EF context singleton appropriate in ASP.NET?
How to handle experience/money in DB for RPG type game? [closed]
Adding to NSUserDefaults - Beginner
Retrieving length of long values
jQuery table plugin with grouping rollup
Not sure if I am using polymorphism correctly and if I am can I only call methods that are in the parent
javacard jcf file format
Is it possible to use jquery getScript on a file that is cached with a cache.manifest
JAXB Fragment Marshal w/o namespace
Is there a way to specify fields by name in EF?
VB.NET - Automatically initialize extended property of type Object
IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings not able to save UserData.Contact object
Is it a bad practice to use OOP to create 鈥渃ollections鈥�for almost every site component?
Resource optimization questions .net
Global Facebook App ID to integrate with CRM database
IOS App Submission with Encryption / Fairplay, how to do or automatic
Getting the width of the left most column header (but it really isn't a real column header)
Can proguard obfuscate raw filenames
result of PCAProject [duplicate]
TFS Source control shortcuts
Patching external SVN repository
Manually trigger href or onClick in my javascript
Setting RegularExpressionValidator ValidationExpression at runtime
MFMailComposeViewController change to recipients
How to optimize linq query with intersect?
iOS Subscription - Do I need server?
Why I always get SIGABRTS?
Adding files (*.xls) to android project
LinearLayout (dynamically) withLayoutParams (int , int) get invisible
Lisp error while using ede-cpp-root-project
iOS how to count sending and receiving data [closed]
Passing an Array of Numbers via Soap
XCode: what is the best way of measuring a code performance? [closed]
Home domain links within JQuery Mobile
MATLAB - Classification output
Trouble updating UINavigationController's Title
Write text to the Visual Studio 2010 output window in C++
Can this be written much more simplistically using a foreach?
Why does the webcam image appear darker than when it's started from another application?
StyleCop SA1630
running template app on ipod touch 2nd gen, nothing happens
Links (href) not relative to application in Spring MVC?
mod_rewrite: Redirect to cache or script
Quartz, rectangle not displaying
How take screenshot of scrolling window in C#
Module Java Framework Design
Ambiguous invocation caused by picking up two versions of System.Linq
agsXMPP OnAuthError on different id
How to create parameters in VS 2010 snippets
Navigate to last page on mvc telerik grid
Which thread type to use, proper halt/abort?
Is there a way to validate file size using python formencode?
A better way to create multiple objects in one go in Django
Dropdownlist in Detailsview, not listing the items
Load certificate and png into char*
Facebook api php destroySession doesn't destroy javascript session/cookie
Why du or echo pipelining is not working?
My C# app is getting flagged by anti-virus apps. How do I figure out why? [closed]
Using Bundler in deployment
How do you force the deletion of a TFS 2010 workspace on a client when the TFS Server no longer exists?
Importing multiple events to Outlook 2003 in one .ics file
Memory usage with multiple Texture2D based tiles in XNA
Is there a way to lock PHPUnit version?
Remove navigation bar from a quiz page of moodle
PHP Page name variable + jQuery
2d random walk in python - drawing hypotenuse from distribution
How to use MethodCallExpression.Update
MySql Error 1045 after rake db:create
excel nested if formula
Apache: Serving assests via HTTP while site is running on HTTPS
Rails validation of an attribute being an instance of a particular class
Problems with extracting the text from a paragraph using the next() method in jQuery
Please exlpain the following while initializing a class in java
DataGrid CurrentItem != SelectedItem after reentry with tab-button
How do I handle an SVN merge after I have moved some directories in a branch?
Slicing / Limiting an Array by Value
Programatically select a node in a SmartGWT treegrid
Python generator expression parentheses oddity
SqlCommand.Dispose() before SqlTransaction.Commit()?
How to return list of JSON object form springMVC?
No values given for one or more required parameters error only on some Windows 7 machines
In Visual Studio is there an easier way to open source code through a PDB then to step into a function call from that library?
Sudo - Waiting for child, and getting child PID
Two Different Panels in One Frame - Java
Scala Lift - Dynamically called function
IE error on page tab redirect
iOS iPhone Phonegap HTML App scrollbar and device width issue
Can I serialise a NSManagedObject?
Checking output from 鈥渃ommand鈥�should contain unexpected crash with NilClass
Better Way to handle an ordered list of items?
C#, multithreaded filling of a multidimensional array [duplicate]
Force Chrome to open certain URLs based on Content-Type header
Paging error with EntityDataSource
design an algorithm to do queries within a log file
How to calculate number of IP's from 2 IP addresses more efficiently?
trigger or return shift+tab in javascript or JQuery
MySQL syntax error in login.php file
servlet context and singleton object
CMS for developer site
Issue with my java webapp's unit tests
Fastest method to insert words into UserDictionary
How to Organize HTML Templates
JAD crash - invalid/corrupt constant pool
Cannot use TypeConverter and custom display/editor template together?
Google Maps Api v3 - Click marker, zoom then open window on 2nd click
Append a text to file in Python
Reason behind ScriptManager.GetCurrent method
Load arbitrary JS URL into the context of current page in Chrome?
Matlab: how to sort data descent excluding NaN
Silverlight BusyIndicator : Higher Z-Index than all ChildWindows
Getting byte array from XML string with encoding
Mongo: commandline admin auth fails
TDD: Is it plausible to have integration tests, but no unit tests?
Joomla menu doesn't appear [closed]
A Mac installer that checks for previous installed version?
Is it legal to send a credit card number over the air from an iPhone app?
C++ opening a shared serial port with CreateFile
ConfigurationManager handling Passwords between two Forms
Hibernate 3.2.1.ga caching data
Rails redirect instead of render with object?
how to add new rows into a datatable vb.net
Back button of the device explanation
Polygon with wrong coordinates order
How to suppress WPF global app theme for User Control?
