as3 using addChild with an array containing indexes
Jquery event in a backbone view is skipped on first click
Rails 3.2, Refinery Edge Blog
PHP multi sort array
Magento does not load module config.xml
Overflow in C code
HTML5 Audio Load Event?
JQuery and AJAX post to php without reloading page in Wordpress
How do I put a UTF-16 file through a UTF-8 stream?
Workaround for nested subant property override behaviour (since 1.8.0)
converting oracle query to hibernate
MagicLine Navigation @font-face embedded fonts! (Firefox and Opera) [closed]
Does System.Linq.Enumerable.Reverse copy all elements internally to an array?
Find coordinates nearest to my current GPS location
playing second Sound
Mark a form submission as ajax by adding parameters to POST after submit
Using Visual Studio (Isolated Shell?) to program ARM device
Problems when compiling Objective C with Clang (Ubuntu)
Serialize/Deserialize a byte array in JSON.NET
libmemcached store mysql result
Implementing vector in js
IoC/SRP design issue
How to make a simple event calendar in a c# MVC web project
recentre site design after opening right 'frame'
Setting IsEnabled on a ribbon textbox to true doing nothing
Why does my wait cursor not show sometimes when updating data in JTable?
stop propagation after body mouseup event with jquery?
jQuery .load() with fadeIn effect
Entity Framework 4.x and Layer Supertype
An efficiently stored dictionary. Does this data structure exist and what is it called?
YouTube API retrieving data slows my site down significantly when loading
Getting custom tags from AWS instance browser function
Certain tables don't work with dotconnect for Oracle and Entity Framework
serialize form and load results with jquery
How to return DateTimeOffset type with Linq
Why does gcc give me this result?
Animating a contour plot in matplotlib using FuncAnimation
Java - Is this use of a class to edit a label bad practice?
App_id spoofing and misuse
Advance Search in Model (MVC)
Advance Search in Model (MVC)
How can I make puppet stop a service before replacing a file?
expected primary-expression before '<' token error
Can I dynamically add a field to FormType form?
jquery - creating a generic ajax function [duplicate]
Change character formatting of a range
Simple function to create SQL Database Fails: whats wrong?
Unicode characters in Hive
Dataframe column appears incorrectly sorted
Is virtualenv recommended for django production server?
How to draw Qt widgets using Horde3d and OpenGL?
iPhone hardware audio decoding with multiple simultaneous audio files
Conflict between .fadeOut (display:none) and a map
MySQL + Python: Not all arguments converted during string formatting
How can request parameterValues be retrieved by EL?
Does EF4 always generate an update statement for all related entities, even when only one entity actually changed?
jqGrid edit form prefills by wrong values. (On second time clicked)
How can oracle coherence get fail with retrieved key object?
Dynamically cast IEnumerable to IQueryable or dynamically call AsQueryable with LINQ Expressions
How do I retrieve data from google map API's
How can I delete duplicates in MongoDb?
Flexigrid is not showing the data in MVC3
multiple buffer management in C
Android app doesn't show in Market.Compatibility issue
Using automapper to map nested objects
What kind of animation is used for this?
AJAX post twice
Loss of data when throwing stuff from logstash to graylog2 [closed]
Issue regarding using Leak Instrument and fixing
Unsure why variable is undefined. Possible scope issue?
What is the neatest prolog implementation for Conway's game of Life?
How do I quit MATLAB after execution is finished through command?
Prevent GWT Tree from closing branch with selected node
Using PHP/XML to perform a Paypal Adaptive Payment Pay API request
Getting a webpage to communicate with a C++ application
another type error
PHP and Curl not working for particular url
cocos2D &lt not working
linux: generic installation of java jre1.7 with SSH
Not able to parse JSON with jQuery
Why is there no ReverseEnumerator in C#?
DIV does not stay inside another DIV
onSharedPreferenceChanged is causing a stack overflow on some Android devices
Can't cause client side validation within a composite control
Changing views and setting labels have unexpected consequences
Why are clang/g++ in the 鈥淒eveloper-old鈥�directory?
crystal report error with dataset
AS3 - SimpleButton inside of a Sprite
Should I put height and weight attribute on image tag even if they are not 100% right
S3 streaming video [closed]
How to have your auto-complete form styled in a way where the fields come to the front and above other fields below it?
Debian package installed in /proc directory
int pointer to the .end() of a list
Do any of the BDD frameworks for grails (spock/geb/easyb/other) support regular expression parsing of the human readable descriptions?
What is the name of broadcast when a user enable data or disable data on Android
Jquery Infinite Loop not working
Rails 3 render partial error
Get NSAttributedString from other app's textfield via accessibility API?
Jquery UI Sortable multiple select
IndexError: list index out of range'
Visual Studio 2010 Service Based Database With Users
The logic behind creating FETCH_HEADs
Fetch Twitter feed on Android - rate limit exceeded on device?
I've made changes to a storyboard after saving a snapshot, now my changes won't reflect when I compile my code. What am I doing wrong?
Accessing the data from a $.post in jQuery
Google maps places Lattitude and Longitude object keeps changing?
Archive ancient data from one database table to another database table in Postgresql 9.1?
14 Tests Suddenly Failing After Rails Tutorial Ch. 8
Java Graphics not displaying changes
calling one method from another under same js object
Selecting COUNT from MySQL table by first letter of a column
How to use CONCAT_WS instead of FULL-TEXT SEARCH
difference between DAO and hibernate
How to have a Web Service monitor Real Time Data using .NET?
Strings and dynamic programming algorithm
getting a 鈥渃onnection reset by peer鈥�error when hitting Google Contacts API
How to sort group of nodes in one line using xsl?
.htaccess, Rewriting ALL PHP Vars to folders
What is the attribute for an Action to display only if it is called in another View?
