PHP ws-* specification
$(鈥�focus鈥� returns no element for <input type=鈥渇ile鈥�/> in Firefox
Grails spring security: how to undo s2-quickstart
The name 'ResolveUrl' does not exist in the current context
return a function without params in coffeescript using do
Saving iPhone Data Persistently
Conditional .htaccess Expires
Inserting db rows with Korma
Year instead of Date
Mysql query for Admin Levels access
How can I convert comma separated string into a List<int>
SVG text elements render very large in Firefox and IE9, but they look perfect in Chrome and Safari
If cookie is not present, display video
RegisterType with Unity
ActionMailer fail with 鈥淰alue cannot be null. Parameter name: uriString鈥�
How to disable the generator of assets on rails 3.2
Extract or crop image from within TIFF
How to get the root folder in Chrome Extensions?
How to programmatically resize a view in MFC?
scrolling div using jquery setTimeout & mouseenter & mouseleave
Array of dictionaries in C#
iOS - Set UITabBar Icons
Error linking with static Boost::Python library on Ubuntu x64
Scraping HN Front Page - Handeling Simple HTML Dom Error
How do I install PDCurses in Windows for use with C++?
how to find the checked radio button in an aspx page
Will 鈥淟IMIT 1鈥�improve performance of a SELECT INTO query in plpgsql
C# referencing a variable from another method
With Codeigniter, what's the difference if I wanted to set a method to private?
python program to export numpy/lists in svmlight format
Show View Controller Modally on First Startup
TSQL Update Query behaving unexpectedly
GBM Rule Generation - Coding Advice
Swap disappears when stopping an ebs backed instance.
How do certain websites auto-complete my school name in forms?
Issue with ORDER BY not sorting properly with sub selects
How to find if an image exists, or renders ok issue in PHP?
Is there any way of sending DTMF tones during a call with linphone?
Python: appending to an array
How to create dynamic ColumnDefinitions with relative width values?
Instantaneous event for DevExpress.XtraBars.BarEditItem check changed
Detect Google Services on Android Device
how to addi a record and updating record in same form MS Access
Distinguish between folders and files in C++
PHP not being parsed after redirect
Bootstrap starter page JavaScript
Is there any value to use a timeout on CDN request to help w proxy issues?
Im trying to dump the contents of a variable being called asychronously
C pointers and memory (PCAP & Packet handling)
Remove parameter from URL viac .htaccess
Android - Chinese Zodiac App - How to attack this
Haskell Cabal: 鈥減ackage indirectly depends on multiple versions of the same package鈥�
Need a very simple, clean and efficient WordPress starter
Black Diamond Question Marks vs. Loss of Certain Characters
how do you loop through a multidimensional array?
Why is casting Int32 to Float64 causing the data to change?
Why does onclick listener give different output?
I have a list of Objects and I want to sort it by the objects's ID?
Using json_spec gem's 'at 鈥減ath鈥�should include:' step is not working as I would expect
HttpConnection, UITableView and RunLoops and Loading from Disk
How to implement 鈥淣SUserDefaults鈥�functionality equivalent in Corona?
Get the first letter of each word in a SQL string [duplicate]
Search for string while viewing a manpage
Running time of HashTable Operations vs HashMap operations?
jQuery loading issue
Are Git tags and branches versioned?
PHP Form Validation Issue - Validate Large Set of Input Fields
Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer MDP Initialization
Mathematica : duplicate edges
Setting up error message html view in this way?
iphone: Three20 library's MockPhoto with server images
passing input parameters to url
JWPlayer skin configuration after setup
jquery selector does not work inside jqueryTemplate
Multiple columns from a table into one, large column?
how do I set up a dynamic tab with bootstrap-sass?
C# Dictionary changes when source changes
How to get and bind the value of Slider in C# WPF?
Is there a possible way to extract coordinates within a polygon in Google Earth?
RoR: Monitor Indexing Migration
PHP/MySQL - Random semicolon output
How would I return a field from xml in sql [closed]
LabVIEW, C++ DLL, and IMAQ Images
zeromq and c# binding
Is there any way to get Guice Grapher to work?
what does 鈥�鈥�mean in this SSI conditional statement?
using array_walk on multidimensional array
what is vextern used for in this code?
Reading images from folder one by one
Saving Collections in WP7 with isolatedstorage
PYTHON Copy Permissions Elevated
Generating Expression<Func<T, object>> arguments
transfer data from javascript popup multiline textbox to a select control
GNU Readline (libreadline): Displaying output message asynchronously
CSS submenu positioning
Guice Module With Configurable Concrete Class
Benefits of checking password complexity by keyspace instead of character classes used?
Archived IPA won't install onto my phone
C# void equivalent for template parameters
Beginner looking to write linux device driver (usb, pci). Suggestion on device?
Le bootstrap starter template
php multidimensional array search, sorting best match first
Price low and High search
Web application - silverlight [closed]
Using Environment variables in Wordpress wp-config
How to make the below regex to accept any special character
Why is the result of adding two empty arrays in JavaScript a string?
android javascript regex detection
getting herarical data from Parent-child tables?
Error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level
Calculating and Storing Average data on a daily, weekly and monthly and yearly basis
Raw assets duplicated when building apk
Creating Python callback via monkey-patching
How to share cshtml pages across multiple projects?
Trouble with Vimeo API frogaloop getCurrentTime
Rails 3 app not accessing jqtouch js and css files
First Try at Using jQuery: Stuck on get() Error
AppleScript assigning application to a variable
Patenting a Control Scheme for Touch Screen Game? [closed]
Actionscript Get XML Element By Dynamic Tag
Check Checkbox depending on value in database
Which Android hardware devices should I test on? [duplicate]
Issues with audio playback during network activity
jQuery UI draggable attached to sortable then dropping on droppable element not working
zend framework select object and complex joins
Multiple editors (TinyMCE) in custom post types
How to transpose the data in a gridview to a new gridview unsing LINQ to entities?
