Using RSA (with openssl) in opposition to HTTPS
Flex VideoDisplay: setting the thumbnail on a video which hasn't been played yet?
POST upload request to Amazon fails
Storing passwords in an encrypted file
is there any diff @null Vs #00000000
Twitter-Bootstrap: Simple_form not making horizontal form or correct HTML output?
How to use Register-Objectevent to invoke a powershell script?
Can CSS3 transition font size? What in tarnation am I doing wrong?
How to hold every view in one?
Unable to send mail using Mail:Sender in perl
Detecting structural differences in XML using Linq and XElement
facebook ios sso getting 鈥渟afari cannot open page鈥�error
Format float to be inserted into MySQL decimal(6,5) field
How to transform XML with entries of key value pairs to a HTML table?
Instantiating Image: Inheritance, separated classes or other?
java tutorial - unknown host exception
Extracting the value of a key with BeautifulSoup
Extend jQuery's .on() to work with mobile touch events
Does WEBSQL support Phonegap Apps on Ice Cream Sandwich?
Is it possible to import c# classes from dll in a dll?
Rail3 'Return False Unless XYZ' Query Not Working
Datepicker in Yii is storing data as yy MM d format
Difference in template rule processing XSLT 1.0 vs 2.0
How to upload ftp directory using ruby
Apache tomcat deployment
ASP.NET MVC 3 connection to secure remote WCF service
Crossword Puzzle Implementation as a CSP
Linking jsp and java
Getting the correct encoding for a javascript file from a response stream to check against
Switch CSS file on button click
Response body in Tobi.js?
Reduce Spaces in a GridLayout Java Swing
Write correlation handler event to the AppFabric
Javascript Inheritance: Parent's array variable retains value
How to access cookies or request from a service? symfony
how to define binary column in pas.plugin.sqlalchemy
CGAffineTransformMakeScale on UITextView
Detect spacebar event
Converting a Microsoft Word document into Flow Document
Dynamic block in Drupal
CUDA concurrent kernel execution with multiple kernels per stream
JPQL querying a collection of non-entites
What is the best approach to insert (update) a lot of entities using Hibernate?
SelectOneMenu with filteroptions method in JSF2.0(Primefaces)
Java Comparator multiple params
Problems with getting VS10 debugger to jump certain libs?
filter items by Site name and List Name using SPSiteDataQuery
mysql avg function with ROUND function
How to make italic TextView work in Eclipse graphic layout view? It even hangs up the PC
Scatter plot with scalar data
How can I use the latest version of the gem 鈥渟houlda鈥�in my project?
EF MVC RAZOR: How to decode HTML Encoded strings of a PartialView output?
Colorize/highlight values of R ftable() output in knitr/Sweave rapports
How to random elements order using jquery?
PHP Copy xml nodes from one doc to another
Unique constraint on one column with excluding row with same values in other
Opencart performance issue [closed]
how to play track from certain position using spotify apps API
Device not supported in Android Market
Email sent Twice
Window blocks on execute Cocoa
Aspect not executed in Spring
IIS7 - Webrequest failing with a 404.13 when the size of the request params exceeds 30mb
suffix trees: locating a substring if a certain number of mistakes are allowed
Changing tableview row height on the fly
how to get two elements from a list each time in common-lisp?
How to call C# event from VB.Net
Java Nimbus Button.foreground not working
$.get is returning 鈥淸object Document]鈥�in iPhone simulator with PhoneGap
How to get property of object in lookup field?
Context menu shell execution code page
Turn off automatic initialization of variables in Xcode
Delphi Indy 10 Smtp Error 鈥淯nable to authenticate at present鈥�
How to soft delete with WPF DataGrid and Entity Framework?
GWT Datagrid horizontal scrollbar doesn't appear
What is the best approach for mongodb query with sum and sort
Delete operation using linq
iPhone tweak - how to see if user is on home screen?
How to create and use temporary table in oracle stored procedure?
centre image and keep navigation visible
Optimizing search for initials in Javascript
$.get and get value
Restrict access to resources by resource ID in CakePHP using ACL
The render flow in Yii
Manual routing or FriendlyId?
Ninject, passing constructor argument to the kernel
Getting classes in XNA to 'talk' to eachother
Set Value of EdiTextPreference in android
Python None if check fails
Java threadsafe sequential method calls
be able to change disqus_identifier on some pages
how to use JPA in a worker thread?
How do I test the default view when using T4MVC with MvcContrib.TestHelper AssertViewRendered
In code - Deleting a folder with files
Adding Web App to WebSphere Liberty Profile via Eclipse plugin tools
why we are using tq_struct?
Returning asynchronous results from custom panoProvider
how to share a xib file with multiple objective c class
IIS worker threads issue
Writing 4:2:0 YUV-Rawdata into an AVI-File via Video for Windows in C++
What is the difference between storing in proto and this?
Making a 3D plot of multiple column vectors
Does binding two WPF controls to one model property create a shared binding?
Invalid Cast Exception while rendering Orchard part in 鈥渆ditor鈥�context
Reacting to Button commands inside a Web Usercontrol in a ASP.NET Repeater
How to read a file attached to an email in my application programatically in android?
Trying to use 2 sqlite database file in one xcode class and facing the error missuse (21)
MATLAB: Pause program and await keypress
android webview client activity indicator
Device analyzer for Eclipse?
Access static fields directly instead of calling a static getter method, is it faster?
Can I specify per face normal in OpenGL ES and achieve non-smooth/flat shading?
How to get users who clicked Share button on stream posts?
Reading text document in Android
Set a span visible and invisble
Install memcached extension on xampp in windows & Ubuntu [closed]
JQuery Mobile call function seems to be looping from previous variable data
Is it possible to use return-from inside a lambda function
Sending a post query sent via HTTParty
Multiple Datasets from Stored Procedure in SSRS
鈥淭oggle items must be textboxes that share the same scope as the hidden item鈥�in ssrs report
Best way of creating a record cache ( Memcache in this example )
How I can Unlike Comments on the Rss Feed using Graph API.?
