YouTube parse video id from links
Design choice: Any good reason for 'ToArray()' LINQ extension to throw an exception for null collections?
Implementing loop of images in android
Mono - Compiler as Service, how to create instance of the compiled class
How to properly fire browser events from within python using boost and Firebreath
Project Resources variable does not change value
Accessing Validator block ErrorMessage
When does printf fail to print?
What is the Advantage of a Completion Block over a Callback Function in NSOperation Class
PhoneGap/ChildBrowser - POST App Form to ChildBrowser
Unable to assign getBytes() to byte array
How to share UIViews and other elements across view controllers?
Setting folder for dependencies in C#/.NET
Mixed return types in UML
C# Convert String CONTENTS to byte array
Cannot rollback jta transaction and continue execution
Android Layout equal width and height
Java alternative for 'sort -V'
How do you set a session variable to tell Devise where to redirect after Sign In or Sign Up?
Getting silky smooth marquee to stop/start on mouseover/out on more than one area
Scoring and ranking specificity rules
Is it necessary for the build machine to have Microsoft Office 2007 installed?
MVC3 .net Multiple Model or a Single View Model
Facebook C# SDK with WCF service
Showing a list of files in a ListView
Powershell - Trouble With Loops
How can I fix setInterval issues when tab is inactive?
Prevent Java Servlet from starting if configuration parameters are missing
iOS application hangs when the server loses connection
Forward declaration of inline functions
Get the application closing event
Bitmap Performance-Optimization Patterns
Location provider timestamp different between GPS provider and network provider?
nhibernate generating incorrect sql query with weird alias
EC2 Instance setup with an higher volume space
The bytes my server program receives is incomplete. Why? I'm using C# .net sockets
JQuery serialize of form not firing in IE
Bind label to sql database
Modal javascript: new Window opens when submit form
Application Design / Integration
How to hide Date Today in search engines With HTML TAGS?
ListPreference Dropdown
Pass an array element (struct) to function
Use predicates in HtmlAgilityPack, Xpath
Preventing files from being backed up in iOS
Background process for sending data to server
Why does my [tableview reloadData] execute too late?
How to test if a file is open in Java?
Can't delete project folders created by Visual Studio 2010
TSQL- need help in total day not week
NSClassFromString loading class from a library
go websockets eof
How to test a void method with Moq?
How can I style jQuery-UI autocomplete differently than jQuery-UI tabs?
UserControl Parent Left
Writing a regex in java. Using the string.split() method. I want it to stop splitting after the first occurrence of '('
spring security how to retrieve username [duplicate]
What does this warning mean in Xcode?
Iterators and Iterable in ECore
iOS - iPhone : UISlider track image disappearing randomly
Session and jQuery
Access Thor Option Hash
Rails - Filter by date range
Proper GROUP BY syntax
Error in subquery
batch mysql script / schedule run the batch job
Jump to next searchable text.
How to create a image and content slider in Flex?
How to check< 2 and > 4 checkbox in javascript
Getting current time
Blackberry cache reverse geocode address info with proximity
using explode function to read a string
sending an email from a C/C++ program in linux
How to change the format of the date Calendar Control vs2010
JCIFS SmbException
HTML5: element <group>
fix url using jquery mobile
Make a section of page intact on postback
jQuery draggable, event when dropped outside of parent div
get error message from jquery's eventData object
Is a Generic Base Class Legal?
Adding NSMutableArray to another from a loop seems to create duplicates
How to get a random line from within a gzip compressed file in python without reading it into memory
Handle ics/vcs files in my Android app, correct Intent Filter
Handle ics/vcs files in my Android app, correct Intent Filter
Scale a UIView Horizontally
iOS5 Mobile Safari: Handle HTML Input Text keyup/keydown with Voice Assistant?
Defining 'edit' method to let admins change pending status of users in devise
Can I upload a file to my server using a form and POST in HTML?
How to check if a given link is valid?
Symfony Component Security Core Authentication Token UsernamePasswordToken::serialize() must return a string or NULL
Office Word Library - the result of searching by wildcards
Making linearlayouts scrollable in android
IDataReader.GetOrdinal or IDataReader[ColumnName]
Python Logging module: custom loggers
passing a keydown to another element
Writing bucket sort in c++
how to exactly match using :class selector in watir-webdriver
Wordpress: Only show future posts minus one day
Best method of communication between your app and your website? PHP, Web service, etc [closed]
PowerShell window when started from a batch file
All list of values for HTML rel attribute
Objective C: Retrieve Router address?
asp listview datasource appending
How can i make a hidden html table for exporting?
Error on a POST when calling Google Translate API v2 from C#
Cocoa NSUserDefaultsController: Multiple methods named 'save:' found
Send from hotmail with Javamail?
Working with date in C#
Removing empty rows in Magento products ordered report
converting code from jquery to pure javascript
White screen when using setActiveItem
Set timeout when reading NetworkStream with TcpClient
iOS - Programatically extracting a silhouette from a bitmap
Any ideas as to why updating my service reference takes more than 30 minutes?
LEX & YACC - spaces in expressions
What are the causes of a 鈥渙peration performed with inactive user鈥�error when *creating* a Salesforce object?
Finding the number of occurrences of an array inside a multidimensional-array
How do I set a boolean for a specified amount of time, then reset it?
Group String Concatenation: which approach, if any, is any more guaranteed?
What does thread local mean in Flask framework?
Interface implementation hiding in OOPS
Detect whether Perl String is printable
render template Rails.root in rails 3.1
Notes error: JVM: Attempt to retrieve Java agent attachments failed
Implementation of RFB protocol
Number of constant-sum combinations
Cell formatting with Excel VBA [closed]
Can a custom LoginModule be a stateful ejb?
How to 鈥淐SS3 Gradient in Windows Phone 7鈥�
How to run bcp utility from root drive?