How can I find an element from jquery.cache object which jquery uses for data storing
subclass or Inheritance which way is best using hibernate hbm?
subclass or Inheritance which way is best using hibernate hbm?
Good queue system - or, how to place a job in resque from another language
FireFox seems to be remembering my old image map
Certains users return little to no information with graph API or FQL
Compiled c scripts only staying open for a fraction of a second
Search in Silverlight c# for name recognition
Is running scan on Hbase faster if running HBase on more than 1 machine?
Unpredictable Access-Control-Allow-Origin behavior
SSL not working on Android 2.2 (only in 2.3)
Can iPhone apps start on start-up?
GCC compile warning: format 鈥�i鈥�expects argument of type 鈥榠nt *鈥� but argument 2 has type 鈥榚num month *鈥�[-Wformat]
Disconnect active SQL connections from SMO
Pass unknown number of object properties
popen fails when called after seteuid(0)
MVC action on submit button press
Gwt RPC Fails with no message
iphone : NSXMLParser fails to identify HTML special entity &amp;
Is removing an entity from a hibernate changeset as simple as calling EntityManger.detach()?
Backbone.js: Collection.get() issues
Any Best Practices for Project Structure in ASP.NET? [closed]
Drawing lines with opengl in Haskell
Performance Issues with Zipped Archives in PHP
Money formats with commas in an array
Show a lot of data in text Area flex
Symmetry breaking for Z3 鈥�in the context of the UFBV logic (new version)
comparison between BO and qlikview [closed]
Regex Match ONLY after x or more were found
Opendiff does not start anymore
Manipulating Results From Two Subqueries in MySQL
Like visible on menu
IOS5 -[__NSCFDictionary nombre]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6da25a0
query stops working when trying to group_concat says unknown column
jQuery-ui dialog - hide buttons using jquery
.htaccess help adusting gZip and Expires values
Window closing bug or e.cancel = false but it won t totaly shut down
Why doesn't textbox onchange event fire correctly within user control?
Whats this LOGON window ? Using VBSCRIPT to send an email message
Cygwin error: 鈥�bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable鈥�
PHP if statement comparing variables not returning true?
Algorithm to Determine Maximum Fun
How to know when iOS device is plugged in?
Powershell - Trouble with Out-File - Insert a count variable into file name
I want to print selected records from mysql to printer using php
Not using asp listbox well
smartgwt setAttribute command does not work
How to make a rounded corner rectangle with a cut corner using css?
How do I make this exact soap call?
All currently opened window objects in java script
Django queryset operations order
Telling if regular expression contains a single invariable segment
Named pipes in c++ and php
twitter bootstrap dropdown not working in django template
Asp.Net N-Tier Thread Safe Static Method Error Handling
Play mp3 file using javascript
iOS: Programmatically add different tableviewcells
Display Data in different style on screen than that in Database
Why does my Date return false with regular expression?
JavaScript Space After Function [closed]
Scrolling Notepad using C# and WIN32
Why does GetEntryAssembly return null with a unit test? [duplicate]
Read file and get key=value without using java.util.Properties
MySQL: create a second table that stores one entity's images?
Managing C type lifecycle using boost's shared_ptr?
Unable to see all the images i paint and can't get a JScrollPane to work
iphone safari iframe inherit viewport meta tag
Getting WILL_NOT_PERFORM error when trying to enable user via LDAP
ASP.NET 4.0, ScriptManager and HistoryPoints
Proximity Alert Receiver does not fire
No results after removing mysql ft_stopword_file
Java - Iteration over HashMap replacing ArrayList
Coordinates of a scaled canvas element
play a sound on iphone/android [closed]
Community or 10Gen .NET MongoDB driver?
How do I run (debug) WCF REST Service application on local IIS7 server
How in the world does this code block work [trees]?
Tracking file state while editing files with Desktop.getDesktop().edit(File file)
Creating a simple form with checkboxes which i cant get to pass the correct URL
Subplot: Title length size and main title
Simple ActionListener within a 2D array of JButtons
UDP data transmission slower than TCP
knockoutjs highcharts parse arrays of data to chart
Javascript Grab URL and insert into Pinterest button for Facebook Page Tab App
TextWrapping textbox in WPF DataGrid
Processing wikipedia dump file
URL redirection using javascript in an MVC3 application
Custom Ribbon in VSTO Addin for Outlook 2010 doesn't display
Java runs really slow on CentOS minimal install, but fast on normal install
Is it possible to host a RabbitMQ Server publicly over the intenet?
Ruby associations without Rails
Javascript date comparison ignoring timestamp value
Regex to find unmatched parentheses
LACP implementation, what's the right socket to use?
Undefined behavior in for loop - shouldn't the expression separation make this well-defined?
How do you use Python UDFs with Pig in Elastic MapReduce?
Make a custom back button for UINavigationController
How to install Selenium with Java on new system and to use Jenkins as CI to generate proper test report
OAuth2 AuthorizationServer and Rest Service
Monkey-patch a builtin function for a unit-test?
Why does jQuery UI's droppable `accept` function run when nothing is over it?
How can I modify JIRA's 鈥淨uick Search鈥�
How can I modify JIRA's 鈥淨uick Search鈥�
ERROR: Null java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException? [duplicate]
AVAssetWriterInput possible for live audio through Core Audio?
reading Lua file with c#
grab value of URL segment and update a class accordingly?
How do I secure the game's post to the online Highscore in WP7?
How can I get emacs (using TRAMP) to edit/save a file on a WebDAV share?
Number of non-adjacent sets of a given size
htaccess, adding rules for each domain
Does OOP encourages good caching, and thus good performance?
how to handle Enter key in between the string in javascript?
