How to maintain a group of apps with shared libraries that change often?
remove spaces before or after comma in php [duplicate]
Why am I getting this error, 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'csrf_exempt'?
How to use enum with values in Java
PHP Tubepress pro with Smarty, plugin issue
Specialize templated function for templated class
WP preg_match and REQUEST_URI
Case-insensitive Array#include?
Dropdown menu with Twitter Bootstrap
realloc():invalid next size
Android DefaultHttpClient connection reuse
HTML Basics: Why is div not scaling to 100%
using grep to parse output from another command
How to change the size and the numbers of keyboards
鈥渦ser may do X is user owns object Y鈥� Implement logic in Model Validation or Controller logic?
RuntimeError: the sip module implements API v8.0 to v8.1 but the PyQt4.QtCore module requires API v7.1
Get content inside script as text
mod_rewrite redirect is appending url args I dont want
KnockoutJS data-bind value on jQueryUI combobox
Nested Repeater Problems. ASP.Net C#
FreeMarker interpolation results used inline with a second interpolation
JPA relationship to possibly non-existent object
How can I create table as select (CTAS) in oracle?
Get code source of dynamically loaded HTML content (Chrome/Gmail)
How to copy content from hidden canvas to visible canvas?
Checking for duplicated items before adding new event in iOS - EKEventStore
Tag appears more than once QuickFix
Circle and Rectangle Collision Android
Mismatched tag exception when parsing XML
how to simply implement a KeyListener?
Is it best practice to use package.json in an app that is not a module but an end product?
Base class for managing factory classes
What is the best way to keep javascript libraries up-to-date in rails?
Is there a way of excluding folders from i18n shell?
How to get files, changed between two changesets in GIT?
java downloading word doc, contents show up as hex
MVC3 - Process something every X amount of time
Extract numbers from phone number input field (PHP)
Getting innerHTML of PRE tag with Regular Expression (Javascript)
Icefaces: server push issue
Can't find InsertOnSubmit() method
How to calculate the running average over a continuous date range
tomcat debugging
echo certain text from php links
create a script to return the date of the most recent date file and append it to a file name [closed]
Euler 160 : Find the non trivial 5 digits of the factorial
Jquery Determine which button by keyup
Using conditionals in project's main unit - IDE destroys code
How can I update an adapter of an Activity from other Activity?
mouse picking a rotating sprite in an Xna game
how to get jquery object, then manipulate the dom elements inside it
Android list all ftp folders and subfolders
MYSQL JOIN gives unexpected (but pleasant) results?
Android Keeping Track of Button Selections
How to convert a spatial dataframe back to normal dataframe?
Facebook PHP SDK - User not authenticated
hide() is working properly, but not fadeOut()?
JSON-based build tool?
jqgrid + EF + MVC: Is it possible to export in excel, using always the same controller action?
ImageView Segue to SplitView
What exactly is a broadcast intent?
Fail to show an error in my form with codeigniter
Creating multiple sites with Drupal on LAMP/WAMP
CSS classes with dyanamic vs statically loaded pages
Android ICS random reboots when using mediaplayer
Unable to get data from a div tag using HTML parsing (hpple) in iPhone
How to select replicated items in a list with linq?
cakephp route to not allow file extension
Validate Page Title in Admin Dashboard Orchard CMS
Accessing a user in forgot password method in rails
How to embed a ruby gem into a C# project and require it from an embedded IronRuby script?
Merge or sum 2 arrays on 鈥渒eys鈥�in ruby
Visual Studio Web Developer (C#) - GridView and FormView [closed]
How do I use an exisiting function pass from my LLVM - pass?
Button interaction in a DataGrid column template
Collection<T>: why does it implement both IEnumerable and IEnumerable<T>?
PHP/MongoDB: finding a nested object
sql sub query difficulties
Join table multiple times to another table that may or may not have those values
how to flush output of diff
sql comapact edition as saving activation information?
Can add custom control to ToolBox, but cannot create dynamically?
Calling different tabs from normal activity in android
How can I put a line frame around an embedded video on Weebly?
Resolve circular C++ template dependency
Android SoftKeyboardDetect: Ignore this event what does it mean?
With an SSISDeploymentManifest file, is there a way to pre-select the Installation Folder?
Changing views after sending an email
Java BitSet Example
Java BitSet Example
Allocating memory using malloc and find the strlen()
Android where to store files
Atmosphere low level protocol with Android
How to setup delete selected messages feature in ruby on rails
MVC with node.js: expressjs, backbonejs, railwayjs
Alphabetically sort using an insertion sort algorithm c#
Reading files in Java vs. Python
Plot Vertex shape in iGraph in R
how to determine keyboard disconnected in DirectInput
ViewController do not update before Sleep
Spring MVC with FreeMarker: locale specific templates
Can I introspect the name of the main.main package?
CakePHP: Keeping a 鈥淰iew鈥�count
Replace Stuff in String/txt file add dim to characters and numbers as values
Drag/Drop Button in same application throwing an exception
Variables in Ruby
How to execute java program using python considering inputs and outputs both
Find all assignments to variable
Upload single file on JSP page with once click
Is it possible to open Google Maps with an intent that has multiple pins
Hibernate Example Criteria query: filtering by child properties
Opening Rich Text Editor in custom field of Sitecore Content Editor
Google places API: from CID to reference?
MV3 Test Project with Moq, how to return an object when certain expression is used?
Qt: different scenario if loading dll failed
Custom arbor.js shapes
Oracle SQL - Can you recommend any public source library for time series?
Orientation in Table View Controller?
Best way to convert list of Strings to lower case instead of iterating every string and converting to lowercase? [duplicate]
Weird Error With Apple Script Bridge - iTunes
PHP CMS Login Hack
Populating a hash table from #define macros
Is there a .Net equivalent to the Maven license plugin?