Git fork no longer automatically merges
having issues sorting alpha numeric chars
wp7 TemplateBinding Content not working
How can I call a shell function from a Perl script
'Less Than' Escape Character in Applescript
Using WH_JOURNALRECORD and cancel does seem to return the WM_CANCELJOURNAL
Binding 2d array to a Grid
Are there any arbitrary restrictions on maximum image pixel size in IE and Webkit mobile?
Convert dictionary to ArrayList
Generic method for comparing 2 objects and update changes from one to the other in c#
Fix node width and height in Spacetree from Javascript Infovis Toolkit
Xmldiff tool to output node name and previous value
Clang: expression result unused with ternary operator
DropDownButton content binding issue
ODBC Config File for Datastage Connection to SQLServer 2008
Copying control components
How to search for friends around me using Facebook API?
Override existing meta robots tag with PHP
Daily average of count grouped by month
How to validate CSS3 HSLA color values?
Cannot install Eclipse Galileo
Difference between JavaScript Extensions and NPAPI plugins with respect to performance
How do I respresent the system under development in a UML use case?
Is it possible to restart a 鈥渒illed鈥�Hadoop job from where it left off?
Why can't I import a Django model from another source file?
How do I sort a DataGrid column based on a field in an embedded Repeater?
Check if UIImage is on the top of view
Remove NaN from input field [closed]
WPF Apps running within WPF Apps
Using _ViewStart on areas for nested content
Eclipse CDT does not correctly parse 'unsigned int myVar;'
Python return list from function
How to access members for struct in struct - C
Troubleshooting 鈥淭he use statement with non-compound name 鈥�has no effect鈥�
Using PetaPoco with webservices
How to read description of image file using php [duplicate]
Codeigniter: Why does tank use InnoDB instead of MyISAM?
On-Update and On-Delete Triggers
How to create an icon shortcut with NSIS?
MySQL what would the best approach to ranking highest to lowest possible match?
How to move out variables declaration from a bat file to another bat file?
jQuery UI Draggable to Droppable Resize Page?
Windows 7 64bit - Sleep resume c# code
onListItemClick for ListView not working - Android
Cannot use getApplication() in a store or a view
Which is more efficient, atan2 or sqrt?
Symfony2 ACL problems
array of char pointer segfaulting
2 WARs in maven EAR build
How to get the size of an image in Android?
using statement with
MATLAB: Multiply each column in Matrix A by a row in Matrix B
How to get sum of each column of nxn matrix in Java?
Username and Password validate doesn't work in PHP?
Pulling JSON into phonegap results in 404
Search a list of list of strings for a list of strings in python efficiently
Merging hashes inside of an array
Atom feed and rss reader
Coding pattern for calling a rest base wcf service from IOS
Gridview delete row
What is the use of do{}while(0)? [duplicate]
preg_match() regex pattern for my url
Comparing rows between two matrices
Centering of large font text in TextView
napi used for receiving
php preg_replace this url
AndEngine and box2d collision filtering
dynamically removing JPanel
how to get variable from another class
What is the difference between IEqualityComparer<T> and IEquatable<T>?
Speedometer graphic help w/ jQuery and CSS3
Intercepting undo while editing a cell-based table view
how to populate a listbox with the names of security groups from active directory?
Right-click command pass argument to python script
HttpServletResponse seems to periodically send prematurely
Get array size inside a function using C++
Viewing asserts in ASP.NET
Jquery tabs is not working, what am i missing?
@property is not set to new value
how to display a snapshot of a current map in Info after clicking disclosure from annotation
Flex debugging not working on android 4.0
Why is font not set to Anonymous Pro?
Problems with Opencv 2.3.1
JButtons to adjust to size based on it's textual contents
What is SQLite? Can put audio file and use with android? [closed]
ASP.NET web app not working in German PCs
SQL Query - Error [closed]
MediaSource API and mp4
Android: MediaPlayer and AsyncTask Wakelock
After updating to Mac OS X Lion my laptop does not recognize 鈥渕ake鈥�command
Errors compiling ffmpeg for iPhone
How to solve following Log cat Error
Using Code Contracts to specify a return value may be null
IBM CPLEX - How to get back a reference to a named variable?
What is the most efficient way to save an Access 2007 database (or export tables) that will be opened on another computer?
Setting active class for navigation
javascript object properties as parameters
Missing WSDL error.. Trying to add functionality to an existing WSDL
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
Signalr stops doing Callbacks after some minutes
Issue with saving UITextfield information
On use of C++ singleton class
Should we close HttpPostedFile.Inputstream, once we are done using it?
Customs URL / Deeplinking
Zip folder from FTP
Autogenerate columns null values
how to speed up html5 game
Does the STL set equality operator check size first?
am I using the wrong data type with predict.nnet() in R [closed]
Javascript debugging for IE6/7
Storage.prototype not working in IE8
XQuery and Zorba: Setting indent to add a tab character instead of two spaces
National Public Transportation APIs
access localize css file through SharePoint designer 2010
How to look if a pointer in a pointer map is not 0
updating a UI table view cell with upload status - iOS
ListView with custom CursorAdapter doesn't work well
SQL - Counting a column twice
why and when should i use getItemId
UISearchBar Placeholder besides another Text
AFTER INSERT TRIGGER causing deadlock on SQL Server 2008 R2
Can't remove child from the stage - if(stage.contains(child1)){removeChild(child1);} doesn't work
Shorter way of writing singleton-structs
How can I convert an json object into PHP variable and pass it to PHP script?
No data showing on Google Analytics due to Profile/Filter Configuration
iTextSharp 5.1.3 - Put HTML in Form Field using c#?
XQuery Update Facility / Replace node
Editable combobox with binding, block missing values
MYSQL if not exists insert data
DuplicateMemberException play framework mongodb module
How do I allow users to display LinkedIn profiles on my site?
Route present, but can't DESTROY object, why?