SQL Select Data from Three Tables
What is the URL called when a user clicks a Like button?
How do I add the admob view when my main view is like this?
Generated background image with CSS or Canvas
loading javascript asynchronously from /WEB-INF/ using a servlet: general concern
calling a function in a class's 鈥渙wner鈥�class
Wordpress get_post_meta() - Not Return Value
Algorithm: is there a linear trend in data?
use the source code of TightVNC? [closed]
Best Practice Decisions in saving html?
Is it possible to map a collection of value objects with EF4.x?
Default values for new rows added in slickgrid
Looping program- Is calling a module within itself a bad idea?
Retain/Restore Visibility to View After Orientation Change
Searching for city names in ios
How do I render ``` code blocks in markdown with Redcarpet that are wrapped in divs?
change style of an HTML page element that was loaded dynamically into a DIV via Jquery and AJAX
Where and how is the _ViewStart.cshtml layout file linked?
Changing JSON in Spring/jQuery
rename files using array values vbscript
Sending email options in iOS5 app
Action script 3 mute button
How can this jQuery function be cleaned up and made more flexible?
Having problems with the MergeAdapter
How to send a key press event to X for a key that isn't on the keyboard?
Common Lisp Graphical User Interface Development
SQL QUERY error help in C#
HTML within XML without breaking validity
Automatic Face Detection Using MATLAB
Keep unpressed state of a child view from a ListView item which is pressed
How to programmatically change a color of a column in a DataGridView bound to a BindingSource with a custom class?
Create materialized view much slower than create table
IOExeption when crawling with nutch
MySQL 鈥渓ess than鈥�not working properly
Spring 3.1 Cache Annotation EhCache
UISearchBar search two arrays
Is there a decent alternative to dynamic_cast
Forcing a Region Code format in Excel
static variable re-initializes
JQUERY: In .each loop find class
android application layout for android phones and tablets
Got Error: 鈥淪pecified block size is not valid for this algorithm鈥�while initialize AesCryptoProvider
MVC 3 and RTL - Issues with IE9
Maven unit testing
Which gui framework for python 3.2
how do I release code on server?
Apache Tomcat WebApp freezes
ideal way of handling multiple return values in methods in java
Proper build trigger rule for a TFS path in TeamCity
Rendering out a table
WebView and thread
How do I build a simple project with Cabal?
Tabbed tables with tablesorter
How to resolve this ambiguous grammar?
(Simple) shadow of 2D Textures (Tiles), behind the textures
Adding TabSlideOut javascript to Drupal 7
How to trigger a TLS connection closure from behind an HTTPs reverse proxy (such as NGINX)
Issue with CSS priority and !important
Are trust levels in ASP.NET 4.0 obsolete?
How to apply different custom themes(resource dictionaries) to the whole application using WPF?
How can I dynamically associate a TextBlock with a Grid's Column?
How to stop IE This program might harm your computer warning
Forgotten Password Logic
Tomcat7w.exe Shutdown Mode [closed]
rubyzip and unicode characters in filenames
Factory already registered: user (FactoryGirl::DuplicateDefinitionError)
Tracking down Valgrind 40 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record
List of lists value in dictionary?
float: left breakage
Storing C/C++ variables in processor cache instead of system memory
ASP.NET - Unity - Read configuration section from external configuration file
鈥渞eplaceWith鈥�not altering contents
sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPTransport uses 100% CPU
Replace 鈥� r n鈥�in NSMutableString, Data received from Server
How to annotate enum fields for deserialization using Jackson json
jQuery - .focusout() and trigger.('focusout') not causing input to lose focus
jquery make that color stay if active
SQLite to MySQL strange error #1064
Entity Framework 4.1 Code first mapping to tables that have their primary key as the foreign key column
XPath All A within a TD which also contains an H3 with the innertext of 鈥淒irects鈥�
LINQ indexOf a particular entry
Programmatically add nodes to a load balancer like Haproxy?
What are the lowest possible permissions for TYPO3?
Is it possible to load a partial view by selecting a Radio Button in mvc3
Reuters news feed conflicts with use of jQuery's '$'
handle if in a razor view
Convert contents of an array list to an array [duplicate]
How to loop through arrays of different lengths and run a function inside the loop
Compiling class issue
Compiling class issue
Play video after startup from sdcard
How to check if Global.asax file is being called
jQuery: check if text exists in another element
How can I change the window xmonad reparents from?
Another jQuery version in function closure
Executable .jar file not running
Java appending files into a zip [duplicate]
jqgrid search: How to specify search column?
PHP email Headers - delivery option
SQL LEFT JOIN and WHERE yields unexpected result
How to use JS innerHTML by class name and child of a class
The name '###' does not exist in the current content (wave of these on every page)
Mongoose.js: How can I update a deep embedded document by its id?
Microsoft.Web.Helpers.Facebook.IsFacebookUserAuthenticated always returns false
Finding a value from table that have the most number of values from PK attribute
JWPlayer for Fullscreen Background Video
Grails GORM Querying the many side of an association using HQL
Can't set the label on form
C++ WInApi thread
Logging Etiquette
MySQL correct way to join tables
IsSet (trick) instead strlen, form manipulation by user
Android bitmap collide
Full image PNG overlay over GIF, PNG, JPG
Android EditText accept 2 values only
CakePHP 1.3: Redirect upon login
Is it possible to use 鈥渏avascript dot notation鈥�in JINT with a Dictionary<string, object>
Unable to login offline: no such user - Spotify
vertical navigation working not correctly in IE
EJB, RMI, Clustering need to distribute processing
Is entity data-model (.edmx files) ORM-agnostic?
