Primary key set to zero on submit of IEnumerable<T>
Flex - DataGrid - text field with carriage returns causing grid rows to grow vertically, how to prevent?
BufferedReader inputs
How can I make FireFox NOT select the RadioButton when an associated TextBox gets clicked?
Syntax for using selector in .on() method event-map?
A form of IPC that works for my situation
Implementing a persistent clock
Zsh bookmark directories with tab completion?
How to recognize the urls in the text in android? [duplicate]
String comparison in .NET
Php storm doesn't recognize JavaScript
How to get the owner of a page
Toggle image on with ClientScriptBlock
If I want to specialise just one method in a template, how do I do it?
What does ApplicationPoolIdentity map to?
PHP: How to log fatal errors?
How can I convert this dot notation to nested Objective-C brackets?
Compiling SQLite3 in MinGW
bash if else statement
strange behaviour of MVC RedirectToAction
How to set different resolutions in the android graphical layout
Dynamic Product Comparison Page
Is it possible to create TRttiMethod instance for TRttiType with TypeKind=tkMethod?
Where the JPA query parameter is shipped in Hibernate?
LINQ - changing Data Source (and the LINQ Provider) at runtime in C#
Step-by-step: How to do Xdebug troubleshooting connection to client IDE
What layout item should I use for search results?
PowerShell equivalent of the C# 鈥渋s鈥�operator?
How to listen for Windows broadcast messages in .NET?
The icon for your application is not valid. Please use a 48x48 png. Error when uploading .apk
Java - How to change icon of folder
Gradle doesn't pick up Cucumber-jvm
How to write a generic function to deal with different type of streams?
Programmatically Change IE to Allow Third Party Cookies
C# sendkeys.send() for right alt key? any alternatives?
Application notified when an EventKit event fires
Netty rotating reconnect handler
Same instance variable for all actions of a controller
Override standard method called by double click event in CRM grid.
Transform (cond ? then : else) to ifthenelse(cond,then,else) with lpeg
{exp:addon:method url=鈥漿site_url}pdf/{segment_1}鈥潁 translates url to {site_url}pdf/index in the method
collision between 2 bitmaps
Redirecting dependant DLLs in the manifest for a plugin DLL
to run an application inside a vm
MySQL Return Rows With Zero Count
pl/sql script having problems running a simple procedure
Databinding error with panorama item in WP7
Database Design for efficency
Using Jacoco with Pax-Exam
group by one to many in MySQL
Php-mysql no valid property
Streaming video from many cameras to RED5 Server
Display slideshow of Images in front with song playing in background
Knockout Validation and Qtip
intersperse the lines of two different files
jquery not work with local refrence but work with google refrence
Sum operator and HashMap object as the result
How can I Convert a NSString to a valid NSDate (iOS)
Service installed on Windows 7 machine is not reading from its config file
How to enable early binding of VBA object variable to COM classes created in .NET
Read in HTML file and replace with variables
HTML PHP Advice for storing variable
How does one access data posted within restify 1.x.x?
jquery show and hide divs
Qooxdoo source not working but build does
Overlapping Divs when using fadeIn out fadeOut animation
Set scrollspeed of Primefaces' scrollpanel
How to pick an item by its probability?
CF9.0.1 ORM: 鈥渙rderby鈥�attribute on 鈥渕any-to-many鈥�references column on wrong table
migration fails on heroku due to activeadmin mailer
What are the default maximum RAM allotments for a Silverlight 4 app?
How to change the URL in the browser URL Bar in using c#
Check value fields that if the same empty value in last field?
Algorithm for a tree comment system with unlimited nesting?
Designning a connection between associated Classes
How to configure Jenkins to run on port 80
Add canvas attributes dynamically?
unix application hangs during fread() when sending SIGINT
Reading a smart card (8 bit or 16 bit?)
Two ways when implement a class
Django Admin disable field dynamically based on other selections
Declare a method twice, with different arguments [duplicate]
WSARecv, Completionport Model, how to manage Buffer and avoid overruns?
Why does eight processes with 2 threads each create more load than one process with 16 threads?
File not found when I try to get user's data [Youtube API]
Error with Facebook PHP SDK Example
A good example code of how to implement Marching Cubes? [closed]
Primefaces LazyDataModel
Primefaces LazyDataModel
Jquery: Getting the number from ID
Building up linq querys as functions
eclipse rcp/rap Java EE 6 security
Parsing String to Date during internationalization in gwt
Android: HttpURLConnection does take very long to get the response with Bluetooth discovery running
How to copy entire folder from Amazon EC2 Linux instance to local Linux machine?
Synaptic package manager not working for a ubuntu guest on virtualbox
Code design, assigning static constant
prevent multiple image selections using jquery imgAreaSelect
word wrap and vertical alignment top only for a specific jqgrid
Using Linq to extract data from XML
force the url showing a page in jquery mobile
jQuery dropdown issue (cant keep the submenu visible)
How to install Zend Framework through PEAR using WAMPSERVER2.2 (64-bit)?
What's the standard way of storing and displaying xaml icons?
Box2D object speed
How to generate <form> using DOM? [closed]
In LessCSS, how can I assign true to a variable?
How to predicate for first occurrence on a fetchRequest
C# raising events
Entity Framework using Predicates
What query can I use to get the URLs with the most FB comments on a certain domain/appID?
Is it possible that BroadcastReceiver in a background activity receive broadcast?
How to add timestamp to flowplayer secure streaming plugin (using rtmpe/wowza)
Cannot create PlaceTokenizer class
Selecting data from user that is logged in
Java - Reflection Extract Class
Where Can I Get libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll?
Matching IDs in Update Panel within a Repeater - 鈥渁lready contains a definition for鈥︹�
Form_Load event in MdiParent
Problems Using Templates in C++
Creating Managed Properties in the SharePoint Advanced Search Page Using C#
Trouble with Element.getElementsByTagName
What's the best way to start Java applications on Windows 7?