.Net Lazy Initialization of a Singleton property
xsl:match and xsl:apply within the same parent
How to call a managed bean method via polling mechanism?
MongoDB $set not updating record
take path of script as an argument python
C# class property that represents a const string
Automate the process of exporting the default solution from Dynamics CRM 2011
NSURL check if webpage or downloadable file
Native control converted to WPF not capturing tab key
SQL server cursor slow performance
How to show 'success' message on form submit without changing URL?
Dataset filtering in a SSRS report - how to hide records with 0s only
Upload File to Amazone S3 from Url [file does not exist error]
Making a sortable item also droppable
css linear gradient rule
JSON response with http, header, meta and body
previous item in a list ordered on two columns
Custom tree in LDAP
xna Phidget Spatial accelerometer smoothing
eclipse broken since java 6.31: Cannot find the class file for java.lang.Enum
Nhibernate / SQL Server: default lock mode
Calculate the number of students who passed - what should I put in the if statement?
How to use a route helper method from a file in the lib directory?
MSIE: Append XML Element to HTML Element
jquery how to make current ul visible/display block?
Are jsPerf.com Chrome results reliable for node.js Benchmark?
Slideshow code reusability
Why does the following result in 鈥淢ust set Ember.set() to access this property鈥�
parseInt rounds incorrectly
jquery load page with switch case
std:remainder() in Erlang
ListView, highlight the selected item
get_or_create failure with Django and Postgres (duplicate key value violates unique constraint)
how add icon for RibbonApplicationMenu?
Android Widgets: How to add Views to RemoteViews on runtime
correct way to run setuid programs in C
Hardcode IPEndpoint gives Exception using ServicePoint.BindIPEndPointDelegate in ASP.Net
Setting the UDP datagram source on a multicast join
Generate C# classes from XML only if XML has changed
display subviews with delay
Simple form with pixel manipulation with opengl in linux
update statement error
SSL Handshake Timeout
Algorithm timing in Python
Homebrew - bad interpreter: No such file or directory
C# ActiveDirectory keeps returning false. Why?
Easiest way to pop up a progress bar dialog from C++ dll (windows)
FlashDevelop IDE compiles smaller swf than Flash Builder for identical actionscript project
Select rows from a table where all values of an array exist
Detecting SmartPhones Not Tablets
How to do a 鈥渉ijack鈥� like in ClearCase, in Subversion?
Linux g++ Embedding Prolog Logic Engine Within C++
Simple breadcrumb menu needed
input tag with preset value=鈥�99鈥�fails to be inserted to MYSQL database
Tab Bar at the Bottom with MonoTouch.Dialog?
Specifying the Runtime in java.
Retrieving .NET session variables from client side script
Why do I see big differences in memory usage with pmap for the same process on 32bit and 64bit Linux?
optgroup select title of group
SQL: Best way to write a condition that checks the value of a variable when the variable could be null
Specifying different output directory for target will not work
symfony 1.4: Invalid culture supplied
It's possible to ORDER results with query or scan in DynamoDB?
how to add a picture on notification bar in Ice Cream Sandwich
Haskell higher order function to calculate length
Use Metadata API to search based on location of artist?
what to copy to production server when an update is made in a web application development environment
Multidimensional dictionary in Python
Union of the cycles in a graph
SELECT Query speed varies heavily with different inputs?
Bandwidth Source
WebLogic server losing session between Ajax calls
Looping through linked records
Facebook and Twitter data loaded with their APIs is very slow
OpenGL Archlinux GLext not recognized. (EDIT: GLEW does not work too)
Apply XSLT to an XML file
Overriding body background with JQuery?
Numbered file renaming algorithm
SQL: SELECT COUNT involving a couple of tables
Symfony2 querybuilder join not working
Nullreference exception in System.IO.DefaultWatcher.DoFiles at a c# mono MVC webapplication
C++ boost/asio server with client
Installing a package with yum from a 3rd party repo while building a package with RPM
How to create map view like Windows Phone 7 Local Scout?
Regex to only match specific characters preceded by a space or nothing (start of line)
Is Parallel.forEach(DataTable.AsEnumerable() thread safe
FreeMemory and CPUUsage get memory leaks and system out of memory
Merging two data frames in R that have common and uncommon samples
Grouping in condition is being dropped
SSD goes undetected/offline unless cold/hard booted
Re-sizing and moving web site images and text divs to work with dynamic background
What is stdole2.tlb
path without the document
C wrong sum result with doubles
Drools why StatefulKnowledgeSession has different KnowledgeBase
Context.RewritePath changes Request.Url.AbsolutePath value. Can it be different?
Change stage size at startup
Manipulate Arrays in NSDictionary
Update Android widget on system settings change
How to write an link for email in repository class
ASP.NET MVC 3 Jquery Modal Popup - Display Loading Icon
Grab the content of tcl namespace from one interpreter and pass to another interpreter
ios coreplot setup
Drupal/PHP detect script call
grid for data entry
How to Redirect to Referrer after Accepting Terms (Javascript)
Sharepoint 2007 issue: The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized
Variable doesn't exist outside code
Why is my Ruby on Rails update cart form skipping its loop?
Microsoft CRM 2011 on premise cross domain authentication failing
Handling System.OutOfMemoryException
Language strings in .resx-files or Redis?
JS prototype vs closure
Make NHibernate use TRUNC for DateTime.Date
MissingMethodException when trying to Eval in Groovy
Protected Android IDs in R.java
C# - How to make AutoMapper case insensitive?
Android- Why is this happening (鈥淐ontent not yet created鈥�error)
Is there a simple command for merging a topic branch by rebasing?
Jsoup library ,trying to make an Android app which reads data from HTML site
Difference between 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�鈥�in R linear modeling
Is it possible to have a JQuery Mobile select menu without full framework?
