mvc3 redirect from view and redirect from partial both cause http 500 error
Exception Handling in PageBase ASP.NET Web form?
It's about leap Year of Buddhist Era in Dataset
javascript on html 5
How to apply css for dynamically adding button inside datalist in c#
<nativehr>0x80070057</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack> When creating a Choice field in a Sharepoint list
How to get the list of table names from database in sorted order according to there creation date?
Why is SvnAnt still trying to connect to my old repository IP address?
Role based user in multiple blog application
SQL distinct with group by in Oracle
Call a Qt project from another Qt project
Issue in rotating hour and minute hands of analog clock in android
Backtracking algorithm with Python
Normalising DataBase with MultiValued Dependency (4NF/5NF)
Remove space on textbox but not between words
Delete notification in android
Source code for Python's modules
click Event is not delegated in chrome
why obtain an access token / appId / apisecret from Facebook and/or should I store them?
jQuery replace specific text from href
Chrome Web Store
Fxcop check while SVN Commit
rpclib python module raise error for descriptor
Why can't I Concat or Union results to an empty List?
How to find the change in color of a background in image using MATLAB?
Issue With tab-host android?
LINQ OrderByDescending to OrderByAscending?
Error handling design for a C++ API
how to substitute underscore of a string in haml
error: conflicting types for 'f' and previous declaration of 'f' was here
Most efficient/elegant way to clip a number?
SWT DRAG and DROP of file type, after Dragging other files are getting deleted
How to write unit test cases for rake tasks in rails?
Anyone used jquery flexigrid with ASP.NET MVC3?
Send DeliverSMResp with logica smpp
What are the differences between event and signal in Qt
Charfield increase width
Increase matlab figure resolution, when saving in headless mode
How to integrate two languages (english or arabic) in one project in iphone sdk
Xcode 4.2 IOS 5, Cant select provision in Target
Sorting Jquery Tab Panel
Create new array from two array;
Android onTouch(View,MotionEvent) not called but onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) is called?
Issue in hosting a webapplication in a local machine
How to find item in Array objects
cancel order from customer feature in nopcommerce
How to avoid spelling mistakes while using Pothana2000 font file for a textview?
Handling expired sessions
How do I get Scala to resolve these abstract types properly
android listview onclick --subitem should be populated under it
Powershell Export to .csv file error
how can i escape a group of special characters in java in one method?
ASP.NET Converted file stored in Server drive instead of User PC
Perl mysql modul in debian
Android: Invalid use of SingleClientConnManager: connection still allocated [duplicate]
How to make requests to servers stateful even better UNIQUELY stateful?
how to change zend controller names gracefully
Wix : Install Executable
Python: How to get group ids of one username (like id -Gn )
Streaming video with Jersey
Count how many digits in a var
Automatically update JTextArea
how to write C# equivalent code corresponding to this XAML code for customizing selected treeviewItem color
Sqlite finalise and Db locking issue
how necessary is it to xss_clean data fetched from database over network?
How to create installer setup for Windows phone Apps using visual studio ultimate 2010?
(MATLAB) ActiveX -> VBA -> quickest way of filling up / rowwise coloring a MS Word table?
System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException occurred in w3wp.exe
What I can't do with keytool that I can do with OpenSSL?
how to display individual values?
OpenGraph tag is extraneous?
The given path's format is not supported error with File.copy() method
What are some popular open source document managers with GUI that can run on an intranet? [closed]
Error: Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�org.hibernate.MappingNotFoundException:resource: riz.hibernate.dto.UserDetails not found
What is wrong in this PHP code?
Programmatically creating a CMS/Page in Magento
Display result on the browser from servlet where data is received from swing
texture2D splitting in XNA
How to get 鈥渨ho's different鈥�in a vector, with R
Checkbox selected index changed function is not called even after checking
How to show iPhone app to the client without submitting to the app store (ad-hoc distribution)
Add a class active to 'li' if the link init has the same using Jquery
Mysql transaction for transferring credit between users
get the entire html from dom but exclude some elements?
JQuery : jqgrid change the pagination format
.htaccess redirect issue (from subdomain to directory)
.htaccess redirect issue (from subdomain to directory)
How to create authentication in tortoise svn
How to display tumblr blog info?
Show Item when Hover Over Parent
Python: Check if one dictionary is a subset of another larger dictionary
Top Button Menu bar for All Activities like Tab menu
Writing data to USB device
Box2D kick start AndEngine?
insert value of a variable into database using tclodbc
Dropdownlist Disable and Enable regarding Checkbox Action in MVC
PYTHON is UNFAIR. Its treating list and a non list variable with partiality
Unable to get MacPort functionality after installing Xcode 4.3
Total number of subview in a view in iphone
to display or not to display
Google Map check if a route/direction is pass over route store in kml file?
My delegate doesn't work
Jquery EasyUI Accordion
Show Street Labels ON Google Map
Doctrine Fixtures: getOrder() with Join Tables
Differences of pragma: no-cache and Cache-Control: no-cache
How can I show JavaScript and other code on my webpage, so that it can be copied?
How to disable a sidebar in wordpress
how to disable created cache files at cache/dwoo/compiled folder on codeigniter?
My ListBox need three DataTemplate,How to get correct DataTemplate?
Alignments of widgets
Android market filtering XLarge Screen
Selenium: Clicking on Image which calls javascript function
.vimrc file not apply certain key mappings
facebook autorization S_REQUEST[鈥渃ode鈥漖 returns nothing and SSL error 107
Integrate third party tax table into paypal using php/mysql
facebook FQL query performance within foreach loop?
Run a java program in backend
Can you use setInterval to call functions asynchronously?
Display a hierarchy of placemarks in google earth
Passing PHP variable values to JQuery page
Is it possible to only show iAds on first launch
repair broken symlinks / reinstall php5
Why does this VBS code fail with a 鈥淭ype mismatch: 'CInt'鈥�error?