How to surround a text in quotes in netbeans IDE
Objective C, UIGestureRecognizer allocation and release
Optimizing MySQL query with SUM, date range and Group By
Backbone Click Event Properties
How to programmatically load librxtxSerial in Java
鈥淩andom鈥�.NET Runtime error when building Biztalk 2009 solutions at the command line using VS2008 devenv.exe
retrieve WHEEL_DELTA from wParam in WM_MOUSEHWHEEL msg in C#
Eclipse cdt, check box pressed
Customized workbench in eclipse
Cookies and multiple browser windows/tabs
Getting specific Array items in one row (PostgreSQL)
Python: how do I call `print` from `eval` in a loop?
How to process an email thread with mailman
Getting Heart rate through iOS [duplicate]
Resolve local file path from Twig template name
Websphere server - Failed to create temporary file
How can i Enable android.wallpaper.tap option in android Livewallpaper?
Rails/Memcached: caching tree-like structure
Select X items from every type [duplicate]
How can I combine two Where/And clauses against the same subquery?
Javascript 鈥渦ndefined鈥�output issue
iPad : Change orientation's view on load
web2py Debugging with Eclipse
Div wrappers - odd behavior with margin-top when removing border and padding
SQL Select using Oracle
Database structure of a mail receiver list
Excel VBA - SQL statement for access
Clickable links from string with links end text
Chi-Squared test in Python
Jquery hover function not working as intended
OpenTK (OpenGL) in VB .NET
Health Monitoring and WCF
Two window.onload on the the site
Bash identify files with all permisions
LINQ GroupBy - Cannot Implicitly convert type
Compile ruby extensions in windows
How to know how many parameters a method is expecting?
How to get the result of 3 linked tables for patient coverage
questions about making a multi-language site as speedy and efficient as possible
Extjs4 tabpanel autoHeight not working
Animating a parent element when clicking a button inside the element
Retrieving a selectOneMenu component attribute's value in the validator class
Send GET request to Servlet by link
Image not showing up while binding using ContentTemplate
mod_rewrite: Redirect request to subdir with many subfolders of different structures + redirect to index.php
TFS Build 鈥淰iew Test Results鈥�link not visible to my team
argument 1 has unexpected type 'Ui_mainWindow'
MySQL in Python: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii'
Extracting the title attribute with Regex
Is there a way to create .doc files in PHP like one would use TCPDF to create pdf?
Plotting a discrete (or discontinuous) function in ggplot2
How can I change template of confirmation email in FOSUserBundle?
In LiveValidation how to set the failureMessaage in the Ajax callback?
JDBC Embedded-Database with Sybase dialect
unified diff for code block changes
Issues in entities from different bundles using different entity managers
How do I limit the classes that are securable by spring security?
Not possible to add row to a UITableView
Invalid signature for signing requests to the Flickr API (simulation in console)
Change the access modifier of an overridden method in Java?
iTunes Connect In-App Purchase multiple apps
Dummy indices and constraints in Mathematica
javascript jquery post()/get() JSON object as closure function before document ready
How to index two date columns for this kind of query
How to play a video like you tube player in iphone sdk?
When I tell rvm to install ruby 1.9.2 It ends up installing 1.8.7
wordpress: Conditionaly run javascript and load image for post pages
RavenDB Index fails
SQLite multiple insert issue
remove .py from the jython based web application url
How to get name of the bit field referenced by BIT_FIELD_REF?
How to add new grid into grid in code with MVVM
Scala SBT: isn't running
Whats the best pratice to show multiple placemarks with photos inside of the ballons?
Error compiling erb block to create a javascript template, in Rails Assets
Is it possible to get data or songs of music player in iPhone app?
How can I create test for Activity which is located in the library
What's wrong in my class?
What does two consecutive blocks of code {}{} do? [duplicate]
Why do I get tree conflicts between identical files?
jquery timepicker not putting data into input in jqgrid
Windows Azure Service Bus Queues - MessageSender or QueueClient?
Returning a 2D C array of type id in Objective-C
How to get value from applicationSettings?
phpmyadmin for RDS
Parsing python docstring from javascript
Why is JavaScript bitwise OR behaving strangely?
Refreshing the contents of a databound combobox C# problems
Set header-width of CTabItem
JavaScript OR jQuery to check first 20 checkboxes, then next 20 and so on
BlackBerry app update approved but not in App World
pylibtiff for x64 windows, download or how do I compile the binaries?
Main AppDelegate
in Zend, Why do We use DB Model class and Mapper class as two separate?
How can I get the value of my clicked row
Best way to track in a database whether a script successfully completes
remove flash of unstyled content (FOUC)
Using print_r in ob_start
Scala, extending the iterator
Alternative to SQL Server Tuning Advisor?
Symfony 1.4 : access Sessions vars in the layout [closed]
Can't prevent ModalDialog to close in SharePoint Web Part
BroadCastReceiver calls Service
Number format errors in a custom google fusion tables infowindow
JAX-WS 2.1 validation error : cannot find SEI specified by the WS endpoint
Start process with default credentials
Android SQL Query - descending order thinks 50 is bigger than 100
MSSQL: given a table's object_id, determine whether it is empty
How to debug playbook simulator?
Get locale using graph api NOT getSignedRequest
BEST way to convert a month string to an int in MFC
301 Redirect Dynamic HOST includes DOCUMENT_ROOT
onKeyUp function not returning all results
Microsoft Access 2010 VB InsertInto syntax error
Is there a java sqlite3 library for ARM Linux available?
Call sub insertion operator
Why this input box doesnt fire the focus event on IE?
Qt Push Button Only Respond To Return When Has Focus - Require Custom Event Handler?