Converting C# code to VB.NET
C2DM quota limitation. Protocol/libraries replacements?
Ajax database to request with a dropdown list
Hiding a div with esc key, and off click? In Jquery [closed]
Matrix class in C++
Extremely slow website on IIS
ListView scroll lines blur
Get The Object Pointer Is Pointing To
GWT - how to refer to a package in another project (no source code is available for type)
show exceptions in statusbar
Using Selenium IDE with Firefox 10?
program to check for substring. What's wrong
SQL - Using a third query to compare results of two previous
Processing Unicode characters in C++
How can I list the available Cipher algorithms?
Symfony Admin generator: sort on non existing field(in partial)
How can I list the available Cipher algorithms?
Symfony Admin generator: sort on non existing field(in partial)
How to modify array of dictionaries?
retrieving the text of an element in jsoup
How do you extract all the javascript code from a user control in code behind
Unix command to display/list distribution of numbers
How can I have a button be disabled with jQuery but also run server code once it's been clicked?
Catalyst development server appears to hang
Using .html() to replace replace element, is there a way to keep events?
Connecting to Informix with Perl DBI by ip:port
How to get Springpython container to pick up changes to code
Compressing an array of integers in C using zlib [closed]
iOS: scrollsToTop doesn't work when I switch views
checking if location.hash exists [closed]
Ant Control Flow Break
Auto Complete with locations like the one from Google Maps
AJAX App JavaScript Loading Issue
Must it be a many-to-many relationship when two foreign keys occur?
Pinterest Authentication url returning 404 error?
Cakephp ajax delete with j query
install4j - Radio Buttons for Installation Components
How do I properly design a database? Foreign Keys vs Secondary Keys?
Changing 鈥渢op鈥�css of absolute positioned element with jQuery click
Receiving emails, processing them and saving them on the database of my web application
How to dump javascript data with functions to eval-able string?
jqgrid, tooltip using table
Using SYSTEM_USER as a parameter to a table valued function
How to represent two model fields as one form field in Django?
web app started by jetty runner not working with jstl tags?
mod_rewrite, matching a specific pattern
Build folder location in XCODE 4.2
In teamcity, I have a batch of mstests running after the .sln file gets built. When the tests fail, I don't get emailed. Why?
SQL join in CodeIgniter with Active Record
What is the architectural purpose of the 鈥渧iew state鈥�in JSF?
Html anchors not working correctly in IE9
javascript css check if overflow
VLC libx264 streaming muxed as FLV
How to play mp3 in WPF Without using MediaElement?
Programatically determine if IIS site is running or not
write a java spring web service client for service now
list is not getting sorted using IComparable<T>
UIView Responsabilities (Object-Oriented Programming)
C++ split string with space and punctuation chars
jQuery - don't fire 'click' on 'mousemove'
Jquery Accordion Menu - Close then Open
Javascript loop an array
Regex to only allow alphanumeric, comma, hyphen, underscore and semicolon
PoppupWindow from Bottom?
How to read a directory in webapp folder of maven application
Error in getting second models value in Yii multimodel form
How can an Empty Visual C++ project be created programmatically?
Non-aligned pointer being freed, in Java?
Video sometimes upside down when uploading to Facebook
css hacks vs psd slicing
Throwing a popup when search yields no results
How do I kill user applications from an IRQ handler?
XML Parser Xcode really slow
Setting Up ViewPort for Larger Vertice Values ? iPhone - OpenGL ES
accessing the getOptions() of Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap
Ajax, using div tags to set javascript values
Java Applet Running in Netbeans, but won't run in browser
unreported exception FileNotFoundException; must be caught or declared to be thrown
random string list in php
Python printing text after printing a variables
Are these line codes the same?
PHP: Remove all but one query string variables
Instantiate an array of objects, in simpliest way?
Harm in referencing unused assemblies in an application
Custom form in Umbraco limitations?
Configuring Subversion Version Control In Dreamweaver CS4
error when using rake db:migrate command
buttons within view are still clickable even though view's visibility is gone
Android Service classes
Enterprise Library not finding config source files in app
how to use htmlunit the get 鈥渘ext page鈥�on google
Getting image out of a C# 2D jagged array
How to properly inject container to a form file without breaking the CRUD related actions?
Best Approach to Set Up External Dependency in Maven
calling a function of a class created in class in php
How do you create 2D vines procedurally for a game?
Looking for parser tutorial/exercise [closed]
NCrawler doesn't crawl beyond first url even though MaxCrawlDepth > 1
Rails 3.2 - RSpec - Undefined method error while running RSpec test
MVC3 ModelState invalid on HttpPost
Waiting for a new deployment to fully initialize before swap the staging/production slot (swap VIP)?
Many-to-Many in Entity Framework
How do I put the Yoxview infoPanel right under the Image
Weird behaviour in EF (possible bug)
How to shutdown Ruby XMLRPC server?
update UI Main-thread from sub-thread AsyncTask
Creating a design datacontext in code behind
Rails: how to overwrite :destroy method?
Making linearlayouts stay at bottom of screen in android
file modifiaction and manipulation
How to make shortcuts to existing apps (WP7)
best practice database design for tracking progress through related tables (multiple left joins)
optimizing search engine in
Facebook Auth with high traffic sites: empty access tokens, empty /me
Prevent (g)vim from auto-indenting comments
Fetching email id of the of facebook friends
Fetching email id of the of facebook friends
Assign a test to multiple testers in Test Manager 2010
Python Piston equivalent for consuming RESTful APIs?
Template instantiation - no matching function when using C++11's sizeof鈥�) operator with certain classes
Check a list against user input?
Repository pattern and stored procedure
Order list of articles by Date
IntelliJ, Akka and Configuration files
Could use more clarification of classloader issues with 鈥渄oesnt contain ObjectFactory.class or jaxb.index鈥�
Friends-of-friends algorithm written in Python need to be in Fortran 90/95
Divs wont appear side by side?