Select() function of winsock is returning 0 for cisco wireless controller
How to increase haar detector's window size in OpenCV
Smarty Variable - Hyphen in Array Key
Caching images in Xcode? how?
remove text box drop down suggestions
How to generate UIMap.Designer.cs file in visual studio 2010 using UIMap.uitest file?
CSS menu not working in IE7 or below
gcc error with Python C API code - 鈥淚SO C++ forbids casting between pointer-to-function and pointer-to-object鈥�
making EditText to show only two decimal places
Rails3 api to retrieve items based on its params using grape
Xcode - configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
how to convert org.w3c.dom.Document to org.jdom.Document
how to convert org.w3c.dom.Document to org.jdom.Document
How to use other machine memory, using A computer memory by B computer with Python?
Placeholder text is not vertically centered in Safari
Should every django app within a project have it's own
Postback in report viewer using MVC3
Loading module variables in Dojo?
image manipulation using quartz2d
Auto importing of data from mysql to solr
Twitter feed not working in iis
How to check object is null or empty in C#.NET 3.5?
RTSP converting ASF RTP-Packets to video data
How a derived class cannot resolved members of its base class at compile time?
Partial specialization syntax confusion
view the login page when user click back button after logout in struts
Is memory leak causing crash here, or class other implementation issue?
Fastest way to load a dynamic select with php
What exactly does Django UserProfile give me?
How are constraints defined in schema? Is it by Store Procedure, User defined function or T-SQL or PL/SQL in the Database?
Directory viewer control in WPF
PHP mail out not working
Composite Primary Key On Table Variable In Stored Procedure
Binding Protocols that Conform to Other Protocols
In PhoneGap Android C2DM BroadcastReceiver, how to call sendJavascript()
Facebook Login confusion
minimum moves to balance an array
read nvarchar data in gridview
What are valid values for ai_family?
glibc installation: cannot compute suffix of object files
include javascript with php or client side script tags
Reference embedded document with mongoid
Probability of 0 and 1 [closed]
SQL server job owner account password change impact
Calling a Python function from a collection of files containing functions
How to optimize two for loops (a for loop inside a for loop) in java
Managing user-uploaded files with an ASP.NET website and Visual Studio
remove duplicate string and empty string
Out of memory in R's igraph
What's the opposite of var-export function in php?
Refreshing powerpivot data automatically
Attachment field is not visble in sharepoint calendar add new event.?
System.EntryNotFoundException: Unable to find the entry point in the DLL
Ruby on Rails links
I can't send request more than 1200 bytes from Telnet with Java {Closed}
Need some way for authentication in iphone device
How to fetch the content from the pdf into a string using QTP/VBScript?
How node.js can help in WebOS or HTML5 development
Current month in Calendar view
Android: Listener to record sound if any sound occurs
Jquery-tools Scrollable in Conjunction with Jquery UI sortable
Cassandra - sstable2json 鈥�f鈥�option doesn't work
Lua: Create a table from a previously set variable
Does WCF Service use multiple threads to process incoming requests?
How do I properly edit Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 with my rails app -Images overlapping & making jQuery Masonry work with it
Redirection for IE in static website
can i use localhost URL as notify_url in paypal IPN?
jQuery infinite scrolling trigger
How to display graph in iPhone Application
What does the 鈥淣o owner type for enclosed interface鈥�guice error mean?
how to redirect to a new screen on the button click in the table view in objective c
SQLite 3 CSV Import to Table
Using memory allocated by sun.misc.Unsafe.allocateMemory() in native code
Do we need to create an HttpHandler(ashx) for each image?
Validation Summary Does Not Show in gridview
Can't get user_id who share post in facebook using FQL Query or CURL
Accessing a nested property
How to send Ajax XMLHttpRequest with existing JSessionId
Using the ConnectionKit Framework Within an NSBundle
How do I have Symfony 2 ignore hidden files?
How do i make the save button to save data typed into the textFields to the database? [closed]
Java: 鈥淐ould not find the main class. Program will exit鈥�
Creating a Spring Bean using FactoryMethod with variable arguments from Spring?
removing noise in a binary image using openCV
How do I create a SQLite database in monotouch for iPhone? [closed]
How to set database connection of .rpt dynamically
How to update monitoring window(listview) after each 5 seconds in android
exception while integrating mahout recommender engine in java web application
Emulator without GPU emulation detected
Sorting a char array in java [closed]
XNA: serializing object to isolated storage
How to build CM system app without odex?
Button in Android XML Layout
Android, play a sound the moment a view is visible on screen
Go for a specific object in array list in Java?
Framework with charts for mobile web application
Strange Undefined Reference to Vtable Error
how to set spinner item value according to the web service particular value in android
Joining two tables in hive
How to correctly use LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean with JPA
scanner wont scan
Regular expression for date in
Set up Java Swing project w/ JUnit/Eclipse
How to create a Python file object representing just a portion of a file
Regarding .NET application
Member declaration not found
Custom typeface text size varies greatly between fonts
How to add a custom event to datatable
sql union duplication problems with multiple AS statements
Onclick swap the tables on same position in DIV which is draggable
Count the number of new records for a given date only if they are new
How to easily update an order with Paypal before capturing the transaction?
QGIS-Python Icon in label
iOS 5 Multi Storyboard Rotation
MySQL how to group values not specified in the WHERE clause as 鈥渙thers鈥�
How do I build a Java project in Eclipse, to create an external JAR
Extjs4 Chained combos
Getting Invalid Argument Error while loading Bing map in my site?
Why controler does not go in to Create function?
How to test if a fragment view is visible to the user?
Android: Change ImageView Background with EditText Input
Why do two functions have the same address?
Delegate issue in iphone [closed]
Eclipse v3.7.1 on OS X: Wacky compiling errors
defining mutually dependent variables
Retrieving image from database to a data grid in c#
operator definition in base class
How to avoid jumping to anchor without loosing functionality?