Rotate face in image
NVarChar Variable Comparison
Perl: How to delete the last 5 lines of a file
SQL Resource ID #4 from SELECT COUNT? [duplicate]
Extracting double quoted string from the given pattern
Java using many parameters in constructor
how to write a DAL and BLL in c# for an old asp site written in VB
RecordReader classnotfound Exception
hsqldb not supporting columnDefinition attribute for the column
what dictates JSF version? Container or faces-config?
Need to wrap string in 'Single Quotes' on form submission
MySql Connector/Net current source (as of Feb-17-2012)
Why would sed not work in my bash script?
Identifying mystery line break / char(#) / control characters for removal (via php)
JMockit - Expectations and static methods
Jquery - multilevel Drop down menu (鈥渧ertical鈥�
Can't fetch phone numbers for linked contacts when one of the groups is invisible
appletviewr - getParameter returns null
Batch ERRORLEVEL ping response
Compiling on Lion --clang
My Eclipse Application UI is broken on few workstations
Caching Django SQL queries on foreign keys
Preserving model state with Post/Redirect/Get pattern
DjangoAppEngine and Eventual Consistency Problems on the High Replication Datastore
Exporting levels within a data.frame to csv
ProgressBar looks bizarre after reloading Activity
Regex not stopping at first space
add a value that contains commas to an array
SQL Server For XML auto problems
How can i Invoke SAP SOAP webservices from Android? with username and password.?
Vectorizing an R function that takes data frames
Java float unexpectedly rounded
How to calculate font size from pdf in php
Defining DataGrid Templatecolumns at runtime in Silverlight 4.0
HttpListener for simple Http Server in production
How to find my old Eclipse workspace?
VBA copying data from one workbook to another
Changing Binded ObservableCollection Instance
how to work with path file correct,this is not easy
WPF 3D camera position
Automatic login process in Windows Phone 7.1 application
Find unique values in array
Pass blocks into an included template without extending
Unit Testing Sharepoint object UserProfileManager
SQL Search Query ,how to assign weight to each input parameters and how to order the results by weight of input parameters,
CSS float consider container's width stretch
Unit Testing Sharepoint object UserProfileManager
SQL Search Query ,how to assign weight to each input parameters and how to order the results by weight of input parameters,
CSS float consider container's width stretch
z3: how to convert a boolean sort into a bit vector sort
How can I print a NSMutable array in to a UILabel with a left to right format, and include spacing in between objects?
testing routes with subdomain constraints using rspec
Redirect to login page if session expires from AJAX request
How important is EntityObject?
Data changes when converting a varchar column to smallint
ejb-jar.xml.unfiltered unable to be deleted
sencha chart on a hbox
Java classpath - Linux
Sorting Array of References
Multiple Column Table
PHP doesn't see mysql extension
Display PHP code in a JavaScript function
OpenSSL RC4 - doesn't work correctly?
Soy Template syntax for if statement
Syncing two fragmens of two companies GIT repositories?
Double background showing in IE 8
MATLAB: Changing the line properties of a loaded figure?
Make image Facebook Cover
The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it
Stop Event forwarding from children elements to parent
How to finish a Tornado long poll request when data is available
jQuery ajax does not work in IE
Motion Event Capturing in android
Unable to get the values from SQLite Database in BlackBerry
How to limit the web content to be view/consume by specific iOS and Android Apps?
setting the tracepoints but not able to find the trace data as tfind shows 鈥淭arget failed to find requested trace frame.鈥�
change RichTexteditor background color
Too many open files error - debugging
Excel Macro Addin - location for addin
how to continue the java program after Exception?
Create SubReport for each Row in DataTable
php POST, GET, PUT, DELETE testing
Facebook 60 day access token and Deprecated Offline_Access
Select arrays from a list
Explain regex that finds CSS comments
How to write contents of System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection to file?
WCF design - One Request and Response object or multiple?
Python create own dict view of subset of dictionary
Bound value not displayed in DataGridViewComboboxColumn
Gitosis cloning out on non-default port
Drawing a very large bit map
鈥淯ndefined index鈥�when uploading image using php
Linq to SQL .Equals returns true when comparing int to string --> Id.Equals(鈥�鈥� returns true
Getting ActivityNotFoundException even though it should exist
Using test inside xargs
How to read n lines above the matched string in perl?
Does project built on maven creates runtime conflicts between tomcat versions?
Calling javascript function from onclick event
How to create a unique eventlistener for a label/button in Actionscript in a for loop?
Window.Show with user name
Starting android live wallpaper
Calling 鈥渟tartActivityForResult鈥�successfully, but crashing after the activity and before 鈥渙nActivityResult鈥�
Performance comparison for date range query methods
MapView :android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #2: Error inflating class linearLayout
Java Generic Type (<T>) and Struts 2
How to do for-each over an array in JavaScript?
Process va_args in c++
How to store metadata datatypes
Writing data to the file in android
Install ASP.NET MVC 4 from the Web Platform Installer
Is Thread is kernel object ?
Can I use accept attribute of html input element to specify the type of file is to be uploaded?
Surround data with single quote sql server
How can I add more than one controls like UITextField and UIButton with UITableViewCell?
Set a progressBar while downloading data from server
Evaluating arithmetic expressions in C++
_LogOnPartial file of a newly created MVC
Windows Workflow: using to define workflows for users of website
MVC3 Update model property on value change in TextBox
sed and replace string by a $variable
scrollTop animation works in Safari, but not Chrome
Modify Jquery to expand each photo in different position
ASPxPivotGrid remove custom sort/order
Best way to delete a page with connected messages?
String mismatch by single letter
how to prevent the console windows to close in ghc app?