How does Hibernate call sequance generators?
Hibernate with struts2-jquery-grid. If i close session, grid not load data
Load huge XML dataProvider effciently in Tree?
DOS -> batch -> remove trailing spaces from a file?
Objective C: Drawing with Fingers on UIScrollView
How to create this custom list view
Empty Data in ReportViewer in Local mode in VS2010
yii multiple ajax submit buttons with CActiveForm
Bing Maps Pushpins and Info Box
Android WiFi Direct Demo Issues
Method does not exist in generated class that has been created by SoapClient and WSDL
Include utility repository in main project repository and allow customization
Java Cross-Platfrom OS detection to declare file path location
Searching for a repo in Github APIv3
How do I stop Nhibernate log4net conflicting with existing log4net?
Set working directory when Seed data
Django hosted deployment (like Heroku/ that supports Java?
Reuse Xcode project for new app
Annotation plugin and stream result throws Exception
Automatic commit of an approved diff in Review Board
Is there a way to host the c# code editor in a visual studio extension window
Multiple foreach with over 37 million possibilities
Is it possible to batch processing in photoshop make resize the different size of images?
Two exception management questions
Browser Extensions/Add-ons size limit
string.Join in Linq to Entity Queries
make full screen grid on android
which UITableViewCellStyle can use to make uitableview 's style similar to standard iPhone messages
Box2d circular collision issue
iReports ORA-00911: invalid character
H2 database org.h2.Driver ClassNotFoundException
ipad popOverController navigation Doubts
Best Way to Implement this App [closed]
android media player local object many different sounds should I release?
Java : How to achieve socket programming functionality with 3rd party API
Extract tags of a place on Foursquare
Reachability issue on iPhone: networkStatusForFlags
How to change encoding in many files?
event attched to link button inside gridview is not working?
Using a different view in editing mode in a view based NSTableView
edmond karps in Boost Graph Library
NHibernate - mapping the generic entity that implements the tree structure
Numbers ignored when importing Excel to SQL Server in ASP.NET using OLEDB
iTunes Connect review process for an application that depends on MAC Address
Maven profile properties are not 鈥渙verriding鈥�
What's the use of Canny before HoughLines (opencv)?
NoSuchMethodError when initialising actors in Scala 2.8
Checkbox with both a default content values as well as one from binding
Main Class Not Found
Call two different activites on a single layout
how to compress images with with out lose of qualityof image
slideshow with next and previous links not working (images came from db)
how to implement url rewriting in php
Java Concurrency: Alternative to Multi Threading (working with non thread safe environment)
How to 鈥淗AVING COUNT(DISTINCT(col1, col2))鈥�
Congruence for heterogenous equality
use group by in subquery
Pirc bot not connecting to channel set inside configuration file?
XNA windows phone 7 how to create simple text input?
How to protect an ODBC query from SQL injection
ActionbarSherlock action bar custom style
Path issue implementing an application inside an Webforms Site
Will MSI self-heal revert registry entries?
Trying to connect to accdb database with c# and .NET 4.0
Make a htaccess line that rewrite this
Can I cast a string object passed on command line argument to the actual object?
Monotouch Dialog Datepicker and RadioGroup Navigationitem
UISlider controlling UIImageView
Chrome issue with text-shadow color on transformed paragraphs
Dynamic Run-Time object creation: Keep intellisense?
Not able to place the dragged element relative to the div - jquery
Comparing integers of rows and columns of a 2d array. Sudoku
How to iterate through all keys of shared preferences?
Client side validations with Devise
cross mobile platforms programming [closed]
Django RESTful API Backbone.js/Mustache or stick with templates?
Tripleplay Button and hover state with pointer
How Does Firefox's Software Security Device Protect Passwords?
NServiceBus newbie - how do I force generic host to load first subscribers, then handle messages?
SQL Query construction - multiple queries needed? Nested select?
Render vertices using opengl from c# code
JSF required attribute of inputText should depend on submitted combobox value
How to convert Ulong to Lptstr in C
Is there a way to prevent certain properties from being applied by ApplyCurrentValues?
Execute JScript when loading Entity from Sitemap
Class Constructor Problems While Doing A Linear Search Across Two Classes
Performance of MySQL Query
SQL query exclude phrasing
Problems with 鈥渞ake test鈥�
Logging design pattern in a Zend framework application
How can I save the image from IKImageView?
How to make customised android button shown in the below image?
Get Serial HDD using WMI
PhoneGap Android iOS NFC
Convert star uml diagram to Visio drawing
How change the radio button hover color
Short PHP using lots of memory - cURL + XMLreader
How do I know if UdpClient has been closed/disposed?
Simplest suggestion box (like google suggestion when you using search) in PHP (without jQuery)
Applying iScroll on ColorBox Popup
administration interface for more than one webpage
Working out the numbers of hours elapsed between two dates using datejs and timejs
How can I use preg_replace to trim everything around a specific value
Deserialize array elements to list
how to allow user to set an image in android
While loop inserts three times
Detect when running time is near max_execution_time
Android element fixed positioning
inherit or encapsulate View/Viewmodel
open and close or return if already open nav
Django Testing: no data in temporary database file
Why come NullPointerException?
Twisted non-blocking method - how to?
what is wrong with following inline assembly code?
Xcode: Handling intra project dependencies
Zynga's FontLabel and emoji keyboard
BIDS and SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services install
sscanf optional column
Acces to user-created map with Google map API
loop not working in javascript?
how to get similar tweenmax affect you see in flash using interpolation in android java?
