Issue with Unicorn Deploy to Heroku - production environment issues only
Can you retrieve a change from the index?
is there a way to specify the maximum length of a preference?
Perl script, prepend string match with #, insert new string on line below
Javascript objects and passing member functions as parameters
sass-rails helpers 鈥渋mage-url鈥� 鈥渁sset-url鈥�are not working in rails 3.2.1
Implicit constructor arguments
Visual C++ Form Designer is replacing all my 鈥渘ew鈥�with 鈥済cnew鈥�
JQuery - Alert window not poping up in IE8
Pattern for multiple Loaders with LoaderManager?
XSLT: How get rid of default namespace's prefixes in XPath? (xmlns=鈥溾�鈥�
c++ class does not detect sym links
No Method Error 'map' for #<Arel::Nodes::SqlLiteral>
Where can I put mouse event handling code so that it is out of the way but can still manipulate objects?
Why do I get this blank line when printing in C?
Bootstrap Confidence Intervals in R
Let the ViewModel know the generic object of the View
How do I run assets:precompile with Rails in a subdirectory on Heroku?
鈥淭here was a problem鈥嶁�鈥�with reindexing process.鈥�after product import
javax.validation getting ignore from jersey
How do I install the billing example 鈥淒ungeons鈥�on my phone?
How to guarantee uniqueness of hash-based ID?
鈥渟tandard鈥�dll created in vb6 gives access violation when called in python
Issue replacing only the last space of a string
How to convert SVN (Subversion) to Hg (Mercurial) on Windows?
Custom java.sql.Driver Implementation Connection Handling
ReSharper gives an 鈥淍鈥�prefix to a variable name in a lambda expression
Adding two little endian byte array
dynamic columns using pivot table query
dynamic columns using pivot table query
How to use type-safe struct type Core Data attributes with mogenerator?
Jenkins for a maven project - generating test reports
Django upload Form error: 'InMemoryUploadedFile' object has no attribute 'COOKIES'
Why JSON allows only string to be a key?
Internet Explorer IE 9+ javascript not working
How do I parse this string in ruby?
What is this line of code trying to do?
Java when i call join i get exception in child and parent thread
What values will make this function crash?
Python MySQL data import
How to detect if browser supports file uploading? (Mobile + Desktop)
ColdFusion Unable to create Solr collection Error
Convert a series of values in to a relative 1-10 scale
Why is this not an example of recursion?
An RPM spec file %pre section that reinstalls a dependant package?
Why doesn't volatile in Java update the value of a variable?
How to detect UTF-8 characters in a Latin1 encoded column - MySQL
Kohana ORM reverse lookup on one-to-many
Limit width in an excel file created by with multiple GridViews
Safe to return a vector populated with local variables?
error when building a GWT app after updating GWT
How to test a custom form helper
creating objects from JS closure: should i use the 鈥渘ew鈥�keyword?
Symbian app on python note usage
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError - Why? How to troubleshoot?
How to perform a recursive search?
Is this a safe thing to do?
Solr More Like This (MLT) not returning results
Facebook Graph API: Handling Timeouts and Errors
Is there a way to set properties in IronRuby similar to C# object initializer syntax?
receive csv from server and parse using php
Dynamically centered ul nav
How can i access and modify my UDP header?
Finding syntax error in code [PHP/HTML]
Flex, how to compare data from dataGrid dataField with string value?
How to specify multiple options using apache commons cli?
ADT Plugin Won't Install
Icon that when clicked would launch to my website
Compilation errors on sample USB project for MPLAB
Android app has warning message of not responding
Facebook HTML5 Like Button Implementation Returning Error on Like & Unlike
functional java - transform by calling a member function
How to add an integer to each element in a list?
How to create a completely immutable tree hierarchy? Construction chicken and egg
jQuery Carousel item limitation navigation issue
Is there a nice idiom for adding a new list or appending to a list (if present) in a dictionary?
Running command when word appears in log? [closed]
Rails Rendering Javascript Files in the the View and Including Ruby Variables
image segmentation of a blob that is two objects
Configure XSLT stylesheet in SSRS Report Subscription?
C++ access component via [鈥溾�] or [int] for custom class
Rails 3 render partial from another controller (error: ActionView::MissingTemplate)
Adding padding to a CSS grid system like
Zend Framework code documentation style
Group and count by minute of day using MySQL
How to add gperf to windows 7 classpath (and have it recognized in DOS)
C++ : method to circumvent issue of change of address on cast to base class pointer
I need to retrieve data from a RESTful webservice using jquery
Optimising a four-state data structure
Use JQuery to build an anchor
getting facebook Access token from java app
ImportError: cannot import name reverse_lazy
Nested for loop is not working the way I wanted
How do I insert html inside a Radio button label (in Yesod)
Rails float as ID in URI seems to lose decimal when converting from string
Returning executable PHP code from a web service (a la JSON)
Memory management trickery with arrays
How can I convert response json string image into a displayable image
TableView content Height Changed after keyboard show
What's wrong with my PDO syntax? Is it possible to get a clearer error report?
Print Values In Array
Modifying list elements in a for loop
Nokogiri: controlling element prefix for new child elments
gson deserialization to dictionary
Drop Schema in Oracle: SQL Error: No more data to read from socket
How do I add full screen iAd's on iPhone?
Using PIX with a WPF app
Firefox leaking cookies across Websocket hostdomains
How does boost::variant store references?
How to reuse Menu and Toolbar in different WPF UserControls with adding new buttons?
Drop down menu on change do jquery function and sql query
Bash, look for pattern, prepend match with #, insert new string below
User object syntax in status post array
Receiving an IOException when I open a virtual COM port
ArrayList.add() method causing NullPointerException
NSURLRequest with caching not working
Python - writing cleaner (better) code - constant declaring and redeclaring of variables
NHibernate Search and Lucene Exception
Use of NSRunloop for avoiding event driven code
Make footer height extend to bottom of the page
Simple task of Clearing Text Fields
Colorbox Ajax Loading of external page but only a specific Div
Magento categories listing using getCollection & addLevelFilter but exclude Default Root Category
Embeding streaming player inside my app IOS
JSONKit unrecognized selector while serializing
Web Deploy VS 2010 ASP.NET MVC
How to change screen dimming time programatically in android?