Recommend please : static site generator without ruby [closed]
How do you reset the count used for node labels in yEd?
Google IMA SDK Flash ads cannot be resized when fullscreen
Code First POCO Design
improve java code to avoid Heap out of memory exception
How to both center and auto-scale an image?
More control over construction of member objects in C++
Show only the activities of friends and mine with BuddyPress
Check first word in textarea (PHP)
Save Multiple Items In Xml With Serialize
passing a javascript value to form on submit of jsf button
how to hide blinking cursor in input text?
SQL*Loader Hangs forever sometimes
Is it possible to run 3 line of code simultaneously?
Sorting array removes entries?
Add javascript pixel values?
XStream and underscores
splitting a variable in a make file
configure factories for nested forms
How do I create sites with vertical and horizontal sliding divs
Issue upgrading to spring 3.1.1 from 3.1.0
Are there any benefits to an MVC architecture with ExtJS when the client is very thin?
Razor Remember Me and populating User Information
java multithreading using Process.waitFor() and java.lang.InterruptedException
JSON Object creation and JSON array manipulation
Mapping Linq Query results to a DTO class
XML data to HTML - seems easy, but I struggle
Custom Session Handler on CakePHP 2.0.2
Array of objects to draw on canvas
Selectively Export Class Members in Qt-based Library
Is it possible to (re)connect hgsubversion to a manually constructed repository?
Rails 3.1 - Correct approach to remove a query from a view and process it in the controller or model
Connecting Anonymous Pipe across processes gives Invalid Handle Error, I'm using System.Io.Pipes
My chrome extension to inject css wont work
jQuery.lightbox : youtube videos?
heroku play! with sendgrid configuration
Change console.log message color
Where should I put XML Builder code?
alter Jquery UI automcomplete combobox to normal combobox
Encrypting passwords in ASP.NET MVC 3
Googlebots and session
Interpret Dynamic value of javascrript Variable to textbox id
Recommended way of writing to a Hidden/ReadOnly File C#
HTML and CSS - Centering a div no matter on browser size
Facebook Graph or signed_request to access the Page URL
Decision tree overfitting even with training/validation/testing data
Is there a way to setup a fake email inbox to check that email messages are being sent in ruby on rails?
How do I specify when to open a window when double clicking an item in data grid view?
class that trigger when file change
How to inject the @request into a service?
Silverlight generate OrderNo?
Horizontal and Vertical GridView with freeze header and column
Simple algorithm for formatting 2 instances of NSDate
Classic ASP: how to convert a RecordSet to json notation using AXE json implementation
'zoomed in' options for mobile browser
Simple rails format validation not firing
Behavior of future.get with 0 timeout
How to force update of design changes to clients using xPages?
Attachments in Email
points stored in geoJSON do not show up on map
LINQ to SQL: using multiple data contexts easily with an interface
Best combination of innodb and myisam for this setup?
Collating all core data code into its own class
Regex that will exclude a capture group
OpenLayers Measure function crashing IE
Centering floating ul in a div with css
Adobe AIR. Get MD5 of a file
How should I organize multiple Express servers on the same system?
Linux 3.0 x86_64: When is SIGSTKFLT raised?
Input masking in javascript/jquery
FadeIn and FadeOut with class change in between
NodeJS return http.request
Matched route rule is using default module isntead of the specified module
Android: aligning labels in forms
How can I send an AJAX request to a node.js server via HTTPS?
Getting an Error message when trying to appendDocLink is SSJS
Dynamically loading list in sencha touch 2
Errors with Pointers
Why is the Java 7 runtime inconsistent with the Java 7 documentation for subpackages of java.nio?
Can not delete a temp table on sql server after With Statement
What are the different ways to access artifactory?
Compare times in SQLite
Apply MVC User Based and Role Based Authorization to View and Action
How to specify the number of columns for ListView for 鈥渟ingle row鈥�layout in VB
Ruby on Rails: 鈥渃annot load such file鈥�eventmachine
Decode video frames on iPhone GPU
prevent EditText to show SoftKeyboard when focused
using concat and group_concat function in one mysql query
How to write a bash script that takes optional input arguments?
jqgrid - client-side sorting and reload on demand
Rails console and mongodb
Advice on how to come out with a Comments / Social Network solution
WebLogic 10gR3 - UnsupportedEncodingException parsing Content-Type header for multipart/form-data
submit button with background image in internet explorer 8
ANDROID - dx processing too slow
performance counters library on ubuntu in C
How can you reference a rectangle specifically in an array or list
How to refactor a large xib file using Xcode 4?
Delphi 2010: EOleSysError 'Type mismatch' calling ActiveX control
Compare value of 2 SELECT boxes using jQuery
Most efficient way of downloading and parsing XML
How to use NIO Selectors correctly?
Counting how many values but the most common one there is in a data.frame, with R
how to get a custom scroll in firefox and IE?
How can I use a function of an inherited 'mother' class from within the 'child class'?
Can not access registry over IIS7.5 on Win2K8 R2 web
represent string in 2D plot
custom form control adapter not firing
Binding TimeSpan to a DataGridView column
How to print all POST results when a form is submitted? [duplicate]
How do you pass data from one text field to another when using Storyboards in iOS5?
鈥淧ush-to-make鈥�style use of keyboard keys
Node.js Can't set headers after they are sent. When initiating an XHR request within another XHR request
VBscript , create directory in FTP
getMaxAmplitude returns 0 - Android
iOS - Set UIToolBarItem on UINavigationController
Atom xml read with C#
Sortable table with expandable Rows
CakePHP: To Create A New Controller
Running code only every n seconds (controlling the frequency of AJAX requests)
Do modern cpus skip multiplications by zero?