How does the Nested Set Gem work, and how can I incorporate it into my project?
How to switch from 4.0.25 to 4.0.18 in Janus Components
Casting compiled type to current namespace type
phpinfo is reporting incorrect pcre version
How can bash interpret a zero-length argument from an expanded string?
symfony sfGuardPlugin Error Call to a member function getId() on a non-object in plugins/sfGuardPlugin/lib/user/sfGuardSecurityUser.class.php
jQuery .click() event
Javascript not Working in Rails app page
RemoveChild is not work, help me please..!
Best practices for forking an Android application/project
How to reverse a string without allocating memory
How can I get the first name (or full name) of the user of the phone?
Simultaneously executing a loop and a function in Python 3
Calling Javascript Function In PHP Not Working
iphone safari web app backgrounding
appending div with style not quite working
how to remove the last word in the string using JavaScript
new Date() and split() cross-browser compatibility
Manage multiple concurrent inserts in sql server db using c#
Copy Word document Userform to another
android : all of alarm were cleared how to get them back
How to resend viewstate on Membership / Session timeout
ios-sending email from an ipad application
finding n largest differences between two lists
how to handle object passed by jquery on the server
Android : Payment Processing
ant build.xml target to check for debug code
Html Email doesn't display in iPhone mail until 'download full message' selected
Android ndk-build fails with dyld error
Separating classes in java. Eg. virtual keyboard (with activelisteners) and another class to receive input from the keyboard class
DynamicJasper: How to fix java.lang.NoSuchMethodError error [closed]
Customize the Prompt Box of Javascript
Incorrect html alignment during hover
RhinoMocks equivalent of Return.CloneOf in NMock
Delphi dbexpress MySQL query format
Why does the JTextArea disappear when I switch tabs?
Zend controller's predispatch method
passing to touchesEnded:withEvent:
Which headers are ALWAYS returned in a reply/forward?
Using WordPress, how can I create custom upload and text fields in the dashboard?
GWT home page to login page to actual app example redirecting issue
WebSql on Blackberry- phonegap
Test agent cannot connect to Test controller on Windows Azure
Horizontal Nav CSS Padding Issue
Make_flaggable method 'flaggings' returns Stack Level Too Deep error
CSS Elastic textbox
getting error unrecognized selector sent at tableview when last rowof table view is clicked
Log in page desplay
tiered webforms classified as MVC?
Styling the first 10 items in a list
EC2 hosts Django with IP address can't be assigned-to error
Form only submits when there is one input
Perl script to compare two files [closed]
Determine if previously installed app
How to model optional self dependence in mySQL?
How can i save manytomany field in django?
Android PackageManger - NameNotFound Exception
How to handle data from a Teltonika GPS device using sockets in Java
Android Parcelable and Serializable
Is there any reason GZipStream.Read would return less than the number of requested bytes?
Spring.. why configuration in XML file format
Tail recursive function to find depth of a tree in Ocaml
Analog Java's Netty in Obj-C
How to create this view (Layout)? [duplicate]
PHP - simplyfy the code - something like MVC part
how to get contact name by sending contact number in android?
How to achieve the equivalent of WNetAddConnection2 with a timeout?
List History of Indexes
Optimize JQuery and Flex image slideshow
Getting invalid character error when deleting a gridview row
Calling a C DLL from a C# Program
-webkit-transform - Is it possible to remove element from memory on iPad?
FTP Transfer Types for PHP files - Is binary transfer okay for PHP files?
Booth encode not working, simulation included
Mysql sum using a group by on one field while also considering another field
FBConnect iOS SDK publish_action Issue
How to pass a object array's value to a method
Issue with json_decode and json_encode - it adds keys to original JSON
ViewPagerIndicator's TitlePageIndicator stopping fragments from showing and causing swiping to not work
Send dictionary to function that does not accept **kwargs?
Is it safe for one ancestor to have millions of children in one List object?
Initializing values to two dimensional vectors during declaration
how to unstall xcode 4.2
boolForKey unrecognized selector error iOS
Initializing values to two dimensional vectors during declaration
how to unstall xcode 4.2
boolForKey unrecognized selector error iOS
How to emulate slowed down time in php?
PhoneGap Images
android bar sherlock add button
How to deal with whitespace in object attributes?
Structs Being Weird - C++
ASP.NET web app calling Delphi DLL on IIS webserver, locks up when returning PChar string
Trying to make my own string class
Subtracting Dates in Oracle - Number or Interval Datatype?
Node.JS session without cookies
optional argument matching in cucumber
new Date() results not always correct
Convert 鈥淛an.2008鈥�to date variable
ldconfig is not seeing custom library
How to make mvc action fire off jquery ajax converter?
Solr edismax SearchHandler clarification
JNI stack sequence misunderstanding
Like an object on Facebook outside Facebook
How do I access the length of a square array in Python?
How do you change border of the pop up section of a JComboBox?
Cannot open my database on the android device, but can on the emulator
Accessing redirect id from grails 鈥渁fter鈥�filter
Circular Doubly Linked List Program in Java (Homework Help)
Objective C ARC release without assigning a variable
How to append dynamically generated ajax content to a newly added tab in jquery ui tabs?
Combine static and prototype content in a table view
Hibernate Positional parameter does not exist: 1 in query
maintaining session in REST web service
Questions about Dojo modules from Dojo newb?
How to get servlet code when the jsp file is processed in the JSP engine
CSS to stretch span to height of container
finding repeated combinations in a list
compression not working in apache
How to mount Azure Cloud Drive in azure java project
Is current device tablet?
Redirecting C++ console output to C# During Runtime
How to get the Post number in wordpress
chage cell background
Efficient approach for File search functionality
iOS 5 storyboards - table views within view controllers
JQuery to PHP with JSON
automatically add to each changeset a file that contains the new revision number
Variable scope using modules in nodejs
Something Server Specific Not Allowing Connect with Facebook
A complete tutorial about Eclipse Branding , Making your own eclipse
check datetime fails?