PHP/HTML linking Step 2 to call the filename uploaded in Step 1
Reflectively get all packages in a project?
Tomcat, Java & Oracle9. org.apache.naming.NamingContext lookup
Which part of my matlab code is multi-threaded?
How to render Framebuffer Objects on multi-sampled textures?
Is a blank return statement at the end of a function whos return type is void necessary?
How to shift development of an existing MVC3 app to a TDD approach?
Symfony 2: Autogenerated navigation menus
Design table structure for credit , charges ,invoice and taxes
eval-buffer doesn't do anything when setting up CLISP/SLIME
Handle variable that could be None
Bindings to use Cucumber with C
send multi ajax requests every 1 second
WCF and Intermediate Devices & Issues with external link
Joomla: how to use the site default text editor for the module Textarea parameter field type
Apache host header proxy
No Transaction in Progress JTA Transaction
iphone how to capture simple login/logout event from web to native
function which takes 3 argument [closed]
Converting a JSON string to a VB DataTable (Newtonsoft.Json)
Where do I put a crossdomain XML in Tomcat?
JavaScript UI for ideally Bing maps or Google maps?
django request.user.is_authenticated is always true?
How do I assign different dots different colors in a scatter plot made with MatPlotLib?
SmartGWT TreeGrid field filter with SelectItem
How to check if a form has no input fields and if so set the focus to an anchor element
How can I apply a patch to a git subtree merge?
Error converting data type nvarchar to bigint
Can I create Windows Azure drive as 1T size straight way
getopts truncates argument value
Including an entity in an myBatis mapper file
Writing many values received in real time to database on iPhone with SQLite3
Using PHP array data to create and manipulate HTML form
Show json returned message in a div after each ajax response , extjs4 grid
Micro bench mark outputting high fluctuation
What does tilde (~) preceding jQuery object do?
How can I generate a folder with the last X files added?
Buffering log4net Debug-Messages to display them on error?
iOS: Proper way to display required UITextField in UITableViewCell
how to get stored procedure's batches query in different dataset
How to use get/set methods?
Keeping MasterViewController and DetailViewController in sync
Error handling in CakePHP returning user posted values to form?
Stripes and Ajax- How do i send data to a server and refresh a table with data using AJAX mvc validation. How to specify several validation messages for one field in view
Get Chome Block all Plug-ins state
Java paintComponent override differences between versions 5 and 6
Delete cell from a UItableView - code provided
Day Rendering Calendar based on 鈥淏ookings鈥�from MySQL table ASP.NET C#
xaml and C# should be equivalent, but they're not
Creating a complete OSGi application with Felix & Maven
GREP: interactive vs crontab
Pool of preloaded iframes
Query Lotus Domino calendar entries independent of date locale
How to have two submit buttons within a form_for in Rails submit to different actions?
RabbitMQ c# client callback when TCP Backpressure activated?
Raw output from controller action method
Can a javascript file be dynamic (different for each client when he loads) ? How?
copying html files automatically copies the related image folder. how this works?
Loading dll with c++ explicit load
ANTLR toStringTree() not being recognised
Using cursor in OLTP databases (SQL server)
How to add PNG resource in Visual Studio 2010?
hibernate Dao references to external DB?
Implementing custom 鈥減ath鈥�properties inside a User Control
Regex to add and replace parts of a URL
Android emulator SDCard is removed for some reason
Using LDAP filter to find all results. Getting error message
Calculating all bitonic paths
Dynamicly Write and Print at RunTime FlowDocument in WPF
How to change the default Android browser homepage URL using code?
Send Output direct to HTML or through XML first?
Undefined relationship (foreign key) in SQL Server database
How to get rid of ugly SWT button fringes in Windows 7?
Spring: Does AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests lazy load beans?
News feed with nice transitions using jQuery
Using jQuery .dialog() and .datepicker() with z-index
Displaying different content on the same panel using Javascript.
Embed Complete GitHub Repository in a Web Page
While implementing IEnumerable<T>, pointer misdirection is observed
Add and manage a layer over a canvas using SurfaceView
How to connect two Spring applications through ESB using web-service binding components?
User Roles DB Schema Design
How do i use decimal (float) in C++?
Android error/warning Unable to execute dex: wrapper was not properly loaded first
How to load select lists based on a datepicker selection in Oracle Apex?
what are the dotnet libraries for convex optimization?
running system commands on linux using python?
Shared Preference when Application starts
Ingredients for drink new table or string in column?
Properties in custom UITableViewCell are not getting initialized for a UISearchDisplayController's table
How to create barcodes using ReportViewer Local Report VS 2008?
Using jQuery's ajax along with a database query multiple times
Save TouchListView and open it next time when app opens
Iterate JSON object string
Lightweight physics engine Android
Need help about accessing a JSON file using JavaScript without the use of any servers
Is it possible to prevent reassignment of variables non-transitively in D2?
C# Watin is returning TD with null data
How to split a string and extract specific elements?
emedded flash video hides the fly out of like / send button
How to decrypt SHA-256 encrypted String?
How many different partitions with exactly n parts can be made of a set with k-elements?
erlang debugging (Beginner) io:format or what?
How to extract data from a SipleXMLElement? [closed]
Namespace issue in the XML payload POSTing to WCF REST service
Android XXXX byte external allocation too large for this process
The same old issue, .scrollTop(0) not working in Chrome & Safari
How to cancel or pause download operation of MKNetworkKit iOS?
how to detect jquery ajax request timeout error
Zend Navigation Uri and BaseUrl
Is it possible to use a @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation to unmarshal a method's return value?
Selecting Logging Provider
How to renew a tree from a list of its nodes faster then for O(n^2)?
Are types created by a linq to sql datacontext unconvertable? Is there a simple work around?
NHibernate - how to delete an item from many-to-many relationship?
How to do authentication and authorization in c# windows application? [closed]
Expose command or shell script as a webservice
Pass a string of less to less.js and receive css?
