null value in if condition and null pointer exception java
Jquery / .Net Passing a Server Variable in the Data of Ajax Call
How to show update messages in PHP?
Jquery ajax() cross domain remote server does not work in IE8
Launch Lotus notes and show mail with Domino API
Return the indices 鈥渙rdering鈥�of the list?
Adcontrol InvalidCastException when inside pivot item template
Element hidden and not hidden on certain point of scrolling [duplicate]
AS3 disable editable/selectable for textInput inside of a Datagrid
Why do SQL id sequences go out of sync (specifically using Postgres)?
Visual C++ Express 2010: 鈥渁ttempting to build a Win32 application from an x64-environment鈥�
git clean is not removing a submodule added to a branch when switching branches
mysql count of distinct records after match
Design issue: to what extent should I rely on exceptions for the flow of control?
How to start/stop/restart Linux services and how to update their configuration files from a Java program
The way the scores appear in Foursquare checkin notifications inconsistent?
Set value to NULL in MySQL
Option txt is overwrite drop-down arrow from select on google chrome
Is there a case statement in Haml-Coffee?
Backbone.Marionette model.destroy issue
iPhone saveEvent does not save event
Launching Solidworks EDrawingsViewer with a command line argument
AChartEngine transparent background
emacs command to diff a buffer and its file
How to create a simple maven project using m2e
Trigger OnChangeCell Event
Initializing WebServicesClientProtocol webpage development environment
Storing reference types in Struct
How to collapse a list of characters into a single string in R
Scripting git commands in Python without external library
Controlling verbosity of make
SQL query to count registered users per day
if it possible to have CSS of button tag to listen hover and active?
Download large files from server using iis hosted WCF
Write 16-bit video with OpenCV
Long accumulator instead of Double in MongoDB group() function
Styling a smartgwt TreeGrid
callbacks and returns with CouchDB and nano.js
Bold in RichtextBox
Shell Script: Search multiple string in a text file and display the line that contains the string
Accessing elements of a data structure (array)
Looking for code to add to my program that will add it to Windows Scheduler
Query the string type Date in mongodb
How do I force a SIGILL to be sent to my program?
Java Listen to Button and Keyboard click
Vertical drawing in lineseries chart
Ajax file conflicting, logging out automatically
Defining floating point constants, how many digits are useful?
How do I launch PowerShell 3.0?
CakePHP short permalinks?
Shut off external css for element or line number
After the modification of ApplicationResources.groovy the main page stops running
Break long word in table cell with percentage widths
How to prevent Visual Studio from 鈥減ublishing鈥�XML documentation files in web projects?
Jquery Chaining vs Callbacks
Android - Specifying custom theme for custom dialog AlertDialog.Builder wraps content within a dialog
Counting ajaxcalls and get their status
Progress Bar for Copying Files using an Array C#
How to pop all values from a stack and push them back as the sum of all the values?
Obtaining user access token in Facebook C# SDK (v6)
OpenCV Camshift() crashes when feeding camera frames from FlyCaputure SDK
Node.js: CSRF_COOKIE sent by Tobi isn't matching cookieJar
Git post-receive hook: 鈥渞emote: Permission denied, please try again.鈥�
JQuery UI: Is there a way to make a Resizable div's height get taller when it's width gets smaller?
Timeout / no results with FQL on url_like to determine if user or his friends likes an external site
Is it a good practice to separate web site membership data context from BL one?
JavaScript: Need to find which of multiple substring occurrences has been selected(highlighted) in a given string
Matlab: How to combine different matrices?
Git clean inside ignored folders
Checking attached DOM events in Opera
Where to put the destructor code for an ATL COM object?
Throwing an exception for a invalid number of fields in a csv record
Finding the subject of a webpage
Generate oauth signature for Flickr authentication using C# [duplicate]
LinkDialog on dojo editor having rendering issues in IE8
WindowLoaded() not getting called
what's more efficient? to empty an object or create a new one?
Getting all messages from InnerException(s)?
Resource cleanup in Erlang
FosUserBundle how can logged with ROLE_ADMIN or SUPERADMIN?
PHP Uploading files - image only checking
Android Application, Client-Server communication
Is there a language that breaks out of conditional statements as soon as they become false?
鈥淥ut of Memory鈥�error with mechanize
OpenGL GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH 2D Antialiasing creating tris out of quads
Flexslider loads once with jQuery Mobile
Rails - How to avoid multiple querys on this
GWT SuggestBox with placeholder attribute
jquery to pure Javascript to keep Vertical Rhythm for images
tinyMCE popup window root
Android: Scrolable ListView changes elements possition when scrooling
Retrieving the last record of grouped records using rails 3 using scope
JUnit: how to test a list of samples?
Multipple inheritance and Django Form
Drag a form to the screen borders to change its height/width
Trying to find alternative Regex for the following - Non multi-line
reading from buffer/s - OpenGL
How to tell if a gif has fully animated using jquery
Can One Public Key be Used to Encrypt and Decrypt Data during the SSL Handshake?
Bloomberg API and specifying preferred order of pricing sources
Guice example on how to correctly wire objects
Why am I getting a function error in seemingly similar R code?
PyQt : How to set up a widget hidding an other widget if it's visible?
VisualVM over Putty SSH-tunnel
How do I return a dynamically allocated pointer array from a function?
smooth scrolling within a div [duplicate]
p:commandButton inside p:pdataTable/p:dataGrid/ui:repeat does not invoke method
setMaxResults for Spring-Data-JPA annotation?
How to disable system shortcuts in .NET to implement kiosk functionality?
Customized splitting of a string
CakePHP - access to associated model in beforeSave
How do I update/additems in/to an IObservable<int> dynamically?