Large circular reference and JVM garbage collector
What is Dalvik external memory? Image allocation issues/WeakHashMap issue
How can I cause the name of views and partial views to be rendered with the rest of the markup?
add images to excel sheets using DDE with mvc 3 not return the value
Autoresizing subviews: resize seems to happen absolute instead of proportional
Microsoft Moles does not generate Stub or Mole for types with obsolete members
ASP.NET CheckBox.Checked is always false in ListView
database query help wanted
How can I get a diff of all edits made by a particular author since a particular date in Perforce?
excel find range of a cell in C#
How to merge video and audio files?
VB.NET block .exe to launch
Get scroll position of panel using SplitView (JQuery Mobile)
foreach loops - adding items once it's been initiated?
Select multi identity values for multiple inserts along with columns not inserted into the table
SSL app on page works fine (https). How to make this available for non-ssl visitors?
Where is the database saved in a device?
How to get genre of the album for spotify app
How to initialize in-memory HSQLDB using script via Spring
How to recognize font type from any text
Margin bottom is being overridden when I need it to be set to a newer value
getting id of elements inside the div
System.DirectoryServices Namespaces -> move user OU?
MsDeploy Virtual Directory gets converted to Virtual Application on deploy
RSpec : undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass
Rectangular 2D character arrays in C++
Error in C++ code
AJAX xmlHttp request GET undefined Index XML read file
Java: crawl numbers
Regex to match whole word with a particular definition of a word
How to commit and push all changes, including deletes?
Xcode 4.4 and later install Command Line Tools
Label View eventlistener not working in Table View
Mysql timestamp. How to handle in java
Amazon AWS IOS SDK: How to list ALL file names in a FOLDER
Android soft keyboard won't dissappear
internal reference prevents garbage collection
Re-map alt + cmd + H, os x Lion
String searching with Regex
How do I unregister an Archetypes schema extender?
Synchronize data to HBase/HDFS and use it as input to MapReduce job
Looking for an ajax image viewer that work with php or convert one from asp to php
How to insert a Google map in a webpage using GreaseMonkey?
SmatrCard logon on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
Got exception when i try to replace a Mutable Array item
Test compatibility between DLL in .NET
EF 4 + MVC: jQuery autocomplete and RemoteValidation conflict issue
java web application ui framework [closed]
Need help get following query
Facebook note shared info
Browsing Android SQLite database within application
How to store or display the selenium commands log after the execution of testcases
startActivity(Context, Class) function not working properly
How to Pass Specific value from one array to another
customize dialog list in android
passing id of current user rails
Rails sort only by ID when content is from other table?
php hide attributes on casting to array
Hosting a silverlight 3 business application in IIS 7 app pool
How can I get a relative Uri for current controller action method?
XSL: output of 鈥渘ested鈥�structures
JQuery Check if a checkbox is checked checking only working onload
Equivalent of Underscore.js _.pluck in jQuery
Fill ellipse in Silverlight (in the .cs file)
Windows XP slower to read text files at startup in C++; prefetch?
are we using TCP/IP or OSI in internet
AutoMapper 鈥渓ocks鈥�the site and throws IndexOutOfRangeException
Need .htaccess rewrite example
Need .htaccess rewrite example
XmlSerializer namespace is not visible, why?
select multiple=鈥渕ultiple鈥�how to check some indexes
Matlab: Changing line specifications
Store JSON Blobs in MySQL or S3
Connecting Apache ServiceMix to Websphere MQ
facebook: post to my wall with picture from my albums
How to extend the PreferenceCategory class
How to rotate UIButtons in Circular Direction in iOS?
Reading wordpress RSS with C# - Content different
鈥淒on't Allow access to clipboard鈥�doesn't allow anything to be typed in the textbox
Log4j - Dynamic files based on domain content?
How to tweet using twitter api?
Change the color of the upward arrow on an open dropdown-menu
how to implement addShowHideListener inside fragment in android
CSS3 is not working in SAP BSP
Explanation ArrayList
Manipulating 3ds max from a command-line
URL rewrite breaks relative paths
Is there a more convenient way to create a NSIndexPath object?
How do I get jquery.Ajax to work with 鈥渢hrow 1; <dont be evil>鈥�in front of json responses?
Why isn't the UITextField clear button working in an iOS 5 WeeApp?
Few characters not shown properly in utf8 encoded web page
Parsing a PDF File with empty fields in Java
undefined reference to `__sync_val_compare_and_swap_4' error at compilation, using gcc 4.1.1 and 4.2.0 for Sparc v8 target
Calculating APR using Reg Z Appendix J
XForms: Complex calculation for binding
MFC dictionary collection with key unicity and ordering by position
Loading resources by spring in a websphere application server
Reading a FileStream from an aspx page
Bash script assignment and comparison
Select object from joined table with JPA Criteria-API
Oracle UCP - FCF Planned Outage Support
COM: how to specify a specific type of COM object as an argument in idl
OpenGL transformations
Modules and models organization on Zend Framework 2
C# How check if installed physical memory is either ECC or non-ECC?
Game engine/framework with web deployment option
Why doesn't PDO's Oracle driver implement lastInsertId()?
Camel Apache: can I use a retryWhile to re-send a request?
Using one funnction instead of many functions
AWStats multiple columns in extra section get enum display name in view without having to refer to enum type in view
mysql duplicate select and subtract 1 from the duplicates
Calendar event list shows deleted events. How can i hide them?
What is the right approach to deploying a production server?
Why is this css page curl shadow not working?
PHP Scraping using XPath - html5 issue?
Segmentation fault in pipe
manifest missing classpath when built with mvn assembly:single
How to get mercurial commit sequence number in a branch
.NET Read XML Trace File
Is there a way to print the sum result in one line of code in perl?
LazyInitializationException in playframework
Automatically change public to private (Java)
C# cant Disable or Enable Aero if a process are in process list or not
How to recalculate form array
PHP run in iframe
How to efficiently develop client-side code for a web app without installing a local backend?
input type checkbox size not working
parsing json java
Apache forbidden access
Query every liked object using FQL
Rename exe for different deployments
Asynchronous non-blocking remote logging in Java?