IOS GLKit Textures for Cube
How to see how Flash Builder invokes adt?
Pre-allocate memory and use in forked processes.
How to get a sum of children values on one LINQ
Apple Mach-O Linker Warning direct access in 鈥�to global weak symbol
Java Regex / blank spaces issue
NSStatusBar title from XML data behaves erratically
How to make a post on Page's wall without 'Like'
Keep a subprocess alive and keep giving it commands? Python
How to submit a post-method form to same get-url in different function in CodeIgniter?
Passing data from Activity to BroadcastReceiver
What does this typedef mean?
Objective C: Start Point and End Point
Regex statement to validate a string is exactly 2 lines
Getting a list of registered servers thru powershell to .csv
My fstream always returns true, even with bad file name?
How to replace NA with mean by subset in R (impute with plyr?)
is there limit for IE tool tip character length?
Adding multiple 鈥渢emporary鈥�values in a datagridview and store them in the database
What are enclosing functions?
Where to save data coming from server in android application?
which method is better to use for a login form doget() or dopost()
How to design Users, Roles and permission schema?
DB design for two similarly structured objects
鈥減osition:absolute;鈥�with 鈥渂ottom:0;鈥�instead 鈥減osition:absolute;鈥�doesn't stick to bottom of container in Firefox
$PHP_AUTOCONF errors on mac os x 10.7.3 when trying to install pecl extensions
How to accumulate the SQL Column Data
D3 Selecting an element inside an SVG
What is a synthesized constructor?
How can I improve the efficiency of Core-Plot
What books/websites should i read to learn to write readable and maintainable C code? [duplicate]
Pointer changes size on function call (checked using gdb)
Does iPhone3GS support block queues?
Retrieving Random Piece of Code Using PHP
jquery validation plugin select element not being validated
Why is my site's flaoted sidebar collapsing? [closed]
Is it possible to change a WCF service's ServiceHostFactory using attributes?
Localization issue Xcode
C#: Unity3D and NAudio EnumerateAudioEndPoints throws NullReferenceException
Hibernate createSQLQuery get sql count
Updating a table, setting a substring using another table via Sub-Select
Refining a double many-to-many JOIN
how to get words count from MS Word without carriage return and hidden text using c#
Should web service be called inside a Model class in MVC framework?
Perlin noise infinite generation/tiling?
Alternate method for android sdk installation
Java MYSQL/JDBC query is returning stale data from cached Connection
CodeIgniter GROUP_CONCAT and join
Is it safe to catch ObjectDisposedException on ManualResetEvent.WaitOne()?
Forcing all errors to show in Xcode
What Assembly do you need to import DLL Library in VB.NET
Html special chars
How to get ID3 tag of URL music
iOS Web App problems with apple-mobile-web-app-capable
Django-tastypie REST url that contains filter criteria mark/reset not supported (for static)
can locals be passed two levels in rails views?
Why can't I see the result on localhost when using Node.js?
virtual hosts with subdomains not working
I need to link 2 tables but I'm baffled how (python/sqlite)
Using HTMLUnitDriver on GWT and GXT grids
jquery $.ajax success response issue
facebook friendlist pagnation with foreach?
How Can I Convert Postscript Type 1 font to .otf or .ttf?
getting comments from a youtube video - GData objective-c
Works in jsFiddle but not in my Site
How to fix the Imports Statement on Visual Studio 2008 for VB.NET
Qt Creator 鈥渙verride method鈥�shortcut?
MapView not taking full screen
Can't get Facebook friend's birthdays from Android app
does html5's websocket can listen a port by browser?
please wait loading message
how to set char array to string in c
Android Animation make sure the image not back?
TCP Socket communication between processes on Heroku worker dyno
Adding multiple test data using Core Data
install JDBC driver for mysql : java.lang.classnotfoundexception
Ajax Jquery form function
Mustache.js - know if a list only has a single item
http post to upload file to google sites on iphone
Function that takes a char array as a parameter
passing variable to jQuery from same Class
Salesforce Sites Calendar Not displaying
Trying to get upstart to start and stop a nginx spawn-fcgi proccess
What's the best way to store html code in mysql? [duplicate]
Apple script HELP!! Searching with apple script
Why won't my KML file display on google maps?
Whats the correct sintax for IE7/8 to check current window size
Silverlight 5 Dynamic Assembly Bug
easy one鈥�PHP image upload鈥�Can't remember syntax for getting a file into a specific folder
How to retrieve an array from a hash that has been passed to a subroutine in perl
how to change the android emulator ram size from command line?
Windows runnable jar file (web service client) does not work under Linux. It works under Windows though
frame 2 inside frame 1
pointInside: withEvent:
Using javascript to trigger a link when another one is clicked
Dynamic Plotting in Gnuplot (drawnow in MATLAB)
Collapsing Header and Array of Flag
How many SQL queries can be run at a time?
Is it too soon to start implementing Google wallet? [closed]
Run .bat file from C#
Css hover transition not working on live links
Css hover transition not working on live links
Using templates to implement a generic filter
mongo search with variable names
Why are the GLSL texture-coordinates in my shader not linear?
Ajax get 500 (Internal Server Error) after using apache rewrite rule
Mongodb increased db.currentOp() issue
(Java) Iterating over a Vector<String[]>, why is .next() an Object, not a String[]?
3dparty component leaves dead threads
how do you hide a li when click on the hyerplink inside it using jQuery?
How can I fix MySQL query to solve 鈥淯nknown column鈥n On clause鈥�error?
Set multi header, frozen column and fixed header with jquery datatables
PHP include doc not picking up $_GET variables
JSCH Java applet
Extract all images from a Joomla article
cannot send email from global.asax
Converting 2 dimensional array to Single dimensional in C#?