Throwing Exception with inner SecurityException only displays inner exception in ASP.NET MVC
Update my app when it is in background
ASP.NET Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParseErrorException
What's mechanism of emoticon code on facebook chat?
Hosting for MVC4 projects
Need SQL function for incremental sequence
How to restrict upload file size in [duplicate]
Tool which runs java MainClasses, design avoiding dependencies trap [Solved]
Hex constant = malformed number?
R: merge by combination of first three rows in two dataframes
Migrate User Passwords from Liferay 4.4.2 to Liferay 6.0.6
Whats the appropriate way to work with phone screen size?
what is the difference between apache/nginx/IIS
rails 3.1 Engines Gemspec and config initializers
QR Code decoder library for python
Auto refresh of table rows based on events, in rails using ajax
How can I use vim to convert my file to utf8?
Sort uitableview in ascending price list
Can MediaPlaybackservice be used for getting information of currently playing audio file in android?
Iterator invalidity after calling erase
Jquery mousedown mouseup in Chrome/Safari on windows
how to solve prolog in my css file?
basic php file upload system
Select images to upload from own server with javascript / php / Uploadify
boost::asio UDP broadcasting
Issues with running program from shared folder
collection_select not saving selected option in database
Allow end clients to edit Like button URL and Open Graph tags
Show a loading message for a Magento Ajax request?
Cabal fails with proxy with authentication
How to use gcc inline assembly in icc?
Is there an Eclipse Plugin for showing file changes done real time?
What's the difference between compiler and linker debug information?
How to write multi threaded testcases in robotium
How to save a file to a Desktop in C++?
uinavigation controller stack memory management
Make a running process the active Window
C++ multi array - Windows has triggered a breakpoint
sublime text 2 change indent template
Entity framework 4.3 with required association
How can my program react to changes in a TDateTimePicker?
What's the character encoding used? [closed]
NSURL fileURLWithPath:isDirectory: doesn't work properly
How to manage styles, themes, layouts so it looks similar on different android platforms including ICS, Honeycomb and Gingerbread
android button visibility not working
Posting on a friends wall without showing full name
Fatal error while i build my activex control
How to change request http method by using Charles proxy?
Why is WindowsPrincipal.IsInRole always returning false for the 鈥淎dministrators鈥�group?
Using #pragma to suppress 鈥淚nstance method not found鈥�warnings in Xcode
Sometimes my Android app views don't show up properly
Postgresql trigger to select and write data into new table
Why doesn't my rewrite rule work?
Possible to update PK to a composite PK in SQL Server without destroying the table relations?
Static Methods,GDI+,exception handling trivial questions
Regex to remove escape slashes in string
Can anyone explain this PHP code to me? Unexpected result from a single line of code
Multiple applications using the same application services
Best performance of getting values of the dictionary in python
changing html elements
Why am I seeing an 鈥渙rigin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin鈥�error here?
Fast Random number generator in c#
Model and populate Core Data many-to-many relationship with attribute
Reusing MVC PartialView editor/display templates for action PartialViewResult
Android - Child order in Custom ViewGroup
IIF query using OR operators not working
Zend_Form: Get only modified values
.cycle jquery, use button to show selected div (by id or class)?
PHP code injected - how could this happen and how to prevent it?
compiling a file using an ANTLR grammar
MVC3 Route Contraints distinction between parameters
RestClient Upload to Amazon fails with InvalidArgument error
Is GPU is not at all used for Tegra 2 devices?
How AddImplicitRequiredAttributeForValueTypes really works and what it is for?
In Inno Setup Scripting (Pascal), how do you set a global variable's initial value?
Devise: Sign-in fails, how to debug?
Extending existing offline access_tokens
Main program hang when read output stream of processB which starts another processC that runs forever
Vaadin table keeps showing scrollbars
How can i access google calendar informations?
emptying some `li` from listview using jQuery Mobile
Update a td cell based if the first cells checkbox is selected
sort by date ascending with nulls last
How to configure Hudson
Problems with protobuf compiled files in Objective-C
Struts Validator: password must match 'mask' or be null - possible?
Is it good Practice to start service every 15 minute & destroy it after sending location information in android?
How to make my SWIG extension module work with Pickle?
How to know which View is being touched
Cookies and browsers
Show status (image) PHP MySQL
Rails I18n of CSS file
how to delete a row of csv file using Ruby?
Which version of Visual Studio 2010 does support Database Projects: Ultimate edition, Premium or Professional?
How to keep each tab's panel height?
Managing pooling datasource in Java web app with singleton class, Tomcat, C3P0
Prevent direct access to an action controller
How to write gradient descent code for neural networks in matlab?
The Insights Action Lifecycle graph
Has Ember.js any add-on to route a request?
UIActivity indicator in UIwebview
attempting to check whether an image is on a page with jquery
Converting float to varchar with correct decimal separator
Android ListView BUG?
android security at lower api levels
Margin in IE is not working
Add a poster frame to a loaded video
Android release keystore issue: 鈥淜eystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect鈥�
Where does database interaction/business logic take place in MVC?
How to convert string to char * in C++?
PhoneGap/Android iFrame resizing out of screen to refit contents
Symfony2,Doctrine Extensions Tree : Generating a 鈥渢ree鈥�like dropdown Select list Generic Handler, JSONP and Invalid Label Error
GPLV3 understanding [closed]
Trap remove-item excpetion
Method to record what activities are performed on Database? -MySQL / PHP
sed, replace first line
Showing a change in a shelved perforce file
Java Field<String> vs String
Mysql Failover (Unable to write operations to new master)
Any trick to speed up Android 4.0 emulator?
How to create CGPathRef from Array of points
I do not want animation in the begin updates, end updates block for uitableview?
Image from directory with data from CSV
Make sure method is called on all declared and inherited members of some type
How to validate an empty textField that can accepts only integers?