Selenium Webdriver. Mouse actions inaccuracy in Internet Explorer 9
Android - how can I check if text fits completely inside a view?
How can you autogenerate filenames for autosaved VIM sessions?
cmake multi project file dependency relationship
google maps: open infowindow with custom button
Value type class definition in C#?
Why doesn't a regex containing $ (built from a string) work?
Release Iframe after response.rediect
Losing Data Repeated Call To Method
Changing Default Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Using a serial queue with CMMotionManager
NSManagedObjects with Categories
Matlab error when executed clear command using mexCallMATLAB in mex file
C++ logging using ostream
Can't immediately connect to newly-created SQL Server database
How to get make to correctly create dependencies when generated headers are involved
Can't rebuild Supersized slideshow with dynamic ajax data
rails 3 namespaced controller and routing
Loading a PLIST from web server
Plone - Best practice on where to store image and file attachments in pages?
matching finite natural number series
How does form_for model object with select_tag nest its params?
How to preload style image to use it when server is down?
Is it a good practice to have joins and other complex operations in my Repository methods?
Flash client c++ server connection reset by peer
Howto make regular expressions pattern for this?
how to setup the mailman gem
TeamCity Build Triggering - exclude changes in a specific directory
install sharepoint 2010 on PC with cpu is only 32 bits
Cheapest way to retrieve/record multiple entities on GAE
How to call a void method in java using reflection
How to get App Page ID from Application Object
Testing touch functionality in Emulator
Monit appears to be working on command line but get 404 'There is no service by that name' in web interface [closed]
get a error msg when test myapp on ipod
Compojure or Noir for a UI-less webservice?
How to style grid depending on the data
Generic DAO with Hibernate and Spring, is their a better way than this?
Setting binding in WPF control correctly
Trigger happy.js validation with JavaScript?
Regex using Notepad++ to add space before a capital letter
Cannot reset property values on custom control in cf 3.5
Copy a single file to a non existing folder
Programmatically arrange rectangular UI objects in an abstract way, without gaps
Disallowed key characters error message in Codeigniter (v2)
Traffic redirection in the gateway with OSX
SSIS issue Failed to decrypt protected XML node
Grouping subsequent event with unknow delay
Communication via standard input / output in Java
Probe a single class in VisualVM
Mac OS X app sandbox issue
Realtime application - asp.net alternative to node.js and socket.io
Flex mobile - click to make phone call or send an email, on iOS
Android - Reference resource drawable as a URL
How does Google know which result I visited when I click the back button?
How to change user's selection range in UIWebView?
Read Global Application property from WCF Service
MonoDevelop: Autosave being asking many many times
How do I make it so that when I have a specific Key press it creates an interupt
How to submit forms with answers in each different result of a 'select mysql query' and insert the answers in mysql database
MySQL Query by Date in PHP [duplicate]
Spring @Configuration Beans - 'Best' Location?
How retrieve directory of the assembly
Template classes C++ / Qt
how to suspend/restart processes in C (linux)
jquery and prototype conflicts
set up DERBY_HOME environment variable on mac?
Hide table or text based on text in the table
representing sound graphically as wave
Creating an image and appending it to a div. What's wrong?
Copying OpenCL buffers directly
Custom HighRepJobPolicy in Google App Engine development server
MS Access 2007: Programatically add hyperlink to a form with VBA
Automapper - how to pass value to a custom ValueResolver?
JQuery Mobile User scroll to bottom
Passing values from a class to a method of another class
MATLAB: Plot random signal
Class to turn PHP objects into XML
Memory leak with CFArray in ARC
how to create a Mac OS X 鈥淎lias鈥�Kind File in terminal?
Connect to a facebook app for longer than a session
Convert numpy array from values to indices
Convert numpy array from values to indices
Give priority to some fields when selecting
Best way to store an object in the view for state persistence in MVC 3?
php singleton keeps calling itself twice in an autoloader class
where to check for the error and how
Updating an xml file using linq to xml
using XMPP with a .net server and android client
C++ : Pass Dynamic Functions and Store Functions?
Request made to URL containing pieces of code
SQL server stored procedure between statement
accept outlook invitation (.ics attachment) without MS software
WCF WebApi Test Client, does it do anything with the body of a request?
Spring MVC no default constructor found?
iis7 2008 32bit classic asp remote directory browsing
Jquery autocomplete with php source
I need help duplicating Amazon AWS EC2 instances
Appropriate file hierarchy for unittesting in Python
Convert source IP address from struct iphdr* to string equivalent using Linux netfilter
EF 4.3 code first one-to-one relations
Grails HTTP Proxy
Close the Mobile browser window using jquery
Handling canceled Paypal payments
bring -f option to multi module
Regex (Java): Parsing a list of strings following a certain keyword
sqlte3 error no such column
Task.Duration Property in ms project
Efficient document format to store 鈥淰otes鈥�in Mongo DB?
using PARSENAME to find the last item in a list
TortoiseGit, configure automatic merge tool on per-file-basis
Recommend RSS Parser PHP 4.3.9
Android: Bitmap from oversized view
Query for django and tastypie
PHP file upload - multiple files
print <<< HTML in php?
Re-routing http requests based on full domain name
Embedding Youtube video shows blank screen
connect to websites sql database and show web content on android
Java array, add item into next empty index
In a trace how do I capture parameter values for event class 44 SP:StmtStarting?
date saved in database i need to get the data from week before
Changing validation range programmatically (MVC3 ASP.NET)
remove a file from GIT control [duplicate]
Cygwin git push hangs, msysgit okay
LWUIT Tab navigation/list focus issue
jdbc driver error
Oracle SQL,range between 1-1000
How to create an archive list in php?