Cocoa without XCode [closed]
Error when including redirect_uri with getLoginUrl (Facebook PHP SDK)
LHS condition about duration how I can
Glassfish 3.1: am I running in the development or production environment?
How do I compare the speed of two Javascript functions?
Get numpy array with only certain indices
Mablab calling one figure from another figure
jQuery select this element, and the child class of this
Is it possible for a base class to provide an iterator interface that derived classes implement?
SQL Server : why is the 15th char of a GUID always 4?
setting custom density for an emulator
Calling code as labels or as functions in CIL?
where can I find a list of all the project euler problems? [closed]
Spring Security: conditional logic based on roles
Numerical library for Scala
How can I iterate over a list of dictionaries and merge dictionaries to form new shorter list of dicts?
Django: how to hide/overwrite default label with ModelForm?
C# graph line control
Django: how to hide/overwrite default label with ModelForm?
C# graph line control
SQL IN condition cakephp
Jquery ui resizable doesn't work
input validation in cannot work
Application-specific data protection on iOS
How to force a single domain to be used for ASP.NET MVC site?
Pass an object as parameter in PHP [closed]
Log4cxx DailyRollingFileAppender not rolling over
Need help to parse the JSON in android
Jquery autocomplete table from textbox without button
Is it possible to have none of the tabs active in the Tabhost?
accumulate all floats
overlay plots and keep 2 X axis
Is it possible to change which work item is associated with a check-in?
Show asks that have a duedate in future (not today) and that are not completed and that have duedates of '0000-00-00'
jqPlot Show Label for a dashed horizontal line
Testing Memcached connection
How can I skip xml declaration when serializing?
Accessing UserName from the Web Service Implementation Class in Java
Sencha Touch 2.x - How to load a custom view into a tab panel? Use xtype?
How to show Facebook comments using JavaScript?
How do I reset a cancelation token properly
Get a diff of a file in two different branches
django - get user logged into test client
Windows Threading C++ - Access Violation
Calling .Net function on UI test instance in TestComplete
Can't run 32-bit VB script from Python
Android's proxy confusing documentation resources
Flex MXML error when extending component from TextInput
javascript regex error
Notification when modified file is closed
SOCIALENGINE: get gender of the user
Create image from 鈥渟rc鈥�coming from html in c#
Link Elements to Keep Their Appearance In Sync
'Maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000' error with Grails and Oracle
C++ writing byte to serial stream
OpenGl polygon rotation
Select Class(variable) instead of Select New Class{variable = x} in Linq
How to change the active window on Windows?
Creating a transparent canvas with GD
Mac + jni + java
Jython Readline Loop Failure
Why sometimes I had to parseJSON and sometimes not when doing ajax requests?
Forum database design
NSPredicate and Core Data: retrieve objects among relationships
PredicateBuilder And or Or
QR code, can be generated with R?
javazoom Player wont work on Windows with SHOUTcast stream (says invalid Https Request)
R plot with symbols and numbers in xlim
Welcome flash message after sign up?
jQuery live not firing on resize and scroll
How can I make remember voting with cookies easier than this?
scrolling up with jquery waypoints
Builds work on build machine through TFS/Team Build but not TeamCity
How can I save the state of the checkboxes in a custom listview using sharedprefrences?
ASP.NET - Get GridView width after data is bound
ShellExecute can't open a special folder in windows XP?
Responsive IMGs maintain dimensions
revisited mouse over the log on link
easiest way to store user data/input in a application
Share business logic in (c#) and android (java) mvc displaying results about a selection being made
Multiple HDFS sources for one hadoop MR job
How to parse .net TimeSpam
Android resources as a member variable in the main activity
What is a good design for this situation?
Windows 7 Environment Variable to C: Windows Microsoft.NET Framework64 v4.0.30319
Create a material .NET Connector SAP
What's a good way to store multiple models in an R data structure?
Will the Android OS kill my IntentService under normal circumstances?
Force refresh data before posting to database
How to add HUnit to a Yesod project
How to select all files in a multiChoiceDialog
HTML Email with Gmail - appending space underneath images
Jquery set onclick null and change button image on ajax succes
Filling up std::vector with heterogeneous boost::fusion vector type data
Allowing an authenticated user to download a big object stored on Google Storage
Buffer overrun in ATL COM dll
Bash indirect reference where one var references multiple
Find the top level parent
Set a variable with information inside a file
how to avoid overriding drawRect when clipping
android API key on a mac
Read input continuously in bash
GeneratePDF with JasperReports Library and MongoDB
Magento CMS block doesn't display in product view
jQuery edit in place - update/pre-fill field every time the content has been edited
Stack Overflow style expanding tag information?
fsyacc errors when building in Visual Studio
Oracle Equivalent to MySQL INSERT IGNORE?
SP error catching
Casting Problems in Dotnetnuke Blog
C# Regular Expression Help Needed [duplicate]
re-registring jquery.Ui draggable
Chrome Extensions - Use existing function
Why doesn't my Entity Framework code first DbContext show the entities from my populated table?
Adding text to textview inside app iPhone
What regular expression features are supported by Solr edismax?
What should be the better way for localizing iOS project?
Random information from API
Developer in-app payment - Google Wallet - jsontoken
Show/hide xml contents by clicking in foreach loop
This isn't returning the same reference when using Castle Proxies with NHibernate
Retrieve job postings for a specific company using LinkedIn's API
How to use @Alternative extending a concrete class, in a webapp?
Alternative to MySQL UNION
Backing up an FTP? [closed]
how to turn text vertical in internet explorer?
SSIS string array as a variable
Request to a json resource from an http page to an https server
Double is not a nullable type [closed]
Cannot create JDBC driver of class '' for connect URL 'null' : Tomcat & SQL Server JDBC driver
Multiple connection in units tests
List of Items on Form with jQuery
How to listen to dev/binder?
file modification and creation
Synchronizing STD cout output multi-thread
SQL Server: ALTER with ADD new column
runtime error in java
How to grab table from HTML and create an Excel sheet in Python?