How to sync time between 2 systems with millisec accuracy?
Sharing Struct Information Between Classes - Objective C - OpenGL ES
div with % width and px border
Monthly Subscription with IAP
Few questions about Solr. Transactions and Realtime search
How to get spinner on android without xml
Extjs 4 set combox values in form load event
converting byte[] to string
Why doesn't Ajax.BeginForm work in Chrome?
Backbone Collection refresh all items
How to use FactoryGirl to create an attribute called 鈥渁lias鈥�
Default button not triggered in Panel
List-view Lazy Load android
Resizing the canvas of JIT graph
Query by Example on associations
Delete whitespace in each begin of line of file, using bash
How to update a UITableView in detailview when changes the tabbar in the pop over controller?
Rails fragment caching strategy
Pivotal CRM 5.7 SmartPortal size
completely show/hide tabbar controller and use the space
create a countdown timer in objective c (iPhone development) [duplicate]
Deleting multiple objects in core data
Is batching animation sprites more efficient with a single sprite? (cocos2d)
Display 5 array items per row in a HTML table
Get value from XML through linq
Converting CLLocation objects to MKMapPoint structs
guide to translating django application (OSQA)?
how to check schema is in sync with classes generated with XSD.exe?
SQL server 2008 鈥渞ow updated鈥�timestamp
Windows Phone Emulator Can't find MFPlat.dll
Can I colour backgrounds of selected items in HTML select options with CSS only?
Are there any WebRTC implementations that allow for video recording?
Web page (like webmatrix) in mvc3 app
How to get common values from two different maps in the fastest possible way?
iPhone framework to measure performance
Dropbox OSX app logic [closed]
WCF Message Level Security Client Credentials
Cocos2d libraries import messed up after using
How to let two bodies collide in Farseer and pass the impulse to the 2nd body?
JAXB Marshaller inserting blank lines during marshalling
How to navigate to new page on a placeholder event of jquery mobile? [duplicate]
How can i update cell value of data table?
How to refer to files relative to project root in deployment of a database project?
Accurately detecting socket sending failures in Java
File / Image storage with access via .Net
Reordering the elements of a list so consecutive elements succeed one another?
How to add a dollar sign to this output (jQuery)?
Error using using DLL Import in WPF
How set the end of a floating div
Custom program for Idoc Edit and Re-posting into sap
How to prevent any browser refresh function
Property or indexer cannot be assigned to 鈥�it is read only [duplicate]
ASP.NET - Getting server local IP
How to add Images of products being purchased to Order Review part in Magento?
jQuery selector :contains - Use regular expressions
Objective-c load BIO from bundle
Why is my dropdownlist in IE9 only clickable with Compatibility View on?
DataTable.Select SQL injection protection needed?
Bypass XSS blacklist 鈥�lt;鈥� 鈥�gt;鈥� 鈥�amp;鈥�input nvarchar
Peer-to-Peer decentralized network - message to all peers
Jetspeed imports in Java EE project
Bar chart design
Jetspeed imports in Java EE project
Bar chart design
INSERT query priority
Unnecessary 鈥渋nvalid type鈥�warning on x:Key (XAML dictionary entry)
Strict less than operator in LDAP search filter?
Geo Javascript decoding [closed]
How can i generate a long hash of a String?
Add ActionEvent in Swing [closed]
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�javax.imageio.IIOException: Invalid icc profile: bad sequence number
How to read image stored as byte in informix database?
catch the text change in a input field
How to version git&gitolite hooks?
Grails GSP view won't output variable
Can I build a graphical interface from ocaml toplevel?
How do I generate a control flow of an AST (represented in XML) using Python?
Handling of '盲','枚','眉' in input jQuery
http RewriteCond and RewriteRule
EntityManager is always NULL using SpringFramework
server side include apache enable
how to define epsilon interval in matlab?
What are my options for authentication for WCF rest?
鈥淭rue鈥�pure functional doubly-linked list and Sharing of nodes
how to get the image from contacts
Disable products with placeholder image on home page in magento
Is it possible to embed an eBook created with iBooks Author inside an app?
File name coming wrong when clicking open in save/Open Dialog
Dynamic paging and lazy loading
How to protect php/mysql application deployed on client machine? [duplicate]
Looking for equivalence to typedef and array from C to Java
Get Build Step exit code in TeamCity
horizontal scrolling similar to that of excel using DataGridView
One to multiple many relationship in petapoco
How could I printa webpage that it's not loaded?
class vs helper routines - C++
Java: string to ImageIcon?
AJAX table update causes formatting problems
update_attributes does not remove embedded documents if an array of them has been emptied
Abstract class, how to avoid code duplication?
increase number in string
Magento : Category Page
Unable to connect sql job agent with linked server
fling and pinchzoom for an imageview in one activity
Convert C# DateTime into MongoDB format
how to debug paypal IPN in development environment in visual studio
How to declare copy constructor in derived class, without default construcor in base?
Android API 3 : A simple custom square component
Custom warning as printf's 鈥渢oo many arguments for format鈥�
Mach Time stops counting when ios device sleeps
conversion of hexa to decimal int
Splitting one bulk email in to several
Dynamically created colgroup not working
How can I expand arguments in Java?
Primefaces Tree SelectListener resets other form inputs
jQuery datapicker parsing date throws invalid date exception
Connecting to Red5 server from local network
how to get a list of methods from a class in java?
Scrollbar is missing for JPanel in JScrollPane
How to deal with Mercurial when disk corruption/restore has returned the master-repo to an old state
login with xcode
DirectX 11 feature levels
getting only first 10 updates directy from json page,not downloading the whole page first then select from it
Localizable.strings (English) doesn't work but InfoPlist.strings (English) works?
Hide scroll of body page when modal window is open
Fancybox iframe, shows the iframe, then go to url?