How to permanently redirect myforum.com/index.php to myforum.com
Can't get NSXMLParser data into textfield, menu item, or label
Core Data Insert with existing relationship weird issue [duplicate]
knockout.js change visible status based on if array is empty or not
android: how to draw a simple line and display it in a widget?
Automagically create class diagram from java code in umbrello?
BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL_COLLECTIONS with unsigned char outputs non-printable characters on mismatch
Get jQuery slider values from DB
What does inverse_of do? What SQL does it generate?
Bash init script for autossh
Joomla! component form and jQuery to add/remove subset of fields dynamically
NASM: x86 to PPC - expression syntax error
script error on linux ubuntu /bin/sh: curl: not found? [closed]
List all attributes of a user in AD by C# code
Powerpoint hyperlink regions
Savon_spec always leads to undefined method `code' for nil:NilClass
How to filter a numpy array with another array's values
how to recreate surfaceview for video play when restart()?
Summing Detail records in Master Detail SQL Statement
Adobe Air. Check if createDirectory() completed
JaxWS: Webservice with Basic Authentication
InstallAnywhere - Uninstallation Java Error : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No product for ID=
Awk field separator
Keep getting error messages in ghostscript when using the documented ghostscript syntax
glGenerateMipmap() very slow on Samsung Galaxy SII (Mali-400 MP)
Disable Lucene similar term in results
How to get the data from a USB port in VB.NET
NullReferenceException in DevTrends.MvcDonutCaching.KeyGenerator.GenerateKey
What to do if clause is disabled in a switch statement?
Default Image Gallery not opening in android HoneyComb tablet (v 3.2) programatically
Powershell Clear homeDirectory Attribute
I need to better understand a fundamental nature of Javascript objects
MySQL Trigger AFTER INSERT to auto-increment a column
Is it possible to implement the search functionnality in a TreeGrid in smartGWT?
Jboss RestEasy - How do i extract binary data from a multipart mime MultipartInput using multipart/mixed
Decode JPEG2000 bitarray image with Javascript
received remote notification doesn't appear in notification center, but badge number on the app icon appears
EOFException thrown on BlackBerry when trying to open TLS connection with Connector.open()
Is there a way to use more than one target namespace in a single XSD file?
Change the ip of GWT application server from
jQuery onclick have to click twice for modal dialog to appear
Why does MySQL ship with two identical test runners (mysql-test-run and mysql-test-run.pl)?
How to add a global exception handler/logger once in Mule
asp.net mvc hold action execution until event occurs
Does a module exist for creating structured content in DotNetNuke?
Cassandra - get multiple rows with column slice
Drools Fusion duration and timestamp, why it doesn't work?
Android: RunOnUiThread vs AsyncTask
specific php script to run upon selecting an option from dropdown list
PHPUnit - How to test if callback gets called?
Run Bash(.sh) on Windows 7
Navigate through a pre-known map offline using Phonegap
How to create a collections for particular type in js?
AllegroGraph POINT function
How to activate telephony feature in AVD
LOG4J conflicts JBOSS&Java program
Texture has only blue hue when using glTexImage2D
NSString finding a word and the next word in a NSString
Map is not showing app in a Blackberry app (SDK 6.0, Torch 9800)
filter results by max count(field)
When should I typedef struct vs. pointer to struct?
SQL SELECT query for multiple tables
Unmarshalling XML with JAXB without unescaping characters
Trouble getting array to be processed by foreach loop - help please?
Options for real-time web notifications and updates using Comet/XMPP vs WebSocket technologies on a Microsoft stack?
How do I prevent scaling in Android Imageview?
How to svn:ignore a file that is under source control?
How to get file name using UNIX?
Unable to detect the correct character-encoding
How can I pass this array to a javascript function in an html.erb file, without erb evaluating the Date.UTC?
Rails 3: Model.all => NoMethodError: undefined method 'accept' for nil:NilClass
Updating a new SQL column with values from the table
inductive return: Breaking a reccursion
Sonar review svn patch files
Gson deserialization - Trying to parse a JSON to an Object
.NET MVC 3 deployment datetime issue
How to see a list of all my SourceSafe check-in comments in a certain time range?
How to use tree query parameter in Jenkins Remote API to get downstreamProject and parameter?
Is a synchronous operation (e.g., stringFromURL) subject to preemption by other threads?
Good ORM Tool for Android? [closed]
sass doesn't create css files
multithreading, inter-thread communication, synchronization
finding out which object to point to in javascript
MySQL Proxy Query Rewriting
Storing complete Google Maps route
How to efficiently check if a database contains an identical record to a pending insert?
Outputting to textarea from database
How to address co-variant array conversion?
Android: service binding lost when orientation changes
What type of pointer should I pass to a method in C++11?
Does Python Twisted work with wxPython?
Android sockets and asynctask
R: How to mix a series of variables and Greek symbols in a string
Explode but skip the first white space - possible?
Automatically Delete Files/Folders in R
create dynamic element with php dom
Menu in Refiney CMS
Android: I want to record an extra low quality video feed possible and send it in discrete packets. Is it possible? How would you approach it?
How to get notified when system locale changes in Android?
Generate pdf from current document
Datetime comparison update two columns
Using Razor without Visual Studio? System.Web.WebPages.Html.HtmlHelper vs. System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper
phpDocumentor Output Parameters
Using Razor without Visual Studio? System.Web.WebPages.Html.HtmlHelper vs. System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper
phpDocumentor Output Parameters
Can GWT catch DOM manipulation events?
Hyperlinking a flash
Jenkins builds are deleted
running javascript in watir-webdriver
Facebook Graph API: list of friends occasionally incomplete [duplicate]
How can I create a three column div inside a repeater?
Session Destroyed after user login in oscommerce
Spring + Spring security + Jquery: Facebook like button (like)
How to get custom task tags to work in Eclipse?