Read Excel File from Both x86 and x64
Adding JPanels from other classes to the cardLayout
Reply to Tweet with Tweepy - Python
How to pull columns with '1' in MySQL
Python 2.7 syntax error
Having trouble understanding a reflection test in Javascript Koans
comparison of two strings fails
echo for style in table row and table data
Syntax for 301 redirect of www to non-www using httpd.conf [closed]
executing spring roo programatically
shutdown a multithread winform c# app without blocking UI thread
Run time error '424' when using the same worksheet title
Dereference a HTML::Element hash reference
Updating a properties file injected by Spring to include a last run timestamp
How to stop Silverlight Control Toolkit PieChart from using random colours in its palette?
Having lots of trouble with classes in Java
What happens if src and dest are same in SDL_BlitSurface?
JNI pass by reference fails
how to return same alert dialog when user entered invalid values then click ok?
Is there a way to pass a php variable to another page using a button (html/php)?
how to fill values to one single column efficiently in excel file using pywin32?
How to style placeholder text color for individual text field?
Get sortable index on click
Set encoding in Python 3 CGI scripts
update UITableViewCell appearance when button inside cell is tapped
How do test if a textbox is null using a list of textbox controls?
Converting a TreeSet to ArrayList?
Banner scraper with phantomjs or pjscrape
Create and maintain several ssh sessions in Python
Erlang string to atom and formatting a string
Db schema for a mail client
Save contact to app database CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException
Rails, Nivo Slider and the asset pipeline
Android: Different two uses of Renderer
About the efficiency issus of Qt Graphics View Framework when there are vast items
std::set weird < overload error
Regarding a tiling background image that isn't tiling completely
User authentication in Knockout.js applications
PHP Namespaces vs Classes with static functions
jQuery tooltip plugin not making tooltips
wcfTestClient Configuration with WSSF in Visual Studio 2010
How to set proxy to android emulator using command line?
Get text following a keyword and stopping at new line in PHP
Need to strip old messages from .eml files exported by Thunderbird
Factory-girl create that bypasses my model validation
Syntax error on if else statement
How to have jquery mobile list views display like the same format as in its documentation?
what is best practice when removing elements with handlers?
ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_established not applied to entire subnet
compare two equivalence classes (cont.)
Android peer to peer communication using 3g
Load DataCache from Role Entry Point On Start
Using for_each with tolower()
How to declare dynamic PHP class with {'property-names-like-this'}
How to group by week no and get start date and end date for the week number in Sqlite?
How to get database name in PDO?
Error cobertura in sonar 鈥淭oo small initial heap鈥�
How to make function wait to return after getResult from SQL Statement is available?
How to create new Image in ClojureScript
How to access values stored in a dataset in VB?
Running python app on localhost
How to set setTimeout/delay on a div (slideshow) and Kiosk data questions
How to use Windows Azure toolkit (iOS) for MAC OS Lion?
seed method not called with EntityFramework CodeFirst
How do I print a string to the system console?
Adding HUD to GameScene scene (Cocos2d)
Styling issues in Safari
Can functions accept abstract base classes as arguments?
how is HawtDispatch different from Java's Executors? (and netty)
GUI interface to build a histogram via a data with change able bin in matlab
Is the x in xmlns:x special?
how to set jsonp callback in retrieving restful web service data via jquery
Sending data from JS (script's callback function) to PHP?
What is the best way to empty a Vector or Array in AS3?
Libgdx : Export to runnable Jar
How to generate the start_urls dynamiclly in crawling?
If I use groovy sql class in grails, does it use the grails connection pooling?
Where can I find as SIM Card reader/writer component (FOSS)?
complex sql query for finding the average working time of a person in office
ostringstream issues
Custom django registration form
mysql SELECT best of each category in a single table
JavaFX 2.0 TableViewBuilder, how to use
removing part of a string (up to but not including) in python
How to simplify this bash shell code
Will folders and namespaces affect performance in C++ and cross-platform?
Move assignment operator and `if (this != &rhs)`
In PyCharm, how do I debug a JavaScript file that's accessed from a template-driven site?
iPhone AIR app integration with a native Objective-C iPhone app
Change text/labels ggplot legend
Asynchronously loading sound resources in viewDidLoad crashes
How to determine if a home screen shortcut exists?
Can't view xml in Eclipse
Things are centered in Firefox but not IE or Chrome
Sqlite close() was never explicitly called on database - I tried but failed
What is the relationship between multiple header files and classes?
saveMyProfile evaluates false 2 times
Why doesn't my jQuery load function work? - On Chrome
Javascript module pattern - losing scope of this
ftrace on android?
Entity Framework and POCO
Flyweight vs object pool patterns: When is each useful?
Very strange lin2sql error
What's wrong with this dereferencing statement?
Implementing ActiveX Control for web browser
Float an element over other elements and push some, but not all, elements down
Can I avoid referencing assemblies from which existing references inherit?
What is DBML storage attribute in LINQ to SQL?
Cakephp - MeioUpload - How to download files uploaded
Why does vsperfmon tell me the called function's inclusive time is taking longer then the root function's?
Wi-Fi peer-to-peer API in Mac OS X
MS Entlib 5: How to solve error message 鈥淧rocessing of the message failed鈥�
Redirect from sub-directory to parent directory
Missing seperator when trying to ndk build
Uploading a text file by either binary or ASCII both leave it blank?
subprocess.Popen and shlex.split formatting in windows and linux
How do I validate $_GET to allow only specific key
R: Postpone plot() output until all lines have been added?
Wordpress - Getting posts in a custom taxonomy
In App Purchase purchase very slow after restoring
Sencha Touch - localstorage problems
Can Mono DataConvert be used to read a 3-byte integer?