MVC 3 Dynamic Form Using a ViewModel
Unsure of Client Server IP configuration in Java
Implement embedded paging with total pages in mongodb
winforms databinding to list and dynamically adding controls
Action 鈥渄efault/show鈥�does not exist Symfony 1.4 Jobeet Day 7
Toggling Event Listeners on and off programmatically
Java subclassing issue with generic type of self-referential type
Dragging a specific UIImageView
WCF security binding issue
Reporting Services 2005 Hide Columns Only in Certain Table Groups (eliminate white space)
Quicker file reading using multi-threading?
Extract Product Core Key Words With (Python) NLTK
OOM Exception trying to create a simple calendar interface
How to stub a method returning void with ref arguments with Rhino
ANTLR Grammar if Statement
What is efficient and stable external sort algorithm implementation (written in c)?
PayPal express checkout handling 鈥減ending payments鈥�with IPN
UIApplication icon badge number remains at re-install
Add Text Shadow on Canvas that has also an image on it
Div Float Left height 100% [closed]
how to convert and capture with ffmpeg
Perl simple search and replace
Do I need to install or input a code to use @keyframes on CSS?
ImportXML google docs function importXML
How do I get a handle on a textbox on a Microsoft Access form from C#
Scala Lift - ActorPing alternative
Delete all files with certain properties in Python
Ipod stops Playing while recording Audio
Derivative Towers and how to use the vector-space package (haskell)
How to restore a mysql xml database file from mysql command line?
How do I use a WebBrowser to get an element by ID or class attribute?
iPhone opengl es: rotate a matrix about a point
Prepared statement in Hibernate doesn't work
Preventing State-Coupling?
Alfresco Online edition of a Sharepoint hosted document issue: port 7070 blocked
How to insert an array of String in SQLite database in blackberry
Android getContentLength() returns -1 when trying to download a dynamically created file
System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object - Why happening?
Javascript keep decimal place
ARC circular reference in objective-c uses delegate
Parsing measurement units
Form feedback without a page refresh
Lights out CPAN module build and installation
Ruby - Fastest way to find a string into an array of string
Using SUM with formula based row's text content, All together with WHERE, JOIN, ORDER
Git strategy to keep on applying my changes to someone else's updeting branch
how to do serializing in c# when the input is array or list
Dynamic post posting to page wall step-by-step what I did
adding elements to JSON object
Hard to explain; how to get id of category post (explanation inside)
Spring 3.1 MVC - Form handling workflow best practice
How to close fancybox after Ajax Submit?
Why is VMware workstation adding keystokes when I type?
Change ListView Cell color in Android Custom Them
Passing two parametes to asynctask method. how to? website disconnection
Completely override a branch in TFS 2008
Feature graphic shows up in Android Market, but not for devices
Setting default_timezone on a single model
Rails 3 - select data from 3 tables
position:fixed in Windows Phone 7
Naming Convention for Property Name that has a Dot
Android API 3 : accessing components from a merged layout
Image and text in one container
Android DatePicker like Android Calendar app
Is there any drag and drop CSS based layout generation tool?
Calling method with generics
How can I toggle a UITabBarController's button destination between two ViewControllers
How to make a Facebook search request to find Locations
Immutable Scala Map implementation that preserves insertion order
Replicating a database structure containing a hierarchy of type information. (Multi-level enums in C# ?)
using 鈥減s鈥�to find processes in a time range
What differs SerialPort write from how Putty handles writes?
How to bind a dependency property to a window resource in WPF?
Open graph: delete action after post
Executing an external Java Program from Siebel
Android listview (setOnItemClickListener) Item to check and uncheck the checkbox
rewriting rules end up with 'page not found' on https pages
Parallel python - how to use output data?
Redirect Loop in OnActionExecuting
Starting Rails server on boot on CentOS
Audit Log in codeigniter [closed]
Extract every fifth value from matrix
Windows form application - C# Random numer guessing game
How to use managedQuery from an asyncTask
typo3 extension two times on page, different setup?
Binding Panorama Background to Image in Isolated Storage
install 64 bits OS on virtual machine when CPU is 32 bits [closed]
Fluent NHIbernate ignoring column name on overrided Id property
iOS:Switching between views using UINavigationBarController
jQuery .cycle() resizing
Simplest way to append data to a SQL Column [closed]
Is it possible to create function-static objects programmatically?
How can I list all files I created?
How to allow aws s3 bucket contents only to publicly serve a certain domain?
validating a date in javascript
nth-of-type vs nth-child
Avoidance of inside an object?
Using make to build several binaries
Tricky Menu (HTML + CSS) for a WordPress template
CrystalReportsViewer, Firefox and no toolbars
StreamReader Doesn't read all line from large text file
Updating Center and Zoom with JQuery Map
Search algorithms for top databases
weird inheritance for list item links
JSFL: how to access Motion Tween keyframes in Adobe Flash CS5?
Java JasperReports Barcode print
EXTJS - float 2 panels and center them
Triggering reportViewer's ToolBar functions in C# WinForms
Store object array into Arraylist
Perl sub doesn't want to work with passed objects as parameters
SELECT FROM one table and INSERT INTO another; using WHERE & AND
html5 video - using the progress event with dynamically loaded videos
JBOSS messaging replicated queue
Capistrano: Bundler doesn't use rvm gemset
Why is my form submitting twice?
How to paginate Rabl's collections
Javascript - How deeply can a variable retain its value?
How to repeat textview?
Navigation Bar missing in iphone
ASP.Net authentication: Can I have multiple responses when user fails to authenticate/authorize to access a page
Accessing a temp table from DBUnit
Zoom invariant objects in webgl
How to call a remote method from android application
jqgrid datetime formatting
sql cast hour out of datetime without dropping leading zero on single digit hours
QMenu for QTableWidget in PySide/PyQt
Zend Framework - Queries in the Controller
How do you extend Kendo UI widgets
Quantifier in Z3
Client-side validation is not firing on my custom BaseValidator
Find and remove over SSH?