Qt compiling for windows 7 with mingw
SQL Data Type for System.Drawing.Color mvc - some files are not gzipped
Rails 3 + JQuery + Dynamic Combobox
Unit testing android classes
How to map XML file content to C# object(s)
Concatenation of 'scr'+'ipt' in javascript bookmarklet code
CSS3 Gradients by pixel, instead of percentage
Regex to delete items from CSS file
Rails Coffeescript select val
Referencing other scirpts from within my controller
WinQual has moved to
Python Matplotlib slider widget is not updating
Eclipse not publishing Spring XML files into Tomcat?
Youtube iFrame javascript not playing the video
Accessing string class with operator []
Gerrit change-merged Hook
How to use regex in PHP to extract a sitemap reference from a robots.txt file?
Java - How to get the default font size of a JTextPane
Random user submitted message generator [closed]
xcode ENUM using UTF8 literal character
How to use regex in PHP to extract a sitemap reference from a robots.txt file?
Java - How to get the default font size of a JTextPane
Random user submitted message generator [closed]
xcode ENUM using UTF8 literal character
using System.Net; IPEndPoint not found
How to retrieve the source port from a UDP packet while using recvmsg()
Cloning HTML Element with the Events
Have there been measurements on how much faster CSS is than Javascript for coding an effect?
display: list-item not working properly in Firefox?
Do Shared Web Workers persist across a single page reload, link navigation
Where authenticate user - Game Center
Detecting Aligned Memory requirement on target CPU
Embed iframe in my facebook fan page
iOS enterprise app - long term background task with AsiHTTPRequest
How to Import Other Namespaces into Visual C#?
Websocket and Rails integration
Python itertools - slow?
(SQLite + Javascript) issue with INSERT followed by SELECT in a for loop
Results are different between python and mysql for similar command
Eager loading not working in EF
python record separtor file iteration
php ternary operator confusion
Android OutOfMemory but with memory to spare
UITextView and position of floating autocorrect window
Loading images in pygame causes 鈥減ygame.error鈥�
JVM option to optimize loop statements
How to deal with underflow in scientific computing?
Target only the first click in jQuery
Oracle client support for VAX OpenVMS 7.3
Two Facebook like buttons on the same page with two different thumbnails
Rotating point on plane
Maintain a list of points around a center point, preserving CCW order
ActivityManager: Can't dispatch DDM chunk
java - return two results in one function call? [duplicate]
Calculating performance of CUFFT
split two number using bit operators
executing a list of functions by their function name
How to use AJAX as an alternative to iframe
Interact with Facebook, from AS3 using the Javascript SDK
Want image in my android app to pause for 5 seconds and then slide off screen to the left
returning column from a std vector of fusion vectors, without copying
Iterating through a JSON loop in JQuery and Ternary statements
An Array is no longer an array after an AJAX Sending
Export environment variables using script
Create foreign key with non unique column in SQL Server
Python decorator with multiprocessing fails
Working with JSONBuilder in Groovy/Grails
iterate multidimensional array
Getting RGB value out of negative int value
Select row with highest number of referring rows
visual studio 2010 display mouse location on form designer
If or while loop inside case command positional parameters
X Close Button in QToolButton
Getting SecurityException on my signed java applet
Null Pointer Exception with setOnClickListener()
div position for Background image
as3 comparing two arrays and returning index
Error injecting dependency into Controller constructor
Trash effect iOS [duplicate]
cocos2D Touching screen crash
UITextField, resignFirstResponder, and understanding GDB output
rvm installation not working: 鈥淩VM is not a function鈥�
Send passphrase with git push
What (if there are any) are the (free) alternatives to COM interop with MS Excel using .NET?
Transaction disappears when using windsor + nhibernate
Overloading comparison operators to work with STL sort in C++
type error when compiling
sass cache busting
How does list I/O writev internally work?
IIS 6 not allowing periods in the querystring
usage of OES_get_program_binary in GLSL
c++ regular expression matching whole line
Writting XML files
Is there a way the Round Rect button to take exactly the same size of an image?
Admob not showing in webview
Ruby sprintf, about the 鈥�鈥�in 鈥�02x鈥�
ASP.NET MVC and Spine.js Integration samples
Creating an iPhone View with multiple icons (such as Yelp, Old Facebook Launcher)
QTP DotNetFactory vs COM-Visible .NET Assemblies
How to convert IP4 and IP6 addresses to long value in C?
Changing an image location in WPF
How to execute a callback function after ajax content has been loaded into a newly added jquery ui tab
jQuery append() - looks to me like it should work but doesn't
Store Hashmap in File [closed]
Purposely Force Close
How do I get only ONE link to change dynamically using PHP?
use 鈥渆xit/2鈥�function in erlang shell
Putting 鈥渦se strict鈥�in a Firefox extension stops it from running but no errors shown
Apache Rewrite: secondary htaccess for domain specific RedirectMatch
Does Google+ API allow you to get circle counts?
Zend_Form set and validate field value manually
Tweet disappears
Oauth 2 fails to exchange code for access token, returns 鈥渋nvalid_grant鈥�
Difference between ' x81' and 0x81
Instrument a Windows 7 Bluetooth stack
Runtime error with footer's resizing using jQuery
Android: Hyperlink in ListFragment ListView row
Delay binding of second-level type parameter
django-cms redirect top level menu to first child
dump selected data from one db to another in mysql
Xcode symbol icons鈥�definitive list?
Custom ListAdapter Issue
Media Player issue
How do I attach a global event listener?
generating tick data from OHLC using simulations in R
Infinite input using argparse
MDX - Count(.children) > 0, but .FirstChild.Name is blank
How do I prevent a javascript from reloading every time a button is click?
Specific Ruby on Rails routes deliema
.persist() does not work in Spring Roo in a new Thread
Is it possible to create a Mac OS X gui app which is not a bundle?