Java Doc to PDF Convertor
Rails & NLTK deploying to Heroku
Rails & NLTK deploying to Heroku
json callback function not firing
CORBA + Tomcat 6 + Webapp classloader leak
Customized JQuery UI Dashboard plugin
Sudoku Checker 2d array Java
How to run the exec-maven-plugin if a system property id set in Maven 3.x?
Occasional Internal Server Errors using Django with mod_wsgi and Apache
%cd transformed to 脥 in ajax to php call
Part of a code in Razor view isn't rendered
How do I find the mode of an array? Instant search
Is there any framework that can render Swing/AWT code into a webapp?
Can you delete cookies used by the installer user-agent (different from Safari) on an iOS mobile device?
Timeout trying to lock table; why is this occurring and how do I fix it?
Do stylesheets apply if not loading entire XML document into textfield?
Why did my program crash when I tried the perror function?
UIImage not updating when called from another object
UILocalNotification & NSTimeZone, wrong timezone showing up
I can't communicate between an pyOpenGL canvas and a button on a wxpanel鈥'm not sure how to bind the events.
Send User Form in Excel to another Workbook?
I want to trasfer a image from one android mobile to another both are connected to wifi lan? [closed]
Matlab: How to locate a data in Matrix B based on the info in Matrix A? [duplicate]
jni define class method returns Exception Message: ls.Hello (wrong name: ls/Hello)
Pythonic String Testing
Pinch Zoom images bound in Listbox
How To Add PHP Library To Netbeans?
Need help resetting a php counter
Populate spinner with a database column, first row disgarded
Reporting Services Report Server Cannot Select Parameter in DropDown IE9
What's an elegant way to implement a function that generates text/html formatted output?
How to handle missing data in structure from motion optimization/bundle adjustment
How to disable the Rails association counter_cache at runtime
How to use tapjoy through AdWhirl?
Replace a phrase in a file with a string which contains special Characters
RAD XE2 DataSnap - Calling methods In Objective-C for iOS
InstallShield2010 XML File Changes on modify and uninstall
Give an unique 6 or 9 digit number to each row
Capture part of webpage like an image in WPF?
Android : How to listen MediaPlayer event like music play/stop?
MicrosoftAjax.js causes an infinite page refreshing
adding charts to a web application - fusioncharts/ajax
Get file size in javascript for multiple files
Is there a way to create a new polymorphic foreign key relationship in
Reversal of Custom Segue with Storyboarding
moz css hack for text shadow
Identical JQuery function is working for one link, not another
Fastest way to speed up map<string,int> .find() in c++ . Where the keys are in alphabetical order
Symfony 2: How to get route defaults by route name?
why IE8 password field display nothing when we type through keyboard?
How to set the exit status in a Groovy Script
NSmutableArray sortUsingDesriptors
SQLite on iOS: performance and restrictions
Access HDFS HADOOP using APACHE Web Server, Linux CentOS
The page cannot be found鈥ost of the time
function_exists returns false but declaration throws error
Pass function pointer to template
What is the 鈥渃orrect鈥�way to pass a boolean to a Python C extension?
Need help- iFrame app url index.php not work
How to extract uuid inserted into a row as a primary key via a trigger
What's the C# equivalent to C++'s dynamic_cast?
Variable declaration in BEGIN block
Why token scheme is needed?
ARM NEON Assembler - usage & understanding
Generating and Displaying labels and corresponding textboxes at runtime?
CakePHP 2.0 Adding Related Data fails with missing database table
Kill Process Excel C#
using extended Toolkit Richtext box with mvvm to bind color text
android, zxing, styling the response
Probleming refreshing jspf using jQuery ajax and Spring Controller
Getting listview item index in android
Java generics NullPointerException
PDF framework working in Simulator, not on device
Autoload language codeigniter
Sort Complex Array of Arrays by value within
installing gcc as non-root
db.Key.from_path() does not return correct key
How to Improve Blobs Detection Accuracy?
unexpected 'end' fixing
Can you construct an xpath for an input element that will be case insensitive regarding the type being matched?
spaces in variable name not working php
Sockets with IPv6
ajax code works in android, fails on iOS
Drop all namespaces in lxml?
trouble with service reference
How could I have an iframe that shows the target page and all it's elements at 50% scale?
JPA with Play Framework query for null values not working
Mysql combining update query
How do I catch and recover from a stack overflow in Java?
It could be possible to create an email addon to convert an email address in a generic soap client?
Mysql query with a column name having '%' sign in it not executing in PHP
Clojure app not starting on Heroku; Aleph + RedisToGo timing out
select tags running at server
Disable SELECT until previous SELECT has been picked
Boost uBLAS Matrix Reference
Can a zipcode input be validated worldwide?
Jquery suddenly unable to drill into json?
Activity not waiting for result
perl dbi insert sql value is NULL?
Instantiating a DbContext in a repository instance
Python runs file from specific folder but can't run from others
How to use the strncpy_s function from visual c++?
Can portions of a site be hosted in another domain?
Pulling android file from SD card using Java
Simple sample to upload file
Attribute syntax in Delphi 2009 RTL/VCL?
Add - instead of white spaces in url rewriting
How to carry some codes in a variable? [duplicate]
Form action with parameters - parameters are not in $_GET or $_POST
Regex replace pattern - advanced find plugin for Gedit
Login-protected page is not requiring login to access
Python: Print to File
Push notification with Ad Hoc and Store distributions
OpenNI 1.5 changes list?
anchor target blank - how to always open in same popup window
Match some strange characters in a ` w` match
How to remove an alien element from
Can multiple Team projects point to the same source control in TFS?
IE's msxml and possible violation of the same origin policy
Proper CSS syntax
Cross-platform (JavaScript) tools for taming complexity of web pages? [closed]
How do I save a model recursively with Sequel?