$ is undefined error in jquery
SimpleOnGestureListener never goes in to the onFling(鈥� method
Uploading video to Facebook using FB SDK on iOS, removes orientation. How do I fix it?
3D Vector structure from c++ to C#
How can you set different drawable images, for different themes in an android application?
How do I merge two tables in SQL?
Can i put code and new classes in a lot of parts of my solution automatically?
IE6 floated labels
Binding datagrid column width
Specifying openmp CUDA flag in a Cmake project
c# by reference or by value
spring integration prevent polling when database not available
Xcode ->Html5 reading in app
Single-space regex replacement on Notepad++
Change Cell Color in DatagridView when BindingList causes value change
Agile SCRUM Storyboards
Using TortoiseMerge with Visual Studio and TFS - Merge Target (not found)
Select statement includes a reserved word or an argument name that is misspelled or missing or punctuation is incorrect
Looping through and arraylist and removing elements at specified index
Drag-fill in Infragistics XamDataGrid
Symfony url for image
JQuery Validation Plugin - form submits on first attempt; then never submits again
Precompiled headers and editing header files
using vb6 dll in .net desktop application on 64 bit windows 7
Measuring a ViewPager
Struts2: Populating a dropdown list based on selection from a previous dropdown
How to handle the msi file with Innosetup?
Using shared_ptr as output parameter
View animations are suddenly gone after using layer animations
Styling autocomplete dropdowns in browsers
Form fields generated by Spring Roo
Why can't you pass an instance of Collections as function paramerter in Java? [closed]
adding Tframe to another Tframe at runtime
Cygwin 1.7.x fails to translate windows path to POSIX path
How to properly integrate HTML5 Boilerplate with JQuery UI?
ASP.NET Browser Caps update
howto background a locationmanager with nstimer?
Installing IPython 0.12 on Windows 7 64
鈥淲indows key鈥�+ 鈥渙ther key鈥�- Java doesn't detect 鈥渙ther key鈥�
how to post in facebook from my mvc 3 website
JQueryMobile, Autocomplete and vertical scrollbar on iPAD safari
jquery .html() doesnt load width and height synchronously
C++ vs Java in Android
Guidelines for returning Generic Interface Collections
How do i create nested models using Backbone.Js
Built-in App Launch keyboard shortcut in LinuxMint
Constness error in SWIG-generated wrapper code for a Director
Get pitch, roll and yaw relative to geographic north on iOS?
How to start AccessibilityService?
Need RESTLET + JAX-RS + JSON Good example
Stretching an image relative to screen size
Stop Selenium 2.0 Webdriver from creating temp files IE
jquery pop up window trouble
C++, strings, and pointers
libmemcached - checking if I'm connected
Windows Azure Startup task not firing
鈥淲hy is my .net exe so huge鈥�analyzer tool?
File Formatting and Parsing File to Excel in .NET
ClickOnce launcher doesn't pick up the latest version at application startup
Getting EPERM when calling pthread_create() for SCHED_FIFO thread as root on Linux
Error when add .jar file in Classpath
C# Object Creation Performance Metrics
JQuery function Adding progress animation
git: how to make it 'realise' that a file is removed [duplicate]
FFMPEG audio decoding
htaccess routes
Writing 4:2:0 YUV-Rawdata into an AVI-File via DirectShow in C++
Use default mdf database in my first MVC application
Iterating data store entities conveniently
My website searches for data in heavy databases. Should I use Lucene to search or write my own algorithm?
javax.sql.DataSource Can not resolve symbol
How to delete duplicate files by comparing part of their name and their modified date in Perl?
will my set be thread safe within a ConcurrentMap?
Can I customize a textarea to allow me to add/remove specific text items?
IBOutletCollection - hooking up multiple objects at once
ASP.NET_SessionID cookie is NOT in the request but shows up in Page_Load()
Which backend service(database) available for third party apps?
Monodroid Debug Won't Display Strings Over 100 Characters
Add column to ASP.NET GridView at run time
point to point SSL connection in python
Connecting to a multiple instance SQL server without specifying instance
Mongodb field not null delete
Error when checking Java version: could not find java.dll
MonoDevelop on Mac - Export Settings
jQuery selector from iframe to parent
Using the same codebase for many projects
Identify component frequencies and calculate integrals for curves
FB.api is the true on instead of FB.Data.query?
How does jQuery/JavaScript handle multiple event handlers bound to the same element & event, and what are the consequences?
Deeplinks with Backbone frontend on S3
MVC Model Class not populated on post
MKAnnotationView stealing touches from MKMapView
How can I move a model within a collection?
Default tab bar view?
ViewBag - Object reference not found - MVC 3
how to create r matrix or table from data
Javascript C# Unicode Strings - headscratcher
Using SQL Server DB over a network
how can i add a value from an array to a value from an another one in javascript?
jquery autocomplete no work if generate from ajax
C# Contract.Result type when comparing to null
Backwards compatability & .Net assembly version numbers for plugin architectures
Javascript/Jquery : get document referrer, when clicked browser's back button
Regarding BEGIN{ Push 鈥 in Perl
div with display:inline-block margin 0 auto not center
WordPress site layout broken in IE8
Ria Entity Model: Join Entity to Self NOT on Primary Key
SimpleUrlHandlerMapping do not work
ListActivity with selectable Items
Yii multiple relations
how read with datareader from datatable
Would like some help please - 3.5 AsyncFileUpload 'file attached is invalid' message only in first row of gridview
CSS Design Issue in IE 9 & 8 when page is developed in
C-pointer increment edge case and evaluation order [duplicate]
How to diff the current file when using GitExtensions
CakePHP model->find seems to be ignoring the conditions
Magento form post action to custom controller not working - wrong routing, but why?