Different ways of loading JS SDK
Action Bar for android < 3.0
ASP.NET MVC - Failed to load resource in Response.Redirect
ASP.Net/Jquery find client event after Response.End()
Android ActivityManager showing every 2 secs that the application is open?
RXTX Arduino USB with Windows
Map function doesn't work in for loop
Spring framework bind form array property
Icon in the statusbar
cannot click items echoed by another page using ajax - $(document).on is not working
App Engine multiple namespaces
How to compare textbox value with the sql database value in c#?
Image processing C#
Why is the asp.net membership UserID not stored in the authentication ticket?
Execute Multiple Searches from one Search Bar
jquery multiSelect not working with MVC using razor
why there is undefined when i run this
Log4j logs not rolling on size constraint when server is up
Restricting files from Google Cloud Storage to the users that have authenticated with my Google App Engine app?
Problems with MVC 3 dropdownlist in webgrid
css multilevel dropdown inheritance
Prevent Facebook from fetching and suggesting a thumbnail image when sharing an article
XCode Error : target specifies product type 'com.apple.product-type.framework'
orbeon autocomplete get selected item
Why won't the VisualVM Profiler profile my application?
IIS 5.1, Windows Authentication, Active Directory
Cycle in the struct layout that doesn't exist
How to run android code in REPL
1-to-many child record was not always saved with parent in rails 3.1.3
Align Image with text CSS
Access to the page body from selenium
Accessing HttpContext while processing a T4 Template
Lazy loading with jQuery treeTable
How to pass session over fancyupload
PHP $_POST Variables
To cache or not to cache $(this) in jQuery
how to make sub menu appear when hover over link?
Join two tables, matching a column with multiple values
Gesture FreeDrag performance
Spring Security Web App: different login, same authentication object
django equivalent or rails x.days.from_now
What are alternatives to NSURLConnection for chunked transfer encoding
May I declare 鈥渦sing namespace鈥�inside a C++ class?
is weblogic-maven-plugin available from maven center repository?
Can the iPhone Location services detect whether it is stationary or moved indoors?
HTML flashing text colors
Conditional Select in MySQL
Visual C++ : create icon for application in other resource
Code First Fluent API, how can I?
Google Maps and Internet Explorer Javascript/JSON Issue
How to generate X509 certificate thumbprint?
Microsoft.Practices and TFS Build
How can I set a javascript variable to 鈥溾� if it is undefined?
iOS 鈥�Save recording to app documents
How to join add Manytomany to an objects after upload file in django 1.1
cannot refer to slider using $(this) inside $().slider({})?
Linux: Possible to detect if USB device is connected and charging, but switched off
jQuery disable button on page by classname
How to connect to Discogs Api using Zend_Oauth?
Unable to call the DLL from ASP.NET
Hibernate and spring mvc Deleting and updating
What happens when we send message to id
What does your Agile workflow look like, in particular release frequency and source-control management?
Viewing MS Office documents offline on an iPad 2 in an HTML5 site
Sql In-Memory object which exists in Microsoft SQL and ORACLE
Powershell what does Function script: functionname do? Especially the script: part
Publisher / subscriber usage slipping into statefulness
Google CDN for jquery widgets
push to specific position of array [duplicate]
Accept DB Writes faster than the DB can actually write them
How can I import dll of a C++ class inside a namespace
Creating a web application with android that connects to a Microsoft Access database
Authenticate against ActiveDirectory
Silverlight - how to send HTML attachment with email?
Opening Microsoft Word document and detect when it closes
Java Object Oriented Concepts in Javascript
IE appears to leak elements with ID's
Using Start Date and End date in Access query
Good methods to return pointers pointing to subclass
How do NoSql type solutions support consistency when distributed?
How to fix a sidebar on scroll?
setText() after inflating
Loading content in table based upon scrolling position
Character encoding messing up Perl regex
retrieve database value into applet
read pixel value in bmp file
Regex for 2 letters followed by 4 digits
Passing binary data to a dll function in D7
Error while trying to canonize XML fragments in XML::LibXML
Global switch to make all controllers sessionless
Class creation using eval of dynamically-created string of method def's
two list floating left starting at center
Can we store data in gzip format in postgresql
Famous Validation Error: Value is not valid
RequestSoapContext.Current is always null
How to connect two simple functions using NiPype?
Spree add discount price to variant
Database password protection mobile apps iPhone/Android
Generating Unique Set of Random Integers
Configuration error when installing R on Linux [closed]
Does Codec.Text.UConv.convert work consistently for you?
Getting the value of the selected Radiobutton
Natural ternary logic? [duplicate]
Run java from django
Sbt tasks with dependencies
Excel finds duplicates, but they aren't
How can I visualize Android call stack using Eclipse?
Cassandra: Getting last 10 users visited
Remove dropdown and add a textbox dynamically inside a <td> tag using jQuery
Forms in JSP - Adding a date next to each post
Crop image, save it [closed]
Protecting ASP.NET authentication cookie from moving to another computer
wordpress tinyMCE linebreak
Animation in Jquery, Step by step execution
Fade Div in using jQuery
Problems about import
Nested Select Statement on LEFT JOIN
open fancybox from js.erb file rails 3
Finding position of '1's efficiently in an bit array
QLPreviewController crashes with large documents
How to investigate what makes my app so slow to start?
What is the correct button_to syntax for adding a class to the generated form?
How to handle Zend SubForms when the number of each is unknown
MATLAB: Scatterplot - points with different shapes according to position
Accessing Application class from Activity crashes
Log File Output Doesn't Match Debugger
C++ implicit type conversion in argument lists
Button content not updating using Frameworkelementfactory
Placing an image at the bottom right corner
passing var to a jquery function
Layout element: one on top of the other
Do I need a join?