CSS3 Translate3d Mouse Events Issue
Manipulating POST data to work with Symfony2 forms when used in a REST API
sed: replacing nth word with matched pattern?
What is the alternate for deprecated Hibernate.createClob(Reader reader, int length)
Using 'return' when creating objects with 'new'
multidimensional array for jqplot bar chart
Using Modelforms to validate a request.POST
EMACS :: linum-mode and size of font (unreadable line numbers)
How to access parts of localhost with device
Django aggregate query
How to call Java function from c
Is there an alternative to the taps gem?
In android how do I create different fragments/activities stacks within each tab that persist across tab changes?
Setting referential tables in SQL Server 2008
MySQL crashes when adding index
Lower bounds on comparison sorts for a small fraction of inputs?
C# 4.0 Compile time error, fails to resolve overload when wrong overload contains parameter types defined in .NET components that are not referenced [closed]
c++ proper usage for deleting the data in a structure that a pointer points to
Can I write a Mac app which interacts with Xcode?
add a class to one particular li element
iOS/Android Device orientation (pitch, yaw, roll). Is it better with accelerometer or gyroscope?
NetSuite formula search for data between first/last day of future month
Css not rendering properly after the script call
XSLT with namespaces: Copy template omits attributes
set string array from php?
Facebook page tab iframe appears on bottom
Easily input a correlation matrix in R
how to compare unique identifier with Linq
Should i try to avoid using the Remote validation attribute to check the for existence of i record for performance issues
couchdb Max_document_size
Memory issues with HTTParty and download large files
Most elegant image to image frame comparison algorithm
Confused about Having COUNT() = 0
Google Talk API integrations with Android app
Map view models to KnockoutJS Validation
Why error: 鈥淰alue can't be converted to integer鈥�while accessing $EAX?
How to integrate previously external ruby scripts into a Rails app and call them from a rake task?
Developing a plug-in under OS X Lion: where to begin?
HTML5 Animations - Backwards Compatibility
In openFileOutput Android, NullPointerException
CALayer loses rasterization when scrolled offscreen in a UIScrollView
elastic search + couchdb OR sphinx + mysql 鈥�for document review SaaS
SQL server Can I pass the results of a table- valued function to a stored procedure?
mouseover timeout too fast
Implementing WSSecurity/PasswordText authentication with WCF
Trying to hide base class member during serialization with Json.NET
2 Questions concerning Javascript Image-Object
How to add more than one video source with JS?
ASP.NET Listview with multiple headings
Forms Authentication, .Net 3.5 + IIS 6
GLenum as property in Objective-C OpenGL
How to count efficiently using C# and XML?
What is a good tool for Build Pipelines?
CTCallCenter currentCalls not updating - only works once per installation [closed]
Jquery Issue With Form Select Drop Down Hiding
how to view 鈥渓ocalhost鈥�on my iPod touch
YUI dialog and Javascript state caching
Is there a way to get the Yelp URL for a given business?
forcing landscape mode on a tablet
Styling Lists with CSS
moving object across screen smoothly in as3
undefined reference to 鈥榑imp__InitBizLib鈥�
Structure a dynamoDB table to enable ASC or DESC ordered pagination on * items in a table
HTML table 鈥淎dd Row鈥�or 鈥淩emove Row鈥�button column
How to Call External WebService Using JQuery?
Special 2 Column Layout with CSS
How to go back to an earlier screen in install4j?
Showing a keyboard in iOS without animating
Lazy Initialisation with OpenEntityManagerInViewFilter?
I'm coding a brute-force algorithm on change making and I'm a little stuck
What would it take to add support for the Contacts API to google-api-ruby-client?
AutoCorrect Text C# Word
How do you restore the values of the form in case if validation failed (in Kohana 3)
Why won't passing `''.trim()` straight to `[].map()`'s callback work?
fetching data from mysql to display on webpage
Using truncate tables, no result
How do I find the UNIX timestamp for a specific HH:MM time given a UTC offset in PHP?
How do I access or manipulate variables of one class from another in Xcode
WPF Dependency Properties Settings binding doesnt update
Ruby Regexp group matching, assign variables on 1 line
UIScrollView: difference between setContentOffset:animated and scrollRectToVisible:animated
Creating an unmanaged c++ dll to replace .NET C# dll
Export to csv - Linq query
MVC 3 Ninject error
How do I align two span elements one to the left, the other one to the right?
JQuery SerialScroll Tabs bottom-border Issue
Entify Framework How to do Where Or using Linq (Predicate)
Why do I see 鈥渄efine not defined鈥�when running a Mocha test with RequireJS?
Looking for a php class for the new Discogs API (v2.0)
iOS canAuthenticateAgainstProtectionSpace method not called every time
How do you bring Outlook into focus and send it keystrokes in C#?
How can I check for text on a site in VB.NET?
Deleting dereferenced elements from vector
pack empty directory with SharpZipLib
Google map simple map
Constructor with qList reference, how does it work?
PAM: how do I change someone else's password?
How to make out of function EditText Android
Perl module installation: LSID
ServiceDescriptionImporter cannot find definition for web service namespace
How to find maximum value of set of variables
鈥淓rror occurred during initialization of VM; Could not reserve enough space for object heap鈥�using -Xmx3G
How to auto-save in XE2?
SCons - how to provide explicit dependency for targets across scripts
Adding a CMS (wordpress) to a website?
Launchrock Widget position
what's wrong with this $_POST and sql code?
fileExistsAtPath: returning NO for files that exist
Webkit Bug? Broken CSS
Suppess UIView re-layout when child view changes
ultra-light expand-collapse javascript solution?
XSLT + Adding excel data type tags to cells based on the data type of header row
MASM Fixing 64 bit Truncation in a DLL
ASP .Net TextChanged to show Jquery dialog
Why doesn't jQuery click function work?
Is a deep nested Dictionary an antipattern?
