to NetTcpBinding WCF service due to 鈥淭here was no endpoint listening鈥�error
How do I adapt my timestamp to MYSQL's DATETIME?
Multi directional JQuery keyboard navigation
MySQL GROUP BY with additional conditions
Can a hacker modify any parameters sent as part of an Ajax.ActionLink Call
Handling large files on a server with PHP
Python equivalent of a Visual-Studio project (or solution)
Animating a Sprite with a Sprite Sheet gives an uknown error
How to Specify Use of NVIDIA CUDA nvcc 4.1 instead of 4.0?
std::list iterator using -> (arrow) and . (dot) produces different results
How to import LARGE sql files into mysql table
sudzc 101 (response issue)
What does this typedef line mean?
What is the point of fetchAll?
how would i have more than one separate NetworkStream on the same port?
Overriding another product's view template in Plone
JQuery - How to keep a link selected after the form has been submitted
Eclipse does not recognize package Import? JOGL
Should/can I do nested receives for TCP data?
How to stop a running R command in linux other than ctrl+c?
How to return error status and validation errors from this Spring MVC controller?
jQuery: Applying div ID to .load ID
While Loop that reads non-negative values and terminates when a value less than 0 is read
Map ASP Membership User & Entity Framework
autocomplete ._renderItem and adding a Class to wrapper
XCode 4.3 - Uninstall XCode 4.2
Working with hashes in ruby on rails
Why it's not possible to use any magic constants in a static context?
jsf send selectOneMenu value as direct request managed bean
Routing issue on application for root url in development / production environment
Copy sublist from list
php now + 60 days to mysql DATETIME
Refresh Google Charts without redrawing the entire chart?
How to merge properties in SOPAUI
IIS AppDomain unloading in an Azure environemnt
Do I need a Multi-threaded WPF application for this scenario?
How to use a variable inside function in R
Any way to use async/await on Compact Framework 3.5?
鈥淯nresolved inclusion鈥�error with Eclipse CDT for C standard library headers
Accessor still not found after using @dynamic?
Login authentication always returning true
A C++ Program Using Class Template:error LNK2019
Implementing virtual drive with Dokan. Stuck on WriteFile
Why do I get this output in PowerShell sort -unique Count
In Flash, how can you give a graphic image an instance name (to access it in AS)?
Fail to listen to UDP Port with boost::asio
blank GUI with python image slideshow
dirname(__FILE__) on localhost
Converting structure to array
Need help working with the head.php file in my Wordpress theme
Is it possible to play 2 different avplayers with the different videos?
ByteBuffer created using NewDirectByteBufer() has no array in it
Is it possible to apply colon operator on an expression in MATLAB?
subprocess.Popen not thread-safe?
REST API - include related object details or just ID's
Why is this permissions error occurring with
Unable to access local PHP Class?
Load XML node into Java object
In Unity3D is it possible to keep the Scene view focused when hitting Play?
How do I use functions in one R package masked by another package?
any way to view php file as it's being loaded? (slow loading) [duplicate]
Git with a central repository
Log undo/redo actions in Visual Studio extension
on form closing event i am puzzeled
multiple alert dialog
cocos2d - adding a node to a sprite
Storing an image file in an object (without needing the file afterwards)
Hotspot7 hsdis PrintAssembly Intel Syntax
RealMatrix object in Java class
PHP math get a value from a formula
All text is lost when using openGL renderer in batch mode
Printing multi keyed Hash in Perl
Express.Js, Node.Js, MongoDB Questions
How do I make a custom UIView accessible?
Rails polling RSS every 6 hours
Express.Js, Node.Js, MongoDB Questions
How do I make a custom UIView accessible?
Rails polling RSS every 6 hours
Target specific div after form submit into iframe.
how to delete item in Internal Storage
Does PHP's range('A', 'Z') return a static array?
When I use Objective-C dot notation to set a subclass member, I get a compiler error
Script not allowing lightbox to cover embedded Youtube videos (wmode=transparent) but other script works
Transform xml contained in a text (javascript) file
HTML5 placeholder inside Struts html:text tag
FB.getLoginStatus always returns status='unknown'
Python Socket Error: [Errno 10013] An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions
onClick not working
Calculate amount of time until the next hour
How to make td/th tags fixed width?