Error using Salesforce SOAP API with PHP - 鈥淎n internal error has occurred鈥�
Oracle Date - How to add years to date
On Views and Indexes (SQL Server 2008 R2)
Scalable File Storage
How to send the selected item in the listWidget to another function as a parameter
Find a Value in Two Dimensional Array on VB.NET
Google maps InfoBubble Tab Reset
Using PHP to download multi files at one time
How to override whole html with new html file using jquery
update date format in SQL developer
Example YouTube Playlist Code?
jqGrid Search raises error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'searchrules' of undfined
Error: Unable to cast object of type 'NHibernate.Hql.Ast.HqlBitwiseAnd' to type 'NHibernate.Hql.Ast.HqlBooleanExpression'
jquery tablesorter sorting empty table cells last
Retrieve the full path name from inotify_event
last_insert_id with multiple threads
Client and Server in One Application
keyDown and NSTableViewCocoa
Split CSV file with unix timestamps into 7 different csv files
Atmosphere with Android
Android NDK: Eclipse parameter and javah
Atmosphere with Android
Android NDK: Eclipse parameter and javah
How is C2DM properly used for a turn-based android game?
Runtime.exec fails without any exception/warning/error code
Create and read cookie to confirm logged in user in C# MVC3
PHP File Uploading system
Emulator does not display localised simplified chinese text in windows phone
t_main causing non-portable programs [duplicate]
Comparison of Vaadin and desktop applications
鈥淏ucket Fill鈥�algorithm in Javascript or coffeescript
Control Template TextBox Focus
How can i do smooth scrolling in fluid iframe facebook application?
jQuery and JSON post responses on mobile devices
Forwarding the ports for a GWT application
Multiple attachments
CSS positioning absolute causing elements to stack when not wanted
py2exe ImportError
Generate Date ranges in JodaTime
find the upcomming birthday in week [duplicate]
Eclipse has problems with std C++ libraries?
Navigation bar issue on Internet Explorer [closed]
locate an element in current view
Filtering my SQL to show only those records > 0
Remove items from string array
Panel View in Android
LINQ to SQL, override dispose
Database documentation with MySQL Workbench
WP7 and Ninject,how to force the app to get view instances from IoC container
bash IP whois lookup script
Is it possible to attach file while filling in Adobe Forms pdf?
Sharing to Facebook doesn't pick up Title, Description etc
Duplicated Break Points in VS 2008
Solr number of results returned
How to check if a string exists in a column in excel where cells contain strings separated by comma
Construct a boost variant containing a value of the nth-type in the variant type index?
focusing the clicked Button in an Android Activity
SOAP Header removed during web service call
Pushfd and Pushad: What's the point? [closed]
How do I access Kernel Parameters inside a Doctrine2 Migration in Symfony2
How to write custom module for ebtables?
Retrieve substring between two characters
How to insert (bind) DataTable to Excel Workbook (VS Excel 2010 Workbook Project)
What do the following Javascript statements return and why? [closed]
Singleton design pattern and preventing cloning
webapp django_setup
How to correctly unpickle with Python 2.7 what has been pickled using 2.5?
error sending email using ASP.NET web app
Check if a URL is still active or Permanently Moved
Eclipse: force project not to show errors for a js directory
Best way to display Components in a JTable?
Internet Explorer 7,8 content type issues in meta tag
how to setup MVC application to use sql server 2008 r2 express
Two point crossover in Java
Is it possible to get App Pool recycle error?
Maven filtering on resources stored in dependencies
Android Java JSON parser/insert database optimization
鈥淣o such function: REGEXP鈥�in sqlite3 on iOS
Word 2010 VSTO Spacing Font Property - is it available in API?
MySQL: which API to use?
jquery viewport size to change timthumb output
Javascript error messages missing
Java generics - type deducing
Can I control Unity3D with external JavaScript?
connectionrefused error in android
How Do For Loops Work In Scheme?
HTML, CSS - image inside image, how to do that?
Is there any opensource tool for converting xml schema to database schema for linux?
Multiple RequestFactory servlets for a single GWT application
How load xml data from another domain
child elements text in a floating div breaks
Not able to hit server with sendSynchronous method
Splitting a start and end date by interval in PHP [duplicate]
SSIS Return few output xml parameters
wpf toolkit rating size
JQM changepage on ajax success
getDataFileName returns a non-existent directory
Multi parent form
How to check that string contains letter in any language?
Adding a CSS class to span tag when corresponding image is slide in
How to create form field highlight similar to Groupon login
How are database tables implemented in MySQL?
How do you perform operations on an existing closure?
Generate KML in SQL 2008
How to Efficently Test Whether an SQL Server Instance is Running in C#
Facebook open graph tutorial not working correctly and not running without chrome
UIButton title disappears
Migrate local TFS to Team Foundation Service
Is there a function that gets triggered when an element is rendered?
$_REQUEST[] array is not present in phpinfo
RBL check on DNS way - Proofpoint doesn't work
SWIG based Java interface for OpenGL ES 2.0 and EGL for SWT
batik: svg to pdf on linux (no X server)
Eclipse console doesn't show the whole output
Connection String Using a Domain User?
How to add background image to row of grid
Receive email from an Exchange server in Biztalk (no POP3)
How to create a random matrix such that all rows sum to 1
Twitter's Bootstrap Active Buttons are not being applying any style
How do you connect a QProgressBar with a function? [closed]
Twitter's Bootstrap Active Buttons are not being applying any style
How do you connect a QProgressBar with a function? [closed]
Binding to property of object that is created by thread working at background
Ajax to API without exposing KEY
Summary of multi-configuration project
Checking if a value exists in a list already Redis
Loading delayed_jobs from lib
AVCaptureSession specify resolution and quality of captured images obj-c iphone app
jquery tooltip browser issues
Tooltips for GridView Headers which content is located in an external file?
how to disable multiple touches on view hierarchy?