How to make a data table recognize functions
What is the proper razor syntax for this Url.Action code?
Using jquery ui datepicker, validating date format
How does SSIS determine table structure when importing a table from external source?
How to edit the address bar using java?
randomly add between 1 and 180 minutes to an existing datetime value in SQL Server
Java SQL Prepared statement with *ANY* criteria
SQL: order by count from different table with condition
nginx rewrite for static content
Default Selection in dynamic dropdown
getting Wicket.Event is undefined for wicketAjaxGet()
Installing ns-allinone-2.29.3 on Ubuntu 11.10
PHP preg_match_all with Curl
Login using WebClient or HttpWebRequest
How do i know when my Control is done being initialized?
JSONp requests with tornado
HTTP outbounds to Facebook normal? [closed]
why do these pattern matches overlap?
Compiling Prolog-JPL on Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit?
How to set cookie with QWebview in QML?
Base-Class only Methods?
Can you determine if a javascript function exist on an aspx page from code behind?
Incrementing characters being read
How to let users send private messages to their friends without a link?
Can I run fsx files from within Visual Studio without setting up a project?
Multi Select in ContextMenuStrip
What changes should I make to the default php.ini in the PHP5 package in Ubuntu 11.10? [closed]
How to View Android API Code
Ruby on Rails 鈥�Models with several many-to-many associations
Fixed positioning element within a container
How to connect to SharePoint list using Objective-C / Xcode?
Python 3.1 - Send binary packed message- variable length data
Streaming flash game content from a server
Why does my JQuery script seems to only works before beginning to browse my tabs if the content of my tabs is the same everywhere?
Array returning NULL, but I can see the data var_dump(鈥�. See Code
Apache Wicket DropdownChoice default value issue when value is 鈥�1鈥�
Firefox shows random characters instead of fallback image when Shockwave Flash is disabled
Tree view poor usability
Make ul increase width as per the content
Will A Compiler Remove An If Block That Always Evaluates to Zero?
How do I set up CloudWatch to detect when an EC2 instance goes down?
use CGPoint as an array
NSArray of weak references to objects under ARC
Java bytecode compiler in JavaScript
(Windows 7) How to extract *.7z archives in xampp with PHP?
porting win32 code (windows.h) to linux [closed]
LocalReport.SetParameters Exception An attempt was made to set a report parameter 'ParameterName' that is not defined in this report
Using a Python dict for a SQL INSERT statement
URL Encode - oauth_signature
GLFW Undefined References
Generics collection implementation java compilation error
Nginx rewrite only when root domain
powershell Get-Counter -ComputerName parameter on Windows 7
How to close tab page on tabcontrol by tab page's name
Cant remove spaces by CSS
Changing form size from a WM_SIZE message
Stacking panels in JQuery. The panels have images as their content and should have a small tab of each image visible
Custom parser, how to make conditional statment?
Why is vector faster than map in one test, but not the other?
Check and assign value of a PHP object property within an conditional
Read Huge Data from CoreData
Image Tag OnMouseOver Not Fired
Getting data from my program into snmpd
Ext.js4 - Show plain text returned from Java servlet
How do I create a UITextView that exactly fits above the keyboard?
Mixing ifstream getline and >>
Denying Access To A Page Based On Referrel
Using WebSockets for live feeds across multiple web pages?
Javascript mobile - calculate element dimensions in pixels based on screen dimensions
Leiningen compiling error with Java files that reference classes generated from Clojure files
Easiest way to get online notifications
Limit resources available to query in SQL Server
send the entire word document through SOAP in VBA
Index Array with TimSort in C#
iOS: Create one sideded dropshadow
PDF thumbnails and preview in Microsoft Access
Google Fuel Station API/databases/geolocation fata for finding a fuel station
Theoretical maximum value of <max-concurrent-requests> for Google AppEngine Backend
Netbeans and xdebug for php debugging over LAN doesn't show current position
How to get IE7 to change name attribute of radio buttons using plain JavaScript?
How to assign and work with DOM elements as variables
PHP Commenting System Has Fallen Apart
Correct method for using the WPF Dispatcher in unit tests
Converting MP3 to Binary
jQuery UI with Google Apps script
Perl: what kind of data should i feed to delcampe API?
Get the point value from NSPoint array in objective c
How to add a row in bindingsource on given position after sorting? C#
Cookies are not working in QWebView
Return contents of a URL as a file in a jaxRS response
Set value of object using a string as the key
How to use BeanUtils to discover indexed properties
Restkit Object Mapping Two Classes Bad Access
Data mapper not working (uninitialized constant)
Implementing sorting of a DataGrid bound to an ObservableCollection<Dictionary>>
Notepad++ tab bar along the bottom instead of the top?
Windows tail program that lets you add blank lines
Construct an Asp.Net auto-complete name picker
Executing callback defined in element atrribute
Get vim to provide tab completion for CSS class and ID names
Supersedes clause in database structure
C++ Array Troubles
Is javax.comm v2.0.3. jar available anywhere now?
Max app space (storage)
Structuring a model - MVC (PHP)
Qt: Weirdness with Mac MenuBars
How to center a JavaFX 2.0 application on a browser's window
How do you use tornado.testing for creating WebSocket unit tests?
Exception when trying to use googletest to test ATL object
Extract the results of a function
Report how many times condition is met in SAS
Error with my .htaccess file :/
how to 鈥渃opy鈥�existing completions to other commands in zsh
Will someone explain this javascript REGEX pattern?
Hide overflow only when page size is too low
Can I alert all my elements?
How to use VB6 DLL (Active X/COM) in Python?
How do you pass an object into a setinterval?
Get link and href text from html doc with Nokogiri & Ruby?
on share, og:url is showing my server, not the facebook tab URL
Any way to make an Iterator<E> emitted from ArrayList have remove() blocked WITHOUT creating two Iterators?