Facebook like button for item not a link
PowerShell: Members: Methods and Properties documentation
Paperclip + IE - file fail to upload
Clang vs MSVC: Treatment of template function prototypes
Is there an API for Safari Reader?
Creating PHP website but all data retrieved through JAVA local webservices?
close and reset height and width to its original sizes on 鈥渃lose鈥�click
WebView hides soft keyboard during loadUrl(), which means a keyboard cannot stay open while calling javascript
Complex SQL where clauses - collectively select all but never overlap
How do I update the legend label spacing after legend font size is changed in matplotlib?
postgres psql giving permission denied but I can use pgadmin ok
Two ListViews with selected items on the same page
COM cannot start out-of-process .Net server compiled as AnyCPU
Clients want to copy/paste from word processors; rich text editors will make it a mess. How do we solve this?
Comparison Sort - Theoretical
Create a master git repository for multiple git-svn repositories
Detecting a System On a Chip (SOC) platform under Windows with C++
How to go to my new Facebook App
MySql complains about 'Duplicate entry' though unique data is being entered
Get image height that is not in content
Array of classes and methods in Java
How to avoid adding rows to SQLAlchemy if value didn't change since last entry?
Does every large project include a Lisp interpreter? [closed]
How to declare iterators to derived class object?
How to search a string for all values contained in an Array of strings? (Javascript)
How do you run a specific migration for DataMapper?
RichEdit control in Delphi XE2 won't show font colors under certain styles
VB Polymorphism Constructors Default and Properties. Similar Class to Listbox
How to change color of an image using jquery [closed]
slideshow click to change image
Objective-C garbage collection and C++
Creating a file mapper
InvalidOperationException using Datacontext
from c to java, objects [closed]
f# spacing and mergesort
MVC3 - direct link in email to start controller action
approach to solve two char column scramble of a text
iOS 5 + iPad 1 + Apple Digital AV Adapter: Video not playing on the TV
Matplotlib yaxis range display using absolute values rather than offset values?
php jquery and strange characters
How do I make ctest run a program with valgrind without dart?
Json Encoding Issue
share this multiple on the same page
Copying files to Applications Documents Directory, error control
What is this macro exactly doing?
Phonegap app quits after Camera captures image. [Android]
Using mongoose to find by id and 10 subsequent objects
httpd.conf always in use, even after killing apache processes?
How can I use readline method?
Debugging subtle iOS view layout issues
Signed magnitude, 1's complement and 2's complement of +46 and -17
Better Than HTML Tables For HTML Forms?
How do I configure jquery to change the active navigation link when a new section is scrolled to?
jQuery .css background-position-x change on hover not working in IE
UIApplicationWillTerminate: NSNotificationCenter vs Application Delegate
System vs ShellExecute - Differences?
httpi-ntlm gem for all three auth type
How do I use Fabric to SSH to two different ports on the same server?
JQuery to Trim leading white space only?
Multiple DataNavigateUrlFields鈥�one from datasource, one from drpdownlist
adding cygwin bin directory to powershell path environment variable 鈥�cygwin within powershell
getElementById Not Working Right
Using Having clause with multiple columns
Can you change the data type of a customized defect field in Quality Center after it has been created?
Rounding up a number to nearest multiple of 5
Custom mark up language breaks html
How can I call chrome.tabs.captureVisibleTab in an extension without asking for <all_urls> permission?
URL Rewrite - stop https for staging guid url on Azure (IIS)
hibernate insert?
Rails rspec+capybara test on staging server?
backticks do not return any value in perl
Looking for a non 鈥渂rute force鈥�algorithm to remove intersecting areas of a collection of Rects
Selectively getting text from <div>
RCP communication
Using a LONG DOUBLE, 鈥�223372036854775807 - 1鈥�still drops the last digit and comes out as 鈥�223372036854775800鈥�
Why is the slash at the end of lxml.html.parse() important?
Overwritting Javascript function variable on demand
How to checkin the output of a project/solution (dll) post a successful build in TFS2010
SQL Order by fails monitor user click
Automating UNION Mysql query with php validation controls client script
ruby-debug not displaying correct line of code while listing code
Is is possible to use jQuery inside of Vaadin framework?
Immutable objects are thread safe, but why?
Java / Android rookie here, please help me [closed]
How does privilege users work on MySQL?
jQuery sortable overflow issue in IE8
How to save original height of a series of boxes when height is unkown?
Linked Server to Oracle suddenly failing
Seeking efficient linq method in searching matched string
How to find what depth a member is in a list in prolog?
How to see variable values in SQL Profiler when Trigger fires?
Host WCF web service in IIS
.Net IoC framework sporting external settings? command line params? XML merging?
Multiple Authentication Providers in Spring Security
How reliable is TelephonyManager.getSimOperator() on CDMA devices?
Is there a mouseOver workaround for IE8 and Firefox in WebDriver?
How Can I Replace StringList.Sort with a Stable Sort in Delphi?
How to write gsub with curly quotes for UTF-8 strings?
Is there some performance issue If i set bigint unsigned as primary key of a myisam table on mysql?
Using to auto login to a wifi network secured by username/password
converting byte array to double in lua
ios time to int minutes
joomla K2 limit items per page
How can I bind the CSS background-image property?
JS/html: keep some margin from the anchor?
Batch program to stop services that are running
how to disable django sphinx documentation on production server
What is the best way to store a list of small instructions?
JDBC Hibernate - Mysql Connection Error
Odd CoreData Memory Leaks
Is there an easier way to view json object from firefox or chrome's developer console?
Javascript preview box replace n with <br>
What am I doing wrong in the VM environment with Python's urllib2 POST?
How do I access an object I've instantiated in my main method from another method?
This code worked with the iPhone, but not with the iPad [closed]
Calling a PHP file from another PHP file
language good enough to develop WebGL appication?
Javascript auto popup (without clicking a button)
Are there hooks in ASP.NET MVC prior to layout execution and post body render?
Java JButton styling
What is the benefit of a REST web service?
can't mass-assign protected attribute
respondsToSelector failing
Circular sliding window over 2 dimensional array algorithm
Executing commands from command line to server
Create a Virtual directory inside a mvc 3 application in iis
Streaming data over ajax
How to parse a particular javascript variable in an HTML page?