Pass type parameter to method of interface
SAS format : full month name to integer
Close PHP HTTP request and then run function? [duplicate]
Negative coordiates with Tile maps
Is detecting Video Playing Events possible in android?
how to access assets directly in android NDK - cocos2d-x
PLS-00436: implementation restriction: cannot reference fields of BULK In-BIND table of records
SharedPreferences xml file
android tablet icon sizes
android Refresh current Location
SharePoint UserProfile from User Principal Name in Claims environment
Optional permissions so an app can show on all devices and enable optional features on some?
Trying to get Sonar CXX Plugin working
Translate Validation Messages in Silex
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3 (test-xml.clj:6)
Measure application performance on ARM development board
WCF Service Http Persistent Connection/Session
Symfony2: How to inject ALL parameters in a service?
Adding activityindicator on Default image - code given
Filestream column in the WHERE clause locks the server
Plotting results of several Bland-Altman analysis
Return nested complex types from WCF WebGet
How to send an email in C#using a different email account than the logged in user
Designing a more elegant User object
How to modify datatype of a column with a default value
Adding an html form to an existing servlet
Amazon EC2 Free - Ports
Cross-platform app to play sounds on button press
How to get values of dynamically generated components?
Restore Azure Web Role website?
Weird behavior using the read command in a infinite loop
Perl + Unicode: 鈥淲ide Strings鈥�error
Upload files from two different applications to same folder
VS MSI installer project looking for ASP.NET when it's already installed
GUI for database tables with pygtk and glade
one-time login tokens for third-party access to a resource
Gen folder is empty for Android project
How to disable Grails Jasypt plugin encryption during integration tests?
Get the distinct count of values from a table with multiple where clauses
Creating a nested OR statement using NHibernate Criteria API
Javascript async loading and order of execution
ASP.NET File Upload, maxRequestLength
Add number to set
Schema specified is not valid
How can I do this with page redirection?
google adwords api: how to get adgroupId in Keyword/Ad?
How does the Facebook app for iPhone work?
MySql database design
C# IndexOutOfRangeException error
Using capturing groups in GWT regexp
Android variable SQLite select query performance - any explanations?
Access my latops XAMPP directories from smartphone without a router
jQuery infinite loop
Adding row to binded datagridview
Array is being NULL, don't know how
How do I add constraints to image resizing code? i.e. no larger than 165x146
Compile the most recent version of a package in an old system for local use
How to ensure that send method of the protocol is thread safe
I need to access a derived class member through the base class static variable
Any more efficient method of converting a string integer to int than convert.toint32
Trigger jquery function from c# codebehind
How to do Mysql Union with check if row exists?
std::vector< std::vector<unsigned char> > or std::deque< std::vector<unsigned char> >?
Opening a pipe on mac's
.Net Web Service Timeout at Internet Server Machine
PushViewNavigation Controller
Loop for NSSlider
Rewrite Rule To Detect Numbers Only
in operator in C#
Rotating (Changing), centered, unstretched Background Image Script
How can a Labview VI be run as a background task through an ActiveX call ? (without keeping ActiveX busy)
鈥�鈥�sign on URL
RX Subjects - are they to be avoided?
TimePicker NullPointerException on ICS
PHP exec() not returning
Concrete5 Custom Block
How to get Apple's @2x naming convention for retina images to work for an app with a rails backend?
Why are ActiveX controls on the Insert menu of the developer tab disabled? alternative
Maven resources files after building jar
Apache .httaccess rewriting
Why ECB does not jump to tags when hitting Return?
What is more efficient in this case - Has many through or has many?
Sanity of design for my C# .NET in-memory object representations of database rows [closed]
How can i get this to run as soon as the page is loaded?
How to fix the 'Resources' is not a member of 'My'
Show count with Facebook Like icon
How to create & attach a nested OCG / layer to a parent using javascript in a acrobat PDF?
Android Ethernet Connection on x86 machine
Which Method is Invoked Once I Open a Custom file from Mail
PHP code won't work - causes error 500
working approach to merge multiple resource paths in Qt/webkit?
Ant - reading globs from a file?
How would I get the average number of 鈥渃hild鈥�records?
Rails 3.1 Use an image without fingerprint hash
How do apps determine the filename when handling ACTION_VIEW?
Check if menu link has submenu javascipt
Using pan gesture, ignore touches after single touch?
Facebook access_token strange issues on website while requesting fb friends
onUtteranceCompleted gets fired on emulator, but not on hardware
ASP.MVC CachedDataAnnotationsModelMetadataProvider not maintaining additional values
Run command every second
UIButton style when added to navigationItem.titleView
IDisposable interface and implement deconstruct method
Dynamically adding items to listview in android
autocomplete database using while with array
Load UserControls in a table cell after button click
VS2010: Compile a C++ Project in 64 bit
List of identifiers of ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash
ld: duplicate symbol
Can not pass bitmap from activity to AIDL service
fork() in C program
htaccess mod-rewrite conflict with wordpress
Objective-C Threads
TFS Find matching Files with OR
Position sprite image
Best way to store an array in MySQL database?
Jackson @JsonIgnore changed semantics?
Cross-platform video recording solution
鈥淲arning: Permanently added to the list of known hosts鈥�message from Git
Rails :before_create callback not working for my Model
Parse XML into Javascript Object
php: foreach() how to assign to two variables
Symbol resolution in static vs dynamic libraries
Progressively reveal and slide UIView down from behind another UIView
Invalid objects in memory after failed constraints validation
NodeJS server callbacks
How do I listen for SQL Server database changes
Which ORM can do this?
How to check if someone is liked my fanpage from my website?
Solr search for hashtag or mentions
Regex returning <_s instead of decimal value
Expand non-function macros in doxygen documentation for C
CC more than one person?
How to save values of a JSON response in a rails database?
Pulling a branch from origin merged it into my local branch and I need to revert that
Using the Rally API to re-rank multiple stories
Java & Windows 7: Reliably getting IPv4 netmask?