How do you prevent sanitization of tags in a Rails helper?
OpenGL rotation of the camera
DateTime keeps throwing an exception for 鈥渟tring not recognized as valid DateTime鈥�
Odd character in HTML
Warning: Incompatible Pointer Type
Updating table with database query on jQuery AJAX form submit
javascript prompt input
Split Array into Multiple Strings of 100 Javascript
Is it possible to use table splitting on tables with identity column?
With ARC, is @property necessary
GMapLatLng in ICEfaces
MVC Partial Methods with dynamic parameters
How can I use a script to change some text in an epub file?
How to get the Operating System's Look & Feel in Java 7?
Difficulty in extracting main content from a news web page
HSQLDB / Spring unit tests not rolling back
Alternative to setting a compound primary key with a nullable column
OnClientClick event not firing
Why is one <div> overlapping another <div>?
MYSQL storing id or descriptive text for performance
How do I iterate over a LinkedHashMap and select between the key and value separately?
Multi instances COM object
How to increase point size in lattice with auto.key
How to remove the OSX-GCC-Installer?
Need help displaying 3D video in flash, using NVIDIA 3D Vision
Dynamically Load javascript files inside file:/// in android Webkit
Losing reference to Android service when returning to Activity after screen orientation change
Invariant culture
Javascript function error (function not defined)
Plot completely without borders
Want to take a suggestion on android NDK
Preload Audio Files / Event?
How to schedule a c# application?
SQL OLE DB Error with ColdFusion while uploading an excel file
Is CWnd::GetSafeHwnd() and CWnd::m_hWnd ThreadSafe?
Include js/css module in Rails in vendor/lib dir
Add Icon to Door Hanger Notification of FireFox Extension
How to delete NULL items from Canvas? [closed]
Recursive loop until we're done with the object [JS]
SSRS served files named Resource.aspx, try to open, receive message file with same name already open
Code Igniter, how can I make pagination class use the page number instead of the offset?
getting Null Reference Exception while callBack in the response from 'GeoCodeService' using Bing Maps in Windows Phone 7.1 application
passing two arguements to lambda python
Efficient sparse access to large memory-mapped file
Android: Getting HTTP Page and scrape it
List of Structure as a DataGrid DataSource VB2010 Express
sql query with table structure
Getting Cross-site XML response with jquery
About android app development using jQuery mobile and html
html frames browser address
suppress rows in MS Access (related to Concatenating multiple rows into single line in MS Access)
How do I link to OpenGL?
How can I know the parent of an element when using iterparse methode of cElementTree?
Browser keeps rendering its cached version. I want to always force a GET
Silverlight Bing Map Maplayer to image
Zend: how do I share common code between view and action helpers?
Oracle Merge Statement Behavior when ora_rowscn is in USING clause
How to look up the version of the current plugin?
PowerShell - Remotely Run Windows Commands [closed]
How do I pass a function name to a callback?
MongoDB Map/Reduce Count of First Occurrence in Embedded Objects
Setting label text in another class
Wrap NSString stringWithFormat: across multiple lines
How to Set stage size by screen resolution?
Check mysql query result to run second query which is not available in first query result
state_checkable does not work on view that extends checkable
JFreeCharts TimeSeriesChart set domain interval
How to know the central time in .NET
Web services and JPA
R: Why an xts object becomes a zoo object after calling transform()?
Grouping markers on city in Google Maps Api v3
In Django, how do you pass a ForeignKey into an instance of a Model?
Array.pop in Node skips and forgets a function item
DataTable Select parameterized like SQL Select where x = @param
WCF Error Handling and accessing class objects
How to map a route for /News/5 to my news controller
PhoneGap plist: Can External host be set to ip address?
Opening a file selection window from a java application
How to prevent JBoss AS 7.x to deploy Web Services contained in a web app dependency
Access DataSource in groovy class in grails dynamically
Unmounting and then immediately remounting SMB share as different user fails
Opacity in Polygons
How to trigger onClose on a multiple select box in jQuery Mobile
In Eclipse UML2 3.1, if stereotype B is a generalization of stereotype A, does B inherit the meta-class extension of A?
pathForResource returns null
Entity framework and storing japanese text
Method Overloading in PHP
Creating a Non-Int and Non-Guid Unique Identifier
.htaccess forwarding specific files to subfolder
After changing css, hover doesn't work
Why the ASUS Transformer Prime is the only device that have an OutOfMemory Exception
Can't print to console with log4j
How to achieve a flash/strobe effect?
Using C# AesCryptoServiceProvider, IV only seems to affect first block during decryption
How do I post something to facebook from iOS with latest Facebook SDK?
Trying to test performance of 2 JSON frameworks - does it look correct?
MySQL TIME stamp to days, hours
Handling events from a gtkwidget built from an XML file
Using Make to create DPKG .debs always rebuilds, not when files have changed
Autohotkey Fn key remapping on Logitech k750 keyboard
Creating of HDF5 file of SPSS file for and by Python
Login issue with tank_auth (codeigniter authentication library)
SQL combining Rows in Query
Back to my activity from the browser
Fix Special Symbols that are rendering like this: 芒鈧劉s
Mod rewrite - redirect issue - local server is fine, live server isn't
Android:Username and password login using httppost
EF saving property instead of base property
Lock An app with password
How to limit query execution time in SQL Server?
Increment boost array address at async read call
How to center content following the width of an overflowing element?
Avoiding using isset() on the form?
MySQL JOIN extremely poor performance
how do I access Chrome Developer Console from Selenium
If possible--how to use an irc server (like gmail chat or facebook) to establish ssh connection between two hosts behind firewalls
Rails 2 call from one model to another is slow
java - retrieving data from database and display using JcomboBox
Git hook for pre-commit being invoked but hardlinks failing
bing maps v7 production URL
Border background image will not span entire border
How to read the last X entries of a vector while being thread safe?
deserializing json object from SPARQL query by gson error
how render a view with jquery in mvc?