Android Toggle Button / Segmented Button [duplicate]
How to handle the missing arguments while executing .pl file in PERL?
Auto Div height depend on another one
DNN Blog Module Source code
fluent-nHinernate TriggerIdentity nhIdOutParam always return null (Oracle rdbms)
Netty - Http , web browser ,web page didn't reveive anything
disable jQuery slider plugin if not enough content
Getting URL for twitter,Facebook,Gmail from desktop application
Looking for a good way to separate Javascript and HTML
Custom Android ViewGroup Forcecloses
sort of arrays and their position
Solr Suggester 鈥渁utocomplete鈥�component with php
JavaScript execute after google analytics
Which language to use for creating a News/topic aggregator site [closed]
How do I decode this JSON string containing Magento product options?
Parent-child view dilemma in backbone.js
from ArrayList into JComboBox
global variable not getting changed upon method call in javascript
Why my image can't be displayed vertical center in <div> via my CSS codes?
Detect unused CSS classes
Android/ phonegap - Click response time slow
Is it possible to pass complex objects across domains using the jQuery Method getJSON to a WCF Service?
How style the element before specified one
How can I get the value of an input that is inside a span with jQuery?
-JS - Touch- prevent horizontal scroll
How can I replace paragraph elements with new lines using regex?
Validating email address domain in ASP.NET
jQuery scroll down the page to certain no of pixels
how to cast this string list to an object
How to convert Pointer back to Array of byte (or a Stream)?
Do plexus annotations work in a maven plugin?
Custom Title bar & Tabs
pretty url with .htaccess?
iOS: Core Data: NSRangeException in simple example
Adobe Access 3.0 DRM on Android
iOS: Core Data: NSRangeException in simple example
Adobe Access 3.0 DRM on Android
Accessing 鈥渨ho you are with鈥�and 鈥渨here you are鈥�tags of a post using FQL
grep + fit grep syntax for solaris
Yacc/Lexer: how does this work, really?
how to apply Zend_Filter_StripTags on array in zendFramework?
facebook application javascript file errors
Canvas works only in Chrome browser [closed]
Convert PHP RegEx to JavaScript RegEx
jQuery dialog resize issue
Hibernate 4.1.0 Final : Initial configuration failing
Groovy: Using 鈥渋n鈥�operator for a list with a regexp inside
Android: how to make string-array to be a reference to another string-array?
How to add background image and icon to a JSF button?
Svn tortoiseto compare two verison of software
Which website can I learn Yii framework? [closed]
Doxygen and PHP - how to parse code that is not run?
How to download the files from different machines within the local network using c#
java: cpu 100% of usage. what optimization tricks can be done? [closed]
Can not select row in UITableView on iPad
iscroll4 prevents keyboard display on focus on an extern input (android/ios)
OpenCL- waste of host computing power
Google maps API: Directions result not showing
Is it possible to deploy an exploded war file to JBoss 4.2.3?
UIAppearance proxy problems with appearanceWhenContainedIn
Javascript regex, replace all characters other than numbers
GoToMeetingand Google Docs integration with sugarcrm
What's the use for anonymous functions in AS3?
Refresh a page on load for IE only
Check user is valid windows authentication MVC3
Facebook- Publishing a story to user's wall
How to prevent a Sharepoint 2010 application from Globally Deploying?
How to make a query to GROUP BY x DESC
Google Maps (javascript API): get GPS coordinates from address
CheckBox gets unchecked on scroll in a custom listview
Generate Invoice & Tracking
Repeated use of a variadic function argument doesn't work
How to implement Android listview opening gesture
How to correctly use built-in XMLRPC in Ruby?
CLLocationmanager gets stuck sometimes
How can I add drawables to my res folder in intelij IDEA?
Code contract inheritance
Is it possible to wrap PHP/MySQL application in binary that can work as stand alone application?
Finding multiple attribute from GROUP BY function in a Query
Filtering with foreign key
pass by reference in java - editing the value in another function
What does #Define BLABLABLA (1 << 2) mean? [duplicate]
iOS master detail application back button
How can I use WMI from PHP
CSV transport to excel encode wrong
warning: too many arguments for format - fprintf
MKMapView addAnnotation not on the MapView
QTP not able to fetch Text property when the Text is too large
Content length transfer chunked
file_get_contents to do a http request on the same domain
Copying a struct containing pointers to CUDA device
eclipse HTML/JS editor
PVCS deleting a file from the project
Removing unnecessary nested index in array (generated by Cake PHP)
Copy Resources while building project
Split a single screen into two parts + animation
get unique values from query to build Dictionary
Generating 'a' tags on the fly using Jquery
Meta data Along video in Youtube metadata Youtube API
Change in appearance - Widget
Facebook authentication redirection loop
matlab averages of cell array
Best Design pattern to create a rules engine
CSS two column layout with constant sidebar width
iPhone:Sqlite file not found in library documents
how to remove p tags within a div?
What does a client need to connect remotely to an SQL Server?
Getting error Named query not found: UnescalatedDeadlines
PHP code in FatFree template
CAL mkview command fails
iMacros + FF : Linux, command line
Rewrite Rule gives 500 Error
Running JUnit tests programmatically outside of their Eclipse project
Create (file) string with classic asp VBScript
Invalid label in trying to retrieve json from a restful webservice
What Rails OAuth 2 server solution allows using same controllers with OAuth and form based auth?
Setting a filename inside the header with htaccess
Visual FoxPro (VFP) CTOBIN and BINTOC Functions - Equivalent In .Net
Java List vs ArrayList
panelgroup based on an arrayList - editing the arraylist and updating the panelgroup from within
Finding the difference between two sets of data from the same table
What is the reverse of x = pow(y, 5)
Joomla 2.5 switching style sheets
Javascript Blocking Backspace
Word Macro to save as PDF when file saves
Mule: Why does VM queue break using HTTPS, basic-auth and spring security manager
python data type comparisons [duplicate]
JAVA , Xml parsing
Task reports IsCompleted but still blocks on Result?