Match email addresses to Likes on a company page
How would I convert only a subset of column values from a DataRow into a string array using LINQ?
Suggestions on how to improve click-bot performance
XD Proxy hangs on Facebook Connect login
jquery ui autocomplete - scrollbar does not show on mobile
Assetic's cssrewrite and subfolders
setprecision for boost::program_options
SWIG generated TCL-wrappers with arbitrary number of arguments
Changing Lucene Searcher on Running Tomcat
concatenate numbers as strings in django template vars
Can I use If/Else or Case in the middle of a where clause?
Dynamically draw an Image on a Canvas in Silverlight
Upgrading application to Ruby 1.8.7, Rails 3 and getting undefined method `config_accessor' for SiteSweeper:Class
WP7 opens a blank page, when a Google map link is clicked
Django, Ajax long polling, Postgresql: idle transaction
Python 2.7.2 installation difficulties
jquery ui autocomplete - clears text with a mismatch after a match
Can't get the right coefficients in R summary function
passing variables to method
Subclipse and JavaHL installation headache
CCMenuItemFont color change
Creating a 'singleton' thread- How to have at most 1 instance of a thread at any one time
Why would you assign a variable to a remove method for a Java ArrayList, and what would be the ramifications?
How to map texture coordinates perfectly to a tile by using a tilemap?
Left join one table with itself
Truncated JSON when converting byte array to string
Looking for some code to write .gif or .png files (not libpng)
Proper way to import a single Django settings constant to avoid the full settings import overhead?
How to get NCLOB XML data from Oracle database
Hibernate mapping error?
Trouble with JScrollPane in JTextArea in JPanel in JFrame
SubCut BindingModule composition
Javascript AJAX Login not behaving
How to decode a Unicode character in a string
Integrating Tumblr and Wordpress - Advanced
Android alert dialog does not fit to image
Best way to use Security when invoking web-services on your server
How to encode or convert a NSData object
Deployment error in visual studio 10
Gitolite Eclipse 'Auth fail'
android.opengl.GLES11Ext.glGenFramebuffersOES throws UnsupportedOperationException
Macports exclusion list
Using Java 7 closure syntax in Eclipse 3.7.1
Boost-Asio: how to handle stream data from either console and network?
does a 鈥渟ign in with google鈥�approach for a web app imply the need for OpenID with google (or can OAuth be used)?
Class with multiple data inputs
ImportError from Cython when linking an external C library
Groovy concurrency executor awaiting termination like join method in threads
Orchard Performance on Azure
web2py: crud form to edit users resets password
In python, can I reload methods in a classes that's running?
would 鈥淒evise鈥�still be useful if I'm using 鈥渟ign on with google鈥�
Linking two subprocess output to another subprocesses input
Resque web front end - Internal Server Error - RuntimeError - ERR operation not permitted
Why does importing a python module not import nested modules?
Rails: Create Method - How to add HABTM attributes?
Why does importing a python module not import nested modules?
Rails: Create Method - How to add HABTM attributes?
if statement in javascript always true
CakePHP: Checking existing field values on save
Negative coordinates in UIView.frame
Extend the strategy pattern: Add Context methods and subclasses
Add headers to a request in rails
RavenDB Query Correct Results After Second Attempt
Validation not stopping data and function keeps on inserting
Custom SerializationInfo
What does 鈥渁s_text_trimmed鈥�do?
Appending Once in Javascript
click, drag, and resize events getting mixed
Sql Select Issue
android swipe Horizontal View Paging with MapView
Convert Date from SQLite and populate a Listview
How to decrement a bitstring?
The difference between front() and begin()
can single point of failure in Hadoop can be addressed by integrating Zookeeper?
How to use NSWorkspace to be able to open a filetype? - Cocoa
Unable to style an anchor tag? Someone explain why?
NoSQL Architecture White Papers
Error Code: 1690 DOUBLE value is out of range in pow((75 + 1),261)
Cannot dynamically set initial element translation before transition in same call stack
How read public posts on the wall of a public group?
Is it possible to add javascript to images in a pdf?
Why do Unit Test systems include useless assertive methods? [closed]
Updating one field in every element of a Matlab struct array
c# report returns #error
how to skin dropdownlist with different arraycollection field
Displaying Mysql Query Results on a Web Page
Close window after junit test
C++ memcpy function, why use *s++ instead of s[i]
What is the ideal way to call an overloaded method based on an object that may be of one of several different types?
Find a number on a string using python
When I open my project in NetBeans the Source Files folder appears to be empty, even when I know there are definitely files there
Clojure / Noir: Force HTTPS, redirect if the request was http:// to https://
Java question: Is there an integer or double version of the JLabel class?
What is the iOS equivalent of Java's System.nanoTime()?
Security and authentication design concepts about an interoperable (SOAP, REST) WCF Service
Template method is not instantiated
Script to proxy just one website with the folder structure?
Delphi 2010 - Triggering actions accurately in realtime
Cannot compile simple c++ program in Ubuntu
When I try to delete a Django user, I get 鈥淒atabaseError: no such table: auth_message鈥�
How to execute a javascript in a Python webdriver
Struct to IEEE754
generate javascript for resteasy
GAE: testing download of blobs with testbed and webtest
How to detect if mobile browser CAN install Flash?
Core-Plot: x-axis labels as yearly quarters
How can I check if a few selected elements in one listbox, are divisible by 3 and they are integers?
Reading and Writing XML VS Plain Text
django: Retrieve object via backwards relationship in, not template
Hibernate throwing NullPointerException - processFkSecondPassInOrder
When does 'System.ExecutionEngineException' ocurs?
Is there any way to handle when COM object is disconnected from RCW?
Flash: Get symbol name
No keypress events for certain keys in Android browser
C++ style in emacs : greater-than-80 column exception to the default parentheses auto-indent behavior
Running a select on a list of comma separated values in PHP
Threading with Callback example does not work.
regex to capture html content
How to retrieve the comments or at least the number of comments hidden on a Facebook post?