Set number of visible children in Android Gallery
programmatically discover java unlimited encryption fails with ORA-000942 (table or view does not exist)
Play Framework 1.2.4
-lpthread option of gcc
Drools Flow dynamic Ruleflowgroup parameter
Java - 2 Arrays of type float - possible loss of precision found : float required : int
recursive for with dynamic pointer
Automatically convert a MindMap to another app (e.g. MS Project)
I am getting an 鈥淓rror: Can't Open Display鈥�in this very basic C code, but I don't understand why
Trouble with fixed Navigation bar
Repository pattern with hierarchical datastructure
Returning an array without assign to a variable
Google translate on the fly from MySQL database
how to associate an application with a new-style Facebook Page of which I'm admin?
groovy HTTP Builder not returning results
Python dependency between modules [duplicate]
Can you specify a local address on a JDBC connection
Blackberry SOAP web service call without KSOAP
dynamic file extensions htaccess redirection
how to find proper driver code in android source code
Is there a BEFORE SELECT trigger in pl/sql?
First message not arriving over an MSMQ/MassTransit Service Bus
php pdo class cannot run execute [closed]
PHP Execution stops in between
Notifying Entity Framework context about changes at later time rather then at object's properties change
jQuery animate difference between 1.2.5 & 1.7.1
Issue in accessing the registry programatically
Maximizing concurrency when resizing image files in Java
Converting Delphi variant record to C# struct
Removing lines in a text file based on the beginning characters
Perforce: command line to list files marked for delete
'ipAddr.ScopeId' threw an exception of type 'System.Net.Sockets.SocketException'
Single Process Worker or Something More DB Specific?
Can Facebook app developers see how many/which user-to-user messages from their apps are being reported as spam?
How to select this element using JQuery?
Glsl skinning obstacle, who can jump that?
C# WCF Duplexing ISSUES
Android: PhoneStateListener not working in Service
How to dig through a multidimentional array?
Using jQuery UI Dialoge Box in jQuery Mobile
How to reset a jQuery UI slider?
Ajax: blank space on IE
Software updates and UAC
Running both AQXMLParser as well as NSXMLParser in the same application
Why is my layout not Density Independent?
Edit Metadata of Executable in VB.NET
Eclipse is rejecting my public void init method
physical memory on AMD devices: local vs private
C++ how to count correctly the characters in a const char?
PHP text-extraction from string
Is it possible to display two ImageViews within a PageViewer?
NSNotificationCenter can lead to bugs. Do you know more elegant solutions?
Set DateTimePicker element via AutomationElement
How to map this tricky entity/relationship model in Java?
Smarty Math Function Foreach Loop
Google plus api not valid access token exception
Using Python Tracing To Signal To Higher-Level Methods
Streamwriter, StringBuilder and Parallel loops
Are Play framework controller actions synchronized?
mysql order by date get 10 result back then order by id again
Calling VSDBCMD from inside a dbproj file
Text in Button Changing on clicking other controls
jQuery.ajax File Upload
Enum.GetValues(typeof(鈥�) not returning the proper enum values
http get request status
Delete intersection between two lists
Android Progress Dialog not showing until the function finish running (AsyncTask)
Sql query for monthly/yearly report
Entity Framework Self Tracking Entities - error calling StartTracking
Java annotations when does it execute? compile or runtime?
ADO GetRows Slower Than GetFields and MoveNext
Is it possible to get 3rd party specials data through the Foursquare venues/search endpoint?
Buffering Incomplete High Speed Reads
What is the 鈥渟oft private memory limit鈥�in GAE?
ms access - when I select a query in vba, column is empty
Play Framework: Best practice for validation errors redirect
Can you explain how .NET references a DLL?
Log4j configuration to print to console and file [duplicate]
Error 32 An error occurred when merging assemblies
Results from an cURL request into a form
Java applet sound in HTML
A set of questions on Hibernate quering
Deploy a Node app from GitHub
How to generate an order index value (as in the order of a list) in a SELECT statement
Error connecting to oracle on windows 7 machine
Why does my class's destructor get called when I add instances to a vector?
How to add trailing space after some number of character using select statement?
what's the deal with Cookie.setMaxAge(Integer.MAX_VALUE)?
Find out whether a private key is on a hardware device without the device present
Add file size criteria to Directory.EnumerateFiles LINQ query
JavaPlot and gnuplot
Which task queue exceptions raised from add() make sense to retry?
Adding Spring config file to application context
Android String.split() and/or StringTokenizer() not working in While loop
Drawing on wxStaticBitmap?
Complex assotiations in FactoryGirl mockup
OSGI - missing imported package=org.apache.commons.collections
SQL Server NTILE - Same value in different quartile
Programatically rename file numbers with VBScript
Html Table Spacing Alignment
.net listbox trigger event on select from javascript
How do you pass objects by reference in PHP 5?
SQL Order By causing big run times
ASP.NET MVC Routing - add .html extension to routes
Batch adding Subversion repositories to Eclipse
Blog tool which allow drag and drop from desktop image directly into blog
WordPress default number of results returned
Responding request handlers with non-blocking operations on Node.js
Mime type of zip file in google chrome
Http response with out http request
open expand/ close back to original sizes a series of boxes with img fade
Trying to install Virtual Treeview for Delphi XE2
Determining if a request came from an iPhone app
discover a certain part of a page with selenium
Codesmith 6.x unable to resolve assembly
Conceptually simple linear-time suffix tree constructions
UITableView reloadData fires only once
Dojo/ASP.Net/Entity Framework - Bind data to Dojo DataGrid
Equivalent of InputParser on an Older Version of Matlab?