Is it possible to load a list of xml-urls with XmlDocument? (C#)
classloader path to get list of files in .war
How to add ListView Elements programatically in same windows as the textfield ist?
SQL insert into using Union should add only distinct values
Most Efficient Implementation of Spreadsheet Data
bash lsof : get pid from one tty to another one
Release Iframe after response.rediect part 2
Crash when using performSelector: with a SEL passed from another class
Building Peer to Peer photo sharing on Android
How to recognise if the .exe file needs input parameters
XIB file missing - unable to locate it [closed]
Need Help Merging two Rewrite Rules using mod_rewrite in .htaccess
Keep element in the same position after resizing it using jQuery Isotope
How can I better use filters in appengine to save me filtering by looping through a long list of entities?
Efficient way for sorting items for different parameters?
Resizing report to bigger size
Highlight different events with different colors in a day (cell) ASP.NET calendar
Objective C Route/Path with array of buttons
Google App Engine (GAE) response code and cookie on Android
AsyncTask in Mono for Android
Entity Framework & Class Models in MVC
ftplib, socket.sendall() ingores newline character
Whats a naked pointer?
jQuery: Loop iterating through numbered classes?
How can I send mail using Google SMTP (an error)
Any way to make setuptools exclude certain files when packaging up a distribution?
Sleep in java doesn't work [closed]
C++ intel TBB inner loop optimisation
Session clear and page refresh
Diferent integer values [duplicate]
Diferent integer values [duplicate]
old-school Hungarian Notation 鈥渕z鈥�prefix
XML node containing an XPath expression from another XML file - how to get its value?
Warning message in mixed model lme4
Switch from WPS to Express Checkout?
Log4Net in MVC3 website only logs to SQL Database after stopping site
Table row highlighting
Rails: Inner join with acts-as-taggable-on's find_related_tags gives mysql error
javascript for multiple textboxes
FQL: Unable to process on Facebook side
iphone/ipad app default.png image trouble
perl print one output when matched a string
error on sitecore content editor Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'treelist' Key being added: 'treelist'
Network Coding Bittorrent library
How can I script the creation of .edmx files using Visual Studio 2010 and EF 4.1?
XMPP aSmack MultiUserChat server continues to send already received messages
Editing encrypted data in a PHP session
Echo all aliases in zsh
Time zones in Python
Cannot create new plotting window (device?) with par(new=T)
HTML form inside li, good, bad or neutral for SEO?
cron job giving me error on functioning script
How to get value stored in a linq call Expression
The page at 鈥渦rl鈥�could not be reached because the server returned status code 200
Query Timeout in MongoDb
Print left column number X number of times Excel
Protocol for File Sharing Hosting
Why doesn't this jQuery hover() work for image src attribute?
FQL searching for places by name
What does double ampersand do in this program?
Mysql new rows don't have default value inserted
MVC model binding - how to pass a List as a parameter
fastest SVM implementation usable in python
Store and retrieve multidimensional array using PHP
Variable not shared in extended class using Java
Garbage Collection - Changing Collector Algorithm
binding validation controls in a datagrid
Designing a command executing framework [closed]
What is the best practice to gracefully shutdown a Node.js program from an external signal?
Create table but Drop it if the table exists already
android invokeandwait equivalent
PHP json_encode token_get_all
How can I reset form after save?
Using TRest componet of Tuple
IOS Playing now button
Add single marker to map using google-ui-map plugin
C#: DataGridViewCheckBoxCell strange behaviour [duplicate]
Calculate average gray value of a sub-image specifed by row and column indexing in MATLAb
how to find distance between two locations one of which is in form of a string
Google Analytics custom events not tracking properly
How to convert modulus results from OpenSSL into Java BigInteger?
Dynamic override of ToString() using Reflection
$('#modalBusy').dialog('close') not working on properly with ajax
How to group Enum values?
Matlab: How to solve maximum value for a gradient regression
getView method displaying text and image in a GridView?
Does TFS have anything like cctray
jquery postback failing
WCF Default Endpoint Missing
How to avoid stack issues when loading a JVM via JNI Invocation API
Timezone Conversion In SQL Query
Git Corrupt File Fix
mysql update insert join avoid duplicates
Visual Studio 2010 Extension - Cannot break execution in Experimental Instance
Table with 100% width that leaves room for floating div
Is there any simple way to implement the merge query of SQL Server in Linq?
Get distinct items from DataTable using LINQ
crystal reports - display mtd ytd lytd per family
Display or hide a Slidetoggle in JSF
Access store in grid panel Extjs
Check port number in Linux Kernel Module using Netfilter
Sencha Touch Free Commercial License (11. Support and Updates Clause)
iOs Printing my Current screen
Meaning of referer param fb_source=games_ego
How to get the header of the html page
Django admin change to_python output based on request
Generics: Make sure parameters are of same type
Conversion of Access to FileMaker Pro
NSData on custom class?
Only allow user to close a JavaScript alert after 10 seconds
Send custom HTTP request header with HTML5 audio tag
Greasemonkey script and sorting elements
Adding an OpenGL window into a GTK builder
Complex layout with same layout_margin in Android
How to add PNG and JPG at runt谋me
is this workaround/arquitecture/approach correct using classes (complex properties)?
Convert byte[] of RGB data to a image
How to check if the app is starting for the first time?
get the values larger than zero only
Do I need to use HTML entities when storing data in the database?
Is the filesystem for Raven DB encrypted?
Magento - Save a Product without setting 鈥淯se Default Value鈥�
Rails / Paperclip: How do I display images from S3 that have authenticated_read permissions?
Java - Best method of handling toggleable effects in a game
why doesn't java send the client certificate during SSL handshake?
Is it possible to make a star like StackOverflow has on the left side of questions using only css?