Expected response to be a success, but was 302
Can Python's NetworkX library create animations? They have a fancy animation on their home page
Error While Compiling this C++ code
Java Swing: Changing border width/height on BorderLayout
Architechture/Best Practice - Best method/pattern to use for dto's in GWT web app
Why Won't My DLL.config File Load on Some Machines
Deleting shortcut of previous version of the application using the installer
embedded jetty as proxy with rewrite rule versus basic authentication
Using sed to append a string to the fourth occurrence of a pattern
Internet Explorer shows raw HTML text when using @ResponseBody
Why $.post method doesn't work in IE?
How can a JUnit 3 suite know if it's being run alone or with other suites?
iOS 5 Audio Backgrounding: Code only runs when audio file playing?
Android/Java SSL, keystore, certificate reference request
Having Trouble with localhost loopback
.Net TPL: Limited Concurrency Level Task scheduler with task priority?
PHP class error - noob
How to allow oracle database to be accessed remotely?
Why is my not pulling from modules?
Can dotnetnuke help me create a secure portal to add to my site made in Visual Studio?
I have a multi-module Maven 2 POM that has two WARs, how can I configure it to deploy both wars prior to running tests?
Can not run topcoder arena on Mac
Mapping a custom NHibernate class (like a view)
Condition in WHERE clause
Perforce 鈥�move a shelved Changelist from main to branch?
How good is a git submodule here?
I would like to develop metro app right now. What should I do?
Compare files with MATLAB
Implement 鈥渇ollowing鈥�feature efficiently on GAE
UITableView in DetailView loads wrong data
How to read table relationships?
WCF header duplicated in message
Making an ajax call from a file that's included in many pages
What does my cpu do when it is labeled as 鈥渟ystem cpu鈥�
Default.aspx page won't load on IIS 6
Achartengine repaint
Which macvim for osx 10.6.8? [closed]
Remove characters after ? in php
Parameterizing Jobs by Slaves
Save data on iPhone for single user
jQuery add and remove class - 2nd half of animation doesn't work
Javascript finding the Maximum
how to handle unhandled exceptions in libraries in node.js
Missing dependency when using DynamicParameters
Using List boxes to delete columns in datagridview - need to find similar phrases in the index
How to get the pid of command running with sudo
IPC using shared memory
鈥淸BEROR] Code Sign error鈥�for one sigle app only
How to invoke Nullable.GetUnderlyingType on an object? What is the difference between Nullable.GetUnderlyingtype and .GetType
IOS 5 message sent to deallocated instance on alloc command
How to pass a command line argument to a C# windows forms application while it is running
Which browsers allow intercepting of HTTP 401 requests within extensions?
鈥淎rchive鈥�doesn't appear
CellTable is not visible in TabLayoutPanel
Moving from Jquery 1.4.x to 1.7.x
Swap part of a value from one column to the other column?
Flask, CherryPy and static content
VB.Net - Tidying up some code
How to add a PayPal Buy Now button to my Facebook Event Page? I have the code but have no idea where to put it
How to override lib/spree/search/base.rb
How to send new and old value when any field is changed?
Sphinx numbered list not being shown as a list
Creating a loading screen / 鈥渁lert鈥�while transferring data when the app initializes
How to programmatically select nodes in Package Explorer in Eclipse plugin
jQuery sum of all class text as numbers
How to change the existing div value in javascript?
YAJGCQ Yet Another Java Generics vs. Collections Q
Barcode scanner interface for JSF app, Applet or JWS?
Convert vector<Point3f> to CvMat* in OpenCV?
Field synchronization in Play! Controllers
SQL Recursive in Same Table to Find Parent
How do I add a radius circle to Bing Maps?
Nested Loop - more than 4 for loops in one single program
absolute path for images in django
If statement returns true though only one of several conditions are met (jQuery)
Side effects of calling Assembly.Load multiple times
What is difference between php cli and php cgi?
Importing a schema that imports another schema using the original namespace
Importing a schema that imports another schema using the original namespace
how to read a line contents and put them in couple of arrays?
SSRS R2 rendering to excel
java animation sound not playing properly
Java, a method declaration inside another method?
Unable to locate the model you have specified: modelName
Getting the next/previous 'photo page' from wordpress
C++ : The second time calling a function, but still affect my previous pointer
鈥淭he document is not open鈥�error only in production with iTextSharp
BitmapImage.UriSource howto
Gate and Switch delay statements in real time or clock cycles (Verilog)?
Jquery php autocomplete list not filtered according to input
NullPointerException in Activity
Html5 table in MVC3 framework
Fork Rails tasks into background job with job control
location.hash and the page is refreshing unlimited number of times
Is a single class simpler and better than 6?
MATLAB: Linear regression
Avoiding circularity when testing elements in lxml
PHP / HTML textarea string regexp (regular expression)
Android - adjusting text in a grid view
what is attr_accessor in datamapper - ruby
Regex credit card number tests
AJAX return PHP form element back to original CSS style
How do I use Google Analytics for community members?
Is there a framework which makes developing Mac apps feel more like developing iOS apps?
Error when checking if SqlDataReader column has null value
PHP preg_replace any text in replacement
How can I insert data into a SQL Server Express database
Confirm that a route is in use in ASP.NET MVC
How to debug PAR Packer symbol resolution?
Antialiased text in image using cacheDisplayInRect
Grid of multiple ggplot2 plots which have been made in a for loop
Does changing dependency versions in the pom.xml merit a version bump?
In C# 5 what is the utility of the new async instruction [duplicate]
Java & Swing - Is it possible to have two JDialogs popup at the same time?
How to style the values in a textfield using CSS?
How can I make a JPA application access different databases?
How-to modify javascript 鈥渃hange font size鈥�
CryptoStream: Length of the data to decrypt is invalid. Same code does not generate error on same data
Writing binary data from javascript (Firefox plugin)
Require windows password to enter administration form in app
Why does Zend Framework's $this->_redirect($url, array('code'=>301)) result in a 302 code?