Recommendation On Data Store For Website's User Activity Log
Match and replace emoticons in string - what is the most efficient way?
iAd on multiple view controllers
DOMException - Syntax Error - Google Chrome Debugger [closed]
Sum keys of arrays if they match and order it
How to display a default home page?
Create a tree using XML in SmartGWT
Remove an event handler from the child of a bound element
Android: Notification bundle not firing
how to sort out intent(in), intent(out) and intent(inout) in FORTRAN
Distinguish web site and web app by server types [closed]
php bookmarking
shell script to get time ('%T'), how to reformat output (- instead of :)
AMI Asterisk Manager Interface Originate Issues with Outbound calls
ActionBarSherlock not working in eclipse
How to implement breadcrumbs? [closed]
SQL counter difficulties
MySQL query hanging with LEFT JOIN
Attempt to borrow on in-active pool Using hector with cassandra
How to replace lines that start with > with the 15 column of the same line by awk command?
SQL Server Database attaching types
Emacs doesn't output the results into the python shell
jQuery Form Wizard Plugin controlled with breadcrumbs?
Reorder boxes in JQuery Masonry
Custom Json serialization
How to add a string into each and every string in an array by using javascript or jquery?
Show the type of a function
How to detect if is the user the fan of my page
vBulletin Facebook App not working from within Page
What is 鈥渦nbounded dynamic polymorphism鈥�in Smalltalk
FATAL EXCEPTION: main in a program to search for pdf files in sd card
Embed PDF in Mac OS (Safari)
Gmail and PHP MAIL function
Why does the executable built in 64 bit mode on linux show machine type as AMD x86 64?
jQuery delegate not firing on dynamically created table
java thread waiting for dead process to finish
Forms based authentication not working between .Net 2.0 and .Net 4.0 application
Ostrich can't compile configuration file
ListView inside GridView not Scrolling?
Batch zip and rename files
Why push notifications arrives on iPhone 4S after delay as compared to my iPod Touch 4 at same wifi?
JNI : java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError error
Can't install MSI built with VS2010 that targets framework 3.5
How to get some value of TD inside some TR with jquery
adding reflection to iCarousel
Lithium: how do I display related data in forms and then save them?
Version Control - Where to begin?
sql select from multiple records only the most recent
AutoShape.Adjustments object - 2003 vs. 2010 or VBA vs. VSTO?
Modeling Keywords and Phrases in Rails
鈥�RestoreDirectory鈥�does not work
Grails 2.0 plugin dependencies
Summing GridView column values
Boost.Log vs. Boost.Log v2
Populating the AJAX url in a JSTree with model information
Value not getting assigned to a variable
how to display a graphic time line in play framework
How to get database name from postgres/mysql cursor object
PHP Array and Google Analytics V3 API
PHP: Yii: Ignore form validators in ActiveForm if precondition not fulfilled
Verify connected bluetooth headsets on Android
how to check a collection of rectangles for holes and intersctions?
Core Graphics drawing only black
OpenRasta Basic Authentication in VB.Net
Trying To Create An Automation Program In Objective-C
How can I turn this scroll script I have into a single function?
window.location.reload() causes an Application Error on PhoneGap 1.4 / Android Honeycomb 3.2.1
Disable devise sign_up after logging in
Bootstrapper Setup Failed - 0x80070645
Load declaration must be compatible with 鈥ixtureInterface::load()
Converting a drive letter to a Partition ID / Disk ID
Improving an if count == x case
opengl print text variables on screen - menu
Working with code outside of the Factor source tree
How to make circled thumbnails using GD
Understanding cookies (using jquery cookie plugin.)
What is the correct VCS Username settings with Github so that 鈥淢y Changes鈥�works correctly?
Vim: Getting gq Not to Displace `**' in Comment Block
Localizing the default windows phone date picker
Repeating certain elements on new pages in SSRS
SQL Server Forwarded Records/sec [closed]
I parsed URL successfully, having trouble passing the string variable to method C#
Round Up a double to int
What Can Cause a Linq to SQL Object to Ignore New Values?
String: How to replace multiple possible characters with a single character?
App not staying in landscape when rotated on tablet鈥�Android 4.0
How to get list of dates between two dates in mysql select query [duplicate]
iPhone - GCD sending async operations to a serial dispatch queue
iphone/ios adHoc distribution crashing (shut down only in case of adHoc distribution)
Html5 changing videofail in Safari
how to put NSmutable array into NSString [closed]
TortoiseSVN - Moved Working Copy no longer recognised
Entity Framework convert smallint (SQL Server) into Nullable<short>
Detect Asp.Net Pages referencing other Pages (using NDepend? FXCop?)
Displaying calendar in jquery ui plugin
Regex: must start with a letter or a number but the rest can be anything
AWS S3 copy files and folders between two buckets
Generate fields from a sql script
Ideal method to get the duration of an AVPlayerItem in iOS 4.0
getClassHierarchy() method
JSP - Know when i exit a jsp page
simulate css3 styles in IE8
Any other way to circumvent the Illformed requirement YAML::Syck::DefaultKey errors then to upgrade RubyGems?
Encrypting Database Field
Rails before_destroy error message accessible from parent
Redirect to a wiki page in MediaWiki
Redirect to a wiki page in MediaWiki
IDirect3DDevice9::Present fails to move frame content in full screen mode
Tracking duration of functions calls in vb.net
Using Custom Meta Data in wp_nav_menu()
Different Output for 鈥淓very Other鈥�Foreach Statement?
Get Upload File in Update Yii
property docstring
web.config inheritance: <clear/> causes XML Parsing Error in <system.webServer><modules>
Using Regular Expressions with Coldfusion
Determine current DST status when I don't observe DST in my timezone (SQL Server)
Why is ruby crashing?
Sudoku generator algorithm
session variable won't pass to the iframe form request
How to get current duration of seekbar when click on seekbar
How do I send 'fake' POST header to a page?