Using ViewPagerIndicator (viewpager) with multiple webview 's
Java: platform's default charset on different platforms?
How to automate online tasks in linux?
Assigning an autoreleased object to a retained property
Create an object when saving another
Null pointer exception during connection pooling
Is it possible to create object without declaring class?
What to create/close in relation to individual request: ChannelFactory or created Channel?
MYSQL Query CASE returning ELSE
iOS upload photo
how to get pom.xml content in jenkins
PyGame Collision?
NFS - PHP issue
AES256 encryption objective c implementation
Android: setImageResource with LayoutInflater
htaccess issue with seo rewritten urls
Is there a numpy max min function?
RESTful WCF wrapping json response with method name
Android: How should i open home screen from my application?
Why does this bounds object not get extended?
How to keep abreast of known bugs and bug fixes in R packages?
In, isnumeric cannot recognize percentage string as number
UIBezierPath and applytransform
Overwrite Zend_Config and access parents nodes
Create Calendar with events Appcelerator Titanium
Grid View in ASP.NET pictures
How to find disk space using perl in Windows machine?
Java program to separate an integer All threads from one client have the same
Does facebook open graph apps have to support english
UIWebView differences between ios4 and ios5
Rounded corners on First and Last <li> item
save table after use mysql JOIN
what is the right href value for a javascript anchor tag?
Prepared Statement failing with DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -401, SQLSTATE: 42818
How do I scroll HTML textbox to the end?
call a method on a controller from another controller in mvc
AutoFit Columns Width using jxl library in java [duplicate]
NSURLRequest http protocol version
Call multiple Stored procedures with php PDO
How would I produce JUnit test report for groovy tests, suitable for consumption by Jenkins/Hudson?
Detecting Bluetooth Keyboard in iPad App
Running 3 DB queries 1k times is twice as fast with a transaction than without. Correct?
Errors and Restful WCF
Windows Mobile (MFC). How convert an image with alpha-channel from CImageList to CBitmap?
How to scroll to first error inside a Spring form?
CSS text-shadow property doesn't follow hierarchy with :visited pseudo-class
Website crashes on internet explorer
window.document.ready of child window not working
Pass a parameter with a generic type to a method without knowing the type?
Knockout 2.0 parameters from bind in incorrect order?
Javascript injected into URL
Php syntax Error
How to add string from database to variable
JSF Ajax's listener is reached before the event itslef
ModelState.Clear is not working
What 3d technology should I use for my browser application?
HTTP-Authentication: how to quickly test client software through BASIC and DIGEST?
C# Multidimenional Array parsing
Persisting data in ASP.NET MVC
Dynamically access master pages properties
Cakephp: variable data in appController is not consistent in Xcontroller child
Missing core name in path
XQuery and Zorba: Setting the serialization parameters from inside the XQuery document
Calling child activity from an Asynchronous activity in Workflow Foundation
Whats the rationale behind the YSlow rule 鈥淒on't Scale Images in HTML鈥�
how does the tcp/ip stack get the net_device interface in linux
Open source BI Tool [closed]
button tapping speed, two buttons, to increase points
Difference in template rule processing XSLT 1.0 vs 2.0 (bis)
Can't access object even though I know it has been created?
Looking for Reporting GUI (Portal) web based for Mysql with high-end look and feel
How to remove part of URL
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10 for non-digits
simple syntax help for newbie
How to take the querystring value without default decoding?
PyQt and Maya, with threading = False?
Generating 'relaxed' xsd from xml
Programmatically adding and removing markers
Implementing Proxy Server in PHP Application
android find pressure on screen
How can I parse XML that confirms to the 1.1 spec using Java and Xerces?
Does namespace or folder structure affect the performance of an assembly?
Selenium Test Case vs. Test Suite vs. general usage
Method depends on nonexistent group - Testng
String.split in IE
if() doesn't seem to work - c++ opengl idle function
Android detect webview URL change
using COPY with BINARY for lo_export in postgreSQL on server system
User Profile Service Application Error: 鈥淯nable to process Put message 鈥�
EntityFramework Update will not make the change
Can I write PowerShell history to a text file on PowerShell exit?
Starting an external Java program from a Java program
OpenGL rotating a 2D texture
How to make big game run more smoothly?
Hibernate Query createSQLQuery
How to read the query string when it contains unencoded data?
The function 鈥�鈥�must be used with a prefix when a default namespace is not specified
How to create an action replay of what the user does on the screen?
How to add relational entity column in sonata admin list
How to add module user control on page in DNN 6?
How to extend activity from MapActivity in Android using MOTODEV?
How to add a layout in another one?
How to model this in DDD and repository pattern
Looking for a general file content conversion helper library
Sql Comparison where values of Table1 not found in Table2 and showing result as Table3
WCF REST Service support cross-domain calls from jQuery Mobile
Eclipse wont recognize my android tablet when I try to test my app?
Twiddle connecting to remote jboss for JMX based operation
Passing POST parameters
Async task can't update GUI
Crash iPhone app
set maximum of items that you can make in function
Strategies to interupt an asychronous function call to dump a variable
c# stringbuilder [duplicate]
Loading specific div from jquery $GET requested page?
Safari Rendering Rounded Corners Incorrectly
CometD + Java + jQuery: Too much publishes with one call
Authenticate Facebook User ID and Access Token Server Side
C++: Use auto, or typedef? [closed]
How Can I Force Execution to the Catch Block?
Mule ESB: All Routing Message Processor has a weird output
jQuery Appending script to div
from WPF to ASP.NET where do I start? [closed]
Save R Cairo graphics on windows
Ruby : Use external script from within a script to do a comparison
C++: How to prevent template to specialize a pointer?
construction of the virtual table by compiler
How does updating or inserting while looping through a result set affect the result set itself?