Is there an aggregate using left or right join statement in mySQL
How to sum groups in Solr?
gstreamer or mediastreamer2
How does rendering a comment alongside the PHP opening tag lead to an 鈥渦nexpected T_STRING鈥�
C# : How to keep track of each file added in a directory and log fileinfo into a file?
XHTML insert images into an unordered list?
what's the best way to store You Zend_Log (Zend_Db) object acros the application
what's the best way to store You Zend_Log (Zend_Db) object acros the application
Mapping composite foreign keys in Grails 2.0.0
Android, is there a way to display two browsers (or better to say two WebViews) at the same time?
Add a caption to a WheelView
Value in insert statement doesn't match value inserted
Name is not defined error [duplicate]
i am always getting error code 2000
Left shift Float type
Ruby on Rails link_to undefined method
OpenTbs convert html tags to MS Word tags
Joomla Custom Compoment Dev Env : Hot Deployment
How to return two different types of user 鈥淪tudent鈥�and 鈥淭eacher鈥�on login?
R paste: ignore sep if argument is an empty string
MATLAB function to import data from text files and calculate averages
Using progress bar?
Does the iphone mail app inform safari of send/cancel choice of user?
gem attr_encrypted doesn't work with rails 2.3.8 + bundler?
Read lines between two keywords
User inputs integers, until user stops program by writing 鈥�99鈥� Print out three biggest and three smallest integers [closed]
How to trigger an event after loading the page using jQuery
Error in a Simple Socket program
Addition of a mysql value in perl using placeholders
Tracking visited nodes in a graph visitor
Why is my rails mysql broken when accessed through socket in rails only?
Changing Android Project build target renders older API emulators unusable
Parsing words and tags from HTML in Java
Submitting a form in a partial
How to scale Image Views without any code?
Change the &
Heat Map for Code Repository Check-ins
Like Box Vs. Like Button - When logged in, counting doesn't match
Does Android WebView keep page in RAM only?
NSMutableArray filterUsingPredicate only past a certain index
C# Speech recognition - How to build dictation language?
Date format issue while importing from a flat file to an SQL database
facebook requests 2.0 sender id
Entity Framework Pre-Generated Views
How to resize height of parent to the height of its children?
How to divert two website towards one Umbraco instance?
How can I catch this error? (POST Content-Length 鈥�
.NET - Remove all listener event handlers from a object
Show location bar in Firefox
fb.xd.resolverelation(鈥�.fb' is null or not an object Driving me crazy
How to specify the root namespace for a variable when you are in a namespace
how to change array keys from uppercase to lowercase?
Initialize subclass by first sending a 2D-array to the super class in C++?
How do I get the Query String in an InfoPath form linked to Sharepoint?
accessing Dictionary from different programs
鈥淏ootstrapping鈥�with Cabal
Is there a jquery combo box that looks like the one used in google services?
Can you use CRTP and functions taking an interface as a parameter?
C function pointer confusion
Markdown Extra text align
How does the Navigation activity stay open all the time?
Timeouts on async socket communication with SocketAsyncEventArgs
How to handle the begin/end of the incoming/outgoing call
EventBus Implementation for PlayFramework 1.2.x
wcf rest service message logging
How to read users names in Active Directory using Java
Update database from gridview
Shell Script to read the file and find the highest count
How to run Jetty via Gradle in Debug Mode
Order nested sets by another column (other than lft and rgt)
I cannot compile helloworld.cpp with eclipse & CDT on mac
AntiXSS - HtmlAttributeEncode usage
How to programatically access the datatypes available in a .net application
Forcing LandScape orientation without using [[UIDevice currentDevice] setOrientation:UIInterfaceOrientationAnyOrientation]
How can I connect to Documentum with Emc.Documentum.FS.Runtime using C# without the app.config for the ModuleInfo tags?
MongoDB: Pulling multiple random documents from a collection
Getting the right request id when a user follows an invite
Spring 3 Compile Time Weaving Problems for Objects in jar dependency with @Configurable (using Maven)
Preventing a message-driven bean from consuming messages [or] handling database connection failures in Java EE
ruby datamapper - how to save a query
Virtual function output?
Debug and Fixing ObjectDisposedException in Visual Studio 2010
onchange in select tag with jQuery autocomplete
LINQ to Entities - Rounding to the nearest dollar, nearest half-dollar, or not at all
iphone app that recognises colour
Is There A Way To Set A Fields Default Value to Max + 1 in Mysql phpMyAdmin?
Writing TestComplete Plug-in in c#
Increase bangla font size within php mysql site
I'm struggling to find helpful, clear resources for OpenCV
How do I (recursively) search ALL file contents in Windows 7?
Sitecore restrict access of a role to a specific language version of a page
Get array index values of the top 1000 largest entries inside an array using LINQ
codeigniter not work at live page not found error on server
Images of UITableView Cells
location.hash disappears immediately
magento multi language storeview
why does my jsp page show the source code rather than the page?
generating PDF using TCPDF - cannot extract embedded font
My datagridview is not displaying data
Imported native function doesn't work in .NET 4.0
jquery plugin not converting JSON string correctly
Batch File: If registry key's data is equal to
When does socket poll (selectwrite polling mode) become false?
Why does Code Contracts produce a MyAssembly.Contracts.pdb file?
Which privatekey format is this?
Spring AOP Introductions usage with JMX
what does using the keyword 'this' in the following context imply
How do I traverse a generic relationship in a Django template?
Dynamic TList of TList
finding the sum of mod operations in a range
Synchronizing two tables using a stored procedure, only updating and adding rows where values do not match
ServiceStack REST service custom path error
jQuery - isSelector function
Aggregating sub totals and grand totals with data.table
Merge selected DataGrid Cells
How can I use multiple variables to retrieve JS objects?
binary compatibility break because of virtual function
PO Box RegEx Issue
How to paste special in excel with python
Forms not working with web2py in Chrome
android app invoking google map with car,public,walking controls
FB Photo Application and Album creation linkage
Why is jquery's parseXML function failing when the XML looks ok?