How to get min/max values on form that returns multiple records
cakephp not saving data
MySQL vs DB2 RDBMS [closed]
How do I test the performance of my webpage
SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18 ONLY IN Safari
Android app not working with 3G connection
DateFormat Parsing Error
Simple ParseKit grammar for HTML with replacement variables
what C++ idioms are deprecated in C++11
python exception: unhashable type: 'list'
How do I re-validate my model in a custom model binder inheriting from DefaultModelBinder after modifying it?
Redis delete all key which are there in one list
C++ template with default parameter
What is inherited in Maven projects
Is input's parent node itself?
Trouble decrypting using PostgreSQL's gnupg extension
Android - ListView with different heights in each row / getView()
Why does C# code compiled on the fly not work when a debugger is attached?
Lat/long coordinates to x/y on the Earth map image
Moved folder into submodule, now getting 鈥淯ntracked files would be overwritten鈥�message
Add and removing rows [with input field] in a table
How to call jasmine-node from ant build.xml
C# Need to pass an array of array's to another form
Locking in a factory method
Java Thread synchronization
getDay() return different value to different browsers/computers
Create records in has_and_belongs_to_many models from .csv file
Convert docx to pdf using PHP
Apply function to every array key
Searching content on other sites than your own
Questions regarding Unity Configuration with singletons - ASP.NET MVC3
How does Seam 3 handles the 鈥渞edirect to capture view鈥�feature after login?
Python 鈥渁nd鈥�operator with ints
How can I get emacs to display a stop-sign icon when I set a breakpoint?
setNeedsDisplayInRect bug in iOS5?
Is there a way to tell which GC algorithm the JVM is currently using
Why cant JPA/hibernate map to MySQL blob type?
How do I configure a Jackson ObjectMapper to show only whitelist properties?
Using 鈥�鈥�for decimals in zend validator float
How does Nodejs performance scale when using http.request?
jQuery Event Delegation Not Working
Proper way to format user-entered text input for sending via JSON/AJAX to PHP?
Adding an UIImageView and a Button
Google Map blue color in Google Chrome 18 Beta
Proguard setting to not remove unused method
Razor HtmlHelpers with sub-sections?
Symfony 2 YAML passing arrays
Simple Java code not working
CodeIgniter appending to the beginning of the view when it shouldn't be
Authentication in Spring Security whith encoded password
What environment variables are presented to a Fortran program for GET_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE
Accessing public class variables in without session
Simple MySQL UPDATE query - verry low performance
Magento Amazon Checkout Signature Problems
Edit bytes in pdf file
How to make users to add their own contents in the custom tab, which was created by me?
Calling a PyObjc function from Javascript
Generate BIRT PDFs from a Netbeans application
hibernate criteria.setResultTransformer() with projections.distinct (composite foreign keys)
Subquery in SELECT statement (MySQL)
Looking for a 鈥渟criptable GUI markup language鈥�for linux(like HTA in windows)
Grails 2.0 set logging for own classes
Navigation Controller in landscape with Storyboard [iPhone]
Nullpointer exception in Listview when using custom class in android
Rounded corners not working in IE9
How to set a given property when an instance of a class which implements a given interface is created using Unity
How to design a second composite in eclipse [closed]
Can I use content negotiation to conditionally serve SVG?
How can I profile the TLB hits and TLB misses in ubuntu
Exception thrown while logging in to project in windows 7 but fine with XP
How Do I SELECT when needing to use LIKE and change column Name
Get a field from a ListView
Access Violation in debug mode, but fine in release mode
Using Map in Method with Generics
Eporting simple java application
Same sessionid across all open windows?
Modal Sheets & Modal Return Values
Emacs yasnippet - insert snippet on keystroke
Get n-th bit precision of integer
how to cast in MySQL stored procedures
Remove horizontal cell borders in SlickGrid?
Date input control MVC - mm/dd/yyyy format no matter which format the user enters date
UIDatePicker 24h [duplicate]
Protected access to class-constructor
Eclipse Java EE to install C++ module
Grails: how to generate a human-friendly for-sure-unique random number
Is it possible to stop JavaScript execution?
Setting UTF-8 in Google App Engine using JAX RS
Is there a way to use Shopify API to track placed orders?
How do I dynamically add content from an array and a multidimensional array to a textfield?
What would the Jsoup selector be for TD elements that have no children and no COLSPAN attribute?
Redirecting Django root to admin panel
PHP 鈥淗elper Class鈥�- Class not found
How to Protect Flash from getting download
Is is possible to use the stand alone google earth on linux as a [google-earth-plugin] replacement?
Using * selector in jQuery to apply CSS3PIE with Modernizr
Distinct not working?
How accurate is the W3C Geolocation API?
Connect two files with JSON
Taking application to the cloud
Change Interpolation method in scaled SurfaceView
How to send a checkbox group via ajax in jquery?
regular expression - parse classpath location
Print LaTeX Table Directly to an Image (PNG or other)
jQuery Animate Width Increase From middle
Access token invalid after an unknown time
Selenium WebDriver CSS equivalent to xpath not contains
JQuery - Storing and Retrieving Arrays
How to Connect to rild Socket
Spring Integration Get HTTP Outbound Gateway Response
Split Accordion panels into multiple files in Flex?
Using SQL script through code
Redirect loop on rails with admin namespace
excel 2007 Windows 7 - graphs stopped working
asyncimageview slow rendering - uitableview
Stick jQuery UI dialog to side of window
鈥渇or (bool flag = true; flag; flag = false) { 鈥�}鈥�- is this normal?
Composite foreign key in SQL Server
python, and setting a cookie on localhost
shell script not working with nohup
How to find min-max occurrence of an element in xsd using xsom
Combine 5 List<object> into one List<object>
Firefox Localstore issue
How to check for duplicates in an array and then do something with their values?