Logging configuration for Activiti
Thread Overload at server
How to select event in div?
How to make value type required in ASP.NET MVC validation?
NVARCHAR(?) for Email addresses in SQL Server
REST web services method to display pdf file in browser
SOAP on iOS not working
EventStore + RavenDB, not deserializing correct
Glassfish logging suddenly stops
how to countdown to sunday automatically
WCF basicHttpBinding: Rollback when reply to client fails
JasperReports (iReport) Chart Define X Axis Tickcount
Generate a word file from template and XML data
How to block all request inside a <iFrame>
Wich is the best book for Android and OpenGL ES 1? [closed]
Remove elements from one List<T> that are found in another
Store behavior class with nHibernate
Conditional Formating-Background color set based on dynamic text value
How to install IIS7 on Windows 7, 32bit using WIX3.5 MSI setup
Offloading Data Crunching Processes [closed]
ios : Are there any mature libraries out there for drag drop rotate functionality - similar to dragkit
How to sort a table consisting of multiple TBODY tags?
Whats the best deployment for 鈥渓ike鈥�search in MVC/Azure
How can we get two-way synchronization in Android using the existing contact list?
python json.loads error
LINQ DataGridView Insertion Deletion not showed
F# insert a list into SQL Server
Generate grammatical analysis of several hundred paragraphs
can't select tinymce box
What local storage in html5 can I use safely in the browser ui thread and the web worker thread
Disable HTTP methods in Tomcat
Removing modsecurity rule via .htaccess
Stock price data - current and historical - paid/free
Strange checkbox click function issue
NSDictionary objectForKey - need an NSArray with one element instead of just the element
How can I use amber framework (objective-c framework) to performSelectorOnMainThread?
Java: Timer or ScheduleExecutorService for counting hits during busy windows?
Bind data from ADO.NET to WPF
C# Multithreading application get its optimum using 16 thread although the computer has 32 cores
Screen Scraper application [closed]
Send email attachment to a local folder
python decorator for class OR function
Analogous to tcpkill for IP over InfiniBand
Adding times, calculate total time
Errors with the Flex Tool
sybase cursors in a trigger
C++11 variadic template template parameters
JAXB Fragmented Marshalling
How to use polymorphism or inheritance in static classes?
hover CSS3 forced by other element
Multiple Methods NSNotificationCenter iPhone
WS SOAP Security Header Error
Checkbox triggers stackpanel expand/collapse animation
Why short* instead of char* for string? Difference between char* and unsigned char*?
Can I do something without intents or in some cases I am bound to use them?
Stopping Twisted from swallowing exceptions
Error OpenCV with CUDA using TBB for multiple GPUs
Any reason to avoid word 鈥渢ype鈥�in Rails using Mongoid?
Magento Undefined index: url
UNIX Socket: Can a client ever read data meant for another client?
Unknown error XAML
TextToSpeech, playEarcon and .wav files
Adding Badges to Trello
How can I create a generic DetailView with a form for creating related objects
Getting a set of dependencies to a class deeply nested in the dependency graph
export generics in MEF
shell script command not found when comparing string
OCaml equivalent types
Remove wrapping <a> anchor tag from an image using jQuery
Looping through a text file using StreamReader causes a 鈥淐annot access a disposed object.鈥�
Convert DICOM to TIFF
Really basic jQuery: how can I check to see if a table cell has a value?
How to set the orientation of the app in ios automatically
Maintain Android App for Multiple Markets (on Git)
stuck in a infinite do while loop
Use LINQ to get datatable row numbers meeting certain conditions
Java game programming and Thread [closed]
How do i shade the sierpinski triangles?
SpecificVersion false causes compilation errors
WindowBuilder debug mode dies with 503
Unable to add SWC file to Flex Library Build Path in Flash Builder
MySQL Match issue
Error message (validation) not shown when submitting with ENTER (c#/asp.net)
Updating a single column in LINQ to SQL
How is it possible to load jquery files after a specific update panel has been loaded?
How is it possible to load jquery files after a specific update panel has been loaded?
splitting name and id
Controlling the Lego WeDo Device
svn log --limit seems to be delayed from recent checkin
R xts and data.table
sending big attachments using C# ASP.NET 3.5 System.Net.Mail
jQuery 2nd click to call function
Property injection and setting properties on the injected type
Why this javascript executes in Chrome but not in Firefox?
iframe cross domain get CSS
XML unmarshalling using Jaxb with namespaces and schema
MVC 3/EF/SQL Handling Connections, Disposal and Timeouts
SVN Branch info from Java
Create a pdf using iTextSharp with Window Forms
How to automatically resize jmesa columns?
NetBeans, PhpStorm鈥�Code completion for custom PHP extensions
Create RouteValueDictionary with multivalued keys
Adding a decimal point button to an iOS Calculator
ASP.NET / Web.config: customErrors redirect only on a 404
Specify function only for one instance
Select Value Of CSV in MasterTable From Reference Table
Speeding up a mysql query?
json_encode array and other data
System.IO.File.Exists(fpath) returns false in Chrome,Firefox
The best image file format for TEXT and tools to make it
Save last inline edited row when adding new row in jqgrid
How can I prevent a third party from calling certain methods?
converting similar click event actions into a function?
jQuery animate circle
iPad app to start in landscape mode
fluent nhibernate + how to create sql schema
gotFocus and enter methods on Form field not being called
Problems with XML HTTP request in Javascript
What View subclass has include?
Next previous article based on order
How can I share a link from Facebook pages that I admin using Facebook C# SDK?
Detecting phone orientation with sensor events
I want to have location of other devices in my iphone
Cell counting formula in Excel 2010
Titanium: Create fields like the ones in iPhone Contacts (Edit Mode) app
Return distance in elasticsearch results?