Programmatically determine gem's path using bundler
Spring controller to invoke other contorllers
Making Re-Usable Code
Push notification in background (PHP)
Unable to append to clipboard
301 redirect using httpd.conf
Graph API Batch Request with dependencies and increment?
Producing a list of links while reading Javascript Array [closed]
How can I reuse JQuery dynamic tags?
SEO friendly routing 2 query strings
How can i extrapolate a new quaternion rotation from two previous packets?
Determine Which Side of Rectangle Was Hit
image magick image cropping adds white space
How to run a script that can only write to STDOUT and read from STDIN?
Any Idea for Android app development [closed]
Why we need an explicit conversion incase od Extension method and not for static methods?
Discover what element is using phpQuery()
OS X app crashes while loading root nib file
How do I use only two strings in this program?
Turning a folder into a module in Python
jQuery get, recieve an int value from the php?
Setting background color/pattern of Inkscape workspace to distinguish transparency
Confusing vector iterators incompatible runtime error
Rails Routing :on => :collection failing, but only sometimes
MySqlCommand seems not to be passing parameters
Multiple JavaFX TextArea
is it possible to create a c# app to download a single file from multiple wcf servers?
500 internal server error perl/Database
Why am I getting different submit button placement in Chrome / Firefox when using custom graphics?
how to tag a defect using rally Javascript API
xslt group by - php
textFieldDidEndEditing firing 鈥渢oo late鈥�
Yahoo YUI DataTable.DataSource, anyway to simple update?
Google Docs Cursor Effect
SQL Design, Joining Types and Subtypes
Show json objects in the view
MonoTouch: Calling UIWebView.LoadHTMLString Once Web Page is Loaded
Using SQL Server Compact with Entity Framework 4.3
google app engine maximum number of values in all indexes for an entity = 5000
Cannot unmarshal struct from unmanaged code in Mono
Consuming WCF Services from Linux Clients
Starting multiple batch files at the same time
What is the DQL Equivalent of MySQL's FOUND_ROWS() Method?
Freebsd vs Mint( ubuntu derivatives)
Having some quirks with Everyone/Just Me option in MSI installer
How to write select case in T-SQL
Are there issues with putting a 鈥�鈥�in a git tag name to create hierarchical/nested tags?
How to put file in the document directory of my app?
How to increase memory limit ios5
Where do I modify the admin view code for a 3rd party app?
@font-face not working in Firefox 10 / IE
How to get DVD release dates of movies programatically?
How Can I Detect Collisions When Objects Aren't Moving?
Convert rows based entry to column based in shell
table decoration fails to work
Codeigniter custom output array from query
JQuery Mobile: click events cannot be attached to button after show/hide
Setting up links in Codeignitor
JPA CriteriaBuilder - How to use 鈥淚N鈥�comparison operator
Prefilled form fields
Can I remove a merge/changeset from the past?
Very slow to generate MD5 for large file using Java
How to use sugar.js in nodejs?
Compilador Less CSS in jquery
Creating non-rectangular forms that can be moved by dragging anywhere in the background area
How to rotate a BitmapSource by any angle?
How to make maven cobertura and surefire plugins work together?
Logging in with either username or email
Multithreaded Socket Server - receive data
need an assembly code generator [closed]
Avoid needing to set jmxremote ports (to use VisualVM remotely)?
Defining attributes in services.xml for Ofbiz
itextsharp place Pdfptable at desired position
Getting a String from one VB progam to another using networking (Chat Program)
Checking each value in list with each other
javascript function to get all images in html
Getting a line to display with HTML/CSS
How to sniff packets on Mac OS 10.7 Lion? [closed]
How do I compile my Qt application into a static library?
How to index a sparse set of elements in a matrix?
Submit contact form to wordpress database
Accessing results of asmx service from jQuery in ASP.Net 4?
How do I clear a combobox?
Newbie Objective C function's NSString to Int
Thread Safe Method
Extend jquery with allow only numbers
iPad Split View in Portrait Mode - Popup Button Title
Google Maps V3 API Key Local Computer Error: GoogleGoogle has disabled use of the Maps API for this application
Bison style: is using my own stack bad? Are globals bad?
Live focus issues with dymaic input fields
Implement strstr
Python using wrong encoding
Format date in MySQL SELECT as ISO 8601
Does Mono Implement CLR? Or At Least Some Unmanaged InternalCall? Or Nothing?
Setting the connection timeout in virtuoso server via connection string
What's the best way to create an octogonal div?
what local storage is best for android list
jQuery ajax loaded elements, adding events to them automatically?
Snapping mouse cursor to a line in a Delphi custom control
SQLite visual editor for windows
IE 7 fun - Or why the submit button jumped [closed]
properly update a link href after ajax request is sent
how to resize image from url by clicking opaque button?
Detect when the main thread is locked/busy (IOS)
MYSQL storing input values in one row or multiple rows
Is it possible to lower the max document size in Mongo or otherwise restrict document size on update?
image in facebook for an object
Hide DataPager if Pages = 1
Persisting Table data in ASP .NET
return a php file content using .ajax()
Google Maps v3 custom marker icon does not keep it's position on map
javascript break of of loop
std::set of template class without a specific definition
Printing to screen and writing to a file at the same time
Attempt adding forms to field using javascript
jQuery Tablesorter plugin - how to save the state when leaving the page
ajax extension tabs do not show the GUI after publishing on the server 2008
sudo sysctl kern.bufcachepercent from openbsd in linux
onListItemClick, can I get the absolute position from 'id'?
creating a global NSMutableSet
How do I make a group box's text bold but not the text of controls contained in it?
conditionally create/read a .plist file
How to do prev next page?