Like Button vs Like Box (using your FB page in the Like Button URL do same thing?)
Validating an existing app in App Store
vb.NET MD5 not playing nicely with PHP MD5()
SMS payment solution
C# reading/writing over SOCKET to JAVA and having some concurrency/socket issue
Programming Language that does not permit XSS, SQL Injection [closed]
Can I use RIA Services with Entity Framework 4.3?
How to export high resolution image in Java
How do you change the event firing order of the same event?
NHibernate mapping to two versions of Table
When would you see Jquery dollar sign used at the end of the name of something
How to Average Multiple Columns in Rails
How to use unsigned integers to represent a set?
the disappeared scalability
Generally speaking, how do I extend IIS and add a custom control panel icon?
How to SELECT over two tables?
Basic regular expression using eclipse
How to find out what technology a program is using?
What object collection should I have to add objects?
Using Regex to parse browser-version from User-Agent-Header
How to write generic code the Rails way for superclass object in Rails partial view?
Android emulator loses internet connection after a period of time
Calling a non static function in a static child class php
URL Canonicalization - Apache mod_rewrite
How do you override CSS applied by jQuery UI theme properly?
Mod_rewrite character mystery
making your posts password-protected by default
Extract watermark from pdf java
parsing a string that ends
Disable split window automatically showing input files (Vim)
GWT - No WC3 XML DOM Implementation? What are my options?
How to navigate to cs file that derives from custom ApplicationPage (with xaml)
Google Spreadsheet - Write to Blank Worksheet
iOS: Trying to add Navigation Bar to Modal UITableViewController
How to run WMI call in the foreground
How to incorporate a Rails 3.1.x database into a standard ruby app via ActiveRecord?
Retrieving the top value in a dictionary that has multiple values under a single key
Java StringBuilder doesn't append whole InputStream
Use a Adobe Fireworks file extension other than .PNG for multi-layer master files
Combining javascript and css files with Rejuicer in ASP.NET MVC
Grey out (disable) a panel on webform (visual studio .aspx)
Is it okay to write own magic methods?
Uploading local files directly to an external server (without creating a temporary file)
Disable action items in UIDocumentInteractionController's presentPreviewAnimated
hgweb.cgi and nginx - 鈥淐onnection refused鈥�
Jquery select - how to be more efficient?
placing an element to the right in a linear layout in android
Handling both form and HTTP basic authentication with different sources
Changing variables in multiple Python instances
DotNetOpenAuth 4 Not Reading Config Values
How can I force LESS (css) to recognize a variable?
How to achieve organisation of test suites and cases with Boost?
Conditionally display an item property on view in ASP.NET MVC
Can a Facebook application using the Send dialog prevent users from adding or removing people to the To: line before sending?
Difference between developing for smartphone / tablet? [closed]
@secured with granted authorities throws access denied exception
Remove items in one IList<> from another IList<> [duplicate]
How to find the checked radio button in a subset container?
What's the best way to support monad transformers, in functions that take monadic commands as arguments?
Joomla: Can't make a plugin using onUserAfterSave work
CSS columns bug 鈥�5 column count only showing 4 (with images)
LINQ to SQL GroupBy Max() lambda
.Net Find all word offsets in string
Hierarchy data binding to grid in a windows application
Spring autowiring failing to resolve JRuby script dependency
Count Multiple Fields same Row - SQL
Covariance / Contravariance in Haskell?
ruby watir to get html of a page
is there any paper or an explanation on how to implement a two dimensional KMP?
How can I watch private fields of other objects directly in the IDE when debugging?
Sorting doubly linked list in c
How can I unmarshall XML Schema values in Apex?
How to use ampersand (&) symbol inside jQuery selectors
How to update title in section header
What is the purpose of Ext.require
Where are the source files in Phone Gap for iOS?
Make a temporary record, that deletes itself after 24 hours?
How Can I Tell Eclipse to Compile and Build a Project with a Different JRE Version than it Normally Does?
How to dynamic create custom controls
C: how to break apart a multi digit number into separate variables?
Is there a Visual Studio option or add-on to add an 鈥淥pen Explorer Here鈥�when I right click on a project in the solution folder?
.Net EF4 used in a 鈥減lugin鈥�framework
jquery dynamic <tr><td> [closed]
Sequential search on String array in Java
GDB with Eclipse CDT
Sequential search on String array in Java
GDB with Eclipse CDT
Applying a FaceBook like box to a page [closed]
How to get Twitter Bootstrap jQuery Elements (tooltip, popover, etc) working?
actionlistener not working
pyPdf output files are the same size regardless of page count
JEditorPane focus problems after setText()
How to close Bootstrap popovers (or any item in general) when a user clicks away from it?
Selenium test stalls running Selenium Grid v1.0.8 on Ubuntu v10.04
How to design schema for lots of different database flags
C++ pass list as a parameter to a function
Drag and Drop RESTful services
YouTube API: Example YouTube Playlist Code?
Eclipse IDE - info ballons dont work afer hovering a error
Android extract string resource from layout xml file
Gmail Table space (display:block not working)
og:image wordpress network images no appearing in facebook debugger
c# How to put a constarint on a generic Func argument that is within a method signature
Reduce a program's sleep() function
preg_replace_callback error
Editing Buttons in HTML, CSS
iPhone: Retina Display Writing Font to a UIImage
Maven pom.xml autocomplete not working in Eclipse
How to get status from this response?
Is it effcient to use a splat operator in a constructor?
Is PDF conversion always A4 portrait?
Hide Codeigniter controller name from URL with multiple controllers
Multiple Inputs with MRJob
PHP search engine with filters
Abstract ASP.NET User Control without recreating markup
saving file to folder [closed]
arm Inline assembly in gcc
Check using jquery height if one element of any has height zero
Confused returning references
How to change the title of ios app in App Store
matlab test for normal distribution (not test for non-normal distribution)
How to use SocketRocket with
How can I print debug string in Rails?
PHP prevent htmlspecialchars from converting numbers in URL
IP Cam to Gtalk
How do you IXR_Base64 in python?