Entity Framework for Authentication / Authorization
Define a long list of variables in python
Nested Jsr 303 validation annotations
MySQL insert limit?
How to read a fix-sized packet using boost asio?
Detect JPG Compression Rate with PHP?
SNMP MIB Structure Conventions for nodes below the Enterprise Identifier
Creating a field in SQL SELECT containing a string of identifiers [duplicate]
SSH error : name or service not known
Inter-process communication with named pipe and WCF Service: threading issue
I cant get to set desire time of AlarmCLock in Android
TestNG annotated superclass in a different package
Lua: sequence of function execution in table assignment
Clever ways of turning a two-input function into a variable-length-input function in matlab
Get the floor and ceiling of a room
Bind Value to textbox
What features does scalacheck add over quickcheck?
Clever ways of turning a two-input function into a variable-length-input function in matlab
Get the floor and ceiling of a room
Bind Value to textbox
What features does scalacheck add over quickcheck?
IE Not Displaying Certain parts of my Site
Complexity (calculating big O)
Anchor point positionings
Python: Script to detect circular imports
Menu Page State
What is the fastest way to determine if a value is in a set of values in Java?
Detecting anomalies in user access permissions
Each statement and the dribble API is giving me trouble
How to stretch text in a square button?
Add URL Links to an Image array
Core Data + iCloud: Find NSManagedObject across devices
R - Stock market data from csv to xts
Check if a string contains numbers and letters
How to prevent the screen of an android device to turn off during the execution of an Activity?
Using <xsl:choose> to format an element depending on its ancestor element
How to create a playable pool cue for second life
Classes and inheritance in Java- what am I doing wrong?
JRuby on Rails Production responding with 200 OK even though controller code sets status :unauthorized
Taglib unresolved external issues (FileRef)
Python configparser set value to constant None
NSOperation Retention by an NSOperatioQueue
How do you stop a certain Activity from being resumed when you relaunch an app from the homescreen?
Why is there a gap visible when I use 鈥減osition: relative;鈥�
jQuery UI Slider does not move the nearest dragger/handle
WP7 TimePicker choose time in 24h format
Javascript: Array exact match
Source Control in Xcode, SVN [closed]
Eclipse Android Layout Design
SQL Server how can I get the code of a foreign key constraint
Why use member variables at all? [duplicate]
playframework call Model method from view javascript
How to fetch multiple results from a mysqli multiquery for later use?
Why am I getting an 'Expression Result Unused' warning?
php - get 2 words by 2 words
mark a spring checkbox as readOnly
Does align 8 make the inc command to be by steps of 8?
What strategy should I use to unit test reading a file in ruby (rspec)?
Python if-statement based on content of HTML title tag
How can I configure subversion / TortoiseSVN to handle Windows case-insensitivity nicely? [duplicate]
Android: OutOfMemoryError when unmarshalling a Parcelable
Adding and updating a databound listbox C# windows phone
Reading CSS3 Values with jQuery
Convert string til LateX image?
PHP link control system
Confusion about rake assets:clean / cleanup on the asset pipeline in rails
converting into string in linq to entites
How do I keep floated elements flopping down without using a fixed width?
Print PHP variable name from mysql result
crypt_r() example?
Why instance variables of two unique objects reference the memory location?
Python list difference
Application asks for internet connection
MySQL: multi rows result VS single row result
Is it possible to refactor this EventWaitHandle to not use Thread.Sleep() to control the race condition?
JavaScript submit button display lightbox based on radio selection
Selecting namespaced XML node attributes with namespace alias instead of URI on an XElement
VARCHAR vs LONGTEXT for synopsis
Creating a Calendar with Android 4.0's (ICS) Content Provider
C++ how to check if file is in use - multi-threaded multi-process system
Customize the web portal
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'toInteger'
Center a container with Internet Explorer
C++ function prototype equivalent in javascript?
Reading a Java bytecode instruction: What does the number mean?
Pycharm doesn't recognize ipython in virtualenv
Izpack Uninstaller.jar is not working when install using console option
Something about reading portions of data from file using a C++ istream_iterator
Zedgraph labels disappears
Title Attribute Dropdown
Are there any efficient random BYTES generator (without using divisions)?
Multiple serial port reads hang after only a few minutes
Dynamically changing properties of a Storyboard (created in XAML) in the C# code-behind
sender currentTitle not recognized in Xcode
Contrasts for lm using contrast package
What's the standard way to handle 32 bit and 64 bit Python installations side-by-side on a Windows machine?
Get SVN revision number into NSIS script
Can I pass an entire javascript object to Node.js for server processing?
does changing the availability date on an app submission reset the approval process?
See which Typeclasses the Type is an instance of in ghci?
How to create a coin from two images of the coin using three.js CylinderGeometry.?
DOM Parser to highlight keywords not working
Visual Basic Trigger Click
How to configure Eclipse's 鈥渃lean鈥�to remove unused imports?
Setting up VCAP (cloudfoundry) without a script
How to search for the word 'IN' in an XML CLOB using Oracle Full Text Search?
working with
ClassCastException when returning LazySeq from Clojure to Java
UINavigationController mis-sizes and mis-positions contained view
Decrypting Drupal / Ubercart Credit Card Info Externally
Java: Object loop stuck after first entry
RIA Services Invoke Operation return Complex Type with Entity properties
Image upload: iPhone Client - Django - S3
PayPal - information overload
javascript update lost on first async update
How can I implement a table?
How to keep control-specific css with the control code (ASP.NET)
PayPal - information overload
javascript update lost on first async update
How can I implement a table?
How to keep control-specific css with the control code (ASP.NET)
How does C# know when to run a static constructor?
Jenkins - TestNG issue
Update a Textview in a ViewPager by normal java class
R calculate robust standard errors (vcovHC) for lm model with singularities
Unable to cast anonymous object to System.Data.DataRowView
Can't access Radio button values in PHP?
handling non-standard ext js grid-server comunication
MainController.xib file required for every project?