Why does my Windows app get focus when by rules it should not?
Android ObjectInputStream(openFileInput) always throws IOException
Java Socket Create a Room for multiple player
Android:typeface Error: types not allowed.
jQuery get() serverResponse not behaving as expected
Suppress output from popen()
saving to multiple models from one form with rails
Thin raises missing template exceptions rarely
ereg_replace to preg_replace conversion
Ruby: How to require and instantiate all the files in a directory?
perl script to check if perl modules are installed
Why does awk print the entire line instead of the first field?
How to package the project to war in play2?
JQuery backgroundcolor changes (either .animate or .css) only work once after restart?
can't find function in class
Error Compiling libc++ using Clang 3.0 on Ubuntu
Pydev quick fix feature issue
How do I submit a dynamically generated form with jQuery?
How to create a NSPredicate which filters all characters in given range including digits/numbers?
display html format text to dynamic textfield in as3 work in loacal , but online don't display text
How to select a div within an iframe?
What's a good starting point to design an architecture with scalability in mind?
How to clear form values on slideup in jquery?
Android Variable Scope; or, where the heck is my string
I want to upload a hidden file on the internal storage but i cant because its hidden. How do i unhide it?
How to get Magick::ImageList?
writing an ethernet bridge in python with scapy
Show Facebook images on a website with elastislide and graph api
Xcode storyboard isn't visible; is it possible to zoom/pan the canvas?
Iterate recursively through deep HashMap
What to do when is down?
jQuery: Alert Retrieved JSON
mySQL find dupes and remove them
How does GIT Push work?
Remapping an array of integers
How does GIT Push work?
Remapping an array of integers
Stack overflow / Seg fault when dealing with random numbers
How would you randomly select a path from a struct?
Bug that only appears in archived Mac OS X product
MediaPlayer force close on mPlayer.start() or .stop() on some devices but not others
c++ refactoring: change method name, input and output
Bash: curly brace expansion with variable for mkdir
Rendering distance for 2D Arrays--Minecraft 2D
Javascript string instead of object expected
Loading JSON into JavaScript variable locally without server-side script?
How to turn on the java smart editor?
CSS not linking to HTML in IE 7 and IE 8
Sort Names Alphabetically in C
Scroll bar not showing in Safari 5.1.3 (7534.53.10)
Overloading the == function
Client side searching for autocomplete() with JSON source
Converting Bitmap to RGB in VB
ZXing performance on Android
Undisplayed view crash in cocos2D
Weird Grails type resolution between jar and grails after creating and deleting service
Role of Varnish cache [closed]
Using list of serialized objects
How to set or inject request parameters in a managed bean?
iOS - Getting a weird error: unrecognized selector sent to instance on a UITableView
Codeigniter CLI gives output on Windows but not on Linux CentOS
Conditional if statment grammar for Java Cup - semantic
How to reload the parent page passing with ID value
Destructor causing segmentation fault
Access HTML controls from code behind C#
How to use google or microsoft translator api with python to translate text files?
How do you have shared log files under Windows?
Trigger button click from another form
Oracle TNS Resend 15 second delay on all new connections
Deploying a Maven Project using Vaadin to Tomcat
What is LINKEDIT Block
Changing background color for WPF DataGrid cell depending on selection and value
R: is there a command for the end of a file that states whether any errors occurred?
IIS 6 Virtual Directory created without the application extensions
Binding checked menu items to ViewModel commands
rails 3.1.3 - render form displays nothing for users/1/edit
Where is my database?
Rails 3.2.1 logging in Passenger, Thin, or Unicorn
What browsers support interactive SVG documents?
wrapping byte array data with SWIG array_class
jquery - call function in external js file
Using getJSON data for autocomplete source
How to Correctly Create a Set of a Multi-Dimensional Array
GWT - spring security - caching issue
jQuery per-property delays
decNumber library - compile issues
Can't import pty module even though it's installed
jQuery to copy value in select drop down to all drop down
Dynamically set custom AlertDialog content
Mongodb map reduce tutorial [duplicate]
MATLAB: computations involving large numbers
XPath to Select Nodes Starting with a Certain Value
Deleting rows from single Table using inner Join
Fancybox minimum does not work for video properly?