Understanding/decoding obscure assembly code
g++ produces empty object file
high level Java swing gui frameworks
Compare git branch with rebased branch
Can I tell what property a generic getter/setter applies to in its body?
Toggle CSS Javascript Function
How can I avoid failing an entire INSERT batch due to 1 NULL
Display text from clicked word. Jquery
鈥淓XC_BAD_ACCESS: Unable to restore previously selected frame鈥�- stack variables not getting cleaned up
鈥淓XC_BAD_ACCESS: Unable to restore previously selected frame鈥�- stack variables not getting cleaned up
Uploading PDF with form and attaching to email with PHP
copy text from textarea to listbox with jquery/javascript [duplicate]
Ruby 1.9.1-p243 - Building a gem using a gemspec that gets updated in run-time
WorldWind Application in Google Web Toolkit
JavaScript/Firefox write to text file on local drive example
why does cookie.domain set two cookies?
PostgreSQL change part of a string to uppercase
Nhibernate Paging performance on large table (10,000,000 rows)
How do listen EditText?
How to add rows to a table dynamically with
Progress bar while method runs ASP.NET MVC3 Razor
Plotting 3-D Matrix *values* in MATLAB
RPC call, connection on demand or constant connection? what's the common pattern?
Get the facebook post likes on a given date
CONTAINSTABLE predicate fails when invoked several times in short time
Use a Remote XML as File [duplicate]
monitor httpwebrequest traffic when using proxies?
Should I use PurePDF or AlivePdf
How to check for numbers only (including negative)?
Use OpenEntityManagerInViewFilter in my project?
How do i remove a signal handler
Node.js: Hooking repl to a remote node server
Ruby blocks to change scope to specific variable
Turning three similar methods into one method
Android - Change custom dialog title background
How to make a Singleton-Scoped Object Thread-safe (Guice + Owasp ESAPI)
How do I add a self signed openssl x509 certificate to Tomcat
python: function takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)
When I try a syncdb, where is the duplicate user_id error coming from?
Gathering active visitors; assign each visitor an unique user row in database
How to remove a character from the end of a string
PHP code purely in sql
PHP Mail() sent to Outlook breaks code
dropdown selection click function only works once
Custom control with jquery, what to do next?
Can't figure out about saving files
MATLAB: Setting many variables based on the contents of a row array
My trigonometry always returns 90 degrees, despite my formula seeming correct, and my variables working out correctly
Visual Studio 2010 Development browser stops working
Java AudioSystem can't read AIFF from a CD
How to remember changes of html attributes which are changed by jquery
posting to app page
Querying a database in android
jQuery UI, JavaScript, param and (maybe) closure
git clone failing, can't repack on remote
Jquery Datepicker with JSON file
JQuery fire click event on clicking li
PHP - include() or require() with relative paths won't work on windows, even when appending __DIR__
Connect to SQL SERVER 2008 (using Windows Authentication) via PHP in IIS7?
CSS selector performace
UIBarButtonItem with image and text, and a border?
Is there other ways to compare bitmaps in Android beside comparing pixels and bytes?
Update Only one field in MS SQL Using Classic ASP
Need to force a 404 in WordPress
Folders missing in project pane in Webstorm
Android App Button Listener Crashing when run
document.write not working in dynamically loaded javascript
New Mysqli Object is Null
SSRS 2008 group variables - count items within a group
How to refit opencv image as MFC view resizes
Can't run TextMate from shell with symbolic link in bin (new alpha version) (OSX)
How do browser speeds vary in applying inline v. internal v. external CSS?
Passing a DataTable object from JavaScript to Java
Need help in regular expression in java
Class Graphing in DocBlox on Windows is not Working
Issue with loading local javascript files inside a webview
how to write comment in correct way
Trying to achieve same functionality for auto-height divs under Chrome vs FF/IE
Is make_shared really more efficient than new?
NoSQL Solution for Persisting Graphs at Scale
Heading / Title
Relative paths with RequireJS modules/packages
Setting up a DNS server using BIND
ASP.NET MVC 3: Cascading ComboBox with EF
Magento setting Product Attribute's 鈥淯se Default Value鈥�using updateAttributes
Combining a one-time 鈥減rovisioning鈥�process with JSF?
html link in php mail?
lighttpd proxy a directory to another server
excel link Variable [closed]
Bootstrapping mono on an OCTEON (mips64) gives a working runtime, but gmcs doesn't work
Unable to telnet to another machine
XNA VertexBuffer for Terrain Editor
PLSQL encountered the symbol 鈥渆nd-offile鈥濃� PLS-00103
Opengl slows down when a lot of stuff is on the screen
IIS7 URL Rewriting Outbound rules
EXC_BAD_ACCESS in ASIHTTPRequest / ASIFormDataRequest
How to call/pass an array value from a table cell into a view?
Why is ExecuteReader only giving me 1 row of data back?
How to add layers on camera view for showing labels with geolocation data depending on the location of the device, like in ZipRealty Real Estate app
Routes not processed
Why use a public method in an internal class?
TextBox keydown event at server side in
Prototype: How to filter result set, like jQuery?
Any way to prevent text wrappin on a multiline text in android?
List of groups of data with multiple interactive UI elements
WCF service installation and verification in IIS and/or WAS
Invalid access of stack red zone when merging a complex object
My mail got sent to the spam folder鈥hat's wrong with my headers?
opengl es 1.1 : how to apply several materials to one single object?
one lib multiple apps, how to easy update them all on android market place
Accessing data within MS Access database from visual studio C# Code
Loading backbone.js in a node js app
Cannot see apps page - always get redirected
Modifying Databound ComboBox at run time
optimal java gui dimension
What is the advantage of using this JavaScript coding pattern to define constructor functions?
Plotting sized squares on Google-maps
How to create a smooth animation that eases toward the target
Why is this code giving an 鈥淯nreachable Statement鈥�error?
How Feasable Is IronRuby For Developing Windows Phone 7 Apps?
How to change the default error page location in MVC3?
Plain text password vs autologin
How to Allow a Beta Tester to run my iPad Application without Physical Access to iPad
Adding multiple event to listview
Why doesn't my object inherit the keys functions?