Spring @Transaction does not rollback on Exception thrown
Java - Change font in a JTextPane containing HTML
Trying to convert String to Document object - Too heavy?
Is there a way to duplicate or make another copy of an XmlNodeList in C#?
WCF WebApi HttpResponseException Issue
Error - 鈥淚nvalid Input Detected鈥�when uploading to phpmotion
Overlay chrome extension?
How to determine if a C++ object is a time_t
selectRowAtIndexPath: animated: scrollPosition: - Row is 鈥渟elected鈥�
MongoDB MapReduce Emit Strangeness
Easiest technic for syncing files
Issue with saving validation rules to a configuration file
How to read text from an inputstream, formatted as XML, with a BufferedReader.readLine() method?
HTML5 Audio - Sound only plays once
Proguard is not removing Log calls
Implement multiple instances of Bitmap Game object
RSpec: controller_specs for resource with relations
document database with search features
How to structure database for inventory of unlike items
saving FB comments in local database
Passing an object into a class by reference
Eclipse C++ error
What's the big-O notation for this algorithm?
Oracle - update join - non key-preserved table
Trouble with DataBinding to a ListBox in WP7 which is not displaying the bound content
Web application print button behaving differently for IE8 on different client stations
How to upload a pic in an album in fanpage
Eclipse CDT C++ semantic errors wxWidgets
Guice : Injection and the compiler
In Java ME how do I change the direction of the stuff displayed to go right-to-left just for my MIDlet?
How do I use getConstructor(params).newInstance(args)?
Using WSGI on Twisted
update existing entry practices
Show UIWebView once
What is an efficient way to compute the Dice coefficient between 900,000 strings?
Network: Longest prefix matching
Common Lisp Pause Command inside a Loop
error with updatepanel
error with updatepanel
How do I save a DataUrl Image to disk in .net?
Find the merging node of two linked lists? [duplicate]
Make div overflow its container to work with marquee.js
Git: how to roll back to last push/commit
What's wrong with this simple coffeescript?
Android Getting JSON return error from POST Http execution
Navigating between Silverlight islands causes exceptions in Firefox 9+ and Chrome, but not IE 9
iPhone read/write .plist file
android adding facility to choose custom sound effects within an application
Upgrading Entity Framework 1 to version 4
Google Fusion Table - Proximity Search
Django form not being submitted
Call a local (in memory) Twisted
MediaElement and RTSP
Mutable struct vs. class?
onListItemClick returns data from the item at the top of current view
Downloading an XML file as string in C# keeps getting me gibberish
How do I persist a value in ASP.Net MVC 3 without a post?
OpenGL Depth Testing in Qt not working
Whats the difference between performSelectorOnMainThread and dispatch_async on main queue?
Version of Windows Imaging Component
With three many-to-many relationships in Rails, how can I find one, given the other two?
Get minimum num recursively from a list
jQuery fadein and out is not working properly in Google Chrome
displaying ComboBox.SelectedValue in TextBox
鈥淔latten鈥�nested futures
iphone app web view not appearing on device
Developing an Android pre-load type application which opens up market details page
Active record::relation instead of the object's class, when using where method with Rails 3
Facebook SDK MVC3 - Lost canvas session
Is there any standalone pgp implementation in python?
High number causes seg fault
Access MAMP's MySQL from Terminal
When should I assign an Iteration to a task in TFS 2010
ASP.Net Prevent Timeout for Long Running Process
Reusing ActionResult code within Controller
Multithreaded server in java.. Threads serving files
RandomAccessFile in Android raw resource file
NSButton in NSTableCellView: How to find desired objectValue?
sql case in where clause to select item
SQL join on parameter list or null
Missing validate() method in a command class
how to run nAudio on Windows XP?
鈥渋n鈥�operator in linq c#?
Android: OnClicklistener
Flex Mobile textInput in scroller text lag
LinearLayout hidden by MapView in RelativeLayout
R graphing unique rows in different graphs
How to create a big tab system in JQuery/Ajax?
Rails resque: Record not found when passing variable from controller to worker
Blur event stops click event from working?
How to use onListItemClick() in an BaseAdapter?
segmentation error when accessing a linked list or doing a malloc() on linux
Specifying jquery mobile data themes within a Rails 3.0 form
jquery: error in mouseenter() mouseleave() animation
Java compare strings that have characters and numbers
Make Dependencies that are not Monitored for Changes
Entity Framework takes 30 minutes to generate a model
Dont show number on Call - iPhone App Development
Is it possible to animate gradient opacity in CSS3? [duplicate]
What are the rules to initialization order in C#? [duplicate]
cellForRowAtIndexPath: setNeedsDisplay not working for images downloaded in the background, even when calling it on the main thread
google geolocator: direct URL works, status code 620 when using simplexml_load_file
Ehcache with DB persistence design
Graying Out a QPixmap
deleting row a given row index after sorting c#
change button text color when pressed
Covariance in different FW causes Code Break?
Passing data to PSCmdlet from its ArgumentTransformationAttribute
Constantly monitor accelerometer sensor on Android
print php result in a nice html table
Extra bytes appended to values returned by HBase TableMapper
HTML 5 iOS facebook javascript SDK fullscreen home screen app issue
What 鈥渂oundary conditions鈥�can make a rectangle 鈥渓ook鈥�like a circle?
Can I sell an android APK by myself?
global static function in javascript
Real time code compiling?
Can 鈥渆xternal鈥�javascript functions call 鈥渏Query functions鈥�
Shadow on sublayer of CAGradientLayer
Artificial Horizont in Silverlight [closed]
Creating pdf from java (best library) [closed]
Button OnClick Event Android
Looking how to re-attach 鈥減roperties鈥�button in the design view in Mono-Develop
there is no output on calculating prime number
Read a file into a Maven property
Showing japanese characters in android apps built using maven
How does model event binding work in backbone.js?