Passing multiple values from MYSQL/PHP table to jQuery
How can I cast variables in matlab with fixed floating point
Draw image constrain aspects
Blocking Boost Asio Worker Threads
Measuring array contiguity
Android won't write new line in txt file
Android 3D Flipview involving GLSurfaceView
Use different template layouts for dev and prod environment
flex 4 - aligning/positioning the controls dynamically by ignoring invisible controls
Disallowing direct access to video
Force Close Java Null Exception
Evaluate ValueExpression in ResourceHandler with Apache CODI
How to Simulate a swipe on WP7 Pivot control
do/while loop does not work
htaccess: generates error if dot(.) exists in query string
Get only the range of cells that have data (numbers) on it
onClick in a for loop is not firing
Adding an additional column value in a list on RailsAdmin
Custom facebook like message on users page
Get the front most control
Changing vim cursor column color to something else than vim background?
ASP.NET VS2010 MsTest Debugger not stopping at breakpoints
How to append a textfield using javascript
add to log when user logged in
Catch which mousebutton is pressed on item
Timing out urllib2 urlopen operation in Python 2.4
is it possible to override css height and width of image, with image (html) height & width tag?
Detect a tap on the status bar control in .net CF 3.5
How can I store button presses into a different .xib and view them?
access Apache Configuration from Apache Module
Where do browsers save/store auto fill data
'R cannot be resolved to a variable' - gen folder is empty
How to debug a maven reporting plugin source code?
checking the string data in contains function by using xslt
Do different Android Fragments have common backstack?
How to import the xml format data into sqlite databse
rewinding stdin in a bash script
internet explorer 9 not showing .png favicon
Which technology/programming is used for drag and drop web programming?
msi version numbers
How to dynamically change the style in Xpage??? Actually I want to blink a label with different color?
How to allow a user only enter a facebook competition once
SQL Select Statement against attributes indexed UNIQUE
when I refresh the screen or Add Item ,the Listview current item go to the top.How to do it?
Windows Installer through Visual Studio: Utilizing multiple cabs in an application? Possible?
MVC Switch V without C?
Entity Framework 4 ApplyCurrentValues does not update nonnullable decimal column to zero
How to convert this string into json format using json.loads
Does android support .jks keystore type?
maven - fail build when unit test takes too long
How can I add custom hint in Linq2Sql?
LINQ to XML At least one object must implement IComparable
Find a textbox based on string and change its Text
BufferedReader.nextLine() will not advance to the next line so I'm stuck in a loop
Access 2010 ADO on Windows XP Mode (in ADDE format)
Update column with concat of second column and a variable
ExtJs TreeGrid with editor column. Exists?
Is that possible to mmap a very big file and using qsort?
Adding new nodes to an xml file is breaking the XML structure
Is that possible to mmap a very big file and using qsort?
Adding new nodes to an xml file is breaking the XML structure
Wget page title
Routes in play2: How to match a part of the url
PDF view library for android [duplicate]
How to remap keyboard keys
Adobe Air. Strange bug with URLStream or FileStream
Stripes's wraps over form inputs don't calculate c:foreach's loop.index value
Split comma delimited string into smaller ones
Compare two UIImages
Error in main.xml, How can I fix it?
Why can we cast sockaddr to sockaddr_in
C++ What's wrong with my bytes array to int and int to byte array converters?
special character validation in javascript
How to assign key=>value pairs in a Dictionary?
鈥淢issing argument鈥�
Accessing Google Maps from EPUB
Set the interpolator for android animations in Java
Python timezone conversion
Perl Moose Hash traits
MVC 3/EF repository pattern and proper data access
MongoDB queries with null value
View injection in Prism 4 and avoiding dependency
IE: remove 鈥渜uick infos鈥�button?
How Do I Format My Currency and Decimal in a SELECT Statement
Create a dialog home page with jquery mobile
record audio file as mp3 or wav
How to add self-defined encryption algorithm into HTTPS stack? [closed]
how to remove statusbar animation when changing to fullscreen in Android
What does this link mean? [closed]
bison precedence (actually using jison but it should be the same)
JUnitCore Stopping
maven checkstyle unable to find where to insert the includes configuration
for loop do not print complete filenames of files having spaces
Need clarification on GridView.getChildCount()
SiteCore - System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException- The system cannot find the path specified
SWT built-in Unix Terminal
QWizard with pagelist on the left
http request with multiple ranges returning HTTP/1.1 200 OK
jZebra - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
Recursive Fibonacci using Fork in C (Pt 2)
Setting default value for Foreign Key attribute
Troubleshoot my silly PHP/SQL/AJAX insert issue with me?
Object Oriented Modeling Issue
use holo theme on Android < 4.0
Progress bar with PHP & Ajax
iPhone refresh AppDelegate
Pointer to a C++ stucture
Class libraries for MonoTouch projects, getting 鈥渘ot built using active configuration鈥� how to fix?
Distribute child-views proportionately in vertical linear layout
Automatic date update in a cell when another cell's value changes (as calculated by a formula)
How to monitor the health/status/Activity/Any Error/Failure Log of the application
Changing input's value based on another input's value
How to run multiple calculations using `oninput` (HTML5)?
SQL, Find all entires that don't exist in another table
setContentInset not updating correctly on rotate for UITableView
simpleXML how to get feed [closed]
Detail band with borders in iReport
Convert Matlab output into ArrayList in Java
Devise and localized own mail template
checkbox selection, onchange go to function. [checkboxes are images. and not the actual checkbox]
How to map a protected property in EF 4.3 code first
Missing test results in build summary
Android: Listview not displaying properly with simpleCursorAdapter
compiler warning output backslash and slash (鈥� /鈥� in path
ajaxSubmit target being duplicated not replaced
How to set the width of a master's section in MasterDetailsBlock
Redirect to dynamic URL in Spring MVC
Abstracting out an ORM provider
Pound sign shows up in my URL when link is clicked
How can I shorten this SQL?