Removing duplicate user entries from mySQL database table
Matlab: How to sort data for each row/column, loop or formula?
Disable Disk I/O from injected dependencies
My custom server control is generated as System.Web.UI.UserControl in the designer file
The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized
How to execute command in Windows Service?
How can I do 2 request at the same time to the server ( mvc 3)
Cannot log in or add items to cart in Magento after migrating to new server
ape plain javascript client - doesn't join channel
Powershell NON-Cmdlet: Move User to new OU via System.DirectoryServices Namespaces
C source code AST parser in Java
YUI DIalog : how to stop form to be poster on enter key press?
how to call activity's function from alarm manager
Is it possible for mysqli_insert_id to return an incorrect id in high traffic applications?
Single Domain Controller Getting Event Errors 4013, 1844, 2886
Are there any general purpose exception-handling frameworks for capturing and managing exceptions?
Multiple attachments through phpmailer
How do I uninstall 'Command Line Tools for Xcode'
scale videos in p:media tag
SharePoint 2010 and iPad jQuery Performance
Android Layout Positioning
Is there a way to have Excel VBA send data to a socket?
OOPs concepts into Javascript widget
passing data from a controller to another controller
Modernizr load method
SPARQL - How do you use count?
How can I process incoming email messages with PHP?
Runs as 鈥渄ebug鈥�not 鈥渞un鈥�when I hit 鈥渞un鈥�icon
Div produced from an ASP.Net GridView is too large
how could I add a post var as a param of a template tag in magento?
UIGestureRecognizer that cancels when touchup outside of targetView
c function-like macro with argument list but without replacement list?
UIImageView setImage doesn't work
What is the proper way to register a user profile?
Why can anonymous delegates omit arguments, but lambdas can't?
Can not convert code to, help requested
In what way does the newly created object of a certain class refer to classes from which it is derived? loading on Python
Calculate font size based on size of display area
How to break string from an excel file into substrings and load it?
Databases: Where does the data go before a commit?
How to perform duplicate detection when your matchcode length is > 450?
Creating persistent android views programmatically
Loop thru the combobox and compare with the data in the database
Changing :before and :after content on ::selection
dropdownlist control in detailsview to database
Does exist log for deploy in embedded in Eclipse Tomcat?
Trying to understand over() and partition by
MX:DividedBox Dynamic Panels Addition and Subtraction
Order By Year with Date field Mysql/PHP
Break string up
How do I do LISP (apply) in Dart?
Website translation: what do you give to translators?
Excel VBA : How to override Sheet Calculation via its associated event?
attach a variable to each instance of BX slider generated in an .each() statement
AX2012 - .Net assemblies from C# project are not updating on the AOS.
Problems following android hello-world tutorial
Protovis-style color scale in Python?
JQuery wait a number of seconds before the next line of code is executed
Can I configure an Android smart phone as a proxy server using usb?
Consume SSL Web Service using Domino 8.0.2
jQuery val to div
Application hangs on 16GB InnoDB mysqldump using 鈥�-single-transaction --quick鈥�
Check pixels pattern
How can I select rows and group duplicate results from 2 tables based on data in a third table?
How to pick color that will not be same next to each other
Documentation of xhprof php profiler needed
Why isn't my tracking reference updating?
unlink() to delete images from server along with SQL delete
git list changed files in several commits
C# PrincipalServerdownException even when I'm a real user
Geography Markup Language rendering on Android
PHP and Cassandra [closed]
How to use the events?
Android - Camera Image Not always saving
How to use ADODB parameterized query with adArray data type in VBScript?
playing html5 player
How to make MySQL intersect keys of INTEGER field and FLOAT field?
ASP.NET Authorization - bookmark issue
NSOperationQueue and sending delegate to main thread
Parse error on pattern
OnClick event in ListView row with two Buttons
Android API 1.5 : Using drag and drop (not the one introduced in api 11)
Text Antialiasing in CALayer with Opaque Background
Android API 1.5 : Using drag and drop (not the one introduced in api 11)
Text Antialiasing in CALayer with Opaque Background
Error with an applet in an Executable Jar in eclipse
using regualr expression in mysql to select specific rows
100 Hz Data From Serial
iOS - Get sum of filesize in directory
Directory structore of PHP/HTML project for CMS
JFreeChart How create an areachart with an TimeLine axis
Prefetching HTML on local website using rel=鈥渘ext鈥�
Serializing a class to xml using RestSharp.AddBody fails
Accessing module methods with ::
programming 101 if/else statement
Is there a way to take a snap shot of a uploaded file ex PDF, DOCX and save it to server as an image in PHP?
I need to uncheck a checkbox when a particular checkbox is checked
Remove UISegmentedControl separators completely. (iphone)
Dedupe records without DELETE
SPWeb.lists[] List does not exist
Scroll Bar Substitute for Mobile - tabbed areas
how to query access database and retrieve values based on some criteria's from excel vba
jquery get parent tr for selected radio button
Modifying a large file in Scala
Detecting a face and saving the detected face in OpenCV
Flex mobile LabelItemRenderer wordwrap?
Points system daily Limit [closed]
Getting an item count with MongoDB C# driver query builder
iexplore.exe.config is ignored
Change events for swing data object
Running IOS App with Screen Locked
Create a form based on returned JSON results
Custom UITableViewCell backgroundView & selectedBackgroundView
Need some control of Previous/Next buttons on keyboard
Converting N strings to a common target string in maximum of K edits
Facebook Registration : does not work with IE8
How to get Ruby to find a native lib?
Android: How to maximize PreferenceFragment width (or get rid of margin)?