WCF WSDL Page Missing
Why do we need generate a temporary file when remote uploading to FTP?
install_name_tool error when running virtualenv on Mac OSX Lion (with Xcode)
graph: find subgraphs using list of nodes including wildcards
Find combinations that meet a ranged criteria
Memory leak using Mongo with Morphia
How to Manage very Large MySql Database [closed]
Calling function
Understanding strange Java hash function
Visual Studio 2010 XML tag matching - stopped working?
c# virtual keyboard p/ invoke shift wont 鈥渞elease鈥�key
i can't generate scaffold?
borders in css fall on top of each other for a table
What are the different uses of the different types of bracing used for conditionals in shell scripts?
Memory leak and huge performance degradation when creating an instance of a .NET COM object without a GuidAttribute
Slow down google panTo function
CNAME mapping to not working
How to programmatically render DataFormWebPart?
how to countdown to a date
Add a JScrollPane to a JLabel
What is the Android/Java version of iOS/Objective-C's NSScanner?
multithreading in ASP.Net webservice - what happens after the main thread completes?
Background image cutting off to the right for the app on facebook page
Link to Facebook Page Tab App with signed request Page ID
Compile Time Reflection in C#
Assert method call without stub?
Can I get an explicit style's x:Key value from a control at runtime?
Return newly inserted row without having to Submit to database
Create temporary tablespace using a query to determine size in Oracle
Use sqlite for search indexing?
FancyBox Thumbnail Helper creates new thumbnail at end of thumbnails instead of calling it directly
Implementation of standard recycling rules
Trouble with vimrc file recognition with MacVim
How can I get the emacs command for a given keyboard shortcut?
Sending data from Windows Mobile to a Windows WCF
Is Rsyncing git repo good enough backup solution?
capture whole of line
PhoneGap Accelerometer application for Android lags like crazy, what's wrong with my code?
Change in y axis label alignment when rotating x axis text in ggplot2
Schema advice for minibus booking system
Panel set to hidden and then visible loses textbox values
.submit() or which other method can I use?
How to count 'single-word' substrings between commas
Python Classes: Variable subclass creation in the base class's methods
iphone map view in app
VCalendar Message Body Formatting
Get element by class in JSoup
Python can't execute program even if I'm using absolute paths
jQuery context menu in AJAX loaded content
Filter google query results
Applying [ViewStateModeById] functionality to standard, dynamic controls
Find out if an image is horizontal or vertical
Java instrument: HotswapaAent failed to reload class definition
Find() vs. Where().FirstorDefault()
Unidentified values appearing in my javascript array
Apple LLVM compiler 3.1 error
selenium python stuck on this line
PHP in HTML: how to
Ruby gem to automatically add a comment at the top of each view
Devise authentication from different application
purpose of skeleton directory
trouble with python + QTKit on Mac Lion
Installing Apache Passenger , Ruby Development Headers Not Found
Display Facebook Tab Content For Different User Languages
Error: Can't convert from Dictionary to IDictionary
iOS facedetection works differently in simulator and device
Create a function to generate random points in a parallelogram
Center left-aligned child divs within a parent div when none specify widths
how to submit update to app store?
Show a Form behind everything else, and without stealing focus?
Passing Google Analytics cookies through form and a redirect across domains
Trying to change a person's skin colour
malloc in an embedded system without an operating system
How to find all 'duplicate symbol' errors in a project at once
Including javascript file dynamically and then calling function dynamically
Byte array - locating a character position
SQL Server 2005 Run a stored procedure via SSIS using GETDATE() as a Parameter
How to align buttons on opposite sides of window in WPF?
Clicking a button places user's current location on map using Google Maps API V3
incorporating all views into one view
HTML5: Is file change notification in the API?
Secure FTP from HP-UX to remote FTP server
Prism and Unity - prevent auto creation of type
Fusioncharts/maps in Android
How to create correctly relation?
_remap function in codeigniter
LINQ - Nested Query
Fetch Rails join model records based on condition in joined table
Mule ESB : Cannot copy message with a stream payload
GVim under win7 <leader> key doesn't work
Aggregate object with nesting
FileUpload control loses its content on PostBack
PHP remove commas from numeric strings
How to define a owl:imports with OWL API v3?
Telerik - Grid Export - Size limitations
httplib.HTTPSConnection causes SSL errors in concurrent environments
command prompt here doesn't work in a directory/folder under the control of clearcase
2d list or array: How do I modify one value - ie a unique pointer per cell?
Indicating which thread set up timer handler?
class member mutex assertion failed
In Perl, how do you pack a hash and unpack it back to its original state?
Need to add dependencies in my project
listview with checkboxes and without
How to get website source code with Objective-C?
Entity Framework Using Predicates Issue
SignalR: detect connection state on client
Does using __declspec(selectany) with static data have any effect on the initalization order of that data?
In production mode I am getting - No such file to load 鈥�ruby-debug (LoadError)
When to use TaskEx.Run vs. TaskEx.RunEx
Alternative to Ruby String.dump that doesn't escape printable characters like double quotes (Ruby 1.8.7)
Visual guide / Flow chart / App for learning Java collections [closed]
Using ASP.NET MVC 3 **WITHOUT** jQuery
child controls disappear when running already running app
How to implement Mediator Design Pattern with Fragments
Node async library binding of this
php curl check if url is reachable before query
UIWebView and UIScrollView scrolling behavior
Seeing the NSLog for an app running directly in simulator, not via Xcode
Implementing a simulator for a subset of x86
How to merge two arrays of dates ignoring duplicate dates and then sort by date
Can't Reuse Featured Image?