Can I listen for events, like a song ending, with the Spotify API?
Upload multiple photos to Facebook using Graph API
Encoding special chars in XSLT output
Shifting my website to html5 [duplicate]
In Oracle, convert number(5,10) to date
Use Google Places API to autocomplete input in subscribe form
Cannot understand Intellij IDEA's memory usage and management
How to create a LinkedHashMultiset<String>? return message from listener
MATLAB: legend for plotyy with multiple data sets
Why float variable saves value by cutting digits after point in a weird way?
Dictionary with multiple keys and multiple values for each key
How can I take screenshot of screen when it is not on display stack? Blackberry
Visual studio 6.0 [closed]
Soundcloud - Problems getting access token - get message invalid_client
jquery find closest given class
Many-To-Many Relationship. NHibernate + ConfORM
How to use update progress inside update panel, when the button executing code is outside update panel
Scala Lift - Save file from post data (valums uploader)
Array increment at button click
Sharepoint workflow not updating
How to apply specific CSS rules to Chrome only?
Does Xcode 4.3 support distcc?
How to Set Next Image to ImageView from database after an Edit text Event?
How to give the new user to the system the User Role automatically and how to display it at the top of the website?
Documenting exceptions
mod_perl causing Apache Segmentation fault - why?
How to use a abstract method in a class in my android activity?
ValueFromPipeline behavior?
Is it a good idea to use aspects as a method for removing defensive checks from application logic?
Avoid the alert when my app receives a local notification while in background
Intergrating C#(VS2010) and Unity Engine
CppDepend vs NDepend
Where to download Apple-provided iPhone, iPAD images and other assets?
Wordpress: prevent single view for specific categorie
Wordpress: prevent single view for specific categorie
Select subset of rows using Row_Number()
Seems that $(this).parents doesn't work for me
How to write SQL query for the scenario?
Does .Net create 1 stack(to store value types) for each dll and exe or 1 stack per program
Sending multiple data parameters with jQuery AJAX
FieldNotFoundException Error in MarketDataIncrementalRefresh message QuickFix
draw line between 2 distance points on android
TCP socket.write function in node.js' 鈥渘et鈥�package not writing to socket
convert Map Values into String Array
Initialize private readonly fields after Deserializing
Encapsulating method call
How to turn wakelock off?
32-bit VB script can't run directly in 64-bit windows 7
Set properties for multiple breakpoints at once
How to restrict movement of textbox outside the canvas ?
SSL Handshake failure for Android 2.2 version
jQuery - resizing form input based on value's width?
Is it bad practice to split a C array by simply using a pointer to the middle of it?
Error while setting the theme programatically using custom titles
How do I get around tables that need to be sorted in two groups of four while using will_paginate?
Load Facebook Like Box after page content finished loading
proper way for sed in windows environment
Using Fancybox with Image map /Video
Android intent image
Purpose of orderBy on collection field?
remove a record from has_many without deleting from db? (rails 2.3.5)
How to get text of var which has output HTML [closed]
Is this a good UnitOfWork with Repository pattern Design around DDD
Insert additional rows into array and input in to database
Possible to manage identity range in SQL server?
why property doc function doesn't display the help information when it is called through help(instance.attribute)
I/O files matlab
Show submenu in another block
Generic HttpHandler vs normal aspx Page HttpHandler
Ajax Paging/sorting in cakephp 2.0
Wix - Conditional install of features based on radio buttons
How do I delete the contents of a .txt file in my mainBundle
Doctrine Multiple One-To-Many Relations on same table
Close view that contains Regions
jQuery on() change in IE8
How to input colored text in EditText
Multiple NSFetchedResultController for a single UITable and CoreData Entity design
How do you 鈥淩un鈥�a class
jQuery UI slide doesn't work in IE
passing arguments to COM object in python
How to set 鈥渦ser cannot change password鈥�AD attribute
TFS 2010: Is it possible to restart a BuildAgent programmatically?
Recognize logo in a bitmap - android
Better way to group by period
How to search an item and get its index in Observable Collection
why python shell cannot find MyClass
Load properties, if not exist - create it
Getting siblings to work in jquery collapsing menu
Convert vector from string to integer
How to Use pdf.js [closed]
access content from higher folders
Create and register naming pattern
Extra 鈥渃ount鈥�queries
.NET and COM Interoperability : cannot create object when COM+ server is out-of-process
Unable to increase start time of Websphere server
Loading kml files into the google-earth-plugin on a web-hosted page
How to query TFS Database for work item field changed on specific date
Get next tracks from queue through Spotify App API
jacob.dll already loadedin another classloader
How to read from multiple FASTA files with R?
[jQuery]Find click inside an iFrame
Backbone.js and pushState
image border and regular border not working together?
GWT javascript background loading
2 similar sql entries result on http 500 error internal server?
debug web service proxy class in C#
sql server insert query working on local but not on hosting server?
Scroll through all fancyBox galleries
Upgrade MAC OS X [closed]
Java Applet: painted ball does not appear in the hard-coded position. Applet does not maintain constant size
Using servicestack with MVC3, not working
Import RSA public key saved with pycrypto 2.0.1 into newer versions
getting started with augmented reality Android
Making a panel persist despite click on page opened in browser
iPhone Monotouch Application Crash at launch
Find me Mongo equivalent of a SQL which has distinct, group and order by
Why aren't style triggers operating on cell templated columns in GridView?
Using QListView with a model defined in Pyside
Atomic read then write of part of a ByteBuffer in Java
what is object sent in Observer by eventprefix in Magento?
How to update/delete record using seed_fu gem in ruby
How to stream a Windows Azure Blob to the client using Node.js?