How to move a splitted pane of editor window to another monitor?
grabbing data from a ASP.NET webForm
iOS Can't read file
Select all words from string except last (PowerShell)
dynamically adding in html5 audio
Eclipse e4 issue while exporting it
Is this the right situation for a synchronous ajax call?
Android java Screen as an button
Visibility in sub-packages
Cannot import scipy.misc.imread
Optimizing PHP function
How do I get search engines to index all language variants of a page?
unable to use mod_R [closed]
How does paypal notify you that a user has successfully paid
Facebook like button not loading
Mercurial ignore all files except specific file names
Get value of previous array key in PHP
Query does not return all rows every time
dompdf making the header and the footer 鈥渟olid鈥�
How to install Thrift to work with Qt-Windows
Restoring google map state when navigating back to map page
Concurrency with NSManagedObjectContext
Set Background of Particular DataGrid Cell
Looking for a image slide for wordpress
How to check for 403 and 404 errors when changing the url of a resource?
what is the error in this code datagridview?
Syntax Check (C++) in Visual Studio?
How see code-view for view controller in Xcode?
Hard link to a file not working as expected on OS X
Java servlet not executing
Syntax Check (C++) in Visual Studio?
How see code-view for view controller in Xcode?
Hard link to a file not working as expected on OS X
Java servlet not executing
JTable print does not print header and footer
vertical text orientation in ie
C++ winAPI basics - switching through windows
White noise mixing 2 audio byte array
Winforms - what is the simplest way to update a property in thread safe manner
ASP.NET MVC 3 Labels Not Displaying
SQLITE Complex select statement. Help me speed it up
What is the most efficient method for adding/removing classes from DOM elements using Javascript?
How to multiply two 4x4 matrices, written as two 16-element arrays?
Java Homework MaxSumTest
How can I give feedback on Eclipse?
paypal token I'm given is invalid?
time code with hundredths?
using pipes with a find command
breakout dates in html table
Sphinx alphabetical ordering
How to define the calling program when using Iseries ODBC?
sending personal info over http in an ajax post. Is it secure? Why?
I'm trying out Data Oriented Design - Can I do this with std::vector?
preg_replace removing spaces too
How make dropdowns in php pages?
Keyboard on the screen in WinForms
Facebook registration plugin security/https error
New to C programming on linux, stuck at typecasting
Hyperlink not showing correct route in href
Plotting data sequentially from emacs using Common Lisp and Gnuplot
strange error messages in web.config?
treat Enum as generic?
Editing an entity's related collection when editing the entity
isError and factory method in PDO?
Convert MS Word Doc to PDF programmatically
Regarding using CUDA files in C++ (in editor)
Changing the orientation (portrait or landscape) of an Excel chart using VBA
Can I return custom error from JsonResult to jQuery ajax error method?
Upgrade smooks 1.4 to 1.5 breaks CSV parsing (null input)
Core Data NSManagedObject - tracking if attribute was changed
Can't compile Rust
Class 鈥渟uper鈥�variable
Dynamic Code - C#
'create tablespace' from VARIABLE
Are c++11 standard container 鈥渇inal鈥�
Android layout_width variable
Best way to find a subset of a set from a group of sets
How can I execute a java console application by using a C++ application and the system function?
Camera Calibration - Zhang vs. Gold Standard
Colourise ruby syntax from 'cat' output
android change selected tab background color
Sitefinity, intercepting page events
Using standard layout with Zend Framework Error controller
PerSession WCF Service with Callback for Silverlight client
Is it possible to accelerate (dynamic) LINQ queries using GPU?
Date from excel changes when uploaded into mysql
Encoding of ASCII string in UTF8 XML document in Byte array
iOS Progressive asset (or asset bundle) loading after app launch
What's a functional replacement for if-then statements?
Initializing an object inside another object fails in IE8
Excel Interop formatting
How to Dynamically change (Remove or Add) formoptions:{elmprefix:鈥�鈥潁
Strange URL when calling doLog() with SVNKit in Java
Partially load a xml file with XMLBeans or EMF
Match both and when using root: '/app/' and pushState: true
Unable to increase volume for music stream in Honeycomb and up
How to select from a table and RIGHT JOIN it with a LIST in MySQL
Java Conversion from String to bytes is not one-one?
More Insight In Drupal And Other CMSs If Required
Upgrade spree to 1.0.0
What is the best GUI Tool for Oracle? [closed]
get the percentage of similarity of two arrays in php
Locale switching only for extension
In MySQL, what does this mean? /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 */
Best Voxel Engine/Language?
How to wipe Android device when device admin is deactivated?
How to get content using ajax.get or ajax.load when the external content is genareted by ajax?
jQuery: how to express the width of a div + a few more pixels?
Serialization and generic list with dynamic element name
Turning off Transactions in Entity Framework
FMS on windows azure
Are there any Q&A plugins / libraries written for / developed in CodeIgniter?
PHP : How can I ensure my script is long running?
How do I change column headers on a return value?
Zend Framework - Doctrine2 - Change Repository Autoload Location?
How to cast generic interfaces using contravariant parameters to a base type?
grails: randomized auto id's
Empty 'current url' for Django deployed with Nginx and fastcgi
An error occurred during local report processing - C# Windows Form VS2010
How to create Expandable ListView with Titanium? [closed]
T-SQL temp data comparison # vs WITH
Google Static Maps With Traffic and Public Transport Overlays
How can I create multiple objects in a single form in Rails 3.1?
Adding ad-hoc unobtrusive validation
NSZombieEnabled stops app from crashing
if parent doesnt have X class, jQuery
jQuery UI Range Slider - move the right dragger (handle) when clicked in the middle of the slider
Fastest database design for keyword queries
How do I evaluate a random math operator?