Setting ctypes.Structure default values
how to apply Discrete wavelet transform on image
Creating elegant if statements
Case insensitive XML parser in c#
multidimensional array merge operation inside loop
Updating in a many-to-many relationship
How to find element attribute using lxml
Axes at minimum extent, no padding, in plots of raster* objects
iOS 5 - Include chat within application [closed]
How can I moq this query against ravendb
Replacing the td data with the input box changes the with of column
Jquery Ajax Post Request Stop Functioning
GWT. Can be used Channel API without GAE?
Javascript Turn Image border On and Off With A click
Problems with SQLite in Android
Using JLayer (AKA JavaLayer) to analyze mp3 files in java?
TCP IP Performance on the same machine
Can PHP load a encrypted file?
Raising integers to high powers
Trying to find why these floated LIs don't align in IE7
select data from two tables, return data and get product name from item id
Getting a codecs OSType from a UTType format in pyobjc
How can you get the list of open graph activities published by my friends?
Updating MEF catalog at runtime
Not allowing 鈥淍鈥�symbol in Codeigniter URL
SQL: Difference between 鈥淏ETWEEN鈥�vs 鈥渃urrent_date - number鈥�
IntPtr vs. As Any in COM
jquery hover add 2 classes to 2 different div's
javascript to hide div if homepage
scope with multiple conditions
How to determine if a column is visible or not on a Jquery datatable
Best way to get SQL Server date data into Joda object?
Fast writes into a persistent queue
SQL- Add up Values in a Column
Combining two tables in a query and creating new columns from that
How do I display text elsewhere in my webpage in a textarea?
is it possible to stub an instance variable in rspec in a non controller test?
How can I do visual development in Eclipse using JSF's Trinidad UI library?
Redirect some output to command prompt, and some to file?
Open graph stories of action I do show up on my ticker but not on my friends' ticker
How reliable is the XmlDataSource control?
How to dynamically add form elements with a value=鈥溾� instead of it equaling the last form element
Linker error calling C-Function from Objective-C++
Drawing Shapes With Objective C
Create node from markup string
WCF REST WebGet for user defined parameters
Filter TreeView bound to an ObservableCollection
MVC3: Controller action that doesn't refresh session
Javascript 'yes no' alert
MultiJson::DecodeError unexpected token at {鈥渆mail鈥�鈥渇oo@bar.com鈥潁
How to refresh JQuery mobile table after a row is added dynamically
align heading text with subsequent text on the same line
using the google maps API - marker cluster
How to prevent human spammers from sending private messages using PHP [closed]
Ubuntu, virtualenv, flask/bottle, and mod_wsgi not working, 500 internal server error
Spring MVC, subfolder in form action
Why does Python evaluate this expression incorrectly?
How to abandon a request and not have to respond to it?
MYSQL query using OR and AND on same sentence
Rounded Button Android
Live Server - A network-related or instance-specific error
Not so hidden form field [closed]
Split string into new record every time a certain condition is met
405 Error With Facebook App From aspx page
Cookie Creation Time
Appending and Iterating Through QList
Search For Partial Words With a SQL Query
Do triggers get rolled back if a transaction fails in SQL Server?
Finding a method's declaring type
Trouble with object array as object property in VBA Excel 2010
reading from binary file Scala
Java Generics - when is parameterization required?
UnityContainer can't resolve type
Comparing CPU Performance - continued
How to send read-only data in C#?
How to create a trampoline function for hook
jQuery .data method (sorta) not working in plugin
Get SSE version without __asm on x64
nested hashtables in javascript
Xcode load data in new view dependant on button
Having some trouble understanding why the :contains() pseudo class in CSS selectors works the way it does?
The Text in button is shifting left from center on checking a check box in list view
Selecting 'Computer' or 'Libraries' in Java's JFileChooser yields a strange File object
Opera Storage & Updating preferences
Scrapy: Follow link to get additional Item data?
How do I make a Image jump in Java
Changing a value in array with references
Javascript access object property in method
How to show only a subset of a table
SIMD (AVX) compare
What is the difference between the different *get helper* methods in Magento?
Sharepoint Requirements for SOAP/REST API
PrinterJob archive tif or tiff
SQL server connection string stopped working for sqlexpress
C++ String Comparison using == operator
Update list of objects using LINQ
Hadoop spawning multiple VM
Ho do I create a download link for QR code?
How to read and check stdin/stdout in python?
Getting count of something like keywords in patterns [duplicate]
Basic bash script for terminal prompt
Is there an efficient way to convert from Bundle to ContentValues?
PHP: Unable to parse specific site using CURL
img src variable not working in jQuery
Unarchiving UIImageView with subviews
Omnifocus Bookmarklet tweak - Javascript
Error with dependency download on a Maven project with multiple mirrors
Can methods have methods in Python?
Add Separate Directories/Projects/Files to Git Repository
WCF Service Call Failing Due To Too Much Data Being Passed?
How to calculate/display relative times (1hr ago, 1 day ago) with JavaScript
Switching focus between NERDTree view and file view
Cross controller variables
how to send a ping packet
Renaming a project results in compiler error
Get AD Account Via
Spring WSS 鈥渨sse:security鈥�tag
c#: does subscribing to an event imply reference to the object [duplicate]
HTTP Keep Alive and TCP keep alive
static and set_global together: how come?
Proxy cacheing - What about cookies? [closed]
edmx re building creats a duplicate designer cs file
iPhone opengl es: Orthographic projection depth
jQuery / opensource map library which works with offline?
ReportViewer reportpath .rdlc from database
ajax post request responds with an html element when including an attachment with paperclip
Mindstorms: Installation of NXT2.0f3 patch for Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3
PyGame Collision with Tile Rendered map?
Change Dapper so that it maps a database null value to double.NaN
Why is my Express app just sending to the 'sender's' client?
Is it possible to record video and accelerometer data simultaneously on android?