Writing hex data to an executable not working? C++
Chrome Extension: How to detect if an extension is installed using Content Scripts
Extjs 4 treepanel Reload and Expand
SQL statement - NullPointerException
Android Screen Orientation slow?
error when inserting data into database when multiple sms is sent
iOS Application Development : Beginner [closed]
What does the Google GIN method : bind(Class class)
Running the wrong batch file after copying another to a folder
ninject memory leak due to circular scope callback reference
Service pauses on screen lock
Is it possible to constrain the constructors of classes implementing an interface?
jquery element duplication in list box
Variable-size data type for numbers in Oracle
On/off states with words in a form?
Checking union cases dynamically
iPhone Targeting TextField in cell problems
how to generate the excel file in java using seam
PHP + htaccess: Protecting PDF Files [closed]
Struggling to get ProgressBar updated (without threading)
Get FreeSpace Available from a nonexistent Directory Path
BackgroundWorker reporing activity progress
Objectify Relationships: One-to-Many, Can I do this efficiently?
Out Of memory Error android
How to calculate the time complexity of back tracking algorithm
Loading/Adding values into a Datamember of type list<string>(DataContract)?
TFS 2010 API: Queue builds synchronously and get the state of each queued build: 鈥淩un On Agent (waiting for build agent)鈥�
saving image into SQLITE?
Liberal date/time parsing in Joda-Time
using FFmpeg, how to decode H264 packets
Tabhost - Sending data between activites
Control Indentation Hanging in PowerPoint 2010 VSTO
Adding a contact form to my Joomla site
DNS, A Record set up, mail server on one server, site hosted on another
Scaling SVGs without affecting line-width and radius with Qt
Combining WCF SOAP and REST
How to setup and clone a remote git repo on Windows?
get OpenFileDialog button pressed
Testing HL7 Messages
How to use thor instead of rake in railtie
Inline text editing in SVG
Counting rows and columns of a completed sudoku board
Is there any Erlang open source peoject for video storage and distribution?
android - how to put correct app icons sizes , including for amazon kindle fire?
2 DKIM on same domain
Java Arrays Game Shop
Alternatives to a self FULL OUTER JOIN to obtaint match between two entries
Restoring SQL Server 2005 database using C#. Rollback issue
while and array (in a form)
Any way to unfriend with the Facebook iOS SDK
How to check if a radiobutton was already checked, after it has been clicked?
Files uploading status in perl Net::FTP module
How to initialize a fragment based app?
Synchronisation across multiple servers?
Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin for HTTP DELETE
How to send data using webrequest class method?
Shared library creation in LINUX throws error
Class constructor declaration鈥�Two ways of declaring the same thing?
Mysql group_concat with sums also inside
Memory management in COM
Strstr return false instead of true
dll error flycapture
Email delivery failure in php mail function
Calculate total of particular column in sql query
Why ListBox does not display the bound ItemsSource
InterlockedExchange (or similar atomic operation) within a Critical Section?
JavaScript selectAll deselectAll checkboxes function doesn't work on IE8
UISlider - parameter - iphone
Xtext list of items or only one item
jQuery mobile Trigger create doesn't completely work with element added through DOM
Programmaticaly erase data of a sqlite database using ormlite library
Silverlight: How to get before changed value of textbox when textchange event fired
jQuery date picker not working in content pages
Rails searching with multiple conditions (if values are not empty)
make one element visible and 49 others invisible
How to zooming whole gallery?
Can GCC issue a warning when 0聽is passed as an argument?
Filter table for data, but use other data also (.Net Reporting Services 2008)
nasm/gcc issue on 64-bit Mac OS X Lion
Do I need to observe NSManagedObjectContextDidSaveNotification from every NSManagedObjectContext I create?
Any good Profiler with CPU details for MVC 3 Web application?
parse complex xml with php simple xml
Rails 3.1 and minitest: How to test the 鈥渙ther鈥�classes?
Reading word file and saving it as odt
How to find the cell next to active cell in excel
All Types Of Phone Number Validation Using Jquery
Eclipse Marketplace slow, how to speed it up?
Signing a web form - options for digital signature
PHP Parallel curl requests
Guides, tutorials for beginner iOS Game development iPhone/iPad? [closed]
Assembly: What is ntdll.7C910208?
How to hold a page for 5 second before redirecting
Creating a pop-up without a scroll bar or tool bar
Pass a function template to other function
Dropping iPhone 3GS Support for new app
Observable and Webclient to get csv
Scala's @BeanProperty for Options
php replace of keys inside a string [closed]
Sinatra datamapper extracting information from a certain entry
Rails 2.3.8: Callback that will happen before save and validation (even when there's no validation)
UINavigationBar change tint color in Category
The interface ColorSpace cannot define an initializer
CakePHP blog tutorial - Cannot redeclare UsersController::beforeFilter()
Search a string In Xml Files And Send Email [closed]
in rails, how can I get all parameters of a model after joining with other models, get an ActiveRecord::Relation which count's method returns a number
setStyleSheet fixates font, no longer updates for font propagation
setStyleSheet fixates font, no longer updates for font propagation
how to run the .swf file in android emulator?
Deserializing JSON object into .NET List
How to change Win32_NetworkAdapter NetConnectionID property using WMI
Rails 3: Routing Error - uninitialized constant MyController::Google
How to use 鈥減ointer to array 10 of int鈥�
Licensing strategy for WCF Services
Treeview node reselection
Dynamic Linq access items
How to extract exceptions from java log file?