How should database changes get picked up in LINQ and then bound XAML?
Inherit reactions
PopoverBackroundViewClass property of UIPopoverController is missing
android - Google maps directions via web view is not working
Capture SQL Server workload from production to play against test db
How can I build a query to get all the distinct couples (column1, column2) and the count() of each couple.?
Consistent versioning in Python project
Can Maven 'import' resource dependencies?
writing a function sumVector : not returning a value
Why OSGI BundleActivator methods are declared with 鈥渢hrows Exception鈥�
JQuery => update multiple selects depending one
rewrite url with a #
New line character is not rendering properly by jquery
Issues using excel addin with python
Code-Igniter: load & send email in a library
Garbage collection of private method call
Locking per ASP.NET session
Google map position incorrect on load
Memory leak in CFAttributedStringRef
Action Mailer not working with sendmail
How to represent submodules in use case diagram
Set gradient background for select in chrome
Convert alphabetic string into Integer in C#
TransactionId issue in paypal sandbox
Select newest record where multiple records exist from where/like statement
Matlab: How to replace a column in .mat and locate the row of a date?
Why GC is making fail the following code snippet
NserviceBus RequestUtcTimeout returning 鈥淥bject not set to an instance of an object鈥�
referenced array == array
NserviceBus RequestUtcTimeout returning 鈥淥bject not set to an instance of an object鈥�
referenced array == array
Windows Phone 7.1 SDK Crashes My Virtual
Magento block override from two different modules
echoing summation result
JavaScript API to perform currency arithmetic?
Change Tag InnerText with HTML AGILITY PACK
Display the value of a range slider with activeadmin and formtastic
How do I sort this data structure in Python?
Custom modal dialog and background operations
Multithreading with Filesystem watcher and/or MSMQ wcf service
How to convert plot data to image matrix (containing indices of colormap) in matlab
Debugging Javascript in Visual Studio (or other JS debugger)
Why is this command not running in background which is enclosed with Backticks ( PERL )
TCP data rec timeout don't work for me
How to remove fragment from the back stack?
Failed writing body in libcurl
Convert CHAR to TIMESTAMP in DB2 iSeries
Turning Scala Actors To Akka Actors: One Instance To Call Methods On
raphaeljs and freetransform with the combination of clip-path
Flash (FP10) animations on 3D transformed layers - performance
How to use the PhoneGap Calendar API Plugin for Android?
What is diffrence between Out type Vs Ref type parameter in C#? [duplicate]
Is there Octave's equivalent for iPython's 鈥�鈥�
PyroCMS - Loading a custom library in a module
Dealing with Excel file in Perl [closed]
Display an overlay when submitting a form
Inline css extraction
When you update an iOS app, what happens to the Documents folder contents?
Godaddy json content_type for static files
make: Using target specific variables in prerequisites
Complex types using OpenMP
how to configure DispatcherServlet and ContextLoaderListener in order to give way to OpenViewInSessionFilter
Using Device to authenticate a HTTP request
Flex: socket doesn't work locally
Qt draw a blue pixel if the original pixel was black in a new image
Jquery select all checked checkboxs with data-price and add them together
Why does List<T>.ForEach allow its list to be modified?
printing application for iPhone
Is there an Eclipse command that lists classes that implement an Interface X?
How to animate left bar menu in android (shrink effect)?
How to change JLabel font size to fill JPanel free space while resizing?
scroll to a certain point in the page automatically using css
Cannot calculate prime factors with a number with 12 digits in C
ArgumentError on CSV output
neo4j 1.6.M02 database seems corrupted; how do I recover it?
Max value in Worksheet
Windows Azure Language Pack
In a ASP.NET MVC3 under which folder shall I place my Service layer?
Chana High (Continuation) Accountability and API
Excel export from ItemsControl
Scala Lift - How to put project live
How to post text from my Web app to my Facebook Fans Page?
Selecting multiple users and sending them an invite [closed]
Customized Toast or something else?
Terminal based RPG
Refresh Styles on Dynamic HTML
how to store Query in zend registry (ZF)
How to add padding to a UIView?
Blueprint 10 pixels vertical spacing
Checking if a particular application is available in the android device
Restore TeamCity projects from DB
Plone: Passing connection string to zmysqlda from external file
Create Macro for redusing the size of the selected image on the spreadhseet by 50% and drawing a 0.25pt line around it
Error while Trying to access HBase through Java
Getting the ID of a control that my jQuery plugin is attached to
How to read data via a URL with PHP
dpkg : how to ignore error in post/pre scripts
How to remove image from button from code in objective c
Android widget onUpdate()
C# Sorting a FileInfo Array by Name, getting some unexpected results and need to know if I have other sorting options available
matlab and c++ precision
How to make VBox fill the size of its parent
Pointer as function argument
nhibernate multiple winforms applications
PUT Ajax request
Change App.RootVisual
HTML5 video seeking [updated]
Where to store views for theme?
Show software keyboard without EditText
%%A was unexpected at this time
Converting columns to rows
why php function mysql_insert_id still autoincrement after rollback? [duplicate]
Show one image depending of data on more than one column
Refreshing the richtextbox
Jquery If value is NaN
How to make non-breaking spaces (ties) in Org-mode that exports properly to LaTeX
windows batch-file: how to set errorlevel if string exists in file
javascript/jquery random number between -13 and 13 excluding numbers between -3 and 3
Get list of files from tfs changeset
Encode and stream dynamic generated images
UINavigation Controller before Tab Bar Controller
Alternative to XML-style objects in Spring configurations?