Java Password Protect SQLite Database using JDBC
Doctrine 2.2 - do i must always include all classes
Javascript Web App Best Practices
Printing UTF-8 text in slime REPL
How to reduce duplication in Spring application context
How to exclude a test from a test application using eclipse android-junit launch configuration
#ifdef query and clarification needed
Effeciently caching and updating the current date in a long-lived server application
Python: Create Dictionary from Text/File that's in Dictionary Format
Salt location , salt hiding
DICOM to TIFF inverted LUT 鈥�Python & PIL
Is web.config protected by IIS?
How can you add a TouchGridPanel to a Panel in Sencha 2?
Numpy and matplotlib without compiling/building in virtualenv
select socket call send and recv synchronization
Devise redirect after sign up fails
NSTextField new line operations
How to automatically push data from SQL Server to Oracle?
Can I bypass 鈥淎ppName would like to Use your current location鈥�Message
Unitialized local variable and help correcting
ExtJs 4 vertical DataView
Require minimum version of R package
Thread Synchronization for Cocos2d application
HQL query to determine unique values of foreign key
replace urls variable value
WordPress Flashes
Is it possible malloc() allocates a buffer that overlaps another buffer allocated using mmap()?
This program is listening on a TCP-socket 鈥�which? (& how to find out if it did not state so?)
How to identify aggregate roots in domain model?
In a SIGILL handler, how can I skip the offending instruction?
RESTful design of a social network
aspx, response.write, image and link referencing
Regex Matches - Wildcard then one decimal place
Variable no of argument in C Macro
Can I use one Log4Net config file for multiple (related) solutions?
How to return a partial JSON response using Java?
Using padding or margins in an inline list
Display *browser* loading indicator (like when a postback occurs) on ajax calls
std::array c++11 initializer syntax error
Render Razor View as string resulted in extra formatting tags (tabs, line-breaks)? How to remove?
Strange character issue between utf-8 and ISO-8859-1 character sets. Need explanation
Need help to find bug in code with textures in Open GL ES 2.0 using shaders
Linq, lambda expression and OrderBy
Can a T4MVC generated Form include a hash in the action?
Button doesn't work in Chrome
ExtJS TreeGrid + MVC - not loading
Change mouse pointer when dragging in HTML
add value to user control throw databinding after page_load?
how do you append carriage return to a value mysql
Javascript: calling an object's method in different ways
Deleting a file from offline app cache
SQL Query to display unique records
C# advanced permutation scenario
Extra Characters while using XML PATH
Sitecore database deployment
RESTful Web Services for Flex
Detecting mouse position over iframes
ASP.NET - Efficiently delay code execution for single request?
Colorbar from custom colorRampPalette
`bundle install` returning error even for gems already installed
Passing anonymous objects from a view to a partial view
Run Mercurial simultaneousily with Subversion
CRUD operations using Scalatra and Casbah
Run console on shared folder. (Symfony2 Commands)
Borders applying font color in CSS
How can I change the favicon when serving pdf documents on a Sitecore multisite installation
Why does domainObject.discard() not work in @Transactional service in Grails?
ASP.NET Custom authorization module for files download
Show variable inside variable
youtube object template not showing when links added from jQuery
WebBrowserTask security warning on a secure site (WInphone 7)
Access PHP-generated radiobuttons by their name through a variable in Javascript
How to concatenate `Object` with a string?
htaccess redirect percentage sign
dropEffect not working when dragging files to Firefox
How to Fix this jQuery slider
Window Hud Behavior (Pass through clicks, can't be minimized)
MySQL order by random but show distinct first 5 results?
scheduled task in c# [closed]
MinGW g++ performance loss after updating from 4.5.0 to 4.6.2
Cannot set read-only property
Boost Multiarray Dimensions
Adding a background image to UIScrollView
C faster way to check if a directory exists
Java Runnable with large number of tasks Rainbow Table
Calculate distance between two vectors of different length
msvcr100.dll is missing - how to make executable backwards compatible
Minimizing WCF client footprint
Reference assemblies with same types from visual studio
How to test NFC api?
Is it possible to build 32 bit on 64 bit machine
Any good article about how Flash renders 3D layers?
Can you embedd an html 5 canvas app/page into a users feed (news / wall)?
Custom file as dependency
Bug in Ninject?
Object Type Error calling C# from VBA
Eclipse runs out of heap space on ant build
How to get the data from a custom propertie that is in a group on an custom control on an Xpage?
Sitecore Workbox Generating Odd Error
How to get rid of glClear(GL_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT)
analyze jar file programmatically
Why does changing 0.1f to 0 slow down performance by 10x?
django custom tag inline or block
C# SendKeys.SendWait to a dialog of another Process (notepad.exe)
Export a html page to pdf with everything that's written on it, after submit button
htaccess - get all non-www traffic redirected to the www
How to check if a Facebook user liked an FB page from an external website
Get actual opened db connection
SQLite test activity receives error
Call to undefined method CI_Controller::Controller()
No data in php $_POST: Using jQuery + ajax + serialize and Form
NetBeans & Swing - dynamically add JPanel to JDialog
Eclipse Indigo Apache HTTP server: problems publishing
Backbone Views defined in Head not workin unless using Routes
Inserting a variable argument into a Silverstripe template's function?
Implementing ActionbarSherlock
Regular Expression Excluding a Start String
What is a startup form constructor?
Java Synchronization and writing in textpane
How to get the button and change its color when datagrid item selected?
Adding class to each item after third with jQuery
How does Hibernate keep track of object internally if no identifier is defined in the entity?
Facebook real-time updates [closed]
How to store grouped records into multiple files with Pig?
SQL Server trigger not inserting row
Need help to make non-collapsible section using jQuery mobile
Boost async_read doesn't give me an 鈥渆nd of frame鈥�flag
XML - Get parent of selected node
Calling jQuery functions dynamically in a HTML5 Responsive layout
Generate C struct constructors automatically?
Merging Sub-Folders together, Linux