How do you write a web script to deal with urls of the form rather than
Qt: Add QAction menu items to dock icon (mac)
Knockout checked binding issue
Passing multiple starting values to nlminb
Speeding up Rails 3.2.1 Development Environment
ToolStripMenuItem click event should return a class
How to improve the Pass an object when navigating to a new view in PRISM 4
onInterceptTouchEvent to disable ACTION_DOWN/ MOVE/UP
asp:DropDownList onselectedindexchanged not working in Jquery mobile?
What does 鈥�<&1鈥�redirect do in Bourne shell?
What does 鈥�<&1鈥�redirect do in Bourne shell?
How to force EditText to accept only numbers?
how to prevent caching PDF's locally?
ADODB.Recordset error '800a0e78' - Error when I pass 2 parameters (ASP/MSSQL)
WCF Data Services Authentication
Two one-dimentional arrays and search
How do I get the line spacing in a Sparks TextField to look the same as a MX TextField?
How to resolve this cyclic include?
Is there a way to lock the background images in UIViewController? [duplicate]
Can Mybatis annotation mappers return arrays?
what is the performance impact on oracle index on float column?
Pass specific info through JSON, JQuery, PHP
Default traffic shaping rules for OpenVZ in CentOS 6
Dummy database schemas
ASP.NET page should not post back the whole page on Submit
Does the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) support duck-typing?
Dynamically invoking non-static methods
How to send data from one android phone to another with or without server?
How to shutdown only selected thread in ScheduledExecutorService?
Lift application performance degrade
Python string as file argument to subprocess
How do I statically link a library into another static library?
facebook open graph object
Why Would The SiteMapPath In SharePoint, Not Display All Sub Sites?
Changes needed to take a default web.config and increase maxStringContentLength
how can I improve my Rakefile (deployment)
Frictionless Authentication When Possible
Magento all links are started with /index.php/, not just with / - WHY?
Doing many returns in a function?
C# Equating URIs
screen.width and screen.height different values in different APIs/devices
Is this algorithm a good way to determine if two arrays have same contents in same order?
Omission of curly braces for a hash in an array
How can I swallow an exception that is thrown inside a catch block?
Twitter Bootstrap 2 drop down menu is not work
I installed JOGL but why wont Eclipse recognize my hello world program?
Cookie is being set.But document.cookie is null
One user, one iCloud account, multiple devices [closed]
Why or how does this prove JavaScript array equality?
Long text visualization on table headers
How does C# manage strings in structs?
.net - How to change exception message of Exception object?
Pyramid: Equivalent of MVC in PHP Frameworks in Pyramid / Python?
ILDASM in x64 folder
How to tell if the java.util.Date object contains the time portion?
ActionMethod param is 0 every time
Detect orientation of an iPhone video from server
Using MIN function in LINQ
.htaccess redirect to subdomain
How to implement ajax and jquery into html
What algorithm is implemented in OpenCV contour detection?
Am I able to set 鈥淒efault Web Site鈥�s properties through a child website's web.config file? (IIS6)
NHibernate version property is not working
How to initialize a custom prototype style table cell in iOS 5 storyboards?
Writing chinese character to jexcelapi
Access to purchased movies on iOS?
insert $ symbol in sql database
How to make a USSD call on a iPhone from a button in a webpage?
Why can't Java Applet ask only for specific permissions (eg, record audio)
Auto increment a table field while updating
Ruby on Rails: 鈥渘o such file or directory鈥�with logger.rb
Store Jquery Draggable Position
Getting Picture from Twitter Picture Service
Magento change Custom Option value before adding it to cart
How to monitor remote servers using Cacti without SSH tunnels?
PHP PEAR send_mail Failed to set sender with name and email
Filter dates on a store in ExtJS
Process to call Fortran executable from C#
Images getting parsed after call
Set spring mvc request mapping programmatically
How to create a cross-compilation sysroot for Linux?
background-size:100% 100%; doesn't work properly in Chrome
Assembly Generating Sound in QtSpim
Passing argument 1 makes pointer from integer without a cast
Failed to save image to sdcard
mt symlink creation while manually installing Boost on Linux / Ubuntu
Moveable/draggable <div>
preloading images in html5/javascript
Find minimum for histogram
Tomcat: Single tomcat, multiple webapps with separate memory needs
2D drawing: the button - redraw mystery
Inserting elements into DOM, basing position on timestamp
Excel 2007 Macro does not work in 2010
How to use Wobly serializer on Android
Perl hash key only prints when immediately followed by newline
Recommended Java library for creating a video programmatically
php text-string variables with spaces in them or quotes not working in heredoc html form
XSLT: How to select elements that are unique to an ancestor (not the root)?
Oracle 11g: Can I create a number column that stores only 1 byte?
iOS UIButton with UITextAlignmentLeft still centering text?
How to get an average in C++?
File constantly is used by my code and cannot be deleted manually or with code
Is there any good Admin UI for MySQL on Node.js, kinda like phpMyAdmin? [closed]
Watir for Wireshark
C# tcp sockets how to tell what type of object is being sent over?
Is there a python way of serially searching a string with regexes, akin to java's re.appendReplacement and appendTail
Pagination of a partial with Kaminari in Rails 3
Jquery Mobile not working?
Weird JSON parse Error Android
How to overscroll a custom view (surfaceview)
Looking for an extensive set of email addresses in both good and wrong format for regular expressions testing
How to deal with run-time parameters when using lifetime scoping?
XML file from serialized class is missing field data
Automate Delphi 2010 project build with MSBuild
Adding facebook link to webpage
Image Hotlink Redirect
Is the following Git commit strategy correct?
How to create a jQuery plugin which uses another one? [duplicate]
Simulate Pressing the Enter Key with jQuery
SimpleUrlHandlerMapping NoSuchFieldError: null