SQLAlchemy support of Postgres Schemas
Python Regex Zipcode Matching
What is the proper CSS media query to get Android phones to use the mobile format in landscape mode?
In C#, what is the fastest way to remove blank entries in a string[] or List<string>?
鈥淚OError: request data read error鈥�because of large content
CMAKE: Print out all accessible variables in a script
Entity Framework 4.3 POCO Include on Complex Types throws exception
how facebook notifications work?
Spring Security: After timeout login returns json file to browser,normally only requested with ajax
How to find the nonidentical elements from multiple vectors?
JSON Formatting in WCF Response
@foreach loop in MVC 3
How to obtain quaternion from rotation matrix in Android?
Add Column Headers To a CSV File With PHP
Where we put language files of tesseract ocr engine in an android app?
Exporting Release with Flash Builder 4.5 (Flex)
Scala Lift - Convert model list to json object list
z-index and positioning
How can I customize Eclipse About dialog's about text?
How do you get rid of a white right margin on iPhone's Safari for a web site?
jQuery select - cannot get option text or value
SQLCacheDependency and AppFabric Server
iOS: Initial interface orientation[UIInterfaceOrientation] being ignored in plist
PHPUnit - Cyclic Dependencies
Android 鈥淪ervice鈥�not really in background?
System.Diagnostics.Process not Exiting in Code
Connecting to SQL Server from Ubuntu VM in Rails 3.2 with tinytds
PHP - Generating pages based on MySQL queries
When a Facebook user sends the Send dialog within an application, can the application track the recipients?
UITableView/UITabBarController: trying to figure out a method to pass a variable to my destination controller when a row is selected
PHP in_array returns false positive
Context help button behaviour on CPropertySheet
Dynamic program updating, runtime compilation, and class loaders
.htaccess: Authentication AND Redirect
MySQL Inner Join failure
X509Certificate private key issue when running a process in Adminstrator mode
pageUp and pageDown used to move caret
what happens when a service is started multiple times
Xcode project snapshot tries to make disk image?
activate ModalPopupExtender witheout giving it TargetControlID in
How to scale 2d world with 3d rendering?
PHP-FPM / FastCGI + exit() causing CPU spikes
Enhance is_valid() with an exception
Printing in Java - characters are too close together
Replace text in .bat file
How can I monitor the ports which are in use based on bandwidth utilized?
Maven 鈥渃ould not parse error message鈥�(Java 7 + Maven 2)
What are my options for developing for Android?
Fiddler2 for tcp only
Why doesn't qdebug() produce any output when using static library?
Emacs as an Eclipse alternative
Fiddler2 for tcp only
Why doesn't qdebug() produce any output when using static library?
Emacs as an Eclipse alternative
Dynamic Interpretation of Regular Expressions
Using if statement inside for loop - Javascript
How to convert correctly an Oracle Date field into java.util.Date through JPA?
sql-maven-plugin create function
Modify jquery plugin livefilter to search title tag
JQuery Valdiation - Not required but validate
jquery ajax content not loaded
Win32: bypassing UAC using user/password
how to select plain HTML-text in CSS?
Placing barButtons on Navigation Bar [closed]
Can you use regular expressions to implement the shunting algorithm?
Is there a library that creates JavaScript 1.8 compatability in all browsers?
Serialize type as Dictionary
Problems with regex parsing
Converting UIImage animation to use Cocos2d sprite animation
Generating Control Flow Graph (CFG) from Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) [duplicate]
CoreData prepareForDeletion Called Infinite Times
What's more efficient MySQL or Include files [closed]
PHP Array structure
How can I use shake gesture when using storyboards?
OS Closed my native thread?
My SQL search query not distinguishing a column property?
mongo-ruby-driver will not create a new document on upsert when there is a custom _id
Access 2010 query still showing results when record empty
SQL error with 鈥渘ew query()鈥�in ColdFusion / Railo script
AS3 Error #2044: Unhandled error: whilst using URLLoader even with IOErrorEvent event listener
objective-c tags file for vim
How would I return a salary + a 5% raise?
Increment, preincrement and postincrement
Vim insert mode not allowing editing of existing lines in file, only newly added lines
Visual Studio Smart Indent?
How can I disable ASLR on FreeBSD?
Maximum width that won't cause horizontal scroll bar at 1024x768 resolution
Pass variable to function, by value
Delphi XE2 - System.Str changed/broken?
LINQ Except() Method Does Not Work
CloudFiles - Rackspace connection error c#
Debugging tests running under NUnit
remove default radio button checkbox when using a custom selector
Send a mail from an external program through Outlook with no security warning?
Give a parent li a background image?
Put git commit hash into paste buffer after commit
Extract element from html source code with xpath scripting
How to get the time elapsed from a json date?
Connect rails to existing postgres DB - models not seen by console and controllers
Imagick. Changing a color to be transparent
ssrs 2008 extra page at end - checked usual suspects - how to find cause?
R - parse XML getElementById and nodeValue
Parse KML loaded from network link on each Google Earth plugin movement
Theoretical difference between classes and types
insert image value into Mysql DB using Jquery api
Creating a drop down list in rails
Is it possible to bind code-behind property without setting DataContext?
Power state change notifications from a message-only window
Cannot configure gcc - mpfr not found
Twitter4j returning formatted source of tweet
How do I compile in Java with a batch file?
Log4cxx and Log4netshould not create log file until there is something to log
Ignoring code branches if libraries are missing via xcode
Download file JQuery with delegated click button
Condition function
SQL counter failure
How do I statically link a program with ffmpeg on Windows?
Puppet SSL connection issue [closed]
Replace something with a string and sed -e
Magento 1.6 - Save an array from user input as a collection of models
Entity Framework and the raw string query - SQL injection prevention
jQuery: How to select element with a class that contains other class