Opening New Programs using Commands in Mac OS X Terminal
Speed Up IReport, Windows
Error: Attempted to read or write protected memory this is often an indication that other memory is corrupt
Bind to a Service if exists
Eclipse - compile and run with different Java version
Find which pairs of records' positions can safely be switched in a combined set of records
Reference 鈥渢his鈥�within member constructor.
C# interop with COM has memory leak in multithread mode while single thread does not
line-through style for a spark label
Android Video Streaming
simple Progress bar on click item list
Magento inline translation doesn't work for each text block
Why the following snippet doesn't work in JS?
JPA performance improvement with reducing number of columns in query
search for a string in a list of string ranges
Modify jquery to not open the image when click
how can we show a text/message using php
PHP/CodeIgniter PayPal IPN Invalid Validation
linux create symlinks based on most recently modified files
How to solve the Logcat error in android
Using Watir-Webdriver, how can I automate the output of all the elements in an array in a totally random order
display smiley in textview and edittext in android
Record with high volume in android
iOS: Get file's metadata
Most common subset of size k
Google-checkout notification callbacks
How to resize a custom UIView and maintain its custom draw in proportion?
Multiple Recordsets Issue
Keyboard returns wrong keycode for Latin characters
Titanium XHR cannot connect the server
Place many different div elements to the right, each with height and width 100 percent (fullscreen)
How to store the hex value generated by MD5 as an integer?
Why do I get so many eigenvalues of zero in my Matlab eigenfaces implementation?
Gridview improving perfomance?
YII how to call a function?
passing 'const' as ' this ' argument of [duplicate]
How to 鈥減aint鈥�on JLabels on a JPanel?
Code Editor API (with line number)and code highlighter
Android :EditText loses content on scroll in ListView?
Pass file name to .exe in registry key
mysql innodb one file per table where each file locates in a different directory?
Chagning .Net Configuration Settings during installation
The Ruby 'open class'-concept
How can I get the last modified ftp directory in Perl on Windows?
Android: Lining up Views in TableRow programatically
lock mousewheel scroll to focus div
How to put column before other column SQL
Rotating Android device with Phonegap crashes
Unable to deploy sample webservice in jBOSS 5.1
Converting NSString to Float - Adds in Decimal Places?
actionUpdate() in Yii multimodel form?
Why can an Object member variable not be both final and volatile in Java?
Django select related in raw request
Python Psphere Issue
How can I change the colour of each bullet point of a <li> item?
Can you recommend me a Test Framework for an embedded Linux system?
MKMapView with one MKOverlayPathView causes a blurry map
Comparison Group by VS Over Partition By
HTTP status code
How to check a double's bit pattern is 0x0 in a C++11 constexpr?
Subversion relocate introduces authentication issue
ASP.NET - How to get and set MasterPage attribute in page code behind?
How to extract features from image for classification and object recognition?
Filtering ACTION_SEND sharing options
Make user follow me automatically
Web content display all files in document library
How do I format a string to be multi-line in a JavaScript prompt?
VPS vs Dedicated JVM Java Hosting
Not able to access freebase using GWT Application
how to setup details about an android app?
How to update MBProgressHud with AFHTTPRequestOperation
can we get the total email account configured in the iPhone?
ASP.NET MVC 3: Automatically generating view while adding controller (without Entity Framework)
can we .find 2 classes?
XSD and 鈥渕ax occurs鈥�based on context
Custom js/jQuery code is generating error only on IE7 & IE8: Object does not support this property or method
how to delete a file from msi using c? [closed]
Changing label text property periodically
Short but though SQL Query (T-SQL,SQL Server)
Testing outputstream.write(<String>) without creating a file
How to get fan-gate implemented for php Facebook SDK
Google Reader and Twitter: archive and use tweets with python script
Why does some utf-8 chars are not working in Windows but inside of browsers?
How can I implement a pointer arrow on a toolbar in iOS?
Ruby 1.9.3: encode XML for URL
syslog - log line classifications
string compare in condition
android: NeighboringCellInfo always empty !? why?
ResultSet.insertRow() VS Statement.executeUpdate(鈥淚NSERT INTO鈥︹�). Which is better to use?
Keyboard doesn't dismiss for TextField in UITableViewCell
java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError in struts hibernate application
finding the missing values in a Sequence
How to find definition of structure when reading c program on linux?
GXT - ComoboBox with Multi select feature
C# Alternative Data Structure to DataTable
JAXWS in Websphere
ZUUIRevealController - push view on the frontview by pressing a tableview cell in the rearcontroller
an error occured,please try later-Authenticaton
Web2py 鈥onnecting to the correct controller
Drupal 7 altering query in view
Images of UITableView Cells change?
How to set focus on <input type=鈥渢ext鈥�/> on 鈥淪electedIndexChange鈥�event of an DevExpress combobox at client click?
How to make ListView with CheckBox and Image?
Retain Selected value in dropdown -Jquery
problems appending() page in Jquery mobile
How to specify/filter which table columns should be populated when working with LINQ to SQL?
bug in javascript pagination
Error while launching emulator
How to run new JSF full crude application created by app builder in Sakai
IE 7 not showing anything to save PDF , when we click on links
PHP AJAX jQuery cross domain
talking to device in linux. WRITE function
Concatenation of string with a specific array elements
Forcing Id and UserName to be unique in ASP.NET MVC 3 Model
Why continue using extensions .bat instead of .cmd? [duplicate]
UITablewView stops renderings during scrolling
Android gallery dynamically resize height
Split array into size limited CSV strings
jmeter regarding performance and load testing
ScrollView with an OnClickListeners for each item?
Edit in place with jquery and submit updated content through a form
Calling two functions in C++ and passing them the same delegate in C#
DEL key processing insights required
Closing and Reopening ASP.NET Membership Provider Class's Database Connection
Authentication of viewstate failed
how to deploy a ruby app?