How to do double domain crosshair using jFreeChart
Regarding the dividing of PL/SQL apps into several units
(slightly) advanced linear algebra with objective-c
CodeIgniter; $this usage in non object context
Cannot update Silverlight UI from asynchronous method completed callback
Trying to change views of a rails application but changes don't apply
Setting Timer To Execute DB rows once every 1 second [closed]
HTML forms, php and apostrophes
Codeigniter 2.1.0 forms
Direct upload to s3 with progress bar using php
Variable not resetting when command is ran again
Android communication to server very slow due to long DNS packets
What is the most efficient way to store 500.000 images?
We have lots of database migration files - should we keep them?
Razor Dynamic Models Breaking
difflib returns different ratio depending on order of sequences
How can I hide YouTube play button appearing on the video?
getting different value from ASCII code
Django South, add new model
jQuery Mobile: data-rel=鈥渂ack鈥�+ data-transition does not work?
Java anagram finder algorithm
Distributed File System For High Concurrent Access Of Small Files
Google Closure decompiler?
Randomize place where buttons appear?
GLSL 2D Rotation not working
Google Chrome Extension: Webpage in Popup
creating project in eclipse
Rounding to the nearest integer in floating point
Using getline and istringstream to read from file is producing zeroes
Easy way to copy the word under the caret in Vim
Adding button to jtable
Clone object to another object but exclude some properties?
Where can I find detailed information on how AWT interacts with the native OS?
jQuery removeAttribute() not working
what could be stopping my BufferedLogger from writing out?
Implementing an inline to represent a ListField in Django-nonrel
php recursion error factoring
How to capture cell content in a Silverlight datagrid?
Loop through html tables data and submit back to server
Can't git clone Heroku project after reinstalling OS
Adding an OPC UA Server to .NET application
Developping Perl & testing Perl
Get current css file
Java Convert integer to hex integer
Handling AeroSnap message in WndProc
Java: cannot find symbol (constructor)
String not passing to second Android activity
Android - How to change file to view with SharedPreferences
Can you set page attributes via HTTP POST to page object?
update nested attribute: WARNING: Can't mass-assign protected attributes: error
Sorting mySql results using LIKE '%variable%'
Facebook page content only for fans
Is there any justifiable value in multi-level/tree selectors when using jQuery or CSS?
Netbeans throwing an syntax error - php
Serializing a custom class to XML
MySql: Date_add returns BLOB
Javascript - JSON.parse: unexpected end of data - Error when using valid JSON. What am I doing wrong?
jquery real-time margin update
slncrypto lib for lua
GDI+ draws letters bunched together
Java Array Comparison [closed]
Design pattern to avoid downcasting in message passing
Can I include Python.framework from 10.7 on 10.6 for Python 2.7 compatibility?
AutoMapper with prefix
Where do I find the environment entry mapping screen in Weblogic?
How to show 鈥渧ia [my app name鈥�when placing a 鈥淟ike鈥�button inside an app
Interpolation between components of a Matrix in MATLAB
how to get the value time from TimePicker in Android
CGPathRef vs. CGMutablePathRef
multiple uiimageviews from for loop
NSDictionary in NSArray search
Images in MHT files from MS Word do not display in email
Previews of matlab figures in Windows explorer (utility to set an image as the thumbnail for another file)
Playing video in Qt (on a Mac)
Change to my left nav bar when on a certain page?
Segfault when returning an int value;
I made a heads/tails script in perl and I want it to run more than once
LLDB equivalent of gdb's future-break?
Change activity
perl bug when STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR get closed?
Thor task list from within the class?
Unicode/ UTF-8 text file: gibberish on Windows console
Node: Mysql client libraries on windows
Local Development Configuration with Git repositories
Where can I find a php lib for generating time-based (v1) UUID?
Trying to forward to some different local subfolder
Hide unit tests from Call Heirachy
Make a very nice looking desktop application. Which one is the best language?
Associate file format with my program (Java)
Normalizing MySQL data
XMLtable with Oracle 11g
Colormap is being ignored for matplotlib contourf plot with custom levels
How to check if an opencv window is closed
Why does one conversion of an array element to an integer work and the other now work?
Valgrind not showing line numbers in spite of -g flag (on Ubuntu 11.10/VirtualBox)
Why is my PHP if statement not working correctly?
How to automatically limit Android audio recording length?
Inject a thread with LD_PRELOAD and thread-safety
Running org.mule.MuleServer in Maven causing a SecurityException
twitter api tmhOAuth is not working oauth/access_token
bitwise arithmetic tutorial
Restrict direct file access with Apache .htaccess
how to loop through an array with nested objects using jquery?
Java GUI Layout managers
Whats the best C# Way to stream a H.264 Video to another computer/device on a network? Is there a library/API For this? File Sharing?
joomla 1.5.6 menu doesn't appear after php update
MySQL Combine Data + Count(*) Query FROM 2 tables
Which algorithm can I use for quadrilater/cube detection?
Delphi XE2 assembly
Two commands in one line, end both when either ends
Mimic MS Access or SQL Server ODBC server from .NET
How to keep WSGI from launching multiple instances
GRANT EXECUTE to all stored procedures
LINQ-to-SQL : Convert Func<T, T, bool> to an Expression<Func<T, T, bool>>
dragging in Jquery mouse down event?
Porting a markdown-live-preview-in-vim plugin from *nix to Windows
Script tags embedded in MVC3 Razor views
background repeat-y but not below page
Numeric sequence gets out of order in plot series
Best method of storing data for android application?
Image Perspective Transform using Android OpenCV
How do I return data from post to variable jquery
What happens when one calls a setter/getter on a property that has not been alloc+init'ed?
Can R create a barplot image with clickable bars to insert on a webpage?
Javascript Syntax Explanation - Conditional?
Storing information in a database on a Heroku server
How to modify a cookie from NSURLRequest in iOS app
Communication between a C# and Python application hosted on the same machine
Smarty if statement with date?
Chrome + css3: media query zoom bug
When I construct a second new Polynomial(linked list) class, the first one takes the second one's values
Trouble defining new operator
Func delegate for multiple method calls
Rails 3 delayed_job start after rebooting
Can scope timers be made in Scala?