JSONKit: changing and serializing JSON attribute's value
How to draw circle on the MAP using GMAP.NET in C#
CSV encoding php
Difference between two types of class properties definition?
Stored procedure error, wrong number or type of argument
Mercurial pre-push hook scanning the working copy
MVC3 Custom Role Provider with many to many relationship using checkboxes
php How to list the files with language filenames via DirectoryIterator?
URL Removal/Cleanup of entire domain ( Google )
Where does VS save, which projects are loaded at the start?
Reading files inside a APK
Call a function of an object referenced by a void Pointer
How to use Google Map API in CodeIgniter?
Best way to compare dates without time in SQL Server
link_to different behavior from rails2 to rails3
Compilation error in maven with java home
Python library for a SOAP server that handles multiple requests simultaneously?
Allowing dash in string but not several consecutive dashes
iOS: Thirdparty Frameworks for Socket Communication available
Binding event with parameters
add dynamic css using javascript?
Reset / Set ZoomType Control in Highstock
How to loop on the list view (clientside to disable specific check box in)
GeoPoint Creation in android
/usr/bin/find: cannot build its arguments dynamically
How to integrate codeIgniter with netbeans fully
how can I get file name and path in java?
Gnuplot columnstacked histogram - line/row count
Symfony2 and Ubuntu 11.10 permission folder and file
Joining three different tables based on one column name
createRange within an iframe but results outside the iframe
How to get the Outlook mail item's size?
two date columns and one date range , typical query?
jquery read all document events
Log4J log does not create back up files
jqgrid: How to define filter presets / templates inside a combo-box?
How will i make this type of list in blackberry?
Nhibernate Proxy error [closed]
dijit.Tree with Deleting Items
doctrine: fetching all objects which parent is in the list
Implementation of Spring Security 3.1 across multiple domains, service bus and applications
'gcc-4.2' failed with exit status 1 when installing bcrypt
Instruction transfer between CPU and GPU
Embed SWF file in Firefox extension
PL/SQL: bind variable does not exist
Compiled dll for APC extension for PHP 5.3
iPhone:How to send an image from one view to another view fetched from photo library using NSUserDefault?
uploading PDF files and preview the uploaded files in MVC3
cancelling an onclick with a mousemove
Displaying an image from the resource issue
Inconsistent result while reading multiple QR Code from scanned PDF using zxing library
How to make vertical CCScrollView align to top?
How to set pthread_cond_signal so that the program doesn't hang?
How to get facebook user id without calling FB.getLoginStatus and promting user to grand access for public information
Need a office 2007 Macro for the below situation?
How to dismiss the popup box in the following android code?
doctrine: setting association with id instead of object instance
.htaccess redirect problems
Bad Controller/Model names in Rails?
Force page to load even when landing by navigating back (by back-button)
Grails - view not recognising model
Android Market Filter Help Needed
Qt QList<double> not filled properly
flowplayer plays video again after closing fancybox
Pass diff output to a variable
Installing RelationExtensions for petapoco firing error
Is it possible to share the text area from one class to another class in as3?
what ActiveX control implementing a web browser?
Setting up Git server on Windows?
Show pdf file into browser without Adobe Reader
IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings doesn't get stored to restart
Daylight saving issue while calculating Elapsed Time in C#
Rails Postgres Time Zone Handling
.videoWidth and .videoHeight not working in Android 3.x browser
representing a point inside a cylinder using Mathematica
osTicket Open Source Alternative
Authentication in couchdb for ios
Data type to write ASCII 0-255 in Java (ServletOutputStream)
Crashing while using Three20 With Monotouch.Dialog
xwiki/velocity recent changes
Why can't I assign null to decimal with ternary operator?
How to indicate a webpage loading progress in a UIWebView? [duplicate]
what after only touches Began?
jquery to apply css style
diamond shaped multiple inheritance pattern
UnityContainer.Resolve or ServiceLocator.GetInstance?
No payment methods when manually creating a Magento order in the backend?
How to add div dynamically inside a div using jQuery. It should display first also?
Sending a Barcode to a Zebra Printer from a Java Application
How to detect Console or Windows Application?
How to merge two images for retina display (@2x)?
handling online courses
Django tables names
How to remove an event handler without a reference to the handler function?
javascript - calculate 鈥渢rue鈥�keyCode
Whats the advantages and disadvantages of using Socket in IPC
netstat on iphone
How do I insert into a table generated via a mapping in Spring-Roo?
where should i save my drivers and advertisement files
Who is the observer and who is the observable?
How to Create a DLL file in Visual Studio C# 2010 Expres edition?
how to create a dynamic update function for a mvc crud website
Windows Phone Develoment 鈥�Multiple .mp3 files in media element and sound-effect not working
PHP Session variable not accessible
web service returns json with some extra tags how can solve this?
Partly loading a PDF into memory
Copy two versions of same jar using maven
CSS text overflows ooh man what a mess
Renaming a lot of variables in many Java classes at once
Why does a number imported to SQL Server from Excel contain the letter e?
Can Node.js have the same functionallity as PHP, or should they be used together?
Execute function before refresh
Tabbar does not show when i am clicking inside the tab bar class in android [duplicate]
Upload Folders to Server in C#
Java Library in an Android library referenced by an Android Project throws NoClassDefFound
Jira API gem for Ruby on Rails?
Getting noise when playing sound windows phone 7 emulator
Need to make multiple times in order to work
Read from Excel interop and write distinct values to another sheet
SSRS custom code and page wise subtotal
Building for Froyo, Styling for ICS
Eclipse - Highlight javascript in .phtml file
Using Hibernate 4.0.1 in JBoss 6.0
Tricky GROUP BY issue on ORACLE
Including QuickDialog into Xcode 4.2 Project
glMapBufferOES compiles with ndk 6 but not with 7
How to populate JSF inputText with initial value and submit control value to another property?