How to install specific jdk version on CentOS linux
Detecting black/gray elements in OpenCV
Load first page on splashscreen using phonegap on android
Xml serialize array of different classes with custom tag names
When sharing an IORef, is it safe to read with readIORef as long as I'm writing with atomicModifyIORef?
How to create a simple font chooser from button context menu using wpf?
Should default constructors pass NULLs to another constructor to create dependencies?
GetManifestResourceStream giving Null Reference exception ( Parameter name: streamSource)
can't not install Distribute, zlib
Catching specific exception while inserting data in acces database
implementing login like facebook
Randomly generate shape and colour and draw to canvas
Interacting with the data point - flot
Using Facebook Graph API on iOS
Generate a report and execute it inside update panel
Dictionary Key Sort Options - Alpha then Numeric
python3 unicode-escape doesn'twork with non-ascii bytes?
Changing the icon of my java application [duplicate]
PivotViewer V2 with CXML shows no images
jquery sort multiple lists
Error using Android textviews in Java [closed]
In what way is my array index an 'Illegal string offset'?
Parser for MIME Type 'text/xml charset=utf-8'
how to get accurate time of day instead DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay?
Stackpanel Thickness Animation
How to set the Application Folder on installation
onToped JFrame opens JDialog = dialog not ontoped over JFrame
Can I use Storyboarding in the Apple IOS 5 SDK to develop Apps for earlier versions of IOS [duplicate]
Cannot cast from String to float in java
iphone sdk: how to add event to UIButton added in UIWebView
struts1.3 with ajax
Embedded fonts versus an external resource
Spring Jax-ws service with JBOSS 5.1.0 giving Introspection Exception
Why does IIS seem to be elevating the WindowsIdentity of one request from the AppPool to my user account?
Hide category headline if static block is enabled (magento)
Vertically flexible box in resizable jQuery dialog with CSS
iPhone Date Field - Change Date Format
How to load the last XML file and put in a dataset
Can some browsers autoconvert non-ASCII characters in JavaScript identifiers to corresponding ASCII characters?
Describe baseline and expand deliver and rebase activities
Convert Mobile Web into Native Apllication Using WebView/phoneGap
Problems with Loading an Image for a GUI when the classes are in a package
how to get data table to json array in c#
Joomla show subcategory image on category page?
url_suffix in codeigniter not working properly
LINQ - recursive request
Bundling External war in ear using maven
How to pre-set the value in the public struct?
Handle button event in UITableviewcell
NHibernate is producing SQL with a bad join
How to get subject details in XACML?
How to generate crystal report using mysql database in 2010
Adding a uuid to an reply-to address in actionmailer
Parametrized stored procedure error
Loading In Background - AndEngine GLES2
typecast array of shorts into bytearray
Is it possible to append the columns (structure and content) of one mysql table to another?
htaccess redirect localhost exemption
Why does '' have an MX record? [closed]
Is it possible using the django framework to load a html file in jQuery without creating a url in
Formating a random number in VB.NET
How to set focus using jQuery on an element that has just appeared
What is the way(s) ? Inserting DB in every 6 hours
tinymce, image resize, use css instead of <img width & height>
How is remote repository supposed to be in sync with the local repositories in GIT?
Eclipse CVS Commit, ignore certain file types
XHTML: CSS does not display?
Do you think this is a good Magento setup?
TYPO3 - How is the content of typoscript setup handled?
SearchView's OnCloseListener doesn't work
Java: Disruptor: Should Disruptor be used only for POD datatypes?
How to check radio buttons
How to write a map into a parcel?
Which itemtype should use for TV channels using
Write the Xml document to a file to saveChanges in Blackberry
Amazon RDS MySQL - Increase maximum indexes to greater than 64
Set value in a jqgrid cell based on the value of another jqgrid cell
Multidimension Array to Create XML
What does the 鈥淍鈥�sign mean (Omron PLC)?
How to send compressed data in
Use apache as a foward proxy and redirect all reques to a static page
EntityFramework Select Most commented Images
Python datetime to XML Schema timestamp format
How to perform GeoCode calculation bound to Razor textboxes?
Avoid UIBarButtonItem fade out / fade in during pushViewController animation
Joomla Development - Tables Folder and Fields Folder
In a ASP.NET MVC3 application, the ViewModel is filled by Service Layer or by the Controller?
How to store form data in javascript for history use in another page or reopen page
Cake php 2.0 documentation PDF or doc format
Inputing png files as a 2D array of intergers in Java
How to remove background color between lines on h1 tag?
Keyboard responding issue in IPhone?
BoneCP correct usage
How to make the custom view visible in Android
What is the use of Path= in XAML?
Rewrite rule for purl and querystrings
Apache won't start in VirtualBox
Building a multiplayer game in flash
Get imagejpeg to display properly
Adding a background image in VB script to an asp page
How to give dynamic input to the query?
How to Place ActionBar Items in Main ActionBar and Bottom Bar
JasperFillManager.fillReport and mongo?
VB.NET Web Application - Unwanted users session sharing
Iframe error handling (error 324, cross domain)
drupal separating template code header and footer with include
images array and display
codeigniter auto_link doesnt add links without www
Getting the WSDL from a CXF webservice running on Tomcat
Android Find current location Error
Parse html with Zend Dom
Read data from Excel to R and convert to xts
Yesod: how do I serve dynamically-generated CSS?
value of a checkBox within a Javascript function
XMPP errors in custom protocols
Programmatically 鈥渓iking鈥�a page on Facebook via API
How do you configure the console output from MassTransit?
Self-referential queries in Raven DB?
Java Server faces
Mysql transaction rollback on failure in update
Classic asp - long running processes. Reasons why this is bad?
Twitter via Cocoa App using MGTwitterEngine: HTTP error 401
Getting part of string using jQuery .search results in null
Visual Studio 2010: How create new web project from existing code?