C# form with Javascript
Why does my HTML category menu move the right when expanding the subcategories?
Non-deterministic progress bar on java command line
Rails and javascript?: fetch select_tag value in the index page
django-cms simple plugin for news and categories
Has anyone run mono for .NET on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk?
Php validate with preg_match
Getting 鈥渦nrecognized selector sent to instance鈥�error for UIButton touch events added programmatically
HBase REST Filter ( SingleColumnValueFilter )
iOS: What happens if I execute a background job and then leave the view controller?
vxml element in ssml
Rsync: provide a list of unsent files
WP7 Databind with Pivot - Not sure where I'm going wrong
How do I get rid of borders on linked/JavaScript elements in IE?
android WebView and web browser
Adding an ID KEY when Exporting SQL Server Query Results to CSV file
Jquery: need to set width of div inside table
B-tree implementation for variable size keys
How to extract multiple columns from a CSV file using Perl
FlashDevelop configuration error
PHP form: How can I solve a 500 Internal Server Error?
Why is an instantiated object viewed as not?
Flex How to change button state in actionscript?
Can't get CreateIpNetEntry API to work under Win7 64 bit
Any reason to continue using simplejson over the included json in Python 2.7?
Random image with htaccess only
sqlite3 in iphone application
Load Facebook Sharer in iFrame
No pages in Classic ASP site will load after entering some code on a single page
How to loop through the folder and files in ssis
AS3 - how to call a function in the main timeline from a class in a .as file
Remove ongoing notification from service
GHC type inference woes
Powershell script to delete folders from list
Ordering database records by timestamp - Oracle
Phonegap, Youtube, and Fancybox
Designing a comparator to order words so that the last letter of each word is the first letter of the next word?
Facebook friends birthday import to PHP web page
CMake is linking againts library's full path
Border and dimensions not working in Firefox
Maintaining two code bases that are 90% the same installed on two different servers that must be isolated from each other?
Getting 501 Unsupported Method ('Post') error when attempting to login to admin
Does GHC API dynamic loading work only with modules from installed packages?
Sort data from mongodb by decending order
Php session in ajax call before link redirecting doesn't work
Retrieving output from a url. How do I force the dowload of a PDF from a url using php
OAuthException when Posting to a Wall
wamp webserver access the root directory
perl function parameter for output
running shell command in php with realtime output
Reaffecting a div is making jquery acting weird
How can I force Heroku to run assets:precompile if Rails isn't autodetected?
Android autofill web login username and password
How to find out if Queue contains last item at another position?
http (json) library, client and server, possibly asynchronous
Eclipse binding of Alt-Q to `format-element` does not work (with Emacs+?)
Please help a noob understand service reference bindings
MATLAB: fscanf - retaining columnar structure
jQuery Mobile - handling JS errors on new page
Passing maven properties to spring
Can I ssh somewhere, run some commands, and then leave myself a prompt?
Fly out menu floating issue
jQuery.validate not valid if the container is hidden
Why isn't NHibernate tracking changes made to my entities?
APNS port number & host name for Push Notification
MKAnnotations not being added to mapview
<p:dialog closeable=鈥渇alse鈥�gt; still get closed on pressing Esc
Format text file on OSX to tab delimited text file
getString from a few SharedPreferences file and create listView
SQL 2005: Tracking changed fields without maintaining history
Specifying one of several WPF DataGrids to be displayed at runtime
Can I Register a Class for NSNotifications? Can I use Class Methods with NSNotifications?
What is the purpose of a separate merge commit in git?
File not found in EAR packaging
SIP prevents EF from auto-detecting object change on WP7
What's the difference between DataContractJsonSerializer and JavaScriptSerializer?
Guarantee Order in NSURLConnection
Accessing value of iterated field in Mustache PHP
Compile a set of functions to .LIB and .DLL at the same time
How does one move/copy context from one task to another
Assigning to undeclared variable
The plus operator in enum definition
ASP.NET MVC form element name generation
MVP in Winforms
CSS: How to target all elements within a given ID
MySQL select all elements in array
How to generate Unique Integer Only IDs like Facebook Twitter
CSS: Is it possible to add a footer to the page without a wrapper DIV?
Catch node.js undefined variable
Is it possible to download/upload SAP code inspector variants?
HTML <td> tag's style attribute is not respecting the setting of width
Fetching album cover photo
diffculty implementing EFCodeFirst.CreateTablesOnly / DontDropDbJustCreateTablesIfModelChangedStart
Java Window Duplication Prevention
How to resolve WindowManager$BadTokenException in android
MVC3 .net Unobtrusive Javascript for RenderAction
acts_as_tree and propogating a value through sub headers to items
Will the domain name ever be absent from HttpContext.Current.User.Identity?
Youtube API: Displaying thumbnails of each video鈥�
Thinking Sphinx 鈥渘o field found in schema鈥�error
App menu item adding WinForms
How do I bind a click event to an Infopath form's button using jQuery?
Repository class in DDD
Static and Normal class combined in one class
Solr WordDelimiterFilterFactory Dollar Sign, Percent Sign
Need to reset git branch to origin version
Fastest-in term of space- way to find prime numbers with python
Calling a method from controller
Sencha Touch JSONPReader
Testable ASP.NET architectures
Make externed enum 鈥減ublic鈥�for Python?
Greasemonkey script stopped working with error: is not a function
How can I use gitstats to find out how many SLOC a Git repo has in total and per commiter?
jQuery Hover Problems in IE7
AVD Android Emulator freezes on run
C# .NET - Read a csv file from URL and open it in the browser with Save and open button options
Core Data 鈥淐onnection Invalid鈥�
How does Select Distinct work on a Primary Key in SQL?
What is wrong with this loop in C?
How to get shoutcast source code?
Apply Bayesian average in a NON 5-star rating system
Error with 2D array - Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties
When should HTTP 400 Bad Request be used as a response code?
Can I update a MySQL table via Email?
Changing what is being pointed to in a C function
What's the current way to include jQuery in Chrome Extensions?