Fluent Nhibernate Many to Many association to multiple classes
Creating a client for java web service
cakePhp and a foreign key : i cannot write the foreign key in the view
Integrating with iOS contacts
Passing a simple variable value for use in another class in Android
how to access attr_accessor in rails model using `attribute_names` method
Testing the Application class doesn't shutdown the application after the test is done
google calendar api delphi
Where should I instantiate the Entity Framework's ObjectContext in a 3-tier applicaiton
requestAnimationFrame at a limited framerate
default view on a <div>? without onclick
Selenium/Magento - Sessionproblem during parallelisation
Selenium/Magento - Sessionproblem during parallelisation
Weird float div in Internet Explorer
How to see Erlang application Console which is running in backgroud?
Drag a UIView part-way, then it moves on its own
Does multi-file unified diff requires Index: lines?
Detect write to string
Cakephp 2.0 View Cache Not Working
User agent stylesheet overriding my table style? Twitter Bootstrap
Why doesn't this bash code work?
Like Button - Permission
Howto Plot ROC curve in R with only known SN/PPV/Cutoff info
Getting invalid json primitive error in jquery-ajax
Creating foreground background array in QT
Load record at scrolllistview
Reading a txt with spaces ( c++)
SQL classification
Hide <li> when href is empty
Passing multiple arguments into a SELECT without using a complex object
a ntservice c++ program can work well in xp but error in windows7
how to use lame encoder in flex/air
Howto compile MPI application in 鈥渟erial鈥�mode (without using MPI compiler)?
Iphone bluetooth connected to a non-MFI device
app icon don't change
Excel * symbol in a text string
How to get the total number of tweets, retweets and replies on a particular tag or account, in Twitter using its API?
Sending Email with attachment in network from my Android app
How to canonicalize XML in javascript?
In python when threads die?
create HTTPClient in Titanium
SVN: branch of read only repository?
If only segmentation is enabled
Getting mobile resolution in html5
How to bring Virtual Keyboard manually in android?While we clicking the edit text box,the keyboard want to display?
PDOException 鈥渃ould not find driver鈥�in php
shared Preferences and screen orientation
Latitute and Longitute as per mapview
Identity column without index or unique constraint
Clojure: how to create a record inside a function?
I want to get the url from all tabs in Chrome and IE from C# windows form button click
Regular Expression, how to avoid a specific value?
git cannot execute python-script as hook
How do push notifications on the iPhone determine which users are notified?
Querying a Many-to-Many relation with LINQ
Tree View in e4 Rcp application
How can I get the pervious version for Chrome
Add Additional Fields when Creating a Post within Wordpress Dashboard
How to retrieve a friendlist's members count with Graph Api?
Movable list in CI
Apache mod_rewrite internally to different port
Want to style data pulled from XML using jQuery
Want to style data pulled from XML using jQuery
Handle standby mode
Getting HTML text for function and event
how to assign linq result to multidimensional array
Remove whole word only with Java
Sent HTTP request with Credential in blackberry
jquery stop/pause jcarousel play whilst fancybox is active
How to get selected UITableViewCell's origin in the TableView?
bash script command to inject a schema.sql into mysql db
Posting data with curl to secure page
How to get the intersection of two groups of items in the most efficient way?
Is there any Android developer OS version available?
What is the Heroku equivalent for Django applications?
Converting C Struct to Objective C Objects - iPhone - OpenGL Es
URLEncode variable Parsing from String to Array as3
Exception handling for third party utility doesn't work
How to read one line at a time with python
netzke FormPanel
How to avoid closing newfd in dup2 function?
Avoiding singletons and global variables - but what about caching, providers, controllers, 鈥�
setting defined zoom range for google maps in android
ListView OnItemClickListener with a new activity
How to update record with edit form?
iPhone: Sorting based on location
Android - How to catch no space left on device
Recommended type ofRead from file plist,string,rich text - objectiveC [closed]
Which type of array to use for large amounts of numbers? open word document
using action bar sherlock
Call a javascript from java step by step
Recommendations for artificial neural network simulation basic software
In perl what does -f mean in an if statement?
Database design: Join table with extra column or, two join tables
How can I build this XML structure in JSON through JavaScript?
'module' object is not callable in server runtime but ok in django console
Find out compilation optimization flag from executable
How to save all changes on DB if DataTable.GetChanges() don't have last changes?
Hibernate and stored procedures (sqlserver2008)
Why aren't JBoss System Properties configured via the SystemPropertiesService working inside a sar/META.INF/jboss-service.xml
Addition and subtraction of complex numbers using class in C++
wcf service stop responding i think it because the application is not closing connactions to wcf
categoryId ignored for intent=browse searches in foursquare venues/search
AesCryptoServiceProvider, performance problems
MVVM interaction drop trigger
I need help to sort by numeric in wordpress
CakePHP Manipulate the return of a find() using conditions on a 2nd level deep model association
ibeams ipad application in itunes [closed]
How to select node which has a parent with some attributes
add two fields and insert into third in domain class in grails
Native CXF integration in grails
Issue with subdomain and domain
passing a large string through url in codeigniter
Want to know about split() in store procedure
How can I forward a primary key sequence in Django safely?
Client Side Pagination via JavaScript
How to access permanently removed pages using SPARQL?
MFC (Windows Mobile). How to create a radio button with custom images and labels for checked and unchecked state?
Retrieve current week's Monday's date
When to design for scalability?
Joining two text after explode
Get next date and day
Android: NDK setup in windows
how to make a validation code for ASP.NET form with VB coding
How to correctly remove generated HTML with Sencha Touch
JTextField, set caret position to end of input without highlighting whole string
UIWebView img layout differences between ios4 and ios5
Generating a JSON object on server plus iterating it on client-side
python search and write to file