How use NuGet packages and namespaces with f#
ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass)
How to make videos on Youtube not cover a lightbox?
deleting contents of a label - Objective C
Why is a Java String hash code lazy generated?
How to make git check every file's contents even though stat info may not have changed?
Link_to rails causing routing error
wordpress IE hack to have menu on line
Html.CheckBox Helper passes null to the calling controller
Summing up the total number of times a field value appears in a table
How can I increase the number of decimal digits when converting BigDecimal to String?
Setting a font for an entire layout in android
What is the correct use of the escape gem for shell input?
YUI DataSource.GET possible to use HTTP POST? [closed]
How to delay ActiveRecord MySQL reconnect during a failover
Using dynamic search parameters with Sequelize.js
What is the best way to maintain and update offline changes between an IOS client and a server?
Why Rails process link_to with :action=>methodname as ID=>methodname
DirectoryIndex seemingly ignored by apache2
AppFabric caching on build server - dilemma with assembly referencing
Javascript stop code execution and redirect if user clicks no on popup
Wordpress query_posts(鈥� by page
Impact of releasing a variable more then the retain count
Code to create & connect to a SQL Server database: Whats wrong with it?
Selecting multiple descended elements without writing full path
Parsing XML, calling doc.getDocumentElement().getNodeName() and get a bad output of 鈥渉1鈥�
same settings and perspective in aptana for every project/workspace
ASP.NET How to get the URL's parameters before post to the server?
OpenCV 2.3.1 Python with Eclipse shows synatx errors but still runs
How to package a WCF service from a makefile鈥�
Do javascript closures with a this/self reference cause memory leaks?
Does charset matter when I echo content from a BLOB field?
Secondary axis labels not working?
CodeIgniter validation rule
should i use OpenGL ES 1 or 2 for android
Setting position limits for a draggable UIView when using UIPanGestureRecognizer
Upgraded to rails 3.2 and AWS object is nolonger working, how come?
jQuery jPlayer.event.ended works in Chrome, Safari, IE9, but NOT Opera and FireFox
Rails database setup on Travis-CI
How to build an SSISDeploymentManifest via the command line
How to enable optimization in G++ with #pragma
How to iterate through XML values that are a SimpleXMLElement Object
Git / detached HEAD, get work back?
Android SecurityException ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
FreeTDS - Linux server problems - both server and SQL admins say it's properly configured
Can I force to display the file in browser rather than download it for a particular sub url?
Can i use WebResourceLoadDelegate for iOS
Backwards compatible Switch
Adding logic inside JS templates? Good idea or no?
Walking animation while moving in as3
JOptionPane vs. JDialog
Prevent Windows CE device of suspending
Challenge: Make background and two div elements scale and move relative to browser window
ios gtm-oauth no keyboard
ios gtm-oauth no keyboard
Thread static class methods vs global scope
Invalid keystore format exception when loading keystore file
sass gem permission denied error
Castle Windsor auto registration of multiple interfaces and their corresponding implmentations
The last few search results are hidden behind keyboard
Change Source Commit
undefined method `order_path' for #<#<Class:0x00000102efef18>:0x00000100f3c9c8>
access mongoHQ db in my rails app
running cronjobs from plesk
Ruby bcrypt password retrieval in PHP
Issue installing the Nokogiri gem in Mac OS X 10.5.8
PHP Pass Data with Redirect
Why is android.os.Bundle a final class?
Meaning and function of ^ (caret) sign in javascript
Function Values using Differential Evolution
鈥淓rror: Cannot find module 'less'鈥�Node.js module loading preference/order/cache?
Convert a NSDate to milliseconds epoch time
jquery remove last span in series matching ID
unobtrusive validation on dynamically added partial view (not working)
Is there any good tutorial on posting to Twitter from iOS 4.2
Error in cucumber tests 鈥渘o such file to load 鈥�rspec (MissingSourceFile)鈥�
Why Linq Expression Tree polymorphism work correctly?
How to send files with node.js
Why is the System.Web.Mvc.HttpVerbs class missing TRACE, CONNECT & OPTIONS?
Fixed inscreen div
Android - ListView slide left/right like Samsung contact ListView
How to create multiple rooted JSON for ExtJS store?
How to organize JS functions in multiple files
Initiate method onchange on input
Communicate with GPL software from closed-source sorfware
0 < 0 -1 is true?
If input type text is empty, disabled the button type send with jQuery?
Corrupted Git Repository (data stream error) [duplicate]
Serialized Object Ontology
Curl - headerfunction and write function called when an error occures (access denied)
Pixelation with 50x50 profile pic and UIImageView
Reading documents CSS in Chrome Extension
TimePicker Android
PHP lags with some clients on the local network
asp classic: request.form data has no spaces
Free software to command line login to Windows from Linux [closed]
iOS Loses Touches?
LinqToSql Filter EntitySet
How to make autocad addon run on many autocad version
What algorithm does Photoshop use to desaturate an image?
Trouble with the box model
Internet Explorer hangs when holding in space and tabbing trough a form
Is this a PHP issue? Undefined variable: rawHTML error on WP migration
QComboBox within QTableWidget returns NoneType
hittin UIImageViews with another UIImageView
quirky percentage interpretation in webkit
matlab - can I use roipoly to get data from a scatter plot?
Use search and replace to move contents outside of curly braced command (Vim)
jQuery UI Widget Factory get context of current widget
Is Reverse Engineering the SQL Server Transaction Log Legal? [closed]
CoffeeScript Confusion? (KeyUp Jquery)
Why doesn't this class handler attached to a tunneling event fire before an instance handler?
How do you download a web page in Arch Linux [closed]
Web reference call return object with null fields
Exception When Accessing Server Variables
HTTPS Web API and Android
UIWebView: change view title
Override Generated Links in MVC