Why make an exception for this 1 line in bootstrap css?
Parsing insert queries from SQL Server
save times clicked on hyperlink/linkbutton
how to install codeigniter in one folder easyphp?
how to add a h1 tag with gwt
.NET MVC Nested Form Update
Sencha: Prevent unmask after Sheet.hide
Why does my Qt desktop application open in the nokia simulator when running from xcode?
Why does my Qt desktop application open in the nokia simulator when running from xcode?
Python float round error 117.285 round to 117.28 not 117.29
OpenGL calculating correct normals given list of points
valuechange events in javascript?
鈥渏ava.lang.NoSuchMethodError鈥�when deploying online (using java)
compare two element in a function using iterator in python
Can I escape chars in git log output?
applicationDidFinishLaunching and applicationShouldTerminate
gnumake and pattern rules
Saving files to folder
Modify project structure on subversion to use maven
Python module semantics vs. Ruby module semantics in their C-APIs
What's the security risk of using xpath?
Is window.document.height deprecated in Chrome 17?
changing div within another div
.replace everything past a certain point
Best Place to Retrieve Stock Quotes in JSON Format
With MVC 2, how do I stop one app logout from logging out the user in a second app?
Hierarchical mutex locks in Java
Scope ambiguity in nested if
Using Access database for webpage, concurrent user issues
Deploying with cargo and an invalid SSL certificate
Limiting the input for all the textboxes to 2 digits(0-99), whose ID contains a certain text or has specific class. (jQuery)
warning: argument is incompatible with prototype (C) , address of char [] V.S. char**
Find what row has horizontal print marquee line
Oracle foreign key execution plan?
Using a custom NSURLProtocol with UIWebView and POST requests
Getting and using returned variables from a Method to a Controller in CodeIgniter
Qt Signal Slot about Observer Pattern c++
Shared mount point between virtual machines in vmware
cakephp sql dump not showing quries
Using a query in a conditional statement in PLSQL?
MySQL: Why is UTF-8 called a character set? [closed]
How can I compare two XML files for their differences?
PHP error mysql_num_rows returns expects boolean error. is my query wrong?
Specify fllename without user interaction?
sencha touch/ query mobile running on touchscreen pc - virtual keyboard?
Grouping results from 2 tables
Why do my custom membership and role provider work locally, but fail after deployment?
Failed to instantiate SLF4J LoggerFactory on Spring 'mvc-basic' tutorial
Hibernate throwing 鈥淏ad version number in .class file鈥�error
Average PHP file size, or recommended limit?
How can I secure hbase?
html5 get file path
Formatting caption in html page [closed]
How can I automate the Tasklist command on my workstation to check a specific process on X number of servers?
jQuery Masonry - Fluid layout issue
how to make the object bounce back?
How to store/serve user-customizable HTML templates?
what's wrong with this short program? [closed]
If else statment in FLEX text Area
Including asection with 鈥渄ynamic prototypes鈥�in a static Tableview with 鈥渟tatic cells鈥�
Spring @transactional not rollingback
SPGridView Field - issue
copy printing records from eventlog on server 2008 with vbscript
Using aliases with nohup
c# How to get an overrided Panel to work inside a User Control
Append Order - jQuery
Very stuck on ADT packaging and AIR native extensions on iOS
Haskell Convert numbers in a string into a type
Parsing Valve Data Format files in PHP
how to properly use JOIN?
Bootstrap CSS Active Navigation
DB4O recursive deleting, how it actually works?
.NET 4 SDK Does not install Bootstrapper directory
how to restart only certain processes using supervisorctl?
XML parsing random behavior
Howto integrate spring-social authentication with spring-security?
A click function not working
iOS Clean Bad XML
Change EF Entity naming pattern when generating model from database
Loose searching approach
Android Screenlock/Keyguard after Startup without SIM card
Which one is faster [closed]
How to do a http-equiv redirect that preserves query_string and fragment_id
imagecreate function not working on amazon ec2 environment
Python Formatting Large Text
How to visible/invisible a Text Object in Crystal Report using formulae鈥�
How to use Mockito to test SOAP messages?
Need a 鈥淗AS A鈥�selector in jQuery
Margins and Padding for Forms Not Responding in IE8
Manipulate Spring MVC model fields for JSP output
Determine which input with class is empty
Is it possible to invoke a msg from a different class?
Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue) concurrent access: worst scenario
Where To Intercept Item Locking/Editing In Sitecore
wp.uploadFile xmlrpc from python encode base64
MVC3 MvcSiteMap()
Nhibernate intelligent pre-fetching in 1 to Many Scenario
Can we use 鈥淣OT LIKE 鈥�in sql
What rules are applied to SHFB's IntelliSenseComponent's output folder?
How to pass an object pointer from and to a DLL?
Why this tooltip don't work in IE? Error: Object expected?
How to call a UIViewController
Java MySQL login System determining users
how do i make excel vba move to the next cell in a for loop?
link from another database
Identify and get capitalized words in a string in php
Valums fileuploader with multiple instances
R: How to speed up this function?
Easy to follow beginners tutorial for Titanium mobile/studio [closed]
Grails: what does .save(flush:flush, insert:true) do differently from .save(flush:true)
How to transfer value from textbox of one jsp page to textbox of another jsp page?
How to see e-mail views in browser using rails
Finding if the lists in a list are equal in prolog
Using MATLAB to find Minimax Polynomial Approximation of Trigonometric Functions
SoapUI authentication error
Possible causes of slow Silverlight start up
How can I make <span>dropdown</span> data show in list/table format and have the same function as the dropdown?
Java - Programatically taking excel and open office spreadsheets to tab delimited files
Inject and execute macro into spreadsheet received from external source
how can i get byte-array from HBITMAP
Can't find my shaders (Obj-C++, ios, opengles2.0)
Collecting a list of vendors
Regular Expression matches words if other words exist
How do you run stored procedure in a batch
External stylesheet vs. JavaScript-added style tag
Enumerating a list of EntityObject items as a list of specific EF objects
sql to find certain ids and fillins
Unix Shell script to copy files from unix location to windows FTP