How do you get all declared variables from the previous scope?
How can I transform an incoming SOAP response into a JSON document using WSO2 ESB 4.0.3?
Redefining a local variable with var in JavaScript
osx - gitolite: login with git user from terminal
SQL select clause with a compound
where to find com.gieseckedevrient.javacardx.crypto? [closed]
How can i draw a line on my own layout?
use @Ajax.ActionLink to popup a form
Facebook IE8/9 & Firefox - how to break out of iFrame from link
change the color of the polyline in DirectionsRenderer
Get USD to INR exchange rate dynamically in C#?
What is android:scheme in custom url in Android?
convert horizontal table with multiple values to an aggregated vertical table
NSURLConnection and Authenticating to webservices behind ssl?
Working with two entity managers in the same bundle in Symfony2
Why does my if condition not accept an integer in java?
jQuery & the param element
DB2 merge via jdbc, performance and operation type
Marshalling stucts with bit-fields in C#
Wordpress: stop uploading full size image
Can you edit a CSHTML without building again
How to prevent child node processes from getting killed with the parent node process?
UIScrollview, Move down responder chain
Issue Connecting to faceboook using facebookclient object with access_token
Swingx component provider: hide component on certain rows
Current state of Google bot ajax indexing
Nested List serialization
Timer object with TimerEvent.TIMER event globally accessible to all objects
How can i Get a list of all files in the computer with registry file and memory files in the c programming language
How to change Text of TextBlock which is in DataTemplate of Row Details for each DataGrid Row Details?
HMACSHA256 output bytes / bits
How to group my List<> into categories
Drag scrolling in a GTK+ app
Using Freebase API in Java
Visual Studio - Compile for 32 bit vista on 64 bit windows 7
How can I allow users on my website to invite friends from the Google Contacts?
dataGridView checkbox column 鈥渙bject reference not set to an instance of an object鈥�
Draw single pixel line in html5 canvas
Prevent certain Linq2Sql designer code overrides
BeanCreationException encountered in using Spring + Hibernate/EntityManager
Forwarding to Paypal with GET
How to stop extjs treepanel from loading infinitely?
Change language only on theme
mouse over event on an MVVM individual objects
how to access the event object and form data (method鈥� on form submission
How to use timer to call the function using javascript
No message body writer has been found for response class ArrayList
To add a Java script file in a customize feature in drupal
Bash while loop behaves differently dealing with multiple test conditions
attachment corrupted at email (form VB
How can I append an attribute to a JavaScript event?
c code for logf function
Make 3 passes for a target
How to make a bash copy of an awk variable?
VC++ Project: unresolved external symbol HidD_GetHidGuid
compile program with non-default glibc
Java EE Security Realms
Using Instance Variables in Class Methods - Ruby
How to tile selected columns in an excel sheet into one big column, only selected
Ember.js Handlebars globalization approach
jQuery UI Calendar closes on scroll
reference to container in DisplayTemplate
Iterate over Element childrens in python
Drupal custom service (services module)
How to add lines to a textarea which contains mailto links in java?
DateTimePicker.Value is returning an incorrect but consistent date
How to suppress virtual Keyboard slide-in animation?
Don't get expected results from Python's super
Blackberry how to empty tablemodel
how to use macro in ftl
Add gesture in my current view
How to set base url in config.xml zend framework
CSS Hover Issue (Padding)
Getting name 'COUNTRIES' is not defined error in django
PHP Problems with Date Function
apply the whole template or template parts depending on the condition
Galleria - hide thumbnail carousel div
SQL Server query result to file
Any TTS api for Android in turkish?
ForEach loop for a Generic List repeated endlessly
alert() not working with PhoneGap on Windows Phone
Navigation based application in Xcode 4.2 [duplicate]
upgrading python and mod_wsgi not helping apache stick to newer python
The image file is not generating properly in SQL server 2008 using xp_cmdshell
Convert .NET date format into JavaScript date
Errors when trying to use CIKernel CoreImage/QuartzCore class on iOS
how to pull mysql data from multiple tables with ORDER BY date field?
ImageView setVisibility(0) and null pointer exception
How do I replace special characters with regex in javascript?
How can I configure WSO2 ESB 4.0.3 to use corporate proxy to access external web services (over HTTP)
Error showing on every project in Eclipse and I haven't changed anything
jQuery: drop item on multiple overlapping targets
autocomplete dos not show result passing custom values
Environment.TickCount while breaking from code
xtk and jquery issues
How to replace the ' Call-time pass-by-reference ' on PHP
Chord (Distributed Hash Table)
Axis2 with Maven
Hiberate : HQL Case Insensitive search
Wordpress - Custom Post - Custom Fields
Cannot create page method 鈥淕etCompletionList鈥�because not code behind or code file is found
CJ Flashy Slideshow - Requires page reload to work with Internet Explorer
Android 3.1+ USB as virtual COM port
SQL UNION FOR XML name output column
Some help on mod_dav, svn and Limit-ing access please.
Does my app need to be retested if I only updated the Marketplace Details
Following the Facebook Connect IOS tutorial and getting a white screen
dynamic text box in zend form
Excel VBA to copy data from closed workbook based on variable user defined path
How to get device from the kobject
Its trying to connect as DOMAIN/COMPUTERNAME instead of DOMAIN/USERNAME
django annotate count filter
Javascript get CSS style for ID
ASN.1 Syntax Checker
It's possible to save report parameter wrote by user?
Smooth of series data
WebView download listener is giving Target host must not be null, or set in parameters error
How element selector is more specific than id selector?
Android and video streaming
MySQL-proxy and basic failover (detect state)
Datagrid column IsReadOnly property not working in Silverlight 4?
Load Animation with Texture Packer in andengine
How to give solid colors to bar charts in flot
How to pre-buffer an MP3 file completely in Java