How can I create applications on a database which provide only eventual consistency
Updating more than one attribute at one time in ruby on rails
jQuery Accordian crash on large data set
EF Delete Child Object
javascript popup picker
How to add a LinearLayout after another LinearLayout?
WriteableBitmap SetValue performance / Texture2D SetData
Extjs4 combobox set value field and display fileld
Extjs4 save file.json from treestore
Excel Vba Copy Method of Worksheet fails
Rhino Mocks. How to add expectation that event handler was subscribed
Dojo DropDownMenu, class not found
Extjs4 save file.json from treestore
Excel Vba Copy Method of Worksheet fails
Rhino Mocks. How to add expectation that event handler was subscribed
Import module in IronPython 2.7.1 very slow
Dojo DropDownMenu, class not found
How to play a sound from BroadcastReceiver?
What are the best practices for creating Python Distributions(eggs) on(and for) Multiple Operating Systems
Java - Insert values from Array of type Float, into a New Array of type float by index
Python .get() does not evaluate to True even though there is an object?
Insert Data from a Temp Table into Multiple Joined Tables
Remove pointed line for readonly attributes
Bind 3 tables in 2 different cases in MySQL
App authentication stuck in an infinite redirect loop
Return data from mysql with date later than now
Magento - Saving data in to order during adminhtml_sales_order_create_process_data event
CSS - Google+ Box Positioning
Rails Paperclip: do something after attachment is saved
How to trigger plugin in MS Dynamic CRM on N:N relationships?
a:link a:active together inside container
Grails Spring security - Can you change auth responses based on the request header, forward to login page for html req return 401 code for json req
鈥淥peration is not valid due to the current state of the object鈥�when deploying sharepoint event reciever
application not installed android 4.0 ICS
mod_wsgi python conf parser
How can I handle a wrong argument value in a custom method?
Removing empty dynamic fields from a Solr 1.4 index
Xalan transformer not inserting newlines/formatting the output.
facebook, php, what is the url to get the news feed of current user?
Tomcat APR based Apache Tomcat Native Library error
Flask Tutorial - 鈥淎ttribute Error鈥�
Is this the right way to add days to NSDate using NSDateComponents?
Run jquery script on click
Creating a PHP session variable hangs my browser FindControl, instead of by ID by ControlType
About Pointers To Functions in function declarations
Devise redirect after restoring password fails
load ajax guestbook into DIV
Clashing triggers - mutating table
Use of abstract and interface
Changing / Adding a jQuery Tab transition
Hidden Script found in a CakePHP site [closed]
Parsing a .CSV file and populating the data in XML
How to keep Rails controller RSpec test DRY when introducing a private method?
Is C# DataContracts expressive enough to describe GeoJSON correctly?
Sending messages to an asynchronous service, with transactions
How do I use a java.util.Set with UIData in JSF. Specifically h:datatable?
Loading WCF Service from different folder in WCF Windows host
Entity Framework - Select distinct in
Custom Events in User Controls
What is the performance impact of using the type class pattern in Scala
Uninstall mysql on Lion?
Closure (JS) Iterators
Linq sub collection criteria where collection is a list of doubles
Get keyCode 0 instead of 66 when Enter is pressed on my computer keyboard
EF ToTraceString SQL generation result columns order
Using class constants for [Range] attribute
Include derived property into a linq to entity query
c++ passing a const object reference to a function
Querying Ef context using LinqPad: Argument Exception
how to remove time from Highstock chart at navaigater bar?
SQL - Select unique row with average of all other rows
Standalone paging control in ASP.NET
How to loop over each word in an argument for perl
Getting Exact precision of decimal places from a double in .NET 3.5
How to ensure saving of application state on crash c#
How Can I know what functions are there in an executable file?
Google search by image from own webpage
How to explicitly name the database when using Entity Framework Migrations 4.3
Changing SOAP interfaces and deprecating web methods in java
Caching of floating point values in C++
Nested parameters in rails 3
Showing annotations in outline view
How to Save Recorded Audio file in application's raw folder
winforms adjust controls to push up vertically when others are invisible
VBA Word - Find And Replace
Detecting Mute/Screen Lock setting on iPad
javascript function is not defined?
Ad view not rotating
Chained Select Menu - works, but requires a small change - AJAX
Territory restrictions and linked tracks in Spotify
Is it possible to read data in another session's temporary table?
How can i apply java script to access the client id or a control placed in the grid view?
MySQL Trigger converting
view 1 column value 3 times using where clause
html data not sent when file attachement in php mail
ThreadLocal with Singletons
Android - Layout is not working properly
Using if with differents possibilites
GNU MAKE Where is path set for 鈥淓ntering Directory 鈥︹�
crop an image in iPhone by selecting an area [closed]
Eclipse: replace tokens before deploying to WTP server
Randomise all password in MySQL table
Socket ReceiveTimeout
Pinterest: Can I access the main feed without using OAuth?
how i check Line By Line code Deduge or Run (Titanium)?
DOCTYPE [XHTML 1.0 Transitional] does not validate if a custom attribute is present
Is it possible to switch back to older app version on appstore?
xcode : using MBProgressHUD when loading 鈥淭witter鈥�page on uiWebview
return jar file name
passing values between a section template and an other section
Get a single value from multiple attribute values of XML using xslt
Google map is not working on mvc web app
Implement typedef in Java
IPhone:connect two iphone devices via WIFI
Ruby on Rails installation error: Could not locate Gemfile
RenderSection from partial view
How to set the permanent value of variable in javascript/jQuery?
nvcc unknown option -no_pie
Alternative to ffmpeg for iOS
Sox mix and delay
BigTable query, GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL not working when using __KEY__
Div elements overlap each other - css
how to resend post multipart/form-data form with upload file to different server with node.js (express.js)?