Compare database on Oracle and SQL Server
I want to deny access to a specific branch except for one engineer in mercurial using ACL
Why doesn't my image load properly in MATLAB?
Executing jQuery code after images are loaded in an Ajax called page
Google Places API search for a PLace in GLOBE
How to return from sourcing function in sourced code?
nestedSortables snap option
How to strip an individual list item (string)?
Scala - methods with functions as arguments
SVG Appending - This SHOULD work, it's so simple :X
Vectors, calculate movement forces with max speed
Is it possible to have a dynamic resource path for import?
Java char formatting [duplicate]
jQuery DataTables post data to server
Rails Skinny controllers, fat models - need more help achieving it
PHP urlencode charset encoding issue
osx: remove all characters from string that cannot be used for a filenames in osx
Xcode 4 C++ Project add file to build directory
How to read array in $_POST in PHP
Sort / Match two columns of times padding with NaN
reading data from nested json
IP for online users.
How To add TextBoxes Data in asp.net using Onblur event
Matplotlib plots: removing axis, legends and white spaces
Synchronization issue
add Variable Array to Cookie then getting error
Compare datetime in stored procedure
Cakephp habtm relation updating instead of saving
Google Analytics - gapi - tableID
Which is the server-side control to print plain-text?
Can I use the parent of the root layout?
What should i do, when user cant send message to twitter
Generating a modal jQuery partial view with MVC4 does not work
Jasper-reports: Error: operator does not exist date = boolean
Ivy Custom Resolvers for Git or TFS
how to combine combine two foreach loops into one
Racing conditions in quicksort written in C parallelized with OpenMP
JSON data to JavaScript
Issue in inserting string
Accessing Java DB outside NetBeans
How do I add a local custom gem with RVM or otherwise?
scrolling issue while adding heavy file in UIWebView in iphone
SQL finding ancestors/decendants in a self-referencing table
How to test that the mail server is alive with Java?
Impose a sorting rule for Nullable values using LINQ
How to get IP address of the host server in Ruby on rails
Hibernate classes are not loaded even i have maven dependecies in pom.xml
How do I use GROUP_CONCAT and get multiple results with joins
How to benchmark APE (or other Comet server)?
Install Pyqt to alternative Python Version on Ubuntu
masked textbox in windows phone app?
Use jQuery for single sign-on with Azure Access Control Service (ACS)?
When should I use Write-Error vs Throw?
Eclipse support for refactoring train wrecks
Load URL source-code and get element with xpath
Grails: how to handle JSR 303 bean validation
How to check a checkbox querying MySQL which record is boolean
How to populate an NSMutableArray with entered Text Field
Performing searches in Jira
Chrome extensions with jQuery
Facebook page tab application $_POST values do not set
How does Apple find dates, times and addresses in emails?
I can't update a record in my database
Why Animation is speed up after first run?
Injecting @Stateless Ejb into @Stateful with Extended Persistence Context
Android Java : Turn screen Off
SOAP client in C# for Java server
Python: variables, inheritance, and default arguments
PHP fopen script read line
Transaction (Process ID 60) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction
How to Set Text and Image(Image URL) to Gridview through WEBSERVICE in Android
jquery: prevent div from hiding if mouse event occurred on another div
Java - Maps & HashMaps
How to convert StringCollection to BindingList
plyr multiple columns in 1 call
Client Side Pagination via Server Side Data (Ajax)
Facebook authentication using Facebook C# SDK in MVC
Equivalent of Python urllib in Haskell
XQuery and Server Sides Includes
Div Scroller Top & Down Button
jquery dialog not working for me
Android GridView scrolls to top on item click
SQL-Injection: is it possible to have modifying subquery of select?
Building a Ruby stack on Windows Server: msvcrt-ruby18.dll
How to render specific number of times?
Using Trace view in Android
HashSet containsAll not working as expected - despite hashCode and equals methods being implemented
Can a Matlab script node in Labview communicate during execution?
How do I implicitly link to a dll and its dependencies without conflict?
Solr Query not found
Velocity integration with Jersey, ResourceTool does not initalize properly
mysql query on json data
Rendering an interactive timetable with JavaScript/JQuery
Spring Security 3.1.0 - Remember-me does not work as expected
applying logcat filter programmatically
AccessControlException when i'm trying to run applet on jsp
How can I make Rails 3 assets precompile faster?
Margin issue with IE9
how read HTTP GET variables in javascripts? [duplicate]
java implement google checkout serial-number notification
read conf file and make contents available to all files in package
How do I call a custom method for an object?
Variable access from JavaScript inherited methods
(Word 2007 - VBA) How to extract / delete first word of each page?
How to fix inconsistent line endings for whole VS solution?
How to get the app root path in play2?
No endpoint mapping found when setting up Spring Web Service
how to divide each element in a list of lists by a number in python
Port problems when redirecting from HTTPS to HTTP in Rails 3.2
Port problems when redirecting from HTTPS to HTTP in Rails 3.2
how to Import fxcop file to stylecop
flatmap versus <- in Scala [duplicate]
Complex URL in C# MVC3
c++ linker , how to link the iostream file?
Open source JavaFX 2.0 component libraries
Solution for blur() on a select in chrome?
setTimeout() and droping markers on google map
Why doesn't live() work on mobile safari?
Best way of handling views
How can I set the right parameters of dataset.Table[0].Compute(string expression,string filter)?
Filter based on multiple date ranges?
Loop over list and insert into table
Java toTitleCase function
Personalized Accordion (like a list of Master-Details)
QGraphicsView drawing huge grid - how to optimize?
Touch screen detection: Chrome 17
Run some arguments in command line from java (using Eclipse)
drupal 6: adding a page for administrators
Full screen mode with flex air on Windows
Does salesforce Apex support inheritance of static methods?
couldn't find import for class android.database.Cursor in AIDL file