Rails 3.1.3 production, asset pipeline: no route matches
list of states json data into dropdown select using jquery
In Xcode, how can I import or use the normal BSD Unix C Library?
Reflection basics
replace all instances of one character after a specific character in a string
LibreOffice writer: Make an Hyperlink that opens an ssh
Drupal 7 Theming a view
nhibernate session-per-request in webforms with autofac
How to pause program execution when pause button is pressed
InputStreamReader, FileInputStream starts parsing file at midpoint instead of beginning
Start a new explorer.exe process from C#
How to know Jquery animate progress?
Primefaces DataTable with SubTable and multiple selection
Fluent NHibernate - Error with HasMany in new version
If Exists command problems
How do I run an individual test in Maven?
CruiseControl.NET not updating build label
How do I block the new modifier?
Syntax error Mysql
C++ vector loses data in recursive function
malloc() in C And Memory Usage
Yaml for self-referencing table
Create fake object by interface
SignalR: How to reacquire client info after app pool recycle
Why use AppFabric when denormalized SQL Server data seems to perform as well?
Posting a comment by signing into LinkedIn
ALTER DATABASE on a current db without explicit db name?
Adding rel attribute to Drupal form submit button
Not getting user picture with google login
Eclipse, refactoring a java method into a another class
How to make rectangle from 4 points in cocoa? for resizable rect
jQuery cookies not working in IE
How can I create extra protection for passing variables through URL? [JavaScript]
Android: what profiling tools are available under Eclipse to look at scalability?
PHP difference between two dates only works up to 4 days
Finding selector position within parent/set with jQuery?
Java reverse foreach [duplicate]
Is it okay for performance to use a lot of ID tags?
Why am I getting memory leaks iOS5 ARC project on UICalloutView?
SSRS BIDS expression Show/Hide image based on passed through parameter
Doctrine result cache bug with LEFT JOIN 鈥�WITH condition
How to truncate each line in a multiline textview
Hide images on document ready, fade in each image as it is loaded
COUNT by month (Unix Timestamp) in one table1 and write the result into table 2
Solving scrolling element inside below div (under screen) - I want to have it fixed after scrolling
PHP Mysql PDO number of bound variables does not match number of tokens [closed]
Accessing C: drive on Windows 7
How to make this line of php into a function?
Conditional Operator with and without ()
How can I test what my file will look like before commiting to github?
Using ViewModel to fetch data from multiple tables?
Schema specified is not valid. Errors: error 0002: Request failed
Is it possible to have email addresses encrypted in ApplicationServices DB?
Unit testing: why is the expected argument always first in equality tests?
Pre populate form field with the text from a <p> using javascript
JQuery Sortable - Handle bug in IE?
ARC2 (PHP semantic web library) wrongly double-converts UTF-8 file to UTF-8
CAAnimation, snapping back
Is there any way to do a selective commit in oracle?
Convert a business application in progres from Silverlight to WPF
difficulty with javax.swing.Timer
MATLAB data file formatting
Adding IBOutlet UIView to array during init
springframework controller from standalone java code
Left join mysql problems
What are the negatives of soy templates? [closed] Serialize C# object to JSON Issue
Error when calling .Net Web Service from Blackberry
If Statement conditioning
find and findindex painful slow for List<Object> why?
Third file is attached only, through phpmailer
Trying to play only one audio file at a time using mediaPlayer and if/else
How do I insert a partial view in a View at a certain place in the view with MVC3?
algorithm connect four javascript
Prevent other links from working during AJAX call
Best way to pass a list of property names as Lambda Expressions
vbscript XML parsing
Ajax send GET instead of POST
How to unit test a presenter that spawns another view without a GUI appearing?
Posting questions to groups via the graph API
regex alphanumeric jquery
django loop with subclass
What is the most efficient way to get a value by ObjectId in MongoDB using pymongo?
Update/set an element of a cached array in Memcache
.htaccess rule stacking and 404 redirect
Perform a drag operation from a PopupWindow in Android
pyopengl change brightness of textures
Why is objc_super.receiver unavailable in ARC?
How to get the height of a UIView without navigation bar?
How to start a process from C#
how to setup SSL for CAS and Client (different machines)
Does Matlab uses any reordering algorithm in computing the inverse using 鈥渋nv鈥�
PostgreSQL error: query has no destination for result data
Why won't clang compile my code?
How to select cells of a specific row using nth-child
Storing key-value pairs in a database column
Getting intValue from Integer, does it make any sense?
SQL Server Report Builder: how to obtain SUM(Value) of each group
MVC - Controller to Service Layer Communication
Record iPhone screen and user's actions
How to continue form submission after an AJAX call?
Using a regular expression to extract text in between BBCode-style tags
What tool can I use to convert XBRL Reports to HTML, Word or PDF?
What is this template 鈥渟pecialization鈥�code doing, and why does it compile but not work as expected?
Add CDataElements to DOMConfiguration
Why can Delphi DLLs use WideString without using ShareMem?
Using git as a deployment mechanism for a codebase managed in svn?
Can I allow Google Analytics tracking on a single page/Domain for multipule users?
Use another set of resources in Android (NOT runtime, but compiletime)
what is the most performant way to delete elements from a List<T> in c# while doing a foreach?
DefaultHttpClient or HttpURLConnection on Android
mysql in python encoding
How do I enforce, that the sum of a weight parameter equals 1, grouped by part of the key?
Can't install PHPUnit with PEAR 1.9.1
Regex, everything between 2 html tags
Removing blocks of text with python
create strongly-typed view throws an error - could not load assembly
Translating a Java Server Page to C#
Floating and clearing in IE7
Binary Tree in Javascript
iOS app crash: NSInternalInconsistencyException 'Stopped ignoring data more times than started'
Spring Security 3.1 ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider returning partial result exception
SQL Server 2008 and matching of subsets
Displaying CIImage after using CIFilter in GLKView
Joining two tables on a key and then left outer joining a table on a number of criteria
JUNG: setting vertex position on Static Layout
changed name of membership database, can't find users
How this float div is getting top margin when wrapper div has no border?
MySQL - 鈥淕roup鈥�multiple rows by day, then sort by most viewed
Working with Stripes, Javascript and Ajax
Knownhosts error with SSH but I have no knownhosts file. How can I fix this?
XCode 4.4 issue: 'mach_debug/mach_debug_types.h' file not found
python 2.7 windows 7 installing mysqllib mingw32
ExtJs 3.4, How to refresh autoLoad in Ext.panel
ExtJs 3.4, How to refresh autoLoad in Ext.panel
Handling postbacks in MVC properly
Custom functions to alter entity
loading a page inside a page or passing js variable to php
Decimal Base (10) convert to negabinary base (-2)
Vertical word wrap in HTML/CSS
Fixed position for content of UILabel
Understanding the Surviving Generations Metric
Set boot volume with apple script - Mac
create c# parser, AST tree, CIL and run it in virtual machine
Variable in try catch exception
Network latency problems - Server stress testing
How best to apply WPF MVVM?
Is it possible to get the members with the same score in a sorted set [Redis]?
Trying to play an audio file
Number of combinations (N choose R) in C++
GridView Freeze Header
sqlite query in iOS 5
How to get the just-inserted record ID?
Bootstrapping RequireJS app with jQuery as a module without data-main attribute
Could I have any issue using the @ (at sign) in a *n*x directory?
A layout implementation such as Eclipse
How to send a mail automatically [duplicate]
How to select non nullables from nullable relation in Entity Framework
jQuery modal window closes incorrectly in Internet Explorer
Aggregate objects in DDD
Catching Python runtime errors only
how to use a .so and .jar in a java android projet?
Text limit exceeded - time out error - using WCF - setting readerQuota values or anything to fix this
stringWithFormat and NSArray
Playing looping images sequence in UIView
Something like a message digest but that progressively describes a file
Creating a mock object with default properties
SVN notification for commits to certain files
Xcode4 commit message - how to turn of auto-correction
How to add a second language (ex Portuguese) on SilverStripe
How to create listview with links to assets html file?
Standard DB table structure of web page additional content?
window focus and blur events not working correctly on Android browser
VB.NET simple way to prevent .exe from accessing internet
Replace images in PhotoSwipe gallery
Create Table in MYSQL / Navicat column with values from another table
Virtualization mini-project [closed]
IE 8-9 can't focus to iframe
Regular expression in C/C++
How to override devise error messages on password change
Control tree does not match viewstate during the previous request
Get json from server into jQuery after posting a form [duplicate]
How to distinguish read/write operations when using operator[]
Writing a byte array to local disk fails in SL 4
div keeps overflowing no matter what (details inside)
How to dynamically populate an Eclipse popupMenu?
How do I restrict access to a mounted rack application using rails?
how do i build a JDBC connection url from this XML connection data?
Does the junit.jar has to be in the ant lib directory to run junit task
How can this SQL query possibly INSERT duplicate values into the database?
ZIndex on Clusters
Please recommend a Groovy profiler [closed]
Conversion between UTF-8 and ISO 8859-1:
Stressing the CPU by spawning threads
How do I install a gem from a github repo with config.gem (rails 2.3.8)?
Error VideoCapture in Phonegap Android App
TFS 2010 Team Build Test Run Fails With Error Regarding Test Impact Diagnostic Adapter (Two or more collectors set to collect information from IIS)
Do not display Action in URL - Routing
more than 1 session.cookie_domain in php.ini
Visualsearch.js in Drupal module page
call controller action from .cshtml page with jquery
What is this file format called
Can I create Facebook App with PHP SDK programatically?
Why some people say just 鈥淐+鈥�instead of C++?
Open Source way to real-time image processing OCR application?
iPhone - Insert password checking
Difficulty understanding the usage of VBOs
How to use form with method=鈥減ost鈥�in web form
Extract raster values of particular polygons of a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame (indexation)
large amount of inserts per seconds causing massive CPU load
Good 鈥渂ackground-size: cover鈥�fallbacks/shims/tricks for cross-browser compatibility on DIVs?
Apple Rules about UINavigationBar [closed]
MVC Entity Framework - Inserting Data - A dependent property in a ReferentialConstraint is mapped to a store-generated column
Javascript - calculate position with iScroll
Creating a session with specific session ID
TFS API - How to obtain the parent of a work item
Android Assets on rooted device
Android linphone
POST request with data
linq to entity stored procedure return that needs extra joins after the fact
upgrading from devise 1.5 to 2.0 : cannot login anymore
Can Hadoop distribute tasks and code base?
How to configure findbugs plugin in eclipse?
How to permanently update iptables [closed]
Launch NSIS when building with Visual Studio
facebook Error App Domain: ***** is not a valid domain.?
Parsing PCAP in Python 2.6
URLConnection not retrieving Headers
Change the Uri in WebBrowser.Navigating
How to show a View such that it obscures the View it is placed on top of?
javascript error shows up while using respond.js and resizing IE browser
Add linebreak to textContent or innerText only - in Chrome
cannot define a constructor as a bound function
Swfobject not working sometimes
Swfobject not working sometimes
SDL blitting surface on surface
How to extend 2 classes?
Facebook Sinatra app doing strange redirects
How to handle different DB based on different config files for each user?
Show UIWebView inside UINavigationController on a Modal view without NIB
Are there any filters or sample code that actually fully use rcSource and rcTarget in VIDEOINFOHEADER?
FastCGI authorizer support in lighttpd broken?
Android AdMobview Cant Show on Device?
GeneratorPosition Error on Bound Observable Collection
Recursive descent in zip files?